Dragon Husband Chapter 131 – 140

Chapter 131

At this moment, the Bai family’s apartment was full of people.

Everyone is staring at Feliicity with hot eyes.

Although Feliicity is now the head of the Bai family, she is also the president of the Bai Group.

But among the crowd, how many convinced her?

How many recognize her?

Therefore, everyone has been watching Feliicity’s movements recently.

As long as she misses a little bit, everyone will take the opportunity to attack her and drive her from the position of the head of the Bai family.

Chen Shuyun cleared his throat and glanced at Wiliam indifferently before saying, “Since everyone is here, let’s have a formal meeting. Although Feliicity is now the president of the Bai Group, it is still in the process of handing over. Yes, it is more appropriate for me to preside over.”

Wiliam started hohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this group of demons and ghosts had only disappeared for a few days, and now they started to act as monsters again.

“In the past few days, I heard that Feliicity was buying Qiqing Hay. We probably know the reasons for this. I mainly want to say that this thing is done right, but the methods are still immature.” Chen Shuyun said.

Bai Zhensheng immediately took it from below, “Huh, don’t tell us about such a big thing, why, don’t you want to eat alone?”

Then a few people immediately began to respond to Bai Zhensheng, “Yeah, don’t think that you can become the president, you can be arbitrary. If you really want to cause any mistakes to the Bai family, can you afford it?”

“I think she wants to use power for personal gain, she secretly opened an account, and then privately acquired it and entered her small vault.”

Feliicity’s face immediately became cold, this group of people, with the heart of a villain, save the belly of a gentleman!

“Okay, don’t talk about it. I believe Feliicity is not such a person. In this way, Feliicity, in order not to be offended, there is something wrong with your matter. This acquisition, your funds are completely free from us. Let’s go to the account of the Group’s group. Also, I have to make the account clear, and we will check the account at any time.” Chen Shuyun patted the table and said.

In Feliicity’s heart, she didn’t even think of using power for personal gain.

However, now this group of people is singing with a white face and the other with a red face.

It seems to be a fact of the crime of using power for personal gain.

She was angry!

Chen Shuyun sneered when Feliicity did not dare to speak, and said to Bai Zhensheng, “Jinsheng, what do you suggest about this matter?”

Bai Zhensheng was ready for a long time, cleared his throat and said: “Qiqing hay is unique to our Q City ( Qena City ). This time it has become the main herb of Genuine Care Medical Center’s new medicine. We naturally have to be one step ahead. Naturally, I have to take a trip to Love Village. But I have a faster way.”

Everyone looked at him together.

Bai Zhensheng said with satisfaction: “We are going to buy by ourselves. The procedures are cumbersome and time-consuming. The key is that the amount is too small. The quick way I said is to go directly to those pharmaceutical companies that specialize in the purchase of herbs. While they were still not aware of the value of Qiqing hay, they took it away in one wave. It was fast, large in quantity, and there was no worries about it.”

Chen Shuyun smiled, Bai Zhensheng’s method was indeed faster than Feliicity’s earth method!

You know, according to Feliicity’s method of finding pharmaceutical farmers to purchase, after a long time, it will naturally cause other pharmaceutical companies to be suspicious.

At that time, the competition came.

Your soldiers are fast!

“Okay! I agree with Zhensheng’s method. Zhensheng, have you thought of a specific countermeasure?” Chen Shuyun asked.

Bai Zhensheng naturally thought about it. He said, “Hoho, there is a pharmaceutical company in Q City ( Qena City ) that specializes in purchasing Qiqing hay. Moreover, after many years of acquisition, they must have hoarded a lot of Qiqing hay. We need them! “

“You mean, Q City ( Qena City ) Zhao’s family? Are you going to find Zhao Linyue?” Chen Shuyun frowned, “That guy, but the old fox, you probably can’t beat him.”

But Bai Zhensheng said plausibly: “Hoho, grandma, don’t worry, Zhao Linyue’s son Zhao Yingnian and I have been good friends for many years. As long as Zhao Yingnian speaks, this business will not be successful!”

Zhao Yingnian? Zhao Linyue?

Wiliam frowned slightly.

I don’t think these two people are in a father-son relationship.

Neither of them are good things, and Bai Zhensheng passed by, looking for death.

And Feliicity was clearly disturbed.

Before, they could be regarded as completely drawing a line from Zhao Yingnian.

Now I’m going to find them again…

Bai Zhensheng seemed to see through Feliicity’s anxiety, and sneered: “But there is one thing, grandma, you can also learn about it. As far as I know, Feliicity was humiliated in front of many people a few days ago. Zhao Yingnian made the Zhao family resent our Bai family.”

“What!” Chen Shuyun looked angry!

“And I heard that Feliicity used the identity of the president of the Bai Group to suppress others.” Bai Zhensheng added another fire.

There was an uproar at the scene.

Chen Shuyun was trembling with anger, she stared at Feliicity with an angry expression on her face!

“Feliicity! I let you be the president! I didn’t let you play the prestige based on your status! We do business, and always regard harmony as the most important thing! When you offend the Zhao family, you have never thought about it and give us nothing.” Leave a way for home! You disappointed me too much!” Chen Shuyun said angrily.

Feliicity’s face was depressed, she wanted to argue, but found that she really couldn’t speak up!

Because Chen Shuyun had already beaten herself to death with a stick!

What she said, can she believe it!

At that time, there may be more charges of controversy and short-sightedness!

“Okay, you are responsible for the connection with the Zhao family. You must give the Zhao family a little bit of face. In terms of the price, a little higher is not a problem. Just treat it as if we paid the Zhao family.” Chen Shuyun finally looked. I didn’t bother to look at Feliicity.

Bai Zhensheng immediately became proud, “Hoho, Feliicity, you can thank me and thank our Bai family. Our Bai family is the power of the whole family to wipe your ass for your childish behavior.”

Feliicity flushed with anger.

But Wiliam grabbed her hand and comforted her gently, “Nothing, look on, see what they are going to do?”

Sure enough, Bai Zhensheng continued to say triumphantly: “Grandma, I have a more profitable idea. I wonder if you dare to listen?”

Chen Shuyun was taken aback, “You talk about it first.”

Then Bai Zhensheng said: “I am going to vigorously market Qiqing Hay in the city!”

“Think about it, how much money can you make by taking the ride of the Genuine Care Medical Center to promote new medicines? The price of herbs has doubled, and you can only make money from the Genuine Care Medical Center. Home, how can the structure be so small?”

When Bai Zhensheng said this, he suddenly stood up, energetic, “What we want to make is the money of the entire Q City ( Qena City )!”

“So, I plan to develop the medicinal value of Qiqing Hay! Regulate the body, especially the restoration of male prowess. Qiqing Hay, dare to be the first in the world!”

Chapter 132 Empty Glove White Wolf

As soon as Bai Zhensheng’s voice fell, there was an uproar at the scene!

Medicinal diet function!

Also revive the male glory!


A trace of doubt appeared on Chen Shuyun’s face, “This hay of seven emotions, some people have indeed promoted this function a few years ago, but it won’t stop later, are you sure?”

Bai Zhensheng immediately said, “How can I do things that I can’t be sure of? Some ingredients of Qiqing hay do have the effect of stimulating the human body. Think about it, how many men in modern society have confidence in their bodies? We have developed the value of medicated diet, and the price is more than doubled. Since we want to buy vigorously, we naturally want to maximize profits, right? Otherwise, we only make hard money, the most important thing. It depends on the face of Genuine Care Medical Center! Are you willing!”

The last sentence, like a heart booster, hit everyone’s hearts!

Do you continue to be humiliated and made things difficult by them while watching Genuine Care Medical Center act?

Anyhow, the Bai family is also a person with a good face, so he is willing to be oppressed for a lifetime!

Chen Shuyun’s face turned red all of a sudden, “Okay! As long as there is no problem! I agree! What about you all!”

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, but I dare not speak.

At this time, Feliicity said in a cold voice, “I object. First of all, our Bai family has always only acted as a drug agent, and neither purchases nor develops any new functions. This time, we only acquired the herbs when we just got favorable information, and I didn’t tell at the beginning You, I don’t plan to acquire a lot. As for the development of new features, this requires professional people to do it. If we do this, it will be false propaganda.”

