Dragon Husband Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211

Seeing this person turning around, Gu Zhiling’s head seemed to have been blown by thunder, and his whole body was dull.


This person, Wiliam is Wiliam!

How could he appear here!

“Why don’t you sit?” Wiliam sat down casually on the sofa in front of her.

Gu Zhiling was full of spirits, and instantly went crazy, “You are so bold! You dare to break into the president’s office! No wonder you are not in your post for a while, so you have sneaked here to get away! Believe it or not! I will ask someone to fire you immediately!”

Wiliam looked at Gu Zhiling amusedly, poured her a cup of tea, and said, “Have you ever thought about it, why can’t I be the president?”

This sentence, like a heavy hammer, made Gu Zhiling’s heart hurt.

All the things before, all flooded into her mind in an instant.

Wiliam is the president!

Wiliam is the president!


This kid is really the president of the company!

Otherwise, how could he get in and out of the company at will, and still show up in the president’s office.

Otherwise, how could Janett know him!

Otherwise, how could Liu Qiandao be killed by him!

Otherwise, why would the sponsorship be given to the Bai family inexplicably!

There is only one reason, Wiliam is the president of Lunanica Company!

This truth made Gu Zhiling instantly sluggish.

She stared at Wiliam’s face blankly, and suddenly her whole body became ill.

Because she thought of something.

Since Wiliam is the president, then the words he said before him before are simply ashamed.

When I saw him for the first time, in the elevator, I and my assistant Chen Lin were in front of him and said they were going to hook up with the president…

Then when I was at home, I talked to my grandfather, and in front of him, he said that he wanted to recognize the president as a brother, and the president fell under her pomegranate skirt…

Then it seems that I still talked to him several times about the president of the straw bag…

Just now, he said to Wiliam arrogantly that he would never want to see him again. Goodbye, he is a dog himself!

Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, I became anxious as a dog.

What a shame!

Gu Zhiling’s face suddenly turned red.

Even more ashamed than when he was treated by Wiliam for the first time.

She looked at Wiliam and couldn’t say a word.

At this time, Wiliam said jokingly, “Why, don’t you know how to call me? Is it brother or dad?”

When Gu Zhiling heard this, his head buzzed!

Sure enough, with this guy’s dark-bellied character, what he said in front of him was now a sharp sword!




I would rather bark!

Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam with an ugly expression, and the strongman said unbearably: “Do you think it’s fun to play me like this?”

Wiliam naturally said, “When did I fool you? When did you ask my identity?”

Gu Zhiling was so angry that he almost beat his chest.

Yes, I never asked the identity of this guy once.

On the contrary, it was a subjective assumption that this guy was a small security guard of Lunanica Company.

By the way, I heard this message from Chen Lin.


Chen Lin, you bastard, you killed me!

In Gu Zhiling’s heart, he wanted to catch Chen Lin and hang it!

“Drink a cup of tea and be shocked.” Wiliam pointed at the cup of tea in front of her with his chin.

Gu Zhiling’s hands holding the tea were shaking.

The perfect sword pointed the cherry blossoms in Gu Zhiling’s mouth, and even drank a mouthful of bitterness.

Seeing people facelessly.

“Sorry, don’t take things to heart.” Gu Zhiling finally apologized sincerely.

She didn’t want to be ridiculed by this guy with these words all the time.

Wiliam nodded, “If I take it to heart, I won’t treat you.”

Gu Zhiling finally breathed a sigh of relief.

That’s right, this guy looks like a heartbroken dog.



Gu Zhiling suddenly thought of a question, and immediately said depressed: “Mr. Lu, if you don’t take it to heart, why don’t you let me play the heroine of the new movie!”

What Gu Zhiling thought was that this guy must be holding a grudge, so he prepared Xue Zang to avenge himself.

Wiliam smiled and said, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t let you appear in a new movie?”


Gu Zhiling was stunned on the spot, “But, I heard Chen Lin say…”

“Then it should be because of her miscommunication. What I’m talking about is to postpone the nomination of the lead actor, and I don’t say that you are not allowed to act.” Wiliam said.

Gu Zhiling had already arrested Chen Lin and beaten him for thousands of times. This rubbish, he couldn’t even inquire about this matter!

Make yourself ashamed in front of this bastard again.

“Then you mean, you are going to let me continue to play the heroine? But, why should it be delayed?” Gu Zhiling asked urgently.

“Because, waiting for you to find me.” Wiliam said inexplicably.

Gu Zhiling’s head was messed up.

This kid, speaks absolutely.

In the clouds and mist, my head hurts.

Gu Zhiling didn’t dare to get angry for the time being, so he had no choice but to ask for the best: “Why are you waiting for me?”

“To threaten you, it’s just a matter of talking.” Wiliam said casually.

Gu Zhiling almost shot out a mouthful of old blood.

Threaten me!

Could this kid really covet his beauty!

Gu Zhiling, who is in this entertainment circle, is familiar with this kind of thing.

Those directors, producers, don’t they often use this method?

And those little stars who are not ashamed are not rushing to warm the bed for the directors…


I didn’t think this guy was such a person!


Gu Zhiling’s face suddenly became ugly.

Wiliam said amusedly: “When you look at you, your thoughts are not pure. I seem to have told you that my wife is much better-looking than you, and I am not interested in you.”

Gu Zhiling has a black line.

The old lady knows that your wife is good-looking, so you can see everyone loves you!

But do you use this to fuck me every time!

“Well, since you’re here, let’s talk about business. I am waiting for you to come to me. There is a condition that requires you to agree to me first.” Wiliam said.

“What conditions?” Gu Zhiling asked bitterly.

As long as it wasn’t for me to warm up the bed, I would really have to fight it out.

Otherwise, some time ago, I was seen by you in vain.

And I also suffered so many days of vain.

Wiliam said, “You have no problems playing the heroine, but you have to promise me that no matter what big things happen next, what setbacks you suffer, you have to bear it.”

Gu Zhiling was confused again when he heard this.

Looking at Wiliam’s expression, it seemed to be serious.

It’s not like joking.

It seems to be serious, what a big thing, what setbacks, what to endure…

Will I die?

Gu Zhiling immediately became unhappy, “You can tell me more clearly.”

Chapter 212

How can Wiliam say it clearly? He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, there will be no life-threatening. I can guarantee that.”

Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam suspiciously. Although this kid was sometimes very cheap, his words were convincing.

Since he said so…

Forget it, what could be more frustrating than being watched by him.

After the previous treatment, Gu Zhiling felt that his current mind was very tough.

It’s like seeing through the world at once.

“Okay! I promise you!” Gu Zhiling gritted his teeth and agreed.

After all, there is only this opportunity, if you miss it, you should shoot your thigh.

Wiliam nodded and raised the tea cup, “Then be happy to cooperate.”

Gu Zhiling gently touched the teacup and drank the tea in one sip.

The matter was finally settled.

However, thinking of working under this little bastard in the future, Gu Zhiling felt as uncomfortable as eating shit.

Well, a little security guard is improper, what kind of president, he is sick.

Gu Zhiling got up, ready to go out.

Wiliam also stood up and sent Gu Zhiling away.

But at this time, the door was pushed open again.

