Dragon Husband Chapter 111 – 120

Chapter 111 Li Muhe’s Private Card

Chen Liren finally understood why Mr. Zhao was so angry just now!

She suddenly felt like the end is coming.

What did I do just now!

This card of the Q City ( Qena City ) Emperor was scolded as a useless card!

What’s more, it is said that it is the card of the bathing center.

What made her most frightened and regretted was that she threw this card into the trash just now!

Disrespectful to Ka’s words and behavior!

No matter which behavior, they are provoking the anger of the Li family with their lives!

That’s it!

That’s it!

While Chen Liren was dumbfounded, everyone looked at Wiliam in amazement.

This card belongs to Wiliam!

The famous waste in Q City ( Qena City ) actually has a ten thousand card!

This is incredible!

Everyone does not believe it!

It is not that I dare not believe, but I do not want to believe it!

The people present are ordinary people.

They can live in this first-class villa in Q City ( Qena City ) in the past two days, because they are inferior.

And this inferiority complex, the only thing that can be resolved is Wiliam.

With Wiliam’s status as a lowly but promised Q City ( Qena City ) waste, everyone felt a little comfort.

Someone put them at the bottom.

But now, this idea, this empty self-esteem, completely shattered in front of Tao Li Tianxia Card!

Wiliam, who they regarded as a waste, turned into a master!

Hard to reach, unable to compete!




The eyes of the students are extremely complicated!

The white Feliicity on the side became cold all over.

She was disturbed by this card.

Wiliam’s card?

Why didn’t he know when he had this card?

When did he get better with the Li family?

Everything in Feliicity’s heart was marked with a solemn question mark.

My husband’s secrets seem to be increasing.

However, he really is his unparalleled husband.

He said that Mr. Zhao didn’t dare to accept it, and now, Mr. Zhao still dares to go against it!

Keep your promises and promise!

Under the complicated eyes of everyone, Mr. Zhao walked up to Wiliam respectfully, and humbly returned the card to Wiliam.

At this moment, Mr. Zhao’s heart was broken.

Since Wiliam has this card, it shows that his status is supreme.

Mr. Zhao can’t wait to slap himself madly!

During the day, he wanted to confirm why Wiliam stayed in Xiaodongtian.

But because the front desk changed shift yesterday, Mr. Zhao once again felt that Wiliam just made a time difference and booked the room with the mistake of the front desk.

If you can save trouble, make one more call!

You will know that Wiliam lived in Xiaodongtian and he was famous for his teacher!

It will not lead to the current phenomenon of deceived guests!

Regret was stirring in his heart, but in his head, it was another kind of depression.

It seemed that he had offended this Wiliam, a stinky boy before, who wanted him to have a Tao Li Tianxia Card.


It would be nice if this card doesn’t show up today, or it’s not real.

I will not suffer from this, and I will even be held accountable by the Li family in the future.

Thinking of this, he inadvertently glanced at the card in his hand, and was suddenly stunned.

This card is wrong!

Thinking about it, he immediately retracted his hand and stared at the card carefully.

The more I look, the more solemn my face becomes!

And after dignified, it is a kind of relief!

Everyone was unwilling to accept this fact, but they could only accept this fact.

But seeing Mr. Zhao change his face again, they also showed a weird look.

Chen Liren scratched his heart with a hundred claws, and finally couldn’t help covering his face. After getting away from Mr. Zhang, he dared to ask: “Mr. Zhao, is there something wrong with this card?”

Mr. Zhao nodded in the eyes of everyone’s expectation.

“That’s it! This card is fake!” When Mr. Zhao said this, he felt angry!

When everyone heard it, things turned up and down, and they were stunned.


Mr. Zhao looked at Wiliam, his tone became cold, “Mr. Lu, can you explain to me how your card came from!”

Everyone stared at Wiliam with scorching eyes.

Wiliam just said, “Don’t waste time, just swipe your card.”

But Mr. Zhao was directly angry, “Hoho! Swipe! Do you dare to act with me! I’ll ask you a question! Why don’t you just kneel down and kowtow to you if you can explain it! As far as I know, Q City ( Qena City ) has only five in total. There are Taoli Tianxia cards, and the numbers of the five cards are 01, 02, 03, 04, 05! Then please explain! What is the meaning of 00 on your card!”

In a word, the scene suddenly became noisy!

The card is actually fake!

And the evidence is solid!

The means of fraud are so ridiculous, so despicable!

The suppressed anger and self-esteem in everyone’s hearts just now spewed out at this moment!

“I just said that this kid is just a trash, how can there be such a noble card! I know it is fake at first glance!”

“Fuck, play all of us like fools!”

“Huh, I thought it was an incompetent trash! Now I am able to bear it! I actually cheated on Li’s head with the courage!”

“If it weren’t for Mr. Zhao to reveal, we would have been cheated by him! Mr. Zhao, he is no longer as simple as lie to us! Dare to make fake Tao Li Tianxia cards to bluff and deceive, this is clearly slap the entire Li family in the face!”

In the presence, Chen Li was the most angry because she was slapped twice!

And Mr. Zhao is the most relieved!

Yes, I just said how is it possible!

Fortunately, I can see through the truth with sharp eyes, otherwise the Li family will discover that I am equivalent to an accomplice!

capital offense!

When Mr. Zhao thought of this, his waist straightened instantly.

When Feliicity saw that things were going to coax like this, she immediately shouted: “I believe Wiliam is definitely not such a person! He speaks, and you have always been maliciously speculating about him with a villain!”

Chen Liren sneered sullenly, “Ho ho, did you guys see it? After being exposed to the lie, did you get furious? A couple of dog men and women! Go to hell sooner or later!”

Mr. Zhao stopped everyone’s accusations and looked at Wiliam with a sullen look in his eyes, “Smelly boy, you are not sorry for this matter. If you can’t give a reasonable explanation now, I’ll take care of Li’s family. Acting, you are full of sins!”

The audience suddenly became quiet!

Looking at the two people like a torch, Wiliam’s heart is not flat!

Zhao Zongao!

Classmates coax!

Annoyed by Feliicity!

The atmosphere instantly became tense!

In the silent place, a lazy voice rang.

“Is it a reasonable explanation? I’ll give it.”

A figure walked over slowly, carrying a portfolio in his left hand and throwing a car key in his right hand.

“This card numbered 00.”

“It’s my grandpa Li Muhe’s personal card.”

“Such an explanation, Mr. Zhao, are you satisfied?”

Chapter 112

Seeing the people coming, everyone was stunned.

Who is this young man?

What a mad tone!

But when Mr. Zhao saw him, there was a trace of disbelief and shock on his face!

Q City ( Qena City ) Li Family!

Li Xiaotian!

Grandson of Li Muhe!

Chairman of Taoli Tianxia Holiday Villa!


Mr. Zhao was stunned.

And Li Xiaotian walked over slowly, and when everyone was surprised, he gently took away the card and swiped it on the front desk casually.

The three characters of Li Muhe jumped out.

Mr. Zhao was shocked when he saw this! be terrified!

This card!

it is true!

Really forget it!

It’s Lao Li’s private card!


More noble than the other five cards!

The other cards represent the long friendship between Li family.

This card represents the everlasting Li family!

Mr. Zhao softened and knelt directly on the ground with a plop, and tremblingly explained: “Li Dong, I, I don’t know…”

Li Xiaotian casually put the card into a portfolio in his hand, and the laziness just now swept away!

Become ferocious!

“Just you, want to act for my Li family? What do you do? Want to kill my grandfather! Or sin against my Li family!”

In a word, Mr. Zhao’s face turned pale on the spot!

He finally knew that he was in trouble!

A catastrophe broke out!

The kind of sin that can’t even be made up!

Hate it!

If you could listen to Wiliam just now, take it to the machine and brush it, wouldn’t you know everything!

Why do you think so high!

Why have no eyes!

Why do you fight against others!

Why is Yiye blindfolded, I don’t know the heavens are high and the earth is thick, the heavens are the heavens!

The evil words spoken before, turned into sharp swords, piercing the heart of Zhao’s heart.

“Go away, don’t let me see you in Q City ( Qena City ) from now on.” Li Xiaotian said, condemned to death!

