Dragon Husband Chapter 191-200

Chapter 191

Feliicity’s eyes looked at Wiliam, everything changed!

It’s not that I hate Wiliam for hitting her mother!

But shocked at Wiliam!

Over the past ten years, Wiliam has been at home and has never been able to accept it!

Although Rebeca usually stays away from him, peace is the most important thing in the past ten years.

Now, Wiliam actually started to slap Rebeca!

With this slap in the face, Feliicity’s heart and liver were shaking!

Although Rebeca’s remarks just now were simply unreasonable, people can’t wait to slap her severely.

But this kind of thinking, Feliicity has always just thought about it in her heart.

Now, Wiliam has done it.

This slap is cruel!

Rebeca was so speechless!

Melissa also opened his mouth wide, almost unable to restrain his excitement and applauded on the spot.

This slap is good!

Faced with the chattering Rebeca, Melissa had long wanted to kill her.

Wiliam slapped Melissa’s anger severely.

Rebeca was stunned on the spot.

Did the dog bit the owner?

The dog bit the owner!


My Bai family has been raising a dog for ten years, and today I bit the owner!

An irritation instantly encroached on her brain, she was about to scratch Wiliam with her hand open!


Another slap in the face!

The scene is messy!

One slap is not enough, two slaps come together!

Feliicity’s eyes were about to fall to the ground.

“How dare you fight…”


Everyone is speechless.

The eyes that looked at Wiliam were instantly filled with incomparable awe.

Boy, cruel!

Originally, Liu Fanke also wanted to go up and beat Wiliam, but seeing that Wiliam was mercilessly three slaps, his footsteps stalled.

He seemed to feel that his face was also hot and painful.

Rebeca’s eyes were red on the spot, but he didn’t dare to spit out a word of curse.

The scene fell into a strange silence.

Feliicity hurriedly stood up at this time, grabbed Wiliam, and whispered, “Wiliam, all right.”

After that, Feliicity suddenly didn’t dare to see her mother.

Because she blurted out the word “good” instead of blaming Wiliam for hitting Rebeca.

It shows that in her subconscious, Wiliam’s three slaps were good, wonderful, and croaking!

Wiliam stretched out his hand and rubbed Feliicity’s head, and everyone looked at Wiliam without blinking.

It is this hand that is so gentle when touching people like a diamond and iron palm.

They couldn’t help but shudder.

Lu Yechao was afraid to speak, Rebeca said, “Are you calm down now?”

Looking at Wiliam, Rebeca suddenly felt afraid to look at him, and quickly turned away.

She was going crazy!

Obviously he was beaten!

But under the eyes of this bastard, he actually felt like he had made a huge mistake!

After three slaps, I still feel that I was wrong. It is estimated that I am the only one in the world!


“If you calm down, we will start treating the disease now and help me get the needle.” Wiliam sat on the bedside.

He stretched out his hand to Rebeca, Rebeca instinctively hid, but when Wiliam directly held his head, he suddenly grinned with anger!


In the past ten years, Rebeca has never felt so humiliated!

He was bitten three times by his own dog in full view!


Wiliam’s hand tugged, Rebeca suddenly suffered from pain and wailed.

After she saw what Wiliam had done, she went away again and said grimly: “You! You return my luck necklace to me!”

I saw that what Wiliam tore off just now was the lucky necklace Rebeca had been wearing these days.

Lu Yeli didn’t care about Rebeca, but threw it to Melissa next to him, and said, “When I came just now, I saw a stray dog ​​at the door. Help me catch the dog and put it on.”

This inexplicable sentence once again plunged the scene into confusion.

Melissa was so angry that his heart hurts.

Good you little bastard!

Don’t hit the house for a day!

My mother was still caring for you just now, I didn’t think you turned around and let my mother catch the wild dog!

The old lady is a gorgeous beauty anyway!

Is it appropriate for me to catch a dog!

Will your conscience hurt!

But looking at Wiliam’s indifferent eyes, Melissa knew deeply that his conscience would not hurt.

Because this guy has a conscience!

She walked out angrily!

And Rebeca was trembling with anger!

Stray dog!

Put my necklace on a dog!

Isn’t this blatantly humiliating me!

Say I don’t wear such an expensive necklace!

Said that I would rather wear it for a dog than for me!

Good for you!

“You must die!” Rebeca gritted his teeth and squeezed out such a sentence.

Wiliam turned a deaf ear to Feliicity and said, “Feliicity, hold her head for me.”

Feliicity was taken aback, “Why?”

She has never seen anyone who has acupuncture and moxibustion asks others to help hold her head and hit her hands.

Wiliam said indifferently, “You see her trembling like this, can I give the needle?”

Feliicity looked at Rebeca and suddenly smiled wryly.

My mother was obviously on the verge of collapse, shaking her body greatly.

Especially the head, it just vibrates like a vibrator.

Feliicity carefully held Rebeca’s head with both hands, but found that her hands also shook her head.

Feliicity looked embarrassed, and said to Wiliam crying, “I can’t, I can’t.”

“You can do it, that’s it.” Wiliam said, suddenly took out a small bed desk from under the bed and put it on the bed, and then stretched out his hand to directly press Rebeca’s head on the small desk.

With the support of the small desk, one hand could indeed hold Rebeca in place.

But the people at the scene, as well as Rebeca, were really out of breath!

Rebeca was held on the desk like this, know what it looks like!

Like a death row prisoner about to be smashed by a dog!

Rebeca will bite her lips!

This bastard!

He is avenging himself!

Damn it!

I’ll fight him in a while!

Thinking of this, she was dizzy again.

At this time, Melissa came over with a few people carrying an iron cage.

Inside the iron cage, there was a stray dog ​​that was dirty and showed a fierce look.

On the dog’s neck, there was that lucky necklace.

“Alright!” Melissa said to Wiliam angrily.

“Push to the corner, stay away from us.” Wiliam confessed.

Melissa’s eyes instructed, and the few people pushed the dog cage to the corner.

With this move, everyone was at a loss.

Melissa only noticed that Rebeca, who was still very arrogant just now on the hospital bed, was being held down like a dog on the guillotine.

The little king’s bastard is invincible, the lower limit is unfathomable!

Chapter 192

After Melissa laughed, he suddenly saw Feliicity on the bed cast a bitter look.

She hurriedly covered her mouth and held back her smile.

Feliicity quietly said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, is this really good?”

Wiliam nodded, “It will be fine in a while.”

Feliicity sighed, and finally chose to trust her husband.

Because Wiliam has never let her down during this time.

Wiliam took the silver needle handed by someone else, and after disinfection, a needle stuck to Rebeca’s temple.

Rebeca was in pain and was about to shout out exaggeratedly. At this time, Wiliam said prophetically: “If you dare to shout, I’ll use socks to gag your mouth.”

Rebeca was very unwilling, and his teeth were rattling.

Wiliam took a few more stitches when his phone rang.

A missed call.

Everyone thought it was the critical stage of needle administration, and Wiliam would ignore the phone and concentrate on using needles.

After all, this needle is stuck in the forehead, and there is no room to miss a moment.

But Wiliam was shocked by everyone, pinching a silver needle in one hand, piercing it into Rebeca’s head, and spinning it.

With the other hand, he answered the phone, “Who?”


Everyone scolded in their hearts!

Can you use snacks!

Melissa was even more speechless.

Although this mother-in-law is not likable at all, she is her life anyhow!

If you ignore life in this way, it will not affect you much.

Wiliam didn’t care, only heard a cold and arrogant voice on the phone, “I, Gu Zhiling.”

Gu Zhiling was in the office at the moment, anxious.

She waited in the office early in the morning, thinking that bastard would come to help her treat again.

After all, she is only two courses short of treatment.

But wait and wait, just can’t wait for this bastard.

She even sneaked out to take a look, because she knew from Chen Lin that the bastard was the company’s security guard.

But the security booth outside was empty, and there was not even a ghost.

She was furious.

My mother started to do psychological construction early in the morning, and she is already ready to continue your treatment today.

Good for you, man!