Seeing the person coming in, Gu Zhiling was taken aback.

The person here was Chen Lin with an anxious look.

Chen Lin heard on the phone that Gu Zhiling was going to the president to fight, and she was almost scared to death.

She was afraid that Gu Zhiling might cause some trouble, so she rushed over without stopping, and she didn’t even bother to ask for instructions from the left and right, and came directly to the president’s office.

When he pushed the door, he saw Gu Zhiling with a man.

When she saw the man clearly, Chen Lin’s face suddenly sank.

She rushed in front of Wiliam, grabbed Wiliam by the collar, and cursed directly!

“I gave you a face, right? I harassed my old sister again and again! What kind of thing are you! Are you worthy of being with our old sister! I tell you, the last time you were with him was just an accident Our sister Gu has a great future, and it’s not like you can also get involved with wild cats and dogs!”

Chen Lin was angry.

Sister Gu is also a big star anyway, so she is so unbelievable, she hangs out with a small security guard.

One time is not enough, two more!

I bumped into myself twice.

What about the place I can’t see?

A lowly security, is it worthy?

She decided to hold on to Gu Zhiling for what she said this time, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous if she was discovered.

But at this time, Chen Lin only felt a gust of wind in her ears.


A loud slap in the face sounded on her face.

Her face flushed instantly.

She covered her face and looked at Gu Zhiling in disbelief.

Gu Zhiling actually beat himself!

For a lowly person!

“Sister Gu! You! What are you doing! Don’t you know what I am doing for you! He is just a lowly security guard. If this incident spreads out, it will be a fatal blow to your reputation, you know!” Chen Lin couldn’t help complaining.

But Gu Zhiling looked at Chen Lin with anger in his eyes.

Chen Lin!

Before reporting indiscriminately, I was embarrassed in front of this kid.

I picked a vicious necklace when I helped myself choose a gift!

If Wiliam didn’t pursue this matter, he would not escape punishment!

And all these sins were caused by this little bitch!

Now, dare to speak up in front of the president!

Is this the female lead who wants to get it hard enough?

Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling couldn’t help but slapped three slaps again, venting his previous anger and the depression of being molested by Wiliam on Chen Lin’s body.

Chen Lin thought that Gu Zhiling had been confused by this lowly security guard, and had no idea what she was doing!

Hit me for a security guard!

Chen Lin’s face turned sullen in an instant, “Sister Gu! If you don’t give me an explanation today, I will never let it go! Everything about me is for your good!”

Seeing Chen Lin’s hypocritical and loyal appearance, Gu Zhiling suddenly sneered, “Explanation, okay! Then listen, the lowly security guard in your mouth is the president of our Lunanica Company! This explanation, you Are you still satisfied!”

Chen Lin thought that Gu Zhiling would say something empty-headed, but after these words, her whole head felt like it was going to explode.

Her legs were shaking.

This security guard is the president of Lunanica Company.

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

At this time, she realized that she was in the president’s office!

When I came in just now and saw Wiliam, Chen Lin was angry and forgot where it was.

Thinking about it now, a chill came from the soles of my feet.

She suddenly knew what a serious sin she had committed!

Simply unforgivable!

How many times have you humiliated the President?

I’m afraid I can’t count it!

Whenever there is a meeting, there must be ridicule.

The president can bear it so far, he can be regarded as the prime minister’s belly can support the boat.

And not only I don’t know how to be grateful, but I’m not forgiving, and I’m getting worse again and again!

It finally led to the current situation.

That’s it!

Completely finished!

She looked at Gu Zhiling instinctively and was about to apologize.

But at this time, Gu Zhiling said coldly: “Go away! I don’t need your assistant anymore.”

These words, like a heavy punch, made her heart hurt again.

Was expelled.

I was fired.

After all, he was fired because he had made a big mistake because he had no eyes and no beads.

However, a kind of unwillingness also breeds in her heart. She looked at Gu Zhiling sternly, “Sister Gu! I have served you faithfully for five years! You have not given any affection! These years, I said it’s not too much to be a dog for you! Don’t you feel sorry for me for being so ruthless and unjust!”

If Chen Lin said something else in a low voice, Gu Zhiling might still recite for many years and spare her once.

But Chen Lin said a dog word.

The word pierced into Gu Zhiling’s heart like a needle, “Go! Get out of here! Right away! Right away!”

“Okay! You are unkind, then don’t blame me for being unrighteous! We have met in mountains and rivers!” Chen Lin’s eyes were red, and her eyes were full of sinisterness.

This insidious poison completely fell into Wiliam’s eyes.

He seemed to be playing with his phone leisurely, but he sent a message.

Chen Lin glared at the two men and walked out in large strides.

After going out, she thought more and more angry in her heart, couldn’t help but look back and take a look.

With this look, her eyes burst into cold light.

I saw these two dog men and women, I don’t know when they hugged each other!

She quickly picked up the phone, pointed them at them, and took a photo!

Chapter 213

But just a moment ago, after Chen Lin left, Wiliam suddenly hugged Gu Zhiling gently, and said with a smile: “Then, happy cooperation.”

Gu Zhiling was still immersed in anger. Suddenly, being hugged by Wiliam like this Meng Lang, the whole person was frightened!

Her face turned red.

This bastard!

I also said that I am worried about my beauty!

These words are still cold, so let’s get started directly.

Gu Zhiling was about to beat Wiliam, but he heard him say, “Don’t move.”

She stopped for a moment.

After three seconds, Wiliam released Gu Zhiling and said to her, “You can go now.”

Gu Ling was so angry that he stomped on the spot.

What’s wrong with you!

Let people leave after eating their tofu!

Am I shameless!

Gu Zhiling was about to question Wiliam why he suddenly ate his own tofu, but suddenly changed his mind.

The hug just now…

It seemed that the two of them hugged each other, but Wiliam just put his hands on his shoulders, and his body didn’t lean up at all.

Is this tofu…

For a moment, Gu Zhiling was at a loss, wondering what the kid was doing.

She went back to her office in a daze, trying to digest everything that happened just now, feeling a bit like a dream.

And Chen Lin came to the underground parking lot angrily by herself, preparing to drive away.

At this time, she suddenly heard a faint grunt from a corner not far away.

She walked over and took a look, and suddenly she was not well.

A man with a swollen nose and a pig’s head fell to the ground, his throat groaning like a pig.

She was so scared that she was about to turn around and leave, but suddenly heard the man faintly shouting: “Chen Lin? Help me, help me.”

Chen Lin was taken aback for a moment, and after a closer look, she immediately recognized the pig-headed man.

Isn’t it Liu Qiandao in the company?

She hurried over, helped Liu Qiandao up, and asked, “Liu Qiandao, what’s the matter with you? Who beat him up?”

When Liu Qiandao heard this, his loose eyes shot a bit of insidiousness, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Wiliam! It’s that Wiliam bastard! He actually called someone to beat me and threw me here. He clearly wanted everyone in the company to be See how ugly I am! I am at odds with him!”

Hearing Wiliam’s name, Chen Lin’s expression turned sullen, “It’s him again!”

The enemy of the enemy is the friend.

Chen Lin hurriedly sent Liu Qiandao to her car and took him to the hospital.