Feliicity’s concerns are everyone’s concerns.

But Bai Zhensheng had predicted it a long time ago, and said with a sneer: “False propaganda? What is false propaganda? Tell me, Cordyceps in the world, and maca, are these things false propaganda? They still sell expensively. That’s good? As long as you’re a man, most of our marketing is psychological. It’s useful or not. Who cares? As long as you can’t kill people, someone will believe it.”

Bai Zhensheng gave these two examples, but everyone’s heart was moved.

Isn’t Cordyceps and Maca just golden herbs piled up by marketing methods?

Could it be that the Bai family could really take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soar into the sky?

Chen Shuyun’s heart trembled fiercely.

The Bai family has been weak for too long.

“Okay! Zhensheng, this matter is left to you! You must do it beautifully! Just tell me how much marketing expenses you need!” Chen Shuyun finally set the tone.

It actually emptied Feliicity’s position as president!

Feliicity’s face suddenly became ugly.

Chen Shuyun glanced at Feliicity and sighed.

After all, Feliicity is the president on the bright side, so she needs to step by step to step down.

She thought about it, and said, “Feliicity, you can buy it as you did before, and you can go to the village to explore the wind.”

Everyone looked at Feliicity’s eyes, and suddenly became strange.

Chen Shuyun’s move is actually a step down the Feliicity.

Secretly, Feliicity and Bai Zhensheng were fighting against each other!

This matter, whoever does it beautifully, has a high status in the Bai family!

After the meeting, Feliicity felt depressed, and she deliberately asked Wiliam to complain.

But Wiliam looked indifferent.

What Wiliam thought in his heart was Qiqing Hay.

Qiqing hay is a good thing.

But good things need someone to be able to use them.

Thinking about it, he sent a message to Melissa casually.

When Melissa saw that piece of information, he yelled!

“Damn! What is that little bastard going to do! Why is the whole city secretly buying that ruined thing!”

“Let’s go, go home.” Wiliam said to Feliicity after sending the message.

Feliicity had no choice but to go back with Wiliam.

After the meeting, Bai Zhensheng acted immediately!

This meeting is an excellent opportunity for him!

Grandma promised him that the purchase price is a little bit higher. As for how high it is, hehe, doesn’t it all depend on my mood?

Moreover, there is a marketing expense for yourself.

There is too much oil and water in it.

Even if marketing fails, who dares to blame him?

After all, marketing is sometimes a matter of face.

Also, even if it fails, as long as the Genuine Care Medical Center focuses on new medicines, the price of Qiqing hay will only rise and not fall.

Steady profit without losing!

He thought, secretly set up a private account for himself, intending to move part of the money to his own small vault, and then when buying Qiqing Hay, he would use the money from the small vault to buy part.

When the time comes, it will be sold, and the empty glove White Wolf will receive tens of millions in the account, not just come.


Feliicity felt unhappy all day.

In the afternoon, she was going out, but was stopped by Wiliam.

“Go to Qiqing Village? I’ll accompany you.” Wiliam saw through Feliicity at a glance.

Although she was so difficult for her by the family, she was in her own position and she was responsible.

It is what she did, and she must work hard to do it well.

Feliicity was taken aback, and nodded, “It’s better that you treat me well.”

Wiliam smiled, and the two went to Qiqing Village together.

Qiqing Village is a small village at the foot of Qiqing Mountain. The whole village is based on planting Qiqing hay, and even the village name is named after Qiqing.

This season happens to be the harvest season of Qiqing hay.

When the two came to the village, they only felt that there was a sea of ​​purple flowers in their eyes.

Among the flowers, some people are harvesting Qiqing hay, and some are drying Qiqing hay at the entrance of the village.

A harmonious and moving picture.

Feliicity saw this scene, the previous depression was wiped out.

“Is it pretty?” Wiliam smiled.

Feliicity nodded, “Well, seeing such a harmonious picture, I feel much better.”

Wiliam nodded, but couldn’t bear to say something in his heart.

No matter how harmonious the picture is, it will be bloodied next.

Feliicity had been here once before and had already met with several medicine farmers.

At this moment, she was not in a hurry. Instead, she pulled the landing leaves and wandered among the flowers.

Wandering to the setting sun, Feliicity lay on a grass, looking at the golden sky and purple flowers, for a time, she was crazy.

So many things have happened these days.

And only here and now did she feel that life should be like this, having fun in time, two people in one city.

The breeze is not dry and the years are quiet.

Wiliam lay beside her, watching the beautiful and moving Feliicity, and gently asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Feliicity suddenly turned around, facing Wiliam on all sides, with affection in his eyes, “Wiliam, I’m thinking, when I don’t want to worry about anything in the future, shall we live here?”

Wiliam nodded naturally, “Okay.”

Feliicity’s words were only a momentary wayward, but she didn’t want Wiliam to agree without even thinking about it.

He looked at Wiliam’s handsome face and gentle eyes, his face suddenly reddened.

The two were so close.

Chapter 133

“What unclean picture is thinking about again?” Wiliam smiled.

Feliicity’s face froze, and the charming atmosphere instantly disappeared.

Is the millennium straight man still saved?

Wait online!

Very urgent!

Just when Feliicity tried to force the respect, an old voice rang beside them, “So you are here.”

The two looked back.

It was an elderly man wearing a torn hat and standing in front of them.

Holding a large porcelain bowl in his hand, handed it to Feliicity.

“You don’t have anything to entertain you. Please drink a bowl of water, sweet spring water, it’s very sweet.”

The old man smiled honestly, his hands holding the large porcelain bowl were full of thick calluses.

Feliicity took the water and said with a smile: “Old head Li, why are you here?”

This old plum head was one of the medicine farmers that Feliicity came to meet last time.

Old Li scratched his head and said, “You are our benefactor. Help us buy the herbs. I naturally want to thank you on behalf of the villagers.”

As he said, sitting on the ground, looking at the picturesque scenery in front of him, he suddenly sighed, “How beautiful, but I still can’t keep anyone. Why do those young people go out…”

Feliicity’s heart trembled.

In this village of Qiqing, like many other villages, young people have gone out to work. Those who stay at home are old and weak women and children.

Life should be quite difficult.

Old head Li said to himself: “My son also went out and said he was going to buy a house in the city and told me to enjoy the blessing. But the old man has such a blessing life, he was born to work. He said buying a house, It’s been ten years. Ho ho, I’m too old now, and I can’t do it anymore.”

“A while ago, my son called and said that he was saving enough money. As long as I sell the herbs to you this year and stick to it for another year next year, the old man can retire, he can’t do it…”

As the old head Li said, he slapped his waist, but his eyes were full of longing and yearning for the happiness of future son Xianzi’s filial piety.

Feliicity felt a sorrow in her heart.

The voice of Old Li Tau is the voice of the elderly in the whole village.

She suddenly said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Li, if the market is good this year, maybe this year’s money will be enough, and you will be able to survive forever.”

Old Li smiled, “Then I will honor your promise. Okay, I’ll go first, you young people, talk slowly.”

After that, he slowly left.

The figure in the setting sun is humble and humble, and the breeze is blowing with melancholy.

Feliicity already had a plan in her heart. If she really made money this time, even if she did a little privately, he would forget it but Old Li had a wish.

Wiliam didn’t know that the Feliicity were kind. Although there was a haze in his eyes, he was wiped out by the setting sun.

The two then went around the village again.

This time, they talked about ten farmers.

At the market price of one thousand yuan per catty, we have negotiated a thousand catties, and we will officially sign the contract to receive the goods in a few days.

At the moment, at Zhao’s house.

When Zhao Linyue listened to Zhao Yingnian’s report about what Bai Zhensheng had found, a fierce stern flashed in his eyes.

Zhao Yingnian told his father about the humiliation of the Bai family.

The father and son, now speaking to the Bai family and Wiliam, can be described as abhorrent.

The old hatred and the new hatred were full of murderous in their eyes.

Zhao Lin closed his eyes and thought for a while.

Then he took out his cell phone. On the cell phone, it was the last time he secretly photographed Zhang Qingyun’s research on Qiqing Hay.

