Dragon Husband Chapter 121 – 130

Chapter 121


Is this a brown blood bead bag!

Qian Feiyu, who was originally groggy, was so excited by this sudden sentence that he woke up again!

The brown blood bead bag, that Wiliam said before!

Before, I sneered at what he said!

Now, the brown blood bead bag actually appeared in his heart!

And, five!

One is not bad! Not many!

Go to the smallest one in the middle!

Silver Needle!

Silver Needle!

He had no time to think about anything anymore, and turned around to find Yinzhen.

But at this time, his face showed terrible regret!

The silver needle for renewing life was thrown away by himself!

At this moment, he was almost heartbroken in regret!

That’s a silver needle to save lives!

I was thrown away by myself!

He slapped himself severely, and forced himself to stay awake, not to pass out in the pain!

At this moment, he showed an extremely strong will to survive!

It’s not so much his own will to survive, but it’s the little silver needle that gave him the hope of life!

He stumbled out, got on the elevator, and staggered all the way to the lobby!

The people in the hall saw him sweating all over and stumbled while walking, and someone immediately wanted to help him.

“Get out of here!” He yelled and fell directly to the table in the hall!

He is like a child begging for food, frantically looking for hope of life!

He was most afraid that the silver needle was no longer under the table at the moment.

However, he was finally relieved!

That weird needle is still there!

He picked up the silver needle trembling, and at the moment he didn’t dare to hesitate anymore.

The silver needle pierced fiercely into the bag of brown blood beads in the middle.

A stinking pus, mixed with dark red blood, suddenly appeared!

The people around couldn’t help covering their necks!

But this pus, as if it can’t run out, keeps braving.

Until half of his body was contaminated by the pus of this little drop of blood.

The other four blood beads were shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the end, there were only four empty shells left.

The sharp pain in Qian Feiyu’s body was slowly receding at a tidal speed.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and returned to the room in a trance.

At this moment, there is only one figure in his mind!


Smell the taste and know the medicine!

Smell the breath to know the disease!

Unexpected prophet!

Life in the air!

At this moment, Qian Feiyu’s contempt and contempt for Wiliam was wiped out!

Instead, there is unparalleled reverence and worship!

At the same time, there are lingering fears!

If he was humiliated and disdainful to him in all manners before, no matter he was angry.

He also repayed his grievances with virtue and saved his life in the air.

If he was like an ordinary person, he would walk away at that time.

Then my life is gone!

The world’s genius doctor, do your part!

Even an old expert like Zhang Qingyun doesn’t have a good disease, he just takes a look at it!

Then leave a needle!

Magically helped myself through life and death!

At this moment, Qian Feiyu had already extremely believed that Wiliam could treat his nearly terminal illness!


Tomorrow, you must find the genius doctor Lu!

He looked at the weird silver needle shining with cold light in his hand, feeling shocked.

Things are as good as a god!

It’s hard for a daughter to buy a life extension needle!

Even if you pay a price of tens of thousands of dollars, even if you kneel on the ground and kowtow, you must beg the genius doctor Lu to save yourself!

And the next day, Wiliam left early in the morning.

Today he is going to Cangyue Media Company to formally take over as the company’s president.

Feliicity had a chat last night and is still asleep, like a pig.

Because Cangyue Media Company is not far from his home, he wore sportswear and went on running for fitness.

When he arrived at the door of the company, he slowed down because there were more cars.

At this moment, his eyes wink.

A small BMW drove towards the door at a fast speed.

Seeing that he was about to hit Wiliam, there was a scream in the car.

Fortunately, Wiliam has been practicing hard recently, and his skills are very different from before.

He stepped on the front cover of the BMW car between the flashes of lightning, and with this momentum, he fell towards the rear of the BMW.

That’s the case, when he landed, he staggered two steps before he stood firm.

At this time, a woman hurried out of the car.

When he saw this woman, Wiliam couldn’t help but frowned.

When the woman saw Wiliam, she exclaimed, “It’s you!”

The person who almost hit Wiliam was really Zhang Xiaoyue who had just met yesterday!

Zhang Xiaoyue has been in a good mood since calling Qian Feiyu yesterday.

In the past few days, under the care of Zhang Tianming, the vice president of Lunanica Company, she has a faintly rising attitude in Lunanica Company.

Last night, Qian Feiyu was asked to lay a ticket to support her.

The reason why she wanted to catch Qian Feiyu’s line was not only because Qian Feiyu was rich and powerful.

Mainly because it happened that Lunanica Company and Qian Feiyu’s company wanted to jointly develop a huge movie.

This is a big production that will spend 500 million yuan!

Now happens to be a crucial stage in the selection of actors.

Zhang Xiaoyue took the two-pronged approach, right and left, and already felt that showing his face in the movie was a certainty.

So one accidentally fell asleep late in the morning.

She was awakened by Mr. Zhang’s phone call. Mr. Zhang hurriedly said on the phone that a new president will be added to the company today.

He specially gave Zhang Xiaoyue a chance to show her face in front of the president, and prepared to let Zhang Xiaoyue go downstairs to wait for the reception.

So Zhang Xiaoyue galloped all the way in a hurry.

It was hard to imagine that when he was approaching the door, there was an ignorant person who blocked his way and kicked his BMW!

She got angry, but she walked out to find that this person who didn’t know good or bad was the Wiliam he saw yesterday!

The new hatred and the old hatred made Zhang Xiaoyue explode immediately.

She rushed directly in front of Wiliam, and shouted coldly: “You have nothing to do with it! Are you addicted to stalking? Are you deliberately seeking death!”

And Wiliam almost didn’t bother to be familiar with Zhang Xiaoyue.

But seeing that she almost hit someone, she didn’t even apologize, and her words were fierce and misleading.

Wiliam’s face became cold on the spot!

“Are you from Cangyue Media Company?” Wiliam asked coldly.

Zhang Xiaoyue sneered and said, “Hoho, pretend! I see when you pretend to be! You don’t know that I belong to Lunanica Company, will follow me here? Okay, I want to see today, what are you going to do! “

Wiliam nodded, turned around and walked into the company.

Zhang Xiaoyue grabbed him and shouted loudly: “Why do you dare to enter our company? Our company can enter with just one piece of waste?”

“I’m looking for you Mr. Zhang.” Wiliam casually squeezed her hand bones!

Zhang Xiaoyue screamed straight out of the pain.

Wiliam shook her hand coldly and walked inside again.

Where is Zhang Xiaoyue willing to give up!

She thought that Wiliam was going to stab herself at the top of her company about her date with Qian Feiyu yesterday, in order to threaten herself severely!

She stopped Wiliam, looked at the people coming and going around, and became very aggrieved!

“Okay! You are cruel! I tell you, the new president of our company is coming soon. I don’t want to mess with you at this time and place! You wait for me outside! I will come out in ten minutes and give you a satisfaction Hard work! But you must promise me not to come in to make trouble!”

Wiliam showed a cruel smile at this time, “Oh? Then do you know who your new president is?”

Chapter 122

Zhang Xiaoyue was taken aback, her entire face became hideous!

What a shameless dog!

Dare to find the new president to file a complaint!

It’s so shameless!

She was about to get angry. At this moment, a cold voice came not far away, “Xiaoyue, how did you come? Who is this person?”

Zhang Xiaoyue looked in that direction, her heart stunned!

The person here is Zhang Tianming, the vice president of Cangyue Media Company!

It was also one of the men she hooked up.

Behind Zhang Tianming, there were seven or eight company executives.

Zhang Xiaoyue’s heart shuddered, and she bit her scalp and said to Mr. Zhang who came over: “Mr. Zhang, he is an alumnus of mine and a fan of mine, and he has followed me all the way here.”

Zhang Tianming glanced at Wiliam indifferently, and said to Zhang Xiaoyue displeased: “Xiaoyue, you are becoming more and more discreet in your work! Have I ever told you, who are we going to meet in the morning?”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s face became stiff.

Although she has a leg with Zhang Tianming, Zhang Tianming still has to stand up as a vice president on the table.

She said weakly: “I am really embarrassed to know Mr. Zhang, I will drive him away now.”

With that, she looked at Wiliam.

But Wiliam didn’t mean to go a little bit.

Zhang Xiaoyue didn’t dare to completely tear her face with Wiliam in front of Zhang Tianming. She thought about it, and then she blinked at Zhang Tianming.