Why don’t you come to say something!

I did it for nothing!

What Gu Zhiling feared the most was not that Wiliam would not be treated today.

She was most afraid that as soon as she relaxed her guard, these two things appeared in front of her, saying a famous quatrain, “Take off your clothes.”

This feeling reminded her of a joke.

There was a person living upstairs in a household, and every day in the middle of the night in his sleep, he could hear two loud “booms” from the stairs.

The people upstairs always take off their shoes in the middle of the night.

This made the person downstairs mentally depressed, so he went upstairs to find the person upstairs and told him not to throw his shoes in the middle of the night.

So that night, the people downstairs were not disappointed and heard a heavy cry, “Boom!”

He was afraid to fall asleep all night, because he couldn’t fall asleep even before the second voice came.

He waited alive all night.

Gu Zhiling’s mood at the moment is just like the people downstairs, yelling at Wiliam in his heart, you should throw your shoes!

Otherwise, my old lady can’t sleep!

She was unwilling, so she got Wiliam’s call from her grandfather Gu Taoning, and took the initiative to call Wiliam.

“How about you!” Gu Zhiling asked angrily on the phone.

Wiliam pierced the needle with one hand and grabbed the phone with the other. He lazily said, “Busy.”

“Busy you ghost! You little security guard is busy with my superstar! What about your face! Come here and give me treatment! I am anxious!” Gu Zhiling said in a commanding tone on the phone.

Wiliam said indifferently, “Are you in a hurry to call Dad?”

Gu Zhiling’s heart was shaking.

Call Dad…

Call Dad!

This sentence is comparable to “take off the clothes” and became her nightmare!

Call you a ghost!

“What’s your voice over there? How did I hear a dog barking?” Gu Zhiling suddenly pressed his ears and heard the dog barking on the phone.

“Oh, a dog that’s about to die is not enough.” Wiliam said calmly.

The people on the side were all dumb.

They all misunderstood what Wiliam meant.

They thought that the dying dog Wiliam was talking about was Rebeca whose head was held down.

Rebeca almost came out with a mouthful of blood.

“I don’t care! Come here!” Gu Zhiling patted the table fiercely.

“Speaking of Wukong, if you are too idle, come to the Renxin Medical Clinic.” Wiliam said, hung up the phone directly.

Gu Zhiling was so angry that he almost scratched the wall when he heard the beeping busy tone on the phone.

This bastard!

Son of a bitch!

Did I give you a face?

When you came uninvited the first two times and tried to take off your old mother’s clothes, did your old mother say anything?

Now my mother is waiting for you to pick it up, you dare to let go of my pigeon!

Want me to find you!

What a big dog face!

I’m furious!

At this moment, the people around Wiliam looked dazed.

This kid is very angry.

And what’s the matter with this expression that puts others out of their lives?

Rebeca’s eyes were bloodshot, and his teeth trembled more severely.

He was pissed off by Wiliam.

But Feliicity’s eyes were even more faint.

“Wiliam, let’s concentrate on it, okay? She is also half a mother…”

Wiliam nodded apologetically, “Okay, I will concentrate.”

After all, he really started to administer the needle without distraction.

There were really a few phone calls in the middle of the journey. Wiliam ignored Janett’s call.

She guessed that she was going to ask about the outcome of the morning negotiations.

Seeing Wiliam’s seriousness, Feliicity suddenly felt a strange feeling.

As if he was holding a silver needle, heaven and man are one, invincible on earth.

It seemed that his hand was born to pinch a silver needle, hanging the pot to help the world.

It seemed that his life was born to hold the common people, and his aura was impermanent.

This is a very mysterious sense of harmony.

Just as Feliicity was about to watch the idiot, she shook her head quickly.

Wiliam, a young man who became a monk, just begged him not to stab his mother to death today and everything will be fine.

An illusion, it must have been an illusion just now.

The scene was silent, only the dog was roaring frantically, not stopping for a moment.

After listening, everyone is used to the barking of dogs.

Gradually, the dog’s barking, from the very beginning, gradually weakened.

In order to expel the fascination with Wiliam in his head, Feliicity couldn’t help but asked softly: “Wiliam, what is my mother’s disease?”

“I’ll explain why in a moment. Let’s be quiet for now, it’s almost over.” Wiliam said casually, and then put the last needle into Rebeca’s forehead.

At this moment, Rebeca looked like a hedgehog.

After a while, Wiliam began to withdraw the needle, and Rebeca was relieved immediately.


Finally freed!

A force of strength suddenly emerged from her body. As soon as she was about to tear Wiliam with her hands, she heard Wiliam say: “We only have to finish the last program.”

Rebeca was instinctively stunned.

Wiliam looked at Melissa.

Melissa’s back suddenly felt cold, with an unknown premonition!

The fear of being dominated by wild dogs rose again in her heart.

as predicted–

“Then who, when I came in just now, I found a beehive on the door beam. Go get some bees to fight it with poison.”

Chapter 193

Melissa really exploded on the spot!

Her face was flushed, and she pointed at Wiliam and cursed, “Am I giving you a face! You enter the door, you enter! I can’t see anything when I enter the door! You have sharp eyes, and you see the dog and the bee again? You clearly want to play with me!”

After Melissa scolded him, all around was dumbfounded.

No one has ever seen Melissa so angry.

Melissa, who has always been beautiful and moving, has a temperament that rivals that barking wild dog.

Feliicity had an inexplicable shameful pleasure in her heart.

This little fox, hum!

My Wiliam looks down on you!

Obediently go catch the bees.

The delightful Feliicity has lost the ability to think.

She didn’t even think about why Wiliam wanted to catch the bees.

I didn’t even think about it. What kind of brutal treatment was waiting for Rebeca next.

Wiliam glanced at Melissa, his eyes filled with coldness.

Melissa wanted to continue to scold him for a while, but was frightened by the look in his eyes, and walked out angrily.

The scene was quiet.

This Wiliam is crazy!

I was an employee of Genuine Care Medical Center before.

Now he resigned and left, and turned his face to deny.

Even Melissa dared to instigate.

It’s just looking for a dead end.

Melissa was almost crying out of anger.

This little bastard, black belly can be described as a full-screen attack, even his own people will not let go!


He must be revenge!

Before taking revenge, I set up the group and took his wife in to complain about him.

It must be so.

She angrily asked people to poke the honeycomb directly, and then the group grinned, grabbed about ten of them, sealed them in bottles and gave them to Melissa.

She took the bottle and walked into the room, and threw the bee to Wiliam very depressed, “Take it! Goodbye, my mother!”

After all, she left the room without looking back, for fear that this little bastard might have some novel brains coming out later.

The people around looked at the bees crawling in the bottle and looked at Wiliam blankly, not knowing what he was going to do.

“Wiliam, what are you doing?” Feliicity finally regained her senses and asked Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Rebeca, who was trembling.

Rebeca instinctively fought a cold war.

This guy, catching bees must be uneasy and kind.

Wiliam said at this time: “Didn’t you just say that? Use poison to fight poison, just sting her a few times with a bee.”

The eyeballs fell to the ground again.

Feliicity suddenly became anxious, “Wiliam, stop joking.”

Wiliam said seriously, “No kidding, let’s get treatment first, it won’t be good if you delay it.”

After all, he is going to open the bottle.

The people all around stepped back for fear of being stung by the bees.

But Rebeca turned pale, and he wanted to run subconsciously.

Wiliam grabbed her and asked two nurses in the hospital to hold her down. Then he took a transparent plastic bag and pinched a few holes in it.

He dumped the bee into the plastic bag, and in Rebeca’s horrified eyes, he directly buckled the plastic island on her head.

Rebeca suddenly heard a roar like a pig!

“You bastard! You can’t die! You are torturing me!”

“I will kill you later! If you don’t take revenge, you will not be a man!”

“Fanke, save me! It hurts me to death!”

Everyone looked at the bee crawling on Rebeca’s face, all eyes straightened.

Fortunately, this kind of weird treatment comes quickly and goes quickly.

A few minutes later, Wiliam removed the plastic bag.

