Dragon Husband Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241

The few people behind Yohan instantly revealed their faces full of surprises!

Turn around, turn around!

Unexpectedly, Janett flicked a lot, and finally gave the original movie to them!

It’s free!

made money!

With such a mood from great compassion to great joy, those few people had tears in their eyes.

Yohan’s heart beat fiercely.

He looked at Janett.

Janett’s eyes were full of jokes.

His hand touched the CD in his arms.

The contents of the CD should be true.

Janett is still not going to be a villain like stealing a beam and changing a pillar.


Yohan suddenly gave a wry smile, and slammed his hands in full view!

The disc shattered in half instantly.

This scene stunned those happy friends.

They looked at Yohan in disbelief.

A person rushed up, grabbed Yohan by the collar, and cursed with red eyes: “Yohan! What are you doing! Do you know what you are holding! What you are holding, It is the future of a few of us, it is the rest of our lives! You actually broke it!”

Yohan slapped the man’s hand severely.

He stared at Janett sullenly, feeling extremely unwilling.

“Ho ho, future? In the second half of life? If so, would Qin always send us to heaven in person so kindly? You pig brains, don’t think about it!” Yohan said coldly.

The expressions of those people froze, “What! What do you mean!”

“I understand completely. In this game, we lost too badly! In this CD, the original movie is wrong, but I swear that there is nothing we want in the original movie.” He shook his head and said with a wry smile.

It was also Janett’s last hand that woke up Yohan.

Since they had fallen into the trap of the expert behind Lunanica Company from the beginning.

How could that expert hide this secret in the original movie?

I’m afraid, only hidden in the head of that expert.

Janett smiled again when seeing Yohan as a concubine.

She just thought of it just now.

Since Wiliam has done it step by step.

Then it is impossible to hide the secret in the original movie.

There is only one reason!

That is, Wiliam would never believe in Janett’s wisdom 100%.

If Janett didn’t think of this, and handed over the original film after signing the contract, wouldn’t Wiliam’s painstaking efforts be in vain.

Therefore, the original film is a gimmick deliberately created by Wiliam using the opponent’s inertial thinking and psychological hints.

Give them, so what.

After hearing what Yohan said, all of them paled.

They finally knew that they had completely lost this negotiation.

One loss is 1.1 billion, one loss is enough to ruin your reputation, and you will never be overborn!

Now, what can I do.

Suddenly, they looked at Janett helplessly, and they wanted to repent.

“President Qin, this contract…” those people said weakly.

“Don’t be embarrassed here!” Yohan suddenly roared.

Soldiers can die, not defeat!

He can be considered a somewhat arrogant person, and now he has folded twice in Janett’s hands!

Such humiliation made him feel painful!

How could it be possible to ask Janett again and accept a new round of humiliation!

Up to now, only the injured left, even if you lose, you have to lose!

And those shareholders of Lunanica Company, especially Zhang Tianming, had their eyes red.

1.1 billion!

If this is counted as a box office, it would be enough for their Lunanica Company to shine!

After all, if it is the box office, some money will be distributed to the theaters.

And if the copyright is cooperating with Hanlan Company, half of it will be given to Hanlan Company.

Nowadays, Lunanica Company has eaten up the copyright, and the 1.1 billion, empty glove white wolf, don’t have to hand over a dime!

Earn a lot of brain fat!

There should have been their dividends!

Now there is nothing!


Who can imagine that things will turn around like this.

The Lunanica Company can actually fight back and rebirth from Nirvana!

Janett, really amazing!

Yohan and the others looked at Janett bitterly, and strode outside.

But halfway through, Yohan suddenly turned around and asked Janett inexplicably, “I want to know, who am I losing to?”

Janett naturally knew the meaning of Yohan’s words, but how could she say that Yohan lost to that once and for all Wiliam.

Janett asked back: “Then I would like to know, what is the secret you are pursuing so hard?”

Yohan was taken aback and looked at Janett deeply.

This little girl really doesn’t know the secret yet.

However, with keen observation and reasoning, we still defeated Cang Yue with a little understanding.

Yohan shook his head, “This, let you think about it slowly.”

He was about to walk outside, at this moment, facing him, several people appeared.

When he saw these few people, Yohan’s brow wrinkled instantly!


He actually appeared in Lunanica Company in person!

Their footsteps suddenly stopped.

Those few people just glanced at Yohan and the others contemptuously, then passed by and walked into the conference room of Lunanica Company.

When Janett saw these people, she was also slightly taken aback.

Sure enough, the matter is not over yet.

That kid’s tricks are still going on.

Among these people, the head was a gray-haired old man with a mole on the center of his eyebrows.

However, his complexion is not very good, as if he is seriously ill.

“Old Hu, what wind brought you here.” Janett bowed respectfully when facing the old man.

Here comes Frandick, the president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, who is about to retire.

Frandick looked at Janett, smiled with satisfaction, and seemed to glance at the dumbfounded people at the door, and said, “Is Xiao Qin? I have been paying attention to your company these days, a good way. Good strategy! My old man, I’m sorry!”

“It’s also because I don’t have a crooked mind like the old bastards of the Medical Association, otherwise, it is us who is in the middle of the loss.”

Janett leaned slightly and said, “Old Hu has praised him. Who in Q City ( Qena City ) doesn’t know that Mr. Hu is of high esteem, so naturally he will not do some stubborn things like buying cassines and returning beads.

Frandick nodded, “So, the old man came in person, with full sincerity. Don’t you want to know, what is the crazy secret of the entire Medical Association, and even our Drug Association? I will tell you now. .”

“The secret is the ten ancient prescriptions that appeared in the hands of the ten monsters in the medical village in your “Big Doctor” movie!”

“Treasures handed down! Priceless!”

Chapter 242

Frandick’s words immediately caused the people on the scene to burst.

“What ancient prescription! What a treasure handed down! What are they talking about?”

“This ancient medicine is invaluable? Why can’t I see anything?”

However, Janett was clicked by Frandick, and everything was strung together in an instant.

It turned out to be this!

It’s no wonder that the few editings in the movie that violated the peace, the more I watched, the less I understood.

It was edited when those supporting actors were reciting the prescription, or the camera was forcibly cut when the prescription was scanned on the prescription paper.

No wonder Yohan and others asked the ten people to silently write the lines in the movie, didn’t they just write the prescription silently?

In the same way, they want the original film, but also the unedited version of the lines and prescription shots.

Wiliam, Wiliam, what a thought!

As a healer and insider, we will play around in Lunanica Company!

With a businessman’s wise temperament, all the enemies can’t be found.

Now, the truth is clear.

Frandick said with emotion: “You have played a magnificent game of chess! If it weren’t for your intentions to personally send the movie invitation letter to the old man, I guess I would have missed this rare treasure directly. I would like to thank you. Trust me.”

“Invitation for viewing movies?” Janett was taken aback.

And Zhang Tianming below, his face suddenly changed.

It’s worse than eating shit!

Movie Invitation!

He personally arranged to send it out manually!

Give it to Frandick!

Give it to the old experts of the Drug Association and the Medical Association!

This trick was originally intended to disgust Wiliam and distaste the reputation of Lunanica Company!

But Wan Wanren thought that this trick had become a prerequisite for the Jedi counterattack!

If I didn’t send these invitation letters, then these people would never show up in front of Lunanica Company!

Not to mention the previous 1.1 billion yuan, and now Frandick seems to be full of sincerity in a new round of negotiations.


It was Lunanica Company that created the majestic and prestigious Lunanica Company!

Then I should be considered the greatest hero!

Unfortunately, I sold all the equity.

