Dragon Husband Chapter 141 – 150

Chapter 141

When Feliicity saw Wiliam, all the helplessness just now seemed to have found a warm support.

A strong sense of security permeated the whole body.

She spoke, begging Wiliam.

For the first time in his life.

She didn’t even know why she asked Wiliam for help.

Wiliam is also an ordinary person, how can he turn things around with one hand.

But Feliicity still spoke.

do not know why.

No need to know why.

As long as he is his husband, it’s fine.

Wiliam watched the Feliicity sadly, feeling distressed.

He looked around at the acrimonious people in front of him and smiled.

There was endless indifference in his eyes.


A good word is enough!

Feliicity closed his eyes, and the noise around him was inaudible.

Just as Zhao Yingnian tried to put pressure on again, suddenly a reporter’s phone rang.

After he answered the phone, his whole body was dull.

“Benevolence Medical Center is also purchasing Qiqing Hay in the whole city!”

In a word, the scene was instantly quiet!

Genuine Care Medical Center, in this turmoil, is already hard to protect itself.

Unexpectedly, they were also blinded on the cusp of this storm.

Is this world crazy?

But for those small business owners, as long as someone collects hay from the seven emotions, no matter who he is!

So in an instant, almost everyone rushed to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Zhao Yingnian smiled triumphantly after a brief absence.

Genuine Care Medical Center?


I’m also worried about this turmoil. You should be a tortoise. I don’t even have a gun to fight!

It just happened!

He also walked towards Genuine Care Medical Center in an instant!

At the door of Bai’s house, it was deserted instantly.

Wiliam hugged Feliicity into the house, and Li did not care about the Bai family.

He closed the door and gave Feliicity another injection.

After a while, Feliicity woke up quietly.

The first sentence after waking up was to ask Wiliam, “How is your situation?”

Wiliam said softly, “All the money has been spent, but it’s a drop in the bucket, and there are still many people who can’t solve it.”

Feliicity’s brows darkened, and the guilt filled again.

But this time, Wiliam whispered: “Next, you don’t have to worry about it, you have done enough.”

“I don’t have to worry about it?” Feliicity said in confusion.

Wiliam smiled softly, “Aren’t you, have you asked me…”

Blushing appeared on Feliicity’s pale face.

Before, completely in the ups and downs of the waves, I grabbed Wiliam, a life-saving straw…

“You take a good rest, I have everything. By the way, Genuine Care Medical Center has also taken action.” Wiliam told Feliicity the news of Genuine Care Medical Center’s purchase of Qiqing Hay in the city.

Feliicity was taken aback, “Why are they doing this?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “You raise your body first, promise me, don’t think about anything now, can you sleep?”

Feliicity nodded obediently at Wiliam’s petting look, and then retracted her head into the quilt.

Just like a kitten.

Wiliam turned and left.

In the bed, there was a soft and well-behaved voice, “My husband, thank you.”


Wiliam’s heart seemed to have been shot by an arrow.

Sweet and warm.

Is this this stupid wife stupidly showing her love…

Wiliam smiled and prepared to go to the Renxin Medical Clinic.

Of course, when he walked out of the room, he heard the triumphant voice of the Bai family again.

“Hahaha, Genuine Care Medical Center is here to help us.”

“That’s not it! We are their sole agent after all! Without us, half of the sky will fall.”

“Well, we are all prosperous. Genuine Care Medical Center would never want to take care of ourselves. At this time, we will come out to help us tide over the difficulties. They have some insight.”

With a ho ho ho ho in his heart, Wiliam left.

Within a day, Genuine Care Medical Center purchased a full five thousand catties of herbs.

And it was purchased at a market price of one hundred yuan a catty.

And Zhao Yingnian, watching all this coldly, was not in a hurry to sell the last ten thousand catties of his home.

He was watching, wondering what Genuine Care Medical Center wanted to do.

Because he knew that Melissa was not a good crop.

When it was dark, Genuine Care Medical Center was closed.

But when the door was closed, an even more powerful message was posted outside the gate of Genuine Care Medical Center.

“The Genuine Care Medical Center will continue to purchase Qiqing Hay for three more days. Starting tomorrow, the price will be 800 yuan a catty, 600 yuan the day after tomorrow, and 300 yuan the day after tomorrow.”

This notice, like a thunder, exploded throughout the city.

Everyone is angry at this moment!

What exactly does Genuine Care Medical Center want to do!

Are you stealing money outright?

The purchase price of those companies is getting lower every day!

Don’t you know that everyone at Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceutical Enterprise is in danger at this time!

It’s just like that!

However, some people are puzzled by the practice of Genuine Care Medical Center.

At this time, it is safest to be alone.

Why did Genuine Care Medical Center do such an unthinkable move?

Qiqing hay is already waste, why do they buy it?

So many people began to wait and see.

And Wiliam peeled an orange indifferently in the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Melissa threw his orange peel into his water glass.

Wiliam was curious, “Why don’t you scold me this time?”

Melissa gave him an angry look, “You are abused and addicted, right?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, but said nothing.

Melissa looked at him with a wry smile.

scold you?

If it weren’t for the terrible evidence from Lydia, I would really cut you off.

But now, little bastard, I almost knelt down for you!

Your hand is so cruel!

Have fun in Q City ( Qena City )! Play around with all businesses!

In the end, people prospered me up, and people were afraid of me.

Just buy the herbs.

On the first day, the message was released first, and then set a lower price every day.

Breaking out the news is enough to attract pharmaceutical companies throughout the city to be up for sale, because they don’t know what is the use of Qiqing Hay?

What if it works?

And the price is getting worse every day!

Those pharmaceutical companies simply can’t sit still! Can’t wait!

Because, it was only three days before the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association announced the results of the medicinal tests.

The more you wait, the lower the price. On the third day, what if the herbs are poisonous? Wouldn’t it be worthless!

Now, it can only be used as a stop loss.

This little bastard, using poor information and step-by-step prices, firmly choked the throats of those companies!

This psychological warfare, absolutely!

Wiliam ate the oranges, looked at Melissa’s infatuated eyes, the corner of his mouth twitched, and suddenly asked, “Then you should know what the Zhao family is going to do next, right?”

Melissa nodded and drank the cup of warm water with the fragrance of orange peel, his eyes became indifferent.

“The Zhao family, will save the dozens of people in the ICU ward, and become famous in World War I!”

Chapter 142

Wiliam nodded in satisfaction, this Melissa didn’t let himself down.

But after Melissa finished speaking, there was a feeling of throbbing in his heart.

It is as if a student was temporarily picked up by the teacher to answer questions.

A good answer, a cheap compliment.

I didn’t answer well, and I couldn’t lift my head in front of the teacher.


This little bastard is really getting more and more powerless.

The reason why Melissa would answer the Zhao family’s move to save people was guessed in his heart.

The Zhao family was behind the scenes, not hesitating to lose half of their net worth, is it just to let the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center learn a lesson?

What good is this for the Zhao family?

Isn’t this killing one thousand enemies and self-defeating eight hundred?

The old fox Zhao Linyue definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

Then there is only one possibility left!

Zhao’s family is profitable!

This benefit is the origin of this storm!

The dozen or so people who lived in the ICU ward because of an overdose of Qiqing hay.

There are two basis for Melissa’s guess.

The first is that the Zhao family got the half of the essay on hay of desperation.

However, when the first page of photos was released, it was clearly cropped.

On the first page, only the top half is exposed.

Everyone thinks that the first half of the page is the key.

Because on the first half of the page, the black and white written on the Qiqing hay is poisonous. This is iron proof!

But Melissa had doubts about this.

What about the bottom half?

Is it really irrelevant?

I don’t think so!

The reason why the Zhao family did not release the second half of the page is not because the second half is irrelevant.

It is precisely because the bottom half of the page is as heavy as Mount Tai!

What is the Zhao family hiding?

There is only one answer, the lower half of the cut-off page records the antidote to Qiqing Hay!

The Zhao family does not want to let others know, because of this, it will become the biggest capital of the Zhao family for Yaowu’s prestige!

The second basis is even more straightforward.

The piece of information that Lydia told her was also about the antidote to Qiqing Hay.

Now, the city is full of ups and downs, and everyone in Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceutical Enterprises is in danger.

There is an urgent need for someone to stand up and take the lead.

Zhao family, will you give up this great opportunity?

No, because the storm was all over the city, it was the Zhao family who laid it down, waiting, it was this moment.

