Dragon Husband Chapter 251-260

Everyone followed the prestige.

I don’t know when, a person was already standing at the door.

A suffocating beauty!

She wore a simple white T-shirt with a pair of straight and tight jeans to wrap her figure tightly.

Those slender and straight long legs made everyone startled.

She was still carrying a black handbag in her left hand, which seemed to be in the dust, and came directly.

Even though she was tired from running around, there was a gentle smile on her face.

Seeing this person, the people at the scene almost stood up, and everyone’s eyes flashed brightly!

Janett shouted in disbelief: “Li Chunfeng!”

The person here is Li Chunfeng!

Li Chunfeng carried the handbag, turned her beautiful eyes, as if she gave Wiliam a blank look, and then Shi Shiran walked in.

She threw the bag in her hand on the ground and sat down on an empty chair beside Wiliam, smiling and saying, “Hello everyone, I’m Li Chunfeng.”

Everyone was shocked and couldn’t say a word.

Li Chunfeng, why did you come here?

Also, what did she just say?

Will she be the star?

Could it be!

Wiliam glanced at Li Chunfeng amused, and said, “It’s a bit late.”

Li Chunfeng’s face was cold, and he groaned: “It was so difficult for them to hand over clearly, and they rushed over immediately. You still dislike it.”

This flirtatious appearance made everyone at a loss again.

It seemed that the relationship between Li Chunfeng and Wiliam seemed very unusual.

“Thanks, let’s invite you to dinner later.” Wiliam said.

“You have a conscience.” Li Chunfeng just laughed and wrote.

Lu Yechao said to everyone: “I would like to introduce you, Li Chunfeng, from now on, officially join our Lunanica Company.”

The scene was quiet for a few seconds, and then there was a shocking shout!

Li Chunfeng!

This is Li Chunfeng!

She is the well-deserved top card of Hanlan Company!

He is also the hottest singer right now!

He looks like a dazzling country, and his temperament is unparalleled.

What is even more amazing is that she has a very good reputation and popularity, so far there has been no negative news.

Such a big star, their company must be holding on to it, how could it let Li Chunfeng come to Lunanica Company!

Is Hanlan’s money always crazy!

“Her contract expired during this period, and the money always sold me a face and allowed her to sign freely, so she came.” Wiliam explained again.

Li Chunfeng also smiled and greeted him at the right time, “I will be colleagues with everyone in the future, I hope everyone will take care of Xiao Mengxin.”

Everyone was numb when she said it.

Look, look!

This is a favorite star!

Although Gu Zhiling was also a big star before, she was arrogant and didn’t put anyone in her eyes.

This is also criticized in the company.

Only Li Chunfeng is good-looking and gentle, with such a good temper.

Everyone smiled immediately, “Chunfeng, it is great that you can come to our company, our company is blessed!”

“In the future, we must cooperate well. If you have any needs, please speak to us!”

Li Chunfeng smiled, thanking everyone, and then sat down.

Wiliam looked at Li Chunfeng amusedly. This little lady looked harmless and gentle.

In that squad of Zhazutomb, stunned people are not soft at all.

Everyone, it’s still too young.

Janett panted for several times before accepting this terrible fact.

She looked at Wiliam again, and couldn’t help but want to give him a thumbs up!

Can actually dig Li Chunfeng!

This is simply a gift in the snow, which relieves the company’s urgent need!

The image of Li Chunfeng is the most suitable for Lunanica Company’s fixing star!

Positive, sunny, gentle, impeccable!

As for Wiliam’s hand, there is something even better!

Wiliam used to be arrogant and strategizing before, and the people present might not be able to tell how good he is.

So many people are still unconvinced with him.

But now, he actually dug Li Chunfeng.

This is a real method!

Just ask, who can do this?

At this moment, everyone might be convinced of Wiliam!

The Lunanica Company was completely shuffled by this kid alone!

From shareholders!

To the actor structure!

Shareholders fully submit.

As for the actor, Gu Zhiling, the most difficult thing to do, was made by this kid so much that he couldn’t agree with him.

Now the spring breeze is coming.

He alone controls the entire company!

Think about it, Lunanica Company has accumulated for decades, and the relationships inside are mixed!

Even if Harper sits in person, he may not be able to suppress it so thoroughly!

Wiliam has only been here for less than two months!

It did something that even Harper could not do!


“However, let’s talk about the fixation star. Spring Breeze is one. Let’s add another one, Zhiling. Let’s build our Zangyue Gemini.” Wiliam added another sentence in the joy of everyone.

Gu Zhiling, who was originally glum, raised his head and looked at Wiliam.

But I saw a pair of clear eyes looking at her.

Her face blushed inexplicably.

Originally, Gu Zhiling was the pillar of Lunanica Company.

Now there is another Li Chunfeng who is bigger than her.

She had no opinion on Li Chunfeng, after all, such a soft girl even liked Gu Zhiling a bit.

Gu Zhiling was worried that if Li Chunfeng came over, his position in the company would be weakened.

And Wiliam’s words were like giving her a warm sun.

For a while, she was warm all over!

“It just happened to come here by the spring breeze and let the spring breeze speak to Zhiling platform. I believe that within a few days, Zhiling’s reputation will be a big counterattack. Therefore, Gemini, I think it is possible, what do you think?” Wiliam said.

Everyone was taken aback, and some people reacted and slapped their thighs directly!



Using Li Chunfeng to give the Gu Zhiling platform, this is sharp!

If the spring breeze comes out, then washing the ancient Ling Ling is not as simple as washing the fruit.

As for Li Chunfeng, rubbing his hand secretly, he pinched Wiliam, and said angrily: “I will arrange work for me as soon as I come, and I won’t breathe for a moment. You are Lu Papi!”

Wiliam got a pain in his waist, his face was stern, “self-respect!”

Only then did Li Chunfeng let go and looked at Gu Zhiling with a gentle smile, “Sister Gu, I have long wanted to know you. In the future, the little girl still has a lot to ask you if I don’t understand. Don’t hate me.”

Li Chunfeng puts himself in the position of the younger sister in a word, how does this make people dislike.

Gu Zhiling immediately laughed, “Sister Chunfeng said and laughed, and you will help her whitewash in the past two days, let’s work hard together in the future!”

Yes, Gu Zhiling wanted to open it.

One is an actor and the other is a singer. The resources are inherently inclined.

Now Wiliam has even released the promise of Gemini, saying that no one will give up. This is the best ending.

“Okay, the company’s business has come to an end, I will leave first, Jiang Yue will work hard for you in the future, after all…” Wiliam stood up with a wicked smile.

“You are the official president of the company!”

Chapter 252 New World

When Janett heard these words, her body suddenly trembled.

She grabbed Wiliam’s hand with a look of lovelessness, her eyes full of anger!

Good you Wiliam!

I’m wondering how you promised to bet against shareholders before that you would resign as president!

I thought you were a straw bag before.

It turns out that I dug a hole here!

You now hold most of the company’s equity, and then you just throw it at me when you do the best things.

How about you be yourself!

Once and for all!

What you said once and for all, I thought it was this game that you finished the chess piece and it was once and for all.

I don’t think, what you said once and for all means that in the future you will become a hand-off shopkeeper if you do not become a president!

Black your heart!

Wiliam looked at Janett and said with a serious face: “Your irregular menstruation problem, when I really want to show you.”

Janett shook off Wiliam’s hand angrily and murmured viciously, “You wait for me! I can’t kill you!”

Li Chunfeng looked at Janett amused. This angry look was too familiar.

Sister Melissa was so angry that one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas landed.

It seems that the Zoufen squad will soon have new members.

“Clean up my office after a while. I might come back later.” Wiliam left the meeting room leisurely after he finished speaking.

Janett was left with a bewildered look.

Janett was so angry that his aunt would shoot on the spot.

Treat me as a person! I have to do this for you to clean up the office!

Angry, Melissa ended the meeting in a hurry, and after Li Chunfeng settled in, he went to clean up Wiliam’s office sullenly.

The desk is full of materials.

She cleaned up while scolding her mother, but she inadvertently glanced at it when she got a file.

Her heart twitched!

This file was not what she promised to give to Wiliam.

This file is the diagnosis and treatment records of the medical system.

