Dragon Husband Chapter 171 – 180

Chapter 171

When Gu Zhiling heard this, his head bounced!

A sense of humiliation filled my heart!

Sure enough, this kid was very kind from the beginning!

Now I am asking Tiantian not to, and the ground is not working.

She braced herself, her eyes filled with anger, “You dare to move me to try! Even if I die today, I won’t let you succeed.”

Wiliam sat slowly on the chair near the bed and said, “Okay, then you can wait slowly.”

He wasn’t in a hurry, because he already knew what Gu Zhiling’s illness was.

This disease can’t kill people, but it hurts and kills people.

Moreover, Gu Zhiling’s disease has reached a certain level.

Seeing Wiliam’s slowness, Gu Zhiling wanted to destroy him on the spot.


This kid is so arrogant!

Are you really going to eat yourself!

She clung to her dress tightly, and absolutely refused to let it go.

Wiliam said leisurely: “Next, it’s under the armpits and cheeks. When the disease develops in the forehead, you may not even have the strength to scold me.”

Sure enough, while speaking, Gu Zhiling once again covered his armpit, his body was so painful that he rolled on the bed.

In a short while, she only felt the pain turned sharply, and then her face seemed to be burned by a fire, so painful that she wanted to scratch her entire face.

Her heart was even more shocked.

This kid is right again!

Now it is the cheek.

Will it really be the forehead after a while?

Will I really die?

Instinctive desire for survival made her look at Wiliam again.

In her eyes, there was still anger and unwillingness, but there was a hint of pleading, “Can you really save me? Do you have to undress?”

Wiliam said calmly: “Otherwise, my needle is wrong, and you will only die faster.”



The strong emotions wiped out the previous arrogance instantly!

She was no longer the superstar princess.

She is just a poor man who is dying in bed.

Gu Zhiling’s eyes entangled several times, but he couldn’t make this determination!

She stayed like jade for thirty years!

Never had a man treated her like this.

Could it be that today is about to break the precept?

Or show it to a man he hates so much!

When she was tangled, she suddenly felt a twitch on her forehead!

Her heart was chilling!

Really, it’s the forehead!

Almost subconsciously, she cried out, “I promise you! I promise you! You save me!”

When her voice just fell, she almost felt a flower in front of her eyes.

A cold forehead!

When she reacted, she suddenly got goose bumps all over her body!

Through the mirror on the opposite side, she could see that a strange silver needle was stuck on her forehead!

Shenting Hanging Needle!

The upper half of the silver needle was still shining with a mysterious red light!

She was so frightened, but suddenly she felt that her forehead hurt so much.

At this moment, she finally believed Wiliam.

She closed her eyes, and the tears fell again, “You, you close your eyes.”

Wiliam looked indifferent and said, “How do I get a needle with my eyes closed?”

In a word, the ancient Ling was speechless.

Since childhood, arrogance was like frost, and now it has fallen into dust!

This huge heart attack made her almost collapse.

She slowly began to take off her dress.

Eyes are red.

It seemed that Lu Yesheng was about to be devoured.

“If you can’t cure me today! I will become a ghost, and I won’t let you go!” Gu Zhiling said with tears.

Wiliam was as indifferent as always, “Move faster, it’s chirping.”

This sentence once again defeated Gu Zhiling’s self-esteem.

She is heartbroken!

I didn’t know where the strength was, and he tore the dress open.

The infinite beauty was exposed in front of Wiliam.

Her body was constantly trembling because of pain or humiliation.

She had already made up her mind to die by herself, and also to pull him up!

Living by yourself, he must dig out his eyes and feed the dog!

If this hatred is not reported, God cannot tolerate it!

“Look at it!” Gu Zhiling burst into tears.

Because Wiliam is looking at her.

Wiliam sneered, “Really treat yourself as a princess? You grow up like this, I don’t bother to look at it. My wife is much better than you.”

Ancient Ling was taken aback.

This wasteful wife is a beautiful white Feliicity in Q City ( Qena City ).


A wave of grief and anger came to my heart.

Today, my dignity has been trampled by this kid!

Wiliam took a blindfold for sleeping and threw it to her, “Put it on.”

Gu Zhiling’s head buzzed.

I didn’t let him close his eyes, but he wanted to close his eyes instead?

Animals have a conscience than him!

“Healers’ parents, in my eyes, there is no difference between you and a corpse. Don’t be passionate.” Wiliam said again.

Gu Zhiling went crazy on the spot, “Do you want me to call your father a failure!”

“You are free with this.” Wiliam said, putting on a blindfold for her.

Gu Zhiling’s body was distorted with pain.

“Okay, I will apply the needle next, you try to relax as much as possible, don’t shake your body, especially your heart.” Wiliam confessed again.

Gu Zhiling’s eyes went dark, almost fainted.

How can it be easy!

How can I not shake!

My 30-year-old youthful body was exposed to a strange man, how can you make me feel like water!

Wiliam saw that she was about to go violently, and suddenly a needle was shot and it was placed on her spiritual platform.

“It’s easier to knock you out.” Gu Zhiling heard Wiliam’s mutter before he fell into a coma, and his heart was so painful.

I don’t know how long it took.

She woke up again.

Her first reaction was to examine her body.

At this glance, I only saw myself under the quilt, and my body no longer hurts at all.

She touched her face subconsciously.

With this touch, I was surprised to find that in the past six months, the red and swollen face all the time has recovered to its radiant appearance.

She instinctively wanted to be excited and screaming, but when she saw the nasty guy by the bed, she was totally happy at all.

Fortunately, the body has not been violated.

“Let’s do this today. You have to treat this thing three times to get rid of the root of the disease. I will go out first and you will sleep.” When Wiliam saw her waking up, he got up and walked out the door.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Gu Taoning who was constantly walking around in the hall.

Seeing Wiliam coming out, Gu Taoning came up excitedly and grabbed Wiliam’s hand, “Wiliam, how is it?”

“It’s okay, I’ll explain to her if I should explain it.” Wiliam said casually.

“What is the disease of my granddaughter? I have almost died of worry for the past six months.” Gu Taoning asked.

Wiliam pondered for a moment, and said, “Gu Zhiling is not sick.”

“It’s not a disease? It’s poison?” Gu Taoning was taken aback.

Wiliam shook his head, there seemed to be a flash of light in his eyes, “It’s neither a disease nor a poison, but death!”

“The green snake flows around.”

Chapter 172

“Green snake flow? What is this? How come I have never heard of it?” Gu Taoning was dumbfounded.

Wiliam slowly said, “Said this is not a disease, because it is unscrupulous, and can be found without a trace. It is not poison, because it can’t kill people.”

“This kind of sorrow is a bit similar to a gu, it will hide in the body, like a green snake, which moves and flows, so it is called the green snake flow.”

Wiliam’s words gave Gu Taoning a feeling of rising.

He suddenly wondered: “But how could Ling Ling get this kind of thing?”

Wiliam thought for a while and said, “This is to ask if your granddaughter provokes someone.”

Gu Taoning said blankly: “I only know that Ling Ling went to participate in a variety show for survival in the wild six months ago, and it has been like this since returning.”

Wiliam said: “Okay, what you should know will always know. Now that your granddaughter is in trouble, let her take a good rest.”

Gu Taoning was so grateful that he was about to kneel on the ground, and Wiliam supported him.

“Wiliam, I really don’t know how to thank you! When you were a student, I angered you, and today you were so humiliated by my granddaughter. Not only did you not hold your grudges, but you also saved my granddaughter. Fate, great kindness, I don’t want to repay it.” Gu Taoning was full of tears.

Wiliam said casually: “I just said it, that cup of tea is just a reward. Okay, I’ll go back if there’s anything wrong, I’m still rushing to buy breakfast for my wife.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he only heard a door opening.

Gu Zhiling had dressed up and walked out.

Seeing her, there was nothing strange walking after her body was in pain.

