Dragon Husband Chapter 231-240

Chapter 231

The material on the desktop says the situation of Lunanica Company in the past two days.

It involves the dismissal of the new president and the loss of the company a lot of money.

Some shareholders even coaxed to sell all their shares.

All signs prove that Lunanica Company believes that the company is a dead end.

As for that golden road, apparently no one at Lunanica Company knew about it.

So Yohan discussed with everyone, and wanted to get this treasure at the least price.

Everyone discussed and discussed, and finally adopted Yohan’s trick to buy cassines and return beads.

Speaking of buying caskets and returning beads, Yohan was still very depressed in his heart.

Because before this strategy, Yohan had already thought of a more insidious strategy.

From the movie, these treasures are all held in the hands of the ten supporting actors.

Because no matter from the lines of the movie, or what they get, it can prove this.

As long as these ten actors are taken down, it is equivalent to getting the treasure.

As for the actors’ acting skills and unreliable character, this is useless for Yohan and others.

So Yohan and the others immediately used various means to get the calls of those actors.

Want to buy them privately.

But what caused Yohan’s collapse was that after calling these ten people, they found that their phones were all turned off!

This situation gave Yohan a vigilance in his heart.

Could it be that Lunanica Company is pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

They have long realized the usefulness of these ten people!

So I hid these ten people in advance.

Later, Yohan went through the relationship and found out that these people were only after the filming was over, and the company arranged for them to travel abroad.

This made Yohan finally relieved.

Therefore, Yohan and the others planned to come to Lunanica Company to buy people in person.

As for why you want to buy all ten.

There is only one reason!

Leave no one, no chance to administer people from the association!

They are going to cut off Frandick’s only survival thoughts personally!

So here they are.

And once you export, you buy these people.

After hearing what Yohan said, everyone was naturally at a loss.

What use are these ten people?

It actually attracted an old fox like Yohan to go out and buy people in person!

Looking at their expressions, Yohan naturally confirmed once again that the people of Lunanica Company didn’t understand anything.

It’s a pity that everyone is not guilty of guilt.

Yohan cleared his throat again, intending to take advantage of the chaos, “We think these ten people have a certain value in training, so we will buy these people at a high price, ten million per person, how about!”

The scene again set off a big wave.

It is not a pity for these people to send them to Lunanica Company for free.

Now the other party is actually 10 million per person!


In the horror of the crowd, Zhang Tianming’s expression suddenly became ugly.

Yohan and others didn’t come to inquire about the crime, that’s all.

Now, it’s here to buy someone!

Ten people all at once!

And these ten people happen to be supporting roles in this movie.

What makes Zhang Tianming more uneasy is another weird coincidence!

These ten people, coincidence and coincidence, had renewed their contract with the company before that!

Moreover, everyone has 50 million liquidated damages!

Before this, Zhang Tianming simply laughed.

But thinking about it now, an electric current spreads throughout the body!


What a coincidence!

The contract has just been renewed forefoot, and he signed a high penalty.

Someone came to buy these ten people.

Nothing is missing!

And all of this was done by that straw bag president!

Is it ridiculous or intentional!

At this moment, Zhang Tianming suddenly felt cold in the Lingtai.

Things seem to be beyond his control!

And this kind of initiative made Zhang Tianming feel speechless.

He actually returned to that straw bag president who had been dismissed a long time ago!

This is absolutely amazing!


Janett couldn’t think of these things!

The horror in her heart for Wiliam reached a peak again!

Before forcibly renewing the contract and signing high liquidated damages, this seems to everyone to be foolish!

Now it seems that there is such a magical place that the willows are hidden and the clouds are seen!

Scary guy!

It seems that he has left Lunanica Company a long time ago!

And at this moment, Lunanica Company, in every place and every moment, his shadow of pointing Jiangshan has existed!

People are not there, the legend remains!

Is this what the guy said, he just played the chess he should play, and now he has done it once and for all?

It depends on the situation, it seems like this!

Seeing Janett speaking with a weird expression, Yohan felt unhappy, fearing that there would be minor issues, and unconsciously asked again: “Xiao Qin, how is it? The conditions we offered are extremely generous.”

At this time, Janett finally recovered, looked at Yohan jokingly, and said: “This matter, we still have to discuss.”

To be discussed?

These four words seemed to hit Yohan’s heart with a hammer.

He forcibly resisted his anger, pretending to be calm and said: “Okay, then you take your time to think about it, let’s say goodbye.”

He pretended to leave. At this time, those shareholders began to retain.

The fool can also see that this is an opportunity for Lunanica Company in a desperate situation!

As long as these people are sold, they will have the money.

Can’t let the fat in the mouth fly away.

Yohan stayed again and came back and sat down again.

Now, what they want to fight is psychological warfare.

Lunanica Company doesn’t know the value of these ten people, it will definitely sell it.

How much is just a matter of price.

Even if one person is 20 million, it is only 200 million.

Yohan and others can afford it.

At this time, Janett said: “Mr. Zhong, you may not know that these people have renewed their contract with our company some time ago.”

Yohan couldn’t help but sneered and said, “Ho ho, as far as I know, your company is not optimistic about these people, so you don’t have to play these tricks with me.”

Yohan naturally felt that this was Janett waiting for the price.

Why, crappy, renewal?

It’s ridiculous, how is it possible to renew these ten rubbish?

Janett looked at Yohan’s complacent expression, and suddenly laughed!


Very relieved!

This is the first time she saw Yohan about to deflate!

Although all of this was attributed to Wiliam, who had long since retired.

After this kid left, he could still play around with the old fox, which is what Janett sighed.

Janett said jokingly: “Please look at something good.”

After all, Janett nodded towards the staff and gave a soft explanation.

The staff immediately went to handle it.

And when the LED screen at the scene lights up again, Yohan and the others, with a huff, stood up directly from their chairs.

Eyes full of horror!

On the screen, it is these ten people’s contract renewal!

Ten servings!

Liquidated damages of 500 million yuan!

Chapter 232

Yohan’s face changed on the spot!

Not only has his face changed, but the people around him have also changed!

Liquidated damages!

500 million yuan!

This hit everyone by surprise!

Those ten rubbish, how can they sign a contract!

How could there be such a high penalty!

What is Lunanica Company doing!

are you crazy!

The situation on the court now looks very interesting in Janett’s eyes.

At first, Janett felt that the other party wanted to buy ten people at a high price, which was crazy.

Now, it is the other party’s turn to think that Lunanica Company’s renewal of these ten people is crazy.

Both sides are crazy!

Who will be the only sober…


Yohan was just about to denounce that these ten contracts were fake, and it was Lunanica Company who prepared the lion to make a big offer.

However, his eyes fell on the time of signing.

Surprisingly more than twenty days ago!

In other words, those people had already signed the contract when the film started.

Five hundred million!

Yohan felt a pain!

Originally only intended to spend 100 million yuan, now it has been five times!

No, more than that!

This is just a piece of liquidated damages!

If you add the price they signed, it would be a full 600 million yuan!

He couldn’t help but cursed in his heart!

This is a coincidence that makes people vomit blood!

The reason why Yohan still thinks this is a coincidence is mainly because Lunanica Company looks equally daunting.

Still no one knew the magical secret.

What should we do now?

Sign or not?

Seeing Yohan more uncomfortable than eating shit, Janett felt very happy.

She wasn’t happy because she could really sell these people.

