Dragon Husband Chapter 181 – 190

Chapter 181 Blood Moon

Wiliam smiled when he saw Liu Qiandao, “It’s you.”

Seeing Wiliam smiling, Liu Qiandao felt disgusted for a while!

A guilty disgust!

Liu Qiandao usually likes to dress elegantly and calmly, as if Taishan collapsed and his face didn’t change color.

But seeing Wiliam is really calm and calm every time, he has a kind of boredom from the bottom of his heart!

Obviously he is a little ant, even better than me!

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, are they?

“What are you holding! Where did it come from!” Liu Qiandao asked Lu Yedao.

Wiliam shook the gift bag in his hand and said, “Oh, I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s not a good thing. I’m planning to throw it away.”

Liu Qiandao caught the handle of Wiliam’s words all at once, “Ho ho, you don’t know what’s inside? He said that you didn’t steal this thing! I just went up to see if you weren’t at the post and said, where have you been! “

Lu Yezhe spoke, naturally disdain to tell him that he went to Gu Zhiling’s office and that it was a gift from Gu Zhiling.

Seeing Wiliam not speaking, Liu Qiandao suddenly thought that Wiliam was speechless when asked.

He was proud of his heart and immediately took out his cell phone, “Ho ho, I will call your Bai family and tell them the crime of stealing things the first day you went to work.

He dialed Rebeca’s phone, and then turned on the loudspeaker, preparing to give Wiliam a crit face-to-face.

Of course, he wanted to use this matter to show Feliicity how unbearable his man was.

The call was quickly connected, and there was a hustle and bustle over there, as if some great happy event had happened.

In the noise, Rebeca’s voice came over, “Thousand Dao, we just wanted to call you, but we didn’t think of you.”

Liu Qiandao was confused and said: “What’s the matter?”

Rebeca immediately said: “It’s about your movie sponsorship this time.”

When Liu Qiandao heard this, his head was big.

Last night, he vowed to pat his chest and promised the Bai family that this matter would be foolproof to him.

But in the morning, Zhang Tianming directly refused.

This made him a little bit afraid to see the Bai family, which was too shameful.

Now that the Bai family mentioned this matter again, Liu Qiandao consciously couldn’t hide it, and bit his head and said: “Sorry, Auntie, I’m afraid I still have no way of doing this…”

“Thank you! Thousand Dao! We knew you were capable! We actually gave the sponsorship rights to our Bai family! We are all together now, we are discussing how to thank you! You are simply us The big lucky star of the Bai family!” Rebeca didn’t care what Liu Qiandao was talking about.

This directly stunned Liu Qiandao.

Has the Bai family got the sponsorship right?

how can that be!

In the morning, Zhang Tianming was still vowing to say that the sponsorship matter was still settled and no one could take it away.

Why did the Bai family get the sponsorship right?

“Auntie, what the hell is going on?” Liu Qiandao asked bluntly.

Rebeca giggled on the other side of the phone, “Hahaha, Qiandao, auntie knows that your child is usually low-key and humble. It’s a good thing. Why are you hiding it from us? Just now someone claimed to be you. The person in the company office called and talked about the sponsorship. We didn’t believe it at first, but after checking that phone number, it really belongs to your company!”

Liu Qiandao was even more confused.

What’s the situation?

“Thank you! In this way, our Bai family will be the host in the evening, and we will treat you to dinner! Thank you! Thank you! By the way, Feliicity will also be on the stage. What Auntie told you last night, you are ready to prepare.” Rebeca said At this point, he lowered his voice.

She obviously didn’t know that Wiliam was also by Liu Qiandao’s side.

When Liu Qiandao heard the white Feliicity, the whole person was excited.

He said at once: “Okay, everything is arranged by the aunt.”

“Qiandao, how did you do this? As far as I know, there is still no one in the city to get this sponsorship. We are the first one.” Rebeca asked curiously.

Liu Qiandao’s heart shuddered, and immediately said falsely and falsely: “I told you all, I know our Vice President Zhang very well, but it’s just a word.”

Liu Qiandao felt very proud.

It must be that Mr. Zhang wanted to take himself to see the president and didn’t see him. He felt a little guilty for himself.

Therefore, giving the sponsorship rights to the Bai family in advance is a little compensation for himself.

Liu Qiandao, who was overjoyed, didn’t even notice Wiliam’s sneer.

I don’t even think about it carefully. He just told Mr. Zhang that he wanted a sponsorship quota, but he didn’t mention that the quota was for the Bai family.

What he was thinking at the moment was the charm of tonight.

Feliicity, hehehe…

The Bai family seems to have acquiesced in that they can get along with Feliicity closely, so they only need to use some means.

Can’t you just have fun tonight?

Thinking of this, his whole body was hot.

The phone had already hung up, and the Bai family was obviously overjoyed and went to prepare for the dinner tonight.

Liu Qiandao wanted to laugh instinctively, but suddenly saw Wiliam in front of him.

He slapped his head suddenly! by! I forgot about the complaint to the Bai family!

But there’s nothing wrong, can’t we still meet tonight? In person, the effect is better.

He said to Wiliam viciously: “You are lucky today, I am in a good mood now, and I will spare you a dog. You heard the call just now. If you are acquainted, stay at home tonight and don’t go anywhere. ! Otherwise, ho ho, not only will you not be able to stay in the white house, but it will be even more difficult in our company!”

While he was talking, he grabbed the gift with one hand, “I don’t accept this thing. If you don’t want the petty theft to be exposed, you just endure it!”

After speaking, he whistled and left the company triumphantly.

Naturally, he couldn’t return this thing to the company, let alone find the owner.

In his hands, it is his.

When Wiliam returned home, Feliicity obviously knew about the sponsorship rights. When she saw Wiliam, she smiled reluctantly, “Wiliam, I really didn’t think that Liu Qiandao really helped us get the sponsorship rights. .”

Wiliam could see that although Feliicity had obtained the sponsorship rights, she was not so happy in her heart.

He knew why Feliicity was unhappy.

“Are you going to invite Liu Qiandao to dinner tonight?” Wiliam asked.

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment, she was a little afraid to look at Wiliam’s eyes, and said timidly: “Well, although he is perverse, but he really does a favor for our Bai family. It is reasonable and reasonable. The lord of the Bai family will naturally come forward.”

Wiliam nodded, turned and walked towards the room, “Okay, then you guys eat and drink well.”

Feliicity’s heart hurt inexplicably, and she couldn’t help asking: “Although the family won’t let you go, I still hope you will go with me.”

“No, I have other arrangements.” Wiliam said, walked into the room and opened the window.

The blood moon is empty.

Yi Bing Ge.

Avoid peace!

Chapter 182

No one could see that Wiliam’s eyes looked at Sky Blood Moon at the moment, and there was also a trace of blood.

It’s the Feliicity, and the ghost door opens.

In the room alone, Wiliam took out the “Impermanent Medical Classics” again and began to study.

And as soon as he saw the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”, Wiliam’s grandfather’s voice and smile appeared in his mind.

More than two months have passed.

I just made a billion yuan worth of money.

Earning a billion in two months is nothing short of a fantasy for ordinary people.

But for Wiliam, both quantity and time are far from enough!

The progress must be accelerated.

Wiliam turned over the “Medical Classics of Wuchang”, this time he used acupuncture to strengthen the body.

He stared at the yellowed paper attached to the book in a daze.

This stack is all prescriptions.

To be precise, it is an ancient recipe.

They are all ancient recipes that are hard to see or have long been lost.

Maybe you can start with these ancient recipes.

As long as the concealment is done, no one should discover it.

Wiliam thought, with a basic idea in his mind.

After waiting for half an hour, he got up and made a call, “Brother Tiger, lend me some people.”

Wiliam called Q City ( Qena City ) Tigger !

Tigger , who had a scar on his face and was so angry!

Tigger received Wiliam’s call, and he was instinctively taken aback, “Aren’t you looking for me through Lao Li?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “It’s not necessary.”

Tigger pondered for a moment and said, “How many?”

After Wiliam had explained to Tigger , he thought to himself that this Tigger was also quite capable.

