Dragon Husband Chapter 11 – 20

Chapter 11 Love is too heavy to beat the chest muscles

Melissa and Lydia were still sluggish.

Wiliam’s last move was absolutely arrogant!

In order to prove the scar-removing properties of the ointment, Mr. Wang face was directly cut!

You know, regardless of whether his ointment is so magical to remove scars.

This is the face of an old man!

The face and skin of the old man are so different from that of the young woman!

To prove it should be to find a woman to prove it!

Not to mention, tomorrow!

This kid actually thought that his ointment would take effect tomorrow!

It’s crazy!

Melissa stamped his feet and chased Wiliam.

Lydia quickly grabbed Wiliam’s prescription and ran away.

Lydia was worried for Wiliam.

This kid is simply playing with fire!

If the effect is not satisfactory tomorrow, then with the prestige of Mr. Wang, Wiliam in Q City ( Qena City ), I am afraid it will be difficult to gain a foothold!

However, Lydia was inexplicably cool in his heart.

This little bastard is too irritating.

Obviously Mr. Wang was afraid of pain and didn’t believe him, so he just targeted Mr. Wang.

Make him hurt, make him suffocated!

In case, let him get on his knees tomorrow, then…

No way, how is this possible!

How can there be such a good product in the world…

Hey, there is a pain in the head of such an arrogant little guy.

Melissa and the others caught up with Wiliam, and they didn’t know what to say about him for a while.

But Wiliam said calmly: “Lydia, come to work for me tomorrow.”

The tone is domineering and can’t be pushed back.

Melissa yelled to Wiliam directly, “Your kid is not finished. Lydia is a good friend of mine. I tried to persuade her for three years and I didn’t persuade her. You only knew her for less than two hours. dare……”

“Okay, okay, I will ask to cover it in the future.” Lydia nodded frantically with eyes full of stars.

Melissa’s footsteps stopped suddenly.

Three years.

Three years of girlfriend love, it seems to be so disillusioned…

Does this mean that love is too heavy to beat the chest muscles?

Lydia, you disappointed me so much…

“Starting tomorrow, one hundred bottles will be produced in a small batch, Lydia you are responsible.” Wiliam continued.

Lydia nodded hurriedly, “But, Mr. Wang…”

“He will kowtow personally to admit his mistake.” Wiliam said dismissively.

“Are you really so confident?”

“It’s not confidence, it’s just facts.” Wiliam said indifferently, but he was arrogant and his eyes were like stars.

Just as Wiliam was about to leave them and go home, Melissa’s voice suddenly came from behind, “Wait, I have something for you.”

After Melissa finished speaking, he walked into his car and returned in a while.

In his hand, there is already an intricate box.

Melissa opened the box and said faintly: “This jade bracelet was auctioned some time ago. It was originally a pair and I wanted to give it to a certain pig, but now it seems to you. Take it back and give it to you. Wife, woman, all have to be coaxed. Be smarter in the future.”

Wiliam didn’t care, said thank you, and put it away.

But at this time, Lydia yelled, “Damn! This is the Pandan Prosperity Spring Breeze Bracelet! The global limited edition, worth more than 800,000 yuan, the market is out of print! Melissa, don’t give it to me, give it to me Give it to a little bastard?”

Melissa looked at Linlin’s heartache and felt extremely happy.

Ho ho, let you be a plastic girlfriend, I just want to piss you off.

When Wiliam returned home, he saw that the light at home had gone out, so he put the jade bracelet on the sofa in the hall.

After entering the room, Feliicity was also asleep.

She has been too tired these two days.

Wiliam was temporarily not drowsy, and turned up the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

I was very sad.

Rejuvenation, hanging pots, martyrdom, Juju, hundred years old…

This is the name of the first five chapters.

Since he was a child, his grandfather has taught the first chapter of “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

The first chapter is devoted to teaching medical techniques, especially acupuncture and pharmacology.

Ordinary people learn one chapter for up to three years.

Wiliam has been studying for twenty years!

So Wiliam knows the pharmacology well and can write out the beauty prescription at will.

He wanted to skip Chapter 2 to read the content of Chapter 3, but found that at a glance, he was dizzy.

He closed the book in surprise and took a moment to relax.

Sure enough, one can only proceed step by step in the practice of “Medical Sutra of Wuchang”.

He opened the second chapter again, hanging the pot.

This chapter is not only teaching medical skills, but also a part of it is actually treating yourself!

Acupuncture points with silver needles stimulate the three acupoints on the human body such as Tianmen and Fengfu to stimulate the human body’s potential and achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

Wiliam started to study the second chapter according to the medical classics.

The next day, Wiliam opened his eyes and found that his body actually felt comfortable.

He clenched a fist and faintly felt that the strength of his body seemed to increase a little.

He looked at the bed and found that Feliicity was no longer in the bed.

He suddenly heard an exclamation outside.

He hurried out and found that Feliicity was holding the pandan prosperous spring breeze bracelet on the sofa in both hands, eyes full of excitement and love.

“Wiliam, whose jade bracelet is this, it’s so beautiful…”

Wiliam smiled slightly when she saw Feliicity’s happy face, walked up to her and said, “Give it to you, just like it.”

He was sincere, but Feliicity glanced at Wiliam strangely, “Did you send it?”

Wiliam nodded.

Feliicity’s heart trembled, hey, Wiliam, you and I had a heart-to-heart relationship last night, I will no longer despise you.

Why do you lie to me and ask for credit…

If you are rich, would I not know?

This jade bracelet is so expensive at first glance, where did you get the money…

“Isn’t it a fake glass jade bracelet?” Feliicity couldn’t help muttering.

Wiliam smiled slightly, jokingly said, “Do you dislike the fake?”

Feliicity’s face blushed, but she put on the jade bracelet and snorted to Wiliam angrily, “I want a fake one, and whoever makes me unlucky to marry you, even the offer is not given to me. , God finally opened your eyes to make your elm bumps bloom, hum.”

Seeing Feliicity so cute and lovely, Wiliam felt tender.

Silly woman.

Feliicity looked at it carefully for a long time, and the more she looked at it, the more she liked it. Finally, she reluctantly said: “My mother has already gone to grandma’s house. Let’s go there after we eat.

“Go to grandma’s house later, don’t talk nonsense, just listen to me. Grandma, her temper…” Feliicity said to Wiliam a little worried.

Wiliam nodded, Bai Family, what does it mean to him?

Feng didn’t compete with hundreds of birds because of his disdain.

When I arrived at the Bai’s house, I saw a lot of people sitting in the living room.

When these people saw Feliicity bring Wiliam over, their eyes changed.

“Feliicity! Why did this kid appear in our Bai’s house again!” Rebeca shouted first.

She was slapped by Wiliam yesterday, and she hated him deeply in her heart!

However, Feliicity’s eyes were firm, and she even gently held Wiliam’s hand and said, “I called him here. He is also a member of our Bai family. Grandma is having a family meeting today, and he will naturally join him.”

Wiliam’s heart warmed.

I changed.

The Feliicity also changed.

Become in front of others, no longer ashamed to be frank about their husband and wife relationship, but to maintain it everywhere.

But at this time, Feliicity’s eyes shrank, and at home, she found a person who shouldn’t be there.


He was sitting next to Rebeca, looking at himself with hot eyes.

Fernando stood up at this time, got up and walked towards Feliicity, holding a box in his hand.

He opened the box in full view, and said affectionately to Feliicity: “Feliicity, I didn’t help you to complete the contract yesterday. I’m really sorry, this is my gift of apology. You must accept it, or I will feel uneasy.”

When the box opened, everyone suddenly exclaimed.

I saw a delicately carved bracelet lying inside.

“Wow, Lin Shao, what kind of bracelet are you? It looks so expensive!” The Bai family’s eyes glowed.

Fernando said complacently: “This is a delicate and elegant jade bracelet. In the world, it costs more than one hundred thousand.”

Everyone was amazed again.

One shot is a gift of one hundred thousand yuan, Fernando is indeed a local tyrant.

Fernando looked at Feliicity affectionately, “Feliicity, do you like it?”

Feliicity frowned slightly, but she suddenly revealed the jade bracelet in her hand and said, “I’m sorry, my husband also gave me one. I appreciate your kindness.”

Fernando’s expression froze, and she looked at the jade bracelet in Feliicity’s hand, “Can I see it?”

Feliicity hesitated, took the jade bracelet off and handed it to Fernando.

Fernando looked at it and suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, I thought it was a jade bracelet, it turned out to be a glass bracelet, Wiliam, you fooled your wife like that?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam, who was silent.

However, Feliicity felt a little in his heart, and then regretted showing Fernando the bracelet.

She cherished the jade bracelet in her heart, not because it was true or false, but because of Wiliam’s intentions.

What’s wrong with fake ones? I just want to wear them happily.

But now, Wiliam was embarrassed in public when the truth was pierced by Fernando’s eyes.

“Sorry Wiliam, I didn’t mean it.” Feliicity whispered an apology to Wiliam.

But Wiliam looked at Fernando, “How do you know this is fake?”

Fernando said casually: “Everyone can look at this jade bracelet, not to mention the strange shape, but the mottled and chaotic threads in it look like nasal mucus. Isn’t it fake? It’s just fake and can’t be faked anymore. .”

Everyone looked intently, and sure enough, there were traces of crystal clear green filaments in the bracelet, which looked very nice…

However, Lin Shao said that this bracelet must be fake.

“Ho ho, Wiliam, I can’t bear to buy a good gift for my wife and use a fake jade bracelet to fool her? Can you!”

“If it wasn’t for Lin Shaohuo’s glaring eyes today, you would have really fooled him.”

“It doesn’t matter if a man is poor, the most important thing is to have spine, what are you? Disgrace our Bai family!”

Feliicity’s complexion turned red, just about to grab the jade bracelet.

At this time, Fernando flung the jade bracelet to the door.


With a crisp sound, the jade bracelet hit the ground, and a corner was knocked.

Feliicity was directly angry, “Fernando, what are you doing!”

