Dragon Husband Chapter 161 – 170

Chapter 161

Those who were busy on the phone almost fell to the ground.

They looked at Melissa in disbelief!

What did they hear!

Six grasses, in the hands of Genuine Care Medical Center?


how can that be!

Zhao Yingnian’s triumphant face was like being fed with shit, his face was distorted!

As for those bosses, the reports from their subordinates rang on the phone.

“Boss, I just asked about it. Those six-root-grass manufacturers sold Liu-roots herb to Genuine Care Medical Center.”

These exactly the same answers made every needle falling on the scene audible.

Genuine Care Medical Center!

It’s Genuine Care Medical Center again!

Not only monopolized the Qiqing Hay!

Now, the six-root grass is also monopolized!

What does this mean!

It means that Qiqing hay and six grasses are all held in their hands!

Genuine Care Medical Center has unique pricing power!

Those people have red eyes!

Suddenly they patted their head fiercely!

Yes, since Genuine Care Medical Center has long known that six grasses can be used with Qiqing hay, why not buy them earlier?

Smart as a benevolent medical clinic, how can you let go of this great opportunity!


One step wrong! Wrong step!

Melissa looked at Wiliam, who was calm and quiet. In her head, recalling how Wiliam had told her before, the whole city had secretly bought Six Grass.

At that time, she really almost went to Zhenren Wiliam for PK.

Because at that time, six grasses were like home flowers and weeds, not worth mentioning.

Fortunately, at that time Lydia held himself.

Because Lydia’s previous prescription was modified by Wiliam.

Lydia couldn’t understand how Wiliam added the six-root herb.

It is precisely because of Wiliam’s secret acquisition that Lydia associates with the two.

This thought, all the truth came out.

Wiliam has made great contributions to the situation of this dominance!

Those rich men looked at Wiliam with a bitter expression.

Just now they had been begging for a long time before Feliicity transferred the hay of seven emotions.

Now, six grasses are in the hands of Genuine Care Medical Center again.

They don’t have to go back to the Genuine Care Medical Center!

Seeing this, Wiliam smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, we will give you six grasses at the market price. After all, you also have a contribution here today. Believe my Genuine Care Medical Center, we will not sit idly by.”

Those rich people, looking at Wiliam gratefully, expressed their friendship one by one again.

When Melissa saw this scene, he sighed.

Only this little bastard can split a favor into two.

Who else can do this shameless behavior.

At this time, Wiliam looked at Bernard, who couldn’t bear it, and said, “Chairman Xu, this second agenda seems to be guilty? Now it seems that the guilty party is not our family.”

Bernard stared at Wiliam bitterly, feeling extremely depressed.

I really don’t know where this kid popped out!

Extremely arrogant!

Obviously, he is just a staff member, bullying others, lest the world will not be chaotic!

These reversals were all instructed by Melissa and Feliicity. What credit does he have?

But it’s just a microphone, dare to pretend to be in front of me!

“Are you sure you want to report to you?” Bernard whispered to Wiliam.

The words are full of threats.

“This doesn’t seem to be a must. According to Zhao Yingnian’s words before, we will not wrong a good person, nor let a bad person go.” Wiliam smiled.

Zhao Yingnian’s face is greener!

Shoot yourself in the foot!

“Are you sure you are going to be my enemy? Do you know who I am?” Bernard said viciously.

And just as he was about to introduce his identity, he heard Wiliam’s tone suddenly cold, “In my eyes, what are you!”

A word! Surprised everywhere!

Melissa looked at Wiliam in amazement, this little bastard, all kinds of insults before, did not change his face.

Now, why be aggressive towards someone with high authority like Bernard?


And this sentence completely annoyed Bernard!

Bernard looked at Wiliam deeply, “You have a seed! Today, we have settled this Liangzi!”

The people below are dissatisfied with Bernard’s failure to uphold justice for a long time.

“Chairman Xu, you can see everything just now, right and wrong, black and white, you should know better than us?”

“The Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center are not only innocent, but also commendable for their kindness. They must be praised.”

“And that Zhao family deceived the whole city and almost killed people. This crime, if your Drug Association doesn’t care about it, then we will act for the heavens.”

The pressure of public opinion from the masses is enormous, and Bernard dare not openly fight the masses at this time.

What’s more, the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association will change its term next month, and he will not make a big mistake at this time.

He looked at Zhao Yingnian fiercely and said: “The Zhao family is guilty. I order Zhao Yingnian to represent the Zhao family and kneel down and apologize to the audience and the media!”

Zhao Yingnian looked at Bernard aggrievedly.

But Bernard’s face was cold and he didn’t look at him.

Zhao Yingnian’s heart is overwhelmed!

It! A man can bend and stretch!

Kneel down!

Moreover, these words of Uncle Xu clearly convicted the Zhao family.

As long as he kneels today, the Zhao family will be troubled.

Everyone didn’t know what Bernard was saying. At this moment, they became angry and shouted in unison: “Kneel! Kneel! Kneel!”

In an instant, the voices of the audience merged into one!

Zhao Yingnian was about to kneel. At this moment, a person suddenly pushed aside the crowd viciously and rushed in directly.

Seeing the people coming, everyone’s voice stopped abruptly.

Here comes the master of the Zhao family who has never dared to appear!

Zhao Linyue!

He ran all the way crazy before!

He has been stunned all these years, and his body can no longer be vacant.

On his chubby body, his clothes were all wet with sweat.

Out of breath.

Zhao Linyue looked at everyone on the scene, and then heard the sound of kneeling just now, and he was suddenly relieved!


I should have caught up.

It should be Zhao Yingnian who had convicted the Bai family and Genuine Care Medical Center, and then ordered them to kneel and apologize.

No matter, since their two families have superiors to help out, it is no longer practical to make them lose money or go to jail.

Anyway, today’s biggest goal is to let our Zhao family rise strongly.

Spare them!

However, capital crimes can be forgiven, and living crimes cannot escape.

Asking them to kneel down is also a matter of face. When someone asks, they will say that the situation on the scene is no longer able to control.

Let them kneel because of the anger of civilians.

Thinking of this, he sorted out his breath, thinking that he had taken over the whole scene.

He said loudly: “I am Zhao Linyue! Now, I will chair this second agenda. The Bai Family and Renxin Medical Clinic, today I am kind, and spare you not to die!”

“As long as you kowtow to the people in the city, my Zhao family will bear the blame. But in the future, you have to put your tail around me and don’t let me see you again!”

“Everyone at the scene, how about giving me a face because of my Zhao family’s good deeds in recent days?”

Chapter 162

As soon as Zhao Linyue’s voice fell, the scene was deadly silent.

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, eyes are full of weirdness.

As if I heard it wrong just now.

Zhao Linyue, is this to make the Genuine Care Medical Center and Bai Family, which swept one side just now, kneel to you?

Also said that his Zhao family has done all kinds of good in recent days?

Zhao Lin Yuecun Netcom?

And Zhao Linyue saw that everyone was quiet, cleared his throat, and continued: “I know that you are very angry. The Genuine Care Medical Center and the Bai Family are indeed evil. But my Zhao family intends to save lives and win the seventh level of the Buddha. Give them a way to survive, everyone, what will happen to my Zhao family in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future, I think everyone knows in their hearts, don’t you just give me this face?”

After he finished speaking, it was quieter down below.

This Zhao Linyue, it seems that it is indeed Village Netcom, has no idea how terrible the reversal happened just now.

He thought that the Zhao family was about to soar into the sky.

Bernard flushed with anger.

I had already given up this old face and planned to give the Zhao family a way to survive. I didn’t think that this Zhao Linyue would actually kill him halfway and kill himself!

He was so angry that he rushed to Zhao Linyue’s face.

But Zhao Linyue thought that Bernard was determined to punish the Bai Family and Genuine Care Medical Center, so he said to Bernard: “Chairman Xu, you can let them go. My Zhao family will definitely return in the future.”

“Slap!” Bernard slapped Zhao Linyue’s face fiercely.

