Dragon Husband Chapter 271-280

Chapter 271

There were silent sounds all over the room.

Only the rustle of footsteps.

A group of people had already stood in front of Bai Zhensheng.

This group of people wear sunglasses and masks one by one.

He was dressed dirty, obviously the group of people who were installing lanterns outside.

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he couldn’t help laughing, “What are you special? There is no cure! Just find a group of migrant workers and ask me to blame! Are you a fool or I am a fool!”

The headed person suddenly took off his mask and sunglasses gently.

The people behind took off their masks and sunglasses together.

One by one, the eyes are like blood, it’s not an exaggeration to fight in all directions!

And seeing the person in front of you clearly, the scene suddenly sounded full of exclamations!

Everyone, I can’t even believe that the person who was carrying the lantern just now turned out to be!

Tiger of Q City ( Qena City )!

Tigger !

The underground king, even carried things himself!

It’s weird!

Tigger looked at Bai Zhensheng coldly, and suddenly his sleeves flicked, and a long knife appeared in his hand abruptly!

The people behind him did the same, with long knives, as if to illuminate the whole scene!

The temperature at the scene seemed to have dropped several degrees!

Bai Zhensheng’s mouth is wide open!

“Look now, do you look like the group of people in the video?” Tigger said.

The voice is a bit hoarse, but it doesn’t change its heroism.

Bai Zhensheng looked at the sharp light of the knife, and suddenly his lower body was jerked, and he was scared to pee on the spot!

He doesn’t even need to watch the video!

His head was stabbed by this long knife, and he suddenly remembered everything before!

At Fernando’s house, Wiliam and Tigger led the team to fight all the way!

It’s Tigger ‘s mistake!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng’s legs were trembling, and his body wanted to fall down, but because his palm was nailed to the wall, the fall made his hands tear like pain again!

He howled frantically.

I also regretted it to the point where it could not be added!


Why did I just think of Tigger now!

If I remembered it earlier, how could I use this video to blackmail Wiliam!

This is Tigger !

Q City ( Qena City ) kills like hemp!

Sleeping Tiger Underground!

To threaten him is simply too long for his life!

It’s a pity that it seems that the overwhelming is hard to harvest now.

Bai Zhensheng couldn’t say a word.

The scene was also silent.

Wherever Tigger goes, he is a powerful force!

Even the Drug Association did not dare to offend Tigger .

Because Tigger can be rude and lawless!

The Drug Association cannot.

Everyone looked at Tigger blankly, and then at Wiliam, they understood for a moment.

Tigger participated in this killing.

It’s no wonder that Wiliam is confident, who dares to tell the world about this killing.

Isn’t it looking for death!

I’m afraid it’s this killing, I’m going to shut up here tonight.

No one dared to mention it again.

“You, you are like this, it is against the law after all! Heaven is not tolerated!” At this time, a woman rushed out and shouted fiercely at everyone.

It was Bai Zhensheng’s mother, Sun Huiqin.

Sun Huiqin is a silly grandma at all, so how could she care about the Xiao Jiujiu inside.

She stood in front of Bai Zhensheng, pointing righteously at the crowd and cursing.

Bai Zhensheng was so angry that he couldn’t help it anymore, and he slapped Sun Huiqin’s face with his left hand.

“Mom! Shut up, OK! Do you want to kill me!” Bai Zhen shouted angrily.

But Sun Huiqin was beaten up all of a sudden, “Oh, you son of a bitch! You even beat your mother! I’m trying to stand up for you!”

Everyone was speechless. Where did this woman come from, she even scolded herself when she was so cruel.

“These people deserve to be taken to prison! You still indulge them like this! You are accomplices! You are all guilty!” Sun Huiqin pointed at everyone angrily.

At this time, a wry smile rang not far away.

“This woman is right, then even the old man will ask the crime together.”

Everyone followed the prestige, but saw Li Muhe stood up and walked over.

Seeing Li Muhe coming, everyone’s heart raised their throats again!

Li Muhe has mixed in!

This seems to be a big deal!

The Bai family who knows nothing about life and death!

Li Muhe had been silent just now, obviously because he didn’t want to cause trouble.

Unexpectedly, they actually forced Li Muhe out.

court death!

Sun Huiqin still knows Li Muhe, and when he sees him coming, he can only respectfully said: “Old Li, you are joking, how can you confuse you with this group of murderers.”

Li Muhe stood beside Wiliam and said with a wry smile: “You are exalting the old man, Chenghu is my subordinate, and this matter was approved by me, and I sent someone to clean the scene afterwards. , Now, am I an accomplice in your mouth?”

Everyone’s hairs rose up.

Li Muhe was so deeply involved!

He was such a respected person, he helped Wiliam clean the battlefield!

What’s the matter with Wiliam!

The eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam changed.

He is not a worm!

He is Wearing Cloud Dragon!

What can make Tigger hold a knife is not a dragon!

Can Li Muhe deal with the queen, not what a dragon is!

Terrible young man!

Those who keep saying that this kid is rubbish are really rubbish!

Smart eyes do not know beads!

Feliicity and Xena looked at Wiliam standing side by side with Li Muhe, Qi Qi dumbfounded.

Even Tigger dare not stand side by side with them!

This seemed to be the first time Wiliam showed his most hideous fangs in front of everyone!

If you don’t call it, it’s a big block!

If you don’t fly, you can fly so fast!

From then on Q City ( Qena City ), who would dare to look down upon Wiliam!

Thinking of this, Feliicity suddenly felt a kind of cruel relief!

It’s so fun!

I have always said that my family Wiliam is incompetent!

Now let the whole city take a look, my family Wiliam can pick up stars!

Wiliam looked at the trembling Bai Zhensheng, “Do you have anything else to say?”

While Wiliam was talking, he drew the dagger away, and Bai Zhensheng suddenly slumped to the ground!

“Wiliam, I’m sorry! I kowtow to you! I shouldn’t offend you! Thousands of mistakes are my fault! Will you let me go!” Bai Zhen said with tears and kowtow to Wiliam.

The Bai family was silent.

Who dares to speak.

Wiliam dominates alone, and the Bai family is in front of him. What a!

“Is there anything to say? Then, please pierce out two holes in your body.” Wiliam suddenly smiled and threw the knife on Bai Zhensheng’s body.

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes widened when he heard this!

What a cruel person!

Want him to harm himself!

“But Ruoshuang said, I want to make a few holes in you to see what kind of blood you shed. A hole is not called a few.” Wiliam smiled, his eyes were as cold as frost, “If I do it. If you do, the next cut is not as simple as the palm of your hand.”

“Choose it yourself, I’ll count three seconds.”

Chapter 272

The scene was silent, and no one spoke.

Everyone looked at Wiliam blankly, their eyes filled with shock.

Who can imagine that this kid can be even more cruel!

Actually forced Bai Zhensheng to harm himself in front of everyone!

Bai Zhensheng’s face was even more distorted. He looked at Wiliam angrily, and suddenly got up from the ground, and said viciously, “Wiliam, don’t go too far!”

“Excessive?” Wiliam smiled, eyes full of coldness, and took a step closer to Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng was so scared that he stepped back several steps, his body trembling.

At this time, Tigger ‘s knife suddenly knocked slightly on the ground.

“Ding!” A slight sound of gold and iron sounded.

The men behind him did the same.

The sound of “Ding Ding Ding” lingered in an instant.

This sound is like a magic sound in everyone’s ears!

Tigger also took a step forward.

Bai Zhensheng’s heart beat fiercely, and his eyes showed endless regret and sorrow.

“Okay! I’ll do it myself!” Bai Zhensheng picked up the blood-stained dagger with trembling hands, his brain was full of cold sweat.

If you don’t do it yourself, it won’t work.