She simply thought that this trick was already very powerful for Yohan to live!

With so much money, a fool would buy those ten wastes.

Yohan, Yohan, I’m going to let you go home in defeat.

Janett didn’t understand from the beginning to the end that this round had already begun to produce a chemical reaction.

One move, one move, is on the right track.

Just when Janett felt that Yohan was going to get rid of it, Yohan’s face suddenly became grim, “Okay! Five hundred million liquidated damages, plus one hundred million signing fees, this money, we are out!”

This decision caused a sensation again!

are you crazy!

Is there money and no place to spend!

Spend 600 million all at once!

What are these people thinking!

Even Janett was dumbfounded on the spot.

This is what she didn’t expect.

Sure enough, seeing Janett’s face suddenly changed, Yohan’s mood suddenly improved.

Lunanica Company, was taken over by himself!

600 million yuan, it’s a lot!

But in the eyes of the old experts, the money is still less than the value of the treasure!

The money, although unexpected, it is worth it!

“President Qin, do you have any doubts now?” Yohan asked Janett.

Janett’s heart suddenly became tangled.

Six hundred million!

A lot of money!

If this is sold, Lunanica Company will meet its urgent need.

Do you want to sell!

The reason for Janett’s entanglement lies in Wiliam!

Before she knew it, she had already substituted into Wiliam’s bureau.

In this look, a very gorgeous signing made Janett regress.

If I blindly answered the request of the respondent, would it ruin Wiliam’s situation?

Moreover, the other party has been so enthusiastic to sign these ten people, and there must be fraud!

What kind of chain reaction will happen after you sell it yourself?

Janett couldn’t help letting out a deep breath.

I am too hard.

It’s fine to deal with this group of people.

Also think about the future for a person who has already gone.

At this time, Janett couldn’t help but think of Wiliam’s kit again!



Didn’t that guy say to ask for tips if something happens?

Now that I am like this, I must be considered undecided!


That kid, even my concerns about his layout are included?


Janett angrily took out the little kit marked two, and saw another note.

There are also four words on it, similar to the first kit.

However, these four words made Janett’s hands and feet tremble.

Sure enough!

Countless strategy!

The four words are “should be sold out!”

Should be sold out!

Isn’t it just my own difficult situation now!

That kid, deliberately signing those ten people, and then raising the liquidated damages, just to sell these people?

If that’s the case, then Lunanica Company has made a profit!

This money seems to have fallen out of thin air!

Janett immediately became confident, and immediately decided, “Okay! Sell!”

At the moment she made the decision, she actually had the illusion that I was the peak!

That kid, absolutely!

If you say that the last tip, it is a coincidence that you should buy it all.

Then this time it should be sold out!

Is it still a coincidence!

I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

Janett’s brain exploded at this moment.



What is there that I can’t see!

She racked her brains, but couldn’t figure out where the crux of the matter was.

She only saw one point, which made her very excited!

This sale made 600 million yuan.

These six billion, is the number really coming out of thin air?


Wiliam was kicked out before and signed 100 million.

Following Wiliam’s instructions, he bought all the shareholders’ equity for him and owed another 500 million.

Add up, ho ho…

What a coincidence!

It happens to be six billion!

The money from selling ten actors is just right to subsidize previous losses!

All this is a coincidence, Janett is about to slap herself in the face!

Terrible Wiliam!

He had already thought about everything that would happen.

Think about all the losses that will be caused!

So I also figured out how to deal with the loss!

Now, under his strategizing, the company has gone from a load of 600 million to a stop loss now!


Use two tips to break two games in a row!

The surrounding staff have already got the contract to transfer the actors.

The contract was handed to Yohan. Yohan glanced at Janett sluggishly, and quickly signed it.

Janett carefully looked at the contract, and finally signed the contracts one by one with trembling hands.

After signing, Yohan breathed a long sigh of relief.

Although there were some twists and turns in the negotiations today, they went on according to their own ideas.

“Then please contact those ten people immediately and return home immediately.” Yohan said to Janett.

Janett was taken aback. Yohan knew that these ten people were going abroad and couldn’t get in touch?

So he was forced to come to our company to sign someone?

It must be so!

Otherwise, according to this guy’s insidious damage, he will definitely engage in small actions in private!


Such a clever arrangement to go abroad!

This was actually arranged by Wiliam!

Janett had nothing to say to Wiliam at this moment.

God man!

She wanted to call Wiliam immediately to tell him what happened in the company.

When the phone was picked up, her heart trembled suddenly, thinking of a more terrifying fact!

Chapter 233 Empty Glove White Wolf

Before, Janett bought the company’s equity for him!

And all the things happening now point to one thing!

This kid, the empty glove white wolf!

Without spending a penny, all the company’s equity is eaten away!

He is now the largest shareholder of the company worthy of the name!

“Damn!” Janett thought of this and couldn’t help it anymore, she stood up and cursed!

With this scolding, everyone around immediately looked at her together.

Janett suddenly felt impolite, her face flushed, and said apologetically, she sat down again.

Yohan looked at Janett strangely, thinking that Janett had discovered the secret.

But seeing that Janett had nothing to say, I was relieved.

This secret, before the ten actors return, absolutely cannot be known by others.

Otherwise, things will be messed up!

Yohan immediately got up, and when he passed Janett, he patted her shoulder triumphantly, “Hoho, this time, you have lost again. We should have no chance to meet again.”

Janett said coldly: “I hope we never meet in this life.”

However, Yohan came interested, “Really, ho ho, I hope that if you have the opportunity to meet again, you will kneel in front of me. Let’s make a bet, next time whoever takes the initiative to meet someone, that person will kneel See you next, how about?”

Yohan was full of confidence.

It would be better not to see you in this life.

However, if Janett knew the secrets and the valuable treasures of this rich and enemy country.

Will definitely be very upset.

Maybe he would lick his face and beg himself.


Once again, a small bet that won’t be lost.

Quan regards his own signing as a success today, which is adding to his interest.

Janett glanced at Yohan strangely at this time, but agreed in one fell swoop, “Okay, as you wish.”

Yohan was taken aback and looked at Janett in disbelief.

Janett smiled without saying a word, and politely saw off the guests.

See you again, kneeling to see you?


Yohan, Yohan, you guys, you don’t know if you are afraid of being killed, what happened in today’s game!

You don’t even know that there is a mysterious person standing in the sky above the whole game, looking down at us.

And I, willing to change the chess, follow the instructions of that person, and walk step by step.

How about you, how about you…

The agency was too clever to count, and it missed Qing Qing’s life…

In this round, I will stand Wiliam!

I stand him against adversity!

I stand he will win a thousand miles!

Since Wiliam has arranged it like this, there must be something for him. Can you escape his cage?

The next time I meet, I guess it will be interesting.

Janett put her hand in her pocket and gently pinched the two tips left in her pocket.


With only two tips, the situation has been leveled.

What kind of shocking effects will the remaining two tips!

Janett suddenly had a desire to see the future.

She grasped the kit in the palm of her hand and felt sweaty in her palm.

I really want to take a look at what is written in these two tips.

So curious…

However, after taking it apart, will it stop working..

So tangled…

Do you want to call him and ask what is going on?

Otherwise, my heart is like an ant crawling, and I will die of uncomfortable death.

However, I seem to have no face to see him.

I humiliated him before, so I was entangled…

At this moment, Janett actually began to struggle with this.

