Dragon Husband Chapter 21 – 30

Chapter 21 Revealing Your Identity Only For The Feliicity

The new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center?

In a word, the scene fell into a dead silence!

Especially Fernando and the Bai family, their eyes straightened!

Wiliam, the new curator of Genuine Care Medical Center!

how can that be!

He is just a dog of the Bai family!

A bad dog that has been raised for ten years!

You tell us now that this rotten dog has transformed into a dragon!

It’s a big joke!

It’s impossible!

However, in the next scene, the Bai family shuddered together!

Melissa, who has always been the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center, saw Wiliam coming up, but bowed deeply to Wiliam!

In the eyes, tears!

Did you finally dare to come up!

Moreover, he came up in the name of the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center!

Then, in the midst of all the attention, complete the handover of the medical hall that should have been completed long ago!

“The owner of the museum!” Melissa said respectfully, forbearing grievances!

I call you the owner of the museum, I hope you can be the owner of the museum!

Put the humiliation imposed on me by these people today, as well as my benevolent medical clinic, one by one!

Get it all back!

eye for eye!

Seeing Melissa bowing to Wiliam, everyone present felt as if their hearts were blocked by rocks!


This kid, actually, is the new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center!

Once the storm turned into a dragon and a tiger!

Feliicity had already stood up and looked at the stage in disbelief!

Is the man standing on the stage, tall and cold, his husband?

Is it a wasteful husband who has been useless and dare not say anything in the past ten years!

Look at him so angry!

See him becoming a mad tiger!

If not for ten years!

He will definitely be compared to a golden phoenix and a silver phoenix!

Not too much!

Wiliam, how come you are the new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center!

Didn’t you say that you just work in Genuine Care Medical Center?

Your job is like…

a bit large……

However, Feliicity looked at it again, but suddenly her tears couldn’t be restrained, and she fell wildly.

Wiliam, staring at her.

A touch of tenderness was suddenly added between being very cold.

It seems to be saying, I am Wiliam!

The world’s tenderness is not worth it!

Jinhua dragon, just for Feliicity!

He wanted to wash his grievances for himself, so he stood up and turned into a dragon!

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s tears were even worse, but her heart was completely warm.

A light kiss on the forehead, the remaining temperature is still there, endless for a hundred years!

Wiliam turned his head, took the microphone that Melissa handed over, looked at Melissa’s tears, sighed, and said, “Thanks for your hard work. Then, leave it to me.”

“You and Genuine Care Medical Center.”

Melissa’s forced tears came out of her eyes!

“Then please!” She choked and stepped aside.

And Wiliam picked up the microphone, his eyes suddenly swept across the four directions, he looked at birds like a tiger, his eyes instantly became infinitely murderous!

At the scene, there was no sound!

Suppressed by a look!

Before Fernando and Bai Zhensheng, jointly created a strong aura.

It was swept away by a glance!

Do not leave half!

Fernando looked at the cruel Wiliam on the stage and suddenly laughed!

“Wiliam, I don’t know if you are acting out a scene for us to see! But even if you come, so what!”

“On the contrary, it will be worse!”

“Hahaha, Genuine Care Medical Center, has fallen so willingly to let a well-known waste in Q City ( Qena City ) be the owner of the museum! What a big joke!”

Everyone in the Bai family stared at Wiliam with angrily eyes!

The new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center!

This identity can be on par with the Bai family!

Obviously just a bad dog that anyone in the Bai family can humiliate at will!

Now, it has become so noble!

People can no longer trample on them like before.

Wiliam, you want to stand up!

wishful thinking!

Wiliam looked around, but in his heart, he felt a glance at Wannian.

A bunch of ignorant trash.

Do you know why I endured you for so long?

Just to take the stage personally and make your ugly faces!

Tear one by one!

“Now, is it the turn of the Genuine Care Medical Center?” Wiliam said coldly.

“Hahaha, good! I want to see, what kind of waves a trash can churn out! Anyway, you already have solid evidence…” Fernando laughed, his face full of hideousness!

“The evidence is conclusive? I’m afraid, not necessarily.” Wiliam interrupted Fernando directly.

One by one at the scene, the first glimmer of doubt appeared in his eyes.

Wiliam’s dead name is well known in Q City ( Qena City ).

He actually dared to be on stage at this time and said such a sentence.

Is there another hidden story?

“Then, let’s start with the incident that you bullied my wife.” Wiliam said, looking at his tear-stained wife.

The anger in my heart gushes out like a volcano!

However, the more maddening his anger, the colder his words!

“I gave this bottle of ointment to my wife.” Wiliam said.

“Hahaha, you stupid, you actually came to the stage to confess, I just convinced you! I thought you were going to come up to quibble a little hahaha.” Fernando suddenly laughed.

Everyone looked at each other.

This Wiliam came up to support the Genuine Care Medical Center or was he embarrassed by the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Come up and slap yourself first?

What kind of routine?

However, the next sentence will silence the scene!

“Have you ever thought, isn’t this bottle of ointment the new product we are going to release today?”

In a word, Bai Zhensheng and Fernando’s faces were directly stiff!

Not a new product to be released today?

They never thought about this problem!

After all, Wiliam gave Feliicity this ointment.

If it is a poisonous ointment, how could Wiliam give Feliicity!

“You’re lying! You’re just quibbling! Do you think we will believe it? This ointment is today’s new product! I specifically explained to Feliicity!” Bai Zhensheng shouted suddenly.

With this roar, the scene instantly became quiet!

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng with weird eyes!

Bai Zhensheng knew that he was reluctant to speak for a while, but he immediately said: “How do you prove that this ointment is not a new product of your company! Then where did this ointment come from!”

“Where did it come from, ho ho, that’s a coincidence. The real owner of this ointment is also on the scene…” Wiliam’s mouth twitched.

From you, start today’s first shot!

Everyone was stunned.

The real owner of the ointment is there?

Who the hell is it?

Who is it that developed this harmful ointment and still has his face left on the scene?

Or, it was Wiliam’s words at all!

Wiliam glanced at the scene, “Should I invite you out?”

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you.

But at this time, a person stood up slowly and sighed.

The voice is old.

“I developed this ointment.”

Professor Q City ( Qena City )!

Wang Yuming!

Chapter 22

There was an uproar at the scene!

It was actually the elder Wang who stood up!

A generation of famous doctors, Mr. Wang!

Everyone couldn’t believe it!

Even if someone stood up at random, everyone would not be so surprised!

However, Mr. Wang…

His reputation in the pharmaceutical industry in Q City ( Qena City ) can be said to be unmatched!

Each new product developed by their Qin Han Medical Research Institute before is his masterpiece.

A generation of masters will actually develop this harmful ointment!

Even Fernando was stunned for an instant.

“Impossible! Say! Did you collude with Elder Wang!”

However, this sentence made the elder Wang who was dejected just now, his whole body has been kept!

There was also a ruthless smile on his face!

From a moment ago, Mr. Wang knew that this bottle of ointment was a product developed by himself.

Therefore, he saw that Genuine Care Medical Center was framed, and he couldn’t bear it and wanted to say a few words.

However, this Fernando was irrational and even mad at him.

Now, he is breaking his reputation in public!


Today, the old man, bet on 50 years of prestige, and compare with you!

“Fernando, you can throw things at random, but you can’t talk nonsense, this prince, but you invited it.” Wiliam smiled.

Fernando was more uncomfortable than eating shit!

Mr. Wang, he really invited it over.

Before Mr. Wang helped Fernando prove that his medicine was innocent, he was still proud, so please be the right person today.

But now, how could it become like this!

“This bottle of ointment was indeed made by me, but everyone listened to me to explain.” Wang Yuming took a deep look at Wiliam and said to everyone.

“This ointment is not a complete product, just a test product. I know that this ointment is poisonous, so, at the risk of breaking the contract, I cancelled the agency agreement with the Bai family, just not wanting to violate the conscience of the doctor.”

“I have communicated with Genuine Care Medical Center, and their pharmacological experience is simply amazing. It is under their guidance that I know that this ointment is a failure. Therefore, they have my ointment in their hands. Not surprising.”

“On the contrary, it’s your two families in Bailin! Take out my failed product and come here to frame Genuine Care Medical Center. You, what is it!”

Mr. Wang explained, and the last question was utterly loud!