Along the way, Liu Qiandao was so painful that he kept scolding his mother, “I definitely can’t spare that Wiliam! I want to kill him!”

At this time, Chen Lin suddenly asked: “Do you really want to kill him? Then, shall we join forces?”

Liu Qiandao was taken aback, “Join together?”

Chen Lin smiled sternly, “Yes! Join hands! In my hand, there just happened to be evidence that the bastard and Gu Zhiling were a gangster!”

Liu Qiandao immediately became energetic, “Really! Damn! I think these two people must have adultery! If you have evidence, it would be great!”

Chen Lin nodded, “The proof is solid! However, both of us have been kicked out of the company now. I am afraid it is still a bit difficult to bring him down.”

Liu Qiandao immediately cocked the corner of his mouth, “Ho ho, one more person should be able to help us!”

“Who?” Chen Lin asked.

“Zhang Tianming!” Zhang Tianming appeared in Liu Qiandao’s mind.

This Zhang Tianming obviously also had to deal with Wiliam, otherwise he would not conceal the success of the negotiation last time.

That being the case, you can use Zhang Tianming’s power to kill Wiliam!

Chen Lin’s face also showed a hint of joy, “If this is the case, that would be great! I want Wiliam and Gu Zhiling to die without a place to be buried!”

On the other side, after Wiliam drove away Gu Zhiling, he called Janett.

Janett said indifferently: “Why do you tell me?”

No sense of being a secretary at all.

Wiliam said casually, “Two things will be done for me. The first thing is to help me collect the personal information of well-known Chinese medicine experts across the country. I want the latest and most detailed information. By the way, especially here in Q City ( Qena City ), it seems The chairman of Qingqingcheng Drug Association is himself an expert in Chinese medicine.”

Janett immediately thought of a possibility, “You are going to bribe them and let them help out our new movie?”

Only this one is possible. After all, the new movie is about the themes of doctors. Wiliam seems to want to do what he likes, so he asked these experts to speak up for support.

This kid, if he doesn’t go on the right path, he will go all the wrong way!

Lu Yezhen answered, but only said: “If I let you do it, you can do it!”

“Okay, I see, this is not difficult. It should be available through the National Drug Association system. I just remind you that our funds are not much, and the money should be used in the right way.” Janett said.

Wiliam nodded and continued: “The second thing, help me get the script of the new movie right away.”

Janett was stunned for a moment, “What are you doing?”

“Edit it.” Wiliam said.

Janett frowned, “This script was written by a well-known screenwriter. Are you sure you want to change it?”

Wiliam nodded, “Change.”

Janett sighed inwardly, this kid is really nothing to look for.

Don’t do business, just do boring things.

Now the script has to be revised. Isn’t this a layman to guide an expert!

Anyway, it’s all people who are about to be dismissed anyway. Feel free to coax.

Janett walked out of the office after seeing Wiliam’s explanation.

She didn’t want to stay in Wiliam’s office for a minute.

She immediately set about doing these two things.

And when she explained that she was going to do these two things, Zhang Tianming’s phone also rang.

With his eyeliner, he immediately reported these two things to him.

After listening to Zhang Tianming, he laughed loudly, “This idiot is really unscrupulous. I want to bribe experts. Okay, I will help you add another fire! I’m afraid that you will not be able to finish eating. !”

He took out the phone casually, and once again set a strange game against Wiliam’s hand.

He was so happy!

With mental arithmetic and unintentional.

Hidden in the dark, he can see all the actions of this straw bag clearly.

Then arrange traps in a targeted manner.

Now, I think he is still alive!

After finishing these arrangements, Zhang Tianming pretended to be angry and came to Wiliam’s office.

Seeing Wiliam making tea, he walked over and said angrily, “Mr. Lu, we are in trouble again.”

Wiliam casually took a drink and said, “What is the trouble?”

Zhang Tianming said in a deep voice: “Because we only have 10 million budget funds, I personally made a lot of calls to some traffic stars’ agents, and they all refused to participate in our movies.”

“Our movie has no actors!”

Chapter 214

After Zhang Tianming said these words, he secretly looked at Wiliam’s expression.

I thought that Wiliam would be frightened and panicked.

However, Wiliam made Zhang Tianming miscalculate.

Wiliam smiled and said: “I still think why it is, if there are no traffic stars, don’t we just use the actors in our company? The fertilizer will not flow into the field of outsiders.”

Zhang Tianming was stunned, “Our company’s actors? But our company is not well-known except Gu Zhiling. And I told Mr. Lu privately about the situation. Those actors are very difficult to communicate with. Now People who are very snobbish, they all have to make a lot of money when they play movies. We have so little funds, I am afraid that even they will not want to…”

Wiliam frowned and said, “In this case, we can make a fuss beyond the 10 million budget and give them some benefits.”

Zhang Tianming looked puzzled, feeling that he could not keep up with the CEO’s brains.

Wiliam said: “For example, promise them that as long as they are willing to make this movie, they will sign a long-term contract with them. The penalty is a little higher, and the penalty is 50 million per person. This can also reflect our company’s sincerity to them. If it’s not enough, the filming is over and the company will pay for a free trip overseas.”

After Zhang Tianming listened, he almost laughed on the spot.

What a shame!

This faint move is really good!

I can’t wait to push myself into the bottomless abyss!


Be a cocoon!

Actually offered to renew the contract for those little actors, and still have such a high penalty? If the shareholders knew about this, wouldn’t it be exploded on the spot again!

He really doesn’t know the current actor market!

You know, traffic stars like Gu Zhiling have a penalty of only RMB 50 or 60 million.

This kid, one export is 50 million, and he signed no less than ten at the same time!

Is this to enshrine these little actors as ancestors?

It’s so interesting.

Also traveling overseas!


I’m so dizzy!

Zhang Tianming immediately said: “Okay, then I will tell the actors of our company as Mr. Lu said, it should be ok. But should this matter let the shareholders…”

“No, let you take full responsibility. If I have anything to do, I believe you.” Wiliam said casually.

Zhang Tianming is as comfortable as eating watermelon in summer.

This big idiot!

I don’t even know if I sold it!

This movie will be fun next.

Wait and see!

Zhang Tianming immediately went out to do this.

Zhang Tianming’s power and prestige in the company is very high, he said, those little actors who wander on the brink of layoffs every day, would they not agree?

However, Zhang Tianming has other plans.

He called his confidant and said, “Go to the company and find ten little actors of my school.”

The man was about to nod, and Zhang Tianming suddenly showed a sullen smile, “These ten people must be the worst in business ability, the lowest in character quality, and the worst in word of mouth. For example, the ability to recite lines and exaggeration. , The heart is higher than the sky.”

Zhang Tianming’s confidant was dumbfounded, “Mr. Zhang, these people will be expelled from the company at any time, why would you…”

“Just let you do it!” Zhang Tianming looked angry.

The man immediately went out respectfully.

After explaining this, Zhang Tianming sang a small song leisurely with Erlang’s legs upright.

Wiliam, Wiliam, I guess you wouldn’t have thought of killing them. The quality of these people I found for you would be so bad, hahaha.

When these people get involved in the set to make movies, how wonderful are the movies produced?