Zhao Linyue was stunned!

“Chairman Xu? You!” Zhao Linyue’s face instantly became red and swollen.

“Return your numbness! Kneel! You kneel together! Kneel me down and confess my mistake to the people in the city!” Bernard said this and kicked Zhao Linyue again.

Zhao Linyue staggered, and the anger in his heart also burned, “President Xu, what do you mean! What am I kneeling? Are you wrong!”

Bernard was so angry that he wanted to hit someone, but at this time, Zhao Yingnian rushed over, grabbed his father, and said tremblingly: “Dad, don’t say anything, kneel! If you don’t kneel anymore, our Zhao family won’t be protected! “

At this point in Zhao Yingnian, the heart was already scared.

What courage does he have to confront Genuine Care Medical Center.

And Zhao Linyue was even more confused.

What happened on the spot!

Why is my Zhao family who is about to fly to the top of the sky, kneel down!

Why are the Baijia and Renxin Medical Centers referred to by the whole city indifferent at the scene!

what is this!

“Kneel first! I’ll explain what happened just now to you later.” Zhao Yingnian took his father and knelt directly.

The people at the scene watched the Zhao family’s father and son commit such crimes, and finally sneered at this time.

Zhao Yingnian simply knocked three heads on the ground, and then stood up.

Seeing this, Bernard turned and left.

But Zhao Linyue immediately grabbed Bernard and said, “Chairman Xu, this should be the second agenda, right? You let me kneel and I also kneel. Isn’t it time for the third agenda?”

The eyes of the people below are even more strange.

This Zhao Linyue is still alive and dead!

But Zhao Linyue was extremely unwilling!

Early in the morning, I was stuck in a traffic jam, and when I came here, I knelt down in front of the people in the city again.

How could such a humiliation give up to him who is at his fingertips?

As long as this third agenda goes on, the Zhao family, as the initiator of the city’s pharmaceutical companies, will see who dares to shake his future status!

The blue veins on Bernard’s face burst out!

“Okay! Isn’t the third agenda! Alright! Let’s proceed to the third agenda! Come on, come on the proposal!” Bernard shouted coldly.

Zhao Yingnian pulled Zhao Linyue and motioned him not to say any more.

But Zhao Linyue is angry at the moment, so where can Zhao Yingnian be taken care of.

Holding the proposal in his hand, he saw three columns where he signed.

One column is sponsors, one column is the city’s pharmaceutical companies, and the other column is Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

He was excited to sign the sponsor’s column, but at this time, Bernard said: “Zhao family, don’t sign in a hurry.”

Zhao Linyue was taken aback, and immediately patted his head, “Yes, we should wait for the last sign.”

Seeing that his father was still clueless, Zhao Yingnian couldn’t help it.

The Zhao family is already in danger, and if he is coaxed by his father, the family will really be ruined!

“Dad! What we did before has been exposed! We’re done! Can’t you see it!” Zhao Yingnian shouted directly.

Zhao Linyue was originally excited. Hearing this, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He trembled, and the pen in his hand fell directly.


Zhao Yingnian didn’t care about face anymore, and briefly said what had just happened.

After listening, Zhao Linyue’s whole person seemed to be frozen, and the cold sweat of the bean fell down his forehead.

He looked at the audience again.

The people in the audience still looked like just now.

But now, he understood everything.

This is a look of mocking and fooling.

This is a look of sympathy and sadness!

They are laughing at themselves, they are guilty of death!

He looked at the proposal in front of him, and suddenly felt like he was holding life and death!

Goosebumps, you get up instantly!

He finally understood why Bernard did not want to proceed to the third agenda.

The third item on the agenda, the signing of this proposal will completely convict the Zhao family!

Bernard wanted to leave a way for the Zhao family to survive!

However, I was totally upset by myself!

He forced Bernard to proceed with the third agenda!

It was also himself who personally ruined the lifeline of the Zhao family!

At this moment, an uproar and despair came to my heart.

He slapped himself a few times, then sat on the ground with a slumped face.

There is no cure for the Zhao family.

The following pharmaceutical companies get the proposal, you look at me, I look at you, but I dare not write.

Because, now this initiator, the Zhao family is definitely not good.

Then, who should lead the next wave of Q City ( Qena City ).

In the hearts of everyone, four words emerged together.

Genuine Care Medical Center.

Do your part!

The dominance and strength, gentleness and kindness, wisdom and strategy of Genuine Care Medical Center just now have been deeply engraved in everyone’s heart.

Who else in Q City ( Qena City ) has more appeal and influence than Genuine Care Medical Center?

“I suggest Genuine Care Medical Center as the initiator!” someone said immediately.

Because if it is someone else, everyone will definitely not accept it.

Benevolence, everyone convinces.

Suddenly, the same voice of advocacy sounded at the scene.

Melissa looked at Wiliam with a thought.

But with this pair of eyes, Melissa’s heart seemed to be splashed with cold water, and it couldn’t be more ice!

Wiliam’s eyes apologized to her for the first time.

It’s as if all the previous actions were selfless.

Only here, selfishness!

What is he doing!

While Melissa was shocked, Bernard on the stage gave Wiliam a bitter look, and said loudly, “This initiator, I suggest that Feliicity sign it!”

Chapter 163

Bernard’s suggestion made everyone at the scene dumb!


All the previous deeds clearly reveal that Genuine Care Medical Center has unparalleled appeal and influence.

Although Feliicity also showed the characteristics of being beautiful and kind in the storm just now, compared with Genuine Care Medical Center, she made a judgment.

Why did Bernard make such a decision!

Bernard said coldly: “Although Genuine Care Medical Center is rich and powerful, their monopoly on medicinal herbs remains to be discussed.”

“Only Feliicity, from before to now, has shown the conscience and integrity that a pharmaceutical company should have, so I suggest her, do you have any comments?”

Bernard said so loudly, as if he couldn’t resist at all.

The people at the scene were silent.

If it was Feliicity, they would accept it.

Moreover, it is easier to accept than Genuine Care Medical Center.

After all, Feliicity has a good image and a kind-hearted heart. If such a person ascends to the heights, I am afraid that there are no problems in the empty streets.

It’s just a pity, Genuine Care Medical Center.

Eventually, it was their monopoly on herbs.

Otherwise, with this last agenda, Genuine Care Medical Center’s reputation should be able to rise to a higher level.

Lydia sighed, feeling very depressed, “Hey, the little bastard might have miscalculated. After all, he was acting too arrogant. Hey, my dear, what’s wrong with you? Why are your hands so cold?”

Lydia found that Melissa’s hands were extremely cold, “Are you also feeling sorry for Genuine Care Medical Center?”

Melissa turned his head to look at Lydia, showing a pale, wry smile, and said in a low voice: “You said that the little bastard miscalculated? Hoho, remember, this is what the little bastard really wants ending!”

Lydia was taken aback.

Melissa doesn’t speak any more.

In my heart, it was like eating a handful of dog food for a thousand years.

She finally knew the only thing wrong with Wiliam just now.

Wiliam was not surprised before, but he was aggressive towards Bernard.

This is obviously deliberately provoking Bernard’s anger towards him!

Then, when he was about to select the sponsor, Bernard hated Wiliam, so how could he support Genuine Care Medical Center!

Those who are qualified to be promoters at the scene, except for Genuine Care Medical Center, are Feliicity.

Therefore, Bernard will naturally go back and choose Feliicity.

Because Feliicity is not only good in image and kind, but more importantly, she is a woman.

In Bernard’s view, controlling Feliicity is much simpler than controlling Genuine Care Medical Center.


It’s a thunder planted by the little bastard!

No wonder he showed a guilty look at himself just now.

This is clearly the destruction of the sky before the explosion, and in the end, the Genuine Care Medical Center makes wedding dresses for others.

Xiaowangbayou, can you be a little bit too much!

In the past few days, the city has been full of wind and rain, but you have paved a way for your wife.


While Melissa was angry, but the Bai family was suddenly excited!

Today, they all had a good heart.

