Dragon Husband Chapter 281-290

Chapter 281

As Frandick’s voice fell, the scene immediately set off a big wave!


This mysterious vice-chairman, who is highly anticipated, will fall on Feliicity’s head!

It’s like Feliicity walking on the road and being hit by gold from the sky, it’s incredible.

Everyone stared at Feliicity at once.

One by one, strong envy burst into his eyes.

Before Feliicity, everyone at the scene saw her beauty and prosperity, but she was still a little invisible to her status.

Now, following Frandick’s words, it is like putting on Feliicity the most noble crown.

Her status suddenly became incomparable.

More noble than most of the people present!

Moreover, there is a more terrifying established fact.

Since Feliicity became the vice chairman, what about afterwards.

Feliicity is the youngest vice president of the Drug Association in a century.

Which vice-chairman was not in his forties and started.

Feliicity’s youth instantly became her biggest capital.

As long as she doesn’t make serious mistakes, then the position of the president of this medicine association is to survive, and it can also survive Feliicity’s hands.

What’s more, what does Feliicity need?

Behind her, there stood Dragon and Phoenix, Wiliam, among the most shining people in the audience tonight!

In time, Feliicity will clear the city!

And when Feliicity below heard her name, at that moment, her whole person was completely stunned.

How could it be yourself?

It’s not your turn!

Did President Hu call the wrong person?

Her head was completely blank.

Until Frandick on the stage continued to explain: “Feliicity’s character, I believe everyone has already known it after the last seven love hay. Last time, she led the signing of the proposal on behalf of the city’s pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, this vice chairman deserves Feliicity’s name! Starting from today, she will be in charge of the pharmaceutical companies in the southern city area, and I will personally deliver it to her home tomorrow.”

At the scene, there was a warm applause.

Congratulations Feliicity!

No one thought it would be Feliicity.

However, no one is against Feliicity.

Beauty is justice.

What’s more, if someone else is elected, the other party will definitely have an opinion.

It is better to let Feliicity, everyone is in peace.

After Feliicity confirmed Frandick’s words again, tears burst into her eyes.

She turned her head and looked at Wiliam.

Four eyes face each other.

The tenderness in Wiliam’s eyes seemed to melt Feliicity’s whole person.

Feliicity couldn’t help herself, she understood.

She understood everything.

The reason why I was able to fall through everyone’s spectacles, to become this vice president, was Wiliam supporting him!

Maybe, his sacrifice is bigger…

Feliicity couldn’t help but think that when she was threatened by Bai Zhensheng to give up the position of monk, Wiliam said that she would give herself better.

At that time, Feliicity didn’t care about it at all.

Thinking about it now, this better one turned out to be the vice chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association!

This is too good too!

One is the Patriarch of the Bai family, who can only stay in the house. Outside, who recognizes the Bai family?

A truly famous vice president of the Drug Association, with great power, comparable to the ancient princes!

One is in the sky and the other is on the ground.

Moreover, this vice chairman happened to be in charge of the Chengnan District where the Bai family was located.

In this case, what can the Patriarch of the Bai family do.

When I met the vice-chairperson, I would welcome it with humility and reluctance!

All this was given to him by Wiliam.

How can I make Wiliam sacrifice so much.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with tears in her eyes, and she had the urge to hug Wiliam into her body.

Xena on the side was even more envious and drooling.

People sit next to them, and dog food comes from the sky.

Ho ho, I’m full of dog food today.

Brother-in-law, you are a bit too much!

The gifts to my sister became more gorgeous and shocking every time!

With you like this, how will I find someone in the future!

This is the vice president.

With this vice president here, why do you still want the Patriarch of the Bai family to do!

Not on the table at all.

“Hoho, now, it’s my turn to hug my wife’s thighs and drink spicy food. I don’t know if my wife will let you hug them?” Wiliam said jokingly, looking at Feliicity’s move.

This vice president was indeed bought by Wiliam at a great price.

Two hundred million.

When Frandick negotiated with Wiliam, Wiliam used the two hundred million in exchange for a condition of Frandick.

It was to make Feliicity the vice president of the Drug Association.

Nowadays, money and goods are in trouble.

Feliicity instinctively stretched out her hand, like a child begging for a hug, choked and said, “Well, hug.”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, then showed a gentle smile, stretched out his hand and hugged Feliicity tightly.

The tears of the Feliicity wet Wiliam’s clothes in an instant.

At this time, the host on the stage was handed over to the beautiful host.

The host looked at Feliicity with envy, and then said: “Then, next, we have to invite the new vice president of the Drug Association, Feliicity will come on stage and say something.”

The applause from below became more enthusiastic.

Frandick even stretched out his hand, humbly greeting Feliicity to come on stage.

Feliicity covered her small mouth and suddenly panicked, “Ah? I don’t know what I’m going to say? I’m totally unprepared.”

“Nothing, just say whatever you want to say in your heart.” Wiliam Haosheng comforted, “You are not prepared, and everyone is not mentally prepared.”

Feliicity’s face blushed, and with Wiliam’s encouragement, she finally got on the stage.

She looked around and suddenly felt dizzy.

Harper, Li Muhe, Frandick.

There are other celebrities.

These people can only look up, but cannot reach them.

Now, they are on stage, they are off stage.

There was a sense of turmoil in her heart suddenly.


Everything will change in the future.

Starting today, my identity is different.

My pattern is different.

Feliicity’s heart gradually calmed down.

The scene also fell silent, waiting for Feliicity’s speech.

Feliicity took the microphone and made her first voice as the vice president.

“Thank you my husband, husband I love you.”

After speaking, Feliicity gracefully bowed to the audience and walked off the stage.

The audience is quiet, is that the end of the speech?

Feliicity returned to Wiliam and said slyly, “Is my speech sharp?”

Wiliam sweated, “I hit the nail on the head.”

Feliicity wrinkled her nose triumphantly, “You’ll get cheap and sell well.”

Xena next to him already knew exactly what to say.

It was as if she had already sewed her mouth.

The pair of dog men and women in front of her just tore her mouth open and forcibly fed her a bite of dog food.

Will your young couple’s conscience hurt?

Chapter 282

The host on the stage forced the host in embarrassment, “Hoho, Chairman Bai’s speech was really a blockbuster, well, in the simple and powerful speech of Chairman Bai, today’s general meeting ended successfully. Next we carefully arranged the delicious food. Please stay and enjoy your dinner and talk about friendship.”

