Dragon Husband Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201

The grievance in Gu Zhiling’s heart completely exploded in a moment.

She had always been so cold that she couldn’t even think of it, and she burst into tears in front of Wiliam.

However, when you cry, you can’t control it.

The more she cried, the louder and louder Dou Da’s tears fell, making Wiliam dumbfounded on the spot.

This cold woman is sick, right?

Why are you crying?

The ancient Ling was frustrated.

In the previous treatments, this bastard no longer regarded himself as a human being.

I am a big star, and I am not a fan of it wherever I go.

Why can’t the suppressed head be lifted in front of this little bastard?

Not as good as a dog!

What’s so awesome about him!

Look down on people so much!

I came here personally, and he was like this!


You are the busiest in the world!

It feels as if I am a little bitch who is sending a fire bag for thousands of miles.

Then when he arrived in front of the man, the man still looked dissatisfied and said that it should be finished soon. I have other arrangements.

Gu Zhiling felt his dignity shattered into dregs at this moment.

Am I such a shameless woman in your eyes!

She cried for five minutes and couldn’t stop.

In the end, Wiliam was helpless.

He doesn’t know what a woman’s heart is in this life.

It was his wife, Wiliam still couldn’t handle it.

Now there was a woman like a flower and jade crying in front of her as if her ancestral grave was blown up, Wiliam was also a little depressed.

“Then, don’t cry.” Wiliam’s tone softened.

Gu Zhiling cried more violently when he heard that this inhumane fellow would actually comfort others.

It was as if another bomb was added to the ancestral grave.

Wiliam has a black line.

The more you cry, the more energy you get, right?

The atmosphere was momentarily embarrassing.

Ten minutes later, Gu Zhiling stopped crying and turned into sobbing.

“Okay, okay, isn’t it going to be treated? How can I treat you like this?” Wiliam said.

Gu Zhiling shed tears, his exquisite makeup cried like a small cat.

“Huh! You, hey……you are too much……” Gu Zhiling reached out and hit Wiliam.

Well, the goddess of high cold is incarnate.

Finally, when she stopped crying, Wiliam started to administer the needle for her.

This time, time passed quickly.

Gu Zhiling had no shame anymore.

Close up and dress.

“You can go,” Wiliam said.

The tears of Gu Zhiling’s forbearance came out on the spot.

You don’t recognize people when you lift your pants, right?

Wiliam’s cold sweat was about to come out.

What a woman this is!

Say it’s thirty!

This IQ, EQ, is too much for three years old!

“Or, let’s stay for a while?” Wiliam couldn’t help but said.

Gu Zhiling glared at Wiliam with a faint look, “Huh.”

She applied the makeup on Wiliam’s face and then walked outside.

Wiliam couldn’t bear it, and said, “Forget it, I’ll give you an extra message. Pay attention to the people around you.”

Gu Zhiling didn’t even take this sentence in his heart.

people around me?

The person around you is the most excessive!

She strode outside.

But I was ashamed as a dog in my heart.

Thirty years.

It was the first time to cry like this in front of a man.

It’s so embarrassing to see people.

This bastard, I want him to look good in the future!

And Wiliam had been busy for a while, and it was already night after returning home.

The lights in the room went out.

Wiliam went in softly and lay down on the bunk under the bed.

At this time, a soft voice came from the bed, “Wiliam, what are you going to explain to me?”

Wiliam was taken aback, thinking for a moment and said, “As for the sponsorship rights, I did Janett a favor.”

Feliicity said, “I don’t care about sponsorship rights.”

What she cared about was the coquettish bitches around Wiliam.

All of them are superb beauties, Wiliam doesn’t understand, how can he control it?

Wiliam didn’t think of this, but just said, “Nothing else, it’s late, go to sleep, good night.”

The Feliicity on the bed sighed silently.

Although she believed in Wiliam, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

It was three days after blinking.

Today is the time for Lunanica Company and Hanlan Company to sign a major film cooperation agreement.

The time is set in the evening.

Wiliam only brought Janett and Zhang Tianming.

In a box of the hotel, Wiliam saw that Qian Feiyu was already there and was gracious.

“Mr. Lu.” Qian Feiyu saw Wiliam and hurried up.

Wiliam nodded slightly to him, then said, “Let’s get started.”

When Qian Feiyu heard this, his heart trembled slightly.

He is definitely the most anxious in the audience.

Because so far, he hasn’t seen what this contract looks like.

I don’t even know what Wiliam will ask for.

It definitely won’t be the way it was before, otherwise Wiliam would not redraft the contract by himself.

If Wiliam Lion speaks loudly, many tears will be swallowed silently.

Qian Feiyu quickly said to Wiliam: “Okay, you have a contract.”

Wiliam took out two contracts from his bag and put them on a red signing table.

Seeing the contract came out, Janett and others’ eyes also changed slightly.

Because they have never seen the content of the contract.

Today, everyone is blind, only Wiliam is sober.

This feeling made Janett feel very aggrieved.

Obviously the contract should be carefully scrutinized.

A little carelessness and being caught a little loophole can cause extremely dire consequences.

This kid, when the man was like a grandson.

When it’s time to be cautious, he has no brain to make opinions.

It’s just a big mess.

Janett thought in her heart and couldn’t help but shook her head.

On the side, Qian Feiyu had already picked up the contract with trembling hands, ready to accept cruel exploitation.

However, the more I look at it, the more wrong his face becomes.

At first, he rubbed his eyes, thinking he was wrong.

But at the end, he was completely sluggish.

Cold sweat, running down his fat face.

His hands shook harder, and he looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “Mr. Lu, you…”

Wiliam’s expression remained as usual and said, “Sign it.”

Qian Feiyu’s expression fell in the eyes of Zhang Tianming and Janett.


The contract is weird!

Janett instinctively shouted: “Wait!”

After speaking, she quickly picked up the contract and looked at it seriously.

At this look, she was like an ice cellar!

She looked at Wiliam in amazement, “President Lu! What do you mean!”

In the contract, the Lunanica Company had previously agreed on a starring quota, and one-third of the sponsorship rights were not changed.


Lunanica Company added 50 million yuan, which is 100 million yuan in total, to buy out all the copyrights of the film, including shooting and post-production!

This is tantamount to letting Lunanica Company spend money to take care of it.

Chapter 202

You know, originally the terms negotiated between the two parties were that each party had half of the copyright, but the script and post-production were all done by Hanlan.

This is also the most important reason why Hanlan can occupy two-thirds of the sponsorship rights.

Now, this Wiliam actually spent 50 million extra to take away the copyright and took all the work!

He thinks movies can be popular?


From the beginning, the positioning of this film about doctors is similar to that of biographies, and there is no possibility of fire at all.

This is a fact that both parties have acquiesced.

This Wiliam, doing so is tantamount to giving Hanlan Company a gift at a sky-high price!

Janett was trembling with anger!

You know, letting this guy draft the contract alone will cause trouble!


I can’t even do things like paying for a living from ignorance!

Movie copyright has a shit, whoever loves it wants to go!

I can’t see clearly at this point, so what kind of president?

Or in other words, he is too self-esteem!

“No! Can’t sign!” Janett said in public, even ignoring the face of refuting Wiliam and Qian Feiyu.

But at this time, she suddenly saw the corner of Wiliam’s mouth hooked.

The face is as cold as frost.

She couldn’t help but think about what Wiliam said to her three days ago.

In her heart, she was almost suffocated to death.

Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, what do you think of this guy!

Do things without thinking, be arrogant and arrogant.

It’s just a second-rate gangster!

If this contract is signed, the shareholders of the company must not explode!

More serious, Lunanica Company will be completely reduced to the laughing stock of the industry, and will not recover!

Janett was originally for the good of the company, but seeing that Wiliam knew what was wrong and didn’t correct it, her heart suddenly became angry.

it is good!

