Dragon Husband Chapter 151 – 160

Chapter 151

Two figures, from far to near.

The person in charge is surprisingly the director of Q City ( Qena City ) Hospital, Zhang Qingyun!

And beside Zhang Qingyun stood an old man who was hanging down.

Zhang Qingyun walked over slowly, looking at Zhao Yingnian, his eyes already burned with raging anger!

The people at the scene, heard Zhang Qingyun’s words, Qi Qi was stunned!

All Zhao Yingnian relied on was the cropped photo!

As long as someone takes out the bottom half of the paper in that photo, it can be regarded as ironclad.

Now, Zhang Qingyun has stepped forward, and there is more than enough evidence!

And Zhang Qingyun’s last words set off a big wave!

The author of that unfinished paper is actually Wiliam!

This sentence broke everyone’s glasses!

Great reversal!

The paper Zhao Yingnian used to suppress the Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center was actually made by Wiliam!

This turned the Zhao family into a laughing stock!

Is it ridiculous to take other people’s papers and attack them? This is not absurd!

Zhao Yingnian was dizzy!

The paper was written by Wiliam?

how can that be!

How could he know so much!

How could he have such a deep research on pharmacology!

“Impossible! That bastard must have bought you! It must be like this, I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Zhao Yingnian shouted like crazy.

But his face has aroused everyone’s hatred!

on one’s last legs!

sucker Punch!

Zhang Qingyun sneered and said: “I knew that your Zhao family would spit out blood and turn your face and deny it. Therefore, I also invited another piece of evidence, and he came forward to prove it, let me see who would dare not believe it!”

Zhang Qingyun said, respectfully inviting the old man beside him.

The old man had been staring at Wiliam since just now.

In his eyes, he was full of guilt.

It wasn’t until Zhang Qingyun had spoken that he came back to his senses. In the first sentence, he introduced his identity, “I am Gu Taoning, a professor in the Department of Business Administration of Q City ( Qena City ) University.”

Hearing the name Gu Taoning, the people at the scene fry the pan again.

“Gu Taoning? This old man is actually Professor Gu Taoninggu!”

“Didn’t he retired the year before last? And he basically didn’t appear in front of people, why did he appear here? What does he want to prove?”

“Professor Gu is highly respected and well-known in Q City ( Qena City ). He has been upright in his life and will not be jealous. We believe 100% of what he said!”

Gu Taoning looked at Wiliam apologetically, and said slowly, “I can prove that this paper is Wiliam’s graduation thesis back then.”

“Because I was his dissertation instructor.”

“Three years ago, Wiliam studied in the Department of Business Administration of our school, but for his graduation thesis, he prepared a medical thesis. I was furious at the time and thought he was humiliating me. So I humiliated him severely. , So this paper ended up without a problem.”

“But I never thought that this essay would cause such a shock in the past few days! What I did not even think of is that Wiliam did not write thesis on a whim, nor did it use medical papers. Humiliate me and disgust me. Now, everything proves the value of Wiliam’s paper. Therefore, Wiliam, I sincerely say sorry to you here.”

“I shouldn’t humiliate you back then, I’m sorry. If I asked you to finish this paper back then, then everyone would know the toxicity of Qiqing Hay, and there would be no evil that almost killed more than a dozen people. ,I’m guilty.”

“Sorry, this apology for being three years late…” Professor Gu said, bending his body and bowing to Wiliam.

People at the scene have their eyes straight!

Professor Gu, not only proved that Wiliam is the owner of the paper!

Moreover, I also apologized to Wiliam! Prove the value of this paper!

An even more shocking scene appeared again. Zhang Qingyun, the dean of Q City ( Qena City ) Hospital, also bowed to Wiliam, saying sorry.

Zhang Qingyun has been condemned by his conscience in the past few days.

After kneeling on the rainy night, he was awakened by Wiliam’s words and decided to vindicate Wiliam.

He first went to his old friend, because the paper was accidentally seen in the old friend’s database.

Asked where the paper came from, Zhang Qingyun immediately went to Professor Gu.

Professor Gu has completely ignored world affairs after he retired, and basically no one can invite him.

With a cheeky face, Zhang Qingyun waited at the door of Professor Lin’s house for a few days, finally waited until Professor Gu went out and got three minutes to explain.

Zhang Qingyun just took out that paper, and Professor Gu was shocked.

And Zhang Qingyun learned from the professor that the author of this unfinished paper is actually Wiliam!

This completely unexpected result caused Zhang Qingyun to lose consciousness on the spot.


Three years ago, Wiliam had such a profound knowledge in pharmacy!

And myself!

Holding the paper written by Wiliam, indirectly served as a tiger!

Helped the Zhao family severely suppressed Wiliam!

A stronger guilt suppressed him completely!

Now, he finally said this sorry sentence, but he was relieved.

Regardless of whether Wiliam forgave or forgive, his conscience was at least not so tormented.

Wiliam looked at the two old men in front of him, and held them in his hand.

That thesis was indeed Wiliam’s graduation thesis three years ago.

He wanted to write back then, but the instructor refused to write, so he gave up.

It was also when Lydia developed a new product some time ago that he remembered the magical effect of Qiqing Hay.

Since then, he intends to complete some of the research that year.

How can I know the wrong things, caused so much wind and rain.

And Melissa couldn’t help smiling as she watched Zhang Qingyun appear.

Is he really here by coincidence?

I’m afraid not?

It must be this little king who used Zhang Qingyun’s benevolent psychology to lay a lore chess piece.

It can only be said that Zhang Qingyun will come today.

But I didn’t think, he came by coincidence and coincidence!

Zhang Qingyun stood up and proved that it was more convincing than Wiliam who said that the paper was written by himself!

Wiliam, how many miracles can you create!

And as Melissa thought, Wiliam did deliberately order Zhang Qingyun a little bit, and asked Zhang Qingyun to trace the roots and find the owner of the thesis.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, her eyes suddenly turned red.

She and Wiliam studied at the same university, classmates!

But at that time, she was so disappointed in Wiliam, how could she care about what Wiliam wrote in her graduation thesis…

All I know is that Wiliam’s paper was dumped back.

At that time, Feliicity’s mentality was not to comfort Wiliam, but to be even more disappointed in Wiliam.

I can’t even write a graduation thesis…

Thinking of this, Feliicity felt terribly guilty towards Wiliam.

It seemed to be a microcosm, all the grievances that Wiliam had been guarding silently and enduring humiliation over the years were all magnified in Feliicity’s heart.

She was just about to go there, but she heard Bai Zhensheng sneered at the side: “Ho ho, it’s so mysterious, it’s actually that waste wants to occupy our Bai family’s reputation as a medical business, and write a medical paper to fish in troubled waters. I finished writing. It’s all because he doesn’t know how to write it.”

Chapter 152

The Bai family nodded and said yes.

“The few questions that the waste asked just now were actually huge problems. He didn’t even figure it out by himself, so this paper was only halfway through.”

“That’s right, I don’t think that the humiliation that our Bai family suffered today was caused by this kid’s wicked essay! This account must definitely be counted on him!”

This view instantly aroused the strong approval of the Bai family!

Their resentment towards Wiliam grew stronger.

Feliicity sighed without speaking.

What I thought in my heart was, Wiliam, for what you suffered for me, I will definitely make up for you.

After apologizing, Professor Gu suddenly walked to Wiliam’s side and said in a low voice with embarrassment: “Wiliam, I know from Qingyun that you are good at medicine. I’m busy. I don’t know if I can invite you… …”

Wiliam had a good impression of Professor Gu. Although this old man was arrogant and had a hot temper, he was true.

That incident back then, whenever anyone came, Professor Gu would get angry.

After all, his students will be angry when they hand over a cross-professional thesis to him.

Wiliam said casually: “Okay, if you want to find me, just go through Qingyun.”

Professor Gu was taken aback.

When he scolded Wiliam, he himself was still in his ears.

I thought that Wiliam would definitely take the opportunity to make things difficult, at least he would refuse.

But I didn’t expect him to agree.

All of a sudden, his impression of Wiliam changed for the better.