Zhao always wanted to get up from the ground, but found that he was weak.

Li Xiaotian hired two security guards and threw him out.

When Mr. Zhao passed by Wiliam, he couldn’t help but shudder.

Everything today is given by this mysterious Wiliam!

He wanted to comfort himself, even self-hypnotize, and the green hills did not change and the water flowed.

However, he found that it was impossible.

He and the young man in front of him who dealt with things without surprises and without confession were not in the same state at all.

Even Li Muhe’s personal card can be obtained. One can imagine how terrible the relationship between Wiliam and Li Muhe is!

He shook his head and smiled helplessly.

Q City ( Qena City ) no longer has a place of its own. Tonight, let’s leave, while the Li family is still soft-hearted.

And the classmates on the scene saw Mr. Zhao, who was invincible just now, and was thrown away like a dog, and they were ashamed!

No matter how stupid they are, they can see that the young man in front of them is so honorable!

By the way, he just said that he belongs to the Li family.

He also said that Li Muhe is his grandfather!

This person is!


Everyone’s eyes narrowed, trying to call out the name, but found that the throat seemed to be stuck!

There is no such qualification to call out the name of this Li family and grandson!

“Wiliam, is he Li Xiaotian?” Feliicity asked Wiliam weakly.

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

“How did you know him, and how could you get Li Muhe’s card!” Feliicity couldn’t help being curious anymore.

Wiliam just wanted to talk. At this time, Li Xiaotian came over and said, “Let me explain, do you remember Wiliam went to my Li’s house before? He helped my grandfather a little favor, and grandfather lent him the card.”

Li Xiaotian deliberately said vaguely, and even said that the card was borrowed.

He was thinking about Wiliam, after all, the tree is so popular, these students in front of him are not a good thing.

Feliicity nodded, “It turns out that this is the case. It’s no wonder that Lao Li will come over on my birthday, it turned out to be aimed at you.”

Feliicity was clever in mind, and immediately connected the previous things together.

“For Wiliam’s sake, today I will spare you not dying and let me go!” Li Xiaotian’s face-changing skills are also very sophisticated, and he said to others coldly in an instant.

Those people, trembling, didn’t even dare to say thank you, and went out all of a sudden!

Only after seeing them go, Li Xiaotian said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, I’m sorry, this kind of thing was coaxed with me to let you watch a joke.”

Wiliam waved his hand casually, indicating that it was OK.

This Li Xiaotian is the same as Chen Dongbai of Beifeng Fund.

All of them are not good in character, but they are very good at winking.

This kind of person cannot be moved by affection, but can only be used for profit.

But Wiliam has enough confidence, because there are many benefits in his hands.

Li Xiaotian could not finish it all his life.

At this time, Li Xiaotian quietly pulled Wiliam aside, then handed Wiliam the car key and the portfolio, and his attitude suddenly became respectful.

“Brother Lu, this is the former Li Lin company. I changed it to Chunxue Performing Arts Company according to your request. The legal person is you, and the car key is given to you, and the car stops at the door.”

Wiliam took the bag and keys casually, and smiled, “Thank you.”

Li Xiaotian’s mouth moved, and finally he asked curiously, “Brother Lu, you are in medicine. What do you do to set up an performing arts company?”

Wiliam looked at Li Xiaotian with a smile, “You guessed it, why bother to play stupid with me?”

Li Xiaotian suddenly felt his scalp numb!

Ma Dan couldn’t conceal this Wiliam from any careful thought.

Whether he is the Qiqiao Linglongxin, he is so accurate in guessing the human heart!

“I promised you before that the Li family’s property will be yours, and your sister Li Chunfeng, I have my own arrangements. This is the arrangement. You can rest assured.” Wiliam shook the bag in his hand.

Li Xiaotian received a more affirmative answer, and immediately nodded his head respectfully and thanked him, “Thank you, Brother Lu! What can you say in the future! I will be there on call and never die!”

When he spoke, he had never thought about it, that he had been eaten to death by Wiliam.

Xu Zhiyi!

Be wise!


And outside the lobby, because the resort location is relatively remote, and it’s getting late, only the tourist car of the resort can ride out.

Very few people drive by themselves, and most people still stay outside waiting for a ride.

But they are also idle.

At this moment, they were gathering around a red Lamborghini at the door, their eyes hot.

Their hands fumbled in the car, exclaiming jealously from time to time.

“This car is so handsome! It costs millions!”

“If I can take this car to go back, I won’t be dying!”

“Wake up, you can see this car can only be driven by the big tyrants, we’re a fart.”

“What do you know! If I were as good-looking as Chen Li, maybe I could hook and go for a drive in a luxury car, hehe.”

He does not mean that.

There was a slight ripple in Chen Liren’s heart.

Chapter 113

Everyone has some special hobbies.

Like Xena likes to wear gold and silver.

Chen Liren doesn’t care about anything else in this life, only loves cars.

Especially for luxury cars, she has a deformed impulse to stop.

At this moment, seeing this lamborghini, and then hearing what the classmates said consciously or unconsciously, her heart suddenly twitched.

Although she doesn’t look good with Feliicity, she is also the best among these students in terms of beauty.

Moreover, she has always had an unwilling idea.

She believes that she has never been able to match the second generation of rich people, not because of her lack of beauty, but because her social level is not enough to reach people at this level.

If you give her a chance…

Thinking of this, Chen Liren’s heart heated up.

At this time, a tourist battery car drove over.

Everyone went up one after another. At this moment, a man yelled flatly: “Sister Liren, you go up first.”

Chen Liren glanced at the man, her eyes full of disdain.

She watched too much of such a rapturous man.

This also proves its charm from the side.

She chuckled: “You go first.”

With that said, she took the lipstick from her bag and walked to Lamborghini to fill up the lipstick through the car window.

Seeing this scene, everyone looked at me, I looked at you, and suddenly laughed.

“It turns out that Sister Liren has other plans.”

“Haha, is Sister Liren going to make a shot tonight? I really don’t know how lucky the owner of this car is to be loved by Sister Liren.”

“No, Sister Liren, why are you so confident that the owner of this car will come out and will take you away? If they don’t come out, don’t you have to wait here all night?”

Chen Liren looked around the crowd and sneered. She felt like seeing through all sentient beings. She pointed to the car and said, “I will teach you a few tricks. Look, this car is parked in the middle of the entrance of the villa. It means that this car is parked temporarily and will come and drive away soon.”

“Also, the color of this car, the bright red color, shows that the owner of the car is a high-profile young man. The decorations inside indicate that the owner is a man. Isn’t this enough?”

The words shocked everyone.

“Sister Liren, amazing! We don’t even see it, you actually see so many ways to come!”

“Really specializing in the art industry! Sister Liren, it seems that this man can’t escape your palm tonight.”

“I finally know why Sister Liren has been so proud of the spring breeze. It turns out that we are too stupid.”

Chen Liren accepted everyone’s compliments, and her heart was calm.

These classmates, she still doesn’t take it seriously.

The classmates complimented, and suddenly stopped getting on the battery car, and couldn’t wait to see the methods behind Liren.

At this time, Wiliam and Feliicity walked out.

Seeing them, everyone’s complexion became stiff, and mixed feelings emerged in their hearts.

However, Chen Liren sneered, and said in a weird manner: “Hoho, two foxes and tigers have finally figured it out. I used Li Muhe’s card to install a Bobby, right?”

In a word, the sourness in the hearts of the students was all over.

They originally thought that Wiliam and Feliicity were rich and powerful, but now it seems that good luck helped Li Muhe a little bit, and then they have today’s Taoli Tianxia Card.

It was lent to them by Li Muhe.

To put it bluntly, it’s just relying on Lao Li’s name to show off here.


Wiliam and Feliicity didn’t care, and walked towards Lamborghini.

Wiliam was about to stretch out his hand, but was suddenly interrupted by Chen Liren!

“Damn! Stop it! You don’t see who you are! Just dare to touch this car! Are you looking for death?”

Chen Liren’s heart was furious.

This car, in her heart, is exclusively for her tonight.

If Wiliam were to come across this rubbish, he would feel disgusting in my heart!

The classmates also gathered around and made accusations.

“Hmph, we all dare not touch it, what are you?”