Fernando looked at the jade bracelet contemptuously, and said: “Feliicity, how noble you are in my heart, how can a fake jade bracelet be worthy of your identity, or wear the elegant jade bracelet I gave you. More suitable for you…”

“As for the fake one, how much money, I will compensate the waste three times, so let’s go ahead.”

Everyone sighed, how could there be such a big gap between people and people.

Rebeca also came over and kept persuading Feliicity to accept Fernando’s gift.

But at this time, a surprised voice suddenly came from the door, “Hey, who threw a jade bracelet here?”

Immediately afterwards, the voice suddenly aroused.

“This! My dear! This is the Pandan Prosperity Spring Breeze Bracelet!”

Chapter 12 Pandan Flourishing Spring Breeze Bracelet

A woman stood at the door.

She is Feliicity’s cousin, Xena.

Xena usually has a hobby, that is, he likes to wear gold and silver, and he has studied these jewels and jade in depth.

She didn’t care when she saw the jade bracelet on the ground, but when she picked it up, she was excited!

Everyone looked at Xena.

Xena held the jade bracelet in both hands, strode in, and asked excitedly: “Who are you so violent, throw the Pandan Prosperity Spring Breeze bracelet to the door, if you don’t want it, give it to me!”

Everyone was stunned.

Pandan Prosperity Spring Breeze Bracelet?

Everyone has only heard of Pandan Shengshi, which is the most luxurious jade brand in the world.

As for the spring breeze bracelet, the people present did not study so deeply, and a group of people were puzzled.

Rebeca couldn’t help but said, “Ruoshuang, it is a glass bracelet bought by Wiliam. The fake one can’t be faked anymore. Don’t you usually study these things very deeply?

Xena looked at everyone with a strange expression, “Fake? I am stupid or you are stupid? I understand or you do? This pandan flourishing spring breeze bracelet is the most popular limited edition this year. It was sold out as soon as it came out. It is said that we had a pair at the Q City ( Qena City ) auction a while ago, but unfortunately they were bought. At that time, the price seemed to be raised to more than two million yuan.

Everyone looked at a loss.

A pair of more than two million, which one is more than one million?

What kind of spring breeze bracelet is so expensive?

However, Fernando said just now…

Fernando looked embarrassed, and said to Xena: “Ruoshuang, take a good look. There are impurities in this bracelet. Where is it true? Compared with my elegant jade bracelet…”

Fernando’s words were directly interrupted by Xena, “Hoho, impurity filaments? You really don’t know anything! Do you know why it is called the spring breeze bracelet? It is because of the natural green silk inside, which looks like spring breeze. Shape, blow all beings.”

“As for your elegant jade bracelets, they are fake at first glance. They are made of artificial glass. If you don’t believe it, you can put a pad of weight on them. You were slaughtered like a pig.”

If Xena, let the scene be quiet!

Before, I thought that the bracelet Wiliam gave was a fake.

Now, it turned out that Wiliam’s bracelet was real, while Fernando’s bracelet was fake!

Xena couldn’t restrain his excitement, took out the phone, looked for it, and then handed it to everyone, “Hey, everyone, this is the jade bracelet from the auction some time ago. I’m also on the scene. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money. Let’s see if it’s exactly the same as this one.”

Everyone looked exactly the same.

The scene was dead silent again, and the eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam changed.

This guy, where’s the money, can actually buy such an expensive bracelet!

Feliicity’s face was flushed with excitement, and the bracelet her husband gave him was real!

This idiot, really tells the truth, and even asks himself if he is fake?

Of course, they will default to false, so as to highlight that they are poor and humble.

Bad guy, necrotic!

But, little villain, where did your money come from?

Go back to see at night I won’t let you kneel on the washboard!

At this time, Xena was heartbroken again, “A good jade bracelet, why did you throw it away? Now it has knocked a hole, violent the heavens!”

Fernando was suddenly excited!

Yeah, that’s it!

How did he know that what Wiliam gave away would be a jade bracelet worth millions!

This is simply nonsense!

So he arbitrarily thought the bracelet was fake and threw it away.

Now, knock out a hole…

Wiliam suddenly looked at Fernando and said quietly: “It wasn’t someone who said just now that he should pay three for one, he can afford it anyway.”

Everyone immediately looked at Fernando.

Fernando is more embarrassing than eating shit!

More than one million, three times is more than three million!

Although he is a rich second generation, he has to spend more than three million yuan at once…

It’s more uncomfortable to pay this bastard than to kill him!

“Well, I was clumsy just now, I didn’t recognize it…” Fernando whispered.

“It’s nothing, it doesn’t matter to me if you are blind, please compensate.” Wiliam said calmly.

Seeing this scene, Feliicity couldn’t help laughing out loud.

It’s been a long time since I saw Wiliam’s dark side.

It’s also cute to have a dark belly.

Fernando was so angry that the veins on his forehead burst out, “Wiliam! Don’t go too far!”

At this time, Feliicity stood up, pulled Wiliam, and said to Fernando: “Okay, I don’t want you to compensate, but let’s write off the previous matter.”

In fact, Feliicity couldn’t bear this jade bracelet.

Not because it is precious, but because it is the first gift Wiliam gave to himself.

Very commemorative.

However, it is broken now, and there is no way.

If you can use this jade bracelet to return the favor that you owed Fernando before, it would be considered a kind of jade bracelet.

But when Fernando heard this, his eyes suddenly became red!

Ho ho, want to write off!

I tell you, Nomen!

I am your savior, it’s not that easy if you want to retreat all over!

it is good! Three million is it!

“I will pay! I will pay, and I will have someone send the money tomorrow!” Fernando said to Wiliam viciously.

Feliicity’s heart shuddered, hey, this Fernando seems to be planning to kill herself and not let go.

This is how to do……

At this time, Xena approached Wiliam with a pleased look, and lovingly took Wiliam’s arm to act like a baby, “Brother-in-law, where did you get the spring breeze bracelet? I really like it, can you help me get it too? One? But, I don’t have so much money, so I owe you, brother-in-law.”

This coquettish tone made the people at the scene shudder.

But Wiliam smiled helplessly.

This Xena is the only person in Bai’s family who is not so cheap.

She is kind-hearted, and in recent years, she has rarely helped Feliicity fight the rumors outside.

Thinking of this, Wiliam said, “Okay, let’s count the brother-in-law as giving you one.”

After that, Wiliam took out the phone and called Melissa directly, “Well, do you still have a pandan prosperous spring breeze bracelet in your hand, let me get it together.”

After speaking, I hung up.

Everyone was stunned!

A million-level luxury jade bracelet, is it all done with just one call?

I asked for it and sent it out again?

Is this Wiliam still a waste of the Bai family?

This is enough to kill anyone on the scene!

Is he posing or bluffing!

Melissa, who was on the other end of the phone, almost threw the phone out, and greeted the eighteenth generation of Wiliam’s ancestors in his heart!

Well, you bastard, you still learn to push your nose to your face? The country that my old lady has worked so hard to lay down, you can just take it away, and you won’t even talk about it if your girlfriend takes it away. Now you don’t even let the bracelet go. Are you a human being!

After hearing this, Xena jumped up, excitedly wanting to kiss Wiliam.

But Feliicity stopped him, “Ruoshuang, how do you respect yourself! This is my husband!”

Like a little girl, Bai Ruoxue flushed with excitement, and kept bowing to Wiliam, “Thank you brother-in-law, thank you brother-in-law! I love you so much! What!”

Everyone was still speculating about Wiliam’s ability, but Feliicity felt faint in her heart.

He knew that Wiliam seemed to have a rich friend, the one who welcomed him to the Rolls-Royce Phantom before.

This pair of jade bracelets should have been given by his friend.

Is it really good?

Will Wiliam owe people too much favor?

I owe too much human favor, and the pressure in my heart is really great.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but look at Fernando.

When Fernando saw this, he became angry from his heart, suddenly grabbed his elegant jade bracelet and threw it to the ground!

In today’s game, I wanted to humiliate this brat!

I thought that not only was it humiliated, but I was humiliated!

Also let myself lose more than three million!


But at this time, Xena looked at Fernando with a violent look, “Why did you drop the jade elegant bracelet? Give it to me if you don’t want it!”

Fernando was silly on the spot, “You, don’t you tell me this is fake?”

Xena had a sly look, “I just say you believe me, I just can’t bear to see you always bullying my brother-in-law, so I fool you.”

“Where did you buy it, do you know it in your heart?”

Chapter 13 Throwing is a disease

Chapter 13 Throwing is a disease

Fernando was struck by lightning!

False is true and true is false!

My elegant jade bracelet of 100,000 yuan!

Looking at the elegant bracelet on the ground that had been broken into dregs, Fernando couldn’t breathe with heartache!

Let me just say, I personally bought it in their specialty store, how could it be fake!

Xena, you little girl, you dare to fool me!

As for the people on the scene, there is no difference between watching Fernando and watching a fool.

Before, I fell a fake bracelet and lost more than three million yuan.

Now, I fell another one and lost another hundred thousand.

“Things are a kind of disease, you have to be cured, brother!” Wiliam said quietly.

Xena couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

Wiliam secretly gave Xena a compliment.

The sister-in-law is awesome, and it’s not in vain that brother-in-law loves you.

Xena wrinkled her nose towards Wiliam, looking delicate and cute.

Feliicity saw the interaction between the two of them in his eyes and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

This husband, with a dark belly, matched with his sister, who is like the little vixen, is invincible in the world.

When Fernando was upset, Feliicity looked at Wiliam, “Wiliam, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect such a big disturbance today.”

Wiliam smiled softly, “I’m sorry, I finally gave you a gift, and now the gift is broken.”

Feliicity smiled suddenly, picked up the broken bracelet and put it on her hand, “I don’t mind, I like it.”

“I like it too.” Xena said quietly.

Feliicity was about to cry by this little fairy, “I like this person!”

“Me too.” Nothing thought that Xena would not show weakness.

Wiliam has a black line.

Sisters, can you talk well.

At this moment, an old but very majestic voice came, “Bai Family, when is it the turn of a trash to show up and arrogantly?”