But things reversed, and in the end, the biggest beneficiary was Feliicity!

That is their Bai family!


This is something they can’t even think of!

A blessing in disguise!

They were so excited that they high-five one by one.

Looking at the Bai family’s joy, Wiliam’s mouth twitched.

Ho ho, happy, I’m afraid it’s too early.

Sure enough, Bernard also took a vicious look at the snobbish Bai family, and said in a deep voice, “But I have one sentence first, so please comment.”

“Before, the Bai family had claimed that Feliicity’s purchase of Qiqing Hay had nothing to do with their Bai family. Therefore, the rewards Feliicity received for his kindness cannot be reported to the Bai family. In the name of Feliicity, do you have any objections?”

As soon as Bernard’s voice fell, the faces of everyone in the Bai family froze.

This glory has nothing to do with the Bai family?


One by one, their faces blushed!

Damn it!

“How can it have anything to do with our Bai family! She is from our Bai family!”

“Yes, all previous Feliicity behaviors were done under the wise leadership of our Bai family, and our Bai family deserves to enjoy this honor!”

The Bai family are about to scold their mother one by one.

However, the harder they scolded, the happier the people at the scene laughed.

Everyone has seen enough of the Bai family’s mouth and face, which hides rabbits and dogs.

At this moment, everyone almost supported Bernard’s words in unison, expressing support for this extremely wise decision.

This time the sponsor was signed by Feliicity in his own name, and had no relationship with the Bai family at all.

The matter was a foregone conclusion, Chen Shuyun was so angry that her hair was going to flutter.

Suddenly she stared at Bai Zhensheng fiercely, and struck him with a cane, “It’s all your bad idea! You are going to kill our Bai family!”

Bai Zhensheng was unhappy at first, but being beaten like this made him even more angry.

Yeah, this old immortal!

When I proposed before, why didn’t you refute!

Obviously you are your own bitter and mean, in the end, let me take the blame!

Feliicity was arched onto the stage with a dazed expression.

The scene just now seemed like a dream to her.

She was originally an ordinary daughter of the Bai family, who was as capable as the sands of the Ganges River.

But by the way, this unique glory fell on him.

She didn’t believe it was true until she signed the proposal and looked at her name on it.

Suddenly she looked at Wiliam, revealing a little girl’s cute joy, as if she was saying to Wiliam, your wife is amazing!

All become promoters!

Wiliam smiled and nodded, indicating that he was great, and her husband knelt and licked.

Melissa, who was next to him, was fed another dog food, and his heart was almost depressed.

Feliicity, Feliicity, when will you find out that all of your great accomplishments are laid out for you by the little bastard in front of you at the price of ten thousand bones withered!

When you know this, you won’t show the smirk of such a small woman.

You will feel distressed to the person standing behind you silently, distressed to suffocation.

When Melissa thought of this, he glanced at Wiliam and sighed.

Forget it, maybe for Wiliam, he did so much just to see her giggle instead of wishing her to feel bad.

This pair of dogs and men, I yuck!

After signing the agreement, Bernard took the agreement and said loudly: “Since the agreement is signed, it means that we Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceuticals cooperate with the enemy and we absolutely do not allow any behavior to corrupt Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceuticals. From now on, today will be even more of a slaughter! !”

When the Zhao family father and son heard this, their heads blew!

This self-inflicted retribution has come completely!

Chapter 164 Dog Food

“I will contact the official, suggest to log out all of their Zhao family pharmaceutical companies, and issue a notice in the name of Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association. From now on, the Zhao family will be in Q City ( Qena City ) and will never engage in medicine-related industries.” Bernard said loudly.

The Zhao family’s father and son’s face paled in an instant.

Never engage in the pharmaceutical industry forever.

Their Zhao family, their ancestors have been doing the pharmaceutical industry for generations.

If you can’t do it, won’t the connections and resources accumulated by this ancestor be completely ruined?

Zhao Linyue burst into tears and knelt directly on the ground, “Chairman Xu, we are also obsessed for a while and have done a foolish thing. Will you let us live? I’ll kowtow to you.”

Bernard looked at Zhao Linyue coldly, and only said, “This is all you asked for by the Zhao family!”

Wrong, they are asking for trouble!

If you want to spare your life, you don’t know to cherish it!

Now, it’s too late to say anything!

After Bernard finished speaking, he left the scene directly.

This release meeting was held in twists and turns. Everyone was still immersed in the reversal of the Genuine Care Medical Center just now, and couldn’t be alone.

Harper and Li Muhe, who were on the second floor, looked at each other, their eyes were full of horror and helplessness.

Harper finally gave a wry smile, “Hey, I was worried that he would not be able to avoid this disaster before, and I sent someone to intercede. I didn’t think it was my old man who was passionate.”

Li Muhe was no less bitter than Harper. He shook his head, “Yeah, I always thought he was young and immature, but he didn’t think that his methods were actually worse than those of us old monsters. Jiang Shangdai had Only people come out.”

“Forget it, this time I’m also teaching myself a lesson. Dogs look down on people! I will never underestimate him in the future.” Harper added.

But I was muttering in my heart, little master ah little master, you have grown much faster than I thought.

Father Lu’s hatred, I can finally rest assured to hand it to you!

The two old people left the hotel silently.

At the scene, Feliicity gently took Wiliam’s hand, her face turned red, “Wiliam, thank you for what happened today.”

Melissa’s face stiffened, feeling a wave of dog food approaching.

Can’t afford to eat!


She took Lydia and others and left the scene first.

Wiliam squeezed Feliicity’s little hand, and said softly, “What are the couples being polite?”

Feliicity Xiafei asked curiously, “Wiliam, how did you get the evidence? How do you know that the Zhao family is so sinister?”

Wiliam was taken aback, and said casually, “Oh, it was actually discovered by the Genuine Care Medical Center. I was just taking advantage of the fisherman’s benefit. These evidences can just vindicate you, and most importantly, everything is yours. The good cause is planted in it, and the good fruit is formed today. It is all your credit.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam’s handsome face and felt feverish in his ears.

If it is said that good results are obtained from good causes, it is true.

If it weren’t for the fever and confusion, he wouldn’t be in the dark and let Wiliam buy the Qiqing Hay with five million.

It seems that it is good to be kind to others in peacetime.

In Wiliam’s heart, he was also counting today’s harvest at this moment.

Genuine Care Medical Center has achieved a great victory in terms of material.

Swept all the seven love hay and six grasses on the market, spent more than 100 million, but made a full 600 to 700 million.

Moreover, this is just a wave of gains.

Since then, Genuine Care Medical Center has monopolized Qiqing Hay, and also dictated all its own medicines, and the subsequent income has become even more impressive.

It’s just a pity that such huge profits can only last for one or two years.

Everyone will definitely re-obtain Qiqing hay and six-root grass through transplantation and grafting, thereby breaking the monopoly of Genuine Care Medical Center.

However, one or two years is enough.

Who knows the future.

From the perspective of reputation, Genuine Care Medical Center has also gained the trust of the people in the city, and even has a group of rich contacts, and the future is also promising.

His wife Feliicity can be said to have a small view of the mountains.

Although only a company has been harvested, there are still tens of millions of profits.

But the Feliicity goddess became famous in the first battle.

It was one step closer to letting her take charge of Q City ( Qena City )’s pharmaceutical industry within six months of what she had promised her.

All in all, today’s release meeting is not in vain for my hard work and rewards.

When Wiliam and Feliicity stepped down and were about to leave, a wave of people suddenly surrounded them.

It is the Bai family!

The Bai family members are surrounded by Feliicity, their eyes are full of heat and jealousy!

Today was supposed to be the Bai family’s fame, but in the end, the Bai family was notorious, and Feliicity became the focus of attention.

This makes everyone feel as uncomfortable as a sharp stone.

However, what can they turn around now?

I can only climb up the pole.

Chen Shuyun took the lead with a smile and said kindly: “Feliicity, I know you will have a lot of promise, you really did not disappoint me! Our Bai family is proud of you!”