“The more you look at this man, the more disgusting he gets, thinking that after helping Li Muhe once, he feels that he has flew on a branch and turned into a phoenix! Think beautiful! Get your hands away!

“This car belongs to Sister Liren tonight. Get out of here! Don’t be arrogant here.”

Feliicity glanced at Chen Liren in surprise, “This car belongs to you?”

Chen Li said with a heart-warming heart, and said confidently: “I am now waiting for the owner of the car, while I am still angry, get out!”

If it was normal, Chen Liren would definitely taunt Feliicity again and again.

But now it is different. Chen Liren is afraid that when the owner of the car sees Feliicity, she will be amazed by her appearance. At that time, she really has nothing to do with her.

So she can’t wait to drive Feliicity away, and then she can enjoy her unique fame.

“Do you want to go back in this car? Ho ho, are you a bit wishful thinking?” Wiliam said suddenly lazily.

Chen Liren’s face became stiff, “Damn! What do you mean! Say it again!”

Wiliam was naturally not afraid, “There can only be one woman in this car, and that is Feliicity.”

Chen Liren frowned, which was exactly what she was worried about.

However, this man is so green to his bones!

“Ho ho, sitting in Feliicity, right? Then you watched other men take her away, right? Really a qualified husband!” Chen Liren laughed.

Everyone also laughed.

“Really? Don’t you think about this car, is Feliicity and me?” Wiliam also laughed.

This statement solidified the atmosphere of the scene.

But Chen Liren couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

“Before you lied, did you forget how you came before?” Chen Liren laughed.

Everyone suddenly laughed.

Wiliam’s car was indeed driven by Zhao Yingnian’s luxury car before. This incident was laughed at by everyone yesterday.

This incurable waste, dare to lie blatantly here!

When everyone laughed, Wiliam gently pressed the car key, and the car suddenly made a sound of unlocking.

The two headlights also lit up.

Just now everyone didn’t pay attention to Wiliam’s behavior, and Chen Liren’s eyes lit up when the car was on.

“The owner of the car is coming.”

Everyone looked at the door together!

Want to see through!

However, Chen Liren annoyed Wiliam and issued the final eviction order, “Get out of here! Don’t be ashamed here!”

Wiliam nodded, but it was consistent with Feliicity’s actions.

The two opened the car door and sat in.

Ignite, drive!

go away!

This scene made everyone at the scene dull.

Seeing the Lamborghini leaving Juechen, Chen Liren’s face turned pale on the spot!

Chapter 114


It’s Wiliam and Feliicity!

This ending that fell below everyone, made the scene deadly quiet!


Didn’t they come by rubbing a car!

Why this super luxury car will be theirs!

This is totally impossible!

Chen Liren’s face is ugly!

In front of so many classmates, she vowed to get home in a luxury car tonight.

But now the face is coming so fast!

She couldn’t help but recalled Wiliam’s playful look before.

I was fooled by that guy from head to toe!


The students reacted and suddenly exclaimed.

“Ah, the car really belongs to Wiliam!”

“They hide deep enough!”

“I knew they were so rich. I should have treated them better. I regret it!”

“It’s all you, Chen Liren, the dog looks down on people! Now, we completely offend Feliicity and them!”

The classmates who were greeted by Chen Liren just now all fell together at this moment and accused Chen Liren.

However, Chen Liren was already depressed, and when everyone accused him, she broke out.

“Damn! What’s up with me! Did I beg you to criticize them! A bunch of dog stuff!”

Chen Liren’s words made the atmosphere of the scene even more ugly.

An alumni meeting ended up unhappy afterwards.

It’s not just a breakup.

When the battery car came, the classmates no longer cared about Chen Liren anymore, rushing for positions one by one.

Leave Chen Liren alone until the end!

Chen Li stomped her feet straight.

In her heart, Wiliam’s handsome and cold face could not help but appear.

When she shivered in the cold wind, there was a hint of regret for some reason.

If from the very beginning, I didn’t help Zhao Yingnian, but stood beside my old classmate Feliicity, what would happen to the end…

There are no ifs.

Wiliam and Feliicity galloped home along the way. Feliicity looked at the handsome husband beside her, and liked them more and more.

“Okay, I’ll let you see enough when I go back, and if I keep looking like this, my car will go over the ditch.” Wiliam smiled.

Feliicity’s little face blushed, “Keep rolling, who is rare to see who will look.”

But duplicity, secretly sent off.

On the second day, the Bai family officially became the sole agent of Genuine Care Medical Center, which once again swept Q City ( Qena City ).

This time, Q City ( Qena City ) knew that the entire Bai family was born again because of a woman!


But early in the morning, Wiliam had arrived at the Genuine Care Medical Center, and in front of him were the sleepy Melissa and Lydia.

“How much money do we make now?” Wiliam asked.

Melissa turned over his beautiful eyes, “You came to check the accounts early in the morning? You made more than 200 million yuan.”

When it came to more than 200 million, she was faintly excited.

The Genuine Care Medical Center only made 5 million a year before. Wiliam came over and made 200 million in two months, which is nothing short of it!

Faster than going out to grab!

But Wiliam frowned, “It’s only more than 200 million, and it’s too slow.”

In a word, Melissa almost came to my aunt early in the morning.

“It seems that this pool is not big enough, and we need to find another way to make money.” Wiliam said casually, not paying attention to Melissa’s face.

Melissa angrily peeled an orange and threw it to him, then threw the orange petals into his cup, “If you have any tricks, just tell them all! I can stand it.”

She has experienced the baptism of Wiliam’s conspiracy and tricks, and her personality has become extremely tough.

“When does Li Chunfeng’s contract with their company expire?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

“How do I know!” Melissa blurted out, then a little afraid to look at Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

“Laugh at your uncle!” Melissa scolded decisively, the expression in her eyes was too weird.

“Aren’t you a good girlfriend with her? She came back last night, and she was in the resort, so she should contact you.” Wiliam said.

Melissa’s body trembled, so he couldn’t hide anything from this little bastard!

“There is one month left, do you really want to enter the entertainment industry?” Melissa asked.

“Eggs can’t be put in a basket. Of course, we have limited energy, so this matter is also a good investment. After all, the entertainment industry is a hugely profitable industry, and there is no reason to have money not to make money.” Wiliam said naturally.

Melissa’s heart beat fiercely, she knew that this guy had another layout.

And, I don’t know when to start! I don’t know when to step into the future!

“The spring breeze will come over later, talk to her, she is in a bad mood these days, please pay attention to your tone or something, and be gentle with the girl will not be dead!” Melissa said angrily.

Wiliam nodded. He has indeed been thinking about Li Chunfeng’s affairs for a while.

When Li Chunfeng came, her eyes brightened when she saw Wiliam.

She has an inexplicable affection for Wiliam.

Of course, she naturally thought that Wiliam was her savior.

The two chatted casually, while Melissa was watching.

Waiting for Wiliam to be black, she dared to beat him on the spot.

But Wiliam was so polite, disappointed to see Melissa and Lydia, and then both went to the toilet and left.

After they left, Li Chunfeng’s brows darkened, and he couldn’t help expressing all the sadness he felt during the period.

But to Wiliam’s understanding, it was nothing more than the deep waters in the entertainment circle, with a lot of coercion and temptation.

In particular, she posted a short time ago as an image endorsement for Genuine Care Medical Center, which made the company boss very dissatisfied. Recently, she always used this matter to force Li Chunfeng to take over more business.

Wiliam comforted Li Chunfeng casually.

When Melissa, who had finished going to the toilet outside, was about to push the door, he heard a faint voice of a little woman inside.

“Wiliam, or you just accept me.”

Melissa’s goose bumps all over!


I only walked for two minutes, and they all talked about the matter of private life?

Have I crossed!

When Melissa was about to push the door, he heard Wiliam say from inside, “Well, I will consider it.”

This ruined sentence made Melissa angry.

Wiliam kept saying that he was a married man, and now he dared to flutter the colorful flags outside!

She hurriedly pushed the door in, and heard Wiliam say: “I recently established an entertainment company. I will give you three days to consider it. It will not expire.”

Melissa froze.

This is it?

Not to support?

Li Chunfeng blushed instantly when Melissa came in.

Don’t dare to look at Melissa.

