Dragon Husband Chapter 101 – 110

Chapter 101 This Room Is Not Serious At first glance

Hearing that Wiliam was going to Xiaodongtian Villa unexpectedly, Feliicity trembled all over, grabbed Wiliam, and whispered: “Wiliam, you’re crazy! Don’t you hear what the previous manager Zhao said?”

Previously, Mr. Zhao Qian told Wan not to be allowed to approach the small cave sky villa, now Wiliam actually wants to go to the small cave sky villa, isn’t it uncomfortable to find it!

Besides, the villa had already been set aside, and he should be embarrassed to say this now.

But Wiliam just rubbed her hair and said with a smile: “Nothing, try it, you just wait aside.”

Feliicity has a trembling feeling, this silly husband, he thinks about his troubles everywhere, but don’t cause him trouble.

Wiliam turned around and said to the front desk again, and casually reported his ID number.

The front desk glanced at Wiliam with a strange look.

Feliicity’s heart sighed, and it was over.

Will definitely be dissuaded.

However, there was a cry of exclamation from the front desk.

Feliicity looked up.

The young girl, with a blushing face, was looking at Wiliam with shining eyes.

With almost shaking hands, she handed a golden room card to Wiliam’s hand.

“Mr. Lu, you, do you need me to lead the way…” The front desk girl said to Wiliam with a crimson face.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “No need.”

The eyes at the front desk clearly flashed a trace of sadness, but immediately changed to a professional smile, “I wish Mr. Lu a happy stay, and if you need anything, call us at the front desk.”

It wasn’t until Wiliam pulled Feliicity out of the hall that Feliicity was blown by the cold wind, and he recovered.

She grabbed the golden room card in Wiliam’s hand, and saw the three exquisite characters Xiao Dongtian printed on it, and she stayed again.

“Wiliam, you, why are you…” She was uncomfortable.

“How can I book Xiaodongtian? I’ll tell you if I put me in bed tonight.” Wiliam smiled slyly.

Feliicity’s small face blushed, and Wiliam’s amorous look was white, “Huh, you can be a brother to the floor for a lifetime! I’m so angry that I won’t say anything.”

When the two came to Xiaodongtian Villa, Wiliam opened the door, and Feliicity suddenly exclaimed.

When Wiliam looked inside the villa, he was also stunned and let out a wry smile.

Inside the villa, pink cherry blossom petals are all over the floor.

The whole room was filled with a faint fragrance of flowers.

The smell of romance wafted around in the room, as if this was a grand wedding, waiting for Wiliam Feliicity’s hand in hand.

Feliicity gently squeezed Wiliam’s hand, her face flushed, “This room is not serious at first glance.”

Wiliam Yihan, what’s not serious.

The floor is serious!

Feliicity shook off Wiliam’s hand, and then walked up and down.

The more I go shopping, the warmer I feel.

She didn’t know how Wiliam made it to Xiaodongtian, but she knew that this delicate and beautiful romance must have been given to herself by Wiliam.

I’m so touched, what should I do if I want these two to go to bed…

In the end, Wiliam was favored by Feliicity and slept on the sofa.

At this time, Wiliam received a strange call.

“Who?” Wiliam asked afterwards.

“Zhao Yingnian, come out if you want to make money and talk to you.” Zhao Yingnian said.

When Wiliam heard Zhao Yingnian’s voice, the corner of his mouth twitched.


Wiliam got up and walked outside, Feliicity asked, “Where are you going?”

Wiliam said casually, “Make some pocket money, soon.”

In a corner of the hall, he saw Zhao Yingnian drinking a little red wine.

When Zhao Yingnian saw Wiliam, his eyes flashed with the pride of the superior.

This Wiliam, who just retained Feliicity’s hand, Zhao Yingnian could see that he was timid and vain.

With a look, he motioned to Wiliam to sit.

Then he almost didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and directly took out a large stack of RMB from a bag and threw it on the table in front of Wiliam.

“Take it, one hundred thousand, give me the room card.”

When he spoke, his eyes were fixed on Wiliam.

As long as the kid hesitated, he stretched out his bag to draw out more money.

Until he crushed his bones, and gave up that charming wife.

However, he saw Wiliam smile.

He picked up the money casually, “Oh, really lavish, thank you.”

Then he threw out the room card of the west villa directly from his pocket, got up and left.

“Wait!” When Zhao Yingnian saw that Wiliam promised so quickly, his contempt for him had broken through the sky.

One hundred thousand yuan can make this kid hand over the room card.

Does he know what it means to hand over the room card?

It means sending himself to his wife’s bed in person!

Ho ho, there is such a shameless person in the world, it’s an eye-opener today.

“You must swear that you are not allowed to tell your wife, and from now on, you are not allowed to show up around the western villa.” Zhao Yingnian was wary of Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly and walked forward.

“Don’t worry, I swear not to tell my wife, and not to go to the west, all right. Thanks.”

Seeing Wiliam walk away altogether, Zhao Yingnian’s heart suddenly became faintly excited.

For one hundred thousand yuan, tonight can spend time with the most beautiful woman in Q City ( Qena City ).

It’s worth it!


This idiot, who was wearing a hat and helping to count the money, it was simply!

Zhao Yingnian got up immediately and walked quietly towards the west room.

He went to the door of the room, opened it quietly, and found that there were people inside.

He froze for a moment, and immediately thought that it should be Feliicity playing outside and not coming back.

Since that waste promised himself, Hanging did not dare to go back and inform Feliicity.

So, Zhao Yingnian felt at ease, turned off the light, and waited in the room for the return of the beauty.

But this wait is one night!

After dawn, Zhao Yingnian was all angry!

He finally knew that he had been tricked by a trash!


He was so angry that he gritted his teeth and went out immediately, ready to find the bastard and fix him severely!

But at this time, he saw people constantly walking eastward.

“The lights in Xiaodongtian Villa were on last night. Li Chunfeng must have lived in. Let’s go there and watch if we can see the big stars.”

He was taken aback, Li Chunfeng came?

Subconsciously, he followed the group of people towards Xiaodongtian Villa.

At this moment, on a road not far from Xiaodongtian Villa, a dozen classmates who wanted to come to guard the stars gathered.

The winding path leads to the quiet, this road is the only way to Xiaodongtian, you can wait here!

Seeing Zhao Yingnian, everyone complimented.

The topic will inevitably involve Wiliam and Feliicity.

“Yinnian, those two things that didn’t know how to promote so offended you yesterday, don’t you plan to do something?” Those classmates didn’t want to provoke Zhao Yingnian’s anger.

Zhao Yingnian was angry at first, and when he heard this, he suddenly sneered, “Hmph, just wait for a good show, I will definitely trample them under my feet today!”

“Haha, the British year is domineering. Then we will wait for a good show. I feel that they will be so scared to come out in the small room today.” The students laughed.

A trace of sinisterness flashed in Zhao Yingnian’s eyes, “Huh, small room? They started last night, and I was too scared to have the room. They shivered and froze in a corner outside all night.”

“Really? I was so scared that I didn’t even dare to live in the room? Hahaha, where did they nest last night, so there is a sense of picture.” The classmates were taken aback and laughed again.

While laughing, two figures slowly appeared on the path.

Chapter 102

“Hey, Li Chunfeng has come out, everyone is quiet and quiet! Don’t be scared away.” Someone immediately whispered to him when he noticed something happening over there.

Everyone immediately held their breath and stared at the path scorchingly.

Two people appeared on the path, talking and laughing.

Seeing these two people, everyone’s heads blasted, and their faces paled instantly!



It was them who appeared in front of you!

Didn’t Zhao Yingnian say that they were frightened and left homeless last night and stayed outside all night?

How did you appear in Xiaodongtian!

Everyone looked at Zhao Yingnian in horror.

Seeing these two people, Zhao Yingnian’s teeth were about to break!

These two people, dare to appear here!

Just looking for death!

He rushed out instantly!

The classmates also quickly followed.

Feliicity slept soundly last night, and today is in a good mood.

But suddenly seeing a group of people rushing out, she was startled.

After seeing that it was Zhao Yingnian, her face became cold.

And Zhao Yingnian rushed directly in front of Wiliam and yelled, “You dare to show up here! Are you going to die? Do you know what my uncle said yesterday! Get out of here!”

Zhao Yingnian and his classmates naturally thought that Wiliam and Feliicity also came to guard Li Chunfeng early in the morning.