Everyone looked and saw a gray-haired old woman slowly walking out with the support of a nanny.

Everyone hurriedly bowed their heads to welcome Grandma Bai, Chen Shuyun.

“Sit all.” Chen Shuyun came out and sat on a round table.

Everyone quickly took their seats.

In this seat, Feliicity discovered that it was supposed to be Wiliam’s position, but Fernando sat away.

At the scene, only Wiliam stood alone, looking extremely bleak.

“Since I’m here, let me move a small bench and sit in the meeting. Do you want my old woman to move a stool for you?” Chen Shuyun said to Wiliam indifferently.

The audience wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare to laugh.

Feliicity felt sour. At that time, his grandmother strongly opposed this marriage three years ago.

She is definitely the person who hates Wiliam the most in the audience.

Feliicity just wanted to help Wiliam, but she saw Wiliam smile and said, “No need.”

After speaking, he walked to Feliicity’s position, “Let’s sit together.”

Regardless of Feliicity’s objection, he directly picked her up and sat down.

Feliicity sat directly on his lap.

This scene stunned everyone at the scene.


Grandma has always been respected and respected, paying great attention to the three principles and five permanence.

This kid, knowing nothing in front of grandma, is simply provoking grandma’s prestige!

Sure enough, Chen Shuyun’s expression turned ugly.

It is an honor for you to have a dog on the table.

You still want to make an inch!

Fortunately, Feliicity immediately adjusted her sitting posture and squeezed into a chair with Wiliam.

Feeling the domineering aura of the man around him, Feliicity felt a little silly for a while.

No matter if Wiliam is right or wrong.

The courage he showed just now has already impressed himself.

For his own sake, he is invincible by others, and sins against others.

The Bai family seemed to be no longer in his eyes.

“What happened just now, the old woman is very curious.” Chen Shuyun said.

Xena immediately said what had happened.

Rebeca and Fernando’s faces are very ugly!

It’s shameful again.

However, Chen Shuyun looked at Wiliam with strange eyes, and said, “That spring breeze bracelet is fake.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Grandma hasn’t seen it before and said it’s fake?

Xena said immediately: “Grandma, it’s true, I have carefully compared it.”

“I said it was fake, then it was fake, do you have an opinion?” Chen Shuyun looked at Wiliam contemptuously.

Feliicity felt aggrieved in her heart!

Grandma, this is intentional!

Referencing the deer as a horse, deliberately making Wiliam ugly!

Obviously everyone had believed it just now, she still embarrassed Wiliam so blatantly.

It’s a pity that grandma’s prestige at home is too great!

Xena looked down ugly, “Grandma said yes.”

Chen Shuyun looked at Fernando again, “So, that compensation is simply nonsense, Wiliam, you are so doing it for yourself, I don’t want to say it again.”

Feliicity’s brows suddenly darkened.

The grandmother is at home, there is a cover-up, and no one dares to fight with him.

Just like now, anyone with a discerning eye can see that there is no reason why grandma wants to commit crimes.

However, Wiliam had to accept such charges!

This is what the grandmother calls the utmost promise.

Rebeca and Fernando looked at each other and suddenly smiled together.

Haha, even the head of the Bai family is helping them.

That waste can be seen how unpopular it is.

“Let’s talk about business. There are two main things to call everyone here today.” Chen Shuyun has always been in charge of the Bai family’s major events.

“The first thing is about Zhensheng. A few days ago, Zhensheng started negotiations and successfully signed the exclusive agency rights for a beauty product with the well-known Qinhan Medical Research Institute in our city, which greatly improved our Bai family. !”

At this time, a young man stood up and nodded proudly, “It’s all grandma’s teachings.”

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng in surprise.

The Qin and Han Medical Research Institute is the most well-known drug research institution in Q City ( Qena City ).

The old monsters in their company often research some medicines, which always affect Q City ( Qena City )’s sight.

It is not easy to get exclusive agency rights from them!

But Feliicity is miserable.

The Baishi Group has three subsidiaries, one for each of Chen Shuyun’s three sons.

In the past two years, the Bai family has cultivated younger generations, gradually letting Bai Zhensheng, Feliicity and Xena take their own roles.

Before he got married, Feliicity had outstanding abilities, and the pharmaceutical company he was in charge had always been the best performing company among the three.

However, after the marriage, her performance plummeted and became the bottom. This has always been the main reason why the Bai family criticized her and Wiliam.

After hearing this, Wiliam’s eyes drenched slightly.

Qin Han Medical Research Institute, isn’t it the same research institute I went to last night?

Is the beauty product they researched the same junk last night?

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity, “Feliicity, see that there is no, Zhensheng and Ruoshuang have done better in the past two years, but you are not enterprising. Next, I will carefully consider your company’s proposal to change the president.”

Feliicity’s face changed drastically, and her heart was extremely frustrated!

Her father died young, and in the past few years, she has been taking care of the company alone.

Bai Zhensheng and Xena both have their fathers behind them, and their achievements will naturally go further.

I have put in more effort than both of them!

“Ho ho, cousin, it’s okay, continue working hard next time.” Bai Zhensheng gave Fernando a look, and then smiled.

Feliicity smiled and nodded. It seems that with this contract in hand, Bai Zhensheng’s company will be able to take the lead in three years for free…

Hey, if I could sign a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center yesterday…

At this time, Chen Shuyun spoke again.

“The second thing is that my old lady has a suggestion.”

“Let Fernando become the son-in-law of the Bai family.”

Chapter 14: One Emperor and One Courtier

Fernando becomes the son-in-law of the Bai family!

Everyone looked at Chen Shuyun in disbelief!

Fernando and Rebeca looked at each other and smiled.

Everything is under control!

“Grandma, I don’t agree!” Feliicity stood up directly, her face pale!

But Chen Shuyun just glanced at Feliicity and continued: “Everyone must be very strange, why did Fernando appear here. Let me explain to you.”

“Fernando is the nobleman of our Bai family. He appeared here today for three purposes.”

“One, he saved Feliicity’s life two days ago. He can be said to be the life-saver of the Bai family. We cannot fail to accept this love from the Bai family.”

After Feliicity listened, his fists were tight!

It’s almost hard to breathe!

Just know!

Knowing that he was saved by that guy, he would become an absolute weakness!

It’s like being kidnapped by Chi Guoguo’s morality!

Feliicity’s hand was suddenly gently held under the stage.

She looked down and saw that it was Wiliam.

Wiliam’s face was gentle, as if the clouds were light and windy.

Feliicity couldn’t help feeling miserable.

In my heart, I also had a little resentment towards Wiliam.

Wiliam, why didn’t you save me…

I am in a dilemma now…

“Everyone knows that Fernando is the young master of the Shanlin Group in our city. His family is both a doctor and a drug dealer. He saves Feliicity, first to prove that he is skilled in medicine, and secondly, to prove that he has a deep affection for the Feliicity, and he is right. It’s a match made in heaven.” Chen Shuyun said.

Feliicity was about to refute, but was held down by Wiliam, “Let her finish.”

Chen Shuyun sneered and thought, this kid is quite acquainted. Try to interrupt the old man to speak?

“The second purpose, I also heard from Fernando last night. Maybe you all know it. Yesterday Feliicity went to sign a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center, but was strongly rejected. Do you know why?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Because, since yesterday, Genuine Care Medical Center has changed its people! I heard that it was a young man who became the new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center.”

“That’s why Feliicity went to Melissa yesterday. At that time, she couldn’t make any claims at all, so she would reject our Bai family under the pretext of this waste.”

There was an uproar in the crowd.

Unexpectedly, Genuine Care Medical Center has changed its owner!

Feliicity was also at a loss.

Is that right?

No wonder Melissa deliberately did that to Wiliam yesterday. She could see that Wiliam had a conflict with her Bai family at that time.

So under the guise of Wiliam, he didn’t cooperate with the Bai family.

In this way, the Genuine Care Medical Center would not offend the Bai family, but instead let his husband carry the scapegoat.

Melissa, your heart is blackened.

“Grandma, who is the owner of the new museum? I want to try it.” At this time, Bai Zhensheng suddenly said.

Chen Shuyun nodded approvingly, “Jing Sheng, you are interested, but no one knows who the owner of this museum is? Don’t worry, as long as we figure out the details, you will be allowed to try it.”

Feliicity couldn’t help whispering: “We have always been docking with Genuine Care Medical Center…”

Chen Shuyun said disdainfully: “That’s the past. You don’t understand that once the emperor and the courtier? Now that the new curator is here, we naturally have to have a new method. The ability of Zhensheng in the past few years is obvious to all. How long will I have to trust you? Yesterday’s scandal will happen to our Bai family for the second time?”

“As for the last purpose, it is still the good news from Fernando. Fernando and his company have been the main drug suppliers of Genuine Care Medical Center for these years. They signed a ten million yuan contract with Genuine Care Medical Center six months ago. The supply contract. This time, he and his father had broken their lips. His family agreed to transfer half of the pre-supply contract, that is, five million orders, to us.”

“In order to make up for the loss caused by the unsuccessful contract yesterday to our Bai family.”

Chen Shuyun added one last sentence. If he looked at Feliicity seemingly, he seemed to be saying that Fernando filled in the losses you caused yesterday. How could this kind of handwork be comparable to a small waste?

“Really?” Feliicity’s eyes widened.

“But there is a condition, that is, you divorced this waste on the spot and promised to marry Fernando.” Chen Shuyun said.

Feliicity’s face turned red all of a sudden, “No! I said, I won’t get a divorce! Wiliam is just a trash, I want to raise it!”

This sentence made the Bai family angry!

In recent years, Wiliam’s performance at home can be described as everyone knows!

He obviously has the slightest ability, but collectively ignores the Bai family!

Waste, we must have the consciousness of waste!

“Feliicity, say one more thing! This opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Your company is in a precarious position. Isn’t it enough that Lin Shao can make a move at this time to show his affection for you?”

“If there is no Lin Shao to help, I can guarantee that your company will have to declare bankruptcy this year! At that time, we won’t want us to wipe your ass!”