Gu Taoning immediately went up to inquire about her body condition, and finally heaved a sigh of relief after getting an affirmative answer.

Seeing that Wiliam was about to leave, Gu Taoning wanted to give it away, but was preempted by Gu Zhiling, “Grandpa, let me send him off.”

Gu Taoning thought for a while, “Well, thank you Xia Luye.”

“I know.” Gu Zhiling’s tone was unusually cold.

The two walked out of the villa one after another, and Gu Zhiling put on masks again.

On the way, Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam walking in front, feeling extremely complicated.

This kid is indeed his savior.

Even, it is a great kindness to heal this invisible disease before he starred in the new movie.

But, damn it, this kid doesn’t know how high the world is!

Just use words to humiliate yourself again and again!

He even showed his body!

I just watched it, daring to speak rudely, saying that I can’t compare to his wife!

Gu Zhiling has been extremely confident in her appearance since she was a child, and was said to be inferior to Feliicity. How could she bear this tone!

Gu Zhiling wanted to be upset countless times, gouging this kid’s eyeballs, and honoring his previous cruel words.

But he was suppressed.

Because this kid said, three courses of needles are needed.

Forget it, before he gets better, let him live.

Gu Zhiling suddenly caught up to Wiliam and said to her viciously: “I will never forget the humiliation you imposed on me today! I tell you, if you dare to tell a third party what happened today, I will exhaust. The End of the World will kill you too.”

Wiliam said casually, “I really don’t know what your arrogant figure is like a matchstick? I want to wear a blindfold more than you, hot eyes.”

Gu Ling’s strong and enduring killing intent suddenly stirred everywhere again!


His exquisite and charming figure, in the eyes of this guy, is a matchstick?

You will die if you don’t talk cheap!

Gu Zhiling raised his fist to hit Wiliam.

But at this time, a surprised voice came from behind, “Wiliam? It’s you!”

Wiliam turned his head and took a look.

Actually saw Rebeca.

Beside Rebeca, there was a middle-aged man standing beside Rebeca.

Rebeca looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and rushed over in one step, “Good thing! My family Feliicity is so good to you, you actually hooked up a wild fox outside!”

Wiliam watched Rebeca speak coldly.

But Gu Zhiling broke out completely.

Even if Wiliam is a bastard scolding a matchstick, a middle-aged woman dare to call herself a vixen!

Your white Feliicity is the beauty of the prosperity!

Everyone has to sniff under her face?

“Pop!” Gu Zhiling slapped Rebeca’s face with a slap.

Then he left.

Rebeca was slapped by this sudden slap.

When she reacted, the vixen left and Wiliam also left.

“Damn! This dog! It’s lawless! Vanke! Arrange for your son to meet with our family tonight. If the matter is done this time, I will thank you very much.” Rebeca faced the personable person next to him. The middle-aged man said.

The middle-aged man was called Liu Fanke.

He nodded immediately, “Ruoyun, you should have done this a long time ago, you know what I think of you. Don’t worry, I will definitely let you enjoy the glory and wealth in the future!”

Rebeca didn’t look at Liu Fanke, but stared at Wiliam who was going away, with sinister eyes in his eyes, “If you don’t save him, no matter how much glory and wealth, I will be disgusted!”

In the evening, Feliicity received a call from Rebeca outside, “Feliicity, come to Yuehua Hotel right away. In the evening, our Bai family has invited guests. You must be present.”

Feliicity was taken aback. For a while, her own mother went out early and returned late. She didn’t know what she was messing with. Why did she suddenly ask herself to eat?

Feliicity instinctively refused: “I don’t want to go, you can eat.”

She didn’t want to see those clowns in the Bai family.

But Rebeca said on the phone: “This distinguished guest tonight is a high-level executive of Lunanica Company. They have not been exaggerating some time ago. They are about to invest in a first-line film related to medicine. But the distinguished person said that there is a way to help. We got a sponsorship spot.”

Feliicity frowned suddenly, she thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I’m Shang Wiliam.”

Rebeca shouted directly on the phone: “Call a fart Wiliam! Do you know what I saw during the day! I saw him walking with a vixen! Do you know if you were played by that dog!”

How could Feliicity believe Rebeca’s words.

Even if what Rebeca saw was true, she believed that Wiliam was innocent.

“I won’t go without calling Wiliam.” Feliicity said stiffly.

“Good, good! It’s okay to call him! So that he can be compared with even scum! The address will be posted on your phone in a while.” Rebeca finished speaking, and hung up the phone.

Feliicity sighed inwardly and called Wiliam.

Wiliam obeyed Feliicity, and the two went to Yuehua Hotel together.

They met the group of Bai family at the entrance of the hotel.

What made Wiliam stunned was that he saw the middle-aged man standing next to Rebeca during the day.

Chapter 173

Beside the middle-aged Na Xie, there was a strange man standing.

This man is young, wearing a shiny gel, and wearing expensive suits and shoes.

Intentionally or unintentionally, a valuable watch was revealed.

Seeing the two of them coming, Rebeca flashed a trace of resentment in his eyes, then pulled Feliicity over and said to Liu Fanke, “Fanke, let’s go in first.”

The man in the suit said calmly, “Well, go straight to the top floor, I’ve booked the box.”

A group of people took the elevator to the top floor, inside a luxurious box.

This box, but the most famous King’s Room in Yuehua Hotel, is usually difficult to book.

A group of people seated, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, the young man sat beside Feliicity.

This made Feliicity feel a slight displeasure.

This young man has been watching Feliicity ever since they met.

The eyes are full of heat.

After seated, Rebeca said first: “Let me introduce it to everyone, this is Liu Fanke.”

Liu Fanke stood up and nodded gracefully.

Then Rebeca looked at the young man, her eyes softened, and there was the joy of mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.

She cordially took the young man’s wrist and introduced to everyone, “This is Liu Fanke’s son, Liu Qiandao.”

Liu Qiandao also stood up, gracefully and calmly.

The eyes of the Bai family watching Liu Qiandao were shining.

Rebeca couldn’t help but introduce more, “This is a thousand ways, twenty-five years old this year, is already a senior of Lunanica Company, with an annual salary of one million, a house and a car, and he is a young talent in Q City ( Qena City ).”

“Also, I have a lot of connections, so let’s just say that our king’s hall can’t be set if you have money. It was already set tonight, and Qiandao just has a lot of magical powers, and it will be taken down.”

Rebeca’s words are full of praise.

Looking at Liu Qiandao, the Bai family also politely said one by one, “Qiandao is so handsome, such a handsome boy, it is estimated that Q City ( Qena City ) is worthy of our family’s Feliicity.”

“Thousands of years are promising, so young wages are already so high, the future is boundless.”

“Qiandao, can you see many celebrities in Lunanica Company? Haha. We can only see them on TV, but Qiandao can see every day. I really envy you.”

Liu Qiandao was sought after by everyone and still maintained his usual elegance. He smiled and said: “You elders are polite, you are elders, and I should honor you more.”

The Bai family was exasperated by the flattery.

“Maybe you don’t know yet. At a young age, Qiandao was already in charge of the film negotiation between Lunanica Company and Hanlan Company. One person is the leader, but he is very powerful. Our Bai family will be taken care of by others. Now.” Rebeca gave Liu Qiandao a little bit more intentionally or unconsciously.

Liu Qiandao smiled and said, “It’s just my job. I just hope to do my best and not let the new president down.”

Wiliam frowned.

Janett had already reported to him from the beginning to the end of the negotiation.

He also looked at the list of negotiators.

There is no one named Liu Qiandao who is leading the negotiation.

And Liu Qiandao’s humble words aroused appreciation.

“You are young, successful in your career, and you know the way of relaxation, Qiandao, you will definitely have a big career in the future.”

As everyone talked, they didn’t know what was going on, and the topic gradually shifted to Wiliam.