I have to show my hands and feet in Q City ( Qena City ), and in the future, such tigers will have to help in the future.

It’s time to find a time and have a good chat with him.

Wiliam went out and found that it was dark outside, and Feliicity should have gone to a banquet with the Bai family.

At this moment, in the box of the Yuehua Hotel, the Bai family was enjoying themselves.

Liu Fanke was among them.

Rebeca flushed even more and was extremely happy.

She deliberately shook in front of everyone, and suddenly someone discovered that Rebeca was wrong.

“Oh Ruoyun, where did your necklace come from? It’s so beautiful!” someone exclaimed.

Rebeca immediately picked up the necklace around his neck proudly, placed it in front of the crowd, and said proudly: “This is a meeting gift given to me by a thousand Tofan guests.”

The crowd gathered around the exquisite and translucent pendant, their eyes full of light, “What is this! Like a stone and not like a stone, like a jade and not like a jade, it looks very beautiful.”

“Ruoshuang, don’t you have a lot of research on jewelry? Do you know what this is?”

Xena accompanied the glum Feliicity, glanced at the necklace casually, and said, “I don’t know.”

Everyone didn’t care if Xena knew it, and asked Rebeca, “Ruoyun, what is this?”

Rebeca said triumphantly: “This is called a good luck necklace, and this pendant is called a good luck stone. This necklace will sell for more than half a million outside.”

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they drooled with envy.

“More than half a million! Such a valuable thing!”

“Qiandao is really good to you, just like a son-in-law to a mother-in-law.”

“Hey, I don’t know when I will receive such a precious gift.”

In the praise of everyone, Rebeca actually felt a little bit up and dizzy.

But she shook her head and beamed again, “Hahaha, you envy it. By the way, Fanke, what about Qiandao, why don’t you come here?”

Liu Fanke said: “He said he was going to prepare and he would come soon.”

If Rebeca looked at Feliicity seemingly, he naturally knew what this preparation meant.

Today is really good, right, right, and right.

The trash is not present, I see who can control Feliicity to find her own happiness.

And at this moment, in the underground parking lot.

Liu Qiandao, who was handsomely dressed, held a large bouquet of flowers in his hand, whistled and locked the car.

He was in a good mood.

He touched his pocket intentionally or unintentionally.

There is a bottle in his pocket that can turn mortals into gods, and there is no limit to happiness.

Le Xiaoyao is here tonight.

As he walked, he suddenly found a few slow footsteps in the darkness.

His footsteps stopped, just about to ask questions, at this time, the footsteps suddenly accelerated.

Then several people rushed out, without saying anything, a sack was put on Liu Qiandao’s head.

Liu Qiandao didn’t have time to shout, he only felt that countless clubs were beating wildly at his body.

He suddenly made a howl like a pig!

Who is this so special!

Hit people without saying anything!

There is no reason!

It took ten minutes to stop, and Liu Qiandao’s sack was also taken off.

Liu Qiandao was bruised, apparently beaten into a pig’s head.

He looked at the sturdy man in front of him and said aggrieved: “Dear heroes, I have no grievances with you. What are you doing? Are you trying to rob you? Will I give you all the money, OK? You let go Me.”

After all, he quickly drew out his pockets and handed out all his wallets and mobile phones.

“Jicai? I still look down on your wealth.” In the darkness, an indifferent voice came.

A figure walked out slowly.

When Liu Qiandao saw this man, his anger suddenly burned, and he got up from the ground, “It’s you! You are so looking for death! Even I dare to fight! I think you don’t want to live anymore!”

The person here is Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Liu Qiandao indifferently, and shook his head.

As soon as Liu Qiandao was about to rush over, he was immediately framed by two men and beat him again.

It made Liu Qiandao cry in tears, “It’s alright, I know I was wrong, don’t hit me!”

Wiliam walked in front of Liu Qiandao, Liu Qiandao’s eyes were full of anger, “Wiliam, what a hero you are, you can do it secretly! If it’s a man, I will single it out!”

“One-on-one?” Wiliam suddenly laughed, “I just didn’t want to dirty my hands, so I called them over.”

Liu Qiandao immediately looked at these brawny men and said, “You must have been hired by Wiliam! He is just a trash, no amount! How much does he hire you, I double! No! Triple! You help me beat him!”

Those strong men look at me, and I look at you, there is silence.

Liu Qiandao found that the eyes of the brawny man looking at Wiliam were full of fear.

These few people were involved in the Lin family massacre at the beginning!

They saw Wiliam like a demon with their own eyes, the long sword sang to death, and the flesh was overwhelming!

Powerful and decisive!

The deterrence Wiliam brought to these people had long surpassed the boss Tigger .

Now, someone actually wants to pay for them to deal with Wiliam.

Ho ho…

“Five times! Five times is OK! I can transfer money to you right away! I have which bank you need!” Liu Qiandao firmly believes that having money can make things worse.

The person in front of him suddenly laughed wildly.

“Is the bank? Okay.” The big fist of the casserole was raised high.

“Heaven and Earth Bank!”

Chapter 183

Liu Qiandao was beaten and his face blossomed. In the end, he didn’t even have the strength to cry.

Where are these desperadoes!

Are you really afraid of killing people?

If you have money, you can’t instigate them!

Liu Qiandao felt like a beeping dog!

It wasn’t until he was thrown on the ground that he was able to gasp for breath.

Wiliam looked at him condescendingly, a coldness flashed in his eyes, “The idea of ​​daring to fight the Feliicity is not as simple as it is today.”

Liu Qiandao nodded quickly, “Okay! I dare not, I dare not!”

Where would Wiliam believe him?

His chin lifted slightly.

A strong man walked over and digs into Liu Qiandao’s pocket.

Take out a small bottle of colorless and odorless potion.

When Liu Qiandao saw it, his face turned pale, “No, it’s not, Wiliam, listen to me to explain, this is just an ordinary potion. I usually have a disease and need treatment.”

Wiliam Xiemei smiled, “Okay, feed him medicine.”

The strong man couldn’t help but pour the bottle of water into Liu Qiandao’s mouth.

Liu Qiandao was struggling desperately, as if going crazy!

He suddenly felt a deep fear of Wiliam in his heart.

Killing but nodding!

What is he doing!

After feeding, the strong man threw the bottle away, then took out a small tiger-head token from his pocket and stuffed it into Liu Qiandao’s pocket, “I want to get revenge from us. Welcome. “

When Wiliam saw this scene, he was amazed.

Tigger looks careless, but his heart is clear.

His move clearly meant to show his favor.

This person is good.

Wiliam checked his watch, then closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, Liu Qiandao on the ground was already struggling desperately. His face was completely red and his veins burst.

It’s like running away at any time.

Wiliam picked up the phone and called Feliicity.

Feliicity was gloomy, but when she received a call from Wiliam, she immediately smiled, “Wiliam.”

“Which one is it?”

“The Rose Hall.”

“I’m at the door of the hotel, are you hungry?” Wiliam said softly.

“Hungry!” Feliicity answered almost without thinking.

“Come down, let’s go for food, by the way, bring Ruoshuang.” Wiliam said.

Feliicity instantly ignored the opposition of Bai’s family, grabbed the bag, and rushed outside while pulling Ruoshuang.

At this moment, her heart is extremely determined.

She didn’t want to be sorry for Wiliam.

Not even the slightest disobedience.

Wiliam called for dinner and was there on call.

Wiliam called down, non-stop.

Xena looked dumbfounded, “Sister, what are you doing!”

“Your brother-in-law, please eat.” Feliicity said quietly.

Xena immediately became energetic, speeding away Feliicity, “Okay, okay!”

Feliicity’s eyes became more resentful, what kind of sister!

After Wiliam hung up the phone, he walked towards the door of the hotel, leaving only a word.

“Throw him to the door of the Rose Hall.”

The few people nodded together, “Gong send off Brother Lu!”

Wiliam saw Feliicity and Xena at the door, and both of them looked at Wiliam’s eyes glowing.

Wiliam nodded amusedly on Xena’s forehead, “Don’t be such a nympho.”

One sentence offended two women.

Feliicity blushed, and said, “You are a nympho! Your whole family is nympho!”