“Lin Shao doesn’t dislike you for getting married, but you have rejected good intentions over and over again! What do you mean! As long as you accept Lin Shao’s proposal, it will be a Nirvana rebirth for our Bai family and for you. You really want to spend your entire life in this waste. On?”

Questions, relentless words!

Feliicity’s tears splashed and fell.

Wiliam stood up and kicked over the round table!

“Old lady, do you want to die?”

Everyone dared to be so rude looking at a trash, and the scene suddenly became angry.

“Damn! You are just a dog in our Bai family, do you dare to speak?”

“If it weren’t for you yesterday, there are so many things? You are the ancient sinner of our Bai family, but I don’t know it!”

“Our Bai family raised you for ten years. We were raising you as a dog, but I didn’t expect to raise a white-eyed wolf!”

“Because of you, our Bai family has plummeted in Q City ( Qena City ). The wedding three years ago was simply our Bai family’s nightmare! Did you give out a betrothal gift? Now dare to be so rude! You, get me out of the Bai family! “

Wiliam took Feliicity’s hand and was about to leave on the spot.

When the Bai family saw Wiliam about to leave, they suddenly sneered.


Get out of the white house as soon as possible!

There will be no shelter from my Bai family in the future, see how you can gain a foothold in Q City ( Qena City )!

To be a righteous dog is perfect for you!

And Fernando is also very proud.

Ho ho, all this is what he wants to see!

As long as Wiliam and the Bai family are completely overwhelmed, there will be no one to help him in the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

Feliicity didn’t want to throw herself into her arms until the end.

That’s it!

But at this time, the voice of a babysitter suddenly came from the door.

“Grandma Shuyun, Mr. Wang from the Qinhan Medical Research Institute personally came to the door and said that she was asking to see Mr. Lu…”

Chapter 15 Wang Kneeling Minister, Handsome Kneeling Soldier

“What! Elder Wang came here himself!” Bai Zhensheng stood up first, his expression full of surprise!

And then, Chen Shuyun stood up and asked: “The king and the old man is highly powerful. He is our famous medical master in Q City ( Qena City ). How could he come to us? By the way, who did he say to look for?”

“He said to find Mr. Lu.” The nanny looked hesitant, as if not sure what he heard.

Mr. Lu?

The people at the scene looked blank.

“Where is Mr. Lu in our Bai family? Ho ho, you must have misheard it. It should have come to me. A few days ago, I just signed an order with their research institute.” Bai Zhensheng thought for a while and said. .

Everyone nodded and said yes.

“Zhen Sheng, you are so prosperous, even people like Mr. Wang have come to see you personally.”

“It seems that he must have brought a better message. Congratulations first.”

Bai Zhensheng leaned slightly, but the arrogance on his face was even worse.

Wiliam hooked the corner of his mouth.

Mr. Wang?

You are not hopeless.

At this time, Chen Shuyun said: “What are you doing standing up! Why don’t you go out to meet you soon! Let me take the lead, and I can’t neglect the elder Wang.”

Chen Shuyun said, walking forward first, and everyone followed her with excitement.

However, Bai Zhensheng suddenly looked at Wiliam, who was standing still, and sneered: “What? Grandma went to meet him personally, and you still stand still? Is it possible that your shelf is bigger than grandma?”

Feliicity’s face turned pale when a high hat was buttoned down!

She got angry, but she could only push Wiliam, “Let’s follow.”

But Wiliam didn’t move, but instead took Feliicity to sit down, “Is he suitable for us to pick it up?”

In a word, Bai Zhensheng’s face was directly stiff!

What a crazy kid!

Even grandma was dispatched personally, this kid dare to say such a thing!

Just looking for death!

“Don’t care about him, the mud can’t help the wall.” Chen Shuyun took a cold look at Wiliam and Feliicity, and walked outside.

Feliicity saw that they had all gone out, and suddenly became nervous, “Wiliam, it’s not good for us to do this. The relationship between our family and our family was already very stiff, but now this…”

Wiliam said nonchalantly, “Anyway, it’s stiff, do you think we can save a bit of face by following out?”

Feliicity was speechless at once, so he didn’t need to think about saving his image or something.

As long as there is a husband who has done nothing but is still arrogant, I can’t even think about it.

Outside, Chen Shuyun walked up with a humble expression and smiled: “Mr. Wang, I don’t know what the wind blows you to our Bai’s house today. We are really brilliant.”

But Bai Zhensheng stood behind Chen Shuyun, faintly looking like a person below ten thousand people. He smiled and said: “Wang, hello, I don’t think of a goodbye a few days ago. We will meet again soon. .”

Mr. Wang looked around in the crowd, only to find that Mr. Lu had not been found.

His brows frowned slightly, and according to the information he received, Mr. Lu should be at Bai’s house.

Is the message wrong?

The elder Wang greeted Bai’s family lukewarmly, thinking about whether to look elsewhere.

But Chen Shuyun was extremely enthusiastic, and he just pulled the old man into the hall of the Bai family.

A group of people surrounded the prince, with the first welcoming sentence and the second flattery, making the prince a little fluttering.

At this moment, Bai Zhensheng suddenly looked at Wiliam again, and said coldly: “Ho ho, do we have a dog that can’t bark! The distinguished guests come to the door and can’t even bow?”

Everyone suddenly looked at Wiliam with disgust, “Ho ho, the incurable man, let him fend for himself, anyway, he will leave our Bai family today, and in the future, we will have nothing to do with our Bai family. !”

Feliicity suddenly broke away from Wiliam’s hand lightly, apologizing, “Wiliam, I’d better go over, otherwise you are really disgusting.”

When Feliicity finished speaking, she hurried to walk to the old man and bowed respectfully.

However, Mr. Wang followed Feliicity’s direction, but he saw Mr. Lu with his face indifferently.

He trembled all over, Mr. Lu is here!

Too! I’m so confused!

Mr. Lu’s pharmacological attainments are so superb, he must be above ten thousand people, how could he condescend to go out to greet him!

Thinking of this, the elder Wang pushed away the complimenting people and hurried towards Wiliam’s direction.

Everyone was taken aback.

Mr. Wang, are you looking for Wiliam?

Bai Zhensheng hurriedly stood in front of Mr. Wang and said, “Old Mr. Wang, don’t mind. He is just a dog of our Bai family. How offended you just now. I am here to represent the Bai family and pay you. It’s not.”

Old Wang’s face became cold.

Ho ho, a dog from the Bai family!

You actually treat him as a dog!

Do you know who was in our company last night?

It’s what you call a dog!

You ants who don’t know the king!

Thinking of this, Elder Wang snorted coldly, then pushed away Bai Zhensheng again and walked towards Wiliam.

Wiliam raised his eyebrows slightly, ho ho, here comes.

Bai Zhensheng thought that Mr. Wang insisted on investigating Wiliam’s rudeness, and immediately roared at Wiliam: “Wiliam, don’t you stand up and apologize to Mr. Wang! If you offend Mr. Wang, you will have a hundred lives. Can’t afford it.”

But the next second, Bai Zhensheng’s reprimand stopped abruptly.

Everyone in the hall, including Feliicity, was petrified.

Elder Wang walked up to Wiliam, his brows tangled, but suddenly he knelt directly in front of Wiliam with a “click”!

This move scared everyone directly!

The Bai family was about to welcome the grand prince, and actually kneeled to a dog in the Bai family!

What’s wrong in this world!

Did we have an illusion and read it wrong!

Everyone rubbed their eyes and found that there was no mistake, they all looked at Wiliam in horror.

“Get up, you’re quite honest,” Wiliam said lazily.

After hearing this, Mr. Wang stood up immediately.

Obviously kneeling in front of everyone is also a humiliation to him.

However, Mr. Wang has no way!

He had to kneel!

Last night, after seeing Wiliam and knowing the Spring and Autumn Period, he went back and applied ointment to the wound on his face without believing it.

Then, there was an itching on his face first, and then another cold in the middle of the night.

He was unlucky all night, and when he woke up the next day, the first thing he did was to look at his face.

At this look, the goose bumps are all up!

My face was still a bleeding wound last night, and in the morning, there was only a shallow scar left.

You know, it’s only been a night!

Moreover, I only smeared it once!

This miraculous effect occurred overnight. The effect of this bottle of ointment completely subverted Mr. Wang cognition for more than 50 years!

He thought of Wiliam’s sentence last night inexplicably, I am waiting for you to kneel to me.

He struggled all morning, and finally became cruel and knelt down!

Is it a thing in the pool to be able to write such a magnificent side by hand?

If you don’t know how to promote, you are offending him. If he succeeds in becoming famous in the future, wouldn’t he be unable to hold his head in front of him all his life?

The elder Wang was still able to bend and stretch. He immediately heard Wiliam’s whereabouts and rushed to the Bai’s house.

Just this kneeling, kneeling up and down Bai’s house, dumbfounded!

Like a king kneeling down, like a handsome kneeling soldier!

“Elder Wang, you, what you were just now…” Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help asking, feeling that his breathing was hot.

Mr. Wang looked around and suddenly sneered, “You guys, don’t you know who he is?”

Chapter 16 Cancellation

Facing the questions from the elder Wang, the Bai family at the scene became even more at a loss.

Who is Wiliam?

Who else can it be?

A bereaved dog from the Bai family.

“Ho ho, who can bet against my old Wang, who do you think he is!” Mr. Wang said with a grim expression, “Last night, he…”

“President, you seem to have a lot of words.” Wiliam said calmly.

The hearts of the people on the scene beat fiercely.

Pharaoh, right? Bastard?

This kid is so bold and rude to the old man!

However, after listening, the old man shrank his neck and stopped talking.

“Win the bet? Wiliam, did you tell me that you had a business matter last night, so you gambled with him?” Feliicity asked Wiliam quietly.

Wiliam thought for a while, and replied, “Forget it.”

The sound was small, but it was silent everywhere, and it was clear.

People from the Bai family have their teeth broken!