The ten bees were struggling on the ground, obviously dying.

And everyone looked at Rebeca, whose face was swollen into a pig’s head at the moment, all of them blushed.

They were suffocating a laugh.

Although Feliicity felt that her mother was pitiful and miserable, she couldn’t help but wonder what was going on like this.

She forcibly held her back, then changed the subject: “Wiliam, is it over now?”

Wiliam nodded, “It’s over, you can rest assured, it’s nothing.”

“Then you can tell me, does my mother have any disease?” Feliicity asked.

Rebeca on the side stretched out his hand to scratch Wiliam, but Wiliam pushed her directly onto the hospital bed with one hand.

“Damn it! What’s wrong with me! It’s the bastard who wants to take this opportunity to take revenge on his hatred! You must die.” Rebeca scolded.

Wiliam said to Feliicity: “Well, what she said was wrong. She is indeed sick, or to be precise, she is not sick.”

“What’s that?” Feliicity looked blank.

Wiliam said indifferently: “She was exposed to excessive radionuclide radiation, which caused dizziness and tinnitus. In severe cases, she was vomiting and unconscious.”

“Radioactive nuclides?” Feliicity smacked his lips when hearing this proper term, becoming even more puzzled.

Wiliam continued to explain: “So I just pierced the acupuncture points with silver needles to help her re-stimulate the body meridians and achieve the goal of self-repair.”

“What about the bees?” Feliicity complained about the bee incident.

“The radionuclide belongs to gold, and the bee venom needle belongs to fire. From the perspective of the five elements, it is the fire that kills gold. Use bee venom to help her neutralize some radionuclides.” Wiliam said calmly.

Everyone looked at him, but they only felt that he was talking nonsense.

Feliicity couldn’t help asking, “Since it is over-radiation, it should be possible to go to the hospital?”

Wiliam nodded, “Nothing is wrong, so I said there is no big problem with this disease.”

Feliicity’s face was faint at this time, and she couldn’t help but said, “That is to say, there are other treatment methods?”

Wiliam nodded, “Of course.”

“Then why did you choose a dog head and a bee?” Feliicity blurted out, blushing immediately.

Sure enough, what I was thinking in my heart was also a dog head.

Rebeca was so angry that his head was a little hypoxic.

“Oh, this is the cheapest treatment.” Wiliam said casually.

Rebeca was so angry that she was almost exasperated on the spot, “Do I need you to save me money!”


Not only was he slapped three times by the bastard, but he was also humiliated with a dog’s head, and even stung by a bee brutally.

The final answer is that this is the most economical!

Is my old mother almost the money!

When everyone looked at Wiliam, they were speechless for a while.

No doubt revenge.

It was just this method that killed people without seeing blood, so Rebeca could only knock out his teeth and swallow it in his belly.


Seeing that Rebeca was about to explode, Feliicity quickly changed the subject again, “But, how could my mother be over-radiated by radionuclides? She is at home and basically does not come into contact with the radiation treatment in the hospital.

Everyone nodded together, even Rebeca looked blank.

At this time, Wiliam looked at the dirty wild dog and smiled.

He pointed to the necklace on the wild dog and said: “The radioactive source is the lucky necklace.”

Chapter 194

Everyone looked at the necklace, their eyes full of surprise and perplexity.

How can a necklace become a radioactive source?

At this time, Liu Fanke cursed directly, “You don’t play any tricks here! This necklace is a lucky necklace my son bought with a lot of money. How could it be the source of emission! You are just spitting blood!”

Rebeca was full of excitement and cursed: “It’s ridiculous! I think it’s purely that you are jealous that Qiandao bought me a valuable gift, and you feel uncomfortable in your heart, so at this time it’s just nonsense!”

But Feliicity was thoughtful, and whispered, “Mom, it seems that your dizziness started from wearing this necklace, right?”

Rebeca was angry, so she couldn’t hear what Feliicity said, she sneered: “You two embarrassed guys, of course, are shielding each other, what’s strange! I don’t believe anything!”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched and said, “Okay, if it doesn’t work, then I will bring you this necklace back. You’ll find out after another two days.”

Rebeca suddenly shivered!

Wear it back again.

What if it is true!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but cheekily said: “Huh! At the beginning, you had bad intentions. You gave my necklace to the dog and now you want me to wear it back. Do you want to humiliate me? If you don’t give it today My compensation of 500,000 yuan, I have not finished with you!”

Everyone was once again shocked by Rebeca’s cheeky.

At this time, the wild dog suddenly screamed, and then the voice became weaker and weaker, and finally fell directly into the cage.

Everyone watching this scene was chilling, and Feliicity couldn’t help asking, “Wiliam, what’s the matter?”

Wiliam shrugged, “The dog’s body is not as strong as hers, so after wearing it for a while, he was stunned by excessive radiation.”

When Rebeca heard Wiliam compare her with a stray dog, he felt angry again.

But at the same time, watching the dog fall to the ground, her heart trembled.

No one dared to say that Wiliam was talking nonsense just now.

Rebeca looked at Liu Fanke who was panicked bitterly, and said angrily: “Fanke! Explain clearly to me! Why do you father and son harm me!”

Liu Fanke’s expression changed on the spot, he waved his hand hurriedly, “I don’t know anything! I really don’t know anything, it was brought back by Qiandao.”

“You immediately let him come to see me! I want to ask in person today!” Rebeca said viciously.

Liu Fanke nodded, “Okay, even if you don’t ask, I will ask him! If he is unruly towards you, I will be the first to forgive him!”

After speaking, he called Liu Qiandao in front of everyone. The phone only said that he should come to Genuine Care Medical Center immediately, and he wanted to ask him something.

But Liu Qiandao was so sad that he couldn’t find a reason to contact Rebeca and Feliicity. Upon hearing this, he immediately agreed.

He dragged his scarred body, called a car and rushed to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

He had no idea what would be waiting for him in Genuine Care Medical Center.

Wiliam brought a glass box, put the necklace into the box, and put it on the table.

Rebeca’s eyes were red, staring at the door, waiting for Liu Qiandao to come over.

Ten minutes later, Liu Qiandao dragged his handicapped body and appeared in the eyes of everyone with disability.

Seeing so many people in front of him, Liu Qiandao was taken aback.

Then he saw Wiliam immediately.

Seeing Wiliam, his eyes suddenly turned red.

The humiliation Wiliam has given him over the past few days is exhaustive!

“You bastard! You dare to show up in front of me! I’m fighting with you!” Liu Qiandao said, going to pinch Wiliam.

But at this time, Rebeca appeared among them, holding the glass box in his hand, pointing to the necklace inside and asking in a deep voice: “Qiandao, did you buy this necklace?”

When Liu Qiandao saw it, he nodded frantically, “Yes, yes, I spent more than half a million to buy it to honor you, do you still like it?”

In Liu Qiandao’s view, this is a great time to take credit!

But these words made Rebeca’s expression frantic.

Suddenly she slapped her face, and slapped Liu Qiandao’s still good face, “pop!

Liu Qiandao was stunned.

“Auntie, why are you hitting me?”

Rebeca looked at Liu Qiandao before, only to think that this kid is handsome and has a bright future, so the more he looks, the more he likes it.

But now, it seems that this kid is a villain!

Did you dare to indecent me before! I still don’t want to settle this account with you!

Now, I just want to kill me!

Rebeca was about to fight again when Liu Fanke grabbed his hand.

Liu Fanke looked at his own son fiercely and said: “Ruoyun, you are weak, I will come! I will kill this rebellious son!”

After all, he couldn’t help but kicked Liu Qiandao to the ground with a single kick, and then made a few more vicious kicks.

After Liu Qiandao was beaten by Wiliam before, bad luck has been stopped in the past few days.

Now being beaten again, his whole person is grief and indignation, “Dad! You are crazy! I am your son! Why are you beating me!”

“I hit you, son of a tortoise! ​​I actually wanted to harm me Ruoyun! I even assaulted her before! I killed you!” Liu Fanke was strong, and Liu Qiandao, who was half-wounded at the scene, acted like coaxing.