Zhang Tianming was so depressed that he was vomiting blood!

Frandick looked at Janett and said sincerely: “I will not lie to Xiao Qin. After all, I am afraid that my mind will be impure and I will end up like those people outside. Those ten ancient prescriptions will treat our Drug Association. In terms of researching drugs, it is extremely valuable! For me personally, there is a prescription that can last my life. This time, I’m here to discuss the purchase of ancient prescriptions with you.”

The people at the scene were stunned again.

Still buy it!

However, this time I bought it for real!

Janett’s eyes shrank, and she looked at the shareholders around her.

With a thought, she invited all those people out of the conference room.

Those shareholders, including Zhang Tianming, scolded one by one, but they had lost their decision-making power and had to go out in a desperate manner.

But Janett unexpectedly did not chase Yohan and the others away.

Keep them, maybe, there is another interesting thing.

After all, negotiating this kind of thing, waiting for the price, you are the best policy.

The Drug Association and the Medical Association have been fighting for decades, maybe here, they will reappear.

“Old Hu, please take a seat.” Janett invited Frandick and others to their seats.

“Xiao Qin, I just said directly. These ten ancient prescriptions have made a huge contribution to the rectification of Chinese medicine. Of course, you are businessmen and businessmen. Therefore, I want to ask you how much money you Will it be sold?” Frandick was full of frankness as he spoke.

This made Janett very appreciated.

But at the same time there are very tangled.

After all, Janett didn’t dare to play tricks on someone like Hu with respect.

How can you ask for a price…

Janett was struggling, and suddenly thought of Wiliam’s kit!


There is one last tip!

It must be what Wiliam deliberately kept for now!

What a tangled thing!

Isn’t he the most tricky, the most black-bellied invincible universe!

Of course, this kind of offending Mr. Hu must be given to him!

Thinking of this, Janett once again opened this last bag.

Sure enough, as Janett expected, four words appeared again.

“It’s my turn.”

The four words prove that Wiliam, who is done once and for all, is finally going to play again!

Janett’s heart suddenly relaxed.

She immediately took out her phone and called Wiliam.

Frandick, Yohan and others were at a loss. They didn’t know what Janett meant by calling at this time.

The phone rang for a while, then it was connected.

A lazy voice came.

“Finally, is it the end? You have worked hard these past few days.” Wiliam said lazily.

Janett was originally shocked to Wiliam.

But I don’t know why, hearing his undue beating voice, all heroic images are shattered.

Janett said angrily: “I can retire now, you can tell them yourself. One is the president of Q City ( Qena City ) Medicine Association, Frandick, and the other is Yohan and others of the Medical Association. Old Hu is a good person.”

Janett added the last sentence wisely, which was to remind Wiliam euphemistically that all his tactics were used on Yohan and others the other day.

But how could Wiliam know.

Before all the chess pieces were to be played, he had already looked at the market and grasped the favor.

Janett opened the phone and said to the people on the scene: “Everyone, you can talk to my boss directly.”

When Yohan heard this, his eyes were fierce!


There is someone behind Janett!

Now it’s finally out!

Yohan actually wanted to see how sacred this kid was that could make him so defeated.

However, it was just a phone call, which made him even more depressed.

But Frandick smiled kindly: “It turns out that it is your boss who lays the net of heaven and earth, okay, anyway, my goal is Gu Fang, and it’s the same with anyone.”

“Hello everyone, I probably know everything, now, let’s officially start the negotiation.” Wiliam said lightly on the phone.

This indifferent tone gave Yohan a strange feeling.

It’s like the person on the phone has no emotion at all.

The previous strategy that was shocking to heaven and humans is estimated to be casually used in this person’s heart, and it is not worth mentioning.

“Let’s start with the Medical Association. You have already paid 1.1 billion yuan, how much do you have? 400 million?” Wiliam said suddenly.

There was a burst of exclamation at Yohan’s side, and he screamed badly!

“Oh? Did I guess right? Ho ho, if you have 400 million, I can only regret to tell you that you are out.” Wiliam said.

Yohan’s heart was completely cold, these idiots!

How wise the person on the phone is!

Chapter 243

This sentence is clearly a test!

As soon as they said, they revealed the final cards of the Medical Association!

“I advise you, go back first, think about how to explain it to the above, and find a more decent reason.” Wiliam continued.

Yohan blushed with anger.

The person on the phone clearly didn’t put the Medical Association in his eyes!

400 million, what can 400 million do!


If Lunanica Company really reached a cooperation with Frandick, it would be even worse for the Medical Association and for people like myself!

The Medical Association and the Drug Association have been incompatible with each other and have been competing for decades.

The Medical Association was able to make a decisive move this time because it wanted to borrow ten ancient prescriptions to severely suppress the Drug Association.

But if the ancient prescription falls into the hands of the Drug Association, what will be the consequences?


The Medical Association is an association where doctors gather.

As for the Drug Association, it is not doctors, but medicine.

The Drug Association itself is specialized in researching various drugs and prescriptions.

They are more professional than the Medical Association, and can play the role of these ten ancient prescriptions.

There is an even more dire consequence.

Frandick just said that one of the ten ancient prescriptions can extend his life.

The main reason he was retired this time was because of his body.

If he is in trouble, how can he easily retreat to the second line with his prestige in the Drug Association!

The Drug Association will continue to be held by Frandick!

If this is the case, the Medical Association will be overwhelmed by the Drug Association forever!

Then I became a sinner through the ages!

No way! Ten prescriptions must not fall into the hands of the Drug Association!

400 million!

If the 400 million yuan is not used to buy prescriptions, what can it be used for?

Suddenly, Yohan’s head turned frantically.

And after a while, he suddenly took the scene and made a decision that seemed extremely frantic!

“I will call you Mr. Cang Yue. Mr. Cang Yue, what you said is wrong. We really only have 400 million yuan left. However, I want to use the 400 million yuan to do another business with you. You What do you think?” Yohan said viciously.

This sentence made everyone stay in the room.

Janett looked at Yohan strangely, like a lunatic.

And his little friend was even more horrified, and hurriedly stopped, “Yohan! Are you crazy! We have caused irreparable losses, do you want to go it alone!”

Even Frandick doesn’t know where Yohan is emboldened, and he has to continue negotiations.

“Oh? Then I’m a little interested, you say.” Wiliam smiled.

“I use these 400 million yuan to reach an agreement with you! You are not allowed to sell ten prescriptions to anyone who sells the drug association! As long as you agree, 400 million yuan will be given away!” Yohan said hysterically.

The scene fell silent in an instant.

Janett looked at Yohan with shocked eyes!

Good guys!

It really is an old fox!

This is hitting Qishang Quan!

Both lose!

Fighting 400 million yuan, we must also stop the cooperation between Lunanica Company and the Drug Association.

On the bright side, Yohan was really bold.

But after careful analysis, this trick is extremely hot!

As long as Lunanica Company agreed to this condition, it immediately made 400 million yuan!

Moreover, since these ten ancient recipes have shocked the world so much, they have no worries about selling them.

Selling the drug association is selling, and selling to others is also selling.

Make a lot of money!

Frandick’s face sank on the spot, “Yohan! You are looking for death!”

Yohan suddenly laughed, “Yes! Anyway, it’s a fate! If I can snipe you at the last moment! I might be able to come back from a desperate situation! This bet, I will leave!”

On the phone, Wiliam’s voice was still calm, “Oh? You are so sure, I will promise you this condition?”

Yohan smiled and said: “I’m sure! Because judging from your previous layouts, you are a full-fledged businessman. The businessman is chasing profit and is justified. It’s impossible not to make money for nothing.”