Spearhead, directed at the two families of Bailin!

Fernando and the Bai family were dumbfounded when they heard this!

This ointment actually came from the hands of the king!

Not from Genuine Care Medical Center!

To be confirmed by Mr. Wang now is equivalent to saying that they are slandering Genuine Care Medical Center!


There are more terrible!

Fernando thought of this and looked at the old man in amazement!

Sure enough, the old man snorted coldly and said: “Lin Family Bai Family, using one of my failed products to slander the Genuine Care Medical Center, is also humiliating my old man! Why, am I just letting you be a gunman? Announced that as long as I, Wang Yuming, is at the gate of the Qin and Han Medical Research Institute one day, you two will never want to enter!

In a word, let the Bai family and Fernando be like falling into the ice cellar!

A bottle of ointment that could be trampled on to death at Genuine Care Medical Center has now become the crest red on their side!

It directly angered the Qin Han Medical Research Institute!

It was a fatal blow to the two families in Bailin who were engaged in the pharmaceutical industry in Q City ( Qena City )!

Cheng Ye ointment! Lose also ointment!


In the end, what went wrong!

Fernando thought angrily, but inadvertently saw Wiliam’s cold eyes.

It’s him!

All this was actually designed by him in advance!

He must have guessed the next move of the Bai family since Feliicity asked for medicine!

Therefore, he replaced the civet cat for the prince and used a bottle of fake ointment to make the two of them completely stiff with the Qin Han Medical Research Institute!

This kid actually played everyone in the room!

And Melissa thought of this immediately, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes suddenly changed!

Plan tactics, please enter the urn!

Even now, move the flowers and trees, fight the stars!

The knives that the Bailin two families were inserted into the Genuine Care Medical Center were fiercely transferred to Wang Yuming!

Let them lift the rock and smash their own feet!

God’s turn!

God’s counterattack!

Wiliam, I actually underestimated you to such an extent!

No, I don’t even know how high I can see you!

Feliicity in the audience, tears fell again!

Wiliam, use his own power to turn the tide!

My husband is simply shocking!

He had long known that he had been deceived by Bai Zhensheng, so he used his tricks and staged the exciting reversal just now!

Wiliam, your heart is black!

It makes people so wronged…


Bai Zhensheng sat down on the chair, feeling completely cold in his heart.

Unexpectedly, the calculations by myself are all in the hands of others.

Even, Wiliam followed the vine and touched the vine, killing the Bai family in one fell swoop!

Suddenly, Fernando slapped the table, his eyes became sinister.

“Okay! Even if this bottle of ointment is not from your Genuine Care Medical Center! What can it explain! It can only show that we are all fooled by you! Do you treat all of us as fools!”

After putting on a high hat, everyone was shocked again.

“I want to ask you, you guys are not guilty of conscience, why are you not daring to take out a new product to confront us today! You still tell us an idiot lie that you don’t have any medicine!”

“Also! Even if your medicine is harmless and your medical skills are superior, so what!”

“You colluded with reporters in an attempt to change the trend of public opinion. This is the biggest black heart!”

“You are not righteous in your mind, and you have gone wrong. This is what everyone has seen just now! What else do you dare to argue!”

“Study high as a teacher, high morals as an example! Excellent medical skills, but not correct, still not worthy to practice medicine! What I said, you can agree!”

Fernando split his head and covered his face, asking questions.

The scene was dumb when asked!

“Yes, if the mind is not right, the medical skills will be more dangerous, and it will harm the other party.”

“I feel that Fernando made sense. He blatantly bought reporters and made us ordinary people completely lose the right to know. It is terrible to think about it.”

“In the future, do we still dare to believe the reporters, do we dare to believe these black-hearted medical centers?”

Fernando looked at the public opinion below, and was smashed back by himself in an instant, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Really, I was almost taken away by this kid!

If it wasn’t for you to have too many handles in my hands, I would have almost fallen into your hands today!

When Melissa heard this, his face became stiff.

The resentment in his heart against Wiliam came up again.


This round has already been won.

You little bastard, take a look, you were superfluous before, but now, you can eat for yourself.

Bribing reporters to cover up the truth is indeed the worst thing in the industry.

But at this time, Melissa heard a chuckle.

Laugh wildly, laugh coldly!

As if laughing at the world’s ignorance! Laugh at the naive opponent

Wiliam looked at the reporters present with a wicked smile.

“You don’t want to know, why do we say that there are no new drugs?”

“You don’t want to know how I bought these reporters?”

“Reporters at the scene, then I will invite you!”

“Yuan Zi Yuanwei tell me what happened that night!”

“Please be sure!”

“Betting on the conscience of the reporter!”

Chapter 23 Betting on the Conscience of the Reporter

After Wiliam had finished speaking, a trace of astonishment appeared on the faces of everyone at the scene.

Where did the new medicine go?

What happened again last night?

If you bet on the conscience of the reporter, you should believe it!

At this moment, the Bai family and Fernando froze.

This land leaf, like a hundred-legged insect, is dead but not stiff!

At this time, he still wants to resist stubbornly!

What does he want to do!

An uneasy feeling filled between them!

The scene of being severely humiliated by Wiliam just now appeared in their minds again.

Next, what will happen…

Everyone looked at the row of reporters below.

The reporters who had originally looked serious, at this time, suddenly all of them showed a cheerful smile.

So, Wiliam, this is what you said, will it be time?

A middle-aged woman in a black suit stood up.

Under everyone’s attention, she slowly walked onto the stage and stood with Wiliam.

When people on the scene saw her, they called out.

“She’s Xie Xiaoyu, a well-known reporter from the ” Q City ( Qena City ) Social Survey”, right? How could she stand up?”

“It is said that Xie Xiaoyu is a very jealous and upright person. The social scandals revealed by her abound. Others gave her a nickname Xie Zhengzhi! Is she going to expose another scandal today?”

Xie Xiaoyu cleared his throat and said with a smile: “I was down here just now. I really held back for a long time. Then, I will explain the questions Wiliam just now.”

“Betting on the conscience of the reporter!”

The last sentence is loud!

“Please watch a video first, ho ho, I’m really ashamed, as everyone thought before, when I received the invitation from the Genuine Care Medical Center, I thought they were going to bribe us, so I quietly shot the scene. Everyone will know after watching this video.”

Then, the on-site LED screen flashed and a video appeared.

It was the reporters who gathered together in the Genuine Care Medical Center, and it was Wiliam standing in front of them!

After watching this two-minute video, all the eyes of the people on the scene have changed!

Even Melissa’s face is full of incredible!


It’s a shocking reversal again!

In the video, Wiliam called these 100 female reporters together, and it was indeed a mistake to flatter them!

However, his way of ingratiating himself is not giving money or gifts!

It’s to deliver medicine!

He actually gave the hundred bottles of ointment just produced to these female reporters on the spot!

Test medicine!

Let these reporters, who represent the Voice of Social Justice, try their medicine!

This strong reversal made the people present collectively dumb!

Wiliam, there is no so-called bribery, let alone false public opinion guidance!

Even at the end, Wiliam said to them: “So, when the time comes, I would like to invite you to personally tell us the effect of this ointment of our Genuine Care Medical Center. When I need you, please be sure to speak truthfully!”

Xie Xiaoyu smiled bitterly after watching the video.

Yesterday, she received a call from Genuine Care Medical Center.

I even want to expose the ugly face of Genuine Care Medical Center in public today.

However, after hearing what Wiliam said, she was stunned.

How crazy is this kid!

How confident are you in your ointment!

Regardless of whether your ointment works well or not.

Even if it is easy to use, but that is a hundred reporters!

Just a reporter who said something bad is enough to make Genuine Care Medical Center a dead end!

He also dared to speak up and let us speak of justice.

With this thought in mind, she went back and personally tried the bottle of ointment given by Wiliam.

After this test, the next day, she felt completely unable to stop!

As a reporter, she often stays up late, and her skin quality is very poor.

But after using this ointment, she has a feeling of regaining youth!

It took her almost all morning to get used to this long-lost skin comfort.

This kind of magical medicine is unbearable!

Now, there are still people with Xiaoxiao, maliciously hurting Genuine Care Medical Center, ho ho…

Don’t you really put my Xie Xiaoyu’s nickname “Xie Zhengzhi” in your eyes!

