I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 890

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 890

Chapter 890 My Favorite Flower Doesn’t Bloom (Second)

After the two of them were silent on this issue for a while, Ning Kun shook his head helplessly: “Forget it, let’s take a break now. If you have something to say tomorrow, they won’t be able to come in if you have a meal, and there will be some food in the room. Right.”

The news of Ning Kun and Ethan’s arrival, as expected, soon reached some people’s ears.

It’s just that they thought it was normal, that some rich people came to hide, so they didn’t take it seriously.

But this was noted by the black robe man sent by Yu Shaobai to monitor Ethan and others, and then handed the message to Yu Shaobai.

Hearing that Ethan and Ning Kun had checked into the Chengnan Hotel, Yu Shaobai could not help but mutter to himself, “It’s interesting.”

At first he thought that Ethan and Ning Kun had some problems, but now it seems that he didn’t guess wrong. If he really got into trouble, would he be able to live in such a house?

Even if they can afford to live, Yu Shaobai doesn’t believe that they don’t know, as long as they stay in that kind of room, they will soon be found out.

Although Hedong is basically independent of other cities, as long as you have money, you can ask two people to clean them up.

Since the other party can stay in that kind of room with such confidence, it seems that they shouldn’t worry about anything behind them.

Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai took a deep breath and picked up his mobile phone and called the man in the black robe. He only said one sentence: “Continue monitoring, I want to see if that person will come to me again.”

Early the next morning, Ethan woke up, opened his eyes and lay on the bed looking at the ceiling above his head.

The previous scenes seemed to be a revolving lantern before his eyes. Thinking about it carefully, his life has indeed developed like a dramatic development.

Ethan didn’t calculate that he would encounter these things, nor did he expect to meet someone like Norman Tianyang.

If he was still the self he used to be, he might be looking for a job at random now, and he would eat and die like he thought before.

But it’s not anymore. He is no longer the same Ethan. He has a lot of heavy responsibilities for no reason.

Many times when dreaming back at midnight, he got up from the bed, opened the window and smoked quietly, thinking about the heavy burden on his body.

Ethan didn’t know how long this kind of life would last. If he could, he didn’t even want to bear the responsibilities of his current status.

After a deep sigh, a voice suddenly sounded in the room: “Ethan, are you awake? If you wake up, come to my room and the door is open.”

The speaker was Ning Kun. He already knew last night that the two rooms here can talk to each other, so Ethan didn’t take it seriously.

After taking out a suit from his luggage and changing it on, Ethan rinsed slightly, then walked to the door of Ning Kun, opened the door and walked in.

“Suddenly call me over, is there anything?”

Ning Kun was sitting on the bed looking at the computer, not knowing what he was doing.

When he noticed Ethan’s arrival, he smiled and said, “Sit for a while, I will arrange it right away, and then you will go out with me.”

Ethan nodded slightly when he heard this, then sat aside and waited quietly for Ning Kun.

After about half an hour passed, Ning Kun put away the computer and stretched his waist and said, “I’m exhausted, I’ve finally arranged it. Let me go out with me now.”

Ethan glanced at Ning Kun a little strangely and said, “What have you done, so tired.”

“You slept soundly last night, but I have to arrange a lot of things. Do you think I came with you this time just to spy on the attitude of the Norman Family in Hedong?”

After saying this, a wry smile appeared on Ning Kun’s face: “The headquarters has always been dissatisfied with the work ability of the Hedong branch, so this time I come here, I think it is very likely that I will be the head of the Hedong branch. .”

After saying this, he glanced at Ethan helplessly: “Now you should understand why I am so tired. Come on, congratulate me. I have been promoted. It seems that the boss transferred me from the second division file. Left.”

After Ethan heard this, he looked at Ning Kun in surprise and said, “Congratulations. Congratulations. I didn’t expect you to be promoted. Hahaha, do you want me to have a meal?”

Ning Kun glanced at Ethan with a smile and said, “Of course, we will go out now. By the way, we will meet our colleagues in Hedong. I have already asked the main people in charge to come over.”

Ethan nodded after hearing this, and then walked out of the room behind Ning Kun, just walking downstairs.

After seeing them coming out, several waiters bowed their heads to Ethan and Ning Kun.

Many people along the way noticed this, and more or less looked at Ning Kun and Ethan. After all, this kind of treatment would cost a lot of money.

Ning Kun walked to the bar and took out two gold coins to renew the fee for his room again, before taking Ethan out of the hotel.

A special hotel car at the door has been waiting for a long time. After all, it has spent so much money and they can still do it with such a little treatment, although the car is a bit worn out.

After getting on the bus, Ning Kun said in a deep voice without even looking at the driver, “Go to No. 128 Cheng’an Street.”

The driver nodded slightly, did not say a word during the period, never turned back once, and did not even glance at Ning Kun and Ethan.

After reaching the place, he still quietly waited for Ethan and Ning Kun to get off the car, and then drove back to the hotel.

Chengnan is indeed similar to what Ning Kun said yesterday, and only when I first entered the city would I see those people, and it made people feel like they were in Beifu or Buckeye.

The people on the streets are dressed decently. If you put aside the look on their faces, Ethan would even think that this place doesn’t look like Hedong.

Ning Kun looked at the people on the street and couldn’t help laughing: “It seems that the Norman Family has managed this place very well over the years. If this continues, there might be a peaceful day in Hedong.”

Hearing Ning Kun’s words and don’t know why, Ethan suddenly showed a trace of pride in his heart.

Cheng’an Street is similar to the leisure street they used to play in Beifu. There are various restaurants and some leisure places that gather a lot of people.

Although it was only in the morning, many people gathered here in twos and threes for fun.

The arrival of Ethan and others did not attract the attention of some caring people, and waited until they walked into a coffee shop.

The waiter suddenly leaned forward and smiled at Ning Kun, “Hello Mr., welcome.”

Ning Kun looked at the other party and smiled and then replied: “Is your favorite flower red or white?”

When the waiter heard this, a little surprise flashed in his eyes, but he replied, “Neither, I like the flower that does not bloom.”


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