However, everyone did not dare to approach, and the two of them rushed directly in.

It’s almost impossible to put my uncle’s instructions in my ears!

Wiliam looked at Zhao Yingnian, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he smiled meaningfully: “Good morning, I met again, did you sleep well last night?”

In a word, Zhao Yingnian’s sadness and anger aroused!

He watched the whole night last night, and he dared not close his eyes!

In the end, nothing happened!

What’s more, I posted a hundred thousand dollars!

However, how dare he say this despicable deed in front of his classmates?

A breath of bad breath stuck in my heart, almost depressed!

He stared at Wiliam fiercely, “If you dare to disturb Xiaodongtian, then don’t blame me for being ruthless, you will get out of the holiday resort immediately!”

Wiliam smiled and said, “What are you disturbing? We lived here last night.”

The classmates are about to fall to the ground.

Last night, who lived here?

how can that be!

This little cave can only be moved in by people with great identities or rich net worth.

In front of these two people, one is the famous waste son-in-law of Q City ( Qena City ).

The other is beautiful, but the family is on the verge of bankruptcy, let alone worthless.

Where did their faces tell such brazen lies!

When everyone is a fool?

“Good! Good! Good! You have to be responsible for what you say! I will tell my uncle right away! I don’t care what he will punish you later!” Zhao Yingnian smirked and took the phone and called his uncle. phone.

Mr. Zhao only heard Zhao Yingnian say that someone was disturbing Xiaodongtian, and his soul was frightened.

He didn’t eat any food, so he rushed out of the room.

The whole person is a little angry.

Yesterday President Li repeatedly confessed that the distinguished guests did not know when they would live in, so they were not allowed to disturb Xiaodongtian for a few days.

These bastards dare not listen to their own words!

President Zhao rushed to the small road, and Zhao Yingnian greeted him immediately, pointing to Wiliam and said: “Uncle, it is the two of them. Not only did they rush in, but they also said that they slept in the cave last night.”

Mr. Zhao stomped his feet with anger, and yelled at Wiliam: “What are you going to die? I don’t get angry, you really treat me like a fart! If I don’t teach you well today, I don’t believe Zhao!”

But at this time, Wiliam said leisurely: “Before you teach me, don’t you check the check-in situation last night?”

Mr. Zhao was taken aback, and the outburst of anger came to an abrupt end.

A trace of suspicion appeared in his heart. After years of caution, he immediately took out his mobile phone to check the check-in situation of Xiaodongtian last night.

However, Zhao Yingnian laughed weirdly, “Ho ho, procrastinate for time, I will see how long you continue to procrastinate!”

“A couple of dog men and women are so courageous and dare to come to Xiaodongtian! Today I will not be able to keep you from coming over today!”

The others laughed. They had already believed in their hearts that Wiliam was bluffing and delaying time.

This is Xiaodongtian, can anyone live in it!

Lies don’t go through your head!

When Zhao Yingnian saw the rescue and hung up the phone, he immediately asked, “Uncle, what else do you use to check? A discerning person knows that this kid is playing mystery at a glance, so he quickly called the security to come and get them for me!”

But “pop”!

A sharp slap suddenly hit Zhao Yingnian’s face!

Zhao Yingnian is confused!

Everyone is dumbfounded!

Uncle beats his nephew?

What’s the situation?

At this moment, Mr. Zhao had already learned from the front desk that it was Wiliam who checked in last night!

No one knows better than him what it means to live in Xiaodongtian.

Even if the other party is just a mouse, as long as they live in Xiaodongtian, it will be a golden dragon to the staff of the entire villa!

The visitor is the guest, and the guest is God! This is the iron-blooded admonition of the Li family from top to bottom to all staff.

No matter how powerful Mr. Zhao is, as long as Wiliam lives in Xiaodongtian, he has to bow his head!

“Uncle, why are you hitting me! You’re crazy! It’s them you are going to hit!” Zhao Yingnian covered her face, and her whole anger went wide.

Mr. Zhao looked at his nephew heartily, and said, “It was Mr. Lu Yelu who stayed in Xiaodongtian last night.”

In a word, everyone was in an uproar!

Wiliam didn’t even lie just now!

He really lived in Xiaodongtian last night!


Where is his power!

Isn’t he just a trash!

Could it be that my uncle used to say that the distinguished guest refers to him?


If the uncle knew, he should have been respectful yesterday!

There must be something tricky in it!

“Uncle, I don’t believe it, there must be some misunderstanding here! Are there any other special conditions for staying in Xiaodongtian?” Zhao Yingnian asked unwillingly.

This sentence seemed to remind Mr. Zhao. He slapped his forehead and suddenly said angrily: “It must be that the front desk forgot to lock Xiaodongtian! If Xiaodongtian is locked and booked out, it will only cost tens of thousands of dollars. You can stay in it for one night.”

Tens of thousands of dollars a night!

Everyone took a breath!


After Zhao Yingnian heard this, he was immediately relieved, it turned out to be forced to live in Xiaodongtian!

I really thought they were emperors!

The eyes of the classmates looking at Wiliam changed.

They whispered: “Tens of thousands of dollars a night, spend money like dirt! We ordinary people can’t even think about it.”

“By the way, where did Wiliam’s money come from? Feliicity is also facing bankruptcy, and he has no money. Where can they live in?”

“Will someone steal it?”

But Zhao Yingnian had just breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the muttering of his classmates, suddenly his head blew, and the whole person was dull!


It’s from Lao Tzu!

Chapter 103

Zhao Yingnian was so depressed that he would vomit blood!

Tens of thousands of dollars a night!

If it was normal, the two of them would have no money to pretend to be such lavish!

However, I was so special last night, I was just cheated of 100,000 yuan by that bastard!


I lied to Lao Tzu for 100,000 yuan!

Lao Tzu’s top-level villa was not enjoyed overnight, and spent a whole night and a half of money in that shabby little room!

This bastard actually took his own money!

Lived comfortably in Xiaodongtian!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yingnian has the urge to beat people in public!

Too frustrated!

And this aggrieved can’t be said yet!

The eyes he looked at Wiliam were full of anger!

At this time, Mr. Zhao politely said to Wiliam: “Mr. Lu, I was offended before, but I was wrong. However, it may be that our front desk has made an error. I am really sorry to ask you to move out of Xiaodongtian tonight. “

Wiliam looked at Zhao Yingnian who was about to explode, and said quietly, “That’s natural, I don’t have money to stay the second night.”

Zhao Yingnian was ignited like a bomb in an instant, and he rushed over to beat Wiliam, “What are you looking for?”

However, Mr. Zhao slapped him fiercely and slapped Zhao Yingnian’s face again, “What are you looking for? In the villa, as long as you stay in the villa, you are all guests! I will never allow you to treat my guests like this!”

Zhao Yingnian sighed out, and suffocated again, the whole person was going crazy.

He knew that he was played with Wiliam’s wicked pen!

Lost madam and broke down!

“You wait for me!” Zhao Yingnian glared at Wiliam and turned to leave.

And Mr. Zhao and other classmates glanced at Wiliam and hurried to chase after Zhao Yingnian.

Zhao Yingnian stopped in one place and said viciously to her uncle: “Uncle, can’t I get out of this tone! Am I going to be humiliated by those two bastards!”

Mr. Zhao also shook his head depressed, “This time they took advantage of the loopholes, but somehow they spent so much money. If you think about it this way, you should always be more comfortable.”

Zhao Yingnian was even more confused.

Thinking about it this way, can you just explode on the spot!

The money belongs to Lao Tzu!

“Okay, I’ll go to lock the small cave sky later, I guess Li Chunfeng will also live in. Fortunately, Li Chunfeng didn’t live in last night, otherwise it will cause a disaster, and I will have no good fruits. Don’t be angry. Now, tonight will be your home court. What happens in the alumni meeting then is beyond our control, okay?” Mr. Zhao suddenly patted Zhao Yingnian on the shoulder vaguely.

When Zhao Yingnian heard it, he nodded fiercely, “I know, I will endure tonight.”

Those classmates saw Zhao Yingnian’s face so grim, and they fought a cold war one by one.

It looks like it will not be peaceful tonight.

In this alumni meeting, Zhao Yingnian made hundreds of thousands of private venues by himself, and then there was a signing ceremony, which made him full of limelight. Tonight, who can compare to Zhao Yingnian.

That Wiliam, although he was refreshed for a while, he finally provokes a big man.