You Wiliam must act recklessly!


Let you be completely infamous in this incident!

She gave Wiliam a cold look and walked away.

Zhang Tianming on the side is also looking at the contract.

The first reaction to seeing the contract is to feel that this contract is extremely brainless.

Spend wrong money and do what you want.

Let Hanlan make 50 million out of thin air.


This kid, who could make Qian Feiyu look so high before, could it be that they had reached some shady conditions in private?

The more Zhang Tianming thinks, the more possible it is!

It turned out to be like this hahaha!

Okay, you Wiliam, you betrayed the company and got involved with Hanlan.

I see how you stand up this time!

Zhang Tianming’s eyes were full of joking.

Qian Feiyu looked at Wiliam tremblingly, and asked for instructions in a low voice, “Mr. Lu, what do you mean?”

Wiliam said lightly: “Just press the sign here.”

Seeing Wiliam’s cluelessness, Qian Feiyu suddenly felt miserable and couldn’t tell.

Wiliam, Wiliam, you really don’t know how to do it.

If it is signed, the box office will hit the streets when the movie is released, will you throw all the fire on me again.

Qian Feiyu bit his scalp, his hands shaking when he picked up the pen.


Sign, sign, and take care of him in the future.

After the two parties signed the contract, Qian Feiyu respectfully left.

Qin Jiang, who had returned to the company, was not so angry, and immediately reported the matter to Harper.

I thought Harper would be furious and scolded Wiliam for ruining his efforts.

But after Harper listened, he actually laughed.

This made Janett even more depressed, “Elder Wang, the company is going to make him collapse, you can still laugh!”

Harper was drinking tea at the moment, but Wiliam appeared in his mind.

Little master, little master, what plans are you brewing…

That aging, just wait and see.

Harper has completely identified Wiliam after experiencing the last seven love hay.

He has been up and down in business for many years, but he can’t guess what the young master is thinking.

This unknown expectation made Harper more interested in watching it.

“Old Wang! You are saying something!” Janett said angrily on the phone.

“I won’t intervene in this matter, you can figure it out.” Harper hung up after speaking.

Although this Janett was a person next to Harper, looking at the situation, the young master wanted to dig it away.

Ho ho…

That being the case, Xiao Qin, Xiao Qin, you should have the mind and courage to accept honor.

Isn’t this incident a test for you by the young master?

Hope you can pass it smoothly.

Janett, with an angry expression, threw the pen holder in the office to pieces on the spot.

Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, I am afraid you are really old!

On the other side, Wiliam walked out of the hotel after signing the contract, and made a casual call, “Are you busy? I went to your place, thank you.”

The phone call was very short, only ten seconds, and then Wiliam received a text message on his cell phone with an address in it.

According to that address, Wiliam took a taxi and left.

After Wiliam left, a person in the dark of the hotel sneaked out his head and made a phone call, “Brother Liu, I finally caught that guy going out alone, how about? Do you not?”

This call was surprisingly made to Liu Qiandao.

Liu Qiandao has been suffocated enough in the past few days, planning to give Wiliam a good look.

Finally caught Wiliam’s opportunity to go out alone today.

He got up from the bed, his body was not fully recovered, but he said viciously: “Come on, take the brother you contacted last time, and get him for me! Don’t wait for me, I’ll be there soon!”

Liu Qiandao was so angry that he couldn’t wait to see Wiliam get killed.

He just wanted to pass, and saw Wiliam begging for mercy, dying and struggling.

The concealed person nodded, and immediately drove a car to follow Wiliam.

Ten minutes later, Wiliam found a store called Intoxicating Tea House in a secret alley in Q City ( Qena City ), and walked in.

Following that person, he immediately called Liu Qiandao to report. When Liu Qiandao heard it, he laughed loudly, “Hahaha, I didn’t think that this shameful pen actually walked into a small alley by myself. It wasn’t God who helped me! How are people!”

The man replied: “It is estimated that it will be there in seven or eight minutes.”

“Well, when the time comes, we will do it all together and kill that girl. I guess it will take more than ten minutes to arrive.” Liu Qiandao felt extremely comfortable after hanging up the phone.


Just today!

The man kept guarding outside the shop and began to urge the brothers to come.

After all, Liu Qiandao gave him more than 500,000 yuan this time, enough for these brothers to eat and drink for several days.

At the same time that this person was impressive, Wiliam was also in a box of the tea house and saw the protagonist of this appointment.

The man was drinking tea with his brows furrowed.

Tea fragrance overflows.

People are anxious.

Wiliam pushed the door in and hung his coat on the hanger at the door casually before saying hello.

“Brother Tiger seems to be in a bad mood.”

Chapter 203

The person Wiliam met was surprisingly the tiger of Q City ( Qena City ), Tigger !

When Tigger saw Wiliam’s laziness, his frown eased.

But the tone was cold, “Why are you looking for me?”

Wiliam sat cross-legged on the tatami opposite Tigger . Although Tigger was cold, he poured Wiliam a cup of tea.

Wiliam took a sip and couldn’t help but admire, “The authentic sword points to the cherry blossoms, good tea, good tea, but it’s a pity that you can taste tea if you are not sure about it, for fear of waste.”

Sword refers to the cherry blossom is a kind of rock tea, worth hundreds of thousands per catty.

Tigger casually pulled away from the drawer and threw a bag of swords pointed at the cherry blossoms to Wiliam, “If you like, take it.”

Wiliam was not polite, put it away, and said: “I came here this time, mainly to thank you for your help twice.”

Since Wiliam wanted to have a good relationship with Tigger , the necessary meeting was indispensable.

Tigger smiled bitterly and said, “The person who can make Li Muhe and Li Lao admire, come here, don’t you betray me.”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Although Mr. Li is good, he is old, and his thoughts tend to be complacent when he grows old. I don’t have anything to say to him. It’s better to sit and drink tea with you.”

This sentence made Tigger look at Wiliam with a little surprise.

This kid didn’t even pay attention to Old Li.

“This time our company has a movie, which has the right to recruit several sponsors. I know you also have a company. You can give you one for free. It’s the reward you lent me last time.” Wiliam said.

Tigger was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled bitterly again, “I borrowed ten people from you, and you returned my ten million sponsorship rights, ho ho, I really have a lot of face.”

Wiliam sipped his cup again, and then said, “I don’t take this thing in my eyes. Seeing your frown, what’s the matter?”

Tigger shook his head and said: “It’s not a matter of the rivers and lakes. The daughter in the family has grown up and is disobedient. She is angry. Let’s not talk about it.”

Wiliam was slightly taken aback this time.

Didn’t think that Tigger , who became a mad tiger, was actually a daughter slave?

This is interesting.

“Okay, if you need my help if you have something, just speak up.” Wiliam said.

At this time, Tigger also heard what Wiliam meant to win.

His brows furrowed again.

He is Li Muhe’s subordinate.

One ruler and one minister, one minister to old age.

This kid, dare to dig a wall?

“What are you capable of? Need me to ask you for help?” Tigger ‘s tone also became cold.

Wiliam had known Tigger ‘s character for a long time, and his performance at this moment was not beyond Wiliam’s expectations.

He smiled slightly and only said eight words!

“Kill the hanging pot, I am Wiliam.”

After all, Wiliam’s hands suddenly flashed, and Tigger didn’t have time to react, and he felt a cold forehead!

Then he got goose bumps all over his body.

On the Tianfu Point, there was a silver needle shining red!


This kid!

This is to kill me!

As soon as Tigger was about to furious, he heard Wiliam say: “Don’t move, it will be fine for a while.”

Tigger only felt the coolness on his forehead even worse, as if there was a soothing force, running along his forehead and permeating his body.

Because of her daughter’s anxiety, she was wiped out in an instant.