And it was really tough.

After a few feet, even the people on the side sympathized with Liu Qiandao.

Tiger poison does not eat seeds, this Liu Fanke is eating people without spitting out bones.

Rebeca finally couldn’t bear to hold Liu Fanke, “It’s alright, and he will die if he hits it again.”

At this time, Liu Fanke’s eyes flashed a little, and he quietly met Liu Qiandao’s eyes, and then put his feet away in an indignation.

He began to say helplessly: “Ruoyun, I really don’t know about this. And I guess Qiandao didn’t know it, otherwise he wouldn’t harm you. The so-called ignorant is not guilty. Besides, these five He really spent more than 100,000 yuan, which shows that he is still good for you.”

In a word, Liu Qiandao’s sins were quietly washed away.

Wiliam hooked the corner of his mouth.

Interesting, I just played bitter tricks.

Liu Qiandao has been with his father for more than 20 years. How can he not know his father’s thoughts, he quickly knelt down in front of Rebeca, crying and said: “Auntie, I know that I was wrong. Now, I can only confess the truth to you. , Think about it carefully, why would the bastard Wiliam know that this necklace is weird?”

Everyone was taken aback and looked at Wiliam.

Is there a hidden secret in it?

Liu Qiandao looked at Wiliam fiercely, breathed out a nasty breath, and said, “Because Wiliam asked me to give you this necklace! From beginning to end, he was harming you!”

Chapter 195: Ancient Linglai

Liu Qiandao’s words are like a thunderstorm, blowing into everyone’s ears!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Rebeca’s teeth are about to break, “So it was you! It’s you again! What a bastard! You wanted to poison me from the beginning! Deliberately asked Qiandao to give me the necklace, and then almost tossed me to death! Today! Continue to humiliate me here again! You are inferior to a beast! Why am I sorry for you!”

Everyone immediately pointed out, after all, only Wiliam at the scene knew that the Lucky Necklace had radiation, which was too difficult for him to prove himself.

It only means that he wanted to kill Rebeca from the beginning.

Feliicity’s face was pale, but she still stood up and said firmly: “It definitely won’t be Wiliam. I know what he is like. He doesn’t bother to do such insidious things.”

Liu Qiandao immediately said: “Then you let him show evidence! Say that the necklace is not his! I have evidence. I received his gift in the lobby of our company that day. If you don’t believe me, you can check and monitor it. “

Liu Qiandao planted and blamed him, and he hit Wiliam with a real hammer.

Feliicity stamped her feet with anger, “Liu Qiandao! Don’t you framing our family Wiliam here!”

Liu Qiandao looked at Wiliam who was silent, and he was very proud!

Hahaha, I didn’t expect this kid to be checkmate here!

That necklace was snatched from Wiliam.

However, when you call up the monitoring, you will naturally not release the snatching scene.

As long as it can be proved that the necklace was in his hands at the beginning, then this point, he is absolutely confused!

Even if he now says that the limit was stolen from the company, not only will he not be acquitted, but he will be corrupted again.

He is a dead word anyway!

Hahaha, bastard, fight with me!

Just wait to be beaten to death by Rebeca!

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly smiled, “Wrong, this necklace was indeed in my hands at first.”

In a word, the scene was quiet.

Everyone looked at Wiliam stupidly.

This kid was forced to desperate, now he can only grit his teeth and confess his guilt?

Rebeca’s head buzzed, dizzy, “Day guard against night, house thief is hard to guard! Feliicity, look at the man you are looking for! Actually want to kill me!”

Feliicity’s eyes turned red all of a sudden. She looked at Wiliam helplessly and asked, “Wiliam, there must be something hidden, right? Tell it quickly.”

Just as Wiliam was about to speak, he looked at the doorway, and the corner of his mouth twitched, “Oh, here, come in.”

Everyone looked at the door together.

I saw a woman in a black dress with a mask and sunglasses on her face and walked in angrily.

As soon as she came in, she went straight to Wiliam, and opened her mouth to curse, “I’m giving you a face because of you! If you don’t apologize to me today, I will kill you!”

The atmosphere on the scene stagnated, and Feliicity’s heart was lifted.

This seemed to be another person who came to Wiliam to seek revenge.

This is how to do ah.

As soon as Gu Zhiling came in, he grabbed Wiliam by the collar, in a gesture of wanting to kill him alive.

you do not say!

A big star, let this little bastard summon like a summoned beast, no one can bear this gap in his heart!

She was still chattering and venting her anger. At this time, Liu Qiandao was not reconciled. He stepped up and said to Gu Zhiling: “Hey, where did you come from! Didn’t you see me teaching this kid? First come first, then understand?”

Liu Qiandao finally had a chance to put Wiliam to death, of course, he didn’t want to be diverted from the subject because of this inexplicable woman.

Gu Zhiling looked at Liu Qiandao, and the eyebrows under the sunglasses wrinkled slightly. She felt familiar with this man.

But I couldn’t name it all at once.

Gu Zhiling looked at Liu Qiandao’s bruises but hesitated, temporarily stepped away, and said coldly, “Okay, you first.”

If someone could help her teach Wiliam, she was naturally very happy.

I don’t think that this kid is incurring hatred everywhere, and he deserves to be blocked here to teach.

Gu Zhiling still had a glimmer of expectation in his heart, wanting to see what this little bastard would be taught.

Liu Qiandao raised the glass box in his hand to Wiliam and said viciously: “Everyone is waiting for your explanation! If you don’t explain it to us today, we will never let you go as a murderer.”

Lu Yeruo glanced at Gu Zhiling as if nothing, and said, “Is it necessary to explain? Okay, someone gave me this thing.”

Gu Zhiling subconsciously looked at the glass box, and then was suddenly shocked.

Isn’t the necklace in the box the Lucky necklace that Chen Lin bought to Wiliam before?

She still remembers how amazing she looked when Chen Lin took pictures of the necklace and sent her to see.

She was very satisfied with the shape of this necklace, so she was very impressed.

Can’t be wrong.

It’s just that what happened here?

Why would this man question Wiliam with the necklace he gave to Wiliam.

She became curious all at once, and quietly asked the people around her what had happened.

A little nurse by his side was very enthusiastic, and explained the cause and effect.

In Gu Zhiling’s heart, there was a big wave in an instant!

This necklace is so vicious!

If this really hurts Wiliam, what can we do?

Although she kept saying that she would tear Wiliam by hand, when it was really harmful, the kindness in her heart was still unbearable.

And Liu Qiandao was still aggressive, “Ho ho, I won’t say what someone else gave it? You tell me who gave it? Ho ho, I can’t tell! Even if you say it, the one who gave you the necklace People, they must also be dog things in a nest with you!”

Originally, Gu Zhiling was still wondering whether to stand up for Wiliam and clarify the facts.

Liu Qiandao’s words instantly caused Gu Zhiling to fry the pot!

Lao Niang Tang Tang, a big star, was actually said to be in a nest with this little security guard!

The man in front of him is absolutely reckless!

“Okay, if you can’t produce evidence, then I will take the evidence! I am very familiar with the security of our Lunanica Company, and I will immediately ask them to adjust the surveillance and return me to innocence.” Liu Qiandao forced Wiliam to the end. Where, finally laughed in relief.

At this time, Wiliam smiled again, “I’m sorry, it’s not that I didn’t explain to you, but I think someone is more suitable to explain than me, you think.”

When Wiliam finished speaking, his eyes were on Gu Zhiling.

Gu Zhiling was seen so that his whole body was erected!

What kind of look is this!

The expression in his eyes fully conveyed a meaning, if you don’t help me, I won’t give you a chance to undress!


Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling’s whole person would collapse!

Is it so special that I rushed to the door to show him all!

She cursed in her heart and walked out bitterly.

The man in front of him mentioned Lunanica Company just now, which reminded Gu Zhiling of who he was.

Ho ho, since it is an employee of our Cang Yue company, then…


Chapter 196

“Xiao Liu, right? Before I explain, I want to ask you for an explanation.”