The three of them made a beating and left the hotel.

At this moment, the bloody moon is hazy, the stars appear at once, and the world is gentle.

Behind the tenderness is cruel.

Seeing that Feliicity ran away directly, the Bai family jumped one by one!

Rebeca even cursed her mouth crooked, “Damn! This little bitch! I don’t want to take care of her when I go back! The wings are stiff, so I don’t even care about my mother!”

“Blame that waste! Mom! If you don’t clean up that waste, I’m afraid the Bai family will be completely ruined by him!”

Everyone cursed, Chen Shuyun’s expression also became ugly.

“Sit down for me! I’ll take care of this matter. Fanke, can you give Qiandao a phone call? It’s not for you to pay for this meal tonight. Our Bai family will have a big report next day.” Chen Shuyun Said to Liu Fanke.

Liu Fanke nodded, just about to take out his cell phone to make a call.

At this time, a “bang” sound came from the door!

It was as if something had hit the door.

Rebeca suddenly became unhappy, “What’s the matter with this hotel!”

With that, she walked towards the door.

When the door opened, a person leaned on her.

She suddenly exclaimed, but when she saw this man clearly, she was even more frightened.

The person who fell on her turned out to be Liu Qiandao with a blue nose and a swollen face!

At this moment, Liu Qiandao’s face was flushed, and his eyes seemed to be devouring people, looking terrifying!

“Qiandao, what’s the matter with you?” Rebeca suddenly exclaimed.

Liu Qiandao was already unconscious at this moment.

There was only one thought in his mind.


He instinctively hugged Rebeca and opened his mouth to kiss Rebeca.

This scene frightened everyone suddenly!

Rebeca was gnawed, and a strong anger surged in his heart. He slapped Liu Qiandao’s face with a “slap” slap, and quickly stepped back.

“Hey, don’t run, don’t run.” Liu Qiandao said vaguely with evil eyes, and chased Rebeca.

Suddenly, there was a flutter in the box.

Everyone is at a loss, this Liu Qiandao has always been the image of a gentle gentleman.

At this moment, such a Meng Lang, even Rebeca dared to molest!

It’s so inhuman!

Where did Rebeca ran to Liu Qiandao, who was frustrated and was hugged again, and started gnawing wildly.

“Fanke, save me, save me!” Rebeca cried directly.

This scene is really scary.

Liu Fanke’s face was ugly!

He has been chasing Rebeca wildly recently!

Now, my own dog thing, unexpectedly came up with Rebeca’s idea directly!

Too rebellious and unreasonable, too godly!

Liu Fanke rushed over and slapped Liu Qiandao’s face fiercely, “Naughty animal! Let me go!”

Liu Qiandao was pulled apart at once, but he was so powerful that he was so powerful that he kicked Liu Fanke to the ground with one kick.

Liu Qiandao turned around and chased Rebeca, Rebeca almost collapsed!

Animals are not as good!

She suddenly hid behind Chen Shuyun, wanting to say that with Chen Shuyun’s unangered and prestigious temperament, Liu Qiandao could naturally be suppressed severely.

But Liu Qiandao suddenly stared at Chen Shuyun at this time and laughed again.

“Liu Qiandao! You! What are you doing! Are you crazy!” Chen Shuyun was staring at him and was numb, and she was about to hit Liu Qiandao with a cane.

But at this time, Liu Qiandao actually rushed towards Chen Shuyun in full view, and immediately threw Chen Shuyun to the ground.

Chapter 184

The people at the scene were stunned!

This Liu Qiandao was so hungry that he didn’t choose food!

Even old people like Chen Shuyun rush!

Chen Shuyun was on the ground, wailing desperately, and his heart was too embarrassing and angry!

She has been so arrogant in the past few decades, she has never been so embarrassed!

There is no forgiveness!

After hearing her voice, everyone woke up and hurriedly pulled Liu Qiandao away.

At this time, the hotel security rushed in and suppressed Liu Qiandao, who was frantic.

“Send to the hospital! Send to the hospital!” Liu Fanke hurriedly shouted, seeing Liu Qiandao’s savage face, as if he had eaten something.

When the two of them left, the Bai family was relieved.

However, they were very angry.

Especially Chen Shuyun and Rebeca, their cheeks were bitten with a few teeth marks, which is extremely ugly!

“This Liu Qiandao, I will not spare him!” Chen Shuyun patted the table angrily, shaking all over.

Everyone was quiet and dare not say a word.

Before Liu Qiandao gave everyone a gentle and gentle impression, and he thought it was such a beast, so everyone can see clearly.

Bai Zhensheng said strangely with Yin and Yang, “Huh, Feliicity and Xena ran fast just now.”

Everyone was startled, yes, Feliicity and Xena left the box because of such a coincidence.

Otherwise, this humiliation should be borne by the two of them.

“Today we are considered dead! Rebeca, if you don’t give me a good explanation for this matter, I will not finish it with you!” Chen Shuyun glared at Rebeca, and then strode away.

Rebeca was in place, neither was crying nor crying.

I felt wronged to the extreme!

She is also one of the victims!

What’s wrong with Liu Qiandao!

This made Rebeca puzzled and depressed to death.

And early the next morning, Liu Qiandao, who was awake in the hospital, picked up his mobile phone, and when he saw several missed calls in the mobile phone, he was trembling with fright.

It’s all from Zhang Tianming.

He called back immediately, and heard Zhang Tianming roar on the phone: “You are so dead, are you? I dare not answer my phone!”

“Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry, I…” Liu Qiandao just wanted to explain.

“I don’t want to listen! Come to the company right away! The president sent a message yesterday midnight, and he has agreed to negotiate a contract at the Q City ( Qena City ) office of Hanlan at 10 o’clock this morning. You don’t want to come.” Zhang Tianming said it directly. hang up the phone.

Liu Qiandao was taken aback, ten o’clock this morning?

He looked at the time and it was nine o’clock now!

He looked at his body again, and suddenly looked sad!

His body was covered with bandages, and there was a hanging bottle.

I move, my whole body hurts!

In his head, Wiliam’s criminal behavior against him suddenly appeared last night, and the anger in his heart suddenly burned!

That bastard, I kindly introduced you to the job, and you actually took revenge for it!

it is good!

Today I will make you unable to stay in Lunanica Company!

Thinking of this, he disregarded the pain, pulled out the infusion, then got up, put on his clothes, gritted his teeth and left the hospital.

Of course, he hadn’t remembered Meng Lang’s behavior in Rose Hall last night.

He came to the company at half past nine, thinking that there was still some time, and wanted to get Wiliam to be expelled first.

He immediately came to the security room and wanted to use his identity to suppress the captain of the security team.

But the captain of the security team directly threw a sentence, “We recommend that the security guards come here without going through the leaders above, but to fire employees, we need the people above to sign. I dare not break this rule.”

The security captain had no impression of this man named Wiliam at all.

After Liu Qiandao listened, he gritted his teeth!

The people above are, to put it bluntly, the new president, Secretary Qin, and Zhang Tianming.

Only the three of them have the power to sign the expulsion notice.

Thinking of this, he took a drafted dismissal notice from the security captain, found a place to write Wiliam’s name, and then went to Zhang Tianming.

In his heart, expelling a small security guard, Zhang Tianming would not deny himself this face.

What’s more, I made a great contribution yesterday, and this matter is as easy as trying to get something.

At this moment, Zhang Tianming was waiting in Wiliam’s office.

Wiliam glanced at Zhang Tianming and said, “It’s almost time, let’s go.”

Zhang Tianming was taken aback and said, “There is another person on my side. You think I told him to go to the office directly…”

Wiliam’s mouth ticked, “Liu Qiandao?”

Zhang Tianming’s heart sighed, “How do you know?”

“Let’s go there.” Wiliam said, and walked out.

Zhang Tianming was confused and followed Wiliam one step at a time.

He didn’t know why Wiliam didn’t let him lead his men over.

There is only one reason.

This straw bag president was afraid of being embarrassed before his hands, so he went to the meeting alone, and it was a little bit less embarrassing in front of others.

So he immediately called Liu Qiandao.