Wiliam put away the silver needle and smiled: “This state of mind, Fang can live up to the sweetness and beauty of the cherry blossoms.”

At the moment, Tigger ‘s brain is clear and refreshing. He took a sip of tea and tasted the rich aroma in it. This is the taste that he didn’t have just now.

It was as if Wiliam had a needle to get through the sense of smell and taste.

Kill the hanging pot, but I am Wiliam.

If the silver needle just now didn’t worry about me, but killed me…

Can kill, can hang pot, really Wiliam!

Tigger looked at Wiliam, who was calm in front of him, and suddenly felt a strange feeling.

It’s not a problem to be sharp!

It is imperative to change dynasties!

Tigger was shocked by his own inexplicable thought, and he heard Wiliam smile and say, “Don’t you give me more tea…”

I saw the tea in Wiliam’s teacup.

Tigger shook his head and sighed. There was an illusion that he could not accept the old.

He poured Wiliam a cup of tea, and the two of them pointed their swords at the cherry blossoms and tasted them carefully. No one spoke.

And at the moment, outside the shop.

A large group of people have concentrated there.

Liu Qiandao rushed all the way because he was expecting, and he came ahead of schedule.

In a blink of an eye, the personnel were already there.

Xiao Chen, the broker, hurriedly introduced the brothers to Liu Qiandao.

He pointed to the black-faced man in front of him and said: “This is our crazy brother. He was introduced by the dog a few days ago. He joined the brothers and is the leader of this operation.”

The man named Kuangge nodded indifferently, as he finished greeting.

Crazy Brother is not from Q City ( Qena City ), he has been messing around next door to Q City ( Qena City ).

However, I have been unsatisfactory and suppressed by the upper side.

Came to Q City ( Qena City ) these few days, introduced by Brother Gou, joined an amazing security company.

In order to join this company, he spent a lot of effort, bought hundreds of thousands of gifts and gave it to Brother Gou.

What he brought today is the brother who has been following him, ready to hit the first shot in Q City ( Qena City ).

Although the opponent is just a small person, Brother Kuang is very fancy about this action, after all, this is a great opportunity for him to become famous.

Liu Qiandao hurriedly held Brother Kuang’s hand and said, “Brother Kuang, I’ve heard of my name for a long time! I’m relying on you today.”

Crazy Brother withdrew his hand and said coldly: “Lead the way.”

Xiao Chen, the broker, would naturally not go with them.

Liu Qiandao and a group of people rushed into the tea house aggressively, starting to smash things from the first floor.

Ping-pong all the way to the second floor.

Wherever he went, he jumped.

Let Liu Qiandao have a sense of heroism in the world.

At this time, he saw a piece of clothing hanging in the door of a box on the second floor.

His eyes drenched and a smile appeared on his face, “Found it! Brothers, follow me!”

After all, he kicked the door directly.

“Bang!” There was a loud noise.

The wooden door cracked directly.

A group of people filed in, Liu Qiandao took the lead, and he saw Wiliam sitting on the tatami.

The teacups of Wiliam and Tigger were still hanging in the air.

Tigger frowned slightly.

Liu Qiandao had already rushed over and laughed, “Wiliam, Wiliam! You are quite good at hiding! Today I see where you can hide!”

Tigger asked Wiliam: “Your enemy?”

Wiliam shook his head slightly, “A foe? Not really. He is not worthy.”

Tigger nodded, “Really.”

Liu Qiandao was angered by this arrogant remark, and said to Brother Kuang, “Brother Kuang! Kill them for me!”

The mad brother behind him suddenly stared at the scar on Tigger ‘s face, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

How does this person feel a little familiar?

Chapter 204

“Brother Kuang, why are you still looking at it!” Liu Qiandao was dissatisfied with Brother Kuang, and couldn’t help but give Brother Kuang a little.

Brother Kuang didn’t move. The more I looked at Tigger , the more familiar I felt.

Tigger showed a playful smile at this time, and said to Wiliam: “I was a little sorry for the last battle. How about this time?”

Wiliam smiled too, his eyes full of disdain for these people, “What do you think?”

Tigger actually stood up, counted the people at the scene, and said: “Thirty people are all, half of you, half of me, how about?”

Everyone was stunned!

This guy with scars on his face nodded unscrupulously!

I don’t even put them in my eyes!

Brother Kuang was still hesitating, but when Tigger said so, the arrogance in his heart was stirred.

Although my mad brother is walking Q City ( Qena City ) for the first time, he can’t handle it with any cat or dog!

He was about to start when he saw Wiliam stand up too.

After Wiliam stood up, he laughed loudly, “You are ten and I am twenty.”

Tigger ‘s eyes shrank!


Crazy enough!

This Wiliam, since the last time he cooperated in the massacre, what this guy showed was an indifference to killing lives.

But judging from his skills last time, he is far from the opponent of twenty people.

Could it be that he has improved during this time?

Impossible? Even if you make further progress, how fast can it be?

As he thought about it, he saw Wiliam rushing towards those people.

Liu Qiandao frowned and sneered, “It’s just right! Crazy brother, get them!”

Brother Mad, without any hesitation, waved his hand.

A group of people rushed over.

Tigger is used to fighting, and these little ants are not worth mentioning in his eyes.

While fighting, he was distracted to observe Wiliam.

With this observation, he almost staggered!

Goose bumps all over!

I saw Wiliam flying through the wind like a dragon, shuttled among the crowd.

Wherever he went, Tigger couldn’t even see how Wiliam started.

Those who suffered from Wiliam fell down without saying a word!

In a blink of an eye, Wiliam had already brought down six or seven people!

The speed is so fast that Tigger can’t believe it!

This kid!

Was the strength of the last time concealed?


It’s not hideous!

Last time, he was clearly stunned!

what is that!


It’s this kid who is murderous, and only a long sword can relieve his hatred!

Thinking of this, Tigger trembled all over, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes instantly changed.

What kind of person, when there are other more advantageous killing methods, still chooses a long knife he is not familiar with!

There is only one answer!

Knife into the flesh, whine and relieve the hatred!


While Tigger thought about it, Wiliam had already put down a few more.

The scene seemed to be one-sided.

Wiliam shuttled through it, his mind calm.

What can he do.

Needles of Ruby Flower.

He inserted a long live safflower in the key point of everyone.

Light and relaxed, the clouds are light and the wind is light.

He doesn’t have the same hatred as last time.

More importantly, since he studied the “Medical Sutra of Impermanence” for this period of time, his physical fitness and power mastery are no longer Wuxia Amon compared with before.

Dealing with these people is a piece of cake.

After a while, Wiliam had already brought down twenty.

After putting it down, he returned to the tea table, poured a cup of tea, sipped slightly, shook his head, and looked at Tigger , who was still not over the fight, saying, “The tea is still warm, but it will change its flavor when it is cool.”

Those who fell on the ground were still conscious.

Hearing what Wiliam said, everyone felt like a dog!

The tea is good!

This is how much courage and strength confidence can imitate the legend of Wenjiu cut Huaxiong!

Twenty people!

Twenty people are not one person’s opponent!

Who is this young man!

It’s too scary!

Before Tigger was distracted to observe Wiliam, now after listening to Wiliam’s words, he also speeded up.

After a while, all thirty people fell down, and no one stood.

Looking at Wiliam, Liu Qiandao was crazy!

This kid is so skillful!

Even Brother Kuang, even so many brothers are not his opponents alone!

very scary!

No wonder he said last time that he just didn’t want to get his hands dirty when calling someone!

It turns out that it’s not just talking about it, but that’s it!


The effort was wasted!

If you know that Wiliam is so good, then he should call more people!

Liu Qiandao has a kind of despair, but the crazy brother who fell beside him has completely red eyes!

This is his first shot!