When the meeting was over, Wiliam stood up, pulling Feliicity just about to leave.

Frandick hurried over to Wiliam and said, “Wiliam, stay and have a meal together?”

Wiliam smiled and refused, “You don’t have to eat, let’s look for opportunities later and go back first.”

Wiliam walked halfway, suddenly raised his head and glanced at the ceiling, and said casually to Frandick: “These red lanterns…”

Frandick looked up and asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong with the red lantern?”

What happened to the red lantern?

The biggest problem today is this cinnabar century lamp.

Although I don’t know how these lights are made.

But the red paint of the lantern has a faint smell of blood.

If this kind of blood is inhaled in a small amount, it will make people feel relaxed and happy.

However, as many red lanterns exude the fragrance of blood, it will make the people excited and irritable.

He even made a very different behavior from usual.

Wiliam had actually used this weird characteristic of the cinnabar lamp just now to make Bernard happy and completely lost his reason at the last moment.

Wiliam shook his head, “What is it, take these red lanterns down after the meeting.”

Frandick was stunned.

Feliicity, as the vice chairman, showed extremely irresponsible as soon as he took office, and immediately left with Wiliam.

This scene can put Frandick upset.

What’s the matter with this vice president?

Is it typical to marry a chicken with a chicken and a dog with a dog?

On the road, Wiliam drove and Feliicity sat in the passenger seat.

She is still reminiscing about the scene when she was on stage.

Glory is unlimited.

At this time, Wiliam asked coldly, “How do you think about kissing me? Where did you kiss me?”

“Huh?” Feliicity was asked suddenly, instinctively.

Then, as if thinking of something, his face slowly turned red.

Yes, Wiliam said before, don’t say thank you too early, for fear that you won’t be able to bear the price later.

It turned out that he meant this.

It is far better to let yourself be the vice president than to wash away the shame for Ruoshuang!

I was planning to kiss the forehead before.


Feliicity’s head drooped in an instant, and her face was red and beautiful.

“I said you two, it’s enough! Isn’t it good to be self-respect? Pay attention to a bitter woman sitting in the back row!” Xena, who was sitting in the back row, couldn’t help but said quietly.

This pair of dog men and women is really too much, is it a dog food machine that spreads dog food all the time?

Feliicity’s face turned red.

In the car was silent for a while, Xena said quietly again: “Sister, if it were me, I would agree with my body.”

A hint of joy flashed across Feliicity’s face, but he was too shy to speak.

“Think slowly, go home.” Wiliam said, and then concentrated on driving.

When I got home, the house was completely dark.

It seems that Rebeca is not at home.

When the two returned to the room, the atmosphere suddenly became glamorous.

Feliicity said quickly: “I’ll take a shower first.”

After speaking, he hugged the clothes, a little bit like running away.

Wiliam just looked funny.

As for? It’s like seeing a ghost.

When taking a bath, the water rushed, but Feliicity’s heart was pounding.

Keep jumping non-stop.

When she returned to the room after washing, Wiliam looked at her.

Feliicity is now wearing white silk pajamas, which outlines a perfect figure.

Her hair was wet and dripping with water.

There was a faint fragrance of flowers in the whole room.

The taste is refreshing and the picture is pleasing to the eye.

She slowly walked towards Wiliam.

The body was trembling slightly.

His face was flushed with water vapor.

Her eyes were sentimental, and there seemed to be a lot of anticipation in her, and there were three points of fear, and a hint of helplessness.

Wiliam was making his bed. Feliicity stopped talking, and finally said softly, “You, you don’t have to hit the floor.”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity in surprise.

Feliicity lowered her head and said shyly: “You go to bed.”

Feliicity felt very strange when she said it.

Obviously they have been a couple for three years and ten years of relationship, but they are still so shy.

Wiliam showed a hint of joy.

After all the hard work, I can finally sleep in bed.

Not easy.

Wiliam went to bed as soon as he turned over, and his movements were like a thousand tempering, just for this day.

Feliicity walked slowly in front of Wiliam and sat on the head of the bed with his hand.

His eyes are eye-catching.

“You, you close your eyes.” Feliicity whispered, as if he was a thief.

Wiliam closed his eyes after hearing the words.

Rao is that Wiliam’s mentality is not as tough as his age, but in the face of Feliicity’s seductiveness, his heart still jumped wildly.

Did she decide where to kiss?

Wiliam was thinking, suddenly feeling a warmth in his lips.

Like a piece of white jade tofu, it gently touched his lips.

Faint fragrance, warm and soft.

Wiliam only felt as if his body was about to explode, and directly stretched out his hand, holding Feliicity in his arms.

Feliicity was frightened immediately and let out an exclamation.

When she saw the deep love in Wiliam’s eyes, she felt a burst of joy.

However, she gently pressed her hand against Wiliam, as if she had done something to sorry Wiliam.

“What’s wrong?” Wiliam asked suspiciously.

Feliicity looked eager to cry without tears, and said, “No.”

Naturally, Wiliam knew it was impossible, because Feliicity’s body was still too weak.

Just as Wiliam wanted to understand, Feliicity said shyly, “I’m here.”

Wiliam couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

What a coincidence.

It turns out that she looked guilty just now because of this.

Wiliam hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Nothing is going on, nothing is going on.”

Feliicity suddenly misunderstood Wiliam.

I just feel that his smile is full of endless bitterness.

Think about it, I have been married to him for three years.

But even the reality of husband and wife is not successful.

How difficult it is for Wiliam.

After all, he is a man and has normal needs.

And since this time, Wiliam has always been standing behind him.

What a price it took to support himself to the noble position of vice chairman.

If you don’t repay him, you will be upset.

Thinking of this, Feliicity seemed to pluck up courage, grabbed Wiliam’s hand, weakly said something that made Lu Yexin lift it up.

“Why don’t you touch it?”

Chapter 283

Seeing Feliicity’s cute look at home, Wiliam couldn’t help but smile.

This fool, how much psychological struggle he had to say so ashamed.

It was really difficult for her.

Wiliam hugged Feliicity lightly, and Feliicity closed his eyes all at once.

Intentionally or unconsciously, he straightened his chest and raised his head.

It seems to be saying, come on, I am not afraid.

However, she suddenly felt a gentle rubbing of her head.

Wiliam rubbed her head and said softly, “What do you think? There is a chance. Let’s go for a long time. Okay, go to sleep.”