“Ho ho, I really envy you, I’m so relieved, this is the so-called child of someone else’s family.”

“It’s not like our Bai family, who raised a white-eyed wolf, who used to eat soft rice, but now we all learn to eat domestic slaves.”

Everyone looked at Wiliam together.

The eyes are full of pity.

In front of Liu Qiandao, who was successful in his career, Wiliam was nothing at all.

Rebeca even said in a weird manner: “Don’t talk about him like that. Maybe people have a clear conscience. When we say this, aren’t we looking for fun?”

Feliicity’s face gradually cooled.

Although he knew that Wiliam’s appearance would attract criticism, but he did not expect that in front of outsiders, the Bai family would be so acrimonious.

Although Wiliam had no power, he was just a staff member of Genuine Care Medical Center.

But Wiliam had shown the cleverness and wisdom that used the opportunity to climb high again and again, and Feliicity had already very much agreed with Wiliam in her heart.

What Wiliam lacks now is just an opportunity, a stage where he can show his ambitions.

In the end, it was Liu Qiandao who stopped everyone’s criticism. He looked at Wiliam with a caring expression in his eyes, “Brother Lu? Isn’t it right for me to call it that way?”

Wiliam said casually: “Whatever.”

Everyone sneered, “People are polite to you, you really regard yourself as an onion! Don’t know how to praise!”

Liu Qiandao smiled again and said, “Are you enrolled in Genuine Care Medical Center?”

“Yeah.” Wiliam replied.

Liu Qiandao groaned: “I have also heard of the grievances between the Bai family and the Genuine Care Medical Center. As a member of the Bai family, it is indeed a bit wrong for you to stay and work in the Genuine Care Medical Center. I’m fairly influential in Lunanica Company, how about introducing you to work at Lunanica Company?”

When the Bai family heard this, they were overjoyed, “Really a thousand ways? Dog stuff, don’t you please thank me!”

“I’ve long seen you feel uncomfortable working at the Genuine Care Medical Center, eating Bai’s food, but helping the Genuine Care Medical Center do things, but if you have a conscience, you won’t do such an inferior activity.”

Feliicity couldn’t help it all at once, and said with a calm face: “I just want to ask you, what happened to Wiliam’s work at Genuine Care Medical Center? Also, why is the Genuine Care Medical Center sorry for our Bai family? They help again and again. Let’s not talk about it, but we will give us the exclusive agency rights. On the contrary, we are going to calculate people again and again, asking for trouble. I really don’t know if you have the face to say this!

Feliicity’s anger suddenly silenced the scene.


At this time, Wiliam took the initiative to say: “Nothing, listen to him to finish. I want to know, what job does he want to introduce to me?”

Liu Qiandao glanced at Wiliam, the banter in his eyes flashed away, and he said solemnly: “The job may not be too good, just go to be a security guard. It just happened that we fired a security guard this morning and need someone to replace it. But you Don’t underestimate the security of Lunanica Company. The welfare is very good. Moreover, the security post I introduced to you is on duty on the top floor. Do you know what it means? That’s the president and the company’s high-level office. The place, oh yes, those first-tier stars are also on the top floor.”

Chapter 174

The words made the hearts of the people on the scene hot.

I didn’t think of a security guard on the top floor, the visible world is so big!

That’s a good job with the leader!

If done well, the future is also very promising.

Rebeca looked at Wiliam angrily, “Don’t you hurry, thank you! As a human being, do you want to know Entubao?”

Feliicity was about to speak, but was stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at the gentle Liu Qiandao and asked jokingly, “Oh? I would like to ask you, if this job is so popular, why did the security guard be fired in the morning? Do you know the reason?”

Liu Qiandao’s eyes changed slightly, and he said, “I heard that he was fired because he offended the new president. But as long as you humbly and kneel there, no one will embarrass you with me.”

Rebeca’s eyes were stunned, and he sighed: “What kind of president do you guys have such a big shelf?”

Liu Qiandao proudly said at this time: “Our president naturally has his own majesty. He is a young and promising man.”

Rebeca’s heart warmed and said eagerly: “Well, Qiandao, you should be the celebrity next to the president, can you introduce us to the president and have many friends and multiple paths.”

Liu Qiandao’s face stiffened, he immediately recovered, and said with a smile: “This is easy to say, easy to say.”

When he said this, Liu Qiandao was guilty of death.

Liu Qiandao is just a middle-level employee in Lunanica Company.

And he is naturally not the person in charge of this negotiation.

He is just the person who worked with Zhang Tianming to print miscellaneous printing materials for the meeting. How would he get to know this new president?

He hasn’t even seen what the new president looks like.

Also introduce a fart.

However, with Feliicity on the court, Liu Qiandao would naturally pretend to be dead, and must not let Feliicity look down on him.

“Ho ho, thank Qian Dao, we will make another appointment next day, ask your president to come out, we will be the host of the Bai family, and have a good chat.” Chen Shuyun also smiled openly, and the words were full of the arrogance of the wealthy and aristocratic.

Liu Qiandao didn’t want to get too entangled in this issue, so he immediately brought the topic back.

He asked Wiliam, “How about it, Brother Lu? Give a face? Give a face?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam with scorching eyes, as if Wiliam would eat him in one bite without agreeing.

And Wiliam smiled at this time: “Okay, thank you for finding a good job for me.”

Feliicity was at a loss, wondering why Wiliam agreed to Liu Qiandao.

This is not a question of security work, but Liu Qiandao, whose words are full of the arrogance of the superior.

He was clearly giving alms to Wiliam!

But Wiliam didn’t talk any more.

The reason why he agreed is that he has his own ideas.

For a while, the focus of my career will be on Lunanica Company’s side, so entering and leaving Lunanica Company is inevitable.

Since this Liu Qiandao is so hypocritical, why not promise him.

There is also an excuse for explaining why I entered and exited Lunanica Company in the future.

Seeing Wiliam agreeing to come down, Rebeca sighed with relief and said, “You still know how to promote. If you refute Qiandao’s face today, you will be against our entire Bai family.”

Others nodded one after another, “The prodigal son will not change his money, and he will work hard under Qiandao’s leadership. Being a security guard is better than being a waste.”

“Be more steadfast over there, don’t shame our Bai family! Don’t be expelled by someone after less than a month.”

“Thousand Dao has the ability to arrange a good job for Wiliam with just one sentence.”

Everyone exaggerated, Liu Qiandao was calm.

But Feliicity was furious in her heart.

In fact, the Bai family has its own company, and it is entirely possible for Wiliam to find something to do in the company.

But the Bai family did not want Wiliam to intervene in any Bai family affairs.

To be ugly, there is no one in the Bai family who can value Wiliam.

I don’t want Wiliam to be ashamed of his own company.

It was a pity that Wiliam was wronged.

Feliicity thought, and glanced at Wiliam distressedly.

At this time, the dishes have been served, and the dishes are very rich.

Only after eating for a while, there was a quarrel outside.

Liu Qiandao’s brows wrinkled slightly, and the door was directly pushed open at this time.

A young man cursed, grabbing the waiter’s clothes with one hand, and cursing: “You guys still want to open a shop! This box is obviously reserved by us, so we dare to arrange it for someone else? I don’t care, let the people go. Our boss is coming soon.”

The waiter said with a grieved look: “This is arranged above, I don’t know. Otherwise, would you like to see it? I’ll change the box for you, you see the guests inside are already dining.”

The young man didn’t care about the three or seventy-one, and grabbed the waiter and cursed: “Come first, then understand! Damn! I will do things according to the rules with you, you are all riding on my head.”

At this time, Liu Qiandao stood up and shouted displeasedly: “Who is making noise here? Don’t you know that I’m banqueting the distinguished guests? What should you do for disturbing my guests?”

Being held secretly by Liu Qiandao, the Bai family immediately raised their chests one by one in order to be known as distinguished guests.