Waiting for him will be Tigger ‘s butcher knife!

Everyone looked at Bai Zhensheng holding a dagger in his hand, but the atmosphere did not dare to make a sound.

Bai Zhensheng tremblingly pointed the knife at his shoulder, and slowly increased his strength.

“Ah!” Bai Zhensheng screamed in pain the moment the knife plunged.

Everyone watched as the knife pierced slowly, and the blood slowly leaked out.

This is far more shocking than going down with a knife.


The blood stained Bai Zhensheng’s white shirt, and the cold sweat on his face grew more and more.

Knife, only half way down!

In the end, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help it anymore, gritted his teeth, suddenly shouted, and thrust the knife into his shoulder fiercely!

Then he quickly pulled it out and stabbed again!

This time, it was lightning fast!

These two knives seemed to pierce everyone’s heart, and they all shivered.

And their faces, under the shining of the red lights all over the field, looked even more red.

“Wiliam! You can’t die! I will never forget today! You wait for me!” Bai Zhensheng reluctantly stood firm with the support of Bai Auditorium, and looked at Wiliam viciously.

He has been completely discredited in this venue today.

He has nothing to lose.

Even now, he feels that this life, if you want to take it away, take it away!

Better than being so tortured and humiliated now!

Chen Shuyun also glanced at Wiliam viciously, snorted coldly, and took the lead to leave the scene.

The Bai family left one after another, Xena’s footsteps instinctively moved.

But seeing Feliicity staying still, she suddenly gave a wry smile.

Yes, for a long time, to endure the people of the Bai family, I seem to have accepted it.

Only if I think about my sister and trust Wiliam wholeheartedly, maybe I will have a new life.

Thinking of this, Xena stopped, and stood firmly beside Feliicity, staying.

Everyone looked at the blood on the ground, one by one was speechless.

Is this kid Wiliam wrong?

Of course there is!

And it’s a real evil.

But as he said, who can do it!

Behind him, but standing Tigger !

Not to mention that behind Tigger there are big men like Li Muhe.

Who dares to mess with!

Everyone looked at Wiliam and wanted to know what this demon would do next.

Wiliam turned around and looked at Tigger , “Brother Hu, thanks.”

What a coincidence today, Tigger happened to be there.

Wiliam had previously guessed that what Bai Zhensheng used to threaten Xena was the original murder video.

So earlier he told Melissa to obtain those surveillance videos by means.

He originally expected that Li Muhe would come on stage, standing beside him.

But it occurred to him that Tigger happened to be here, so that Brother Hu was charged with a full crime.

But who is Tigger ?

Born to fight, has long been notorious, so why are you afraid of it today!

Tigger patted Wiliam on the shoulder and smiled, but he raised his head and looked sadly at the red lantern on the ceiling. Without speaking, he walked outside.

Wiliam suddenly thought about it, and said behind him: “Brother Tiger, just now downstairs said he would buy you a glass of wine, and I owe you a glass of wine.”

Tigger turned his back to him, raised his hand and waved, “There is a chance.”

Wiliam also raised his head and looked at the Cinnabar Hundred Years Lantern, then nodded, “Well, there is a chance.”

With the departure of Tigger , the underground tiger, the atmosphere in the venue gradually eased.

The host on the stage looked at Frandick helplessly, completely confused, and didn’t know how to host next.

Frandick was also very aggrieved. Today was the day when the Drug Association changed its term.

However, seeing blood on the day of rejoicing is clearly too taboo to be taboo.

Just as he was depressed, Wiliam suddenly said: “I’m sorry, let your venue settle some personal grievances, then continue the process.”

Frandick felt bitter when he heard this.

Dare to be angry but dare not speak.

Continue the process!

Continue to fart!

This is the second agenda, originally meant to hand over the ten ancient prescriptions to the people from Lunanica Company.

Now, no one from Lunanica Company is here and they are still handing in a fart.

And if you want to skip this agenda, you have to directly elect the chairman.

I have already lost this greatest advantage, how can I win Bernard!

Bernard, who was on the side, was so happy that his mouth turned crooked.

Although he hated Wiliam, he kept clapping in his heart.


This kid made trouble, and in a matter of time, Frandick’s advantage was wiped out.

The matter of these billion orders will inevitably be held on Frandick’s body.

Even if he can negotiate with Lunanica Company later and continue to complete the handover, at least today, Frandick has no advantage at all.

Frandick sighed at this time. Obviously, he was ready to accept such a helpless fact.

He is about to speak out and ask the host to skip this second agenda.

But at this time, Wiliam slowly stepped onto the stage and stood shoulder to shoulder with the host.

The beautiful host just saw Wiliam’s ferocity, and could not help but move a few steps to the side, obviously not daring to stand with Wiliam.

“President Hu, why, aren’t you on stage yet?” Wiliam said calmly on stage.

Frandick was taken aback, his face turned pale.

This kid, what’s going on!

Who is the master of this scene!

How do you feel that he controls the audience, these few meanings!

Moreover, is he preparing to embarrass himself in public!

Wiliam looked at Frandick’s ugly expression, and suddenly took a piece of it, and several yellowed papers appeared in his hand.

“I am Mr. Cang Yue in your mouth.”

Chapter 273

“Mr. Cang Yue? What Mr. Cang Yue?” Everyone was confused.

Xena and Feliicity heard this, but they all felt the same goose bumps.

They looked at each other tacitly, and their eyes were shocked.

Xena asked in a low voice, “Sister, isn’t my brother-in-law a small security guard of Lunanica Company? How did he change and become Mr. Cangyue? When I heard this name, I felt like a very powerful person in Lunanica Company.”

Feliicity was also speechless, this Wiliam.

Seems to have done something extraordinary…

Good or bad, this person always hides everything from himself!

Mr. Cang Yue, who is he in Cang Yue Company!

Xena was confused when he saw the Feliicity, and suddenly thought.

It seems that my elder sister doesn’t know, either. My elder sister still doesn’t know that Wiliam is the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Brother-in-law is a hero in the world, and he does all major things. It is normal for him to be superior in Lunanica Company.

Thinking of this, Xena had stars in her eyes.

After hearing this, Frandick, who was originally full of despair, trembled as if he had been shocked, looking at Wiliam in disbelief!

Mr. Cang Yue?

This kid, could it be Mr. Cangyue who was strategizing and winning a thousand miles before on the phone?

As soon as this idea came out, it seemed as if it had opened up Frandick’s two lines of Ren and Du, the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible!

Yes, you can know from the previous words of the Bai family that these invitations were all taken from Wiliam.

Then he is most likely Mr. Cang Yue!

Only just now, I saw that he was unremarkable, and I couldn’t believe in my heart that Mr. Cang Yue would be so young.

Thinking about it now, there is endless confidence and domineering in his voice, isn’t it the voice on the phone?

Everything is right!

Frandick’s face was full of excitement, he almost trot to the stage and stood in front of Wiliam.

He looked at Wiliam, and the more he watched, the more he appreciated.

Looking closely at the pile of yellowed paper in his hand, his heart beating wildly!

These photos should be ancient prescriptions!

“It’s really you!” Frandick couldn’t help but yelled!

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “I believe it.”

The people below were in an uproar.

Although they didn’t know what Mr. Cang Yue meant, looking at Frandick’s excitement, it was obvious that Wiliam was performing the contract on behalf of Cang Yue Company.

This kid, the method was so harsh just now.

Now that the Lunanica Company had to show his love again, President Hu was so admired. Obviously, his identity is even more mysterious in everyone’s hearts.

Bernard looked at Wiliam with incredible expression!

This kid again!

Nowhere can I escape this brat!

The last time the seven love hay happened, this kid slapped himself in the face in public!

