Dragon Husband Chapter 261-270

Chapter 261

Melissa was heartbroken!

This little bastard has grown in!

Do not use your head to play conspiracy.

Are you ready to crush your opponent simply and rudely with absolute strength?

Tomorrow, what a bloody storm.

“Before that, you can do something for me first.” Wiliam followed Melissa’s affair and left.

In the evening of the next day, the setting sun was golden.

Wiliam went out and went to the Drug Association Building alone, where the General Assembly of the Drug Association was held.

The Drug Association Building is located in the center of the city. A white building stands tall and looks impressive.

The Drug Association Building at this moment is even more beautiful.

I don’t know if it was to welcome this conference. The outer walls of the building, from top to bottom, were covered with vermilion lanterns.

It seems that the entire Drug Association Building is antique and unique in the city center.

And downstairs of the Drug Association Building, luxury cars gathered, obviously today is the most grand occasion in Q City ( Qena City ).

Wiliam frowned when he walked into the building.

The ceiling on the first floor of the building is also covered with such small red lanterns.

This kind of lantern is very elegantly crafted and elegant and elegant.

And what made Wiliam frown was the smell of these red lanterns.

A faint scent is refreshing.

Wiliam asked about a faint smell of blood.

The fragrance of blood?

Wiliam looked at these little lanterns for a while, then shook his head, not thinking too much.

But at this time, he saw a group of porters in overalls carrying lanterns in front of him.

The headed one, wearing sunglasses and a mask, is burly in shape.

Wiliam recognized this person at a glance.

“Brother Tiger?” Wiliam walked over.

Tigger , who was wearing a sunglasses and mask, was also taken aback when he saw Wiliam. He took off his sunglasses and said, “You can recognize me like this?”

Wiliam looked at the things they were carrying, a pile of folded lanterns.

Now that I approached the lantern, this refreshing blood fragrance became clearer.

Wiliam had an urge to sniff more.

“Why are you carrying lanterns here?” Wiliam said amused.

Dignified Q City ( Qena City ) Yihu actually works as a porter here?

Who can believe this?

Tigger ‘s face showed a bit of bitterness, hard to know.

He looked at the beautifully crafted lanterns, his eyes filled with endless pity.

“This kind of lantern is called the Cinnabar Hundred Years Lantern. We have a small village in Q City ( Qena City ) that specializes in making this kind of handmade lanterns. The price is very cheap. Does it look good?” Tigger answered directly and asked Wiliam.

Cinnabar Centennial Lamp.

Wiliam tasted the name, only to think that it was elegant and pleasant, with infinite beauty.

“So?” Wiliam asked again.

Tigger touched the lantern lovingly, and said inexplicably, “In this world, there are always things that are worthless in the eyes of others, and they are worthy of the lives of others to guard.”

Wiliam stared at Tigger .

I don’t know if he is guarding this lamp or the person behind it.

Wiliam Lu said something, patted Tigger on the shoulder, “After a while, go up and have a drink.”

Tigger nodded.

Just as Wiliam was about to leave, Tigger suddenly stopped him and handed him a black mask, but he didn’t say anything.

Wiliam glanced at the cinnabar century lamp, and put on a mask.

He got on the elevator and headed for the box on the top floor.

Outside the box, the lights are brilliant and peaceful.

The staff is carefully and carefully facing the invitation letter of each entry guest.

Wiliam took out his cell phone and was about to call Frandick when the elevator dinged.

A group of people walked out of the elevator together, headed by the sound of white town in suits and leather shoes.

Everyone in the Bai family was dressed brightly.

The Feliicity are in it, beautiful and pure and moving.

She naturally recognized Wiliam at a glance, stepped up and gently took Wiliam’s arm.

“Oh, really cheeky and want to get in? That’s not bad.” Bai Zhensheng said with a smile on the side.

Rebeca and the others also walked out and surrounded Wiliam with eyes full of disdain, “What? People dare to come, what kind of mask do they wear? Are you afraid of embarrassment? Since you know that you are ashamed, don’t you go back? , And less tarnish the reputation of our Bai family here.”

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and she couldn’t help saying: “Wiliam is here, what’s the point of saying this now!”

“Then I want to see, how would he get in?” Bai Zhensheng sneered.

Wiliam shook his head lightly, too lazy to pay attention to these people.

But at this time, two more people walked out of the box.

Seeing Feliicity, someone suddenly shouted: “Oh, isn’t this my old classmate, Feliicity?”

When everyone looked back, they saw a gorgeously dressed woman walking over with a cynical man’s arm, her small waist twisted and twisted.

Feliicity frowned slightly.

The person here is actually Chen Li who hasn’t seen for a long time.

The last time I saw Chen Liren was at that alumni meeting.

At that time, Wiliam, Feliicity, and some old classmates headed by Chen Liren, coaxed and separated.

Unexpectedly, I actually met Chen Liren here today.

When Chen Liren saw Feliicity’s youthful and lovely appearance, she couldn’t help but rise in anger.

The humiliation that these two people imposed on her last time is unforgettable.

However, this time, another time!

I am no longer the same Chen Li!

Chen Liren took the cynical man, walked over, and laughed softly: “We really have fate, come, I will introduce you my boyfriend, Hu Haoyu, he is the grandson of Frandick, president of the Drug Association. “

The Bai family’s eyes widened, and they couldn’t help looking at the man.

This person is actually Frandick’s grandson!

This identity, placed today, can be described as brilliant!

Feliicity also didn’t think that Chen Liren actually climbed to the high branch.

Bai Zhensheng immediately walked up with a pleased look, and stretched out a hand to respectfully said: “Hu Shao, hello. I am the Patriarch of the Bai family, Bai Zhensheng, I am lucky enough to meet.”

The man named Hu Haoyu didn’t even look at Bai Zhensheng, but fixed his gaze lightly on Feliicity, his eyes full of evil fire.

But in front of Chen Liren, he didn’t dare to act too much. He just nodded, “How are you.”

“Hoho, today our Haoyu is half of the master here. Meeting is fate, let’s go, let’s go in together, and I may even offer you a glass of wine to your husband and wife later.” Chen Liren said to Feliicity and Lu strangely. Ye said.

The Bai family looked at each other.

Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help smiling and said: “Hahaha, Shao Hu, you show off your love, let’s go in. As for the trash, he doesn’t have an invitation letter, and he has to rely on Shao Hu, and ask someone to stare at him later. He, don’t let him sneak in.”

Feliicity’s little face froze on the spot.

Bai Zhensheng didn’t leave any face to Wiliam!

However, Chen Liren’s eyes were cold, full of jokes, and then there was a little bit of fooling.

She suddenly said softly to Hu Haoyu: “Haoyu, they are my old classmates. Give me a face, make a call and let this kid go in together?”

Chapter 262

Everyone was taken aback.

I didn’t think Chen Liren would want Wiliam in.

Even Feliicity couldn’t think of it.

But Chen Liren was extremely proud of herself.

When she let Wiliam in, she came to show off the status of the boyfriend she had finally hooked up with.

On the other hand, I finally met these two dog men and women here, how could I let them go so quickly!

Of course, I want to be inside and humiliate them happily!

“It’s not appropriate to do this! I heard that today’s seats are already full, and they are either rich or expensive. He is just a dog of our Bai family. Putting it in really reduces the style of the entire venue.” Bai Zhen Sheng quickly said to Chen Liren.

But Chen Liren looked at Bai Zhensheng proudly, and continued: “Hoho, my boyfriend is the grandson of President Hu. A seat is hard to find for you incompetent families. , But for our family Haoyu, it’s just a phone call, right? Haoyu?”

Hu Haoyu showed a trace of embarrassment on his face, but in front of everyone, especially in front of Feliicity, Hu Haoyu didn’t know why, so he wanted to show himself well.

He immediately nodded and said: “Naturally it is a trivial matter. Wait, I will call right away.”

With that, Hu Haoyu went to the side and made a call.