The young man glanced at Liu Qiandao, “You bastard who robbed my box?”

He was about to rush up and kick his fists. At this time, a manager hurried over and said to Liu Qiandao, “Mr. Liu, I’m really sorry. Before, our vice president gave you the box even if he didn’t know the situation. There are really noble guests here today. , Can you make it convenient…”

Liu Qiandao’s expression immediately turned cold, “What’s my identity? What’s the identity of my guests? If you change, I think you, the manager, don’t want to do it!”

The manager’s face suddenly stiffened, and he looked at the young man, and suddenly became embarrassed, “Mr. Liu, I’m really a distinguished guest here, I can’t afford to offend…”

Bai Zhensheng helped to help him: “Is the manager? Do you know who the person in front of you is? This is a senior of Lunanica Company, so you can afford to offend him?”

The Bai family all looked arrogant.

“Oh, I want to see, who is the senior of Lunanica Company who is so domineering in talking and doing things?” There was a cold snort outside the door.

The aggressive young man immediately became humble and lowered his head to ask for instructions: “Mr. Qian, this is the person inside, who robbed our box and is still talking about it here.”

A chubby man walked in.

Seeing this person, Liu Qiandao’s head bounced, and his whole goose bumps started to rise!

This person is actually the president of Hanlan, Qian Feiyu!

Chapter 175

Qian Feiyu did not know whether he knew Liu Qiandao, Liu Qiandao himself did not know.

But what Liu Qiandao knows is that this is the money manager!

Now the negotiations between Lunanica Company and Hanlan Company are just at the most critical point.

As a little guy, I actually offended Mr. Qian directly!

If this money is always upset and tells Lunanica Company about this, he will definitely be expelled!

The expulsion is still light.

If the company’s negotiations broke down because of offending Mr. Qian, I might still be held accountable by Lunanica Company!

Thinking of this, Liu Qiandao’s cold sweat broke out.

He just wanted to beg for mercy from Mr. Qian, when Bai Zhensheng jumped out and looked at Qian Feiyu with an unhappy expression.

“You count that scallion? How could a fat man pretend to be a comparison in front of my President Liu? You also think that life is too long?”

The Bai family didn’t know Qian Feiyu at all, so he just treated him as a young man.

But Liu Qiandao trembled with anger when he heard Bai Zhensheng’s words.

This waste!

There is still a little insight!

I was so scared to death, you still stabbed Laozi secretly!

He wanted to slap the bastard Bai Zhensheng fiercely, but he was afraid of his face, after all, he didn’t dare to start.

He pulled away Bai Zhensheng, and suddenly bowed and apologized to Qian Feiyu, “Mr. Qian, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know it was you before, so offend me, please Haihan…”

“Oh, I have a bit of an impression of you, the one where you ran up and down to hand over tea in Cangyue’s previous negotiations.” Qian Feiyu looked at Liu Qiandao and suddenly patted his head.

This sentence alone made everyone in the Bai family dumbfounded.

Isn’t Liu Qiandao an executive of the company?

Why did you pour some tea?

Is there any misunderstanding here?

“Right, right, always remembered. Mr. Qian, your guests are more distinguished, so I will vacate the box for you.” Liu Qiandao could not care about his face anymore.

It seems that Qian always looks at the face of Lunanica Company and does not pursue this matter.

Then don’t let it slip away quickly.

So Liu Qiandao immediately said to the Bai family, “Let’s change to another box, and go out with me, don’t delay the time for the money.”

The Bai family was even more confused.

They all looked at this President Qian, and didn’t know how sacred this fat man was, and they could make a young talent like Liu Qiandao so low.

“Don’t ask, I’ll explain to you later, hurry up.” Liu Qiandao saw that everyone was still stunned, his heart became anxious, and his voice became louder.

Everyone woke up like a dream, and quickly got up, the chairs clattered.

Rebeca was so horrified to see Liu Qiandao, thinking that this fat man must be a great man, and wanted to leave quickly.

But at this time, she found that Wiliam was still sitting on the chair steadily and motionless.

Her anger suddenly ignited, “You or him can’t get up yet! Are you looking for death! Didn’t you see Qiandao telling us to change boxes? Do you want to kill everyone?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam, their eyes full of anger.

Liu Qiandao was even more furious, the elegance that he had pretended to have long been wiped out.

He said angrily: “Wiliam, why don’t you get out? If you delay the total time, will you lose it?”

As he said, he reached out to grab Wiliam’s clothes, trying to pick him up.

But at this time, President Qian also saw Wiliam.

Infinite surprises flashed in his eyes, and he rushed over and said excitedly: “Wiliam, it’s really you! I didn’t think you were here too!”

For Qian Feiyu, Wiliam was a life-saving benefactor and a supreme doctor.

As long as you can go to this kind of genius doctor, it is equivalent to an extra amulet!

Who would think that his life is too long?

What’s more, it is a man like President Qian who likes to linger on flowers, and he wants to live a long life and stay healthy.

So he was so surprised to see Wiliam.

But this sound shocked everyone!

Everyone looked at Qian Zong and Wiliam stupidly, all at once dumbfounded.

From the performance of Liu Qiandao just now, President Qian should be a big figure with high authority.

Such a big man actually knows Wiliam this kind of waste?

It’s incredible.

Even Feliicity was at a loss, at a loss, neither standing nor sitting.

Wiliam gently pulled Feliicity to let her sit down, and then looked at Qian Feiyu, “Money is always good.”

Qian’s billowing body was shaking slightly, “Wiliam, I don’t know if you are free, I still don’t invite you to dinner…”

Wiliam said casually: “Someday, there will be a chance.”

When President Qian heard this, he immediately understood and nodded, “Okay, you are on call, I will be there.”

Seeing that President Qian was so attentive to Wiliam, everyone was even more speechless.

What is the situation!

Feliicity couldn’t help asking, “Wiliam, how did you know him?”

At this time, President Qian took the initiative and said, “Oh, I knew him when I was in the Genuine Care Medical Center.”

When everyone heard it, they were relieved.

It turned out to be domineering outside because of the reputation of Genuine Care Medical Center.

This kid, really shameless!

I don’t have the ability to look for backers everywhere!

Liu Qiandao looked at Wiliam’s eyes with anger.

Really, I just nodded and bowed for a long time, Qian always didn’t even look at it.

On the contrary, he is so kind and kind to this waste!

Isn’t this slap your own face!


My own limelight was actually robbed by this stinky boy!

No, this place must be found back!

Rebeca saw Liu Qiandao’s expression unkind, how could he not know the anger in his heart.

She immediately helped Liu Qiandao and said to Mr. Qian: “Is money always? I’m afraid you don’t know. Now he is no longer a member of Genuine Care Medical Center.”

Qian Feiyu was taken aback, “Isn’t that from Genuine Care Medical Center? It shouldn’t be.”

Rebeca said triumphantly: “Ho ho, he is now working as a small security guard at Lunanica Company.”

The Bai family nodded together.

They all plan to find face for Liu Qiandao.


As long as this kid is out of the relationship with the Genuine Care Medical Center, I can see who can afford him.

And when I heard about Lunanica Company, Qian Feiyu’s expression changed on the spot.

Wiliam actually joined Lunanica Company…

He thought about the Li Chunfeng incident that Wiliam mentioned before, and he knew immediately.

It turned out to be like this…

Wiliam is paving the way for Li Chunfeng.

Thinking of this, his heart felt helpless, and it seemed that Li Chunfeng himself was completely stunned.

However, how awesome is Wiliam, who is actually just a security guard?

Qian Feiyu didn’t believe it.

In the end, it can only be attributed to the strange temperament of the superior.

It’s like Wiliam just said that he was a staff member of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Seeing Qian Feiyu’s face changed drastically, Liu Qiandao thought that Qian Feiyu felt ashamed of flattering Wiliam in public, and he was very happy.