“So everyone just saw it. We were not bought by Genuine Care Medical Center. On the contrary, Genuine Care Medical Center upholds the benevolence of doctors. It is selfless to let us reporters try medicine. This kind of mind makes me feel ashamed! “Xie Xiaoyu spoke again, smiling, “Have you ever thought about the consequences of finding a reporter to test the medicine?”

Everyone at the scene was in an uproar.

“Yes! Genuine Care Medical Center does not buy reporters to guide public opinion. Moreover, they did something that pharmaceutical companies dared not do! That is to face reporters directly!”

“You must know that ordinary pharmaceutical companies wish to stay away from reporters, because they are afraid of being stuck on reporters. This kind of hospital actually took the initiative to find reporters to test medicine, first, to prove that their medicine is harmless! Second, to prove that they They have a clear conscience! They handed the most authentic user experience to reporters, an industry that is extremely upright! Is there a more selfless and fearless medical clinic than them!”

Everyone woke up together, their faces were already ashamed!

The reporters did not guide public opinion, but just now they were constantly inducing the words of the Bai family and Fernando!

Genuine Care Medical Center also did not buy reporters. It was the conscience of these people who were constantly being eaten away by the Bai family and Fernando!



Fernando heard these comments, and when he saw these people cast angry eyes, he brushed his face and turned completely white!


Was fiercely counterattacked!

How terrifying is this Wiliam!

How much does he know!

He must have guessed that we will always pay attention to their actions, so he invited a hundred reporters to a big fanfare!

I’m really confused!

If Genuine Care Medical Center really wants to buy reporters, will it be blatantly done?

I’m really careless!

I didn’t even notice that all of the hundred reporters were women!

If I don’t underestimate the enemy so much, I won’t fall into this kid’s trap completely!

If I used Bai Zhensheng to get the fake medicine before, it would be considered our side proactively attacked.

Then, with this move, Wiliam took the initiative!

He took the initiative to invite reporters to let me fall into this trap!

Today, the more I step on this topic, the more important it is!

His counterattack, the more powerful!

Take the other way!

Also spearhead!

This kid is so cruel!

Not only that, but more deadly, in that place!

This kid actually used the characteristics of the journalist industry to forge a double-edged sword!

I use the reporter’s guidance to distort facts!

He preached the justice that reporters dared to speak up!

After all this, I offended all the reporters!

But he stepped on me and became the hero of the reporter’s heart!


I actually lost, a complete defeat!

Xie Xiaoyu looked at Fernando with an ugly face, and the smile on her face suddenly disappeared!

Become ruthless!

“Then I will ask Mr. Fernando in the name of a reporter!”

“You don’t understand the facts at all. You just took a surveillance video out of context and slandered all reporters. Can I think that you are…”

“Challenge the anger of reporters all over the world!”

Chapter 24-Four Eagles with One Arrow, Unparalleled Wisdom

“With only a period of monitoring, there is no cause before, and no results afterwards! Do you dare to speak loudly at Genuine Care Medical Center for being wrong?”

“You dare to say here that our reporter accepts bribes?”

“Could it be that our reporter has such an unbearable image in your heart!”

“Even if the Genuine Care Medical Center bought us, this scandal, I Xie Xiaoyu will be the first to explode! I bet on the dignity of a reporter, and I have to ask you!”

“Do you!”

“Planned and blamed! Wrong mind!”

Xie Xiaoyu swept away the previous smile, and the righteous reprimand made the presence silent!

Fernando’s cold sweat has already burst out!


Damn it!

How could it become like this!

The previous incident, let me fully understand the crimes gained from research in Qin and Han medicine!

Now, let me offend all the reporters in the city!

What did I do!

If reporters from all over the city are looking at our Lin family in the future, then our Lin family will be unable to make any progress in the future!

Thinking of this, Fernando felt dizzy!

The man behind all this!


The waste of the Bai family! This shit that was laughed at by the whole city!

Changed, today is the leader! Order the audience!

Faced with Xie Xiaoyu’s vocal questioning, Fernando couldn’t find any reason to quibble.

I dare not quibble!

He didn’t have any confidence to compete with these people who talked all day long.

“I’m sorry, I took it out of context…” Fernando reluctantly apologized to Xie Xiaoyu.

And Melissa on the side looked silly.

What is this…

Eighteen bends on the mountain road!

Wiliam, are you the famous autumn mountain bike god!

She thought that Wiliam was really going to please reporters to buy them off.

But he didn’t think that his heart is crazy, no one can beat him!

It’s a ruthless trick to let the reporter test the medicine.

Moreover, it is okay to hide it from me!

However, this trick is really dangerous, Wiliam, you are too crazy.

If a reporter refuses to accept you today, the scene will be controlled by Fernando again.

However, Xie Xiaoyu’s next sentence stunned Melissa again.

“Before I came, I had consulted the colleagues who tested the drug last night. One hundred people, without exception, are extremely satisfied with the drugs developed by Genuine Care Medical Center this time! This is a commitment signed by our 100 reporters. Book!” Xie Xiaoyu suddenly took out a paper full of names from his pocket.

“Moreover, I am not afraid to let go of my words here. I will become a loyal fan of Genuine Care Medical Center’s “Hongyan” cosmetic ointment this time. If there is any lie, please come and slap in the face! I thank Xiaoyu for taking the blame and resigning!”

The people at the scene looked at Xie Xiaoyu who was righteous, one by one, their eyes filled with a strange excitement.

Public opinion was completely overwhelmed by what the reporter said!

But these words are from the conscience and from the heart!

Bet on professional dignity!

Lose hundreds of people’s reputation!

No one believes, no one doubts!

“This Genuine Care Medical Center seems to have been wronged. We blamed them.”

“The Fernando and the Bai family, it seems that they are not good things at all! From just now using fake drugs to slander the Genuine Care Medical Center, and now, to slander reporters, they are deliberately trying to kill the Genuine Care Medical Center!”

“Is it just my focus? Is this beauty ointment that bet on the reputation of a hundred journalists really so useful? I am a little curious. Genuine Care Medical Center, when will you reproduce this medicine? Can I order a few bottles?”

Fernando heard this as if struck by lightning!


The momentum of the scene has been reversed by Wiliam!

Everyone is already on the side of Genuine Care Medical Center.

No one believes in the Lin family anymore!

Everyone spoke, full of contempt and crusade against the Bailin family!

How could it become like this…

While the speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional, Melissa suddenly felt his heart upon hearing the following discussion!

She couldn’t help but let out a curse!

However, he quickly covered his mouth!

Before, Wiliam bought the reporter’s trick. He thought it was a big daze!

But now it seems that it is simply a stroke of magic!

The effect is so good that it bursts!

  1. Taking advantage of reporters and not being bribed, the Lin family fell into the moral trough of out-of-context, planting and blaming! Even in the future, they will be hated by these reporters, making it hard to move!
  2. Hundreds of reporters used hundreds of reporters to test medicines, and 100 promised to prove that the medicines of their benevolent hospitals are amazing! Reverse word of mouth!
  3. Taking advantage of the beauty of female reporters, the people at the scene were curious about this new medicine!

This last point is simply a god!

You know, today is the new product release meeting!

The biggest purpose is not to promote the new ointment?

Originally, to promote this matter, a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources were required!

However, Wiliam single-handedly led the hundreds of reporters to support the platform.

Is there anything faster than the speed of the media!

After today, through the dissemination of these reporters, the medicine of the Genuine Care Medical Center can be said to have resonated throughout Q City ( Qena City ) without any effort!

Even Melissa thought of a terrible point, and he got goose bumps all over!

Could it be that Wiliam, the little bastard, had already thought about everything from the very beginning when he proposed to organize the release meeting with the Lin Family?

You know, the two fight against each other, and the fight is public opinion!

In normal times, the Lin family would certainly secretly buy reporters to guide public opinion.

At this moment, Lu Yebing took a risk and invited the reporter to come over in a big way.

He did it on purpose!

He invited all the reporters away and deliberately showed the handle to the Lin family!

The Lin family thinks they have a chance to win, so they won’t make a fuss about buying reporters!

The Lin family’s way of bribing the reporter was broken! For now, all the reporters, without exception, united in support and laid a solid foundation!

What a terrible Wiliam!

Four eagles with one stone!

Unparalleled wisdom!