Melissa suddenly thought that Li Chunfeng should think the same as himself!

It must be affectionate, unable to extricate itself.

Is Wiliam the only one talking about work by himself?

Straight guys are really scary!

Li Chunfeng was fidgeting, and then hurriedly left on the excuse that there was something wrong.

When Melissa was about to scold Wiliam, he heard Wiliam say, “You go somewhere with me.”

Chapter 115

“Where?” Melissa said with a puff of air pressure.

“Follow me.” Wiliam walked out, then threw a portfolio to her casually.

Melissa opened the bag, “Damn! When did you really set up an performing arts company!”

Lu Yezheng reasoned with her and went to drive.

“But you just set up, you want people and people don’t want money and money, and people who want more connections. How can Li Chunfeng come to waste time?” Melissa immediately thought of the key point.

“So I will take you to find someone.” Wiliam said vaguely and drove away.

When the car was about to reach the destination, Melissa was taken aback, and headed towards Wiliam, “I planed your ancestor’s grave, did you? You come to my grandfather without telling it in advance!”

It turned out that the place where Wiliam’s car stopped was Harper’s Banshan Villa.

At the door, a blood unicorn logo came alive.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Will you come after you say it?”

Melissa suddenly felt that he was going to cheat himself.

Seeing Harper, Melissa decided not to say a word.

Harper looked very happy to see Wiliam.

He has been observing Wiliam in secret for a while.

He found that Wiliam’s methods and strategies were simply amazing!

Especially in the case of the exclusive agent of the Bai family recently, Wiliam did a perfect job, counting birds with one stone.

Harper asked himself if he could do it, but found that he could not do it at all!

A born emperor!

This is Harper’s evaluation of Wiliam.

“Young Master, if you come here today, there must be something wrong?” Harper said kindly.

Wiliam nodded and started straight to the point, “Lao Wang, you are a dominant media and performing arts crocodile in Q City ( Qena City ), so I am here to merge your company.”

In a word, the sea is shocked!

Harper never thought that Wiliam was so courageous!

From medicine to entertainment, this span is too big!

Harper was shocked for a long time, and wanted to persuade Wiliam to do things steadily.

But when the words reached my throat, I couldn’t say anything.

Because he suddenly discovered that Wiliam’s city mansion was far above him!

He had done a lot of seemingly absurd things before, but in the end, all of them made people shine!

Now, it is the beginning of another absurdity…

Harper took a deep breath and said, “Little master, I will help you more in accordance with the rules. Then let’s do business with you! Let me ask you first, how much are you going to pay to merge our company?”

In business, business is talking about money.

Wiliam smiled and said, “I don’t pay a penny.”

Melissa on the side lowered his head deeply.


What a shame!

It was embarrassing to be pulled to grandpa by this girl.

Can’t pay a penny, are you ready to empty the white wolf?

Although Harper was shocked, he still asked: “Little master, please forgive the old man for being dull, what you said…”

“Your Lunanica Company’s annual profit is about 1 billion yuan, right? Then we might as well play a stimulus. I will sign a gambling agreement with you, and you will give me the company for one year. There is no profit of more than 3 billion, I will pay you 2 billion, and the company will pay you back.” Wiliam said.

At this moment, Melissa raised his head and looked at Wiliam in amazement.

According to what he said, Harper is not at a loss!

But where did Wiliam’s confidence come from!

“Master, you continue to say!” Harper’s eyes suddenly burst out!

The excitement and boldness of a business predator’s tricks suddenly stirred in his heart!

It’s been a long time!

“If it exceeds 3 billion yuan, you give me the company unconditionally. My mortgage is Genuine Care Medical Center. Recently, you have seen the development of Genuine Care Medical Center. I can use those contracts as collateral. It’s that simple.” Wiliam said.

Melissa’s eyes suddenly drenched!

Mortgage Genuine Care Medical Center! And those agency contracts!


This kid is also playing chain-type joint guarantee!

But this hand, played well!

Suddenly she had an impulse, and pulled the Bai Zhensheng from the Bai family over to take a look, the chain guarantees, how did this Xiao Wang Ba Zi expert play!

Harper nodded and took a deep breath.

He lit a cigar after he hadn’t smoked for decades.

This is indeed a very exciting bet.

Either win two billion without a single soldier!

Either Ji Fei Dan lost his wife and lost soldiers!

It depends on how you choose!


This is the case on the bright side!

Secretly, I have to choose by myself, and continue to believe that the young master’s revenge opens the flourishing age!

Still be careful in words and deeds to protect yourself!

This little master! What a arrogance!

Dare to open this kind of bet!

Harper did not speak, smoking a cigar again.

This bet is about the future success or failure of the entire Wang family!

“Grandpa, don’t be fooled by this kid, he is heartened!” Melissa couldn’t help speaking.

But as soon as the voice fell, she suddenly covered her mouth in amazement!


Was overcast by this kid again!

Why did this little bastard bring himself here!

Isn’t it used to contain his grandfather?

Once I opened my mouth, it would be hard to be covered with water!

Sure enough, Harper, who was hesitant, glanced at Melissa in shock, then slowly let out a puff of cigarette, “Okay! I bet!”

My granddaughter is already in the same boat as the young master. How can the Wang family live alone?

Wiliam ticked the corner of his mouth, took out the long-prepared contract and handed it to Harper.

Melissa kicked Wiliam’s calf gloomily, “You have a bad stomach and you hate it.”

“Master, I will give you Lunanica Company for one year, no matter the ending! My old man gave his life to accompany the gentleman!” After Harper signed the gambling agreement, he smiled reluctantly.

Wiliam nodded, but said: “Old Wang, you don’t have to be so reluctant. I believe that in less than a year, you will be able to admire you.”

“Don’t you have anything to rely on, Young Master? The most important thing for a performing arts company is a star…” Harper asked suspiciously.

Melissa couldn’t help but curled his lips and murmured: “Grandpa, don’t worry, Li Chunfeng is also on this kid’s thief boat.”

“Li Chunfeng?” Now, Harper couldn’t sit still!

Li Chunfeng is Li Muhe’s beloved grandson. Harper didn’t even want to bring him over before, but he was secretly blocked by Li Muhe.

The young master actually has the means to draw her over?

“Well, Mr. Wang, please rest.” Wiliam didn’t say much, and after signing the contract, he left.

Along the way, Melissa was suffocated, and this kid had calculated another one.

“This company will be contacted by you for the time being and will be renamed Cangyue Chunxue Performing Arts Company tomorrow. I will come to take over as the president tomorrow.” Wiliam handed over the contract to Melissa.

Melissa couldn’t help but said: “Two billion yuan, you really want to play like this!”

Wiliam smiled strangely at this time.

Melissa laughed at him, his whole body was hairy!


This kid will never do such a superficial thing!

In the end, what is wrong!

When Melissa was shocked, his mind turned frantically and sorted out the matter from beginning to end.

This reason, a chill, rose from the soles of the feet!

Until the head!

For the two billion yuan that the pair had bet, Wiliam didn’t even go for compensation!


Buy out!

Buy out all the talents and talents accumulated by his grandfather Lunanica Company over the past few decades!


Chapter 116

Melissa was shocked by his own thoughts!

This kid, God!

Throw out the temptation of 2 billion yuan, then all eyes will naturally be attracted to the madness and excitement of this bet.

All thinking is about winning and winning!

However, once you start thinking about winning or losing, it means that Wiliam has won!

Because Wiliam’s two billion yuan is a cover for others!

Two billion yuan, a year’s time, buy out all the human resources of Lunanica Company!

You know, performing arts companies rely on celebrities and connections.

Before, Melissa still complained about Wiliam’s money and contacts in the car.

Now, Wiliam resolved it instantly.

In one year, he didn’t need to spend a penny, and he got the resources of his grandpa for decades.

And a year later, even if the bet is lost, so what!

Melissa has absolute self-confidence. He gave Wiliam a year to use all the resources of the company with his means and ability, and become his own resources!

Two billion to buy these resources! This is Wiliam’s purpose! value!

What’s more, what suffocated Melissa was that Wiliam never fought a battle with no chance of winning.

So this bet, Wiliam, is a winner no matter what!