But in the end, she didn’t even call Wiliam, nor did she open the tips.

Since you are willing to play chess, you can make a game with peace of mind.

Leave everything to that person.


Straw bag…


These words stung Janett’s heart for the first time.

These words were previously given to Wiliam by her.

But now, the situation was like slapped in the face, slapped her to the point.

Who is the waste? Facing the deadlock at a loss.

Who is the straw bag? In the face of calculation, there is no power.

Who is the bullshit? In the face of the villain, unable to resist.

It’s me!

And Wiliam, after experiencing violent storms, finally revealed his grandeur.

Take the majority of the company’s equity without blood!

A cunning plan to send those ten wastes!

Faintly move the strange move.

Next, what’s the trick?

It was the mysterious key point that I didn’t see through from beginning to end.

I will wait and see.

When Zhang Tianming returned to the office, he looked totally lost.

He also saw through something.

At least on the surface, he knew that Lunanica Company was getting farther and farther away from death.

I finally incited those shareholders and put pressure of 500 million yuan on Janett.

But after half an hour of excitement, Janett actually broke the game.

The 600 million yuan signed by those people happened to be used to compensate shareholders.

Things can’t be so coincidental.

Janett, when did he become so powerful?

No, or is there an expert behind Janett helping?

Who will it be?


Zhang Tianming’s first reaction was Wiliam, but he overthrew it immediately after thinking about it.

It can’t be him.

He has been driven away by himself.

How brave the defeated general is?

Things are getting more and more complicated.

He thought for a while, and called Liu Qiandao, “Xiao Liu, you should correct the thing the three of us did before, and the money is temporarily useless.”

On the other side, Yohan and others waited in the office for a day.

Finally waited for the message that the ten people returned to Q City ( Qena City ).

Yohan became excited immediately, and the secret was to be mastered by himself.

And those ten people looked unhappy when they came back.

Having played well abroad, he was suddenly called back.

But when they knew that they were being taken away by other companies’ high prices, they were excited again.

It was fine to stay at Lunanica Company and wait for death, but now he has a better home.

Who doesn’t want to get ahead!

The next player who is willing to sign them at a high price must have taken a fancy to their potential, and the future is limitless!

It’s really lucky this time!

First, he was highly valued by Lunanica Company, then he went abroad to play a round for free, and then he was signed off at a high price.

Ten of them walked into Yohan’s office with excitement.

Yohan and the others had been waiting inside.

Seeing these ten people, Yohan’s brows wrinkled.

For these ten people, even if they look ordinary.

Everyone walked with their eyes to see the sky, as if they didn’t have Yohan in their eyes.

Yohan resisted his unhappiness and said politely to them: “I am Yohan from here, and welcome you to our company.”

Those few people look at me, I look at you, and look at Yohan again.

The first one said with a displeasure look: “The staff, right? So insightful? How to do the service? I didn’t see us coming back to eat, so why don’t you go and get something to eat?”

Chapter 234

When Yohan and others heard this, their faces sank on the spot!

This group of ignorant things!

It’s all garbage!

If it wasn’t for you to be useful, I can’t kill you!

Yohan was thinking, and the people on the other side screamed again: “What else are you guys watching? Wouldn’t it be possible to put our luggage away? One by one is like the dead.”

The blue veins on the faces of Yohan and others burst out.

In the end, Yohan focused on the overall situation and called a few staff members to set aside all his luggage.

The reason why Yohan didn’t tell these people his identities was to keep them secret.

Secondly, Yohan felt that this group of ants were qualified to know his identity?

Please bear with you for a while, and wait for your words to see if you die!

Yohan pretended to smile and said to them: “Sit all of you.”

Those few people started to look up and down again, and couldn’t help frowning.

“What kind of company are you? Not a performing arts company, right?”

“We were signed by you to be a star at a high price. Do you dare to fool us and try?”

“What about your boss, ask your boss to come out. Let’s meet and get acquainted.”

These few people took it for granted, and ten people signed it for 600 million.

This is a huge sum of money for any company.

Since it is a huge money, they are definitely the company’s top brand or first-class star.

The top card should have the top card treatment.

What’s the matter with these tough people?

Can’t say good things?

Can’t do a coincidence?

This is considered to be a good quality of ten people, or else they will just freak out on the spot.

Ten people sat on the round chairs, and they were all panicked.

A kind of anger of being cursed.

At this time, Yohan took out a stack of paper and a few pens from his desk and gave them to these ten people.

These people were taken aback for a moment, “What are you doing? You still fail the entrance exam? Humiliate us?”

Yohan held back his breath and said, “You don’t have to ask too much, you first show us the lines in “The Great Doctor”.”

Those people suddenly slapped the table and looked excited, “What the fuck do you mean! Is it really a test of us? I tell you, this is humiliating us in Chi Guoguo! Your boss, I want to see your boss! “

Some people tore the paper on the spot.

Yohan looked at these people who behaved and didn’t know good or bad, and he couldn’t stand it in an instant.

He slapped the table, and the whole person became angry, “You are so quiet! Do you want to die? I will fulfill you! Come!”

When he shouted, several security guards rushed in, holding sticks in their hands, aggressively!

These ten people are usually used to their dens, so why are they afraid of the security.

How can I believe that I really want to hit someone.

“Security? What are you guys! What are you guys! I tell you, don’t think that if I sign your pheasant company, you can do anything wrong with me! I can leave at any time!”

“Yes, let’s breathe out! I can’t stand this wimpy! Goodbye!”

“Let’s go together! The province will get angry when I see these people! I rushed over as soon as I got off the plane. I didn’t eat a bite of the meal, and I had to be troubled by these evil pens! Who did we bother?”

The group rushed outside as they said.

Yohan’s face was ruthless, and he made a look!

The security guards knew it, and immediately rushed up, dancing with sticks in their hands!

Suddenly, there was a heart-piercing scream on the court!

“Damn! I really dare to beat me! You guys can’t die!”

“Call the police! We want to call the police! Do you treat celebrities like this!”

“Come on, help!”

Yohan looked at these people still stiff mouth, “Beat me hard!”

Those security guards started to heavier suddenly.

At this moment, these ten people finally panicked.


A person’s face was broken on the spot, blood was flowing!

Seeing blood, these people are scared.

“Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, I know I was wrong, can I admit it!”

“Okay, okay, don’t fight, help.”

“Brother, please let me go, okay? I kowtow to you.”

These people are full of ugliness.

From the arrogance just now to the kneeling acknowledgment now, it was only a distance.

Seeing these people kneeling on the ground, Yohan nodded in satisfaction, and exclaimed: “I don’t know good or bad dog things! I really thought I was annoying!”

“Stars? Ho ho, you are not even bullshit in my eyes!”

These people trembled one by one, and were scolded by Yohan and didn’t even dare to say anything.

“Now you know how to do it?” Yohan asked condescendingly.

Those people nodded immediately, “If you know, we will do what you want me to do, brother.”

Yohan asked these people to return to the table, but they were afraid to come out.

Some papers and pens were distributed in front of these people again.

“Write all your lines in “The Great Doctor” to me, immediately!” Yohan said again.

All of those people suddenly felt like a concubine, “Big Brother, your company’s requirements are really high, and entrance exams are required.”

Yohan’s eyes were fierce, and those people’s necks shrank together, “Write and write! We will write right away.”

With that said, these people are really like three-year-old children taking an exam.