And when the shareholders watched the movie, they knew that the scum was instructed by Wiliam to sign an agreement with such a high liquidated damages, and that they would travel abroad for free. If the shareholders did not explode, I would not believe Zhang.

What’s more happier is that this straw bag is simply a wedding dress for me with his money.

From now on, these ten people are not going to be grateful to me for desperate loyalty.

Multi-pronged approach, this time, I have a winning ticket!

At this time, Zhang Tianming suddenly received another call.

Liu Qiandao!

After listening to Liu Qiandao’s words, Zhang Tianming couldn’t help it anymore and burst into laughter in the office.

Everyone pushed the wall down, Wiliam, Wiliam, what did you do?

So many people are rushing to kill you.

The world is in my hands!

“Xiao Liu, this is a hard work for you, and I will repay you well when the time comes.” Zhang Tianming once again mastered a killer’s mace, and for a while he didn’t know how to use the means to make Wiliam die.

When Wiliam went back that night, he threw the good bag of Sword Finger Cherry Blossoms on the table.

When I returned to the room, I found Feliicity had fallen asleep.

She took over Bai Zhensheng’s company again this time, and it was really hard to run both ways.

Bai Zhensheng’s company is full of his people, but it is not so easy to take over.

Wiliam woke up at night and went out to eat.

But in the hall, I saw someone unexpectedly.

Liu Fanke.

Liu Fanke seems to be very close to Rebeca these days, but now he actually appeared at home early in the morning.

Seeing Wiliam coming out, Feliicity sullenly greeted him and told him to come over for dinner.

Liu Fanke nodded to Wiliam coldly.

Liu Fanke looked down on Wiliam’s dog food.

Not to mention that Wiliam slapped Rebeca three times in public two days ago.

He has always kept this hatred in his heart.

At this time, Rebeca also came out, holding two dishes in his hand.

When she saw Wiliam, her face instantly cooled down, but she didn’t say anything else.

“Fanke, you eat first, and I will bring out a tea egg immediately.” Rebeca said gently to Liu Fanke.

Liu Fanke seemed to enjoy Rebeca’s service and nodded with a smile.

After a while, Rebeca brought out a tray of tea eggs.

Feliicity picked one for Wiliam and ate one himself.

But after this bite, Feliicity suddenly said, “Mom, why does today’s tea eggs taste so fragrant?”

Wiliam took a bite too, but frowned.

Rebeca pointed to a bag of tea leaves under the table and said, “Oh, there are no tea leaves at home. Just in the morning, I saw someone on the table took a bag and used it to make tea eggs. This time I put a little more. Tea, it is estimated that the flavor will be stronger.”

Wiliam said calmly: “This bag of tea is mine.”

Rebeca sneered, “What about yours? You have eaten my house for ten years, and if you use 20 packets of tea, you still want to care about me?”

Wiliam didn’t want to care about it, but at this time, Liu Fanke said in a cold voice, “Ruoyun, I don’t want to owe him. Owing to this kind of favor is simply a loss!”

After that, Liu Fanke directly took out five hundred yuan from his pocket and threw it to Wiliam, “Take it, buy you 20 bags of tea, it should be more than enough.”

Chapter 215

Wiliam suddenly smiled when he saw the five hundred yuan.

Five hundred yuan, buying 20 bags of sword refers to the cherry blossoms, it is ridiculous.

I’m afraid I can’t afford even a little residue.

The sword refers to the cherry blossoms, 300,000 per catty.

A total of sixty packs per catty, that is to say, the price of one pack is five thousand yuan.

Sword Finger Sakura is expensive because of its small quantity.

Strange goods can live.

Yesterday, Wiliam heard from Tigger that this year’s old tea trees that pointed at the cherry blossoms had even less output due to climate reasons.

That mad brother took such pains to buy such a pound.

It is estimated that there are no more Sakura tea leaves in Q City ( Qena City ).

Five hundred yuan is interesting.

But when Liu Fanke saw Wiliam not speaking, he couldn’t help frowning. He sneered and said, “Why? Too little? Hoho, boy, your heart is pretty wild. I’ll give you another five hundred dollars and take you Buy the remaining packages together, so please do it yourself.”

He took out another five hundred yuan and threw it in front of Wiliam.

Lu Yezheng had the money to collect, but he just said, “I owe it first, I will ask you for it.”

Liu Fanke glanced at Wiliam disdainfully, without saying anything.

He simply put the remaining sword-finger cherry blossoms into a briefcase that he carried with him.

It just so happened that he was going to see a very powerful person these days, thinking that it would be good to bring some tea.

After Wiliam had eaten, he said goodbye to Feliicity and went to Lunanica Company.

In the office, Janett put a thick file in front of Wiliam.

These files are Janett’s request for people to collect the current status of some well-known Chinese medicine experts across the country in accordance with Wiliam’s request.

The first one is a person named Frandick.

This Frandick is the president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, and he will retire next month.

Wiliam turned over the information of these people casually, and didn’t care about Janett on the side.

Janett stood there for a while, and couldn’t help it.

This person is a bit too much.

Ask someone to get these materials over, without saying a word, just hang yourself here!

It’s a bit polite!

“Hey, when are you going to start shooting the movie!” Janett was not polite to Wiliam.

Wiliam said without raising his head: “Wait until I finish reading these materials and change the script. It is estimated that I can make a decision in the afternoon.”

Janett was stunned.

Make a decision in the afternoon?

That script, but a thick stack!

It’s going to be for several days, will you make a decision in the afternoon?

What about changing the script?

Janett felt myocardial infarction after staying with him a little longer and went out angrily.

After Janett left, Wiliam called again, “Lao Zhang, have you found the information I want? Sending my email in the morning, it’s hard work.”

Wiliam spent all of the morning studying these materials, and then he took the script at noon. In a few places in the script, he changed a few places and reprinted it and replaced it.

In the afternoon, when Janett received the script in Wiliam’s hand, she instinctively flipped through it, but at all she didn’t find out what had changed.

The story in the script is still that story, and Janett is already very familiar with this story.

But when I turned it over, there was no change in the plot.

“Have you changed it?” Janett couldn’t help asking.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, I considered some words.”

Janett rolled her eyes to the sky.

I kept saying that I wanted to change the script, but in the end I changed some words.

You are so free!

“You can let me know and filming will start tomorrow, because the funds are tight, so I asked to finish the filming for me in 20 days, is there a problem?” Wiliam said.

When Janett heard this, his head exploded.

Finished in twenty days!

Are you special!

She couldn’t help but complain!

Which movie was not shot after months of polishing, this kid, the movie will be finished in 20 days?

Can the quality of the film be good?

“You will die!” Janett dropped these words and left without looking back.

When Zhang Tianming received the shooting message, there was a thick file on the desk.

This file is exactly the same as the list of TCM experts on Wiliam’s desk.

He couldn’t help laughing again when he heard Wiliam’s request for the end of the twenty-day shooting.

Then he told his confidant, “Let those ten people cooperate, and the filming must be finished within 20 days. Acting or something, hahaha, don’t worry.”

Zhang Tianming had already regarded Wiliam as a dead person.

All of this kid’s tricks deeply showed his ignorance and eagerness to find death.