The more Melissa thought, the less he dared to think deeply. He looked at Wiliam who was smiling indifferently, feeling restless.

What kind of evil is this guy!

This is the horror!

With the support of the reporters, people at the scene asked curiosity about the Genuine Care Medical Center, all of them wanting to try this magic ointment.

Fernando and Bai’s family have already looked like earthy faces, and they can’t wait to leave this place of humiliation!

Today, defeat is unbeatable! The defeat was disastrous!

When Fernando thought of this, he stared at Wiliam fiercely, “Wiliam! I counted as being planted today! But don’t be too proud! As long as our Shanlin Group is in one day, your Genuine Care Medical Center will not be better!”

Rebeca and Bai Zhensheng also nodded bitterly!

Today, I was bitten by a dog that has been raised for ten years!

Bite blood dripping and painful!

This grudge must be reported!

After Fernando finished speaking, he wanted to leave.

But at this time, Wiliam’s icy voice rang again.

“Ho ho, Shanlin Group is in one day? Have you forgotten, there is one more thing, there is no end?”

The people at the scene looked at Wiliam together.

there’s one more thing?

Hasn’t everything been explained clearly?

What else can make the business genius who shocked the world worry about it?

Wiliam smiled, but looked at the medicine powder in the opposite row, and the corners of his mouth were outlined.

“Really when I said you make and sell fakes…”

“Are you talking about it!”

“Ho ho, grinding medicinal materials into powder to hide from the sky is your greatest confidence today, but it is also yours today…”

“The biggest failure!”

Chapter 25 I don’t have any casual words, only golden words

“What!” The people on the scene were in an uproar!

Hasn’t it been verified by Wang Yuming’s veteran expert before?

None of the Lin’s medicines are fake.

This is what Wang Yuming said.

Now, what does Wiliam mean?

Is it questioning the authority of Mr. Wang?

Fernando’s face is already ugly, it can’t be anymore!

This Wiliam deliberately wanted to kill our Lin family, right?

Then you are miscalculating!

“Okay! I want to see you, how can I slander our Lin family! Today you won’t explain clearly to me! We are not over with you at the Renxin Medical Clinic!” Fernando slapped the table with anger and said angrily.

Melissa hurriedly pulled Wiliam behind him, “Wiliam, forget it, we have won today, and that little flaw is already in my mind.”

“Does anyone take it to heart? I take it to heart!” Wiliam turned around and looked at Melissa.

“But, making and selling fakes, you just said it casually at that time.” Melissa was a little speechless.

“I, Wiliam, don’t say anything casually, only Jinkouyuyan!” Wiliam said coldly.

“You!” Melissa was almost annoyed by Wiliam!

This guy, is he going crazy?

People have already given up, what do you want!

Mr. Wang has come forward to speak, you still want to fight with Mr. Wang?

Don’t you know what happened to Fernando’s offending Mr. Wang just now?

However, Lydia on the side grabbed Melissa and looked at Wiliam with a smile, “My dear, let him go, you don’t know his magic, am I still not sure?”

Melissa exhaled, but he could only let Wiliam go.

Today, it was originally Wiliam’s home court.

He is the king, and his word is a golden rule.

“These medicines were tested by Mr. Wang. Do you want to challenge Mr. Wang’s authority?” Fernando said viciously.

Wiliam smiled and said nothing.

Because Mr. Wang has already stood up.

Mr. Wang looked at Wiliam with an inexplicable fear in his eyes.

That night, that scene, is vivid!

“It was tested by my old man before, and I admit it, but what I don’t deny is that there are people who are better than me and understand the truth. After all, the world is so big that there are no surprises.” Mr. Wang said lightly.

But these words made the scene look at Wiliam with amazement.

Who is better than me…

Could it be that Mr. Wang meant that Wiliam is better than Mr. Wang?

how can that be!

Mr. Wang is a fifty-year-old master, rich in experience and praised by everyone!

And this kid, although all kinds of miracles just now, can only prove that he is careful and thoughtful.

In the professional field, it depends on Mr. Wang.

Where can he be! Where is God!

“Wang Yuming! You!” Fernando was so angry that he would vomit blood!

However, Wang Yuming had a cold face, and said nothing more.

“Okay! I really don’t believe in evil! My Shanlin Group doesn’t sell fake drugs. I see how you pick bones in your eggs!” Fernando said angrily.

At this time, Wiliam had already walked to the opposite side, in front of Fernando.

Seeing Wiliam standing in front of him, his heart shook.

An inexplicable fear made his footsteps take a step back.

This retreat made his heart horrified!

Why would I retreat under his eyes?

Before, he stood in front of me, as humble as an ant!

Now, how can you become a dragon and a tiger!

Wiliam snorted and looked at the powdered medicine.

He put his hand into a jar, dyed his hand with powder, reached out to his nose, and sniffed it slightly.

Everyone, dare not say anything!

Suddenly, he smiled.

He looked around.

Surrounded by shock.

He looked at the Bai family.

The Bai family dodged.

He looked at Fernando.

Fernando started from the heart.

“Then, let’s do an experiment. Lydia, help me prepare medicinal materials, I say you remember.”

“Elder Wang, help me verify later, be sure to tell the truth!”

“The reporters on the scene and the masses, please help me to supervise them later, so as to watch and listen.” Wiliam said slowly.

“Okay!” Unexpectedly, they all sounded together.

When the sound fell, everyone looked at each other, but they were all stunned.


Just now this kid gave orders to mobilize the audience.

But no one touched at all.

Even, really hug…

Melissa was also dumbfounded.

One word moved the audience, no one would dare not follow!

The words were spoken slowly from Wiliam’s mouth, but the more they listened, the more they were shocked!

“Three cents of Chinese angelica, one cent of inferior snow ginseng, two liang of yam with different flavor…”

Every medicine he talked about was either inferior or spoiled.

What is this for?

After Fernando listened, he laughed!

These medicines were simply not the correct ingredients for the powder that Wiliam had just contaminated.

I thought you were so good.

I was really stunned by your smell of medicine just now.

I didn’t think that it was just a bluff, and wanted to plant and blame our Lin family in public!

You miscalculated!


Unexpectedly, I thought that today was a complete defeat, but in the end, I can turn the tide!

Wiliam, Wiliam, I only blame you for being too greedy!

The victory won is not enough, and I want to kill us!

Now, I want to see who died first!

Lydia immediately went to dispense the medicine according to Wiliam’s request.

Then, under the supervision of everyone, grind the flour.

The scene was silent.

Only Fernando sneered uncontrollably.

But Melissa was unsure.

This kid, thinking so strange!

The other party was all ground to powder. In other words, it was burned to ashes, and it was not recognized at all.

He actually reversed his thoughts and couldn’t reduce the opponent’s powder into medicinal materials, so he would re-grind the medicinal materials.

Compare on the spot.

I have to convince him, this method, who can think of it at the scene!

But I always feel uneasy…

Does this really work?

No matter how blatant the other party is, he dare not use 100% low-quality fake medicine to grind powder.

Can the ingredients be the same?

At this time, Lydia had already passed the ground powder to Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t take over, but looked at Mr. Wang, “Mr. Wang, I have worked hard for you.”

Elder Wang nodded, and under all eyes, he brought several experts to verify the medicine fee that Lydia just polished.

The eyes at the scene were all staring.

This is the moment of life and death!

If Wiliam fails, the reputation that Genuine Care Medical Center has finally recovered today will be defeated again!

But if it is Lu Yesheng, today, Genuine Care Medical Center will not only have a complete victory and a perfect ending.

Moreover, everyone can witness the birth of an ancient genius doctor!

Smell the medicine and know that the medicine is not terrible!

The scary thing is that even the specific ratios are mentioned.

It is not an eternal genius doctor, so how to explain it!

Mr. Wang verified it for ten minutes!

The more experienced, the more his heart trembled!

The medicines Wiliam just mentioned were not the medicinal materials used in Fernando’s bottle of powder.

Even a thousand miles away!


Horror, the horror is here!

Two groups of medicines, which are quite different, are ground…

“Ingredients, consistent!”

Chapter 26 Gods can’t do it, Wiliam can do it

Hearing the same four words, the audience was a sensation!

Half of them were angry that the Lin family used fake medicines and inferior medicines to fool one party!

Half of it, he was shocked by Wiliam’s hand just now!