Some bit their pens, some grabbed their heads, and some even lower their heads unconsciously to see if there is a cheat sheet.

Yohan and others looked funny.

These people are not as good as garbage!

After a while, they will write out everything they want, and send it to the old man to check the truth.

If things are done, these people can get out.

Where’s the confidence? With this quality, I really regard myself as a star.

At this time, Yohan’s phone rang, and at first glance, it was the phone of the old expert behind him.

He picked it up and said immediately, “Song Lao, I am following the plan here, and I will get what you want soon.”

The voice on the phone trembled, obviously very excited, “How many copies?”

“All! Ten copies!” Yohan’s voice trembled.

On the other side of the phone, he burst into laughter, “Little Zhong, you are getting better and better at doing things! I will speak for you in front of you, and our good days are coming!”

Yohan thanked Song Lao gratefully, and then hung up the phone, with a longing for the future power in his heart.

After a while, someone from the group finally turned in their papers.

Yohan suppressed his excitement, and this first miracle came!

He looked at the paper with joy, and at this look, the whole person was dumbfounded!

He was so angry that he slapped the paper on the man’s face, “Are you special! Write me a serial novel!”

The woman was aggrieved, “Since it is an exam, there must be wrong answers and extraordinary performance. Look, someone will hand in blank papers later…”

Yohan was so angry that he slapped him and then slapped him over, “Dare to talk back! Rewrite it for me! If you can’t write it, I will kill you!”

The woman cried all of a sudden and shouted heartbreakingly: “I forgot! I really forgot! They must have forgotten all of them too! Why didn’t you beat them!”

Chapter 235

When Yohan heard this, his heart shook.

An ominous premonition suddenly struck my heart.

I thought everything was ready, I only owed Dongfeng.

It now appears that there is a very scary loophole in everything I do!

It shouldn’t be!

Yohan immediately looked at the others.

At this time, those people were seen by Yohan, and they lowered their heads. No one dared to stare at Yohan.

Yohan gave an order, and several people around immediately rushed up and picked up all the papers on their desks.

At this look, all their faces changed!

What the hell is written on the paper!

Either there is a blank sentence here, or a few words are missing over there.

What’s more, I really handed in a blank paper!

Ten people!

Not one of ten people can write his own lines!

How long has it been!

Dare to call yourself an actor!

What a bastard!

Yohan was so angry that he shot the case directly, “Are you so special! Are you kidding me? Okay, I won’t give you any trouble, you really don’t know how many eyes Wangye Ma has!”

Those people knelt on the ground with a plop in fright, groaning.

“Big brother! Big brother! We really can’t write it.”

“When we were shooting on the set before, we either directly talked about 1, 2, 3, and 4, and dubbed it later, or we just read and said one sentence.”

“Plus, we went out to play these few days, and we had a little overplayed, and I really can’t remember the lines.”

The reasons given by those people almost broke Yohan!

This group are all big fools!

Can’t remember even the simplest lines!

“Kill them to me!” Yohan was so angry on the spot.

The security guards rushed forward again, this time, they didn’t have any hands left.

The bloodline shot at the scene, brutal and inhumane.

After playing for a full ten minutes, Yohan stopped his hands like a relief.

“Throw them all out for me!” Yohan ordered.

The security guards held these people and walked outside.

But one of the lucky guys suddenly asked bitterly: “Brother, when can we come over to work?”

“Go to work! Go to your sister! Don’t let me see you in Q City ( Qena City ) from now on! See you once!” Yohan flicked a pen holder on the table.

This sentence, like an explosion of thunder, blew all the ten people stupid.

Is this expelled?

The other party spent a full 600 million yuan to buy them, but they didn’t officially go to work, so they were fired?

Has the 600 million yuan hit the water?

These ten people were thrown out of the company severely, and then they looked at each other, and suddenly cried out with a wow.

Work is gone.

The future is bleak.

All the beautiful illusions about the future are gone at this moment!

They were still complacent before, and they have had good luck for a while and everything went well.

Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, good fortune turns into bad luck.

Now they have nothing!

A kind of regret suddenly rushed to their hearts.

Originally, as long as they could silently write their lines, they might be kept in the company and reused.

However, they don’t even know the most basic lines!

Forget about it!


Endless suffering!

If I could think a little bit more and spend more time, those lines, what’s the problem!

However, God rewards hard work, and God punishes evil!

Now, it’s self-sufficient!

These people were on the ground with regret, but in the end it didn’t help.

But Yohan and others were sitting at the table, their expressions livid!

Yohan’s face was grim.

He finally knew what his ominous premonition was just now!

It’s self-righteous!

It’s my own cleverness!

I thought I could start with these ten people and slam the Cang Yue Company fiercely.

Unexpectedly, the agency is too smart to calculate, in the end, it is like a big dream!

No one can think of it, these ten people are so useless!

Even the most basic lines of actors are not good enough!

Ten people!

Even if only one person writes it out!

That’s also a touch of comfort!

Now, none of the ten people have written it!

Six hundred million yuan, you can’t even splash water!


Yohan suddenly thought, could all this be the conspiracy of Lunanica Company?

Otherwise, all ten people can’t speak, it would be a coincidence!

However, after he thought about it, he immediately denied his idea.

Because Cang Yue obviously didn’t know that secret.

So this trick is too exaggerated to plan ahead for the enemy.

Impossible impossible.

What an embarrassing coincidence!

“Yohan, what do we do now! We have lost a full 600 million yuan! If this is let the people above know, who can afford this responsibility!” Someone asked Yohan with an angry expression.

Yohan yelled distractedly: “I know! I know the consequences better than you! Stop arguing! Let me think about it!”

Consequences, what are the consequences?

If the people above know that they have taken 600 million yuan and can’t even buy a fart, they will definitely be killed!

And if the people above bought ten fighter jets out of rubbish knowing 600 million yuan, the consequences would be more serious than killing them.

These ten people are really rubbish.

Now, the most urgent task is to think about how to make up for these losses!

“How much money do we have now?” Yohan asked suddenly.

One of them immediately said: “This time, several of us have set an index. We add up to a total of 1.5 billion yuan, and now there is still 900 million.”

Yohan pondered for a moment, although nine hundred million seemed a lot.

However, it would seem a little stretched to fight those treasures with real swords and guns.

And they have high hopes from the company. How can they spend all these 1.5 billion yuan at once?

How does this demonstrate the ability of this group of people?

So, we have to find a different way.

How to spend the smallest price, not only get those things, but also remedy the catastrophic losses caused before.

This is difficult.

Several people frowned, but no one spoke.

Things are not optimistic anymore.

“Have you thought of any good solutions?” Yohan finally couldn’t stand it and asked.

But the scene shook his head.

Yohan sighed, this group of people seemed to be unable to count on it.

Usually one by one is as smart as anything.

But now with the bereaved dog, they dare not even make a loud noise.

“Let’s take a look at the movie again and see if there are any new ideas.” Yohan suggested.

The movie “Big Doctor” once again appeared in front of everyone.

When seeing the poor acting skills of the ten people, the scene couldn’t help but scold again.

Yohan stared at the movie without saying a word.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank.


Those few quite contradictory clips!


That’s it!

There was a flash of inspiration in Yohan’s head, he stood up and shouted excitedly: “I have figured out a way! Hahaha! This time, it’s steady!”

Chapter 236

When everyone saw Yohan trembling all over, they couldn’t help but became excited, “Yohan, what good way do you think of, talk about it!”