The people behind immediately followed and boasted, “Yes, Feliicity, I said from the beginning that you must have a way to solve today’s affairs. You see, didn’t you collect evidence to fight back? Well done. .”

“Mom was half worried about you before, you little Nizi, you have all the evidence in hand, and you don’t want to tell your mom, so mom has been sleeping well these days and worrying about you.”

The Bai family members surrounded Feliicity, boasting and asking for warmth and flattering, as if they were holding her in the palm of their hands, so precious.

But seeing Feliicity on the bitter side of Bai’s family, it seemed to have grown up at this moment, showing an official smile, “Thank you grandma, thank you mom, thank you all uncles and aunts, I will work hard in the future.”

Seeing Feliicity doing this, Wiliam couldn’t help but laugh.

After all, she knew how to face the Bai family.

Seeing Feliicity’s humble attitude, Chen Shuyun immediately said: “Feliicity, this time you have done the limelight for our Bai family. The credit is yours! None of us can take away. We have you as the president of our company. Family blessing, by the way, were the five million you bought Qiqing Hay from the company account?”

Feliicity nodded, “How is it?”

Chen Shuyun smiled and said: “There is nothing wrong, I will ask, since it is the company’s money, then the profit made is our Bai family earned it, Feliicity, good job!”

The implication, how can the Feliicity know.

This means that the five million has now been turned into more than 20 million. The money belongs to the Bai family, and half of it does not belong to Feliicity.

Feliicity was surprisingly tough this time, “Ho ho, don’t worry about this money, I have other uses.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Chen Shuyun obviously wanted to get angry, but he just held back, “Feliicity, what do you buy for more than 20 million yuan? This is not a small amount of money, you won’t be bad outside, right?”

Feliicity suddenly looked at Wiliam, his eyes were tender, but what he said, it was like a huge rock unloaded, and he was very relieved.

“This money is used to completely buy the emperor flower! No one can take it away!”

Chapter 165: One Person In One Life, One Life

Wiliam was taken aback, watching Feliicity’s eyes burn, and suddenly smiled gently.

This silly wife.

She thought that the emperor flower was bought by herself with borrowed money.

Although she never mentioned this matter, she must be very depressed in her heart.

Now, I actually want to use this first pot of gold to repay this foolish debt for myself.

It’s so silly too cute.

However, this affection made Wiliam very moved.

And the Bai family exploded in an instant, “Emperor Flower? Wasn’t that yours earlier? What else to buy? What is the situation!”

Feliicity said, “This money is used to pay back the person who gave me the emperor’s flowers. From then on, I have no relationship with that person.”

Feliicity is very clever. He moved out of this nihility to fool Bai’s family, but now he moved out again to bring this matter to a successful conclusion.

The Bai family will stop doing it right away, “Feliicity, aren’t you confused! Not only did you spend the wrong money, but also broke up the relationship! Although we don’t know who that person is, it must be rich and rich. Powerful local tyrant, how can you sever the relationship so easily!”

Feliicity’s face became cold, and she pointed to Wiliam and said, “You’ve heard clearly, my man is called Wiliam! One person in his life, one person in his life! Even if you disagree, I can also go to the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, Today’s promoter status is invalidated.”

The face of the Bai family froze instantly!

Feliicity is now the initiator of Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceutical Company!

Although Bernard said it had nothing to do with the Bai family.

But don’t everyone understand the truth about the ascension of a chicken and a dog?

If Feliicity resigned as the initiator, the loss to the Bai family would be inestimable!


The Bai family dare not say anything for a while!

This little bitch is getting too much!

Dare to threaten everyone!

“If you have any comments, Wiliam and I will leave first.” Feliicity said, pulling Wiliam and walking forward.

But at this time, he was stopped again.

It was Bai Zhensheng who stopped her this time.

Bai Zhensheng changed from his previous acrimonious appearance, squeezing out an ugly smile, and said, “Cousin, where’s the previous appointment letter? Ho Ho, everyone is joking with you, you give me back.”

Feliicity suddenly showed a playful smile.

Appointment book!

That’s a blood book that drove me to hell!

Since your Bai family dare to open!

Then I will dare to pick up Feliicity!

You are also open!

You are also receiving!

Ho ho!

I will let you know, if it is easy to drive, take it back!


“Want to take it back, dream! I will go to take office tomorrow, you wait!” Feliicity said, and left the scene with Wiliam strode.

Seeing this, Bai Zhensheng was so angry that he cursed directly!

He was suffocated to death today!

I thought I was able to get away with this trick!

When Feliicity is dead, won’t the company return to his own hands?

But who would have expected it!

This little bitch is not dead!

Instead, they jumped over the dragon gate, and their identity was different!

Then, the company that wanted to kill the Feliicity is like giving it a hand!

This makes Bai Zhensheng feel like stealing chickens and losing rice, and he is disgusting to death!

Damn it!

Not only did he lose his money, but now even the company is out!

“Grandma! Look at her! She dares to do this to me today! Tomorrow she will dare to ride on your head and run wild!” Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help complaining to Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun glared at Bai Zhensheng, “Don’t you dare to say! You made this ups and downs at the beginning! What hype! What marketing! In the end, our Bai family almost made you get it right. You’re ruined! You dare to buy me the herbs privately to fill your pockets! It’s good if I don’t hold you accountable!”

Bai Zhensheng fainted, “Grandma! I am your dearest grandson. I did this for the Bai family. My money is not the Bai family’s money. Think about it, if it wasn’t mine. Will Zhao Jinchan escape her shell, will Feliicity fight back? If she doesn’t have a counterattack, how can our Bai family be cleaned up? So I still take the top credit.”

Chen Shuyun wanted to scold Bai Zhensheng, but suddenly sighed.

Who made the third generation of the Bai family have only one grandson?

The little bitch Feliicity looked like a money-losing guy with his elbow turned away.

As for Xena, she has also faintly resisted bone hyperplasia recently.

In the future, the Bai family will ultimately count on Bai Zhensheng.

“This matter, first of all, that little bitch is now a villain, we can’t coax her too stiff for the time being, don’t worry, I will take care of this matter.” Chen Shuyun finally said.

Bai Zhensheng congratulated him, and said respectfully: “Then there is Grandma Lao, you will be fair.”

The Feliicity walking on the road suddenly looked at Wiliam with gentle eyes, “Wiliam, this way, we are finally debt-free and light. Will the road ahead be easier?”

Wiliam’s heart was shocked, looking at Feliicity, she felt her whole body glowing.

Shine with a deep love.

This silly woman, at this moment, has no sense of ambition, and her eyes are full of the ordinary future of two little people.

Wiliam sighed.

He actually didn’t like Feliicity staying at Bai’s house.

However, he also understood Feliicity’s difficulties.

At that young age, before Feliicity’s father ran away from home, he only secretly said to Feliicity, “Wait for Dad to come back at home.”

This is more than ten years…

She is a very stubborn woman. She has been waiting for more than ten years, and she has been waiting all her life.

Therefore, this made it difficult for Wiliam to speak, and asked her to leave the Bai family.

But it doesn’t matter, as long as you stay with her, everything will be fine after all.

Lu Yezheng thought in a daze, and suddenly heard Feliicity’s surprise, “Oh, my little group exploded again.”

Wiliam was taken aback, what the hell was Xiaoqunqun?

Feliicity stared at the phone with a look of chagrin.

Wiliam stretched his neck and took a look, and suddenly a black line came out.

“The ancestral grave squad…”

My wife, who is insecure, told her not to join in. She secretly joined in behind her back.

The people inside are not serious people at first glance.

Those who also carry shovels, shovel shovel and digging.

Especially there is one to come on.

Wiliam was about to complain about the name, when he saw Feliicity scrolling through a line of applauding and cheering emoticons.

Especially my wife is cheering…

Wiliam’s head is big.

Sooner or later, the wife will be led by these bad women.

Wiliam was about to persuade Feliicity to be good, when he heard Feliicity say to him excitedly: “Oh, let’s go home soon. I’m in a good mood today. I’m going to get restless in the group and never sleep!”