Unexpectedly, the brothers tried their best, and they were ended by two people!

What a shame!

It’s a stain in my life!

I just joined that company, so I will never allow such a stain on my body!

Otherwise, the boss above knows, can he still get along!

Thinking of this, Kuangge went crazy.

He braced himself and stood up and said angrily: “You two, don’t leave if you have a kind! I will let my brother come over!”

Wiliam frowned slightly.

This way, there is still no end.

However, Tigger inadvertently glanced at the torn clothes of Kuangge.

On his chest, a tattoo that had just been tattooed was hideous and eye-catching.

He stopped Wiliam and said casually: “Okay, you call someone, we wait.”

Brother Kuang immediately picked up the phone and called Brother Gou, “Brother Gou! I was humiliated today! You must help me find my place!”

When the entertaining brother heard the words of the crazy brother, he became angry on the spot, “Who is it! Actually, my brother’s brother is not in his eyes! How many people are there?”

Brother Kuang felt aggrieved for a while, and finally spit out two words, “Two of them.”

“Huh? Are you kidding me?” Brother Dog was taken aback, and immediately cursed.

“It’s true, Brother Dog, believe me, they are really amazing. Bring more people.” Brother Kuang was about to cry.

Listening to Brother Kuang’s voice, Brother Gou scolded and said, “Wait, my brothers are all there. The boss has a meeting tonight. I wanted to introduce you to the boss tonight. If you lose face, I won’t look good. Son, I helped.”

After hanging up the phone, Liu Qiandao’s heart suddenly became hot, “Brother Mad, how!”

“It’s done! Brother Gou agreed to take the shot, ho ho, today I want them to get out of this place!” Kuang brother said viciously.

A group of people struggled to get up and walked out of the door, but they blocked the door tightly, preventing the two men from fleeing.

Tigger inside, but not in a hurry, Wiliam took out a bubble of sword and pointed at the cherry blossoms again, and threw it to Tigger , “Change it, the new one has a taste.”

Tigger did not refuse, and immediately boiled water to make tea.

Wiliam asked nonchalantly at this time: “Brother Dog, the name is a bit familiar.”

Tigger showed a cruel smile and looked at the door, “Well, my man.”

Chapter 205 Hundred Tiger Heads

Wiliam smiled slightly after listening, as expected.

This dog brother should be one of the little bosses who followed Tigger into the army last time.

The two of them didn’t talk any more, so they drank tea again in peace.

And Liu Qiandao and Brother Kuang outside the door soon waited for Brother Gou.

Brother Gou is a big bald head with swollen muscles and sharp eyes.

As soon as Brother Kuang saw Brother Gou, he immediately nodded and bowed: “Brother Gou, you are finally here.”

Brother Gou glanced at Brother Kuang with disdain, and said, “You let me say hello? Two people can’t figure it out. How will you follow my boss in the future? How do you ask me to introduce you to my boss tonight? “

Brother Kuang flushed, and lowered his head in shame.

At this time, Liu Qiandao stood up and said, “Hello, Brother Dog. The two people inside are really nasty. As long as you are willing to help me teach those two people, 500,000, I will give you another 500,000.”

When Brother Gou heard about the money, his expression became a little more relaxed.

“Let me go in, let you have a long experience, in the Q City ( Qena City ) site, who has the final say.” Brother Gou walked in with a grin.

A group of people also followed in immediately, clattering, and surrounded Wiliam and Tigger .

Brother Gou just wanted to say something cruel, suddenly his eyes stopped.

Drinking tea peacefully on the tatami, it seems that two people who have nothing to do with the world are so familiar!

One, isn’t his boss Tigger !

And the other one is even more terrifying!

That massacre at the time, the scene of the brazen murder of the boy with a long sword, is still indelible in Brother Dog’s heart!

The scholar kills, his madness is boundless!


Brother Gou’s brain crashed in an instant, cold sweat, straight out of his forehead!

But Liu Qiandao didn’t know why, so he jumped to the window and looked down.

At this look, he laughed with joy.

I saw a large group of people standing in the dark at the entrance of the store, all alive and vigorous!

With these people, why not take revenge today!

Liu Qiandao immediately jumped out arrogantly and laughed wildly: “You two, my helper is here! Don’t hesitate to kneel down, give me dog brother, and kowtow to admit my mistake!”

Brother Kuang also stared at Wiliam and Tigger viciously and said, “The humiliation you two inflicted on me today, I will repay you thousands of times!”

Wiliam and Tigger didn’t even look at them at all, they were still tasting tea, silent.

In the box, the fragrance of tea overflows and the atmosphere is solemn.

Liu Qiandao saw that these two reckless people were still in the mood to drink tea, and stomped his feet with anger, “Brother Dog, fuck them!”

At this time, Brother Gou suddenly felt aroused and woke up instantly.

His legs were shaking.

This is his boss, and a killer!

Just give yourself a hundred courage, and dare not offend any of them!

This Liu Qiandao and Xiao Kuang actually asked me to come over and get them today!


Isn’t this deliberately dragging me into the water!

Brother Gou suddenly turned around, stared at Liu Qiandao fiercely, and asked: “You told me to teach them both of them?”

Of course Liu Qiandao nodded immediately and said: “Exactly!”

After he finished speaking, he was still puzzled, pointing to Wiliam, and said aggressively: “Especially this person! Last time he dared to call a bunch of bastards to beat me! I can’t bear this tone! I will kill him later!”

Brother Gou’s head froze.

Wiliam called people…

Last time, he heard Brother Hu said that Wiliam borrowed someone.

Could it be…

Thinking of this, Brother Gou’s eyes sullen again, “Ho ho, then I want to ask you, do you know who the group of people you call bastards are?”

Liu Qiandao thought for a while, shook his head, “I don’t know.”

However, he immediately took out a piece of stuff from his pocket and said: “The last time the group of idiots who didn’t know good or bad, after hitting me, they arrogantly left me a sign, saying that they made me have hatred. They said, hahaha, isn’t it a coincidence that you said that? Brother Dog, after teaching these two people later, you help me and the group of people who beat me to teach, how about?”

What Liu Qiandao held in his hand was suddenly a tiger head token!

And the moment he saw the token of the tiger’s head, the mad brother who was screaming beside him, his face changed in an instant!

this is!

Tiger head order!

This is his boss’ token!


The group of people who beat Liu Qiandao last time turned out to be his boss!

It seems that this Wiliam has inextricably linked with his boss!

This level of relationship caused Goosebumps on Brother Kuang’s body, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes instantly became extremely awe-inspiring!

And Liu Qiandao was still chattering and cursing: “That group of people is really too arrogant. They acted perversely in Q City ( Qena City ). This is not to put you in your eyes, Brother Gou, you should teach them severely. !”

At this time, Brother Gou suddenly grabbed Liu Qiandao’s hair, his eyes became gloomy and cold, “Okay! I know that group of people, so I will show you insights, the scenery of hell!”

After all, Brother Gou suddenly grabbed Liu Qiandao’s head and looked out the window!

Liu Qiandao’s head was sore that he couldn’t help complaining: “Brother Dog, what are you doing…”

Words, only half of it.

Sweat, it’s all over!

Liu Qiandao saw with amazement that Brother Gou suddenly tore off his clothes!

He was shirtless, and between his heart and mouth, a lifelike tiger head was ready to come out!

Tiger head!

Liu Qiandao’s head buzzed!

At this time, something more terrifying happened!

Hundreds of people outside the window saw the dog show his head, and suddenly shouted together!


Tiger head!

Hundred tiger heads!


Seeing the hundreds of people below all showing tiger head tattoos, Liu Qiandao’s legs suddenly softened and he collapsed directly to the ground!

No matter how stupid he is, he knows that the person who handed him the Tiger Head token last time was in the same group as Brother Gou!