Zhang Tianming frowned, but still followed Zhang Xiaoyue to an awkward corner.

Zhang Xiaoyue immediately took Zhang Tianming’s arm affectionately when she saw that there was no one, and Zhang Tianming was squeezed hard at the bulge.

She aggrieved: “Mr. Zhang, don’t you know that that guy is a useless rubbish, and the toad wants to eat swan meat. He came here this time and grabbed one of my handles…”

Zhang Tianming was enjoying Zhang Xiaoyue’s beauty and asked indifferently: “What handle?”

Zhang Xiaoyue deliberately did not answer directly, but said: “My handle with a man…”

Sure enough, Mr. Zhang misunderstood all of a sudden and frowned, “We were photographed by him? Damn! Why don’t you tell me about such a big thing in advance!”

Zhang Xiaoyue looked aggrieved, “I wanted to solve it by myself, but he couldn’t get in…”

“Okay, I see, you said that guy has no background or even a job, right?” Mr. Zhang had a vicious look in his eyes.

“Yeah, I swear!” Zhang Xiaoyue had seen Wiliam’s wretchedness at the alumni meeting before, thinking that he was just a waste of food and had a job.

“Now the new president is coming soon. It must be impossible to use force. You will come with me and I will solve him personally.” Zhang Tianming said.

When the two returned to the hall, seeing that Wiliam was still there, they looked at each other.

Wiliam looked at the time and frowned.

According to the time agreed with Harper, his personal secretary should have arrived at this time.

“Hey, kid, I already know about things in general. Now, I’ll give you two choices.” Zhang Tianming looked down at the kid in sportswear in front of him, and his tone didn’t mean any politeness.

“First, the person who knows the current affairs is a handsome man. You have a good ability to follow the film. Recently, our company just hired an assistant photographer for the filming. I will give you an internship opportunity. The salary is three thousand a month.”

“The second way, I don’t know what is good or what is wrong. From now on in Q City ( Qena City ), it will be difficult to move an inch. I think since you have followed here, you should also know who I am. Think about it.”

Wiliam laughed directly after listening.

Let’s not talk about the second way.

Hire him as a follow-up photographer, or an assistant? Or an internship?

Three thousand salary a month?


Zhang Tianming saw Wiliam smile, and then smiled.

To deal with this kind of shameless and profit-only kid, the only way to deal with this kind of shameless kid is to use softness to overcome rigidity and recruit security.

Now, a small position can make him so happy.

Boy, boy, do you know, why I asked you to come in?

Really think, I want to promote you to appreciate you?

Ho ho, I am giving alms to a stray dog.

I asked you to come in to avenge myself!

Dare to take pictures of me and Zhang Xiaoyue, I’m tired of life!

“How is it? You should know that our Cangyue Media Company has beautiful women and many stars. How many people want to come in and work. This is an opportunity to get close to the goddess star, and the only opportunity is This time, I can say it all.” Zhang Tianming once again offered this beautiful beauty.

In his opinion, as long as it is a man, there is nothing unlovable.

Being able to work by the celebrity is the blessing that this kid got from his ancestral grave in his last life!

Wiliam was about to answer. At this time, a pure black Mercedes stopped at the company’s gate.

The people in the company are refreshed!

Zhang Tianming gave up Wiliam in an instant, let the security guard stare at him, and then walked towards the door with someone strode!

That was Harper, the exclusive vehicle of Wang’s personal secretary.

The secretary is here, that means the new president is also here!

“Have me humble later! Be sure to leave a good impression on the new president, don’t you know! As long as you fawn on the new president, I promise that your promotion and salary increase will not be a problem!” Zhang Tianming walked and said The people around him repeatedly explained.

He looked at Zhang Xiaoyue and said, “Xiaoyue, you will stand with me later, don’t you know if you are more sensible!”

Zhang Xiaoyue said to Zhang Tianming gratefully: “Thank you, Mr. Zhang! I will definitely seize the opportunity!”

In her heart, she was extremely excited!

Even kind of proud!

Zhang Tianming is blatantly holding her up.

Moreover, as long as I leave a good impression in front of the new president, the president is also a man…

As long as it is a man, I can’t escape from my palm!

Several people strode to the front of the Mercedes-Benz car. At this moment, a beautiful woman in a tight-fitting suit walked out of the car.

This woman is Harper’s personal secretary Janett.

“Hello, Secretary Qin!” Zhang Tianming and others bowed their heads to say hello.

Although Janett is only a secretary, she is by Harper’s side.

Therefore, these people must respect Janett.

Janett nodded and asked, “Is the president here?”

Zhang Tianming was taken aback.

He still wants to ask Janett about this question.

“Is the President coming with you?” Zhang Tianming asked.

Janett’s brows suddenly frowned. It stands to reason that the president has already arrived.

What happened to Zhang Tianming? Did you receive someone?

Where will the president be?

Janett couldn’t help looking around.

Finally, she fixed her gaze on a person in the hall, and then, in disbelief from everyone, she pushed aside everyone and strode towards that person!

“President Lu!”

Chapter 123 Haoyue is not with the dust

Janett had seen Wiliam in Harper’s family before.

So she recognized at a glance, the person who was kept under the watch of the two security guards was absolutely Wiliam, whom Harper highly valued!

She frowned as she walked.

And the people behind her were stunned just now, they didn’t hear what Janett had just called.

When they saw Janett walking towards Wiliam, they all panicked.

Especially Zhang Tianming and Zhang Xiaoyue, their faces turned pale!

They all thought that Wiliam would definitely inform Secretary Qin.

Zhang Tianming bit his scalp, rushed in front of Janett, and said to Wiliam fiercely: “Why are you still not getting out! Didn’t you see Secretary Qin going in!”

Wiliam did not speak.

Zhang Tianming’s heart was lifted, and he continued to shout: “You are looking for death?”

At this time, Janett came over and asked in a cold voice: “Mr. Zhang, what is going on! I need you to give me a reasonable explanation!”

Janett was referring to the fact that a group of them despised Wiliam.

But Zhang Tianming misunderstood.

He hurriedly said to Janett: “Secretary Qin, don’t take it to heart. This guy is just an incompetent waste. I really want to give him a chance to hire him into the company as a photographer’s assistant. I don’t think of him. The dog bit Lu Dongbin and didn’t know good people. I kindly fed the dog.”

After he explained, he didn’t notice Janett’s face changed on the spot.

He turned his head and said fiercely towards Wiliam: “Boy, the god-given opportunity just now isn’t there, let’s go! You just kneel down and beg me, I won’t give you any more opportunities.”

“Security, blast him out!”

Zhang Tianming decided to cut the mess with a sharp knife and get him out before Wiliam had time to inform!

But at this time, a sneer suddenly sounded.


Janett stood in front of Zhang Tianming, laughing very coldly.

She is so charming, but when she laughs at this moment, it makes people feel all hairs.

“Mr. Zhang, let me repeat the words you just said. You let him go? You call him a dog, incompetent waste? Are you giving him a charity? You want him to kneel down and beg you?” Janett The voice was also cold to the bone.

Zhang Tianming couldn’t help but shiver, and said, “Secretary Qin, let’s go to the door to meet the new president first? It’s not necessary to miss us to welcome the president because of a mess.”

At this time, he saw Janett suddenly walking in front of Wiliam.

She pointed her finger at Wiliam and said to Zhang Tianming and others: “Then you can listen well, the dog in your eyes is the new president of Cang Yue Media Company! Mr. Lu!”

“I don’t know what happened just now! But what you said to Mr. Lu just now, Mr. Zhang, I will leave it as it is and report to Mr. Wang!”

The scene, deathly silence!

Everyone looked at this young man in sportswear in disbelief with no trace of pride!

He is actually the new president of Lunanica Company!

It is also the big man they will humbly welcome in the morning!

Zhang Tianming’s entire face is green!

President Lu…

He is President Lu!

What I said to him just now!

It’s just looking for death!

As Mr. Lu, who is more than ten thousand people, he wants to give him a charity and give him a job with a monthly salary of 3,000!

Have a blind eye!

He was so frightened that his whole body trembled. If these words reach the ears of the old man, his future will be ruined! It’s hard to walk in Q City ( Qena City )!


How could I say such a rebellious thing!