Chapter 166: Ancient Ling

When Wiliam heard this, his heart was cold.

Wife, wife, do you know whose ancestral grave this group is going to dig?

It’s ours!

You are playing with fire!

But Wiliam didn’t say it after all, because Feliicity’s face was blushing, obviously group chat made her happy, and cheering made her happy.

That day and night, Wiliam watched Feliicity turn into a group chat little witch while holding his mobile phone.

One night passed, and I woke up the next day.

Wiliam pushed Feliicity who was sleeping on the bed, “Get up, aren’t you going to work at Bai Zhensheng’s company today?”

Feliicity immediately retracted into the cup, twisted and twisted like a bug, and groaned in a dazed manner: “Oh, people want to sleep in bed. We talked until midnight last night and they died of sleepiness.”

Wiliam Yihan, three women in one scene, these four women fighters.

“What are you talking about?” Wiliam couldn’t help but say.

But when he talked about this, Feliicity suddenly came to his spirits, and he sat up, his clothes were disheveled and happy together.

She pulled the shoulder strap that slipped with a grin, and smiled stupidly: “Don’t you know, those three friends in the group are so interesting. Last night, she caught a guy named Xiao Wang Ba Zi and cursed all night, and It’s so terrible that there is no such thing as a single sentence. I applauded and cheered, and my hands were sore.”

Wiliam looked dumbfounded. If this silly woman knew that Xiao Wang Ba Zi was her husband, she didn’t know what her expression would be…

Would you still be happy to clap?

The phone vibrated again during the white Feliicity.

She picked it up and looked, and she was energetic, “Oh, the group began to scold hahaha again, I’m going to join the ranks of cheering, Wiliam, I can’t end the battle at once, and mom doesn’t know what she is doing recently. Mystery, go out early and return late every day, you can help me out and buy some breakfast when you have time.”

Wiliam sighed, the goddess ran away completely.

However, Wiliam didn’t smile and Feliicity was naive.

She has been under too much pressure recently. Maybe she is using this seemingly naive group chat to vent her resentment.

Wiliam went to the Genuine Care Medical Center first.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I saw two women sitting with Erlang’s legs crossed, one with a mobile phone, fingers flying, and then making a giggle from time to time.

As Wiliam walked over, Melissa and Lydia just looked up and then chatted more happily.

Anyway, watching Wiliam while spitting in the group, there is a kind of special happiness.

Wiliam endured for a while and finally couldn’t bear it anymore, “I said, the one who carries the shovel, and the one who carries the shovel, can I trouble you to be a man? Don’t lead my wife!”

Melissa has been slandering Wiliam since yesterday.

Since Genuine Care Medical Center was supposed to be the initiator of the pharmaceutical company, Wiliam gave it to Feliicity for his own sake.

Looking at Wiliam’s gloomy expression while spitting out Xiao Wangbazi with Wiliam’s wife, my mood suddenly became bright.

This group is worth a thousand dollars.

Feliicity, the treasure of the town!

After she was happy, she finally put down her phone and said seriously: “What are you doing today?”

Wiliam wanted to say condolences to their injured hearts.

But depending on the situation, it seems that their wounded hearts are comforted by their own wives.

Wiliam’s deflated expression Melissa had a panoramic view, and she was in a good mood.

Finally found a way to respond to this little bastard.

“By the way, what are we going to do next?” Melissa planned to temporarily let Wiliam go.

Wiliam picked up an orange on the table and peeled it gently, “What do you think.”

Is testing me again! Melissa frowned, thought for a while, and said, “We were a big show yesterday. I am afraid that we have to keep a low profile recently.”

After all, Genuine Care Medical Center’s monopoly on Qiqing Hay will still bring some negative effects to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Moreover, he offended Bernard of the Drug Association, and the Drug Association will definitely focus on Genuine Care Medical Center in the near future.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, in the next few days, my focus will shift to other things, and Genuine Care Medical Center will be left to you.”

Melissa was taken aback.

Shift to something else?

What else does he have?

She thought, her pupils shrank!

Cangyue Media!

I’m dizzy, this little bastard, it’s no wonder that he has to make two paths out, I thought he would care about this and lose the other!

Unexpectedly, his real purpose is to make a noise and make things happen!

Yeah, with this little bastard, you can’t even think about it.

Wiliam confessed a few more casually, and walked outside.

Before leaving, he seemed to think of something, and said to Melissa: “By the way, all the credit for yesterday goes to He Jifeng.”

Wiliam only wanted to make money steadily.

After he left Genuine Care Medical Center, he went to Lunanica Company.

However, he had just stepped onto the elevator to the top floor, and the elevator door was about to close.

Suddenly one hand grabbed the elevator, and the elevator dinged and opened again.

From outside the elevator, two women came in.

One was wearing a black dress, with waterfall-length hair dangled casually, and wearing sunglasses and a mask on his face.

Her figure is very good, the front is convex and backward, the whole figure is like a black swan, even with her face covered, she can clearly perceive the beauty of this woman.

The other woman was much worse, with a pointed mouth monkey cheek and short hair.

The woman with sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks saw Wiliam looking at her master’s eyes, and suddenly said unhappily, “Get out!”

Wiliam was taken aback. Is this talking to himself?

The sharp-mouthed monkey gill looked at Wiliam with disgust, “What about you, where did you get the fool? I don’t know our sister Gu is here?”

Sister Gu?

Wiliam looked at the black swan woman again.

She should be Gu Zhiling, the top star of Lunanica Company.

Unexpectedly, the shelf is quite big.

Seeing Wiliam didn’t speak, the woman stretched out her hand to grab Wiliam’s clothes, “Hurry out! Our sister Gu never liked having outsiders in the elevator.”

Gu Zhiling wore sunglasses and said nothing from beginning to end.

Not not to say, but disdain.

She is the top star of Lunanica Company, with an eye above the top.

Looking at the entire company, only Harper can make her turn her head.

What are the others?

Not to mention such humble ants.

Wiliam glanced at Gu Zhiling, and walked out without wanting to grow up.

After going out, the elevator next door arrived. He walked in calmly and pressed the button on the top floor.

When the assistant saw Wiliam slipping out, he couldn’t help but sneered: “Who is this? It is probably the new employee who is ignorant. I don’t know how to say hello when I see sister Gu. I will educate him and let him I know who to bow to at Lunanica Company.”

Gu Zhiling just said indifferently: “Chen Lin, such people don’t need to care about it.”

The two were speechless.

The elevator reached the top floor in no time.

The moment Gu Zhiling stepped out of the elevator, the elevator next door dinged.

Wiliam walked out of it.

“It’s you again!” Chen Lin frowned deeply and strode towards Wiliam!

Chapter 167

“You’re so dark, isn’t it? Do you know what floor this is? Do you know who is where this office is! This kind of place, you rubbish can come? Security, security!” Chen Lin said to Wiliam coldly.

Following her shout, the security guard on duty on the top floor ran over immediately.

Seeing Gu Zhiling, a hot light flashed in the eyes of the young security guard, and the servant girl bent over on her knees and said, “Good sister Gu.”

Chen Lin pointed to Wiliam and sternly said to the security guard: “This person is a human? How come you enter the top floor casually?”

Where did the security guard know Wiliam? He was taken aback for a moment and said, “I don’t know him either.”

Chen Lin’s face immediately became displeased, “So, he is not an employee of the company? Then he is a silly fan of Sister Gu. Well, you security! You just put a silly fan into the company at will. On the top floor. Do you still want to do it!”

“If Sister Gu is hurt, can you bear the blame?” Chen Lin said angrily.

The security guard’s face became stiff, and he immediately said, “Sister Chen, I’m really sorry, I was negligent. I will arrest him immediately.”

Without even looking at it, Gu Zhiling walked towards his office.

After they left, the security guard glared at Wiliam fiercely, “Why are you so stupid! Do you want to kill me!”