Feliicity on the other side waited for them to leave, only to breathe a sigh of relief, pinch the flesh of Wiliam’s waist, and said depressedly: “I will never live in this villa anymore. I hate it too much.

Wiliam got a sweat and couldn’t help it, why pinch me?

“You really spent so much money last night?” Feliicity asked distressedly.

Seeing her eyes with a knife, Wiliam’s neck shrank.

I feel that the answer is not good, and the head is not guaranteed.

He had an idea and told him about Zhao Yingnian’s visit last night.

Finally faintly said: “The money is spent, but it is not our money.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam’s pitiful appearance, and suddenly chuckled, with the warmth of spring.

“I know you have a bad stomach. But seeing him flattened, I feel much better.” Feliicity changed her previous weakness and said slyly like a little fox.

Wiliam patted her on the head, well, his wife was successfully led by himself.

During the day, Wiliam and Feliicity had fun in the resort area behind the villa.

At six in the evening, the two came to the large private room where the alumni meet.

When they entered, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

After spreading during the day, the rumor that Wiliam and Feliicity successfully annoyed Zhao Yingnian is already well known.

Seeing Wiliam and the others coming in, everyone felt that they saw the plague god, and they were afraid that they would be infected with bad luck tonight, which would arouse Zhao Yingnian’s anger.

There are ten tables on site.

With the Feliicity, Wiliam casually went to a table with fewer people.

But as soon as they stood in front of their positions, there was a little laughter around them.

“Hahaha, it’s so fun, these two plague gods, wherever we choose, we can only admit that we are unlucky and take the initiative to leave. But we didn’t expect them to go to that table.”

“If it’s interesting, they won’t look at it. Is there anyone sitting at that table?”

“There were still no shots in the British year. These two succeeded in pulling up hatred again. They are really plagues. We stay away from them tonight.”

Wiliam didn’t care, he was about to sit down while pulling Feliicity.

But at this time, an indifferent voice sounded.


Only one word.

Seems too lazy for the second word.

Wiliam looked at the speaker.

I saw a woman with heavy makeup sitting on the seat next to her, with an expression of disgust in her expression.

“Zhang Xiaoyue?” Feliicity couldn’t help exclaiming.

This Zhang Xiaoyue is also quite famous in Q City ( Qena City ).

She is a well-known singing and dancing internet celebrity, because she has a good-looking body and a good-looking body. Some time ago, she seemed to have signed a contract with a media company in Q City ( Qena City ) as a trainee. She may make her debut as a star at any time.

She is optimistic, cheerful and lovely in the live broadcast room. In reality, she is such a bitter and mean person.

Zhang Xiaoyue saw that Wiliam didn’t move, she couldn’t help pinching her nose, and said annoyedly: “Deaf or blind? All stinky, this is where you sit? Don’t let me say the second time!”

Zhang Xiaoyue has just arrived, and she is proud of her recent spring breeze.

Some time ago, I signed a contract with Cangyue Media Company, which is a company owned by Q City ( Qena City ) boss Harper.

Moreover, she got in touch with the vice president of the company and will make her official debut as a trainee soon.

She naturally looked down on everyone in the audience.

Look down on these two people even more.

Zhang Xiaoyue also knew the fame of Wiliam and Feliicity.

One is full of rubbish, Zhang Xiaoyue will not look at this kind of rubbish.

Feliicity put a lot of pressure on Zhang Xiaoyue, because Zhang Xiaoyue believed that she would be beautiful tonight, but the appearance of Feliicity made her feel ashamed.

She couldn’t wait to scratch Feliicity’s deceptive face!

Wiliam wanted to say something, but Feliicity pulled it, and whispered: “Let’s sit somewhere else and stop messing up.”

Reluctantly, Wiliam sat down at the table closest to the door following the Feliicity.

But there were two people sitting at the table, and seeing Wiliam sitting over, he couldn’t help but said in disgust: “Can’t you sit somewhere else? You want to kill us!”

Chapter 104

Wiliam sat down, his expression indifferent.

The two looked at each other, cursed bad luck, and ran away together.

This scene caused the audience to laugh.

In front of Zhang Xiaoyue, can you not eat it?

Sit there without seeing what you are?

court death!

Should you be a little self-aware of your own Plague God attributes?

Zhang Xiaoyue sneered in her heart as she watched them both run away.


It’s all waste.

I can still sit here tonight. After tonight, I’m afraid you can only be on TV if you want to see me.

She was thinking when the phone rang suddenly.

With joy, she immediately answered the phone with a charming voice, “Mr. Zhang.”

She picked up the phone and went to answer it.

“Okay, Mr. Zhang, I will find you right away! You brought me this good message, and I will serve you well tonight! Satisfaction is guaranteed!” Zhang Xiaoyue heard that she was able to receive a small role immediately At that time, the whole person was excited!

This is the first step for her official debut!

For a while, Quyi welcomes that fat man, and finally spring is here!

After she hung up the phone, she looked at the scene disdainfully, and smiled: “I’m sorry, I’m leaving now. There is an important movie for me to act in temporarily, I have to go back immediately.

When everyone heard it, they applauded spontaneously.

Pieces of flattering words rang from all directions.

“Congratulations, Xiaoyue, you will be a big star in the future, don’t forget your old classmates.”

“I didn’t think that our school would have a second star. That’s amazing.”

“Xiaoyue, come on, I am optimistic about you, and remember to sign for me in the future.”

Zhang Xiaoyue got up triumphantly amidst the beautiful words.

When she passed the door, she frowned and said coldly: “A good dog doesn’t stand in the way, with so long legs, do you want to die!”

Wiliam sneered inwardly, and shrank his originally stretched legs.

For such arrogant and domineering people, Wiliam didn’t even bother to take a look.

After Zhang Xiaoyue left, the scene became hot again.

All the beautiful words just now have been replaced by complaints.

“Damn! I really think I’m a star, and that arrogant look is uncomfortable.”

“The villain is determined, what can we do? They signed a contract under Harper’s company, which is awesome.”

“Cut, I didn’t even make a debut, so I pulled it like two hundred and five, and then think about Li Chunfeng who will come over later, that’s a real star. It’s too hot to be unwanted, and there is no air. With Li Chunfeng. Than, Zhang Xiaoyue is a fart.”

“By the way, why didn’t Li Chunfeng come? Can’t he come?”

“No, just now there was a message that her car is coming soon, we can finally see the real superstar haha! Close contact!”

The compliments and affection for Li Chunfeng were revealed among the people’s curse, and Feliicity’s heart suddenly heated up.

Isn’t she here just to see Li Chunfeng?

I can finally see it right away.

“Wiliam, what should I do if I am so excited?” Feliicity poked Wiliam, his face flushed.

Wiliam looked at this silly fan amused, and said, “You will be more excited later.”

“Forget it, tell you a little white that you don’t understand this.” Feliicity gave Wiliam a glance, and then began to stare at the door scorchingly.

After a while, someone suddenly exclaimed: “I received the message, Li Chunfeng is here! I’m going to walk in!”

Suddenly there was a clatter, and all those people stood up together and rushed toward the door of the box!

In an instant, the door of the box was crowded.

Feliicity also wanted to pass, but seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but smile with regret, “It seems that there are many people who are crazy than me.”

“Come here! I saw people!” someone shouted excitedly.

Feliicity also stretched her neck on the seat, looking forward to it.

At this time, Zhao Yingnian stood up, lightly buttoned his suit, and walked over like a high-ranking elite.

He is the initiator and funder of this alumni association, and it is right for him to welcome Li Chunfeng.

When he passed by Feliicity, he smiled disdainfully, “Why? No matter how long your neck is stretched, Li Chunfeng won’t see you. What are you in her eyes? You really feel like you are in a chorus once. That’s awesome? There are so many people who have sang with Li Chunfeng. Does she care about a little ant? Don’t be embarrassed here.”

Zhao Yingnian had completely torn his face with Feliicity, and at this moment he was not polite.

Feliicity’s face stiffened, she sighed, and sat quietly in her position.

This aggrieved and helpless look made Wiliam feel distressed.

Wiliam rubbed her head and said in a low voice, “Nothing, you will be very happy later.”

Feliicity nodded with a wry smile, “Well, I’ll be content to see her from a distance.”

Looks like a humble little fan.

“Let’s let all, be quiet, and get excited one by one! Let Chunfeng see if it’s a joke!” Zhao Yingnian yelled, and the surrounding area suddenly became quiet.