Feliicity opened her eyes and looked at Wiliam in surprise, “You, you don’t…”

Wiliam smiled and shook his head, “You are mine, you can’t run.”

There seemed to be regret flashing in Feliicity’s eyes, and Wiliam was already lying down.

Feliicity’s heart was suddenly moved.

Everything Wiliam wants to do is from my perspective.

Well, we have a long stream…

Feliicity figured this out and was in a good mood. He took out his cell phone and said, “You go to bed first, I’ll have a while.

Wiliam felt his scalp numb instinctively, “What are you doing?”

“Hey, a few days ago, I was in a bad mood, and there were no sisters in the group. It seems that a new sister has come. Hey, now I am going to get dry.” Feliicity said triumphantly.

Wiliam was full of black lines.

Sooner or later, the ancestral grave squad will be blown up.

It exploded until those little bitches smashed their ancestral graves and smoked.

And Feliicity pointed her fingers sharply and called her friends in the group, “My friends, I’m here, everyone!”

The little friends in the group are still asleep, bubbling one by one at the moment.

“Oh, come on, this is the rhythm of full blood resurrection.”

“Who added fuel to your body?” Comrade Lydia drove for no reason.

“Sorry everyone, something happened the other day, but now it’s finished perfectly, I’m returning to the team to report.” Feliicity said fiercely.

Everyone in the group knows what happened at the General Assembly of the Drug Association tonight.

Staring at the phone screen one by one, the acid in his eyes was overflowing.

The little bastard is as cold as winter to other women.

She is deeply infatuated with Feliicity.

As if to pit all the women of the world to complete the white Feliicity.

Thinking of this, the rhythm in the group suddenly moved towards the theme of the group.

Everyone started scolding Xiao Wang Bayou for having a conscience and not knowing how to pity and cherish jade.

Feliicity looked at the picture and curiously asked, “Is that little bastard your boss?”

Everyone sent a nodding emoticon.

Feliicity immediately sent out a laughing emoji, “Then you are really pitiful. I really feel wronged for you. My husband is kind to me.”

A sack of dog food was sprinkled into the group, and the group suddenly couldn’t control it.

A group of people in the group scolded so much fun.

Out of humanitarian considerations, Feliicity said in the group: “Okay! I won’t cheer you on today. I will go into battle myself and help you scold this little bastard. Let me come!”

Then she was inspired, swiping the screen quickly in the group, and her curse was more severe.

Until the end, Feliicity cursed, “I wish you a single dog for a thousand years, and a virgin!”

The group suddenly became quiet.

Melissa laughed on the bed so that the phone was about to fall.

Feliicity is so ruthless.

He even scolded himself when he was ruthless.

Thousand-year single dog, ten thousand-year-old virgin…

so amazing!

Feliicity saw how the group calmed down, and asked a little embarrassed: “Why is there no sound? Is it because I didn’t scold you hard enough? I’m sorry, I only curse this kind of… …”

She also made an expression of apology, bowing down.

Melissa immediately replied, “No, no, no, you scolded too hard, we were all shocked by you. You are really arrogant and righteous to kill your relatives.”

Feliicity didn’t notice that there was something in this sentence, and suddenly the sea rose again.

Janett put down the phone, and a beautiful arc was drawn at the corner of his mouth.

Sure enough, this group is the gateway to the new world, with unlimited charm and a great mood.

And at the moment, in the hospital.

Bai Zhensheng was still bandaging the wounds in the operating room, while several members of the Bai family were sitting on the chairs outside, all with hatred.

Especially the White Hall!

He almost died from the injury, but his son!

“No! Mom! I can’t stand that dog anymore! Zhensheng almost died today! You must seek justice for him! If you don’t drive that bastard out of the Bai family, I promise not to be a man! “White Hall said in a deep voice.

Chen Shuyun’s face was also ugly.

At the general meeting, a dog of the Bai family was out of the limelight, and stepped on the Bai family’s infinite scenery!

I thought that by attending this meeting, the reputation of the Bai family would increase.

Now, notorious!

“Not only that, that Feliicity will also be driven away together! Rebeca, if you don’t drive them out of the house, we will never get together in the future!” Sun Huiqin also said angrily.

Rebeca frowned, saying nothing.

Instead, Chen Shuyun said sadly: “Everyone has seen that kid’s power and methods. He seems to have a little background. If we drive him away so aggressively, maybe he will jump the wall in a hurry…”

At this time, the door of the operating room opened.

Everyone lifted their spirits and hurried over.

Bai Zhensheng has come out, he is covered with a thick bandage.

His whole face is hideous.

Everyone quickly told Bai Zhensheng what they had just thought.

Bai Zhensheng spit on the ground viciously, and said weakly: “Grandma! I am your grandson! What are you still hesitating? Are you willing to endure the anger of a dog?”

“Our Bai family went all out and used the power of the whole family to drive him out. After one hundred, we don’t have to worry about this kid’s methods and worry about it.”

“However, if you dare not leave them, our Bai family will live in this kind of fear for the rest of our lives!”

“Also, grandma, do you think everyone in the city says that our Bai family depends on a dog’s charity to make a living? How to choose, you should know!”

“I put my words here, if I don’t drive them away this time, I’ll break with Bai Jiaen!”

Bai Zhensheng’s righteous words, both soft and hard, made Chen Shuyun’s face white suddenly.

Bai Zhensheng said her weakness!

Wiliam is a dog of the Bai family, and everyone has a deep-rooted concept.

Now a dog is riding on everyone’s head, and even if this dog is so capable, that Bai family is crushed, it is a thousand-year shame!

The Bai family is famous!

How can a dog bastard be troubled!

Moreover, from the Bai family to this generation, only Bai Zhensheng is left.

If Bai Zhensheng made a clear distinction with the Bai family, then the Bai family would definitely fall into the palm of the dog.

This is absolutely impossible!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun slapped the chair and said fiercely: “Okay! This time, I will fight this dog! Let him know the confidence of the Bai family!”

Chapter 284 The Butter Is Oily

Everyone was full of blood!

Bai Zhensheng showed a delighted smile, “Grandma wise!”

Since Chen Shuyun has made up his mind, there is no way to turn back at this moment.

She said in a deep voice, “Since we have decided to do this, we must think of a sure way so that the two people, especially the dog, can’t do it in person, otherwise the dog will be bitten by us. .”