He looked at Wiliam viciously, his eyes full of provocation…

Chapter 176 Ling Ao

Wiliam’s eyes were calm and he didn’t speak.

Liu Qiandao thought that Wiliam didn’t dare to speak, and his heart was relieved.

Looking at Mr. Qian again, Liu Qiandao suddenly thought, and he took a step forward.


Every word is sincere.

“President Qian, I am Liu Qiandao from Lunanica Company. I have seen you several times before… I don’t know how Mr. Qian thinks about our negotiations these days…”

Liu Qiandao is only a small and middle-level person in the company, so there is no chance to talk to a big man like President Qian.

Now this is a golden opportunity of a lifetime.

If you can get a little breath from President Qian and report back to Zhang Tianming, it can be considered a great achievement.

When Qian Feiyu heard Liu Qiandao mention the negotiation, he couldn’t help taking a peek at Wiliam.

Since Wiliam was already working at Lunanica Company, he had to give this face.

Originally, Qian Feiyu was going to talk about this negotiating lion, but now he suddenly changed his mind.

He patted Liu Qiandao on the shoulder jokingly, and said exaggeratedly: “Okay, since you have spoken in person, do I dare not listen? Go back and tell you Zhang Tianming and sign a contract in a few days.”

Liu Qiandao was trembling, thinking that Qian Feiyu was going to make things difficult for him.

Even ready to be laughed at.

But what Qian Feiyu said was like a thunder, and his head was buzzing!

What did I hear!

Did Mr. Qian just agree to the terms of the negotiation?

Sign up in a few days?

You said it was for my face?

Liu Qiandao’s heart jumped wildly, his face flushed with excitement!

made money!



In an instant, countless beautiful words hovered in his head, and he even felt that he was dreaming!

Just now, I was trying to test Mr. Qian with a savage mentality.

Unexpectedly, President Qian actually agreed to it.

I also said that it is for my face!

Doesn’t this give all the credit to me!

Doesn’t this make me glorious in front of the Bai family now!

Liu Qiandao hurriedly bowed and thanked, “Thank Mr. Qian, Mr. Qian! Thank you so much! I really don’t know how to thank you!”

Qian Feiyu glanced at Wiliam as if nothing, and Wiliam nodded slightly.

Qian Feiyu said: “Since you have already eaten here, let me change to another box. You can eat and drink well.”

Liu Qiandao was surprised again.

Not only did Qian Feiyu not blame himself for robbing his box, he even took the initiative to go to other boxes.

God open your eyes!

Today is my auspicious day for Liu Qiandao!




Add yourself to me in one day!

Liu Qiandao suddenly had a sense of Ling arrogant looking at the mountains.

After Qian Feiyu left, everyone became active again.

Rebeca first glanced at Wiliam with a squishy smile, and said with a cold smile: “Hey, I see there is no, there is no backstage at the Genuine Care Medical Center, someone is nothing! No, it’s a dog, a dog Homeless dog.”

The Bai family laughed together.

Because they had seen it with their own eyes just now, Mr. Qian heard that Wiliam’s face changed drastically after he was not in the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Feliicity’s face was green, her eyes flashed with grievance, as if she was saying sorry to Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t care at all.

Funny people, you don’t even know why Qian Feiyu is humble to me!

You don’t even know why Qian Feiyu’s face changed so much!

When you discover these truths, you will not be far from death.

After ridiculing Wiliam, everyone looked at Liu Qiandao fiercely again.

Although Liu Qiandao’s performance at the beginning did lose his grace.

But the support that Qian always gave to him later is envious.

“Qiandao, I didn’t think your position in the company is so important! For such a big negotiation, if you just say anything, Mr. Qian agreed on the spot.”

“Yes, I heard that your negotiation conditions involve the proportion of leading actors and the proportion of sponsors and investors. This is a big deal.”

“Even a big person like President Qian has to look at your face. Your face can go sideways in Q City ( Qena City ).”

Everyone’s flattery made Liu Qiandao, who had long been floating, completely lost his direction.

He still feels alive in his dream until now, and he was hit by a delicious pie in his dream.

Rebeca saw Chen Shuyun winking at herself at this time.

She immediately understood, and said to Liu Qiandao: “Qiandao, we have a dinner with you tonight, mainly because our Bai family also wants to get a sponsorship spot, and then we will put an advertisement in the movie… …”

Liu Qiandao had long been dizzy, and he patted his chest and agreed directly, “It’s easy to say, easy to say! I’ll go and help you take care of this tomorrow.”

Chen Shuyun suddenly raised her eyebrows, “Hahaha, good! Thousand Dao is really awesome for the younger generation. Come, our Bai family respects you father and son a cup.”

The Bai family raised their glasses together, Feliicity helplessly, also raised their glasses.

Between covetousness, Liu Qiandao’s lofty image was imprinted in the hearts of the Bai family.

After the banquet was over, Liu Qiandao was already walking ecstatically, and could only rely on Liu Fanke to support him.

Rebeca also gently supported him aside.

Although Liu Qiandao was reluctant to follow his instructions, his consciousness was still very clear. He couldn’t help but jealous when he saw Feliicity walking with Wiliam in the distance.

At this moment, the white Feliicity under the neon light, the breeze gently blew her long hair, one or two strands fell on her lips, and she gently gathered it with one hand. This beautiful look actually made the lights dim and the starry night was dark. .

“Aunt Zhang, your daughter…” Liu Qiandao said to Rebeca on the side.

Rebeca didn’t know what he meant, and immediately smiled: “Don’t worry, Qiandao, I’ve seen that kid upset for a long time. You are the best son-in-law of my Bai family. As long as you help our Bai family get sponsorship this time Quan, I will help you with Chen Shuyun’s level. Then, I will create a chance for you.”

After Liu Qiandao heard this, his brows frowned slightly, “It’s just to create opportunities? Then the price of my sponsorship right is not worth the loss.”

Rebeca looked around with a guilty conscience, and then lowered her voice and said, “To create an opportunity, no matter what method you use, as long as you can get her, that’s your opportunity…”

After Liu Qiandao listened, Jiu Jin came up and suddenly laughed.

Everyone looked at Liu Qiandao who was seizure blankly, not knowing what was wrong with him.

Wiliam and Feliicity left by themselves, Feliicity looked a little unhappy all the way.

“What are you thinking about? The sponsorship matter?” Wiliam asked casually.

Feliicity was taken aback, “How do you know?”

Wiliam’s expression suddenly became serious, “Tell me, do you want that sponsorship right?”

Chapter 177

Feliicity watched Wiliam for several seconds, and finally nodded, and said in a sad tone, “As long as it is a pharmaceutical company, you should want it. After all, it spends tens of millions to advertise in movies. For enterprises, the promotion effect is great.”

“Furthermore, our Bai family has been turbulent over the past few years, and it is full of blemishes. We also need an opportunity to add some brilliance to the resume. Getting the sponsorship is equivalent to getting a pass for the future, which will be much easier.”

Wiliam nodded.

Feliicity was right.

It’s like a college student who wants to rely on an official position, and some rigid conditions are necessary.

This sponsorship can beautify the Bai family well.

Feliicity said depressedly: “But this sponsorship is not so easy to get. I heard that people from Hanlan are difficult to contact, and there are already many powerful pharmaceutical companies staring at it. And I hate the most. It’s the guy named Liu Qiandao just now. It’s annoying to think about it.”

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head gently, “Okay, go back to sleep, maybe there will be good news tomorrow.”

Feliicity sighed, but could only resign her to fate.

After all, he has nothing to do with Hanlan Company, and it is even more impossible to ask Liu Qiandao for this favor.

And the next day, Wiliam got up early in the morning and went to Hanlan’s company.

Just at the door, I met Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin by coincidence.

When Chen Lin saw Wiliam, her brows frowned deeply, and she rushed over and yelled, “You dare to come to our company! Yesterday, sister Gu was in a good mood and didn’t care about it. If you dare to be presumptuous, I really Call the police!”