Even more so today!

The president himself was already at his fingertips!

This kid came out halfway again, holding ten ancient prescriptions!

Completely ruin your own advantages!


“Hurry up, everyone! Hurry up! The second process will begin soon!” Frandick stubbornly resisted his excitement, but he yelled out of the host’s microphone.

Everyone woke up like a dream, and quickly took their seats one by one.

And Feliicity and Xena were sitting in their positions, suddenly a little embarrassed.

Originally this table was neat and tidy, and there were other people sitting there.

But now there are only two of them left at this table.

Others would rather squeeze with others than sit with them.

In everyone’s eyes, the Bai family has become a dead star.

Xena looked at Feliicity bitterly, and said, “Sister, it seems like we have become the god of plague, everyone avoids us.”

Feliicity smiled gently and said, “My husband is a killer, so it’s not bad for me to be a plague.”

Xena looked speechless and didn’t know what to say about this nymphomaniac sister.

Should she say that she has a big heart, or should she say that she is mentally disabled.

“Everyone, Mr. Lu, came to fulfill the contract and hand over ten prescriptions on behalf of Lunanica Company. However, my old man’s ugly words are the first. If anyone dared to spread the matter today, I will not be the first to spare him!” Hu Qiu Feng said this first.

But everyone knew it well.

There was a big boss behind Wiliam, and everyone had to consider the consequences of talking too much.

Now that this kid has revealed his identity under the loss of Frandick’s superiority, it is tantamount to pulling Frandick from hell to heaven.

How could Frandick not appreciate him.

It seems that what happened today, including those videos I saw, can’t be told outside because I was killed.

The ten ancient prescriptions were handed over smoothly.

Frandick himself is a pharmacy expert. After checking the prescriptions one by one, his face was red.

Especially when I saw one of the prescriptions, I almost jumped with excitement.

That one is his prescription for life extension-Taohong She Niu prescription.

The prescription is verified and accurate.

As Frandick and Wiliam shook hands heavily, there was a warm applause.

The value of these ten prescriptions is clear to everyone here.

This will not only gain the upper hand in the contest with the Medical Association, but also make the reputation of the Drug Association reach a peak.


Frandick has done no good.

And a large number of people were watching Wiliam quietly.

They were already weighing this former Q City ( Qena City ) abandoned son-in-law and how they would re-examine him in the future.

Wiliam stepped down, but walked towards Feliicity and Ruoshuang, and sat beside Feliicity.

Feliicity smiled, but said with a grievance: “Mr. Cang Yue, why are you here? Our little chair here wronged you.”

Wiliam heard the sadness in Feliicity’s words, touched her little head, and said with a smile: “What is Mr. Cang Yue, your husband?”

Feliicity rolled his eyes directly.

“Husband.” Xena with the stars in his eyes could not help himself, and faintly shouted.

Feliicity cast another roll of eyes to Xena, “It’s not big and small, don’t shout, this animal belongs to my family.”

After speaking, Feliicity looked at Wiliam again and whispered: “Wiliam, thank you today.”

“Then how do you want to thank me?” Wiliam smiled.

Feliicity suddenly blushed, and whispered in his ear: “Go home and kiss you.”

“Dear?” Wiliam asked naturally.

Feliicity poked Wiliam’s forehead with a black line, “Here! Where else do you think!”

Wiliam smiled, “Alright, but, thank you, don’t say it too early, I’m afraid you will not be able to bear the price for a while.”

Feliicity sighed: “Why can’t I afford to kiss your forehead? You helped Ruoshuang, and I will help her to repay you.”

Xena blushed and mumbled: “Sister, in fact, you don’t need to repay my brother-in-law for me. You can kiss me personally.”

Chapter 274

Wiliam glanced at Xena strangely, without answering the conversation, and looked at the stage, “Keep watching, Feliicity, you can think about where you are kissing me while watching.”

On the stage, the host said with a smile on his face: “Next, we will proceed to the third agenda and elect the new president of our Drug Association!”

The people at the scene were shocked and finally came!

Today’s biggest highlight!

Today’s presidential election is about the future development path of the Drug Association!

It is closely related to the interests of everyone here.

The host held a hand card and said with a smile: “There are three candidates for the presidential election today, namely Frandick, Bernard and Nelson.”

The three people stood up and nodded to the people below.

The old man named Nelson was not sad or happy, because he knew he was here to make up the soy sauce.

Candidates will only come from Frandick and Bernard.

“We will adopt a secret ballot, and the members of the on-site Drug Association have one vote.” The host continued.

But at this time, Bernard suddenly interrupted the host’s words, “Wait, I have a few words that I don’t know should be said improperly.”

Xena below couldn’t help but sipped, “If you don’t say it properly, don’t say it. Those who say this on TV are not good things.”

The host glanced at Frandick awkwardly, and Frandick nodded.

Bernard looked at Frandick humbly and said: “Chairman Hu, I am not targeting you, I am completely sympathetic to you, so I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

Frandick motioned to Bernard to continue.

Bernard cleared his throat and said, “Everyone knows that President Hu has been worrying about the development of the Drug Association over the years, and we all have extremely lofty respect for him. However, overwork has dragged down his body. Perhaps everyone knows that President Hu is suffering from a stubborn illness, and it is no longer suitable to do it personally. If President Hu continues to serve as President, I am afraid that his body will be overwhelming. Will you all bear to watch our President Hu continue to burn his life? This is also why we all understand President Hu, what do you think?”

The people at the scene suddenly became embarrassed.

Bernard was right.

Frandick’s biggest disadvantage is that he suffers from a stubborn illness that cannot be cured for many years, and he has become more and more embarrassed.

Everyone wanted Frandick to continue as the president.

But now according to Bernard, if everyone chooses Frandick, then everyone is forcing Frandick to contribute his life.

If Frandick fell to his job, everyone who voted for Frandick today would be a sinner.

And Frandick also knew that Bernard would make a fuss about his body, he suddenly laughed loudly, “I would also like to thank Chairman Xu for his concern. If it were before, my body would indeed not be able to serve as the chairman, but now It’s different.”

Everyone lifted their spirits, and then looked at Frandick suspiciously.

But Bernard frowned, wondering what tricks the old fox was going to do.

Frandick suddenly pulled out one prescription from the ten prescriptions just now, and said with a smile: “I couldn’t be cured for many years. It is precisely because I have not found a prescription for my stubborn illness. I have been trying my own formula, but the effect is not good. As expected, but today, I discovered that this Taohong She Niu Recipe is a good cure for my stubborn illness! As long as this prescription is available, I believe that it won’t be long before my stubborn illness can be completely eradicated.”

All the people at the scene were suddenly in an uproar.

Everyone looked at Frandick in disbelief.

What a coincidence?

Among these ten prescriptions, one prescription is for his condition?

No matter how it sounds, it sounds like Frandick is fooling everyone and doing nothing.

After Frandick finished speaking, he gave Wiliam a secret glance.

One of the ten prescriptions is specifically for his condition.

At first, Frandick couldn’t believe that there was such a coincidence in the world.

Now I see Wiliam, but I feel terrified to think carefully.

This was clearly a move that Wiliam had played very early on, ready to draw himself into the bait.

Obviously, Wiliam succeeded.

Bernard looked at everyone present with an ugly expression, and his heart suddenly became clear.

This old Frandick is sick, and everyone knows what it is.

However, he is the only one who knows how to cure his disease.

Because this is his life, he must devote himself to research.

Now, he speaks so loudly…

Is it such a coincidence?

That Taohong She Niu Fang can really cure him?

Frandick had long expected that everyone would not believe it, so he randomly ordered the names of a few people and said, “You are also experts in pharmacy. You can prove whether this prescription can cure my stubborn illness. , I will not cheat, let alone make fun of my life.”

