Dragon Husband Chapter 221-230

Chapter 221

Wiliam’s words not only did not reassure Janett, but also made Janett completely desperate.

Ho ho, the shit-chucking stick finally stirs the shit personally.

Then, can I still watch this movie…

Forget it, just be happy.

Janett walked out of the president’s office coldly.

And for the next two days, Wiliam was really soaking in the editing room, no one knew what he was directing.

No one cares about this.

Two days later, Wiliam stretched his waist fiercely, turned his neck, “wipe and wipe.”

He turned on the light and smiled at the editors: “Thanks to the hard work these past two days, I am very satisfied with the result. I will add chicken legs to you at that time.”

Those editors, with dark circles under their eyes, said nothing.

They have no idea what to say.

Edit a movie from bad to worse.

They can’t do it in their lives.

And Mr. Lu did it!

Wiliam opened the door and just saw Janett drifting by with the file.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Xiao Yueyue, you’re done, come in and have a look.”

Wiliam was in a good mood today and couldn’t help but joked with Janett.

Janett glanced at Wiliam coldly, and really entered the editing room.

However, after she watched the movie, she became completely Buddhist.

The whole movie, under Wiliam’s wise leadership, was cut to pieces.

There were even a few shots that were very stiff, with obvious jumps, and the sense of violation was too serious.

This is forcibly cut!

Janett smiled ho ho, “Congratulations!”

Smile on his face, mmp in my heart!

“Thank you.” Wiliam smiled and walked out of the editing room, enjoying the sunshine outside.

In Janett’s heart, Wiliam is worthy of being a true, unparalleled and quick shooter.

From the signing of the film, to the selection of the film actors, to the shooting, to the later stage, it took more than a month.

Don’t be too fast!

What a shame for men!

Ho ho, then you will be ousted from the stage soon.

Hope you like this fast too.

The movie has two days left to be released.

Out of supporting Wiliam, Qian Feiyu spent tens of millions for free to help Wiliam promote the film.

And Zhang Tianming has been secretly observing Wiliam these days.

He was observing when Wiliam wanted to bribe the experts.

After all, isn’t he just getting the information of the expert boss just for his own sake?

But after observing, he didn’t see Wiliam moving until the eve of the movie.

Zhang Tianming suddenly slapped his thigh in the office!

I’m really stupid!

The movie was made into such an unprecedented rotten film, even if Wiliam’s straw bag was so skinny, he wouldn’t dare to take it out for embarrassment.

So he must give up struggling.

Even why he keeps rushing, isn’t it just to quell this embarrassing thing as soon as possible?

Zhang Tianming figured this out, and a strategy resurfaced in his heart again.

Ho ho, Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu, you dare not approach these experts, right?

The subordinate will replace you and help you.

After all, I am your most loyal right hand.

Zhang Tianming thought sullenly, called his confidant immediately, and confessed: “I will burn one hundred copies of our movie with a one-time viewing disc, and arrange for the person on this list to send it to the door by hand!

He handed the list of TCM experts in Wiliam’s hand to his subordinates.

The subordinates were taken aback, but Zhang Tianming’s majesty made him afraid to ask questions.

“Go, by the way, come to me to get another thing when I’m going to send it out later.” Zhang Tianming said again.

When his subordinates went out, Zhang Tianming turned on the computer and wrote an invitation letter for film viewing evaluation in the name of Lunanica Company.

In the invitation letter, in the company’s tone, shamelessly said that the film is a milestone in domestic movies and will surely set a benchmark in the industry. Those bigwigs are invited to appreciate it and don’t hesitate to comment.

After finishing writing, Zhang Tianming still read, the more he reads, the more proud he is.

What a genius!

I can think of this trick, hahaha!


Those big guys, after seeing this invitation letter and seeing this movie, I don’t know what they will think, hahaha!

Wiliam, Wiliam, I’m so good, do you know?

This night, before the movie was released, Janett had insomnia.

It is said that dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water, but Janett feels uncomfortable after all.

This may be the biggest stain in her life.

Everything depends on tomorrow.

In a quiet half-mountain villa, an old figure sits quietly in the study.

This man has white beard and hair, and a mole has grown on the center of his eyebrows.

He bends over and coughs from time to time, and when the cough is violent, his whole body is shaking.

After coughing, his face flushed.

He took a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth, and couldn’t help but smile. “It’s really useless when I’m old.”

This person is surprisingly the president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, Frandick!

Frandick is actually only 70 years old this year, but his face is far older than his age.

Seriously ill, there is no cure.

In ten days and a half, he will completely hand over the post of President of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

Who makes him boneless?

He was sighing. At this time, a housekeeper opened the door and gently sent a CD and a letter, saying: “Master, the Lunanica Company has sent a movie CD about healers. Please watch it.”

Frandick frowned slightly, “Lunanica Company, it belongs to the old man Harper. Okay, you can put it on my desk.”

Frandick and Harper do not have close friendship.

I don’t know why Harper’s company will send a movie CD to invite himself to try it.

However, the word doctor touched Frandick a bit.

He was in the study alone, put the CD into the computer, and then watched the movie.

However, less than five minutes after seeing it, his brows wrinkled again.

He held back.

ten minutes.

The brow furrows deeper!

He couldn’t help but pat the table, “Hu Hong! What kind of movie is this! Wang Laoer is trying to tease the old man!”

In the movie, the actor’s lines and demeanor are extremely exaggerated, and the camera jumps wildly, making Frandick a little dizzy.

He picked up the letter again and saw it boasting that this movie was a milestone and an industry benchmark, and the whole person was coughing frantically with anger!

This time, he coughed for seven or eight minutes!

After the cough was over, it took him several more minutes to calm down, and he couldn’t help tearing up the letter!

“Lunanica Company! Mr. Wang’er! I remember you! Why, even you guys bullied me Frandick’s dying illness and dying?” Frandick was cold, and he flicked his mouse to turn off the movie. .

But at this time, he inadvertently glanced at the scene that appeared in the movie, and he got up from his chair with a chuckle!

Dilated pupils!

Shocked eyes!

“This! This is!”

Chapter 222

The movie “Big Doctor” was released.

This caused a wave of storms in Q City ( Qena City ).

Qian Feiyu, Chen Dongbai, Li Xiaotian, and others specially booked the show, so please come over and watch them. It is a little support for Wiliam.

However, after watching the movie, they were all in trouble.

And today’s Lunanica Company, everyone is trembling.

No, except for one person.


Wiliam was making tea leisurely, and Janett looked annoyed.

Everyone is concerned about the box office of the movie, he pours it out and makes tea here!

“Don’t you care about the box office?” Janett couldn’t help asking.

“If there is anything to care about, if the acting is so bad, whoever thinks is silly.” Wiliam said casually.

Janett soared a black line.

She was so frustrated by Wiliam’s words!

go to hell!

In the early hours of midnight, Lunanica Company was still brightly lit.

The box office data for the first day is finally calculated.

After seeing the data, Cangyue’s company was stunned!

Eighty thousand yuan.

In theaters across the country, during the hottest period of the first day, it sold for 80,000 yuan!

This can no longer be used to describe this movie.

It’s simply a bad movie in the annals of history.

On the Internet, there is a wave of bad reviews against “The Great Doctor”.

All the staff scolded the street, this situation is unprecedented.

On the Douban score, the audience all scored one point.

Seeing these data, Lunanica Company was completely desperate.

They personally produced the most weird and bad film in the history of domestic film.

Lunanica Company will be thoroughly nailed to the pillar of shame following this movie.

Early the next morning, Wiliam was notified to go to the company to hold a shareholders meeting.

Everyone knows what kind of verbal criticism Wiliam will face today.

Because he is the initiator, he is a sinner through the ages.