Janett also nodded silently in her heart.

Wiliam is indeed such a person, almost ruthless.

Lost money in the eyes.

But Wiliam also smiled on the phone, “Really? Then I will disappoint you, please go back.”

“What!” Yohan could hardly believe what he heard.

Mr. Cang Yue unexpectedly rejected his pie that fell from the sky!

Frandick felt as if he had been beaten up with chicken blood, and suddenly became excited, “Mr. Cangyue is still clear!”

Wiliam sighed and said on the phone, “I have heard about the dispute between the Medical Association and the Drug Association. In my opinion, it is very ridiculous. There is only one reason for my refusal. The Drug Association is able to maximize the magical effects of ancient prescriptions. , To benefit the common people.”

Yohan was silly to listen directly!

This Mr. Cang Yue, from the beginning, he used to calculate step by step!

In the end, it gave me a generous avenue!

Talk to me about what benefits the common people!

What the hell!

Janett had a black line, she could not tell whether this was true justice or false kindness.

Frandick praised, “Mr. Cang Yue is a great man with great national justice and the world in his heart!”

Janett cursed secretly, if that kid had a righteous heart, he should offer a prescription for free.

Instead of playing Tai Chi in this hypocrisy.

Yohan and the others, seeing the person on the phone who could no longer be identified, put up a cruel word, and left the company in frustration.

Negotiations continue.

Frandick pondered for a moment, and said to Wiliam: “Mr. Cang Yue, you know the righteousness so well, that old man doesn’t speak falsehood. These ten prescriptions are infinitely useful. If you dare to appraise them, they are worth more than one billion. How about buying it in packages for 1.2 billion yuan?”

Janett jumped up cautiously.


One opening is 1.2 billion!

It’s so exciting!

If it is sold, Lunanica Company has made a full 2.3 billion yuan!


This money is too easy!

This Wiliam is really a genius doctor, who can actually sell such a rare prescription for so much money!

But Janett was full of excitement, and Wiliam on the phone was immediately splashed with cold water, “1.2 billion, more than one billion, let’s make a whole.”

Janett was so angry that she almost scolded his mother!

Dog stuff, you are so proud!

Two hundred million yuan will be given away after changing hands!

You don’t know the concept of 200 million yuan!

Can eat you to death for the rest of your life!

Sure enough, the money comes too easily, I don’t know how to cherish it.



Frandick was also confused, not knowing what the person on the phone was making.

He was uneasy, after all, he saw all the previous methods of this man.

I was afraid I would fall into this man’s pit again.

But Wiliam’s subsequent words made him look unlovable.

“This is 200 million yuan less, I plan to change a condition with you.” Wiliam said.

Frandick asked instinctively: “What conditions?”

Chapter 244

Janett’s ears were instantly supported.


What conditions?

What tricks is this guy going to do?

But on the phone, Wiliam smiled and said, “Pick up the phone and I will tell you.”

Frandick picked up the phone with a weird look.

Wiliam’s words came in his ears.

Hearing this, Frandick’s brow frowned on the spot.

Actually for this?

It’s just that the cost of 200 million yuan in exchange for this is not worth the gain.

The Drug Association made a lot of money.

And Janett on the side was about to scratch his heart.

You bastard!

Is there anything I can’t listen to!

Do you want to play with me again?

Was there another midgame set?

damn thing!

It’s a long time!

“Okay, I promise you. By the way, I still owe you a favor.” Frandick said in a deep voice.

Then the phone was turned on again.

Frandick was cheeky and glanced at the phone secretly, wanting to know the name of the person on the phone.

But at a glance, his face went black.

What’s this name?

Big straw bag?

Janett’s phone remarks to this amazing man turned out to be a big idiot?

If this person is a big mess, the person present is not even a scum.

Frandick couldn’t help but glanced at Janett strangely.

Janett blushed, knowing that the phone name remarks were really inappropriate.

But can she be blamed?

The various performances that the kid showed before all show that he is a very big straw bag.

Who could have imagined that these sloppy behaviors turned out to be magical in the end, becoming a series of life-threatening series of characters.

“I can sign the agreement on the spot, and the money will arrive in three days, how about it?” Frandick said to the phone.

“No question, but will it be the general meeting of your Drug Association in three days?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Frandick was taken aback, and replied: “Nothing is wrong.”

His heart was moved by Wiliam’s words.

In this general meeting, Frandick had to give up the position of chairman due to physical reasons.

But now that he has an ancient prescription that can continue his life, what’s the matter if he works for another five years?

Thinking of this, Frandick couldn’t help feeling agitated.

It’s not that he is attached to power.

The second is that he is not worried about Bernard!

Bernard is a man with poor conduct and impure thoughts.

Moreover, Frandick suspected that Bernard had already hooked up with people from the Medical Association.

If the position of the chairman falls into Bernard’s hands, the Drug Association will be completely finished.

Therefore, Frandick intends to continue to sit in the Drug Association until someone appears who can make him willing to give up his position.

On the phone, Wiliam’s voice awakened Frandick.

“Well, if you can believe my words, I will keep the ancient prescription for the time being. Three days later, I will personally attend your general meeting and send the ancient prescription.” Wiliam said.

Frandick groaned for a while and nodded, “Okay, you are so righteous, and Frandick is not afraid of you shamelessly. I’ll see you in three days.”

As Frandick said, Janett had already obtained a contract.

Frandick happily signed it, and then left Lunanica Company with someone.

As soon as the crowd left, Janett suddenly felt a sense of exhaustion.

The whole person completely collapsed on the chair.


It’s finally over.

In the past few days, Qin Jiang’s life is better than death.

Great ups and downs, great sadness and joy.

The mood has been ups and downs, and when things came to an end, she breathed a sigh of relief.


Win the heartbeat!

Lunanica Company is not dead!

The rise of Lunanica Company!

“Are you still there?” Wiliam’s voice suddenly came on the phone again, shocking Janett.

She glanced at the phone depressedly, “Hey! I’ll take care of everything for you, now you are satisfied.”

“Well, the performance is acceptable.” Wiliam gave a slight like on the phone.

Janett’s heart was fluctuating, “Who am I working hard for? Sweet for whom? After working so hard for a long time, my head is almost scorched, so you can give me a good performance?”

Too annoying!

“If you are smart enough, you should see through the whole game from the beginning, instead of asking me to remind you of the tips.” Wiliam said naturally.

Janett slapped her on the table and roared sadly, “Is there only one bastard in the world! Don’t expect me to always guess what the bastard thinks!”

“Your irregular menstruation should really be cured. Forget it, when I will treat you. You rest for a few minutes, and then hold a company senior meeting.” Wiliam said indifferently.

Janett grabbed the phone and wanted to throw it to the ground, “Your uncle has irregular menstruation! If I have irregular menstruation, you will be angry!”

Wiliam on the phone stopped talking.

Janett patted the table two times angrily, but patted her hands red.

“What high-level meeting did you just say? Is this necessary?” Janett couldn’t help but ask if she was a very responsible person.

“Well, it is necessary. The matter is not over yet.” Wiliam said.

“What else? Isn’t it all over?” Janett was too lazy to use his brains at the moment.

Anyway, I can’t guess the bastard.

“What’s the end? What is the end? Do you know what you need to understand? Some finishing work still needs to be handled. Let you relax and I will take care of it myself. After the notice, I will have a meeting in half an hour. I will go to the company now. Oh, yes, call That Liu Qiandao, Chen Lin, and Gu Zhiling also join in.” Wiliam said.