Zhao family, Zhao family, you are very cunning.

But it’s a pity, do you know who you offended?

He is a devil who has foresight in everything he says and does, and every move is killing!

Melissa’s speculation is all in!

The next day, the Zhao family made a move.

Zhao Linyue came to Q City ( Qena City ) Hospital in person.

The dozen or so patients with arsenic poisoning are still struggling in the ICU and are at stake.

Outside the ward, surrounded by a large number of people, crying and robbing the ground, cursing the Bai family.

And Zhao Linyue, after getting permission, entered the ICU ward.

After more than an hour, he came out.

Then, I sat on the chair steadily, waiting for good news.

Sure enough, there was a shocking good message in the ward.

Qi Qi regained consciousness of the dozen or so dying patients.

Various indicators are slowly recovering.

This life-saving grace caused the people at the scene to kneel down to Zhao Linyue on the spot.

In the meantime, there are naturally many reporters who have been waiting for a long time.

They frantically took pictures and interviewed.

Zhao Linyue maintained the arrogance and indifference of a healer, and talked to the camera.

I have given my life-saving grace in one stroke, but I punish the Bai family’s false propaganda!

He even expressed shame for the benevolence medical center’s robbery at this time!

The precarious Q City ( Qena City ) pharmaceutical industry seemed to be instantly stabilized by Zhao Linyue alone.

Not only the family members of those patients are grateful to Zhao Linyue, but even the pharmaceutical companies show respect to Zhao Linyue!

The Zhao family was in the limelight in Q City ( Qena City ) for a while, faintly surpassing the Genuine Care Medical Center, and gathered to respond!

In stark contrast to the Zhao family, Genuine Care Medical Center.

Because Genuine Care Medical Center ushered in the most shocking group of people today.

Dozens of elders from Qiqing Village, supported by their children and grandchildren, came to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Early in the morning, Feliicity also got the message. In her heart, she was always worried about the medicine farmers.

She asked Wiliam to go to the Genuine Care Medical Center together, and she wanted to see them with her own eyes.

I thought that Genuine Care Medical Center would purchase the Qiqing hay of those medicine farmers at today’s price, 800 yuan a catty.

But at this time, Genuine Care Medical Center released a shocking message!

Do not purchase herbs from the medicinal farmers in Qiqing Village!

Instead, change to pawn!

“The Genuine Care Medical Center launched a medicinal pledge pawn for medicinal farmers in Qiqing Village. 500 yuan per catty, and the same period of three days. The condition for redemption of medicinal herbs is that the price of medicinal materials is ten times higher before redemption. Within seven days, the price of medicinal herbs is not It has been over ten times, and the herbs will always belong to the Genuine Care Medical Center.”

This notice made everyone present feel sad and angry!

If there is something good, immediately post the content of the notice to the Internet.

Before, there was Zhao Linyue selflessly saving people, and afterwards, there was a kind hospital to bully people!

This comparison is justified!

Genuine Care Medical Center immediately aroused public anger!

This notice, for those medicine farmers, is simply sucking blood!

Get down to the ground! Take advantage of the sickness!

Pawn medicinal herbs at the price of five hundred?

Then the price must be over ten times to redeem it?

What a joke!

Ten times that is five thousand yuan!

Qiqing hay, now that others dare not ask for it, Genuine Care Medical Center actually wants to increase the price tenfold!

It’s crazy!

For a while, the Internet was full of attacks on Genuine Care Medical Center!

Coupled with the desperate eyes of those old people, the reputation of Genuine Care Medical Center instantly fell to the bottom!

Even the old man’s money is pitted!

Even suck the blood of the old man!

Genuine Care Medical Center, ashamed and benevolent, the sin is extremely heinous!

Those old people saw this notice and tears fell on the spot.

Many people, dragging their tired bodies, knelt straight at the door of Genuine Care Medical Center.

They are desperate.

When desperate, I saw the narrow road of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Along the way, I found that this road is full of thorns…

They are tired…

“Please, please help us? We really have no way out…”

“As long as there is a way, we old men will not kneel down when we are about to die…”

“I kowtow to you, OK? Give us a way out…”

Those old men, turbid tears flowed.

Feliicity saw the middle and knelt on his head.

Old Li’s left hand, carrying a broken bag, and his right hand, holding a broken hat.

His children and grandchildren are not here, alone.

He knelt there, sad from the heart…

Feliicity’s eyes were red instantly!

These are old people!

If they hadn’t had a solution, how could they kneel here!

Genuine Care Medical Center, why do you do this!

In her heart, for the first time resentment against Genuine Care Medical Center was born.

She always thinks that the old way of the hospital of Renxin is the most important thing.

Now, but selfishly eating bones and marrow!

She turned her head to look at Wiliam with tears, “Why! Why does Genuine Care Medical Center want to be like this! Gives hope and is so humiliated!”

Wiliam watched the old man kneeling on the ground, and his heart hurt.

He suddenly asked Feliicity, “What do I do, will you support me?”

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment. She had asked Wiliam before this sentence.

At that time, Wiliam’s answer was yes!

Although Feliicity was unwilling to accept it, she nodded bitterly out of trust in Wiliam.

A gentle hand suddenly gently covered Feliicity’s eyes…

“Then, don’t watch.”

Chapter 143

Wiliam’s palms were warm.

But the tears of Feliicity are hotter.

Wiliam only felt that the palm of his hand covering Feliicity’s eyes seemed to be burned.

Tears ooze from the gap between the fingers.

Feliicity cried.

Her voice was sad, “Wiliam, I believe you.”

“But, you cover my eyes, why don’t you also close my ears? Seal my heart too?”

“I can hear them crying.”

“I feel their sadness.”

An old helpless voice came over.

It’s the old head of Li.

Old Li’s voice choked with tears in his eyes.

“The benevolent hospital of great compassion, I beg you. We old men and old women have worked very hard.”

“Working hard to be self-reliant, working hard not to cause trouble for the children who are working hard outside…”

“We really don’t have a solution…”

In a word, all the conscientious people present have red eyes.

This is the heartfelt words of many lonely old people.

To be alone, I will never think about my loneliness.

It’s whether the children outside are suffering…

They are weak in body, but pure in heart, stronger than anyone else.

Genuine Care Medical Center, can you really watch these old people, kneel and be indifferent!

This scene was posted on the Internet again.

But Genuine Care Medical Center, like a heart of iron and stone, just didn’t open two mouthfuls.

The whole scene was deadlocked for more than two hours.

Feliicity also cried for more than two hours.

In the end, it was the pharmaceutical farmers who compromised.

At a low price, the Qiqing Hay was pawned to Genuine Care Medical Center.

Said it is a pawn, in fact, everyone knows that there is no return to this pawn.

Those old people, after the previous agreements, left one after another.

The body trembled slightly, which made people feel embarrassed.

Old Li Tou was the last one to leave.

He saw the white Feliicity in the crowd.

He slowly walked to Feliicity’s body and squeezed an ugly smile.

The dignity of an old man has been shattered in the sight of thousands of people just now.

“President Bai, you are here too.” Old Li said with a choked voice.

One sentence made Feliicity’s guilt deeper, but after a thousand words, Feliicity could only say one sentence, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry you…”

Old Head Li waved his hand and smiled bitterly: “It has nothing to do with you, but our life in Qiqing Village is not good. In the future, I have to think of something else.”

After he finished speaking, he walked forward.

But when he was halfway there, he suddenly folded himself and handed the torn bag in his hand to Feliicity, and said with a smile: “This is a little sweet potato grown by our own family. I originally came here to give it to my son, but he said he was busy with work. I’ll give it to you when I’m free.”

Feliicity’s tears were in her eyes, and she dared not pick it up.

Because there is guilt in my heart.

Old Head Li smiled reluctantly, then gave Wiliam next to him, and said something that made Wiliam and Feliicity extremely moved.

“Don’t worry, this should be poisonous, we have eaten for a lifetime…”

After speaking, he left slowly.

These words made Wiliam’s eyes red!

Mr. Li, I will wrong you for three more days…

What you lose, I will redeem it for you a hundredfold!



There is also your family happiness!

According to Qianfu, Genuine Care Medical Center completed the acquisition.

Those pharmaceutical companies have long been unable to sit still, and have dumped the herbs to Genuine Care Medical Center.

Even the Bai family and Bai Zhensheng threw the herbs to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Suddenly, there was no hay on the market.