Mr. Wang in Q City ( Qena City ) has two great reputations, one is superb pharmacology, and the other is gambling.

This kid actually went to gambling with Mr. Wang?

Dare to beat the elder Wang and let the elder Wang kneel on the spot!

If Mr. Wang gets angry, then the Bai family’s previous research order with them…

Thinking of this, everyone stared at Wiliam with fiery eyes!

Bai Zhensheng also raised his throat with a heart, and immediately asked respectfully: “Wang, then the order we signed with your research institute…”

Mr. Wang glanced at Wiliam deeply, and said, “Cancel.”

The two words, like thunder, exploded in the hearts of everyone in the Bai family!


The signed order is canceled after saying cancel…


Sure enough, it was this kid who caused the trouble!

Now, the elder Wang was furious and spread the anger on the entire Bai family!

Good thing you are less successful than failure!

“Elder Wang, no!” Bai Zhensheng was almost crying.

He only got this order after a long time.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to embezzle part of the company’s money…

If this turns out to be bad, wouldn’t your own money be lost?

But Mr. Wang categorically said: “I said canceling means canceling, and you can go to sue.”

Everyone in the Bai family eats coptis like a dumb.


Who dares to sue!

Pharmaceutical companies like them all point to drug research institutions.

With this prosecution, the industry’s reputation is completely stinking.

Looking at Wiliam, the old man felt miserable in his heart.

Last night, if Wiliam hadn’t pointed out that there was a problem with his plaster, he wouldn’t have found it.

According to his self-confidence, he dared to sign the contract directly, and naturally dared to directly mass produce.

If problems are discovered at that time, on the one hand, the company will suffer huge losses, on the other hand, if some people are killed, his fame will be ruined.

So he came to kneel to Wiliam today, most of the reason was to thank Wiliam for his life-saving grace.

However, looking at Bai’s family as if eating shit, the old man couldn’t bear it, so he said vaguely, “I will give you a message.”

“Next, take good care of the Genuine Care Medical Center, the future Q City ( Qena City ), is their world. I will say so much, and say goodbye.

After Mr. Wang finished speaking, he strode away from the Bai family.

Bai’s family was hit so hard, one by one, like fools, he couldn’t recover for a long time.

Finally, Bai Zhensheng woke up first. He stared at Wiliam with crimson eyes, “What a dog! Eat our Lu family, and now, it is ruining our Lu family’s financial path!”

“First, I destroyed the order of Genuine Care Medical Center, and now I am destroying my order, and let our Bai family offend the elder Wang. You are simply the sinner of our Bai family forever!”

Bai Zhensheng awakened the person in his dream with a word. In addition to Feliicity and Xena, everyone in the Bai family stared at Wiliam, with hatred in his eyes!

Wiliam was indifferent. Although all this happened coincidentally, in the final analysis, it was you who reaped the consequences.

“Okay! The urgent task now is to think about what to do in the future!” Chen Shuyun glanced at Wiliam bitterly, then turned and sat back on the chair.

Feliicity felt even more bitter.

Unexpectedly, this husband, my own, really had a catastrophe.

The future will be even harder in the Bai family.

I really shouldn’t bring him here today, hey…

“Hoho, didn’t Mr. Wang just left a golden and jade kind word just now, asking us to stammer with the benevolent medical clinic.” Fernando, who has been watching the show, suddenly said with a smile.

When he heard the last words of Mr. Wang, he was very happy and crazy!

Mr. Wang, this means that he is infinitely optimistic about Genuine Care Medical Center.

He wanted the Bai family to please the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Coincidentally, I just held the golden stone I had made with Genuine Care Medical Center.

Sure enough, when Fernando said this, the Bai family looked at Fernando with fiery eyes, “Yes, Fernando, don’t you hold a pre-order from Genuine Care Medical Center, you said, This is not a coincidence.”

Fernando was immediately taken up and down by the Bai family, and he was treated like a god.

He couldn’t think of it himself. Originally, it was only a share of five million. Now that Mr. Wang said in his last sentence, it is already worth more than five million.

Ho ho, this is a courtesy post.

I want to have a good relationship with Genuine Care Medical Center, now, it’s not about Fernando.

Faced with the hot eyes of the Bai family, Fernando smiled slightly, “Hoho, my order has actually been taken out long ago, but you, Bai family, don’t accept my love.”

His implication, how can anyone understand.

Everyone looked at Feliicity with indignant eyes, “Feliicity, what do you say about this! From yesterday to today, you can hardly escape the blame for everything. Now, what is in front of you is a guilt and meritorious service. Opportunity.”

Feliicity looked aggrieved, “No! I won’t divorce Wiliam for anything! Don’t even think about it!”

Looking at Feliicity and Wiliam’s eyes at the top of the Bai family’s house became even more bored.

In the end, because Feliicity stood firm, the Bai family also tried her best.

However, Chen Shuyun directly announced in public: “From now on, Feliicity will be removed indefinitely from the position of president of the company! Until she commits crimes and merits merit!”

Upon hearing this, Feliicity’s face paled on the spot.

In my heart, as uncomfortable as a thousand swords!

After so many years of hard work, just because of my unwillingness to give in, I was in vain…

Bai family, you are like this, treat people as commodities and exchange them at the same price!

Wiliam looked at Feliicity in an uncomfortable mood, and couldn’t help holding her hand gently.

For Wiliam, it doesn’t really matter whether Feliicity is the president.

What she lost, I can compensate her a hundredfold.

The people of the Bai family, as Chen Shuyun left the scene in anger, also dispersed.

Wiliam was going home with Feliicity, but Feliicity suddenly smiled at him and said, “You go back first, I’ll go back in a while.”

Wiliam sighed inwardly and said, “Then I will go back to cook and wait for you.”

“Well, let’s eat together.” Feliicity smiled forcefully.

Wiliam returned home first, made a table full of vegetables, and waited for Feliicity to come back to eat together.

It has been a long time since he and Feliicity have been so affectionate and righteous, this can be regarded as the first time they have had a meal together since they broke the mirror and reunited.

He even took a bottle of red wine and drove it there awake.

However, as time passed, his warm heart gradually became clear.

Feliicity, still not coming back…

After waiting until the dishes were cold, Wiliam couldn’t help but call Feliicity.

The phone was quickly answered, and a man’s contemptuous voice came over there.

“Hoho, isn’t Wiliam? Feliicity is going to eat with me, just wait at home.”


Chapter 17 Breaking Fernando’s Company for Me

Hearing Fernando’s voice, Wiliam’s head buzzed!

Feliicity, I didn’t come back for dinner, but I went to dinner with Fernando!

Thinking of this, the anger in his heart suddenly rushed directly!

No wonder, when Feliicity was leaving just now, Feliicity’s eyes were dodging, as if he wanted to talk but stopped!

Ho Ho, it was to applaud the Genuine Care Medical Center, so did you go against Fernando against your will?

Do you know that you are trying to find a distance and seek skin from a tiger!

They agreed to eat together, but they left me alone and waited like a fool for a long time!

Wiliam hung up, his eyes were burning.

He closed his eyes, and it took him five minutes to calm down.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were full, already indifferent.

He took out his cell phone and called Melissa, “Bring me down with Fernando’s company!”

Melissa was still eating at Genuine Care Medical Center. He almost dropped the phone when he heard these words.

She suddenly felt that since yesterday, she was extremely afraid of receiving Wiliam’s call.

This little bastard, every time he calls, it is not thunder, it is horror!

“You, do you know what you are talking about?” Melissa said to Wiliam depressed.

Wiliam looked indifferent, “Naturally know. Are you in the company?”

Melissa answered, and Wiliam hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, he appeared in front of Melissa in Genuine Care Medical Center.

When Melissa saw Wiliam, he wanted to scold him, but seeing Wiliam’s face as cold as ice, he didn’t dare to accuse him.

“You just said that you want to destroy Fernando’s company?” Melissa said cautiously.

Wiliam nodded indifferently.

“But, after all, we are a decent medical clinic, and we have some small tricks behind it, I am afraid that it will be off the tongue…” Melissa hesitated and said.

Wiliam nodded again, “You are right, so we are upright and break them down.”

When Melissa heard this, he almost fell to the ground.

She even wanted to reach out and beat the little bastard hard.

“Do you know how powerful their Shanlin Group is! Do you know how wide their connections are! It’s already very difficult for us to engage in small actions behind the scenes. Why do you tell me to kill them with integrity? To kill them, there must be some A grand-sounding reason! You want to kill our Genuine Care Medical Center!” Melissa suddenly cursed Wiliam, regardless of morals.

However, Lu Yekuo did not move, with a cold expression on his face, “For a high-sounding reason, they say that they are good at making and selling fakes.”

Melissa buzzed his head and didn’t know what to say.

Good-sounding reason.

It sounds like you are talking nonsense.

Wiliam said again, “Just do what I said.”

Melissa’s fire was hooked up again.

You are so overbearing CEO Fan again and again!

I can bear you for a while, and I can bear you for a lifetime!

You have a poker face. It must be your wife who was molested by Fernando again.

So you dare to be mad at the crown!

But you should also consider the reality, OK?

Do you want to put the whole medical hall in for your own personal benefit?

Melissa was too lazy to tell Wiliam and called directly to report to grandpa Harper.

Harper was scolded by Melissa for ten minutes on the phone, and finally said, “Just do what he says.”

Melissa really dropped the phone this time.

This young and old is so crazy!

The young and frivolous will go their own way!

The old do not respect their words and obey!

I’m furious!

The country that my mother has worked so hard to lay down, you will be over!

At this time, Lydia rushed in, looking ignorant, “Oh, the little bastard is also here, I just want to report to you, the 100 bottles of sample ointment you requested have been produced.”

Wiliam nodded and said in approval: “Good performance, let Melissa give you processing capital.”

Melissa was so good that he took out a pillow and smashed Wiliam.

“By the way, Xiao Wang Bayou, this ointment still doesn’t have a name, you can take one.” Lydia didn’t even notice that Melissa was on the verge of an explosion.