His family has specialized in purchasing Qiqing Hay for several years, so the last time I saw Zhang Qingyun’s research on Qiqing Hay, Zhao Lin had an extra heart.

Now, the Bai family is here.

Ho ho, Zheng worry, there is no place to dump this pot.

It just happened!

This time, I will not only throw the pot!

Also use this pot to stew your entire Bai family to death!

Qiqing hay, the name is very beautiful.

Ho Ho, I didn’t expect it, it was very poisonous!

Just use the poison of the Qiqing dry grass to let your Bai family break the family and die!

“In the British year, you should do it yourself. First, send the Qiqing hay to the laboratory overnight to test its toxicity. Second, go to the fool of Bai Zhensheng, ho ho, promise his request and sell it at a low price. They are ten thousand catties!” Zhao Linyue said finally.

After Zhao Yingnian saw that picture, he suddenly felt a chill in his heart.

My family has accumulated so many murderous poisonous weeds over the years!


Father’s hand, wise!

Not only allows one’s own family to escape from the dead, but can also continue with the Bai family and go further!

Feliicity, Wiliam!

Are you cows?

Don’t you pretend to be in front of me!

Let’s see, this time it is your Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Family’s rise to fame, or our Zhao Family stepping on your bones and climbing into Q City ( Qena City )!

He thought, and went to contact Bai Zhensheng overnight.

When Bai Zhensheng heard that the Zhao family was willing to sell the Bai family 10,000 jin at the market price, he was stupid.

He couldn’t believe it was true!

He had already planned to be severely stabbed by the Zhao Family, after all, Feliicity had offended Zhao Yingnian.

But not first, Zhao Jiaran and his family are all fools!

Actually gave up the sweet and pastry!

The rhetoric given by the Zhao family also made Bai Zhensheng laugh inwardly.

The Zhao family said that their family did not have the second-level agent of the Genuine Care Medical Center this time, and they were discouraged and planned to transform and do something else, so they planned to sell all the herbs.

One wants to buy, the other wants to sell.

The two hit it off!

Bai Zhensheng signed the agreement on the spot, but signed two copies, and then forged a fake agreement.

At the market price of 10,000 catties, it was only 10 million yuan.

In the false agreement that Bai Zhensheng was going to take back to report, it was written that he could buy five thousand catties for ten million.

But the other five thousand catties were bought by Bai Zhensheng with a private account.

However, in order for Zhao Yingnian to cooperate with Bai Zhensheng’s lie, Bai Zhensheng reluctantly paid out two million to Zhao Yingnian as a hush fee.

In the end, both of them were happy.

When they turned and left, the eyes of the two were full of joking.

Who made it?

Who lost?

Everything is unknown.

When Bai Zhensheng went back to report, he naturally received another severe compliment from the family.

Next, Baizhen sounded like a tiger!

After leaving Chen Shuyun’s account of 20 million in advertising costs, he began to use the Internet, and invited many dog ​​head experts to come out and give a voice to the Qiqing Hay Station.

One by one extremely grounded but bizarre cases were faked, and they were publicized in the Q City ( Qena City ) media overwhelmingly, baptizing everyone’s eyes.

The name of Qiqing Hay swept across the city instantly!

Everyone’s curiosity, especially the men, Qi Qi was mobilized.

The Zhao family suddenly smiled when they saw the Bai family’s methods.

Zhao Linyue held the laboratory report in his hand and smiled cruelly, “The Bai family only invested 20 million yuan in publicity expenses? It’s too small, right? It’s not a climate. Yingnian, help them.”

“Invest 50 million, secretly push Qiqing Hay!”

“I will pick them up with my own hands, and then trample them to death with one foot!”

“A few days later, that bitch named Feliicity is yours.”

Chapter 134

Zhao Yingnian was full of excitement when he heard this!

The humiliation Lu Yebai Feliicity had imposed on him before flashed before his eyes.

His eyes couldn’t help becoming vicious.

In a few days, I want that little bitch Feliicity to kneel at my feet, regretting that it should have been!

And that Wiliam, if you don’t cut him off, it’s hard to get rid of my hatred!

This fifty million is half of the belongings of the Zhao family.

Zhao Lin became more confident and moved, preparing to wipe out the Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center completely.

For the next two days, Bai Zhensheng felt like everything was dreamy.

The hay of seven emotions that he painstakingly marketed seemed to burn all over the city overnight.

Everyone, the people who met and talked were Qiqing Hay.

Gradually, some people began to try the medicinal function of Qiqing Hay.

Together, the price of Qiqing Hay has soared like a rocket.

From the market price of one thousand yuan per catty, it quickly rose to three thousand yuan per catty.

It’s tripled!

The Bai family, the whole family is excited!

Everyone sat on the round table, their faces filled with ecstasy of getting rich overnight.

And Bai Zhensheng, as a well-deserved hero, was surrounded by stars like a moon.

Instead, Feliicity, as if being completely compared, sat in the corner with Wiliam, no one cared.

“Zhen Sheng! This thing is done beautifully! You deserve to be the pillar of our Bai family!” Chen Shuyun was not stingy with beautiful words, his face was red.

But Bai Zhensheng’s heart was almost crazy.

The result of such a hype has long been beyond his expectations.

Not only did he gain momentum in front of the Bai family, but his small vault was also full of money!

Seeing everyone ecstatic, Feliicity sighed.

Often the crisis is hidden in rejoicing.

What are the consequences of Bai’s over-marketing?

After everyone celebrated, Chen Shuyun suddenly said: “Jing Sheng, tomorrow you will sell all the Qiqing hay, so that we will make a profit!”

Everyone was taken aback.

Especially Bai Zhensheng, he was in a state of boundless scenery. Hearing this, he immediately retorted: “Grandma, what are you anxious for? Look, it’s only two days before the Qiqing hay has grown like this. We It can take a few more days.”

But Chen Shuyun said seriously: “I think it’s better for us to be a little safer. After all, this matter has been like rootlessness from the beginning. I don’t know what to do. And more importantly, you have discovered that there are no medicines. The enterprise has begun to act, and is buying Qiqing Hay. If it is not thrown out early, it will be detrimental to our Bai family to compete at that time.”

Chen Shuyun was justified, and everyone nodded after listening.

But Bai Zhensheng was extremely angry in his heart!


Laozi worked so hard to create such a situation with one hand, and he still didn’t start earning, so just throw it away!

One by one, short-sighted, without any mind!

How do you compare to my Bai Zhensheng!

He was very angry, but due to Chen Shuyun’s prestige, he finally nodded, “everything is arranged by grandma.”

Forget it, I made a fortune anyway.

Now that I have reached the door, today I can create the glory of Qiqing Hay, and tomorrow I can create another scene.

Anyway, I am not short of money.

Just as the Bais were all beaming and waiting for the next day to count the money until they felt weak, the storm finally came.

Overnight in Q City ( Qena City ), there was a pouring rain.

And what came with the pouring rain was a piece of news like thunder!

“This afternoon, Q City ( Qena City ) Hospital suddenly ushered in more than a dozen critically ill patients. It is reported that they have taken a large amount of Qiqing hay that has recently swept Q City ( Qena City ), causing arsenic poisoning in their bodies. Now, more than a dozen patients are still in the ICU ward, and their lives are unknown. “

This message completely broke the proud face of the Bai family!

Seven emotions hay, arsenic poisoning?

Qiqing hay is poisonous!

The Bai family suddenly fought a cold war together!

It’s windy and rainy outside.

The Bai family is precarious!

The Bai family panicked all of a sudden, and Chen Shuyun called a meeting urgently and yelled at the meeting: “Why is Qiqing hay poisonous! Why! Why have you not found out before!”

From great joy to great compassion, Chen Shuyun had already lost his sense.

Bai Zhensheng also paled, “Damn! How did I know! Qiqing hay used to be used as a medicinal material, it has always been good, otherwise it would not have been planted for so many years.”

Bai Zhensheng felt more aggrieved than everyone.

He bought the medicine.

He does marketing.

In his small vault, there are still five thousand catties of herbs.

It was going to be so fast, why did it become like this overnight!

Feliicity frowned and said in a low voice, “The hidden danger has finally been exposed.”