Liu Qiandao was about to find Zhang Tianming at this moment. As soon as he answered the phone, he immediately said diligently: “Mr. Zhang, I have already arrived at the company. I will see you now. I have one more thing for you to save face…”

“You don’t use it anymore. The president said that I will go with him. I’ll talk about it later.” Zhang Tianming hung up after speaking on the phone.

Liu Qiandao’s head bounced and he was ashamed!

Don’t bring yourself!

I am the chief hero of this negotiation!

How can you not bring yourself!

Besides, the president hasn’t even seen himself before, so how could he say such things as not having a person!

It must be the bastard Zhang Tianming, who wants to take the credit for himself!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible, and his heart became too angry!

Okay, you just want to swallow the feats I have worked so hard!

Not even the dregs left to me!

You know, Qian Feiyu only agreed to this negotiation because of my face!

Without me, how could you be successful!

People are doing it, the sky is watching, Zhang Tianming, you are so ruthless, don’t blame me for being ruthless!

Thinking of this, he looked for Zhang Tianming in the company, thinking that it would be better if he could meet the president.

Even if you fight Spy’s face, you have to claim your own credit!

That’s a performance bonus of several million!

He went around in the company, but didn’t find Zhang Tianming’s figure.

At this time, he inadvertently looked outside on the second floor, and suddenly exclaimed!

I saw a car parked in front of the company, and Zhang Tianming got directly into the passenger seat.

And another person sat in with Zhang Tianming.

This person caused Liu Qiandao to crush his teeth!

He is actually his own unshakable enemy!


Chapter 185

Liu Qiandao, who was furious, only noticed that Wiliam got in the car.

But I didn’t think of a detail at all!

Zhang Tianminggui is the vice president of the company, sitting in the position of the co-pilot.

And Wiliam sits in the back row!

He was full of anger!


Why does Wiliam go with Zhang Tianming!

I should be the one following Zhang Tianming today!

After thinking about it, Liu Qiandao suddenly slapped his head!

Swear directly!

He thought of a very reasonable reason!

When I saw Qian Feiyu that night, Wiliam was there!

Wiliam also knew that the negotiation was successful!

It must be Wiliam who went to Zhang Tianming secretly to ask for credit. I don’t know what method he used to let Zhang Tianming take him instead of himself!


After hitting me, he robbed me of credit!

Yes, you little security guard!

Today I will never die with you!

Thinking of this, he immediately rushed downstairs, but the car was already gone.

Because he was injured and couldn’t drive, he had to take a taxi to the Hanlan office.

This time was delayed for a long time.

He was distraught in the car, but he was helpless.

I think I must block the door of the office later, and I want Zhang Tianming to give myself an explanation!

Let Zhang Tianming make a good choice with a security guard!

Is it the one who chooses the pride of heaven, or the security guard who can not miss it!

Wiliam and Zhang Tianming drove to the office of Hanlan Company. Zhang Tianming’s heart was beating along the way.

It’s done today!

He also secretly sent a text message to Qian Feiyu just now to confirm the business between them.

In the newsletter, Qian Feiyu vowed to say that he is a fool if he has money and doesn’t make money, and he will not take care of the internal affairs of Lunanica Company.

After getting this affirmative message, Zhang Tianming felt relaxed.

Next, you can watch the jokes with peace of mind.

Look at how the most sloppy president Cangyue in history slumped in front of Qian Feiyu.

Hehe, if the president asks for help on the spot, maybe he will look at the face of his colleagues and give him a step down.

If this idiot doesn’t know how to promote, then don’t blame Zhang Tianming for being ruthless.

As long as he sweeps his face today, and then I will find Qian Feiyu another day to get this matter done.

Then his reputation in the company can stabilize this straw bag.

At that time, even the little bitch Janett did not dare to do anything to herself!

Thinking of this, Mr. Zhang couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Why are you laughing so happy?” Wiliam asked playfully from behind.

Zhang Tianming looked at Wiliam from the rearview mirror. The more he looked at him, the more he felt like a straw bag. He couldn’t help but said falsely: “I don’t think I would have the honor to talk with the president today. I can’t wait to pay homage to the president. .”

“Ho ho, right?” Wiliam smiled slightly before closing his eyes.

Zhang Tianming naturally felt that he was starting to have a guilty conscience and he didn’t dare to look at himself.

When the two arrived at the door of Hanlan’s office, they were greeted by the staff and said that Mr. Qian had been waiting upstairs for a long time.

Wiliam asked where the bathroom was, and went to the bathroom alone.

Zhang Tianming behind him was even happier.

Haha, a bullshit, this person still didn’t see it, and the negotiation hadn’t started yet, so he was scared to go to the bathroom.

Later, you were humiliated by others, and you were incontinent on the spot?

Really look forward to it.

Zhang Tianming was in Chief Qian’s office and he saw Chief Qian making tea at a glance.

“Money is always good.” Zhang Tianming walked in respectfully and said hello.

Qian Feiyu glanced at Zhang Tianming, and asked in confusion, “Didn’t you say that your president is also here?”

“Hahaha! That straw bag was leaked by your bastard side, and went directly to the toilet. You said it was ridiculous?” Zhang Tianming had no scruples about the company’s face in front of Qian Feiyu and aggressively suppressed The new president was appointed.

Qian Feiyu nodded, “Don’t worry, you charged me with the money last night, I won’t let you down.”

Receiving an affirmative answer again, Zhang Tianming nodded in satisfaction, sat down, and enjoyed Qian Feiyu’s good beef tea with confidence.

Next, just wait for the straw bag to come, and the good show will start.

After a while, a footstep slowly appeared in the corridor.

Zhang Tianming’s spirits were shocked, “Here, Mr. Qian, it’s up to you next.”

Qian always nodded and looked at the door.

A person slowly appeared at the door.

Seeing this man, Qian Feiyu was stunned on the spot.

He actually forgot to stand up to meet!

Is his head full of question marks?


Isn’t Wiliam the security guard of Lunanica Company?

Now that Lunanica Company has come out to negotiate with security guards so advanced?

But at this time, Zhang Tianming immediately stood up and greeted Wiliam.

The two walked up to Qian Feiyu.

Qian Feiyu stared at the indifferent Wiliam blankly, his head still in fascination.

Zhang Tianming gently pushed Qian Feiyu, then cleared his throat, and introduced: “Mr. Qian, this is the new president of our company, Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu, this is what I mentioned to you. The boss of Hanlan Company, Mr. Qian.”

When Qian Feiyu heard it, his head blew!

President Lu!

Wiliam is actually the new president of Lunanica Company!

He is not the security guard of Lunanica Company!


This unexpected result caused Qian Feiyu to get goose bumps all over!

For an instant, all the things that happened before appeared in his head!

His face flushed suddenly!

Good you Liu Qiandao!

Do you dare to fool me!

Obviously Wiliam is your president, you also said that it is the security of your company!

court death!

And you Zhang Tianming!

Since Wiliam is the president of the company, you let me deceive him and play him today!

Do you want me to die on the spot?

You two, I can’t kill you!

And the angry Qian Feiyu suddenly thought of an even more shocking fact!

When I promised Liu Qiandao before, Wiliam was also there!

He knew about this negotiation with a known ending!

By doing this, Zhang Tianming wanted to put himself to death!


Don’t blame me for being unrighteous if you are unkind!

They are playing tricks on me, then see, how can I return it to you!

Thinking of this, Qian Feiyu suddenly slapped himself severely!


The loud slap in the face is especially clear in a quiet office.

Zhang Tianming was stunned, what’s going on with President Qian!

Slap yourself at the beginning?

Does the show need to be so full?

Is your face flushed?

“Mr. Lu, how are you.” After Qian Feiyu finished fanning, he glanced at Wiliam apologetically.

Wiliam stretched out his hand and said indifferently: “Hello, Mr. Qian.”

Qian Feiyu read too many things from Wiliam’s eyes.

Including, after just slapped himself, Wiliam seemed to forgive himself.

The ignorant is not guilty.

Since the ignorant is not guilty.

Those who know, should apologize!

Chapter 186

The three of them sat on the sofa again, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.