Janett suddenly became ill.

To get rid of the outside must first settle inside.

This kid, is it about to start to reform the old, the blade is inward!


I should have thought long ago that this kid’s plan is too much, if he doesn’t get rid of the rebels, how can he be at ease!

On the phone, Wiliam explained a few more things.

Janett agreed to Wiliam and hung up the phone angrily.

She felt smoke from her head.

How many nursing homes have been bombed in the previous life to stand up such an irritating bastard!

As Janett arranged the meeting, the company oscillated again.

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin happened to be together. When they received the notice of attending the conference, they were all excited!

This is a company executive meeting!

Usually they are not even eligible to participate!

Now, I was actually notified to attend the conference!

What does this show?

It shows that the company is now hiring people, so we value them, and the future will definitely be bright!

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin were full of excitement, but they didn’t even know what happened to the company.

They thought the company was dying.

The two hurried towards the company, but when they arrived at the company’s gate, Liu Qiandao saw a person walking towards him.

Liu Qiandao’s eyes immediately became mocking.

“Oh, isn’t this the former president of our company? Why? I was chased away without giving up, so I came back to petition?”

Chapter 245

The person who came on was Wiliam.

When Wiliam saw Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin, he smiled, “Ho ho, how can we not meet each other in life?”

Liu Qiandao saw Wiliam, not to mention how good he was.

The humiliation Wiliam imposed on him before has completely recovered his place!

Now, I am a winner!

And this bastard, not only was ousted from office, but also paid a huge sum of money from the company.

Now, in front of him, what kind of face does this kid have to play with?

“Ho ho, I don’t know the former president came here, what’s the so-called?” Liu Qiandao deliberately bit the former president.

“Oh, come and clean up some rubbish.” Wiliam said casually.

In his eyes, the two people in front of him are rubbish.

However, after Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin listened, they laughed wildly, “Hahaha, clean up the trash? Have you been hired by Mr. Zhang to be a cleaner again? Hahaha, Mr. Zhang’s trick is amazing!”

Chen Lin stared at Wiliam and said mockingly: “Ho ho, I was still playing prestige in front of me before, now, the two of us are going to attend the company’s high-level meeting soon, and you can only clean. Rubbish, interesting.”

Wiliam shook his head and walked inside.

Just when he passed by Liu Qiandao, he whispered in his ear: “Would you like to tell you another secret? Do you know who asked you to attend the high-level meeting? It’s me.”

After speaking, Wiliam has already entered the company.

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin looked at each other, and suddenly laughed again, “This guy is still immersed in his identity as the president and can’t extricate himself. It’s really sad. A person who has been fired, I feel a little sympathetic to him. Do you think he can’t stand the blow and become crazy?”

The two of them laughed and followed Wiliam, inevitably another cynicism along the way.

The elevator goes straight to the meeting room.

When they got out of the elevator, another person appeared in front of them.

Chen Lin couldn’t help but snorted coldly when she saw this person.

A cold and lonely figure stood in front of them.

Gu Zhiling, who used to be so invincible, has lost a lot of weight these days.

The whole person is thin and cold, with an unspeakable burial temperament.

Chen Lin hated Gu Zhiling in her heart!

“Sister Gu? Oh, you have lost a lot of weight. Why, have you not eaten enough to sleep lately? Oh, yes, your scandal with this garbage has spread all over the sky, hahaha, how can you sleep? Where are you now?” Chen Lin said strangely.

Gu Zhiling didn’t care about Chen Lin, but looked at Wiliam, “What are you doing back?”

Wiliam smiled at Gu Zhiling, and said casually: “Come back, I will give you an explanation.”

Chen Lin laughed again after hearing this, “Hahaha, you guys and dogs, you can have this day, it’s all on your own! I didn’t expect that you are still in love. Would you like me to take a photo of you and post it on the Internet? ?”

Gu Zhiling glanced at Chen Lin in disgust.

She already knew that the photo that drove her to hell was taken secretly by Chen Lin.

“Sister Gu, you can’t blame me. I reminded you before that you are unkind and I am unrighteous. Now that you deserve it, you just wait to be hidden by the company! And I, I want to join the company. The high-level meeting of Qiandao. Qiandao, let’s go, and seeing this couple of dogs, I am afraid that my eyes will be dirty.” Chen Lin vigorously pulled Liu Qiandao and walked towards the meeting room.

Gu Zhiling and Wiliam stood opposite each other, silent.

“It’s been hard these past few days.” Wiliam said to her.

Gu Zhiling shook his head, “You’d better go. You will be ridiculed by everyone if you appear in the company now.”

Wiliam patted her shoulder, “Go, let’s go to the meeting room.”

“You? Are you going to the meeting too?” Gu Zhiling was taken aback.

Lu Yezhen answered, but just walked forward.

Pushing open the door of the conference room, there were more than twenty pairs of eyes inside, all cast over.

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin are already seated.

Although they are sitting in the last position, they are still elated and have a kind of pride that leap into the dragon gate.

But when they saw Wiliam, Liu Qiandao stood up with a splash, his face was full of anger, “Well, you kid! Why don’t you go and clean your trash, why are you here! I just talked to you politely just to show your face? Already? Get out!”

Chen Lin also stood up and sarcastically said: “Someone, can’t you see your position now?”

The audience cast doubtful and angry eyes on him.

Except for two people.


Janett looked at Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao amusedly, thinking, you two, who are they, can’t see your status?

Are you here for the meeting today?

Ho ho, this is a Hong Men Banquet.

And there is another person, Zhang Tianming.

Zhang Tianming frowned when Wiliam came over.

In his heart, he began to feel uneasy.

Although I don’t know why Wiliam appeared here.

But the deeds of Janett breaking the game one by one before, lingered in Zhang Tianming’s head.

There are many traces of this kid’s existence.

Now that he has appeared, there must be nothing good!

Gu Zhiling also walked into the meeting room.

Seeing her, everyone’s eyes were full of joking.

evil. Husband. The wife appeared together.

A beautiful flower was inserted on a tuft of cow dung.

A fresh Chinese cabbage is so good that a pig has gotten it.

Now infamous, regret it.

Janett suddenly sighed when he saw Gu Zhiling’s current appearance.

Originally, Janett didn’t like Gu Zhiling very much.

Because she is too domineering, she doesn’t know how high the sky is.

But now seeing her like this, Janett felt pity in her heart.

It was all caused by that little bastard.

The same is the end of the world.

Janett walked to Gu Zhiling’s side and smiled at her, “You are here, sit with me.”

Gu Zhiling glanced at Janett weirdly, without speaking.

Janett took her little hand and whispered as she walked: “I have seen your performance in the movie. You are the only qualified actor. Let’s reconcile.”

Gu Zhiling seemed to think of the humiliation and unwillingness of more than twenty days, his eyes were red, but he lowered his head.

The proud queen, bowed her head.

When the two were seated, Janett said: “Since everyone is here, let’s start the meeting.”

“Wait, Qin, someone shouldn’t be standing here, right?” Liu Qiandao pointed to Wiliam and said.

Wiliam seemed to realize it suddenly, and said as he walked, “Oh yes, I shouldn’t be standing.”

Then, in full view, he sat on the main seat with the highest position in the audience!

Chapter 246

The audience was shocked when Wiliam sat!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and the flames in their eyes burst out.

Liu Qiandao flushed even more with anger, and cursed, “What are you looking for? You really think of yourself as the president! You are just a dog who was kicked out! Don’t get out of here!”

There were countless verbal abuses.

After all, Wiliam actually took the main seat!

This is going to be above Janett!