But in a minute, he came back and said with a smile: “It’s done, you can go in.”

Chen Liren immediately took Hu Haoyu’s arm intimately, and said coquettishly: “Haoyu, you are still good, you can do it with a single call.”

Hu Haoyu looked at Wiliam jokingly at this time and said, “But the VIP seats inside are indeed full, so I can only assign you to the staff table. I hope Brother Lu doesn’t mind.”

Hu Haoyu did make a call just now, only to remove a staff member directly and let Wiliam fill it up.

After listening, everyone showed a weird smile.

Chen Liren even directly kissed Hu Haoyu’s face.

Hu Haoyu’s move, I don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional.

Humiliated this kid on the spot!

Haha, staff table!

See if this kid wants to go in!

Feliicity was about to persuade Wiliam, but when she saw Wiliam say thank you softly, she walked forward alone.

Behind him came Bai Zhensheng’s mouth-to-mouth laughter, “Oh, I’m so ridiculous, I don’t even need dignity for the sake of eating, it’s an eye-opener!”

Feliicity’s face flushed red, and he caught up with Wiliam in one step.

Although she didn’t know why Wiliam insisted on coming over, she trusted Wiliam very much.

Regardless of everyone’s ridicule, she took Wiliam’s arm again, wanting to pass on to Wiliam some gentleness within her ability with this small action.

Chen Liren behind her, looking at Wiliam’s back, felt very happy!

This kid, isn’t he a dog in front of me now?

What you have is only a one-time power.

As for me, what I have now is lifelong glory and wealth!

This is something you can never match!

Chen Liren thought, leaning on Hu Haoyu’s shoulder proudly, and said with a grin: “Haoyu, you did a great job! You really give me a face! Don’t worry, I will meet Grandpa for the first time later. Behave yourself well.”

Hu Haoyu beside him heard that his face was a little embarrassed.

He and Chen Liren didn’t have much feelings in it.

After the two had a few contacts, Chen Liren told Hu Haoyu that she was pregnant.

This forced Hu Haoyu to stay with her temporarily.

Especially today, Chen Liren even threatened Hu Haoyu to see Frandick.

Hu Haoyu had a big head when he thought of showing Chen Liren to his grandpa later.

And when he saw Feliicity intimacy holding Wiliam’s arm, a nameless anger burned in his heart.

How can flowers be planted on cow dung!

After entering the arena, Wiliam sat down at the position closest to the door.

However, Feliicity wanted to stay with Wiliam, but was called by Wiliam to go with the Bai family.

In the scene, everyone was full of red faces, as if they had participated in some amazing event.

The Bai family looked even more curious. When passing by the crowd, they all listened to their discussions with their ears.

They are discussing two major events today.

The first major event is the fierce competition for this year’s president. Frandick seems not to want to step down, and Bernard, the vice president, is already screaming.

Today, between these two people, there is bound to be a strong conflict.

And another incident made the Bai family dumbfounded.

It is said that a very young vice president will be added on the spot today.

Up to now, no one knows who this additional quota will be given.

After hearing this, Chen Shuyun was stunned and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “The position of the vice president of the Drug Association is enough to call the wind and rain in Q City ( Qena City ). Each vice president has an area in charge. This reputation can be higher. There will be a young man who will be the vice president, which is unprecedented in history.”

Bai Zhensheng also swallowed, his eyes filled with infinite envy, “Yes, it seems that the vice president in charge of our area has been vacant. It seems that this newly added vice president will definitely take charge of our area. , We will have to cope with this new vice president in a moment, after all, we will have to do things under the breath of others.”

Bai Zhensheng’s mother, Sun Huiqin, screamed at this time: “Oh, what do you envy? Maybe this vice president will be born from our Bai family. After all, our Bai family has so many people here. The probability is the greatest Isn’t it?”

This sentence immediately caused countless people around him to cast their eyes on the Bai family.

The faces of Bai Zhensheng and others turned white on the spot!

He was really scolding his mother in his heart.

What a special occasion!

Is there such a nonsense!

The Bai family is a fart in today’s field!

Moreover, can the number of vice presidents be divided according to the number of people?


But of course Bai Zhensheng didn’t dare to tell his mother these words.

Chen Shuyun couldn’t help cursing: “Hui Qin! Shut up! Don’t speak if you can’t speak! Don’t be embarrassed here!”

Sun Huiqin pouted, taking it for granted, “Am I wrong? We have so many people from the Bai family. If it weren’t for the Drug Association to value our Bai family, how could we give us so many places to participate in the conference? You must think so in your heart, right? If this vice president falls into the hands of our Bai family, that will be a big matter for the ancestor of Guangzong.”

Everyone is almost crying by Sun Huiqin!

This shameful pen!

Everyone is wrong in thinking this way, but when you say it, you are quite wrong!

At this time, Bai Zhensheng’s eyes drenched and saw a group of people approaching!

Chapter 263

“Dare to ask which company you are from?” Among the few people, an old man asked in a deep voice.

Bai Zhensheng bit his scalp and said, “We belong to the Bai Group.”

“The Bai Group?” When everyone heard this, their eyes suddenly showed full of disdain.

After all, the Bai Group is in Q City ( Qena City ), so it can only be regarded as a sly.

There have been countless disturbances a while ago, but they are all notorious.

“Ho ho, it seems that the Bai family is determined to win this vice president. Then we will have to learn from you in the future.” The old man said with a smile.

Bai Zhensheng’s face stiffened, and he quickly bid farewell and took Sun Huiqin and others to find his place.

What a shame!

Bai Zhensheng helped Chen Shuyun and the others find a position near the main table. After placing them, they looked at the position of the main table eagerly.

His position is at the main table.

But now, the main table is empty, and no one has it.

Bai Zhensheng hesitated for a moment, and finally couldn’t help the temptation to stand out. He walked quickly to a chair by the main table and sat down.

After sitting, the eyes of the audience were naturally attracted to him again.

The old man who had been questioning before had an incredible look on his face, and the look in Bai Zhensheng’s eyes became weird.

After Bai Zhensheng sat up, he immediately heard shocking whispers from around.

“Hey, this young man is the noble son of a wealthy family? Why haven’t you seen it before?”

“He is actually qualified to sit at the main table? He must be very distinguished, right?”

“Have you ever seen such a big man in Q City ( Qena City )? No, when the meeting is over and the banquet begins, you must go to him for a glass of wine.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Zhensheng felt a sense of pride in his heart.

This is the respect that a superior person deserves.

He couldn’t help but waved at the group of people talking about him, with a calm look.

And Chen Shuyun, who was at the next table, was very excited when she saw Bai Zhensheng grabbing the attention of the audience as soon as she came on the court.

The Bai family can finally attract attention on such occasions!

She couldn’t help but said to those discussing: “That young man is the head of our Bai family, Bai Zhensheng.”

Those few people were dumbfounded, “The Bai family? Which Bai family?”

However, they took a closer look at this table, sitting on this table, a beautiful woman who is allure, and they suddenly woke up.

There has never been only one such face in Q City ( Qena City ).

Bai family, Feliicity.

“It turned out to belong to the Bai Group. I didn’t expect you to come here too. I will have a good chat later.” Seeing Bai Zhensheng sitting at the main table, those people quickly said to Chen Shuyun politely.

Chen Shuyun was naturally very happy, her entire face flushed.

Only Feliicity, looking at everything around him coldly, found a place that was unusually inconsistent.

Everyone who came to this conference seemed to be over-excited, their faces all red.

As for being so happy?

On the other side, Wiliam was closing his eyes wearing a mask, as if thinking about something.

At this time, there was an extra person in front of him.

It was Hu Haoyu who had gone and returned.

Hu Haoyu looked at Wiliam with a grim look, “Hey, I’ll let you in. Does it mean there is nothing?”

Wiliam opened his eyes and said lightly, “What do you want to show?”