Wiliam trembled inexplicably, “Just call, Hong Yan…”

“Hongyan…” Lydia smashed his name, and immediately clapped his hands in applause. “A good name, with a chivalrous spirit, but also the kind of Blingbling that reflects the beauty of women, Wiliam, you are simply Genius. By the way, will the test be performed next time?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Let’s just let it go. First help me break Fernando’s company.”

Melissa exploded, really exploded.

Hearing Wiliam’s name just now, I had to admit that this kid was a bit proficient and knew which one was more important.

But in a blink of an eye, this kid actually went back to the matter of revenge!

What kind of things did Fernando do? Did you plan your ancestral grave?

You Wiliam can’t forget it, don’t do something as important as the test ointment, just thinking about putting people to death.

“You two go to death for me!” Melissa shouted and slammed the door directly.

“Where is your other spring breeze bracelet?” Wiliam asked behind him.

Melissa staggered, “Get out of your 18th generation young man!”

When Wiliam returned home, she found Feliicity lying on the dinner table, asleep.

His heart hurt, and he walked forward, trying to touch her head, but Fernando’s phone came into his mind before, and his hand stopped in the air.

Feliicity, what are you thinking…

At this time, Feliicity pinging, turned his head and saw Wiliam, he was immediately happy, “Wiliam, you are back, I have been waiting for you to eat.”

Looking at the cold dishes, Wiliam asked, “Didn’t you go out for dinner with Fernando?”

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and her eyes darkened suddenly, “I’m sorry Wiliam, I shouldn’t keep it from you. It was Fernando who said that as long as I have a meal with him, even if I pay back my previous favor, I believe it to be true, but I went to the bathroom. Kung Fu, you just called…”

“Then I quarreled with him, thinking you must be very angry, so ran back, only to find that you were not at home…”

“Are you still blaming me?”

Wiliam feels soft, you silly woman…

“I’ll heat up the food,” Wiliam said.

“Well, I’ll go with you.” Feliicity seemed to want to stick to the landing leaf, and followed him with the food.

“Wiliam, there have been too many things today, you must have suffered a lot of grievances.” Feliicity hesitated in the kitchen before asking.

Wiliam’s expression was indifferent, this point of grievance, compared with Feliicity, what’s the deal.

“Hey, sometimes I just think, when I save enough money, we will buy a small snail house and move out to live. Regardless of the affairs of the Bai family, it is better to be a pair of mandarin ducks and be angry with them.” Feliicity said with emotion suddenly.

But the speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional, Wiliam’s eyes warmed.

“What size house do you want to buy?”

Chapter 18-Do you want to learn to seduce me?

When Feliicity heard Wiliam say this, she waved her hand quickly and said, “Ahhhhh? I just said casually, how can we have the money to buy a house.”

Wiliam smiled slightly and suddenly asked, “Feliicity, is it your birthday in two weeks?”

Feliicity smiled with joy, “Do you still remember my birthday? Are you planning to give me some gift?”

Wiliam showed a mysterious smile, “Let’s talk about it then.”

Feliicity’s face suddenly drooped, and he punched Wiliam angrily, and said, “Hey, now I’ve been dismissed from the company by my grandma. I wanted to support you for the rest of my life. Now it seems…”

“I can only support you, hey, this bowl of soft rice is really not good.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Feliicity’s mouth suddenly murmured, “You are not happy to raise me? How many people line up outside wanting to raise me. It seems that we have to look for work quickly.”

Wiliam hesitated for a moment, and said, “Feliicity, you should take a break now. Actually, I have found a job. I work at the Genuine Care Medical Center.”

Feliicity’s eyes widened, “You, why did you go to Genuine Care Medical Center?”

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

But Feliicity immediately became witty, “Yes, did you take the blame for Melissa before, she felt embarrassed, so she made up for you.”

Wiliam said with a black line, “Well, you can say that.”

But Feliicity’s eyes became resentful, “Hey, that Melissa, looks better than me, is more capable than me, and will seduce men. You used to…”

Looking at Feliicity’s jealous little cutie, Wiliam couldn’t help but squeeze her nose, and said, “Then, would you like to learn to seduce me?”

Feliicity said directly, “If you cheat, I will cut you.”

The two babbled for a while, but their feelings gradually warmed up between each other.

The next day, Fernando was discussing the advance order with Chen Shuyun and Rebeca at the Bai family.

He planned to use this as a threat to force Chen Shuyun to personally pressure Feliicity to drive away Wiliam.

Just as Chen Shuyun wanted to agree, Fernando suddenly received a call.

Hearing the words on the phone, his face changed instantly!

“What! Genuine Care Medical Center dare to break the contract openly! They don’t want to open the medical center, right?”

Chen Shuyun and Rebeca were taken aback.

Genuine Care Medical Center broke the contract?

“Damn! I dared to beat him up and say that we make and sell fakes!” Fernando was so angry that he shook the phone, and his entire face became grim!

This order is his most advantageous weapon to threaten the Bai family.

Now, the Genuine Care Medical Center actually said that if you turn your face, you turn your face, and openly broke the contract without saying it!

They slandered the Lin family!

Simply unforgivable!

Fernando returned home immediately and reported the incident to his father.

Fernando’s father, Lin Shanhai, smiled slightly after hearing this message.

If Genuine Care Medical Center did not rely on Harper, its strength would be far worse than that of their Lin family.

“This matter, let you handle it with full authority, it can be considered as an exercise of your ability.” Lin Shanhai said.

Fernando nodded fiercely, with anger in his heart!

Ho ho, Genuine Care Medical Center, I won’t deal with you, but you dare to deal with me!

“Immediately release the message! Tomorrow at Tianhe Hotel, a news release will be held! I want Genuine Care Medical Center to be wiped out in Q City ( Qena City )!” Fernando said to his secretary.

When Melissa received this message, he was almost mad!

Sure enough, blatantly breaking the contract is already annoying and complaining. Let me say that people make fakes and sell fakes, and they don’t blow up!

The release meeting will be held tomorrow, which shows that the Lin family’s attitude on this matter is very tough.

Genuine Care Medical Center is really going to be miserable by a little bastard.

But at this moment, Wiliam was sitting in front of Melissa, waiting for her to finish her breath, and then said quietly, “Is the Tianhe Hotel release meeting? Aren’t we just going to have a new product release meeting too? Tianhe Hotel, get hotter.”

Melissa is almost angry into a pufferfish.

This little bastard, do you think the matter is not big enough!

Hot coax your eighteenth-generation ancestors!

However, Wiliam seemed to have made up his mind and wanted to make a strong move. Finally, Melissa was so angry that he pulled Lydia and twisted his ass and left.

Seeing is clear.

Feliicity was still resting at home, but somehow received a call from Rebeca, asking her to go to her grandma’s house immediately.

When she hurried over, the Bai family was already there.

One by one looks solemn.

And after she asked the reason, her face changed drastically, “The Genuine Care Medical Center blatantly broke the contract? And slandered the Lin family? Even at the same time and place tomorrow with the Lin family to hold a news release?”

However, she was not aware of it at all. In Bai Zhensheng’s statement just now, she concealed a very important thing.

Rebeca sneered, “It seems that this Genuine Care Medical Center is tired of living.”

Feliicity couldn’t help but whispered: “Lu Yegang went to work at Genuine Care Medical Center. Otherwise, I ask him if he knows the inside story, right?”

Everyone was taken aback.

That mourning dog actually works in Genuine Care Medical Center?

Ho ho, he really turned his elbow out, he’s like a white-eyed wolf!

However, after Bai Zhensheng heard this message, he gave Fernando a slight look.

His eyes were full of calculations.

After Fernando lost this order, his importance in the hearts of the Bai family plummeted.

He is not reconciled.

Therefore, in this tough battle tomorrow, he can only win, not lose!

Even now, he has a perfect strategy, which is to pull the Bai family into the water!

Prosperity and prosperity, loss and loss!

In this way, the Bai family would never have a clear relationship with him.

He said to Chen Shuyun: “Grandma Bai, you have also seen this incident. The Genuine Care Medical Center completely ignored the rules and blatantly provokes the reputation of my Lin family. You can naturally tell who is reasonable or rude in this matter. My Lin family I won’t just sit back and wait. Tomorrow, Genuine Care Medical Center will be overwhelmed. However, I want to seek your support.”

Chen Shuyun suddenly hesitated. In fact, this matter has nothing to do with the Bai family.

Moreover, the words of the elders of the previous research institute are still in your ears, and you must treat your heart to the hospital…

Fernando’s eyes were cold, and he continued: “Grandma Bai, don’t worry, I have received my father’s full support for tomorrow’s release meeting. I have a 100% chance of winning. You don’t understand what I mean by seeking your support. As long as you follow Our Lin family will fight this unbeaten battle together. The relationship between our two families… even now I can guarantee that after tomorrow, my Lin family will come up with a ten million contract and give it to your Bai family.”

When Chen Shuyun heard this, his heart was immediately moved, Fernando, this was to show his favor to the Bai family, and to support the Bai family with the reputation of the entire Lin family.

To say that it is seeking support is actually to find a legitimate excuse to support the Bai family in the future.

“Are you sure you won’t be defeated?” Chen Shuyun asked.

Fernando nodded, “I swear in the name of the ancestors of the Lin family.”

Chen Shuyun slapped the table and said, “Okay! I promise you! Tomorrow, the Lin family will advance and retreat together!”

Fight! For the Bai family to return to the top!

Feliicity heard this, but felt vaguely disturbed.

This matter, it seems, not so simple…

When the meeting was over, Feliicity was still nervous when he returned home.

At this time, Feliicity received a call from Bai Zhensheng.

He humbled and asked on the phone to warm up for a while, speaking of white wind, snow, clouds and mist.

Then, he asked vaguely: “You just said that Wiliam works in Genuine Care Medical Center?”

Feliicity said yes.

“Ho ho, my cousin has something to ask you for help. I heard that Genuine Care Medical Center has recently released a very useful beauty product. You also know how your sister-in-law is obsessed with beauty. I’m so annoyed by her, can you tell Wiliam and ask him to bring a bottle to your sister-in-law. Of course, you shouldn’t tell Wiliam that it was me. He doesn’t seem to have a good impression of me.”