The Genuine Care Medical Center also paid more than 100 million yuan for this.

Everyone is scolding Genuine Care Medical Center.

As for the Zhao family, they were crazy with joy.

Originally, Zhao’s rescue was just an unknown step. After all, no one could predict the response.

However, Genuine Care Medical Center was acting perverse at this time, and instead lifted the Zhao family up high.

Suddenly, the prestige of the Zhao family was set off to a peak, and no one could reach it.

Zhao Yingnian was almost laughing.

The silly comparison of Genuine Care Medical Center not only set off our Zhao family, but also lost more than 100 million yuan, and was scolded by the whole city.

This kind of harm and no benefit can actually be done.


But in the benevolent medical center, which is under the stormy weather, he acts indifferently as always.

Melissa’s mouth twitched as he watched Zhao Linyue’s anger and scolding Genuine Care Medical Center and Bai Family on TV.

Ho ho, do you really think we are stupid?

I really thought it was a coincidence that we made the move at this time, so I accidentally held you up?

Ho ho…

You won’t forget, how did you support the Bai family?

That little bastard, this is the way to treat his body!

What you think is a coincidence, but it’s just a finger of someone!

There are still two days before the test results of Qiqing Hay.

Baijia and Genuine Care Medical Center, Qi Qi received a notice from the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

Inform them that they must attend the press conference two days later.

And everyone knows that this notice announces the verdict of life and death two days later.

Two days later, the Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center will cease to exist.

The Zhao family will rise strongly.

Upon receiving the notice, Genuine Care Medical Center did another thing that made everyone in Q City ( Qena City ) disdain!

Genuine Care Medical Center, announced two days of free treatment!

Moreover, the well-known doctor He Jifeng sits on the consultation himself!

He Jifeng’s reputation has a certain status in the country.

He usually sees a doctor, and the cost of diagnosis is just over 10,000.

Now it’s free.

This was originally a great message, do good and accumulate virtue!

But it happened that Genuine Care Medical Center did a good deed, and gave this good deed a strong copper smell!

Free medical treatment is free, but the target of medical treatment is the dignitaries of the country!

If you want to see a doctor for free, you must provide a voucher with a bank turnover of over 10 million!

This one completely provokes public anger!

Genuine Care Medical Center, there are bones of the poor in front of it!

Now, stepping on the torso of the poor, kneeling and licking the rich!

Be kind and unkind, dislike the poor and love the rich!

The wind and rain all over the city pressed towards the Genuine Care Medical Center!

Seeing the luxury cars gathered in front of the Genuine Care Medical Center for a while, everyone’s anger was aroused.

The more Zhao Lin sat at home, he smiled sullenly.

Genuine Care Medical Center, Genuine Care Medical Center, I guess why you did this.

Ho Ho, isn’t it just trying to cling to some rich people, and then see if there is anything to do with the hospital in two days.

It’s a pity, you guys shot yourself in the foot!

You don’t even think that this move will arouse people’s anger?

Ho ho, you guys are not too fateful!

Suddenly, the whole city scolded Genuine Care Medical Center.

Feliicity, who was recuperating at home, looked at Wiliam who was indifferent, and wanted to comfort him.

After all, he is an employee of Genuine Care Medical Center.

She opened the mouth and said: “Wiliam, you should go and talk to your boss, don’t make it as notorious as me in the end…”

When she said this, her voice suddenly stopped.

A thought came out among the sparks!

Excited, she was shocked all over!

She wanted to say that in the end she was as infamous as herself…

However, she suddenly thought that in the past two days, all the eyes of Q City ( Qena City ) were actually on Genuine Care Medical Center!

No one, remember Feliicity!

Obviously, I didn’t believe in what I said, which should have been notorious.

But when he asked Wiliam for help, he said a good word to start!

Everything has been reversed!

It’s as if there is a hand that is violently attacking all public opinion and quietly transferring it to the Genuine Care Medical Center!


And protect the Feliicity forever!


Chapter 144

Feliicity looked at Wiliam in amazement, trying to see something in his eyes.

However, Wiliam’s eyes were clear, without any impurities.

Feliicity’s blood that had just risen out of thin air cooled down instantly.


I think I was wrong.

Although Wiliam had a cold temperament, he was still kind in his bones.

He would never do this to the Hospital of Renxin.

It shouldn’t be him…

Feliicity sighed and looked at Wiliam, who was as gentle as a jade.

The storm is still fermenting.

There is still one day left before the release meeting of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

This night, the Bai family welcomed uninvited guests.

Zhao family, Zhao Yingnian!

Zhao Yingnian came to the Bai’s house arrogantly, and looked at the Bai’s family like a mourning concubine, and felt very happy!

Ho ho, isn’t your Bai family a cow?

Didn’t you humiliate me as much as you like a while ago?

Why are they all wilted like the eggplants that frost beaten?

Are you afraid of our Zhao family?

Still afraid of me, Zhao Yingnian?

“Zhao Yingnian! Why are you here! We don’t welcome you! I still treat you as a friend at a loss, so trust you!” Bai Zhensheng yelled first.

Zhao Yingnian looked at Bai Zhensheng with sympathy in his eyes.

In his eyes, Bai Zhensheng was nothing more than a wine pouch.

He came this time, but he rushed towards Wiliam and Feliicity.

“I’m here to give you the Bai family a way out.” Zhao Yingnian said jokingly.

Feliicity’s face became stiff in the corner.

She knew what Zhao Yingnian was going to say.

Her body leaned slightly behind Wiliam.

When the Bai family heard Zhao Yingnian say this, his eyes suddenly glowed.

Chen Shuyun became polite in an instant, and hurriedly took the seat to welcome Zhao Yingnian, “Xiao Zhao, tell me! As you know, our Bai family was ignorant before. We are still friendly from the two generations, so there is no need. Isn’t it so stiff?”

Zhao Yingnian glanced at Feliicity, and then said arrogantly: “If you want me to give you a way out, yes. You have to promise me two conditions.”

“One, let that trash kneel in front of me and knock a hundred heads.”

When the Bai family heard this, they nodded in agreement almost at the same time.

I didn’t think about Wiliam at all.

In their eyes, Wiliam was just a dog of the Bai family.

If a dog can be used for the peace of the Bai family, let alone make the dog kneel, even if the dog is killed, the Bai family’s eyes will not blink.

Feliicity’s face changed on the spot.

She remembered how Fernando wanted Wiliam to kneel before and how miserable he ended up.

Zhao Yingnian stretched out his second finger and said, “The second condition is to let Feliicity apologize to me for a night.”

These words made the Bai family stunned.

Apologize all night.

Can the implication be more obvious?

I just want Feliicity to accompany her all night!

If it was before, the Bai family would also agree without hesitation.

But now it’s different.

Feliicity’s identity is different.

She is the head of the Bai family and the president of the Bai Group.

More importantly, behind her, there seemed to be noble people to help.

If you agree to Zhao Yingnian, let the people behind it know…

Seeing the Bai family hesitating, Zhao Yingnian snorted coldly, “Ho ho, I think your Bai family is sincere at all. If so, I will leave.”

Zhao Yingnian made a move to go, but he wanted to catch it.

Bai Zhensheng shouted out first, “Wait!”

Zhao Yingnian immediately stopped and looked at you.

The face of the Bai family is hard to see the extreme.

Yes or no?

Just as they hesitated, Wiliam’s voice rang, “Go away.”

A word, loudly.

Zhao Yingnian’s face sank immediately, “You dare to say it again and try again!”

Wiliam naturally wouldn’t say it a second time.

Don’t say anything, don’t give up!

A cup slammed heavily on him.

“If you don’t go anymore, you will die from a broken cup!”

When Zhao Yingnian heard this, his anger suddenly came up!

“Okay, you Bai family! I came here this time and wanted to give you a way to survive! I didn’t think you were so ignorant of good or bad! Okay! Then we will see you at the release meeting tomorrow!

After Zhao Yingnian finished speaking, he strode outside.

The Bai family can’t stop him anymore!

After Zhao Yingnian left, everyone’s anger suddenly spread over Wiliam and Feliicity.

“You! You will only shame us the Bai family!”

“Our Bai family has reached this point. What does it matter if you sacrifice a little bit!”

“With one night, there will be no less meat! I think you are deliberately trying to make our Bai family ruined!”

Wiliam pulled Feliicity and went straight out.

Looking at this group of people more, they all disgusted.