And since they are a group, then Wiliam and Brother Gou are also in the same group!

I actually hit someone’s gun!

And just now not only scolded Wiliam, but also kept saying that the group of people were bastards, it was a shame!

This is simply too long!

Liu Qiandao suddenly felt the end of the world, his heart beating wildly.

He hugged Brother Dog’s thigh, tears streaming down, and said miserably: “Brother Dog, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to scold you just now. I don’t know who you are. The so-called ignorant is not guilty. Please let me go?”

Brother Gou kicked the pitiful Liu Qiandao away, then stepped on his head!

The words are cold, amazing again!

“The ignorant is not guilty? Then let you see how ignorant you are today!”

“These two tea drinkers, do you know who they are!”

“One is my boss, the tiger of Q City ( Qena City ), Tigger !”

Chapter 206

As soon as Brother Gou’s words fell, the crazy brother behind him suddenly shuddered.

He looked at Tigger in disbelief!

Brother Tiger!

He turned out to be Brother Tiger!

That’s the boss who came to take refuge this time!


No wonder he was familiar from the beginning!

I’m blind!

I was actually looking for trouble with my boss!

Brother Kuang suddenly plopped and knelt down at Tigger , and kept kowtowing to admit his mistake, “Brother Tiger, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were here! I knew it was wrong, I have no eyes! You can punish me whatever you want!”

Tigger glanced at the mad brother indifferently, and then suddenly asked: “This sword refers to the cherry blossoms. Did you send it?”

Brother Kuang was taken aback and looked at Brother Dog.

Brother Dog nodded.

Brother Kuang suddenly understood that he had given the tea to Brother Gou, and Brother Gou gave it to Brother Hu.

Brother Gou is helping yourself.

But this is how I repay the kindness of Brother Dog?

Today, not only is he imminent, but the dog is also deeply involved.

Crazy brother has been walking in the arena for many years. Although he is depressed, he is still a member of the arena after all. There is still a sense of loyalty in the arena.

He looked at Brother Dog guiltily, and said: “Brother Dog, I am sorry for you today and dragged you into the water. Don’t worry, you will do everything alone!”

Then Brother Kuang looked at Tigger again, “Brother Hu, I coaxed this matter today, and it has nothing to do with Brother Gou. You should know his loyalty to you, and I apologize!”

As he said, Brother Kuang suddenly stood up and rushed to a pillar fiercely.

It seems that he is going to apologize.

But at this time, Tigger suddenly said: “No need.”

Brother Kuang stopped and looked at Brother Tiger in disbelief.

Tigger glanced at Wiliam and said faintly: “Your sword points to the cherry blossoms. Today, let me entertain Wiliam brothers. It is considered that you have equaled your merits and demerits. In the future, follow Agou and do things well.”

Brother Kuang’s eyes were red in an instant!

Is this the boss who will serve you in the future!



Brothers are like brothers!

These years of unwillingness, so that mad brother at this moment, there is even a kind of confidant death moved!

He bent down deeply and bowed, his voice became loud and powerful, “Brother Tiger! Thank you! I will do my best in the future! We live up to your expectations!”

Seeing Tigger forgave Xiao Kuang, Brother Gou finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that his sin has also been forgiven.

Brother Gou kicked Liu Qiandao, who was like a dead dog, and said, “Brother Lu, what do you do with this kid?”

Liu Qiandao on the ground, from just now, the whole person is dumbfounded.


Tigger !

How could Liu Qiandao not know Tigger ‘s reputation!

The tiger of Q City ( Qena City ), roaring hepato!

He is one of the most terrifying existence in Q City ( Qena City ) Underground!

I actually offended Tigger !

How do you die today!

And what made Liu Qiandao feel a deep chill is that Wiliam!

Obviously it’s just a waste!

Why do you become the brother of a character like Tigger !

And it seems that Tigger still respects Wiliam!


In Liu Qiandao’s heart, it was the first time that he could not help himself with a thought.

Wiliam, extraordinary!

Would such a person who can be called a brother to Tigger be an ordinary person!

Would such a character who can make Qian Feiyu awe three points be a waste!

Would such a character who can support Janett and Gu Zhiling be a waste dog!

I am blind!

No, it’s the entire Bai family, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) is blind!

How bad are they? In these ten years, a forbearing hero can be called a waste!

Wiliam is not ashamed.

Those who should be ashamed are those who look down on Wiliam!

Including yourself!

Liu Qiandao can’t be more upset!

Shouldn’t offend Wiliam!

You shouldn’t offend Wiliam if you die!


It’s too late!

At this time, Tigger glanced at Wiliam and asked, “Wiliam, what do you think?”

Liu Qiandao got goose bumps all over his body.


Wiliam was about to speak when his phone rang.

He glanced at the phone, then glanced at Liu Qiandao as if there was nothing.

Turn on the speaker directly.

There was a flattering voice, “Mr. Lu, where are you? The company wants to hold a general meeting of shareholders, and you need to attend the meeting in person.”

President Lu!

This title, like a shock of thunder, once again exploded in Liu Qiandao’s mind!

Liu Qiandao couldn’t be more familiar with the voice on the phone.

It’s Zhang Tianming’s voice!

Zhang Tianming usually considers himself very high, he has never heard such a low voice!

President Lu!

Wiliam, really is the president of Lunanica Company!

This truth made Liu Qiandao dizzy and feeling faint.


In Liu Qiandao’s mind, he couldn’t help thinking of a word Wiliam said in his ear last time.

“Tell you a secret. I am actually the president of Lunanica Company.”

At that time, I thought that this waste was just bluffing.

Unexpectedly, it is true!

He is really the president!

For a while, Liu Qiandao collapsed to the ground, unable to move anymore.

President, too.

Only the identity of the president can perfectly explain why Zhang Tianming would negotiate with Wiliam last time.

It’s not that Wiliam’s informant won Zhang Tianming’s favor!

But Wiliam should have been above 10,000!

Only as the president can Janett and Gu Zhiling be so polite to him!

And Qian Feiyu too!

I actually naively thought that the sponsorship was given to the Bai family by myself!

As the president, Wiliam has the right to sponsor, that is not a single sentence!

I’m almost making an axe at the class door!

Not only that.

Since he is the president, I also introduced him to Lunanica Company as a security guard before!

An employee, introduce the president to be a security guard?


He is so ridiculous that he is the stupidest and most self-reliant person in the world!

No wonder that when he was introduced as a security guard last time, he inexplicably asked himself, do you know what happened to the fired security guard?

It was because he offended Wiliam and was expelled.

Own, don’t you follow suit and laugh the world!

Liu Qiandao felt that he was crushed by Wiliam to uselessness from his body, mind and soul!

Wiliam agreed casually, and then looked at Liu Qiandao again.

Liu Qiandao was full of excitement and wanted to rush over to hug Wiliam’s thigh and beg for mercy.

However, he was kicked off by the dog.

“My brother Lu can you go there casually?”

“Mr. Lu, I was wrong! Would you spare my life for a dog! I really know that I was wrong! I shouldn’t offend you, shouldn’t beat your wife’s idea, I was wrong.” Liu Qiandao was crying on the ground. He looked unhappy.

Chapter 207

Seeing him crying so piercingly, Tigger frowned.

From the bottom of his heart, he looked down on such a spineless man.

When he was about to speak, he saw Wiliam stand up with the bag of tea leaves and walked slowly toward the door.

Only one sentence is left, “Hit.”

Tigger frowned deeper now, and got up with Wiliam.

He knows Wiliam’s personality very well.

A typing is not a killing word.

It doesn’t fit Wiliam’s character at all.

What is he doing!

When Wiliam passed by the shivering Crazy Brother, he patted him on the shoulder and smiled: “The sword points to the cherry blossoms.”