Hu Haoyu looked at this person, angry for no reason.

He confirmed from Chen Liren that this kid is the famous waste son-in-law of Q City ( Qena City ).

I really don’t know where such a lowly status person can speak to himself like this!

“Ho ho, I sincerely urge you to say that Feliicity is not something you can hold with such waste.” Hu Haoyu said coldly.

“I have guarded her for ten years, you don’t need to worry about this.” Wiliam said indifferently.

“That’s because I didn’t show up.” Hu Haoyu’s eyes flashed coldly, “You may not know my methods.”

“You may not know my method, but today, you will know.” Wiliam said softly, closing his eyes again.

“You!” Hu Haoyu was about to get angry. At this time, a pretty figure appeared at the door.

He fixed his eyes, isn’t this the beautiful Melissa from Genuine Care Medical Center!

The evil fire in his heart that was aroused by the white Feliicity came out again, and he wanted to talk to Melissa as soon as he stepped up.

But Melissa turned a blind eye to him, instead, under his surprised gaze, walked to Wiliam’s face, “Why are you sitting here?”

Melissa’s tone was very rude, obviously a little angry.

What is Wiliam?

In the presence, who can compare with him!

Unexpectedly, sitting in the closest position to the door!

This is not to humiliate Wiliam!

This is humiliating Genuine Care Medical Center!

Humiliate Melissa!

Wiliam raised his head and glanced at her. Niu Tau said in a nonchalant manner, “Remember to wear a mask.”

Melissa was taken aback, but he didn’t care about it. Instead, he pulled Wiliam’s hand and said, “Go, come and sit in front with me.”

Melissa’s position on the other side of the main table is mainly due to her being Harper’s granddaughter.

But Wiliam shook his head, “Everything in the seat is the situation, just go.”

Melissa glared at Wiliam bitterly, “You want to piss me off! I have two positions there, I will make one for you, and you will go over by yourself later.”

After speaking, Melissa twisted his waist and walked away angrily.

As he passed by the dumbfounded Hu Haoyu, he gave him a vicious look.

Hu Haoyu was a little overwhelmed on the spot.

What kind of world is this?

Why can a waste, become Feliicity’s husband, now, it seems that another delicate flower in Q City ( Qena City ) is also held as a treasure in the palm?

How good is he!

As for me, Hu Haoyu, with a distinguished status, I just played with a few women, but I was threatened by a bitch like Chen Liren!

A huge sense of injustice breeds in his heart, he rushes to Wiliam in one step, “What is your relationship with Melissa!”

Wiliam didn’t bother to answer this question.

At this time, Chen Liren appeared behind Hu Haoyu and asked disdainfully: “Haoyu, what are you doing here? Many people over there want to see you.”

When Hu Haoyu saw Chen Liren, his face became stiff, so naturally he didn’t dare to ask the previous topic again.

However, he suddenly asked Chen Li in a low voice: “Are you sure this kid is just a trash, doesn’t he have another identity?”

Chen Liren looked at Wiliam and nodded confidently, “That’s not nonsense? His notoriety is well known throughout the city, so let me say it? What do you expect from a person who is cheating over his food? Isn’t your identity?”

A trace of hesitation flashed in Hu Haoyu’s eyes.

Judging from Melissa’s attitude towards Wiliam just now, it seemed that he was obedient to Wiliam’s words.

That’s Melissa!

Did you feel wrong just now?

Chapter 264

But also, the name of this kid’s abolition of son-in-law has been rumored for three years, and he almost bluffed him.

Thinking of this, Hu Haoyu’s face was fierce, and he said to Wiliam: “Hey, now you are here too. Our staff is in short supply. You should be a staff member. Otherwise, I will drive you away on the spot!”

After Chen Liren listened, there was a rustle on her face.

Hu Haoyu did a great job!

Since this kid is sitting at the staff’s table, he naturally has to be a staff.

Simply perfect!

This face is slapped and crackled!

I just look at this kid, how shameless he is!

Wiliam looked at Hu Haoyu amused, “Should I be a staff member? I’m afraid, no one can afford it.”

Hu Haoyu stretched out his hand to grab Wiliam’s clothes, and his words became vicious, “Ho ho, otherwise, just get out of here!”

“Get off? Who do you want to get off?” A majestic voice suddenly came from behind Hu Haoyu.

Hu Haoyu turned his head instinctively, but was frightened by the scene in front of him, his legs were a little weak.

Two people stood in front of me!

Standing two supreme people in Q City ( Qena City )!

One, Harper!

Another one, Li Muhe!

These two big men who turned their hands for the cloud and rain in Q City ( Qena City ), unexpectedly appeared together!

Hu Haoyu reacted immediately after waking up, hunched forward, and said with a smile: “Old Wang, Old Li, you are here, Pengxiu is shining, Pengxiu is shining!”

However, Harper said with a cold face: “I never knew that Frandick’s grandson is so big.”

Hu Haoyu felt that his hairs were standing up. He quickly pointed to Wiliam and said: “Mr. Wang, you have misunderstood. I am not letting you go. I am talking about this kid. This kid is sneaking in and eating. I want to eat. He drove away.”

Li Muhe’s expression became cold when he heard this, “Shoot him away? You have to be qualified too!”

Hu Haoyu looked dumbfounded, and said aggrieved: “I am also half the master here today. I am not qualified to drive away a piece of garbage.”

The more he said, the more ugly the faces of the two big men became!

“Okay, drive him away, right? Then drive the two of us away together.” Harper said proudly, turning around to leave.

Hu Haoyu was so scared that his face turned pale!

Did Harper and Li Muhe eat explosives?

It burns no matter how light it is.

I just drove away a waste, so why are they both so careless!

However, if I let my grandfather know that, because of his momentary careless words, let the two big men leave the scene, this crime, I can’t bear it at all!

Thinking of this, Hu Haoyu gave Wiliam a vicious look and whispered, “You are lucky!”

After that, he hurried to catch up with Harper and Li Muhe, and said in every way, “Mr. Wang, Li Muhe, I’m really sorry, you are right, today is the great event of our Drug Association, the visitor is the guest, we can’t Just chase people, I’m not chasing people anymore, you two are great guests, so you can’t leave.”

Li Muhe and Harper looked at each other, slowly turned around, and walked in toward the box.

Hu Haoyu followed them, bent over and said flatly: “Your seat is at the main table, I will take you there.”

“No, let’s sit here.” After Harper finished speaking, he stretched his finger to the position beside Wiliam.

Hu Haoyu’s head seemed to be blown by thunder!

The most distinguished guest on the court, go to the staff table!

Isn’t this to shame the entire Drug Association!

“Never!” Hu Haoyu quickly shouted.

“Wiliam can only sit here, so how dare we sit high!” Harper said indifferently.

No matter how stupid Hu Haoyu was, he felt wrong when he heard this.

The two big guys just wanted to leave because they wanted to drive away Wiliam!

These two big brothers have something to do with Wiliam!

Thinking of this, a chill rose from the soles of Hu Haoyu’s feet, and he looked at Wiliam in amazement.

Wiliam’s eyebrows were indifferent, with a calm look.

Even the arrival of Harper and Li Muhe, the two big figures, didn’t mind.

This kind of tolerance, this kind of mind.

Is it a waste?

He glared fiercely at Chen Liren, who had been stunned for a long time, and whispered: “Don’t you say that he is a trash!”

Chen Liren was also frightened, and quickly waved her hand and said innocently, “He is indeed a trash!”

After speaking, Chen Liren suddenly thought of another thing, and immediately said: “Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you one thing. This kid seems to have helped Mr. Li for something. Mr. Li lent his private Tao Li Tianxia Card. Him.”

“What!” Hu Haoyu’s face changed on the spot!

Peach and plum world card!

Wiliam has a Peach and Plum World Card!

This can be called waste!

Hu Haoyu was so angry that he wanted to slap Chen Liren!

This little bitch is going to be killed by her today!