Yohan was among them, but he was a well-deserved old fox.

Sometimes they can win by surprise in a desperate situation.

Yohan resisted his excitement and turned his gaze to the movie being played again, asking people to rewind the movie.

Everyone is at a loss.

Yohan pointed to the clips in the movie, and said triumphantly: “Look at them, what do these pretty contradictory clips represent?”

Everyone couldn’t help but said: “This represents that the late stage of Lunanica Company is simply terrible.”

The big guys hate these rather offensive clips!

Because of these messy clips, the secrets they wanted were cut to pieces.

All the secrets are after this editing.

Yohan laughed loudly, shook his fingers, and said, “No! You guys, it’s too simple to think about the problem.”

“What does that mean?” Everyone couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Yohan’s eyes were fierce, and he said something that shocked everyone!

“This means that all the secrets are in the original film! Not cut! The secrets are all!”

When everyone heard this, they suddenly felt like goose bumps all over!


This idea of ​​Yohan is absolutely amazing!

For a few of them, their thinking is too solid, and they are not thinking about this problem in the opposite direction!

Yohan was so right!

The secret they wanted was cut to nothing by this tattered clip.

Conversely, if it is the original movie!

It’s not proper to get the secret!

“Big Brother Zhong, you are so amazing! Why didn’t we think of it!”

“Hahaha, with Yohan here, we will have nothing to worry about!”

“This idea is simply shocking!”

Yohan accepted everyone’s flattery and couldn’t help being proud again.

“So now, as long as we get the original film of this movie, all problems will be solved!” Yohan finally set the tone.

“I don’t believe that Lunanica Company can think of this trick!”

Everyone was suddenly taken aback.


Martial arts conspiracy, Yohan Dacheng!

Although one plan to buy caskets and return beads failed before.

But Yohan cannot be blamed at all.

I can only blame it for being a scumbag and it is too scumbag.

The sound of this plan is stunned and stabilized!

“So we have to go to Lunanica Company tomorrow and ask them to buy the original film?” Someone said following Yohan’s thoughts.

Yohan laughed loudly, “You are not stupid, you go straight to buy the original film, it’s not Chi Guoguo telling them that there is a weirdness in the original film? Since it is a noise, of course I want to find one.”

“East?” Everyone was taken aback.

“Well! What about this guy! We will go to Lunanica Company again tomorrow and tell them at that time, we think this movie is good, and we want to buy the marketing rights for the movie.”

“How much money does this promotion and marketing power mean? You can buy it for a few million at random. After all, the movie is too much to rush. This marketing power is worthless. We spend millions. They still want to thank us. ?”

“At that time, we casually mentioned that we wanted to cut and repair the film again, and let them give us the original film. Isn’t that enough?”

After Yohan said this, he caused another round of applause!


This trick is so loud, it’s absolutely incredible!

In the name of buying marketing rights, who can think of it, their real purpose is to get the original movie from Lunanica Company!

Amazing trick!

The people at the scene immediately burst into joy.

This time I can definitely fight back!

And it was a big win!

Amid the compliments, today finally came to an end. Everyone agreed to go to Lunanica Company again at ten o’clock tomorrow morning.

And this night, Janett lost sleep.

This was the first time she suffered from insomnia in so many years.

She tossed over all the things in the bed.

The more I think about it, the more shocked my heart!

The more I think about it, the more mysterious Wiliam feels.

Is there really a man in the world who plots this way and then decides a plan?

She fell asleep in a daze until midnight.

But after nine o’clock in the morning, she was woken up by the phone.

“Mr. Qin, the big business is not good. The ten people we just sold yesterday gathered at the door of our company, as if they were beaten.” On the phone, her assistant roared.

Janett was taken aback for a moment, and then she woke up instantly, “Wait, I’ll be at the company right away.”

She hurriedly got up to wash, but her heart was full of questions.

Didn’t those ten people happily be sold out?

Why are you back again?

What happened yesterday?

Is it possible that Lunanica Company is in trouble again?

She hurriedly rushed to the company, and at the door of the company, she saw the ten people at a glance.

Seeing these people, Janett couldn’t help taking two steps back.

These people, all in bandages, looked miserable.

Yesterday must have suffered inhuman abuse.

“What the hell is going on?” Janett stepped forward and asked.

The ten people saw Janett’s tears on the spot. At this moment, their acting skills reached the pinnacle of life.

They knelt down and kowtow to Janett, shouting heartbreakingly: “President Qin, we were wrong before, we were wrong, please, take us in, we must act well in the future!”

Janett was stunned on the spot, “Didn’t you have a next home?”

These words immediately made these people cry again.

They talked about the abuse they received yesterday, the fact that they were forced to write lines silently, and were expelled.

Janett frowned suddenly.

Yohan and the others spent 600 million yuan to expel them overnight?


There must be a ghost in it!

When they bought these ten people before, Janett was wondering if these ten people had any secrets!

But now it seems that this secret doesn’t seem to belong to these ten people.

Yohan and the others should have been out!

Thinking of this, Janett’s mood suddenly relaxed!



Good you Wiliam!

It turns out that your last move is here!

The nostrils of these ten people were upright before, and I had long wanted to drive them away!

And that damn Yohan, he wanted to teach him a long time ago!

Now you are good!

Let Yohan spend 600 million yuan in unjustified money, and drove away these ten people without blood!

The company makes a fortune.

Three birds with one stone!


But, where is this key point that I still don’t understand…

Janett was thinking about it, and suddenly saw a group of people slowly approaching not far away.

The person in front is really Yohan who just met yesterday!

Seeing Yohan reappearing, Janett jumped with care and inexplicably.

Sure enough, here again!

Wiliam, is this another gift from you!

I laughed!

Chapter 237

Yohan and others walked over and saw the ten people kneeling on the ground, frowning.

Just as he was about to speak, the ten people saw Yohan and suddenly disappeared as if they had seen a ghost.

This scene made Janett funny.

As for?

Yesterday, what exactly did Yohan do to you people, are you actually afraid of this?

However, no matter if these people are gone, they can be regarded as solving Janett’s problem.

What everyone did not notice was that on the top floor of the company, Gu Zhiling had a panoramic view of all this.

Seeing the ten people kneeling in such a miserable manner, Gu Zhiling’s heart felt like a string of a piano fluctuating, ripples.

She can remember the humiliation of these ten people on her set for a lifetime!

Thanks to the gift of these ten people, they have trained themselves to forbearance!

Now, see the sun!

Keep the cloud open and see the moonlight!

Ten of them got out, not my Gu Zhiling who fell!

Gu Zhiling thought, suddenly Wiliam appeared in his mind.

She couldn’t help but whispered: “Little bastard, this, isn’t it what you said, how much praise you can get if you can withstand much slander…Thank you.”

For a time, Gu Zhiling was silly.

And below, Yohan walked to Janett’s face and said kindly: “Mr. Qin, we have met again, where in life really don’t meet.”

Janett showed a playful smile, “Mr. Zhong, what a coincidence.”

Yohan gave a haha, looked at those who ran away, and said, “These people are too ignorant to promote. If they come to make trouble again in the future, you can call me and I will teach them.”

“Thank you so much.” Janett said with a smile.

Yohan smiled ho ho, “Mr Qin, we are here today to do another business with you, how about? Let’s go in and say?”

But Janett’s footsteps did not move.

Yohan was taken aback, “Mr Qin?”