After speaking, he left again.

The trembling mad brother, hearing Wiliam’s words, like a pardon, thankfully sent Wiliam out.

Tigger walked side by side with Wiliam and couldn’t help asking, “What are you doing? You are not the kind of soft-hearted person.”

Wiliam said casually: “Leave his life, I have another use.”

Tigger stared at him, “You should see that this man is naturally rebellious, and his pitiful look just now is a seven-point show.”

Wiliam smiled, “Would I not know?”

“Then you still!” Tigger stopped Wiliam from going.

Wiliam gently pushed away Tigger , and walked forward by himself, “Fight, hit him until he jumps over the wall and regenerates his bones.”

In a word, Tigger was dull.

This Wiliam, the city is extremely deep!

He actually couldn’t understand what he was going to do!

And the phone call just now.

Why speak up!

Why should Liu Qiandao know his identity?

Wiliam was not a man of publicity at all. Tigger killed the unbelief Wiliam just to put on the table.

Why is this…

Tigger thought about it, but there was no sign of it, and in the end he could only give up.

And Liu Qiandao, who was beaten into a human shape inside, curled up into a ball on the ground.

He couldn’t even shout.

But his eyes slowly turned red and became insidious.

Wiliam then went to the large conference room on the top floor of Lunanica Company.

At this moment, in the large conference room, or standing, or the author more than 20 people.

One by one they looked angry, pointing to the heavens and the earth, and the sound of clapping the table was endless.

Janett sat on the middle chair and closed her eyes in silence.

What can she do in such a bad situation?

All of this thanks to Wiliam, who is short-sighted and indiscriminate!

Lunanica Company is going to change the sky.

And Zhang Tianming on the side did not speak either.

He was carefully observing the look of every shareholder, but there was an unknown smile on his face.

Come on!

Come on!

The more fierce and uncontrollable you coax, the happier I will be.


That straw bag president is really a rare straw bag in the world, and he can even draw up this kind of contract, and he has signed the contract without going through the shareholders’ meeting research.

Now I think you are still alive!

At this time, the door was pushed open.

Wiliam walked in slowly.

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly solidified.

When everyone looked at Wiliam, most of their eyes were filled with doubts.

Because Wiliam rarely shows up in the company, and has issued a ban before, many people still don’t know that the so-called President Lu is Wiliam.

At this time Janett stood up, greeted Wiliam indifferently and introduced to everyone: "This is our company's President Lu."

After a few seconds of silence, the scene exploded again.

“Damn! I thought it was sacred! It turned out to be a hairy boy! No wonder doing things without going through the brain!”

“So young, what can you understand? Our Lunanica Company is a time-honored brand anyway, so how can it be handed over to him who is still weaning!”

“I was the first to disagree!”

The scene was extremely loud, but Wiliam turned a deaf ear to it, as if he didn’t put everyone in his eyes.

Janett suddenly patted the table, and the scene suddenly became quiet.

There is Harper behind Janett, and everyone dare not presumptuously.

Janett sighed as she looked at the shareholders in front of her.

This Lunanica Company is extremely complicated, and I have reminded Wiliam from the beginning.

I didn’t think of this kid, but he didn’t even listen to his words.

Today, you have the ability to sign contracts, do you have the ability to hold them down?

Don’t be as strong as a tiger when you sign, but now as a dog when you want to hold accountability.

Seeing Wiliam still not speaking, Janett couldn’t help being annoyed.

However, she finally used Lu Yechen’s method and could only hold back her anger, and said to everyone: “Give me quiet. The shareholders meeting will start now and I will chair it.”

Everyone was silent, but stared at Wiliam with angry eyes.

Janett began to say: “Today we have just signed a contract with Hanlan, and the content of the contract has been informed to you in advance.”

Someone immediately jumped up below, yin and yang said weirdly: “Ho ho, we don’t sign a contract randomly after studying at the general meeting of shareholders. This is not putting our more than 20 shareholders in the eyes. This president is such a big air. “

“Hmph, the company is not his own. I don’t recognize this agreement.”

“You explain to us why we signed such a power-defeating contract!”

Janett coldly looked at those who were provoking things.

The few people suddenly closed their mouths.

Janett rearranged her thoughts and said: “Mr Lu just came to the company and he is not very clear about many of the company’s conditions, and I believe that Mr. Lu must have other intentions in doing this.”

Janett was clearly making excuses for Wiliam.

But none of the people below agreed with Janett.

After all, shopping malls are like battlefields. If you don’t understand, don’t make decisions indiscriminately and cause soldiers to die in vain!

“Moreover, he is the president of the company. This is the first time that we have made a decision. Even if we make a mistake in the moment, we should have a fault-tolerant mind, right? I believe he will correct it in the future.” Janett continued.

The people below sneered one by one, “Fault tolerance? One decision is enough to break Lunanica Company into an impossible situation. What fault is tolerated? We tolerate his fault, then who will tolerate our loss? “

Janett was about to speak when Zhang Tianming actually stood up and took the initiative to excuse Wiliam, “Don’t say that. I also believe that Mr. Lu does this. He must be confident that the movie will be popular in the world, right? Otherwise, he would not sign for 50 million to sign the copyright.”

Janett frowned.

Someone below immediately shouted: “Ho ho, is it popular all over the world? Okay, what if it doesn’t explode! Do you, the CEO, resign?”

Janett’s anger immediately ignited!

But at this time, Wiliam smiled.

He only said a word to silence the audience.

“Take the blame and resign? Okay, no problem.”

Chapter 208

As soon as Wiliam said this, the expressions of the people below became richer.

Everyone looked at this young president in disbelief, really wondering where his confidence came from!

Actually used his position as the president as a bargaining chip!

are you crazy!

Zhang Tianming was also stunned for a while.

He originally wanted to use the act of justifying Wiliam to fan the flames secretly, but he didn’t expect that Wiliam would directly release a big move.



How ridiculous!

This straw bag president is extremely ridiculous!

Isn’t this exactly what I expected!

I actually jumped into the pit myself, interesting!

Janett’s eyes widened!

She pulled Wiliam, and whispered: “You are crazy, isn’t it? Isn’t this nonsense! Are you sure that the movie will be popular?”

Wiliam asked at this time, “Can you be hot, do you have any points in your heart?”

This sentence made Janett almost violent on the spot.

This undue beating expression, this shameless tone, which nerve is wrong with this kid!

You have disappointed Mr. Wang too much!

It took Janett a lot of effort to calm herself down.

She kept comforting herself in her heart and said, this is also good.

Such a straw bag president, I have had enough.

Just taking advantage of this opportunity, he drove him down.

Otherwise, Cang Yue Company will be destroyed in his hands sooner or later.

There was constant noise. Janett patted the table again and said coldly: “Since Mr. Lu has taken out his position as president as a guarantee, we will continue to discuss what to do next at the shareholders meeting. Do you have any comments? “

Now everyone has no opinions.

Janett looked at the notebook and said, “It has become a fact to sign a contract with Hanlan, so next, our top priority is how to shoot this movie, and also to redeem the loss by the way. First of all, yes One-third of our sponsors’ right to recruit, if one-third look at it, we have five or six places. Do you have any good opinions and suggestions?”

At this time, someone said below: “Ho ho, it cost an extra 50 million to buy an inexplicable full copyright, and the loss can be huge. I suggest that the right of recruitment be used for public recruitment, a quota of 2,000 Wan, won’t this be able to recover the loss?”

This person’s words made the scene suddenly quiet.

Janett was watching that man like a fool.

After a long time, Janett sighed and said, “Originally, according to the market price, there is no problem with a sponsor’s quota of 10 million, but now, the movie is made by us. Do you think those bosses are all fools? It’s time for me to have fun when I come down, thinking about doubling? Not only will I not be able to sell any of them at that time, but they will also be smashed into my hands.