At this time, the white Zhensheng on the side flashed a sly in his eyes.

Now, the Bai family can’t be kind anymore.

That’s it!

Let’s draw a salary from the bottom of the pot!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng quietly pulled Chen Shuyun over, and whispered: “Grandma, I had a way, but I couldn’t bear to say it. But since the two of them don’t know good or bad, then I can’t blame me for being cruel, listen to me. Will it work?”

Bai Zhensheng told Chen Shuyun a story that had been brewed a long time ago.

Chen Shuyun’s brows suddenly frowned, “You…”

“Grandma, the meeting will be released tomorrow! Do you really want to see our Bai family’s century-old family business ruined? Don’t you understand the truth of this?” Bai Zhensheng whispered.

Chen Shuyun thought for a few minutes, and finally sighed, “Forget it, just do as you said, this can’t be completely blamed on us, just blame them for the mess!”

Bai Zhensheng was overjoyed and went to handle it immediately.

That night.

Countless people in Q City ( Qena City ) suffer from insomnia.

Everyone has the illusion that the mountains and the rain are coming and the wind is full.

The release meeting tomorrow will be the most shocking reshuffle in Q City ( Qena City ).

The wages of avarice is death.

Winners and losers are all tomorrow.

But several people in Q City ( Qena City ), tossing and turning, frowned.

Harper stood in front of the window, looking at the sky full of stars, and finally sighed.

Young master, after all, is too young.

Now that things have been so big, it is completely irreparable.


How could I watch Young Master being tortured in his Q City ( Qena City ) site, even if he violated his original promise to Old Master Lu, I would help him this time.

Thinking of this, he casually said: “Jiang Yue, you can run for me tomorrow morning.”

Li Muhe is also the one who has regrets, regrets and slight disappointments towards Wiliam.

Li Muhe pondered until midnight, and called Li Xiaotian, “Tomorrow morning, help me take a trip.”

And the next morning, Zhao Yingnian hurriedly went out.

Because he is going to personally invite three groups of distinguished guests to participate in the release meeting.

However, Zhao Linyue leisurely finished his breakfast. It was almost time before he walked out of the villa slowly.

As soon as he walked out of the villa, he saw a man standing in front of his house.

Chapter 145

“Oh, isn’t this Young Master Chen Dongbai from Beifeng Fund?” Zhao Linyue said with a smile.

The Beifeng Fund has been helping the Zhao family over the years, and Zhao Linyue must respectfully when he met Chen Dongbai.

Looking at the old fox Zhao Linyue, Chen Dongbai felt extremely complicated.

Chen Dongbai never considered himself a good person.

But he has a characteristic of being shrewd and stubborn!

He had already spotted Wiliam before.

Plan to climb the big tree Luye.

Even though the Genuine Care Medical Center is now precarious, Chen Dongbai is not willing to give up his attachment to Wiliam.

So he came to the door.

“Zhao Linyue, are you going to participate in the news release meeting?” Chen Dongbai asked.

Zhao Linyue nodded, “I wonder if Young Master Chen is interested?”

“Not interested, I’m just coming over to mention you. At the release meeting, talk to the Bai family and the Renxin Medical Clinic. Be gentle, otherwise, you will definitely regret it.” Chen Dongbai said.

Zhao Linyue’s face changed immediately.

This Chen Dongbai was called by the Bai Family and Renxin Medical Clinic to intercede!

Ho ho!

Really shameless!

However, since Genuine Care Medical Center began to provide free consultations for the rich, I knew that the rich would come to intercede.

Chen Dongbai, Beifeng Fund.

If it were before, Zhao Linyue would still be afraid of the North Wind Fund.

But now, the Zhao family is no longer Wuxia Amon.

Even if the Beifeng Fund will not support the Zhao family in the future, the Zhao family will not worry about funding at all!

Therefore, I will not buy the face of Beifeng Fund.

Zhao Linyue left and talked about him, pretending to be confused, and dealt with a few words casually.

Chen Dongbai was shrewd in his mind, and he knew what Zhao Linyue meant.

He didn’t speak any more, turned around and left.

However, the anger in his heart was ignited.

Really, Zhao Linyue, are you playing scheming with me?

I can’t play with you, but I can disgust you!

He thought, and made a phone call.

And Zhao Linyue continued to walk slowly outside the community, and after a while, a person stood in front of him again.

Qian Feiyu!

“Mr. Qian? You, are you dead?” The more Zhao Lin saw the person in front of him, he was stunned.

But when the words were spoken, he reacted to the faux pas.

Zhao Linyue and Zhang Qingyun saw Qian Feiyu’s blood in the hotel room before, and they instinctively thought he was dead.

Now, actually standing in front of him alive?

Qian Feiyu’s expression suddenly became ugly.

He also thought about it all night last night.

Wiliam has a life-saving grace for him, and this kindness is higher than the sky.

Although he didn’t know what Wiliam did in the Genuine Care Medical Center, as long as he was a member of the Genuine Care Medical Center, he had to pay back his love.

Qian Feiyu said coldly: “Leave the Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Family, the exclusive sponsor of my new movie is your Zhao family.”

After speaking, Qian Feiyu left directly.

Zhao Linyue was stunned.

He has been coveting the position of the exclusive sponsor of Mr. Qian’s new movie for a long time.

Even for this, he has already lost two million to the old man He Jifeng.

Now, President Qian took the initiative to come to the door, and also begged for the Renxin Medical Clinic and the Bai family!


“President Qian, wait a minute, and discuss something.” Zhao Linyue shouted immediately.

But President Qian continued to walk forward, his voice was cold, “There is nothing to discuss, it’s up to you.”

After the money was gone, Zhao Linyue’s fire suddenly came up, “What is it! I really thought I had a lot of pens! Lao Tzu is not rare! You are not our Q City ( Qena City ), I will pay for a one-shot business Don’t do it!”

However, Zhao Lin became more angry, and felt a sense of unease in his heart.

Why is there Chen Dongbai before and Qian Feiyu afterwards?

Are you all looking for help for the Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center?

And a red face and a black face.

Is this a hit today?

Zhao Lin shook his head and tried not to think about these unfounded thoughts.

But after taking two steps, two more people came towards him.

The fire in Zhao Linyue’s heart suddenly came up.

Could it be that the Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Family were pleading again!


I’m still stubborn with you today!

“You! I won’t give any face to anyone who comes! Get out!” Zhao Linyue roared forward!

The two people in the distance walked slowly, not fast or slow.

Finally, walked in front of Zhao Linyue.

Zhao Linyue was initially angry, but after seeing these two people, suddenly his body became cold!

“You, you…”

The two people in front of me are a man and a woman!

The man’s name is Li Xiaotian! Li Muhe loves his grandson!

The woman’s name is Janett! Harper’s confidant!

These two people, even if one person appeared, Zhao Linyue’s body would tremble!

Because what they represent is the identity of the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City )!

Now, two people actually appeared together!

This means that the two elders are here!

Zhao Linyue’s legs and feet suddenly became soft!

“I seemed to hear you just now, who won’t sell any face? Let us go?” Li Xiaotian joked.

“I, I… I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! My mouth is cheap!” Zhao Linyue suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself severely!

Even if the Zhao family is in full swing, in the eyes of Harper and Li Muhe, it is still nothing!

What’s more, the Zhao family is still only a small achievement.

In their eyes it is like a worm!

“I don’t know if you two are coming here, you are really welcome, please go to the humble house to sit…” Zhao Linyue’s body was bent to 90 degrees.

“No, we are here, just to pass on the words of the two elders, today is a low-key person, and you have to forgive others.” Janett said indifferently.

When she was ordered to come, she was actually very resistant in her heart.

Because she had a bad impression of Wiliam.

That’s just an arrogant kid.

Now that something went wrong with arrogance, he didn’t even know how to wipe his butt, and Mr. Wang had to intercede.

There is no cure.

But an order is an order, and Janett can only follow it.

After Li Xiaotian and Janett passed this sentence, they left together.

Zhao Linyue, who was cold all over, was left behind.

The twins are the same day, also the Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Family!

What is the Dragon and Crouching Tiger in the Renxin Medical Collection!

The Bai family is still hiding it!

Forgive others and forgive others.

Zhao Linyue was full of excitement!

Release meeting!

Today’s release meeting was supposed to kill the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center!

But now it seems! If the Zhao family dare to speak a little bit rude! Shuang Lao will be bullied by the whole city!