When Zhang Qingyun on the side heard these words, his eyes suddenly turned red.

Professor Gu can find Wiliam directly.

Wiliam just said that through Qingyun…

In this sentence, Wiliam was silently forgiving himself!

Thinking of this, Zhang Qingyun nodded excitedly and said heavily, “Thank you!”

After Professor Gu left, the scene suddenly rioted again.

Before that, Zhao Yingnian kept asking Wiliam to show evidence.

Now, the proof is solid!

What can Zhao Yingnian have to say!

Zhao Yingnian stood by, vomiting blood!


This waste is so lucky!

And this paper is really written by him!

Damn it!

Zhao Yingnian’s heart is cut!

This paper could have made Zhao Jiafei Huang Tengda!

The Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center were wiped out!

Now, this paper has become the death knell of the Zhao family!

Seeing Wiliam’s face of disdain, Zhao Yingnian felt as uncomfortable as he wanted to eat mouse shit!

It’s another expression that doesn’t matter to you!

After humiliating me fiercely, he looked calm and uncontested!

Extremely hypocritical!

Just as Zhao Yingnian was racking his brains to figure out how to fight back, a cry suddenly came from the scene.

“My husband! My husband is vomiting blood again! He is dying! Why is the ambulance not coming!”

There was another riot in the scene.

“What to do? This time is the peak period of work, and it must be blocked outside!”

“But it will take more than half an hour to carry the stretcher! How can they survive it!”

“Damn! It’s all the bastards of Zhao Yingnian! They were originally in the hospital! They just brought them here! Now that they have an accident, the Zhao family will never escape this double murder!”

“Yes! After these patients were poisoned, using six grasses indiscriminately, this is killing! Bringing them here today, delaying the treatment opportunity, is killing again!”

When Zhao Yingnian heard this, he was dizzy with anger!

He suddenly said without a word, “Damn! You blame me for everything! It’s my shit! Isn’t that Wiliam awesome! Isn’t he able to write a paper! Then you can save him! If he can’t save, That’s also killing!”

After saying this, Zhao Yingnian’s head was shocked!



He accidentally hit and bumped, and actually grabbed a weakness of Wiliam!

He also talked about it, really want him to save people, can he save?

Dare he save?


I am simply a genius!

That silly pen, what I asked before, has now become a good word to wake me up!

Didn’t you ask me about the dosage?

I can’t answer!

But now, do you know how many doses of six herbs my father used?


You don’t know!

So, I see how you can save it!

If you don’t save, you are fooling the people!

If you save it, it will be a dead end!

I see how you break the dilemma!

Those people were awakened by Zhao Yingnian and immediately surrounded Wiliam.

Even those family members were desperate and knelt directly to Wiliam.

“Mr. Lu, what you said just now is plausible, you must have a way to save my husband, right!”

“I beg you to make a move! I kowtow to you.”

Those people knocked their heads at Wiliam Bangbang.

Bai Zhensheng on the side was holding the same idea as Zhao Yingnian at this moment, waiting to see Wiliam embarrassed.

But at this time, Wiliam said, “Bring them to the lounge.”

Bai Zhensheng was taken aback.

Can he save?

how can that be!

This waste, although he knew a little bit of medical skills, he didn’t even know the dose of six grasses under the Zhao family.

How to save?

This is not to come to the stage and try to do it!

Those family members didn’t care about the situation, and immediately carried the patient into a lounge.

Then, Wiliam said a few words softly to He Jifeng.

He Jifeng immediately walked towards the lounge.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Not Wiliam saving people!

But what monsoon!

Yes, He Jifeng is there, a well-deserved genius doctor!

Why forgot him!

Zhao Yingnian’s face froze suddenly!

What monsoon!

He Jifeng shot Zhao Yingnian’s heart suddenly.

He Monsoon certainly does not know the dose.

But he is famous all over the world, will he use other methods…

by! Miscalculated!

And He Jifeng walked to the lounge quickly, and the respect for Wiliam in his heart had reached the point where it could not be added!

He was in it for ten minutes.

People outside are quiet!

All eyes were on the door of the lounge.

The longer the time, the more chaotic people will be.

Those family members were crying quietly.

They had no idea whether their loved ones could live.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yingnian couldn’t help laughing.

It seems that He Jifeng is inside, and there is nothing he can do!


But as soon as he smiled, the people surrounding him slapped him severely again!

These few slapped Zhao Yingnian’s face completely!

He clutched his red and swollen mouth and roared madly: “Damn! You dare to hit me again! Okay! You can see clearly now! Wrong, it was my Zhao family who killed those people before! But now , The people from Genuine Care Medical Center are inside!”

“If the people inside die, Genuine Care Medical Center is like our Zhao family! There is no escape!”

Zhao Yingnian knew that the Zhao family could no longer take care of themselves. At this moment, he could only pull Genuine Care Medical Center into the water.

But there was a scornful smile.

” Genuine Care Medical Center can’t escape death? Not necessarily? Do you really think I don’t know the dosage of Six Herbs?”


“I pointed at the patient before, do you really think it is casual?”

Chapter 153

Wiliam’s words made Zhao Yingnian completely sluggish.

That one!

Wiliam did click the first patient’s throat before.

Then the patient vomited and passed out.

This finger, is there a mystery!


how can that be!

Do you think you are a god!

How could Zhao Yingnian believe such a ridiculous thing in his heart!

There is no one on the scene who can believe it!

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

That finger is really useless.

After one finger, it will be very useful.

Wiliam had noticed that those people’s faces were extremely pale before, and the more they got behind, the paler their faces.

This is a sign that an overdose of six grasses is about to break out.

So Wiliam pointed at his throat so that the person about to explode couldn’t stand it all at once, and he vomited directly.

Other people also reached the extreme. Seeing that person vomited, under the psychological effect, they collapsed all at once, and all vomited.

This finger is just an introduction.

Wiliam’s real purpose, but those people’s vomit!

From the blood color that those people vomit, the residue of Liugencao Decoction, and the yellowish-brown pus, Wiliam can naturally guess the dosage of Liugencao.

And the things that a dozen people vomit were exactly the same.

It means that Zhao Linyue fed them the soup made from six root grasses, and the dosage was the same.

Therefore, Wiliam immediately told He Monfeng about the detoxification dose.

He Jifeng almost knelt to Wiliam!

See blood medicine!

One eye of God!

Sure enough, in full view, He Jifeng opened the door.

Those people immediately surrounded them, “What is the genius doctor, how is my family?”

“Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong, and you can recover after a while after recuperating.” He Jifeng said.

In one word, everyone’s hearts were relaxed.

Zhao Yingnian’s heart became cold all at once!

He suddenly wanted to run!

This is the end of the matter, and the Zhao family can’t be washed back!

Staying any longer, my life will be explained here!

But there were too many people here, and Zhao Yingnian was arrested all at once.

Everyone now has no worries for the future, one by one, anger sprays directly at Zhao Yingnian!

“That’s right, I just wanted to launch Genuine Care Medical Center into the water! You are so cruel!”

“Now I know that Genuine Care Medical Center is the reincarnated genius doctor with a kind heart! Even the Genuine Care Medical Center will slander! You are not a human being! I can’t kill you!”

People at the scene punched and kicked Zhao Yingnian.

The blood on Zhao Yingnian’s face was beaten out.

The more this hit, the more angry Zhao Yingnian’s heart became!


Today is not my family’s crime!

Why only hit me!

Genuine Care Medical Center!

Genuine Care Medical Center is white!


one left!

I still have one that can pull into the water!

To die together!

“Why don’t you blame the Bai family! The Bai family is also guilty! You go and blame the Bai family!” Zhao Yingnian shouted heartbreakingly.

Some people looked at the Bai family.

When the Bai family were seen in this way, all of them suddenly shrank their necks, and did not dare to gasp.

However, they had already taken Zhao Yingnian’s bastard off!

This bastard! Even if you die!

I want to pull our Bai family!

its not right!

Our Bai family has long since escaped!

What are we afraid of!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng straightened up immediately, and said righteously, “It’s nothing to do with our Bai family, Feliicity did it all.”