Today, someone must pay for the sin and shame caused by this movie.

Then only Wiliam.

When Wiliam entered the meeting room, there was already a mess of porridge inside.

On the big screen, some data and bad reviews of the movie are displayed.

Among the negative reviews, some experts even named Lunanica Company by name and criticized Lunanica Company for being unscrupulous.

And this is because Zhang Tianming’s invitation letter played a role.

Old Zhang Tianming sat in the chair comfortably, very proud of himself.

Every move of his chess, like a sharp knife, penetrates Wiliam’s heart!

Later, there will be more ruthless ones, ho ho.

“The meeting will begin now.” Janett presided over the meeting.

Zhang Tianming straightened his body and said directly to Janett: “Secretary Qin, if you will chair the meeting again today, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate. I’m afraid you are biased.”

Those shareholders nodded all together, “Yes! Secretary Qin, we respect you, but please respect us too! We are here to have a wrong meeting today, but it is not a meeting to sum up lessons, but a criticism meeting!”

Janett looked at Zhang Tianming coldly, “Then what do you mean?”

“If you are not talented, just preside over justice on your behalf. Shareholders, do you have any opinions?” Zhang Tianming stood up.

The shareholders applauded in unison.

Janett frowned.

Everything in front of me is as if it was designed.

The person in charge is this Zhang Tianming.

It seems that Zhang Tianming not only wants Wiliam to take the blame and resign today, he also wants to make even more malicious tricks.

“Okay, thank you Mr. Zhang,” Wiliam said from the side.

Seeing Wiliam speaking, Janett didn’t say anything anymore.

Zhang Tianming cleared his throat and pointed to the LED screen on the stage and said: “Yesterday’s box office results came out. I must have seen it all. To describe it in one word is terrible.

“And all of this is inevitable from our decision-making, Mr. Lu. So today I dare to go on behalf of the shareholders, and point out Mr. Lu’s several mistakes.”

Zhang Tianming looked at Wiliam and smiled, his eyes filled with unresolved sternness.

Good show, opening!

“The first mistake, Mr. Lu, signed the contract! Random shooting! Random editing! Random command! Four chaos!” Zhang Tianming said in a deep voice.

The voice seemed to be magical, and it instantly resonated with shareholders!

“From the very beginning, behind the back of shareholders and signing a shameful agreement with Hanlan, our company wasted 50 million yuan!”

“Then knowing that our company’s shooting level is not professional, we still use the company’s director team to shoot.”

“In the later period, I personally went off the scene to direct blindly, and the outsiders gave chaotic guidance. This caused our film to completely become the laughing stock of the industry, and our company became a joke for everyone, and its reputation plummeted!

Zhang Tianming sorted out the sins committed by Wiliam one by one, obviously he had prepared it in advance.

“These four chaos, do you have anything to explain, President Lu?” Zhang Tianming asked.

Wiliam shook his head, “I admit it, you continue.”

Zhang Tianming was startled.


So simple?

Is he planning to play the emotional card today?

Ho ho, it’s so easy!

Zhang Tianming calmed down again and continued: “This second mistake, ho ho, I just got the message that the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association did not know why, but also paid attention to our movie, and issued a strong condemnation, intending to pursue us in the near future. The sins of the image of the reader!”

This sentence caused an uproar at the scene!

That’s the Drug Association!

If the Drug Association with all over the world stepped in and issued public condemnation, then Lunanica Company would really be unable to do anything!

Everyone looked at Wiliam and yelled, “It’s you who killed you! It’s not as simple as a movie rushing to the street, you get fucked!”

“Our company will all face an extinction! All of us will have to pay for your ignorance and stupidity!”

“The yellow-haired boy dare to support the sky! I’ve seen him upset for a long time!”

“Quiet! Mr. Lu, do you have anything to say?” Zhang Tianming asked Wiliam again.

Wiliam still shook his head.

Zhang Tianming was extremely proud.

Hahaha, I’m so witty!

When sending the invitation letter that day, Zhang Tianming specially sent all the vice-chairmen and above of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

Now, it really got a miraculous effect!

As long as the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association carries out the four words, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) will shake three times!

Let alone Lunanica Company.

This time this kid is hard to fly with wings, and there is suffering!

Janett’s expression on the side became extremely ugly.

Unexpectedly, the Drug Association would intervene, and things got worse.

However, this Zhang Tianming…

There must be this guy who is contributing to the flames.

Wiliam, Wiliam, I told you a long time ago that Lunanica Company is extremely complicated, you don’t believe it!

Now, eat your own evil results!

Zhang Tianming calmed down the scene, then suddenly showed a weird smile and threw another blockbuster!

“The third mistake. Mr. Lu once again ignored the shareholders and signed a renewal agreement with ten extremely bad actors in our company, and each of them was paid as much as 50 million yuan in liquidated damages! That adds up!”

“Five hundred million!”

Chapter 223

“What! Five hundred million!” When the shareholders on the scene heard this message, Qi Qi was dumbfounded.

Their faces showed terrible anger!

All kinds of fierce eyes stared at Wiliam!

Even Janett was stunned on the spot.

She didn’t know this matter from beginning to end.

This Wiliam is so courageous!

The last time I signed a contract without telling the shareholders, it has already caused anger.

He didn’t learn a lesson and renewed his contract again brutally.

This 500 million has now become the last straw to crush Wiliam.

All the shareholders stood up at this time, “What ten actors? Are they the few people in this movie?”

“Those people, we were going to expel them some time ago, Mr. Lu, you actually renewed your contract with such a low-quality person, what are your intentions!”

“Ho ho, President Lu, you really think that the company is yours alone. You have teased our harmonious shareholders over and over again. Today, we say nothing will let you go!”

The shareholders were outraged.

Wiliam was caught in the storm instantly.

Janett felt like a disaster was imminent.

This kid has played with fire, and this time, even God Fairy Daluo can’t save him.

Zhang Tianming triumphantly watched the drama on the scene and was extremely satisfied.

Everything is proceeding according to my plan.

Nothing is wrong, all succeeded!

However, things don’t end so easily.

“Everyone, be quiet, I’m not finished yet. Not only that, Mr. Lu also made the decision privately and asked the company to pay for these scumbags to travel with public funds.” Zhang Tianming said.

Those shareholders slapped the table with anger.

“Bastard! What a bastard!”

“He’s just a big straw bag! Why should we bear him!”

“I suggest to fire him in public! And let him compensate for all the losses!”

The explosion on the scene has already been triggered.

Janett bit his scalp and stood up and said: “What do you call! How decent! These things can only show that Mr. Lu made a mistake in his decision-making. He made a mistake in his decision-making because of his business. The consequences are naturally our company must face together. Can be blamed on him alone.”

Janett could only use this reason to reluctantly explain.

She couldn’t find a better explanation.

But at this time, Zhang Tianming suddenly laughed.

Ho ho, as I expected.

Janett will move out of this.

It’s a pity, all are within my range.

You guys are still too tender.

Ho ho, what’s next is the deadliest blow.

“I made a mistake in my business? Is this really the case? Mr. Lu, do you dare to look at my eyes, pat my chest and say something unselfish!” Zhang Tianming suddenly looked at Wiliam severely.

Wiliam didn’t even lift his head.

In the eyes of everyone, Wiliam didn’t dare to look at Zhang Tianming at all.

Have a guilty conscience, a ghost in your heart!

“President Zhang, is there anything we don’t know about!” Someone asked Mr. Zhang.

Zhang Tianming nodded complacently and said, “Naturally. This is the fourth point I want to say. Mr. Lu, use power for personal gain and mess up the relationship between men and women!”

“Wow!” There was an uproar at the scene!