He thought, suddenly turned around and slapped Zhang Xiaoyue’s face with a slap!

All these stinky girls!

Teme also vowed to me that he has no identity background and no job!

She is still her brain fan!

He is the new president who is aloof!

This is called work without background!

The president is a fan of you?

Who is it?

Today I will be killed by this little bitch!

And Zhang Xiaoyue on the side was already sluggish.

She looked at Wiliam, who was indifferent, transformed from a trash to an unattainable president!

This huge identity gap made her completely dumbfounded!

He is actually the president!

How can it be!

At the alumni meeting before, I gave him instructions and he didn’t dare to say a word! Very useless!

Would such a person be the president!

What a joke!

It wasn’t until she was slapped and half of her face became swollen that she was so excited that she had to believe that the scene before her was real, not a dream!


A chill suddenly hit Zhang Xiaoyue’s body.

All sorts of grudges and grievances came to mind.

At the alumni meeting, I dismissed him and spoke badly!

Yesterday, I slandered him in every way and turned black and white!

Even, he even took out fifty thousand yuan to buy him!

Just now, the president, he was almost hit by his own car!

Not only did he not apologize, but instead raked in!

All kinds of grievances, everything is sinful!

He didn’t want to sneak a photo of himself for extortion!

On the contrary, he said many times that he was not inferior and he didn’t reply.

It’s not that he dare not!

But he doesn’t bother at all!

Canglong does not fight with snakes!

Haoyue is not the same as the dust!

I’m so blind!

Offended such a terrible boss!

“Mr. Lu, I’m really sorry, I was blind, I am not a human! I apologize to you!” Mr. Zhang suddenly walked up to Wiliam, his body was ninety degrees, and he kept bowing and apologizing.

However, Wiliam was cold-eyed and didn’t make any sense.

He just said to Janett displeasedly: “Secretary Qin, you are late.”

Janett’s face became stiff, and she explained helplessly: “I’m really sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road just now.”

“This is not an example.” Wiliam said calmly.

“Hmm, I won’t do it next time.” Janett said respectfully.

Seeing that Secretary Qin, who has always been aloof, is still polite to Wiliam, everyone is dumbfounded again!

Cangyue Media Company is just a company under Mr. Wang.

Although Janett is not high-ranking, but his status is extremely high.

Even if the president of Lunanica Company met Janett before, he had to be polite.

But now, Wiliam is not polite, and Janett is actually only a promise.

It’s a world-shaking!

What is this sacred President Lu?

And Janett also had misery in her heart.

She can become Wang’s secretary, naturally Qiqiao Linglongxin.

At Wang’s house, she saw with her own eyes that Elder Wang was polite to this little guy.

This kind of politeness is not commercial politeness, but humility in identity!

Janett would naturally treat Wiliam respectfully.

“Mr. Lu, the two of them are very disrespectful to you. What do you plan to do with this matter? Or do you need me to deal with it?” Janett said to Wiliam.

Zhang Xiaoyue and Zhang Tianming trembled!



After all, you have to pay a heavy price for your own dog’s eyes.

Chapter 124

Wiliam glanced at the two people in front of him.

To be honest, he really didn’t care about the humiliation that these two people put on him.

However, both of them have problems with their character, which is questionable.

Wiliam pondered for a moment, and said, “Leave one of the two, you can choose for yourself.”

In a word, the eyes of the people at the scene were widened!

Keep one of the two!

What does it mean!

It’s not that the two are fighting together, showing that they are determined to kill!

It’s not that the two stayed together, showing their magnanimity!

The new president chose the path that seemed the most hesitant.

Why is that?

Is it to let them, who were originally embarrassed, kill each other on the spot!

How ruthless!

At this time, Janett glanced at Wiliam deeply!

Good means!

On the surface, what everyone saw was Wiliam’s sinister and viciousness, or hesitation.

However, Janett thought carefully and was terrified!

Cangyue Media Company has been in business for decades.

The internal staff is messy and confusing.

The network of relationships and factions is even more complicated.

Originally, Janett looked at Wiliam at such a young age, and she was totally embarrassed by the task.

Now the first fire of this new official took office, but it seemed that it was not burned in the Cangyue Media Company, but in Janett’s heart!

Remaining one of the two, through the surface, it conveys a more terrifying information!

The two are one by one, which means he has the courage to change the old and new!

It is even more shocking to keep one of the two!

Knowing that neither of them are good things, I dare to leave one behind!

It can’t be said that he has no fear of this wolfish ambition!

This just demonstrates his unparalleled self-confidence!

A pack of wolves, no matter how fierce it is!

Don’t fight with tigers!

Dare to fight with the dragon!

This is what Wiliam wants to say!

very scary!

The few present are all old rivers and lakes who have been in the business district for decades.

They pondered carefully, and suddenly all looked at Wiliam in amazement.

Understand Wiliam’s courage and confidence!

At this time, an extremely ugly scene appeared on the court.

Zhang Xiaoyue’s face turned pale, she knelt in front of Wiliam, and kept kowtow, tears streaming down her face!

“Mr. Lu, I was wrong! I shouldn’t look down on you! Would you let me stay, OK? I promise I will be a good person and do things well in the future.”

Zhang Xiaoyue has a feeling of despair.

Her career has just started!

It will be ruined now!

In other words, all of her previous efforts to greet each other have been in vain!

She is not reconciled!

But Wiliam didn’t speak, but Zhang Tianming stomped against Zhang Xiaoyue viciously.

“What do you mean! Do you want me to leave! Zhang Xiaoyue! Believe it or not, I will kill you now!”

The two who were intimate before, turned against each other in an instant for personal gain!

Everyone who saw this scene was dumbfounded.

Isn’t this the so-called people who do not die for themselves?

But some people have a kind of happiness in their hearts!

This Zhang Xiaoyue, relying on Zhang Tianming’s enmity and enmity in the company these past few days, has been arrogant in the company, and has not put other high-level officials in the eye!

Everyone was daring to be angry before speaking.

Seeing her as a bereavement dog now, I feel so happy.

And Zhang Tianming, who has been domineering in the company for more than ten years, is also time to slap him and wake up.

Several senior executives suddenly began to admire Wiliam a little.

This hand, relieve your breath!

Zhang Xiaoyue was kicked to the ground. Seeing Wiliam’s indifferent silence, the anger that had been suppressed in her heart suddenly erupted!

She first grabbed Zhang Tianming crazy!

Zhang Tianming’s face was instantly scratched with blood from her sharp nails!

Zhang Xiaoyue seemed to be mad, and she said without a word: “Good, you a dog! You pleased me in every way when you were in bed! Now you don’t recognize people! Are you still human!

In a word, Zhang Tianming’s face was stiff!

The shameful act between them was stabbed out!

“You fart! Get out of me!” Zhang Tianming was also angry, and his round body rushed towards Zhang Xiaoyue!

Zhang Xiaoyue has completely lost control. She laughed grimly and said, “Why? After eating and wiping out, she turned her face and didn’t recognize anyone? Okay, then I’ll tell you again. I didn’t tell you before, Mr. Lu ran into me. Is it about dating a man haha? Do you really think that man is you? You think too much! It’s not you at all! It’s another man, hahahaha! Now you feel better!”

There was deathly silence.

Everyone looked at Zhang Tianming with pitying eyes, as if his head was already green.

After Zhang Tianming listened, his nose was crooked with anger!

This bitch!

He was carrying other men behind his back!

What a lie to yourself!

Today I offended Mr. Lu because of this incident. I don’t even think of it as a lie in the end!

Even though I was wearing a green hat, I was also offended by this bitch playing with President Lu!

Thinking of this, he opened his mouth and bit at Zhang Xiaoyue!

Seeing that they were ugly, Wiliam shook his head, turned and walked towards the company, “Relevant people, wait, come in with me for the meeting. If you don’t, please security guards to clear them out, embarrassing.”

Everyone immediately followed Wiliam’s footsteps.

A group of security guards rushed over immediately and separated Zhang Tianming and Zhang Xiaoyue.

Zhang Tianming was covered with scars, but immediately followed Wiliam’s footsteps.

And Zhang Xiaoyue stared at Wiliam viciously at this time and shouted: “You bastard! You stop me!”

Wiliam stopped and looked back.