According to the established rules, Wiliam and Qian Feiyu talked directly.

But the two people in front of him, one is drinking tea quietly and the other is making tea tremblingly, neither of them speaks.

In the end, Zhang Tianming really couldn’t stand it anymore, and proactively said: “Mr. Qian, the negotiation thing that I said before…”

“Oh, what are the terms of the negotiation?” Wiliam asked casually.

Qian Feiyu trembles, and immediately replied: “We each contributed 50 million yuan. All scripts were shot by our Hanlan Company. After all, we are professional in this area. And what you Lunanica Company got is one The number of starring actors also has one-third of the right to recruit sponsors.”

Wiliam nodded, “Okay, what do you say?”

Qian Feiyu really wanted to talk, and Zhang Tianming gave him a look at this time, as if he was saying that this good show must be played slowly to be fun.

Zhang Tianming took the lead and said: “This condition is wrong! But you are too human! You actually called me and said that we would either add 10 million or cut off our starring spot! Are you not bullying? !”

Zhang Tianming’s words directly made Qian Feiyu stupid!

How did he say these things!

Let’s not say how bad Wiliam’s impression of himself is after hearing these words!

It is this condition that no one can put forward!

Do I have to compare myself with such a deliberate plan!

This Zhang Tianming is a bastard!

You act as you act, and I splash my dirty water all over!

You show it to me!

“No, I haven’t said these things, Mr. Zhang, how did you hear it? Is there a record of the call? Is there a recording? Is there evidence?” Qian Feiyu asked Zhang Tianming directly.

Zhang Tianming’s breathing was stagnant, and he looked at Qian Feiyu who turned his back when he opened his mouth in disbelief!

He winked desperately, but Qian Feiyu looked at Zhang Tianming with an innocent look.

Zhang Tianming’s heart is going to blow up!


What’s the situation!

Why doesn’t Mr. Qian play his cards according to his routine!

Didn’t you say everything before!

Could it be because he hadn’t communicated with Mr. Qian before this remark, so he just said he didn’t know?

Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming held back his anger and sneered, “Qian always joked. Hoho, in this case, we will let them pass through the past. How about we restart negotiations?”

Qian Feiyu nodded, “Okay, how can I do it again?”

Zhang Tianming said casually: “Just one starring quota and one-third of the sponsorship rights…”

“Okay.” Qian Feiyu answered almost in seconds. ? ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! !

At this moment, Zhang Tianming’s head was almost humming!

He was messy in the wind!

What kind of routine!

What’s the situation with the money!

Did he forget what he promised himself before!

I transferred five million to him!

He was still vowing to make things difficult for Mr. Lu just now!

How come now, I just turned my face and didn’t recognize people!


“Mr. Qian, you!” Zhang Tianming’s tone became a little unkind.

Qian Feiyu looked at Wiliam cautiously, and said, “Mr. Lu, if you think this condition is too harsh, we can talk about it, such as half of the sponsor recruitment rights for one person…”

Qian Feiyu looked at Wiliam expectantly.

As long as Wiliam speaks, even if he wants to give him 50 million directly, it is not a problem.

And this sentence made Zhang Tianming stupid!

Forget it if you say yes in a second!

Said it could be discussed further?

The two companies discussed these two conditions for more than a month!

And there is no agreement!

It can be seen that Qian Feiyu is a man who must investigate every inch of his land.

Why is it so generous now!

I want him to make things difficult for the president, but I don’t want him to become the president!

Did he hear the wrong thing!

Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming couldn’t help it anymore, and whispered to Qian Feiyu: “You come out with me, I have a few words to tell you.”

Wiliam on the side turned a blind eye, tasting tea with peace of mind, as if he didn’t care about it.

Qian Feiyu followed Zhang Tianming out of the office.

Zhang Tianming exploded all of a sudden, his eyes were red, “Mr. Qian, what do you mean!”

Qian Feiyu’s face also became cold, “What do you mean! You want to kill me!”

Zhang Tianming was taken aback, “What killed you? What are you talking about?”

Qian Feiyu took a deep breath, looked in awe in the office, and then said, “Could it be that when Liu Qiandao reported to you before, it was said that President Lu was also there when I agreed?”

Zhang Tianming suddenly felt his legs soft, and looked at Qian Feiyu in disbelief, “What did you say? When you agreed, Mr. Lu was also there!”

“That’s not nonsense! He knew that I agreed to this negotiation condition! I didn’t know that he was the president before, so I promised you this condition. Now that I know he is the president, what can I say? I don’t need to be honest. “Qian Feiyu deliberately used a plausible reason to prevaricate the past.

He did not tell Zhang Tianming how terrifying Wiliam’s identity and strength are!

But Zhang Tianming’s legs were completely soft, there was only one sentence in his head, and Mr. Lu was also there!

Liu Qiandao!

Liu Qiandao suddenly popped out of his mind!

His teeth are about to break!

It’s all this bastard Liu Qiandao!

To hide such important information without reporting it!

I’ve been so painstakingly to go around such a big circle!

It turns out that in the eyes of the president, he is just a clown!


Liu Qiandao, do you want to kill me?

Don’t let me see you again!

Qian Feiyu patted Zhang Tianming on the shoulder, “Go back.”

Zhang Tianming was not reconciled, “Mr. Qian, then my five million…”

What he thought was that since this private business could not be done, the money must be returned.

But Qian Feiyu showed a trace of joking, “What money? Isn’t it the hush money you gave me?”

“Yes, but there is no need to seal it now. Didn’t he know that the negotiation was successful?” Zhang Tianming looked depressed.

Qian Feiyu smiled meaningfully, “Are you sure you don’t need to seal it? All right.”

Zhang Tianming looked at Qian Feiyu like this, and suddenly he felt like he did, damn!

Before the five million, it was Feng himself doing this business with him and begging him to help make things difficult for the president.

Now the five million is asking Qian Feiyu not to tell Wiliam about buying him!

If Wiliam knew that he was playing small tricks in private, he wouldn’t have to do it in the company!


Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming felt as uncomfortable as eating shit.

These five million can be considered a complete blow!

Rely on!

The two returned to the office. Wiliam was standing at the window with a cup of tea in his hand, drinking tea leisurely.

Qian Feiyu carefully asked for instructions: “Mr. Lu, do you see anything else you need to add?”

Only then did Wiliam stand up calmly, glanced at Zhang Tianming jokingly, and then continued to look out the window, “There seems to be someone below who has been waiting for us.”

Chapter 187

Zhang Tianming and Qian Feiyu Shun Luye looked out of the window. At this look, the faces of both of them became angry.

Below, there was a person standing impressively, Liu Qiandao!

Seeing Liu Qiandao, the eyes of these two men were full of anger.

They all thought that all this today was made by Liu Qiandao!

Liu Qiandao is the biggest culprit!

This lifeless thing dare to appear here!

court death!

Wiliam held the tea and looked at Qian Feiyu, “I will draft the contract and terms and sign the contract three days later.”

Qian Feiyu’s face froze, but in the end he agreed.

Originally, the contract was drafted by Hanlan Company, and all the right of interpretation belongs to Hanlan Company.

Now, Wiliam wants to draft the contract himself, which means that the two previously agreed conditions will be overturned in his hands.

Because Qian Feiyu was ashamed of Wiliam, he could only think that even if Wiliam offered harsh conditions, he would bite the bullet and agree.

As long as he is not angry, forgive himself.

After listening to this, Zhang Tianming felt bitter.

Really, five million, it’s completely wiped out!

It’s not enough to catch the water, but now let this straw bag president show the limelight!

It’s simply to lose the madam and break in!

All this was done by Liu Qiandao!

“Well, that’s it for today. Let’s go down to meet that person, but we can’t make him wait.” Wiliam said jokingly.

The two nodded heavily.

Going down, you must show that bastard good-looking!

The three people walked out of the office and headed downstairs.

And Liu Qiandao, who was waiting downstairs, still held the personnel cancellation notice and a pen in his hand.

He had already figured out how to tell Zhang Tianming.

At this time, three people came out.

Liu Qiandao’s eyes lit up, and he greeted him with painstaking steps.