These people looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

“Do you know why Mr. Lu put the starring proposal on hold last time? Ho Ho, the knowledge in it has gone.”

“Because Mr. Lu wants to take this lead actor, go sneak. Rule our top star, Gu Zhiling!” Zhang Tianming said.

The scene, from noisy to quiet.

The anger in everyone’s heart was suppressed at this moment.



It’s like black clouds pressing down on the city!

Just wait for a spring thunder!

Next he is full of golden mountains!

“President Zhang! Pay attention to what you say! You must pay attention to evidence in everything!” Janett flushed with anger.

The points that Wiliam had accused of just now were indeed wrong with Wiliam.

But if Wiliam messed up the relationship between men and women, if there is no real evidence for this, Janett would never let Zhang Tianming go.

Zhang Tianming sneered, “Do you think I have nothing to say? Okay, let you give up.”

Zhang Tianming clapped his hands and suddenly the door of the meeting room was pushed open.

Two people walked in slowly.

Seeing these two people, everyone at the scene was startled.

“Liu Qiandao? Chen Lin? Why are you here?” some people asked.

Because these two people have been fired from the company, they must be weird to appear here now.

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin slowly walked to Zhang Tianming’s side, but their eyes didn’t leave Wiliam for a moment.

Their eyes are full of pleasure of revenge!

Zhang Tianming explained: “These two people are the witnesses I have invited over. They can confirm that our Lord Lu is usually arrogant and domineering and uses power for personal gain.”

Chen Lin took the words, as if she was ready for a long time, and said to everyone: “Hello everyone, this is Chen Lin, I can guarantee with my life, I have seen our President Lu and Gu Zhiling get together no less than twice. I even saw Gu Zhiling in his office in Gu Zhiling’s office.

Liu Qiandao also said in a weird manner: “Ho ho, our president Lu is really in good spirits. In broad daylight, he actually had a battle with our female star in the office.”

Because Chen Lin had always been Gu Zhiling’s assistant, and now she personally testified the scandal of Gu Zhiling and Wiliam, which made everyone gradually believe.

Janett’s expression was already ugly to the extreme.

Although she didn’t believe in Wiliam’s personality.

But she has been enemies and friendly with Gu Zhiling for many years.

She did not believe that Gu Zhiling would succumb to Wiliam.

Gu Zhiling has always been an arrogant woman.

This thing is absolutely impossible!

“Huh, maybe these two people are the helpers you invited, Mr. Zhang, and you can’t believe what they say.” Janett defended Wiliam.

Zhang Tianming laughed again, “I knew Secretary Qin you would say something like this a long time ago, but don’t worry, there is no real evidence, I really dare not say nonsense. What I showed you just now is the witness. For everyone to see, it is the physical evidence.”

Physical evidence?

Everyone was taken aback.

At this time, Zhang Tianming suddenly pointed to the huge LED screen, “Everyone, please enjoy it, a living evidence!”

Everyone looked at the screen together.

The screen flashed.

At this time, the people below exclaimed in unison, and the eyes looking at Wiliam instantly became cruel and cold!

I saw a picture on the huge screen!

In that photo, Gu Zhiling and a man were clearly captured.

And this man, familiar people could tell at a glance, it was Wiliam who was sitting in a chair silently now!


All evidences are present!

Hate of Hundred Eyes!

Come out!

Sin Wiliam!

Yan Xiaoyou!

Chapter 224

Janett saw this photo as if he had been poured from head to toe by a basin of cold water!

She looked at Wiliam with great disappointment, her eyes filled with deep contempt!

Good you Wiliam!

Good you shameless thing!

Thanks to me, Janett, at this time, I still stand out from the crowd and speak for you.

Unexpectedly, not only did you accomplish nothing, but you were also bold enough to use your power to seek personal gain!

Simply disappointed me!

When Janett was in a hurry, he slapped the table, “I have reservations about this matter. Next, I have nothing to say about how you will punish Mr. Lu on the spot.”

Janett’s retreat made Zhang Tianming even more proud.

Dead end!

Completely dead!

Who can break this round?

I am afraid that the sky cannot be broken, and the gods dare not break!

“Mr. Lu, do you have anything to explain about this photo? Or do you want to say that this photo is fake?” Mr. Zhang pretended to ask Wiliam again.

Wiliam raised his head slightly and smiled casually: “The photo is real.”

His smile fell in everyone’s eyes, but it became reluctant.

He was laughing hard.

“Okay! Mr. Lu, you are still a man. That is to say, you have recognized all the four mistakes I mentioned just now?” Zhang Tianming asked again.

Wiliam nodded, “You have worked so hard. If I don’t admit it, wouldn’t it be bad for you.”

Zhang Tianming was startled.

Hard work?

Yes, in order to bring down your fellow, I racked my brains before setting up this shocking surprise.

In order to let you die without a place to bury, I have devoted all my efforts!

Finally something!

Great value for money!

“Okay! You made a bet with shareholders before and signed a military order. If the movie’s box office is bleak, you have to take the blame and resign, right?” Zhang Tianming asked again.

Wiliam seemed to sigh, and slowly said, “Okay, then I will surrender the position of president and cause trouble for you all.”

Finally heard from Wiliam’s mouth that he was going to abdicate, Zhang Tianming, Liu Qiandao, and Chen Lin looked at each other, and their eyes were full of revenge!


However, Zhang Tianming’s eyes remained sullen and continued: “Ho ho, I am afraid that it is not a simple resignation that can give shareholders an explanation. Mr. Lu, you have caused an unspeakable loss of reputation to the company. what do you say!”

Wiliam asked Zhang Tianming, “Do you have any suggestions?”

How could Zhang Tianming have no suggestions, and immediately said: “Compensation for the loss!”

All shareholders support Zhang Tianming, “Yes, compensation for the loss! All the losses we cause today will be borne by you!”

Looking at Wiliam, Zhang Tianming was already calculating.

If Wiliam had to bear all of it, since the signing of the previous contract, it would have been 50 million more.

Then make a movie ten million.

Random renewal of ten actors, 10 million per person, is 100 million.

There are also high liquidated damages of 500 million.

Not to mention the loss of reputation of the following company.

If you really want to care about it, even if you kill this kid, he can’t afford it.

This is very likely to make this kid jump over the wall.

Thinking of this, Zhang Tianming pretended to be kind and said: “In this way, I will give a reasonable estimate on behalf of the shareholders. Mr. Lu, you will pay 100 million yuan to the company, and then immediately resign and leave!”

It seems that the shareholders are not satisfied with the price and want to speak.

But everyone in Zhang Tianming gave a look.

The people of Zhang Tianming’s group became quiet in an instant.

The other people with him were also silent.

Janett was extremely disappointed with Wiliam at this moment, how could he help Wiliam out.

Wiliam looked around, and there was an inexplicable sadness in his eyes.

Such a look made Janett a little moved.

This kid, do you finally know that you regret it?

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Finally, Wiliam stood up and said sincerely, “Well, I apologize for the loss caused to the company. I agree with Mr. Zhang’s proposal, but I can’t spend 100 million at once, so I will give me three Within three days, I will put the money in.”

Zhang Tianming immediately said, “You said this! You need to sign.”

He immediately asked someone to draft the IOU, and Wiliam looked at the IOU carefully, and finally signed it.

It’s just that the way he signed it fell in Janett’s eyes, and it looked so sad, so sad, and helpless.

The hero is short of breath, let alone an ordinary person.

After Wiliam signed, Zhang Tianming immediately let people put away the IOU, and his heart was completely relaxed.

He was actually afraid that Wiliam would have any means to come out.

Everything was settled until Wiliam signed.

Zhang Tianming could only believe that he really succeeded!

Wiliam completely driven away!