Liu Qiandao saw Wiliam with a joke in his eyes.

Ho Ho, I just made the suggestion casually last night, didn’t you think this waste really has the face to come over as a security guard?

Hahaha, it’s so interesting.

Okay, since you dare to come, then I will really arrange it for you.

In the future, you will be my subordinate. What do I ask you to do, don’t you have to do?

Liu Qiandao smiled at Chen Lin and said, “Sister Chen, don’t be angry. I know this person. I promised him to come to our company as a security guard last night. Everyone will be colleagues in the future.”

Chen Lin was taken aback, her expression suddenly became contemptuous, “Ho ho, you even let you join our company and become a security guard. You are also quite powerful. Looking at Qiandao’s face today, I am too lazy to follow You care about it. Remember, if you dare to be presumptuous in the future, I can’t spare you!”

Chen Lin said, as if thinking of something, she exclaimed in a low voice, “Oh, I forgot a generous gift for Sister Gu in the car.”

After speaking, she hurriedly walked out.

And Liu Qiandao looked at Wiliam, and his mood couldn’t be better.

Ten thousand in his heart did not understand why Feliicity would like this kind of waste!

Comparing himself with people like him, one is the bright moon in the sky and the other is the dust on the ground.

This waste doesn’t even have the power to parry, just crush it!

“Work hard! There will be a future in the future. By the way, I will call me Dao brother in the company in the future, and I will cover you.” Liu Qiandao patted Wiliam on the shoulder.

Wiliam smiled slightly and walked towards the elevator.

Liu Qiandao shouted behind him: “By the way, I will report to the personnel department later and say that it is my order. Then I will get a set of security uniforms and put on my spirits. Hahaha.”

After Liu Qiandao was proud, he immediately went to Zhang Tianming.

After Zhang Tianming heard Liu Qiandao’s words, he was stunned for a full minute!

His mouth was wide open, and he looked at Liu Qiandao in disbelief.

Liu Qiandao was very satisfied with Zhang Tianming’s shocked expression.

“Xiao Chen, what you said is true? Did you lie to me?” Zhang Tianming asked with wide eyes.

Liu Qiandao nodded, “It is true, otherwise you can call Mr. Qian to confirm it yourself.”

When Zhang Tianming saw Liu Qiandao’s vows, he immediately believed in the success.

After all, who would dare to fake this matter.

This is a game with a human head.

Zhang Tianming couldn’t help but praised: “Xiao Chen, I didn’t think you were really a talent! This kind of thing actually allows you to do it. In order not to regress in the allocation of the leading actors and sponsors, we experienced it up and down. A month, five or six negotiations.”

Liu Qiandao hurriedly bent over and said, “President Zhang praised him. In fact, Mr. Zhang, your usual leadership and teachings are well-informed. This time, it is your credit.”

Zhang Tianming nodded in satisfaction, “Xiao Chen, you are quite good at talking. I will not treat you badly in this matter. In a few days, as long as this matter is fixed, I will give you a director in a few days. “

When Liu Qiandao heard it, his face was full of surprise!


That’s the real company executive!

Now he is just a director of the company, and he was promoted from director to director at once!

It’s no different from reaching the sky in one step!

Liu Qiandao’s heart beats wildly!

As long as I become a director, those little models and little stars in the company…


Finally can live a real life as a master.

In his mind, Feliicity’s sexy and seductive body could not help but surfaced.

He swallowed, knowing that to take her down, a precondition is needed.

So he took advantage of Zhang Tianming’s joy, and boldly asked for instructions: “Mr. Zhang, I have an unsympathetic request. I don’t know if it will be convenient for you…”

Zhang Tianming was still excited and said, “Say, as long as I can do it, it doesn’t hurt to say it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Zhang, I dare to ask if I can give me a sponsorship right, I will have a personal relationship…” Liu Qiandao said excitedly.

But when Zhang Tianming heard this, the excitement on his face slowly dissipated. He pondered for a moment and said, “It’s not impossible for you to sponsor this right. But not now. Wait a second. The time is right, I will notify you. your.”

Liu Qiandao’s heart suddenly became cold.

He has learned the leadership’s buckling technique for many years.

Seeing that his face was wrong, Zhang Tianming explained: “Don’t worry, you will do things for me, and I will not treat you badly. I really am not fooling you. It is because of this successful negotiation that I suddenly thought of a plan, so this sponsorship The matter of power cannot be moved yet.

Liu Qiandao nodded suspiciously, “Well, then Mr. Zhang cares about everything.”

“By the way, the success of this negotiation is known to everyone, you know I know, no one is allowed to say it, you know?” Zhang Tianming suddenly solemnly explained.

Although Liu Qiandao didn’t know why, he still nodded.

Zhang Tianming made a call at this time, with a grimly smile on his face, and said to Liu Qiandao: “Don’t blame me for not helping you, go, let me see our new president, he seems to be here. You are still here. Have you seen it before.”

Chapter 178

When Liu Qiandao heard this, he immediately said excitedly: “Okay, okay! Thank you Mr. Zhang!”

This new president, acting mysteriously, is rarely seen in the company so far.

Now Mr. Zhang actually wants to take him to meet with the president. This is not what he is supporting!

Mr. Zhang also said: “I will see the president later, don’t say a word of nonsense, listen to me, you just nod to the side and say yes.”

How dare Liu Qiandao disobey Mr. Zhang, he immediately agreed.

The two came to the president’s office, but saw that the door was open and there was no one inside.

Zhang Tianming was confused, “What about people? It’s strange.”

The two waited for a while, but they didn’t wait until they were there. Finally, Zhang Tianming said, “Forget it, I’ll bring you here next time I have a chance, so go ahead.”

Although Liu Qiandao felt sorry for him, he could only do so.

When he was going down, he saw that there was no figure of Wiliam on the security booth, and he was immediately upset, “Where did the kid go! He dared to leave his job with me on the first day! See you later To him, he feels better!”

And go back a few minutes ago.

In Gu Zhiling’s office.

Gu Zhiling is proud of the spring breeze today.

Because early in the morning, she discovered that her swollen face all the time for the past six months is now as perfect as ever.

Blow-breakable skin, white cheeks.

The beauty in the mirror actually made Gu Zhiling feel hard to breathe.

So beautiful.

She also took off her mask and sunglasses when she walked to the door of the company for the first time in six months.

Seeing people in the company cast amazing eyes at her, she felt even more happy.

I should be so!

Stand in the eyes of everyone and enjoy the prosperity of the world!

In the office, she looked in the mirror for a long time, and then suddenly remembered something.

Meet the president.

I used to hide my face from seeing people, but today is different.

My face is even more beautiful than before.

Which man can not worship under his allure face.

This is the best time.

If you see the president, just hook him up.

Isn’t the president easily taken down by his perfect self?

So she immediately called Janett.

However, Janett was upset about Gu Zhiling’s unscrupulous release of pigeons yesterday, and her tone was not so kind.

Almost without blinking his eyes, he refused Gu Zhiling’s request to meet the president. “The president is empty.”

It’s a revenge for dropping the pigeon yesterday.

Gu Zhiling was originally in a beautiful mood, but when Janett was so disturbed, he suddenly became angry.

She opened the door and was about to go out to ask Janett for a face-to-face questioning, but suddenly she slammed into someone’s arms with an “Ouch”.

“Who doesn’t open your eyes so much, what are you doing at my door!” Gu Zhiling frowned and said.

When she looked up, all the anger and joy suddenly turned into grief and anger!

“It’s you! You come to our company again! You are tired of life, right!” Gu Zhiling saw the embrace he plunged into, and it was Wiliam!

Wiliam walked into her office and sat down on the sofa.

Gu Zhiling rushed over fiercely, “You are so sick! Get out of here! What the hell is going on with the company security! Just let people come up!”