But Janett patted the table at this time and said, “Be quiet!”

She glanced at Wiliam angrily.

This kid, speaking and doing things, depends on his temperament!

Completely ignore the feelings of others!

I’m going to slap my hands all day today!

Janett controlled the audience, and then said in a cold voice: “The seat is just a form. What can it represent? As for why he is here today, I will give you a satisfactory explanation later. Let’s have a meeting now.”

Everyone glared at Wiliam angrily before giving up.

Janett said: “Let’s talk about the first thing first, and take stock of our harvest this time. We made a total of 2.1 billion yuan this time.”

With a word of Janett, the scene of holding it down was overturned again!

Everyone looked at Janett with shock!

Many people here only know that Lunanica Company made 1.1 billion yuan.

They didn’t even get involved in the latter things.

Unexpectedly, I made another billion yuan later!

How long has it been!

This money is too much money!

2.1 billion yuan!

For Lunanica Company, this is two or three years of performance!

Unexpectedly, in just a few days, it surpassed any previous year’s revenue!


Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao looked at each other, their eyes full of shock!

They had never participated in any operations before and knew nothing about them.

In their impression, Lunanica Company is still precarious.

Unexpectedly, Lunanica Company had bottomed out to such a terrifying level!

In their eyes, there is not only shock, but also infinite surprises!

Lunanica Company does not fall, but rises!

For them, it is even more of a great opportunity!

Make a profit!

Gu Zhiling’s body trembled, but he looked at Wiliam at a glance.


This storm has brought such huge profits to the company.

It’s just a pity, is it at the expense of me?

I seem to be the most failed person…

Thinking of this, Gu Zhiling’s brows darkened, and he bit his lower lip in silence.

“Oh no. To calculate it accurately, the 500 million equity that Wiliam paid to you and 100 million Yuan compensation to the company. In this case, it is 1.5 billion yuan.” Janett again rigorously Said.

When everyone heard it, they immediately retorted, “President Qin! This is the company’s money! Why should Wiliam compensate the company for 100 million yuan! Why is our company paying for him! You are selfish!”

Everyone pointed their fingers at Wiliam.

Janett said jokingly, “I will explain this one by one later.”

Those shareholders, another thing came to mind at this time.

Even if the company makes 1.5 billion yuan, what does it have to do with the people present?

They have sold all the equity.

Thinking of this, the eyes of those people were red, and some of them stared at Zhang Tianming viciously!

Another part of the people has already started to coax three points unreasonably, “Mr. Qin, we were confused for a while and let the company buy back the equity. We were instigated by a traitor. This is not true. We need to invalidate the previous agreement. , Re-holding equity.”

This sentence was recognized by the audience.

But Janett couldn’t help but sneered.

Good you white-eyed wolves.

When the company’s building is about to fall, you all wisely withdraw one by one.

There are not even a few people who have fallen into trouble.


Now that the company has improved, are you back again?

What about your faces!

Had it not been for Wiliam’s magical calculations, Lunanica Company would have been wiped out by your group of rebels.

“I want to buy back the equity, okay, buy it back at ten times the price.” Janett seemed to be accustomed to the lion’s open mouth, ten times as soon as he opened his mouth, bluffing the whole audience.

Even when she said it, she felt like she was Meng Lang.

She gave Wiliam a shy look.

It’s all this bastard, everything should be killed.

I have given up my appetite.

The shareholders stomped with anger.

But what can be done?

It is they who are ruthless and unreasonable first.

Moreover, the agreement is in black and white, and it must not be faked.

They have nothing to say because of emotion and reason.

But at this time, Zhang Tianming said in a cold voice: “President Qin, I think we’d better stay as a human being. The people here are the mainstays of the company, and many of them are Kai Chao veterans. If you do this, will it be cold? Your heart?”

“If everyone resigns together, it will be a more fatal loss for the company.”

When Zhang Tianming said this, he was very aggrieved.

Not to mention the loss of equity, he was listed as the number one enemy by everyone.

All the previous wins showed signs of falling apart at this moment.

If he doesn’t come forward and say something, his influence in the company will be completely disintegrated.

When everyone heard Zhang Tianming’s words, they immediately supported them.

All of a sudden, there were overwhelming shouts on the court.

Ask the company to return the equity to them again.

Janett frowned when she saw this scene.

This was something she didn’t expect.

As Zhang Tianming said, although these people are unbearable, they are still the veterans of the company.

If you really do it too terribly, it won’t sound good to spread out.

Janett couldn’t help looking at Wiliam and asked, “What do you think?”

The scene of Janett’s request fell in the eyes of everyone, and their clamor became louder.

“President Qin, why would you ask someone who has already been dismissed for such an important matter?”

“You are now the president of our company, don’t you want to avoid responsibility?”

Liu Qiandao relied on the position of the majority, and said in a weird manner: “President Qin, he is already a useless person, let alone asking his opinion, he doesn’t even have the qualifications to sit here!”

But at this time, Wiliam smiled and spoke.

There is only one sentence, the sound is cold everywhere!

“Prepare twenty resignation agreements.”

The anger of everyone was suddenly ignited!

This bastard wants to expel everyone from the company!

What is he?

Janett was also shocked by Wiliam.

This expulsion caused the company to be completely injured and vigorous!


Dilemma, front and back.

Janett’s head suddenly got bigger and couldn’t help but pat the table again!

“What to shout! Don’t you want to know why he is here!”

“Didn’t you ask what he has the qualifications to point fingers?”

“I will give you an explanation now!”

“He is indeed no longer the president of the company, but he is now the company!”

“The largest shareholder!”

“90% shareholding!”

Chapter 247

“What!” The people on the scene were dumbfounded when they heard Janett’s words!

Wiliam turned out to be the company’s largest shareholder!

Also holds 90% of the shares!

how can that be!

The eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam were filled with endless chill.

Zhang Tianming said coldly: “Ms. Qin, what do you mean! Are you trying to give up our company to a waste! What he did before is boring, do you still want to protect him!”

Janett sneered and said: “Kiddy? He needs me to be my guardian? Didn’t you ask me why I had to pay back 100 million yuan for Wiliam? Then I’ll tell you too, the company’s net profit is 1.5 billion yuan. It’s not the company’s money, but it’s all owned by Wiliam!”

This sentence broke the audience again.

The scene was full of accusations and scolding.

This has moved everyone’s cheese!

“President Qin, if you don’t tell us well today, we won’t let you go!” Zhang Tianming was completely torn!

He doesn’t care that these billion yuan belong to Wiliam, what he cares about is that Wiliam actually returned to the company!

And if Wiliam is in charge of the company’s major equity, then he can’t stay in the company at all!

“Come on one by one. First of all, explain the equity issue. Do you think that your previous equity was sold to the company? Hoho, you don’t want to think about where the company’s money came from? So, this equity is all from me. It was purchased instead of Wiliam.” Janett explained one by one.

“Also, the reason why you can make money this time, everyone knows it is because there are ten rare ancient recipes in our “Big Doctor” movie, and those people are all for the ancient recipes. And these ancient recipes are all Lu The 1.5 billion yuan provided by Ye naturally belongs to Wiliam.”

The people at the scene all got goose bumps.

If what Janett said is true, it would be terrible!

This Wiliam, with ten ancient prescriptions, the empty glove white wolf!

Not only did they buy all their equity, but they also made so much money personally!

Zhang Tianming stood up directly and was about to start to entangle himself, “Mr. Qin, you said that the ten ancient recipes belonged to Wiliam? We don’t believe it!”