Zhao Yingnian paid the money, and his voice was naturally the loudest.

Li Chunfeng slowly appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Seeing Li Chunfeng, everyone only felt a breath of breathtaking refreshment.

She is wearing a plain white shirt and a pair of navy blue skinny jeans today.

The hair is dangled casually, and there is a lot of style in the youth and liveliness.

Li Chunfeng smiled when he saw these people, “Hello everyone.”

With a smile, a hundred flowers blossom.

Seeing Li Chunfeng’s gentle and cordial greeting, everyone felt even more excited.

“Li Chunfeng, I like you so much, please sign me!”

“Ahhhhh! So excited, seeing her so close, so warm her!”

One by one, they picked up their phones and videotaped frantically.

Zhao Yingnian walked over gracefully and said: “Chunfeng, you are really making our alumni association alive, everyone is waiting for you.”

Li Chunfeng smiled slightly and said politely: “I’m sorry, it’s late, it’s really too busy.”

Zhao Yingnian was even more proud of seeing Li Chunfeng taking care of himself.

He was the only person in the audience, who was worthy to talk to Li Chunfeng.

Everyone looked at Zhao Yingnian with envy. Just now they broke their throats, and Li Chunfeng just smiled.

Zhao Yingnian was able to talk to Li Chunfeng, and he was a gifted and beautiful woman, and he became a family by himself.

Zhao Yingnian accepted the admiration of the audience, a kind of extreme vanity came into being. He suddenly stretched out his hand gracefully, wanting to help Li Chunfeng, “Chunfeng, let me take you to the seat, the most noble position is reserved for you, today But you must give me face and have a good drink.”

Just as Li Chunfeng was about to agree, he suddenly saw the two people sitting in the corner. His eyes lit up, he pushed aside the crowd and walked over happily.

“Wiliam, Feliicity, you are here too!”

Chapter 105

Everyone was dumbfounded on the spot.

Wiliam, Feliicity…

Scream so affectionate…

Could it be!

Wiliam and Feliicity have a lot of friendship with Li Chunfeng?

Zhao Yingnian, who also stretched out his hand to greet Li Chunfeng, his entire face froze!

His movements are frozen in there, neither moving nor not moving!

He was still receiving the admiration and admiration of the audience just now, and suddenly the situation changed suddenly!

Li Chunfeng directly ignored him!

Walk towards Wiliam and Feliicity!

Just now, Zhao Yingnian laughed in front of everyone at Feliicity’s stretched neck.

Now, Feliicity did not stretch his neck, and Li Chunfeng took the initiative to walk over.

This scene, like a thunder, exploded the blue veins on Zhao Yingnian’s neck!

Being present, I can be respected!

He couldn’t help it anymore and walked over directly.

At this moment, Feliicity looked at Li Chunfeng who was less than one meter in front of her, and her whole body was also dull.

She didn’t even dare to think that Li Chunfeng would take the initiative to walk in front of her and say hello.

Even Li Chunfeng still remembers the name of her little fan?

A feeling of happiness that was so strong that it was dizzy, it was covered with white Feliicity in an instant.

She always felt that this time it was enough to see Li Chunfeng from a distance.

Now not only does the dream come true, it is so dreamy.

She stood up all of a sudden, her whole body was shaking, her face was flushed, and her voice trembled, “Chunfeng, you, how are you…”

“Last time I sang with you so happy.” Li Chunfeng grasped Feliicity’s hand.

Feliicity fainted with excitement.

And everyone around is crazy with envy!

Even just now, Zhao Yingnian wanted to take the initiative to shake hands, but Li Chunfeng didn’t even look at it.

Now Li Chunfeng took the initiative to grab Feliicity’s hand.

I really don’t know what kind of shit luck Feliicity took, and Li Chunfeng can remember his name in one chorus.

At this time, Zhao Yingnian had already walked over. He watched this scene and gritted his teeth.

He couldn’t help but directly interrupted: “Chunfeng, the banquet is about to begin. Since we have called you, I think we should take a seat first, otherwise, you see, everyone dare not sit down.”

Li Chunfeng let go of Feliicity’s hand and looked around. Suddenly the little girl stretched her tongue out at home, and said embarrassedly: “Oh, oh, I’m so embarrassed, um, um, let’s sit down together.”

After Zhao Yingnian listened, his mood relaxed. He just came over to say hello, enough for you two to brag for a lifetime.

But that’s it.

As he said, his hand was about to reach out to pick up Li Chunfeng, and his eyes straightened!

Around, there was an incredible exclamation!

Li Chunfeng sat down right next to Wiliam!

As expected.

This is the table closest to the door, which is the lowest seat!

Li Chunfeng is a well-deserved focus today, how can he be so self-conscious!

Zhao Yingnian was so shocked that he got goose bumps all over, and said quickly: “Chunfeng, your seat is not here! At the main seat, I will save it for you.”

He thought Li Chunfeng was just sitting casually.

However, Li Chunfeng looked at Zhao Yingnian with a smile, and said, “Oh nothing, just sit down. They are all old classmates and have some priority. Is anyone sitting in this position? Oh, yes, Lu Yebai Feliicity is hot. The characters, there must be a lot of people rushing to sit with them, and I am embarrassed to take someone else’s seat.”

Everyone turned pale when they heard this sentence.

Hot characters…

Sit with them…

The words slapped them in the face.

Wiliam and Feliicity are the plague gods in everyone’s hearts.

Apart from the two of them, no one is sitting at this table!

Two of them ran away just now.

Big stars like Li Chunfeng actually praised these two people.

How can the two of them, He De, be so favored!

Li Chunfeng was about to stand up apologetically. At this time, Feliicity’s courage, who didn’t know where it came from, grabbed Li Chunfeng and said, “Chunfeng, there are no people sitting at this table.”

When Li Chunfeng heard this, he sat back down again, with a smile on his face, “Okay, okay, then I’ll sit here, I just happen to chat with you and Wiliam.”

Everyone was dumbfounded again.

It seems that Li Chunfeng is sitting here determinedly.

Zhao Yingnian’s face is hard to see the extreme.

At this time, a sudden scene appeared.

A few quick-eyed people suddenly occupied the other empty seats.

Other people stomped with anger when they saw this!

Why did I forget to occupy a seat now!

This is a thousand-year opportunity to have a meal with celebrities!

Especially the two people who shunned them to escape, regretted that their bowels were blue!

“Well, everyone, sit down, too.” Li Chunfeng said to the people with a smile.

Everyone returned to their seats angrily.

And Zhao Yingnian was sitting at the main table, looking at the empty chair beside him, the anger in his heart almost came out!



You dare to steal my limelight again!


It’s served.

But everyone at the scene obviously didn’t want to eat, their eyes were on Wiliam.

Originally, Wiliam was the cheapest waste in the hearts of those present.

But now, Feliicity is on his left, Q City ( Qena City ) Wushuanghua.

On the right is Li Chunfeng, a peerless beauty.

Ordinary people, being embraced is already a blessing for thousands of years of cultivation.

But just a waste, hug left and right, enjoy the blessings of everyone!

Thinking of this one by one, his eyes were red with jealousy.

Feliicity suddenly smiled when everyone’s eyes were burning, and whispered, “Husband, you are too hated.”

Wiliam looked natural, and suddenly said, “Then I might as well pull it again.”

With that, he swapped seats with Feliicity, letting Feliicity and Li Chunfeng sit together.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned. Could it be that this kid knows that his fate is shallow and cannot bear the grace of Shuangmei.

He is a little self-aware.

Li Chunfeng was depressed. She came to Q City ( Qena City ) this time, partly because she came to Wiliam Sapo to roll around and complain.

I haven’t even begun to say this, why did he change positions.

“Wiliam, what’s wrong with you? You are so uncomfortable sitting next to me?” Li Chunfeng said half-jokingly.

Wiliam didn’t change his face, with a slight disgust, “Well, your body is too fragrant, and it smells uncomfortable.”

A word fell, the audience was quiet.

The eyes of the people who were relieved are even more red!

What a bastard!

Being favored by Li Chunfeng, still dare to think that others are too fragrant to stand?

Who gave him the courage to dislike a big man like Li Chunfeng!

Li Chunfeng was also extremely depressed, but she obviously knew that Wiliam had a dark belly, she just curled her lips and said, “Huh! If you don’t need your nose, you can donate it to someone in need! This is a plant perfume.”