However, this is only the first step to my success. Next, there are still a few steps to go.

At this time, someone suddenly said: “The president of the company has been dismissed, but at this time our company is in a downturn and there is an urgent need for someone to preside over the overall situation…”

The scene suddenly fell into a stalemate.

The words are right.

If no one raised their arms at this time, Lunanica Company would really be over.

Zhang Tianming had anticipated this situation a long time ago, and immediately said: “Our company does need a leader. Here, I propose that Secretary Qin temporarily replace the position of president. Do you have any comments?”

Zhang Tianming’s proposal made everyone dumbfounded.

Zhang Tianming’s ambition is well known.

He actually didn’t take advantage of the fire to rob him and let himself take the lead.

Instead, Janett was elected.

It’s weird.

But Zhang Tianming was extremely satisfied with his own hand.

The internal complexity of this company is extremely complicated, and Zhang Tianming really wants to be president more than anyone.

But he clearly realizes that the current situation is definitely not in his current position.

He elected Janett to the position for four reasons.

One, Janett is Harper’s person. Everyone dare not have any opinions when pushing her to the stage. And maybe Janett would be grateful for this, and said something nice in front of the old man.

Second, she hit Wiliam in the face hard just now, Janett looked a little angry and must immediately appease her.

Third, women are easier to control.

The last point, and the most important reason, is that this disaster has just begun.

At this time, the president of Lunanica Company was simply a target of public criticism!

Just let Janett be the man of the pot.

Sure enough, this proposal immediately attracted everyone’s support.

And Janett also had no objection, after all, the company is Mr. Wang, she didn’t want Mr. Wang to spend his energy.

If it can be saved, the liver and brain will be wiped out!

To die, also to turn the tide!

Janett decided to stay and clean up Wiliam’s mess.

After that, Zhang Tianming immediately put forward another suggestion, “I decided to reuse Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin, two talents! Do you have any comments?”

Chapter 225

Everyone was startled, but they didn’t speak, and looked at Zhang Tianming suspiciously.

Everyone can guess that this is Zhang Tianming who is continuing to expand his influence in the company.

But everyone didn’t say anything, because Zhang Tianming used his own efforts to recover a loss of 100 million for the company and fired the idiot president.

Zhang Tianming is regarded as the biggest hero today.

Zhang Tianming saw that everyone was not talking, and he understood what was going on. He slowly explained: “These two people are talents in our company. They were expelled from Mr. Lu for enmity because of the scandal of Mr. Lu before. They bravely stepped up again and saved some of their losses. They should also be credited for their work. What do you think?”

Someone nodded at the scene, “I agree.”

In the end, most people agreed with Zhang Tianming’s suggestion.

Zhang Tianming took advantage of the situation and said: “If Liu Qiandao is the case, arrange to be the project director. After all, his ability is obvious to all. And Chen Lin has always been an administrative service, so let her be the administrative director.”

Janett frowned, saying nothing after all.

Now, what’s the use of what to say…

The meeting was over, Janett glanced at Wiliam and left the meeting room first.

And Wiliam was also slowly preparing to leave.

At this time, Zhang Tianming and Liu Qiandao were standing beside Wiliam.

The eyes of the three of them were full of teasing and mockery.

It seemed that he wanted to return all the humiliation Wiliam had imposed on them.

Liu Qiandao said unscrupulously: “Ho ho, Mr. Lu, oh no, now you are no longer Mr. Lu, you are a dog kicked out hahaha, let’s dare to go against me! You are too tender!”

Chen Lin is also unambiguous, “Hahaha, is it useful to drive me away! Now you see, who is the one who was driven away? Get out! Lost dog!”

However, Zhang Tianming looked very generous, patted Wiliam on the shoulder, and whispered in his ear: “Thank you, you have lost this round.”

Wiliam looked at these three people, without talking, and walked forward.

Behind, the three people laughed extremely happily.

In this battle, winning heartily and heartily!

Sooner or later, as long as Janett’s silly girl continues to carry her back, she will be ousted and leave the company sooner or later.

After she left, Zhang Tianming became the top leader.

At that time, the Zhang family world was invincible!

Zhang Tianming was so excited!

When Wiliam returned to the office to pack his things, he saw someone unexpectedly.

Ancient Ling.

This is the first time Wiliam has seen Gu Zhiling in more than 20 days.

Gu Zhiling lost a whole circle, describing it as haggard.

She looked straight at Wiliam, but she didn’t speak.

There is no arrogance before, but a little bit more forbearance.

Wiliam walked to her and smiled gently, “Why are you here? Did you hear the message?”

Gu Zhiling nodded.

She came over to scold Wiliam severely.

It’s not just because of the movie hitting the street.

It was also because early in the morning, the Internet was overwhelming, and it was all the pictures of her hugging Wiliam.

In that photo, although only Wiliam’s back could be seen, it clearly printed Gu Zhiling’s face.



All the evil words were attacked by Gu Zhiling.

If it had been before, the arrogant Gu Zhiling would have been screaming around.

But today is different.

She had come to Wiliam, but she really wanted to ask Wiliam.

But seeing Wiliam’s sincere eyes, she didn’t know why, it was as if a string was fluctuating.

A soft and sad voice is better than a thousand words to criticize.

She found that she couldn’t say a word.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Wiliam went to pack his own things.

After he finished packing, Gu Zhiling finally caught up with him, and suddenly asked behind him, “Is this also your so-called frustration and price?”

Wrong, when Gu Zhiling was waiting, what Wiliam had said before popped out of his head again.

Gu Zhiling thought that this sentence was used for the humiliation he suffered while filming.

But I didn’t think that, today, it is the real food.

A female star, the scandal is added, without justification, this is a fatal blow to her career.

So, she asked this sentence, waiting for Wiliam’s answer.

Wiliam turned his head in amazement and smiled: “Are you just reacting?”

A rhetorical question made Gu Zhiling bewildered.

Wiliam continued, “How about? Can you still bear it? If you can’t bear it, you can go to the company’s public relations department and say you are innocent and I forced you.”

Gu Zhiling actually wanted to do this a long time ago.

But the moment Wiliam said it, she felt a trance.

Not because I don’t want to explain.

But because she feels she can bear it…

And all of this is due to the suffering of these twenty days.

Is today’s scandal disaster also within Wiliam’s calculations?

Is that photo taken by Chen Lin by coincidence?

At that time, why did he hold himself inexplicably…

In an instant, she had a thousand questions in her heart.

Seeing her lost consciousness again, Wiliam patted her shoulder, and said, “You seem to have grown up. Ho Ho, I’ll send you a word again. How much slander you can bear, you can get much praise. Goodbye if you are destined. “



What the hell is this kid doing!

Gu Zhiling continued to feel confused.

It was as if he was cruelly abandoned by Wiliam in a lone boat in the vast ocean.

Wind and rain have been mixed.

Waiting for her, I don’t know if she is buried in the sea, or if she sees a paradise after the storm…

Looking at the back of Wiliam leaving, Gu Zhiling was fascinated for a while.

But Wiliam was at the door of the company and unexpectedly saw a person standing in front.

It was actually Janett.

Janett stood in front of the car, looking at Wiliam coldly, “Get in the car, I’ll take you back.”

Wiliam looked at the woman with menstrual disorders amused, “Are you not angry with me?”

After Janett waited for Wiliam to get in the car, she went up and said coldly while driving, “You have been driven away and you have nothing. Do I need to be angry with you?”

“Also, the company will fall into a very embarrassing situation next, we don’t expect to see it in this life, I will send you back, it is our last bit of love.”

Wiliam nodded, “That’s it. Okay, but you seem to have said something wrong. I was not driven away.”

Janett frowned, and suddenly saw Wiliam showing a very strange smile in the rearview mirror.