Zhang Xiaoyue was full of hideous expressions, and screamed frantically: “You really thought that you would drive me away, so I have no way to gain a foothold! Hoho! You underestimated me Zhang Xiaoyue! No mother here! There is a place to stay!

“I’ve found my next home long ago! And I will definitely come back! You wait for me! I will break your body into pieces!”

The security had rushed over again and pulled Zhang Xiaoyue out.

And Zhang Xiaoyue stood at the door, the evil spirits could not be calmed!

What she said just now was not cruel!

It’s not about face!

The second is she can!

She dare!

Wiliam, if you are unrighteous to me, I will kill you!

Isn’t it just the president of Lunanica Company?

I am afraid that you will not succeed!

Thinking of this, she took out her phone and called Qian Feiyu!

All her support lies on Qian Feiyu.

Qian Feiyu promised to support her, so she was unscrupulous and completely turned against Lunanica Company just now!

Qian Feiyu is about to cooperate with Lunanica Company recently, as long as Qian Feiyu allows himself to play an important role in the movie!

At that time, I will see whose face is hit!

“Ms. Qian, where are you?” Zhang Xiaoyue calmed down her anger and said softly to the phone.

On the phone, Qian Feiyu’s eager voice came, “I have something.”

“President Qian, I would like to ask you to help, that Wiliam…” Zhang Xiaoyue said.

But Qian Feiyu immediately interrupted, “Wiliam? Where is Wiliam?”

Qian Feiyu’s voice is very excited!

Zhang Xiaoyue said suspiciously: “I’m in my company.”

“I’ll go over immediately, you wait for me!” Qian Feiyu hung up the phone!

And Zhang Xiaoyue showed a bit of resentment smile!

Qian always has to come personally to support himself!

Chapter 125: Zhang Xiaoyue’s Rampant Domination

Qian Feiyu was confused all night last night. When he got up early in the morning, he was going crazy looking for Wiliam!

He didn’t know where Wiliam gave him yesterday.

Just as he was dimmed, he received a call from Zhang Xiaoyue.

Qian Feiyu became excited when she heard Zhang Xiaoyue say that Wiliam was on her side.


Doctor Lu!

Whatever you say today, you have to beg the genius doctor Lu to treat yourself!

He hung up the phone in a hurry and headed towards Lunanica Company.

And Zhang Xiaoyue, who had finished hanging up the phone, seemed to be relieved of the vital burden.

She exhaled heavily, raised her head, and looked at the company’s huge “Cang Yue”.

Once upon a time, this company was an unattainable holy place for a wild star like Zhang Xiaoyue.

Until she joined the company, she was still trembling and restless every day.

Now, after a complete break with the company, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Cangyue Media Company!

If you don’t treat my old mother as a human being, my old mother will still step on your head!

And that bastard named Wiliam!

Dare to humiliate me so!

Now, my money is always coming!

Didn’t you Lunanica Company ask him for it!

Then I will let you company in a while!

Especially you!

Ask me!

I still ignore it!

See who it is today, the last laugh!

At this moment, in the conference room of Lunanica Company, Wiliam was sitting at the top.

Janett sat down next to him.

The rest are divided into their left and right positions according to their positions.

There were about ten people present.

Wiliam looked around and asked, “There is no one, right?”

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, each of them looks a little embarrassed.

At this time, the middle-aged Yixie stood up bitterly and said, “I told Sister Gu today, but she said she was okay, so she won’t come.”

Sister Gu?

Wiliam frowned.

The man immediately explained: “It’s Gu Zhiling.”

Ancient Ling.

The name Wiliam has heard of it.

She should be the most famous local star in Q City ( Qena City ).

Also the top star of Lunanica Company.

In the past few years, it became famous, but in the past few years it seems a bit outdated.

The people below are also whispering.

“What’s the matter with Sister Gu? Isn’t it because the new president doesn’t give up any face?”

“She, who can look at it? She is said to have a hard background.”

“Don’t talk about the new president, the entire Lunanica Company, it is estimated that Mr. Wang can call her.

“I heard that she used some power privately. This time she invested in the big movie with Hanlan Media, she is very likely to appear in the female number one. This performance will definitely become popular again. Who dares to offend her? ?”

Wiliam listened to these people’s words.

Just didn’t say anything.

Wiliam looked at Janett.

Janett understood and said, “As you can see, this President Lu is the new president of our Cangyue Media Company. Next, I will convey his two words on behalf of Mr. Wang.”

“The first sentence is that Mr. Lu’s identity is quite special and I hope everyone will keep it confidential and not spread it out!”

Everyone was taken aback.

Can’t tell the identity of this president?

what’s going on?

Is there such a shame?

Janett continued: “The second sentence is that Mr. Lu will work in our company for one year. During this year, I hope everyone will cooperate sincerely and achieve great results.”

After hearing this, everyone’s faces showed weird looks.

One year…

Why are there such weird regulations?

However, some people contacted the first sentence just now and immediately responded.

This new president will not be a rough president, right?

It should have been some means to bribe the elder Wang, who came to Lunanica Company as the president for a year.

Otherwise, why didn’t Wang Elder dared to tell the world about this matter, and instead chose to silence everything.


Everyone is in a mixed business circle, and it’s no surprise that this kind of gilding is not a problem.

Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming glanced at Wiliam quietly, and his eyes showed disdain again.

I thought He Fang was sacred, it turned out to be a idiot that even Mr. Wang would not admit.

Ho ho, one year time!

It’s a commodity that doesn’t even know where he will be in a year.

Such a person, I was actually bluffed by him just now?

Isn’t it a year?

Not to mention that within a year, Lao Tzu and Lao Tzu’s subordinates will not convince you!

Even if one year is up, at that time, if you are dingy and fucking, we will have revenge and redress!

Zhang Tianming thought, his face showed a false smile.

It seems that the victory is in hand.

“Okay, you don’t need to report to me in the company’s daily life. I will always check with Secretary Qin about the situation. What is the most important thing about the company recently?” Wiliam asked casually.

At this time, Janett glanced at Wiliam in surprise.

This kid is quite rigid.

The character is so rigid!

I’m Mr. Wang’s secretary!

Are you so casually calling?

Does it fit?

But in front of so many people, Janett did not express this grievance on the spot.

Zhang Tianming immediately took Wiliam’s question and said, “Mr. Lu, the biggest thing about the company recently should be Mr. Qian who has been in contact with Hanlan Media Co., Ltd. for a while. Our two are going to invest in making a big movie. Now. Because the investment ratio and revenue sharing issues are still under negotiation.”

Hanlan Media Company?

Isn’t this the company of Li Chunfeng, or the fat company of Qian Feiyu?

Wiliam thought of this, closed his eyes, and thought otherwise.

Zhang Tianming continued to report, seeing Wiliam closing his eyes unexpectedly, his eyes couldn’t help but joking.

It turns out that he is a guy who doesn’t even understand business, right?

After that, it will be fun.

See if I can play with you in the company!

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoyue, who was waiting anxiously at the door of Lunanica Company, finally waited for Qian Feiyu, who was breathing heavily.

She stepped up and took Qian Feiyu’s arm and exclaimed affectionately: “Mr. Qian, you are finally here.”

“Where is Wiliam! Take me to find him!” Qian Feiyu took a deep breath and said with a flushed face.

Seeing Qian Feiyu so eager to find Wiliam to avenge herself, Zhang Xiaoyue felt very happy!

This fat guy is still useful!

Wiliam, Wiliam, you will feel better next time!

“He is in our company, let’s go.” Zhang Xiaoyue took Qian Feiyu’s hand.

Qian Feiyu moved in his footsteps, and suddenly took it back. He looked at the word “Cangyue” and said in deep thought, “I was in a critical period of negotiations with Lunanica Company recently. As my identity, I am afraid that I may cause you to enter rashly now. Misunderstanding. In this way, you ask Wiliam out for me, just say I’m waiting at the door.”

Zhang Xiaoyue thought about it too.

It’s just that Mr. Qian came to support himself and vent his anger. Then, who is Lunanica Company, who am I afraid of!


Therefore, Zhang Xiaoyue held her head high and came to the door of the meeting room with a proud face, kicked the meeting room fiercely!

Chapter 126

The people in the conference room were quietly waiting for the instructions of the new president.

Suddenly heard a loud noise at the door, everyone was taken aback.