Everyone is going to faint, Li Chunfeng, behave like a baby to a trash?

Chapter 106

Li Chunfeng’s acting like a baby is good-looking, but the target is wrong!

Feliicity looked at the people gnashing their teeth, but her heart was warm.

She knew that Wiliam wanted to create opportunities for her and Li Chunfeng to communicate, so she did not hesitate to pull another wave of hatred.

Silly Wiliam!

“Feliicity, no matter the bastard, let’s talk.” Li Chunfeng poked Feliicity and said with a smile.

This sentence hit Feliicity’s arms, and she was excited again.

“Sister Chunfeng, I’m a fan of your brain.” The first sentence made Wiliam a black line.

No one considers himself a fan.

Li Chunfeng smiled, “I like you too, let’s add a WeChat account.”

Feliicity was almost dizzy with excitement, and the people around her gradually became numb.

The two big beauties look like they are in agreement.

After the two added WeChat, Li Chunfeng smiled and said, “We can chat more often in the future.”

As she said, she deliberately glanced at Wiliam, her eyes full of provocations, “Hey, you can add one too, don’t beat you up.”

Wiliam was unwilling, but Feliicity pinched it hard and grinned and added it with his mobile phone.

This scene of Wiliam provoked the anger of the masses again.

Li Chunfeng saw that everyone was about to explode, smiled slyly, and said quietly: “Hey, everyone seems to be eating the three of us. I have something to do. Let’s go first. I will contact you in the next few days.”

With that, she raised a glass of drink and politely respected the audience.

Although she only came for a while like Zhang Xiaoyue before, her attitude was obviously more close to the people.

Her departure caused regret and admiration instead.

As Li Chunfeng left, the atmosphere returned to the original state again.

Zhao Yingnian still had the heart to eat, his eyes staring at Feliicity and Wiliam fiercely.

Don’t blame me for being ruthless! When signing a contract later.

Seeing everyone’s lack of interest in eating, Zhao Yingnian suddenly stood up and said: “Everyone, I will sign a second-level agent with the people in the Genuine Care Medical Center in the next hall in a moment. If you all appreciate your face, I want to invite you all. If we go there together, let me be bold and new to this fledgling workplace.”

This is humorous and polite.

And he is the funder of this alumni association. When it comes to this, who would dare not buy him face.

Compliments suddenly sounded at the scene.

“That’s necessary, we also want to see how Yingnian’s brother pointed Jiangshan to Fang Qiu, haha.”

“Yes, maybe we will have to rely on Yingnian Brother to take care of us in the future.”

” Q City ( Qena City )’s future leader is about to appear on stage, envy!”

Zhao Yingnian nodded in satisfaction when he heard everyone’s active support.

Finally found some places.

“Wiliam, Feliicity, what about you?” Zhao Yingnian suddenly looked at them.

Feliicity was taken aback.

She was going to attend the signing ceremony, so she won’t go. Who is the sole agent looking for?

But she knew in her heart that Zhao Yingnian wanted to humiliate both of them again.

Wiliam replied instead of Feliicity, “Okay, let’s take a look.”

Everyone was irritated by Wiliam. After listening to his answer, they couldn’t help but say in a weird manner: “Hoho, forgive him for not buying the face of Brother Zhao.

“Ho ho, if he doesn’t buy Brother Zhao’s face, Brother Zhao will not buy his order.”

“Don’t think that you are arrogant when you know Li Chunfeng. In the end, you still have to look at your own strength. Brother Zhao will teach you to be a down-to-earth person later.”

Zhao Yingnian nodded when he saw their promise.


If you don’t go, I really don’t know how to do you!

After finalizing the matter, everyone ate for a while and then went to another hall.

At this moment, many people are already sitting in the hall.

After all, there are more than a dozen secondary agents this time.

And on a broad stage, it was written: the signing ceremony of the product agency of Genuine Care Medical Center.

As the classmates came, the scene immediately became hot.

They didn’t have so many places to sit, so they stood in the back spontaneously and actively supported Zhao Yingnian who was sitting in the front.

The momentum has made other pharmaceutical companies frown.

Is this to sign a contract or to make an appointment?

But Zhao Yingnian is obviously very satisfied with this effect.

The power of the masses is great, and he deliberately asked these people to come together, but it is not only to witness his rise and rise.

More importantly, use the pressure of public opinion…

Ho ho.

After ten minutes, someone shouted: “Melissa from Genuine Care Medical Center is here.”

Everyone gave way.

I saw Melissa walking over slowly wearing a small capable suit.

Today’s classmates saw the unparalleled face of Feliicity.

I saw Li Chunfeng’s gentle temperament.

Seeing Melissa’s seductive and icy glamour again now, for a while, countless amazed.

“It’s so beautiful, Melissa, really can compare with Feliicity.”

“I saw three Q City ( Qena City ) beauties in one day, and I got lucky today.”

“What a domineering goddess president, I really want to work for her, and let her wield a small whip to severely ravage her.”

Melissa stood on the stage while discussing.

Her eyes swept away, and she saw Wiliam and Feliicity among the crowd.

But she didn’t make the slightest stay.

Seeing Feliicity came, those pharmaceutical companies also started to discuss.

“Ho ho, the master is here, by the way, do you know who the exclusive agent is given this time?”

“I won’t know in a moment, Genuine Care Medical Center is selling us off.”

“The exclusive agent will be announced later, we have to make good friends, and in the future we will rely on the exclusive agent to enjoy meals and eat haha.”

Zhao Yingnian, who was sitting in the seat, couldn’t help but looked back at Feliicity jokingly.

The former exclusive agent, but Feliicity’s family.

But by the way, their family did it themselves.

Now, Feliicity, just watch me obediently, what it’s like to be eaten away by someone else.

The students also began to discuss the exclusive agency.

Feliicity was pushed to the cusp of the storm again and became the target of everyone’s laughter.

However, at this moment, her heart calmed down instead.

A group of snobs, I will bear with you.

Later, let you fall through!

The signing ceremony began.

The first thing to start is the second-level agency signing.

Melissa only said that he was authorized by the exclusive agency and helped to sign a secondary agency today.

Those bosses came up on stage one by one and signed contracts neatly.

They don’t care who the sole agent is, because everyone has to flatter.

Zhao Yingnian sat in his seat, not in a hurry.

After everyone signed the contract, he got up leisurely.

He stood on the stage, applause from his classmates all round.

He suddenly turned his gaze at Feliicity, his eyes full of mockery.

Feliicity, a good show, began.

You just wait to see me covering the sky with such a hand, driving you who don’t know good or bad into Ami’s hell!

Chapter 107

Zhao Yingnian motioned to be quiet, looked at Melissa who was indifferent, and said sincerely: “Mr. Wang, before I sign this agreement, I want to borrow the precious land and initiate an initiative!”

Melissa looked at Zhao Yingnian indifferently, “Oh?”

Zhao Yingnian stared at Feliicity plausibly, and said plausibly: “I propose here that more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies are present to always boycott the filthy and dirty company of the Bai Group!”

Melissa’s brows frowned on the spot, but she did not speak.

Because Wiliam didn’t speak.

At the scene, more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies looked towards Feliicity.

Their eyes are extremely complicated.

Zhao Yingnian continued: “Before, the Bai family privately formed a coalition of more than a dozen of our pharmaceutical companies, and issued an initiative to boycott Genuine Care Medical Center. Genuine Care Medical Center is so kind to us, she is so cruel and cruel! One sin! Inhumanity!”

The people at the scene nodded one after another.

Bai Zhensheng did this before.

Zhao Yingnian stretched out his second finger and said, “Then, they didn’t know what means they used to force the Renxin Medical Clinic to sign such a humiliating contract. It was a shame for our pharmaceutical company! This is two sins, unjust! “

The third finger!

“Since you have formed an alliance with us, and then publicly breached the contract in private, it is obvious that we have never regarded us as pharmaceutical companies! This is the three sins! Insincere!”

The fourth finger!

“After breaking the contract, I kept saying that I wanted to give us an explanation, so far I haven’t spoken in a word! This is the four sins! Don’t believe it!”

“Everyone here, have you ever received half of the compensation from the Bai family? They said there was no money? Hoho, but do you know? Just last night, Feliicity spent tens of thousands of dollars to live in Xiaodongtian. This is five sins! “

“Sin is hard to forgive!”

Zhao Yingnian’s five fingers, like five sharp swords, aroused the anger of all the pharmaceutical companies present.