It’s so special that I was right, Xiao Wang Ba Zi empty glove white wolf!

This kid is so dirty!

At the moment, at Wang’s house.

Watching Wiliam leave, Harper suddenly showed a wry smile.

This bet, since the young master proposed, he has already lost.

Because he couldn’t expect the young master to lose, when he lost, the Wang family lost loyalty.

Lunanica Company…

Harper felt reluctant.

But after smoking a cigar, he became energetic.

Lao Ji Fu Chi, ambition for thousands of miles!

The martyrs are in their twilight years and are full of heart!

Then, follow the young master to burn the remains!

It’s just that this company is not easy to manage.

Back at the Genuine Care Medical Center, Melissa gave him a secret glance, and then ignored him.

At this time, he received a call from Li Chunfeng.

After Li Chunfeng returned, he thought and thought about Wiliam’s proposal, his heart beating wildly.

After all, this is related to her life’s future.

Even if Wiliam had a good reason, she wouldn’t take the risk.

Now, she needs Wiliam to give her reasons and courage to give up her future and start over.

“The reason?” Wiliam’s mouth twitched. “Then listen carefully.”

“First, the feelings of hometown. Q City ( Qena City ) is your home, and your grandfather is also here. Fallen leaves return to their roots.” Wiliam gave the first reason.

Li Chunfeng nodded, this is indeed the biggest reason for her temptation.

“Second, cure all diseases. Follow me, and I can treat you at any time. In less than half a year, your illness can be cured.” Wiliam gave a second reason.

Li Chunfeng thought, but still hesitated, “Go on.”

“Ho ho, isn’t it enough? Well, third, youth is forever. I can provide you unlimited confetti products, even better products than confetti, so that you are beautiful every day.” Wiliam said.

Li Chunfeng sweats, this guy understands a woman’s heart, but why is he still a straight man!

“Anything else?” Li Chunfeng was unwilling.

Don’t force it, you never know where the bottom line of this guy is.

“Well, the last reason. Meise’s shareholding. Go with me, you won’t have to pay for your contract in the future, you will have money instead.” Wiliam said.

When Li Chunfeng heard it, his head went black!

She has been elegant and calm for more than 20 years, for the first time she wants to scold her!

“Couldn’t you give me an idea since you signed this contract with me to lose power and insult the country?” Li Chunfeng was about to collapse.

Wiliam smiled casually, “So let you not ask so much. The more you know, the more tired your heart will be. You can ask Melissa about this. Didn’t you become best friends based on this?”

Melissa, who was eavesdropping on the side, smashed a pillow.

This kid is a bit too much. From then on, he was thinking of Li Chunfeng.

After Li Chunfeng silently cursed over the phone over there, he said dejectedly: “Okay, I can promise you. But you have to deal with it yourself. The company I signed before has the priority to renew the contract when it expires. You have to fix my boss by yourself.”

Wiliam nodded, “No question, where is he?”

“He happened to be in Q City ( Qena City ) these two days. I’ll send you the address later.” Li Chunfeng hung up after speaking.

Then Lu Yezhen saw that Li Chunfeng and Melissa started a crazy WeChat Tucao mode.

After a while, Wiliam received Li Chunfeng’s information, and then got up, going to take care of this matter.

Li Chunfeng’s company, whose owner is Qian Feiyu, lives in the presidential suite of Yuehua Hotel these days.

According to Li Chunfeng, he would come to Q City ( Qena City ) at this time of the year, as if to do something.

Wiliam drove to the Yuehua Hotel and went directly to the top floor.

At the door, he rang the doorbell.

After a while, the door opened.

However, the person who opened the door made Wiliam stunned.

The person who came here was actually Zhang Xiaoyue.

Wiliam met this woman during the alumni meeting.

She seems to have signed a contract with Lunanica Company as a trainee.

How could she appear in Qian Feiyu’s room.

When Zhang Xiaoyue saw Wiliam, her expression changed on the spot!

It took her a lot of effort to find out that Qian Feiyu was here, and she spent a lot of money to clear up the relationship and hook up with him.

As the boss of a large performing arts company, Qian Feiyu’s future will be of great benefit to her if he can get along with him.

Just now when they were about to do something, Wiliam appeared in front of her, and her anger suddenly rose.

“You follow me!” Zhang Xiaoyue immediately cursed coldly!

As a well-known online celebrity in Q City ( Qena City ), she also has illegitimate fans.

And she naturally thought that Wiliam had been obsessed with her after seeing her last time, and actually followed her here!

If this matter is let the media know, it will be a fatal blow to her reputation!

She couldn’t wait to choke this wimp on the spot!

But Wiliam immediately recovered. He suddenly sniffed and frowned.

But when Zhang Xiaoyue saw Wiliam shamelessly to smell her, her whole face was flushed!

“You are so sick! Get out!”

Wiliam glanced at her in disgust, and said, “I’m here to see Mr. Qian? I have a business to talk to him.”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s face changed again, “You want to hold us! You don’t want to live anymore, do you?”

She thought that Wiliam would threaten to blackmail her by living in the same room with Qian.

At this time, a tired voice came from the door, “Xiao Zhang, who?”

A fat bald man walked out without a shirt, a fat man.

And Zhang Xiaoyue immediately pretended to be crying and said to Qian Feiyu: “Mr. Qian, this is a fan of my brain. He wants to threaten us. He just wanted to belittle me.”

Chapter 117 The Toad Wants To Eat Swan Meat

Qian Feiyu’s expression changed on the spot, and he looked at Wiliam with sharp eyes.

And Wiliam was not afraid of this look, instead he sniffed again with interest.

This Qian Feiyu has a strong smell of Chinese medicine.

“Ms. Qian, see Yu, that’s it!” Zhang Xiaoyue grasped Wiliam’s action just now, and said plausibly.

Qian Feiyu grabbed Wiliam’s collar and shouted loudly, “Are you going to die? Believe it or not, I will throw you off the top floor! Get out of me!”

Wiliam quickly patted Qian Feiyu’s hand.

He had long noticed that Qian Feiyu’s body had been hollowed out by the wine.

“Mr. Qian, hello, I am Wiliam from Genuine Care Medical Center. This is my business card. I am here to discuss business with you. I don’t care at all about the affairs between you and her.” Wiliam said He passed the business card.

Qian Feiyu’s eyes suddenly relaxed a little, and he motioned to Zhang Xiaoyue to go in.

But after he saw his business card, he showed his disdain again.

For special reasons, Wiliam didn’t have the post of the director of the Genuine Care Medical Center, but only wrote the management of the Genuine Care Medical Center.

And this kind of identity, to Qian Feiyu’s level, is basically an ant.

Are ants delusional holding elephant legs?

“I’m here to talk to you about Li Chunfeng’s contract.” Wiliam concisely expressed his intentions.

But after listening, Qian Feiyu couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

That’s it for ants.

Now the toad wants to eat swan meat!

It’s pretty beautiful.

Li Chunfeng is the gold ingot in Qian Feiyu’s hands.

Over the years, the development has been very successful. Although the contract has expired, how could Qian Feiyu give up the renewal by then?

A while ago, Li Chunfeng signed a ridiculous contract with Genuine Care Medical Center, but this contract was obviously beneficial to her reputation.

As the boss, Qian Feiyu will naturally use the boss’s art. He pretends that Li Chunfeng will cause losses to the company, in order to make Li Chunfeng feel uneasy and apologize, and then let her take on more activities.

Now you want me to give up Li Chunfeng?

What a joke!

“Fuck! In this case, I don’t want to say it a second time! And you! I don’t want to see the second time either!” Qian Feiyu finished laughing, his face went cold.

Wiliam seemed to have expected it, and turned his head and left, “I’m better than you. I will only see you on both sides, and the second side is downstairs. You can do it yourself.”

Qian Feiyu slammed the door shut, “Damn! I have never seen such a shameless person! You dare to show off to me! Who is this!”

Zhang Xiaoyue immediately agreed: “Hmph, that kid, relying on his little relationship with me as an alumnus before, dare to follow me, not to mention Mr. Qian, you are a noble person. How can he give up this opportunity if he is a soft meal? “

Qian Feiyu nodded, “Just ignore him.”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s glance suddenly became mellow and charming. The tips of her fingers lightly circled Qian Feiyu’s heart, “The money manager, we…”

Qian Feiyu suddenly smiled, but in the next second he resisted the impulse of his body and said: “Wait for a while, an old friend of mine will come over later.”