Those people looked at Feliicity again.

Feliicity stayed still, her eyes cold.

“Yes, it’s Feliicity! The three sins I said just now! She has a share in each one! Don’t you want to fight for the heavens! There is a kind of fight her together! Otherwise you are a scum!” One person immediately fanned the flames inside.

Those who are kidnapped by morality are a bit difficult now.

They walked slowly towards Feliicity.

Feliicity finally stood up at this time.

The anger will be poured out, and the atmosphere will be suppressed to the extreme for a while!

And Zhao Yingnian was very happy to see this scene!

Feliicity, if I can’t get you, I will take you to my funeral!

If you can’t live together, just die together!


Feliicity watched these people get closer, and she suddenly looked at someone.

That man enough to put her whole heart in.

Wiliam’s eyes were peaceful, without saying a word.

Feliicity couldn’t understand the meaning in his eyes.

It can even be said that Feliicity couldn’t read Wiliam’s eyes since she was a child.

“Wiliam, what would you do?” Feliicity asked Wiliam suddenly.

Everyone was taken aback.

This sentence is inexplicable.

But Wiliam’s answer was actually inexplicable, “If you were me and I was you, what would you do?”

Everyone’s heads are burning.

Who is who?

Is this the sky you are talking about?

Not a secret?

Feliicity heard this, but there was waves in her heart.

If I were you and you were me…

I want to see everyone attack you…

And you are helpless in it…

What would i do?

What else can I do?

It seems that there is only one way!

Husband and wife pay!

Wife and debtor pay!

Why not!

There were no such people in front of Feliicity’s eyes.

In his mind, Wiliam was besieged by everyone.

A chuckle.

Everyone was stunned.

She was about to suffer verbal criticism, but she actually smiled.

Is she crazy!

Only Feliicity knew that he was crazy.

Only Feliicity knows what Wiliam said…

its not right.

What I thought just now was too simple.

Wiliam, what you mean by this sentence is not referring to the scene in front of you.

But refers to–

“Wiliam, help me…” The previous scene of asking Wiliam for help reappeared in Feliicity’s mind.

I begged Wiliam.

If I were Wiliam, and if Wiliam asked me for the first time in this life.

Then help me…

Could it be the matter of this seven love hay and a storm?

I will definitely cherish this trustful cry for help from my heart!


Well, for a lifetime!

Therefore, this time limit for help is a lifetime!

In the future, no matter it is Qiqing Hay, there will still be any other swords and fires that will defeat Wiliam.

I will surrender my life for this one for help.

My heart is my heart, my heart is my heart.

I think so, think you should be.

So, I understand what you mean-

I can leave everything to you without worry from now on!

Feliicity met Wiliam, laughing upside down all sentient beings!

Everyone’s heads were dizzy.

This is probably just a smile in the city.

The man of the allure, his lips spit lightly.

“My voice is also a little uncomfortable. Therefore, as the head of the Bai family and the president of the Bai group, I have given orders to Wiliam…”

“You, explain.”

Wiliam, who was standing apart from Feliicity, smiled after hearing these words.

Chapter 154

Wiliam and Feliicity smiled at each other, their eyes full of pity.

Feliicity smiled even more happily when she saw Wiliam’s eyes.

It seems, I guessed it right…

It also seems that I understood Wiliam for the first time…

When everyone saw this scene, they felt crazy!

What’s the situation!

The catastrophe is imminent, and you can still laugh.

Moreover, it was actually entrusted to Wiliam!

This Wiliam was previously authorized by Melissa, and then the situation was reversed by him.

Now, he wants to explain on behalf of the Bai family again!

What will the ending be like!

Suddenly, full of expectation came into the hearts of everyone.

Looking forward to the reappearance of the Jedi counterattack just now!

Looking forward to the Zhao family’s ruin again!

Melissa looked at Feliicity and sighed.

This little woman, when did she grow up so quickly.

Melissa wanted to say that Feliicity was an opportunistic tactic, and he moved out the rhetoric he had just made.

But she looked at Feliicity’s slightly shiny but tender eyes, and her heart was soft.

This probably belongs to the growth between Feliicity and Wiliam.

Wiliam stood on the stage, and everyone looked at him.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Okay, then I will say a few words for the Bai family.”

“Okay! I want to see what you can say! If you dare to speak up here, I will not forgive you! I have the evidence for the three sins!” Zhao Yingnian looked at Wiliam, I got angry in my heart.

Wiliam nodded and looked at Lydia on the side.

Lydia knew, and immediately moved a laptop, and then put it on the LED screen.

When he was ready, Wiliam said, “What is the first crime? The Bai family’s false propaganda?”

Bai Zhensheng immediately jumped out to testify, “Damn! What is the Bai family’s false propaganda! It is the Feliicity’s false propaganda! There is nothing to do with our Bai family!”

Wiliam did not refute, but said to the people at the scene: “Do you want evidence? Lydia.”

In a word, Lydia clicked on a file folder, and then opened a photo!

Seeing this photo, the eyes of the people at the scene are straight!



This Wiliam is absolutely amazing!

What was presented to them was also a current bank bill!

But it’s different from the photos Zhao Yingnian took out before.

This time, the person who sent the money became the Zhao family!

Funding 50 million!

In just a few days, it was remitted to major marketing media!

Moreover, what is even more exaggerated than the Bai family is that Zhao Jiaran directly wrote in the remarks of the transfer: Seven love hay speculation fees.

The proof is like a mountain!

Zhao Yingnian’s face turned green when he saw this photo!

“You! How could you have!” Zhao Yingnian pointed to Wiliam, her voice sharp.

Wiliam smiled lightly, “You can get the running water from Bai’s house, why can’t I get the running water from your house? Or is this bank opened by your house?”

In a word, Zhao Yingnian was speechless!


Damn it!

This kid was tricked by the same trick!

Even if I want to accuse Wiliam of stealing trade secrets, I can’t!

Because it was the Zhao family who stole the secrets first!

Wiliam was nothing but a tooth for a tooth!

Everyone looked at this bill and suddenly scolded all together!

“Damn! I didn’t think that it was your Zhao family who was secretly contributing to the flames! You can’t die!”

“You know that Qiqing hay is poisonous, and you hype medicinal herbs, and then you pretend to be a good person in front of the whole city! Your hearts are so ugly to the extreme!”

“The Zhao family is more hateful than the Bai family! They are the biggest culprits!”

The crowd scolded, angrily!

Zhao Yingnian’s face was sore!



Anyway, my Zhao family is dead!

I will bite you too!

The big deal is dead, the net is broken!

“What about our Zhao family! Your Bai family is also involved! We are half a cat! My Zhao family is guilty, are you guilty!” Zhao Yingnian shouted frantically.

Wiliam smiled again.

When Zhao Yingnian saw him smiling, his heart suddenly grew hairy!

He suddenly felt that when he saw Wiliam smile, he felt a little shivering!

This kid is unfathomable!

What is he laughing at again!

Is there any loophole in what I just said?

At this time, Wiliam spoke, “Everyone remembers the previous bank statement from the Bai family. When was each payment transferred out?”

It’s better to have a memory, and he immediately said, “It’s December 13, within a day.”

Wiliam nodded in satisfaction, “Then look at the Zhao family.”

Everyone looked at them and was confused, “It’s December 13th to 15th, so what’s wrong?”

Wiliam said calmly: “On December 13th, it was the first time that the Bai family made a hype. Do you still remember how effective the hype was that day?”

Everyone frowned and recalled, “It seems that when I heard it the first day, it felt too fake, I didn’t believe it anyway.”

“Well, I don’t believe it either.”

Everyone’s statements are surprisingly consistent.

Wiliam smiled, “So, the first hype was a complete failure. Then, the Zhao family spent a full 50 million to hype. Then I ask you, who actually made the hype? “

Everyone’s eyes lit up, “Damn! It’s the Zhao family! With that said, the Bai family just spent the wrong money to be a ghost for the Zhao family! The real sinner is the Zhao family!”

There was a loud voice at the scene!

When Zhao Yingnian saw this, his heart was bleeding!