The top share is surprisingly Frandick’s!

She didn’t believe in evil, so she flipped through it and found that this thick medical record was exactly the same as the list of experts and bigwigs she provided to Wiliam!

For a moment, she felt a kind of dizzy trance.

She finally couldn’t help it, grabbed all the materials and went directly to Melissa.

At the moment, Melissa was drinking orange peel water in the office leisurely. Seeing Janett coming, he hurriedly greeted, “Sister Qin, what wind brought you here?”

Janett threw the materials in her hand on Melissa’s desk, rubbed her head, and said, “My head is going to explode! I don’t want to use my brain anymore! Your head is more flexible, and then the bastard teaches you to be a human being. It’s been a while, you help me to do everything, otherwise my aunt will really have a bloody collapse!”

Although Janett saw through most of the things in Wiliam’s bureau, there were still some things, and he was still suspicious.

She told Melissa what happened this time, one hundred fifty one, including guesswork.

The two of them squatted on the ground professionally, holding a pen to write and draw.

It took a full hour or two before I had a clue.

Shocking overall situation!

Since when did this little bastard start acting.

It should have been since he entered Lunanica Company that he thought about a major reshuffle of the company!

At that time, Li Chunfeng should have promised Wiliam to come to Lunanica Company.

The real start of the layout is from that absurd signing.

He shot directly and bought out the copyright of the film, just to avoid any subsequent entanglements with Hanlan, and to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Then this move was also a foreshadowing for the anger of shareholders at the following general meeting of shareholders.

At the general meeting of shareholders, he used the trick of resigning as president to keep the meeting going, and by the way, he dug a big hole for Janett.

The granting of the sponsorship was to pave the way for the appearance of Chen Dongbai below, and at the time, it also continued to ignite the anger of shareholders.

Holding Gu Zhiling’s starring quota, he said that he was threatening Gu Zhiling. In fact, he was trying to meet Gu Zhiling later and mentioned that Gu Zhiling would suffer a big setback. By the way, a bureau was set up to deliberately let Chen Lin took pictures of him hugging Gu Zhiling.

After expelling Chen Lin, the other side deliberately threw Liu Qiandao into the underground garage, causing the two to meet by chance. Because they have the same enemies, the two cannot get along without hitting it.

And with Liu Qiandao, and Zhang Tianming also got on the line, the three were tied together.

Let’s talk about the issue of filming. At the meeting, he deliberately proposed to shoot by the company itself, which continued to ignite shareholders’ anger.

Later, he proposed to modify the script, which is his most important part.

Improve the script of his eternal name.

If you are not a professional, you can’t find this earth-shattering change.

Here again, Wiliam asked Janett to deliberately collect a list of some medical experts, which was actually for Zhang Tianming to see.

Zhang Tianming thought he was going to bribe experts, so he secretly followed the list and sent out a movie invitation letter.

There is only one reason why the film invitation letter attracts Frandick’s appearance!

Through Zhang Qingyun, Wiliam retrieved the diagnosis and treatment records of a group of experts such as Frandick, and found out the condition of these experts.

So he had a definite target. Among the ten prescriptions, there happened to be one that could sustain Frandick’s life!

Everything is within Wiliam’s arrangement!

And when Zhang Tianming told Lu Yeti that there were no funds for actors, Wiliam would use the company’s actors and promised to renew the contract with high liquidated damages, and send these people out for travel!

In order to calculate Wiliam, Zhang Tianming would naturally not send out good actors, but specially selected some junk actors. This was also Wiliam’s plan!

It was these junk actors who helped Wiliam earn 1.1 billion yuan!

After filming the movie, Wiliam edited it himself, deliberately cutting several places involving the prescriptions, which was incomparable, and it also required the attention of experts.

The movie box office rushed to the street, coupled with the shareholder anger that had ignited before, Wiliam naturally took the blame and resigned. Janett took the position, and no one suspected fraud.

Then Wiliam left behind four tips and left.

At the beginning of the second general meeting of shareholders, the anger of shareholders ignited and Zhang Tianming’s insidiousness had long been thought of by Lu Yeliu.

Using equity to put pressure on, it even transferred the money from the company. It happened to be in the middle of Wiliam’s arms. He took away most of the equity and immediately took control of the company!

On the other hand, Wiliam also learned from the information that those people in the Medical Association were not right in their minds, and they would definitely go to crooked ways to get prescriptions, and in order to hurry up, they would definitely act before Frandick from the Medical Association.

There are no more than two ways to defraud, one is the actors’ lines, and the other is the original film.

These two methods are the psychological hints that Wiliam buried to his opponent from the messy editing.

With mental arithmetic and unintentional, Yohan and others were thrown around by Wiliam’s psychological tactics, and suffered several losses in Janett’s hands.

By the time Frandick appeared, everything was completely settled.

Next is the finishing touch.

Taking advantage of Zhang Tianming’s three accusations of embezzling public funds, the three were sent to prison.

Use the video that has been prepared a long time ago to wash the ancient Ling.

Use Li Chunfeng to join, to inject a cardiotonic to the precarious Lunanica Company!

After Janett and Melissa analyzed these, they both gasped with breath.

It’s too brainstorming.

How does this little babe’s head grow!

When he started shooting a movie, his fundamental purpose was not in the movie, so he didn’t care how bad the movie was.

His real purpose is only two!

One is to sell the ancient recipe in his hands to make money!

The other is to reshuffle the Lunanica Company and fully control the company!

As for letting Janett work for him, letting Zhang Tianming and others deserve their sins, and letting the people of the Medical Association suffer a big defeat, they just did it by the way.

Janett and Melissa didn’t understand one more thing.

That’s what kind of condition Frandick promised Wiliam.

Presumably, the general meeting of the Drug Association in three days will set off a bloody storm in the hands of this kid!

It took a long time for the two to come back to their senses. Janett looked sad, “Qing Mian, in his hands, you have worked hard. That little bastard is not a human being!”

Janett, under the leadership of Melissa, likes to mention the unified name of “Little Wang Bayouzi”.

Melissa feels sorrowful, took out his mobile phone, and said to her with a tragic expression: “Sister Qin, scan the QR code to add this group. The door to a new world will open in front of you! My sister will bring you up. !”

Chapter 253

Janett was taken aback.

Before, Melissa had mentioned to her what group he wanted to join.

At that time Janett didn’t care at all.

Now it sounds like this group is very mysterious.

“What group?” Janett asked while scanning the code.

Melissa showed a faint expression of resentment, “This is a group of complaints that specializes in plowing the ancestral graves of Xiao Wang Bayou. You will be very happy in it.”

Then Melissa mysteriously said that Wiliam’s wife Feliicity was also in the group, and he didn’t know that this group was specially used to complain about Wiliam.

When Janett heard this, he was immediately full of interest.

Melissa immediately shouted in the group: “Sahua, welcome newcomers, newcomers change their name.”

Janett carefully looked at a few screen names, and then had the idea to change her name to “Flip Cover”.

When Melissa saw this name, he immediately gave a thumbs up!


Even the lid of the coffin couldn’t help being turned over by Janett.

Several people in the group responded immediately, but Melissa was puzzled that Feliicity actually did not speak.

You know, Feliicity is the first to actively respond whenever there is a word in the group.

Fully live up to the “Come on” screen name.

After waiting for ten minutes, Feliicity finally spoke in the group.

It was just the content of her words that made them frown.

Come on: “Something happened to my sister, I really don’t feel in the mood to chat, I’m sorry.”

When Melissa heard this, he said to Janett with great disappointment: “It seems that you are not blessed with the blessings brought to us by the Feliicity today. Let’s do another day.”

Janett had a black line.

At this moment, Q City ( Qena City ) and the Internet are all fried.

The first shocking news was that Li Chunfeng joined Lunanica Company at a rapid pace.

Another piece of news is that Li Chunfeng cooperated with Lunanica Company to release the two videos, confirming Gu Zhiling’s innocence.

Especially the second news caused a sensation in the whole network.

Everyone was silent for a while watching the second video.

The only qualified actor in the “Big Doctor” movie is probably Gu Zhiling.

Such a beautiful and hardworking woman was misunderstood by the entire network and scolded as a dog.