What Zhao Yingnian said, there are no half-words.

The bosses of those pharmaceutical companies recalled the countless crimes of the Bai family one after another, and their eyes turned bad.

Especially when they heard that Feliicity actually squandered tens of thousands of dollars to live in the small cave sky villa, this made them completely angry.

They hadn’t forgotten the pressure and humiliation the Bai family put on them before.

It is that Genuine Care Medical Center has a kindhearted heart and re-let these pharmaceutical companies become second-level agents, so they dare not speak out in public if they are angry.

Now, someone has provoked this head.

Those pharmaceutical companies looked at Feliicity with sharp eyes, “I will ask the Bai family for this debt sooner or later.”

“Since Feliicity is present today, then you can give us a reasonable explanation, and we will listen carefully!”

“Explain why you are unrighteous, insincere and unbelief!”

“If there is a saying today, the Bai family, the whole industry will be banned from now on!”

All the mouths are golden, the spearhead is directed at Feliicity.

In Zhao Yingnian’s eyes, there was a glimmer of color.

These rhetoric, these crimes, Zhao Yingnian has been brewing for a full day.

At this time, Feliicity and the Bai family were beaten to death with one stick!

No mercy!

Feliicity, can’t you!

Wiliam, are you crazy?

I, Zhao Yingnian, brave, enlighten me!

Zhao Yingnian thought of this and glanced at the classmates.

His eyes fixed on Chen Liren.

Chen Liren and Zhao Yingnian were in the same group, she wouldn’t know what Zhao Yingnian meant.

She immediately said exaggeratedly: “Wow, I didn’t think Feliicity was such a person. I really misunderstood the person.”

Chen Liren deliberately confuses the audience and secretly replaces the concept of the Bai family with Feliicity.

And the angry people didn’t even pay attention to Chen Liren’s secret concept.

The other classmates received Zhao Yingnian’s hospitality today, coupled with their jealousy and hatred towards Wiliam, so Qi Qi became noisy at this moment.

“Scum, if the enterprises in Q City ( Qena City ) are as shameless as Feliicity and others, then what market order and honesty is there to speak of!”

“Yes, you bosses, the Bai family is about to go bankrupt. Are you willing to have even the most basic explanation before they go bankrupt?”

” Genuine Care Medical Center, you are also picking your head today anyway, do you just watch a rat poop spoil a pot of porridge?”

The scene suddenly became noisy.

All the pressure of public opinion came to Feliicity and Wiliam.

Zhao Yingnian was aggressive.

Pharmaceutical companies were full of anger.

Those classmates slammed the horse.

Feliicity feels his head is big.

If it weren’t for coming today, she really didn’t know, people’s hearts could be so sinister.

If you don’t get it, you have to burn it.

It doesn’t care about yourself, but it’s a tiger.

Zhao Yingnian was very satisfied with the scene.

The performance of these students is exactly what Zhao Yingnian expected.

Three people become tigers, not to mention there are a hundred people on the scene!

Tigers live in power!

Zhao Yingnian also put half of the pressure on Genuine Care Medical Center.

When everyone spoke, Melissa suddenly spoke.

The voice was icy.

“Come here, get out of these messy people.”

In a word, cover the audience!

Those classmates who weren’t too troubled at first saw Melissa directly rushing people out, and all of a sudden became quiet.

And a group of security guards immediately appeared in front of everyone, clearing out all the twittering students.

These people, neither working for the bosses present nor relying on them for food, clothing, housing and transportation, suddenly became angry.

“What qualifications do you have to drive people away!”

“Believe it or not, I stabbed to the TV station! Genuine Care Medical Center violently practices medicine!”

” Genuine Care Medical Center, if you don’t make things clear about the Bai family today, I will despise you all my life!”

When the security guard was about to catch Wiliam and Feliicity, Zhao Yingnian suddenly said loudly, “Don’t both of them!”

“Not only don’t rush, but also watch them and don’t let them go!”

“They are the masters today!”

Wiliam and Feliicity looked at each other. It seemed that Zhao Yingnian was determined to embarrass them today.

The noisy classmates were cleared out, but their public opinion was still reverberating on the spot.

The scene became quiet.

Zhao Yingnian stared at Melissa with scorching eyes, “President Wang, the hospital is kind and willing to help each other at the last moment. I am grateful. So, today, please speak up for our humiliated companies!”

Melissa’s eyes were indifferent from beginning to end.

She nodded, “Do you want me to be fair? Okay, I’ll be reluctant to be the master.”

“If you want to ask Feliicity for an explanation, stand up.”

Zhao Yingnian stood up and acted as a non-committal person!

Below, five people stood up immediately.

This scene made Zhao Yingnian frown.

Only five people?

Those people look at me, I look at you, and suddenly whispered: “I heard that there is a mysterious boss behind Feliicity…”

“Yes, in case the Bai family is dead, then we…”

“Otherwise, wait first, anyway, we won’t be able to collect this debt later.”

After hearing these words, the five who stood up suddenly hesitated and sat down two more.

Zhao Yingnian’s expression suddenly became savage, “Trash! Garbage!”

Those bosses frowned at Zhao Yingnian’s words.

At this time, Melissa said: “There is still no. If there is no, I will put the five of you on the account first. Let’s finish today’s signing.”

“Exclusive agency rights.”

Chapter 108

As soon as Melissa’s voice fell, the chattering immediately started below.

“Finally we can see this mysterious exclusive agency.”

” Genuine Care Medical Center has done such a good job of confidentiality, right? There has been no disclosure in these two days.”

“We will get to know this company in a moment, and it will be the relationship between superiors and superiors in the future.”

Zhao Yingnian wanted to continue to entangle Feliicity, but seeing Melissa’s aura in full swing, he had to endure this breath first.

Melissa looked at Feliicity at this time and said loudly, “Please come up, President Bai.”

President Bai?

Everyone was taken aback.

Which President Bai?

Is there a big boss named Bai on the scene?

When everyone was suspicious, Feliicity came out more and more and slowly walked up.

Seeing Feliicity on stage, everyone’s eyes widened.

President Bai? Is it Feliicity?

That means!

” Genuine Care Medical Center will sign the exclusive agency right with Baiyi Pharmaceutical Company, Mr. Bai’s company. From now on, Mr. Bai will be solely responsible for contacting my Genuine Care Medical Center.” Melissa said lightly and took out two contracts.

In a word, everyone on the scene took a breath of air-conditioning!


Quiet to freezing!


Genuine Care Medical Center’s exclusive agency rights have been hidden, but in the end, it actually fell into Feliicity’s hands!

That’s the Bai family!


Why is this happening!

Zhao Yingnian’s whole person seemed to be struck by a shock of thunder, dumbfounded!

Feliicity, how did he become the exclusive agent again!

Isn’t she going bankrupt?

She turned into a phoenix on the stage from a fallen pheasant!

If Feliicity becomes the sole agent, then–

All of you present are Feliicity’s second-level agents!

Feliicity, crush them! Reasonable!

This thought flashed through everyone’s minds quickly.

The expressions they looked at Feliicity all changed!

In those pharmaceutical companies, many people are trembling with lingering fears at this moment!

Not dead!

Don’t die!

If you heard Zhao Yingnian’s words just now, stand up and strongly resist Feliicity’s words!

The days to come!


so close!

Fortunately, no one stood up and got his life back!

Knowing that Feliicity is not easy, seeing you today is not so easy!

Everyone felt a chill in their necks!

It seems that a knife has been placed on their necks since they insulted Feliicity.

Now, the knife was gently taken away, leaving the warning cold.

And the eyes of the four people who stood up to Zhao Yingnian were furious!

“Zhao Yingnian! What are you doing to us!”

“I killed you bastard!”

“Mr. Bai, I didn’t mean it before. I really didn’t mean to embarrass you. It’s just that I am a family friend with his father. I think it is because of his father’s face… I was wrong. Can you forgive me? “

The three rushed to Zhao Yingnian, fisting!

But one person immediately bowed to Feliicity and apologized.

Feliicity sighed when she saw this scene.

Longyou Shoal was played by shrimp.

After all, you don’t understand, Longyou Shoal is for a while.

Long flying thousands of miles, is eternal!

While Zhao Yingnian was beaten, the suffocation in his heart would explode!

Why is this happening!

Why is this happening, it is impossible!

Five sins, sins are hard to forgive!

However, Feliicity has become the exclusive agent!