He had already pretended to have a smiling face, and temporarily stopped talking to that Wiliam bastard.

Just open it first, so as to avoid trouble.

When Liu Qiandao went up, he suddenly found that Zhang Tianming and Qian Feiyu were walking faster!

He was taken aback, and immediately reacted.

Ho ho, it must be the two of them who saw themselves and came over to greet them.

He was about to speak, but at this time, Qian Feiyu stepped forward.

He slapped Liu Qiandao hard on the face.

Liu Qiandao was caught off guard and fell directly to the ground!

He covered his face, looked at Qian Feiyu in disbelief, and cried out: “Mr. Qian! What are you doing! I am Liu Qiandao! Can you not recognize me?”

Qian Feiyu said with a cold face, gritted his teeth and said: “Ho ho, you are turned into ashes, I know you! Hello, Liu Qiandao!”

When Liu Qiandao heard this, he got up from the ground with a grunt, and said, “President Qian! Since you know me, you must also know that I belong to Lunanica Company. Mr. Zhang is here. How dare you beat me! Is it too presumptuous!”

Liu Qiandao intends to use President Zhang’s reputation to suppress Qian Feiyu.

But Qian Feiyu sneered, and dared to go over, kicking Liu Qiandao once again, “I beat you! You dare to play me! I can’t kill you!”

As he said, he kicked the dog again and beat the dog.

After the fight, he stared at Liu Qiandao viciously, “Don’t let me see you next time!”

After he finished speaking, he nodded slightly at Wiliam in awe, then turned and left the scene, returning to the office.

And Liu Qiandao was beaten directly by this sudden meal.

He was about to collapse!

What a hit!

He has been beaten since yesterday!

And at first they were beaten inexplicably!

It’s the same now, Qian Feiyu hits himself, somehow he has to give a reason!

Mao had no reason, so he hit himself directly in front of Mr. Zhang!


Liu Qiandao was unhappy, but due to Qian Feiyu’s identity, he dared not say anything.

At this moment, he suddenly saw Wiliam on the side.

There was a smile on the corner of Wiliam’s mouth.

Seeing Wiliam, Liu Qiandao’s anger exploded on the spot!

I was beaten by this bastard last night!

Today, he was beaten by others in front of him again!

He was just a trash, he was in front of him, and he broke the sand several times, completely losing his face!

It was a joke by a dog!


Liu Qiandao got up from the ground with difficulty, gave Wiliam a vicious look before turning around and walking towards Zhang Tianming.

He squeezed an ugly smile again, “Mr. Zhang, I’m here.”

Zhang Tianming didn’t dare to go mad on the spot because of Wiliam’s presence, and said angrily: “Didn’t I tell you not to come over? What do you mean by coming here?”

Liu Qiandao immediately moved out his own rhetoric and said, “Mr. Zhang, you have misunderstood. I didn’t come here to sign the contract. The signing is already indispensable. You are in control…”

Liu Qiandao was talking, and suddenly he noticed that Zhang Tianming’s face changed on the spot.

He felt strange.

Isn’t it right that you’re flattering?

Shouldn’t it?

He glanced at Zhang Tianming with a guilty conscience, and continued: “Mr. Zhang, I came to look for him.”

Liu Qiandao pointed to Wiliam.

Seeing Liu Qiandao pointing to Wiliam, Zhang Tianming’s face instantly turned pale!

Find Wiliam!

You kid, dare to leapfrog directly to find the president!

Ho ho!

No wonder you dare to fool me!

It turns out that there is no way to put me in the eyes!

“Why are you looking for him?” Zhang Tianming said indifferently.

At this time, Liu Qiandao handed Zhang Tianming the cancellation of the personnel contract he had prepared.

Zhang Tianming didn’t watch, but stared at Liu Qiandao coldly.

Liu Qiandao quickly explained: “Mr. Zhang, this bastard is the cancer of our company! We absolutely cannot keep him!”

With this sentence, Zhang Tianming trembled fiercely all over!


Is this bastard crazy!

To Mr. Lu’s face, he directly scolded him as a bastard or a malignant tumor!

Really want to die!

But, looking for death, are you going to pull me up?

Liu Qiandao continued: “This kid is a small security guard I accidentally recruited yesterday, but according to my observation, this kid has no sense of responsibility at all at work, and he gives small reports everywhere. His character is extremely corrupt! We can’t keep this kind of person! So Mr. Zhang, I suggest you expel this guy directly.”

Zhang Tianming got goose bumps all over his body.

Security? Mr. Lu is a security guard in your eyes?

Where is your face, saying that you always recruited Lu?

Do you dare to fire him?

This company dare to love you as the president, right?

Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming suddenly sneered.

All the previous hatreds came to mind.

He took Liu Qiandao’s pen, randomly changed a few words on the personnel cancellation notice, then signed his name, and threw it to Liu Qiandao.

Chapter 188 I’m the President

When Liu Qiandao saw Zhang Tianming really signing, he burst out laughing!

It’s done!

This is done!

He pointed to Wiliam, and his expression suddenly became filthy, “Boy, see it! You were fired! Hoho, now I see what you have to say! We are still wise and martial, I know. Who can use it, and who can’t use it! Get out! I hear it!”

Wiliam still kept smiling, “Ho ho, right? Mr. Zhang.”

The muscles on Zhang Tianming’s face trembled, not knowing whether to laugh or not.

Liu Qiandao continued to arrogantly said: “Make your kid no more mad! Make your kid no more proud! In my eyes, you are nothing but an ant! Ho Ho, the ant still wants to cling to Mr. Zhang, you are just wishful thinking!”

The more Zhang Tianming listened, the more anger in his heart!

It seems that Liu Qiandao doesn’t know the identity of President Lu at all.

Then he hadn’t told himself that Mr. Lu was also there before, which is excusable.

It’s just that!

Now, this kid actually yelled at him, degrading President Lu decently!

Moreover, the scolding is fine, even Lao Tzu has been torn down!

“Stop talking!” Zhang Tianming shouted coldly, feeling that he couldn’t contain his anger.

But Liu Qiandao had been inexplicably beaten from last night to just now, and he had already accumulated a breath of anger in his heart.

Now, he just wants to vent this evil spirit, where is he willing to stop!

“Hoho, Mr. Zhang, he’s a little security guard, afraid of a hairy! Mr. Zhang, I know you didn’t bring me here this morning, you must have been bewitched by this kid. But it doesn’t matter, I know you sometimes have soft ears.” Liu Qiandao hurried up and flattered him.

“Mr. Zhang, as long as this malignant tumor is removed, I will take care of you in the future. By the way, Mr. Zhang, how did you negotiate? Didn’t you say that there was a plan to send it to our president of the straw bag? Haha, I can’t wait to think about it. Seeing the president deflated under your hands…”

“Pop!” A loud slap in the face sounded again.

Zhang Tianming’s anger broke out in an instant!

This bastard, just don’t know how to promote it!

Actually, in front of the president, I said I wanted to fix him?

This is to kill myself!

Liu Qiandao suffered another slap, and his gums were bleeding.

He covered his face, completely stupid.

He didn’t know what he said wrong.

But Zhang Tianming’s anger was out of control.

All the enmity broke out at this moment.

It’s all this bastard!

Forget it if you lose five million!

Still saying this in front of the president!

“I’ve been tolerating you for a long time! Do you want to die and don’t drag me! Get out! Get out of me! I hear nothing! I don’t want to see you in the company in the future!” Zhang Tianming shouted hysterically.

Liu Qiandao was stunned.

What does Zhang Tianming mean?

Are you going to cross the river and demolish the bridge?

Liu Qiandao stupidly asked, “Mr. Zhang, what do you mean by this? He is the one who should get out of here! I am your loyal subordinate, why did you treat me like this? Besides, you didn’t sign everything just now. Is the expulsion notice?”

Zhang Tianming grabbed the notice in his hand, spread it on his face, and cursed: “Open your dog’s eyes and see! Who is the person fired above!”

Liu Qiandao picked up the notice and looked at it, and suddenly only felt his head buzzing.

Above, Wiliam’s name has been crossed out.

Replaced by the three words Liu Qiandao!