All of a sudden, those who insulted Gu Zhiling felt guilt in their hearts.

For the first time, they apologized to Gu Zhiling on the Internet.

In almost one night, Gu Zhiling’s online reputation has not only turned around, it has even surpassed the previous ones.

Looking at the dense apology messages on the Internet, Gu Zhiling’s eyes were red again.

She couldn’t help it anymore and drove directly to Wiliam’s house.

It was already nine o’clock in the evening.

Wiliam couldn’t wait for Feliicity to return at home, but accidentally received a call from Gu Zhiling.

He went out and saw Gu Zhiling standing next to the car.

She looked at Wiliam faintly, she had a thousand words in her heart, but she couldn’t say a word.

“What’s wrong?” Wiliam asked.

Gu Zhiling shook his head, his face flushed suddenly, “There’s nothing wrong, just come and see you.”

When she said this, she felt ashamed.

Gu Zhiling is thirty years old.

Only at the age of thirty did I have a sense of youthfulness in the beginning of love.

Wiliam’s hand “to wear the crown must bear its weight” gave Gu Zhiling a feeling of sinking.

It’s like Wiliam is her late hero, walking her far away with colorful auspicious clouds.

Looking at Gu Zhiling’s red face, Wiliam seemed to have expected something. He said, “I owe you first.”

Gu Zhiling nodded, suddenly wondering where the courage came from, took a step forward and hugged Wiliam tightly.

While feeling Wiliam’s warm embrace, her tears flowed down.

Wiliam instinctively wanted to push away Gu Zhiling, but cut off the love she shouldn’t have.

But as soon as he stretched out his hand, he hesitated.

Gu Zhiling suffered the most slander in this storm.

No matter how perfect the ending, but for a girl’s name, this is a shame carved into the bones, which can never be wiped out.

Wiliam was in a daze for a while.

Is it a bit unscrupulous to achieve my goal?

“Thank you.” Gu Zhiling said chokedly.

Wiliam didn’t speak for a while.

But after Gu Zhiling finished speaking, he let go of Wiliam, and suddenly laughed at Wiliam’s look.

Laughing like a flower blooms, reflecting the world.

Looking at his silly look, Gu Zhiling couldn’t help feeling proud.

No matter how great this kid is, I still don’t make a face of confusion.

Brother Xiaochu is one.

Gu Zhiling smiled and said: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this hug. But, my hug is not for any purpose, and I don’t even have a camera to take it secretly.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Thanks.”

Gu Zhiling’s face reddened again, and he ran into the car shyly, stepped on her foot, and the sports car roared and left.

Wiliam looked at the direction the car was leaving and shook his head.

Gu Zhiling, I hope that after experiencing this ups and downs, you will be softer to the world and others.

Wiliam returned to the room, and Feliicity came back very late, full of alcohol.

Wiliam frowned, “Did you drink?”

Feliicity looked tired and sad, and said to Wiliam: “Well, I drank it with Ruoshuang.”

“What’s wrong with Ruoshuang?” Wiliam asked.

Feliicity shook her head and said bitterly: “She refused to tell me, but I am sure that she must have encountered a great difficulty. She also said that this matter has something to do with you and her.”

Wiliam’s eyes dazzled, and it has something to do with himself and Ruoshuang?

Could it be…

He was silent for a while and said: “You go and wash it first, everything will be okay, don’t worry, I am here, I will not let her have trouble.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with emotion, “Well, she is my only sister. You have to help her with everything we say this time.”

Wiliam nodded and stopped talking.

On the other side, Xena was so drunk that he returned home, locked the door of the room behind him, buried his head in the quilt, and cried to tears.

During the day, Xena accidentally received a call from Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng asked her to go to his side immediately, instead of being conceited.

In the words, he said vaguely, it was something related to Wiliam and her.

Xena hesitated and went to Bai Zhensheng’s place.

Seeing Xena, Bai Zhensheng felt very happy.

“If you have anything to do with me, tell me quickly.” Xena asked with a cold face.

But Bai Zhensheng sneered, opened the door and threw something out for Xena to see.

But after Xena read that thing, his face turned pale with fright.

She looked at Bai Zhensheng in disbelief, “Where did you come from!”

What Bai Zhensheng showed her was an unforgettable memory of Xena!

Wiliam was holding a butcher knife, and on the way to Fernando’s house, he lifted the knife and the head fell to the ground!

The scholar kills!


Chapter 254

When Xena saw this video, his face turned pale with fright.

In the video, there is Wiliam and her.

She looked at Bai Zhensheng in disbelief, “Where did you come from!”

Bai Zhensheng chuckled, where did it come from? Good question!

When Wiliam brought the knife to Fernando’s house before, Bai Zhensheng was also there.

Only later, Wiliam told He Jifeng to keep silent.

Therefore, He Jifeng strongly stimulated Bai Zhensheng’s brain with silver needles, temporarily causing him to lose this memory.

But the silver needle skills of He Jifeng are not enough after all.

In the past few days, Bai Zhensheng has been suffering from splitting headaches, and he has trouble seeing the doctor.

And one night, when he slept drowsily, some broken pictures suddenly appeared in his head for some reason.

The picture sees blood, cruel and innocent.

He was awakened on the spot.

He tried to recall these broken images, and the more he recalled, the more crippled he felt.

So Bai Zhensheng immediately used some means to find a broken surveillance in the middle of the mountain and retrieved a surveillance video.

The footage in this video is enough to make Wiliam this dog never stand up!

At that time, Bai Zhensheng’s first thought was to use this video to blackmail Wiliam.

But after he thought about it, he overthrew it.

Wiliam, the dog, didn’t eat hard or soft, and threatened her by himself. Maybe he would fight to death.

Moreover, even if this kid is sanctioned, it is a momentary pleasure.

Didn’t Wiliam always listen to Feliicity’s words?

The relationship between Feliicity and Xena is very good.

Can Xena be used to restrain Feliicity through this relationship?

Maybe he could beat the bulls across the mountain, and Wiliam could hardly tell.

And it can get tangible benefits from Feliicity!

She is in control!

“Don’t worry about where I came from, this thing, but Baifen Department Store is really childish, Xena, Xena, don’t think about it, you and that trash have done such an angry thing. Think about it, this video I am If it is announced, then your brother-in-law, and you, I am afraid it will be considered light to stay in jail in this life.” Bai Zhensheng said triumphantly.

Although most of this memory was still incomplete, he didn’t even know how many people were there and what happened.

But this video is enough.

Xena’s body shook, and her tone immediately softened, “No, Bai Zhensheng, you can’t publish this video, it will be ruined by Wiliam in this life. I beg you, because we are a family. Come on, destroy this thing, I will repay you well in the future.”

At this time, Xena was thinking about her brother-in-law, and he didn’t even think that he would also go to jail.

Seeing that Xena finally lowered his head, Bai Zhensheng burst out laughing.


It’s so cool!

“This video, I will not release it for the time being, but it depends on your performance. If you perform well, maybe I will destroy it when I am in a good mood.” Bai Zhensheng sighed. Sitting on the sofa, shaking a glass of red wine, said leisurely.

Xena’s heart was so tormented, and finally she could only say bitterly: “What the hell do you want me to do?”

“Ho ho, the first thing is, it looks like grandma is going to hold a family meeting tomorrow, I want you to tell Feliicity, tomorrow’s meeting, everything is under my command!” Bai Zhensheng said.

Feliicity’s face became stiff, “No, sister Feliicity is innocent!”

“Then please go back.” Bai Zhen’s voice was confident.

Xena’s eyes turned red, and her tone softened again, “No, Zhen Sheng, I beg you, except for this matter, I will promise you everything you want me to do!”

Bai Zhensheng turned his head, without even looking at Xena.

Finally, Xena said painfully: “Okay, I promise you, but you have to remember what you promised me.”

When she said this sentence, Ruoshuang was heartbroken.

Brother-in-law, what should I do now?

Bai Zhensheng sneered, “Let’s make a gentleman’s agreement. As long as Feliicity listens to me tomorrow, I will destroy the video.”

After Xena left Bai Zhensheng’s house, his whole body was lost.

She hesitated and asked Feliicity out.