Turning his head, he saw Zhang Xiaoyue with an arrogant face, and those high-level officials were all angry.

“Zhang Xiaoyue! You are crazy! You dare to kick the door!”

“I think you don’t want to hang out in Q City ( Qena City ), right?”

“She must have been driven away by our company, and she was upset, so she came to retaliate!”

“Call the security guard and throw her out.”

Seeing everyone’s angry eyes, Zhang Xiaoyue’s heart was filled with happiness!

The more angry you are, the happier I will be!

Usually one by one, isn’t it all on top!

Isn’t it all arrogant to me?

Did I get scolded for a bit of something wrong?

Now continue to curse!

I let you curse!

When the money comes out, you will know you are crying!

Zhang Tianming looked deeply at the woman who put a hat on herself, stood up, walked up to him, and said evilly: “What are you going to do!”

Zhang Xiaoyue raised her head and looked at Zhang Tianming, who was ugly in front of her.

She just feels sick!

In order to welcome this ugly monster before, I really don’t know how much grievance I held back!


Zhang Tianming aloft, now in his own eyes, it is nothing more than that!

She pushed Zhang Tianming away, and said arrogantly: “Please get out of the way, thank you! I’m not here to find you! I’m here to find you, it’s that brat.”

Zhang Xiaoyue pointed to Wiliam and hooked him.

Janett’s face suddenly became cold, “Is this the scene of Lunanica Company?”

Zhang Tianming was so scared that he was so excited!

If Janett read the joke, tell Wang Laoyi about the situation…

He appeared in front of Zhang Xiaoyue again and whispered: “What on earth do you want to do! Do you want to ruin the money! Can’t I give you as much as you want!”

Zhang Xiaoyue suddenly sneered.


I am now with Qian Feiyu.

A great husband who can make me angry!

With him, why would I be afraid of no money!

What I want now is dignity!

It’s the dignity that you just trampled on without mercy!

She looked at Wiliam and said, “You, come out with me, someone wants to show you some color! That person’s surname is Qian.”

She said very vaguely.

Because she knew that Wiliam must understand.

Total money!

Cangyue’s largest partner recently.

It is also the target of Lunanica Company’s song and greet!

Even if Wiliam is the president of Lunanica Company, so what!

When money always appears, how dare Wiliam not bow his head!

Forgive him for not being disobedient!

“Which money manager?” Zhang Tianming asked, “Are we Lu always able to see a cat or dog?”

But at this time, a smile appeared on the corner of Wiliam’s mouth.

Chief Qian, Feiyu Qian.

It can be regarded as coming.

It’s a pity, this guide is a bit blind.

“Hurry up with me! Dare to delay, you will suffer!” Zhang Xiaoyue urged Wiliam.

Wiliam slowly stood up in the blank eyes of everyone.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

The hearts of everyone were suddenly raised.

Who did Zhang Xiaoyue look for?

Could it threaten President Lu?

Janett frowned, but did not speak.

Zhang Xiaoyue watched Lu Yefu softly with satisfaction, and walked outside with high heels.

And watching Wiliam follow out, Zhang Tianming finally showed a blatant mocking smile.

This President Lu is really a mess.

He didn’t dare to resist any threats, so he obediently followed out.

It shows that he usually doesn’t have the aura of a superior.

It’s really sad.

Zhang Xiaoyue was in a great mood all the way.

Next, it depends on how I bully people!

See how I take the dignity that was crushed just now, one bite at a time!

Feed you a wolf-hearted dog!

The two came together in front of Qian Feiyu.

Qian Feiyu looked at Wiliam with joy!

He just wanted to bow to his head to thank him for saving his life last night.

But at this time, he suddenly heard Zhang Xiaoyue’s voice rising, referring to Wiliam Gao Gao said: “In front of President Qian, kneel down on me! Knocking your head to me! Otherwise, President Qian will never spare you today! Your company’s cooperation, too That’s it!”

Qian Feiyu was completely confused.

what’s the situation?

When Zhang Xiaoyue saw Wiliam moving, her expression was indifferent, and the anger in her heart rose.

She took the initiative to hold Mr. Qian’s arm and said viciously to Wiliam: “Don’t you dare to kneel and I will finish with you today! Don’t forget, your company still asks for money!”

“Oh? Really? President Qian, it’s you, let me kneel?” Wiliam suddenly said to the dull Qian Feiyu.

Qian Feiyu fought a cold war out of thin air!



Who is kneeling?

Zhang Xiaoyue next to him was still gently pushing Mr. Qian, motioning Mr. Qian to put pressure on this stinky boy.

Money is always pushed like this, and a wave of nameless anger burns!

He directly raised his hand and slapped Zhang Xiaoyue’s face with a “pop”!

“Kneel you are paralyzed! Why are you kneeling down for me! You are looking for death!” Qian was always mad at this woman!

He had no idea what happened in the middle.

He is here to thank you! Thank you for your help!

He is here for medical treatment! Seeking is Supreme Doctor!

This woman is so rude to my benefactor!

That’s all!

In my name, I want my benefactor to kneel down!

This is deliberately trying to pit me to death, right?

Thinking of this, Qian always trembled with anger!

I don’t know any kind of dog stuff!

Who is so used to you!

My benefactor, can you insult?

Can I kneel to you?

Are you afraid that you don’t know how long you live!

And Zhang Xiaoyue thought that she relied on Mr. Qian’s prestige to surpass Wiliam!

Asking Wiliam to kneel down and apologize is just a trivial matter!

She even began to imagine how to humiliate Wiliam after kneeling down to vent her anger!

Until a loud slap!

The fiery pain on her face shattered all her unrealistic and beautiful fantasies!

She covered her face and looked at Mr. Qian in disbelief, “Mr. Qian, you, how are you hitting me? If you want to give this breath for me, you should hit him!”

“Hit him? I can’t kill you!” Qian Feiyu raised his hand again and slapped Zhang Xiaoyue’s face completely with two slaps.

In her heart, she was extremely frustrated!

why did you hit me!

Hit me, give me a reason anyway!

Being beaten unexplainably, it is more uncomfortable than death!

“Mr. Qian, I am your person! Why did you hit me!” Zhang Xiaoyue’s tears burst out, her tears filled with grievances.

She plunged into Qian Feiyu’s arms.

With the beauty in his arms, Qian Feiyu suddenly smelled a stench that seemed to be nothing.

Wiliam’s previous sentence suddenly appeared in his head.

That Zhang Xiaoyue, who has evil desires and stench on her body, should be suffering from a serious gynecological disease…

Chapter 127

Qian Feiyu’s face stiffened directly!

The stench of the stench, under the cover of Zhang Xiaoyue’s perfume, looked so ethereal.

But after smelling it, I felt lingering in my mind, creating a shadow!

Qian Feiyu suddenly felt that what he was holding was not a woman, but a mess of shit!

He hurriedly pushed Zhang Xiaoyue away, feeling lingering!

Really, this woman really has such a serious illness!

If it weren’t for Wiliam’s reminder, if it weren’t for the trembling himself last night.

It is really possible to be fooled by this woman.

At that time, in case I contract some disease…


Thinking of this, Qian Feiyu’s hair stood up!

He can’t be angry! I slapped it directly and did it again!

“The stinky lady, you actually want to hurt me! You are so unclean! How many men have you had a good time with! You still want to hook me up! You want to die!” Qian Feiyu scolded.

And Zhang Xiaoyue was still worried about why she was beaten before. Hearing Qian Feiyu’s words, she froze and froze.

Not clean…

How does President Qian know…

Her heart suddenly fell to the bottom!

All she relied on Qian Feiyu was her body…

In order to deceive Mr. Qian, she especially sprayed a perfume that can mask the smell.

How did President Qian know!


I dare not say this secret at all!

Even that Zhang Tianming had a romantic relationship with himself several times, and every time he turned off the light, he didn’t notice it.

Money can never know!

She was cheeky, pretending to be innocent and innocent, and said with tears: “Mr. Qian, what do you mean by these words! Do you know how much these words hurt me! You can dislike me, but you Don’t slander my innocence, I only love you…”

Qian Feiyu got sick with goose bumps, and pointed to Wiliam and said, “Why can you fake a little bit more! If it weren’t for him, I’d really be deceived by you. It’s not your fault to be ill! But I want to hurt you. I’m also sick, so you’re looking for death! Get out! Don’t show up in front of me later!”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s head blew!