Janett had already prepared and asked someone to bring a stack of materials immediately, and then threw the materials on the table.

“Let’s take a look at yourself. You may have known before that Wiliam asked the company to ask for the script and said that he wanted to modify the script. The above is the script he modified.” Janett said coldly.

This stack is the script.

It is the script modified by Wiliam himself.

Before, Janett, like everyone else, thought that this kid was a layman instructing professionals.

Janett only understood just now.

What Wiliam modified was not the plot, but the lines.

Lines about the prescription.

This revised script has become an ironclad proof of Wiliam’s merit!

Everyone didn’t believe in evil, so they went to the script immediately.

Until they saw the content of the script, they all sat back like they had been struck by lightning!

The script was really changed by Wiliam!

Randomly changed those places and sold 2.1 billion yuan.

One word is not an exaggeration!

“Furthermore, Wiliam was personally responsible for the editing of the later stage of the film. He took care of everything himself, and only then has the miraculous effect today. This money naturally belongs to Wiliam.” Janett finally set the tone. Tao.

The people at the scene were speechless.

Because there is no refutation at all.

And Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin on the side were completely bloodless!

Wiliam, he came back again!

And as an emperor, ascended to Cang Yue!

Thanks to the two of them, just now they kept saying that Wiliam was rubbish!

What now!

Who is waste?

Fortunately, they are still showing off in front of Wiliam, now they are the company’s senior!

What now!

What’s the use of the higher level!

Who can be higher than Wiliam!

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin glanced at each other, their eyes filled with shock and misery.

Wiliam was ridiculed in front of the whole company just now, but he was silent.

What is the end of waiting for yourself?

This high-level meeting that should have been honored, now in the eyes of both of them, has become a Shura society!

Wiliam’s ruling butcher knife would be swung at both of them at any time!

Waiting, and the unknown, like two sharp blades, hung coldly on their two heads!

But this kind of waiting will not be too late.

Janett has fixed his eyes on the two of them, and said coldly: “Chen Lin! Liu Qiandao! Do you know why you are attending today’s meeting?”

The two shook their heads stupidly. At this moment, how dare they say that they are the top of the company.

“President Lu called you over.” Janett’s words once again shocked their minds!

Wiliam told Liu Qiandao the truth before, how can Liu Qiandao believe it.

Now, neither believe nor believe it!

Everything is Wiliam!

Liu Qiandao felt like a worm in front of Wiliam!

Wiliam made himself a dragon, and then he turned into a dragon!

Wiliam let himself be annihilated, and he fell into hell!

For the first time, Liu Qiandao felt that in front of Wiliam, despite his 18 martial arts, the opponent didn’t even need to use a finger.

I lost myself.

“You two, you offended President Lu just now! You know what to do!” Janett shouted again.

Liu Qiandao’s legs trembled and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent.

It seems that there is no such thing as Liu Qiandao in his heart.


Because of the difference between the two people!

Wiliam didn’t argue with himself just now, and faced his humiliation indifferently.

Not because of him.

It’s because of his disdain.

Summer insects can’t talk about ice!

Jing Wa knows the sky!

Liu Qiandao laughed sadly and wanted to apologize to Wiliam, but couldn’t say a word of apology.

Chen Lin bends down and bows continuously, her voice trembling, “Mr. Lu! I’m sorry! I have no eyes! I don’t know what is good or what is wrong! You let me go, OK! I will never dare to dare again. I offend you!”

Wiliam glanced at Chen Lin slightly, and said, “Your business will naturally end together later.”

He looked at the audience again, “Is anyone still resigning?”

The scene was silent.

Wiliam counterattacked perfectly, with the domineering style of returning home.

The company is completely under his control.

Now that he resigns, can he still threaten him?

All this is to blame Zhang Tianming!

Everyone glared at Zhang Tianming again!

Zhang Tianming was extremely unwilling.

Why did it become like this after designing everything by yourself!

It’s like making a wedding dress for others!

He couldn’t help saying again: “Wiliam, it’s too unethical for you to do this! Now that the money the company makes this time is in your pocket, then for the company, the reputation of the company is already bad and it is still in crisis. In! How do you explain this! You are stepping on the company and sucking blood!”

Wiliam knew that Zhang Tianming would say this for a long time, and he smiled slightly, “The company’s reputation is bad? That’s right, so let’s start with restoring a person’s reputation.”

“Gu Zhiling, I said before that I want to give you an explanation, you are optimistic!”

Wiliam snapped his fingers casually.

Chapter 248

Gu Zhiling had been bowing his head, feeling very sad.

Wiliam was suddenly called now, and instinctively raised his head.

And everyone looked at Wiliam blankly.

The scandal between Gu Zhiling and Wiliam has already raged on the Internet.

She can be said to be notorious.

Gu Zhiling accounts for more than half of the company’s reputation.

Now, Wiliam actually said that Gu Zhiling’s reputation could be restored?

And as Wiliam snapped his fingers, the LED screens behind everyone lit up.

A picture appeared again.

This photo is a picture of Wiliam and Gu Zhiling hugging together.

This is also the source of Gu Zhiling’s notoriety.

Gu Zhiling flushed when he saw this photo.

He scolded Wiliam in his heart.

When is it all, I still took out this photo, is this to humiliate me?

But Wiliam said casually: “Let’s start here. Next one.”

The photo was cut immediately, and a video appeared on the screen again.

Seeing this video, Gu Zhiling’s eyes shrank!

She actually stood up directly from the chair and looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

And there was an uproar at the scene!

This video is also a scene of Wiliam hugging Gu Zhiling!

Zhang Tianming looked at Chen Lin sternly.

Chen Lin hurriedly waved her hand and motioned that she did not make this video.

After watching the video, everyone was dull.

In the video, Wiliam and Gu Zhiling are embracing wrong.

However, from the video, it can be clearly seen that the hug of the two people, separated by one body, is tightly touching the shoulders together.

It feels like it’s a stop.

What made everyone even more incredible was that their hug lasted for a few seconds, and then Wiliam separated and said, “Then, happy cooperation.”

Happy cooperation?

Everyone immediately remembered that when Wiliam had a meeting for the first time, everyone suggested that Gu Zhiling should be the starring player, but Wiliam suppressed it.

And this video does not mean that Wiliam and Gu Zhiling hugged it only because of the film cooperation!

the truth!

This is the truth!

Gu Zhiling has nothing to do with Wiliam!

With this video alone, you can completely wash away the stains on the ancient Ling’s body!

Gu Zhiling’s eyes were red instantly!


This is the innocence she wants!

She doesn’t speak, doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel wronged!

This belated truth and innocence gave her a kind of excitement.

Janett sighed as she looked at the emotional Gu Zhiling.

Gu Zhiling, Gu Zhiling, you were still fooled by Wiliam.

This video, from the shooting point of view, is in his office.

Therefore, you hug, he designed it a long time ago.

These days, I have wronged you.

I don’t know why this bastard is so cruel!

Willing to let a beautiful and flowery woman bear such a big humiliation and blow!

Black-hearted bastard!

“So, I think that the previous photo was just taken out of context by someone, so I can’t take it seriously.” Wiliam said casually.

Everyone looked at Chen Lin.

Chen Lin got goose bumps all over.

With this video here, that photo of myself instantly became unbearable from justice!

The meaning of Wiliam’s words clearly meant that Chen Lin would record a major crime for all the defamation of Lunanica Company!

With a plop, Chen Lin directly knelt on the ground, and shouted hysterically at Gu Zhiling: “Sister Gu, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, it was my bastard! You should not be slandered!”

Gu Zhiling glanced at Chen Lin with flushed eyes, and did not care about her.