“When did I become a snake rat in your eyes?”

A fierce slap in the face of Gu Zhiling shocked the audience instantly!

Everyone looked stupidly at this woman who appeared inexplicably and said inexplicable things, and their heads were confused for a while.

Who is this woman?

And Liu Qiandao was suddenly slapped again, and the pain from before resurfaced in his heart again, and his face turned hideous on the spot!


I, Liu Qiandao, have fallen to the point where any cat or dog can slap me in the face!

court death!

Liu Qiandao raised his hand high, and cursed fiercely: “You are looking for death!”

At this time, Gu Zhiling suddenly removed the toad mirror from his face, revealing a pair of indifferent eyes, “There is a kind of you to try to hit me?”

Seeing these eyes, Liu Qiandao felt as if he had been stabbed with a needle, his legs softened and he actually knelt on the ground!

He looked at this woman in disbelief!

Because she had covered her face and eyes before, Liu Qiandao couldn’t see who she was at once?

Now she showed her eyes.

Liu Qiandao couldn’t be more familiar with these eyes!

The eldest sister of Lunanica Company, Gu Zhiling!

Sister Gu!

Why is she here!

“Gu, sister Gu…” Liu Qiandao’s body trembled instinctively.

In the company, Gu Zhiling is definitely a cover-up.

Even if she is not involved in the management of the company, everyone in the company is in awe of her.

She is too cold.

“Ho ho, do you still know me? I thought you were blind.” Gu Zhiling sneered.

Liu Qiandao broke out in cold sweat on the spot, “Sister Gu, I really don’t know it is you, why are you here?”

The people at the scene did not dare to gasp!

Who is this woman whom Liu Qiandao called Sister Gu?

How could Liu Qiandao, who was still arrogant just now, instantly become like a bereaved dog?

Gu Zhiling looked at Liu Qiandao indifferently, and said, “I gave this necklace to Wiliam. How could it come to you? Wiliam gave it to you on his own initiative, or did you take it from him? “

The people on the scene heard this and suddenly exclaimed in a low voice.

It really wasn’t that simple!

There are hidden secrets!

At this moment, Liu Qiandao was full of thoughts that he would offend the ancient Ling to die and never die again. How dare to say a word.

Gu Zhiling continued to sneer, “Didn’t you say you want to call surveillance? Alright, let me call you.”

When Liu Qiandao heard it, his head buzzed, and he said pitifully, “Sister Gu, I recognize, I snatched this necklace from Wiliam. But I really didn’t know that you gave it to Wiliam. , I thought it was where he stole it from.”

Liu Qiandao pleaded guilty, and the scene again set off a big wave.

It was unexpected that Liu Qiandao snatched the necklace from Wiliam!


Not to mention snatching the necklace from others, there is no shame in it, so you can give it to others.

It even claimed that he bought it for more than 500,000 yuan.

This Liu Qiandao is really inferior to a beast!

Rebeca was so angry that his teeth were shaking.

She had been disappointed with Liu Qiandao a long time ago, and had been looking forward to using Liu Qiandao’s hand to teach Wiliam.

Unexpectedly, these expectations have come to nothing!

Damn, who is this woman!

She stared at Gu Zhiling fiercely, and suddenly became more familiar as she watched.

I always feel like I have seen it somewhere.

After Liu Qiandao on the ground told the truth, he glanced at Gu Zhiling fearfully.

The ancient Ling was condescending, exuding a cold temperament that no one would enter.

In Liu Qiandao’s heart, there were also shocking questions.

Why would Wiliam know Gu Zhiling?

He is just a little security guard!

But Gu Zhiling is so high above that he won’t know his knowledge.

Give such a valuable gift to Wiliam!

Let’s not say that this gift is vicious, it is the price, which is printed out by the invoice machine, and it must not be faked…

It’s just a gift from a big star to a small security guard. Why did he visit the door in person today?

This is incredible!

Is there any secret between them?

Thinking of this, Liu Qiandao’s mind became active again.

It seems that I can dig in this area, maybe I can dig out a shocking material that shocked the entire entertainment industry!

When the time comes, this black swan-like woman is not going to kneel at my feet, begging me not to publish the scandal.


Liu Qiandao’s heart suddenly became hot.

The eyes looking at Gu Zhiling were also hot.

This is Gu Zhiling.

Although her appearance is a bit inferior to Feliicity, but where is her identity and temperament!

Big stars, wherever this identity is placed, it gives men a strong desire to conquer.

What’s more, a star who never puts men in his eyes.

It makes people think like crazy.

Liu Qiandao was thinking, suddenly screamed again, clutching his stomach and arched himself.

His scorching eyes had long been captured by Gu Zhiling.

This reckless bastard, look for death!

Gu Zhiling put his feet away, stood in front of Wiliam coldly and said, “Now you are satisfied!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “It’s okay, but too much nonsense.”

Gu Zhiling was so angry that his teeth were crushed.

He taught Liu Qiandao a lesson on his behalf, but couldn’t he get the slightest praise from him?

Actually still hate it?

“Then you can go with me now!” Gu Zhiling said angrily.

Wiliam raised his eyebrows, “It’s still not there.”

It’s not so easy to end.

Sure enough, Rebeca, who was thinking about it, saw Gu Zhiling standing in front of Wiliam, and a picture suddenly came to his mind.

She rang!

She directly pulled Feliicity and rushed over, pointing to Wiliam and cursing: “Feliicity, I finally know who this little bitch is! Didn’t I tell you the other day that I bumped into Wiliam and cheated! Just follow this Women together! I know her all turned into ashes!”

Feliicity was taken aback, Rebeca did say this before, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Now, this woman appeared again, not to mention giving Wiliam such a valuable gift.

Are you still taking Wiliam away in front of you?

Could it be that…

In Feliicity’s heart, a little woman was sour that turned out again.

Humph, another little vixie like Melissa!

Always trying to seduce my Wiliam.

I will put Wiliam in my pocket in the future to see how you little fairies are still worried!

Liu Qiandao on the side has an ear, cheating?

Haha! It really is!


It is worth digging!

After Rebeca finished speaking, he scolded Xiang Gu Zhiling, “Where are you from the little fairy, and you are a little bit ashamed! They dare to appear arrogantly, are the current mistresses so arrogant?”

“Pop!” Gu Zhiling slapped and continued to mad.

Then, in full view, he took off the mask.

Chapter 197

“How dare you hit me! I did it with you!” This is Rebeca’s fourth slap in the face today!

Her face was distorted, and she was about to grab Gu Zhiling’s face with her hand open.

But at this time, there was an earth-shattering exclamation on his side!

“Gu, Gu Zhiling?”

“This is the superstar Gu Zhiling, right?”

“Wow! It’s really her! I didn’t expect her to appear in our hospital! Hurry up! Take out your phone and take a photo!”

The onlookers around seemed to be crazy, taking out their phones one by one, their eyes hot.

Rebeca was stunned.

Ancient Ling?

The woman in front of her who was called a little bitch was actually the famous ancient Ling in Q City ( Qena City )!

She stretched her hand in the air, but she couldn’t fall anymore.

As long as she dared to do anything rashly, Gu Zhiling’s fans would probably tear Rebeca on the spot.

And Feliicity was completely confused.

Gu Zhiling!

Although she chased stars, she only fans Li Chunfeng.

As for Gu Zhiling’s words, Feliicity didn’t like it, but he respected it in his heart.

Didn’t think it was her!

How could Wiliam know a big star?


It seems that this little villain of my own family is going back to tortured him at night.

I didn’t know Li Chunfeng before, but now I know Gu Zhiling again.

How can he always have a fate with celebrities.

No, it’s fate with beautiful women.

Count a little bitch Melissa!

Feliicity’s thoughts strayed, suddenly thinking far away.

Gu Zhiling smiled and gestured to the people around him, and then said: “I am here this time because I am looking for Genuine Care Medical Center for something. Don’t think too much.”

If it were to come to Wiliam, Gu Zhiling’s arrogant character could not be said to be killed.