What kind of monster is this Wiliam!

You can see so many things from the time of the transfer!

Ordinary people, who would pay attention to such details!

That’s it!

No one noticed that Harper and Li Muhe on the second floor were also stunned when they heard that Wiliam went up to solve the problem.

“Turtle grandson, do you want so much?”

“Damn! Wiliam, how do I feel I was slapped in the face by him?”

“So this first crime, the Bai family has false propaganda, but can only bear a small part of it, and the main responsibility lies with your Zhao family!” Wiliam finally set the tone, “Do you have any objections?”

Before this iron proof, everyone has any objections.

“If there is no objection, let’s talk about the second crime, is it to make money and kill?” Wiliam said this, his eyes suddenly became cold!

“The Bai family only bears a small part of the crime of false propaganda. Moreover, they don’t know that Qiqing hay is poisonous. If those people eat it by mistake, can this be counted as innocent? Then I would like to ask everyone at the scene!”

“If you know in advance that the Qiqing hay is poisonous, you can make false propaganda and cause those people to eat the Qiqing hay by mistake. This is not regarded as making money and killing!”

“After those people were poisoned, for their own benefit, in front of the people in the city, personally fed the six-root grass to those people, this is not ironclad!”

Chapter 155

At the scene, after Wiliam finished speaking, Qi Qi was dull.

A chill came from the soles of their feet!

Wiliam, all the keys have been said!

Just now, everyone’s mind was still groggy. After all, there have been too many reversals here today, and the amount of information is huge.

After being sorted out by Wiliam, everyone suddenly woke up!

The Bai family is not guilty!

But what about the Zhao family!

Knowingly committed!

This is sinister intention!

The most deadly thing is that the Zhao family fed six grasses to those people in the hospital in front of many people!

This is the iron proof of Zhengzheng!

If you want to deny you can’t deny it!

Zhao Yingnian’s face was completely pale!

His father’s most proud hand has become the sharpest dagger in Wiliam’s hand that stabbed the Zhao family!

Even the slightest chance of refuting is left to the Zhao family!

Suddenly, the Zhao family confirmed the two crimes of false propaganda and money and death!

But is this over?

Not yet!

Wiliam continued: “This second sin, I guess everyone has no objections, so let’s talk about the third sin, to fool people.”

Speaking of this, the eyes of the people on the scene looking at Wiliam were glowing!

Two sins were easily broken by him!

What about this third sin!

Feliicity said this personally, how could it be wrong!

How should Wiliam defend Feliicity?

Wiliam didn’t show any evidence this time, but he walked slowly to a corner.

Seeing that corner, everyone exclaimed softly.

In that corner, all the old people from Qiqing Village sat.

From just now to now, these old people have sadness on their faces, because Qiqing Hay is more important to them than fate.

What is Wiliam looking for?

I saw Wiliam walk up to Old Li’s head and said politely to Old Li’s head, “Old Li’s head, my wife is being slandered and fooled by the whole city, saying that she is unrighteous. You have also contacted my wife several times. , Let you evaluate, how is my wife’s character?”

Old Head Li stood up tremblingly, and Wiliam went over and gently supported him.

Old Li head looked at Feliicity, his eyes suddenly red.

“The President Bai I know is a kind-hearted living Bodhisattva.”

The portrait of Lao Li recalled the uncontested peace of Qiqing Village before, and his eyes became gentle.

He slowly told the story of Feliicity’s visit to Qiqing Village twice.

“That day, but it was raining so hard, Mr. Bai felt heartbroken when seeing our old people in Qiqing Village, and he felt the same way. My old man will never forget that in the end, Mr. Bai was helpless and knelt at the entrance of Qiqing Village. The picture of praying to heaven…”

“She is the living Bodhisattva of our Seven Feelings Village!”

“Besides, who said she fooled people? She said she bought Qiqing Hay, and she did it, because on the day she said that, some people in our village did receive five million yuan from Mr. Wiliam. Before, I sold a part of Qiqing hay to her. If we don’t believe it, we can prove it.” Old Head Li said, looking at some old people behind him.

The old people nodded, and tremblingly took out a dozen purchase contracts.

The one signed above is exactly Wiliam’s name!

The date is also the day when Feliicity announced the acquisition.

These dozen contracts made everyone quiet.

Feliicity does not fool the people.

She did what she said!

At that time, Qiqing hay was already considered to be a heartbroken herb, and she could still give out five million to these poor old people…

Everyone can’t avoid it, only Feliicity Xing Xing is righteous!

do not forget!

She is still the first!

Before she said anything, the audience was silent.

After she uttered her voice, there was the purchase of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Such a goddess who dared to be good for the world, who would dare to say that she has a vicious heart!

For a while, everyone looked at Feliicity’s eyes, full of deep apologies.

A woman is beautiful and kind, just like a fairy descending to the world.

Purdue all sentient beings, tearful and compassionate.

The atmosphere at the scene gradually warmed.

Feliicity’s eyes were also red.

But at this time, a sharp voice rang again, “Huh! Those who bought these medicine farmers are only a small part! When she was talking, she was talking about buying the whole city! She still didn’t believe it!”

It’s Zhao Yingnian!

Zhao Yingnian saw that Feliicity could be washed white by Wiliam, and his anger was overwhelming!

This is the woman who is going to die with me, I don’t make it so easy for you to wash away!

But Wiliam looked at Zhao Yingnian jokingly, and smiled: “Okay, let’s talk about the situation at that time. After the Feliicity that day, did you all go to my wife’s house?”

Some people at the scene, especially the reporters, nodded blankly.

“She went out to go out to continue the purchase, but was surrounded by you all, and then she was overwhelmed with curses. Have you ever given her a chance to explain?” Wiliam said casually.

Everyone was taken aback and shook their heads together.

At that time, everyone was too late to come out because of Feliicity, and the chief officer assumed that she was going to lose weight.

So when she came out, everyone scolded her, and she didn’t give her any chance to speak.

“Then, you suddenly heard the news of Genuine Care Medical Center’s acquisition, and ran away again, coming and going in a hurry, which one of you, has ever heard my wife say a word?” Wiliam said again.

The people at the scene were dumbfounded.

It seems like this…

When Zhao Yingnian heard this, his face turned green!

He knew that Wiliam was eloquent!

However, he just couldn’t find any reason to fight back against Wiliam!

Damn it!

This person is simply crazy!

Any reason can be found!

But the people at the scene looked at Feliicity, their eyes changed.

From the previous censure, became guilty.

Suddenly, a reporter stood up, bowed slightly to Feliicity, and said, “Miss Bai, I am sorry for you, and I apologize to you. You are compassionate, but I maliciously speculate that I am too human.”

A person taking the lead and behind, Qi Qi followed the person and bowed.

At the scene, a bend over.

Anyone with a conscience can tell who is good and who is evil at this time.

Watching the audience bow, the Feliicity kept it from falling with tears.


This is the deep feeling of the Feliicity from before to just now.

Obviously want to do good, obviously want to help others.

In the end, he was beaten down, and it was still unreasonable.

Now everything is fine.

Mountain darkly, vista.

Everything is my husband, Wiliam!

He dare to be one person and sin one city!

I also dare to risk the world’s unhappiness, and let the whole city bow and apologize for the grievances I have suffered.

Feliicity’s heart was already half wronged.

Full of gratitude to Wiliam.

However, besides being grateful, she still feels weird.

When did my husband become so eloquent?

Obviously, I was surrounded before going out because I was wronged and did not dare to speak.

But in the mouth of Wiliam, it turned into a tall and bright knot.

Good to catch loopholes, one hit kills.

“Since there is no fooling in my family’s Feliicity, then the three sins just now are that someone has planted and framed people’s hearts. Next, I want to give the words fooling people’s hearts to the Zhao family!” Wiliam suddenly said again.

Chapter 156

Everyone was taken aback!

Zhao family, there is still a crime!

This Wiliam, I am afraid that if he doesn’t kill the Zhao family today, he won’t let it go!

What a terrible person.

Don’t mess with him in the future!

Otherwise, I don’t know how to die!