No way!

Today’s release meeting, the Zhao family can’t make any radical moves!

Zhao Yingnian’s child is smart, but he must be rewarded. What a mess!

Must go to the venue right away!

Thinking of this, he immediately drove out of the community!

But as soon as he got out of the community, he suddenly cursed out!

Extending from the gate of the community to the invisible end!

Full of luxurious super sports cars!

Chapter 146

Looking at the millions of luxury cars in front of him, Zhao Linyue’s heart was mentioned in his throat!

He honked his horn frantically, but was even more horrified to discover that there were no people in every sports car!

It’s like these endless sports cars have fallen from the sky!

If it is normal, Zhao Linyue is so obstructed by others, his heart will be stunned, and he will hit a way directly.

But right now, they are all luxury cars!

Is this something I can afford?


Who is so bad!

Zhao Linyue felt like he was going crazy!

He checked the time, and it was less than half an hour before the release meeting.

He quickly got out of the car and went to the security guard.

At this moment, Chen Dongbai was smoking a cigarette in a billiard room leisurely with a group of young men.

He looked at the sports car outside the window, feeling extremely proud.

He is a member of the Q City ( Qena City ) Luxury Car Club, so when Zhao Linyue played Tai Chi with him just now, he became angry.

Decided to disgust this Zhao Linyue!

Are you not an old fox?

Then please, old fox, come and break the big car of my dude.

If you want to go to the release meeting, then run ahead.

Zhao Lin looked around for a while, unable to see even half of the security guard.

This time, another twenty minutes was wasted.

The release meeting is about to begin!

He immediately took out his cell phone and wanted to call Zhao Yingnian.

Let Zhao Yingnian never act rashly and leave a way for the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center!

Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable!

However, the phone rang only once and was hung up.

Then when the call went over, it turned off directly.

He leaned forward with a curse, and a deep astonishment enveloped his heart.

I thought that from now on, the Zhao family would take off.

The path I took today is also the starting point for success.

But I didn’t expect that there would be so many thorns on this road!

Regardless of the three seven twenty one, he started to run like crazy.

Zhao Yingnian, Zhao Yingnian, you must be alert to me!

Before I came, you held on!

And back to half an hour ago.

Zhao Yingnian, who was completely unaware of the imminent disaster, was sitting triumphantly in the conference hall, watching the crowds coming and going.

He went out early in the morning.

Three groups of guests were invited.

In the first wave, he brought over a dozen people who were poisoned by eating Qiqing hay and their families.

Those people hadn’t fully recovered yet, so Zhao Yingnian paid some price and carried them directly on a stretcher.

Looking at the dozens of stretchers, and the dozens of people on the stretchers with unusually pale faces, Zhao Yingnian felt comfortable.

Invite them to come, one for sympathy and anger.

On the other hand, it is to show the Zhao family’s supreme merit in saving people selflessly.

A two-pronged approach will surely make today’s Zhao family radiant.

The second wave of guests are media workers in Q City ( Qena City ).

After all, these people are needed to witness history.

The third wave of guests was completely unexpected.

Zhao Yingnian unexpectedly invited all the old people from Qiqing Village.

At the scene, there were seventy or eighty gray-haired elderly people sitting.

All of them were frowning and worried.

The purpose of inviting these people is also for sympathy and anger.

Zhao Yingnian felt that he was super god.

Before the release meeting had begun, the victorious scale had already been broken by himself.

Look at this scene, all of them are victims of Qiqing Hay.

The Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center, you will die in this battle! Don’t fight or die!

The people from Genuine Care Medical Center also came, and they also invited a group of guests.

But the arrival of these guests caused an uproar among the onlookers!

Genuine Care Medical Center, unexpectedly invited dozens of rich people!

Everyone in the audience stared at the Genuine Care Medical Center, with fire in their eyes.

The Zhao family is selfless and helps the world!

On the other hand, Genuine Care Medical Center, at the last moment, is still courting the rich!

Sit down!

Distinguish yourself!

The atmosphere, from the beginning of the release meeting, has been suppressed to the extreme.

People from the Bai family also came.

Feliicity followed the Bai family and sat on the left side of the first row.

And Wiliam was sitting on the right side of the first row with the people from Genuine Care Medical Center.

The couple sat separately again, giving Feliicity the illusion of returning to the past.

At that time, he and Wiliam were also sitting separately. In the end, Wiliam showed great power, like a god like a devil, arrogant…

And today…

Thinking of this, Feliicity shook his head immediately.

Today, although the husband and wife are separated, their hearts are still together.

And no one knew that on the second floor above the hall, two people wearing sunglasses and masks appeared quietly.

“Ouch, old man, you are here too.” One smiled at the other.

The other person was taken aback for a moment, and immediately replied, “Grandma, what are you doing!”

If outsiders recognize these two people, they will be shocked for a while!

These two people are Li Muhe and Harper!

After all, the two of them couldn’t worry about Wiliam!

So come to watch the developments in person.

But they knew in their hearts that they would come and they would not show up.

That Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association is not easy to deal with.

Such organizations as the Drug Association are spread all over the country, and their roots are deep.

Stronger than Harper and Li Muhe, they didn’t dare to offend easily.

“I hope Wiliam can get through the difficulties today, hey.” Harper sighed, seeing Li Muhe also worried.

After all, they had no confidence in Wiliam’s disaster.

It’s too hard to stand up.

At this time, there was a noise at the door, and several people slowly walked in.

But it is the person from the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, and the person here is the Vice President of the Drug Association that I have met before, Bernard!

As soon as Zhao Yingnian saw Bernard coming, he immediately greeted him and yelled politely, “Uncle Xu, you can count it.”

The people at the scene were taken aback!

Uncle Xu!

Zhao Yingnian and Bernard have known each other a long time ago!

And the relationship is still very close?

Seeing everyone’s expressions weird, Bernard said with a solemn expression, “Here, call me President Xu.”

“Yes, yes, President Xu, you come with me soon.” Zhao Yingnian is obviously very proud of the relationship between him and Bernard.

Bernard was an early friend of his father, and it is said that he was held by Bernard when he was a child.

A group of people sat down in the middle of the rostrum.

In this sitting, everyone immediately noticed an abnormality.

Zhao Yingnian actually sat on the rostrum.

What qualifications does he have!

What qualifications does the Zhao family have!

Today’s chief is the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association!

And Bernard slowly said: “The Zhao family has done good deeds recently. Today is the release meeting. I want to ask the Zhao family to host it. Do you have any comments?”

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you.

People in the Drug Association have said, who dares to have an opinion!

It seems that the Zhao family is about to take off!

And Zhao Yingnian was full of expression, cleared his throat, just about to start, but found out why his father was still here?

As soon as he was about to call, Bernard said: “British year, you will host the release meeting, let’s start.”

When Zhao Yingnian heard this, he was immediately excited!

This is Uncle Xu supporting himself!

Don’t wait for father!

He turned on the microphone and just about to speak, the phone rang

Chapter 147 A Letter of Appointment

Zhao Yingnian took a look, and it was his father who came over.

Everyone was looking at Zhao Yingnian with scorching eyes.

Almost instinctively, Zhao Yingnian directly pressed the phone off and then turned off the phone.

Answering the phone in full view, how decent it is.

Uncle Xu cannot be disappointed.

He cleared his throat and said, “Today’s release meeting is hosted by Zhao Yingnian. There are three main agendas. The first agenda is the release of the laboratory report on Qiqing Hay a few days ago. The second agenda is for the whole city and even the whole country. Within the scope, sanctions Genuine Care Medical Center and Baishi Group. The third agenda was initiated by my Zhao family, with the participation of the Drug Association, and the city’s pharmaceutical companies signed an industry self-regulation letter!”

His words caused an uproar at the bottom!

We all know the first two agendas.

The Zhao family came to the Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai family this time, and it is understandable.

This third point makes those pharmaceutical company owners feel a little uncomfortable.

There are no problems when signing industry self-regulation documents.

After all, the self-discipline book is just a form.

But why should it be initiated by the Zhao family!

This initiator is too particular about it!

As soon as the Zhao family initiated it, the Drug Association joined in again!

If they agree to the signing, it is not literally, they have recognized the position of the leader of Zhaojiaqingcheng pharmaceutical company!

Isn’t this disgusting!

The faces of those pharmaceutical company bosses suddenly looked ugly.

But due to Bernard’s presence, no one dared to object directly.

