I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 896

Chapter 896

Ethan really doesn’t know how to be a serious teacher, but if he talks about training people, it’s just right to fiddle!

Taking it slowly as a teacher in his memory, Ethan gradually got used to being a teacher.

Looking at Norman Qingzhi, who looked at him from time to time in the crowd, Ethan couldn’t help thinking about how to use him to contact Norman’s family. Could it be that he was a physical education teacher doing home visits?

Forget it, in Hedong, who doesn’t know the Norman Family, and what family visits they need to visit.

Besides, it is estimated that the three masters of the Norman Family usually have nothing to do with such a small teacher, so it is better to plan well.

The first day passed so slowly. For the new physical education teacher, the school dared to take a group of young ladies out for a run. For a while, everyone was a little bit optimistic about Ethan.

Everyone has their own thoughts on how the last physical education teacher died. Even a few female teachers saw Ethan’s handsome appearance, and there was a trace of pity in the eyes of Ethan from time to time.

On the other hand, while Ethan was going to school, Ning Kun also arranged a place for Ethan outside.

Although it is not necessary to allocate houses and cars, the basic conditions are still met.

Sitting in the car, Ethan looked at the streets outside that didn’t seem to be much different from Beifu. The people on the road were actually not much different from Beifu, except that others would carry guns on them when they went out to buy food.

Han San saw that Ethan was silent and did not speak, so he whispered, “How does it feel like in the school, isn’t it a little different from what you imagined?”

A wry smile appeared on Ethan’s face looking out the window: “It’s true that it’s a little bit different. It’s the first time I saw a school with steel mesh on the wall. I thought it was a prison cell if not the school.”

Listening to Ethan’s answer, and then glanced at Ethan’s face in the rearview mirror, Han San burst out laughing.

Then he shook his head slightly and sighed, “Actually, it was not like that before. No matter how chaotic the surrounding people are, they will not spread to this neighborhood.”

As a person who grew up almost in Hedong, Han San actually understands some Hedong people’s personalities and their views on school better than many others.

If you look closely, every time school is over, it seems that there is a moment of truce, no matter what happens in front of the child.

The two sturdy men who saw swords and arms on weekdays might only smile at each other when picking up the children, and then walk away separately.

For Hedong people, this school is not only a school, but also the future of their children.

After a moment of silence, Han San spoke softly: “In fact, if this school could be a few years earlier, maybe the current Hedong would not become like this.”

After listening, Ethan nodded slightly, then looked at Han San and smiled: “By the way, has Ning Kun arranged for me to live? I can’t stay in a hotel all the time, it’s too eye-catching. Up.”

A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Han San’s face, then looked up in the rearview mirror and looked at Ethan.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Ning has already arranged where you live, I will take you there now, I believe you will be satisfied.”

Ethan shrugged slightly after hearing this. He didn’t expect Ning Kun to do much good things. Sometimes Ethan couldn’t help but wonder if he and Ning Kun were using each other.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that he can use himself, but he can’t find a way to deal with him. This is what makes Ethan feel a little helpless.

As Han San slowly drove the car, Ethan quickly stopped at the door of an apartment.

Getting off the car and looking at the scary apartment in front of him, Ethan swallowed in surprise and said, “Don’t tell me, this is where I want to live.”

Han San parked the car, then walked to Ethan and looked at the apartment and smiled.

“This is the tallest apartment in the south of the city. The reason why I chose this place is because of the terrain. Another important thing is that it has an absolute commanding height among the surrounding buildings!”

“I didn’t expect that the place you chose to live was full of philosophical flavor, so forget it, let me go in and see how the room is.”

Han San shrugged and walked into the apartment behind Ethan.

In fact, setting aside the unique culture of Hedong, if you ignore the guns on people, Ethan even feels like he is in Beifu.

The eyes of some people looking at Ethan were a little strange, and they looked at him from time to time, which made Ethan quite confused.

Finally, after the elevator stopped on the 30th floor, Ethan and Han San got out of the elevator.

Then he turned around and looked at the elevator a little strangely. Ethan couldn’t help but said, “Why are those people always looking at me at every turn? Is there something wrong with me?”

Han San pulled off his shirt, and then said a little funny: “Don’t forget, this is Ha Dong. It’s a strange thing to go out without a weapon. Just get used to it.”

After saying this, he shook his head and walked towards the depths of the corridor with a funny face. Ethan could feel that after he came up, he seemed to be watching something.

After Han San stopped at the door of the room in the deepest part of the corridor, the door opened automatically, and Ning Kun was standing at the door holding a coffee and wearing a bathrobe.

After seeing Ethan coming back, his eyes lit up, and he opened his hands with a big laugh, “Hey, welcome back our physical education teacher. Look, his body really looks like a physical education teacher, hahaha!”

Han San shrugged and walked to the living room, and then sat on the sofa: “If I were you, I wouldn’t go to tease Mr. Jiang now, because you should have noticed that he is in a bad mood now.”

Ethan looked at Ning Kun with cold eyes, and saw that the laughter on his face slowly turned into an awkward smile, so he nodded slightly and said, “He is right, I am indeed in a bad mood now.”

After saying this, Ethan reached out and took the coffee in Ning Kun’s hand, then took a sip while walking into the living room.

“I’m already in the school. What are your plans for the next step? You won’t always let me be a physical education teacher?”

Ning Kun looked at Ethan and smiled helplessly, and then slowly said, “No, the next plan may be a bit difficult. If you think about it, what excuse does the physical education teacher use to go to Norman’s house?”

Han San sneered and lit a cigarette for himself and said, “No matter what excuse you use, no one of the Norman Family will meet with a physical education teacher.”


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