Qian Feiyu, I really know…

Moreover, it was from Wiliam!

She temporarily abandoned this stubborn thought and thought of a more terrifying fact.

If Qian Feiyu dislikes himself, will he…

“Mr. Qian, you promised me before that you want to hold me…”

“Hold you paralyzed! You don’t take a picture of yourself with soaking urine! Roll the calf!” Qian Feiyu was completely impatient, “Do you think I don’t know what you are thinking? You think I don’t know what kind of woman you are. But it’s just a slut who can do his best! I see a lot of women who tend to be inflamed! I will see you again in the future, and I will hit you once!”

Zhang Xiaoyue’s legs softened and she sat on the ground.

Her head is blank!

Both sides are before.

Empty hands are now!

I thought that Qian Feiyu was covering him, so I dared to break with Lunanica Company, and even just said cruel words!

But now, Qian Feiyu turned his face and refused to recognize him!

I am already at a loss…

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but raise her head and looked at Wiliam bitterly!

This Wiliam!

This bastard!

It was this kid who ruined my whole life!

He drove me away!

He told Qian Feiyu that I was sick!

Everything is him!

“Want to take revenge?” Wiliam suddenly thought.

He saw through the hearts of people.

Zhang Xiaoyue stared at him for three seconds, then suddenly lowered her head in silence.

When I lifted it up again, my eyes were full of pleading.

She hugged Wiliam’s leg, crying to tears, “President Lu, I’m sorry! I was wrong before! Will you let me stay! I will repay you as a cow and horse in the future!”

Zhang Xiaoyue is acting.

Wiliam didn’t know.

Zhang Xiaoyue even thought that acting was useless and begging was futile.

But she suddenly heard it by accident, and Wiliam said, “You want to stay, don’t you? Okay, you dare to stay, I have no opinion.”

President Lu, actually agreed to stay?

So decisive?

I humiliated him so much before, how could he…


It’s not that simple!

Stay, stay!

Do you dare to stay? I…

Zhang Xiaoyue looked at Wiliam with a joking expression on his face.

Zhang Xiaoyue fought a cold war.

She seemed to be watching a demon!

Dare to stay?

Before, I broke with Lunanica Company, and Zhang Tianming was in a turmoil.

Kicked the door just now and offended all the executives together.

In the company, everyone is already an enemy.

If I stay, there will be only one end.

Endless Snow…

If he didn’t stay, he would be expelled by Lunanica Company.

This taint bears a lifetime!

If Q City ( Qena City ) Cangyue didn’t accept her, who would dare to ask her!

Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaoyue understood how cruel and cold-blooded Wiliam’s seemingly benevolent words were behind!

Whether to stay or not, it caused her intense suffering!


Do not stay, there may be a safe day in the future!

Stay, this life will never be the first day!

Zhang Xiaoyue thought about this, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes changed.

She got up from the ground and spit out a few words, “I will remember today.”

Then, he staggered towards the road.

After she left, Qian Feiyu respectfully took out the Needles of Red Flower last night and handed it to Wiliam.

Then ninety degrees pious bow!

“Doctor Lu, if there were no silver needles and pointers from you last night, my life would be dead! It was me who had no eyes and no beads and offended you. I am deeply impressed by the kindness of your doctor.”

Wiliam said casually: “Don’t say compliments. I seem to remember that my needle is worth a thousand dollars.”

Qian Feiyu nodded immediately, “Yes, yes! Give me a card number, ten million, and I will punch you in a while!”

Yes, it is ten million, not one thousand.

When Qian Feiyu despised Wiliam before, one thousand yuan was the previous figure.

Until Yinzhen renewed his life, ten million would be cheap!

Qian Feiyu respectfully said again: “Mr. Lu, I came to see you today, one is to thank you, and the other is to invite you, and then try to help me! I really don’t want to die.”

Wiliam nodded and said, “I can cure your illness. But you have to pay the corresponding bargaining chip.”

Qian Feiyu clenched, “Of course, as long as the doctor Lu speaks, tens of millions or even a hundred million, I will not hesitate! After all, I have this life and rely on the doctor Lu.”

Wiliam smiled.

Tens of millions, one hundred million.

What is that?

Seeing Lu Yexiao, Qian Feiyu’s heart trembled. Isn’t it because the genius doctor Lu doesn’t want money.

What does he want?

Qian Feiyu kept thinking about it, and suddenly remembered the scene of his first meeting with Doctor Lu.

His head buzzed and his eyes were red, “Mr. Lu, do you want…”

This Wiliam didn’t want his money, but his cash cow!

“Li Chunfeng!”

Chapter 128

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became silent.

Qian Feiyu’s teeth are about to break.

Li Chunfeng is the cash cow that Qian Feiyu has held up over the years, but now he wants to give up the cash cow!

This definitely makes his heartache more than one or two billion!

He was not reconciled and asked: “Mr. Lu, it is said that you are a member of Genuine Care Medical Center, why are you so interested in her? Are you and her…”

Wiliam’s expression was indifferent and interrupted Qian Feiyu’s words, “You don’t need to know about the others, you only need to return her free body after her contract expires. She will decide where she will go then.”

Qian Feiyu was taken aback, it was that simple?

He thought that Wiliam wanted Li Chunfeng in his pocket, but he didn’t expect it to just return her free body?

In that case, after her contract expires, if I sign her at a higher price…

“You are wrong. If you are really capable, you can sign her away.” Wiliam saw through Qian Feiyu’s mind.

Right now, Qian Feiyu didn’t dare to be unwilling anymore, “That’s what the genius doctor Lu said.”

Wiliam nodded, and then Qian Feiyu respectfully welcomed him into his hotel room.

Wiliam was on the road, and he called Janett casually and said he couldn’t go back.

When Janett received the call, her lungs exploded.

This Wiliam is too arrogant!

Everyone was waiting for him to have a meeting, so he left with one sentence?

Why is there no sense of responsibility at all?

When Zhang Tianming heard this, his heart became more assured.

This Wiliam is just a straw bag president.

I just went out to play casually, don’t you know which one is lighter and heavier?

However, maybe, he was really ordered by Zhang Xiaoyue to make a pose.

If so, wouldn’t it be better, hehe.

Wiliam followed Qian Feiyu to the room, and let Qian Feiyu sit on the bed, taking off his upper body clothes.

He also asked Qian Feiyu to take a piece of cloth and blindfold his eyes.

What Wiliam wanted to use was the magical needle technique in the “Medical Classics of Impermanence”. He didn’t want Qian Feiyu to see it and cause trouble.

Qian Feiyu obediently blindfolded.

Then he felt like he had been slapped by a slanting wind and drizzle, with slight stings.

From the forehead to the spinal cord!

The slanting wind and drizzle were soaked in silence, but Qian Feiyu, an outsider, felt a harmonious and mysterious rhythm.

After half an hour, Qian Feiyu only felt a panic in his heart.

Then, his internal organs were tumbling.

In the end, he couldn’t help but spit it out!

At this time, Wiliam removed the cloth strip from Qian Feiyu’s eyes.

After Qian Feiyu finished vomiting, he only felt like the sky was spinning, his body seemed to be emptied.

He couldn’t help but look at what he vomited.

At this look, a cold sweat suddenly started!

What he vomited out was a blood clot!

It’s a black blood clot with sticky bits and pieces!

And directly vomiting on the bed, it looked messy.

The blood clot is exuding a strong stench.

Seeing his horror, Wiliam said calmly, “This is the poison that has accumulated in your body, and this is only part of it. I will prescribe a medicine for you later. If you take it on time for three months, you will get better.

Qian Feiyu nodded. At this moment, he felt more relaxed than ever before.

A feeling of exhaustion hit his mind, and he was sleepy.

“You have a good night’s sleep, I will put it on the head of the bed after I have written it.” Wiliam said, touching Qian Feiyu’s brow.

Qian Feiyu fell directly on the bed and fell asleep.

Wiliam took a piece of paper and wrote down a prescription.

After finishing writing, he went out on his own.

Just walked to the door and almost ran into two people head-on.

Before Wiliam spoke, there was an old and puzzled voice on the other side, “Is it you?”

Standing in front of Wiliam was Zhang Qingyun, who had just met yesterday, and a middle-aged man in a suit with dark eyes.