After Zhao Yingnian finished speaking, he looked at all the sentient beings below and laughed in his heart.

My father, from the moment he got the photo of Qiqing Hay, had already calculated the way he had to take every step.

Step by step, keep your feet on the ground.

It has been seamless.

The Zhao family has recently stepped on the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center, which is the general trend.

What do you small pharmaceutical companies do?

If you don’t sign today, there will be no good fruit tomorrow.

“Now proceed to the first item on the agenda, let me read the test results of Qiqing Hay.” Zhao Yingnian continued to pay attention to the whispers below, took out a test book, and read it.

The test report is very long, but in summary, there are only two sentences.

  1. Qiqing hay is poisonous, and overdose can cause death.

Second, the toxicity of Qiqing hay is within the allowable range of pharmaceuticals.

But the people on the scene heard the ins and outs of the fact that Qiqing hay was poisonous, and they were all overwhelmed!

The second conclusion was simply ignored.

Below, the voices are full of joy, anger, sorrow and joy.

What I am happy about is those pharmaceutical companies who sold the herbs to Genuine Care Medical Center in time. They frowned and the pain of a broken arm was better than a body fester!

But the Bai family’s heart suddenly chilled.

Poisonous, it means that the poisoning of the dozen people has nothing to do with the Bai family!

The Bai family is doomed!

The sad thing is for the old people, their eyes suddenly red, and their eyes are wide.

Their mouths flicked, and finally, they closed their eyes miserably.

Qiqing hay is poisonous, which is equivalent to completely ruining the lifeline of the entire Qiqing village!

Those who are happy are part of good deeds, their mouths are crooked.

Genuine Care Medical Center is not dead now.

It actually took more than one billion to wipe out all the seven love hay on the market.

Now, if you dig your grave and bury yourself, you will die!

And most people are angry!

They all targeted the Bai family!

Because at the beginning, it was the Qiqing hay that the Bai family fired!

The source of all evil is the Bai family!

“The Bai family! What else do you have to say now!”

“In order to make money, you are so guilty! You must give the whole city an explanation today!”

The Bai family instantly fell into the middle of the penal punishment.

However, Zhao Yingnian allowed to insult the scene before continuing to control the field, “Next, we will proceed to the second agenda, sanction the Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Group! Let’s start with the Bai Group, everyone will supervise it. See what I said below, if there is any bias.”

Zhao Yingnian stood up, stretched out his hand, and pointed to the huge LED screen behind him.

The screen flashed, and a photo of the bank’s water flashed.

When everyone saw it, there was an uproar!

This bank stream is surprisingly a subsidiary of the Baishi Group, Baihe Pharmaceutical Company.

This Baihe Pharmaceutical Company is the company of Bai Zhensheng!

“You see, this photo is evidence of the Bai family’s collaborating with the self-media, so the first sin, false propaganda, the Bai family has opinions!”

The Bai family instantly took a cold heart!

The bank notes have been taken!

Bai Zhensheng looked at the bill, and after a panic in his heart, he suddenly calmed down.

Damn, what are you panicking!

I have completely escaped from the cicada, I am afraid of being a hairy!

The dead dao friend does not die the poor dao!

“Okay! Please keep watching the screen.” Zhao Yingnian said again.

The screen continued to flash, and two photos appeared.

One was previously published by the Zhao family. Zhang Qingyun’s “Desperate Seven Love Hay” unfinished paper.

The second photo is the laboratory report he read just now.

“Also, please look at the dozen or so patients on the stretcher.” Bai Zhensheng pointed and everyone looked at.

“The second crime, making money and killing! Need evidence, someone! Need material evidence! Have material evidence! Bai family! You can be convicted!” Zhao Yingnian’s voice suddenly became louder.

Below, there was a sudden rush.

The Bai family didn’t dare to lift their heads.

“As for the third sin? Hoho, I believe everyone knows it too. A few days ago, Feliicity publicly declared that he would buy Qiqing hay in the whole city, but he did not believe it! So the third sin, Fool people!” Zhao Yingnian shouted again.

“Three sins! I give you the Bai family a chance to explain!” Zhao Yingnian said to the Bai family.

The following immediately yelled, “This is a special explanation! There is evidence for each one! The explanation is sophistry!”

“Yes! The sins are so heinous! You can just pull them out to parade!”

“I think the Bai family still has the face to explain that there is no such thing!”

But at this time, Bai Zhensheng stood up.

He slowly walked onto the stage, took a microphone, and said, “I represent the Bai family, and I have something to explain. In fact, the whole thing has nothing to do with our Bai family.”

This shameless remark made the following almost riot.

Bai Zhensheng continued: “If you don’t believe me, I can show you a piece of evidence, and you will know that our Bai family is innocent.”

As he said, Bai Zhensheng suddenly took out a piece of paper, lit it in front of a projector, and threw it directly onto the screen!

Everyone was stunned when they saw this piece of paper!

Feliicity’s face changed on the spot!

This piece of paper is an appointment book!

Feliicity was appointed as the general manager of Baihe Pharmaceutical Company!

Black and white, complete seal!

Moreover, what made Feliicity most angry!

The appointment book time was fifteen days ago!

It’s also when the Desperate Storm of Qiqing Hay has not yet started!

Chapter 148

“Have you seen it? Actually, the general manager of the Baihe Pharmaceutical Company of our Bai family has long been not me, but Feliicity. Therefore, at the beginning, Feliicity was speculating, and he had nothing to do with our Bai family. “

“Also, haven’t we ever made a statement that all Feliicity’s behavior has nothing to do with the Bai family. This is our Bai family’s sword to her, with the courage of the blade to show her dissatisfaction with the Bai family. “

Bai Zhensheng said all the words he had prepared.

The people at the scene were dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, things would turn around like this!

The Bai family did have that statement before.

So, Feliicity really did it all alone?

False propaganda, money and death, and fooling people’s hearts are all done by this feminine woman!

Everyone looked at the face of Feliicity, and suddenly they fought a cold war.

The most poisonous woman’s heart!

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly turned red.

However, she was not crying.

She, who had been disappointed with the Bai family a long time ago, seemed to be unable to squeeze the tears for the Bai family.

She had a weird idea.

Bai family, Bai family, then I want to see how shameless you are!

After Bai Zhensheng finished speaking, he was extremely proud.

This trick to escape the golden cicada is Bai Zhensheng’s most ruthless trick in the past few days.

Give your company to Feliicity!

Then, let Feliicity carry all the wind and rain away by himself.

In this way, the Bai family could retreat completely.

He is not afraid that grandma will not disagree.

Because he knew the character of his grandma, he regarded the glory of his family more than anything else.

Now, it succeeded in one fell swoop!

Of course, Bai Zhensheng did this, naturally not all for the sake of a hundred years of fame.

More for yourself.

False propaganda almost killed more than a dozen people. If this crime were to be counted, he would definitely not escape punishment.

Now, they were all thrown to Feliicity.

As for the company that he surrendered, after Feliicity was sanctioned, it had not returned to his own hands.

Jin Cicada escapes its shell, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, wonderful!

Bai Zhensheng was convinced of his ingenuity.

And Chen Shuyun on the side thought that Feliicity would turn his face on the spot.

But seeing her face cold and indifferent, she suddenly felt a little disturbed.

This is not like Feliicity’s character.

Does she want to hold back the big move?

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun calmed down to Feliicity: “Feliicity, we actually considered this matter carefully. After all, you fooled people’s hearts before, and you can’t escape this crime. Since one sin is a sin, then two sins and three sins. It’s also a crime. There is no need to let the Bai family suffer along with them, right?”

“Don’t worry, I will do my best to keep you safe. It’s just that I’m going to wrong you this time, and I will give you a credit.”

Rebeca didn’t move at all when he saw the white Feliicity, and he felt unconscious in his heart. He also said in a low voice, “The Feliicity are troublesome. Don’t you always be able to turn the bad into the good every time you encounter a crisis? This time it must be fine. Mom said no It’s nice, sometimes you don’t push yourself a bit, and you don’t know how good you are.”

Feliicity wanted to laugh when she heard these words.

Say the most vicious words in the noblest tone.

This is the typical Bai family style.


bring it on!

Today, Feliicity is sitting here, watching you demons and ghosts coldly, how to tell right and wrong!

Bai Zhensheng stood on the stage for a while, watching Feliicity’s appearance that it would not explode, and suddenly did not dare to give Feliicity the appointment book in his hand.