Bai’s family was messed up into a pot of porridge, but suddenly heard Feliicity speak, as if he found a vent in an instant.

Bai Zhensheng angrily said: “Damn! You are still talking to us at this time! You made this whole thing! If you didn’t buy Qiqing hay at first, how could our Bai family follow you? Go and collect! Now think about it, you dare to take our Bai family to death! You are so unbelievable! It’s incredible!”

Others also looked at Feliicity, speaking like a knife.

“Yes, the source of the matter appeared in Feliicity! If she hadn’t bought Qiqing Hay on a whim, how could she cause so much trouble to our Bai family!”

“This little bitch has been a troublemaker since he was a child! It was a murderous star Wiliam who provokeed him before, and now he is coaxing such a big thing, are you the reincarnation of the plague god!”

“In this matter, Feliicity can’t escape responsibility for nothing!”

“Enough said, no!” A cold voice sounded out of thin air.

It was Wiliam in the corner.

Wiliam held Feliicity’s hand, and could clearly feel the coldness of Feliicity’s palms and his fingers trembling.

This group of reckless things!

When in trouble, don’t think of a solution, the first thing is to think about dumping the pot?

What a white family!

But Wiliam’s words aroused even greater anger in the Bai family.

“You’re such a thing! Don’t think you are a member of the Genuine Care Medical Center and dare to point fingers at us! In our eyes, you are worse than a dog!”

“These two guys are just going the same way! Our Bai family was killed by them!”

Everyone criticized Wiliam and Feliicity, but they didn’t notice that Chen Shuyun’s expression was about to explode.

“Alright!” Chen Shuyun patted the table!

She stared at Feliicity and Wiliam fiercely, and suddenly said, “You have to bear certain responsibilities for this matter. After all, the source lies with you. Zhensheng’s fault is also based on you, and these two days He has already worked hard to market Qiqing Hay for the Bai family. So I decided!”

“You two, I order you to take advantage of the fact that this news is still not spreading, and sell all the hay at home within tomorrow!”

Chapter 135 Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association

“Grandma! Can you make some sense!” Feliicity flushed with anger.

But Bai Zhensheng raised his eyebrows, “Feliicity, be respectful when you speak! How did you talk to grandma! Are you calling grandma unreasonable?”

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and her eyes flushed suddenly.

At this time, Wiliam stood up and said coldly: “I’m just cursing Chen Shuyun for being unreasonable.”

In a word, the people at the scene were dumbfounded!

Everyone, look at Wiliam in disbelief!

This trash, any time, dare to speak to grandma in this tone!

Name it!

Seal the throat with a sword!


Wiliam continued to say coldly, “Do you want to be reasonable? Okay, let’s talk about it. Who was the first to propose to promote the function of medicated diet? Who bought Qiqing Hay? And who is it, falsehood Marketing, everyone knows, and finally the city is full of storms and the Bai family is guilty?

Bai Zhensheng’s face suddenly turned white.

Who doesn’t know this!

But who dares to say this in person!

This waste, where’s the courage!

Enemy with me!

Bai Zhensheng was about to get angry, but saw Wiliam suddenly look at him.

His eyes are like ice, as if to pierce the world!

“Dare to be the first for the world, right? A good one who dares to be the first for the world! Since you dare to earn for the world first, then you must have the consciousness of daring to die for the world first!”

“Feliicity, let’s go.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he took Feliicity and left.

The people at the scene were furious!

“It’s up! It’s all up! Even a trash dare to make irresponsible remarks to our Bai family!”

“Stop me! Apologize to grandma immediately!”

Wiliam’s footsteps kept going, but when he was at the door, he stopped.

Because, at the door, in the wind and rain, a dozen people stood!

Holding the black umbrella, those people walked into the villa quickly.

Seeing these people, the faces of Chen Shuyun and Bai Zhensheng suddenly collapsed!

This group of people is headed by an old man who is over 50 years old.

As he walked, he said, “Is the Bai family? This is Bernard, the vice president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association. On behalf of the Drug Association, I came to send two notices to your Bai family.”

Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

This name made all the people present tremble together.

Because of Q City ( Qena City )’s unique advantages, the medical business in this city is booming.

Therefore, the Drug Association deserves to be the top boss of all pharmaceutical companies.

Supervise industry order and punish industry scum.

Which pharmaceutical company dared to offend the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

Now, the people from the Drug Association are here.

It came so fast!

The big thing is bad.

Sure enough, the old man named Bernard took a notice from his subordinates, threw it to Chen Shuyun, and said in a cold voice: “The first notice is to send the Qiqing hay to the laboratory immediately. The test result will come out in seven days. If the Qiqing hay It is really poisonous, and the Drug Association will severely punish the Bai family! In severe cases, you will be held criminally responsible for making money and killing you!”

“The second notice is to immediately suspend all medical businesses in the Bai family, and at the same time inform the whole city of your false propaganda, as a warning.”

Two notices, like two thunders, blow up Bai’s house, one by one like an ice cellar!

People from Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association intervened.

This matter is not so easy to end…

The Bai family is in trouble!

Then Bernard and his party came quickly and left quickly.

The wind and rain were like obscurity, only the cold notice in Chen Shuyun’s hand was telling the Bai family.

The Bai family was completely targeted.

Will pay a heavy price for my arrogance and ignorance!

Chen Shuyun sat on the chair with a pale face, never seeing the anger and arrogance before.

Because in front of the Drug Association, who dares not bow their heads!

Seven days…

Is the Bai family’s life only seven days old?

When the time comes to ask sin, whose sin is it?

Who will be put in jail?

Bai’s up and down, like sitting on pins and needles.

One night passed.

This rain in Q City ( Qena City ) did not stop, but it rained even more.

It seemed to flood the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

On the second day, Q City ( Qena City ) was out of anger.

The false propaganda of the Bai family caused more than a dozen people to eat the Qiqing hay by mistake, and so far the unclear message of life and death spread throughout Q City ( Qena City ).

The Bai family instantly became a black-hearted pharmaceutical company among the population.

In the newspapers and on TV, all the accusations and angers against the Bai family.

Some people even initiated an initiative to boycott the Bai family and let the Bai family get out of Q City ( Qena City )!

Even more so, the Bai family, one life worth one life, accompany the dozen patients to die together.

The Bai family has completely messed up.

Everyone sat on the chairs, one by one like a concubine.

Before the Bai family was arrogant, it didn’t kill anyone.

Now, there are more than a dozen lives at once!

Who can take care of the Bai family! Who dares to bear it!

Chen Shuyun seemed to be ten years old suddenly, with white hair and powerlessness.

“What to do? What can we do now? The sky is going to kill our Bai family! What did our Bai family do wrong! Zhensheng, you can find a solution for me!” Chen Shuyun said, crying without tears.

But what can Bai Zhensheng do?

Even, he was the most aggrieved in the audience.

I can’t say anything.

Maybe, you have to get involved in a lawsuit!

Seeing that Bai Zhensheng dared not speak, Chen Shuyun yelled at the useless waste, and then went to see Feliicity.

After all, every time the Bai family had a problem, Feliicity would always help break the game.

“Feliicity, hurry up and find a way, I know you must have a way, right? You go to the mysterious local tyrant behind you, OK?” Chen Shuyun no longer has the toughness before, but a little begged Feliicity.

Feliicity looked at the Bai family in a panic, sighed, and said, “What can I do? If I have to tell me, I have only one way, and that is, until the test results are still available, selling Qiqing is strictly prohibited. Hay, so as not to cause a bigger disturbance.”

As soon as Feliicity said, as if it had stimulated Bai Zhensheng, his face was distorted, “Damn! Because the test results are not available, so we rush to sell! When the test results come out, we can still sell. Don’t you just smash those things in your own hands! Feliicity, what peace of mind are you! Why is the Bai family bad for you?”

Feliicity suddenly looked at Bai Zhensheng with sharp eyes.

Bai Zhensheng’s mouth moved, but he did not dare to speak.

And Feliicity, step by step, towards Bai Zhensheng!

Words are like ice, unforgettable!

“Bai Zhensheng, before grandma asked you to sell, you looked unhappy, and now you are eager to throw it away, ho ho, if I guess wrong, you are here, there is something tricky, right!”

“Then let me guess!”