Everyone even claimed that the shadow of Wiliam’s murder remained in their hearts.

“The previous video involved Tigger , so Tigger would support Wiliam face to face. As long as the big guys are not involved, the kid shouldn’t dare to do it, right?” said Liu Fanke, who had been standing next to Rebeca.

Liu Fanke has been living in Rebeca’s house ever since he severed his father-son relationship with his son Liu Qiandao.

At this moment, he seemed to consider himself as the Bai family.

But Chen Shuyun said, “Whether he dares to do it or not, we must be prepared to prevent him from doing it. Do you have any good solutions?”

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, there is no talk.

In the end, Bai Zhensheng had an idea and said: “Haha, I thought of a great trick! Be sure, that kid dare not do it in person!”

“Say! What way?” Chen Shuyun asked.

Bai Zhensheng said fiercely: “When we are looking for them for a showdown tomorrow, we invite a live broadcaster to come over and broadcast live in front of the entire network. At that time, if that dog dares to do something nasty in person, it is In the presence of the entire network of people! Everyone knows how strong the masses are in public opinion. As long as this is the case, I conclude that he dare not do anything!”

Everyone clapped their hands after hearing it, this trick is absolutely amazing!

Actually can think of the trick of live broadcast showdown, Bai Zhensheng is really not the cover!

In this case, people from the entire network are supervising, but when Wiliam does something to hurt someone, then what awaits him is a disaster!

“Okay! This method is good! Just do it!” Chen Shuyun laughed.

Bai Zhensheng nodded with a smile.

He was extremely proud.

Is this trick really to deal with Wiliam?

This trick is more critical, is to force the Bai family to make a decision!

When the time comes, the Bai family will break with those two people in front of the entire network. It will be an ironclad matter, and there will be no room for remorse!

Isn’t the position of the Patriarch of the Bai family even more solid!

Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help but admire his wisdom.

Actually thought of such a trick to kill two birds with one stone.

When everyone applauded, Bai Zhensheng continued: “I’ll sort it out. It’s probably like this. I’ll contact a small well-known live broadcast network celebrity soon, and then I’ll find them tomorrow morning. How about chasing them out where they live?”

Everyone nodded in unison.

Only Rebeca frowned and said, “But our house is no longer owned by the Bai family. Although I don’t know why the owner has not come to collect the house, I am afraid that they will not move out if they play tricks…”

Bai Zhensheng had an idea again, “This is simple! Anyway, no one knows who bought the house. We forged a real estate certificate and said that at the last moment when we were going to sell the house, my grandma was kind and soft in heart, and she kept buying it from everyone. After getting out of the house, this can just explain the fact that the owner of the house has not come to take the house. How?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment and clapped their hands again, “Okay! Zhensheng, you really have grown up over the years! The Bai family really can’t have you.”

Chen Shuyun also nodded with satisfaction.

This trick is great.

Not only took the initiative of the house in his hand, but also gave a perfect explanation. Most importantly, it demonstrated Chen Shuyun’s respect and compassion as an old man.

Everyone deliberated on some details. Bai Zhensheng patted his chest because of his interests. He went straight out of the hospital with injuries, went to the Internet celebrity overnight, and falsified the real estate certificate.

Rebeca was still a little upset. Liu Fanke on the side looked at it and immediately comforted him: “Ruoyun, don’t think about it, think about it, this is a good thing! The two of them completely offend the Bai family, and they will be finished sooner or later. We want to Stand a good stand so as not to be miserable by them. Besides, think about it again, as long as they leave, the house will be ours, and we can live in the two-person world.”

His words coaxed Rebeca into a daze, and finally agreed.

Wiliam slept particularly peacefully this night, hugging the Feliicity, like hugging a bunch of cotton, soft and undesirable.

And early the next morning, Wiliam got up first. He ran a lap in the morning, then went home to cook, then settled down and concentrated on studying the “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

It is strange to say that Lu Yexiu has reached the second chapter of “Impermanence Medical Classics”, and he has always had a strange feeling in his heart.

It seems that this second chapter is about to break through, but I have been stuck there and cannot break through.

He finally sighed, it should be because of a lack of opportunity.

In this case, you can only go with the flow.

Wiliam made the meal, picked up the sleepy Feliicity, and asked her to wash and eat.

When the two were eating, the door opened suddenly when the two were in the world.

A bunch of people rushed in.

It was Chen Shuyun and Bai Zhensheng who took the lead.

Wiliam frowned when she saw Bai Zhensheng.

This kid, what conspiracy and tricks he wants to play.

Bai Zhensheng was still wearing a thick bandage. Seeing Wiliam and Feliicity eating breakfast in your country, she couldn’t help but laughed weirdly, “Hoho, this little day is pretty moist. “

Feliicity stood up directly and asked coldly: “Bai Zhensheng, what are you doing! This is my home, you are not welcome!”

“This is your home? Hoho, shameless! You’ll know later if this is your home.” Bai Zhensheng said confidently.

“What do you mean!” Feliicity’s face also became cold.

This group of Bai family members, like flies, stayed in the shadows all day long.

It’s nasty!

I can’t even eat a breakfast!

Chen Shuyun looked at Wiliam and Feliicity coldly, and the more he looked at it, the more unpleasant he said, “You two, yesterday made our Bai family embarrassed in front of the whole city. Are you convicted? Today, we are here to show you a complete showdown. .”

Feliicity was taken aback, embarrassed?

Yesterday, I clearly shined in the conference…

But she immediately thought that Frandick asked everyone to mute yesterday, presumably the message that he became the vice chairman hadn’t come out.

At this time, a fancy-dressed woman was holding a selfie stick in her hand. As she walked out, she babbled at her phone and said, “Good morning, brothers, everybody, I want to live with my brothers today. It’s a good show. If you’re happy to see it, remember to give someone a small gift.”

Chapter 285

Seeing this fancy woman, Feliicity frowned again, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The woman named Butter and Oily smiled and said to the camera: “Brothers, look, this is the great beauty Feliicity from Q City ( Qena City ). Who is more beautiful than her?”

Feliicity flushed with anger, and was about to stop, when the woman screamed again: “Oh, the beauty of the Feliicity is so fierce, people are so scared, brothers, please protect them.”

Wiliam grabbed Feliicity and shook his head gently.

“She is live streaming, you can’t lose your image.” Wiliam whispered.

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and she could only give up in the end.

Seeing Feliicity deflated as soon as they met, the Bai family smiled triumphantly.