He was afraid that Feliicity would tear it off on the spot.

He thought about it, and looked at the other person!


Wiliam is a trash, don’t dare to turn his face on him!

So he threw the appointment letter directly to Wiliam, “Hey, take it away, your wife’s. Actually, I wanted to give it to her a long time ago, and I haven’t had a chance.”

Wiliam accepted the appointment letter, with a tick at the corner of his mouth, “Are you sure, you want to give it to me?”

Bai Zhensheng was stunned, and Wiliam smiled very coldly.

He was a little afraid to look at each other.

“Insane!” He cursed in a low voice and returned to his position.

Wiliam sneered at the appointment book.

Interestingly, Jin Chan escaped his shell and planted and framed.

This Bai Zhensheng is really a talent.

It’s just…

The appointment letter was given to me, it was not so easy to take back.

Looking at Feliicity’s pretty face, Zhao Yingnian’s joy blossomed.

I asked you to beg me yesterday, and you gave me a face!

Now, you want to beg for mercy, it’s too late!

The three sins are concurrent, you just wait for the whole city to cast aside!

“The Bai family’s explanation is indeed reasonable and convincing. But in the end it must be decided by the Drug Association. Now, let’s talk about the Genuine Care Medical Center.” Zhao Yingnian took control of the situation again and looked at the Genuine Care Medical Center.

He looked a little stunned.

He originally thought that Genuine Care Medical Center would be in a panic when he said so.

However, Genuine Care Medical Center does not have it!

The few people who came to the Genuine Care Medical Center, Melissa, Lydia, He Jifeng, and Wiliam, all looked as usual.

There was even a mocking smile on his plain face.


Pretend to me when I die!

“Benevolence Medical Center, there are also three sins!” Zhao Yingnian accelerated the rhythm and said loudly.

“The first crime! Knowing that Qiqing hay is poisonous and buying it, it is a serious violation of industry rules and is an industry cancer!”

“Second sin! Knowing that the old man in Qiqing Village is so pitiful, yet he has fallen into trouble and wiped out humanity!”

“The third sin! Being unkind for medical treatment, only confessing riches and riches, infatuating with the rich, and losing medical ethics!”

” Genuine Care Medical Center! Do you recognize it!”

Zhao Yingnian said at the end, in order to suppress the indifferent aura of Genuine Care Medical Center, he slapped the table!


Everyone was taken aback by Zhao Yingnian’s sudden beat.

Zhao Yingnian is very satisfied with his hand.

At this time, it’s time to show your feet!

Try your sophistry!

The more quibble you are, the more I can pinch you to death!

Melissa stood up, looked around, and then opened his lips slightly.

Only spit out one word.



The audience is silent!

Genuine Care Medical Center didn’t say anything and pleaded guilty?

Before the Bai family staged a civil war, is Genuine Care Medical Center abandoning itself?

Even Zhao Yingnian was disrupted by this word.

“You guys, don’t you have anything to explain?” Zhao Yingnian was unwilling.


It can’t be so cheap!

Want to draw a knife quickly? It’s not that easy!

Melissa looked at Zhao Yingnian playfully, “Are you sure you want us to explain?”

Zhao Yingnian nodded immediately, “That is natural, I will not wrong a good person, nor will I let a bad person go.”

After Melissa heard this, he applauded Zhao Yingnian unexpectedly, “That’s great. Okay, then our Genuine Care Medical Center will reluctantly step down, but today I have a bad voice, so I give it to The staff of Genuine Care Medical Center.”

“Wiliam, come on stage.”

Chapter 149

Wiliam slowly stood up from his seat and walked towards the podium.

When Wiliam came on stage, everyone at the scene was stunned.


Isn’t this the waste son-in-law of the prodigal family?

Why is he on stage?

And when Zhao Yingnian saw Wiliam coming up, he seemed to understand something.

Ho ho, it really is!

Didn’t your Genuine Care Medical Center still feel confident just now?

It turns out that the tricks are exactly the same as the Bai family!

The Bai family cast Feliicity out of the crime.

And your benevolent medical center, this is a crime for Wiliam.



What Zhao Yingnian hates most is Wiliam and Feliicity. Now that he sees the two of them making a mistake, he is even more happy that he is going to contend with each other today!

Who made you do a lot of evil!

Let you ruin!

“Do you have anything to say?” Zhao Yingnian asked Wiliam.

Wiliam shook his head.

The people at the scene were at a loss.

What do you want to say?

Just come up to confess guilt?

This rubbish is really pitiful, it was abandoned by Genuine Care Medical Center.

Feliicity can be regarded as suffering from the same illness.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly walked towards the dozen or so patients slowly.

Wherever I went, I was at a loss.

What is this waste?

Wiliam was already standing in front of a patient.

He looked around and said indifferently: “Although there is nothing to say, let you take a look.”

As he said, Wiliam’s hand suddenly tapped a patient’s throat.

The effort is very small, as if a flower fell to the throat.

But the consequences are terrible!

The patient’s pale complexion suddenly changed dramatically, and his eyes widened!

His throat was itchy, and he vomited out in front of everyone!

This spit, the scene was in an uproar!

I saw that the patient vomited blood!

Red and black blood! There was also a puff of brown and yellow pus inside!

After vomiting, the patient tilted and fainted directly on the stretcher.

The scene suddenly panicked!

Zhao Yingnian’s face was pale, he never thought, Wiliam dared to kill in public!

“Wiliam! You are so bold! Are you looking for death!” Zhao Yingnian rushed over and shouted at Wiliam.

The people at the scene were also angry.

“Bold fanatics, what crime should be guilty of murder among them!”

“Get him up quickly!”

“Doctor! Doctor!”

The crowd has become a mess.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, who was in the center of the storm, with a sigh of relief.

She would never believe that Wiliam would kill.

Wiliam, what are you doing?

But just when everyone wanted to catch Wiliam, the scene changed again.

It’s like causing a chain reaction.

Wiliam gently pointed, causing the patient to vomit blood into a coma.

After seeing the other patients, they also vomited blood!

In less than five minutes, all of the more than a dozen patients vomited blood, and then went into a coma!

The scene is even more messy!

A waiting doctor in a white coat yelled in it: “Their pulse is very messy, weak, and weird, and what they vomit is also very smelly, I suspect it is poisoned.”

There was an uproar at the scene.

Those who rushed towards Wiliam had already stopped.

What exactly is going on?

If it is said that the first one before was moved by Wiliam, then it is excusable.

After all, everyone saw Wiliam hit that person’s throat with their own eyes.

But how do these people explain?

Wiliam didn’t move them at all.

And they vomited blood together, and they vomited out exactly the same thing!

In other words, the first person wasn’t Wiliam’s move at all.

But he should vomit blood!

Everyone at the scene anxiously shouted: “Save people, save people!”

“I’m just surprised. Didn’t all these dozens of people be rescued by Zhao Linyue from the Zhao family? When I watched an interview with him on TV, he vowed to say that there would be no more problems. What’s the explanation now?”

“Zhao Yingnian, you explain to us! What’s the situation!”

Those family members surrounded Zhao Yingnian with a splash.

Zhao Yingnian’s face was pale.

Where does he know the situation!

If he knew that this group of people would still fall ill, how could he be so bold to invite them over to increase his momentum.

“Zhao Yingnian, you can explain clearly to us! What’s going on with my love! Didn’t your father pat his chest to make sure that they are in trouble? Isn’t your father lying! He is lying to us!”

“What about your father, tell him to come out! Did he know there was no way to save our family from the beginning, so he absconded today in fear of sin!”

“If this is the case, I will fight with your Zhao family! Not only did you not save our family, you also used our tragedy to market yourself, and even missed the opportunity for treatment! Your Zhao family can’t die!”

Zhao Yingnian was completely flustered with a blast of questioning and angrily.

His head is blank.

As everyone said, if these people really have trouble, then all the good names of the Zhao family will be ruined.

When Zhao Yingnian was in a panic, he suddenly saw Wiliam who was indifferent outside the crowd.

He was heartbroken and pointed to Wiliam, “He must have done it! I don’t know what method he used to get your family poisoned again! Think about it, why your family was doing well a few days ago.”

“It happened that when we were about to sanction the Genuine Care Medical Center, he happened to walk over and ordered a patient before he vomited blood collectively. How could there be such a coincidence! I concluded that it was this rubbish, secretly doing a ghost! Our Zhao family, then escaped today’s disaster!”