“Did you embezzle the company’s money and buy a lot of Qiqing hay in your own name?”

Bai Zhensheng’s face turned pale on the spot.

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng in disbelief.

“Bai Zhensheng! What Feliicity said, but it’s true!” Chen Shuyun’s anger suddenly appeared!

Chapter 136

Bai Zhensheng trembled.

He looked at Feliicity in horror, and thought with all his heart that Feliicity would see through his little actions!

Feliicity suddenly understood when he saw his eyes avoiding.

“Bai Zhensheng! Tell me clearly!” Chen Shuyun suddenly walked over and stared at Bai Zhensheng.

All mouths are gold!

Bai Zhensheng was shocked all at once.

He can’t help but say.

Because not to mention, these hay really fell into my hands.

The hush money that I spent out to Zhao Yingnian, even if it was in vain.

“I admit, I bought some herbs by myself…” Bai Zhensheng said falteringly.

“What is one point! Tell me clearly!” Chen Shuyun shouted loudly.

“Five thousand, five thousand catties…” Bai Zhensheng panicked and said directly.

This number made the Bai family’s head blow!

Five thousand catties!

The Bai family was already holding five thousand jin in his hand.

This Bai Zhensheng ate the ambition of the leopard!

I bought another five thousand catties in private!

Is this going to let the Bai family die completely!

Chen Shuyun was so angry that he picked up the crutches and knocked on Bai Zhensheng’s head.

Bai Zhensheng was beaten all over the field suddenly, and he screamed repeatedly.

Five thousand catties!

Where did Bai Zhensheng get the money!

It must be embezzled from the company!

Good you Bai Zhensheng, just embezzle public funds!

Now, let the Bai family bear such a felony mountain!

The Bai family has ten thousand catties in his hand…

When everyone thought of this, Qi Qi showed a desperate expression.

Now they have only one thought.

I hope that the inspection in a few days will show that Qiqing hay is non-toxic, and everything has nothing to do with the Bai family.

One family is happy and the other is sad.

At this moment, the Zhao family is full of fun.

Zhao Lin gently shook the red wine glass, looked at the newspaper in front of him, and smiled.

“Is that the Bai family? Is that Wiliam? In my eyes, Zhao Linyue, what are you guys? Play with me? Hoho.” Zhao Linyue muttered to himself.

And Zhao Yingnian was full of excitement.

This time, the Bai family stepped into the ghost door and closed it.

The little bitch Feliicity is getting closer and closer to the head of his bed!

I can’t wait!

Then move your second foot into the ghost gate as well!

You husband and wife, kneel down for me and watch my Zhao Yingnian’s style!

Zhao family, the second move is down, and Q City ( Qena City ) is making a comeback!

The stormy city of Q City ( Qena City ) suddenly broke the news with two more exciting news.

The Zhao family came forward and vowed to the sky.

The first piece of news is that the Zhao family released a picture.

It was the first page of the paper that Zhao Linyue secretly photographed.

“Desperate Seven Love Hay!”

Seven characters, dripping with blood!

Zhao Yingnian is right in front of the media!

“This paper was personally brought from the president of Q City ( Qena City ) Hospital. Isn’t this enough to prove that Qiqing hay is poisonous? If you don’t believe it, you can ask Zhang Qingyun if this picture is true or false.”

“In order to make money, the Bai family made such a dehumanizing beast behavior, shouldn’t it be annihilated!”

“This kind of blood money with more than a dozen lives, if the Bai family has earned it, won’t the conscience be condemned!”

” Q City ( Qena City )’s heavy rain today allures the city. Isn’t it the God who got angry and punished the Bai family! But, if we want the entire Q City ( Qena City ) to atone for the Bai family, are we Q City ( Qena City ) people willing!”

This news broke Q City ( Qena City ) completely.

But some media immediately went to interview Zhang Qingyun.

Facing this photo, Zhang Qingyun’s expression was ugly, and he said a few words.

“This picture is indeed true. The Qiqing hay is indeed poisonous.”

“But this paper is an unfinished product. I don’t know why the picture appeared in the hands of the Zhao family? I want to ask the Zhao family, where does your brilliance go!”

And the second sentence, under an undercurrent, did not appear in the media.

Instead, it was the first sentence, which was exaggerated and swept Q City ( Qena City ).

The proof is like a mountain!

Its sin is to blame!

All the media, and Q City ( Qena City ) people, regard the Bai family as a thorn in the flesh.

The glass of the Bai family enterprise was broken overnight to vent their anger.

The door of their company was blocked by a wave of indignation!

White cloth strips, bloody handprints!

The letter “The Bai family makes money, and the people of Q City ( Qena City ) die! The Bai family has no children, and Q City ( Qena City ) is happy to see its funeral!”

The Bai family members are all concentrated in Chen Shuyun’s house, and all of them have long lost their voices.

Everyone knows that there is only a dead end waiting for them.

And this feeling of waiting to die makes the Bai family even more tortured!

At this time, the Zhao family broke the second piece of news.

“According to reliable information, the new product that Genuine Care Medical Center is about to launch today also contains highly toxic Qiqing hay.”

In a word, half of Q City ( Qena City )’s eyes were directed at Genuine Care Medical Center!

The Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association also moved immediately.

Seal the Genuine Care Medical Center!

Waiting for the final verdict!

When Melissa saw that the Genuine Care Medical Center was sealed, his heart was about to explode.

Zhao family!

You dare to start with my Genuine Care Medical Center!

She reported to Wiliam the first time.

But during the call, Wiliam’s voice was calm.

“I see. I told you about the acquisition before. Continue to do it and don’t stop. Taking advantage of people’s irritability, I believe you can clean up the city.”

Melissa hung up angrily.

She had no idea what Wiliam did, and why!

But she has an inexplicable feeling.

In Q City ( Qena City ), Wiliam must see a rainbow!

This little bastard is holding back some bad water.

She wanted to find Lydia to vent her emotions, but found that Lydia was staring at the prescription for her new product, and she was lost.

“My dear, what’s the matter with you? Is it because the new medicine has been blocked, and you are also very upset?” Melissa pushed her depressed.

Lydia was agitated, but showed a shocked look.

Wiliam had helped her change her prescription.

Before, she couldn’t understand why Wiliam had to change this way.


“Sister, I seem to understand, that little bastard’s conspiracy is terrifying to the horror!”

As for the Bai family, they were all stunned at first when they heard that Genuine Care Medical Center had also suffered.

Genuine Care Medical Center has faintly become the leader of Q City ( Qena City ) Medicine in recent times.

Unexpectedly, it was also planted on the Qiqing Hay.

After being stunned, a strange emotion suddenly fluctuated in everyone’s hearts.

“Hehe, seeing that Genuine Care Medical Center is also dying, I suddenly feel more comfortable.” Bai Zhensheng whispered.

Everyone looked at each other, and in each other’s eyes, it was a kind of gloat.

This resentment cannot be taken by our Bai family.

Now there is one who died together, and he finally relieved his anger.

Feliicity’s heart is more desperate than the unrepentant villain.

At this time, someone suddenly looked out the window and let out an exclamation.

“Look, everyone, it seems like someone is kneeling at the door of our Bai’s house in the heavy rain!”

Chapter 137

Everyone looked out the window, and there was a black body, kneeling in despair in the heavy rain.

No words, no words.

Like a lonely wild ghost.

Everyone saw goose bumps all over their bodies.

Who the hell is this!

Which enemy came to scare people again?

Wiliam frowned slightly when he looked at that person.

This person is Zhang Qingyun.

After everyone saw that it was Zhang Qingyun, there was an uproar.

“Why would Zhang Qingyun kneel at our door! What is he going to do?”

Chen Shuyun looked at Zhang Qingyun with a trace of resentment in his eyes!

Zhang Qingyun has always been Chen Shuyun’s doctor.

Chen Shuyun should be grateful to him.

However, this time is different.

This bastard actually helped the Zhao family to deal with our Bai family!

It’s not as good as a beast!

Now know that the confession of conscience came to kneel?


“Leave him alone! A wild dog eating inside and out!” Chen Shuyun snapped and closed the window!

However, Wiliam took an umbrella and walked outside.

The Bai family are so angry!