The thumbs of praise were given to Bai Zhensheng.

This live broadcast break is really wonderful.

Feliicity was stopped at the beginning.

Let her not act rashly.

Next, the show begins.

“What are you doing?” Feliicity asked in a deep voice again.

“Why? I tell you two, we are here today to drive you out of the Bai family! Friends in the video, hello, everyone, I am Bai Zhensheng from the Bai family, please be your witness today, we The Bai family must be here, clear the door, and drive these two people out of the Bai family completely!” Bai Zhensheng said righteously to Cream’s mobile phone.

Because Butter Youyou is a famous anchor in Q City ( Qena City ), most of her fans are from Q City ( Qena City ).

The message in the video just flew up.

“Oh, the Bai family is going to stage a Gongdou drama today!”

“My little bench and melon seeds are ready, please start your performance.”

“666! Old Tie has something wrong with it! Be light on the beauty.”

Feliicity’s face turned red all of a sudden, she looked at Chen Shuyun, “Grandma, is this what you meant?”

Chen Shuyun nodded, “Our Bai family never needed traitors and double-faced guys!”

Feliicity laughed out of anger when she heard this.

“Traitor? Two-sided and three-cut? Why did I Baifengxue have two-sided and three-cut? Instead, I asked my grandma! Who was before, kneeling at this place where you stand now! Begged me not to leave! He even swore a heavy oath and said Never drive me and Wiliam away!” Feliicity said angrily.

With this, the atmosphere at the scene will freeze.

Because it is indeed true, when the Bai family was almost sued by the Genuine Care Medical Center, Chen Shuyun came over and knelt down and begged Feliicity to ask her to go out to the Genuine Care Medical Center to intercede.

She did say at the time that Wiliam and Feliicity will always be members of the Bai family and will never drive them away.

Chen Shuyun’s face turned white all at once.


This Feliicity hardly puts my grandma in his eyes!

Actually dare to speak out such a ugly family in front of the entire network!

Just as they were so embarrassed that they didn’t know what to say, the live broadcast room exploded in an instant.

“Oh, there are such awesome past events, I want to listen, I want to listen!”

“The beauty of the snow wind is a little bit more detailed, and I vaguely smelled a hint of big melon.”

“Little cream, I will give you a 666, you let them fight, I like to watch action movies hahaha.”

The live broadcast room became more and more intense, and the little anchor’s face suddenly became uncontrollable.

She accepted Bai Zhensheng’s money.

She hurriedly hinted that Bai Zhensheng was trying to get this mess over.

Bai Zhensheng knew, and said coldly: “Huh, now, then! Back then, it was because you still had a little conscience that I didn’t drive you away! But now that you don’t read the Bai family, right? Your good, you slander the reputation of the Bai family everywhere, what else do you have to say.”

When he said a word, he poured dirty water on Feliicity’s body in an instant.

The people who eat melons don’t know the ins and outs of the matter, so they look like a wall of grass and enjoy it.

The number of onlookers in the live broadcast room was also increasing, and within a while, it exceeded 10,000.

Bai Zhensheng saw that this trick was effective, and once again caused troubles, pointing to Wiliam and said: “Look, this is the famous waste son-in-law of Q City ( Qena City ), who has done nothing. He eats our Bai family’s soft rice every day. Eat inside and out, can you bear this kind of man?”

The live broadcast room was refreshed again.

“This is the first time I saw a man who is not a man when I grew up. It’s amazing.”

“Why can such a useless man marry Q City ( Qena City ) Yizhihua, I am so handsome but still single, it’s not fair!”

“This trash man is public enemy, the identification is complete. Bai Zhensheng, feed him shit for me.”

Seeing the beloved man being slandered, Feliicity couldn’t help it anymore in front of the camera.

She was about to yell at Bai Zhensheng, but was stopped by Wiliam again.

Wiliam said indifferently: “We have nothing to explain. Let’s break if we break.”

The live broadcast rooms began to curse that this kid was really not a man, he was really persuaded.

Just admit it?

Don’t dare to fuck with Bai Zhensheng!

Even Feliicity is more spine than him.

Feliicity and Wiliam looked at each other, their eyes filled with determination.

This time, cut the robe and cut justice!

Fight to the end!

“Well, now you can go.” Feliicity said coldly.

The Bai family was caught off guard by the two of them. Is it that simple?

Just so direct?


But Bai Zhensheng laughed and said, “Whether you are going, you are going to go! Get out of Bai’s house for me!”

Feliicity said angrily, “Is this Bai’s house! This is my home!”

Wiliam was really angry seeing Feliicity this time.

Because Feliicity has feelings for this house.

Her long-lost father told her when he left and asked her to wait here for him to return.

So Feliicity will never leave this home.

“This is your home? You are optimistic. Netizens will also help comment and recognize, what a shameless little bitch this is.” Bai Zhensheng took out the fake real estate certificate he had prepared and broadcasted it on the live broadcast. The room shook, and he said in a deep voice, “You see, this house is clearly my grandma Chen Shuyun’s, this little bitch, what face is it that the house is hers!”

When Feliicity heard this, her entire face turned pale as if she was drinking.

She looked at Bai Zhensheng in disbelief, and cried out: “Impossible! How could this house be hers! We obviously sold the house back then! It was definitely not grandma’s!”

She snatched the real estate certificate and saw Chen Shuyun’s name written on it, as if she had been emptied, almost unable to stand.

She would never have thought that there would be such a dramatic reversal.

Wiliam gently supported her, glanced at the real estate certificate, and suddenly showed a sharp smile.

“Interesting, interesting.”

Chapter 286

At this moment, in the live broadcast room, the pot was exploding again.

“Damn! What the hell is going on! Why can’t I understand?”

“I know I know, let me say! This house belongs to the Bai family, but this woman Feliicity refuses to admit it, shamelessly, and refuses to move out of this house.”

“Oh, it’s a pity that a big beautiful woman has such a bad character? Just now I said decisively about breaking up. I thought she had a strong personality, but I didn’t think she was another snobby woman.”

“If it’s me, I will break it completely. What does it depend on other people’s house?”

“Wiliam, how could this be, why is it?” Feliicity looked at Wiliam helplessly.

Wiliam touched her hair and comforted: “I’m here, don’t worry, the house must have been sold, and certainly not to Chen Shuyun.”

However, Bai Zhensheng sneered on the side: “Ladies, you must be at a loss as well, I will explain to you clearly.”