With Tao Li Tianxia Card, you can walk sideways in Q City ( Qena City )!

Chen Liren doesn’t even look at such nobles!

However, halfway through his hand, he felt the gazes of Harper and Li Muhe suspended again.

Beating people in full eyes is shameful after all.

He closed his hand in a hesitant manner, and said sincerely to Li Muhe and Harper: “Old Li, Mr. Wang, please sit down, otherwise I really can’t explain it.”

Li Muhe and Harper were indifferent, looking at Wiliam.

Upon seeing this, Hu Haoyu was so depressed that he was about to cry.

Seeing that the people around him were getting more and more, he finally bit the bullet and walked over to Wiliam and said in a low voice: “Hey, you can quickly invite them to the main table, otherwise, you will have good fruit! I am! Grandpa is not annoying.”

Hu Haoyu directly moved out of his grandpa’s reputation, intending to suppress this kid.

But Wiliam gave Hu Haoyu a playful look, and said to the two big guys: “You go and sit there first, I have my own arrangements.”

Harper and Li Muhe looked at each other, their eyes filled with suspicion and wonder.

Can they not be surprised?

A few days ago, Lunanica Company’s earth-shaking hand came back to life. The two of them had insomnia and talked all night!

Especially Harper was shocked by the young master’s methods.

He and Wiliam have a betting agreement. As long as Lunanica Company can earn 3 billion yuan this year, the company will belong to Wiliam.

Harper thought it was difficult to get to the sky.

However, Wiliam made a direct profit of 2.1 billion yuan. Then, as long as he manages properly, even if he does not use any means, three billion yuan a year is a certainty.

In other words, Harper lost, and he lost less than two months after signing the gambling agreement.

And all of this was done by Wiliam alone, no one could rival.

He said he had his own arrangements today, but what would he do?

However, the two still followed Wiliam’s suggestion and went to the main table.

When the two of them were seated, Bai Zhensheng on the side was all excited!

Chapter 265: Glory

This is the first time that Bai Zhensheng has come into contact with the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) so close.

There are just three of them at the main table!

Bai Zhensheng once again attracted the attention of the audience.

Can you keep pace with the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ), can they be ordinary people?

The people around him uttered another admiration.

Young people are promising, big things are possible!

Bai Zhensheng endured his excitement and greeted them both: “Old Li, Mr. Wang, how are you, I am the Bai Zhensheng of the Bai family. I had a relationship with you before, do you remember? ?”

What Bai Zhensheng said was that the duo gathered at Feliicity’s birthday party.

It’s just that the Feliicity family was the only one at the time, and now things are different.

Now, but sitting next to them.

Li Muhe and Harper glanced at Bai Zhensheng, their brows frowned.

They didn’t know why Bai Zhensheng appeared here.

However, the words of the Bai family…

The two scanned the audience, and immediately fixed their gazes on a beautiful figure at the next table.

The two looked at each other, then left the table and walked towards Feliicity.

Bai Zhensheng’s head boomed!


Elder Li and Elder Wang simply ignored them!

This is going to find Feliicity!

I am the master of the Bai family now!

Bai Zhensheng was so angry that he didn’t dare to burst out.

And Feliicity suddenly saw the two heroes coming in front of her, and immediately started to tremble, “Old Li, Old Wang, how are you.”

“Niece Feliicity, let’s meet again, have a few words?” Harper said kindly first.

Where did Feliicity dare not agree, she quickly got up and went to chat with them.

As for the Bai family present, the expressions of all of them became ugly.

This Feliicity is obviously no longer the head of the Bai family, so why is it still favored by the duo!

Moreover, since the two heroes favor the Bai family, why should they deliberately walk away.

This obviously doesn’t put our other white family members in the eyes!

Good, Feliicity, do you want to monopolize grace!

A group of people from the Bai family and Bai Zhen gritted their teeth with anger. At this time, another person walked out.


Bernard had been in the backstage lounge until he heard the two heroes appear before he walked out.

However, when I came out, I saw Bai Zhensheng on the main table at a glance.

The chill in his eyes came out.

Bai family, Bai Zhensheng.

These people were not invited by Bernard.

Bernard immediately thought that this was the old man Frandick invited.

Okay, you are so old and immortal, you are about to abdicate, and you still want to defeat you?

After all, Bernard is an old fox. He immediately put on a smile and walked to Bai Zhensheng, “If I remember correctly, you are Bai Zhensheng from the Bai family, right.”

Last time they met in the Seven Love Hay Incident.

Bai Zhensheng thought that Bernard would come out to receive him in person, and immediately became excited again, “Chairman Xu, hello!”

Bernard looked at Bai Zhensheng with complicated eyebrows, and suddenly lowered his voice and said, “You can come today, and you must know the situation today. I, Bernard, are not a person who bears grudges. We can wipe out the past, but how to do it, you know Is it?”

Bai Zhensheng was taken aback.

Bernard’s situation should refer to today’s presidential election.

This is also a hot topic in the audience.

Then Bernard’s remarks meant that our Bai family should stand in line?

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng immediately said respectfully: “Chairman Xu joked, you don’t care about us, of course we can’t be thankful enough, Chairman Xu can rest assured that you are elected chairman, our Bai family, hands and feet agree! “

In Bai Zhensheng’s view, it was Bernard’s credit that they were able to get the invitation letter. Isn’t it a good time to reciprocate?

After hearing this, Bernard nodded in satisfaction and patted his shoulder, “The person who knows the current affairs is a handsome man, you are good, I will pay more attention to you in Q City ( Qena City ) in the future.”

Bai Zhen’s face flushed with excitement when he heard it!

This is a great opportunity to soar!

I caught it by Bai Zhensheng!

As long as Bernard can climb the big tree, will the Bai family still need to work hard in the future?

It’s so cool under the big tree!

Thinking of this, he immediately went to Chen Shuyun and others to inform Bernard’s vague mentions.

The Bai family suddenly smiled and praised Bai Zhensheng as the great hero of the Bai family.

There was only Xena who was silent on the side, clutching her bag tightly with her hands, and she was totally lost and she didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Ruoshuang, why, are you unhappy to see the rise of our Bai family?” Bai Zhensheng suddenly looked at Xena jokingly.

Xena’s heart shuddered, and his head buried lower.

“Be obedient in the future, I promise you will drink spicy too.” Bai Zhensheng suddenly walked over and whispered in her ear.

Xena didn’t know where his courage came from, and raised his head and whispered to him: “You promised me before that you will destroy that thing! Your words don’t count!”

Bai Zhensheng laughed exaggeratedly, “It is ruined? How can I be willing to ruin such a good thing, but as long as you are obedient, I can’t bear you in jail. But what about that kid, ho ho…”

As Bai Zhensheng spoke, he looked at Wiliam not far away, his eyes were cold.

Xena’s eyes suddenly turned red.

The hand gripped the bag tighter.

By now, his grievances are nothing.


I am sorry……

I may do something bad today.

I feel that I can’t stand it…

There were more and more people in the venue, and the tables gradually filled up.

All of them blushed and beamed with joy.

One by one also talked loudly and acted arrogantly.

On the top of the box, the cinnabar century lamp was bright red, like a flourishing age.

Outside the box, Tigger took his men and began to install the lanterns on this floor, all busy.

Tigger looked up at the red lights in the room, his eyes filled with pity and compassion.

Harper and Li Muhe also returned to the table. They looked at each other and smiled together.

“Grandson Turtle, why are you blushing?”

“I don’t die, I think you too.”

At this time, a host said on the stage: “The meeting is about to begin. Please take your seats and don’t walk around.”

Under the eyes of everyone, an old figure slowly walked out from the background.

Seeing this person at the scene, there was a burst of applause.


The well-deserved chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.

Reputation spread far, prestige is hard to reach!

Bernard frowned when he heard the shouts from the audience.

And Frandick waved his hand and walked towards the main table.