Janett finally laughed happily, and said: “Mr. Zhong, you are really a noble man, you have forgotten things, don’t you remember, did you miss something?”

Yohan touched his delicate beard and said, “Is there any? What’s the matter?”

Janett said amused: “I remember, yesterday we made a bet in front of many people.”

As soon as he said this, Yohan’s face changed on the spot!



Yesterday the two of them made a bet that if anyone took the initiative to see someone, that person would kneel down to see him!

Thinking of this, Yohan wanted to slap himself in a depressed manner!


Yesterday, I was too proud of myself!

I thought that I would have mastered those ten people, that shocking secret.

Asking to see, it must be Janett who came to see herself.

However, Wan Wanren thought that the problem was with those ten people!

Now, he not only lost his wife but also broke down, but also lost the bet!

Yohan Qiangyan smiled and said: “Mr Qin, that was a joke with you yesterday, not serious, not serious, haha.”

Janett said solemnly: “Oh? I take it seriously.”

Everyone at the scene suddenly looked strange.

Janett is of course serious!

When he agreed to the gambling agreement yesterday, Janett faintly felt that this day will come soon!

All of this is based on Janett’s complete trust in Wiliam’s magical layout.

But even Janett herself didn’t think that this day would come so quickly!

Yohan, the villain, has been humiliating himself before!

Now, Wiliam gave himself a chance to turn this villain into an army. How could he not grasp it well!

There was a fierce flash in Yohan’s eyes!

This stinky lady!

Give her a face, right!

Want to humiliate me in public!

court death!

“Ms. Qin, if you do this, it’s a bit fussy, too unmeasured, right?” Yohan’s tone also became cold.

But Janett seemed to have eaten the weight of the weight and ironed his heart, motionless, cold-eyed.

The scene suddenly fell into a stalemate.

This can make those people behind Yohan anxious!

They came here today with the belief in breaking the boat!

But if you break the halberd in this first level, you will be unwilling!

This bet was clearly made by Yohan and Janett.

Why should all of us bear the consequences?

Someone suddenly said to Yohan in a low voice: “Yohan, what you caused yourself, can’t affect all of us, our boss is still waiting.”

“Yes, Yohan, if you can’t bear it, you will make a big plan. Who made you bet with her.”

“If you make a bet, you have to kneel down with tears.”

Yohan was almost exploded by these few popularity.

These bastards!

If I hadn’t thought of such a Jedi counterattack, you could still stand here!

A group of white-eyed wolves!

Yohan looked at Janett again.

Janett’s attitude was extremely resolute.

Yohan swallowed hard!


I remember this tone!

A man can bend and stretch!

What if I kneel to you today!

He will wait for my success, I want you Janett to kneel under my crotch!

“President Qin, watch it!” Yohan said depressedly, and then he really knelt down to Janett in front of everyone!

“President Qin, let’s do it now!” Yohan said viciously on the ground.

The people from Cang Yue Company were dumbfounded.

Damn, this Yohan actually kneeled to President Qin.

Yohan was very arrogant yesterday.

Unexpectedly, the face slap came so quickly!

Many people secretly took out their phones and filmed this scene as a laughing stock.

Janett watched Yohan kneel, nodded in satisfaction, and walked inside, “welcome the guests.”

Everyone waited and sat in the conference room again.

It’s just that the atmosphere is colder than yesterday.

In Yohan’s eyes, the anger was gone, and it was full of coldness.

“Mr. Zhong, I want to ask you first, why did you buy ten cadres of our company, but then sweep them out?” Janett asked jokingly.

This question immediately hit Yohan’s sore spot.

He glared at Janett fiercely and said, “Hoho, Qin was joking. Actually, we are watching Lunanica Company’s wind and rain, so I just found an excuse to help you through the difficulties.”

Janett wouldn’t believe this nonsense, and smiled, “Thank you then.”

Yohan didn’t want to buckle with Janett, so he straightforwardly said: “This time we come here, we think your movie still has merit, so we plan to buy the marketing rights of the movie with you. This is also a disguised way to help you promote. , Saving word of mouth is good for both of us, what do you think?”

Janett smiled on the surface, mmp in her heart.

This time, she unhesitatingly took out the third tip.

Wiliam’s move should start.

Sure enough, Janett smiled satisfied when she saw the four words on the note.

“Should be slaughtered!”

Chapter 238

Should be slaughtered!

Sure enough, the kid would come back even if he arrived.

Slaughtering should mean wielding a butcher knife and slashing them fiercely!

In that case, it is better to be respectful than smart!

Janett showed a weird smile and deliberately asked: “Oh? Do we have the right to promote and market the movie…”

Seeing Janett pretending to be profound, the people behind Yohan became anxious again.

But Yohan didn’t move.

No one in Lunanica Company knew the secret.

For them, this movie is undoubtedly a headache for everyone!

Going to the door yourself now is equivalent to sending real money to the other party.

Isn’t this just sending charcoal in the snow!

How could the other party not agree.

What did the movie look like, do you have any points in your heart?

Janett, the little lady, was playing in front of me and was still tender.

Janett asked again: “How much does Mr. Zhong plan to pay for this marketing right?”

Yohan suddenly smiled playfully, as expected.

He stretched out two fingers, “Two million.”

Those shareholders of Lunanica Company who attended the meeting brightened their eyes when hearing these two million.

Doesn’t this money mean giving away for nothing?

“Ms. Qin, promise them quickly! Why don’t you give me the free money!”

Janett laughed, then her face quickly slammed, “Send off the guest!”

There is a welcome before and a see-off afterwards.

The etiquette is perfect, neither humble nor overbearing.

Those shareholders were immediately dumbfounded, “Mr. Qin! What are you doing! This movie already has no value at all, so why are you hesitating!”

Especially Zhang Tianming, watching Janett resolutely refuse, and the shareholders’ faces are ugly, and immediately agitated again.

He said strangely: “Mr Qin, you don’t want us shareholders to have a better life.”

But at this time, Janett asked Zhang Tianming with a smile, “If my memory is wrong, your equity has been sold to the company. What face do you have to say to shareholders?”

This question made everyone at the scene dumbfounded.


It really is!

They are now at most even employees of the company. From the moment they sell their equity, they have lost the right to make decisions about the company’s operations.

Zhang Tianming’s face was cold, and suddenly he felt a depression of shooting himself in the foot.

Yohan couldn’t help it, and said, “Ms. Qin, this movie has become like this. We will give you charcoal in the snow, don’t you want it?”

Janett smiled slightly, “Send off the guests!”

After all, she got up first to leave.

Although Janett was in front of Wiliam, he was overwhelmed by his strategy.

But she has been able to become Harper’s personal secretary for so many years.

Now, Wiliam has pointed out the general direction for her.

How to maximize benefits.

How can Janett not understand how to play tricks with these people?

Janett had long seen that there must be a huge secret hidden in this movie.

Although she didn’t know what the secret was for the time being.

But looking at the fact that Yohan bought the ten people at a high price and quickly expelled them, Yohan miscalculated.

The secret is not in these ten people.

It can only be in other areas.

As long as we grasp this, Janett will be invincible in the negotiation!

Sure enough, she was with her, and the few people around Yohan couldn’t hold back. “Mr Qin, wait, if you have something to discuss, are you not satisfied with the price? Then you make a price.”

Yohan is almost going to be pissed off by these people!