Drinking wine all the time makes it difficult to speak.

Until late at night, Xena was already drunk, and Feliicity was about to take her home.

Ruoshuang suddenly burst into tears, and with a plop, he knelt down to Feliicity, “Sister, brother-in-law and I are in trouble, you must help us…”

Feliicity was shocked, and immediately helped Ruoshuang.

But she was on the ground, crying with tears.

Endless guilt, like a knife cut in her heart.

The reason why Wiliam committed the killing was not because she asked her sister Feliicity to go shopping, so her sister was arrested.

This in itself is my own fault, which has implicated my brother-in-law.

And now, because of my own fault, I have to implicate my sister again.

However, Xena is after all focusing on the overall situation. If this video is released, her brother-in-law will really be over.

“Sister, can I ask you something? A family meeting will be held tomorrow…” Xena said Bai Zhensheng’s previous request.

Feliicity was stunned, and asked carefully, Ruoshuang refused to say anything.

Where did Ruoshuang dare to tell Feliicity about Wiliam’s murder.

In the end, Feliicity had to solemnly agreed.

The next day, Feliicity was dizzy and awakened by the phone.

Picking up the phone, it was Bai Zhensheng.

She immediately answered the phone, “Bai Zhensheng, what have you done to Ruoshuang!”

Bai Zhensheng laughed loudly, “Did she tell you? That’s right, she certainly wouldn’t dare to tell you. You don’t need to worry about this, I just inform you for grandma, and I will go to grandma’s house for a meeting immediately.”

“Oh, by the way, take your dog, isn’t he the favorite to follow you? Hahaha.” Bai Zhensheng added before hanging up the phone.

Feliicity’s face turned pale, knowing that something big was going to happen at grandma’s today.

She hurried to call Wiliam and went to grandma’s house.

As soon as he entered the door, Wiliam saw Bai Zhensheng looking at him sternly, with unspeakable jest in his eyes.

But Xena was sitting in the corner with a guilty conscience, with unspeakable grievances in his eyes.

Wiliam and the two walked to the round table and sat down, Feliicity stared at Bai Zhen and said nothing.

There was silence at the scene.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng spoke.

The words show arrogance, “Feliicity, can I make a request before the meeting begins?”

Feliicity had long known that this kid was plotting wrongdoing, but she agreed to Ruoshuang. She frowned at this moment and said: “If you have something to say directly, I promised.”

Xena on the side mentioned her throat at the moment, she really didn’t know what Bai Zhensheng would offer.

But Bai Zhensheng stood up suddenly, sat down in the position of the Patriarch, and said arrogantly, “This Patriarch of the Bai Family, what shall I do?”

Chapter 255

Upon hearing this, the Bai family was in an uproar!

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng in disbelief!

This kid has always had an attempt on the position of the Patriarch, which is also well known.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that he actually proposed to be the head of the family at this time!

If Chen Shuyun is the head of the family, it would be excusable. After all, she is very old, and retiring to the second line is considered compassionate for her children and grandchildren.

But now Feliicity is the master of the house!

Being a young man has a lot to do!

Bai Zhensheng’s words clearly intended to usurp the throne!

Chen Shuyun immediately shouted, “Jing Sheng, what are you talking about!”

But Bai Zhensheng just sneered and stared at Feliicity.

Ruoshuang on the side, his eyes burst out with strong guilt and unwillingness!

No matter how she wanted to get it, Bai Zhen’s voice was so bold that she actually wanted to take the position of Feliicity’s Patriarch!

You know, Feliicity got the position of Patriarch, but how much humiliation and suffering she endured!

She deserves it!

What is Bai Zhensheng!

Open your mouth to seize the position!

Xena was about to get angry, but Bai Zhensheng’s eyes floated over.

Frightened her body suddenly froze.

A cowardly unwillingness came to my heart!

Can’t bear it at this time, will never be at peace!

It’s just that my sister…

Feliicity was trembling with anger!

She is not attached to the position of the Patriarch.

What she cares about is that the position of Patriarch was given to her by Wiliam!

Feliicity deeply felt the effort and price Wiliam paid behind his back.

Now, to give up this position is tantamount to draining all of Wiliam’s previous efforts.

But if it weren’t for you…

Thinking of this, Feliicity looked at Ruoshuang.

Seeing Ruoshuang’s eyes full of bitterness, even the eyes that met each other were pleading and pity.

Her heart softened and she looked at Wiliam again.

Wiliam had long been aware of all the situation, pinched Feliicity’s little hand under the table, and said, “Nothing, let him.”

Feliicity was unwilling to say, “But, that’s you…”

Wiliam interrupted Feliicity’s words and looked at Bai Zhensheng’s eyes with indifference. When he said something, it was also chilling. “If you snatch my baby’s toy, you will naturally have deep retribution.”

Feliicity was moved in his heart, and gently squeezed Wiliam’s hand, and instantly made a decision, “Okay, do you want the position of this Patriarch? I will give it to you.

The scene was in an uproar again!

Feliicity’s character is extremely stubborn, and he has already seen the first clues from the previous struggles.

Now, facing Bai Zhensheng, she flinched.

It gave way!

Chen Shuyun immediately shouted: “Feliicity, don’t be arrogant.”

Feliicity said with a cold face, “I don’t have any intentions, I just feel a little tired, so it’s okay to let him be a deed. However, I also have something to say in front of everyone.”

When Feliicity said this, Wiliam’s aura of Yuan Yu Yue Zhi appeared on her body!

“It should be my Feliicity, I can never take it away!”

Bai Zhensheng sneered, thinking that Feliicity was just talking about the scene. He immediately took out the agreement he had prepared long ago and asked Feliicity to sign it.

Because Feliicity is the official Patriarch of the Bai family, only when she signs a contract will the agreement take effect. Even Chen Shuyun has no idea about this matter.

Bai Zhensheng looked at the agreement with satisfaction, and finally laughed.


Over the years, I have worked hard and earnestly didn’t get a dime.

Instead, through a video, I easily got the position of the owner.

It’s so cool!

Feliicity, aren’t you a cow!

Isn’t it annexing my company?

Now you see, who is the one who stands in the front and laughs last!

It’s me Bai Zhensheng!

And Xena on the side, tears finally fell, plunged into Feliicity’s arms, “Sister, I’m sorry…”

Feliicity watched her cry and felt distressed. She gently stroked her head and said, “Nothing, I promised you. I didn’t want to do it for a long time, the master of the family. Leave the rest to your brother-in-law. , I believe him, I believe he will give me better.”

Xena raised his head and looked at Wiliam. Seeing Wiliam’s comforting eyes, his heart suddenly became warmer, and tearfully said to Wiliam, “Brother-in-law, I believe you too.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Well, Feliicity, I will give you better.”

Bai Zhensheng looked around triumphantly, cleared his throat, and said, “Now, as the head of the Bai family, I will host the first family meeting.”

“Everyone may also know that two days later, we have a major event in Q City ( Qena City ), that is, the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association is about to change. Our Bai family started as a medicine. Walking in Q City ( Qena City ), we have to have a good relationship with the Drug Association. , Naturally we have to plan this matter carefully.”

Everyone nodded one after another, they all knew about this.

At this time, Chen Shuyun continued with Bai Zhensheng’s words: “Five years ago, the Drug Association changed its term, and we finally got an invitation to attend the conference. This year, I heard that some companies in Q City ( Qena City ) have received continuous receipts in the past two days. When it comes to the invitation letter from the Drug Association, hey, although our Bai family has grown a bit more recently, it can’t be compared with big companies after all, so we still have to find a way to get the invitation letter to attend this conference.”

The Bai family nodded suddenly.

The General Assembly of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association is a grand ceremony held every five years.

Those who can be invited by the Drug Association to participate in the conference are all rich and powerful.

Attending this event itself is a symbol of glory.

Only families in the first echelon of Q City ( Qena City ) have this honor.

The Bai family worked hard all these years, but after all, they couldn’t get into the big table.

So with such an opportunity, how could the Bai family easily miss it.

But at this time, someone frowned and said, “I heard that it is more difficult to get an invitation letter this year than in the past. The number of participants this year has been reduced by half, and you can imagine how much it is to get an invitation letter. difficult.”