As Bai Zhensheng said, he talked about the original sale of the house, and finally said, “Grandma really couldn’t bear the displacement of the two of them, so she secretly took out the private money and bought this house.”

“Gong Yu, she was the head of the Bai family at that time and had to take on the life and death responsibility of the Bai family, so she had to make a decision.”

“Yu Shi, she is an old man who has a heart to not see the suffering of our younger generations. The little coffin that she has worked so hard to save, secretly bought this house, in order to prevent them from psychological pressure, so she did not tell them to let them They can live comfortably.”

“So, think about it, everyone, if someone else bought the house, would it not come to collect the house after so long? Everyone said that what I said is reasonable?”

After listening to Bai Zhensheng’s plausible explanation, the people in the live broadcast room spoke up again.

Because Bai Zhensheng’s rhetoric is not only reasonable.

Moreover, talking about Chen Shuyun’s money as a coffin has aroused everyone’s sympathy.

“These two are simply not humans! Their grandmother considered them so much, but in the end they were avenged by grace!”

“This is the real version of the farmer and the snake. This woman is a snake-hearted! The old man sucks blood.”

In the live broadcast room, there was a lot of scolding.

Feliicity’s eyes turned red.

Now, even she doesn’t know the truth or not.

Because Bai Zhensheng’s statement perfectly explained why she had never understood why the homeowner didn’t come to collect the house.

Only one’s own people can do this regardless of gains and losses.

“So, what else do you guys have to say! Get out of Bai’s house for me!” Bai Zhensheng gave a final announcement.

Feliicity looked at them with pain and said, “Then, can I buy this house?”

“Buy? Hahaha, Feliicity, are you rich? You are no longer the Patriarch of the Bai family, nor the president of the Bai Group. What do you buy? Do you rely on your rubbish husband?” Bai Zhen couldn’t bear it. Live sneered.

“My husband has money!” Feliicity said loudly.

However, it attracted ridicule from the audience.

The live broadcast room is more joyful.

“Waste has money? Beauty, have you ever heard that men become bad when they have money?”

“Yes, would he be so useless if he had money? Money is a man’s spine. Obviously he has rickets.”

“Bai Zhensheng did a great job! Very happy! I’ll give you a gift first!”

Seeing that everyone did not believe, Feliicity was angry and sad!

Wiliam is the dragon among men!

The world is short-sighted!

“Okay, leave it to me, I’ll give you a happy ending.” Wiliam supported Feliicity and sat on the sofa.

Then he walked to Bai Zhensheng.

When Bai Zhensheng saw him walking, there was almost a shadow in his heart.

He couldn’t help backing up, and screamed inwardly: “You, what do you want! I tell you, there are tens of thousands of viewers here to help me judge!”

Wiliam chuckled softly: “I hit you and dirty my hands. Besides, you can’t do anything with you today.”

Wiliam stood in front of the camera and said, “Is the real estate certificate just now real?”

The Bai family was up and down.

Wiliam sneered at this expression.

Bai Zhen shouted angrily, “Nonsense! Of course it’s true, can’t I dare to lie in front of so many people?”

Bai Zhensheng had made up his mind to bite to death.

Anyway, the buyer hasn’t appeared yet, so it’s impossible to appear now.

Unless the sun hits the west.

“Then you swear to netizens?” Wiliam said again.

Bai Zhensheng’s heart shuddered, “Why should I listen to you?”

Wiliam looked at the live broadcast room, “The man who dare not swear is not a man, right?”

The people in the live broadcast room did not think it was a big deal, “Bai Zhensheng, swear when you swear, afraid of being a hairy?”

“You are afraid of even a trash, aren’t you more trash, haha?”

“Hurry up, I’m still rushing to work.”

Bai Zhensheng saw the people in the live broadcast room all sorts of screens, and his heart was frustrated, “Swear to swear! I swear this house belongs to my grandma, otherwise there will be thunder and thunder.”

When he swears, he is careful not to say that the real estate certificate is true or false.

Wiliam didn’t know what he was thinking, smiled, and then suddenly said to the netizens, “Did I say a coincidence, do you still want to watch a good show?”

Screen 666 in the live broadcast room!

“All right, then let you watch the show for free. Coincidentally, I also have a good thing in my hand. Wait and come right away.” Wiliam finished speaking and walked to his room.

Feliicity’s heart touched her throat, she didn’t know what Wiliam was going to do.

Will you take out a knife?

And Baijia, you look at me, and I look at you, cheering each other up.

Bai Zhensheng even whispered: “Don’t worry, grandma, with me, there is nothing wrong, I don’t expect him to get out of my palm.”

The cream was so oily watching the live broadcast room was a bit dull. Some people ran away and said quickly: “Dear brothers, don’t leave. Can someone dance and sing a song for you? Is the train shake good?”

Everyone started to brush up.

“Okay, okay! I like the little cream when I shake it up.”

“This is considered midfield welfare hahaha.”

“Oh, the train starts.”

As soon as Little Cream started to shake, Wiliam walked out of the room with a bag in his hand.

He saw the little cream swaying at a glance, and walked over to press her face with one hand to push out the screen, “What is it doing? Hot eyes.”

The fat houses in the live broadcast room looked like they were about to move, just about to go crazy, at this time Wiliam took out something from the bag and shook it in front of the screen.

“I just said it was a coincidence. I also have a real estate certificate in my hand. Would you like to see whose name is written?”

Chapter 287

When the Bai family saw that Wiliam actually took out a big red book in his hand, all his faces froze.

Where did he get the real estate certificate!

What is the situation!

Bai Zhensheng’s heart also twitched, and he looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

However, Wiliam didn’t even care about Bai Zhensheng, and instead watched the live screen with interest.

On the screen, all of a sudden, it was up.

“Oh, did things turn around?”

“Quickly, open it to us! My forty-meter sword is already hungry and thirsty!”

Wiliam smiled and opened the real estate certificate in his hand.

After seeing the name on the real estate certificate, the live broadcast room instantly fryed.

“Fuck! Why is Feliicity’s name on it?”

“Is this house that old woman’s or Feliicity’s?”

“I thought it was a dog-blood family ethics drama, but now it looks like a suspenseful blockbuster.”

Bai Zhensheng also saw the name on the real estate certificate, and he shouted on the spot, “Impossible! How is this possible! How could this house be Feliicity!”