Whispers suddenly sounded at the scene, and some people were excited at the scene, “Great! President Hu, if your body gets better, then you can definitely continue to lead our Drug Association to flourish. This is a great thing!”

Bernard’s face suddenly became serious!


Was shamed by this old man!

No wonder this guy is going to sign ten prescriptions. It turns out that the deeper willingness is to extend his life!

Isn’t this just Chi Guoguo’s use of power for personal gain!

Damn it!

I didn’t expect it, this old guy secretly kept his life-saving hand!

Seeing that the situation at the scene was wrong, Bernard immediately said with a smile: “Congratulations to President Hu, but today is a formal presidential election after all, and we can’t just keep you as the president based on your words. If the prescription doesn’t work in the future and you are sick, we can’t afford it.”

The people below nodded suddenly.

“Huh! What do you want to do then!” Frandick’s face suddenly became cold.

Bernard also changed his face in an instant, “How dare you! It’s just that President Hu said so, naturally you have to show evidence that everyone can see and trust. As long as you can prove on the spot that your body can get better immediately, we will naturally trust you. Otherwise, I’m still in that opinion. People with physical problems are not suitable to continue serving as the president!”

The atmosphere of the scene suddenly rose.

Hu Qiu was so angry that his beard was blowing!

I know my illness best!

Years of stubborn illness, how can it be cured on the spot and be alive and well on the spot for everyone to see!

Da Luo Shenxian can’t do it!

What’s more, this prescription is Chinese medicine!

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to conditioning, and it is impossible to have immediate effect!

This Bernard is brazenly making things difficult for people!

But watching everyone at the scene, it was obvious that they were too worried about Frandick’s body, so they didn’t dare to gamble.

Frandick is suffocated to death!

Is it going to fall short of success!

How can the villain be rampant!

And Bernard was very happy to see Frandick suffocated!

He just wants to laugh!

This thing is done!

As long as you live here, the chairman’s position is yours!

“Ho ho…”

When the scene was deadlocked, there was a sudden indifferent laughter.

Everyone followed the prestige, and it was Wiliam who slowly got up!

Chapter 275 Reverse Thinking

When everyone saw Wiliam stand up, their eyes widened.

This kid, what are you going to do?

“What are you laughing at! Do you have any questions about what you said to me?” Bernard looked at Wiliam angrily.

As he walked, Wiliam shook his head slightly, and said, “Chairman Xu is right. I don’t have any doubts. Chairman Hu has been stubborn all year round. It is true that at this time, there is no evidence that the naked eye can see.”

Bernard was relieved when he heard this.

Doesn’t this kid provide any proof?

That would be easy.

But at this time, Wiliam said again: “Even, I agree with what you just said, especially the sentence, people with physical problems are not suitable for chairman.”

Frandick’s brows furrowed deeply, and the expression he looked at Wiliam gradually became cold.

This kid, why suddenly turned back!

Just stand at the end of Bernard and go.

And Bernard laughed loudly, “Okay! I agree with it!”

Wiliam suddenly showed a weird smile, “But sometimes, when thinking about things, you can’t just think about it. This kind of thinking won’t work. Let’s change our thinking, maybe we can break the game faster.”


Everyone’s heart is stunned!

What is the meaning of this other way of thinking?

At this moment, the speech is a mystery or a foresight!

Bernard looked at Wiliam, “What do you mean by this?”

“I mean, we still can’t prove that President Hu’s body will get better right away, but if we think about it another way, we have a way to prove immediately that President Xu’s body will be ill immediately?”

Everyone’s scalp is numb!

What a special change!

You know, the position of the president will only be created among Frandick and Bernard.

Since Frandick couldn’t prove that his body would get better right away, this kid actually tried to prove that Bernard’s body would be ill immediately?

This is simply!

Reverse thinking at the level of Flying Fairy!

Are you planning to burn all the jade and stone, so that you can’t choose the president today!

Bernard was trembling with anger!

This kid is obviously spitting blood!

However, after Bernard thought about it, he immediately laughed, “Okay, I want to see, how can you prove that my body is faulty?”

Bernard is a healer himself, can he still not understand his body?

Although there have been some minor problems over the years, on the whole, the body bones are still strong, and it is the year of the fight.

How could this kid say that if there is something wrong, there will be something wrong!

Frandick was completely confused by Wiliam.

Is this kid on his side or Bernard’s side?

Everyone in the audience was at a loss. They only felt that no one could understand the situation today.

As if all in the grasp of this kid.

Wiliam walked towards Bernard slowly, “Your body is ill now, but you will soon have it.”

Just as Bernard was about to laugh, he suddenly felt two cold rays of light from Wiliam’s hands!

He was about to yell at him when he suddenly felt like his knees had been cut off, and he didn’t feel it at all.

His legs softened, and he fell to his knees straight!

This scene scared everyone into screaming!

What’s wrong with Bernard!

Kneeling in public means several things!

Everyone looked intently at Bernard’s knees, and at this time they all took a breath of air-conditioning!

On Bernard’s knees, I don’t know when, each of them had a weird silver needle inserted!

This silver needle has a section of vermilion on the needle, as if this vermilion is competing with the century-old cinnabar lamp on the ceiling!

The blood slowly seeped out from Bernard’s knees.

And these two red needles seem to be drinking blood!

The red section of the needle was shining with a strange red light!

Bernard was so scared that cold sweat broke out. He wanted to stand up forcibly, but found that his legs were completely out of control!

He struggled, staggered and fell directly to the ground.

He suddenly looked at Wiliam on the ground, and cursed fiercely: “What did you do to me! Do you dare to hurt me!”

Everyone also looked at Wiliam with sharp eyes, and the ghosts could see that it was Wiliam’s move just now.

And Wiliam smiled, “Now your legs are broken, is this considered as what you said, something wrong with your body?”

This sentence, like a bang, smashed everyone’s heads!

What an overbearing method!

It turns out that there was something wrong with what he said just now, and that was it!

He actually abolished Bernard’s legs in front of so many people!

There is no way to see it!

Melissa’s body below couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

What a little bastard, Melissa never knew what Wiliam meant by running over today.

Now she finally knows!

This little bastard planned to use his domineering strength to forcefully crush Bernard!

Not reasonable!

No mercy!

Regardless of the consequences!

It’s really unstoppable!

It’s just that, it will definitely arouse public anger!

His performance here today is really too arrogant. He is challenging everyone’s tolerance.

Sure enough, everyone’s faces were flushed, as if they had completely lost their senses, and roared at Wiliam: “You bastard! How can our Drug Association allow you to behave twice!”

“The security guard! The security guard! Get this kid up for me!”

“This kid deserves to die, I want to kill him!”

A group of security guards rushed in at the call of the crowd, intending to arrest Wiliam.

But at this time, Frandick suddenly shouted coldly: “Stop it all! With me, who dares to move Wiliam!”

Looking at Wiliam, Frandick felt extremely entangled in his heart!

This kid, why is he so crazy!

However, he did this entirely to help him continue to be the president. Now, can he watch this kid be arrested!

A multiple choice question was placed in front of Frandick.

Or, together with everyone, catch this kid.

If you do this, you will sacrifice this kid alone, and then you can win the hearts of the people.

In addition, Bernard’s legs are abolished at this time, and he has a greater chance of becoming the president.

Another option is to resolutely keep this kid.

But in this way, the anger of the people was committed and the popular support was lost.

No matter how you look at it, the first choice is good for you.

But how can Frandick be lonely and upright throughout his life, how can he do such a thing as a beast!

If you do this, what is the difference from that Bernard!

Therefore, Frandick weighed again and again, and finally decided to make a single bet and choose to believe in this kid!