Wiliam said casually: “Don’t worry about how I got up, take off my clothes.”

In a word, Gu Zhiling’s head seemed to be blown by a gale.

Take off your clothes…

This sentence is so familiar!

She was instantly full of the way the bastard healed her yesterday!

What a shame!

Shame and helpless!

This bastard is so arrogant!

“This is broad daylight! This is in the office!” Gu Zhiling roared.

She wanted to throw Wiliam out directly.

But today everyone saw her crazy appearance, which made her feel complicated.

If you want to show people with a perfect face day and night, you must accept the treatment of this bastard!

If you want to be a heroine, you can’t even travel for a moment with your face.

It’s just that the time and place are completely wrong, okay?

People come and go in the office in broad daylight.

If someone came by accidentally, or saw something you shouldn’t see!

Then the halo of being a star is going to be shattered!

Wiliam looked at his watch and said, “I don’t have time. I told you what I advised you yesterday, and I don’t want to say it again. I will give you a minute to think about it.”

Looking at Wiliam’s indifferent look, Gu Zhiling was so angry that he just wanted to throw his high heels on his face!

There has never been a man who dared to do this to her!

Not to mention a humble man!

In the office, don’t be too exciting!

Wiliam didn’t even look at Gu Zhiling, just staring at the watch, as if counting down.

For one minute, it was as long as a year in Gu Zhiling’s life.

In the end, she compromised.

Anyway, he was fed up by him yesterday, not worse than today.

She took off her clothes in shame, and Wiliam threw another blindfold at her, “Put it on.”

Daytime, office, beauty, blindfold.

How exciting is it.

Gu Zhiling is going crazy.

After I am healed, I will swear not to kill you!

After she put on the blindfold, she felt a tingling sensation behind her back.

It should be the silver needle stuck in the body.

She wanted to shout out, but because of the sensitive location, she held back.

This forbearance of shame made her dizzy even more.

Because she was fainted by Wiliam directly yesterday, so she didn’t feel anything.

Today, when she is awake, she only feels like she has been eaten by ants, with a strange feeling of pain and happiness.

In the end, she couldn’t help sighing, this kid is really capable.

“Turn around and face me.” Wiliam said suddenly.

Gu Zhiling, who was numb all over, woke up suddenly!

Facing him!

Wouldn’t it be unobstructed!

“There are the last ten stitches, I advise you to hurry up. I’ll say it again, the doctor’s parents’ heart. If your mind is not clean, you might as well call me Dad.” Wiliam’s indifferent voice has an incomparable beating magic!

Call you a dog, call you father!

You bastard, where’s your face!

Your morals!

Don’t overdo it!

The roar in his heart returned to roar, but in desperation, Gu Zhiling turned around according to Wiliam’s instructions.

The body trembled slightly.

At this moment, there was a loud sound of high-heeled shoes outside.

The sound is from far to near.

Gu Zhiling trembled, and his goose bumps all over!

She was expecting silently in her heart, this sound of footsteps must not come to me!

However, the more you are afraid, what will come!

The footsteps suddenly stopped at the door of Gu Zhiling’s office, and then the doorknob of the office was turned.

Chapter 179

“Ah!” Gu Zhiling’s heart raised his throat, and he exclaimed directly!

It’s over!

To be seen!

I was completely ruined!

This bastard!

However, after she exclaimed, the people outside the door turned the door several times, as if it could not be opened.

It turned out that when Gu Zhiling came in with Wiliam just now, he instinctively locked the door.

Seeing this, Gu Zhiling trembled all over.

Good risk, good risk!

Life is hanging by a thread!

But at this time there was another voice outside the door, “Sister Gu, are you inside? I seemed to hear your voice just now.”

The ancient Ling’s heart shuddered.

This voice is from her assistant Chen Lin.

At this time, Gu Zhiling couldn’t wait to slap himself.

If you didn’t scream just now, you could pretend to be absent, and Chen Lin would naturally leave.

It’s not bad now, how can this be explained?

Wiliam whispered: “There are six left, don’t let anyone in at the critical moment.”

Gu Zhiling has a black line!

Do I know better than you!

Do I want others to come in and see how ashamed I am now!

So she pretended to be calm, and said to Chen Lin outside: “I’m changing clothes, wait a minute.”

“Oh, okay. Then I’m waiting here.” Chen Lin answered outside the door.

Gu Zhiling was depressed again.

You are waiting outside the door, this is not to be caught. Are you fucking in bed?

But the words have been spoken, and she has no idea.

She just wanted time to pass faster, Wiliam quickly explained acupuncture and then found a place to hide.

For the last few needles, Wiliam spun one by one, slowly to death.

However, the strength of the silver needle’s rotation was so strange that it made Gu Zhiling a little unbearable, and he groaned.

Chen Lin outside the door looked blank, and suddenly asked, “Sister Gu, are you doing something wrong? Why do I feel that your voice is a bit wrong.”

“Nothing, wait a minute, oops…” Gu Zhiling said and yelled again.

Chen Lin outside was even more suspicious.

What’s wrong with Sister Gu today, how weird.

Chen Lin took the initiative to chat outside the door at this time, “Sister Gu, you told me yesterday that you bought the gift for the genius doctor, and I brought it to you.”

Gu Zhiling was distraught at the moment, where would he care about gifts.

She replied casually: “Okay.”

“Sister Gu, did you see the genius doctor yesterday? Is his medical skill very good? Is your body better?” Chen Lin was still chattering outside the door.

When Gu Zhiling heard this, he didn’t know how to answer Chen Lin.

The medical skills are good, but the character is too bad!

“Give me a gift, ho ho, you are polite.” Wiliam whispered while applying the needle.

Gu Zhiling’s strong sense of shame came up again.

If you know that the genius doctor is the bastard in front of you, then the gift to him must be a pig knife!

“Hey, by the way, Sister Gu, I think of another interesting thing. Do you still remember the fan of your brain that we met several times yesterday? I met him again just now. You must have never thought that this guy is actually in our company. Be a security guard. Are you funny?” Chen Lin giggled as she said outside the door.

The Gu Zhiling inside was even more blushing!

It turns out that this bastard can come up because he is the company’s security guard?


My dignified company’s top star was actually manipulated by a small security guard…

Gu Zhiling felt even more embarrassed.

“I, I know.” In order to prevent Chen Lin from arousing suspicion, Gu Zhiling could only bite the bullet and replied.

At this time, Wiliam had finished applying the needle, put away all the Needles of Red Flower, and then tore off her blindfold.

This twitching, eyes met.

Gu Zhiling awkwardly just wanted to find a seam to get in!

She held her body tightly with both hands.

Wiliam picked up two napkins on the table and threw them on her body, “Wipe off the sweat and put on your clothes.”

This lazy remark made Gu Zhiling flushed!

When she heard this, she always felt like she had been prostituted for nothing and she had to lift her pants…


Gu Zhiling hurriedly turned around and put on clothes swiftly.

And while putting on the clothes, she said to Wiliam without forgetting, “You can find a place to hide it for me…”

Before the voice fell, only a slight door opened.

Gu Zhiling turned his head in disbelief and looked at the door.

At this look, she was so angry that she would explode on the spot!

This bastard actually ignored her words and opened the door to walk outside.

It’s as if waiting an extra minute is a waste of time.

As soon as the door opened, Chen Lin outside was full of joy and wanted to come in, but when she saw that the person opening the door was not Gu Zhiling, she was dumbfounded.

The person who opened the door turned out to be the humble little security guard!

How could he appear in Sister Gu’s office!

She was shocked to breathe, then instinctively looked into the office.

This look is even more shocking!

Is this world crazy!

The Gu Zhiling inside, with disheveled clothes and dripping sweat, was obviously cleaning up the battlefield after performing an indescribable activity…

Chen Lin’s head bounced and she pointed to Wiliam angrily, her voice smashed, “You, you!”