There really is such a genius doctor in the world who can discern medicinal materials and meticulously!

When Fernando heard these words, the whole person seemed to have been farted heavily, and his face turned pale!

He yelled out loudly: “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! It’s just that they are cheating! They are a group!”

However, Mr. Wang yelled coldly: “Ho ho, Fernando, you invited me here. Besides, I pledged my 50-year prestige. Do you believe me if I say it? You are questioning my ability. ?”

The questioning made Fernando even weaker.

He was very sad and angry!

Obviously impossible!

Obviously the drugs in my company are only nine true and one false, but why!

Now Wiliam used a bunch of rotten medicinal materials, and he could actually make powder with exactly the same ingredients!

How did he do it!

He wanted to explain, but suddenly there was a deep chill in his heart!

how to explain?

I have already milled all the medicinal materials into powder, that is, turned into ashes!

Now, how can it be possible to turn the medicinal powder back in time into the original medicinal material!

A hundred mouths can’t argue!

Fernando looked at Wiliam who was smiling, and his heart trembled suddenly!

He finally understood what Wiliam said just now!

Grinding medicinal materials is Fernando’s greatest confidence today!

But it is also his biggest failure today!

Lydia on the side looked at Wiliam who was as indifferent as before, and the stars of worship appeared in both eyes.

This little bastard has created miracles time and time again!

Before Fernando grinds medicinal materials, the people at the Genuine Care Medical Center, even if they know that the other party has made a fraud, they have more than enough energy to prove it.

This guy actually did the opposite!

If the positive verification is not enough, he will think backwards and verify it negatively!

In this world, it is estimated that he is the only one who has such a magical ability!

This hand really made Fernando so bitter and hard to tell.

The medicinal materials of his family will definitely not be the rotten medicinal materials Wiliam just mentioned.

If the real medicinal materials were taken out and pulverized again in public, they would be able to hit Wiliam back fiercely.

By the way, Fernando grinds all the flour in order to be foolproof, haha!

The evidence was destroyed by him himself!

Now, even if he knew that Wiliam had planted the blame on him, he would still be powerless.

Wiliam, this hand is beautiful!

Fernando suffered a dumb loss!

Melissa also thought of this, and the evil spirit in his heart was suddenly swept away!

It’s so fun!

This blow was so happy!

Obviously my Benevolence Medical Center is planting the blame, but what can you do with Fernando!

All the back roads, you are all on your own!

This is bitter! This aggrieved!

You all suffer for me!

There are certain things in the world that Da Luo gods cannot do.

And Wiliam can do it!

When the reporters heard this, they rushed up, and the camera in their hands slammed at Fernando and the medicinal materials.

Chapter 26 Gods can’t do it, Wiliam can do it

Just now, Fernando put the reporters at a moral trough, now the opportunity to fight back is here. These reporters fight back harder than anyone else!

If you think about it, you can know what the Shanlin Group will look like in the media news tomorrow!

The reporter questioned, like a magic sound, hovering in Fernando’s head.

His whole person, his head is completely blank.

He was going crazy when he was asked, and suddenly yelled, “We really don’t use those fake medicinal materials! We are just nine true and one fake! That kid is slandering us!”

With an excuse, Wiliam on the side laughed again.


everything is over.

The reporters suddenly burst into laughter, “Everyone heard that there was no such thing, and he personally admitted that Shanlin Group made and sold fakes! This is a real hammer!”

Fernando was stunned and sat on the ground.

I was fascinated by the reporter’s question just now, but I couldn’t help but tell the truth…


A monstrous remorse surged from my heart.

If before, when Melissa played his first card and Melissa wanted to take the initiative to admit his mistake, he would accept it if he saw it well…

If the Bai family is so stupid and snobbish, embarrassing Feliicity in public and forcing Feliicity to testify…

I wouldn’t provoke that big demon!

The situation today will not become like this!

Wiliam just joined hands with one hand, one move is more fierce than another!

It’s all to give Feliicity’s breath!

Bai family!

They are so stupid!

I, Fernando, was killed by you today!

Thinking of this, Fernando immediately yelled at the Bai family: “It’s the Bai family! All this is done by the Bai family! They persuaded me to target the Genuine Care Medical Center!”

The Bai family was dumbfounded.

Chen Shuyun stood up immediately, frightened, and said angrily at Fernando: “Fernando, what are you talking about! It was our Bai family who was dragged into the water by your ingenious words, and you actually bit us back!”

“If you didn’t want to take this opportunity to embarrass Feliicity and drive Wiliam out, it will be like this today!” Fernando roared grimly.

The scene has become Fernando and Bai’s dog biting dog.

Just now, the allies who were also planning to put the Renxin Medical Hall to death, in a blink of an eye, they showed their ugliest fangs.

The reporters are full of interest. They are eager for the two sides to bite each other and then explode more exciting content.

Wang Yuming on the side looked at Wiliam with a bitter smile.

Fifty years of experience, lost to a young man.

He is really capable, so powerful that people want to catch up, but he feels that his life is far away…

Wiliam said to Melissa, who was full of excitement on the side, “Okay, I’ll leave it to you next, you can do the finishing touches.”

He showed no interest in the bite of the two groups of dogs. In his eyes, there was only one woman.

If it weren’t for you to cry, I wouldn’t be crazy…

Melissa glanced at Wiliam deeply, and said, “Wiliam, I really underestimate you. Anyway, I have to thank you very much today.”

Wiliam waved his hand and said, “Let’s talk about it later, this matter is not so easy to end.”

Melissa was taken aback.

Isn’t that easy to end?

Isn’t it over?

Genuine Care Medical Center became famous in the first battle.

The reputation of the Bai family and the Lin family plummeted.

Is there anything else I didn’t even think of?

However, Wiliam had already left the stage in stride and walked down.

Below, there is his concern.

Wiliam walked to Feliicity who was full of tears.

Seeing her tears are no longer the tears of previous grievances.

It’s the tears of excitement and dreams come true.

He gently wiped away the tears from Feliicity’s face, and said softly: “Feliicity, do you feel more comfortable?”

“If there is still resentment and anger, I have one more trick! I can…”

“Let them die!”

Chapter 27

Feliicity has been immersed in Wiliam’s gentle dominance since Wiliam stood on the stage.

He changed from a waste that was trampled on to a dragon.

Become the well-deserved first person on the field today!

First-hand, this ointment was not the other ointment. He hit Baijia and Fernando on the spot, and severely shredded the shame Bai Zhensheng and Fernando had imposed on him!

He used this hand to comfort me…

It seems to be saying, Feliicity, don’t be sad and don’t apologize.

You are not harmful to me.

You are helping me instead.

If it weren’t for you, how could I do my best to make Bailin’s two families face on the spot.

In the second hand, this to please the other to please, and once again hit hard, humiliating the Lin family severely, not only to stand up for the Genuine Care Medical Center, but also to make the Lin family morally offend reporters throughout the city.

The last hand, this medicine powder is not the other medicine powder, it is a fatal blow, causing the Lin family to suffer a fatal blow in the family business!

Three rings, interlocking, suffocate!

Is this still my husband of Feliicity?

It seems that the final accounts are thousands of miles away, making myself ashamed!

Such a man who covers the sky with one hand makes me feel like he is not worthy of him…

He is obviously a giant dragon. Was it because of me before that he tried to compromise and endure humiliation…

Feliicity was stunned, hearing Wiliam’s voice, she refreshed.

She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No more, no more, my anger has long been relieved.”

Wiliam smiled slightly and touched Feliicity’s head, but in Feliicity’s eyes, he saw a trace of dazedness and awe.

He sighed inwardly.

Sure enough, today I swept away his previous sluggish posture, and Feliicity felt a great deal of pressure…

Men, you can’t be too good.

It seems that I have to talk to her a little bit later, otherwise this stupid wife might have a psychological shadow on herself for the rest of her life…

“Feliicity, you remember it, whether I am cowardly or imposing, in your heart, I have only one identity, your husband, understand?” Wiliam said.

Feliicity nodded and smiled reluctantly.

Wiliam was sour, thinking that I was completely fearless just now, there were tricks in my head.

Now he was persuaded about how to lie to his wife.

It’s really sad.

“Otherwise, go back first, I’ll take care of it here and go back to you,” Wiliam said.