“More importantly, this meeting is handled by Vice President Bernard. It is difficult for our Bai family to get the invitation letter from him.”

Speaking of Bernard, everyone’s faces suddenly froze.

They all looked at Wiliam!

It was Wiliam who had offended Bernard before in full view.

Now the retribution is coming!

That’s a villain who will repay him.

Bai Zhensheng was just waiting for this. He smiled and said at this time: “It’s not hard to say at the beginning. How can I know if I don’t try?”

Chen Shuyun also nodded and said, “I think we should give Bernard something to please him. Maybe we still have a chance.”

She said that, but Chen Shuyun’s words were full of unwillingness, and obviously she also felt that everything was in vain.

Bai Zhensheng said in a weird manner: “I think, let Wiliam go. After all, he offended Bernard. Why should he go there and apologize.”

Chapter 256

Feliicity’s breathing stagnated.

And everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng confusedly.

Chen Shuyun said in a deep voice: “Jing Sheng, how can this matter let him go! Where did this kid go and get into trouble! I’ve been disappointed in him a long time ago. Now we should take the overall situation as our priority and get this invitation first. Let me talk about it!”

Others also said, “If an outsider knows that we send a dog to give gifts to others, isn’t it going to be embarrassing in front of the whole city? He wants to go, and he has to be qualified! This Something is wrong.”

The scene was noisy and Feliicity was distraught.

And Wiliam, the old god was at ease, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Bai Zhensheng knocked on the table and said forcefully: “Since I am the owner of the house, then listen to me. Let Wiliam go. After all, it is his fault first, and it is time to make up. That’s it. deal.”

Feliicity wanted to fight for reasons, but was gently held back by Wiliam.

In fact, she also knew in her heart, what use was it to fight with reason now, the other party was the villain Bai Zhensheng.

Wiliam nodded lightly and said, “Okay, I’ll go.”

Bai Zhensheng looked at Wiliam jokingly, and said with a smile: “Well, this would be better.”

Everyone in the audience was in a daze.

They didn’t think that Bai Zhensheng’s ridiculous suggestion made it clear that it was aimed at Wiliam and humiliated him.

And Wiliam actually agreed.

However, after everyone froze, they were relieved.

Humiliation is just a daily meal for such a dog, not bad for this meal.

As long as he can do a good job for the Bai family, let him drill the dog hole, he has to endure it!

Bai Zhensheng continued to say coldly: “Since it has been decided that Wiliam should go, then we will discuss what gift to give Bernard. Who of you is familiar with Bernard, do you know what his hobbies are?”

Everyone shook their heads.

How could they have friendship with such a big person like Bernard?

The situation froze suddenly.

Bai Zhensheng broke the deadlock again, he said mockingly: “Gifts or something, since everyone is not familiar with it, then I should prepare for it. Don’t worry, I will do this kind of little thing.”

“However, I want to say ugly things first. This time I went to Bernard to apologize. I hope someone will put away his bad temper. After all, this time it is just right to go to the Bai family, and everything represents our Bai family. Someone, you must be able to do this well and don’t let us down.” Bai Zhensheng said again.

Feliicity’s eyes shrunk, and she couldn’t help it anymore, and she shot the case on the spot, “Bai Zhensheng, what do you mean! Do you know how difficult it is to get the invitation letter! I ask you, even if it’s grandma, this What is the probability that something will happen? You say this now, making it clear that you are trying to make things difficult for my husband!”

Bai Zhensheng looked at Feliicity amusedly, “He agreed to this. He didn’t say anything, what’s your opinion? Besides, everyone else has no opinion, right? Ruoshuang?”

As Bai Zhensheng spoke, he looked at Xena.

Xena’s eyes were red, and she lowered her head silently.

Feliicity felt pain in her heart. She grabbed Wiliam’s hand and said softly: “Wiliam, I’m sorry…

Wiliam shook his head, “Nothing, don’t worry.”

Bai Zhensheng felt very refreshed when he saw that Wiliam didn’t dare to disobey him.

Finally see the situation clearly, don’t dare to be an enemy of me, right?

I go further, you take a step back.

Then I will enter until you can’t retreat!

“Also, we only give you one day. Tomorrow this time, you must get the invitation letter, otherwise, our Bai family, I’m afraid we can’t tolerate you.” Bai Zhensheng forced Wiliam again.

Feliicity’s eyes instantly turned red.

Everyone also didn’t dare to watch Bai Zhensheng breathlessly.

what is it today!

How come these are more weird!

If it was normal, how could Bai Zhensheng be so good at it!

And if it is normal, Feliicity Xena has already beaten the table.

Wiliam wouldn’t be so obedient.

Could it be that Bai Zhensheng really has this potential to be a good head of the family!

Can he really dominate the audience?

The atmosphere was deadlocked for a while, and Chen Shuyun also nodded, and said coldly, “Zhen Sheng said it makes sense. After all, we have to set aside some time to prevent Wiliam from getting done. We have to think of other ways. “

Wiliam was indifferent and silent in the audience, and even after hearing these words, there was a trace of joking in his eyes.

“Well, today’s meeting will end here, see you here at the same time tomorrow, Wiliam, I look forward to your good news.” Bai Zhensheng said that he was looking forward to it, but there was nothing in his eyes.

He got up first and walked outside.

Feliicity and Xena immediately surrounded Wiliam.

The two women had red eyes, and there were unclear guilt in their eyes.

“Brother-in-law, I’m sorry for making you suffer so much humiliation, but, I really can’t tell you the reason, I’m sorry.” Xena said to Wiliam choked up.

Wiliam nodded and said, “Nothing.”

In fact, he still has one more sentence to say.

The reason, I can probably guess it.

After all, Feliicity had accidentally said something before, saying that this matter was about Wiliam and Ruoshuang.

And the thing that two people can be threatened by Bai Zhensheng, after thinking about it, there is only that thing.

Hengdao wiped out the Lin family.

Ho ho, want to use this to blackmail us?

I don’t know how high the sky is.

And the white town sound in the house knocked on the table leisurely.

The meeting just now was really cool.

Not only did he easily get the position of Patriarch that he had never wanted in the past.

It was even more pressing that Wiliam and the three of them could not hold their heads up.

This feeling of giving orders is simply not too cool.

Now, I really have to think about it, what kind of gift I want to get for that kid.

Be sure to make him look good!

Be sure to make him speechless!

Bai Zhensheng thought, suddenly burst into laughter.

At noon, Bai Zhensheng called a meeting again and said that he had prepared a gift.

When everyone got together, Bai Zhensheng triumphantly took out the present.

Red silk, golden box.

The packaging looks extremely expensive.

Bai Zhensheng personally handed the gift to Wiliam, wanting to see the aggrieved point in Wiliam’s eyes.

But Wiliam accepted the gift plainly, and didn’t say anything.

How could Bai Zhensheng give up.

“Why? Don’t you open it? This is my carefully selected one.” Bai Zhensheng chuckled.

Wiliam squeezed the box and smiled: “No need.”

It’s really unnecessary.

No matter what Bai Zhensheng prepared, Wiliam ignored it.

But Bai Zhensheng grabbed the box, opened it, and said triumphantly: “Look, how about this immovable Akashi I prepared?”

Everyone looked at the box, and when they saw the contents of the box, their eyes suddenly became very strange!

There is indeed a stone in the box.

But this is what immovable Akashi!

It is clearly an ordinary pebble!

There is even moss on the pebbles that can’t be wiped clean.

Chapter 257

Feliicity was so angry that she wanted to smash the stone on the spot, “Bai Zhensheng! What do you mean! It’s interesting to frame my husband with a broken stone!”

Xena also looked at Bai Zhensheng with complicated eyes.

His hand is too much.

It was already difficult for Wiliam to find Bernard.

Now let Wiliam take a broken stone, wouldn’t this add fuel to the fire!

Bernard must have thought that Wiliam took the pebbles to find fault and teased him!

Don’t even think about invitations.

Bai Zhensheng listened to Feliicity’s words, but he smiled: “What do you kid know? I found this stone by a professional. It doesn’t move Akashi, it doesn’t move like a mountain. It’s good, you don’t know the goods.”

