I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 900

Chapter 900 You Are Waiting For Me (First)

Just when the people in the southern two districts of the east of the city were frantically searching for the third master of the Norman Family, above the iconic lighthouse in Hedong, a young man with a cynical expression was sitting on the top of the tower and smoking a cigarette quietly.

There was a woman standing beside him, and the woman seemed to have been accustomed to his existence and to such a place.

At a height of nearly three hundred meters, the two of them stood on a platform without any protective measures, as if they did not regard the height of their feet as the same thing.

Looking at the city in front of him, the man suddenly spoke a little boredly, “You said, why does a place like Hedong always exist? After all, it’s so dirty.”

The woman did not speak when she heard the man’s words, as if she hadn’t heard, she still quietly looked at the scenery below her feet and the flickering lights in the distance.

Although Hedong at night is not as flashy as a big city, standing in such a place and looking at the city, it also has a special flavor.

As if dissatisfied with the woman’s silence, the man turned his head and glanced at her.

“I said, you said something, and brought me out without saying a word, and stood here silently without saying a word, don’t you say how I know what you want to do.”

After hearing the man’s words, the woman finally said, “Norman Zhiqiu, you should take care of yourself and never care about others. What’s the point of you being so selfish?”

When the man heard this, he chuckled and looked down at his feet.

“Who can I care about? Everyone in Hedong is staring at the three masters of our Norman Family. If I were a little better, I’m afraid some people should not sleep at night.”

The woman turned her head to look at Norman Zhiqiu, her handsome face with a trace of laziness like a nobleman, as if she was a tiger lying on the blue stone after eating.

“What about the three masters of the Norman Family? Whether they can sleep well or not has anything to do with you? Have you ever thought about your dad’s feelings if you continue to make trouble?

Norman Zhiqiu took a deep breath and looked into the distance with a blurred look.

The woman was rescued by him accidentally a year ago. At that time, she was almost dead, that is, he saved her with the mentality of trying.

But I didn’t expect to survive because of this, and it was an unexpected surprise.

But since the woman woke up, she never said her name. After more than a year, Norman Zhiqiu didn’t bother to ask.

But what he didn’t expect was that as the woman recovered from her injuries, her skills became stronger and stronger, and Norman Zhiqiu even smelled the smell of the Norman Family sect from her.

Perhaps because of this, the woman has never left Norman’s house since she woke up, and occasionally makes a big fuss with her funds, just like playing.

But in the recent period, since Norman Tianyang sent a request for help, the woman’s personality has changed a bit.

Thinking of this, Norman Zhiqiu was silent for a moment and then said, “Do you want me to help Norman Tianyang?”

The woman watched Norman Zhiqiu fall silent, and then shook her head and said, “No, I want you to open your eyes and see. If you continue like this, maybe the Norman Family in Hedong will not be spared.”

Norman Zhiqiu has been observing the affairs between Norman Tianyang and Shisanke from the very beginning, and he has asked someone to investigate the ins and outs of some things in Beifu.

When it was known that there was still a bloodline in the Norman Family that survived, not only him, but everyone in the Norman Family in Hedong was in ecstasy.

Some things are regarded as a habit, and naturally it is easy to become a belief.

Thinking of this, Norman Zhiqiu smiled bitterly and shook his head and said: “If you brought me out today to tell me about this, then I think you can let me go now. There is nothing to talk about.”

“Don’t you think about it, just for your father, for the mission of the Norman Family in Hedong!”

It seems that the last sentence angered Norman Zhiqiu, he suddenly got up and turned his head to look at the woman!

“The mission of the Norman Family in Hedong? Back then, the Norman Family sect assigned us to such a ghost place. We have been there for so many years. Who has taken care of it?”

After saying this, he pointed to the city under his feet and continued angrily: “Please take a good look, open your eyes and take a look, this is what our Norman Family in Hedong did!”

Was Chengnan School really built by the Norman Family back then? It was not their Norman Family in Hedong who did it under pressure!

But the people here in Hedong will always only know the Norman Family sect, and only regard their own Norman Family in Hedong as a dog at their feet, so Norman knows how irritable Norman is!

But the people in the house thought it was a kind of honor. It was an honor to be a dog, and Norman Zhiqiu couldn’t help but laugh when he thought of it!

Seeing the woman’s silence, Norman Zhiqiu chuckled twice and then suddenly relaxed, then turned his back to the balcony and looked at the woman.

“Let’s make a bet, if I jump from here and you can save me, then I won’t be so messy.”

As soon as the voice fell, Norman Zhiqiu jumped outside like a madman with his back to the outside!

The woman stood on the balcony and watched quietly. Suddenly, her figure suddenly rioted, and a rope flew out of her hand and wrapped around the top of the lighthouse!

Then she fell quickly and caught up with Norman Zhiqiu and then stretched out her hand, and with the power of one hand, she forced Norman Zhiqiu back in midair!

Norman Zhiqiu looked at the woman with some playful eyes and said after a moment of silence: “Okay, you win this time. I’ll do something serious, but you have to promise me one condition.”

After a moment of silence, the woman nodded slightly and said, “What are the conditions?”

“When I have done what you want to see, tell me your name. This condition shouldn’t be too much compared to what you want me to do?”

If ordinary girls hear this, they may have fallen.

I have to say that Norman Zhiqiu is indeed a man with special charm. Although he has a hint of cynicism, he definitely does not lack the romance that belongs to a man alone.

But when the woman heard this, she just frowned and said solemnly, “Okay.”

After placing Norman Zhiqiu safely on the ground, he dashed away and left, as if he had never appeared before.

Norman Zhiqiu stood on the ground and looked at the disappearance of the other party, smiling and muttering: “One day I will make you my woman!”

After saying this, a mysterious and confident smile appeared on Norman Zhiqiu’s face.

After falling on the ground, Norman Zhiqiu was found within five minutes.

Then four or five people tied him up and carried him to Norman Feng abruptly.

Seeing his incompetent and foolhardy younger brother, Norman Feng waved his hand with some headaches.


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