Feliicity nodded again and walked out of the hotel a little dazedly.

Wiliam, Melissa and Lydia returned to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

As soon as he arrived at the office, Lydia, who was silent on the way, suddenly roared and slammed his fist on the table. He burst into laughter, “It was so cool just now! I can’t help it anymore! Little bastard , I want to give you a monkey, do you want?”

Yesterday, Wiliam asked Lydia to help with one thing, which was to get a bottle of ointment according to Wang Yuming’s formula.

From this move, Lydia felt that Wiliam wanted to do something.

He knew that he was going to do something, but he didn’t know that what he did was so exciting!

How can I not get excited!

Melissa had a black line and pushed Lydia out to calm down.

Melissa stared at Wiliam for a full five minutes, then suddenly sighed, and she was convinced.

When did this little bastard start the game?

Was it since he said he wanted to please those reporters?

Or do you want to start fighting with each other?

I’m afraid, it will be earlier…

It started when his wife was molested by Fernando.

He wanted to frustrate Fernando’s spirit severely.

Therefore, he recruited to control the enemy and deceived the Lin family.

Now, the effect has been achieved, which is beyond imagination.

Not only gave him this bad breath, but also suppressed the Lin Family and the Bai Family.

In the end, I didn’t spend any money and gave this new product ointment an unbelievable marketing effect.

He even gained the awe of Wang Yuming, an old expert, and the goodwill of reporters from all over the city.

Melissa couldn’t help telling Wiliam these guesses, expressing his amazement.

But Wiliam smiled lazily and didn’t speak.

Melissa was taken aback, “Am I guessing wrong? These are not your goals?”

Wiliam looked at Melissa with a little embarrassment, “What you said are all incidental purposes, dispensable. My real purpose is only two. One of them, use these means to prove to you, I Wiliam is not something in the pool. You work for me, so you don’t have to feel wronged.”

Melissa was dumbfounded when he heard this purpose.

What am I…

I told you before that I want me to obey you. I am not reconciled. I will not accept you. You have to have the ability to control me. You are such a villain! Take it all to heart?

Having engaged in such a big battle just to prove to me that you are awesome, can I kneel and lick without pressure?

I am really important in your heart!

My Melissa, thank you and your family!

“You are worth it.” Wiliam said.

Melissa trembled fiercely without knowing why.

I deserve…

But she immediately dropped the idea and asked, “What about the second purpose?”

Wiliam smiled, “I need money, and I need a lot of money urgently.”

In his heart, he remembered what Feliicity said to him last night.

“Need money? Then ask me to get it?” Melissa said.

“Ho ho, she and I don’t need a third party to intervene. I make money by my own ability.” Wiliam said.

Melissa rolled his eyes and fainted.

What is a third party? Sister’s kindness has become a third party in your heart!

Just forget it if you show your affection and sprinkle dog food, what does my sister mean by lying down!

Let’s go to death, little bastard!

“Let me see how you make money!” Melissa said bitterly.

“Wait, it will be delivered to the door obediently.” Wiliam smiled.

Melissa sighed!

Will it be delivered?

He said before that this matter is still closed…

Could it be!

by! Your little bastard has made the city turbulent because of wind and rain, and you brazenly said that you make your own money!

What are you doing? This is money extortion!

At this moment, Melissa felt extremely sympathetic for Wiliam’s opponent.

You really met a devil!

Melissa was constantly complaining, but Wiliam suddenly felt a sense of sorrow.

Today, my biggest gain is probably only I know it.

After this battle, I finally understood Grandpa’s painstaking efforts.

Grandpa made me 100 billion yuan, which seemed absurd, but I understand it now.

He wanted me to enter the world to practice, temper my wisdom and strategy.

In this way, both civil and military, maybe we can fight the North Lu family…

Thank you, grandpa…

Although Melissa was very depressed, he was completely destroyed by Wiliam’s two reasons.

But I still have to admit that Wiliam’s abilities have exceeded her imagination.

“Anyway, Wiliam, you are too powerful. I questioned my grandfather’s vision before. Now it seems that I am too frog in the bottom of the well. I apologize to you for all the offenses before. You are well-deserved by Genuine Care Medical Center. Master, I take it.”

Wiliam raised his eyebrows at this time, “No, you are still the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center.”

“This museum owner, I’m wrong.”

Chapter 28 Love the Country and the Beauty More

“Huh?” Melissa was taken aback.

Before he refused to accept him, he was aggressive.

Now that I am convinced by myself, and I am willing to work for him, why is he persuaded instead?

Isn’t his biggest purpose to subdue me, a little fairy?

Why did the little fairies lie down, he’s dying?

Wiliam smiled bitterly at this time: “The identity of this museum owner, I am afraid, will cause a rift between me and Feliicity. If she doesn’t dare to approach me, I’d rather not rule the world and stay high above the sky. It is enough to protect her for a lifetime.”

Melissa was so angry that he rolled his eyes, “Is there any way for you to be a spoiled wife? For a woman, you actually…”

“I always have to give her some time to adjust, and I will let her slowly accept my identity. For now, I’m just behind the scenes. It’s up to you to come.” Wiliam said, but his voice was firm.

My identity is more than just the owner of a small medical hall.

The identity of the owner of the museum makes Feliicity awe, if she knew, I am the young master of the Lu family in North…

Take your time, Feliicity, I will let you know sooner or later, your husband, there is no one in the world, his destiny!

“But, haven’t you all revealed your identity before…” Melissa said depressedly.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly clicked on the Bluetooth that was still on his ears, and smiled slightly, “I already thought of it, but I still need your cooperation.”

Melissa once again broke the field, this little bastard, really has the first-class ability to control the field!

Anything can be pulled out as a weapon.

Capital service!

Wiliam was about to leave the office, but Melissa stopped him, then stuffed him with another thing, and said angrily: “Hey, the fragrant orchid prosperous spring breeze bracelet, thank you for your dragon spirit and tiger fierce today. What you said , I will do it one by one. I’m relying on you. Don’t try to draw a line with Genuine Care Medical Center. It’s really a scumbag to eat clean pants, understand?”

Wiliam said with a black thread, “You look like a forest outside with a claw scratching at the root of a wall.”

After he left the Genuine Care Medical Center, he returned home directly.

At home, he saw Feliicity who had lost his soul at a glance.

When Feliicity saw him, she naturally ran to greet him, but her footsteps stopped abruptly.

Wiliam sighed again, took the initiative to walk up, and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, you must have a lot of questions in your heart, right?”

Feliicity nodded obediently, “Yes, I still have a hard time accepting the change in your identity, and the kind of domineering you were on stage before…”

“Although I like…”

Feliicity was afraid that her words would hurt Wiliam, so she added another sentence.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Then if I tell you that I am not the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center, would you want to beat me?”

“Huh?” Feliicity was stunned, her face full of puzzlement.

Wiliam said casually: “In fact, the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center is someone else. Didn’t I tell you that I have a rich friend? He is the new owner. I owe him several favors. Today He asked me to come and help, it was inconvenient for him to show his face.”

Feliicity looked suspicious, “Although this explanation seems reasonable, you clearly said it on stage before..

Wiliam clicked the Bluetooth headset on her ears and smiled: “Have you noticed that I have been wearing Bluetooth headsets since I came to the stage? It was my friend who remotely controlled me from the back. I was just a microphone on stage. The movements are all rehearsed.”

Feliicity looked at the Bluetooth headset on Wiliam’s ear, and suddenly muttered to herself, “No wonder, I think you are wearing the headset weird…”

Wiliam immediately changed the subject and said shamelessly: “Now that I know I’m still an ordinary person, are you disappointed?”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam and said, “Yeah, I’m so disappointed. I thought I could hold my thighs, and I would beat a chicken with a flying egg. I’ll just say, why are you suddenly changed like you…”

She was disappointed when she spoke, but Feliicity couldn’t help revealing a little joy.

Feliicity did have a fear of Wiliam just now.

The man on the stage is too radiant.

Everyone who shines can’t look up.

Ashamed of myself, I dare not speak loudly…

She was born in such an intriguing Bai family since she was a child, but she retains a warmth and innocence in her heart.

So she has never felt safe since she was a child.

Seeing Wiliam command the audience, she suddenly felt a strange feeling in her heart.