When he arrived at the main table, Frandick noticed that an unknown young man was sitting there with a smile on his face.

Frandick saw Bai Zhensheng, his eyes burst violently, and under everyone’s attention, he held Bai Zhensheng’s hands tightly!

“You are here, okay! okay! I’m relying on you today!”

Chapter 266

When Frandick saw Bai Zhensheng sitting in that position, he immediately thought that Bai Zhensheng was the mysterious Mr. Cang Yue from Cang Yue Company.

After all, he personally sent the invitation letter, vermilion, only this one.

What he didn’t expect was that Mr. Cang Yue on the phone was so young.

Really awesome.

However, Frandick also knew that the world had changed.

Whether he can stand up today and continue to lead the trend of the Drug Association depends on this little guy.

After all, with ten ancient medicines in his hand, he can not only renew his life, but also renew his position as president!

But Bai Zhensheng was suddenly stunned by Frandick holding his hands so enthusiastically.

He has never known a big man like Frandick.

There is no such thing as being so loved by big guys.

Now, in full view of everyone!

Chen Shuyun and others on the side laughed even more triumphantly when they saw that Bai Zhensheng was so admired by Frandick.

The opportunity of the Bai family is here!

This is not Bai Zhensheng’s hand that Frandick is holding!

What he holds is the destiny of the Bai family!

“Zhen Sheng, what are you doing in a daze!” Chen Shuyun shouted from the side.

However, Bai Zhensheng reacted with an excitement, and he immediately said respectfully: “Chairman Hu said and laughed. Today you are the master.”

Speaking of this, suddenly a cold stare swept around.

Bai Zhensheng saw Bernard with an unhappy expression on his face.

Bernard was furious!

This ignorant thing!

I just patted my chest with my front foot to make sure I would stand in line. Why, my back foot turned ruthless?

Bai Zhensheng felt his hands cold, and pulled away a little awkwardly, and said again: “Chairman, the meeting has started, let’s have a meeting first.”

Frandick didn’t notice that Bai Zhensheng was wrong, but he still said enthusiastically: “Okay, okay, no matter it is today or in the future, I will thank you for your care.”

This promotion shocked everyone even more.

“What the hell is this Bai Zhensheng coming from!”

“Why is Elder Hu being so enthusiastic about him? Is there anything that the Bai family doesn’t know is not strong enough?”

“I will definitely have a drink with this Bai Zhensheng later, and see if I can get some information out.”

Bai Zhensheng sat down, feeling like a big dream.

It’s so exciting.

Today is definitely the pinnacle of his life!

Take a look at the table present. It’s not big men like Harper and Li Muhe, or president-level figures like Frandick and Bernard.

Such a character, in normal times, would never look at himself.

Now so many people are paying attention to themselves.

Not to mention, there are still thirty tables on the scene, which is so exciting.

After today, my Bai Zhensheng made an instant hit in Q City ( Qena City )!

Bai Zhensheng was incomparable. At this time, the host on the stage began to speak, “Dear leaders and guests, welcome to the general meeting of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association. Today’s general meeting has four main agendas, the first one. On the agenda, please invite our President Hu to give a welcome speech, applause welcome!”

Amidst applause, Frandick stepped onto the stage and gave a simple welcome.

However, this welcome speech was in the ears of everyone, but it was a different taste.

In the welcome speech, it fully revealed a sense of domineering and domineering of the martyrs who have spent thousands of miles in their ambitions.

Everyone looked at each other.

Everyone knows that there is a high probability that Frandick will be replaced by Bernard in this re-election conference.

The main reason is that Frandick’s body is not as good as the day. He is seriously ill and has no cure.

Does he still want to fight Bernard again with his remnant?

Everyone couldn’t help looking at Bernard.

Bernard was extremely unhappy, but smiled faintly on his face.

Good old man!

He did not hide it!

How old are people who are dying, what are you going to do here?

This is clearly an incitement to the scene!

Sure enough, after Frandick finished speaking, there was warm applause below.

After all, his prestige is still there. If he wants to continue to be the president, there will definitely be a lot of support.

The reason why everyone agreed to support Bernard before was because of Frandick’s frail body.

And Bernard’s biggest reliance is that Frandick is about to die fortune.

The situation was full of gunpowder from the beginning.

Even after Frandick stepped down, he realized how sharp and overbearing his speech just now was.

He couldn’t help but smile. He was never a sharp-edged person. What happened today?

Is it because the atmosphere at the scene is too warm?

“Thank you very much for President Hu’s arrogant speech. Next, we will proceed to the second agenda. I think many people have heard of it before. Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association and Lunanica Company signed a contract worth 1 billion yuan. . First of all, thank Lunanica Company for its supreme trust in our Drug Association. We hereby promise that we will carry forward the ten ancient prescriptions provided by Lunanica Company to benefit the people of Li people!” The host was enthusiastic on stage Exclaimed.

There was a round of applause at the scene.

Everyone already knows a little bit about the signing of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association and Lunanica Company. After all, this matter cannot be concealed.

And this is even more about a century of struggle between the Drug Association and the Medical Association.

Frandick can be said to have snatched this big piece of fat from the mouth of the Medical Association.

Everyone admired Hu Qiu Ventures.

There is no doubt that he is the biggest contributor to this contract.

The atmosphere at the scene made Bernard even more uncomfortable.

He also knew about this business for a long time, but he didn’t expect that Frandick, the old man, would actually put the matter of handing over prescriptions today!

Put it on the previous agenda for the election of the president!

Isn’t this a clear way to make money for yourself!

Old thief!

“Now, with warm applause, we invite President Hu to come on stage again, ready to hand over ten ancient prescriptions!” said the host.

Frandick once again appeared on stage, blushing.

Obviously this time, he also worked hard to win this president!

There was enthusiastic applause.

The host shouted again: “Now, let us use more enthusiastic applause to welcome the people of Lunanica Company to the stage!”

Everyone applauded desperately and began to search for the people of Cang Yue Company.

Some people turned their attention to Harper.

After all, Lunanica Company had always been Harper’s industry before.

However, Harper shook his head with a smile, and his gaze fell to a position at the door, intentionally or unconsciously.

The applause went from madness to gradually disappearing.

Everyone was confused with applause. Is this Lunanica Company such a big name?

So welcome to not come on stage?

Bai Zhensheng also cast his eager gaze around, trying to find this mysterious person.

But at this time, Frandick’s eager voice sounded on the stage.

“President Bai, come up soon!”

Chapter 267

“President Bai?” The people on the scene were shocked.

Who is Bai always?

Is there a person named President Bai at the scene?

Everyone, look at me, and I look at you, looking puzzled.

Even Bai Zhensheng felt a thud in his heart!

Mr. Bai.

If I were this President Bai, that would be great.

You can stand on the stage and share the glory with Frandick under the situation of more people’s attention.

Unfortunately, I am not.

Not fate with others.

Bai Zhensheng was feeling sorry, and saw Frandick rush off the stage, grabbing his hand, and eagerly said: “Mr. Bai, what’s the matter with you? Come up soon.”

There was an uproar at the scene!

President Bai, it turned out to be Bai Zhensheng!

The Bai family’s eyes widened from top to bottom.

When did Bai Zhensheng have such a big handwriting?

Sign a billion dollar bill with someone?

No way!

First of all, he would not hide such a large order from the Bai family.

What’s more, Bai Zhensheng is not someone from Lunanica Company at all.

Bai Zhensheng was pulled onto the stage with a dazed expression, and a feeling of anxiety suddenly appeared in his heart.

It’s like, I was forced to Liangshan, there is no turning back.

“Mr. Bai, you told me before that, today I handed over ten ancient prescriptions. My money has been paid to you in the past two days. Why didn’t you receive it?” Frandick said beamingly.

Bai Zhensheng’s head buzzed.

what money?

What did you say?

What are you talking about?

He wanted to ask clearly to see if there was any misunderstanding inside.