With this shout, everyone in the Bai family, including Feliicity, had their eyes widened.

Feliicity didn’t know where she was, so she rushed over and grabbed the real estate certificate in Wiliam’s hand. When she was sure that she saw her name, she was dumbfounded.

Why, this real estate certificate will have my name written on it.

What exactly is going on?

Where did Wiliam get this real estate certificate?

“Jin Sheng, here, what’s going on!” Chen Shuyun was so embarrassed that she couldn’t hold her face, and asked Bai Zhensheng in a deep voice, hoping that he would give everyone a convincing explanation in person.

Bai Zhensheng looked at Feliicity and immediately said to the live broadcast room: “Look at Feliicity’s expression. Obviously she doesn’t know about this real estate certificate. I can conclude that this real estate certificate is fake. Yes! Good couple of dogs, you forged real estate certificates!”

Feliicity’s heart suddenly lifted up and looked at Wiliam nervously.

All the live broadcast rooms were quiet, and they were waiting for Wiliam’s answer.

Wiliam looked at Bai Zhensheng like a fool, “Fake? Do I know you are coming today? Can I make a fake real estate certificate when I go upstairs?”

This rhetorical question hit the nail on the head!

Thoroughly pierced Bai Zhensheng speechless!

The Bai family at the scene suddenly felt cold hands and feet.

With Wiliam’s explanation, the group became hot again.

“Fuck, it makes sense, I was speechless to refute!”

“Yes, this kid is right. They can’t create a certificate right away, just to wait for Bai Zhensheng to come over?”

“Then Bai Zhensheng’s copy, how can I explain it? Is it a fake? But it’s not right. Bai Zhensheng swore it just now.”

Bai Zhensheng’s square inch suddenly became chaotic.

He had no idea that Wiliam also had a real estate certificate in his hand.

Could it be that this kid knew that the Bai family was coming over today, so he forged the real estate certificate in advance?

No, this kid should have forged it very early!

It should be that they want to use this fake real estate certificate to drive away Rebeca!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng immediately regained a little confidence, and shouted coldly: “Why do you have this real estate certificate in your hand? Where did it come from? I hope you can explain it clearly to me!”

Will Wiliam explain?

He didn’t even bother to spend the words.

He sneered and said: “Explain or something, I will be exempt. However, since there are two real estate certificates, that one must be fake. Why not, shall we call the police?”

Call the police!

These two sons, like a sharp knife, stabbed the Bai family.

Their faces all changed.

Even Feliicity saw something was wrong.

She thought about it and looked at Wiliam with great surprise, “Wiliam, this real estate certificate…”

“I’ll explain to you later, let me call the police first.” Wiliam said with a smile.

The people in the group didn’t think the matter was too big, and they swiped their screens one by one: “Okay, okay! Otherwise, let’s fight for you. You can concentrate on arguing and don’t be distracted.”

“Leave this small matter to us, and it’s incumbent on us to eat melons!”

Seeing the messages in the live broadcast room, Bai Zhensheng fought a cold war all over!

If you call the police, it will be completely help!

That’s it!

Another shame by this kid!

Does he want to burn the jade and the stone and die with our Bai family?

What a cruel person!

Bai Zhen’s voice softened suddenly, and shouted to the group: “Wait, everyone, wait! I have something to say.”

However, someone has left a message, “Oh, what? It’s too late, I have already called the police.”

This message, instantly seemed like a basin of cold water, poured down from Bai Zhensheng’s head.

Seeing that the police had really called the police, Chen Shuyun was immediately upset, rushed to Bai Zhensheng, and shouted out: “Bai Zhensheng! I know you can’t do a big deal! What can you do now! The police will come and take care of you. What can I do if my old lady takes it away! You can think of a way!”

Bai Zhensheng originally wanted to put on a pose, but after hearing this, his feet softened.

It’s over, this is completely finished!

This old woman, when she said this, didn’t she admit that the real estate certificate she was holding was fake in front of the entire network!

damn thing! The mud can’t help the wall!

Sure enough, the live room was fried.

“Damn! It turns out that Bai Zhensheng is the fake real estate certificate! No surprise! No surprise!”

“It’s a shame. I still believe him so much. He swore just now, right? Is it going to be thunderous now?”

“I thought about it seriously. Since Feliicity and their real estate certificate are real, is that the current situation? The Bai family are the biggest white-eyed wolves. They not only come to their house to drive them out, but also To take their house? This is a crime.”

The little cream watched the scene completely messed up, and suddenly became utterly innocent.

She wanted to close the live broadcast, but she was threatened by netizens. If she dared not live broadcast at such a wonderful moment, all her fans would turn black.

“What are you still thinking about! Go to Wiliam and let him tell the police well later! Don’t let the entire Bai family take responsibility for the crime you committed!” Chen Shuyun saw Bai Zhen not moving, and was furious. The crutches hit his head.

Bai Zhensheng was awakened instantly by this knock.

But this time, he turned his head to look at Chen Shuyun with a grim look and gave Chen Shuyun a hard push.

Pushing Chen Shuyun back several steps.

“It’s all your useless old woman! What can you do! A dog thing that hasn’t succeeded but failed! I should have killed you sooner!” Bai Zhensheng was completely mad and shouted at Chen Shuyun.



Bai Zhensheng has been full of anger since yesterday, and now that Chen Shuyun is like this, he can’t control it all at once, venting all the opinions in his heart against the Bai family.

Chapter 288

Chen Shuyun was stunned by this roar.

She stared blankly at Bai Zhensheng’s hideous face like a devil, and cried out: “Do you know what you’re talking about! I’m your grandma! For so many years, I will give you whatever you want! You Why do you say that!”

Bai Zhensheng opened the chatterbox and couldn’t stop it anymore, “Hoho, grandma! You are just an old thing in my eyes! I can’t help but add to the blockage! Why don’t you die early! Forget it!”

Chen Shuyun was scolded by these vicious words, and his whole body was completely lost.

The rest of the Bai family wanted to accuse Bai Zhensheng, but they stopped one by one after seeing his completely crazy eyes.

Continue to fry in the live room.

“Wow, annual drama! The nest is turned upside down hahaha!”

“This Bai Zhensheng was forced to jump over the wall in a hurry, right?”

“The police have twenty minutes to reach the battlefield!”

Feliicity couldn’t help but be speechless when she watched this scene.

Bai Zhensheng is really crazy, now it seems that Bai Zhensheng broke with the Bai family first.