Since he is Mr. Cang Yue, since he is omnipotent!

Then why can’t I believe that he is here today and can perform a miracle again!

Sure enough, the faces of the people at the scene had completely flushed.

Wiliam suddenly clapped his hands gently, looked at Frandick, and said two words indifferently.


Chapter 276

The scene has been deadlocked.

No one dared to move anyone.

But no one can tell that Wiliam and Frandick are already in extreme weakness.

Both Xena and Bai Fengxuexin mentioned their throats.

Xena looked at her elder sister with a wry smile, “Sister, you live with such a brother-in-law, every day is in dire straits.”

Feliicity looked sad, but infinitely infatuated, “Who said no, but do you dare to change your mind?”

Xena’s scalp is numb, what’s the situation with this young couple?

Always ask people to change their minds!

Sister, I have no idea at all!

Feliicity sighed and said quietly, “Every day is deep and hot, but every day is also a surprise.”

What this said made Xena completely unable to refute.

Yes, this surprise is enough to shake the world.

Sister, I just said something casually, but I didn’t know that I had another mouthful of dog food.

Xena suddenly discovered that the relationship between her sister and her brother-in-law was stronger than Jin.

Don’t talk about getting in, even your toes can’t get in.

On the other side, Bernard was on the ground, suddenly showing a strange sneer.

I don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional. The situation on the court is already very beneficial to him.

I am a victim and have received sympathy from everyone.

The other party, already angry and resentful, completely lost his competitiveness.

Then, as long as you hold them back, you will win today.

How to hold them?

A bold idea suddenly appeared in Bernard’s mind!


Suddenly, Bernard said loudly: “You see, this kid is in the same group as Frandick! They want to kill our Drug Association! And I have a bold guess! Frandick must have colluded with the Medical Association!”

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the people in the audience changed!

Collusion with the Medical Association!

The Drug Association and the Medical Association have been fighting for a century, and they have long been deadly enemies.

Both of them hated the traitors!

Did Frandick really collude with the Medical Association!

When Frandick heard this, his heart became furious, and he couldn’t help but cursed: “You or he, don’t spit people here!”

Frandick, who is usually calm, didn’t know why he completely lost his sanity at this moment. He just wanted to die with Bernard.

When Bernard saw Frandick’s plan, he was even more proud, “Look, everyone, he was pierced by me and became angry. Is this still the usual Frandick?”

Everyone looked at Frandick with amazement.

This irritable Frandick is indeed very different from the previous Frandick whose face had not changed since Taishan collapsed.

Is there really any inside story?

“Bernard, in order to compete for the position of the president, you can say anything. You frame me and show me the evidence!” Frandick couldn’t help cursing again.

But Bernard calmed down completely, and smiled slyly: “I said so, there is totally a reason. Do you remember that the people of the Medical Association had to compete for these ten prescriptions before? They have more financial resources and act better than us. Earlier, why did this prescription fall to our Drug Association at a lower price? Don’t you think it’s weird?”

Everyone looked at a loss, but they thought carefully and were terrified!

As Bernard said, the medical association has a greater advantage in this competition.

Everyone was surprised that the Drug Association got the prescription this time.

“So I suspect that this Wiliam is also a member of the Medical Association! In this case, it makes perfect sense. Together with the members of the Medical Association, Wiliam performed a big show in front of the whole city, just to get our Drug Association hooked. They want to completely hollow out our Drug Association, and then support Frandick in the next step. In this way, the entire Drug Association has fallen into the palm of the Medical Association! What a ruthless method!”

This seemingly reasonable deduction actually won the unanimous noise of everyone!

Everyone is usually an old fox, but at this moment, everyone only feels qi and blood churning, and their minds are blank.

I just want to kill all the spies!

“You fart! Why do you show evidence! This is entirely your own words!” Frandick shouted.

Wiliam raised his head and glanced at the ceiling when he saw that Frandick had completely lost his mind.

He shook his head secretly.

The smell of blood is overflowing, is the good time coming?

“Ho ho, I can’t produce evidence for the time being! But, I suggest that you investigate these ten prescriptions immediately after the meeting, maybe they are also fake! Also, Frandick, I will ask you, you said you two are not spies, Then you show evidence to convince us!” Bernard sneered again.

Frandick’s beard is about to blow away!

“Well, you villain! Since ancient times, the evidence has been proved or not! Why should I prove this fictional crime!” Frandick shouted.

However, the eyes of the people at the scene looked at Frandick even more weird.

Ten of them were persuaded by Bernard’s reasonable inference.

Bernard was even more proud.

This is exactly what he wants to achieve.

As long as this Frandick is framed, he will definitely not be the president within today.

Even if the prescription is proved to be true later, so what?

The election of the president is only today.

If you want me not to be the president, then I will also ruin you.

Everyone die together!

“Wiliam! Talk quickly! Are you just letting him slander you like this?” Frandick said loudly towards Wiliam.

But at this time, Wiliam smiled softly.

“What’s wrong with me in the dispute between the Medical Association and the Drug Association? I never seem to be the one here, right? What do you want me to say? Okay, what you want me to say, then I admit that I am the spy of the Medical Association. Is this all right?” Wiliam said indifferently.

These words detonated the audience again!

Frandick looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

I didn’t think that Wiliam would turn around again at this time!

It’s really a person to Qin Muchu!

Today, just now, he has changed three positions in a row!

What is he going to do!

Bernard was also taken aback when he heard this.

He never thought that his casual slander made this kid directly confess his guilt.

Did he see that Frandick’s momentum was gone, so he changed his position and stood on his side?

It must be so!


God helps me too!

Frandick, I think what else you can say!

“Wiliam! What the hell are you going to do! How can you open your eyes and talk nonsense!” Frandick only felt that a mouthful of old blood was about to spray out.

Wiliam looked at Bernard, who was very proud of him, and smiled, “I am a spy, and I have received 1.1 billion yuan from the Medical Association. It is all with me, why? Do you want to take it away?”

Speaking of this, Wiliam touched his pocket intentionally or unconsciously.

Chapter 277

When Frandick heard this, he could only feel a basin of cold water pouring from the top of his head.

The whole body is cold!

He looked at Wiliam in amazement, with deep despair and disappointment in his eyes.

Lost the bet!

I failed.

I thought this kid could turn the tide.

Unexpectedly, this kid is a spy.

Holding the sharpest dagger, at the last moment, he stabbed himself full of holes!

Could it be that before, Wiliam really performed a scene with people from the Medical Association.

Waiting for today!

That’s right, otherwise, why didn’t this kid hand over the prescription at the beginning, so he had to wait until today to hand it over.

I’m afraid this is all for today’s big show!

Originally, Frandick admired Wiliam with all his heart.

Now, Frandick regarded Wiliam as an enemy, only to realize how deep this kid’s scheming was.


It’s chilling!

Frandick sat on the ground like a concubine, his head blank.

When Bernard saw that Frandick had lost his fighting spirit, he burst out laughing.


It’s so fun!

If this kid pleaded guilty in this way, Frandick would definitely not escape the charge.

Who made him have to stand with this kid?

Next, I just have to make one more contribution.

This president is in my bag!

Thinking of this, he laughed wildly and looked at Wiliam, “Boy, you received 1.1 billion yuan from the Medical Association, but it caused our Drug Association to suffer a loss of 1 billion yuan. Today, I will exercise the vice president’s Power, seek justice for the Drug Association! The 1.1 billion yuan should all be used as compensation for the Drug Association!”

All the eyes in the audience were red.

They are convinced of the identity of these two spies.

In the early days, there were rumors in the Drug Association that there were traitors.

But at that time, everyone’s spearhead was faintly directed at Bernard.

Unexpectedly, there has been a shocking reversal now.