However, there was warm applause from the audience.

Those present were all supporters of the Drug Association.

Lunanica Company supports the Drug Association while supporting the Drug Association. In everyone’s eyes, this representative on the stage has made great contributions.

Only Harper and Li Muhe glanced at Bai Zhensheng lightly, as if they understood something.

This is what Wiliam said. Is there another arrangement?

While Melissa was below, holding a smile, his face flushed.

Okay, you little bastard, is there anyone who is as sullen as you!

Who is on stage now, how can he step down?

However, this is what Bai Zhensheng deserved!

Deserve it!

When Frandick saw that Bai Zhensheng hadn’t spoken for a long time, and didn’t take out the medicine, his face gradually became cold.

He grabbed Bai Zhensheng’s hand and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Bai, are you planning to cheat in public, or are you going to turn your face and deny it? I, Frandick, respect you as a macho man and keep his promises, so when signing a contract, the money is straightforward. I have it ready for you, why, now do you want to hand over the prescription?”

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly became serious.

Everyone stared at Bai Zhensheng.

In this Q City ( Qena City ), anyone dares to play with Frandick?

I really don’t know what a madman Frandick was when he was young!

Bernard, who was on the side, showed a slight smile.

Good guy, not bad, this kid.

If there is faith, say that you stand on my side and stand on my side.

Dare to risk the world!

It’s worth helping, of course, after you get out of this place safely.

Bai Zhensheng felt the eyes of the crowd, his face collapsed!

He couldn’t pretend anymore, and shouted innocently: “President Hu, what are you talking about, I don’t understand a word. I just came to attend the meeting. Where can I sign any agreement with you? What ancient recipe.”

Frandick’s face looked ugly on the spot!

This is not a matter of losing one billion yuan all at once!

You know, Frandick has to rely on a prescription inside to continue his life, and even more so, he has to firmly hold the position of chairman in his hands through this contract!

Now, this kid really turned his face!

Before I lost myself, I thought he was a good man with passion!


Frandick’s face was pale with anger, and he said in a deep voice to Bai Zhensheng, “Okay, I have evidence here. If you come, call the police immediately!”

Everyone in the Bai family panicked.

They feel like they are riding a roller coaster, all of a sudden heaven, all of a sudden hell!

“Chairman Hu, there must be some misunderstanding in this. You wait for the police!” Chen Shuyun couldn’t help it anymore and stood up and said loudly.

“Ho ho! Misunderstanding! I ask you, did you sit in that position!” Frandick shouted coldly.

Bai Zhensheng nodded.

“That’s right, this position is specially reserved by me for the person who will be handed over today. Why would you sit in this position!” Frandick shouted again.

Bai Zhensheng’s head buzzed!

The position of the main table is actually reserved for the handover!

Now, I was sitting by myself.

No wonder Frandick misunderstood that he was the one who took over the prescription.

However, that invitation card clearly…

Thinking of this, he looked at Wiliam at the door in amazement!

A horrified guess suddenly appeared in his head!

Before, this invitation letter was in Wiliam’s hands.

He kept saying that this invitation letter was his own.

But at that time, who would believe it!

When he took away this invitation letter, he jokingly said: “This invitation letter is not for everyone.”

At the time, everyone thought this kid was just bluffing!

Unexpectedly, it was discovered that this position is really not a place to sit casually!

A position worth a billion!

The Bai family can’t afford to lose their fortune!

All this is done by that kid!

He wants to discredit our Bai family!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng immediately said to Frandick: “President Hu, I understand what’s going on. I admit that this invitation letter is not mine.”

There was an uproar at the scene!

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng’s eyes, suddenly full of contempt!

It’s not your position, and you have to sit on it.

Shame now!

However, where Bai Zhensheng would consider the issue of face at this time, all he wanted was to throw this pot away quickly.

“Not yours? Then how did you get the invitation letter!” Frandick frowned deeply.

Bai Zhensheng looked at Wiliam and said viciously: “I was framed! Someone wants me to sit in this position. He wants to deliberately tease me, you, and everyone in the venue!”

In a word, he created a big hat that is extremely sinful.

Frandick’s face was ruthless, and he was especially prone to anger today, “Who! Speak out! I want that person to die without a place to die!”

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he felt relieved, and immediately walked towards Wiliam!

Everyone’s eyes followed Bai Zhensheng’s voice!

Bai Zhensheng walked in front of Wiliam, saw Wiliam smile leisurely, his heart was cruel.

Boy, you want to fuck me!

Don’t blame me for being ruthless!

He suddenly pointed to Wiliam and said openly: “I took this invitation letter from this kid! He wants to play with all of us! President Hu, I am also a victim. You must call the shots for me! “

Chapter 268: As You Wish

Following Bai Zhensheng’s finger, the eyes of the audience were all locked on Wiliam!

Everyone’s eyes are full of resentment!

Today is the day of resignation!

Unexpectedly, someone would dare to break ground on Tai Sui!

Such rebellious things have been done.

But a few people watched the play leisurely.

Harper, Li Muhe, and Melissa.

However, Feliicity was frightened by this scene. She ran over with a vigorous walk, stopped in front of Bai Zhensheng, and said with a cry, “No, no, my Wiliam will not harm people. Yes. You obviously snatched this invitation letter from him! How can you blame Wiliam!”

Feliicity was more and more aggrieved as she talked about it, she was so sorrow and distressed, tears in her eyes.

A warmth came from her shoulder.

It was Wiliam who gently hugged her shoulders.

“Wiliam, tell them quickly that you didn’t play with them on purpose.” Feliicity looked at Wiliam, his eyes even begging.

The people around him immediately surrounded Wiliam Tuantuan.

Xena was also standing beside Feliicity carrying her bag.

She looked at the miserable Feliicity and Wiliam’s tenderness, as if she had been hit by a rock.

She felt as if she was about to stop breathing.

She even felt that there was a rush of blood, rushing to the top of her head!

She looked up and her eyes were red.

The eyes are full of blood.

“It’s not you, then you can explain it clearly to me! Do you know? This rubbish is a famous rubbish in Q City ( Qena City ), and even a shameful shame to our Bai family! Can you believe that this invitation letter belongs to him? Slip the world! I’m sure he didn’t know where he stole this invitation letter, so he deliberately gave it to me in order to embarrass all of us!”

“Today is our re-election meeting. Now the scene is so angry and people are angry, the meeting can’t go on, it is too bad!” Bai Zhensheng said loudly.

When everyone heard that the person wearing the mask was actually a rubbish named Q City ( Qena City ), all of them suddenly showed contempt.

No one believes that a rubbish will hold Frandick’s expensive invitation letter and claim to be himself.

Because he is not worthy!

“Yes, grandpa, I can testify that this kid sneaked into the venue and wanted to come and eat.” Hu Haoyu behind Frandick, seeing the Feliicity protecting Wiliam, immediately became angry and blood, and desperately slandered.

“Well, I can also testify!” Chen Liren also stood up, aggressively.

Frandick was taken aback and looked at Chen Liren, “Who are you?”

At this time, Chen Liren took Hu Haoyu’s arm and said with a smile: “Hello grandpa, I don’t have time to introduce myself to you. I am Haoyu’s girlfriend, Chen Liren.”

Frandick immediately glanced at Hu Haoyu dissatisfied.

“Chairman Hu, you have heard of this kid’s evil deeds. It must be the invitation letter he stole. You can’t breathe. The shame of our Drug Association will always be there! I suggest that you kill him!” Bai Zhen said on the side. Shouted again arrogantly.

“Enough!” At this moment, there was a sudden scream of anger!

Everyone looked at it, but it was Xena!

Xena lowered his head, shaking all over!

“My brother-in-law is not such a person! He is not! Bai Zhensheng, you are simply not a human! You did something wrong by yourself! You want to blame my brother-in-law!” Xena didn’t know where his courage came from, raised his head and looked at Bai Zhensheng. The eyes are red.