He can attack you from three hundred and sixty-five degrees, and they are interlocking, which is nothing to say!

Melissa suddenly sneered at the cold Wiliam on the stage.

Zhao family, Zhao family, you shouldn’t do anything, you shouldn’t mess with the white Feliicity!

If you provoke Wiliam, based on his puffed up personality, he probably doesn’t take you to heart at all, and it will be caused by you.

By the way, you have provoked Feliicity!

Touched the inverse scales of this land leaf!

Because of Feliicity, no one knew how crazy Wiliam would do!

This matter is far from ending so easily.

Take a good look and repent!

“Did you deliberately cover up half of my paper to fool people?”

“It was you who killed these patients and old people, and invited them here in a false way. Is this fooling people?”

Wiliam only said these two words, and Zhao Yingnian was completely dizzy.

All the Zhao family’s methods that wanted to harm the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center were proud of it before!

Now, they have become the strongest weapon for Wiliam to counterattack!

Three deadly sins!

In Wiliam’s mouth, the Bai family retreated!

What is even more frightening is that when he changed hands, these three sins were transferred to the Zhao family!

Completely finished…

And the Bai family on the side, until now, their heads are all confuse.

Bai family, just whitewashed?

Will not pay any price?

That Wiliam, how did he do it!

If they want to convince them, a waste who has been in the Bai family for ten years will be transformed, and they will not believe it if they are killed!

Looking at the indifferent Wiliam, Bai Zhensheng felt intense jealousy in his heart!

Why is this guy showing his face!

But I have to hide the head and shrink the tail!

It is impossible for this guy to do all this!

“Huh! Didn’t Feliicity say that just now? Wiliam speaks for her, so Feliicity must have instructed all this, and Feliicity provided the evidence. Otherwise, why did I transfer the company to her in the first place? At that time, how could she not say a word?”

“This is not like her style at all. So there is only one possibility, that is, Feliicity has secretly collected some evidence, knowing that nothing will happen to the Bai family today, so she didn’t quarrel with us in public at that time.” Bai Zhensheng thought After thinking about it, suddenly she was bright.

After the Bai family listened, they nodded together.

Indeed, there are no more reasonable reasons than this.

Chen Shuyun gritted her teeth and said: “I can see the mind of this little bitch clearly. The reason she wants Wiliam to speak for her is because she wants to create her own image of a goddess of ice and purity in the whole city! If these words are from her mouth Saying it will become boasting, so it is most appropriate for Wiliam to say it. You can’t tell, this little bitch, the city is so deep! My Bai family was almost tricked by her!”

The Bai family was shocked, and the look in Feliicity’s eyes changed.

On the field, another change occurred.

Everyone now understands the ins and outs of the matter, and the anger in their hearts can no longer be restrained.

Qi Qi rushed towards Zhao Yingnian.

Zhao Yingnian almost freaked out!

He has been beaten up to be inhumane just now, and if he is beaten now, I am afraid that his life will be lost here.

He suddenly shrank behind Bernard, and said pitifully, “Uncle Xu, please help me.”

Bernard looked at him coldly from the beginning.

Because he didn’t know the truth of the matter, he didn’t dare to act rashly and anger the people.

Now that things are clear, he has been scolding the Zhao Family secretly!

This Zhao family, mud can’t support the wall!

Someone caught the pigtail even after making so many small moves!

It’s your fault!

Seeing Zhao Yingnian hiding behind him, Bernard really didn’t want to help.

But in the end, he sighed.

Who wants to have a good relationship with that person?

Thinking of this, he slowly stood up.

Everyone stopped.

Bernard’s reputation in Q City ( Qena City ) is still great.

After all, behind him, the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association was supporting him.

“Chairman Xu, do you want to protect this dog thief?” everyone asked.

Bernard shook his head.

He had already seen the situation clearly, and now the Zhao family was angry.

If at this time, he rushed to commit a crime, he might be hated by these people.

The Drug Association is about to change its term next month, and the undead president is about to retire. Bernard is the most popular president candidate, and he can’t lose the chain at this time.

So he thought of a way, and that was to pass on his anger.

Is Genuine Care Medical Center…

If you are under my jurisdiction, you will be wronged.

Thinking of this, Bernard said, “Now that we are still in the meeting, if you have any issues, you can solve it by yourself after the meeting. Since the Zhao family is no longer able to assume the important task of presiding, let me preside over it myself.”

The people at the scene were unwilling.

But Bernard’s remarks were very objective, and everyone returned to their positions in the end.

Zhao Yingnian let out a long sigh of relief when everyone was gone.

Bernard looked at Genuine Care Medical Center and said, “Some things were explained clearly just now. However, let me talk about one thing from the perspective of the Drug Association. Genuine Care Medical Center, your latest product, It contains seven emotions hay, how do you explain it?”

Wiliam smiled softly, “President Xu, are you also planning to divert attention?”

Bernard’s face became cold!

This kid!

Dare to be so rude!

Although I did intend to do that, but when this kid said it out in public, it was completely defeated!

Good you benevolent hospital!

Actually put the immediate boss in his eyes!

“Your medicine contains Qiqing hay. This is a fact. Sooner or later I have to explain it. I am kind to give you a chance to explain, otherwise, if I am ruthless, I can just block your medicine directly. Humph! Dog bit Lu Dongbin!” Bernard said coldly. Said.

Wiliam smiled, “Okay, if you have to explain sooner or later, just do it now.”

“I will ask you three questions. First, in the test results just now, is there a saying that although Qiqing hay is poisonous, it is still within the scope of pharmaceuticals?”

Everyone was taken aback.

The so-called medicine is three-point poison. How can medicines in the world be non-toxic?

Just now everyone heard that Qiqing hay was poisonous and went violently, and they had long ignored the second conclusion.

Now being reminded by Wiliam, everyone suddenly felt an inexplicable understanding.

The road of Genuine Care Medical Center’s counterattack continues!

“This conclusion is wrong, but how can you guarantee that the poison of this seven emotions hay is within the controllable range?” Bernard was unwilling and asked again.

Wiliam smiled again, and then he flipped it through and found a bottle of new medicine on the projector.

“So, the second question I ask is, don’t you see that there are still six grasses in the composition of our products?”

Chapter 157

On the LED screen, behind the words “Qiqing dry grass”, the words “liugencao” followed impressively!

The people at the scene covered their mouths together!



Before, everyone didn’t know that six-root grass could detoxify the poison of Qiqing dry grass.

So I don’t pay attention to this point.

Now that Wiliam said, everyone understood instantly.

Seven emotions hay and six grasses reinforce each other and complement each other. Everyone has seen it.

There are these two things on this bottle of product, which shows that Genuine Care Medical Center has long considered the toxicity of both.

Moreover, He Jifeng has successfully saved people. That does not mean that Genuine Care Medical Center knows how to match, so that these two drugs are not only non-toxic, but even beneficial.

Bernard’s face suddenly became ugly!

That’s right, this kid, even if he could say this a long time ago!

He looked at Wiliam who was indifferent, and suddenly he had a feeling.

Every word he said seemed to be in his grasp.

He is like a vast lord, looking down on the earth.

To him, the world is like nothing!

No secrets!

Strong unwillingness, writhing in Bernard’s heart!

His voice became louder, “Huh! You just proved that these two drugs can detoxify each other. But you can’t let consumers poison first, and then let you detoxify! How do you prove that these two drugs appear at the same time Harmless under the circumstances.”

Wiliam didn’t answer this time.

Lydia on the side said instead of Wiliam: “So, we are already ready. Try the medicine.”

Test drug?

Everyone was stunned.

How to test the drug?

Lydia waved, and a staff member came up with a bowl of medicinal soup.

Lydia said: “Just now, we have inferred that those patients who took three or two doses of Qiqing hay caused the poisoning, and the poisoning time was within five minutes. Now, this bowl of soup uses five or two Qiqing hay. , Made with the corresponding dose of six herbs.”

There was an uproar at the scene!


Three or two doses can make people enter the ICU!

Now, go straight to five taels!

You must not die!

“On the spot, who would dare to try?” Lydia asked.