In other words, when Zhang Tianming signed just now, he had already fired himself.

His head was blank, and he didn’t know what was going on!

“You dare to show up in front of me in the future! Get out!” Zhang Tianming was not angry, and kicked Liu Qiandao again.

After being kicked, Liu Qiandao became sober. He cried out aloud, “Mr. Zhang, why did you fire me? Did this kid tell you something? Did you know that he is a white-eyed wolf?”

Zhang Tianming didn’t want to speak at all, and directly raised his fist, making his face blooming and falling to the ground screaming.

“Okay! Mr. Zhang, you are amazing! I remembered your hand! If you are unkind, just stop blaming me for unrighteousness! I negotiated this negotiation. You should give me the million performance bonus! You promised to give me the position of director, converted into money, it would add up to millions of dollars! Cash it out for me, and I agree to leave! I’m not doing it!” Liu Qiandao was completely torn apart.

However, when it comes to money, Zhang Tianming obviously thinks of his five million dwindling.

He was so angry that he was trembling with fat all over his body. He took a broom next to him and knocked on Liu Qiandao’s head, “Money is paralyzed! You dare to mention money with me!”

Wiliam on the side shook his head slightly, human nature is evil, he watched too much.

He has watched enough of this boring drama.

He turned and walked outside.

On his mobile phone, he just received a message.

Qian Feiyu told Wiliam about Zhang Tianming’s five million purchases of him.

As for the five million, Qian Feiyu naturally didn’t dare to accept it, and directly transferred it to Wiliam’s account.

Seeing Wiliam turned around and left, Liu Qiandao, who was so suffocated, didn’t know where his strength was. He limped and caught up with Wiliam. He shouted viciously, “You stop me! What kind of trick did you use to be confused? Mr. Zhang! Tell me clearly!”

Wiliam turned around and looked at Liu Qiandao with a grim look.

Liu Qiandao saw Wiliam’s indifferent eyes suddenly burst out with a cold light, and the hand that wanted to grasp Wiliam shrank instinctively.

Wiliam smiled coldly, “Want to know the reason? Okay, then I’ll tell you a secret.”

Wiliam suddenly came to Liu Qiandao’s ear and said softly, “I am the president of Lunanica Company.”

After that, he patted Liu Qiandao on the shoulder and walked forward slowly.

And these words, like a burst of thunder, made Liu Qiandao dizzy on the spot!


This kid actually said that he was the president of Lunanica Company!

This is simply a big joke!

As far as he is so poor, can he still be the president of Lunanica Company?

The great jealousy of sliding the world!

If he can be the president, I am still the king of heaven!

Liu Qiandao was about to curse, but Zhang Tianming, who was caught up behind him, kicked again and fell to the ground.

Zhang Tianming followed Wiliam tremblingly and cautiously explained: “Mr. Lu, don’t take what you said to the kid just now. I am your subordinate. How dare you deal with you.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Of course I believe you.”

A word made Zhang Tianming’s heart relieved.

so close!

Escaped a disaster.

The two of them didn’t notice at all, Liu Qiandao, who was on the ground behind him, had completely red eyes.

His heart is full of hatred for Wiliam and Lunanica Company!

If you dare to cross the river and demolish the bridge, I will dare to make your business completely horrified!

And Wiliam, wait for me to die!

He immediately took out his cell phone and made a call, “Xiao Chen, didn’t you say you know a few buddies on the road before? Call it out for me, there is a business, and take care of you.”

Chapter 189

After the call, his mind moved again.

Really, I was expelled inexplicably, and I had to take down Wiliam’s bastard wife before the news of my expulsion spread out!

Don’t their Bai family still owe me a favor? Ho ho!

Wiliam, Wiliam, this hatred, I will avenge your wife!

Do you think you can sit back and relax after climbing Zhang Tianming?

I’m telling you, I’m so afraid!

I don’t have anything now, so I’ll have fun with you!

Wiliam on the road suddenly received a call from Feliicity.

Feliicity choked on the phone, crying and said, “Wiliam, my mother has been vomiting and vomiting blood. Now she has passed out. What do you think I should do?”

Wiliam frowned slightly and sighed.

It still happened.

Wiliam comforted Feliicity and said, “Don’t cry, wait for me to go back.”

He put away the phone and walked quickly towards his home.

At the moment, at Feliicity’s house.

Rebeca’s face was like golden paper, and it was very ugly.

There are many people around her.

Liu Fanke was also inside, and he shook Rebeca anxiously, “Ruoyun, wake up, don’t scare me.”

The ants in Bai’s family are like a hot pot.

Chen Shuyun was puzzled, “It was fine before, but why did she vomit blood all of a sudden, and she was in a coma? Was she sick before?”

Feliicity shook her head with red eyes, “Mom has been in good shape before, and I haven’t heard of any illness.”

“I think it must have eaten something unclean.” Bai Zhensheng said strangely with Yin and Yang.

Feliicity was full of anxiety and kept thinking about why Wiliam didn’t come back.

Although Rebeca acted acrimoniously, she was her mother anyway.

Feliicity couldn’t just watch her mother die like this.

She discovered that when the incident happened, she pinned all her hopes on Wiliam.

Liu Fanke said at this time: “Aren’t He Jifeng and the genius doctor of Genuine Care Medical Center very good? Can we send Ruoyun to him?”

Feliicity was taken aback, “Benevolent Medical Center?”

The Bai family was also stunned.

Although they didn’t say anything to Genuine Care Medical Center, they felt that they had an antagonism in their hearts.

Now I’m actually going to Genuine Care Medical Center…

“Can we just send it to the hospital directly?” Chen Shuyun frowned and said.

But Liu Fanke said: “If you have seen it just now, it was all of a sudden. It must be something strange. What can the doctors in those hospitals see? Unexplained delays in the condition, if there is a shortcoming in case if Yun What to do? Besides, He Jifeng and the genius doctor are now well-known in Q City ( Qena City ), and there are countless people who have asked to see him. Don’t you worry about his medical skills?”

Everyone felt as uncomfortable as a rock.

This time, He Jifeng, because of the seven emotions hay in the Genuine Care Medical Center, has indeed gained a reputation, and has faintly become the first genius doctor in Q City ( Qena City ).

Chen Shuyun continued to frown, “But you also said that there are countless people who come to seek medical treatment. How do you know that he can agree to it?”

Liu Fanke’s face suddenly froze.

Bai Zhensheng continued the strange yin and yang anger on the side, “Ho ho, even if He Jifeng takes the shot, the diagnosis and treatment fee is calculated in millions. I heard that a while ago there was a boss who spent 2 million to ask He Jifeng to take the shot. .”

This made the Bai family’s face pale.

“Two million! Go crazy! This is money grabbing!”

“I think we should go to the hospital, at least it’s cheaper.”

“This is taking us wrong, we are not being taken for this!”

“Enough!” Feliicity suddenly became louder!

She looked around with red eyes, “It’s not a question of money or money now! As long as I can save my mother, I’m willing to do anything! Uncle Liu, thank you for your hard work.”

Everyone stopped talking, but their eyes were full of unhappiness.

Bai Zhensheng whispered to Chen Shuyun next to him: “This money will definitely come from the company at that time. This president should be so unscrupulous about using power for personal gain.”

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity with unpredictable eyes, but didn’t say anything.

Feliicity held her anger down, thought about it, and called Wiliam.

When everyone heard that she had called Wiliam, they suddenly laughed, “Hoho, what’s the use of calling that rubbish? He is just a dog in Genuine Care Medical Center. Do you expect a dog to instruct the dog owner?”

“Feliicity, what’s the matter?” Wiliam was still on the way.

“Wiliam…” When Feliicity heard Wiliam’s voice, she felt an incomparable warmth.

She told Wiliam about asking He Jifeng for help, “Wiliam, didn’t you work in Genuine Care Medical Center before? Do you have any ideas…”

“Send to Genuine Care Medical Center first, I’ll be there soon,” Wiliam said.

After hearing this, Feliicity nodded, and finally found support in her heart.

“Wiliam said to send my mother to Genuine Care Medical Center immediately.” She said after hanging up the phone.