Five deadly sins, sin is not sin!

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it! Genuine Care Medical Center! Mr. Wang! It must be your intention to help Feliicity! I am not reconciled!” Zhao Yingnian rushed towards Melissa like a mad dog, his eyes red!

In his opinion, Feliicity had been unbearable before, and it was self-knowledge.

It was Melissa who was doing his hand in secret!

And Melissa coldly slapped the exclusive agency contract on his forehead, “You can see clearly, can I make this contract temporarily?”

In a word, Zhao Yingnian sat down on the ground.

it is true……

It’s actually true.

Zhao Yingnian watched the indifferent white Feliicity on the stage, and a wave of regret suddenly surged in his heart!

Now he thought of something more terrifying!

He was about to beg Feliicity to let him go on the face of his classmates.

But at this time, Feliicity spoke.

She said coldly: “The four companies, it was indeed my Bai family who couldn’t help you, and since you have signed a contract, please continue to implement it and cooperate happily in the future. As for Zhao Yingnian, haven’t you signed a contract yet…”

Zhao Yingnian got goosebumps all over!

No contract!


Just now, he was the last to sign.

However, he did not sign on purpose!

Want to demonstrate Feliicity!

But I didn’t think that my most proud hand had turned into a sharp sword at this moment!

If I was so confident just now, and signed the contract neatly, the Genuine Care Medical Center and Feliicity had no choice but to send their arrows.

right now……

That’s it!

Completely finished!

Feliicity gently picked up the contract that should have belonged to Zhao Yingnian and tore it casually.

Paper flowers are all over the sky, flying lightly.

I don’t know what it means.

Zhao Yingnian lost his secondary agency right.

The paper fell on Zhao Yingnian’s body like a bayonet.

He stared at the unfeeling Feliicity with red eyes, “Feliicity, do you really want to do things so absolutely? We are classmates anyway! Kill all, how can you bear it!”

Feliicity suddenly smiled at this time, smiling cruelly.

From yesterday to now.

From before to now!

For the first time, she showed her decisive and stern face in front of everyone!

“Zhao Yingnian, do you think I embarrassed you because of these two days? Then you underestimated my Feliicity’s temperament. If so, I would have cut your life.”

“What I really look down on is your character! Incorrect mind! You must pay for it! You must compare it! Reverse black and white! A life in vain!”

“Study for classmates, I will send you a word.”

“The husband has ambitions in Qingyun, and a man has no bones but a husband.”

“Get out! Don’t show up in front of me from now on.”

Feliicity’s sentences are like needles, every word sees blood!

Upon seeing this scene, Melissa glanced at Wiliam who was walking slowly.

She seemed to know why Wiliam liked this woman.

In Melissa’s impression, Feliicity has always been a weak little woman.

Occasionally I will be crazy about love, regardless of it.

But in terms of action, the pattern is too small.

Now these words made Melissa feel that the white Feliicity are not small at all.

Perhaps, just because Wiliam gave her a full sense of security, she was willing to rely on others for the little bird.

It was true that Feliicity’s family was arbitrarily, she turned into a Peng, and she was arrogant.

An interesting couple.

When Zhao Yingnian heard this, not only did he not repent at all, but on the contrary, he seemed to be stimulated, and the whole person was violent.

Chapter 109: The Lord Doesn’t Say Anything

“You dare to scold me! Don’t you just become the exclusive agent! Bullshit! I don’t believe Zhao Yingnian has this second-level agent, I can’t go on anymore!” Zhao Yingnian yelled at Feliicity.

Wiliam stood in front of him and shook his head slightly.

There is no cure for the sickness.

Seeing Wiliam shook his head, Zhao Yingnian became even more angry. He picked up Wiliam’s shirt and red-eyed angrily said, “You dare to look down on me, are you? You are a soft food, what right do you have to look down on me! Believe me or not beat you!”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, and he didn’t care about Zhao Yingnian’s provocation.

Because he knows–

If you don’t say anything, your own civil servants and generals are angry!

Melissa saw his boss being pulled up by the shirt, and his indifferent face showed anger for the first time!

If you don’t put Wiliam in your eyes, wouldn’t it be my Melissa who is useless in your eyes!

“Zhao Yingnian, do you know who you are going to beat!” Melissa shouted.

Zhao Yingnian was already frantic, and the corners of his mouth spit wildly, “A waste! What am I afraid of!”

“Then you can listen well, Wiliam, from my Renxin Medical Clinic!” Melissa slapped Zhao Yingnian’s face fiercely!

Zhao Yingnian’s head bounced!

Wiliam, from Genuine Care Medical Center?


Fighting a dog depends on the owner.

Not only did I offend the exclusive agent, but now, even Genuine Care Medical Center…

The soles of his feet are icy cold!

If all of them are offended, what kind of disaster will the family company endure!

A strong unwillingness and powerlessness emerged from his heart.

He slowly lowered Wiliam’s collar and took a deep look at the three people in front of him.

“I remember it today. You wait.”

Zhao Yingnian put down these words, and walked away from the side door.

He went out from the front door with a face.

“Well, although there are bumps and bumps, the signing ceremony is considered complete, everyone is gone.” Melissa said to everyone.

The crowd rushed forward and handed the business cards to Feliicity in a humble manner.

“President Bai, I will rely on you from now on.”

“It’s really embarrassing to have offended so much before.”

Feliicity said goodbye one by one, with a kind attitude.

Melissa patted Feliicity on the shoulder, and then left through the side door.

After a while, only Wiliam and Feliicity were left on the court.

Feliicity’s previous fierceness was wiped out, and she smiled bitterly at Wiliam: “Wiliam, am I a bit too much?”

Wiliam touched her head, “With me, it’s even more troublesome.”

Feliicity stuck out her tongue, but there was a faint excitement in her heart.

Calling the wind and calling the rain, the capable person cannot.

Cut off evil, Xiaoxia Feliicity.

She silently praised her performance just now.

“Let’s go.” Wiliam took Feliicity’s hand and walked out from the front.

But as soon as I went out, I saw the classmates who were not far from the door.

When those people saw Wiliam and Feliicity come out, they were all taken aback.

They put their heads into the box, and they are horrible?

Feliicity didn’t bother to pay attention to these incomparable people and walked forward on her own.

Chen Liren immediately called Zhao Yingnian, but Zhao Yingnian’s cold voice came directly from the phone, “I’m leaving, don’t bother me so much! Tell the dog and the man and woman that I am not at odds with them!”

Chen Liren looked at the phone dumbfounded.

Everyone was taken aback, all gone?

So why are they staying here?

Everyone gave a weird look and then walked outside together.

But at this time, a waiter rushed out with a list in his hand and said, “Ah, hey, wait and go, your account is still closed.”

Is the account closed?

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, “Isn’t it the British year? He said he was a treat.”

“But it seems he is gone? Damn!”

The waiter handed the bill to Chen Liren at the front and said: “You are chartered this time. You have booked 30 small villas and 20 senior suites. Adding tonight’s meal and wine, a total of four One hundred and fifty thousand.”

Hearing 450,000, the faces of the students all changed!

They are all ordinary people, even if everyone shares it, they will be thousands of them!

This is so expensive to live in Jinwowo, and eat the silver phoenix!

Everyone immediately started to coax, “Said that we were here because someone invited us. We wouldn’t come if we knew we were required to settle the bill!”

“Yes, we are all wage earners, wherever we can afford to pay the money, I don’t care, it has nothing to do with me, I don’t bring the money out.”

“My family still has parents and children to raise, and a monthly mortgage and car loan. I don’t have enough money, so I have to die.”

The waiter’s expression froze immediately, and she immediately called Mr. Zhao. After all, Mr. Zhao’s nephew used to book a room here, and now he has no accounts. Why should I tell Mr. Zhao about this.

But Chen Liren’s head grew big as he heard the shameless shirks around.

Suddenly, she dazzled her eyes and yelled at the front: “You two stop me! Want to escape the order, don’t you want to face it?”

Chen Liren was talking about Wiliam and Feliicity who were about to go out.

Their footsteps stopped.

Chen Liren didn’t care about three or seventy-one, with aggressive classmates, surrounded them both with a shout.

“Don’t let them go, they have a share.”

“It’s black your hearts! Living in a small cave with tens of thousands of dollars a night, now I want to go wrong, don’t be too much!”

“Yes, this money must have their share.”

At this time, Chen Liren thought of what Zhao Yingnian had said on the phone, and said loudly: “Everyone stay quiet, listen to me!”

