I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 899

Chapter 899 Farewell (fourth more)

The two brothers smiled at each other and shook their heads slightly. After checking their watch for a while, Norman Feng said: “Let’s go, go and see the third child, I don’t know what that stinky boy is doing.”

Speaking of the third brother Norman Zhiqiu, whether it is Norman Sihai or Norman Feng, both become a little headache. They are also the youngest brother in the family, and they have to be spoiled.

But for such a smart person, Norman Zhiqiu just doesn’t like to take over things in the family. He doesn’t just wander around and do some dumb things that make people laugh and cry all day long!

The last time I did something, it seemed that I went to the north of the city, and I said I wanted to see what is called a woman standing on the street, but I just took a look and turned pale and said that the place was all Yasha!

This incident made Norman Feng completely see through his younger brother, and despaired of him. He only hoped that he could live his life calmly and steadily, and then find a woman to start a family.

Norman Sihai had the same idea as Norman Feng. Both of them had done everything in the family, whether it was on the surface or not.

And his brother, let him be clean and carefree. After seeing too many cruel and dirty things, Norman Sihai suddenly felt that the innocence of his brother was what they expected.

The two walked to Norman Zhiqiu’s room and looked at the bulging ball on the bed. Norman Sihai and Norman Qiu looked at each other and then sighed helplessly.

Immediately, Norman Qiu stepped forward and said, “What time is it that you are still asleep. You say you can make up for it and you will get up and walk two steps, lying on the bed all day long, what it looks like!”

As soon as the voice fell, Norman Qiu pulled the quilt away, only to find that Norman Zhiqiu had disappeared!

Looking at the two pillows in the center of the bed and the wig, Norman Qiu said helplessly, “How many times is this month?”

Norman Sihai stood behind him. At this moment, he could fully understand his brother’s mood, gritted his teeth and said, “Thirteenth time!”

“But this month is only the thirteenth day! Isn’t it okay for this kid to stay at home all day long? Is this house not big enough? You have to run outside every day!”

Norman Sihai sighed a little helplessly, then looked at his elder brother Norman Qiu and said, “What should I do now, I’m going to have dinner soon. If I can’t see him, I won’t eat.”

Norman Qiu turned his head back and glanced at Norman Sihai a little aggrieved, his eyes filled with anger: “I don’t know, why do you find me whenever something happens! Did I owe this kid in my previous life!”

“Don’t worry about the things in your previous life, you’ve already had trouble in this life, is it still the same?”

Norman Qiu nodded slightly, and then condensed the grief and grief in his heart, gritted his teeth and said: “The same way, tell the people below, that the third master is gone again, who can find it, and who will award fifty thousand!”

Norman Sihai shook his head weakly, turned around and walked outside, while opening his mouth and said, “This is my family, I will be emptied by him sooner or later, even more like a kid than Norman Qingzhi !”

Soon, the east of the city began to lively, and there were no less than five or six hundred people rushing out of the east of the city, and then spread to the south of the city.

Ning Kun, who was resting, heard the movement outside. It seemed that something was happening in the apartment. The footsteps upstairs and downstairs were noisy as if an earthquake occurred!

Ning Kun walked out of the room and grabbed a man who was panicking and getting dressed and ready to go out and shouted, “What’s wrong with this, why are you all running outside?”

The other person looked hungry and watched Ning Kun holding the hand of his own clothes, and said unceremoniously: “Let go! Is there you who ask people like that!”

In a place like Hedong, if others are aggressive towards you, you must fight back, or they will remember you as a bully!

So looking at the other person’s unceremonious appearance, Ning Kun just punched him without saying a word, then grabbed the man’s collar and said, “How do you think I am asking questions like this?”

The man clutched at the place where he was beaten and took a deep look at Ning Kun, then took two breaths of air-conditioning and then said: “The third master of the Norman Family has disappeared. Whoever finds him will be rewarded with fifty thousand yuan! These are all going out Looking for him!”

“The third master of the Norman Family is missing again? Does he often disappear? How can I add another word?”

After taking a bit impatiently, the man pulled off the collar held by Ning Kun and said, “I have been missing for 30 days a month, and no one is looking for him, so he just can’t come out!”

After hearing this, Ning Kun suddenly remembered the information of the three masters of the Norman Family he had read before. The evaluation of the third child was “stubborn and self-willed, and innocent.”

Now it seems that it is a nice description, if it is not nice to put it, it is a child who is not growing up!

Suddenly, even Ning Kun’s evaluation of Norman Feng and Norman Sihai came down in his heart.

After boringly waved his hand to let the man go, Ning Kun walked back to the room, but saw that Ethan didn’t know when he walked out of the room, and was sitting on the sofa watching him quietly.

“What’s going on outside, why is it noisy?”

Ning Kun walked to the dining table while pouring water and said, “It’s nothing, I just asked someone to ask, saying that the third young master of the Norman Family played peekaboo with people in the city. Whoever finds it is 50,000 yuan.”

When Ethan heard this, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes: “Are you serious or joking with me, that guy is twenty-four years old, and he is like a kid?”

Ning Kun picked up the cup and took a sip, then looked at Ethan dumbfoundedly: “Ask me, I’ll ask who to go, if you don’t believe me, you can just go out and ask.”

Ethan picked up the phone and smiled mysteriously and said, “I won’t go out and ask, isn’t this someone ready? Just call Han San.”

After saying this, Ethan took out his cell phone and called Han San. He just rang twice and said, “Hey, Han San, why is the city getting a little noisy now? Why are you noisy there? Noisy?”

At this time Han San was running wildly on the street, and there were many people like him around.

After hearing what Ethan said, Han San laughed and said, “What can you do? Are you just trying to find the third master of the Norman Family, Norman Zhiqiu? That’s fifty thousand yuan!”

Ethan looked at Ning Kun in a daze and let go of his hand, but Ning Kun gave a wry smile before shook his head and said, “Well, this matter is true or false, are you clear now?”

Regarding the information of the three masters of the Norman Family, the eldest brother Norman Qiu and the second brother Norman Sihai are relatively clear, but it is about Norman Zhiqiu.

The information also said that his city was quite deep, and Ethan originally thought that the other party would be a character like an old fox.

But I didn’t expect the other party to be a character like an old naughty boy!

Thinking of this, Ethan rubbed his eyebrows in pain, “Well, I’m bothering you, let’s say goodbye!”


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