I can only seek medical advice from Genuine Care Medical Center under the pretext.

After all, there is a monsoon in the midst of it, and there is excuse for characters like Gu Zhiling.

Everyone realized their understanding, and loudly responded: “Sister Gu, we will always support you! I love you!”

Gu Zhiling’s words cleared all the audience out. At this time, he looked at Liu Qiandao, “Aren’t you getting out of here?”

Liu Qiandao had a hundred unwillingness in his heart.

Being here today is completely ashamed.

The grievances of being beaten up before were still gone, and he was fired again in the morning.

And just now I wanted to plant Wiliam, and he was about to succeed, but he was given a strong dignity by Gu Zhiling.

Piles of shame appeared before his eyes, and his eyes instantly turned red.

He knew that he had nothing to do with Feliicity when he left.

No way!

It’s not that easy!

I can get to the point where I am today, thanks to Wiliam, and gift from the Bai family, how can I just leave!

Thinking of this, Liu Qiandao’s heart turned up again, and he was fired anyway, for fear that Gu Zhiling would be a hairy!

Liu Qiandao said in a deep voice to Rebeca, “Auntie, are you really so ruthless?”

Rebeca’s face was frosty, “Go! I don’t want to see you again!”

As the last faint of illusion in his heart shattered, his expression turned hideous, “Okay! Since you are going to be so unfeeling, then we will settle the account!”

“What account?” Rebeca couldn’t help asking.

“Ho ho, what’s the account? Really will pretend to be confused! Have you forgotten the fact that I helped you get the movie sponsor quota? I wanted to give you a favor from the Bai family, but now it seems that there is no need for this. Now, let’s do the calculations, how much is this sponsor quota worth?” Liu Qiandao said viciously.

Feliicity’s heart shook!

Sure enough, he will get it back sooner or later after accepting this guy’s love.

She said coldly: “Okay, how much, do you think?”

Liu Qiandao stretched out a finger, “Ten million!”

“What!” Feliicity’s face changed on the spot!

Ten million!

This ten million is indeed the market price of a quota.

But why give this money to this bastard!

When the quota comes down, the Bai family will give Lunanica Company another 10 million!

Absolutely not!

“Impossible!” Feliicity refused on the spot.

“Ho ho, if there is no favor from me, think about it, can your Bai family have this ability to get the quota? Since you don’t want such a quota, then I will tell the Cang Yue company to take the quota. “Liu Qiandao said sternly.

Feliicity’s face was even more ugly.

She knew the position of the Bai family in Q City ( Qena City ).

With the strength of the Bai family, if you fight for it head-on, you won’t get the quota.

This ten million, in Liu Qiandao’s mouth, is equivalent to the price of bribing him for a favor!

Sky-high favors!

Seeing Feliicity’s face embarrassed, Liu Qiandao immediately became proud.

If I can’t get you, then I’ll strike you a stroke first!

But at this time, Wiliam smiled, “Okay, go talk to Lunanica Company, as far as I know, you seem to be fired by Zhang Tianming, right?”

Wiliam’s words once again caused fluctuations among several people at the scene.


Liu Qiandao was expelled?

Liu Qiandao’s face changed instantly.


For a moment, I forgot that Wiliam was there when he was fired in the morning.

It’s just!

Liu Qiandao stiffened again and bit him to death, “Joke! I did a good job at Lunanica Company, how could I be expelled? To expel you is to expel you, the little security guard? Who would believe it?”

The expulsion notice is in Liu Qiandao’s hands.

As long as he didn’t take it out, Wiliam would have no idea what to do with him.

Besides, Wiliam is just a small security guard, what can he show to prove that he was fired?

Wiliam nodded, but was not angry at all, smiled and said, “Okay.”

Everyone is inexplicable, don’t know what he means by being good?

Feliicity hesitated aside and said to Liu Qiandao: “We don’t want this sponsorship right!”

But Liu Qiandao still didn’t speak, Rebeca panicked, and grabbed Feliicity, “Feliicity, do you know what you’re talking about! If your grandma knew that this sponsorship right would be ineffective for no reason, she might be furious.” Yeah! Let me call her for instructions.”

With that said, Rebeca immediately called Chen Shuyun despite his objections.

Feliicity flushed with anger!

Chen Shuyun’s Yu Wei in Bai’s house is still lawless!

Even if he is now the head of the Bai family, he is also the president of the Bai Group.

But the Bai family didn’t take her seriously, and they still asked Chen Shuyun for everything.

Make it clear that you are arranging yourself!


After the call got through, Rebeca told Liu Qiandao’s conditions just now, and Chen Shuyun on the other end of the phone was furious on the spot, “Should our Bai family give up all the meat? Wishful thinking! You tell Feliicity, this is what our Bai family deserves. No one can take it away! As for how you offend Liu Qiandao, I don’t care! I will never agree to hand over this sponsorship right to death.”

“Whoever caused the trouble, who will take care of me! This is the iron rule of my Bai family! Don’t break it!”

“You asked that little bitch to confess his mistake to Liu Qiandao. He has a large number of adults. Seeing Feliicity’s little face, he will give her another chance!”

Chapter 198

The phone was put on the speaker, and Feliicity’s ears were red with anger when she heard the extremely shameless words!

She grabbed the phone and threw it out violently!

Chen Shuyun is old and stubborn!

From beginning to end, only thinking about the interests of the Bai family!


When Liu Qiandao heard this, he picked up chicken feathers as an arrow, laughed, and said to Feliicity, “Feliicity, Feliicity, you should really consider your grandma’s suggestion.”

“As long as you kneel down and apologize to me, I can consider giving you a chance!”

“Dreaming!” Feliicity refused directly.

She looked at Wiliam, her eyes filled with determination, “Wiliam, are you rich?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Some are money.”

Rebeca on the side suddenly laughed, “Some is money? Oh, how come I don’t know if one of our dogs has money? Take it out and let me see if it’s a few hundred yuan or a few thousand yuan? Wouldn’t it scare me?”

Wiliam glanced lightly.

Rebeca’s laughter stopped abruptly.

The fear of being dominated by Wiliam’s three slaps once again appeared in her heart.

She glared at Wiliam ferociously, and then stopped talking.

Feliicity said in a low voice to Wiliam earnestly: “Wiliam, looking at grandma like this, I am absolutely not allowed to take money from the company to pay Liu Qiandao. My money was given to you to pay off the debt of the emperor. Really poor, so poor, I can only ask you for money with a cheeky.”

Wiliam smiled, “Isn’t it right for a wife to ask her husband to take money? It’s just that, I’m afraid of some people, I dare to give it, but he dare not accept it.”

Wiliam’s words once again caused Liu Qiandao to laugh wildly, “Hahaha, I dare not take any money! I really expect how much money you can give out? You take it! If you don’t take it out today, you will be a grandson!”

Feliicity’s heart was raised.

Ten million, it is a bit difficult for Wiliam to take it out.

He didn’t want Wiliam to find Melissa, and the ancient Lingji who seemed to look at Lu Yehu.


What should I do!

Feliicity was thinking, and suddenly saw two people slowly appear at the door.

Seeing these two people, the people at the scene were suddenly surprised.

But for Liu Qiandao, seeing these two people, especially one of them, he was completely sluggish.

The heaviness of the end of the world made him suddenly out of breath.

One of the visitors was Melissa, who had gone and returned before.

Naturally, it is beautiful and moving, and radiant.

The other person, dressed in a decent black tight-fitting small suit, stretched his figure tightly, protruding forward and rearwardly, exquisitely.

She is surprisingly Janett!

Janett and Melissa walked in, almost bursting into flames in Wiliam’s eyes!

This fool!

I kindly called him, wanting to ask him what happened in the negotiation in the morning, and wanted to give him an idea.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yingzhong would not even answer the phone!

It’s really hateful!

Janett was really furious, and she thought about whether Wiliam had been at the Genuine Care Medical Center before.

So she asked Melissa, and sure enough, this little girl was planted here.

An angry Janett drove over on the spot, ready to give this little boy a lesson.