The filming location of this movie is in a quaint small village in Q City ( Qena City ).

When Gu Zhiling arrived in the small village the next day, he got a list of actors.

When he saw this list, Gu Zhiling was bombed.

What are the actors on this list?

Look at these actors in front of you, one by one.

The man was smoking and farting, while the women were lying on the wicker chairs like big names.

When she heard the director of her company say that the funding this time was only 10 million and the filming cycle was only 20 days, she was completely stunned.

Suddenly full of anger emerged in her heart!

Was fooled!

I was fooled by that bastard!

The old lady has endured his humiliation treatment before, for whom is it sweet?

In order to get ahead with this drama!

Send me these brain-dead actors to play with me now?

Gu Zhiling was so furious that he took out his cell phone and called Wiliam.

But at this time, even more grief and indignation happened. She discovered that in this small village in Shangougou, the mobile phone had no signal!


She whispered a swear word in her heart, and she lay down on the chair in despair.

Bad environment, bad director team, bad actors…

Every detail was told to Gu Zhiling, and the play fell into the dust.

Gu Zhiling looked at the scene desperately, and suddenly wanted to cry.

After so long of hard work, I look forward to such a play.

does it worth……

At this time, a deputy director summoned the actors there, ready to start filming.

The first dialogue scene caused Gu Zhiling to collapse.

The actress who played the opposite role with her was a young actress who was very coquettish in appearance with heavy makeup.

However, when the woman opened her mouth to speak her lines, Gu Zhiling burst into tears.

What a flamboyant action!

Have you seen the actor’s self-cultivation!

Gu Zhiling directly stopped, and when she asked the actress to do it again, the actress directly exploded.

“Why come here! That’s how I acted. If you are not satisfied, replace me.” she said.

Gu Zhiling was dizzy.

One of her temporary assistants couldn’t help pulling Gu Zhiling aside and whispered: “These people have just renewed their contract with the company, and the penalty is similar to that of Gu sister you, so they are not afraid of you anymore. Now, the president asked for the filming to be finished in 20 days. How can I change some actors at this time, Sister Gu, please bear with me. In these 20 days, I have wronged you…”

Chapter 216

When Gu Zhiling heard this, his head bounced!

She didn’t mind these people’s contract extensions and the high liquidated damages.

She is angry but these people are arrogant and domineering, and they have no professional qualities.

This Wiliam is a bastard!

With tears in her eyes, she suddenly wanted to leave this wimpy place directly.

However, she had only taken two steps, and her head seemed to hum.

A voice appeared inexplicably.

A person, a word said to her before.

“You have to promise me that no matter what great things happen next, what setbacks you suffer, you will endure it.”

Wiliam said this to her before.

Gu Zhiling couldn’t help but shiver.

Could it be that when Wiliam said this to himself at the time, he had expected the situation like today?

Could it be that all of this was arranged by Wiliam!

Then he deliberately wanted to see me being humiliated!

For a moment, her body trembled.


Damn it!

How could there be such an excessive person in the world!

It took her ten minutes to calm herself down.

Finally, a wry smile.

Son of a bitch!

You want to watch me a good show!

I happened to be on the hook with you!

I’ll show it to you!

You are brazen, these people are arrogant and domineering!

So what!

I will not affect my professionalism because of your unprofessionalism!

Gu Zhiling relied on his arrogance for many years to force himself to return to the set and perform again.

This time, she stopped worrying about her opponent being so muddy and unable to support the wall.

She was completely immersed in her role.

Just be yourself, just be yourself!

This is Gu Zhiling’s continuous psychological suggestion.

This movie tells the story of the early years of a generation of female doctors played by Gu Zhiling.

In her early years, the female doctor strayed into an ancient medical place like a paradise and lived there.

She followed the villagers in Gudi to learn medicine, and before she left, she obtained ten ancient prescriptions from ten famous doctors in Gudi.

With these ten rare prescriptions in the world, she began to delve into it carefully, and she became a generation of female doctors.

Gu Zhiling was immersed in the role, and started fighting against the sky and people for these twenty days.

However, Wiliam has been idle these days, staying at home with Feliicity at ease.

It seems that her company has encountered some problems recently.

When Wiliam asked Feliicity, she gritted her teeth and said nothing.

It seems to solve these problems by one’s own ability.

Wiliam sighed inwardly, and said nothing.

After all, this is the only way for Feliicity to grow.

I can’t help her walk all the time.

On this day, Liu Fanke came to Feliicity’s house early in the morning, and hurried out with Rebeca and two of them.

Liu Fanke finally made an appointment with the distinguished guest today, and is about to go to the distinguished guest company to discuss business.

In order to please Rebeca during this period of time, Liu Fanke completely disconnected from his son Liu Qiandao and devoted himself to working on his company.

He started a small credit company in partnership with another person, and because he had a small shareholding, he was only the vice president of the company.

To put it plainly, the credit company is icing on the cake.

His company drifted between black and white, in a gray area.

Therefore, people often borrow money but don’t pay it back, or don’t pay it when it expires.

This caused Liu Fanke a headache.

They had been cooperating with a security company before, but during this time, the company’s food look became more and more ugly, so Liu Fanke wanted to change another one.

Some time ago, after being introduced by others, he caught up with a boss who came to Q City ( Qena City ) for the first time and was anxious to expand his business.

So he brought Rebeca to see this big man today.

They came to a door called Heping An Insurance Co., Ltd., led by the staff, came to an office.

Liu Fanke met the big man.

And if Wiliam were there, he would definitely recognize that the big brother in Liu Fanke’s heart turned out to be Crazy Brother.

Brother Kuang was sitting on the soft leather sofa with a cigarette in his mouth.

Liu Fanke hurriedly nodded and bowed forward, “Hello, mad brother, I was Xiao Liu who contacted you yesterday, and I paid it back to the credit company.”

Brother Kuang glanced at Liu Fanke contemptuously, without speaking, pointed his chin to the opposite sofa and motioned them to sit down.

Brother Kuang looks down on small credit companies like Liu Fanke.

For business reasons, credit companies often need the help of some people in the society to collect debts. This is also the reason why Liu Fanke seeks cooperation with Crazy Brother.

Under the trust of Tigger , the mad brother was assigned to a security company and held the position of vice president in the company. This made the mad brother grateful to Tigger , and vowed to do some achievements as soon as possible to repay the knowledge of the tiger brother.

This was the result of this cooperation with Liu Fanke.

Otherwise, the scale of Liu Fanke’s company would not be able to attract the slightest interest of Crazy Brother.

And Rebeca looked at the mad brother who swallowed the clouds, and shrank behind Liu Fanke with a little fear.

Liu Fanke patted her on the shoulder, motioned to say something wrong, and watched him.

“Brother Kuang, how did you think about what I discussed with you yesterday?” Liu Fanke asked respectfully.

Crazy brother got up to boil water, and then casually said: “According to the point, our company draws 30%.”

Liu Fanke’s face became stiff, “30%, this is a bit too much…”

If you ask the security company to go out and ask for debt, you will have to give 30% to the other party if you want to come back. Liu Fanke felt painful.

But Brother Kuang said: “Hoho, much? Don’t you go out to find out, whose subordinates is Brother Kuang? Whose industry is this company? We do it, anyone dare not pay back?”