Zhang Xiaoyue suddenly revealed a little depressed woman, “Okay.”

Qian Feiyu immediately hugged her and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you little beauty, why would I just not eat.”

“You are good or bad, Mr. Qian.” Zhang Xiaoyue gently beat Qian Feiyu’s chest.

In the lobby, Wiliam closed his eyes, thinking about “The Medical Classics of Impermanence”.

He has developed a habit, as long as he has free time, he is studying or thinking about the mystery of “Impermanence Medical Classics”.

After a while, a surprised voice rang in his ear, “Little Doctor Lu?”

Wiliam slowly opened his eyes, and an old man stood in front of him with excitement.

It was Zhang Qingyun, the dean who was pulled over by Wiliam in the hospital.

Zhang Qingyun felt excited when he thought of meeting the little genius doctor here.

After that attack, Zhang Qingyun became more frightened by studying Wiliam’s silver needle technique.

He felt that Wiliam’s silver needle technique probably had a place in China.

Wiliam nodded to him without speaking.

What else did Zhang Qingyun want to say, when the phone rang.

“I met a friend downstairs, and I will come up right away.” Zhang Qingyun said to the phone.

Then he looked at Wiliam apologetically, “Mr. Lu Xiao, originally we met by chance, but I had a patient upstairs, so I retire first.”

Wiliam nodded and watched him get into the elevator.

Wiliam was taken aback when he saw the number of floors where the elevator was staying, and then the corners of his mouth raised slightly.


Zhang Qingyun reached the top floor and knocked on Qian Feiyu’s door.

Seeing Zhang Qingyun, Qian Feiyu was full of excitement and invited him in, “Lao Zhang, you are finally here.”

Zhang Qingyun nodded lightly, then glanced at the room and frowned.

Qian Feiyu immediately understood, and said to Zhang Xiaoyue, who was in thin clothes, “Xiao Zhang, you go out and wait for me for a while, I will have a few words with Zhang Lao.”

Zhang Xiaoyue was not happy at first, but after thinking about it, Wiliam said before that he would squat downstairs and wait for them.

It seems that he has to go down and beat him.

She put on her coat and walked outside.

Qian Feiyu quickly said to Zhang Qingyun: “Old Zhang, you can show me my illness. How many years have it been.”

It turned out that Qian Feiyu was suffering from a hidden illness and sought medical treatment many years ago to no avail. Later, Zhang Qingyun helped him treat him for so many years.

He came to Q City ( Qena City ) at this time of the year just to find Zhang Qingyun for his follow-up.

Zhang Qingyun is a benevolent doctor, but he has no opinion.

He carefully helped Qian Feiyu check it.

But after this inspection, his face suddenly became serious, and he remained silent for a long time.

Qian Feiyu was suddenly anxious.

In the past few years, Zhang Qingyun just watched it, helped him with acupuncture, and prescribed some Chinese medicine.

Is there anything else this year?

“Lao Zhang, are you talking?” Qian Feiyu said eagerly.

“I told you before, don’t indulge yourself, don’t you obey me?” Zhang Qingyun said with an ugly face.

Qian Feiyu was stunned and unwilling to say, “Lao Zhang, you are also a person here, beautiful and current, hey, I have no way. Besides, my job is to deal with all kinds of beauties, I…”

Zhang Qingyun shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I could treat your kidney disease with acupuncture and medicine before. But now it seems that unless it is a major operation that is unclear, your life will be dead soon.”

Qian Feiyu’s complexion changed on the spot. The operation is unclear. If he doesn’t perform the operation, he will die soon?

He slapped his big mouths and said with a sad face: “Old Zhang, I know I was wrong, you can’t help but die!”

Zhang Qingyun looked helpless, “If I can save you, will I ignore it? What’s the point of investigating you in the past now? I’m afraid your illness will cause trouble in two or three days. The kidney poison in your body is about to attack your heart. “

Qian Feiyu’s face was pale, and he sat on the ground.

He was extremely convinced of Zhang Qingyun’s medical skills. Zhang Qingyun said that two or three days would not survive for a week!

He hugged Zhang Qingyun’s thigh and burst into tears, “Elder, you must find a way, you have a good network, do you know any other genius doctors? I’m willing to give you any money!”

This sentence seemed to remind Zhang Qingyun, he patted his forehead, “I really think of a little genius doctor, but you really shouldn’t die, he is downstairs.”

Chapter 118

Qian Feiyu was overjoyed and said, “Really!”

Zhang Qingyun showed a stern expression at this time and said: “It’s just that the genius doctor is arrogant. I can only take you to see him, but I can’t guarantee whether he is willing to save you.”

Qian Feiyu immediately nodded frantically, “I know I know! People with great abilities are generally weird! I will beg him, Zhang Lao, you are my savior!”

Zhang Qingyun looked at Qian Feiyu helplessly, and said: “You should do it yourself in the future. Without further ado, let’s go down and see if he is gone.”

Qian Feiyu quickly put on his clothes and walked out with Zhang Qingyun.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoyue stood in front of Wiliam.

She watched Wiliam sit on the sofa calmly, and the anger in her heart burned.

Really shameless!

Actually guarding here!

“Ahem!” Zhang Xiaoyue coughed deliberately when she saw Wiliam’s eyes open.

Wiliam opened his eyes to see Zhang Xiaoyue, and closed his eyes again.

Zhang Xiaoyue is even more angry!

She is the future star of Q City ( Qena City ) anyway, so many people are crying and crying to meet her.

Now, a trash, dare to be so rude!

She stepped on high heels with one foot and stomped directly on the table in front of him.


Wiliam didn’t open his eyes.

“Hmph, don’t pretend to me here, there are no outsiders here. Tell me your terms.” Zhang Xiaoyue lowered her voice and said angrily.

She knew that Wiliam’s hand made it clear that he was going to sell it, and blackmailed her with the incident just now.

But Wiliam shook his head and said, “I’m not interested in taking care of you, so you can do it for yourself.”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s eyebrows are upside down!

Not threatening me, that is, threatening money!

Yes, this kid is very smart!

Know that money is always rich.


“Believe it or not, I can make you disappear from Q City ( Qena City ) with one word!” Zhang Xiaoyue threatened viciously.

Wiliam’s face was calm, and there was no answer.

Zhang Xiaoyue was so angry that she kicked the table, but with an ouch, she kicked off her high-heeled shoes.

The fire in her heart is burning like crazy!

Okay, this kid doesn’t even get in!

Sure enough, there is no fear!

Zhang Xiaoyue’s kick made several people notice her.

Her heart trembled.

Damn it, this kid is expected to be afraid to treat him in public!

She felt a sense of suffocation as Luohan punched the cotton.

It! Unlucky for my old lady!

She took out a stack of money from her bag and threw it in front of Wiliam, “Take the money, delete the secretly photographed photos, and get out of here!”

“Your money, I am too dirty, you go, I don’t want to say it the third time.” Wiliam said with a calm expression.

Zhang Xiaoyue suddenly shouted, “Damn! Are you too young? Do you know that this is fifty thousand yuan! Enough for you to spend a year!”

At this time, two hurried footsteps came over.

Qian Feiyu was the first to see Zhang Xiaoyue and immediately said in amazement: “Xiao Zhang, why are you here?”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s face became stiff, and she immediately turned into a wronged little woman. She pointed to Wiliam and said, “Mr. Qian, I just came down to relax. I didn’t think I was being slapped by this guy again! Look at him, first I want to hook up with money. I, I didn’t, he came hard and broke my high heels.”

Seeing the money on the table and Zhang Xiaoyue’s broken high heels, Qian Feiyu looked at Wiliam’s eyes suddenly with anger, “Okay you bastard! You are really shameless by giving you a face, isn’t it? Security! The security!”

After hearing the surrounding security, they walked over immediately.

“Throw him out for me! This dog thing!” Qian Feiyu scolded.

The security guard knew Qian Feiyu’s identity and immediately walked towards Wiliam.

But at this time, Zhang Qingyun caught up from behind.

