I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 897

Chapter 897 People Or Foxes (Second)

After saying this, Han San took off his shirt, and then took out a notebook from his clothes and said, “Norman’s Sanjie each has their own home court. They have so many things to be busy every day. Who do you think will follow? Meet the PE teacher?”

Ning Kun looked at Han San’s somewhat ridiculed eyes, and fell slightly into silence, while Ethan looked at Ning Kun and then at Han San, shrugging his shoulders: “Okay, if there is no chance for a while, then I I want to sleep now.”

I don’t know if it was Ethan’s illusion. After the two wars in Beifu, he felt that the true energy in his body seemed to be dormant.

Normally, there will be no fluctuations, but when doing some things, these zhenqi will suddenly riot, causing pain in his meridians.

This happened twice on the way to Hedong, and it happened again at school today.

As the frequency increased, Ethan could clearly feel the pain, and the pain became heavier.

But after every pain, Ethan can always feel that his meridians are getting stronger and stronger, which makes him hide this matter from the next two, because he is worried that Sally might not let him participate in these things. .

If Ning Kun observes carefully at this time, he will find that Ethan’s face is slightly pale, and if he delays for a while, Ethan will probably be unable to hold it.

But Ning Kun didn’t. He just nodded casually and then said: “Well, you go, if you are too tired to get up, dinner will be warmed up for you.”

Ethan looked at Ning Kun with a smile and nodded, then got up and walked behind him, randomly selected a room to enter and locked the door tightly.

Han San looked at the door of the room and said after Pinak was silent, “I don’t know if I should say something.”

Li Miao can arrange Han San as a bodyguard for Ethan, so it shows that Li Miao has absolute trust in Han San!

If it were not for trust in Han San, Li Miao would not have selected Han San from so many people, and she had a natural affection for Ethan herself, and she would not be unreliable or insignificant. The capable person followed Ethan.

Hearing what Han San said at this time, Ning Kun smiled and nodded, and then said, “Let’s say, I just came to Hedong, and many things are not very clear, so just let me talk briefly.”

After a moment of silence, Han San nodded and said, “First of all, you have to abandon all your previous living habits here. Here, when you go out without a weapon, it will cause others’ attention and even trouble!”

After saying this, Han San’s face was a little ugly and he said, “We have already attracted the attention of many people when we went upstairs, so I don’t want you to make such a mistake.”

Ning Kun fell silent after hearing these words, and thought about it carefully. It seemed that since he came to Hedong, everyone he met had indeed carried weapons.

Thinking of this, he smiled bitterly and nodded: “Okay, I will pay attention to this aspect. Sorry, maybe it was because I didn’t have such consciousness before.”

Han San waved his hand and laughed: “No, no, no, this can only be said that normal people would not think of it, but this is Hadong, because it is Hadong, so some things become normal even if it is difficult to understand. .”

Ning Kun nodded, then looked at the notebook in Han San’s hand and couldn’t help but smile: “Is there anything else I need to remind you? How about finishing it all at once?”

Looking at the smile on Ning Kun’s face, Han San also smiled and handed over the notebook in his hand.

“I am a native of Hedong. Some precautions in Hedong and some dangerous areas are recorded in this book. It was originally sold to newcomers who came in.”

Ning Kun took the notebook he was holding, and just glanced at Ning Kun roughly and knew that these things were definitely rare information.

It seems that Han San is not just a bodyguard, in some respects, he is even more like a secretary than a secretary!

After a moment of silence, Ning Kun looked at Han San and smiled and said, “Is there any interest in coming to my staff to do things? Protecting Ethan is just a small matter. You don’t need a talent like you.”

Han San didn’t know where he took out a coin and played with it, a trace of apology flashed in Ethan’s eyes.

“Sorry, I can’t do anything about this, you may not know, Li Miao and I both owe the Norman Family back then, so protecting him is more important to me than anything else!”

After saying this, Han San took a deep breath and stood up from the sofa: “I’m going out first. If you have anything, you can call me at any time. I’m right next to you.”

Ning Kun nodded silently and watched Han San leave. For some reason, he suddenly became jealous of Ethan.

Even if he has nothing now, even if he has nothing left, he still has the contacts accumulated by the Norman Family back then.

There were even 13 subjects among these contacts. Ning Kun didn’t dare to think about whether there were also disciples from the Norman Family in the 13 subjects.

After shook his head slightly, Ning Kun let go of such thoughts, took out a laptop at will and turned it on, and nodded in satisfaction when looking at the monitor on the aisle.

When Ethan was going to work, Ning Kun had already installed surveillance on several corners of the apartment on this floor. No one should think of being able to touch it casually.

Yan Ran, if you are a practitioner like them, then you don’t need them to touch it, you only need them to get a little breath, Ethan can feel it!

Perhaps as the cultivation base deepens, Ethan has become a little more sensitive. For many practitioners, he may be a black hole, and black them are the prey of the black hole.

At this time, Yu Shaobai, who was returning to the Hedong city district, continued to call.

“You said, one of those two people now lives in an apartment, and the other goes to school to become a teacher, or is it a physical education teacher?”

The black-robed man squatted on a dark street corner, holding his mobile phone respectfully and said: “Yes, the other party seems to be planning to live in Hedong permanently. It is suspicious if they are not rich!”

Yu Shaobai sat in the car and smiled in silence for a while and then smiled: “If that’s the case, you should stare at it. It is a human or a fox. You can catch it someday.”

After saying this, he ended the call, and Yu Shaobai suddenly became in no rush to include Ethan in his Qinghe meeting.

Vaguely, he felt that perhaps these two men could bring some fun to the backwaters of Hedong!

If someone breaks the rules of the school, they can become more casual too!

It’s funny, everyone in the entire Hedong, I am afraid that only Yu Shaobai will extremely hate the existence of the school!


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