At this moment, only Wiliam was in Gu Zhiling’s eyes.

This man who brought her a lot of suffering, but pulled her to stand up strong.

Is he a devil or an angel…

At this moment, Gu Zhiling felt that his heart had been pried open.

A man walked through the cracks, radiant and brave.

Zhang Tianming glared at Chen Lin fiercely, and he was about to scold his mother!

Unexpectedly, it was really pulled back by Wiliam!

Good you Wiliam!

It turns out that you laid this trap a long time ago, just waiting for us to jump!


This is just a small innocence, and it is nothing for the entire company!

“Gu Zhiling seems to have been wronged this time. It is of course the best to be able to prove his innocence. But I want to say that a video alone is probably just a drop in the bucket for the taint of our entire company.” Zhang Tianming said again.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, Mr. Zhang always considers things comprehensively. But don’t worry, there will be more later.”

Wiliam casually pointed, and another video appeared on the screen.

This is a few minutes of shooting the big doctor movie.

Seeing this tidbit, Gu Zhiling’s tears couldn’t help anymore, and fell down.

Janett looked at Gu Zhiling next to him distressedly, took her into her arms, and gently patted her on the shoulder, “It’s alright, don’t cry. That broken heart man, slap you. , Give you another date, you have to see the essence.”

Everyone looked at this video and fell into endless silence.

This video is some details during the shooting of Gu Zhiling.

The details fully demonstrate how hard Gu Zhiling is.

Carefully memorize the lines, mark the script with pens of various colors, and draw full.

Where to use what tone and where to use what body language.

Every detail amplifies Gu Zhiling’s seriousness and hard work as an actor.

Seeing the second half of the video, the people on the scene swallowed a mouthful of saliva, no longer seeing the previous hostility in their eyes.

Full of sadness and sympathy.

Feel sympathy for Gu Zhiling.

In the second half of the video, Gu Zhiling was humiliated by the ten people, but with tears in his eyes, he silently endured and continued to concentrate on filming the movie.

Throughout the tidbits, Gu Zhiling did not cry out bitter or tired.

There are only serious, hardworking, persistent, and pitiful.

There is only one thought in everyone’s hearts.

In the entire “Big Doctor” movie, only Gu Zhiling can be called a qualified actor!

She is the only flash in the whole movie!

Such a beautiful and hardworking actor should not be misunderstood and slandered.

Everyone who scolded her owed her an apology!

Seeing this video, Gu Zhiling once again recalled the sadness of that time.

She thought that this kind of unforgettable suffering was the only one to bear and know about it.

But what made her burst into tears was that all this was secretly recorded by Wiliam called someone.

This man knows all his suffering.

Wiliam, I have endured a lot of slander and frustration.

Next, please, follow your promise!

Give me the most brilliant section! The most shocking Nirvana rebirth!

Chapter 249

“Let’s put these two videos out. It’s time for Gu Zhiling to be innocent and fair.” Wiliam said.

Janett nodded, and immediately called someone to do it.

Others have a heavy look, but they have to admit that releasing the video at this time has the effect of reviving the reputation of Gu Zhiling and the entire Lunanica Company.

No reason.

Those who only swear all over the Internet owe Gu Zhiling an apology!

The word-of-mouth of the whole movie brought by Gu Zhiling has a certain degree of redemption.

This hand is wonderful!

Zhang Tianming was so angry that he was about to rise up!

Unexpectedly, I have been deliberately designing for so long, but in Wiliam’s hands, the understatement would be resolved!

He was depressed, and suddenly heard Wiliam say: “Zhang, is there anything else you want to say?”

Zhang Tianming’s face became stiff.

What else to say?

What can you say?

Say something to yourself, the opponent punched.

Say a fart!

Zhang Tianming smiled and said: “There is nothing to say, I said so much just now, it is also for the good of the company, President Lu just don’t blame it.”

“Well, for the good of the company, I naturally won’t blame it, but if you are unpredictable, I will have to cross you.” Wiliam said.

Zhang Tianming raised his eyebrows, and Se Ling Nei said: “What do you mean, President Lu?”

“What do you mean, I just want to ask you, where did you go to the hundreds of millions of dollars left by the company?” Wiliam asked.

Janett frowned!


That’s hundreds of millions of dollars!

Originally, the company still had some liquidity, but it was misappropriated to an ambiguous project because someone did not know what it used.

This person is Zhang Tianming!

It was this money that almost destroyed the entire Lunanica Company!

Zhang Tianming’s face turned pale, and he forcibly defended: “How do I know this?”

“You don’t know? Then do Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin know?” Wiliam asked again.

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin looked at each other, and at this time they could only bite the bullet and deny them.

Lu Yehehe smiled, making the three people feel chills.

What do you want, this kid!

Zhang Tianming’s heart almost jumped out.

The hundreds of millions of dollars was indeed embezzled by him, but he asked Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin to make the move.

Temporarily move this money to a fund to put it in for two or three days.

The purpose is to draw a salary from the bottom of the tank, so that Janett can’t get back to life.

How could I think that Janett and Wiliam joined forces to bring the company back to life.

He had asked Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin to recover the money a few days ago.

But I don’t know why, the money has been stuck in the fund and has not been transferred back.

It’s not bad now, when Wiliam asked in front of so many people, he became a target of public criticism!

No way!

Absolutely can’t recognize it!

Wiliam can’t have evidence!

But at this time, Wiliam said, “Do you know why you can’t transfer this money back?”

The sudden questioning made these three people’s eyelids jump wildly!

“What can’t you turn it back? I don’t know what you are talking about?” Zhang Tianming pretended to be confused.

Wiliam smiled, “Because, this money was held by me.”

“What!” Rao was Zhang Tianming, an old fox, and he was flabbergasted on the spot by Wiliam’s question after another.

“Well, I held the money.” Wiliam said again, “As for what happened, let me ask someone to explain it.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, a man opened the door of the conference room and walked in.

Seeing this man, someone immediately recognized him, “Isn’t this young man Chen Dongbai from Beifeng Fund?”

The person here is Chen Dongbai!

Chen Dongbai came in and greeted Wiliam respectfully, and then said: “This is how it happened. A few days ago, another sub-fund of our fund suddenly received a list from Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao. The total is five hundred and sixty million. Wiliam and I are friends. I told him the first time that he asked me to hold the money first and pay it back today.”

Chen Dongbai’s words made Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao dumbfounded on the spot!

What is shooting yourself in the foot!

This is it!


The money can be transferred to Wiliam’s friends when it goes around!

However, this cannot be blamed on both of them.

They wanted to deposit in the bank, but Zhang Tianming scolded a stupid pig how to deposit in the bank.

Then they stepped back to find a fund.

The Beifeng Fund cooperated with Genuine Care Medical Center a while ago, and it has faintly become the first fund in Q City ( Qena City ).

Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao want to transfer money, so naturally they are looking for a reliable fund. If you look at it this way, Beifeng Fund is naturally the first choice.

What they had never imagined was that Chen Dongbai and Wiliam were actually good friends!

“Oh, right, isn’t the North Wind Fund also one of the sponsorship rights you gave away some time ago?” Janett suddenly slapped her head!

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “It’s wrong.”

Janett suddenly looked at Wiliam with amazement.

This kid, yes!

Before he gave out sponsorship rights for free, which became his biggest stain.

Now I actually use the help of one of the sponsorship rights to completely wash myself!

Now, who would dare to blame Wiliam Wu Brain for giving out sponsorship rights?

If no Chen Dongbai came out to speak, the company’s money might be ruined!