It’s like, in this smile, there is the supreme self-confidence method, which can cover the sky and cross the sea!

“I was not driven away, I just played the chess I should play, and then it was done once and for all.”

“Next, the good show officially begins!”

Chapter 226

“Good show? Your so-called expulsion and the desperate situation facing our company now is a good show for you?” Janett’s tone also became gloomy.

But Wiliam smiled slightly, closed his eyes, and said nothing.

However, when the car stopped at the Genuine Care Medical Center, when Wiliam was about to get off the car, he suddenly took a few things out of his pocket and handed them to Janett.

Janett saw what Wiliam had handed over, and she was taken aback for a while, but she didn’t even take it.

What Wiliam handed over were four small kits, gold silk and red silk with one, two, three, and four written on them, which looked very delicate.

Wiliam smiled and said, “If your conscience is disturbed, then as the president, I will give you the last order.”

Janett was so angry that she couldn’t say a word.

Uneasy conscience?

Whose conscience is disturbed?

Did you kid understand the situation?

She looked at Wiliam and wanted to argue, but found that Wiliam’s eyes were clear, and she didn’t seem to be forcibly arguing.

“You…” Janett was about to speak, but saw Wiliam stuffing something into her hand, and then strode into the Genuine Care Medical Center.

There was only one sentence left, “Ask the tips if you don’t know what to do.”

Asking tips if you are not determined Could something else happen next?

Janett looked at the tips in her hand, suddenly lost.

Not knowing how long it took, as if being manipulated by Mingming, she almost nodded her head before driving away.

When Wiliam arrived at the office on the top floor of the Genuine Care Medical Center, he saw Melissa and Lydia happily, as if they had encountered some great joy.

There is also a bottle of champagne on the table.

Both of them were playing mobile phones, and even Wiliam walked in and didn’t notice it.

Wiliam’s eyes glanced at Melissa’s mobile phone, suddenly a black line.

Melissa happily yelled in the group: “Hey! Happy! The evil little bastard is finally kicked off the stage! Sprinkle flowers! Celebrate!”

Then several people in the group scattered flowers one after another, expressing that they were very happy to see it.

Especially Comrade Feliicity, spreading flowers and brushing the screen, even sent out a big red envelope under Wiliam’s eyelids. The red envelope’s password was: Tu Wangba, plan the ancestral grave, the common people are angry!

This little hand Sahuan looked happier than others.

Melissa found out that there was a look of loveless Wiliam behind him. He smirked at him and put away his mobile phone, “Oh, how come my president is free to come to the clinic today? Don’t you think we’re kind? The medical hall is more humane than Lunanica Company?”

Lydia also said amusedly: “Xiao Wiliam, it doesn’t matter, Cang Yue Company doesn’t want you, we want you.”

Just as Wiliam was about to speak, suddenly his phone rang.

When I picked it up, it was Qian Feiyu’s.

On the phone, Qian Feiyu expressed deep guilt to Wiliam for stepping down.

After all, this time the movie hit the street, Hanlan also has part of the responsibility in it.

But Wiliam just smiled and stalled.

Next, Wiliam received calls from Chen Dongbai and Li Xiaotian.

They all called to express their condolences.

Finally, Harper and Li Muhe also called in person.

Li Muhe had been waiting for things to turn around.

Li Muhe sighed until Wiliam was ousted from power.

When the dust settles, I am willing to bet.

Li Muhe knew that Wiliam was an arrogant person.

The previous large-scale work in Q City ( Qena City ) all showed his confidence and wisdom in strategizing and winning a thousand miles.

This is the first time he has stumbled.

But young people tend to be proud and complacent, which is understandable.

As long as we learn from this lesson, we will make a comeback and be able to slay those evil spirits.

The things Harper considered were more realistic.

Wiliam made a bet with him before, but now that Wiliam has stepped down, it shows that he has lost the bet.

Harper’s words were full of cautious comfort, for fear that he accidentally angered Wiliam.

After all, Harper knew the temper of the young master.

After dealing with these people, Wiliam collapsed and collapsed on the sofa.

False feelings are actually harder than giving advice.

Today, Lunanica Company’s movie shooting on the street has been fermenting.

Things are getting worse.

By the next day, even Zhang Tianming was a little disturbed.

He felt that things were a bit out of his control and headed towards a complete collapse.

Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association has begun to put pressure on Lunanica Company.

And the Medical Association, which had always been wrong with the Drug Association, was also involved.

The Drug Association and the Medical Association have caught Lunanica Company out of breath.

Rumors broke out today that the department in charge of cultural affairs at the top has also paid attention to this matter and is preparing to sanction Lunanica Company in the near future.

This message made the entire Lunanica Company panic and couldn’t keep going.

On the Internet, there are even more screams.

At this moment, Lunanica Company cannot be favored by the heavens, nor can it be popular with the people, and it falls apart in a flash.

No one could have imagined that things would become so serious that the entire company was in a mess.

Janett’s forehead was hurting, she stared at the four kits on the table in front of her and sighed.

What’s the use of the tips, I’m afraid the gods are also in trouble.

While the entire company was anxious, there was still a voice of envy.

“I really envy those ten junk actors. Not only did they get the sky-high contract renewal, they also traveled abroad, their mobile phones were turned off, and they avoided this storm.

“Yes, we can only blame our bad life!”

“It’s all that hateful Lu, our company was ruined by him!”

When it was about to get off work in the afternoon, Janett received a notice.

Those shareholders, finally unable to withstand such a huge pressure, are preparing to convene another shareholders meeting temporarily.

Janett knew that this shareholders meeting was going to be really serious.

After all, Lunanica Company, which has been in trouble, can no longer give shareholders any sense of security.

At the meeting, all shareholders had an unprecedented speech.

The scene was strangely quiet.

The atmosphere is extremely embarrassing.

Zhang Tianming looked left and right, and exchanged glances with every shareholder.

It seems that a tacit understanding has been reached.

“Everyone, since you are asking for a general meeting of shareholders, let’s just talk about any issues.” Janett has no time to spend time with them.

At this time, someone finally stood up.

He smiled and said to Janett without a smile: “Ms. Qin, since you have taken the initiative to speak, then we will tell the truth.”

“Everyone has seen the current situation of the company. The Drug Association and the Medical Association have taken action together. We are already exhausted. Now even the upper department has to take action. The company is really dead.”

“Today I will represent all shareholders and make an initiative to the company.”

“We hope that the company will show mercy and buy back the equity in the hands of all of our shareholders at market prices infinitely!”

Chapter 227

Janett’s face sank when she heard this!

These people actually want to survive with their arms broken at this time!

Lunanica Company was already in danger, and at this time it should have been in the same boat to tide over the difficulties!

Now, these people actually want to get away!

At this time, letting the company repurchase shares is of course a wise move to protect themselves.

But for the company!

It’s just worse!

The company doesn’t have much money anymore, if you repurchase, the company will be completely finished!

“What do you want to do! You are also the veterans of the company, and want to abandon the company at this time? Don’t think about it, once the company eats your equity, it will be even more difficult to tide over the difficulties.” Janett couldn’t help but say .

But the shareholders’ faces were as deep as water, obviously they had reached an agreement long ago.

Janett paled with anger.

When the company pays dividends every year, these people ask whether they can buy more shares in the company every year.

I am afraid that I will get less money than others.

Now, like a big enemy, let it go!

Zhang Tianming stood up at this time, Yin and Yang said weirdly: “Mr. Qin, you can’t blame us, the company has such a miserable situation, which is definitely not what we want to see.”

“The culprit of all this is that Wiliam, we are all victims! Otherwise, you will find that person back and continue to hold him accountable.”

The muscles on Janett’s face trembled.