Liu Fanke’s neck shrank and he didn’t speak.

Because the crazy brother is telling the truth.

In this company, everyone knows who it is.

Looking at Q City ( Qena City ), who would dare to offend such a tiger and wolf god.

“I’ll give you three minutes to think about it.” Brother Kuang seemed to have decided Liu Fanke.

Liu Fanke suddenly felt tormented and discussed with Rebeca in a low voice.

It takes a while, and it’s almost three minutes.

Brother Kuang’s water boiled. He opened the drawer and wanted to find tea. At this time, he found that the tea in the drawer was empty.

He turned left and right again, looking up and down.

Liu Fanke is a personal spirit, so he can’t see what Crazy Brother is looking for.

He immediately smiled, took out a few packets of tea from the bag, and handed it to Brother Mad, “Brother Mad, I have it, I have it, and I can’t get any tea.”

Brother Kuang didn’t take it seriously, but after a glance at the tea leaves, he was stunned.

Sword refers to the cherry blossoms!

The sword is pointing to the cherry blossoms!

Before, he had spent a lot of favor and a price of more than 300,000 yuan to bring back a pound of Sword Sakura from a foreigner.

It was this catty of sword pointing to the cherry blossoms that made him win Brother Tiger’s favor.

No, I won the favor of Brother Lu!

Before leaving, he patted the phrase “Sword refers to the cherry blossoms” that Brother Kuang said on the shoulder before leaving, he always remembered it!

Because of this sentence, it not only relieved the mad brother, but also a tactful affirmation!

It was after these words that Brother Kuang was appointed as the vice president of this security company.

Jianzhi Sakura and Brother Lu are kind to him!

At this moment, I can actually see the Sword Finger Sakura again, it is amazing!

He couldn’t help asking: “Where did you get this tea?”

Chapter 217

Liu Fanke thought that Brother Kuang was dissatisfied with the tea he took out. His face became stiff, and he reached out to take back the packets of tea. He quickly said: “I’m sorry Brother Kuang, I certainly won’t see you with this broken tea. I don’t know how to praise.”

But Liu Fanke’s hand was held down by Crazy Brother.

Brother Kuang stared at Liu Fanke and asked, “I’m asking you, where did you get the tea?”

Liu Fanke was stunned for a moment, and he didn’t know what Kuangge meant by asking this.

Rebeca immediately relieved Liu Fanke from the sidelines and said, “We brought a lot of things at home, so we brought some.”

“A lot?” Brother Kuang was also stunned.

Jianzhi Sakura is so good to buy?

When I was looking for someone, my mouth was almost worn out before I bought a pound. They actually said too much.

Are they real people without showing their faces?

Thinking of this, Kuangge said calmly: “You may not know, I am a tea lover, don’t you know if you can help me buy another pound of this tea? Of course, our cooperation, everything is easy to say. “

After Liu Fanke listened, the whole person was excited.

Cooperation is easy to say, which means that there is room for maneuver on the crazy brother!

Just buy him a pound of tea?

Hahaha, one catty of tea, let alone one catty, I will buy you all ten catties!

Liu Fanke immediately said: “Whether to buy or not, you are really polite, Brother Kuang. I will send you a catty in the past two days as a tribute to you!”

Brother Kuang frowned, “Give it to me? Are you willing?”

This catty is more than 300,000 yuan, there is still no market, there is no place to buy it.

But Liu Fanke, a person who basically doesn’t drink tea, knows how this sword refers to the preciousness of cherry blossoms.

He had thrown a thousand yuan and bought 30 packets from Wiliam, thinking that the tea was just ordinary tea.

He immediately replied: “Yes, it is dedicated to honor you.”

Brother Kuang also laughed at this time, “Okay! Isn’t Liu Fanke? Since you are so involved, my brother Kuang is also a man of loyalty. I agreed to this cooperation, and the rake is 20%. Okay.”

Liu Fanke’s eyes were about to fall.

In fact, Liu Fanke’s expectation was that his company would take away two and a half.

Now it drops directly from 30% to 20%!


This is a profit!

I don’t think that a little tea can get such a great benefit, thanks to this broken tea.

“Thank you crazy brother! Thank you crazy brother!” Liu Fanke hurriedly bent over and bowed, then quickly took out the drafted file, filled in 20%, and handed it to the crazy brother.

Brother Kuang didn’t even look at it, so he signed the name and threw it back to Liu Fanke.

After all, their company has a reputation. If Liu Fanke dares to use his hands and feet, he can pinch Liu Fanke to death with one finger.

After Liu Fanke signed, he felt that everything was like a dream.

He couldn’t hold back his excitement, he kissed Rebeca’s face and said excitedly: “Ruoyun, you are my lucky star! We are making a lot of money now.”

Rebeca’s cheeks were slightly red, and he gave Liu Fanke a shameful look.

At this time, Kuangge said: “That tea…

“I’ll bring it to you in these two days.” Liu Fanke said hurriedly.

“Oh, no, I’ll go to your house to pick it up in two days.” Crazy brother patted Liu Fanke on the shoulder and said, “I also count as visiting your house.”

Liu Fanke felt flattered, and hurriedly nodded and agreed.

Brother Kuang nodded with satisfaction, “Okay, but I’m the first to say ugly. If I go to your house, but you can’t give me tea, I will turn my face ruthlessly.”

Liu Fanke only thought it was a joke, and vowed: “How can this be? I swear, I promise, I promise with my head, ho ho.”

Liu Fanke replied a joke to Brother Mad.

But Brother Kuang didn’t think it was a joke, so he nodded again and saw him off.

After sending Liu Fanke, Brother Kuang took out his mobile phone, hesitated, and finally plucked up the courage to call Wiliam.

He had already got this phone number from Brother Dog, but he didn’t dare to call to thank Wiliam.

Now I finally found the right opportunity.

“Hey, Brother Lu?” Brother Kuang said cautiously.

“Who?” A familiar voice came from the other end of the phone.

Brother Kuang was overjoyed, “Hello, Brother Lu, I am a little Kuang, I just met two days ago, and Brother Hu is under him.”

Wiliam was stunned when he heard Brother Kuang’s call, but he had an impression of Brother Kuang.

This person has the same temperament as Tigger ‘s body.

There must be something to do in the future.

“It’s you, what’s the matter?” Wiliam asked casually.

“Well, Brother Lu, didn’t you say that you like Sword Finger Sakura before? I gave you another pound, and I will send it to you in two days?” Brother Kuang said respectfully.

Wiliam felt a bit funny. He pointed out that Sakura had just been exploited. This crazy brother seemed to be familiar with the human heart, and he was about to send it back soon.

Wiliam heartedly gave Brother Kuang a chance and said, “Okay, thank you first. I will help you with Tigger when I have a chance.”

“Thank you, Brother Lu! Thank you, Brother Lu! Then, Brother Lu, you are busy, I will contact you in two days!” Brother Kuang hung up the phone and flew with excitement.

Here comes luck!

Can’t stop it!

Brother Kuang had already guessed the identity of this brother Lu.

Judging from the way he was getting along with Tigger at the time, Brother Lu’s status was no less than that of Tigger !