Inside is Gu Zhiling, his head is buzzing!

This bastard!

I told myself not to open the door just now, thinking that he was also afraid of being hit by someone.

Who knows that as soon as the treatment is over, his clothes are so good that he just opened the door!

How can I be afraid of being hit by someone!

This is obviously unscrupulous!

Completely disregarded my ancient fame!

Son of a bitch!

Hurry up and die!

Chen Lin moved at this time.

She grabbed Wiliam and pulled him into the office again, and then asked Gu Zhiling sadly, “Sister Gu, what is going on!”

Gu Zhiling finally got his clothes on now.

She tidyed her hair, which was sticky from sweating profusely, and forced herself to calm down.

After all, before the genus, she still had a face.

She said to Chen Lin coldly: “What should be said and what should not be said, don’t need me to remind you. I am innocent with him.”

Chen Lin smelled the fragrance of women in the whole room again, and then accidentally saw another blindfold, even more disbelief in her heart.

“You guys talk slowly, I’ll leave first.” Wiliam said, and walked outside.

“Stop!” Gu Zhiling stopped Wiliam unexpectedly.

Then his heart bounced and said to Chen Lin: “Give him the gift.”

Chen Lin was confused, “Why! Isn’t this a gift you want to give to the genius doctor?”

Gu Ling did not speak, Chen Lin had no choice but to embarrassedly stuff the gift into Wiliam’s arms.

Wiliam put his hand on the gift box and suddenly frowned.

The stuff inside…

It’s a bit insidious!

Chapter 180

Wiliam’s hand lightly tapped on the gift box, and then walked outside.

After he left, Chen Lin immediately asked Gu Zhiling: “Sister Gu, why are you with him! What is your status, what is his status! Even if you want a man, you don’t have to look for such a humble People!”

Gu Zhiling’s face suddenly became cold, “Chen Lin! I warn you again, don’t say what you shouldn’t say, don’t ask, let alone ask! Things are not what you think.”

Chen Lin’s face became stiff, and she immediately persuaded.

But in her heart, she was extremely annoyed!

That bastard actually got Gu Zhiling!

The toad ate the swan meat!

I finally bought the Lucky Necklace with a lot of money, but Sister Gu gave it to him without even seeing it!

This must be a hush fee for that kid!


At this moment, in Zhang Tianming’s office.

After Zhang Tianming walked for several minutes, he finally took the courage and called Qian Feiyu.

The call was quickly connected.

Zhang Tianming unconsciously bent over and laughed, “Hello, Mr. Qian, this is Zhang Tianming. I heard Liu Qiandao say that you agreed to our film negotiation agreement last night, right?”

Qian Feiyu said indifferently: “Yes, according to the request you made before, the starring will give you one, and then give you one-third of the sponsorship rights. Is there a problem?”

Zhang Tianming immediately said: “There is no problem, of course there is no problem! Mr. Qian, you are the grandeur, and I admire you very much.”

“Is there anything else?” Qian Feiyu asked.

“Well, there is indeed something, I want to do a business with you privately, what do you think?” Zhang Tianming suddenly lowered his voice and said.

“What business?” Qian Feiyu frowned on the phone.

“I’m afraid you don’t know yet. We just came to a new president, and that president is simply a waste. So the business I want to do with you is that I will not release the message of our agreement for the time being. These two Today, our president will personally negotiate with you. At that time, can you refuse him in one fell swoop, or just not meet him?” Zhang Tianming whispered.

“Oh? Why? Why should I do this?” Qian Feiyu is also an old fox in the mall, and immediately knew that there must be something tricky in it.

“Hey, because I want to take this credit to myself. You know, we negotiated a business, and there is a performance bonus. Do you think this is okay? I privately give you three million, as a tribute to you. “Zhang Tianming said.

At this time, Qian Feiyu pondered.

What Zhang Tianming said is indeed an unspoken rule in this industry.

This is equivalent to a rebate.

It’s just that Qian Feiyu is thinking of the genius doctor Lu Yelu.

Since God Doctor Lu is working as a security guard at Lunanica Company, is there any fraud?

Qian Feiyu thought for two minutes, and finally said, “Five million.”

What he thought was that he had already given face to the doctor Lu anyway, and the negotiation was settled.

As for how to go around inside, it was an internal matter of Lunanica Company. Wiliam was just a security guard, and there shouldn’t be any damage to his interests.

Why not save money for the company.

But five million made Zhang Tianming a little bit painful.

Even if Zhang Tianming was credited with this business, the performance bonus he got was only six or seven million.

This one drops five million…

He also thought for a minute, and finally gritted his teeth, “It’s a deal! Then if our president visits you these two days, you must be stretched.”

“It’s easy to say, I still understand the principle of using people’s money to do things for people. Besides, when this agreement is signed, we are a cooperative relationship, and we can make money together with money.” Qian Feiyu said.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Tianming’s expression turned gloomy.

What made him really determined to do so was not just the performance bonus.

More importantly, Zhang Tianming wants to use this matter to make things difficult for the president who doesn’t know the heights!

Take the revenge of Wiliam’s humiliation against him!

By the way, he also sounded a wake-up call to Mr. Lu, letting him know that in the company, who can get things done and who has the real power.

What you can’t do, Wiliam, I, Zhang Tianming, can do it with no effort.

Zhang Tianming ran through all the plans in his mind, and then walked to the president’s office after making sure that there was nothing wrong.

This time, Wiliam was in the office.

Zhang Tianming pretended to be agitated, and he started cursing as soon as he walked into the office, “Mr. Lu, the money manager of Hanlan’s company is really inhumane! I really thought it would take us!”

Wiliam glanced at Zhang Tianming lightly, “What’s the matter?”

Zhang Tianming immediately threw out the prepared rhetoric, “We originally negotiated with them on the condition that they each invested 50 million in new movies, and then we accounted for one protagonist and one-third of the sponsorship rights. “

Wiliam nodded, he knew this.

“But he, that bastard money manager, just called me and told us to add 10 million yuan before agreeing to this condition. Otherwise, our protagonist’s quota will be lost. You said this is not too deceitful.” Zhang Tianming talked about his excitement and patted the table.

But Zhang Tianming didn’t notice that the corner of Wiliam’s mouth was slightly hooked.

There was a witty smile.

When Qian Feiyu promised Liu Qiandao last night, Wiliam was there.

And Wiliam also believed that Qian didn’t dare to play tricks in front of him.

Then there is only one answer.

This Qian always didn’t know that he was at the scene last night, let alone the relationship between him and Qian, so he planned to use this matter to hide himself.

“Oh? That’s too much, then what do you want to do with this matter?” Wiliam asked following his words.

Zhang Tianming immediately said, “I have no idea about this matter, Mr. Lu, I guess you will contact Qian Feiyu in person.”

“Okay. You can arrange a time.” Wiliam agreed casually.

Zhang Tianming was taken aback for a moment, unexpectedly thinking that Wiliam promised to be so simple.

“Well, Mr. Lu, we are our own people. Let me say something of conscience. Mr. Qian’s temper is really bad. If you are wronged by that time, you must bear it.” Zhang Tianming began to tell Lu. Ye was vaccinated.

“I see, thank you for your reminder.” Wiliam said.

Zhang Tianming just left the office in a shameless manner.

When he turned around, his face was joking.

The good show is about to begin.

Wiliam first explained Janett’s sponsorship rights to the Bai family, and then stayed for a while before leaving the office with a gift from Gu Zhiling.

But when he was about to step out of the company’s door, a loud shout came from behind him, “Stop!”

Wiliam turned around, and the person who shouted was Liu Qiandao.

Liu Qiandao originally wanted to scold Wiliam for leaving his job without permission when he was at work, but his eyes dazzled, and he stared at the gift bag in Wiliam’s hand, “What are you holding? It turns out that you were stealing something while leaving the job without permission!”


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