Wiliam looked at the security guard coldly, “If you say enough, don’t you? If you say enough, I will pass first.”

Wiliam turned and walked towards his office.

The security guard saw that Wiliam still dared not understand, he seemed to be determined to break into this top floor.

With a fierce look in his eyes, he immediately took out his baton and shouted behind him: “You stop me! It seems that I won’t teach you a lesson today. You don’t know how many eyes the Lord Ma has!”

After all, his electric baton slammed into Wiliam’s back.

But at this time, a hurried voice shouted from not far away: “Stop!”

The security guard’s hand stopped suddenly.

He looked at the speaker.

At this glance, goose bumps all over his body.

What bad luck is this today!

Not only made Gu sister upset, but now it also provokes another female devil.

The person here is surprisingly Janett in a tight uniform.

Janett was dressed in a white suit and black stockings. She looked slender and proud. She stepped on high heels and hurried over.

The security hurriedly explained: “Secretary Qin, I’m so embarrassed that I have also alarmed you.”

“What are you doing?” Janett looked at the security guard coldly.

The security guard immediately said: “This bastard who didn’t know where came out, dared to break into our top floor, and still insisted on going to the president’s office. I have to teach him a lesson today!”

Wiliam glanced at Janett indifferently, then turned and continued to walk towards the office.

The security guard got angry in an instant, and he was about to catch up with him in one step, “What are you going to do to stop me! Today I won’t be surnamed Wang if I kill you!”

However, Janett stopped him on his way.

Her eyes were extremely cold.

“Secretary Qin, how do you let him go? If this disturbs the leader, I can’t afford it.” The security guard said anxiously.

Janett looked at the security guard and said casually: “Go to the finance side and settle your salary.”

The head of the security banged, “Knot, what kind of salary…”

Janett turned and walked towards the office, “You have been fired.”

The security’s head bounced and fired?

He looked at Janett’s back in disbelief. Suddenly, a violent spirit rushed forward in one step and said with tears: “Secretary Qin, I have been conscientious and fulfilling my duties for the past two years, so today I accidentally put a fool on. Now, he came up directly, and it has nothing to do with me. The security below is not optimistic. If you want to fire me, you must give me a reason!”

Janett glanced at the security guard indifferently, “Reason, the idiot in your mouth is the new president of our company. Is this reason enough?”

After speaking, she walked away.

The security guard recalled Janett’s last words, and suddenly his legs became soft!

The indifferent and rudimentary young man just now is actually the new president of the company recently!

I actually wanted to beat the president just now!

Moreover, he kept saying that he was stupid several times…

He sat down on the ground and slapped himself severely, making his intestines blue with regret!

Janett walked into Wiliam’s office and saw Wiliam looking at the phone.

There was a strong unwillingness in her heart.

I really don’t know what is so good about this kid.

Seeing him like this, he wants to sit down and sit down, he wants to have a temperament, and he is just a vagrant.

The prince actually liked him so much!

I also let myself lay down all work this year and concentrate on assisting him!

Is he worthy?

Janett was unwilling, but years of professionalism made her conceal her emotions well.

She walked up to Wiliam and said without humility or arrogance, “Mr. Lu, what are you doing today?”

Wiliam said casually: “What’s the matter, understand the recent situation of the company.”

Janett nodded and said professionally: “There are two most important things for the company at present. The first thing is that Qian Feiyu’s Hanlan Company has been negotiating the development of new films.”

Wiliam frowned, “I remember this was the same thing last time, why is there still no progress?”

Wiliam’s unhappiness caused Janett’s disgust.

I really don’t know how expensive Chai Mi is.

This negotiation was originally pushed back and forth, what do you know when you’re in a daze?

“Where is it stuck?” Wiliam asked again.

Janett said: “The main focus is on the leading role and sponsorship. Our company hopes that a leading role will be determined by us, and then one-third of the sponsor’s recruitment quota. Hanlan does not agree.”

Wiliam nodded, and asked, “What else?”

Janett shook her head secretly.

I really don’t understand anything.

Asking casually will really pass.

It seems that he is here to take a form.

Incompetent, waste.

“One more thing is that we have already started the screening of movie heroines in advance. If nothing else, you should be produced from within our company. After all, the fertilizer does not flow to outsiders.” Janett continued.

“Oh, I just saw Gu Zhiling outside. Presumably, she would be the best candidate for the heroine?” Wiliam said casually.

Janett frowned. She actually didn’t like the woman Gu Zhiling very much.

Domineering, relying on his own backstage, not paying attention to anyone.

But by the way, this time the leading actress is really 90% likely to be her.

“Since she is in the office, I will ask her to come and see you. Last time she was absent, you didn’t meet officially.” Janett said.

Wiliam nodded.

She immediately called, and after hanging up the phone, Janett said, “She said she will come right away.”

Chapter 168

Wiliam nodded and said, “Okay, what’s the matter with you, you should go out first.”

Janett originally had some planning suggestions on the company’s development, but when he saw that this kid was so ignorant of what is good or bad, he was furious.

I care about you a ghost!

You better die in public!

Janett cursed in her heart, but calmly walked out of Wiliam’s office.

As soon as Janett left, Wiliam’s cell phone rang.

Unfamiliar phone.

He picked it up, “Hey, who?”

“Wiliam? It’s me, Gu Taoning.” An old gentle voice sounded on the phone.

When Wiliam heard this, his body straightened unconsciously, and his tone became gentle, “Teacher Gu, it’s you.”

When I was at the meeting yesterday, Gu Taoning said that I had something to ask Wiliam for help.

Unexpectedly, the call came so soon.

“Wiliam, I don’t know if you are free today? Can we meet?” Gu Taoning said kindly on the phone.

“Teacher Gu, is there anything inconvenient for you to talk over the phone?” Wiliam was still thinking about going home early to bring breakfast to Feliicity.

“Cough cough, it’s not. That’s the case. I have a granddaughter who has been ill for the past six months. She often doesn’t hurt here or there, and her cheeks are swollen for no reason. I have seen many doctors and can’t see it. Okay, so I just want you to take a shot and see if you can give a diagnosis.” Gu Taoning said.

When Wiliam heard this, his heart moved, “What is your granddaughter’s name?”

“Oh, her, her name is Gu Zhiling, you should have heard this name too, it was quite popular in the past few years.” Gu Taoning said.

Wiliam said casually: “Okay, I see.”

When Gu Taoning called, Wiliam was already thinking that Gu Taoning’s surname is Gu, and Gu Zhiling is also surnamed Gu.

Unexpectedly, the two of them are really grandparents.

“Then look, I’m going to find you now?” Gu Taoning asked.

“No, I’ll visit your house in a while.” Wiliam knew where Gu Taoning’s house was.

“Okay! Good for you, then, I will make good tea at home and wait for you.” Gu Taoning said happily.

After hanging up the phone, Wiliam checked the time and just wanted to call Janett.

Janett pushed the door in, and said with a displeasure look: “Gu Zhiling said that there is something temporary and he is not coming. See you again next time.”

When Wiliam heard this, he knew that Gu Taoning should have called her and asked her to rush back.

He nodded and said, “Okay, I have something to do, let’s go first.”

Janett was upset.

Originally, she saw that Gu Zhiling was unhappy, and wanted to come in and let Wiliam take care of her subordinates!

Unexpectedly, this Wiliam, after hearing Gu Zhiling release his pigeon, was so scared that he didn’t dare to say a word.

Just this courage, just this courage! What kind of president is this?

She couldn’t help but think of seeing Wiliam for the first time.

Before, in her mind, Wiliam was still a courageous and strategic person.

It now appears that everything is nothing but a mirage.

This man is hopeless.

When Wiliam left the office, he encountered Gu Zhiling again in the elevator.

When Chen Lin saw Wiliam, her face sank, “You are still here! What about the security guard!”

But at this time, Gu Zhiling glanced at Wiliam for the first time, and said, “Chen Lin, forget it.”

Gu Zhiling was going to meet the new president, but temporarily received a call from his grandpa.