“Take a dozen lives as a shield for yourself, Genuine Care Medical Center, Wiliam! Where is your conscience!”

Zhao Yingnian’s words made everyone on the scene look at Wiliam.

Could it be that all of this is really the Benevolent Medical Center doing a ghost?

But at this time, Wiliam pushed aside the crowd and walked towards Zhao Yingnian.

Zhao Yingnian’s heart was inexplicably frustrated.

“You, what do you want to do!” Zhao Ying asked Neilun in his youth.

“What, don’t you doubt me? I happened to doubt you too. I’m not here to come, confront you.” Wiliam said calmly.


Zhao Yingnian’s face became stiff.

But I heard Wiliam ask, “I ask you, what method did you use to rescue these dozen or so people before?”

In a word, Zhao Yingnian’s weakness was directly hit.

The curiosity of the audience also rose.

Zhao Linyue rescued more than a dozen people before, but afterwards he was tight-lipped about how to save people.

Now Wiliam asked, how could they not be curious.

In Zhao Yingnian’s footsteps, he couldn’t help taking a step back, hesitated, and couldn’t say a word.

I don’t know!

But can’t say! Dare not say!

“This is the unique secret technique of our Zhao family! How can it be easily passed on!” Zhao Yingnian finally suffocated.

But Wiliam smiled directly.

“Unique secret technique? Okay, then it’s better to let me guess your unique secret technique, to see if it is successful?”

Chapter 150 Three Questions Ruthless

“You!” Zhao Yingnian’s pupils shrank for a while!

The look in Wiliam’s eyes at the moment was too cold.

That is a kind of confident confidence!

“Six-root grass, isn’t it six-root grass?” Wiliam said with a slight smile.

And when he heard six grasses, Zhao Yingnian’s head bounced!

A feeling like being shocked all over the body!

Really, I guessed it by this trash.

That’s it!

It’s over now!

The people around heard the words “liurootcao” and burst out an incredible shout!

Six-root grass is also a specialty of Q City ( Qena City ).

However, six grass has long been proved to be toxic, and overdose can cause vomiting and dizziness.

Therefore, Liugencao is only a medicinal herb with a narrow range of use in Q City ( Qena City ), and the price is low.

People from the Zhao family actually fed six grasses to the dozen patients!

This is simply killing the patient naked with medicine!

Everyone’s face is full of anger!

The families of those patients stared at Zhao Yingnian with tears!

I thought that the Zhao family was their savior!

Now, I was shocked to find that the Zhao family was their most hated enemy!

He actually fed a poison like six root grass to his relatives!

Zhao Yingnian’s legs weakened, and he quickly supported his body with his hands.

That’s it!

Zhao Yingnian did not dare to say that, on the one hand, it was because these six grasses were indeed in the second half of Zhang Qingyun’s paper.

The other most important reason is the toxicity of these six grasses.

It is now known that the terrible resentment is coming to Zhao Yingnian alone!

Zhao Yingnian looked at the cold Wiliam, his face flushed suddenly!


Wiliam again!

It’s all this bastard who gave himself the most deadly blow when he was the most beautiful!

From heaven to hell, all thanks to him!

Zhao Yingnian roared to Wiliam like crazy: “How do you know! How do you know the unique secret technique of our Zhao family! Say! Did you use some despicable means to steal the unique secret technique of our Zhao family! You! You are a thief! You are a scumbag!”

At this time, Zhao Yingnian could only kill these six grasses in one bite to cure the poison of Qiqing hay, which was the unique secret technique of his Zhao family.

Because he was sure that his father must have shown the contents of the second half of the record to a third person.

Therefore, it is impossible for Wiliam to learn the secret of Liugencao from that piece of paper.

Then just use this reason to cure him of the crime of stealing!

Wiliam smiled.

“Zhao’s secret technique? I’ll talk about this later. Let me explain the facts first. Qiqing hay, the poison comes from the mouth. Overdose can indeed be poisoned, using six grasses can indeed detoxify the Qiqing hay, these two herbs , Mutual growth and mutual restraint can achieve the effect of fighting poison with poison.”

“But, for the next question I will ask, I will ask you to answer me well!” Wiliam said with cold eyes!

“Since you claim that this is the Zhao family’s secret technique, then I ask you! You Zhao family, do you know who are poisoned and how many doses of Qiqing hay have been taken? How deeply poisoned?”

Zhao Yingnian’s body trembled.

Wiliam forced one more step!

“You Zhao family, do you still know how many doses of six-root grass should be used to detoxify them from the poison of Qiqing dry grass?”

Zhao Yingnian had cold knees!

Wiliam’s last sentence, like a magic sound, is shocking!

“Or, you don’t know what happened before, and don’t care about it. You don’t care about the poisoning of the patients. You can feed them six grasses with the same amount of poison! Let them now oppose the poison of six grasses!”

Zhao Yingnian’s legs were completely limp, and he sat on the ground!

Everyone is quiet!

Three questions ruthlessly!

Three desperate questions!

These questions of Wiliam contain too much information!

This Zhao family is simply a beast!

They don’t even know the poisoning situation of those dozen patients!

And then I don’t know how much to use to cure the poison of Qiqing hay!

They dare to feed six grasses casually!

Now, the poison of Qiqing hay is detoxified!

However, the poison of the six grasses broke out!

Six-root grass has very slow efficacy and slow toxicity.

After lurking for two days, it finally broke out on the scene!



It is the toxicity of six grasses!

The Zhao family sin is unforgivable!

Zhao Yingnian on the ground could not hear the curses around him a long time ago.

There was only one question in his head.

How could Wiliam know!

How could he know so much!

It’s not that the Zhao family doesn’t understand these problems!

It’s that I haven’t even thought about it!

The kind of paper that Zhao Linyue secretly photographed is just that six grasses can relieve the poison of Qiqing dry grass.

But where do they want it!

There is also the issue of dosage!

Now, the problem broke out!

Moreover, it is in full view!

The patients vomit blood!

Wiliam’s eyebrows are cold, right!

What the scene said!

All in all, it seems that the Zhao family is going to be driven into boundless hell!

“Wiliam, how did you know this! You won’t explain it to me today! I won’t let you go in death!” Zhao Yingnian was on the ground, gritting his teeth, and his eyes were completely red.

“Ho ho, I want to ask you, is this really your Zhao family’s secret book? Or, the secret of this six-root grass is what you know from the half of Zhang Qingyun’s paper just now, you, deliberately put the second half It’s covered up, what is your intention?” Wiliam shot back again.

There was an uproar at the scene!

Is there a second half of the paper in that photo?

The second half is to record the secrets of six grasses!

This Zhao family deliberately buried the truth, infinitely amplifying the toxicity of Qiqing dry grass, and then took the opportunity to save people and climb high in one fell swoop!

The people at the scene immediately reacted!

It turned out that all the previous storms were deliberately done by the Zhao family!

What a terrible Zhao family!

Said Feliicity fooled people!

The most foolish in the field!

It’s the Zhao family!

“Zhao Yingnian! You are inferior to animals! Knowing that Qiqing Hay has an antidote, you deliberately didn’t say it! You are just to slander the Hospital of Renxin!”

“Also, you are the worst wicked person who hides evil intentions! I can’t spare your Zhao family!”

“I want you to bury my husband!”

One by one at the scene, Zhao Yingnian was surrounded in an instant, and the ruthless fists fell on Zhao Yingnian’s body!

Zhao Yingnian was beaten up and screamed, and the grief in his heart was also completely agitated!

The Zhao family finally got this far!

How can you fall short because of a waste!

Never possible!

This waste!

It is impossible for him to know the secret of that half of the paper!

Everything is just his guess!

In this case, I just have to bite on this point and survive this level!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yingnian yelled: “It was just you just talking about it! There is a kind of you, just like me, show evidence! Otherwise, I won’t let you go!”

The people at the scene stagnated.

Yes, there is nothing to say about it.

Before Zhao Yingnian humiliated the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center, it showed evidence.

Wiliam just talked from beginning to end just now.

Everyone’s fists stopped unconsciously.

But when Zhao Yingnian saw Lu Yekou say there was no proof, everyone was half-believing and finally laughed frantically.

However, an old voice severely interrupted his laughter.

“Do you want evidence? I’m Zhang Qingyun as a witness!”

“That unfinished paper is physical evidence!”

“And Wiliam, the author of that paper!”

“That’s not enough!”


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