Feliicity hesitated.

However, she agreed, “Well, let me ask.”

If you can take this opportunity to make the relationship between Wiliam and the Bai family less stalemate, it would be considered a good thing.

When Wiliam received Feliicity’s call, he was slightly taken aback, but he didn’t seem to suspect him, “No problem, I’ll take it back to you later.”

Melissa was on the side, with fire in his eyes, “When are you a spoiled wife, and you are still caring for your wife? Do you know that the news release will be held tomorrow, and those reporters will report that we are benevolent. The reputation of the Heart Medical Center will plummet? Do you know how difficult it is for those reporters?”

Wiliam seemed to have been reminded by her, and suddenly realized, “Oh! What you said is too right. In this way, you help me invite a hundred female reporters over, and I will stammer them in private.”

Melissa’s face instantly became cold.

There is no cure!

In the past, I tried my own way to brave the courage of a young man, but now things are irreversible, and I still want to bribe reporters!

How dirty is your Wiliam’s heart!

That’s it! Let me take the Genuine Care Medical Center as a lesson and see you clearly!

After this incident, we have nothing to do!

Melissa glared at Wiliam angrily and turned to leave.

But Wiliam called Lydia and said, “You can do something for me…”

Chapter 19

That night.

Fernando issued the highest order in his company!

Grind all the medicinal materials in the company into powder!

Fernando personally supervised and watched all the medicinal materials ground into powder and mixed together, the expression in his eyes was like ice.

Who in the pharmaceutical industry does not adulterate fakes?

Their Shanlin Group is still conscientious, but uses grafting methods on medicinal materials to graft some inferior medicinal materials to each other, so that nine out of ten are true and one tenth is false.

Even if ordinary experts come, if you don’t check carefully, you won’t find any fake medicinal materials.

Now it is directly powdered and mixed together, even if Daluo Immortal comes over, I am afraid it will not be able to tell.

Ho Ho, Genuine Care Medical Center, if you want to frame us for making fakes and selling fakes, I am afraid, it will backfire!

And a while later, Fernando suddenly received another call, “Lin Shao, the medicine, I got it. And, to tell you a great news, we wanted to add something to the medicine, but didn’t think that the medicine itself It’s poison, hahahaha! I’m so laughing! God helps me too!”

The corner of Fernando’s mouth was outlined again.

Even God is helping us!

“Not only that, but there is also an even more powerful message. The Genuine Care Medical Center actually went to war and invited many reporters across the city to them, as if to bribe them. You said, if this scandal goes out tomorrow, it should What a blast.”

Fernando couldn’t help laughing when he heard this.


Now, I am not only unbeatable!

Still holding heavy stuff!

Tomorrow, I will step on your Genuine Care Medical Center to reach Q City ( Qena City )!

In the evening of the next day, Feliicity suddenly received a call from home, asking her to go to Tianhe Hotel immediately.

After Wiliam heard this, he smiled and said, “I’ll go with you, I just happen to be going too.”

Feliicity’s eyes darkened and said, “But today, over there, your Genuine Care Medical Center, Shanlin Group, and our Bai Family will be embarrassed, I’m afraid of you…”

“Don’t think too much, let’s go.” Wiliam went out, put on the Bluetooth headset, and drove for Feliicity.

When the two arrived at Tianhe Hotel, they took a deep breath as soon as they entered the lobby.

In the hall, two platforms were erected. One was the news release conference of Shanlin Group, and the other was the new product release conference of Genuine Care Medical Center.

The two tables were actually built opposite each other!

This is obviously a fight!

And many reporters set up their equipment there. Today’s scene, but Q City ( Qena City )’s most fierce accomplice in recent years has been against Maimang.

Although Harper behind the Genuine Care Medical Center and Lin Shanhai from the Shanlin Group have made it clear that they will not take action, but this grand occasion has attracted many reporters and good people to come and watch.

Under the two tables, there are neatly arranged chairs, clearly distinguished.

Being present today is not a friend or an enemy.

Feliicity looked at the sign of Genuine Care Medical Center, and the anxiety in her heart was even worse.

New product release meeting…

Yesterday, they didn’t tell themselves that Genuine Care Medical Center was going to hold a new product release meeting.

Just as she frowned, Rebeca’s voice came from the side, “Feliicity, come here soon.

Feliicity turned his head and saw that Bai’s family, together with Chen Shuyun, sat on the chairs on the side of Shanlin Group.

The camp is clear.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s okay, go over, I don’t want to make you embarrassed.”

Feliicity reluctantly smiled, “Aren’t you here?”

“I’m somehow an employee of Genuine Care Medical Center? You don’t want me to be fired as soon as I go to work, right?” Wiliam joked.

Feliicity nodded and said worriedly: “Then don’t you know if you don’t mess around later? I am worried that you will be implicated.”

Wiliam smiled, “I know, you go.”

Feliicity then walked towards the Bai family.

And Rebeca watched Lu Yechao walk to the Genuine Care Medical Center and sneered: “There is a traitor in the Bai Family. It’s really unfortunate for the family.”

When Melissa saw Wiliam sitting on the chair under the stage, he didn’t get angry.

Okay, you little bastard, you have smashed a big basket, sit down and watch the theater by yourself, and throw me on it as a shame.

Please be your own person!

Helplessly, Wiliam closed his eyes as soon as he sat down, and on the side of the Genuine Care Medical Center, there was also Mencoruoque, who looked so helpless compared to the crowded crowd of Shanlin Group on the opposite side.

Melissa couldn’t take it anymore, so he drove it and finished it quickly!

She thought of this, regardless of the reporters and guests, she directly hosted the new product release meeting, and the surrounding reporters were immediately attracted by her.

When Feliicity saw the product launched by Genuine Care Medical Center, he felt a little bit in his heart!

Isn’t this the beauty product Wiliam handed him last night?

Give it to Bai Zhensheng, and Bai Zhensheng is sitting here today…

There is no conspiracy in it, right?

At this moment, Fernando also played.

He and Bai Zhensheng walked side by side and sat on the chairs on the stage.

Feliicity also saw at the same time, and Mr. Wang from the Qin Han Medical Research Institute slowly stepped aside.

Today’s battle…

I’m afraid I will never die.

Fernando’s eyes were full of jokes, and Erlang’s legs were upturned, waiting for Melissa to finish introducing the product.

Then he proudly said: “Since the opposite is over, let’s start.”

“Ho ho, it’s a coincidence, isn’t it? Our theme today is to strongly condemn the unethical behaviors of the Genuine Care Medical Center. It just so happens that you are also there, otherwise, you will stay and listen?”

Sitting on the stage, Melissa didn’t want to leave alone, nor did he stay, so he had to give angry eyes to the little bastard in the audience.

“Yesterday, the Genuine Care Medical Center openly breached the contract. In this matter, our Shanlin Group originally wanted to cooperate with them for many years. We wanted to say that they must have something unspeakable. As long as they explain it sincerely, we will naturally understand. But I didn’t expect, They actually said that we made and sold fakes, which seriously touched the bottom line of our doctors! Today, I want to say three things!” Fernando suddenly stood up and said righteously!

“The first thing, our Shanlin Group Pharmaceuticals, the products are genuine at a reasonable price, and the fake ones are replaced! For this reason, we specially invited Professor Wang Yuming from the Qinhan Medical Research Institute. He is famous in Q City ( Qena City ), don’t you know? How about letting him make a judgment?” Fernando said.

Everyone looked at the prince and nodded.

Mr. Wang is indeed one of the best veteran experts in Q City ( Qena City )’s pharmaceutical industry.

He said true, there will be no false.

He is false, it must be untrue.

“Come here!” Fernando said again.

At this time, many people came onto the stage with countless bottles and cans.

Everyone was stunned, what is this?

“This is a sample of medicinal materials randomly selected from our company under the supervision of Mr. Wang just now. Mr. Wang can prove this.” Fernando said.

Elder Wang nodded, “It is indeed the sample I took out personally an hour ago.”

However, when Melissa saw this, his brow furrowed, and he bit his scalp and asked directly: “How can the medicinal materials be ground into powder? You are obviously deliberate and dare not take out the real medicinal materials for testing.”

The corner of Fernando’s mouth clicked, “Ho ho, our Shanlin Group’s pharmaceutical habit, in order to ensure the true effectiveness of the medicinal materials, they will be ground into powder as soon as possible. Does your Genuine Care Medical Center have objections to our procedures?”

Melissa was taken aback, his fists were clenched, but he could only helplessly say: “That’s not true.”

If it is to identify medicinal materials, in case the other party is really fake, even one or two fake medicines can justify Genuine Care Medical Center.

But now, it’s all ground into powder, and the other party must be prepared.

Little babe, I really want to tear your stinky mouth!

“Mr. Wang please bring experts to test the ingredients in person.” Fernando respectfully invited Mr. Wang.

Several experts immediately split up and started testing the powder in the bottles and cans.

The scene was quiet.

But Melissa’s heart all mentioned his throat.

It took a full half an hour before Mr. Wang stopped his work.

In a word, make Melissa like an ice cellar!

“It has been verified that none of Shanlin Group’s powders are fake!”

Chapter 20

There was an uproar at the scene!

Even Wang and Lao said that none of them were fake. That proves that Genuine Care Medical Center’s previous statement that the other party made and sold fakes is an act of slander and damage to others’ reputation!

“What’s the matter with the Genuine Care Medical Center? If you say that people make fakes and sell fakes, have your conscience eaten by dogs?”

“Mr. Wang has verified it, then it means that Shanlin Group has been framed. Now it’s fun. See what else can be done at Genuine Care Medical Center!”

Melissa looked at Wiliam in the audience. He was still closing his eyes, as if he didn’t care about the affairs on stage.

You kill a thousand swords!

I’m mad at you, let me recite the pot!

You are a man, come on stage!

You can tell, just come up and face it!