Grandpa said on the phone that she had found a genius doctor to see her disease, and her gloomy mood was all right.

Her disease has tortured her for half a year.

Seeing that she is about to become the heroine of the new movie, she is rejuvenating her second career.

She couldn’t wait to cure her illness even more.

In order to go home to see a famous doctor, she decisively released the president’s pigeon.

“Hmph, kid, you can hear clearly! Sister Gu is in a good mood today, and I don’t want to care about you! You stand in the corner for me, and you are not allowed to approach Sister Gu.” Chen Lin said to Wiliam with an unhappy expression.

Wiliam didn’t even glance at Chen Lin, standing quietly.

Chen Lin saw that he was not acting rashly, and her heart relaxed.

Then put on a humble smile and said to Gu Zhiling: “Sister Gu, what famous doctor did your grandfather find for you?”

Gu Zhiling was wearing a mask, but his tone of voice was surprisingly relaxed, “Hoho, I don’t know, but my grandfather must have found it for me, and it must not be an ordinary person.”

Chen Lin immediately complimented: “Then congratulations to Sister Gu, as long as you get rid of the illness, then the leading actress will be yours.”

Gu Zhiling nodded proudly, “It’s too early to say this. I will go home and see the famous doctor first. By the way, you will go out and help me back up the gift later. I have to establish a good relationship with the famous doctor. As long as it can cure my illness, let me beg him and I will admit it.”

Chen Lin nodded immediately, “Sister Gu, don’t worry! I must do it beautifully.”

Wiliam behind him gently shook his head.

There is no eye for gold and jade.

Wiliam and Gu Zhiling got out of the elevator with their feet back and forth.

Gu Zhiling deliberately slowed down and watched Wiliam walk forward before walking in the opposite direction.

When she returned home, she saw her grandfather at a glance.

She stepped forward, took her grandfather’s arm, and said coquettishly: “Grandpa, didn’t you say that you found a famous doctor for me? Where is it? In order to get back, I even let our president summon me. The pigeon is out.”

Gu Taoning was originally full of joy. Hearing this, his face suddenly stiffened, and said angrily: “Ling Ling, how many times have grandpa told you that since you signed with Lunanica Company, you should work hard. You are not young anymore. How many times do you still want your grandfather to teach you this truth of life?”

Gu Zhiling seems to have been used to grandpa’s chattering, grinning and saying, “Okay, okay, I know, tell me where the genius doctor you hired, today if the genius doctor can cure my disease , I am willing to pay any price.”

Gu Taoning showed a complacent look, and said, “The person I invited is naturally an extraordinary person, and he has already arrived, and he is in my study room. I will take you to see him, but grandpa has something to say first. See the genius doctor, and accept your arrogant character.”

Gu Zhiling took his grandfather and walked to the study, saying: “Of course, it can cure my illness, and he is my benefactor. Seeing the new movie is about to be made, my illness is not good, I can Isn’t it in a hurry? Okay, okay, let’s go, I promise you that you will stammer well with the genius doctor. This will work.”

Gu Taoning nodded, and the two walked to the study. Gu Zhiling saw a man sitting at the tea table with his back facing her.

Gu Taoning walked in and introduced to Gu Zhiling: “Ling Ling, this is the one you have been looking forward to seeing the stars and moon, Wiliam, genius doctor.”

Chapter 169-I’m Sorry

Wiliam heard the sound and turned around.

It happened to face Gu Zhiling’s eyes.

Gu Zhiling saw that it was the stinky boy who had been following her today, and of course he burned with a nameless anger. All the genius doctors were forgotten.

She rushed to the front of Wiliam step by step, and said angrily: “Oh, you stinky boy, you actually came home with me! Say, how do you know my house!”

Gu Zhiling was very angry.

This kid seems to be not only a fan of his own brain, but also an illegitimate fan.

He even made a clear investigation where he lived in his home.

On the other side, Gu Taoning’s expression changed on the spot!

This Wiliam, but he gave up his old face, as a teacher, half-pleased and half-pressed, only then let him come over and make a rescue.

I told Gu Zhiling to be cautious in his words and deeds before, but now that he met, his granddaughter’s violent temper came out.

If this provokes the genius doctor Lu, it will be worth it!

Gu Taoning’s old face sank, and her voice also rose loudly, “Ling Ling! How do you speak! Have you forgotten what Grandpa ordered just now! Hurry up and apologize to Master Lu!”

Doctor Lu?

Gu Zhiling, who was awake, realized that this Wiliam was actually the genius doctor who grandpa invited to treat him!


Will this kid be a genius doctor?

It’s ridiculous!

Let alone how old he is?

At this age, I’m afraid that I can’t even touch the threshold of a doctor, so I dare to call myself a genius doctor!

And looking at his temperament, and following along the way just now, this guy must be posing as a genius doctor, just taking the opportunity to get close to himself!

Gu Zhiling immediately looked at Grandpa and asked Grandpa: “Grandpa, how did you know him?”

Gu Taoning said: “He was a student of my early years.”

When Gu Zhiling heard this, he became more determined, “Ho ho, grandpa, you are a professor in the Department of Business Administration, so he must be a student of this department. A student in the Department of Business Administration, would you let him come to see me? Grandpa, you were deceived by him.”

Gu Taoning heard loudly.

Who said no.

A student of the Department of Business Administration actually wrote a thesis of the Department of Medicine.

And half of the thesis became a masterpiece.

Who will believe this?

Had it not been for Gu Taoning’s recommendation by Zhang Qingyun, he would not believe it himself.

Seeing that his grandfather was not talking, Gu Zhiling asked again: “Okay, grandpa, even if the hero does not ask the source, have you ever seen him treat a disease and save others? Or is it heard?”

Gu Taoning’s pupils shrank, and she was a little embarrassed: “I did listen to someone recommending it to me. His unfinished graduation thesis before was amazing. It’s the “Desperate Seven Love Hay.”

Gu Zhiling was startled, and then smiled more quickly, “No wonder I felt a little familiar with the name just now. It turned out to be the trash son-in-law of the Bai family, a dog in the Renxin Medical Clinic. Grandpa, yesterday, the Renxin Medical Clinic. Hasn’t it already issued a statement? He Jifeng helped all the actions of the Genuine Care Medical Center at the release meeting. This kid has nothing at all and will only be on stage.”

Gu Taoning was a professor who was choked by the logic of Gu Zhiling and couldn’t say a word.

Gu Zhiling finally said the truth in a deep voice, “Grandpa, you must have been cheated by him. I tell you, he is one of my bastards. Since this morning, plus now, I have met him four times. Now, how can there be such a coincidence in the world?”

Gu Taoning has been confused by what Gu Zhiling said.

He knew that his granddaughter would not lie to himself.

Encountered four times a day, it is indeed a bit weird.

Could it be that Wiliam is really just playing tricks?

Moreover, my granddaughter seemed to have a deep resentment against Wiliam, so he would definitely not be treated.

But I invited him over again, what can I do?

Suddenly, Gu Taoning’s head was a little bigger.

At this time, Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam.

From just now, this kid was so scared that he didn’t dare to say a word.

Doesn’t this show his guilty conscience?

Gu Zhiling also guessed his grandpa’s dilemma, so he opened his bag, took out a stack of money from it, threw it on the table, and said in a cold voice, “These money are considered as your medical expenses. Go away, I don’t want to see you.”

Seeing this, Wiliam smiled slightly.

It was they who begged to see a doctor, not that they were uncomfortable with their hot faces and cold buttocks.


Ho ho.

Wiliam calmly said to Gu Taoning: “Gu teacher, if that’s the case, I will leave first.”

Wiliam turned around and walked outside.

But Wiliam’s indifference made Gu Taoning even more guilty.

From beginning to end, it was Gu Taoning who invited Wiliam over.

Wiliam didn’t even say a word, so he was scolded by his granddaughter, and in the end, he even used money to humiliate him.

As a professor, Gu Taoning’s personality, self-esteem and ethics are naturally extremely tough.