Everyone’s footsteps are back!

Ma Dan, that’s how to test the medicine!

This is a joke about life!

Genuine Care Medical Center is too big for you to play!

If this is inaccurate, someone will die on the stage!

Who dares to go up and try!

“Ho ho, you brought out this medicine, why don’t you try it yourself, but ask others to try it? Is it because you have confidence in your heart? Or did you expect that others would not dare to drink it and want to bluff?” Bernard sneered Tao.

He was right, and part of it really thought so.

But at this time, a voice said: “Let me come.”

Talking, shocking!

It was Zhang Qingyun!

Zhang Qingyun slowly walked onto the stage and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam had clear eyes and nodded at him.

Zhang Qingyun closed his eyes.

Although he was forgiven by Wiliam, he still apologized.

Perhaps, the only way to get rid of is to prove by death.

Zhang Qingyun suddenly opened his eyes, and when everyone couldn’t persuade him, he drank all the medicinal soup in one breath!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Zhang Qingyun!

Old expert, acting so recklessly!

If something happens, Genuine Care Medical Center can’t afford to lose money!

However, now everyone can only pray, this medicinal soup is non-toxic.

Time is passing by every minute and every second, and people are panicking!

Someone is staring at his watch to count the time.

Someone was watching Zhang Qingyun’s expression.

There have been doctors waiting beside Zhang Qingyun carrying a stretcher.

Tension, restlessness, and anxiety filled the crowd.

Feliicity was also nervous to death!

Wiliam is not afraid of 10,000, just in case!

A little too confident.

Zhang Qingyun’s heart was full of peace.

At this moment, he wondered whether he was alive or dead.

The instinct is to want to die, and to die for the purpose.

But in his bones, he was rebellious and wanted to live!

Because this is Wiliam!

What Wiliam said, a promise!

Wiliam’s judgment is foolproof!

I must not die!

Three minutes, four minutes, five minutes!

It wasn’t until five minutes passed that everyone’s tension gradually subsided.

Then, seeing Zhang Qingyun’s complexion, there was a faint feeling of red light on his face.

Doubt, curious, amazing.

“Damn! Dean Zhang is really troubled, look at his expression.”

“Hefa Tongyan, that’s what he said? Doctor, check him up soon.”

The doctor on the side immediately attached the dense thread to Zhang Qingyun’s body.

The instrument on the side closely monitored various indicators on his body.

Five minutes passed.

Even the doctor’s eyes widened, and he said in disbelief, “Damn! This is amazing! Dean Zhang’s indicators are all normal.”


“What can I say about normal? That can only mean that these two medicines are non-toxic when mixed together.” Bernard had to believe this fact in the end.

But the doctor immediately retorted: “Who said it! Normal is terrible, OK! Do you have any elderly in your family? Don’t the elderly in your family have high blood pressure, high blood sugar or something? When the elderly reaches a certain age, they must be seven or seven. Eight or eight minor problems, how can the indicators be normal?”

“Dean Zhang has cardiovascular disease all year round, which can be found in the hospital’s medical records. But now, whether it is his heart rate or other things, it is normal! This is not enough to show that the combination of two drugs is magical?”

The doctor was really shocked by the curative effect. He didn’t even notice that the object of his rebuttal was Bernard.

After listening to the scene, the eyes suddenly glowed!


Magic medicine!

The nightmare impression that Qiqing Hay had brought to them before was completely wiped out under Dean Zhang’s trial!

Instead, curiosity and shock!

Seeing everyone’s eyes glowing, Wiliam said calmly, “Don’t be too surprised. To be honest, these two medicines are so magical. It’s just that Dean Zhang has just taken the medicine. This effect is the best. After a few days, if you don’t With intentional control, his physical indicators will still be the same as before. These two drugs do have various miraculous effects, which is beyond doubt. We do not exaggerate the facts or underestimate ourselves.”

Wiliam’s words stunned the scene again.

Genuine Care Medical Center actually didn’t take the opportunity to promote their medicines while everyone was amazing.

Instead choose to tell the truth.

To be honest, after listening to it, everyone’s hot heads suddenly became cold.

However, my heart is hot.

Without pretending to be mystery, just say one thing, is the greatest kindness of the doctor!

Genuine Care Medical Center, the word benevolence is well deserved!

Melissa sighed secretly, this little bastard is already extraordinary and sanctified.

This wave not only reversed everyone’s impression of Qiqing Hay, but also brought a wave of goodwill for Genuine Care Medical Center.

“Wiliam, what about your third question?” someone said to Wiliam excitedly.

Because they heard that Wiliam had to ask three questions.

The first two questions bring infinite mysteries.

What about the third question?

Does it continue to be magical?

Wiliam suddenly looked at a person, and the question was no longer cold.

But become warm and pure.

“Old head Li, now you say, Qiqing Hay, is it a good thing?”

Chapter 158

When Feliicity heard these words, Dou Da’s tears fell directly!

Before, she was framed by the Bai family, and she didn’t cry.

She was in tears when she was attacked by the group.

Wiliam tried to turn the tide, but she didn’t cry.

But after hearing this sentence, tears fell like rain!

In her mind, the day she took Wiliam to Qiqing Village emerged.

The rain was torrential.

Seven emotions are desperate.

Old Li Tou stretched out his hand to give Wiliam the Qiqing Hay.

But where is it frozen.

At that time, Wiliam took over Qiqing Hay, and also took over the kind and helpless conscience of Old Li Tou.

He said at the time, “This hay of seven emotions is a good thing.”

Feliicity always thought that Wiliam said these words to comfort Old Head Li.

Now these words came again, making Feliicity’s heart warm in a mess.

Wiliam is not comforting Old Li!

Even if it’s comforting, it’s not just saying nothing!

What’s more, after showing all the evidence and confirming the curative effect of Qiqing Hay, you can say this sentence!

It’s more warm and encouraging!

Wiliam, thank you!

Your kindness, I will never forget it in my life!

After listening to this, Old Head Li also burst into tears.

He nodded heavily and stretched out his hand.

The black and purple hand that was full of scars, in the eyes of everyone, was extremely sad.

“Good thing, um! Good thing!” Old Li Tou held back for a long time, only to suffocate these words, and then slowly sat down.

He was lying on the shoulder of an old man, crying too hard to himself!

All the old people, when they heard that Qiqing hay was a good thing, their tears fell.

Qiqing hay is their life!

And Qiqing Village is the fate of these lonely old people!

A fox must die!

These deeds of Wiliam undoubtedly gave these old and broken old people another life!

How could they not be grateful to Wiliam!

How could they not rekindle their lives in the future!

For a while, only a sob and sob were heard on the court.

Seeing these elders crying so happily, everyone at the scene was silent.

Those who hear it are sad, those who see it weep.

A strong sorrow filled the scene.

Spontaneously, everyone, before these old people, bent over and bowed again.

During the avalanche, there was no blood that was innocent.

In this turmoil of seven emotions, the old man is the only innocent victim.

And everyone present is a direct or indirect accomplice!

They all owe these old people a sorry word!

Seeing this, Feliicity cried hysterically!


Extremely relieved!

Feliicity’s own grievances won’t make her happy.

And only the rebirth of these old and helpless elderly people is the greatest consolation to the depression of the Feliicity.

“Wiliam, thank you!” Feliicity shouted toward Wiliam on the stage.

She doesn’t care about being shy!

She didn’t hide it!

She just wanted to express her gratitude to Wiliam in public like this!

Thank you for this sentence, irrelevant couple!

Nothing to love!

Like a goddess in the sky, thanking Wiliam on behalf of the people.

This thank you can not be said on the bedside, nor in private.

Only by speaking out in public can you really let go.

After Wiliam heard this, Chao Feliicity smiled slightly.

In his calm heart, waves finally appeared at this moment.

Seeing these old people cry and vent their emotions, his heart was suddenly full of sorrow.

He thought of his grandpa…

If you are more up for it.

If you are more brave.

Grandpa won’t have an accident…

Grandpa, wait for me to destroy the North Lu family for you!

And now, my game really started!