“Chen Lin! Liu Qiandao! You two! So courageous! To embezzle the company’s money privately!” The shareholders became furious.

Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao were shocked, and looked at Zhang Tianming instinctively.

Janett sneered, “Where does the authority of the two little ants come from? So, Mr. Zhang, would you like to explain?”

Zhang Tianming felt like something was broken in his heart.

With this move, Wiliam completely forced himself into a desperate situation!

“I have notified the Legal Department that someone will come and take away the three of them in a moment to cooperate with the audit and inspection. If nothing else, you will stay in jail for a few years,” Wiliam said lightly.

Chen Lin cried out with a wow, her regretful intestines were all green!

She originally thought that she was going to make a fortune, but now, the slightest benefit is not reaped!

And ended up in jail!

“Zhang Tianming, Liu Qiandao, you two killed me! I fought with you!” She scratched Liu Qiandao’s face like a splash.

Liu Qiandao was immediately scratched with blood dripping, and his anger suddenly rose!

“You crazy woman! You are looking for death! If it wasn’t because you saved me by coincidence! If you didn’t say that there was a photo of Wiliam that killed Wiliam, how could I cooperate with you, and it is impossible to take you to see Mr. Zhang!” Liu Qiandao gave Chen Lin a hard kick.

Zhang Tianming stood by, instantly like falling into an ice cellar!

These two wastes!

In a few words, the crime was recognized!

Now, if you refuse to admit defeat, it will not work…

At this time, Wiliam looked at the three of them amusedly, and shook his head, “The three of you, do you really think it was a coincidence that you came across a conspiracy?”

Chapter 250

When Chen Lin and Liu Qiandao heard this, their heads buzzed!

They looked at each other in disbelief, their eyes full of horror.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the three of them met together?

Could it be that Wiliam arranged all of this?

Liu Qiandao instantly remembered what happened with Chen Lin.

At that time, he was beaten up by Tigger ‘s mad brother and others, and he was completely stunned.

Fortunately, they saved Liu Qiandao’s life and drove him out.

At that time, Liu Qiandao thought that Wiliam had asked someone to throw him into the company’s underground garage, so that he would be ashamed of the company’s employees.

It was at that time that he met Chen Lin!

But what Chen Lin was thinking at the moment was that Wiliam deliberately let her take that picture of hugging!

He deliberately left a handle for her.

At that time, she was fired again, angrily.

Thinking about it now, if I was fired, could it be that Wiliam created it all!

After being expelled, he ran into Liu Qiandao, who was undecided in the basement.

The two hit it off.

Liu Qiandao and Chen Lin felt their hairs stand up!

Fortunately, they were so crying before, thinking that together, the world is invincible!

How could I think that all of this was done deliberately by Wiliam.

The three of them were deliberately united together to give birth to so many incidents!

He wanted to kill someone with the knife!

Then after killing people, we started to unload the mill and kill the donkey!

What a cruel person!

Zhang Tianming was even more shocked that his legs were soft.

There are people with such deep intentions in the world!

Every step I take is actually under the other’s hint, intentionally or unintentionally!

Zhang Tianming did several things in this operation.

The first thing is to encourage shareholders to sell their equity, and now they lose their money!

The second thing is to send out a lot of movie invitation letters in order to distort the reputation of Lunanica Company!

It was these invitation letters that brought Yohan and Frandick to the door!

The third thing is the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars from the company.

These hundreds of millions of dollars have now become their own shackles!

Everything he did was within Wiliam’s calculations!

Zhang Tianming looked at Wiliam imperceptibly, and let out a miserable laugh, “I lost, I lost.”

Chen Lin immediately rushed to Wiliam’s face, crying hysterically, “Mr. Lu, I used to be wrong! Will you spare me a dog! I don’t want to go to jail!”

Liu Qiandao also rushed over and knelt down together, “Mr. Lu, I shouldn’t offend you. Will you let me go?”

Zhang Tianming looked at these two ridiculous people and shook his head.

Can Wiliam spare the three of them?

how can that be!

He was deliberately trying to get us in one pot!

Zhang Tianming began to wink frantically at those shareholders.

After all, most of the people in it belonged to him.

Those people looked at Zhang Tianming, all faceless.

Who dares to plead for Zhang Tianming at this time, this is simply looking for death!

“Take it with you.” Wiliam said casually.

Janett called a few security guards and took the three of them down.

Wiliam looked around again this time, and everyone was silent.

Wiliam’s action is not an exaggeration.

Now that they have lost their equity, what else is there to make a decision with Wiliam.

The happy days are gone forever.

From then on, they could only behave at the feet of Wiliam with their heads down.

“Wiliam, now we have to discuss how to develop in the future.” Janett finally recovered from the shock and said to Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded, rubbed his temples, closed his eyes and said, “Do you have any suggestions?”

Janett sorted out his thoughts and said: “This time the movie is released, after all, it has caused us a very serious impact on word-of-mouth. In the future, I am afraid we can no longer make movies.”

Wiliam said casually: “Then don’t shoot, after all, we are not professional.”

Janett had a black line.

Black-hearted guy, your face is not red and heartbeat when you say this!

“So our focus should still be on the training of actors and celebrities.” Qin Jiang continued after slandering.

Wiliam couldn’t comment, “Well, what you said is wrong.”

“Then next step, let’s see what ideas are there?” Janett finally solicited everyone’s opinions.

The people below looked at each other.

Finally, someone stood up and said sadly: “This incident, on the surface, seems to have benefited from Lunanica Company. But in fact, we have suffered heavy losses!”

Someone immediately agreed: “Yeah, Gu Zhiling’s reputation couldn’t be slowed down all of a sudden, and we sold ten actors all at once, and now all the actors in the company are panicked. If this goes on, sooner or later, the actors will have resources. It will collapse.”

After hearing this, Janett nodded and sighed and said: “This time, after all, it will be a wound. But this is also considered to be scraping and treating poison. Don’t pull out some tumors, our company It will never get better. The necessary pain is inevitable.”

After Janett finished speaking, she glanced at Wiliam strangely!

She discovered an extremely shocking fact!

When she first met Wiliam, she told Wiliam that the internals of this company are very complicated, so let him be careful.

After this turmoil, the company’s biggest cancer headed by Zhang Tianming was uprooted!

This is also one of Wiliam’s goals!

Wiliam felt Janett’s unusual eyes, and smiled, “Go on.”

Janett swallowed, and she was a little afraid to look directly at Wiliam.

I was afraid that he would see through his mind and then be played in the palm of his hand.

She finally said: “At present, we urgently need an actor to be the fixing star! Stabilize the actors in the company and show a positive image to the outside world. This matter cannot be delayed.”

Wiliam nodded, “That’s right.”

“But, originally this fixing star, Gu Zhiling would be the most suitable. Now she may not be able to keep up with this point. Think about it, is there any more famous star in the company who can take on this important task? “Janett asked again.

Gu Zhiling on the side darkened his eyebrows and remained silent.

Everyone chatted and discussed a lot, and finally found that, except for Gu Zhiling, everyone else was embarrassed.

Janett sighed, feeling irritable.

But she inadvertently glanced at Wiliam, and found that Wiliam’s eyes were clear and seemingly confident.

This kind of gaze that grasps the globality is really terrifying.

Janett couldn’t help but asked angrily: “Have you already figured out who you want to use?”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Yes, you asked everyone for their opinions, but you didn’t ask me. I have already chosen someone.”

Janett was about to ask who it was. At this moment, a gentle and sunny voice came from the door.

“Fixed star? Why, I’ll be it.”


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