When he saw Wiliam, he immediately called out, “Little genius doctor! I rely on! What are you doing! Don’t stop!”

When Qian Feiyu heard Zhang Qingyun say this, although at a loss, he stopped the security.

Zhang Xiaoyue on the side immediately quit, she put her arms around Qian Feiyu’s hand and said coquettishly: “Mr. Qian, you have to vent your anger for others.”

Qian Feiyu’s face suddenly changed.

This is a public place!

If it’s for people to take pictures, he still wants to mix it up!

This big brainless little bitch!

“Xiao Zhang, you go back first, I’ll call you at night. Obedient.” Qian Feiyu didn’t dare to get angry at Zhang Xiaoyue because he was still worried about Zhang Xiaoyue’s appearance.

But the commands in the words are enough.

Zhang Xiaoyue glanced at Wiliam angrily, “Good luck! Let’s go and see!”

After she finished speaking, she limply walked outside.

“Lao Zhang, do you know this kid?” Qian Feiyu asked.

But Zhang Qingyun stepped forward and bowed to say hello, “Mr. Lu Xiao, we meet again.”

Hearing this, Qian Feiyu’s head bounced!

doctor Lu.!

He is actually the little genius doctor whom Zhang Qingyun has just admired.

how can that be!

How old is he!

The hair grows together, but there is nothing!

Besides, didn’t he just come over to dig Li Chunfeng’s toad!

How could it be a little genius doctor!

“Lao Zhang, are you sure he is the little genius doctor?” Qian Feiyu felt that he had been deceived, and his words became cold.

Zhang Qingyun nodded and told the previous story.

When Qian Feiyu heard this, he suddenly sneered.

“In other words, you have seen him use acupuncture once. Not only does he not have a medical license, but he also has no other medical history? And as far as I know, your Chinese medicine is not an encyclopedia, right? He specializes in surgery, does he It will depend on my illness?” Qian Feiyu immediately caught a few loopholes based on business thinking.

Zhang Qingyun was also stunned at this question.

His intuitive feeling for Wiliam is that his silver needle technique is powerful.

As for other things, Zhang Qingyun knew nothing.

Seeing that Zhang Qingyun was asked to stop, Qian Feiyu’s face suddenly pulled down, “Old Zhang, I know you didn’t mean to lie to me, but this kid, do you know what he did just now? He molested a woman and then wanted to dig In the corner of my company, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is my enemy. With such a corrupted character, where can the medical ethics be noble!”

Zhang Qingyun was speechless, looking at Wiliam with a guilty expression, “Mr. Lu Xiao, I am really embarrassed.”

Wiliam finally stood up slowly at this time.

He walked towards Qian Feiyu.

Qian Feiyu looked at him with disgust, “I still want to beat people in full view.”

Wiliam smiled softly, “Hit someone? Are you worthy?”

He smelled Qian Feiyu’s body again, and then said: “Deer antler, yam, eucommia, Cistanche, Polygonum multiflorum, these are the Chinese medicines you have recently taken. So you have a serious kidney disease, it’s a pity…”

“It’s okay to eat indiscriminately. If the medicine is wrong, it is terrible…”

“This is the second side we have seen, and it should be the last.”

“Call your family to prepare for the funeral tonight.”

Chapter 119 God’s Husband

After Wiliam finished speaking, Zhang Qingyun’s face changed on the spot!

What did he hear?

This Wiliam actually smelled Qian Feiyu’s body and clearly stated the Chinese medicine he was taking!

Moreover, what disease did Qian Feiyu be inferred?

This is amazing!

You know, if you smell it from a medicine jar, some experienced doctors might smell a few medicines.

However, Wiliam actually smelled directly from people?

In the human body, there are a lot of messy smells.

Moreover, after a period of time, Qian Feiyu has also eaten, the taste has long gone bad.

He can still smell it!

All of a sudden, Zhang Qingyun got goose bumps all over her body.

But at this time, Qian Feiyu sneered, “Play, you continue to play it for me! I want to see when you can play it!”

Zhang Qingyun immediately grabbed Qian Feiyu and asked in amazement: “How many medicines did he just say right?”

Qian Feiyu was full of disdain. He pointed to Wiliam and said, “Since he deliberately wants to come and get close to me, should he do the necessary homework? Besides, I caught the medicine in Q City ( Qena City ) yesterday, and he inquired it out completely. Not surprising.”

In a word, Zhang Qingyun’s face suddenly became puzzled.

Could it be that Wiliam just made an investigation behind the scenes?

But Zhang Qingyun immediately remembered something and asked Wiliam: “Mr. Lu Xiao, you just said that the medicine is wrong, what’s the matter? Mr. Qian’s kidney disease has a long history, and I have always been responsible for follow-up and review. There should be nothing wrong, right?”

Wiliam still didn’t speak, and Qian Feiyu took it over, “Ho ho, slanderous, who can’t make falsehoods? Who is Lao Zhang? He is a well-known expert in the city. Is his diagnosis wrong? And should I do it? Don’t want to be near and far, give up the famous people around, and believe in the words of a person with corrupt character? It’s a big joke!

At this time, Wiliam smiled.

He slowly said: “Everyone who has a problem with his body will emit a different smell. The smell that comes out of Mr. Qian’s body is withered and yellow, and he knows that it is poisoned by medicine. Brown blood beads will appear on his body. .”

Medicine into the heart poison?

Brown blood bead bag?

These two words made Zhang Qingyun dumbfounded.

Unheard of!

Qian Feiyu laughed loudly, “What a special brown blood bead bag, you can ask Lao Zhang, I have a pustule on my body? It’s nonsense!”

Zhang Qingyun was also confused by Wiliam’s mysterious and mysterious words.

Although he believed in Wiliam in his heart, he couldn’t believe that someone could smell such a miraculous ability to know a disease.

After Wiliam finished speaking, he knew that neither of them believed.

He suddenly took out a long live safflower with him and placed it gently on the table.

People have turned and left.

The voice floated in.

“Meeting for the third time, the price is a thousand dollars. This silver needle, when five brown blood bead packets appear on your body, pierce the smallest one in the middle to continue your life tonight.

“In addition, the daughter-in-law consultation fee will come with you an additional message. Just now, Zhang Xiaoyue, who has a wicked odor, should be suffering from a serious gynecological disease, so please do it yourself.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, the whole person had disappeared from their sight.

Only the long live safflower that was shining with a red light was left.

Zhang Qingyun was at a loss.

Wiliam clearly said that it was a serious matter.

But this kind of weird thing, ordinary people can’t believe it.

What’s more, Qian Feiyu didn’t even have the blood beads he mentioned earlier.

Hey, it seems that the little genius doctor may have misdiagnosed, after all, he is still so young.

In time, we will be able to achieve a good talk of Chinese medicine.

Unfortunately, not today.

The disappointment and regret in Zhang Qingyun’s eyes flashed away, and said to Qian Feiyu: “Then I will go back first. Don’t worry, I will go back and think for a whole night, and I will definitely think of a way to save you. Taking medicine indiscriminately.”

Qian Feiyu only believed Zhang Qingyun alone, and immediately nodded.

After Zhang Qingyun left, Qian Feiyu looked at the small silver needle on the table and couldn’t help but sneered.

He has seen too many villains in his entire life who are trying to get in and out.

This Wiliam didn’t change color even when he lied.

Unfortunately, this lie is full of loopholes.

It also costs a thousand dollars.

One thousand yuan for a broken needle?

Really consider yourself a genius doctor?

I bother!

Qian Feiyu thought, he swept the silver needle and dropped it under the table.

When Wiliam returned home, he found that Feliicity was not at home.

It was not until the evening that she returned with a tired look.

It seems that she has been carrying all the affairs recently because of the sole agency.

After she finished washing, Wiliam said concerned: “Feliicity, your body is still not fully recovered, so don’t be so tired.”

Feliicity smiled softly, “Nothing, I’m not busy with the company’s agency, I’m busy with another thing, hehe.”

After she finished speaking, she showed a mysterious and sly look.

Wiliam Yihan, “Then tell me.”

“Aren’t you very smart? Guess? I went to a place today and it was related to a herb.” Feliicity said triumphantly.