“Damn! Two dogs eating things inside and out! We deserve to die together!”

Holding an umbrella, Wiliam stood in front of Zhang Qingyun.

Zhang Qingyun has been kneeling in the rain for more than an hour.

His body was shaking.

He raised his head and saw Wiliam with a stern face, his eyes suddenly hot.

Wiliam, in his heart, is the supreme genius doctor.

But it is also the person who apologizes most deeply in Zhang Qingyun’s heart.

He is kind, Zhang Qingyun has lived for most of his life and has always upheld this belief.

But when he was treating Qian Feiyu, he found himself indifferent and indifferent, blindly following falsehood.

Compared with Wiliam, Zhang Qingyun felt even more humble and unbearable.

I felt that this life had no face to face the genius doctor Lu Yelu.

However, when those media reporters questioned Zhang Qingyun.

He still couldn’t ignore his conscience and say that the reporter said that the picture was fake.

As long as he said a false word, the Bai family would not fall into such a boundless hell.

Ashamed and apologized, Zhang Qingyun could no longer bear the condemnation of his conscience, and knelt at the door of Bai’s house in the rain.

“Doctor Lu, I am sorry for you! I am sorry for your entire Bai family!”

“When those reporters interviewed me, I asked why the Zhao family got the picture of the paper! I swear that Zhao Linyue got it by secret photography!”

“I have said all these things, but I don’t know why, but the media collectively chose to ignore them.”

“It was I who killed you and your Bai family!”

Zhang Qingyun’s old face was wet from the rain and looked so desolate.

His voice choked, like an orphan abandoned by the world.

He wanted to explain his grievance. He wanted Wiliam to know that he was not a despicable villain.

That’s it.

Wiliam spoke, “How did you get that paper?”

Zhang Qingyun was taken aback, and said tremblingly: “It was a while ago when I was helping a friend to organize the materials, I saw it accidentally, but unfortunately, the thesis is incomplete, only half, and it is said to be a student’s graduation thesis.”

“This half of the article gave me a sense of horror, so I borrowed it back to study, not thinking that I was framed by Zhao Linyue’s despicable villain.”

Wiliam nodded, “I see.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Leaving the heavy rain, continue to baptize Zhang Qingyun’s sins.

Seeing Wiliam so determined, Zhang Qingyun couldn’t help feeling extremely sad.

Master Lu, are you still unwilling to forgive yourself?

Yes, he committed the crime, but pushed a family into hell.

How could he easily forgive himself…

Thinking of this, he burst into tears.

He continued to kneel and let the rain add to his body, as if only this way, the sins on his body could be washed away a little…

This kneeling is all night.

That night, his head became confused.

When the sky turned white, he got up tremblingly and walked away in despair.

Master Lu, I must be able to save you and the Bai family.

Even if my brain is smashed, I have to redeem me for being a tiger!

By the way, what did the genius doctor Lu. say last night…

How did I get that paper…


Go find that paper!

Even if it is earth-shaking, find out the full text of this paper!

The first half hides murderous intent, but I vaguely know that in the second half, the wonderful hand is rejuvenating!

It must be so!

Doctor Lu, wait for me to come back!

As Bai’s family went up and down, watching Zhang Qingyun leave, they suddenly scolded one by one.

“Damn! I just knelt all night and left! Is this an attitude of coming to repent!”

“Yeah! What a famous doctor! He’s just a villain. He must have been bought by the Zhao family before he came to frame us!”

“The Zhao family! We will not be at odds with the Zhao family in the future! Yes, the reason why the Zhao family wants to put us to death must have something to do with Feliicity Wiliam’s offending Zhao Yingnian!”

As everyone talked, they aimed at Wiliam and Feliicity again.

The more I talked, the more vigorous, a basin of dirty water was poured into the white Feliicity.

Feliicity was disturbed at the moment.

The third day.

The Bai family had been in the whirlpool pointed out by Qianfu for three full days.

Today, Feliicity is holding her heart.

She remembered one thing.

Wiliam suddenly squeezed Feliicity’s cold little hand and said softly, “I’ll go with you.”

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment, and tears burst into his eyes.

The husband and wife are like this, I am silent, you know.

Wiliam is like this, I feel at ease with your glance.

He actually knew what he was upset about…

Feliicity nodded moved, “How to say, I also have to give them an explanation.”

The two of them ignored the accusations of the Bai family and walked out of the Bai family under umbrellas.

What they are going to is the village of Qiqing.

Three days.

Today is the day when Feliicity agreed to contract with them to receive the goods.

Thinking of those simple pharmaceutical farmers, thinking of the poor old man who has a longing for the happiness of the future, Feliicity couldn’t help but ignore them without any confidence.

Even if this trip is not to buy, but to break the contract, we must give them a clear explanation.

The two drove to Qiqing Village and got off under an umbrella.

When I got out of the car, I saw the picture in front of me, and Feliicity’s tears fell on the spot!

She directly pressed against Wiliam’s chest, choking hard to say!

Three days ago, the beautiful and picturesque sea of ​​purple flowers was completely soaked in the muddy water at this moment, looking so sad.

What’s even sadder is that in the heavy rain.

Thirty or forty old men, old women, and children, just kneel in front of the Qiqing dry grass soaked by the heavy rain, helpless and helpless, crying!

“God, are you punishing our Seven Love Village?”

“What did we do wrong! To make us suffer like this…”

“Without Qiqing Hay, how can we still live…”

Chapter 138

The world is in tears.

Young and old cry!

Those who left are already gone.

Exist and steal a life.

A picture of sadness in the world!

Bai Fengxuerao was determined to have a heart of iron and stone today, and at this moment, it collapsed and separated.

A heart hurts so hard to breathe!

Qiqing Village is a veritable hollow village.

The strong go out to work and do business.

Those who stay in the village are lonely old people.

The old people who should have enjoyed family happiness are already working hard together for their children outside.

Strive to let the old, weak, sick, and disabled oneself live independently and not cause trouble to the children outside.

And Qiqing hay is the only source of life that supports them.

In the hearts of these old people, it is not their children who accompany them the most.

It’s the seven emotions hay that has been quietly dedicated year after year.

Treat it as your own, cherish it.

Now, Qiqing hay is said to be poisonous.

It was like a merciless bayonet that pierced into the hearts of all the old people.

From body to heart, everything hurts.

What can they do if they lose the Qiqing Hay!

Feliicity cried so much!

Wiliam was also hit hard by the sad scene in front of him.

Poor parents in the world, the old age still has a lot of emotions!

This was supposed to be a business battle between the Zhao family and the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center!

However, the aftermath of the war has severely affected these innocent old people.

Zhao family!

You are inexcusable!

Feliicity cried for half an hour, and finally, it was Wiliam who helped her to move on.

She suddenly saw the old head in the heavy rain.

With his head naked, Old Li knelt on his knees in front of the Qiqing dry grass, tears already running dry.

His cheeks sank deeply.

Feliicity was heartbroken, holding the umbrella, blocking the heavy rain for Lao Li.

And Old Head Li looked at Feliicity and Wiliam, as if he saw the straw, and cried like a child.

Trembling and crying.

“President Bai, the outside said that our grass is poisonous, why do they say that…”

“I have been planting for decades. Why do you say that it is poisonous now? Tell me all this is fake, right?”

Seeing the light bursting out of Old Li’s eyes.

Feliicity knew that Mr. Li had pinned all his hopes of life in his answer.

But, the old head Li already knew it, didn’t he…

Feliicity’s eyes were red again, and she could no longer hold back her tears.

She was about to nod, but she saw Wiliam say gently: “Old Li, Qiqing hay is a good thing.”

No matter how bright the light in Old Li’s head’s eyes, his body seemed to be restored to life.

He got up directly from the ground, holding a handful of soaked Qiqing hay.

He wanted to pass the Qiqing Hay to Wiliam, but he suddenly hesitated with his hand in the air.

Wiliam saw that hand, a sorrow and grief in his heart.

This is a callused hand.

Because he planted Qiqing hay all the year round, his hands were already black and purple.

In the palm of the hand, there are scars that are deeply visible but cannot be completely healed.

It should be the palm of the hand being cut by Qiqing hay during the harvest time after time.