In the Spirit of Heaven, you are optimistic!

Except for the good people and these old people, most of those present were businessmen.

The merchant’s sense of smell is undoubtedly very sensitive.

After seeing the magical combination of Qiqing hay and six-root grass, they instinctively thought of one thing!

Purchase Qiqing Hay!

Take advantage of the public opinion is still not spreading, quickly buy!

They quietly took out their mobile phones.

Their faces are filled with the excitement of getting rich all night!

However, after a minute, the excitement disappeared in everyone’s eyes!

Instead, it was extremely shocked!

They just asked people from the company to buy Qiqing Hay and Liugencao immediately!

However, they all got a shocking message!

Qiqing hay, in the market, there is no food!

What is even more bizarre is that there are not even six grasses left!

The Qiqing Hay was taken away by Genuine Care Medical Center before, everyone already knows.

So I just asked with luck.

But these six grasses are also absent, which makes everyone feel terrified!

Some people have already covered the sky secretly!

Who is it!

Who else knows the role of six grasses!

Moreover, this matter was done without knowing it!

Everyone’s hearts were suddenly pulled!

At this time, another change occurred on the court!

The rich people who had been invited by Genuine Care Medical Center before, all moved together at this moment.

They suddenly shouted on the spot: “Benevolence Medical Center, I will pay double the price and buy Qiqing hay and six grasses, OK?”

“No! Triple is fine!”

“I’m your customer for free medical treatment. There is Qiqing hay in your prescription, and we also signed an agreement. For this friendship, sell me a little Qiqing hay and six roots.”

The people at the scene were dumbfounded!

This group of rich people actually started raising prices in public!

Why is that!

What happened to the free medical treatment at that time that was unknown!

Those reporters hurriedly pulled over an excited rich man to ask why.

When the rich man answered this question, everyone was dull.

They looked at the Genuine Care Medical Center, their hearts and souls were shaken!

Genuine Care Medical Center offers treatments for the rich indeed for free.

But the prescriptions prescribed are not free.

In the prescriptions they prescribe, there are Qiqing hay and six grasses on each list.

It was in the stormy season of Qiqing Hay, and those bosses were dumbfounded when they saw Qiqing Hay.

But this prescription was prescribed by a genius doctor, and everyone did not dare to doubt it in public.

As if to dispel suspicion, Genuine Care Medical Center invited all the rich to participate in today’s release meeting.

Just now, the rich and powerful people were sitting in danger because it didn’t matter to them.

Until Qiqing hay was confirmed that it was not only non-toxic but also had miraculous effects when paired with six grasses, they could not sit still anymore!

Qiqing hay and six herbs have the effect of regulating the body, so it is not surprising that everyone has these two medicines.

And He Jifeng is usually hard to buy a diagnosis.

How can they give up easily if they hold a golden prescription!

Therefore, the only way is to follow the prescription and grasp all the herbs!

Seven love hay and six grasses, these rich people are bound to win!

Zhao Yingnian on the side collapsed directly!

He suddenly learned an extremely shocking fact!

I also discovered a terrible mistake committed by the Zhao family!

Chapter 159

Why does Genuine Care Medical Center give free medical treatment to these rich people?

Previously, the Zhao family wished to think that it was because the Genuine Care Medical Center was in a storm, and wanted to pull these rich men to see if it might be useful to save their lives.

Now it looks like a big mistake! Wrong ridiculous!

It’s not like this at all!

Genuine Care Medical Center gave them free treatment and asked them to come together today, just waiting for this scene!

Genuine Care Medical Center knew the magical effect of Qiqing hay combined with six grasses early on, so they dared to use their wealth to sweep away the seven love hay on the market.

Then, these rich men were prescribed Qiqing Hay.

What is necessary is to let these rich people fight for the hay and bloodshed!

Genuine Care Medical Center has accurately positioned the audience of Qiqing Hay from the beginning.

It is these rich people with strong spending power.

What’s more shocking than the price of the rich man’s speculation of Qiqing hay on the spot!

And what else is more marketing energy than the speculation of these rich people!

The Zhao family had spent 50 million on hype before, and they ended up in a mess!

Now, the effect created by these 50 million has been transferred to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

It’s equivalent to using 50 million to advertise for Genuine Care Medical Center!

Seeing the price of Qiqing hay rose again and again, Zhao Yingnian was as uncomfortable as a thousand arrows pierced his heart!

Everything has failed!

Previously accused the three sins of Genuine Care Medical Center.

The first crime, knowing that Qiqing hay was poisonous, and buying it, seriously violating industry rules, has since been shattered.

The second crime, knowing that the old man in Qiqing Village is very pitiful, but he has fallen into trouble, and is completely subverted.

The third crime, being inhumane, only confessing riches and riches, and cheating on the rich, now seems to be nonsense!

At this point in the Genuine Care Medical Center, all three sins have been washed away!

On the contrary, it was the Zhao family, who lost his wife and broke down!

At the scene, the price of Qiqing hay is still rising!

Those rich people were unwilling to do so, so they directly mobilized the power of the company and began to let out the wind outside, offering a lot of rewards to collect Qiqing hay.

The price came to four thousand yuan a catty in an instant!

Turned four times!

This is the consumption power of the rich!

At this moment, it broke out completely!

Feliicity looked at the soaring prices, her heart trembled.

Things have been reversed so far that they cannot be imagined with normal people’s thinking at all!

Wiliam, is it so terrible?

Fortunately, just now I asked Wiliam to come forward and explain for himself.

Otherwise, I would really fall into an unforgettable place!

“Five thousand yuan! I gave five thousand yuan! Genuine Care Medical Center, I trust you anyway, you can’t live up to my trust.” A rich man exploded on the spot.

And this price against the sky blasted the audience instantly!

Five thousand dollars!

Five times!

The hearts of everyone are extremely complicated!

The eyes that they looked at Genuine Care Medical Center suddenly became hot!

Seeking wealth and insurance!

Genuine Care Medical Center spent more than 100 million yuan to wipe out the hay of seven emotions.

The price has now doubled five times.

Made five hundred million dollars out of thin air!

This is money that many companies can’t make for a lifetime!

The Genuine Care Medical Center, which was abandoned by them before, became the most eye-catching strong medical center in this moment!

The other part of the people regretted breaking their bowels!

Those small pharmaceutical companies have collected some Qiqing hay before following the trend.

But at the last moment, they were all sold to Genuine Care Medical Center because they didn’t dare to stock up.

Just now they were still complacent, abandoning the car to take care of them, and breaking their arms to survive.

It now appears that this hand is absurd!

Simply gave the gold ingot to the Genuine Care Medical Center!

Every company lost tens of millions inside and outside!

Especially Bai Zhensheng and Zhao Yingnian.

Bai Zhensheng’s face is green!

Ten thousand catties!

He’s five thousand catties in private, and Bai’s company five thousand catties!

If he can survive this time, just relying on this ten thousand catties of seven emotions hay will be enough to cover the sky in the Bai family and make him personally rich overnight!

Now, it’s too late to say anything!

Lost money for yourself!

Zhao Yingnian suddenly stretched out her hand and slapped herself several times!

Who doesn’t know, the Zhao family is a professional hoarder of hay!

In order to take revenge, and in order to break the Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center into a place where they cannot be recovered, they actually pushed out all the Qiqing Hay.

Wealth and glory hand in hand!

The notoriety is at your fingertips!

Is there anything more vomiting blood than this!

Present, the only winner is probably Genuine Care Medical Center.

Fame and fortune!

Next, it depends on how they harvest wealth and reach the top overnight.

At this time, someone suddenly looked at Feliicity and asked for help sadly: “Mr. Bai, didn’t you also buy five million Qiqing hay before? At the price at that time, which is five thousand catties, can you If you don’t cut love, give us a little, not too much, we people add up, it’s estimated that only a few catties will be enough.”

Everyone was taken aback, then all looked at Feliicity.

Yes, the Genuine Care Medical Center has not talked about selling Qiqing hay until now. Obviously, it is necessary to continue to wait for the price and sell the strange goods.

There is also a hay with seven emotions, Feliicity.