Comparing heart to heart, he sympathized with Wiliam even more.

He grabbed Wiliam and said sincerely: “Wiliam, wait and go. Since you are here, the teacher has nothing to entertain you. Please always ask for a cup of tea. After all, we have a master and apprenticeship. It’s always okay to relive the past.”

Gu Taoning is giving Wiliam a step down.

Wiliam turned around, glanced at Gu Zhiling, nodded, and sat on the sofa with Gu Taoning.

Gu Zhiling still wants to drive Wiliam. At this time, Gu Taoning is angry, “Enough! Now even if he is not a genius doctor, he is also one of my students. We teachers and students are reminiscing about the past, do you have to deal with it?”

Gu Zhiling was taken aback, stomped angrily, and wanted to leave.

But Gu Taoning said: “Come here! Give us tea.”

Gu Zhiling didn’t dare to disobey Grandpa, so he glared at Wiliam with bitter eyes and walked over angrily, twisting his waist.

Although she took off her sunglasses, she still wore a mask.

Gu Taoning took a cup of tea, and sprinkled the guilt in his heart on Gu Zhiling for a reason, “Look at you! I know all day long to pretend, and I don’t work well in the company! The new leader, you actually You can’t even see the face, you don’t even know the name. You really are getting more and more arrogant.”

Gu Zhiling sullenly said, “I’ve heard that the new president is just a straw bag. I’ve been gilding for a year. Why am I afraid of him?”

“Gold-plated one year is your leader! Did you talk like that?” Gu Taoning patted the table.

Gu Zhiling suddenly confided, and began to act like a baby, “Okay, grandpa, don’t be angry. Actually, I have already planned. Since the president is a straw bag, I will find a time to have a meal with him. Then I recognize him as a godfather and make the relationship. With my face, there is any man in this world who can escape from my Wuzhi Mountain, let alone a straw bag.”

Chapter 170

Gu Zhiling really planned it this way.

After all, the president is the president on the clear, and the senior officials crush people to death.

If you want to play the heroine of the new movie, you have to sign and agree to the president.

In this year, although I am not afraid of the president, I can’t make the relationship too rigid.

But after hearing this, Gu Taoning shook his head helplessly.

Gu Zhiling’s parents died since she was a child, and it was Gu Taoning who brought her up.

Because she is the only relative in the family, Gu Taoning has been pampered with her since she was a child.

Developed Gu Zhiling’s stinky temper that is higher than the sky.

Indeed, as Gu Zhiling said, she is very good-looking.

In the entire Q City ( Qena City ), I am afraid that they are only inferior to such stunning and enchanting women as Feliicity, Melissa, and Li Chunfeng.

There is no man who can survive a day under Gu Zhiling’s face.

It’s just that it’s not proper to always use my face to tell things.

“Okay, you go to the company.” Gu Taoning wanted to get her away for fear that she would target Wiliam again.

Gu Zhiling didn’t want to stay anymore, and walked outside with high heels.

But just as she was about to step out of the study, her cold sweat suddenly came out.

A burst of intense angina made her bow.

She yelled badly, and she actually became sick at this time!

It turned out to be angina this time!

Seeing her granddaughter’s illness again, Gu Taoning became nervous, and rushed to her side to support her, “Ling Ling, what’s wrong? Is it sick again?”

“Quick! Take me to the hospital.” Gu Zhiling said with a strong enduring heartache.

The previous illnesses were all in the waist, abdomen and back, and every time there was no confidence.

I don’t know when to send it, let alone where to send it.

This angina made her feel like the end of the world is coming.

Gu Taoning immediately looked at Wiliam and shouted anxiously, “Wiliam, can you drive? I have a car in the underground garage. Can you help me take Ling Ling to the hospital?”

Wiliam just walked up now, looking calm and uneasy.

Seeing him like this, Gu Taoning couldn’t wait to flick him twice with a small whip in his hand.

Wiliam walked to them and looked at Gu Zhiling, but suddenly tore off Gu Zhiling’s mask.

With this talk, Gu Zhiling suddenly screamed, covering his face and shouting: “What are you doing! Are you looking for death!”

Gu Taoning was also outraged by Wiliam’s hand, “Wiliam! Are you really here today for my granddaughter! What are you doing now! She is dead and you are still in danger.” Look at her face!”

But Wiliam didn’t speak, just staring at Gu Zhiling’s face.

Gu Zhiling’s right cheek was flushed with a faint snake-like thing on it, running on the skin of her cheek.

Gu Taoning was about to hit Wiliam, but at this time Wiliam spoke, “There is no need to go to the hospital, and there is nothing to be checked by the doctor.”

Gu Taoning was taken aback, “You, what do you mean by this? Are we just watching my granddaughter get sick and painful?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Do you know why I want to stay?”

Gu Taoning shook his head.

Wiliam said slowly: “I stayed just to wait for her to get sick. And if I ask for a cup of tea, it counts as payment for my shot.”

Gu Taoning felt a tremor all over, and looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “You, you…”

“After all, you are my mentor, and I can still be recognized by the Master of Heaven and Earth.” After Wiliam finished speaking, he gently transferred Gu Zhiling, who was too painful to speak, to a chair.

Seeing Wiliam’s rhetoric, Gu Taoning’s head was agitated, “Can you really cure the disease and save people?”

“Otherwise, why would you invite me to come? Don’t talk for now.” Wiliam said.

Gu Taoning suddenly didn’t dare to speak.

When Gu Zhiling was in pain, seeing Wiliam still dare to speak out here, so angry that he didn’t know where his strength was, he stretched out his hand to scratch Wiliam’s face.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly spit out two words, “Left waist.”

These two words seemed to have magical powers, and Gu Zhiling suddenly felt that his left waist was lit by fire, and he shouted out in pain.

With her hands, she couldn’t even care about grabbing Wiliam, both hands tightly covering her left waist.

“Spine.” Wiliam said two more words.

Gu Zhiling suddenly felt a marrow pain, clutching his back and shouting.

“Clavicle.” Wiliam said again.

Gu Zhiling covered his collarbone again, coughing hard, and his saliva spurted out.

At this moment, Gu Zhiling was completely shocked!

Before Wiliam said casually about his left waist and spinal cord, Gu Zhiling hated him deeply.

It was as if Wiliam was cursing her.

However, there are only three things.

This kid, every time he cursed, he really got sick somewhere!

This is simply a fantasy!

Then there is only one possibility left!

This kid is really kind of savvy!

Can see where I am about to get sick!

Is he really a genius doctor?

Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam in amazement.

Wiliam said lightly at this time: “Okay, I probably know, Teacher Gu, prepare a room for me, and I will administer the needle for her.”

Gu Taoning was in chaos at the moment, what Wiliam said, how dare he refute.

He immediately pointed to a room outside and said, “That is Lingling’s room. Go to her room.”

Wiliam nodded, stretched out his hand, and hugged Gu Zhiling in his waist.

Gu Zhiling suddenly yelled again.

The face that was already red now suddenly became even more red.

Although Gu Zhiling is 30 years old this year, he has never had such close contact with a man in his life.

Not to mention the princess hug, even holding hands is just with his grandpa…

Now, he was picked up like this by a strange man.

And he’s still a star shining star.

A strong sense of shame came out spontaneously, and she immediately covered her face.

This bastard!

When I get better, I can’t kill him!

Dare to take the opportunity to be light on me!

Wiliam carried her into the room and locked the door at will.

Gu Zhiling was about to scold Wiliam and let her go.

At this time, Wiliam threw Gu Zhiling on the bed without any thoughts or feelings.

Her body jumped twice on the soft bed.

She is almost crying!

This bastard!

Are you still human?

Treat girls like this?

Isn’t he here to heal the disease, he wants to come with bad intentions?

Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling looked at the locked door, and suddenly a chill came to his heart.

That’s it, today this innocence is considered insulted by this little thief!

No, I want to resist!

Just as she thought, Wiliam took out a small needle box from her pocket, and said something that made her desperate, “Take off your clothes.”


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