How many women should like such a man…

This kind of insecurity had never happened to Wiliam.

Once born, it can’t be contained.

Now that she heard Wiliam say that he was still very ordinary, she would be inexplicably happy.

It seems that ordinary Feliicity, ordinary Wiliam, this is just right, make a couple.

Feliicity knew that this thought was a bit selfish, but seeing Wiliam’s sincere and warm smile before her eyes, she couldn’t help but sink a little.

As long as I can hold his hand, I am willing to be a pair of butterflies in troubled times…

“I’m going to cook!” Feliicity smiled suddenly, stood on tiptoe, and kissed Wiliam on the forehead.

Then blushing, he ran away quickly.

Wiliam, thank you, it’s nice to have you…

I will work hard to overcome my selfishness. If you are extraordinary, I will also bloom!

work together!

Wiliam felt the warmth of his forehead and couldn’t help but smirk.

Love the country and the beauty more, isn’t that the case…

Feliicity, your birthday gift and the dowry which is three years late, I am almost ready!

“I’m with you.” Wiliam followed.

At the moment, at the Bai’s house, he was completely arrogant!

Fernando and Chen Shuyun faced each other for twenty minutes, and the skin was completely torn.

At the scene, no one dared to say anything.

Finally, Rebeca saw that Chen Shuyun couldn’t breathe and was there to relax, so she bit her head and said, “Fernando, Mom, you guys don’t quarrel anymore. The most important thing right now is to find a way.”

Looking at Rebeca as Feliicity’s mother, Fernando nodded and said with an ugly expression: “Okay, no matter how noisy it is now, it will only make that bastard watch a good show. We can’t let that bastard succeed!”

Chen Shuyun thought for a while, and nodded bitterly, “Okay, what should I do now?

Fernando closed his eyes and began to force himself to calm down and think.

After a while, he said viciously: “Today, we were coaxed by the Genuine Care Medical Center and the bastard. Our two families are already grasshoppers tied to a rope. We are both prosperous and declining. But it doesn’t matter, public opinion. For this kind of thing, our Shanlin Group still has the ability to slowly go to public relations for a period of time in the future. I believe that after a period of time, we will regain our vitality.”

“What about us!” Chen Shuyun said.

“Don’t worry! Since Ruoyun loves me so much, I won’t really care about you. Besides, you are also wronged for supporting my platform today. I dare not refuse this love. I will let my dad pick it up. For a period of time, I will support you well. You will only be stronger, not weakened.” Fernando said.

Chen Shuyun was overjoyed immediately, “I knew, Lin Shao had a way! Then after our Bai family, we will rely on your Lin family!”

When Xena saw this scene, his face was full of contempt.

This is the Bai family!

I was arguing with others just now, but now they are just a little benevolent, and they immediately kneel and lick, really shameless!

Sister Feliicity, you really made a wise move when you broke with the Bai family.

Such a Bai family is so disgusting that people don’t want to stay for a moment.

Fernando said at this time: “The biggest problem facing us right now is the next revenge of Genuine Care Medical Center.”

Chen Shuyun was taken aback for a moment, “They all retaliated like this, will they retaliate again?”

Fernando said with a grim expression: “Nonsense! Do you think Genuine Care Medical Center is deliberate, just to make us shame in public? It’s not profitable to get up early, think about it, next, if Genuine Care Medical Center is going to sue us for making fakes! We are going to have a lawsuit, understand! Public opinion matters can be settled, but once the lawsuit is fought, we will lose! And it will be a vicious circle with disastrous consequences! This is the biggest killer of Genuine Care Medical Center!”

“That! What to do then! That bastard, so poisonous heart! I can’t wait to take his skin off!” Chen Shuyun cursed.

“What to do, what else to do…” Fernando said, closing his eyes unwillingly.

“Get ready, go to Genuine Care Medical Center.”


“Losing money.”


Chapter 29

“Losing money! Why should we lose money to that bastard!” Rebeca called out first!

That’s just a dog from the Bai family!

Once he was the dog of the Bai family, for the rest of his life, he shouldn’t think of turning over the salted fish!

However, Fernando said with a cold face, “If you don’t lose money, do you think this thing can be done? Can you think of a better way?”

“Did you hear the last words that bastard said to Feliicity? His last resort is to sue us!”

Every one of Bai’s faces was green!

This kid wanted to make the Bai family never stand forever!

“Then, how much to pay…” Chen Shuyun sighed and asked.

“Our two families, let’s put out ten million yuan each,” Fernando said.

“Ten million!” Now, even Chen Shuyun was shocked!

“Our Bai family has been running hard for the past few years, and the funds have been completely trapped, at most a few million, where can we spend 10 million at once!” Chen Shuyun said angrily.

“Let’s think of a way first. Later, I will help you gradually withdraw the funds. I guarantee this with my personality. However, when you reminded me just now, I thought of a key person.” Fernando said.

“Who?” everyone asked.

“Feliicity.” Fernando’s eyes flashed with cold light, “Feliicity is the bastard’s favorite person. As long as she can intercede with that bastard, maybe there is still room for reversal in this matter.”

However, everyone in the Bai family turned pale, “We used to bully her so much, she broke with our Bai family on the spot…”

Bai Zhensheng did not dare to say a word at this time, he was the culprit who forced Feliicity to break.

“Feliicity’s character, don’t you know better than me? She has a kind personality, which means she is weak. As long as you move with affection and reason, persuade her with family righteousness, and then be humble, she will definitely I agree.” Fernando said confidently.

Xena sneered from the side, this Fernando is simply a beast!

“Okay! Let’s do it right away! Ruoyun, call Feliicity right away and ask where she is?” Chen Shuyun said.

On the other side, Feliicity’s cell phone rang, and her face became stiff when she saw that it was her mother’s phone.

Wiliam glanced at the phone and said, “Pick it up.”

He knew why the Bai family wanted to make this call.

He also knew what Feliicity would do.

Feliicity hesitated, glanced at Wiliam apologetically, and then answered the phone.

Asked to understand that Feliicity is at home, Rebeca immediately said: “You come over to grandma right now, we have important business…”

But Chen Shuyun on the side immediately said, “No need, let’s go there right away! Be sure to wait for us.”

Chen Shuyun motioned to Rebeca to hang up, yelling at Rebeca, “It makes you feel better? How do you look like an apology! Go, go to you right away.”

The whole family came over to Feliicity’s side.

Wiliam didn’t care about it at all, still eating with Feliicity at ease.

As soon as Rebeca and the others arrived, they saw that Wiliam was also there, and their faces suddenly became ugly.

They didn’t know how to face Wiliam.

Had to start from Feliicity’s side.

Rebeca immediately pretended to be pitiful and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, those words on the stage before are not what our Bai family wants to say. Don’t take it to heart. You are still a member of our Bai family. Gangster.”

Feliicity’s face was cold, “You can tell, you must be responsible for your own words!”

Chen Shuyun opened Rebeca, walked up, and said in a low voice: “Feliicity, you probably know now that our Bai family has reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted. If this level is not passed, our Bai family will really be completely over. “

“You have lived in the Bai family for more than 20 years, don’t you know that grandma has exhausted her life’s efforts in order to restore the glory of the Bai family.”

“Especially in the past three years, grandma is really tired.”

“Grandma doesn’t want to see the Bai family collapse before she is dying.”

“Grandma, please, return to the Bai family, okay? The Bai family can’t have you.”

After that, Chen Shuyun even shed a drop of turbid tears.

When Feliicity heard this, his chopsticks trembled, and a trace of guilt gradually appeared in his eyes.

In the past few years, although the Bai family has been bitter and mean, it has indeed been working hard for the family.

Especially in the past three years, because of his own will, the Bai family’s reputation in Q City ( Qena City ) plummeted.

It was indeed caused by myself…


Thinking of this, Feliicity felt very sad.

She didn’t know, what should she do…

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, but Wiliam just said softly: “It’s fine if you decide, I will support you.”

When Wiliam said these words, there was a trace of sorrow in his heart.

Why would he endure Feliicity’s humiliation before taking action?

It was for Feliicity to see the hypocrisy of Bai’s family as soon as possible. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain.

But now it seems that Feliicity’s heart is still on Bai’s side.

No, it should be said that her heart is still too kind.

But there is nothing wrong.