This Zhang Tianming has already calculated everything!

Say it brazenly!

Ask everyone with a clear conscience!

They actually joined forces to push the company into an even more embarrassing situation!

“I will check the company’s money right away?” Janett gritted her teeth and said to everyone.

Zhang Tianming showed a playful look at this moment.

How much money does the company have, ho ho…

After a while, one of his staff immediately came back to report, “Mr. Qin, the company only has more than 10 million working capital left.”

“What!” Janett’s expression changed drastically!

“How could the company only have more than ten million left! When I looked at it a few days ago, there were still several hundred million in circulating funds! Did you read it wrong?” Janett said furiously.

The subordinate tremblingly handed Janett the proof of funds that had just been issued.

When Janett saw the numbers above, she was stupid.

Just yesterday, there was a large sum of money invested in a project that I have never heard of.

The key time, the key capital, the key destination!

Everything seems to have a dark hand, pushing Lunanica Company into hell!

Who did it all!

Who wants Lunanica Company to die!

There was infinite sorrow and grief in her heart.

Now in this situation, she didn’t have time to pursue this unidentified fund.

All in front of her were a group of tiger wolves!

“Everyone has seen that in the company, there is no money for the time being. So many of you have asked the company to buy back equity. The capital is 500 million, less said. Now the company…” Janett said in a cold voice, suppressing anger.

But Zhang Tianming said weirdly: “The company has no money. As the president, you must always find some money to solve our urgent needs, otherwise you will be the president.”

In a word, Janett was placed in an unrighteous place in an instant!

Janett looked at Zhang Tianming with fire breathing in her eyes!

Good you Zhang Tianming!

It seems you are making a fool of everything!

No wonder you proposed to let me be president!

Don’t let me clean up the mess!

You want me to take the blame!

Damn it!

Those shareholders finally rioted.

“Mr. Zhang is right! No matter, the company will buy back our equity anyway! Otherwise, I won’t leave today.”

“We have worked diligently for the company for more than ten years. Now the company wants to bring us heroes into the water and die together? Where is the company’s conscience!”

“We are already at the bottom line according to the market price, otherwise you don’t want to be the president!”

The sound of verbal criticism and writing is endless.

Janett’s head bounced, feeling that things have gone farther and farther in the irreversible direction.

At this time, a shareholder suddenly stood up and said in a weird manner: “Mr. Qin, you are the president. You are not competent at all. You are not as courageous as Mr. Zhang. Otherwise, I will give you a compromise. “

“We give you and Mr. Zhang two days. In two days, who can get the funds to solve our equity repurchase problem, who will become the president? Is this a good method?”

As soon as this voice came out, it was immediately supported by everyone.

Even those who are not from Zhang Tianming’s faction bite the bullet and agreed.

Because in two days, too much can happen.

What if the equity is worthless?

This is a huge loss.

So at this moment, all shareholders are twisted into a rope.

Janett couldn’t help looking at Zhang Tianming.

Zhang Tianming is at ease and has a certain arrogance.

But at this moment, Janett’s head turned, and instantly understood everything!

What to buy back equity!

What shareholders forced the palace!

Everything is fake!

It was all led by Zhang Tianming!

This Zhang Tianming must have used some means to temporarily transfer the company’s money out!

Then he encouraged the shareholders to rebel, resulting in a situation where he is now betting against Zhang Tianming!

In two days, where did I get hundreds of millions of funds!

And Zhang Tianming!

As long as the unidentified hundreds of millions of dollars are pulled back, the position of the president at that time must be Zhang Tianming!


Everything is in his calculations!

It’s all this time, still thinking about these messy and intriguing things!

Zhang Tianming is simply a beast!

Zhang Tianming was extremely proud.

This hand draws a salary from the bottom, it can be said that he played the strongest card.

If you can be the president, you are naturally the best.

If the company goes bankrupt as a result, you can make a fortune by selling your own equity.

But there is a slight possibility.

It was Janett who had obtained the funds, and the position of the president was still Janett.

At that time, everyone will sell their equity.

But it is not a loss for Zhang Tianming.

What happens after the equity is sold?

In the company, I just changed my identity and became a professional manager.

Pay as you go.

No matter how you look at it, I’m in a position to make a profit without losing money.

Janett and Zhang Tianming face each other, and Zhang Tianming’s eyes are full of arrogance.

Around, the voice of the palace is still boiling.

Janett’s grievance was about to overflow.

Wiliam, Wiliam!

It’s good for you, just go away!

Did you know that what you left to me is a hell!

With a bunch of demons!

Janett couldn’t help complaining about Wiliam.

But thinking of Wiliam, she inexplicably thought of the four tips that Wiliam gave her.

If you don’t know how to make a decision…

I seem to have come to a fork in the road.

Yes, can I ask for tips?

Janett thought ridiculously, but couldn’t help but stretch her hand into her pocket, found the kit marked as one, and opened it quietly.

In the kit, there is only one note.

Seeing the words above, Janett trembled as if she had been electrocuted.

The look in his eyes was extremely shocked!

“Should buy everything!”

Chapter 228

Seeing these four words, Janett actually stood up in front of everyone!

She can’t believe it!

It’s incredible!

Buy it all!

These four words come in such a way!

It’s so predictable!

If these four words point to the equity repurchase in front of us, then this Wiliam is too amazing!

Had he expected that shareholders would rebel and force the palace to buy back shares?


Buy it all…

But what should I buy!

Janett was about to lament, and suddenly looked intently, there was a line of small characters under the note.

“Buy it for me and pay for Qingmian.”

Janett’s head bounced again!


It really is!

This kid really counts!

Does this kid really want to eat the equity of these shareholders!

But, isn’t this moth fighting the fire to kill itself!

Everyone knows that the company is precarious and does not know where the road will be tomorrow.

The company’s equity is likely to become worthless in an instant.

This kid still wants to eat equity!

It’s daring!

Is he trying to make atonement for the sins he committed?

There is only such a reasonable explanation.

This kid, he still has a conscience.

Otherwise, at this time, my elder sister said everything, indeed, it is not human inside and outside.

This can be regarded as indirectly helping oneself an urgent need.

Thinking of this, Janett couldn’t take care of anything anymore. He slapped the table and made a decision, “Okay! I promise you! However, what I promised is that I agree to buy back shares, but the funds will be sold within three days. To your account.”

Janett did not agree to the gambling with Zhang Tianming.

Because she didn’t want to follow Zhang Tianming’s ideas!

Following Zhang Tianming, he must fall into Zhang Tianming’s calculations.

In desperation, she chose to go down the road of Wiliam.

After all, although Wiliam was careless, his character was not bad, unlike Zhang Tianming so despicable and unscrupulous.

Zhang Tianming was obviously taken aback when he heard Janett’s words.

This was seriously beyond his expectation.

This little Nizi, actually thinking of solving the money by herself?


Does she want to pay for it out of pocket?

it is ridiculous!

Okay, I wanted to give you a way to survive and let you retreat.

It seems that I am too kind.

In that case, I’m not welcome.

Zhang Tianming came up with the case, “Okay! This is what you said, President Qin, but it’s not that we don’t believe you, we want to sign the contract first.

Janett bit her scalp and said, “Okay, no problem.”

Zhang Tianming saw through Janett’s confidence, and suddenly became even more arrogant.

So the scene instantly became a signing team.

Everyone lined up and waited for Janett to sign.

Zhang Tianming is the first one. He holds 5% of the company’s shares, which, when converted, is tens of millions.

After signing, Zhang Tianming couldn’t help laughing.

No matter how you look at it, now I am the biggest winner.

Jin Chan escaped from the storm and stayed away from the storm.

Even more entrained wind and thunder, waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback within Lunanica Company.