When Bai Zhensheng saw that Xena dared to speak for Wiliam at this time, his blood also came up, “Xena, you are going to die! Believe me or not!”

As Bai Zhensheng said, his pupils suddenly shrank!

He looked at Xena who rushed over in disbelief!

In Xena’s hand, he actually took out a sharp dagger from his bag!

The shimmering dagger, in front of everyone, is about to penetrate Bai Zhensheng’s chest!

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

Fortunately, Bai Zhensheng was dying, and he actually burst out of instinct to survive.

His body fell backwards, and he crawled around and escaped the fatal blow!

The eyes of everyone looking at Xena were straight.

Where did this little girl come from!

It’s pale and delicate.

One shot is ruthless!

But Xena watched Bai Zhensheng escape the knife, and suddenly all the blood in his body seemed to have been squandered, and his body softened.

She was sitting on the ground with a duck, her dagger fell aside, and she cried so much that she wow!

Can you not pierce your heart!

She has been threatened by Bai Zhensheng these days, and she has long been intolerable.

Bai Zhensheng is not reconciled to let her sister be wronged and let her be the master of the monk!

Instead, she broke her promise and continued to threaten her!

Now, my brother-in-law is humiliated in public!

Her resentment couldn’t be restrained in an instant, and the dagger that had been hidden in her bag for a few days was finally out of its sheath at this moment.

She just wants to kill Bai Zhensheng a thousand times!

To vent my anger!

Even if everyone is in full view!

Even if you go to jail!

She also recognized it!

It’s a pity that this knife was hidden by him.

Xena was crying on the ground and fainted. At this time, he felt his head warm.

A warm hand pressed against her head.

She looked up with difficulty, and suddenly saw a cold and gentle face.

Wiliam reached out and touched Xena, and said softly, “Fool, why bother? Didn’t you say it? Your brother-in-law is there.”

Every time Xena saw Feliicity being killed by her brother-in-law, she was envious in her heart.

Now, with her brother-in-law being so gentle, Xena’s emotions seemed to have found a catharsis, and she immediately hugged her brother-in-law, crying too hard!

Everyone was stunned by this sudden situation.

Is this today the general meeting of the Drug Association or their white soap opera!

Bai Zhensheng was on the side, his whole body was shaking, life and death were in an instant!

He couldn’t help but annoyed and said: “Xena, okay you! Since you are unkind, then don’t blame me for being unrighteous! Believe it or not, I will…”

“Ruoshuang, what did you want to do to that person?” Wiliam suddenly interrupted Bai Zhensheng, and said to Xena gently.

Feeling Wiliam’s warm hand, Xena felt as if he had found an eternal support, and couldn’t help but blurt out, “I want to make a few holes in him! See if this person’s blood is red or black!”

Grit your teeth!

Cold heart!

Everyone couldn’t help but be speechless.

What exactly did Bai Zhensheng do that made such a beautiful little sister so murderous.

But at this time, Wiliam gently touched Xena’s hair, and handed her to the nervous Feliicity’s arms.

Then, in full view, Wiliam picked up the dagger on the ground.

He slapped a knife casually, and then, step by step, walked towards Bai Zhensheng.

“Ruoshuang, as you wish.”

Chapter 269

Everyone’s eyes widened when everyone saw that Wiliam actually took a knife in public and wanted to kill Bai Zhensheng.

This person is so crazy!

When Bai Zhensheng saw Wiliam walking slowly, he was even more scared to fly.

He was looking at Wiliam.

A pair of eyes, but as if seeing a bottomless abyss.

Dim and deep.

It’s full of inaudible horror and horror!

He was full of excitement and tremblingly shouted: “You, what do you want! I tell you, so many people here are watching!”

Wiliam walked slowly, playing with a knife in one hand, and smiled slightly, “So many people, so what?”

so what!

The four words, like thunder, exploded in everyone’s heart!

Under the world, there is such a confident and arrogant person!

Of those present, which one is not rich!

Now, in the eyes of this kid, there is not even anything!

When Xena watched Wiliam lift the knife towards Bai Zhensheng, he suddenly felt like a world away.

She seemed to have seen the massacre again.

Wiliam was also carrying a knife and killing someone!

That time, hatred soared!

This time, an understatement!

But what remains unchanged is Wiliam’s domineering ambitions despite thousands of people!

Brother-in-law, can do the same for me…

Thinking of this, Xena’s tears fell on the spot again.

Feliicity hugged Xena tightly.

The shock in her heart was no less than Ruoshuang.

Although he knew that it was a heinous crime for Wiliam to do so.

However, Feliicity did not stop Wiliam.

It seems that all this is his mission and his destination!

He is suitable for a killing!

Born to be king!

As Wiliam walked, Bai Zhensheng stepped back.

After a few steps in a row, no one in the surroundings dared to step forward to help Bai Zhensheng.

Even the Bai family members like Chen Shuyun, at this moment, under Wiliam Sui’s eyes, they all flinched.

They just looked at Wiliam bitterly, and shouted from the side: “You bastard! You are still not the Bai family! Do you dare to try our Bai family!”

Wiliam snorted coldly, “The Bai family, it’s ridiculous.”

Bai Zhensheng was forced by Wiliam to retreat step by step, and he actually retreated to the root of the wall!

No refunds!

Lu Yehan had a knife in his hand, his eyes were ruthless.

He was only five steps away from Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng looked at the shimmering knife, suddenly as if thinking of something, and immediately shouted: “You bastard, you don’t know, you have a handle in my hand! If you dare to do it to me, Believe it or not, I’ll release that thing right away, so that you will never be born again!”

“Handle? Oh yes, is it the handle you are threatening Ruoshuang with?” Wiliam took a step forward and asked leisurely.

Bai Zhensheng was taken aback, and immediately nodded, “Yes, that’s the thing! It seems that Xena has already told you! If you dare to do something to me, your life will be lost!”

“It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous, what you thought of as the handle, in my Wiliam’s eyes, it’s just a raise of your hand.” Wiliam smiled as he walked.

Raise your hand?

Bai Zhensheng’s face flushed!

how can that be!

That’s killing!

And killed more than one person!

How could this kind of thing be done with a hand up!

“Don’t pretend to be fools with me here! Believe it or not, I will immediately!” Bai Zhensheng shouted again.

At this time, Wiliam’s body moved.

His sword fell in the cold!

Bai Zhensheng didn’t even have a chance to hide!

He felt a sense of death enveloping him and screamed directly!

That’s it!

This desperado!

Really can do anything!

I am dead!

Bai Zhensheng suddenly felt a burst of heart-wrenching pain in his hand, and he took a closer look!

The people on the scene let out an exclamation after Bai Zhensheng!

With Wiliam’s attack, there was no dog who directly killed Bai Zhensheng!

Instead, Bai Zhensheng’s hand held in mid-air was nailed to the wall fiercely!

The dagger directly pierced Bai Zhensheng’s right hand and firmly nailed his right palm to the wall!

The blood lay down drop by drop along his palm.

Bright red, with the magical red lanterns on the ceiling, it seems to be a bloody banquet in the flourishing age, opening ceremony!

Everyone just felt that their hearts were pumped fiercely, gasping for breath one by one!

Is this young man in front of him really the three-year trash son-in-law of the Bai family!

According to the rumors, he is weak and incompetent, and he is useless!

But now, move the knife in public!

There is no fear!

It’s like a hero in the world, he is the only one!

A madman!

Bai Zhensheng felt the tearing pain, and Dou Da’s cold sweat continued to flow out of his forehead, “Wiliam, you bastard! You dare to move me, I will let you today!”

“I pin you here for nothing else, just to let you watch a scene quietly.” Wiliam interrupted Bai Zhensheng, and shook his head, “A man, even threatening others. I have to hesitate again and again. After talking for so long, the thunder and the rain are small and sad.”

Wiliam’s words made the people around him in a daze.