“You obviously want Wiliam to die. If he really took this stone to find Bernard, it would be considered light to be blasted out in public!” Feliicity said angrily.

“Well, I believe in Zhensheng’s eyes.” At this time, Chen Shuyun jumped out and said.

Chen Shuyun saw that Bai Zhensheng became the head of the Bai family as a certainty, so he had no opinion.

Now that Bai Zhensheng is dealing with Wiliam, she is even more delighted to hear and hear, wishing to be a little bit more involved at this time.

Feliicity’s head was about to explode with anger.

A bunch of bastards!

Take advantage of the danger!

But Wiliam put the pebbles away, and walked outside, and said, “Okay, I’ll put it away first.”

Feliicity stamped her foot severely, glared at Bai Zhensheng, and went out to chase Wiliam again.

Behind him, Bai Zhensheng’s relentless laughter came.

Xena finally couldn’t help it.

She pulled Bai Zhensheng aside and said with a cold face: “Bai Zhensheng, you are too much!”

Bai Zhensheng said leisurely: “What, do you feel distressed when you see your brother-in-law being humiliated?”

Xena is indeed distressed.

Every humiliation he endured today was indirectly imposed by himself!

“Behave yourself well, you can still save the lives of both of you, otherwise, I’ll be really ruthless.” Bai Zhensheng finished laughing, his face was stern, and his eyes showed a murderous intent!

The humiliation of this kid today is nothing compared to the humiliation of this kid before!

My Bai Zhensheng is absolutely absolute, and I won’t let the kid go!

Xena looked at Bai Zhensheng sadly, and finally nodded and walked outside.

driven to distraction.

When Wiliam returned to the Genuine Care Medical Center, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Janett.

Let Janett meet Frandick and send a few invitation letters.

Janett immediately agreed.

Wiliam was peeling the orange absently, while Melissa was watching him.

If it was normal, Melissa would naturally take the orange peel and throw it into his cup.

But today, she did not dare to reach out her hand.

do not know why.

She wanted to ask, but Wiliam closed his eyes at this time.

Melissa thought to himself, forget it, anyway, this kid has a heart, and it doesn’t matter what annoying things happen to him.

Worried about what he does.

In the evening, Wiliam got six invitation letters from Janett.

Of the six invitations, five are pink and one is vermilion.

Wiliam thought about it at random and knew that this special red color should have been given to him by Frandick.

And the other five pink invitations all have Baijia Jingqi written on them.

That night, Xena was drunk again.

There was a lot of alcohol on her body.

There is an extra knife in her bag.

She looked at the knife with teary eyes, as if she had made a terrible decision.

One night passed, and the next day everyone gathered at Bai’s house.

Seeing Wiliam’s delay in coming, everyone couldn’t help complaining.

“What’s the matter with that kid! Actually let a lot of us wait for him! What is he!”

“I think he couldn’t handle things well, so he came over to see us without a face.”

“Ho ho, maybe it’s more serious, but he took a broken stone as a gift, maybe he was beaten to walk last night hahaha.”

Feliicity came here first because of something.

When she heard the malicious speculations of these people, she felt angry.

She kept looking at the door.

Xena said at this time: “Shut up! One by one, I didn’t dare to go, let my brother-in-law go. Now instead of talking coldly here, have your conscience eaten by the dog!”

The crowd was about to get angry when they saw Wiliam walking in.

He is empty-handed.

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes were full of immense pride.

Sure enough, nothing was available.

However, this is normal.

This matter, as everyone said, is difficult to reach the sky.

It’s simply not something that Wiliam can do.

Seeing this, Feliicity couldn’t help but said to Bai Zhensheng, “Bai Zhensheng, you also know how difficult this thing is. It’s not that Wiliam didn’t work hard, but it was simply difficult for Wiliam to go to the sky. How can we blame Wiliam? We? I can only think of other ways.”

At the end, Feliicity’s tone softened.

Now, who else in this room is willing to speak for Wiliam.

I’m afraid it’s only myself…

Bai Zhensheng said coldly: “The rules are the rules. If you can’t do it, don’t say everything, let alone agree. Did we force him yesterday?”

Feliicity looked at Bai Zhensheng sadly.

When the Bai family went up and down, they immediately watched Wiliam with amusement.

Now, let’s see how he confesses this matter!

Feliicity thought, pulling Wiliam’s hand to walk outside, “Wiliam, let’s go! They are clearly trying to make things difficult for you!”

But at this time, Wiliam said faintly: “Go? It’s too early.”

Bai Zhensheng said arrogantly: “What? Did you forget what you promised yesterday? Or do you want to cheat now?”

“Since you didn’t get the invitation letter, don’t blame me…”

“Don’t blame you?” Wiliam suddenly took out something casually and threw it on the table with cold eyes.

Everyone looked at the table in unison.

Upon seeing this, someone suddenly called out in disbelief, “Invitation! It’s an invitation!”

A pink invitation letter, lying quietly.

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes widened.

It’s really an invitation!

How can it be!

How could he get such a noble invitation letter!

There must be something wrong in it!

He grabbed the invitation letter and opened the envelope on it.

Open it, and the invitation letter says the word Baijia!

His head banged!


It’s abnormal!

He has a low status and offends Bernard.

How could Bernard send him the invitation letter!

“I see, this invitation letter is fake! Boy, I think you just found a shop and printed a fake invitation letter, wanting us to rush over and be stopped and humiliated in public, right! You mean it! So sinister!” Bai Zhensheng said viciously.

Chapter 258

When everyone was told by him, they immediately thought it was too possible!

Because they didn’t believe it at all, how much face could Wiliam, a Bai family dog, get the invitation letter!

With regard to this invitation letter, Chen Shuyun went out to ask Bernard in person, but he might not get it.

Could it be that this waste has more face than Chen Shuyun?

It’s impossible.

So there is only one answer, this invitation letter is fake!

Everyone’s spears were aimed at Wiliam instantly.

But at this time, Wiliam looked at the scene sympathetically, and said: “There is a number on the invitation, and the seat is written in the invitation. There should be a phone number for the conference affairs group of the preparatory committee of the pharmacy association general meeting on the Internet, right? It’s clear if you don’t follow it.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Yes, the preparatory committee of the General Assembly of the Drug Association announced the telephone numbers of the various groups a few days ago.

However, this kid, where’s the confidence, why he said so confidently!

Is this invitation letter real?

Bai Zhensheng was the first to not believe it. He personally found the conference team’s phone number from the official website of the Drug Association, and then dialed it.

He also turned on the voice.

“Hello, this is the affair group of the Preparatory Committee of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association General Assembly, can I help you?” A sweet voice came from the phone.

This call was checked on the official website, and it is certainly not fake.

Bai Zhensheng immediately asked the lady on the phone to help inquire about the number of the invitation letter in her hand and the seating arrangement on it.

“Wait a minute, I will check for you right away.” The young lady said on the phone and went to check.

Less than ten seconds later, there was another voice on the phone, “Mr. I have been waiting, I have already inquired for you. The invitation number and seat you provided are the same. They belong to our invited guest this time, the Bai family. “

Bai family!

As soon as these two words came out, everyone at the scene became numb!

Bai Zhensheng didn’t even know how he hung up!

The invitation letter is actually true!

This surprised the people at the scene!

This waste, actually got the invitation letter!

Achieved something that no one at the scene could do!

How did he do it!

This huge mystery stayed in everyone’s hearts!

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with horror.

She had known for a long time that Wiliam had a relationship she didn’t know.

But she didn’t think that Wiliam’s hands and eyes could reach the sky, and the relationship was so hard!

Actually got an invitation letter!

Infinite joy breeds in her heart.

Wiliam, the same Wiliam!

What a man can do!

Xena’s mouth was wide open.

She is the one who knows Wiliam’s identity best among this group of people.

Wiliam is the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center.

However, this level of identity is not enough for Wiliam to get the invitation letter from Bernard.

Because Bernard also hates Genuine Care Medical Center.

Could it be that brother-in-law has any other terrifying identity?

When she thought of this, she was full of excitement.

Wiliam’s words came to her mind again.

He said he wanted to give Feliicity better.

Having lost the position of Patriarch of the Bai Family, what could be better than this?