I thought that as soon as I walked in, I saw Liu Qiandao of my company laughing wildly at Wiliam.

Janett’s anger was even worse.

It feels like that only you can scold your children.

Others don’t think about it!

Anyhow, this little boy is the president of the company, and Liu Qiandao turned his face off.

Don’t know how to resist!

It’s almost to the bone!

She walked two steps quickly, standing in front of Wiliam, but facing Liu Qiandao.

When Liu Qiandao saw her, his face was too pale!

Janett said coldly: “I don’t know what the former employees of Lunanica Company are talking about here?”

In a word, the atmosphere of the scene changed instantly!

Before Wiliam said Liu Qiandao was fired, everyone still didn’t believe it.

Now, this woman actually said that Liu Qiandao was fired?

Who is this woman?

Feliicity thought completely different from everyone.

She looked at the beautiful and generous Janett, and the sorrow in her heart came up again.


Little villain, how many good sisters do you have!

Why is each younger sister better than the other!

You must be sentenced tonight!

“Secretary Qin, I, I, I…” Liu Qiandao spit out three words for me, and couldn’t say it anymore.

Secretary Qin has come out, so what’s the point of quibbling himself?

Gu Zhiling also sneered at this time, “Ho ho, it turns out that he is a bereaved dog, dare you continue to pretend to be garlic in front of me?”

After all, Gu Zhiling gave Liu Qiandao a kick again.

The sharp high-heeled shoes kicked directly on Liu Qiandao’s stomach, and his whole body bowed on the ground, cold sweat.

Gu Zhiling looked at Janett with a bad look in his eyes.

These two women didn’t agree.

The meeting with the president two days ago made me even more unhappy.

Now I actually met here, and the enemy met, extremely jealous.

Gu Zhiling looked at Janett fiercely, and said in a cold voice, “When on earth did you let me meet the president! I have never seen it before!”

Janett was stunned after listening.

It was obvious that Wiliam was standing in front of her, she actually said such a thing?

Is it?

This little bitch with a higher heart doesn’t even know that Wiliam is the president?


This little bitch was as persuaded as a dog, and was usually used to low-key. Gu Zhiling didn’t know it was normal.

Thinking of this, Janett couldn’t help but feel nasty, glanced at Wiliam intentionally or unintentionally, and said, “I won’t introduce it, what do you do with me?”

Gu Ling was trembling with anger, this damn Secretary Qin!

“You wait for me! When I get the president into the skirt, the first thing is to let him fire you!” Gu Zhiling said to Janett in a low voice.

Wiliam trembling all over after listening.

This woman is still alive, always trying to hook herself up?

Did my wife agree?

“What do you look at! Get out!” Gu Zhiling was immediately angry when he saw that Liu Qiandao was still watching.

But at this time, Liu Qiandao knew that the trend was over anyway, so he simply went sideways, “I won’t go! The Bai family still owes me ten million! Otherwise, I will desperately let Mr. Zhang take back this sponsorship right! I know. A secret of Mr. Zhang!”

In Liu Qiandao’s mind, Mr. Zhang knew that the negotiation was successful and did not report, and he was definitely brewing a conspiracy against the president. If he used this to threaten Zhang Tianming, he would definitely not speak up.

With this bad breath, Zhang Tianming could only swallow his breath.

But at this time, Janett suddenly showed a weird smile, “Do you really think that the favor of sponsorship was given to the Bai family by you and Zhang Tianming?”

Chapter 199: Wiliam’s Face

Liu Qiandao was taken aback and said without hesitation: “Nonsense, of course I and Mr. Zhang suggested it, and Mr. Zhang gave it to me because of my face.”

In Liu Qiandao’s mind, there was nothing suspicious about this matter at all.

After the Bai family mentioned the sponsorship that night, the Lunanica Company announced the next day that it would give the sponsorship to the Bai family. This is not his own credit or who else’s credit.

Is it that trash?


However, Janett laughed directly after hearing this. She suddenly said, “What are you? How much is your face worth? Since you want to know, I’ll tell you.”

Speaking of this, Janett pointed to Wiliam suddenly and said, “Our Lunanica Company, but it is because of Wiliam’s face that gave the Bai family this sponsorship right.”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone was shocked!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Wiliam’s face!

This is actually Wiliam’s face, not Liu Qiandao or Zhang Tianming’s face at all!

Is Wiliam’s face so great!

It is unimaginable!

Feliicity’s eyes widened.

In her head, there were a hundred people who didn’t believe it.

I don’t believe that Wiliam can do this.

After all, Wiliam was still young, and he was just the lowest level security at Lunanica Company.

However, Feliicity’s mind suddenly appeared that night, Wiliam asked himself.

“Tell me, do you want that sponsorship right?”

It seems that he has asked himself.

At the time, his answer was yes.


Feliicity looked at Wiliam blankly, but saw that Wiliam’s expression was indifferent, without any fluctuation at all.

At this time, Liu Qiandao directly shouted: “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! He is just a small security guard of Lunanica Company, even I can hardly reach it, Janett, you are just talking!”

Liu Qiandao killed him and didn’t believe that this was Wiliam’s face!

A chaffinch cannot turn into a phoenix at once!

This is wishful thinking!

But Janett said in a cold voice, “Wiliam did a small favor for us before. You can’t believe it or not. If you don’t believe it, yes, let Wiliam send a message to see if I will take this. Sponsorship?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Wiliam again.

Rebeca opened his mouth, wanted to speak, but didn’t dare.

She didn’t believe it was Wiliam’s face at all.

She instinctively wanted to taunt Wiliam.

However, she suddenly had a fear.

Fear that Wiliam would really say a word, and then this woman named Janett would take away the sponsorship of the Bai family.


This feeling of being held back by a dog is really uncomfortable!

On the side, Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam quietly.

She didn’t believe in Wiliam’s face either.

However, she believed in Wiliam’s medical skills.

Isn’t you just a living example?

Could it be that this little bitch Janett also had some kind of disease when he hit his body, and was healed by the bastard Wiliam?

Is she also stripped of clothes?

Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling’s eyes suddenly gloated.

“What else do you have to say?” Janett looked at Liu Qiandao who was dumbfounded.

Liu Qiandao stared at Wiliam with crimson eyes.

His eyes were full of spite.

Up to now, Liu Qiandao has no benefits at all!

Instead, he was beaten several times, and his body would be scrapped!

And all this was done by Wiliam!

He is unwilling to die!

Thinking of this, he said to Wiliam: “You have a kind! Hook up with them two! Let’s not change the green mountains and the long flow of water!”

After that, he dragged his remains and walked out with difficulty.

In his hand, he took out the phone again, his voice was cruel, “Xiao Chen! What happened to the person I asked you to call for me?”

“It’s done! Brother Liu, this time I gave up my face. I hired a big man on the road, and then assigned us more than 30 people, all of whom are first-class tiger and wolf soldiers, just waiting for you. Speak.”

Liu Qiandao looked fiercely, “Okay! Wait for my message!”

After hanging up the phone, Liu Qiandao glanced viciously at the Genuine Care Medical Center and left without looking back.

As soon as Liu Qiandao left, two people were welcomed in the back ward.

Feliicity hadn’t had time to ask Wiliam what was going on, her eyes kept on, she couldn’t help but cried out, “Grandma, why are you here?”

The people here were Chen Shuyun and Bai Zhensheng.

Originally, Chen Shuyun didn’t even bother to come to Genuine Care Medical Center.

It’s just that when Bai Zhensheng heard that Feliicity almost lost the sponsorship of the Bai family, the whole person was about to move.

These days, he has been holding back, just waiting for an opportunity.

Now it’s finally time to wait!

As long as Feliicity messed up the sponsorship right, wouldn’t her own opportunity come?

So he relentlessly begged Chen Shuyun to come with him to the Genuine Care Medical Center, ready to personally confirm the matter.

Bai Zhensheng looked around and found that there were several beauties, and his eyes lit up suddenly.

Fortunately, Gu Zhiling has put on the mask again.