Now, in this negotiation, we are fighting for the enemy’s light, and everyone is suffocating!

At this time, whoever gets discouraged first will be weakened.

Whoever is in this negotiation is absolutely weak.

As soon as these people speak, don’t they give the initiative to each other!

A group of wine bags and rice bags!

Yohan quickly thought about how to remedy it.

Add money.

Only add money.

However, it seems that Janett also faintly guessed something.

The more this time, the less I can reveal my true intentions.

The original movie, before the signing, absolutely cannot be said.

Otherwise, with Janett’s intelligence, she would definitely think of it!

“Add money? How much?” Janett asked with a smile.

Things are already going on at her rhythm.

Yohan took a deep breath, “Five million.”

Those shareholders were shocked again!

five million!

You know, the movie has only sold hundreds of thousands at the box office until now!

The other party is actually asking for a sky-high price of 5 million!

All of them have red eyes.

But because they didn’t have the right to speak, all of them suffocated and exploded.

Janett walked outside again.

At this moment, Yohan’s heart thumped!

This little Nizi, the iron-hearted lion opened his mouth.

“You make a price!” Seeing Janett about to walk out of the meeting room door, Yohan bit his head and shouted.

Janett’s footsteps stopped.

Yohan and others felt relieved.

But the next moment, their hearts are as if they have been cut by a thousand swords!

Janett only said two words!

“Five hundred million!”

There was a scream in the sky!

Not only Yohan and others, but even those shareholders, feel that Janett is crazy!

Five million has already shocked those shareholders.

Janett dared to do this and turned five million into five hundred million in one fell swoop!

The price has increased a hundred times!

Is this a negotiation!

This is blackmail!

This is blackmail!

How can they negotiate like this in their lives!

They instantly felt that Janett had no sincerity in negotiations!

Zhang Tianming almost suffocated himself to death in one breath!

Five hundred million!

I only hate why I want to sell the equity!

At this time, the right to speak is completely lost, and Janett can only be allowed to do anything wrong!

But Yohan and the others, their faces were green!

They looked at Yohan!

There is only one meaning in my eyes!

Lunanica Company, do you know it!

Yohan took a deep breath and said to Janett: “Mr. Qin, are you negotiating? We are here with sincerity, and you intend to humiliate us like this? If this matter is spread, it must be from Lunanica Company. Fame will fall even further.”

Janett laughed, “Fame? You tell me about fame? Lunanica Company is already infamous, am I afraid of worse? The conference room is lent to you, and I will come back in ten minutes. It doesn’t matter, one sentence.”

After all, Janett left the meeting room completely.

The heads of everyone at the scene were buzzing.


President Qin is crazy!

This is a broken jar, or a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water!

However, what she said makes sense.

At this time, does Cangyue still have a reputation?

Shareholders left the meeting room one after another, leaving the scene to Yohan and others.

As soon as they left, Yohan’s friends exploded.

“Yohan! What does this Lunanica Company mean! Do they know that secret!”

“Otherwise, why would you say 500 million yuan all at once! This is a sky-high price for marketing rights!”

Chapter 239

“Be quiet for me! Listen to me! Then Janett definitely doesn’t know the secret, otherwise, the secret is worth 500 million yuan? Don’t think about it!” Yohan couldn’t help cursing.

Everyone awakened.

That’s right, if you know it, it’s not as simple as 500 million yuan.

“Then why did President Qin speak so loudly?” someone asked again.

“Mr Qin saw some signs, knowing that we are determined to get the right to promote this movie, so she has no fear!” Yohan said coldly.

“What can I do then, this is 500 million yuan!” The people complained.

Yohan was also very aggrieved.

I thought it would be possible to win this promotion and marketing right at the least cost, and then clamor for it.

Unexpectedly, Janett’s little bitch would make things difficult for the first level.


He meditated for five minutes before he said: “This situation is said to be a bad thing, but it is actually a good thing.”

“This is a good thing! Yohan! I think you are crazy too!” Those people shouted at Yohan.

Yohan said in a cold voice: “Hoho, you find that there is no such thing. Janett speaks like this, indicating that her gaze has been completely transferred to the promotion right by us. She thought we were fancy the promotion right. Is the uprising of the sound?”

“The more at this time, the less we can prescribe the contract and any wording about the original film. As long as we do this, we will win.”

But those people are still very anxious!

“This is five hundred million yuan! Adding to the previous loss of six hundred million, that’s 1.1 billion!”

How could Yohan not know that the cost of 1.1 billion has already beaten them back to the prototype.

But this is the end, what can be done.

“If you continue to work hard, you can still use 1.1 billion to complete the task. Although it is not a great achievement, it is also regarded as a crime and meritorious service. The company will definitely reward us symbolically.”

“If you don’t fight, 600 million yuan will be lost. We will never be able to gain a foothold in the company. You decide.” Yohan threw the final decision back to them.

Each of these people feels like they have been forced to Liangshan.

In the office, Janett actually sang a small song leisurely.


It’s so cool!

If there is no general direction from Wiliam’s tips, how dare I open such a big mouth!

A hundred times the price!

Janett couldn’t even think of this kind of negotiation that was enough to spread through the ages!

Now, not only dare to think, but also dare to do it!

The other party is still struggling in the face of this hundred-fold price increase. It’s cool to think about it, don’t want it!

However, that kid…

Did he expect that I could see something…

Otherwise, how could he give me such a lunatic task.

He really trusted me.

Thinking of this, Janett felt helpless again.

It feels like that guy, not only strategizing and winning a thousand miles, but also accurately grasping everyone’s mind.

Including Zhang Tianming, including Yohan and other opponents.

including me!


Even Yohan and Wiliam didn’t even know him.

But it can be completely substituted into the opponent’s role based on business logic.

I thought of every move that the opponent would take in advance.

This is terrifying.

It is as if he is standing above the clouds, looking down on sentient beings.

He sees every behavior clearly!

Janett tapped the table with his fingers, and finally smiled.

Wiliam, although I have been following your instructions.

You will see something when you count me.

Then you have calculated it, how much can I see?

Ho ho…

I think I know this secret that makes Yohan and others crazy!

Have you guessed this?

The more Janett moves, the more mysterious Wiliam feels.

At this moment, it turned out to be the arrogance of the opposing general Wiliam.

She checked the time and walked towards the meeting room.

Pushing open the door of the meeting room, Janett saw Yohan and the others, everyone’s face sinking like water.

“Have you made a decision?” Janett asked coldly, sitting on the chair.

Those shareholders who watched the enthusiasm also rushed in.

Zhang Tianming mentioned his throat.

Five hundred million yuan.

One hundred times!

Impossible to agree!

This is the case for fools!

However, when he saw each other silently, he struggled again.

If you don’t agree, you must call it out immediately.

But their reaction was silence.

Silence means there is room and hesitation.

Why are you still hesitating!

Yohan finally spoke.

He sighed, as if he had made a great concession, and said: “400 million, can agree, sign immediately.”

Those shareholders were in an uproar.


Shidao is really crazy!

Is this group of people like Yohan a scavenger boy sent from heaven?

Before 600 million yuan was spent without blinking, now it is 400 million!

In the blink of an eye, Lunanica Company actually made one billion yuan!


At this time, every shareholder suddenly felt a trace of regret in his heart!

With this billion yuan, will the company go bankrupt?

Go out of business!

Earn more than expected!

But now, the money earned has nothing to do with them!