Now it seems that in Wiliam’s eyes, the choices are unlimited and the future is bright!

Brother-in-law, sorry.

I don’t know how much you paid.

I know that you have been concealing your identity and you have difficulties.

But now, because he wanted to protect me, he had to force out the strongest you.

I seem to force all your secrets and strengths out.

Everyone looked at Wiliam blankly, and was completely speechless.

The anger in Bai Zhensheng’s heart is about to gush out!

Finally set up a game to make this kid humiliated, unexpectedly, he could have escaped unscathed!

What is going on with Bernard!

Can’t handle even a small waste!

Let him be so successful!

Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, but that’s all!

No way!

If this kid gets the invitation letter, everything he has painstakingly laid out will be wasted!

Anyway, everyone already knows that I’m making things difficult for this kid.

Don’t be afraid of a bad end!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng said in a deep voice, “The invitation letter is really wrong, but Wiliam, what do you mean? As the Patriarch of the Bai family, I should naturally attend the meeting, and my grandma is highly respected, and should go forward. Go to join the grand event. You only brought me an invitation letter, let me go or her?”

When these words came out, everyone’s eyes narrowed!

What a strong word!

Tell right and wrong!

Sure enough, Feliicity was angry on the spot, “Bai Zhensheng! You shamelessly look, I am really eye-opening! How precious an invitation letter is, you know better than me! Now Wiliam got an invitation letter Now, you are still not satisfied! Instead, blame Wiliam! Are you still a human!”

Feliicity was also anxious, and her words were hard to hear.

Everyone’s face changed.

Bai Zhensheng is indeed a bit overdone.

The one in previous years has already made the Bai family very happy.

Now he is still not satisfied, obviously he is going to completely drive Wiliam out of the Bai family.

Bai Zhensheng looked at Wiliam strongly, “I’m just seeking truth from facts and telling the facts. Since you are so capable, there is still one day left anyway. Instead of playing around here, it’s better to ask for another one.”

Bai Zhensheng spoke, but suddenly saw Wiliam walking towards her step by step.

He couldn’t help being timid, “What are you going to do?”

Wiliam smiled, cruelly but compassionately.

Suddenly he took out another invitation letter from his pocket and threw it directly on his face, “Are two enough?”

When everyone saw that Wiliam actually took out another invitation letter, their eyes went wide in fright!

How terrible!

An invitation letter was enough to shock everyone to Wiliam.

Now, he actually has another one!

Moreover, how arrogant his tone is!

It seems that the change of Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association was handled by him alone!

Obviously it’s just a waste, why make amazing moves again and again!

Everyone who discriminated against Wiliam in the Bai family felt fiery pains on his face at this time!

Slapped by a trash!

Wiliam was indifferent and ruthless, and said coldly, “Do you want to verify the authenticity?”

When these words came out, Chi Guoguo was mocking Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng’s face was blue, he was obviously shocked by the two invitation letters in front of him.

By now, he has no room to look back.

He could only insist on his tone, colder than Wiliam, “Two, right? You can do things, but two…”

Before he finished his words, Wiliam took out three more invitation letters from his pocket, one by one!

Slowly thrown to Bai Zhensheng’s face!

“Two are not enough, right?”

“Is that enough!”

“If it’s not enough, I still have it!”

“As much as you want, just speak up.”

“If you can’t get the invitation letter, count me as losing!”

Chapter 259

On the table, five invitations were neatly arranged.

The Bai family was completely shocked and speechless!


This lunatic actually came up with five invitation letters at once!

One is worth a thousand dollars, but what about five!


Think about it, if the five members of the Bai family appeared in the venue during a live meeting, what a shocking scene would be!

I believe that in the entire Q City ( Qena City ), there is no one family, and as many as five people can attend this conference!

Q City ( Qena City ) is the best!

Bai Zhensheng’s mouth was wide open.

An extremely strong unwillingness emerged in my heart!

How can this waste be like a cockroach who can’t be beaten!

No matter how hard he tried, he was still alive and kicking!


He didn’t even threaten him directly with that video, but he still couldn’t stop him!

Wiliam glanced contemptuously at the speechless Bai Zhensheng, and walked back to sit on the chair faintly.

Feliicity was trembling all over, and there were stars in Wiliam’s eyes.

Amazing husband!

Sure enough, there is nothing he can’t do!

Only he wants to do it!

How much surprise do you have to give me!

Bai’s house is quiet.

At this moment, everyone didn’t dare to ask Wiliam to add one more, because five of them would definitely be the family with the most participants in Q City ( Qena City ).

It doesn’t make sense anymore.

And they clearly wanted to verify whether the following photos were true.

There is no such thing as a dare to move.

“Wiliam, how did you get these invitations! I don’t believe you can get so many invitations for your face!” Bai Zhensheng woke up and started shooting the case!

You must not weaken your momentum at this time.

Wiliam said faintly: “President of the Drug Association, I have to drop three points too!

Everyone’s pupils shrank!

How arrogant!

Actually said that the chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association would lose three points when he met him!

If this arrogance is spread out, it will definitely be laughed at by the whole city!

“Hahaha, don’t pretend to be fools with us here! Do you think we will believe it? I see. Look, these invitations directly say our Bai family, indicating that they must be from the Drug Association. It was given to our Bai family, but it happened to be in the hands of this kid. Because as far as I know, the invitations received by others are usually written directly with their names, and only our Bai family is extremely special.” The sound suddenly sneered.

Everyone was stunned, and after a careful thought, it really made sense.

The invitation letter usually writes directly inviting so-and-so, rather than inviting the Bai family to participate.

So this invitation letter was given directly to the Bai family, but it happened to be cut off by Wiliam.

Maybe he found it in the mailbox outside.

Seeing everyone’s enlightenment, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help but continue to proudly say: “Look at the invitation letter again, everyone, what have you found?”

Everyone looked around the invitation letter again. At this look, everyone suddenly became excited, “Damn! The seat above us is actually next to the main table!”

There is such a tradition at the banquet, the main table is the honor, and the others are followed.

The closer to the main table, the more prominent the position.

Now, Bai’s seat is next to the main table!

Doesn’t this represent the status of the Bai family!

Doesn’t this mean that the Drug Association attaches great importance to the Bai family?

This attention can be won by the waste?

So the invitation letter must have been given to the Bai family by the Drug Association from the beginning.

Chen Shuyun was so excited that her old face was squeezed into orange peels, “God bless my Bai family! The glory of our Bai family is finally coming! This is the face of the Drug Association for us!”

But Rebeca immediately flattered: “Grandma, it’s a bit wrong for you to say that. This face, no one can give us the Bai family! We won it ourselves! Last time, Feliicity signed a contract on behalf of the entire Q City ( Qena City ) pharmaceutical industry. He is already a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, so based on this alone, the Bai family is enough to attract the attention of the Drug Association.”

Others agreed and said: “Yes, we can’t belittle ourselves, who dares not give us the face of the Bai family!”

“The Bai family’s becoming a wealthy family in Q City ( Qena City ) seems to be just around the corner! Congratulations to grandma!”

After hearing these words, Chen Shuyun became even more proud, and continued to say: “Okay, good! With everyone’s auspicious words! It seems that with this opportunity, our Bai family is enough to soar into the sky!”

Everyone nodded and said yes.

But at this time, a sneer rang out, “What status does the Bai family do in Q City ( Qena City ), do you have a hard point in your heart?”


Change the normal!

Break the world!

Crazy to the end!

The scene was full of joy.

After Wiliam said a word, this kind of hypocritical compliment was instantly torn apart by him!

The faces of everyone were embarrassed and angry, staring at Wiliam!

“What do you mean! What happened to our Bai family!”

“You are in the Bai family, but you can’t help A Dou if you say such things!”

At this time, Bai Zhensheng, who had been silent, spoke, “Okay! Don’t worry about him in general. The top priority is that we have to discuss who will participate in this event.”

Feliicity’s words instantly transferred the anger of everyone.

Everyone’s eyes were shining brightly, one by one raised their hands, “I’m going! I’m going to see the world too!”

All of a sudden, the scene became a mess.

Feliicity on the side saw this scene and couldn’t help laughing.