Feliicity instantly became a target of public criticism.

Those rich men, with checks in their hands, headed towards Feliicity.

Feliicity groaned in her heart and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded slightly.

Her heart warmed.

Xena on the side was frantic with envy.


The brother-in-law not only saved her sister’s life in distress.

Moreover, another gap was left.

Let Feliicity show great kindness and become famous!

I only heard Feliicity say softly: “Okay, after the release meeting is over, everyone will come one by one. I will not die.”

Everyone immediately applauded.

“I just said that the goddess must be a bodhisattva with heart, don’t you believe it?”

“President Bai, where you will find us in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future, just say, we will go through fire and water.”

“Yes, we owe you a favor, and we will repay you for everything we say!”

For a while, Feliicity’s reputation rose in Q City ( Qena City )!

Her network has further expanded to the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

After Feliicity agreed to this, her eyes were red again.

Regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, these were precious treasures that Wiliam left to him specially.


Why doesn’t Wiliam sell Qiqing hay? If Dangchun is to give me a chance to become famous, then I have enough now.

Next, what else do they want to do?

Feliicity was thinking about it, but saw Wiliam walking towards the group of old people again, speaking softly.

“Grandpa and grandma, according to the original pawn agreement, the price of Qiqing hay has now doubled ten times, you…”

“It can be redeemed at the original price.”

“Old head Li, in this way, you won’t have to work hard next year…”

Chapter 160

People at the scene heard Wiliam’s words, and Qi Qi was silent for five seconds.

Then, fry the pan thoroughly!

The horrible benevolent hospital!

Before, everyone thought that Genuine Care Medical Center maliciously lowered the price of hay for these old people, it was sucking their blood!

It seems that it is not at all!

Lowering the price is basically for the sake of the elderly, and for them to have the money to redeem the hay that can make them no longer so hard!

And the clause that was set at the beginning to be redeemable only after the price was over ten times, was half-deadly scolded.

Thinking about it now, it’s more for these old people!

In order for them to not be able to redeem it when the Qiqing hay has no full bloom value.

So that it is ten times the price now, and they have enough food and clothing!

Genuine Care Medical Center is thinking about these old people everywhere!

Before, everyone was scolding Genuine Care Medical Center!

Now, everyone silently bowed their heads to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

In terms of kindness, they are not as good as the hospital of kindness!

In the face of powerful and acrid public opinion, how much pressure they have endured for these old people.

Everyone who has scolded Genuine Care Medical Center at this moment apologizes to Genuine Care Medical Center.

And those old people, especially the old head, tears fell again in an instant.

They, spontaneously, knelt down towards Wiliam!

Seventy or eighty people!

Old man kneeling weakly crown!

White-headed kneeling green silk!

I can’t cry!

These old people all understand the good intentions of Genuine Care Medical Center and Wiliam!

It was Wiliam who saved the entire village of Qiqing with his own power!

Not only saved the village of Qiqing, but also brought the village of Qiqing to Nirvana to be reborn.

Seeing this moving scene, Feliicity covered her small mouth, tears also fell.

That’s it.

In this way, it is the husband of Wiliam who has the world in my heart but is not a word…

Instinctively, Feliicity also walked over.

She stood in front of the old people, looking at Wiliam.

Then, kneel down and put your hands together.

Tears slipped.

All the flashes flashed at this moment!

Before putting his hands together in the white wind, snow, and heavy rain, he seemed to be praying to heaven and pitying the old man.

Now she puts her hands together, and she seems to be grateful to God for making me old and old.

Wiliam lifted up Feliicity, looked at the old people, and said, “This is the only thing I can do for you.”

He was still ashamed, because he was born after all, not like a fairy.

It is impossible to bring their children and grandchildren back to their hometowns and stay with them for life.

After all, this is the law of society, and you can’t change it alone.

But the old people bowed to Wiliam Qi.

“Grandpa and grandma, after the meeting, you can redeem the Qiqing hay and sell it by yourself. But here is what I said. If anyone dares to deceive them, my benevolent medical clinic will kill them all!” Wiliam Speaking of this, his expression is solemn!

What he looked at was the bad drug companies that followed the trend to buy herbs.

Under Wiliam’s gaze, those people actually fought a cold war together.

Just now they did have the idea of ​​hitting these old people in their hearts.

At this time, Lydia came over and said, “Old people, of course, if you don’t worry about it, or if you trust our Genuine Care Medical Center, you can put the medicinal herbs in our place, and we will sell them on your behalf without charging a single cent. cost.”

Wiliam nodded. Obviously Melissa asked Lydia to talk about this idea.

Old Li Tau turned around and talked with a few old people in a low voice.

Only seeing those old men nodding their heads with tears, Old Li came to Wiliam’s front.

He was full of tears and said: “Qiqing hay is our life and our child.”

“Since the whole world doesn’t believe in Qiqing Hay, only Genuine Care Medical Center believes, today, let’s marry our daughter…”

“On behalf of Qiqing Village, I swear to God that I will always provide Qiqing hay from Qiqing Village to Genuine Care Medical Center! If you violate this oath, Qiqing Village will be destroyed! Wiliam, I hope you will do well in the future. Be kind to Qiqing Hay, the daughters of our village…”

A poisonous oath made the scene quiet again.

No one can imagine the status of this seven emotion hay in the hearts of these old people.

Everyone knows that in the whole world, only Qiqing Village can grow the best Qiqing hay.

Just like this world, some famous wines can only be produced in a certain place, and the truth is the same.

Qiqing Village can grow unique Qiqing hay because of its climate and geographical advantages.

Some people had transplanted Qiqing hay before, but the effect was obviously not satisfactory.

Now, the entire Qiqing Village is reciprocating, thanking Genuine Care Medical Center for the kindness of encounters.

This kind behavior moved everyone.

However, some people suddenly got up all their hairs.

What does the extended meaning of this poisonous oath represent?

It means that Genuine Care Medical Center will monopolize Qiqing Hay!

Would everyone not know the value of monopoly?

Just like now, Genuine Care Medical Center says how much Qiqing hay is, that’s how much it is!

In the not-too-distant future, Genuine Care Medical Center’s dictatorship of Qiqing Hay will continue!

This makes everyone shudder!

Genuine Care Medical Center finally ushered in the most heaven-defying return because of its kind deeds!

It’s not just a monopoly on Qiqing Hay!

Think further!

Qiqing hay is still the main herb of this new medicine of Genuine Care Medical Center!

In other words, Genuine Care Medical Center also monopolizes its own medicines!

It even monopolizes every drug involving Qiqing Hay in the future!

Unique, no copy!

This is even more terrifying!

What a rich return this will bring to Genuine Care Medical Center!

When everyone thinks of this, even their breathing feels hot!

Kindness is the most precious treasure in this world!

Zhao Yingnian’s eyes were red.

It’s all about the death of one’s own family, why is Genuine Care Medical Center so strong!

Heaven is incompatible!

No, there must be something to attack them!

Even now, humiliate them and make them less arrogant!

Zhao Yingnian’s head turned frantically.

At this moment, he had already set aside his life and death, his only thought was to die together!

At this time, he suddenly slapped his head, Yin and Yang laughed weirdly, “Hahaha! Monopoly of Qiqing hay, is it useful! Hahaha!”

Everyone looked at Zhao Yingnian.

Zhao Yingnian was crazy and roared: “Qiqing hay is to be used together with six grasses. There are no six grasses. What is the use of this Qiqing hay! Hahaha! Just wait for it to be rotten in your hands!”

As he said, he immediately took out his mobile phone, “Give me to collect six grasses! No matter the price! Take it!”

In a word, it seems to remind everyone!

Those bosses of pharmaceutical companies, Qi Qi took out the phone!

Yes, the monopoly of Qiqing hay does not mean that the status of six grasses is skyrocketing!

Even above the hay of Qiqing!

Suddenly, the court seemed crazy.

At this time, Melissa, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly stood up, picked up the microphone, and said the most shocking sentence tonight.

“Don’t bother, the six grasses are all in the hands of my Genuine Care Medical Center.”


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