Everyone was in an uproar, “People’s Genuine Care Medical Center still hasn’t agreed to accept it. Besides, how does the money count!”

“I’m not going. I swear if I won’t go to the Genuine Care Medical Center in this life, I will go to you.”

Everyone said they would not go to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

But Feliicity knew that they were all afraid of incurring high medical fees.

Feliicity had long known that these people could not be counted on, and finally with the help of Liu Fanke, Rebeca was sent to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

In the Genuine Care Medical Center, Feliicity saw a beautiful figure appear in the hall at a glance.

She was startled.

It’s Melissa!

Melissa is the executive director of Genuine Care Medical Center. As long as there is a word from her, He Jifeng will definitely be able to take action.

But Feliicity felt a little pimple in her heart.

Because she felt that she was not familiar with Melissa.

Moreover, when she looked at Melissa, she always felt that this little fox was going to beat his old princess.

She felt sore in her heart.

However, she finally bit the bullet and stopped Melissa.

Melissa looked at Feliicity with joy.

Feliicity felt that their relationship was not good.

But Melissa thinks the relationship is good.

The ancestral grave squad, the same leather as iron. Life feelings are in it.

“President Wang, my mother is sick, and she seems to be very serious, can you please let the genius doctor He see for us…” Feliicity begged Melissa.

Melissa was taken aback, his expression also became serious, “Hurry up and send your mother into the ward, I will make arrangements right away.”

“Thank you! I really don’t know how to thank you. It’s just that the genius doctor who diagnoses and treats himself…” Feliicity was a little bit shy, as if she was struggling step by step.

But Melissa showed a weird smile, “He Jifeng is not qualified to treat your mother, I will help you get a better doctor! The eighth doctor!”

Chapter 190: Fan Rebeca

“Wang Ba doctor?” Feliicity was stunned, feeling very familiar with the word Wang Ba in her heart.

But she was in an anxious mood at the moment, and she didn’t think of the little bastard who was whipped every day in the ancestral grave squad.

She froze for a moment, and then asked a little nervously: “What kind of king are you talking about, the eighth doctor is better than He Jifeng?”

Melissa nodded, “Yes.”

“Well, is his fee expensive?” Feliicity thought that He Jifeng’s shots would cost millions. Wouldn’t it be more expensive than He Jifeng’s genius doctor.

Melissa looked at Feliicity with a faint smile, “Yes, it is too expensive. It is estimated that you will have to spend a lifetime to repay it.”

Feliicity’s little face blushed inexplicably, and she glanced at Melissa with some shame.

Hmph, this little vixen must be thinking about my husband Wiliam, so he was eager to push me to another man.


Scum girl!

But to ask for help, Feliicity could only bite the bullet and said: “Then trouble you to arrange it.”

Melissa asked the unconscious Rebeca to be sent to a separate ward. At this time, Rebeca suddenly woke up quietly.

Seeing her waking up, Feliicity was overjoyed, “Mom, are you finally awake? Are you okay?”

Rebeca shook his head and said with a pale face: “My head is so dizzy, where is this?”

“This is Genuine Care Medical Center.” Feliicity said.

Rebeca’s face was blank for a while, “Benevolence Medical Center? Are you taking me to see a doctor?”

Feliicity nodded.

Rebeca’s eyes suddenly flashed a light for help, she grabbed Feliicity’s hand and said bitterly: “Feliicity, you must save your mother. Mom is so uncomfortable. It’s worse than death. By the way, they are not in the hospital. Is there any monsoon or genius doctor? You must let him take action to rest assured.”

Feliicity’s face was embarrassed, “Mom, I have arranged everything here.”

Seeing Feliicity’s face turned awkward, Rebeca was immediately displeased, pretending to squeeze out a tear, “You are suffering a thousand swords! Your mother is dying, you don’t even ask me the best doctor! Are you? I wish my mother would die soon! Good! I will fulfill you! Go, let me die here today!”

Feliicity’s face was flushed with irritation, and she couldn’t help but said, “Mom! Didn’t I say that the arrangements are already done!”

“Then tell me, is it a genius doctor? If not, I will leave right away! Just let me die on the street and let everyone take a good look at how you became a daughter of someone else!” Rebeca said more and more truthfully, seeing around The person looked embarrassed.

Melissa once again appreciated Rebeca’s domineering and could not help but shook his head.

I really don’t know how such a mother-in-law has endured that little bastard all these years.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel painful to the little bastard.

He is too difficult.

“Mom, Mr. Wang is here! She said she had hired a genius doctor who was more powerful than genius He to treat you.” Feliicity Jia Chou was seen, with embarrassment on his face.

Rebeca looked at Melissa, then nodded, and said to Feliicity: “That’s right, no matter how expensive it is later, you have to agree to know it! You have to tell the genius doctor that the medicine is expensive, not expensive I’m not worried about medicinal materials. I’m your mother, and my life is in your hands. You must be willing to pay for this little money.

Feliicity nodded stiffly, and said, “I see.”

At this time, a person opened the door and entered.

Seeing the person coming, Feliicity’s face was happy, and she hurriedly greeted him, grieving: “Wiliam, you finally came.”

Wiliam came over, but it made Rebeca unhappy, “What are you doing here! You are not welcome, I don’t want to see you.”

Suddenly, Melissa’s sympathy exploded, and he directly pulled Wiliam and stood in front of Rebeca and said: “You are optimistic, today I will arrange for him to treat you.”

In a word, all around was quiet.

Feliicity’s eyes widened.

She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, no! My Wiliam learns half-hearted medicine, and he can’t.”

In Feliicity’s impression, Wiliam’s medical skills were purely self-taught. Last time, he only cured himself and his grandmother by accidentally hitting him.

Feliicity couldn’t rest assured that Wiliam really wanted to use his medical skills with a real sword.

But Melissa said half-truth and half-truth: “Wiliam has been working in my medical clinic for a while, and it’s time to show his face, otherwise others really don’t know that he is capable.”

Melissa wanted to let Wiliam come out and show his hand, so as to frighten these dogs from looking down on people.

At this moment, Rebeca on the side was furious and frustrated in an instant!

She first pointed to Melissa and cursed: “Good, you benevolent medical clinic! I think Rebeca is a member of the Bai family anyhow, and our Bai family is still a cooperative relationship with you! You are so to me! Send a dog to me! Cure! You guys obviously look down on me, wondering if it’s not a life!”

“Do you think we can’t afford to pay! Dogs see low-ranking things! Feliicity, go get the money! Bring me a million, and I will use the money to kill this little bitch!”

Feliicity frowned slightly when she heard these words.

My own mother, she really doesn’t speak at all!

This is Genuine Care Medical Center!

This is Melissa!

Who dares to offend easily!

But Rebeca’s anger continued. She pointed to Wiliam and cursed, “You still have you bastard! You just wanted to kill me, so that you and Feliicity can be raped, right! I tell you, no door! Me! My fate is hard! You want to kill me in the next life!”

Feliicity looked at Melissa helplessly, and said timidly: “Mr. Wang, does the eighth genius doctor you mentioned just now really refer to Wiliam?”

Melissa nodded seriously, “Exactly.”

“But Wiliam…” Feliicity was suddenly anxious.

At this time, she felt her hand being gently held by Wiliam, and a gentle voice rang next to her, “It’s okay, I will try, I probably know her illness, there is no big problem.”

Feliicity will be suspicious.

Rebeca directly slammed a cup on the head of the bed against Wiliam, “Get out! Get out of me! I’m dying, and you said I have a big problem! You are not a quack doctor!”

Wiliam’s figure flashed, and the look in Rebeca’s eyes gradually became cold.

This reckless thing!

He walked towards Rebeca. Rebeca was still cursing and shouting outside, as if he wanted people from all over the world to see, “Look, everyone! The black-hearted Genuine Care Medical Center wants to kill you! The damned bastard wants to kill his mother-in-law! Everyone…”


Rebeca’s words suddenly stopped!

She covered her face and looked at Xiang Wiliam in disbelief!

And everyone is shocked to get goosebumps!


Rebeca slapped Rebeca hard!

No mercy!



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