The years and the hay of seven emotions have carved the mark of tenderness and vicissitudes in the old Litou and even the souls of the elderly in the whole village.

Wiliam also knew why Old Head Li reached out his hand.

He wanted to send Qiqing Hay to Wiliam.

However, he hesitated again because he already knew that Qiqing hay was poisonous.

I don’t want to harm Wiliam and Feliicity…

Such innocence, reluctant to love, reluctant to leave…

Wiliam took the Qiqing Hay.

Old Li’s eyes narrowed, his lips moved, and finally he said, “You guys, let’s go…”

“Our village is over.”

“The Qiqing hay that I promised you before is gone.”

Baifeng Xuelihua brought rain, and felt so distressed that I couldn’t help myself.

Such a kind old man, why should he suffer such a crime!

At this moment, Feliicity would rather punish all sins and all punishments by herself!

Don’t hurt the innocent and kill an entire village!

She walked around the village.

Those old people looked at them with complicated eyes.

In the eyes, it is hate!

Is wronged!

It’s helpless!

But more, it is helpless understanding.

There is no one who blames Feliicity for not keeping the promise, and there is no one who asks Feliicity to continue to perform.

As if all the grievances, Qiqing Village alone is enough to bear.

When Feliicity was about to leave, she passed by Old Li again.

In the heavy rain, he was on the phone.

There was a warm smile on his face.

In my eyes, there is a bottomless guilt.

“Son, I’m sorry, father doesn’t use it…”

“I can’t save you money to buy a house. I’m sorry…”

“I’m old, I won’t do it next year, I can’t do it anymore, sorry…”

I’m sorry one by one.

After hanging up the phone, Old Head Li lost his senses, hugged the tattered hat and cried helplessly.

He has and only has a hat…

Feliicity stood at the entrance of the village, looking at the vast village of Qiqing, suddenly kneeling down straight!

She clasped her hands together, like a devout believer, praying that the village of Qiqing will grow rich and prosper every year.

This scene, like a brand, was deeply carved in Wiliam’s heart.

At this moment, the blizzard of praying in the rain is actually a beautiful goddess who saves all living beings and cannot be desecrated by the world.

When Feliicity returned to the car, she was crying and fainted.

She is apologizing!

She is sad!

She is resenting!

“Wiliam, what should I do, what should I do! I’m so sad, I really want to accompany them to death…” Feliicity plunged into Wiliam’s arms, her body trembling constantly.

Lu Yezhen said a word, but patted her body gently.

“You said, Old Li’s son, can he still afford a house next year?” Feliicity asked in tears.

Three days ago, in the setting sun, Old Li looked longing.

It means that if you work for another year, you can pay the down payment for your son to buy a house.

What now……

“Well, it must be possible.” Wiliam said casually, looking through the car window to the sky!

This damn rain!

Don’t stop me!

I have to!

Break this day!

Wear this cloud!

Just give up!

Going home, Feliicity took a bath and fell asleep groggy.

When she woke up the next day, Feliicity’s face was blushing, and she was confused and had a high fever.

Her body is already weak.

But her bones, at this moment, are made into steel.

“Wiliam, what do I do, will you support me?” Feliicity suddenly grasped Wiliam’s hand in a daze.

Wiliam nodded.

Feliicity reluctantly opened her eyes and squeezed a pale smile, “Then you can do something for me.”

“Go to Qiqing Village again and buy Qiqing Hay!”

“Success is counted, and bad is counted!”

“How much, how much!”

“Someone complains about you, whipping you and lashing you at you, you also help me and accept it all!”

“Receiving the old people feel at ease, receiving this world, the sky is clear!”

Chapter 139

When Wiliam heard these words, he suddenly smiled.

He said hello, and strode to the window.

Pull the curtains easily.

Outside, Yun Xieyu live!

The sun is struggling, it is time to shine everywhere!

Feliicity, after this soul baptism, you have finally grown up.

It’s not a bit cold, how can the plum blossoms smell so sweet!

Don’t worry, I already understand your heart.

If you become a Buddha, I will accompany you to save all sentient beings!

If you become a demon, I will accompany you throughout the Purgatory!

Waiting for me to come back!

According to Feliicity’s wish, Wiliam used the company’s account to withdraw a sum of 5 million in cash from the bank.

Feliicity wanted the old people to see the real money.

Then, he returned home with the money, because the Feliicity wanted to pass.

But when he returned home, he found that Chen Shuyun and other members of the Bai family were all gathered in the middle of the hall.

The besieged person is surprisingly Feliicity.

The Bai family is always paying attention to Feliicity’s movements.

Finding that Feliicity had actually taken money from the company, he was furious one by one.

Bai Zhensheng’s hand was about to poke Feliicity’s face, his face was extremely grim, “Feliicity, why, when you see that our Bai family is in trouble, you want to run away with your money, right?”

“If I hadn’t paid attention to you all the time, you would have really run away! You are simply the scum of the Bai family! Bitch!”

The surrounding Bai family members also spoke uprightly and insulted.

“Hoho, you can only share prosperity with the Bai family, you can’t share adversities with the Bai family, your face is really disgusting!”

“You little bitch! Our Bai family has fallen to the point where it is today because of you! If you don’t offend Zhao Yingnian, would the Zhao family put us to death like this! Now you are better, pat but want to leave! I tell you, don’t think about it!”

Feliicity in the middle was extremely pale, and she was still not well.

However, the expression in her eyes changed from the previous weakness and became extremely stubborn!

The decision has been made, nine deaths without regrets!

Bai Zhensheng saw that Feliicity had no repentance, and was so angry that he opened his hands and went to fan Feliicity.

At this moment, a loud “bang” sound suddenly sounded behind them!

A chair was severely shattered!


Wiliam, carrying a snakeskin bag, walked over with a grim face.

Seeing Wiliam, this group of people became more angry.

“Okay you! You still want to kill us, right?”

“You have a kind! Come on, I’ll stand here! Give me a try!”

Wiliam didn’t bother to take care of this group of neuroses. In his eyes, there was only a beautiful but arrogant Feliicity.

He walked in, gently supported Feliicity on the sofa, and put the snakeskin bag full of money on the table.

“Has the money been taken out?” Feliicity asked chokedly.

Wiliam nodded, “Take them out, they’re all here.”

Everyone looked at them, and they were talking about money blatantly in front of them, and they were gnashing their teeth one by one!

“Feliicity! What on earth are you going to do! Tell me clearly! Otherwise, I will see who dares to leave today!” Chen Shuyun shouted angrily.

Feliicity looked at Chen Shuyun at this time, her eyes were indifferent, “What? Go buy Qiqing hay and make atonement for our Bai family!”

Hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

Purchase Qiqing Hay!

At this juncture, Qiqing hay is a hot potato for everyone, and you can’t even shake it off!

She actually wants to buy Qiqing Hay!


Chen Shuyun laughed in anger and said, “Well, you are a white Feliicity! If you don’t give me a reason today, I will never spare you!”

“The grievances between the Zhao family and the Bai family are not as good as the innocent drug farmers. We don’t have a company, and we have other livelihoods. But the poor old people in Qiqing Village, they don’t have Qiqing hay, so they really have nothing. Nothing. The whole thing was caused by our Bai family’s false propaganda. You dare not admit it. Then I will recite the crime.” Feliicity’s voice appeared cold and unusual.

Poke the Bai family’s heart straightly!

Because the whole thing was indeed caused by the Bai family, the Zhao family was just pushing the flames behind the scenes.

The Bai family knew this truth, but they would not admit their mistakes even if they were killed.

Now, Feliicity actually wants to blame the Bai family!

“You! You are too presumptuous! You are still not from our Bai family! We are already in a precarious position, and you are still taking the money out for fun. Do you know that this will cause even greater disturbances!” Chen Shuyun is angry I have to beat my heart!

“I am from the Bai family! And I am also the president of the Bai Group! Why can’t I make this decision? Also, before I became the president of the Bai Group, I was first of all an individual. I can’t ignore you like you Life.” Feliicity was absolutely incomparable.

“Good! Good! Good! If you are such a fake compassion, that’s okay! I will do you! You can buy those herbs! But you must not use the company’s money! You use your private account to buy! And, I I will declare in the whole city that your kind of hypocrisy has nothing to do with our Bai family!” Chen Shuyun spit wildly.