This group of people, when they let them charge into battle, one by one hides farther than anything.

Now, I’m going to show my face, one by one is more fierce than anyone else!

“Forget it, I’ll just call it.” Bai Zhensheng looked around and suddenly said loudly.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

Several elders heard Bai Zhensheng say this, although they were upset, they did not dare to speak.

Bai Zhensheng had just taken office yesterday, and he was obviously planning to have three new officials take office.

Who wants to offend him now?

Bai Zhensheng rubbed his temples, glanced at Feliicity intentionally or unintentionally, and said, “Feliicity signed the proposal on behalf of Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceutical Company a while ago. She has merited, so she has a place.”

Everyone poked their mouths and said nothing, because this was what they expected.

This time, the Drug Association gave the Bai family five invitation letters, in which there might be Feliicity’s face.

Bai Zhensheng continued: “As the head of the Bai family, I have one quota, and my grandma needs to be present with high respect. In this case, there are two places left.”

Everyone’s heart raised their throats, and Bai Zhensheng’s father, Bailitang, blinked at Bai Zhensheng frantically.

Bai Zhensheng understood, and said: “My dad has been working hard for the Bai family day and night for the past few years, and he is also eligible to attend. The last one, considering that Xena is a rising star, the Bai family will rely more on her to help take care of it in the future, so she accounts for Take the last place, and that’s it.”

The reason why Bai Zhensheng wanted Xena to go with him was simply because he felt that he wanted to hold this little girl tightly in his own hands.

The people on the scene shook their heads one by one, not daring to speak.

But at this time, Feliicity suddenly looked at Bai Zhensheng forcefully, “Where’s my husband! He is the chief hero for the five invitation letters! He has no share?”

Chapter 260

“Your husband? Ho ho.” Bai Zhensheng suddenly laughed when he heard this.

The faces of other people also showed schadenfreude.

“Your husband is just a dog of our Bai family. His status is low. What qualifications do he have to attend such a grand meeting? He used to make people laugh at our Bai family for not knowing the rules and not being able to go on stage? Besides, these five The invitation letter is clearly given to us by the Drug Association, what is his business!” Bai Zhen said righteously.

After the others listened, they also laughed and said nothing.

Feliicity’s face turned pale, but she sneered, “Hoho, what a fair and just Patriarch of the Bai family!”

Xena below was shaking all over.

Her eyes burst out with endless killing intent.

Her hand, reaching into the bag, was shaking.

Her patience has reached a limit!

My brother-in-law, is you a villain who can insult wantonly!

My brother-in-law is a scholar hero now!

Wendang fairy guides the way to win the spring and autumn!

Millions of blood flowed into the river of Wu Yi’s dead body!

Bai Zhensheng, sooner or later, I will smash you into pieces!

At this time, Bai Zhensheng’s mother Sun Huiqin couldn’t help standing up and said: “Jingsheng! Have I done little for the Bai family over the years? Am I eligible to attend? I need a reasonable explanation!”

Bai Zhensheng didn’t think that his mother would jump out to ask for a spot at this time, which was a bit embarrassing for a while.

His mother is a complete housewife of the big five and big three.

Normally, he doesn’t even participate in the business of the Bai family.

But her character is the typical middle-aged female character who likes to join in the heat and caress.

Now that her son is the head of the house, and her husband has gone to the White Auditorium, how could she give up and miss this rare opportunity to show off.

However, now I have five invitation letters, and I’ve talked to this point.

What else can I do?

The people at the scene looked at Sun Huiqin in a daze.

This lady, isn’t there anything to do?

Usually let her help a little bit, as scared as seeing a ghost.

Why are you so rushing today?

What qualifications does she have to participate in the General Assembly of the Drug Association?

Thanks to her so thick-skinned, she dared to say it in person.

Sun Huiqin didn’t care about it, and she was a little bit going to play a rogue.

She continued: “In the past few years, I have been so tired of the white hair for the Bai family. I have no place for me. I am unwilling! The Bai family treats me unfairly! If I go this time, I will do nothing in the future. Now! Just eat, drink and have fun, who can’t! And your son of a white-eyed wolfdog, I have raised you for so many years!”

For a time, the scene was extremely ugly.

Bai Zhensheng was forced by his mother to find a way, and couldn’t help looking at Wiliam.

And when he saw Wiliam’s indifferent appearance, his heart suddenly moved!

He couldn’t help but walked up to Wiliam and shouted coldly, “You stand up for me!”

Everyone was at a loss, not knowing what difficulty Bai Zhensheng was making towards Wiliam at this time.

Wiliam stood up lightly.

Bai Zhensheng was caught off guard by everyone, and suddenly a hand was put into Wiliam’s pocket.

Then, quickly took out an invitation letter!

When he saw the invitation letter, he burst out laughing, “Sure enough, I didn’t expect it! I’m surprised, you kid, are you willing to go by yourself? As expected, you hid an invitation letter privately!”

Everyone suddenly exclaimed.

That invitation letter is different from the other five.

It is scarlet.

Unexpectedly, he really hid one privately, which is disrespectful!

Bai Zhensheng raised the invitation letter and looked at Wiliam triumphantly.

When Wiliam took out invitation letters from his pocket before, Bai Zhensheng wondered how many copies he still had.

I tried it now, and I really took out another one!

And it seems that this invitation letter is even more extraordinary!

This kid, I’ve caught it now!


It’s like me, you can’t fly!

People at the scene stared at Wiliam viciously.

Wiliam didn’t change his face, and said lightly, “This invitation letter belongs to me, not from the Bai family.”

However, Bai Zhensheng’s face became cold, “You are crazy! What are you! People from the Drug Association will send you an invitation letter! Besides, don’t you lie and write drafts! Look at it for yourself. , Is there your name!”

Bai Zhensheng opened the invitation letter while speaking, and the name column above was blank!

Wiliam didn’t speak.

Ho Ho, I didn’t write my name because Frandick didn’t know my name!

Bai Zhensheng was even more proud of seeing Wiliam’s silence.

When he read the invitation letter again, his heart suddenly beat!

Seat for this invitation!

It’s the main table!

This kid actually hid an invitation letter for the main table!

This invitation letter is definitely for the head of the Bai family, maybe it is for Feliicity.

Because she previously signed a proposal on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, and she is still the head of the Bai family.

But because Feliicity is in front of me now, he has to lower his head.

and so–

“I accept this invitation letter.” Bai Zhensheng took this special invitation letter into his bag leisurely.

Seeing him so proud, Wiliam smiled and said, “Are you sure you want this invitation letter?”

This invitation letter is not something ordinary people can afford!

It should be that Frandick didn’t know who I was, so he played a trick on the invitation letter.

Mark a special seat with a special invitation letter.

As soon as he takes his seat, Frandick can match himself up.

If he wanted to change the crown prince of this reckless thing, the consequences would be disastrous.

Bai Zhensheng laughed and said: “Nonsense! I still don’t hold you accountable for the crime of private possession!”

“Okay, then these six invitations are arranged like this. If there is anything, the meeting will be over.” Bai Zhensheng finished speaking, pretending to be kind and caring in Wiliam’s ear, “Oh, sorry, your I took the invitation letter, and now you can’t go. What can I do?”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “I will go, we will meet again.”

Bai Zhensheng’s face became stiff, but he recovered immediately and laughed, “Oh, don’t you give up and want to get in? If this is caught by someone, tut tut, I still advise you to stay obediently. At home, anyway…”

When Bai Zhensheng said this, he walked forward triumphantly.

“You don’t have many days at the Bai family, so cherish it.”

Everyone dispersed, and Wiliam returned to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Melissa couldn’t help it anymore, and came over and asked: “Tomorrow you should also go to the General Assembly of the Drug Association. What do you want to do tomorrow, can you spoil it in advance?”

Melissa is really fed up with his analysis behind the scenes every time after the event is over.

Wiliam rubbed his temples at this time, and said lazily: “It’s too much brainstorming for a while, and I don’t want to use my brain tomorrow.”

Melissa’s eyes widened, “Your weird head doesn’t move anymore, what’s the use of you?”

Wiliam smiled strangely, “If you don’t plan, you will be brave! Go ahead! People stop killing!”

“Tomorrow, run over.”


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