After all, Brother Hu supported himself because of a word from Brother Lu.

If this is to climb Brother Lu, his future will be limitless!

Thinking of the anger received in the neighboring city over the years, Brother Kuang felt that the time had come!

Must seize this opportunity!

On the other side, Liu Fanke and Rebeca returned home happily. Liu Fanke couldn’t help laughing when he saw Wiliam reading in the lobby.

What kind of abilities this trash has, but luck, there are some good teas that people like.

Liu Fanke and Rebeca walked in front of Wiliam, without raising their heads, “Is there something wrong?”

Liu Fanke drew out a pile of money in his bag, and threw it in front of Wiliam, “Hey, I’ll give you two thousand and five. Go and buy me another pound of your tea that day. Give me the rest. You pay for errands.”

Liu Fanke feels that two thousand five for a pound of tea is more than enough.

But at this time, Wiliam raised his head amused and glanced at Liu Fanke, “Two thousand five, not enough money.”

Liu Fanke frowned.

Rebeca directly cursed, “What are you special about! Isn’t it pitted on your own head? Don’t you want to make a face!”

Liu Fanke grabbed Rebeca and looked at Wiliam condescendingly, “Then you say, how much do you want?”

Wiliam closed his book at this time, stood up, walked to his room, and threw a sentence.

“It’s about three to five million yuan.”

Chapter 218

When Liu Fanke heard three to five million, his legs and feet were soft.

And Rebeca directly cursed, “You are so cheap here! Believe it or not, I will smoke you! If you don’t want to help, just say it, and want to blackmail us? Looking for death!”

Wiliam closed the door with a “bang”.

Too lazy to deal with such people.

Rebeca was so angry that he would rush up to kick the door, but Liu Fanke stopped Rebeca.

He glanced at Wiliam’s room with disdain, and said, “It’s a loss of our identity to care about this kind of person. Ruoyun, we will be rich in the future, and we need to have the qualities of a rich person. Well, this tea, I still don’t believe you can’t buy it without him. I happened to know a friend who specializes in making tea. I’ll call and ask immediately.”

After speaking, he took out his phone and called his friend.

The friend agreed and asked him to send him a tea bag, and he immediately arranged for someone to deliver it.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Fanke said to Rebeca relaxedly: “You see, that kid, I really think he is someone, three to five million, ho ho, shameless.”

He took out the only remaining packet of Sword Finger Sakura, asked Rebeca to boil the water, then tore the package, poured the tea into the teapot, and took a picture of it and sent it to a friend.

In less than a minute, his friend immediately called back.

Liu Fanke proudly called Rebeca, “Look, my friend got it.”

“Hey, Old Chen, you can arrange delivery for me right away. The money is easy to say, you can open it if you want a few thousand yuan.” Liu Fanke proudly turned on the phone and said.

But at this time, there was an urgent roar on the phone, “Damn! The sword points to the cherry blossoms! Lao Liu, the tea you want to buy is the sword points to the cherry blossoms! Very few thousand yuan! Where can I buy it! I tell you , The package you tore apart is worth five thousand yuan!”

“Not to mention that it costs at least 300,000 per catty. No, 300,000 is far from being able to buy! Because there are basically no more on the market.”

Old Chen’s words caused Liu Fan’s hand to tremble, and his hairs stood up.

He asked in horror: “Old Chen, wait, you can make it clearer, I didn’t hear clearly just now.”

On the phone, Lao Chen’s voice was obviously trembling, “Lao Liu, Lao Liu, it’s not that I didn’t help this time, it’s that I really can’t help. This sword means that the cherry blossom world starts at 300,000 catties and can’t be bought. “

Liu Fanke and Rebeca really heard clearly this time.

The two looked at each other, their eyes full of horror!

You can’t buy it starting at 300,000 per catty!

Is this really tea?

This drink is gold and silver jewelry!

Three hundred thousand, that’s pretty much it!

Old Chen had hung up the phone there, but Liu Fanke and Rebeca were still in shock.

Three hundred thousand, what a special one!

Rebeca suddenly grabbed Liu Fanke’s thigh, and said without tears: “Old Liu, how come this tea is so expensive! I even took 20 packets to cook tea eggs that day…”

After Liu Fanke listened, his hands and feet were even colder.

Use a catty of 300,000 tea leaves to boil tea eggs.

This is a high-priced tea egg!


A violent thing!

In the hearts of Liu Fanke and Rebeca, their regretful bowels are about to be broken.

This cliff is the most expensive dish they have eaten in their lives.

Liu Fanke looked at the package of tea leaves that he had torn open, his hands were shaking.

The water has boiled.

This tea, whether to make or not…

A pack is five or six thousand!

For a while, the two had already lost their minds.

When they came back to their senses, Rebeca suddenly slapped his thigh and said in a panic: “Oh! Fanke, we promised that crazy brother to give him a catty, what can we do now! This tea is so expensive , Not only expensive, but also impossible to buy!”

Liu Fanke suddenly thought of the weird look in Brother Kuang’s eyes when he took the initiative to offer tea.

That’s what it meant!

What a great deal of me!

Send a catty of 300,000 tea leaves casually!

Liu Fanke slapped himself dejectedly!

The mouth is cheap!


It’s over now!

At this time, Feliicity walked back from the outside, it should be off work.

Seeing Feliicity, Rebeca immediately rushed forward, clutching Feliicity’s hand with red eyes, and cried: “Feliicity, you are finally back. We are going to be killed by that kid Wiliam!”

Feliicity was exhausted recently because of the company’s affairs. As soon as he came back, he heard Rebeca’s complaint, and suddenly said depressed: “Mom, why are you going to mess with Wiliam again.”

Wiliam’s door opened at this time, and he came out to fetch water with a cup of water.

When Rebeca saw him, she grabbed Feliicity’s hand and rushed to Wiliam, saying, “This is this guy who wants to kill us! I don’t know where to steal some good tea and hide the truth from us. Now we It’s dead, it’s him!”

“I don’t care, if you ask your kid to buy me the same tea as soon as possible, it will be considered as a mental damage expense for us!”

Rebeca said the matter to Feliicity.

Feliicity’s face immediately became cold when he heard it, “Mom! This is obviously your fault from beginning to end, right! That tea was originally Wiliam’s, you took it for stealing without telling it! Wiliam didn’t even tell. I’m thinking about you that you took 30 packets of tea. According to your calculation, 30 packets will cost at least 150,000. You should return 150,000 to Wiliam first, and then talk about it!”

Not only did Feliicity not help Rebeca, but instead helped Wiliam find out their 30 packets of tea, which immediately disrupted Rebeca’s position.

Rebeca immediately said, “You two dog men and women! My life is really hard! How can I stand on you two!”

Wiliam and Feliicity glanced at each other and walked towards the room together.

Rebeca was so angry that he stomped severely on the ground.

Liu Fanke’s heart was ashamed, and he said to Rebeca: “Ruoyun, let’s quickly think of a way and ask friends to ask, otherwise according to the character of the crazy brother, I will really be dead by then!”

The two picked up the phone in a panic, and began to frantically search for the cherry blossoms.

However, Jianzhi Sakura is indeed too expensive, and ordinary tea shops do not sell it at all.