Bai Zhensheng’s heart was fierce, but he couldn’t forget what happened to him. He asked Feliicity, “Where are the thousand ways?”

Feliicity was bored by the look in his eyes, and said coldly, “Go.”

“What! You let him go! You! You! Grandma! Look, our Bai family, there is such a ignorant person who is the head of the family, and we may be ashamed in the future!” Bai Zhen Said to Chen Shuyun exaggeratedly.

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity, “What I said on the phone just now, can’t you hear clearly?”

Feliicity wanted to answer, but was held back by Wiliam.

Wiliam stood up and smiled slightly, “I can’t hear you clearly, please tell me again.”

Several people around, including Rebeca, found that Wiliam had taken the initiative to speak for the first time, and they couldn’t help but chuckle!

Melissa and others, you look at me, I look at you, there is a feeling of blowing hair.

This little bastard can be said to be the Thousand Years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but there is one thing he can do.

That is his baby Feliicity.

Whenever anyone dares to embarrass the Feliicity, he instantly becomes a dragon and a tiger!

The two people here seem to be in trouble!

Chen Shuyun looked at Wiliam with disgust, and said in a deep voice: “Whoever caused the trouble, who will carry it to me! This is the iron rule of my Bai family! It cannot be broken!”

“Just now, I asked Feliicity to confess my mistake to Liu Qiandao and win back the sponsorship rights. Don’t you even put my words in your eyes?”

The atmosphere froze instantly.

Wiliam laughed softly, and clapped his hands unexpectedly, “It’s really good. Whoever caused the trouble will be the one who is going to do it, okay, is it still the issue of sponsorship rights?”

“Now in order to win back the sponsorship rights, please, old lady, feel wronged…”

“Knock your head to my family Feliicity!”

Chapter 200

When Wiliam said these words, the expressions of everyone on the scene were wonderful.

Melissa and the others glanced at each other, and they knew it would be such a sense of gloat.

This old lady, who doesn’t know how to promote, will show her a shelf when she comes over?

Give her a lesson, deserve it!

Janett frowned slightly.

This kid, isn’t he?

Why did it suddenly go sideways?

Still doomed?

Don’t understand.

Rebeca felt goose bumps all over his body.

This kid, is it going to be against the sky today?

First, I slapped myself three slaps, and now, I dare to make grandma kneel and kowtow to Feliicity!

Today, are you going to offend the Bai family all over again!


Feliicity’s face turned pale with fright.

Let grandma kneel down!

Wiliam dared to do this right now!

I can’t do anything.

Chen Shuyun laughed like he heard the funniest joke in the world, “Ho ho, let me kneel to my granddaughter? Is your head broken? Now we are talking about sponsorship, I I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you.”

Bai Zhensheng also helped out, “Dog stuff, is there a place for you to speak? Get out!”

But at this time, Rebeca had to stand up.

She won’t come out again, Chen Shuyun and Bai Zhensheng really don’t know how they will be played to death today.

She stood over and whispered to them about the sponsorship.

After listening, the two people seemed to have been struck by lightning, and their eyes were full of shock.

They looked at Wiliam as if they had seen a ghost!

“You, are you saying that Wiliam won the sponsorship for our Bai family?” Chen Shuyun couldn’t help asking repeatedly.

Rebeca nodded unwillingly.

After Chen Shuyun confirmed, the whole person was confused.

Not Liu Qiandao.

It’s Wiliam!

No wonder, this kid looks confident!


If this is the case now, I really made things difficult for his Feliicity.

No wonder he wants to confess his mistake to Feliicity!

Damn it!

Chen Shuyun suddenly wanted to slap herself!

Why did you talk so full just now!

Who is the one who caused the trouble?

This is especially nonsense by myself on a whim.

It’s all to make Feliicity give in!

Unexpectedly, it has become a weapon for Wiliam to restrain himself!

What can I do now!

Chen Shuyun would never kneel to Feliicity.

What a shame.

The scene suddenly froze there.

In the end, Feliicity stood up and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, let’s forget about this.”

Wiliam shook his head, “What counts? Do they have to bully you time and time again and make you cry so that I can speak for you?”

Feliicity was taken aback, looking at Wiliam who was serious, only to feel that he smelled like a hero.

Suddenly she looked at Chen Shuyun and Bai Zhensheng, and she was worried.

Since this was Wiliam supporting himself.

So, you have the right not to use it, right?

Thinking of this, Feliicity suddenly said to Bai Zhensheng: “I guess you instigated grandma to come over to see my jokes, right? Okay, you and your grandma, choose one to kneel!”

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he just wanted to curse.

At this time, he was hit on the head!

He looked back, and it was Chen Shuyun who beat him!

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity with unpredictable eyes.

She didn’t know that this was Feliicity giving herself a step down.

This matter was indeed instigated by Bai Zhensheng.

“Kneel down!” Chen Shuyun angered Bai Zhen.

Bai Zhen’s voice was furious.


it’s me again!

How come I’m back at the end!

He scolded Wiliam and Feliicity thousands of times in his heart.

But in the end, he knelt down weakly, kowtow to Feliicity to make no mistake.

The drama is finally over.

Feliicity first took Rebeca back to rest, and Chen Shuyun and Bai Zhensheng left the Genuine Care Medical Center in strides.

Only a few women were left on the field in a blink of an eye.

Just as Gu Zhiling was about to speak, Wiliam said casually: “Qing Mian, please help me put her in the next ward, I’ll go over later.”

Melissa sighed, and gave Janett a look.

Instructed Janett to kill this little babe later.

After the people left, Janett went straight to the point, “I don’t want to take care of your family’s affairs, so I will ask you, how about you going to negotiate in the morning?”

Wiliam sat on the chair and lazily said, “It’s almost there.”

“Almost what do you mean?” The rigorous Janett didn’t believe almost three words at all.

“The negotiation is successful. You can sign the contract in three days. You decide the time and place, and I will draw up the contract.” Wiliam explained casually.

Janett was taken aback.

Didn’t think that this girl really settled the negotiation?

Do you still have some ability?


“Why do you want you to get the contract? There should be professional people for such professional things…” Janett said again.

At this time, Wiliam stood up suddenly, his eyes changed suddenly!

Become icy!

He took a step towards Janett, and Janett wanted to confront him.

But the pace involuntarily took a step back.

Her heart is almost depressed!

I was actually scared off by a counselor!

“You, what are you doing!” Janett couldn’t help but shout.

Wiliam suddenly pushed Janett to the wall!

Then he took possession of him and whispered in her ear: “The king is the king, the minister is the minister, I do things, and it is your turn to make irresponsible remarks? Remember your identity.”

After that, Wiliam turned around and walked towards the door, and then threw another sentence over, “Before you leave, you can find a prescription for He Jifeng to adjust the menstruation stopband to adjust your woman’s blood energy.”

Janett was dull for a long time before reacting.

Not only was he slammed by the waste president.

Humiliated him!

I was even told that I was sick in the end, damn it!

This bastard!

Just scream!

You will die sooner or later and it will be ugly!

An angry Janett strode away from the Genuine Care Medical Center, but was caught by Melissa at the door.

Melissa wanted to ask if he had killed the little bastard.

But looking at Janett’s expression, there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity, and she didn’t ask anything.

If there is anything to ask, at first glance, the ancestral tomb was served overnight.

She has a faint feeling that the ancestral grave team is about to have new members.

Wiliam came to the ward where Gu Zhiling was located, and as soon as he opened the door, he saw Gu Zhiling sitting on the bed angrily, like an explosive.

Yes, Gu Zhiling has been sufficiently angry with Wiliam for a while.

Wiliam didn’t care about three or seventy-one, and sat down in front of her bed with a familiar set of blindfolds and clothes, “Put on, take off your clothes, hurry up, I don’t have time.”

Gu Zhiling thought that Wiliam would be so straightforward. After a long time of brewing mental construction, it was instantly destroyed.

She looked at the hateful man in front of her, the more she thought about it, the more wrong, the more she thought about it, the more wronged.

In the end, there was a wow, when Wiliam faced, he burst into tears!


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