It’s just a pity that Janett.

He looks very beautiful and sexy, but unfortunately he doesn’t know how to promote him, and he follows in the footsteps of Wiliam’s boy.

Even if she can get the funds, what can she do?

Demolish the east wall to make up the west wall, and the funds will be completely locked up.

In this storm, Lunanica Company, which has no funds, can only sit and wait for its death.

Completely dead!

It took more than half an hour, and the scene finally signed.

The shareholders present sold 90% of the shares.

Among them were a few of Harper’s direct descendants, who couldn’t bear to see Janett suffer at this time, he just resisted the pressure and only sold a little equity, which saved Janett a little bit of face.

But even so, Janett signed an equity repurchase contract of nearly 500 million.

Five hundred million!

Thinking of this, Janett’s head hurts.

I don’t know if this kid is crazy!

The people at the scene looked at Janett with weird eyes, not treating Wiliam as a fool, but treating Janett as a fool.

Janett used the time to go to the toilet to quietly call Melissa.

Melissa was continuing to wave around in the group, and suddenly heard Janett say this, the whole person’s mobile phone fell on the ground.

She looked at Lydia blankly, and suddenly had an urge to die.

Wiliam actually asked Janett to get her money!

Still use the tips left behind!

Thinking of this, Melissa shivered.

That’s it!

That’s it!

This little bastard is dead but not stiff! Come back!

He actually demolished the east wall to repair the west wall, and used the money from my Genuine Care Medical Center to subsidize Lunanica Company!


It must have been too boring in front of him yesterday, he was revenge on me!

Melissa couldn’t help but scolded Wiliam on the phone.

But Janett was even more confused when she heard that, why is that bastard so popular?

Are you scolded wherever you go?

But when Janett said that the kit was given yesterday, Melissa felt goose bumps all over his body.

Yesterday, I was still awkward.

No wonder he looked so strange yesterday when he looked at himself.

It turned out to be long ago.

I laughed to the dog yesterday!

Melissa was not reconciled, and quickly asked about the tips.

When Janett only opened one of the four tips, Melissa was completely dumbfounded.

Yes, that’s how it is!

Janett quickly asked what was going on.

Where did Melissa say, “Just do as Wiliam told you, this kid, what a chicken thief! After all the chess pieces have been played, now he smiles and looks at the situation.”

“What do you mean! Just make it clear!” Janett still looks confused.

Melissa said in a dark tone: “Don’t ask, you just need to remember one sentence. Now, it’s time for this little king to harvest the net. Wait for the big harvest!”

When Melissa finished speaking, he hung up and went to raise money depressed.

After Janett made the call, she felt that she was not good.

Could it be that all the calculations of the little king and the babe are in these four tips?

Isn’t he a idiot?

Isn’t he a bullshit?

Why is there such a terrifying resourcefulness!

It seems that Melissa has been planted several times!

That was Melissa, who was also a famous little wit in Q City ( Qena City ).

Janett was full of doubts and returned to the meeting room.

The final handover was completed in the conference room, and all shareholders were very happy and gave high fives to celebrate.

It seems that I have lingering fears to escape this disaster in time.

Seeing Janett’s indifferent expression, everyone looked to Janett for comfort and said, “Mr. Qin, we can’t be blamed! Next, the company will rely on you, and we will cheer you behind!”

Zhang Tianming is even more straightforward, “President Qin, don’t worry, although I sold the equity, I am still the most loyal vice president of the company. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long I can be the vice president…”

The implication is that the company is about to close down.

After listening to Zhang Tianming’s words, the others laughed aloud, with a sense of leisure and elegance of being outside and watching the heat.

And just as they were smiling happily, suddenly a staff member hurriedly broke into the meeting room and shouted to Janett: “Mr Qin! Come out! Suddenly several big guys from the company come to see you!”

Chapter 229

Janett was taken aback for a moment, “Big guy? What big guy?”

The person who was laughing at Janett stopped abruptly and looked at the staff member.

The staff member said with excitement: “It seems to be a member of the Medical Association. I know the middle-aged Yixie in the lead, called Yohan, who is the spokesperson of an old expert in the Drug Association.”

Everyone was stunned.

Yohan’s name is heard in Q City ( Qena City ) and even outside Q City ( Qena City ).

Yohan is a businessman, a pure businessman.

He has been the spokesperson of an old expert all these years, specializing in helping people with some commercial matters.

He has a nickname called Fox.

Described that he is very cunning and does everything in business negotiations.

Even Janett had eaten it under Yohan’s hands in her early years.

One can imagine the power of this man.

Now Yohan is here.

Also brought a group of people over.

What is the purpose.

Just when she couldn’t understand, Zhang Tianming laughed loudly, “Hahaha, sure enough, the people from the Medical Association have taken action. This time, she must have come to our Lunanica Company to inquire.”

Everyone suddenly realized that they all looked at Janett with sympathy.

At the same time, I couldn’t help feeling a while back.

Fortunately, I just sold all the shares in advance.

Now that the people from the Medical Association are here, if they make a big move, wouldn’t all their equity be voided?

so far so good.

Janett’s heart was disturbed by what these people said.

She tried hard and said to the staff: “Go and invite them over.”

The staff member got the order and ran away.

Originally, Janett alone was enough to meet these big guys.

But the shareholders at the scene refused to leave one by one.

Some people want to stay and watch a good show.

Some people are worried that Janett will be helpless.

Becoming more people is based on curiosity. After all, although their equity has been sold, the money is still not available.

Therefore, the scene is waiting for people from the Medical Association to come.

Less than two minutes later, there was a rush of footsteps outside the meeting room.

The door was pushed open and a bunch of people came in.

Everyone looked towards the door and saw a man in a suit and leather shoes standing in front of them.

And the one who took the lead was a middle-aged man with well-combed hair and a delicate beard.


Seeing this man, Janett’s heart beat fiercely.

The fear of being dominated by Yohan’s scheme in his memory resurfaced in his heart.

Weak three points without fighting.

Janett honestly didn’t want to negotiate with this unscrupulous man.

Others were not only surprised at Yohan’s arrival.

Those people behind Yohan, in the eyes of the well-informed shareholders, are also famous!

These people are the spokespersons of some old experts, or private consultants.

And these old experts all belong to the Medical Association.

In other words, these people are from the Medical Association represented by Yohan.

“Xiao Qin, I didn’t think we would meet again.” Yohan gently pinched his beard, stepped forward, and stretched out his hand gracefully.

Janett reluctantly stretched out her hand and shook him.

Just about to separate, he felt Yohan’s hand scratched on his palm deliberately.

Janett’s face flushed immediately, and she stared at Yohan angrily!

Yohan laughed loudly, “Sorry, just kidding, Xiao Qin, you still get angry so easily.”

The people behind, Zhang Tianming and others also laughed unexpectedly.

In the full laughter, Janett’s face turned red.


This Zhongyang! Death does not change!

Janett clearly knew that this was Yohan’s usual trick!

The first step is to irritate the opponent, make the opponent lose his measure, and even lose his sanity.

Then in the next negotiation, the opponent will be stretched out in front of him because of the chaos.

Knowing this was the case, Janett couldn’t help being angry.

“I don’t know what happened to Mr. Zhong coming here?” Janett asked coldly.

Zhang Tianming murmured silently in his heart, because of what else, he must have come to inquire!

Janett, just ask for more blessings.

Yohan and others sat down, and the scene returned to silence.

Yohan cleared his throat, and said: “Your movie has been so tumultuous these days, I’m just here to care about you.”

Janett was taken aback.

In this Yohan, there was no questioning of Lunanica Company in his words?

Do you want to boil frogs in warm water?

“Get straight to the point.” Janett didn’t want to deal with such people for a minute.

