I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 901

Chapter 901 Old Problems (second more)

After the crowd had dispersed, Norman Sihai had a rare wry smile on his face, and then stepped forward to untie his brother.

After taking out the strip of cloth stuffed in his mouth, Norman Zhiqiu spoke with dissatisfaction: “People nowadays are becoming less and less qualified. Can’t we just gag? I can’t run!”

Hearing this, Norman Sihai, who was unbinding him, couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He really understood the temper of his own brother!

“You can pull it down and let them gag your mouth. I said that, otherwise you must tell them how much and how much, let them let you run!”

Their Norman Family is not a small family in Hedong, and if his third master says something but fails to honor it, it would be regarded as corrupting the reputation of their Norman Family.

Therefore, several times before, Norman Zhiqiu made a fool of himself, saying how much money to give to others, and asked the other party to let him go. They all honored this matter.

After a long time, many people deliberately used this method to ask for more money from the Norman Family so that they could leave Hedong.

Norman Zhiqiu looked at his second brother with a smile, then got up from the stretcher, moved his wrist a little, and curiously said: “Master, have you eaten today, do you want me to go in and accompany you?”

Norman Feng frowned, and it was only this time that he could think of the old man. Whenever he was going to be trained, he would use the old man as an excuse to escape, and gradually he got used to it.

Seeing that Norman Zhiqiu was like this again this time, he said helplessly: “In it, second brother, you go and give them the money. I will bring my third brother in to eat with the old man.”

After hearing this, Norman Sihai nodded slightly and left, while Norman Zhiqiu shrank his neck behind Norman Feng, knowing that Big Brother must take this opportunity to teach himself again.

Sure enough, after only two steps, Norman Feng sighed and said, “You are not too young. Can you do something serious? If you see if your second brother is busy all day, you can’t help him. ?”

Norman Zhiqiu curled his lips slightly, thinking with disapproval that his second brother was so busy, it was obvious that he was eating, drinking and having fun all day long.

Although he thinks so, in order to avoid the eldest brother from continuing to talk about it, he respectfully nodded and said: “I know eldest brother, tomorrow I will start to learn how to do things. Let me study at your company for a while, how about?”

Originally, Norman Feng only wanted to educate this naughty brother, but after hearing what the other party said, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Slowly turned around to look at Norman Zhiqiu and said with some surprise: “You, are you serious? I heard you right, did you say you want to come to our company to learn to do things?”

Since childhood, this was the first time Norman Zhiqiu showed to do something, and he was a little frightened.

Norman Zhiqiu also knew that he might scare his eldest brother when he said this suddenly, and looking at the expression on his face at this moment was as he expected.

So he laughed and nodded: “Yes, you heard me right, eldest brother, I really want to do something, but I don’t like what the second elder brother does, so I thought of eldest brother’s company to do something.”

Norman Feng seemed to be still in shock, almost walking to the restaurant and never recovered.

When he was silent, Norman Zhiqiu saw Norman Qingzhi sitting at the table waiting for them bored.

So as soon as his eyes lit up, he ran up and leaned behind Norman Qingzhi and said, “Oh, my nephew, I really miss you, how is it, how are you having a good time at school today?”

Norman Qingzhi was a little accustomed to his third uncle’s inconsistency. Looking at his hippie smile, he said coldly on his face: “San uncle, you run around again, I’m almost starving to death by you.”

Knowing that the whole family wouldn’t be able to have dinner unless he came back, it happened that he would still run around every day, like what it was like.

Norman Feng looked at his younger brother who was having fun with his son, silently shook his head and then sat down and frowned, “Okay, stop making trouble, Qingzhi, go and invite grandpa over for dinner.”

After hearing this, Norman Qingzhi nodded, then quickly got up and walked to the inner room to help out the old man who thought he had all white hair and beard.

Seeing the old man appeared, Norman Feng and Norman Zhiqiu quickly converged themselves, and then respectfully nodded to the old man.

The old man looked at Norman Feng and snorted coldly, then smiled at Norman Zhiqiu and said, “You are back, come on, sit down and eat.”

When Norman Zhiqiu heard this, a smile appeared on his face and said, “Thank you Dad, yes, the second brother hasn’t come in yet, or let’s wait for the second brother.”

“What are you waiting for? Sit down and have a meal. He is such a big man. Does he have to ask for a meal?”

Norman Feng sighed helplessly, his father has always favored his younger brother, and he is used to it.

So when he heard the old man’s words, he nodded and said, “The old man is out, let’s serve the food, let the people below bring the food.”

After agreeing in a low voice, the servant slowly retreated, and soon Norman Sihai also walked in, then bowed to the old man before sitting down.

Looking at the people on the table, the old man frowned and looked at Norman Feng and said, “Where is Suqin, why don’t you let her eat out?”

When Norman Feng heard this, he was about to answer. Unexpectedly, his son Norman Qingzhi got up and said: “Mom is in a bad health today and has a headache. I’m afraid it’s an old problem again and he is resting.”

The old man looked at his grandson, smiled and nodded, then sighed, “Suqin’s old problem has been going on like this, and it has been a little bit of trouble for her, or ask someone to help her see it some other day.”

Although Norman Sihai was a bit vicious, he took extra care of his family and heard what the old man said.

He smiled bitterly and said, “We have already hired the famous doctors in Hedong. Besides, what’s wrong with my sister-in-law, you also know how these quack doctors can cure.”

Seeing that the atmosphere on the court became a little dull, Norman Zhiqiu smiled bitterly and then looked at the old man and smiled: “Dad, I plan to start doing things with Big Brother tomorrow, what do you think? “

When everyone who was eating heard this, they couldn’t help feeling as if they were scared, and MR. Norman was even more choked.

Putting down the dishes and watching Norman Zhiqiu’s silence for a long time, he said in surprise, “What you just said is true?”

Norman Zhiqiu looked at everyone and smiled, putting away the cynicism on his face and gradually becoming a little serious.

“I know that you, the eldest brother and the second brother have always hoped that I can take on the family business, but you don’t want to force me, so you let me go for so many years, now my son wants to understand, what’s wrong?


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