With me by your side, even if you are at the Bai family, or even at the ghost gate of hell, I won’t let you be wronged again!

Seeing Feliicity’s eyes change, Chen Shuyun felt excited, and immediately said, “Feliicity, do you really want to watch the Bai family fall?”

“Do you want to see grandma die hard?”

“Do you want to see your mother displaced?”

“Before it was the matter, our Bai family sorry for you, but after that, we promise that this kind of thing will never happen again! I put my words here today, you will always be a part of the Bai family! We will never again I drove you and Wiliam away.”

“If you still don’t believe me, grandma will kneel and kowtow for you! I only beg you, can you save the Bai family?”

Chen Shuyun said, really going to kneel and kowtow.

Feliicity suddenly panicked.

Although grandma is hateful, in her heart, the lingering prestige caused by her childhood is still unabated.

How can she kneel down!

Feliicity hurried to help Chen Shuyun, “Grandma, don’t you.”

Chen Shuyun’s eyes flashed, “Feliicity, since you are willing to call me grandma, it means that you still have love for our Bai family. Will you save the Bai family?”

“But, how can I save it? I don’t know.” Feliicity said helplessly.

Rebeca said to the side at this time: “Could you tell Wiliam to let them let the Bai family go from the Genuine Care Medical Center, and don’t hold our Bai family accountable, we will all be a family in the future…”

Feliicity was taken aback and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam was expressionless.

Feliicity said miserably: “Wiliam can’t be the master of this matter, because he is not the new curator of Genuine Care Medical Center at all.”

Chapter 30

“What! Wiliam is not the new curator of Genuine Care Medical Center? Then he was on stage before…” The audience was shocked.

Feliicity said with a wry smile: “The new owner of the Genuine Care Medical Center was someone else. Wiliam was only entrusted by his friends to help him.”

She told about Lin Jiang’s use of Bluetooth headsets as a puppet on stage.

At this moment, every one of the Bai family’s faces became extremely ugly!

Before, they thought that Wiliam was the new curator of Genuine Care Medical Center.

So when they pleaded with Feliicity just now, they didn’t even dare to look at Wiliam.

I am afraid that this god and devil will be unhappy wherever he goes.

Now, he is not the new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center!

It’s being directed by someone!


Wiliam, you really are a dog!

It’s just that we changed from a dog in the Bai family to a dog in the hospital of Renxin!

Fortunately, we were stunned by you just now!

However, there is some anger in their hearts, and there is a kind of inexplicable relief.

Before, they couldn’t figure out how Wiliam would be the owner of the new museum.

Now, with this explanation, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

This is the most reasonable explanation.

“Well, you Wiliam! You actually eat inside and out, and teamed up with Genuine Care Medical Center to frame our Bai family! I tried it with you!” Bai Zhensheng’s eyes were red, and he almost wanted to swallow Wiliam raw!

But at this time, Feliicity stood in front of Wiliam and looked at Bai Zhensheng coldly, “Bai Zhensheng, what do you want to do!”

Bai Zhensheng was immediately stared back by Chen Shuyun.

Now, the Bai family looked at each other with Feliicity and Wiliam, and the scene became extremely embarrassing.

Especially Chen Shuyun, his face was ugly, and his body trembled!

Their purpose was to make Feliicity intercede with Wiliam.

So Chen Shuyun almost gave up her old face just now, apologized to a junior in the family, and even almost knelt down!

Now, she was so wronged, but she found that Wiliam couldn’t speak at all!

The humiliation just now was in vain!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun felt uncomfortable!

It seems that the prestige accumulated in a lifetime has disappeared in the few sincere apologies just now!

She wished to drive the two out again on the spot.

However, just now the words have been released, saying that she will never expel them again in her life.

Now I regret it, isn’t it slapped in the face again!

These two bastards! I will never let you go!

At this time, Rebeca’s phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that Fernando was calling.

She answered the phone, and Fernando’s thunderous voice came from the other end, “Why, we were all fooled by that bastard! He is not the new owner of Genuine Care Medical Center! Just now, a person named Zhang Lingquan in Genuine Care Medical Center was openly here The media said that he is the owner of the new museum and that Wiliam is just a smoke bomb he released! Just to confuse us! Divert our attention! Now, he said that the next step is to sue our two families!”

Rebeca’s teeth broke when she heard it, “We are here now, and we know that this kid is an imposter dog! What should we do now?”

“We are now empty to take care of that kid, and quickly prepare the money, and go to apologize before the Genuine Care Medical Center sues us.” Fernando said.

Rebeca hung up the phone and looked at Wiliam, almost bursting into flames!

Everyone in the audience was fooled by him alone!

But Wiliam was slightly hooked at the corner of his mouth.

Melissa really won’t let people down if he does things, so he let out the wind so soon.

That Zhang Lingquan is nothing but nothing.

Chen Shuyun’s old face was wrinkled into orange peels, “Jing Sheng, Ruoshuang, how much money does your company have that can be used immediately?”

Xena said immediately: “The company can use about three or four million.”

Rebeca was overjoyed, “There are so many? I didn’t think Ruoshuang, you are quite capable.”

“Jing Sheng, how about you? Your company is doing better than Ruoshuang, five or six million is not a problem, right?” Chen Shuyun asked.

But Bai Zhensheng’s face turned green in an instant!

Five or six million!

Where to grab it!

He lowered his head and hesitated, “Only one or two million…”

“What!” The Bai family looked at Bai Zhensheng one by one in disbelief!

Bai Zhensheng couldn’t lift up even after being seen through.

“Are you he! Explain clearly to me! If you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation today! I will just blast you out of the house!” Chen Shuyun was so angry that he picked up the crutches and knocked on Bai Zhensheng’s head.

Bai Zhensheng was struck with a scream, and then he utterly explained: “I signed the agreement with the Qinhan Medical Research Institute before, and I spent a lot of money to clear the relationship…”

Chen Shuyun was so angry that she couldn’t breathe and fainted. She slammed Bai Zhensheng twice again, and his head was bleeding.

“You prodigal! I’m surprised! Qin and Han Medical Research Institute is so difficult to do, how can you get the order! It turns out that you are doing the wrong thing! Now, the order is not! Our money is also not! Before, you took the initiative. You are a sinner of our Bai family for offending the Genuine Care Medical Center! See if I won’t kill you!” Chen Shuyun was really angry with Bai Zhen.

However, the matter is here, it is irreversible.

Raise money, only raise money!

“Which one of you still has money?” Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity bit her scalp and said, “As you all know, my company can only spend one million at most.”

“One million, two million, four million, the total is only seven or eighty thousand, which is still three million, my old wife only has one million private money, how about you…” Chen Shuyun looked at everyone.

Everyone pieced it together, and the results were counted, only nine million at most, which is one million short!

Chen Shuyun looked at these people angrily, feeling extremely sad!

I want to be a big white family back then!

Who is disrespectful!

Now it’s actually reduced to a crowdfunding of 10 million!

Can’t be crowdfunded yet!

This group of unused waste!

Rebeca cautiously called Fernando and asked if nine million would work.

But Fernando vetoed it in one fell swoop, “This family is 10 million, but I roughly estimate the guarantee. They will definitely open their mouths, only more, not less.”

The Bai family looked at each other one by one, Chen Shuyun suddenly looked at Feliicity’s hand, and suddenly asked, “Did you say that your bracelet is worth more than one million?”

Feliicity became angry when she heard this, “Grandma! Wiliam gave this to me!”

“When is the time now, the eyebrows are on fire, and whoever gives it! At this time, everyone should contribute to the Bai family for free!” Chen Shuyun once again became strong. Seeing Feliicity’s lack of praise, the more I look at it, the more disgusting it becomes!

Feliicity was so angry that he wanted to refute again, but was held back by Wiliam.

Wiliam was joking, “Before the bracelet was worth more than one million. It’s a pity that it was broken, and now it’s worthless.”

Everyone in the Bai family was sluggish.

Yes, the bracelet was knocked out.

by! Fernando, you bastard!

You have broken our last life!

The Bai family scolded Fernando frantically.

Only Xena glanced at Wiliam wittily, and her brother-in-law was so good at it.

At this time, Chen Shuyun suddenly looked at Feliicity, a fierce look in her eyes!

“In this case, there is only one way.”

“Ruoyun, sell the house you live in now! Cash out immediately!”


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