It’s Frandick and this Wiliam!

Everyone shouted in unison, “Give me the money!”

For a while, the scene was angry with the enemy.

And Bernard was completely overwhelmed. With the help of others, he got up struggling, and suddenly pointed to Wiliam, shouting loudly: “Come here! Bring me the 1.1 billion yuan check from him! Treat it as our Drug Association. Compensation!”

Several people rushed out of the scene and surrounded Wiliam Tuantuan.

Feliicity was shocked to see below, such a surprise, I really can’t bear it!

Wiliam, Wiliam, what are you doing!

It provokes such anger.

How can this clean up the situation?

When everyone was about to do it, Wiliam suddenly laughed again.

Wiliam’s smile was given to Bernard.

Bernard’s scalp numb when Wiliam smiled, “What are you doing again! Give me the money!”

Wiliam, with infinite joking, suddenly asked, “Chairman Xu, I didn’t seem to say just now that the 1.1 billion yuan is a check, right?”

With this question, the scene suddenly became quiet.

Bernard’s heart thumped!

A kind of chill came out from the soles of his feet, which caused him to fight a cold war out of thin air!




Bernard secretly shouted bad!

However, it was too late.

Wiliam pushed aside the crowd and walked towards Bernard.


“Just now, did you guys hear it? I just said that the money is with me, and I didn’t say that the money was a check? However, our President Xu didn’t hesitate to say that the 1.1 billion yuan was a check. That’s wrong, it is indeed a check, and Chairman Xu is right.” Wiliam said that, reaching into his pocket, taking out a stack of checks, and shaking them in front of everyone.

Everyone was in a trance for a while.

Is there any mystery in this?

Frandick, who was stunned on the ground, suddenly got up from the ground as if he had been given a heart attack.

The eyes suddenly burst into endless hope!

This is a kind of escape from the dead, and the light of the Jedi counterattack!

And Bernard’s face turned pale all at once!

He finally knew what a stupid mistake he had made while forgetting himself!

This mistake was enough to make him beyond disaster!

“It’s just that, how did President Xu know that the money is a check? As far as I know, I know that the money is a check. Only me and Janett, the president of Lunanica Company, are the only ones who know People who are right, then there is only—” Wiliam smiled sorrowfully when he said this.

Spit out two words lightly.

“Medical Association.”

These two characters are like the brain of magic sound.

It made everyone shiver.

Medical Association!

Frandick’s face showed an incredible and crazy smile!

The Jedi fought back!

Wiliam started to fight back!

He did not betray himself, betrayed the Drug Association!

Instead, at the most desperate time, I have to help myself again!

“Janett and I will definitely not disclose it in advance. People from the Medical Association, in the process of signing the contract with Lunanica Company, everyone knows that they have suffered some humiliation, and they will not treat this kind of self. Be more vocal about face slaps. Then I ask you, President Xu, how did you know that the money was a check? Who told you? Also, did you collude with the medical association?” Wiliam asked again.

Three deadly questions!

The people who asked were dumbfounded!

Bernard’s face is earthy!

Frandick who asked was overjoyed!

A big counterattack!

In a blink of an eye, Bernard was accused of being a traitor!

Moreover, the words are sharp!

unambiguous evidence!

People at the scene looked at Bernard.

Bernard’s cold sweat came down his forehead.

Wiliam continued to say: “Such a large sum of money, in the subconscious of most people, will be done through company transfers. You will never think of a check. President Xu, don’t tell me that you guessed it. Tell me. Will everyone believe it?”

Wiliam blocked all the excuses Bernard was about to make!

The whole audience was shocked, Wiliam was wrong!

For large transactions, transfers are the most normal and safest.

Why did Bernard say the word cheque exactly the first time!

Inside, the mystery has gone.

There is only one reason, Bernard is the one who really colludes with the Medical Association, so he will know that the 1.1 billion yuan is a check!

Bernard limp on the ground again, looking at Wiliam in amazement.

It was counted.

Completely hit!

By this kid, walking by the nose!

He scrapped his feet at the beginning to make himself angry and lose his mind!

And below, voluntarily admitting that he is a spy, voluntarily putting him and Frandick in a position of verbal criticism, is to paralyze myself and make myself overjoyed!

Then, when he said whether he should take the money back in his hand, he patted his pocket intentionally or unintentionally. This was a psychological hint to himself!

No, it’s not a first floor!

Bernard suddenly shrank his pupils and covered his head in pain!

It’s two floors!

Chapter 278

On the first floor, let yourself beg for money!

The other layer implies that the money is on him!

The extreme sadness and joy will make oneself blurt out the word cheque, leading to a miserable ending!

What a terrible person!

Outstanding wisdom!

Brutal means!

Speculation is so wonderful!

Play with people’s hearts at your fingertips!

Compared with Bernard’s shock, Frandick was ecstatic!

Counterattack again!

He rushed to Wiliam’s side and reprimanded Bernard loudly: “Bernard! Good! It turns out that you are in collusion with a member of the Drug Association! See what else you can explain!”

Everyone at the scene looked at Bernard and their eyes became angry.

Bernard was isolated and helpless, and instantly felt like he had entered hell.

However, when he was alive and dead, his head turned frantically!

No, you must not plead guilty!

If you confess your guilt now, you will definitely not get out of this venue!

Look at each one, like a wolf like a tiger, as if to devour oneself alive!

By the way, these words are just the side words of this kid, he has no evidence at all!

He is cheating me!

He has no idea what I can do!

Thinking of this, Bernard calmed down a bit. He bit his head and bit back: “You two, you have to have evidence for framing someone! Just now it was just your guess. The reason why I said the check was just casual. Then, you guessed it right. If you want to slander me, you have to show evidence!”

The people at the scene heard a sense of familiarity blowing over their faces.

These words…

Sure enough, Wiliam smiled and said, “Really? Then according to President Xu’s words just now, we also ask you to prove yourself by showing evidence that you didn’t have any ties with the Medical Association.”

Everyone awakened!


Isn’t this what Bernard said before when he slandered Frandick?

Prove it or not.

Now, this guy deserved it, and the retribution came so quickly.

When Bernard heard this, his whole body trembled with anger.

He wanted to refute Wiliam’s ridiculous remark, but found that there was no way to refute it.

Because he had already used this trick to force Frandick before.

Now it feels like lifting a rock and hitting myself in the foot, it’s terribly uncomfortable!

Bernard was aggrieved, but thought, perhaps, it would be better for the situation to remain in such a stalemate.

This is the smallest price for yourself.

The big deal is to quit the president today, anyhow he is also the vice president.

When you come back, you must kill the bastard in front of you!

Thinking of this, Bernard said sincerely again: “Listen to me, what is the point of our quarreling and fighting in this way? It will only make people in the Medical Association see jokes. The most important thing for us now is to work together to treat us. Let’s do it well. Instead of scolding me and scolding you here. Since neither of us can produce evidence, I suggest that we should stop quarreling.”

“Since President Hu wants to continue to be the president, Bernard and I am not a stingy person. If President Hu is in charge, I naturally agree with one hundred. Therefore, I am the first to support President Hu to continue as the president.”

Bernard’s words won everyone’s admiration.

Judging from the scene just now, it is true that neither of the two sides can produce tangible evidence.

Bernard has shown a good mind, focusing on the overall situation.

Many people couldn’t help but nod their heads, “Chairman Xu, this is the right thing. We have to twist into a rope now and deal with the people of the Medical Association together.”

“Well, it’s wrong. Doing these unnecessary disputes will only make people look at jokes. I suggest that the election continue as soon as possible. No one is allowed to talk about things today, otherwise I will be the first to settle accounts!

After Frandick listened, his heart was extremely complicated.