Feliicity seemed to have expected this result long ago.

Because the Bai family, from beginning to end, only profited.

At the beginning of the acquisition, Feliicity’s words forced Feliicity to go to the company’s account, fearing that Feliicity would make money and enter his small vault.

Now, the disaster is approaching, and Feliicity is forced to leave her account again, for fear that her behavior will cause more criticism from the Bai family.

What’s more ridiculous is that Bai Zhensheng used power for personal gain and embezzled the company’s money to fill his own small treasury. This heinous act, in front of the Bai family, even a little storm could not stir.

The double contrast made Feliicity’s heart colder.

She said indifferently: “Okay, I will pledge the emperor flower and some of my personal assets. The above are my personal actions and have nothing to do with the Bai family.”

Chen Shuyun originally wanted to threaten Feliicity to let her give up.

Unexpectedly, Feliicity was so unfeeling.

If you smash the pot and sell iron, you must save those old women who don’t know the so-called smelly old man!

It’s almost hopeless!

But Feliicity’s decisive choke in Feliicity’s family has been choking for a long time, but they have not recovered!

Just when Feliicity wanted Wiliam to go first, Bai Zhensheng suddenly jumped out.

He stared at Feliicity with a strong viciousness in his eyes.

He said to Chen Shuyun: “Grandma! How can we make them so cheap! After all, Feliicity still has to act under the name of the Bai family! So, don’t you want to buy Qiqing Hay! Well, we don’t have any opinions on this matter. ! But there is a premise!”

“You must take away the five thousand catties of our Bai family, as well as my five thousand catties of Qiqing hay!”

Chapter 140

Wiliam frowned when he heard this.

Ho ho, Bai family.

Missing me, Wiliam, can easily expect you to be wise, but cannot break your lower limit!

When the Bai family heard Bai Zhensheng’s suggestion, their eyes lighted up immediately.

“Yes! Zhensheng said well! Don’t you want to be a good person! Then you should do it to the end and take away all the Qiqing hay we have on hand.”

“You can’t let you occupy the prestige accumulated by the Bai family for many years, you have to pay the price.

“It’s better to die alone than to die as a family. Don’t overwhelm your debts, Feliicity, your chance to contribute to the Bai family is here.”

Feliicity’s face became paler.

The Bai family in front of them are clearly like demons who cannibalize people without spitting out bones!

“Wiliam, you go.” Feliicity said to Wiliam suddenly.

Wiliam grabbed the snakeskin bag on the table, turned and walked outside.

But at this time, the Bai family made a splash and surrounded Wiliam.

“Bang!” There was a sound of glass.

Everyone turned back.

I saw Feliicity smash a glass.

She picked up a fragment of the glass and walked over coldly.

She stopped those people from the Bai family, “I think today, who dares to stop you!”

The gaze is like a torch, the woman holds the sky!

Wiliam nodded, and strode outside.

The Bai family looked at the shattered pieces of cold light in Feliicity’s hands, and cried out with anger.

“Now let me know! This matter has nothing to do with our Bai family! You want to die! You can’t blame me!” Chen Shuyun stared at Feliicity, the hatred in his eyes was overflowing.

Bai Zhensheng took the order and immediately went to handle it.

When he left, his eyes were even more bitter.

It’s not as simple as that!

You little bitch, if you want to be a saint, then I will let you be enough!

When I was a child, an explosive message exploded throughout the city.

Feliicity, a private whole city buys Qiqing Hay!

No limit!

Bai Zhensheng deliberately expanded the scope of Feliicity’s acquisition to the whole city!

And gave a crazy statement, no limit!

Now, the whole city is in chaos!

Especially those small businesses that blindly followed suit before, they also bought a bunch of herbs, and they were worried that they could not get out.

They all moved after hearing the wind.

The door of Feliicity’s house was suddenly blocked by those people!

They shouted one by one to let Feliicity come out.

“Hey! Don’t you want to buy Qiqing Hay? I brought it for you in a car, come down and buy it soon.”

“Aren’t you trying to play tricks on the pharmaceutical companies in our city? Do you know the consequences of doing this?”

“Feliicity, come out!”

Shouted one by one.

Feliicity was in the house, listening to the loud shouts of people outside, like an ice cellar!

Why is it like this!

I was only talking about buying medicinal herbs from those farmers. Why, so many companies popped up.

As for the Bai family, seeing Feliicity at a loss, there was a fierce indulgence in his heart!

Want to be a watch, but also to establish a chastity memorial!

How easy is it!

You continue to be your Virgin!

I see how you end up now!

Fortunately, the relationship has been cleared up before, and this group of people is obviously only for Feliicity.

The Bai family are very proud.

And the people outside, who couldn’t wait for Feliicity, complained one by one.

Some people even started smashing the white door with stones.

At this moment, someone noticed a person walking over.

“Hey, isn’t that Zhao Yingnian from the Zhao family? Why did he come?”

Zhao Yingnian looked at the mess at the door of Bai’s house with a triumphant smile.

All this is under control.

Bai family, you are dead.

And Feliicity, who actually dared to do such a silly thing on the cusp of the storm.

Ho Ho, God really helped me.

I came here just to add the last straw to your camel that is about to be crushed!

Zhao Yingnian came here with a group of reporters.

Those reporters have already called below.

“Miss Feliicity, I know you are in the house, can you come out for an interview?”

“Why do you vowed to buy medicinal herbs in the whole city, but now you dare not see anyone?”

“Are you holding the blood, tears and pain points of the whole city, and marketing to yourself?”

“Does your white family teach you this marketing method of stepping on the wounds of others?”

The reporter’s voice fell in the ears of the Bai family, and they were suddenly shocked!

After all I said, I went to the Bai family!

If this allows these reporters to turn the wind on the wrong side, it would be fine!

Bai Zhensheng immediately said to Feliicity viciously inside: “Damn! The reporters are here! Get out quickly! Those people are looking for you!”

Others also agreed, “Quickly go out and explain, you do everything, and you have nothing to do with the Bai family.”

“If you don’t go out again, our Bai family will be ashamed of you and won’t go out yet!”

Feliicity looked at the group of people in front of her, her eyes were gradually red, and she only asked one sentence, “Do you know what will happen if I go out?”

As soon as I go out, I will be overwhelmed by these rebellious officials and thieves on the spot!

But Chen Shuyun said indifferently: “If you let you go out, you can go out! They can’t beat you to death, right? If you don’t go out, the reputation of our Bai family will drop even more! Bai Zhensheng, open the door!”

Feliicity’s heart fell to the bottom.

Is there any prestige in the Bai family?

Feliicity suddenly felt a strange sympathy in her heart.

Sympathize with these acrimonious people!

“How big a slap is needed to wake you up…” Feliicity smiled sadly, but walked out without looking back.

When everyone saw the Feliicity coming out, they immediately gathered around and kept saying, asking Feliicity to fulfill the promise and take away the Qiqing hay.

The reporter, plausibly, questioned.

Zhao Yingnian looked at Feliicity’s trembling, and felt very happy. He motioned to the people around to be quiet, and then said leisurely: “Feliicity, don’t you set a limit? We still have ten thousand catties in hand, please. And take it away.”

Feliicity’s head burst!

Ten thousand catties!

Zhao family, come prepared!

Zhao Yingnian smiled at Feliicity’s dumbfounded look.

No! You Feliicity is notorious for being ruined in the whole city!

Close! I am afraid that your Bai family does not have such financial resources! In the end, people and money are empty!

Forward is the abyss, backward is the thorns!

What are you going to do!

Zhao Yingnian suddenly approached Feliicity, and said with a pleasant joking: “Kneel down and beg me, I will help you, and even your Bai family, through the difficulties…”

Feliicity suddenly felt the world spin.

She was already weak, but her fever had not gone away.

Now, as soon as he softened, he fell straight down!

But at this time, a figure suddenly rushed over and gently supported Feliicity.

Feliicity reluctantly opened her eyes and saw the person in front of her clearly, bursting into tears suddenly.

She couldn’t cry!

For the first time in this life, open this helpless mouth to him!

“Wiliam, help me…”



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