Janett’s words aroused the approval of the audience.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with hateful eyes. The initiator of all this was Wiliam!

They started talking again, but after all they could not come up with a reasonable plan.

The price is so high that it is undesirable.

The price is low, and the gain is not worth the loss.

This sponsorship, which everyone was staring at, turned out to be a hot potato at this moment.

Janett couldn’t help asking Wiliam: “What is your opinion, President Lu?”

What she meant was that Wiliam was the mess you made. You should clean it up yourself.

Wiliam finally spoke slowly at this time.

“Since it is a hot potato, you might as well give it to me, and I will take it out as a favor.”

This sentence once again detonated the audience.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Is this kid scheming with power to the point of blatantly and unabashedly?

A few places worth tens of millions, he actually wants to take away to give someone a favor?

Why don’t you die!

Janett was really going to cry with anger by Wiliam.

Before giving the Bai family a sponsorship right, this is enough to be criticized by shareholders.

Now, in front of all shareholders, he wants to take all the sponsorship rights to do favors?

Zhang Tianming said in a weird way at this time: “That’s also good, Mr. Lu has already given out a sponsorship right before…”

“Oh, I sent another one on my way just now.” Wiliam interjected.

The people at the scene were dumbfounded.

This kid, when the sponsorship is Chinese cabbage?

Gave another one on the road?


Everyone was about to get angry, and Zhang Tianming continued: “Since President Lu made this decision, I will support him unconditionally. After all, he has taken out the position of president as a guarantee.

For a while, everyone dared not speak up!

But Janett couldn’t see Zhang Tianming’s sinister intentions. He was secretly adding to the flames. On the surface, he was trying to excuse Wiliam, but in fact, it caused the anger of the audience.

Moreover, it is even more sinister to reiterate the president’s gambling agreement.

“That’s it, the next issue.” Wiliam said at last.

Janett was so angry that her heart fluctuated violently, and she was about to burst into anger.

She said coldly: “The second topic, the issue of the leading role. We have a lead role.”

“Now that we have fallen into a disadvantage, we can only rely on celebrity effects to drive popularity and box office, so I suggest that this starring role be played by our company’s leading brand Gu Zhiling.

Janett’s remarks are enough to show that she understands the overall situation of justice.

Janett didn’t like Gu Zhiling very much, but now, he can only bite the bullet and launch Gu Zhiling.

Because she is the most famous and the best acting.

There is no more suitable than her.

People at the scene agreed.

Because it has been circulating since before, Gu Zhiling will get this lead role.

Now it seems that the fate is no more.

And every shareholder is not willing to offend Gu Zhiling.

There is someone behind her after all.

Someone kept nodding their heads, and others added: “Not only will Gu Zhiling participate in the performance, but it is estimated that we will have to spend a lot of money to invite some other traffic stars to gain popularity. Of course, this candidate will be discussed later.”

Seeing everyone agree, Janett nodded and couldn’t help looking at Wiliam.

At this look, she suddenly got goose bumps all over her body.

Wiliam showed a joking smile and said, “The study of the lead actor’s quota, don’t worry, the next issue.”

Janett was so angry that a mouthful of blood came out.

My old lady kindly gives you all kinds of excuses and helps you wipe your ass!

You are so good!

I say a little bit, you dismiss a little!

Are you the reincarnation of Kong Jing in your life!

If you don’t go against me, will you die on the spot?

My old lady is blind, and she will show you such a bastard!

“You, why can’t you be Gu Zhiling!” Janett asked angrily.

Wiliam whispered: “I didn’t say that it was not her, but just postponed the study. If I wanted to blackmail her, would you believe it?”

Chapter 209

Janett’s hair stood up when she heard this!

“Bang!” She couldn’t help it anymore, and slammed the notebook on the table.

This kid, there is still no company in his eyes!


It’s all selfish!

The mud can’t help the wall!

“Don’t go too far!” Janett grinned, looking at Wiliam, wanting to swallow him alive!

Janett also had a thought in her heart.

Before Melissa worked with this kid for a while, how did she endure it!


Could it be that Melissa couldn’t help her anymore, so he went to beg Grandpa to send him to Lunanica Company!

It must be so!

Melissa, Melissa, because I treat you as a sister, you treat me as a trash can!

Sweep all the rubbish to me!

I’ll find your real PK in a while!

The people below have no idea what the president is going to do.

Both issues were actually denied by him!

And for no reason!

Complete arbitrariness! Domineering!

Seeing one by one, Janett took a deep breath and said, “Since the president has spoken, let’s postpone it. Now we will proceed to the third topic, film shooting. Everyone knows that our Lunanica Company’s job is to be a star and practice. Although Sheng’s agency has also established a filming department, this department has been useless for many years. We simply don’t have the ability to shoot movies. So I suggest that a professional team of directors be used to shoot.”

After Janett finished speaking, the first one looked at Wiliam.

According to this kid’s urine, there must be another opinion.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Wiliam together.

Wiliam smiled softly, “Why didn’t you comment?”

Janett became angry and shouted, “Do you think it is useful for us to express our opinions?”

Wiliam shook his head, “No use.”

“That’s not it! What is Mr. Lu’s opinion!” Janett said strangely.

Wiliam said casually: “I ask the director team to spend a lot of money, let’s shoot it ourselves, after all, can’t we support idlers?”

Janett grinned, cursing in her heart, you are the biggest idler!

Are you a little self-aware!

After the baptism of the two issues just now, everyone was completely disappointed in Wiliam.

So that after Wiliam made such a ridiculous suggestion that he filmed, Dajia had no objections.

There is only one thought in everyone’s mind.

You do it!

What do you want to do!

The best movie is on the street, you get out early!

Everyone is planning to use a blood lesson to smash Wiliam down.

Janett looked at Wiliam, this time a glimmer of light appeared in her eyes.

This kid seems to be about to break the jar completely.

Ho ho, okay, let you have fun then!

“Okay, everything is subject to what Mr. Lu said. The last issue is funding. Originally, we budgeted 50 million yuan for later marketing. But now it seems that 50 million is far from enough, because We want to shoot, we want to post, we want to promote, what suggestions do you have?” Janett said again.

This time it was related to everyone’s vital interests, and everyone immediately became active.

Everyone stared at Wiliam coldly and said, “Ho ho, didn’t 50 million have been caused by our president? And after the wise decision of the president just now, our shareholders are now full of confidence in this movie!”

“In that case, let me see the direct shareholders vote. We don’t pay a penny.”

It would be a fool to pay another penny at this time.

Obviously, it’s blitz.

But at this time, Zhang Tianming stood up again and said, “Don’t be like this, you have to give the president some face. If you don’t have a penny, isn’t it difficult for him to do this? In this way, I suggest that our company take out two Ten million budget, what do you think?”

Janett’s head hurt when he heard it.

20 million can make a movie?

Why take your phone to take a photo!

No money later!

This Zhang Tianming was deliberately taunting Wiliam.

Wiliam, you accepted the move.

Sure enough, Wiliam accepted.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Thank you, Vice President Zhang, but 20 million is a bit too much. I think 10 million is enough, so let’s save some money for everyone.”

Janett’s head hurt even more.

The scene burst into laughter.

It turns out that this straw bag president doesn’t know what making a movie is!

Twenty million is already stretched, and now he actually took the initiative to say ten million.


Shooting with a mobile phone is better than this million.

Janett sighed, looked around at last, and said, “Since Mr. Lu said 10 million, do you have any comments? I will report the situation of today’s meeting to the old man.”

Everyone was unwilling to pay even 10 million. Seeing that Janett actually moved out of Harper at this time, she suddenly unconsciously stood up, “Okay, ten million is ten million, but Mr. Lu previously gambled A military order must be made!”