Back to an hour ago.

Zhang Qingyun was also awake at night last night, after all, Qian Feiyu was a patient he had been following for years.

He also agreed to find a way to seek a famous doctor for Qian Feiyu.

A night of thinking to no avail made him feel exhausted.

Even when I was drinking morning tea, my whole mind was restless.

Sitting across from Zhang Qingyun was a partner of his many years, Zhao Linyue.

When Zhao Linyue saw Zhang Qingyun frowning, he asked what was going on.

Zhang Qingyun told Zhao Linyue about the illnesses he met Wiliam and Qian Feiyu last night, and he had the right to talk.

After Zhao Linyue listened, he immediately said to Zhang Qingyun with a stern face: “Lao Zhang, you only know now, the young man you are talking about is a genius doctor, it is clearly a fame and honour, you have been tricked by him!”

Zhang Qingyun didn’t know, he thought about it all night last night.

Finally, he had to recognize the fact that although the genius doctor Lu. was quite accomplished in the art of silver needles, it did not mean that he had accomplished something in medical skills.

It was completely out of my imagination to elevate Lu Xiao’s genius doctor to the level of genius doctor.

“Hey, Mr. Zhang, I know that you are too kind. A kind person is always easy to be used by others. Where is that kid? I will give you this breath another day and dare to say that your diagnosis is wrong. You are really shameless.” Zhao Linyue Said indignantly.

“What’s the use of this now? It’s just that I feel sorry for Mr. Qian, hey.” Zhang Qingyun shook his head and smiled bitterly.

But at this time, Zhao Linyue was secretly showing a touch of color, he said with a stern face, “Lao Zhang, let alone a coincidence, I just met a famous doctor, after being a famous teacher, I have been famous for more than ten years! In Q City ( Qena City ).”

Zhang Qingyun’s eyes lit up, and he grabbed Zhao Linyue’s hand, “Which genius doctor? Can I know?”

Zhao Linyue said, “I wonder if Mr. Zhang has heard the name Monsoon?”

Zhang Qingyun’s eyes were shining brightly, “You mean, He Jifeng, who is a famous doctor who travels everywhere!”

“Exactly, he happened to settle down in Q City ( Qena City ) recently, and I have a little friendship with him.” Zhao Linyue said.

And when Zhang Qingyun asked for a recommendation, Zhao Linyue finally smiled, pretending to be difficult, and said, “Lao Zhang, you think I am also a businessman. How about going straight to the point? I know who Qian Feiyu is and know them. The company’s recent actions. Can you help me introduce Mr. Qian and make our company the free title sponsor for their recent movies?”

Zhang Qingyun was taken aback.

This Zhao Linyue, who runs a small-scale pharmaceutical company in Q City ( Qena City ), didn’t expect such a condition to be proposed at this time.

However, Zhang Qingyun immediately agreed. After all, compared with a free naming dealer, Qian always knew what to choose.

Life is gone, can there be movies?

When Zhao Linyue saw Zhang Qingyun’s agreement, he was delighted, and immediately took out his cell phone and called He Jifeng.

Chapter 129

At this moment, He Jifeng is drinking tea with Melissa.

After all, He Jifeng used to be famous, and now Sawju is a general doctor in Genuine Care Medical Center, and his heart is always empty these days.

Melissa’s cell phone rang, she picked it up and took a look, “Oh ho, another 10 million in credit.”

He Jifeng was taken aback, Melissa continued: “It must be the little king who made a fortune while walking around. That kid is a walking money-making machine.”

While speaking, Melissa glanced at He Monsoon intentionally or unintentionally, with sympathy in his eyes.

He Jifeng felt even more uncomfortable.

Coincidentally, He Jifeng’s phone rang. After he heard the reason, this unpleasant feeling filled his heart, and he immediately said: “If you want me to do it, okay, my consultation fee is two million, and it is almost non refundable.”

Zhao Linyue on the other end of the phone, his heart aches.

Two million, grass, why not grab it!

However, he thought about it for a while, if it were normal, a film title dealer would cost ten to twenty million, less to say.

Compared with two million, I still made a profit.

So he agreed without saying a word.

He Jifeng asked him to send the address, and then said that he would pass in half an hour.

After hanging up the phone, He Jifeng’s eyes were full of pride, and his body was straight, as if telling Melissa that he was also a walking money-making machine.

Melissa’s eyes became more sympathetic.

It’s really miserable for a generation of famous doctors to be reduced to a sigh of relief with Xiao Wang Ba Zi.

When Zhang Qingyun heard He Jifeng agree to it, his face was full of excitement and immediately went out to call.

At this time, Zhao Linyue casually turned around in Zhang Qingyun’s study.

When he walked to Zhang Qingyun’s desk, his eyes suddenly drenched.

Staring at a piece of material on Zhang Qingyun’s desk.

It was a crumpled manuscript with the words “Desperate Seven Love Hay”.

He glanced intently, and an uproar was immediately set off in his heart.

Hearing the sound of footsteps outside, he quickly took out his mobile phone and secretly photographed the top piece of paper.

After doing this, Zhang Qingyun walked in, “Weird, why doesn’t Mr. Qian answer the phone? It seems safer for us to go there in person.”

Zhao Linyue nodded, pretending to ask unintentionally: “Lao Zhang, your material…”

Seeing that he was talking about the material on the table, Zhang Qingyun’s expression changed, and he quickly put the material away and said, “Oh, that was a paper from a few years ago. I thought it was amazing, so I used it for research. But I haven’t thoroughly researched it yet, nothing.”

Zhao Linyue nodded, but something strange appeared in his heart.

Seven Love Hay…


When the two arrived at the hotel, they happened to ran into Wiliam and went out.

Seeing Wiliam, Zhang Qingyun’s face was startled, “Why are you here!”

Wiliam said casually: “What’s the matter, come here and give Mr. Qian the cure.”

Zhao Linyue asked Zhang Qingyun at this time, “This is the unscrupulous quack you said in the morning?”

Zhang Qingyun’s face was embarrassed for a while, and Zhao Lin immediately understood when he saw this.

“Boy, let me tell you, you dare to pretend to be a famous doctor in front of us, believe it or not, I tore you on the spot!” Zhao Linyue said with a grimace.

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about them.

And Zhang Qingyun finally spoke. He bit his head and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, don’t get involved in this matter. I know you may be asking for money, but sometimes the manpower is exhausted. I really can’t delay any longer because of the illness on my body. I have found an expert and will be here soon. You should go quickly.”

When Zhang Qingyun was speaking, he dared not look at Wiliam’s eyes.

“Lao Zhang, why are you talking so much nonsense with him! This kind of person is clearly here to take advantage of the fire. Get out, let us in!” Zhao Linyue said.

But Wiliam said, “I’ve always paid the money and he is now sleeping and resting. You better not disturb him.”

While talking, Wiliam was about to close the door.

But this sentence changed Zhao Linyue’s eyes drastically.

He pressed the door and looked at Wiliam with a sharp look: “You dare to start with Mr. Qian indiscriminately! Don’t let us in now? You didn’t want Mr. Qian to die to hide the truth, right?”

After Zhang Qingyun listened, his face changed.

But he still said: “It shouldn’t be possible. Mr. Qian himself is finally measured. Besides, I believe Wiliam is not that kind of person.”

Zhao Linyue sneered, “Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang, President Qian is dying and restless. What’s so strange about him going to the doctor in a hurry! What’s so strange about this kid pretending to be a doctor with a bad character, and taking advantage of the fire to rob! Get out! Let’s go in!”

Zhao Linyue said, pushing Wiliam away, and then strode in.

Once inside, Zhao Linyue, a seven-foot man, couldn’t help but exclaimed!

Zhang Qingyun’s heart stunned!

Did something really happen?

What disaster did Wiliam really commit?

Zhang Qingyun also followed in, and his face turned pale with a glance!

I saw that Mr. Qian was bleeding all over his body and said nothing.

On the bed, there is still a mess of blood!

The scene is clearly miserable!

The more Zhao Lin reacted, he immediately shouted: “Catch that kid! Let me just say it! He practices medicine indiscriminately, and now he is killing!”

Zhang Qingyun didn’t believe it, but when he saw the messy scene before him, he had to believe it.

The two rushed over, blocking the door directly.

Wiliam frowned and said, “Get out of the way.”