Everyone was quiet.

Chen Liren pointed to Wiliam and Feliicity and said: “You have heard Zhao Yingnian’s call just now. He said on the phone that they are at odds with these two people. They must have made Yingnian angry!”

“If we don’t leave in the British year, how could we have no one to check out! So this account will be counted on their heads, everyone said, right?”

When Chen Liren said so, everyone suddenly became noisy!

“Yes, the beauty is wrong! Since yesterday, these two people don’t know what is good or bad, and they have angered Yingnian five times!”

“British year is gone, the two of them can’t shirk the blame! They must come to checkout!”

“Check out, atonement! We are all innocent!”

Feliicity flushed with anger!

She really has never seen such a brazen classmate!

Four hundred and fifty thousand, a total of ten people were present!

Everyone will share it, and it will be a few thousand.

It is clear that these people are going to eat free food, but now they shirk the responsibility on themselves!

At the time of the noise, Mr. Zhao walked over and said, “How decent is the noise! ​​What’s the matter!”

Chen Liren went over immediately, adding to the story of Wiliam and Feliicity’s death.

Mr. Zhao had always seen Wiliam and Feliicity unhappy, and his anger burned when he heard them bullying his nephew.

He stopped the uproar of the crowd and said to Wiliam and Feliicity, “What do you two say! You must settle this account today, or I will be absolutely rude to you! You must know that this is the site of the Li family.” !”

Everyone immediately supported Mr. Zhao and kept saying that Wiliam and Feliicity should pay for their sins immediately.

Feliicity was so angry that she would curse on the spot.

But at this time, Wiliam grabbed the Feliicity and looked at Mr. Zhao, “Is the Li family’s site? I thank you for reminding you. Okay, I’ll settle it.”

“As long as you dare to accept it.”

After all, he took out a card from his pocket and threw it to Mr. Zhao.

Peach and plum world card!

Chapter 110

Seeing Wiliam throw out a card, all the students on the scene showed a hint of joy.

Finally took the bait!

The four hundred and fifty thousand, finally don’t have to be allocated to everyone.

After eating for nothing, and finally being forced to pay the bill, how can I think about it?

Chen Liren sneered from the side, “Cut, dare you to take it? What kind of international black card do you think you threw out, pretend to be in front of the Li family, and die.”

When Mr. Zhao took Wiliam’s card, he saw the four characters on the card, and suddenly his body stiffened, as if he had been stabbed by a needle, and there was a fierce sting!

this is!

However, Chen Liren didn’t notice the sudden change in Zhao’s face. She sneered at Wiliam while leaning over to see what card Wiliam had thrown out.

But after Chen Liren saw the card, she was so angry that she immediately grabbed the card and yelled.

“What are you playing with us! What kind of card are you! A bus card! Or a VIP card from which bathing center? You are going to die!”

Everyone was taken aback and looked at the card.

After seeing it clearly, everyone’s expressions suddenly changed, and a wave of anger grew spontaneously.

Was fooled by this kid!

I knew this kid wouldn’t be so kind to be taken advantage of.

Everyone huffed around Wiliam and Feliicity again, almost poke Feliicity’s nose with their fingers.

“Okay you guys! Dare to tease so many of us!”

“Attention everyone, this kid wanted to burn the jade and the stone, and deliberately threw a broken card to provoke the anger of the villa and even the Li family, wanting us to die together!”

“That’s right, I’ve seen you guys and dogs upset for a long time! The heart is so dirty! I don’t care, hand me the bank card, or I promise you won’t get out of this hall.”

The words are eloquent and full of threats.

Feliicity’s heart jumped wildly, pulling Wiliam, anxiously said: “Wiliam, you are a bit too much to do this. If the Li Family really gets angry, the consequences will be disastrous.”

However, Wiliam just squeezed her little hand and remained unmoved.

Seeing the anger of the classmates getting more and more intense, Feliicity was anxious like ants on a hot pot.

The two of them were wrong, so they could fight hard.

But when Wiliam played like this, everybody made a mistake and made a mistake.


Feliicity gritted his teeth, took out a bank card in his bag, and said bitterly, “That’s me.”

As soon as she took out her bank card, she was snatched away by the quick-eyed Chen Liren, as if Feliicity would regret it.

When the students saw the bank card, the bluffing anger gradually subsided.

“Huh, you won’t cry if you don’t see the coffin, now you know that you bow your head?”

“Ho ho, a certain waste, it is really easy to eat soft meals, and you have to pay for your own woman, tusk.”

“Let’s go, let’s swipe the card to pay, I tell you two, if there is not enough money in the card, I will ask you!”

Everyone took Feliicity’s bank card, as if holding a gold ingot, Qi Qi walked towards President Zhao.

Chen Liren bowed her head and walked over with a humble attitude, fearing to annoy Mr. Zhao.

“Mr. Zhao, I was really embarrassed just now. Those two people were so innocent, they dared to tease you. I apologize to you, here, this is a bank card, you can take it to the checkout.

Chen Liren said, and respectfully handed Feliicity’s bank card.

And Mr. Zhao finally woke up from the huge shock.

Where would he manage the bank card in Chen Liren’s hand, and hurriedly asked, “Where is the card?”

Chen Liren immediately carried the bank card.

But Mr. Zhao angrily said: “What about the card of that Mr. Lu just now!”

The triumphant people hadn’t noticed that Mr. Zhao’s address to Wiliam had become extremely respectful.

Chen Liren misunderstood Mr. Zhao’s meaning. She thought Zhao always wanted to pursue Wiliam for playing with him.

She threw the card into the trash basket on the side, and said flatly: “Mr. Zhao, I’m sorry, you don’t want to be familiar with them. That waste, you have never seen the world. A broken card makes you unhappy. …”

When Mr. Zhao saw that Tao Li Tianxia Card was thrown into the trash basket by Chen Liren, he was suddenly shocked all over his body!

He almost instinctively rushed to the trash basket, picked up the extremely noble card, and wiped it carefully on his famous brand suit, for fear that it might be stained with dirt.

Chen Liren still wanted to grab the card, so Mr. Zhao was so angry that he grabbed the trash basket and snapped it on Chen Liren’s head.

Chen Liren suddenly uttered a miserable scream, hurriedly removed the trash basket, and said angrily to Mr. Zhao: “Mr. Zhao! You are indebted, and it is the trash who is using this broken card to tease you. , You retaliate against me, are you too shameless!”

But at this time, Mr. Zhao let out a sneer.

“Slap!” He slapped Chen Liren’s face fiercely.

The atmosphere on the scene was instantly quiet.

Everyone opened their mouths wide, and I don’t know why Mr. Zhao targeted Chen Liren.

Zhao Zong looked sharply at the group of unknowable things in front of him, and said to Chen Liren: “I will not only beat you! I will kill you, believe it or not! Do you know what this card is!”

Mr. Zhao said, carefully holding the Tao Li Tianxia Card.

Everyone looked at a loss, and Chen Liren was even more angry, “What card? The card in the bathing center, I can pick up a bunch of these cards in the street!”

Mr. Zhao slapped him again, Chen Li’s face was swollen.

Now, she didn’t dare to speak anymore.

“Ho ho, did you pick it up on the street? You went to pick it up and watch it? You will listen to me! This one was issued by Li Jiali, the Tao Li Tianxia Card! There are only five in Q City ( Qena City )!” Zhao Always said to everyone viciously.

This sentence, like thunder, blows up the audience!

Everyone fought a cold war together.

Peach and plum world card.

Just hear the sound like thunder!

Invisible, with eyes but no beads!

This seemingly ordinary card is actually a Tao Li Tianxia Card issued by the Li family!

You know, Tao Li Tianxia Card is famous in Q City ( Qena City )!

Anyone holding a Tao Li Tianxia Card can spend free in any industry under the Q City ( Qena City ) Li Family!

And there is no upper limit!

Just because of a card weight!

So there are only five in Q City ( Qena City )!

Holders of five Tao Li Tianxia Cards are either rich or expensive!

It is rumored that Harper was cheeky and exchanged with a company, but he could not get a Tao Li Tianxia card.

Money is hard to buy Li Tianxia!

How can everyone have the privilege of seeing such emperor cards? Now, for the first time in their lives, they have seen it!

After hearing Mr. Zhao’s words, Chen Liren was dumbfounded on the spot.

Body is shaking, heart is shaking!


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