Wiliam picked up the hair dryer, and while blowing her hair gently, he said casually: “Qiqing hay?”

Feliicity’s triumphant smile stopped abruptly, and there was a hint of disbelief on her face, “How do you know!”

But when she finished speaking, she immediately covered her mouth and punched Wiliam back and said, “You’re bad! You’re arrogant!”

Wiliam fiddled with her hair and said with a smile: “When you came back just now, the high heels were covered with a kind of purple soil. You said it was a kind of herb. As far as I know, there is this in Q City ( Qena City ). The place to plant the purple flower mud should be a small village at the foot of the Ziyun Mountain in Q City ( Qena City ). That village produces the Qiqing hay that is unique to Q City ( Qena City ).”

Feliicity’s eyes widened, and he almost applauded!

But Wiliam was still talking, “And Qiqing Dry Grass happens to be the main herb of the beauty product that Genuine Care Medical Center will launch this time. As the exclusive agent, you should also know about this, so you plan to grab Renxin. Before the medical hall, all the Qiqing hay from that village was taken away, and then sold for the price, right?”

Feliicity looked at the landing leaf in disbelief.

Husband of God!

Not only inferred the herbs, but also explained the cause and effect.

Well-informed, well-founded!

Not even a chance to argue!

But her face suddenly turned red.

This was originally a little secret that Feliicity poked, as God knows.

Unexpectedly, it was unexpectedly inferred by Wiliam!

And just relying on the flower mud on my shoes…

Feliicity’s small mouth shrank, “Wiliam, go and set up a stall under the overpass to help people tell the fortune! Make sure you make money!”

Wiliam was almost defeated by Feliicity’s little wit.

Feliicity suddenly looked serious, and stared at Wiliam fiercely, “Huh! I forgot that you are a dog thief in Renxin Medical Clinic! If you don’t know it, you’re going to give a small report, and then grab hay from me If you dare to do this, the couple won’t do it!”

Chapter 120

Wiliam Yihan, as for?

Can’t do it for some herbal couples?

“Don’t worry, I won’t talk about it.” Wiliam said in his mouth, but thought in his heart, this Qiqing hay is a kind of medicine unique to Q City ( Qena City ), and this medicinal herb is extremely valuable.

In the future, I have time to develop some of this herb, which is more valuable than the Cordyceps on the market.

Feliicity then comfortably enjoyed Wiliam’s gentle blowing of her hair, “Huh, just know, we are on the same bed.”

Wiliam pulled his face, “This is a bad word, one is on the bed and the other is under the bed.”

Feliicity glared at Wiliam, “Blow your hair well, don’t be mean.”

Then she started playing with her mobile phone.

While playing, she suddenly looked at Wiliam with a depressed look, “Wiliam, today Li Chunfeng asked me to chat on WeChat for a whole day.”

Wiliam heard, “That’s not right, don’t you like her?”

Feliicity suddenly became even more depressed, “But she seemed to have some resentment in her heart, and she held me to vomit for a whole day! I can’t stand it anymore! I provoke her again.”

Wiliam’s heart stunned!

He immediately thought that after Li Chunfeng knew that he had been shamed by his hand today, he felt resentful.

Then she couldn’t tell herself, so she vented all the depression to her wife.

Li Chunfeng, Li Chunfeng!

One person to do things, one person!

Why are you looking for my wife to complain!

Is this interesting!

Seeing that Wiliam suddenly said nothing, Feliicity continued to say with a bitter expression: “She seems to have an enemy who doesn’t share the sky, but I asked her, she didn’t say who she was? Otherwise, I can help her out. Take revenge.”

Wiliam shook his hand, pretending to be calm, “You still ignore her in the future.”

Feliicity was about to nod her head when suddenly the mobile phone information came.

Feliicity took a look and handed it to Wiliam, “Hey, she’s here. Hey, strange, how did she invite me into a group chat?”

Wiliam stretched his head and saw that his whole body was hairy.

The name of this group chat is “Zhou Zufen Team”.

You can imagine who created this group chat with your toes.

The whole world is most eager to plan their ancestral graves. Who else is Melissa?

Wiliam hurriedly said, “Don’t add the boring group, they are just a group of neuroses.”

Feliicity glanced at Wiliam suspiciously.

How could my husband, who was wise to fly all over the sky, suddenly become a dog!

There must be monsters abnormal!

As long as Wiliam is afraid, he must do it!

Based on this principle, Feliicity secretly joined the group chat.

She told Wiliam to stop, and then held a torrent of bad water next to her to chat.

There were originally only three people in the group.

One is called “shovel picker”.

One is called “Shovel Carrier”.

There is also a “digger”.

Neatly arranged a small configuration of ancestral graves.

Feliicity chuckled when she saw these screen names.

so fun.

These people are going to plan their ancestral graves, it’s so interesting.

Li Chunfeng’s online name is “Digger”, and she shouted in the group: “Welcome new members, suggest changing your name.”

Feliicity thought for a while, and changed her name casually.

Come on.

The name was changed, and the three people inside all swept a row of applauding emojis.

“Whose ancestral grave are you going to plan?” Feliicity asked curiously.

“One is called Xiao Wang Ba Zi,” the one with the shovel said.

Feliicity applauded in seconds, “Then I will help you cheer.”

She thought it was just a Tucao group, except for Li Chunfeng, everyone else should be netizens, so there was no pressure to chat inside.

The group suddenly shook up, “It’s great that you can applaud and cheer. We need someone who understands righteousness and righteousness like you.”

“It’s easy to talk!” Feliicity heard the overtones and made a fist expression.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity from the sidelines and snickered after a short while, and his hair came out.

There is always an ominous premonition.

And when Wiliam’s hair was standing upside down, one of them was unhappy.

After Zhang Xiaoyue was persuaded by Qian Feiyu to leave, she was holding her mobile phone, waiting for him to make an appointment tonight.

But now Qian Feiyu hasn’t made any calls.

She couldn’t help but take the initiative to call Qian Feiyu.

At this moment, Qian Feiyu was worried because of his illness. How could he have the intention of meeting this woman, so he just refused.

Zhang Xiaoyue’s tone suddenly became bad.

Qian Feiyu didn’t want to die, and wanted to say that if she gets better in the future, this woman can still have fun.

So he comforted: “Little baby, don’t worry, I have something tonight, don’t worry, I promise, I will definitely hold you in the future, who makes you a boring little fairy.”

Zhang Xiaoyue felt better when she heard Qian Feiyu’s pledge.

After hanging up the phone, Qian Feiyu was about to take a bath.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a violent sting in his heart!

His cold sweat broke out on the spot!

He had also suffered from heart tingling before, but after taking the medicine, he recovered immediately.

He thought it was his overwork that caused the arrhythmia, and immediately went to look for medicine with trembling hands.

After eating a white pill, only a minute later, he felt so sting in his heart.

Qian Feiyu’s heart finally let go.

It seems that it should not be too late for my illness. I hope the elders can come up with something tonight.

He was about to take a shower again, when he suddenly stiffened!

The sting just now, like a roar of mountains and seas, pierced like crazy!

As if to pierce his whole person!

He trembled all over!

He stretched out his hand to press his heart.

But with this press, there was a look of horror on his face!

What he pressed was not what he said!


A few particles with very clear texture!

He didn’t believe in evil and immediately opened his clothes and looked at his heart!

At this look, the whole person’s head bounced!

I saw the smooth heart before, now neatly, hanging five pussies that look terrifying!

It seems to have appeared out of thin air!

These five pustules, the pus and blood inside are visible to the naked eye!

It’s brown!

what is this!

His whole hands and feet are cold!

A violent sting came out of his heart again, he almost fainted after being stabbed like this!

Am i going to die?

Am i going to die?

For the first time, Qian Feiyu felt that death was so close to him!

He reached out to grab the phone, but his hand was shaking violently.

The phone was in his hand, and he was dropped to the ground.

The pain is like a stormy sea, wave after wave, madness hit!

It seemed that he was about to overthrow his little life like a lone boat.

He looked at the five brown pustules with despair on his face.

But at this moment, suddenly inexplicable, a sentence appeared in his head.

This silver needle, when five brown blood bead packets appear on your body, pierce the smallest one in the middle to renew your life tonight.

Brown blood bead bag!


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