Melissa glared at Wiliam disappointedly, feeling very suffocated, and said with extreme depression: “I’m really sorry, it may be my Genuine Care Medical Center…”

“Ho ho, do you want to apologize? It’s early.” Fernando suddenly interrupted Melissa’s apology.

Can you get away so easily?

Since you offended me, Fernando, it was destined that today I will not let go of you if you are not dead!

just wait!

I have more cards!

“Fernando, what on earth do you want to do!” Melissa said angrily.

“What are you doing? I’m just seeking truth from facts. This is the first thing I proved. Our Shanlin Group has always upheld the medical ethics of being a handy and benevolent one, never making or selling fakes, and never afraid of questioning!” Fernando said It was impassioned, and the people below listened with enthusiasm and applauded.

Genuine Care Medical Center in the applause seemed helpless.

“Next, let me talk about the second thing, everyone watch a surveillance video.” Fernando suddenly pointed to the LED screen on the stage.

I saw the entrance of Genuine Care Medical Center on the screen.

It was yesterday.

Many people walked toward the Genuine Care Medical Center one after another.

Many people on the scene saw this scene, their faces all changed!

Some people have already recognized it!

“Isn’t this reporter Zhang from Q City ( Qena City ) Finance and Economics TV Station?

“There is also Teacher Wu from the Health Channel. I often watch her programs on TV.”

When Melissa saw this, he felt cool!

What are you afraid of?

Just know that the little bastard bribes reporters yesterday will not be perfect!

Now, the evidence was actually obtained by Fernando!

Genuine Care Medical Center, it’s over…

“Everyone recognizes it, and even the many reporters present know it well? Yesterday, in response to today’s public opinion, Genuine Care Medical Center openly invited reporters, bribed reporters, ho ho, and practiced medicine. Is it true that you can win by falsification, bluffing, and bluffing! Such a benevolent clinic is not worthy of practicing medicine!” Fernando said again, his words were fierce!

Onlookers at the scene were aroused one after another!

“Lin Shao said it well! If all the medical clinics in Q City ( Qena City ) are so lawless and morally degraded, it would be a disaster!”

“I suggest that the relevant departments be asked to conduct a thorough investigation of the Genuine Care Medical Center! All these doctors with corrupt morals will be locked in a prison for me!”

“I absolutely support Lin Shao! Genuine Care Medical Center will close down as soon as possible! We will not do harm to the world!”

“That woman on the stage, seeing you look so beautiful, I wonder if your heart is black, is it the most poisonous woman’s heart!”

The accusations made Melissa’s eyes red!

I have been law-abiding and disciplined for more than 20 years. Why should I suffer such humiliation!

For you Wiliam’s selfish interests, for your youth and frivolousness, for your ignorance and fearlessness, why should I be insulted by this!

it is good!


You are not a man, are you?

I, Melissa, act for you!

Melissa thought, forbearing his tears, and bowing in all directions.

But at this time, she was helped up.

She looked up and saw Lydia.

Lydia looked aggrieved and angry, “Sister, wait a minute, the other party, there is a big rock coming over.”

Sure enough, Fernando said again: “This is the second thing I said. The Genuine Care Medical Center claims to be benevolent, but the heart is not correct, so he walks the sideways and loses the face of Q City ( Qena City ).”

At this time, Mr. Wang cautiously looked at Wiliam, who closed his eyes and said nothing, trying to make a round for the Genuine Care Medical Center. “Lin Shao, although the Genuine Care Medical Center’s actions are biased this time, their medical center has always been He is skilled in medicine and concentrates on researching medicine…”

But Fernando severely interrupted Wang’s words, making Wang’s face stiff.

“Elder Wang! You don’t have to say good things for them! Okay, don’t you say that their medical skills are good? Hoho, just so, the third thing I said is related to the medicines in their hospital! Do you remember? , They are holding a new product release meeting today?” Fernando said viciously.

Everyone nodded.

“Hoho, is it a new product? Is this new product called Hongyan really as magical as they just boasted? I’ll prove it to you! Come!” Fernando shouted.

A woman, covering her face with one hand and a bottle of green ointment in the other, walked up weeping.

Fernando pulled her hand away, and everyone was in an uproar!

This woman has pustules on her face!

Looks extremely disgusting!

“Have you seen it? This is the effect of the red face of Genuine Care Medical Center just now, ho ho, do you dare to use it?” Fernando said.

But at this time, Lydia became angry, “Damn! You are talking nonsense! If you don’t know where you got the medicine, you dare to pretend to be the new medicine of our Genuine Care Medical Center. You are slandering us!”

“Where did you get the medicine? Hoho, next, I’ll ask Brother Bai to explain on your behalf.” Fernando looked to the side of Bai Zhensheng who was smiling and silent.

And when Feliicity, who was already resentful, heard this, his head bounced!

She is so stupid!

I also know where this bottle of medicine came from!

Bai Zhensheng!

Last night, Bai Zhensheng used the name of his sister-in-law to get the medicine from Wiliam…

The Bai family is using Wiliam and me!

Thinking of this, Feliicity was heartbroken!

Feliicity immediately looked at Wiliam apologetically, and wanted to apologize to him.

However, Wiliam still closed his eyes and said nothing.

“I got this bottle of medicine from Wiliam, and this Wiliam was also there. He is a member of Renxin Medical Hall. Do you still doubt it?” Bai Zhensheng said triumphantly.

This bottle of medicine will be able to step on Genuine Care Medical Center into Infernal Purgatory!

“Bai Zhensheng!” Feliicity couldn’t help but shouted!

But Bai Zhensheng didn’t even look at Feliicity, and even felt sympathy for this stupid woman in his heart.

I was sold, still smiling and helping count the bills, ho ho…

“You guys are using me!” Feliicity looked up and down at Bai’s house angrily!

Only Xena shook his head worriedly, and all the others smiled.

So far, the Bai family and the Lin family have joined forces and won a great victory!

The Baijia revival is expected!

“This bottle of ointment, I believe there is still in the Genuine Care Medical Center, as soon as I check it.” Bai Zhensheng said.

But at this time, Lydia said coldly: “There is no one, not even a bottle.”

Bai Zhensheng suddenly laughed, “I saw that there are no! The Genuine Care Medical Center has been destroyed, and the new product will be released, but there is no new product. This is simply a big joke. You are mocking everyone in the room. Your IQ?”

“Everyone sees that there is? Genuine Care Medical Center is not only a bad intention, even the medicines they develop are harmful to people, do you dare to use such medicines! A bad heart, not scared People’s Medical Center, we can tolerate him in Q City ( Qena City )!” Bai Zhensheng shouted loudly, and there was a sense of heroism in his heart that the whole world gathered to respond!

That’s great!

The people below, shocked for a second, went away violently!

“Fortunately, I mistakenly believed in Genuine Care Medical Center before, and I was the first to resist such evil ways!”

“Yes! Get out of Q City ( Qena City )! Q City ( Qena City ) doesn’t leave such a horrible murder clinic!”

Some people even threw the mineral water bottle in their hands to the stage.

Melissa’s tears all fell down.

By now, it was a complete failure.

Not only the Genuine Care Medical Center was wiped out, but the reputation of our Melissa was also destroyed.

Grandpa, is this what you want to see?

Wiliam, I hate you!

But at this time, someone whispered: “However, the origin of this bottle of ointment is, after all, what the Bai family said. I’m afraid it can’t be taken seriously.”

Bai Zhensheng laughed loudly. He already enjoyed the sense of superiority that everyone echoed, how could he stop there.

“Do you want to prove it? Okay, let me prove it to you! My witness is—”


Feliicity’s heart twitched, and she looked at Bai Zhensheng in disbelief.

“I got this bottle of medicine from Wiliam’s wife, Feliicity. As long as she proves it, you should believe it.” Bai Zhensheng said generously.

Everyone looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity felt a sense of suffocation like the destruction of the world!


Let me prove it!

My husband is a wicked generation!

You are so cruel!

Don’t you know that Wiliam and I are innocent!

Don’t you know that I am also from the Bai family!

You just want to see me and my husband fight each other!

Melissa was full of grievances, but when he saw this scene, he suddenly felt a terrible rage!

This Bai family!

Obviously knowing that Feliicity and Wiliam have a deep relationship, at this time, she actually asked Feliicity to stand up and testify against Wiliam!

If she doesn’t testify, the Bai family may not tolerate Feliicity anymore.

But if it proves, her relationship with Wiliam might be completely over!

The most poisonous is your Bai family!

Feliicity looked helplessly up and down Bai’s house.

One by one, eyes full of banter, it seems, waiting for this moment, a long time!

Chen Shuyun stood up and said coldly, “Feliicity, don’t you quickly prove it to everyone! Do you want our Bai family to be ashamed?”

Feliicity’s head burst!

The whole person, the heart is bleeding!

Are you forcing me to choose?

it is good!

I Feliicity, choose to show you!

Feliicity’s tears fell off!

Her voice choked, but she was very firm!

“Do you want to hear my testimony! Okay! Listen carefully!”

“I’ll just say a few words!”

“I brought this bottle of ointment from my husband!”

“Being in the Bai family is the shame of my life Feliicity!”

“You guys! Satisfied!”

After Feliicity finished speaking, tears fell, but everyone was shocked!

Leaving the white seat in stride!

Chaorenxin Medical Center!

Toward this world, the only one who pityed her!

In the uproar of the crowd, she sat on the seat of Genuine Care Medical Center!

Next to Wiliam!

She fell helplessly into Wiliam’s arms, crying, sad!

“Wiliam, I’m sorry! I killed you!”

Everyone was shocked by this scene!

This bloody woman!

At this time, Wiliam, who had been keeping his eyes closed, opened his eyes for the first time!

In his eyes, there seems to be a greedy wolf killing intent!

Qingyun seems to be angry!

He hugged Feliicity’s head in full view, gave a light kiss, and then strode resolutely and walked towards the stage!

On the stage, Lydia Chuli’s angry voice sounded!

“It’s all done, right!”

“Then next, you can’t help but speak up!”

“There is a new owner of our Genuine Care Medical Center!”



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