I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 909

Chapter 909

Both Norman Sihai and Norman Feng knew that now their younger brother was likely to become a breakthrough for the Qinghe Club.

But this may not be of no benefit to them, at least Norman Zhiqiu has been thinking about how to make excuses to act in a play with his two brothers.

Then I took this to leave the Norman Family and go to Buckeye to see.

If Yu Shaobai really did something to him, perhaps this could also become an opportunity for him not to stay in Hedong.

Thinking of this, Norman Zhiqiu chuckled slightly and then said: “It doesn’t matter, if he really does something to me, we can take this opportunity to do what we planned before.”

After hearing this, the two looked at each other and nodded, then settled the matter.

On the other side, Ethan sat at home quietly meditating on some things. Now there are some things in Hedong that he still feels unable to figure out.

Ning Kun watched that he hadn’t spoken since he came back, sitting in a chair in a daze like a wooden man, so he couldn’t help but curiously said, “What’s the matter, what makes you motionless like a wooden man?”

After saying this, he poured a cup of tea and walked to Ethan to sit down, looking at him with a smile on his face.

“I don’t know why, I always feel that the Norman Family in Hedong is a bit vague. I can’t tell which aspect it is, but I feel that way.”

After saying this, Ethan picked up the tea that Ning Kun poured and smiled slightly, then frowned again.

After meeting with Yu Shaobai, it was not unimaginable that the other party wanted to get something from him.

But after pondering for a moment, Ethan discovered that if Yu Shaobai wanted to get his own effectiveness so eagerly, then he should be planning something.

Otherwise, if someone like him wants to recruit someone in Hedong, it doesn’t have to be too much trouble. A simple phone call may be enough.

Ning Kun looked at Ethan and smiled and then said in a deep voice, “You don’t need to think about the Qinghe Club. I have already notified Chu He. They will follow up on the Qinghe Club’s recent movements and then judge.”

After saying this, Ning Kun was silent for a while and then hesitated and said, “As for the Norman Family in Hedong, wait for two days to see. If you still can’t find a chance, I will let Li Miao help you figure out a solution.”

Many things are now gradually piled on Ethan’s head, and now he has to deal with Yu Shaobai on the one hand to avoid the disclosure of his identity.

On the other hand, he must also think of ways to contact the Norman Family in Hedong so as to get what he wants.

Thinking of this, Ethan rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and said helplessly: “Did Li Miao notice during this period of time, there seems to be a pair of eyes staring around us?”

Ning Kun shook his head slightly after hearing this. Even if Ethan didn’t say this, Ning Kun would check it out carefully.

As an old fried dough stick among the three-section intelligence personnel, he was spotted when he went out to do errands. For Ning Kun, it was almost like playing a big knife in front of Guan Gong.

After Ethan went to see Yu Shaobai, he knew, his subconscious reaction was that they were being watched, otherwise Yu Shaobai would be able to grasp Ethan’s residential address the next day when he came back.

That’s fine, even investigating what Ethan is doing is clear. If it weren’t for a pair of eyes around him, then Yu Shaobai was a living god, who could count.

After the two were silent for a while, Ning Kun gave a wry smile and got up and walked to the window to look outside.

“I don’t know who the one hiding in the dark will be. He has been able to monitor us until now without being discovered. It looks like a veteran.”

Ethan turned his head and glanced at Ning Kun and then laughed: “Do you think you are invincible when you come out of the thirteen subjects? Forget it, I now look at Hedong and these things are getting bigger.”

In comparison, the two most complicated places on the Hedong side are Chengdong and Chengbei.

In a naturally rich area, it has become a habit for them to suppress the northern part of the city, and the northern part of the city is dominated by Qinghehui.

The forces in the eastern part of the city are led by the Norman Family, and the rest are assisted. The disputes between the two sides have a long history.

After quietly lighting a cigarette for himself, Ethan glanced at Ning Kun helplessly and said, “When will my teacher probably do it?”

“Wait a second, after you can enter and leave Norman’s house at will, your teacher will be almost unnecessary. I have asked someone at the school to help you arrange it, and it won’t attract too many people’s attention.

Ethan felt relieved when he heard this, then got up and went into the bedroom to rest.

Hedong under the night looks a little different. On the lighthouse in the center of Hedong City, a woman sits quietly on the terrace and looks at the night below.

Her face was covered with a layer of black cloth, making it difficult to see her true face.

If Ethan were here, he might be able to recognize him at a glance, but he was not there at the moment.

At the beginning of the next day, Ethan got up and washed a little bit as usual, then put on a clean suit and walked to the door to finish breakfast.

After saying hello to Ning Kun, he went downstairs to get in Han San’s car and ran all the way to the school.

Compared with yesterday, Han San looked a little unnatural today, his eyes were always evasive, as if he was avoiding something.

Ethan just glanced at it casually and couldn’t help but smile: “Why, is there something wrong? It feels like you are a little absent-minded.”

Hearing this, Han San stopped his car and leaned against the road, then lowered his head and said helplessly, “Sorry, I didn’t protect you well yesterday. I shouldn’t let you go to see Yu Shaobai alone.”

Ethan saw that he was actually worrying about this matter, so he chuckled and said, “It’s okay, I will deal with some things myself. There is no need to let you get involved.”

He looked very relaxed when he said this, but Ethan didn’t know how uncomfortable Han San felt at the moment.

Since Li Miao found out that Ethan and Yu Shaobai met privately, he almost didn’t kill Han San.

Once Ethan is in danger and Han San is not there, Li Miao would doubt why he chose him to be Ethan’s bodyguard.

Seeing Han San still looked a little uncomfortable, Ethan lighted a cigarette and said helplessly: “We can’t control many things by ourselves, let alone others. It’s okay. Actually I went to see Yu Shaobai yesterday. It’s not without gain.”

After carefully pondering the conversation with Yu Shaobai yesterday, Ethan confirmed that he was making a plan for the Norman Family.

And he himself is very likely to be the key to this plan.

After realizing this, Ethan didn’t tell Ning Kun, because he felt that if he sneaked in alone, he might get more.


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