Wiliam naturally nodded in agreement.

After a meeting, Janett’s whole person was not good.

She has never had such a sloppy meeting in her life, and she has never seen such a sloppy president.

Not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs!

It’s Wiliam this pig!

Seeing Zhang Tianming passing by, still humming a small song, Janett felt very angry in her heart.

Zhang Tianming returned to the office in a great mood.

Wiliam’s performance today is simply unparalleled perfection.

Fully explains the self-cultivation of a shit-cutter.

Haha, if that’s the case, then I’m not welcome.

Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming began to make a phone call and set up another world network.

He was prepared to use this god-given opportunity to drive Wiliam into a place where he will never recover.

But it’s not just as simple as taking the blame and resigning.

Wiliam returned to the office and made several phone calls.

He gave this sponsorship quota to Chen Dongbai and Li Xiaotian.

After all, although these two people are snobbish, they do things for themselves at any rate.

A little bit of sweetness is still to be given.

After the phone call, Wiliam checked the time and walked towards Gu Zhiling’s office.

Today is the last course of treatment for Gu Zhiling.

I really don’t know what kind of crazy revenge she will make after the treatment.

Wiliam walked to Gu Zhiling’s office. Gu Zhiling was walking around nervously, as if he was waiting for some news or someone.

Seeing Wiliam, Gu Zhiling’s entire face was green.

She couldn’t help but think of the ugly appearance of herself incarnate in front of him.

Wiliam began the classic saying, “Put on the blindfold and take off the clothes.”

Gu Zhiling has a black line. She actually feels a little immune to this extremely shameful sentence. What is going on!

However, this time she hesitated a bit and said, “Can you wait a moment, I’m waiting for a very important message.”

“Message? A message from the protagonist?” Wiliam asked casually.

Gu Zhiling was taken aback, “How do you know!”

“Put on the blindfold and take off the clothes.” Wiliam sat down on the sofa and added, “You play the lead in you.”

Chapter 210: Bliss

When Gu Zhiling heard Wiliam’s words, he became angry on the spot.

She rushed to Wiliam and roared: “How little do you want to be here! Who do you think you are! You are just a small security guard of our company, I am watching you treat my illness? It’s for the sake of me to bear you for so long! But don’t think I’m afraid of you!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, but didn’t explain too much.

Gu Zhiling wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Seeing Wiliam no longer speak, Gu Zhiling’s expression relaxed, and he sat down in front of Wiliam, “Hurry up!”

With that, she closed her eyes and began to follow Wiliam’s instructions, shame and cure.

However, what she was thinking this time was that it was finally the last time.

As long as this time is over, I can completely get rid of this devil’s entanglement.

At that time, I can pinch him to death with one finger!

Wiliam took out the Long Live safflower, and started acupuncture for her with no distraction.

At this moment, Janett was in her office, thinking about it, getting more angry, and directly picked up the phone and called Melissa.

Melissa was scolded by Janett all over his head and covered his face. The scolding was so embarrassing that he didn’t know what was wrong with the woman, as if being assaulted.

But when Janett told Melissa about Wiliam’s behavior today, Melissa fell silent.

Janett could not see Melissa’s face.

At this moment, Melissa’s expression was very strange.

In her heart, the fear of being dominated by Wiliam’s terrifying scheme again emerged.

That kid, until the last moment, you really don’t know if he is a demon or a god.

“Why don’t you speak! Are you guilty of conscience!” Janett said viciously on the phone.

Melissa didn’t say what was in his heart, but he gave birth to a funny heart.

This Janett is usually a cold beauty.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam was so angry that one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas entered the earth.

Xiao Wang Ba You can be very capable.

“Yueyue, do you know that there is a group on my side called the Zoufen squad? Do you want to come in?” Melissa suddenly jumped out such a sentence.

Janett froze for a moment, and became even more angry, “I’m telling you business! What group are you talking to me? What’s wrong with you! I won’t add any messy group of you!”

Melissa grinned and said in his heart, well, looking at your anger, it’s a typical real fragrant warning.

I believe that in a short time, we will meet in the group.

“Forget it, why tell you this! Anyway, you are free, kick this little bastard to my side, I have done something wrong in my previous life, and then I will stand on this guy! Don’t say it, I will do something Yes.” Janett hung up the phone with angrily.

Wiliam treated her in Gu Zhiling’s office for more than half an hour before closing the needle and removing her blindfold.

Gu Zhiling was the face of Wiliam, dressed quite skillfully, his face was not as red as before.

After finishing her work, she stared at Wiliam strangely.

Wiliam said casually: “If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Gu Zhiling immediately asked: “You said three courses of treatment before, but now that the three courses of treatment are over, my illness is completely cured?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, you can say so.”

Gu Zhiling confirmed again: “After that, there is no need for needles?”

Wiliam said amusedly: “If you become addicted to undressing, I will play with you. If you want to be called Dad, I will always agree.”

Gu Zhiling’s anger was instantly aroused.

Ma Dan, this kid is really good!

What’s the matter with thorns in the words!

I’m a big star, still addicted to undressing in front of you?

“Go!” Gu Zhiling couldn’t help cursing.

However, her mood suddenly improved.

Free from the sea of ​​suffering!


Finally, I don’t have to suffer from this kid!

Life is complete!

“Okay, thank you for treating me! Now, please leave my office, and we won’t meet again in the future!” Gu Zhiling’s face was filled with a happy smile.

If you don’t see it in a day, it’s spring.

Never seen in a lifetime, bliss.

Really happy.

Wiliam showed a weird smile, “Really don’t meet again? Maybe, you will beg me to see you again?”

Gu Zhiling said without hesitation: “Hoho, who do you think you are? What am I? What status are you? If it weren’t for you to treat me with a coincidence, we wouldn’t have an intersection in this life. In order to treat my illness, I thought that I had a good relationship with me, and even thought about me! Don’t even think about it! I will never see you again if I kill you! Goodbye you and I am a dog! Okay, Go out.”

Wiliam looked at the inexplicably proud Gu Zhiling amused, shook his head, turned and walked out.

Gu Zhiling closed the door fiercely, and the “bang” was completely ruthless.

She is in a great mood.

The illness is finally relieved, and then, waiting for yourself, it should be good news.

Today is really an auspicious day.

Not long after, Gu Zhiling’s phone rang.

She saw that it was Chen Lin’s, and immediately picked it up, and asked eagerly: “What! Is there any research on my leading role in the shareholders meeting in the morning?”

On the phone, Chen Lin said angrily: “The research is a research, but there is a bad message to tell you Gu, originally everyone agreed that you are the leading role, but our new president just put this matter down. After coming down, it seems to be about to change.”

When Gu Zhiling heard this, his head buzzed!


Her heart trembled.

What I have been thinking of all these days is the position of this leading role!

For this position, I do not hesitate to be treated so shamely by that bastard!

It’s not for getting better soon, so that you can devote yourself to filming perfectly!

Now, actually told me to change!

What is the president!

Damn it!

Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling’s eyes suddenly became fierce, “I’m going to the president to fight!”

After she said this, she hung up the phone, opened the door and walked outside!

This time, she decided to go directly to the president!

Ask this president clearly!

Why not choose yourself who is your destiny!

Gu Zhiling walked toward the president’s office aggressively, saw the door of the office vacantly hidden, and cursed, “Look where you are running this time!”

She walked over and opened the door, only to see a person standing in front of the French window with his back to her, holding a cup of tea in his hand, as if tasting tea.

Gu Zhiling immediately walked over and resisted his anger and said, “Hello, are you the president of our company? I am Gu Zhiling. We should have met last time. I’m sorry last time. I have something to do. This time I took the liberty to come here to ask you something. I wonder if it is convenient?”

At this time, the man turned around and said with a gentle smile: “Puppy is here, sit down.”


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