“Damn! You wanted to leave after you killed someone! If we didn’t come in time, you really let the murderer escape! Zhang Lao, now you finally know who he is!”

Zhang Qingyun’s face was pale, and her chest was beaten, “Mr. Qian, I am sorry for you! I am the one who killed you!”

Zhao Linyue immediately took out his mobile phone and called the police.

At this time, there was a rush of hurried footsteps outside.

As soon as He Jifeng got out of the elevator, he heard Zhang Qingyun’s cry.

He shook his heart, maybe nothing will happen.

So he hurried over.

Zhao Linyue, who was stuck at the door, saw He Jifeng at a glance, and immediately greeted him.

“Elder He, you are finally here! Hurry up and save the money manager! He was randomly given the needle by an ignorant quack, and his life and death are unknown.”

He Jifeng frowned, and said angrily: “Huh! Do you dare to practice medicine? This is a joke on human life! Take me in!”

Zhao Linyue nodded, grabbed He Jifeng’s hand and walked into the room.

As for He Jifeng, he saw Wiliam indifferently.

He was stunned.

Why is Wiliam here?

Zhao Linyue immediately pointed to Wiliam and said, “This is the guy who is inferior to the beast. I have already called the police. It would be unreasonable not to bring him to justice today!”

And He Jifeng suddenly walked to Wiliam and yelled respectfully, “Mr. Lu…”

Chapter 130

Hearing He Jifeng calling Wiliam respectfully as President Lu, Zhao Linyue’s head buzzed!

Mr. Lu?

what’s the situation!

What kind of background, this kid, let the old genius doctor like He Jifeng be honored as President Lu?

And Zhang Qingyun thought for a while, and whispered to Zhao Linyue: “Wiliam is the son-in-law of Q City ( Qena City ) Bai’s family. Her wife seems to have become president recently.”

Zhao Linyue was taken aback, the Bai family?

This Wiliam was actually the waste son-in-law of Q City ( Qena City ) in the legend?

Mr. He Jifeng’s Lu was shouting at her wife?


Really shameless, eating soft food to such an extent is simply a shame for men!

But at this time, Wiliam nodded to He Jifeng, and said indifferently: “You just came here, you help me deal with things here, I have something else.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he walked outside.

Zhao Linyue was just about to pull Luye, but he was directly stopped by He Jifeng.

Zhao Linyue’s face suddenly became ugly, “How old? How can you let a murderer leave!”

He Jifeng looked at Zhao Linyue’s eyes and suddenly became bad.


My monsoon is willing to serve as a genius doctor Lu. for a lifetime, in your eyes, he is a murderer!

It’s really a frog at the bottom of the well, taking its own humiliation!

“Can’t let him go! Put him in jail for everything today!” Zhao Linyue still wanted to rush out.

He Jifeng said with a cold face at this time: “You don’t have to chase, I will stay. Don’t you want to be held accountable? Okay, I bet on my life! My name! What responsibility is there, I will bear it.”

Zhao Linyue was taken aback, “Old He, you…”

He Jifeng glanced at Qian Feiyu who seemed to have died tragically, but he was extremely confident in his heart.

The magical doctor Lu. made the move, that is the supreme secret technique in the impermanence medical classics!

How could it be possible to cure people!

Besides, the group of blood looked hideous, but the stench was unpleasant, and it was filthy at first glance.

Qian always spit out all the filthy things, how could his life be in danger?

“Is Zhang Qingyun? I’ll just ask you a word! Can you check President Qian’s body just now?” He Jifeng asked.

Zhang Qingyun’s face became stiff, but she honestly said, “There is still no…”

“Huh! There is no such thing, so I’ll be talking about it! Q City ( Qena City ) Qingyun, but that’s it!” He Jifeng’s expression is hard to see the extreme!

Healers are kind, look, smell and ask!

This Zhang Qingyun is obviously a small well-known expert, but he behaves so confused!

Zhang Qingyun’s face blushed.

Just now, he saw that President Qian was so miserable that he had lost his sense of measure.

In addition, Zhao Linyue has been clamoring around.

So for a while, I actually forgot the medical ethics.

If life and death are determined by form, then there are doctors who want to know what to do.

Thinking of this, Zhang Qingyun felt guilty.

But Zhao Linyue immediately said: “Old Ho, I asked you to come here to treat the sick person, how can you help outsiders to speak?”

He Jifeng looked at Zhao Linyue coldly, “No need, I don’t have to take action.”

“Why! If it weren’t for you to think that money is always incapable of returning to the sky, how could you say such a thing!” Zhao Linyue’s anger also rose, and his voice became rude.

"Why? Ho ho, okay! I'll tell you why!" He Jifeng suddenly showed the pride of a doctor, and stepped in towards Zhao Lin!

Tiger eyes are angry!

“Because Wiliam is a doctor, there is no doctor in the world!”

“Because Lu Yexuan pot makes the world peaceful!”

“I, I am not qualified to make another move! You are satisfied with this explanation!”

After He Jifeng finished speaking, he strode out.

The two sluggish people stared at each other.

Zhao Linyue didn’t have time to ponder the overtones of He Jifeng. He had only one thought in his mind when he saw He Jifeng leave!


Lao Tzu spent two million to invite you to come to see a doctor!

You don’t even look at it now, and you talk nonsense!

Obviously want to pit my money!

Thinking of this, he also rushed out directly to chase He Monsoon!

However, Zhang Qingyun on the side was completely shocked by He Jifeng’s words.

Wiliam is a doctor, there is no doctor in the world!

Lu Yexuan Pot, the world is peaceful!

How confident is this!

What a great praise this is!

That Wiliam could deserve the shocking praise of such famous doctors as He Jifeng!

Also bet on the life of a generation of famous doctors! The name of a famous doctor!

Wiliam, who is it!

Just as his mood was complicated, a cough sounded in the bed.

Qian Feiyu, who hadn’t made any sound at all, suddenly sat up, wow, and then vomited a few small pieces of black blood.

After vomiting, he saw Zhang Qingyun and his face was happy.

Zhang Qingyun hurriedly walked over and supported Qian Feiyu.

Qian Feiyu was full of joy. If it were not for weakness, he would kneel down for Zhang Qingyun.

Qian Feiyu said excitedly: “Lao Zhang! You helped to pick up half of my life. I will never give up any future assignments!”

Zhang Qingyun was at a loss for a while, “Mr. Qian, why did you say this? I don’t have any help for you, even just now…”

When he said this, he stopped abruptly, not wanting to tell how the monsoon came and went.

But Qian Feiyu sighed: “Old Zhang, you must not say that! If you hadn’t introduced me to the genius Lu, how could I have recovered this life! What you said before was wrong, the genius Lu, Sure enough, he is the saint of the apricot altar! I suddenly hate it! I had eyes and no beads before, and I looked down on him so despisingly, I am simply not human.”

After all, he slapped his face with a slap.

Then he continued: “Fortunately, Mr. Zhang, you have a sharp eye from the beginning, and a hero knows a hero.

Zhang Qingyun’s face suddenly burned like fire, red and red!

Heroes know heroes…

This sentence is more ruthless than Qian Feiyu’s slap just now!

In Zhang Qingyun’s heart, there was a terrible guilt!

As Qian Feiyu was talking, he had already signaled his pulse.

Although the pulse is weak, it is abnormally stable.

It shows that Qian Feiyu’s body is really getting better.

Doctor Lu.

All of this was done by Dr. Lu, regardless of previous complaints.

Moreover, the magic needle is back! Rejuvenation!

And myself!

Call an expert in vain!


He didn’t even dare to trust God Doctor Lu!

Heroes cherish heroes, I deserve it!

Wiliam is really a hero, and I’m just a hypocrite!

Zhang Qingyun thought, bowing deeply to Wiliam who had long since disappeared at the door.

Seems to be thanking…

Seems to apologize…

And Wiliam hurriedly headed towards Chen Shuyun’s villa after leaving the house.

The reason why he left in a hurry was because he received a message from Feliicity.

Feliicity asked him to go to grandma’s house immediately and hold a family meeting.

On Chen Shuyun’s side, Feliicity pulled Wiliam over and sat down, and whispered in a gloomy voice, “I was known by the bastard Bai Zhensheng about my private purchase of Qiqing Hay. He must make use of it today. “


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