This guy is not only a lunatic, but also a crazy!

The other party was about to threaten him, and he actually laughed at how slow the other party was threatening him.

Bai Zhensheng was also choked by Wiliam’s words for a long time.

At this time, Wiliam smiled again: “Forget it, I’ll do you a favor, right? I’ll help you announce it for everyone to see.”

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes turned round.

What the hell is this Wiliam doing!

Is he really not afraid of ruin and imprisonment for a lifetime!

What is his confidence!

When Xena heard this behind her, her face suddenly showed anxious expression, and said to Feliicity: “Sister, go and stop brother-in-law, this thing can’t be released! If you let it out, brother-in-law will be finished!”

However, after Xena finished speaking, he realized that Feliicity’s eyes were wrong.

At this moment, there is no anxiety, no tension, no anxiety.

The expression in her eyes when she looked at Wiliam was filled with warm love and worship.

She didn’t look at Xena, but just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, your brother-in-law had promised me before and gave him everything. And me, I had an agreement with this fool earlier.”

When Feliicity said this, he paused and stood up. For a while, he felt deep and righteous and confident.

“If he is full of evil, I will accompany him forever.”

In a word, Xena was shocked and speechless on the spot.

She looked at Feliicity foolishly and smiled bitterly.

She finally understood why her sister and brother-in-law were so deeply in love with each other.

This is a kind of trust and perseverance carved into the bones.

On the field, Melissa finally stood up and took the initiative to walk to the center of the stage, as if he was already ready.

She placed her mobile phone under a projector and played a surveillance video.

Seeing this surveillance video, everyone seemed to be frozen. The scene was terribly quiet!

And Wiliam said leisurely: “Is it this? If not, I still have several paragraphs. You can slowly pick one that you are satisfied with before you threaten me.”

Chapter 270

Deathly silence at the scene!

Everyone looked at the big screen in disbelief, and some even covered their mouths.

The eyes are full of shock!

Is this making a movie!

No, this is surveillance video!

In the video, Wiliam held a long knife in his hand.

Unbelievably crazy!

In the video, there are still many people helping Wiliam!

The video is silent.

But at the scene, only a violent heartbeat was heard!


Chi Guoguo’s murder!

Who is this Wiliam!

How dare to do such a damaging thing!

Moreover, it was even more fearless, and released it in front of so many people!

What is he thinking!

Chen Shuyun’s face turned pale when she saw this video.

She even backed up a few steps before she could stand firmly with the support of everyone.

She couldn’t believe it!

The waste who had lived in the Bai family only for ten years, dared to kill with a knife, and it was impossible!

She suddenly felt a deep fear!

In these ten years, people like them have rarely made things difficult for Wiliam.

If Wiliam acted like this in surveillance!

The Bai family was going to be slaughtered by him overnight!

The Bai family hides such a hungry wolf!

Bai Zhensheng’s face turned pale even more, and he even forgot the pain in his palm.

He stared at Wiliam in a daze, his eyes full of disbelief!

It took him a lot of effort to get a small broken video.

But now Wiliam’s video is clearer, and the evidence of the murder is more obvious!

Is he going to fight with himself?

Seeing this video, Feliicity behind her suddenly covered her mouth, tears bursting into her eyes!

In her mind, what happened before was instantly thought of.


This is the mountain road to Lin’s house!

that time……

Xena said quietly beside him at the right time: “Sister, this is a secret between brother-in-law and me. I’m sorry, I have never dared to tell you before, just because you can’t accept this kind of brother-in-law. But what I want to say is, brother-in-law is really right. When you love him to your bones, he is a demon and crazy for you. You must not blame your brother-in-law, let alone be afraid of him.”

Feliicity had no answer, but she answered loudly in her heart.

What are you afraid of?

This is my husband!

This is Wiliam who is so angry as a beauty!

Feliicity also completely understood her position in Wiliam’s heart for a moment.

For himself, Wiliam did such a crazy thing. What reason does he have to blame him, to be afraid of him…

I’m afraid that the more you love, the deeper you love yourself.

“Come on, call the police! Everyone has seen it, this guy is committing a crime!” Bai Zhensheng yelled out on the spot.

However, there was no movement at the scene.

Everyone was scared.

In peace and prosperity, has there ever been such a sin.

Could it be that Shura was reborn to dare to trample on the king’s law like this!

Everyone dared not move, and the two people on the main table showed wry smiles.

Harper and Li Muhe.

Harper didn’t know about this, but when he saw the video, he felt a sense of pride that he had never had before!

Harper already knew that Wiliam was so wise and close to a demon!

However, in order to avenge his grandfather, Duo Zhi is far from enough.

Must have a certain strength and courage!

Now, isn’t it the evidence of his courage and strength!

His respect for the young master in his heart is a little bit more.

There was even an impulse to let go of all the restraints and restrictions and kneel at the feet of Wiliam, willing to be a slave!

Seeing that everyone was afraid to call the police, Bai Zhensheng burst into tears with anger.

“Wiliam, you must die! If you don’t kill me today, I will never let you go!”

Bai Zhensheng planned to burn the jade and the stone.

However, Wiliam Senran smiled.

“You know, why would I dare to release these videos?” Wiliam suddenly asked Bai Zhensheng.

Where does Bai Zhensheng know.

Wiliam glanced across the crowd at this time, fixed on Xena who was choking on the ground, and said softly: “The first reason is to reassure Ruoshuang and let her know that her brother-in-law believes and can do everything.”

Xena was moved for a while, is it worth it for this reason alone?

But Wiliam looked at Feliicity again, “The second reason is to let you know, my baby Feliicity, but he can’t move.”

When everyone heard this, they fought a cold war.

How crazy is it to be so angry!

This kid, the love for Feliicity might have been morbid!

He is swearing Feliicity’s sovereignty to everyone on the scene!

Hu Haoyu on the side was even weaker in his legs.

He thought that he was threatening Wiliam just now.

Let Wiliam leave Feliicity.

He also said that people like Feliicity could not be protected by him.

He even threatened him, saying, “That’s because I didn’t show up. You don’t know my methods.”

Thinking about it now, this sentence is simply ridiculous!

At that time, Wiliam replied, “I’m afraid you don’t know my methods, but you will know later.”

Now I finally know it!

Everyone in the room knows that this is a lunatic who is crazy about his wife!

If at that time, this kid got angry, could his life be saved?

Thinking of this, Hu Haoyu couldn’t help being afraid for a while, and glared more resentfully at the shivering Chen Liren beside him.

Chen Liren was obviously stunned.

Wiliam looked around silently, and snorted coldly, “The last reason, listen carefully, I will let it out. The audience knows what can I do!”

As soon as this was said, the scene suddenly became restless.

Everyone is a person with a head and a face.

Now, even being threatened by a lunatic!

This is the Drug Association!

One of the greatest forces in Q City ( Qena City )!

This kid dared to say such things, obviously disrespectful!

Even Bernard snorted coldly, “It seems that today our Drug Association is going to punish evil and promote good!”

But at this time, Frandick shouted, “Watch all!”

Frandick’s eyes had never left Wiliam since just now.

He faintly felt a familiar smell on this kid.

But for a while, I couldn’t tell.

I can only keep watching.

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he burst into laughter, madly inciting the anger of everyone, “Have you heard? You guys, who claim to be famous and famous every day, but now in the eyes of a lunatic, you are not a shit. You, are the most embarrassing!”

The faces of everyone suddenly became extremely ugly.

“Okay, if you want to ask the crime, if you want, then please ask the crime yourself, you can’t let go of these people in the video.” Wiliam smiled lightly when he saw a slight movement at the door. .

Bai Zhensheng suddenly said grimly: “Like you group of wicked scum, I will naturally not let it go!”

Wiliam nodded, “Really? Then you compare it carefully. Are the people in the video just the group of people walking by the door?”

Away from the crowd, a group of tiger and wolf teachers came slowly!


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