He looked at Wiliam’s eyes, full of guilt.

This kid, he didn’t trust him just now, and thought he had rebelled.

It turned out that he was narrow-minded and treated the gentleman’s belly with a villain.

He is helping himself from start to finish.

What’s more, he is not a member of the Drug Association, even if he is on the side of the Medical Association, what right does he have to blame him.

Hey, I owe him another great favor.

Thinking of this, Frandick said sincerely to Wiliam: “Wiliam, just now I…”

Wiliam looked at Frandick, and suddenly said inexplicably, “Thank you, let’s talk about it later, it’s not over yet.”

Frandick was taken aback, what is still not over?

It’s already the best result to become the president by himself.

What else does he want to do?

As Bernard next to him listened to everyone agreeing with him, his heart finally fell back.

He couldn’t help touching his forehead, the scene just now was really thrilling.

If it hadn’t been for the eagerness to develop wisdom and retreat to advance, I would really be overcast by this kid today.

It seems that this kid will never stay!

Just as he was thinking about it with lingering fears, he suddenly glanced at Wiliam inadvertently.

At this glance, his heart was raised again.

I saw that Wiliam was looking at him leisurely, as if watching a beaming clown.

“You!” Bernard couldn’t stand the look in this kid’s eyes anymore, and couldn’t help but said, “I think this kid is clearly trying to provoke a fight within our Drug Association so that he can read the jokes. What qualifications does this kind of person have to stay? at the scene!”

Everyone looked at Wiliam blankly, but Wiliam smiled and said, “Didn’t President Xu just ask for evidence? I can’t say that I have no evidence.”

After a few words, the scene was quiet again.

Bernard also looked at Wiliam with horror, really didn’t know what he was going to do!

Who can guess the mind of this kid!

However, Bernard did collude with people from the Medical Association, but he usually acts very carefully and will never leave any evidence such as phone calls or information.

What is the evidence this kid said?

Frandick also asked Wiliam blankly: “What is the evidence you said?”

Wiliam looked at the beautiful host and said, “Lend me your cell phone.”

The beautiful host was stunned by Wiliam a long time ago, and then handed the phone to Wiliam stupidly.

Wiliam took out his mobile phone, then read the phone number, then picked up the beautiful woman’s mobile phone, and started typing.

As he typed, he said, “Didn’t President Xu say you didn’t hook up with people from the Medical Association? I’ll know if I try it right away.”

The people at the scene, hold their breath and concentrate!

I don’t know how this kid will try!

And Bernard is even more like a dog.

The unknown is always fearful!

At the scene, I waited quietly for three or four minutes.

At this time, the beauty’s phone suddenly vibrated.

Wiliam turned on the phone, glanced at it, and then smiled.

“Now, the evidence is solid.”

Chapter 279

As Wiliam said, he threw the phone to Frandick next to him.

The people at the scene were still waiting for Wiliam to solve the mystery.

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help it anymore and flocked to Frandick together.

After a dozen or so people, Qi Qizha pointed to the phone, trying to find out.

And when they finished reading their mobile phones, they suddenly made shocking shouts one by one!

Bernard looked at these people with a pale face, feeling uneasy inside.

What did they see!

“Wiliam, you must be playing mystery! Do you think I will be afraid of you!” Bernard couldn’t help but throw out a scene to make himself bold.

But at this time, Frandick suddenly pushed everyone away and walked directly in front of Bernard!


Kicked hard on Bernard’s heart!

Bernard didn’t think that Frandick would dare to beat people in public, so he was so angry that he wanted to return on the spot!

However, his feet had been abandoned by Wiliam, and he could only roll two laps on the ground at the moment.

“President Hu, what are you doing! Are you crazy too!” Bernard shouted.

At this time, a mobile phone was thrown into Bernard’s arms.

Frandick looked at Bernard coldly, “See it for yourself, now, what do you have to say.”

Where did Bernard believe in any evidence, he glanced down at the phone.

At this look, the pupils dilated for a while.

After a glance, he seemed to have completely lost his energy and spirit, and he collapsed to the ground.

On the phone, Wiliam sent a message to someone.


Yohan of the Medical Association.

Lu Yefa said, “I am Bernard, and I was elected as the president.”

Just a few words.

The scary thing is the following one.

Yohan replied!

“Congratulations! We can achieve our plan!”

Big plans can be done!

What a big deal!

You know with your toes that the medical association wants to overthrow the medical association.

This reply made it clear that Bernard had colluded with the people from the Drug Association!

Now, even if Bernard has a hundred mouths, he can’t argue.

“You, why would you send a message to…” Bernard was already disheartened on the ground, looking at Wiliam miserably.

Everyone nodded in unison, and couldn’t wait to know what the mystery was.

Wiliam just chuckled softly: “Common sense can’t be simpler. If Bernard colludes with the medical association, it must be Yohan. That kid is also an old fox, and he is the external spokesperson of the medical association. Bernard maintains this. This kind of shady collusion will inevitably not use one’s daily mobile phone number to contact, but use other unknown mobile phone numbers.”

“And I guess that for safety’s sake, his mobile phone number will inevitably be changed frequently. So I just found a mobile phone and sent it to Yohan. Yohan is not suspicious at all. It means that my guess is correct. Yes. They have been in collusion for a long time.”

After listening to the crowd, they suddenly realized one by one and clapped their hands together.

There is a feeling that listening to your words is better than reading ten years.

Bernard closed his eyes and smiled bitterly.

Lost, it was a terrible defeat!

Don’t even give room to struggle!

“Come here, take Bernard with me! After a while, I have to ask him carefully!” Frandick said coldly.

Suddenly several people came in and took Bernard away.

And Bernard struggled reluctantly, turned around and smiled sadly: “Hoho, I lost today, but I didn’t lose to the Drug Association! Not to Frandick! I lost to this kid! Wiliam, from the Medical Association People will find you to settle the account sooner or later!”

Wiliam was silent.

I have already offended the Medical Association once, are you afraid of the second time?

Soldiers come to block, soldiers can’t live!

When the water comes to cover the earth, all the water is destroyed!

that is it.

When Bernard was taken down, the eyes of the people at the scene were all on Wiliam.

This person today is radiant!

Wu Yongzhen Quartet!

Wisely plan the audience!

Just now everyone was quite dissatisfied with Wiliam’s abolition of Bernard’s legs, but now, one by one feels that it is very pleasant!

Not killing Bernard directly would be kind.

How did this kid come out?

It’s like a god descending from the sky, shaking the sky!

Frandick also looked at Wiliam, and finally understood what Wiliam had said just now.

Today Frandick owes Wiliam countless personal feelings!

Wiliam supported Frandick as the chairman.

It is to remove a traitor for the entire Drug Association!

This credit is absolutely unique to the Drug Association.

Just imagine, if Bernard really succeeded in becoming the president today.

Then the entire Drug Association will be completely ruined in today’s general meeting.

Wiliam is simply the supreme benefactor of the Drug Association.

This kind of kindness, even Frandick felt that it was nothing in return.

But after Wiliam finished what he should do, he handed the phone to the beautiful hostess who was in the circle, and said casually, “Thank you for your phone.”

The beautiful host stupidly took the phone, her entire hand trembling.

The voice trembled even more, “No, you’re welcome…”

Then, Wiliam returned safely to Feliicity’s side, sat down, picked up Feliicity’s juice and drank it.

It seems to have done a trivial thing.

Feliicity and Xena looked silly.

Feliicity thought to herself, my husband seems to be going to heaven.

After really seeing Wiliam’s powerful side, I only felt that he was radiant and overwhelming the audience!

Feliicity felt that in front of her husband, she was a scum.

“Wiliam, I am a little scum.” Feliicity said to Wiliam quietly.