And this year’s special climate has made the city and the whole country scarce. They are like finding a needle in a haystack.

The two were busy until midnight. At this time, Rebeca heard Liu Fanke’s surprise voice, “What! You have it over there? Hahaha, that’s great! Quick, sell it to me for help! I thank you forever!”

Rebeca immediately squeezed in and said excitedly: “Is it done? Fanke.”

Just as Liu Fanke was about to nod his head, there was a joking voice on the phone, “Sell it to you? Okay, I will only get one catty, one million a catty, and pick it up.”

Chapter 220: Quick Gunner

When the mad brother heard this, the whole person was going crazy!

Yeah, I begged grandpa to tell grandma the tea eggs bought, and you can cook them!

He stared at Liu Fanke instantly!

Liu Fanke and Rebeca were frightened and sweated.

But because Wiliam was there, Brother Kuang didn’t dare to get angry. He just said viciously to them: “You dare to try my Wiliam tea! I will kill you!”

After saying this, Brother Kuang nodded slightly to Wiliam and respectfully left.

After he left, Liu Fanke and Rebeca were relieved.

However, when they looked at Wiliam, their eyes were red!

This is their one million!

Rebeca wanted to snatch the tea in the past, but she shrank back when she remembered the words of Brother Kuang before leaving.

This feeling is too awkward!

Hard work, made wedding dresses for others!


Feliicity couldn’t help but asked Wiliam in surprise, “Wiliam, this man is a gangster, how did you meet him?”

“Oh, my friend of a friend.” Wiliam explained casually.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam strangely, “Don’t be led to damage by others.”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity amusedly, “No, yes, didn’t you like the tea eggs made from this tea that day? Would you make tea eggs?”

Feliicity nodded, “Yes.”

When Wiliam heard it, he handed the tea leaves to Feliicity, “Take them to boil the tea eggs. If you have 20 packets, you should be able to cook them three times.”

Feliicity’s face exploded when she saw Liu Fanke’s Rebeca.

One million!

Before, they didn’t know the preciousness of this tea before they used it to assault the heavens.

Now, this kid knows that this tea is so expensive!

I need to boil tea eggs!

Isn’t this trying to piss them off!

But Wiliam was really angry about them.

He was just used to keeping every word of Feliicity in his heart.

Especially what she likes and what she wants to do.

As long as she likes, as long as she wants.

Then Wiliam can pick the stars and can do everything.

“Thank you.” Feliicity took the tea leaves casually, and looked at Wiliam gently.

Liu Fanke and Rebeca could no longer eat this expensive dog food and ran away on the spot.

It took the two of them all morning to forcibly calm down. Liu Fanke thought of not reporting good news to the company, so he called the company.

Then, under the instructions of the general manager, he made another call to the security company he had cooperated with before, saying that he would not cooperate.

But when asked on the phone that Liu Fanke was cooperating with Ping An Insurance Company, he suddenly sneered.

He said something that made Liu Fanke’s creeps, “Ho ho, that tiger crossed the line this time. My Sirius brother has been waiting for too long. I still want to thank you.”

After speaking, the phone hung up, and Liu Fanke felt a chill grow from his back.

Tiger, Sirius…

These two are…

Liu Fanke instantly felt that this matter seemed to have become too big.

Q City ( Qena City ) is going to be in chaos!

Time passed quickly, and ten days passed in a flash.

Gu Zhiling spent 20 days in the deep mountains and old forests!

When the director yelled the last sentence “cut”, she softened and couldn’t stand up on the chair.

The movie is finally over.

High-intensity shooting for 20 consecutive days.

This is nothing.

The key is that Gu Zhiling has been filming with some people these 20 days!

She had lost a whole lot of weight and was extremely haggard.

And she seems to have grown up with the protagonist of the movie in these twenty days.

The arrogance in his eyes gradually receded.

Hidden in the depths of the eyes is tearful forbearance, the persistence of gritted teeth!

Everyone is packing up, ready to go back.

Gu Zhiling was soft and still on the chair.

At this time, a group of young people with hippie smiles came over and couldn’t help bursting into laughter as they looked at Gu Zhiling like this.

A woman with heavy makeup said yin and yang weirdly: “Oh, our sister Gu is so exhausted, why don’t you go up and give her a back massage?”

The other exaggerated and said, “Before that, I will definitely go. Who told me to be Xiaoyi. It’s a pity, it’s different now.”

Yes, it’s different now.

These ten people have renewed their contracts with the company, and the liquidated damages are even comparable to those of Gu Zhiling.

Therefore, they no longer fear Ancient Ling.

In these twenty days, these ten people have been domineering and can be called the overlord of the studio.

There was only Gu Zhiling alone, obsessively and seriously, pondering every line and every action.

In their opinion, it is extremely ridiculous.

It’s either an idiot or a brain-dead if he knows the movie is so bad.

Gu Zhiling didn’t even lift his eyelids, letting these people laugh.

“Forget it, I’m too lazy to take care of her. Let’s go, let’s go back and clean up. After all, the president promised us a 10-day tour of Europe, haha, let’s enjoy it next. Oh ho, someone seems to have a share.” The group of people are all together. Laughed together.

After they left, Gu Zhiling opened his eyes.

Red eyes.

The tears never fall.

In these twenty days, she did not accept such ridicule and abuse one day.

At the beginning, she would fight back, even scolding Wiliam in her heart!

But then, she gradually calmed down.

The accusations against Wiliam gradually disappeared.

The taste of growth is not as good as these 20 days in 30 years.

This period of time will surely become an unforgettable memory of Gu Zhiling.

On the other side, Janett has been coordinating the theater lineup for a while in accordance with Wiliam’s request.

Because Wiliam has only one sentence, the time is as fast as possible!

For these four-character orders, Janett was exhausted and fell apart.

After all arrangements were finally made, she also received a message that the filming of the film was completed.

The first thing she did was to go to the director to watch the original film.

After all, the most important thing is the quality of the film.

When she saw the original movie, she was stupid.

What a movie!

What a shame!

The actors inside, except for Gu Zhiling, are all muddy, what are they acting like?

And the shooting technique is extremely rough!

If this is used for post-production, those post-editing staff should collapse!

She went to Wiliam angrily and reported the matter to him.

Wiliam only glanced at the movie and said with a smile: “Oh, it’s not bad. It’s beyond my expectation when filming like this, not bad.”

Janett didn’t even know what to say.

Her eyes flushed with anger.

Where has she been so angry in her life!

If you are not good at your ability and are criticized by your boss, then you will admit it!

Now the boss is stupid, mad at himself!

“What is your anger? I didn’t tell you last time. I went to He Jifeng to prescribe some medicine. Your irregular menstruation is getting worse.” Wiliam said calmly from the side.

Janett’s eyes became completely indifferent, and she said formulaically: “I’m not angry. I just tell you the fact. The film is made like this, and the workload in the later stage is huge, and I follow your instructions and arrange the movie on the theater line. In these few days, time is too late, and we are about to default.”

But Wiliam said confidently: “Why is it too late? I will personally supervise the post editing. Don’t worry, you should feel it these days.”

“I’m a famous quick shooter!”


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