“Xiao Qin is still so violent, okay, let’s get straight to the point. This time I represent the person behind me, as well as many of my colleagues, on behalf of the big man behind me, to discuss a business with you Lunanica Company.” Said.

“What business?” Zhang Tianming on the side couldn’t help but interject.

Zhang Tianming has suddenly felt something wrong.

I thought that the people from the Medical Association came here to ask questions.

But looking at the situation at the scene, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

These people are not arrogant at all.

Instead, his eyes are full of calculations.

With calculations, it shows that Cang Yue has reliance.

There is something to be afraid of!

Everyone in Lunanica Company is panicking, what else is worth coming by Yohan!

No, it is worthy of Yohan and so many people, come together!

This is even more incredible!

Yohan glanced at Zhang Tianming disdainfully, and said to Janett: “We are here this time to discuss an acquisition.”

“Do you want to buy our company? You don’t have to say much.” Janett said directly.

But Yohan looked at Janett contemptuously, “Xiao Qin, Xiao Qin, you are like this, but you don’t want to be a professional manager. After listening to me, let’s come over and buy the actors from your company.”

The people present frowned.


It turned out that it was at this juncture that the digging came!

Indeed, there is no better time than now.

Now that Lunanica Company is falling apart, what else can’t be sold.

Even if he sells the ancient Ling Ling, he will definitely be slashed by the opponent.

“You are here for Gu Zhiling!” Janett said coldly.

As for the entire Lunanica Company, only Gu Zhiling could handle it.

What Janett didn’t understand was that these were all members of the Medical Association.

Their usual business is dealing with medical skills, why do they suddenly intervene in acting!

There must be something weird in it.

But Yohan shook his head slightly, “Gu Zhiling? Ho Ho, we still don’t care.”

“Then who do you want to buy?” Janett couldn’t help asking.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Yohan showed an indescribable smile at this time, and said: “We are buying ten people at a high price this time!”

“The ten supporting actors who played the ten monsters of the medical village in the “Big Doctor” movie!”

Chapter 230

As soon as Yohan’s voice fell, there was an uproar at the scene!

Ten supporting actors!

Not Gu Zhiling!

But the ten supporting actors!

Those ten supporting roles are all actors from Lunanica Company.

But the quality of the ten supporting actors is simply messed up.

It can be seen from the movie “The Great Doctor” that these ten actors have exaggerated acting skills and have no merit.

Even in normal times, these ten people have eyes above the top, and their reputation is terrible.

Individuals and companies will hate such actors.

Unexpectedly, Yohan and others came here this time to acquire them!

And all ten will be taken away at once!

This is simply unimaginable!

Are people like Yohan crazy!

Everyone looked at Yohan strangely.

And Yohan looked around, and met everyone’s eyes.

Seeing everyone’s puzzled and puzzled eyes, Yohan felt as if he had put down a big rock in his heart, he was very relieved.

Ho ho, as I expected!

Everything is under my control!

The reason why Yohan’s group of people appeared was two days ago.

The night before the movie “The Great Doctor” was released.

Like the experts from the Drug Association, the members of the Medical Association also received an invitation letter from Lunanica Company.

The old experts in the Medical Association had the same reactions as Frandick, the head of the Drug Association.

After reading the beginning, seeing the horrible acting and the messy editing, one by one couldn’t help but curse.

However, seeing the back, several old experts were suddenly stunned.

They pulled the progress bar and watched a certain scene in the movie repeatedly.

The more you look, the stranger the eyes of these old experts.

But in the end, this weirdness gradually transformed into a kind of shock and horror!

They saw an incredible place!

No, they are ten incredible places!

It’s like, in the real world, seeing a dragon, seeing a ghost!

This is simply impossible!

But by the way, the editing of this movie and the lines, I don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional. Every time when the truth is about to be revealed, I suddenly jump to the next scene!

This makes the old experts angry.

It seems to be aroused, but the movie does not give people a joy!

In this way, everyone’s appetite is dangled.

These veteran experts from the Medical Association called others almost at the same time and asked about some things.

In the middle of the night, these old experts gathered in an office.

The expressions in their eyes were shocked.

The first sentence they spoke was, “Are you sure those things are true? Or is Lunanica Company playing mystery?”

This sentence is also a question in everyone’s heart.

However, the headed old expert pondered for a long time and said: “I believe that these things are true. If they are false, then it is impossible for ten places to be coincidences. Moreover, these things have long been lost in the world. .”

“Think about it, the people in a Lunanica Company alone don’t understand medicine and other things, how could they fabricate those things out of thin air! It’s not bad, ten things! Do you still think this is a coincidence?”

“Moreover, I will not hide it from you. Although the ten things have been lost, in some early records, some of them appeared more or less, but each was incomplete.”

“I found those records overnight and compared them with the ones in the movies, and found them to be exactly the same! Even the ones that appeared in the movies are even more recorded!”

“This is incredible! I believe you may not be able to collect all those ancient books and records, let alone laymen like Lunanica Company.”

“So, I have a bold guess! Lunanica Company holds a heavy treasure! That’s why they sent invitations for us to watch the movie! Because only us old monsters can recognize these things!”

The hearts of everyone were lifted up.


Ten miracles appear together!

If these ten miracles are obtained, it will simply cause turmoil in the entire medical world!

It’s not just a simple matter for the rest of your life.

Fame and fortune are all at your fingertips!

Rao is these old experts who have long ignored fame and wealth, their eyes are full of scorching heat at this time.

This temptation of success is a godsend opportunity for everyone!

“Then you say, what are we going to do?” someone asked the old man in the lead.

The old man groaned for a moment, and suddenly his eyes were fierce, and he said, “You will take these things at any cost! I’m going to let Yohan take action, and you guys.”

Everyone hesitated.

At any cost.

This cost is estimated to be very big!

Although the old man said something convincing, but after all, it was a statement, and everyone still didn’t see the truth.

This can be regarded as a big bet!

Seeing everyone hesitating, the old man’s eyes flashed a shadow, and he said in a deep voice: “Everyone, if you forget one thing, I don’t mind reminding you. The old and undead Frandick from the Drug Association, he is terminally ill. It has been asserted many years ago that there is only one thing that can save his life.”

“I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. This kind of thing also appeared in the movie. And I believe that Frandick will also watch this movie. If Frandick gets it, ho ho, in the next few years, our medical association will have to join him again. Gou was born under the strong suppression of “

The old man’s words, like a bomb, exploded fiercely in everyone’s hearts.

The faces of everyone were full of unwillingness!

Not resigned!

After the unyielding!




Lose the gambling, fame and fortune are all light!

Bet to win, my name is in my name!

At this moment, everyone nodded in agreement, willing to send their respective spokespersons to Lunanica Company, and take those things as fast as possible!

So early the next morning, the spokespersons headed by Yohan gathered again and held a meeting.

The spokespersons, although they are the spokespersons of the old monsters, they are the spokespersons of the consortium behind the old monsters.

These old experts worked until the end, and there was a consortium behind each of them to support their scientific research.

Each of their research results can bring rich returns to these consortia.

Mutual benefit, each meets needs, cooperation and win-win.

Yohan and others are naturally not ready to take those things at all costs, as the old experts said.

They are businessmen, and businessmen have business skills.

You can throw a thousand catties in four or two, and you can take the enemy’s head by a thousand miles.

There are many means.

Their first consideration is to save money for the consortium.

Therefore, Yohan and the others immediately went to collect some early intelligence.

When a piece of material was thrown on everyone’s desk, Yohan immediately laughed strangely.

“It seems that Lunanica Company is holding a heavy treasure without knowing it, so no wonder I…”

“Buy a casket and return the beads!”


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