Wiliam touched Feliicity’s hair casually, “I like you too.”

Bai Rushuang, who was drunk the juice, almost squirted Wiliam after listening.

She was speechless.

Don’t you just drink the juice yourself!

It’s another mouthful of dog food for no reason!

Enough for you guys and dogs!

At the scene, the beautiful host had already begun the process of hosting under Frandick’s signal.

However, she couldn’t help but keep aiming at Wiliam while bumping the host.

Like the host, everyone in the audience was secretly watching Wiliam.

is not that right?

The biggest light in the audience today is Wiliam, the shining pearl.

Harper and Li Muhe looked at each other and laughed bitterly.

They vaguely understood the reason why Wiliam was so sharp today.

Like a young phoenix crying!

Open your eyes like an angry dragon!

Wiliam was about to start swallowing the world.

That being the case, he will definitely let go of his hands and feet and prepare to do a big fight in Q City ( Qena City ).

Then the whole Q City ( Qena City ) seemed to be locked in his hands by this kid.

Li Muhe picked up the wine glass, touched Harper, and whispered, “Old guy, how about let’s make a bet? See which one of us has a stronger temperament, can we not let this little guy be subdued.”

Chapter 280

After drinking this glass of wine, Harper glanced at Li Muhe strangely.

Grandson tortoise, I’m afraid you don’t know yet, I, Harper, is already Wiliam’s minister.

Just continue to be stubborn, and see how long your ethics can survive.

When Wiliam reached out to you, it was when you Li Muhe became my little brother.

After all, being a little brother also pays attention to first come first.

After Li Muhe drank the wine, there was a faint understanding in his heart.

Judging from the relationship between Wiliam and Tigger today, it doesn’t seem like they met for the first time.

It seemed that Tigger was also within Wiliam’s calculations.

Forget it, just abandon the car and take care.

I am quite old, and I just want to be safe in this life.

Wiliam, that kid, please don’t come to me.

While the two of them were talking, the election had already begun on stage.

This election went very smoothly.

With full votes, Frandick continued to serve as the chairman of the Drug Association.

The audience all congratulated Frandick in unison.

Frandick looked at Wiliam, who was at ease and contented aside, knowing in his heart that all of this today is due to this kid’s gift.

I owe him countless personal feelings, so let’s repay a little bit first.

Thinking of this, Frandick suddenly said loudly: “Everyone may know that the relationship between me and Wiliam is extraordinary. He is my distinguished guest, my lifesaver, and now even the benefactor of the entire Drug Association. So I am now I want to ask about one thing, one thing that I just couldn’t understand.”

Everyone in the audience looked at Frandick in surprise.

Frandick suddenly pointed to the staff table at the door, his expression stern, “When the meeting first started, I saw Wiliam sitting in the staff’s seat! He is my great benefactor, who is it, dare you? Let my benefactor sit in that position! Stand up for yourself!”

Frandick didn’t know that Wiliam was Mr. Cang Yue before, let alone that his magical powers were so great.

So he didn’t go to investigate why Wiliam was sitting there.

Now, it has to be investigated!

If the benefactor suffers humiliation today, there will be too many books!

And everyone in the audience, you look at me, I look at you, everyone is talking about it.

“Yes, at first, Wiliam was sitting in the corner of the corner. How could he be arranged there with such a distinguished status?”

“I think someone wants to humiliate him, who is it!”

“This person seems to be a traitor to our Drug Association, otherwise he wants to be an enemy of our Drug Association and stand up!”

The audience scolded.

At this time, two people stood up tremblingly.

Hu Haoyu and Chen Liren.

Hu Haoyu’s expression was hard to see the extreme.

Had it not been for the crowds, he would have wanted to cry.

When he humiliated Wiliam before, how could he think of it, Wiliam would slaughter the whole audience today.

How could he think that Wiliam would become his grandfather’s great benefactor!

The entire Hu family, the entire Drug Association, will honor Wiliam as a guest!

Now Grandpa is starting to pursue it, and I cannot escape the blame!

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, it was me who missed…” Hu Haoyu said tremblingly.

When Frandick saw his grandson stand up and admit it, his eyes narrowed, and he said coldly: “Is it you?”

Hu Haoyu nodded tremblingly.

After Frandick listened, he was so angry that he didn’t know what to say!

Wan Wanzhen thought that it would be his grandson who humiliated his benefactor!

Fortunately, Wiliam had a broad mind and didn’t care about Hu Haoyu.

If you really care about it, he won’t help today.

The position of his own president, his own life!

Thinking of this, Frandick couldn’t help it anymore, and rushed directly, slapped Hu Haoyu’s three loud slaps.

Hu Haoyu was slapped so that the corners of his mouth were bleeding.

My intestines were blue with regret.

Thousands should not, absolutely should not, should not look down upon others!

What’s more, you should not believe what Chen Liren said!

Take the initiative to offend Wiliam!

Thinking of this, Hu Haoyu suddenly turned to look at Chen Liren who was at a loss.

Chen Liren was glared by his scary eyes, and she took a step back in fright.

Hu Haoyu also slapped Chen Liren’s face fiercely, “It’s all caused by you little bitch! Grandpa, she wanted to humiliate Wiliam! I was so obsessed with her that I believed her.”

Frandick looked at Chen Liren, “You said before, you are Haoyu’s girlfriend?”

Chen Liren was crying and nodded, “Grandpa.”

“Huh! I don’t have this blessing to be your grandfather! Hu Haoyu, if you continue to pester this woman, in your whole life, don’t even want to step into my Hu’s house!”

“Yes, yes! I broke up with her right away, and I don’t know each other!” Hu Haoyu said immediately.

Chen Liren, as if losing her soul, collapsed on the ground.

The dream of a wealthy family was completely broken.

If it is today, don’t embarrass Wiliam.

Will the ending be different…

It’s late, now it’s too late to say anything.

“Go to Wiliam and confess!” Frandick said again.

How dare Hu Haoyu walk towards Wiliam, and respectfully kowtow to Wiliam three times, “Wiliam, I had no eyesight before. I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Wiliam Lu had something to say, and he didn’t even care about this kind of person.

Hu Haoyu finished kowtow and pulled Chen Liren savagely: “You come out for me!”

After finishing this matter, Frandick signaled the hostess to continue the last process.

The host came back to his senses, recovered a little energy, and continued: “Okay, next, let’s move on to the last agenda and add a vice president!”

The people at the scene suddenly became enthusiastic.

They had heard before that a vice chairman will be added today.

But I don’t know who it is to add.

This is the vice president of the Drug Association.

Whoever can become one is soaring.

Finally, everyone turned their eyes to Wiliam.

Today’s Wiliam is fully qualified to be the vice president.

The vice president must be him.

Even Feliicity said excitedly: “Wiliam, isn’t it you! If you become the vice president, I can follow you in the future and drink spicy food.”

Xena also added strongly, “Bring me one.”

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s not me.”

“Not you?” Feliicity was taken aback, suddenly disappointed.

Wiliam will not lie to her.

If it’s not him, then it’s definitely not him.

“It’s a pity, I still want to hold your thigh, now my dream is broken.” Feliicity said depressedly.

Wiliam rubbed her head.

On the stage, Frandick took over and said: “In order to further optimize and adjust the age structure and gender structure of our Drug Association leadership team, after full consideration, we decided to add a vice president, she is…”

When Frandick said this, he paused on purpose.

The audience held their breath.

Only Feliicity frowned, and said softly, “Gender structure? Is it necessary to add a woman? That’s amazing, this woman.”

Wiliam suddenly chuckled, and reached out his hand to touch Feliicity’s small cheeky face, and said, “You will wear the crown.”

On the stage, Frandick said loudly!

“She is!”



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