Suddenly someone slapped himself fiercely, “Sell your paralyzed equity!”

Everyone thought that Janett would definitely agree.

After all, it is a sky-high price.

But Janett just sneered, “Mr. Zhong, I have to remind you that I am asking you to make a decision, not negotiating with you. Five hundred million, no one is missing.”

The scene was strangely quiet.

Everyone was dizzy.

This negotiation is more exciting than the movie.

Fearing this negotiation into a movie will definitely burst.

Yohan glanced at Janett deeply, and seemed to have known the result a long time ago.

Finally, he said solemnly: “Okay! I will get this place back. I brought the contract.”

In a blink of an eye, he made another 100 million.

The second shareholder who slapped his face appeared.

Selling equity and losing money!

Some shareholders began to stare at Zhang Tianming.

After all, Zhang Tianming encouraged it.

Zhang Tianming suddenly felt a sense of horror about to be torn by his hands.

The contract was ready, and the two parties signed it immediately.

After signing, Yohan showed an unspeakable smile, stretched out his hand and said to Janett: “Then I wish us a happy cooperation again.”

Janett did not stretch out her hand, but nodded.

She is quite happy, and Yohan must be very unhappy.

Yohan was not too polite, and turned around with people.

Just when I walked out of the meeting room, I casually said, “I will let someone come over to copy the original film, edit it again, and it will be launched on the whole network.”

This sentence is very casual and natural.

No one feels any problem.

But Janett said quietly, “The original film is not available, and the cooperation is happy.”

Chapter 240

Janett said this more naturally and casually.

It seems to open your mouth.

It seems without thinking.

The footsteps of Yohan and others stopped instantly!

They looked back at Janett in disbelief!

What did they hear?

The original film is not available?


They worked so hard to get up early and greedy the dark, and they worked so hard all morning!

Yohan also knelt down and suffered humiliation!

It also spent 1.1 billion before and after!

Just for this original movie!

Now this little bitch tells everyone that the original movie is not available?

Oh oh so cute?

Oh your uncle!

Your original movie is not available!

We want your rubbish movie to be useful!

Yohan’s face instantly cooled down, but he immediately returned to normal.

However, the people behind him couldn’t hide their thoughts.

Janett had a panoramic view of the expressions of these people.

In my heart, it was as beautiful as fireworks.


Right bet!

It’s the original movie!

Those few obvious peacekeeping clips are the golden secrets!

Janett was actually not completely certain at the beginning.

However, when the ten people appeared in the morning, in order to arouse her sympathy, they told her all about the humiliation yesterday.

At that time Janett felt that there was a strange place.

Yohan and others let them write movie lines silently?

Fired instantly after being unable to write silently?

What does this represent?

Representing the movie lines is their real purpose!

And now they are coming over again, buying any promotion and marketing rights.

This is even weirder.

This rubbish movie is just like shit. Whoever puts it on is unlucky.

Are they still trying to eat shit?

Had it not been for Wiliam’s reminder, how could Janett offer such a crazy price?

On the one hand, she was following Wiliam’s instructions, on the other hand, she was also probing.

Test the opponent’s bottom line.

When the other party agreed, Janett understood.

In line with Yohan’s last careless words, Janett instantly thought of the key point.

Does the original movie contain the lines of those people?

So their real purpose is the original film, not the right to promote it.

The sound of this hand hits the west, wise!

Yohan’s acting skills are okay.

Before, it looked like he had been slaughtered thousands of knives and wanted to live, and then finally said that word casually.

Ordinary people were really fooled by him.

After all, they bought the movie promotion rights, and they do have the right to edit the video again.

What a pity, in front of Wiliam, Yohan, what are you?

The jumping clown is not counted.

“President Qin, what do you mean? Don’t we spend hundreds of millions of dollars to edit the video? Then what more money do we make? Do you expect your film to be promoted?” Yohan Yizheng said. .

Everyone at the scene, including all shareholders, felt that Janett was unreasonably coaxing.

Obviously he has made a lot of money for the other party, and he has to make things difficult for them.

What original movie is worthless, just give it to others.

Janett smiled and said: “There is no word in the contract that we should provide the original film, and oh, you brought the contract, don’t blame me!”

A few in a row, oh, Yohan’s heart and soul are broken!


Yohan really drafted the contract!

However, they deliberately did not write the original film for fear of suspicion.

Including Yohan, they took it for granted that the original film was worthless and Lunanica Company would definitely provide it.

After all, the industry must have a certain degree of integrity!

What a dream!

This Janett!

There is no such thing as a dime!

Turn your face over and it’s your butt!

Yohan was so angry that he didn’t know what to say!

This was obviously a dumb loss. Yohan couldn’t find words to refute, and his heart was frustrated and exploded!

He looked at Janett ferociously, but suddenly there was a hint of doubt in his heart.

Is this Janett?

Yohan had known Janett a long time ago, and he probably knew Janett’s ability.

However, the ability Janett has shown in the past two days feels like a divine help.

Terrible and frightening!

For those ten people, why did they accidentally shut down on vacation abroad when they were going to hook up in private?

After spending the money, I discovered that none of the ten people can recite lines?

If it weren’t for calculating everything from the beginning, how could there be so many coincidences!

Is there an expert behind her to help?

It seems that this is indeed the case!

Otherwise, I won’t suffer this dumb loss twice in a row!


If there is an expert to help out, and the magical game has long been set…

There is only one possibility!

The other party used that secret as a weapon from the beginning!

I have completely fallen into the opponent’s trap!

Thinking of this, Yohan suddenly felt a chill rushing out, which was a cold war out of thin air.

At exactly this time, Janett’s words confirmed Yohan’s terrifying speculation.

“It’s enough for playing. Do you think I didn’t know that you were here for the original movie?” Janett’s expression gradually cooled.

These words made the faces of those few people pale in an instant.

This kind of humiliation, which was counted by the agency, but uttered by the other party, was unbearable!

Yohan is completely hideous!

Sure enough!

It’s fine to be played twice in a row!

1.1 billion yuan has been lost!

“Janett! What do you want to do! You are playing with fire**! Do you know what I stand behind!” Yohan tore his face completely.

Is Janett afraid of seeing the other party moving out of the backstage?

Behind her, but Harper!

The Medical Association and Harper are really going to fight together.

What’s more, I don’t know since when, Wiliam’s position in her heart faintly surpassed Harper…

This son’s destiny, I have done his best, and there is no fear to ask the world!

“I advise you, if you want to talk about business, just sit down and talk, don’t play tricks on me. The happier you play, the greater the loss.” Janett said coldly.

Yohan’s face froze.

As she said, Yohan felt that every step he made was perfect.

However, the key is not to blame the other party, but to blame yourself!

It’s better to negotiate seriously with the other party from the beginning, maybe there is still a chance.

Now, 1.1 billion has been spent, but Mao has not been caught.

They have completely lost money, and there is nothing to say about losing this round.

“Do you want the original movie?” Janett flipped through it at random, digging out a compact disc.

The eyes of those people suddenly turned red.

However, a kind of unwillingness filled my heart.

It seems that the other party already knows the secret.

There is no one billion in this CD, so it can’t be downloaded at all.

They have no money…

At this time, to everyone’s expectation, Janett suddenly threw the CD into the arms of the desperate Yohan.

“Then I will give it to you for free, so what’s the problem!”

Janett’s words stunned his heart, and it was straightforward!


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