After Bai Zhensheng scolded Chen Shuyun, he looked at Wiliam ferociously, “Wiliam, do you want to burn the jade with me? The police are here, and we are both going to die! Don’t think I don’t know that your real estate certificate is also fake. “

“Fake? Don’t think you are okay?” Wiliam gently handed the real estate certificate to Feliicity, “My, but the real estate certificate, I asked someone to buy the house back then. Put it in my wife’s name. So, this also explains why no one came to accept this house, because I originally followed Feliicity.”

Wiliam’s words were like thunder, even Feliicity was blown up.

Bai Zhensheng’s pupils shrank for a while, “This, how is this possible!”

“You dare to lie or even swear in front of a live broadcast of tens of thousands of people, I don’t dare. I don’t know if you still remember, how much money did Genuine Care Medical Center ask you for compensation?”

Bai Zhensheng was taken aback, and replied instinctively: “10.5 million.”

When he said this, an ominous premonition suddenly grew in his heart.

“Ho ho, how much did this house sell for?” Wiliam asked again.

“One and a half million.” Bai Zhensheng replied.

But after speaking, his face turned white on the spot!

At the beginning, Genuine Care Medical Center wanted the Bai family to lose money, otherwise they would sue them.

The Bai family made up nine million pieces together.

Then Chen Shuyun forced Rebeca to sell the house, and Bai Zhensheng sold 1.5 million yuan through an intermediary.

Add up, isn’t it exactly 10.5 million!

Bai Zhensheng felt a deep chill coming out.

At that time, he wanted to break his head and didn’t understand why Genuine Care Medical Center would cost an extra 500,000.

Unexpectedly, waiting here!

The money that the Bai family paid to the Genuine Care Medical Center for selling the house was transferred to this kid again!

In other words, this Wiliam didn’t spend a penny at all, and this house that originally belonged to the Bai family was changed to Feliicity’s house.

What a trick to change the day!

If you think about it this way, this real estate certificate is genuine!

Feliicity also understood, and her eyes were clouded with tears, “Wiliam, you…”

Wiliam patted Feliicity on the shoulder, and said gently: “I wanted you to live here quietly, but I didn’t want to coax it out.”

Feliicity couldn’t bear the gratitude that Wiliam felt in her heart, and she hugged Wiliam tightly.

This home is the source of all her waiting.

It’s Wiliam again.

When he was about to collapse, he gave himself a silent gift.

If it hadn’t been for the Bai family to bully people today, how could he have discovered that Wiliam’s guardianship of him is deeply rooted and meticulous.

The Bai family went up and down, but they cursed at Wiliam one by one: “Good, you dog! Just take our Bai family’s money and take our Bai family’s property! What else do you have to do next! Swallow all the company!”

Feliicity scoffed at these people’s words.

Wiliam’s real estate certificate was written in the name of Feliicity.

He didn’t care about the Bai family’s property at all.

This group of people will only clamor here.

After a few minutes of calming down, Bai Zhensheng finally recovered a trace of consciousness.

He thought uncomfortably, how to protect himself now.

After thinking about it, he still said to Wiliam cheeky: “Wiliam, it was a misunderstanding before. We only wanted to give you a predicament. We didn’t really want to drive you away. I have this real estate certificate in my hand. It’s also to scare you. See if you can…”

Wiliam chuckled, “Originally, I didn’t care about such trivial matters at all, but you, you are so immortal, so I invited a little demon to come to the city to live broadcast. Now, you want to hide this matter. Can’t hide it.”

By these words, the Bai family members were extremely frustrated in their hearts!

Bai Zhensheng’s intestines are all blue with regret!

He looked at the trembling little cream.

There is a feeling of losing his wife and breaking down!


If you don’t invite this little anchor over today, things might be over.

Now that I think about it, I invited this little anchor to give myself a boost, but now it has become a devil’s pestle to drive myself into hell!

Damn it!

However, it is completely meaningless to stop the live broadcast of Little Cream now.

He looked at Wiliam pleadingly, “Wiliam, I kowtow to you, you are so smart, there must be a way, you save me, save our Bai family, okay?”

The other Bai family members also looked at Wiliam emotionally, “Wiliam, we were wrong. We shouldn’t do this. Can you bypass us?”

Especially Rebeca, when she knew that the house was white Feliicity, her heart became nervous.

Today she is on the side of Bai’s house, will Feliicity drive herself away later!

Then I am really homeless!

“Feliicity, for the sake of our mother and daughter, would you let Wiliam be merciful?”

In the live broadcast room, there was joy and peace.

“Hey, hey, the face slapped so fast, I saw it for the first time in my life.”

“Why do I have the illusion that I read Shuangwen, it’s so cool and pleasant.”

“Wiliam, keep on fighting! Don’t stop! We can stand it!”

“I took another bucket of popcorn and continue.”

Wiliam looked straight at this time and said in a deep voice to Bai Zhensheng: “Forgery of a real estate certificate is a crime of forging, altering, or buying and selling official documents, certificates, and seals of state agencies. Article 280, paragraph 1, of the Criminal Law stipulates: forgery, Whoever alters, trades, or steals, robs, or destroys official documents, certificates, or seals of state organs shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 3 years, criminal detention, surveillance, or deprivation of political rights; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 3 years but not more than 10 years. “

“You people, wait for legal sanctions.”

Chapter 289

“Damn! This Wiliam is awesome! The law comes with open mouth, without breathing!”

“He’s in the law department? This crime is serious.”

“Haha, the Bai family steals chickens and loses their rice. What should they do now?”

The discussion continued in the live broadcast room.

After the Bai family heard Wiliam’s words one by one, their faces turned green.

How could they consider so many things before!

What they thought was not to let Wiliam come hard.

Now, Wiliam is hard.

But moved out of the legal provisions.

This is harder than it is, and harder.

Going to jail.

One by one, they were like bereaved concubines, and some even cried, “I don’t want to go to jail, no.”

Bai Zhensheng saw that Wiliam was determined to punish him, his heart frustrated, and angrily said: “Wiliam, stay on the sidelines and see each other well in the future, do you really want to be so unfeeling!”

“Unfeeling? I’m just a soldier to cover the water and soil. You forged the forged real estate certificate. You also did the live broadcast of the whole city. What does it have to do with me?” Lu Yexu made them all speechless.

Thousands of mistakes are Bai Zhensheng’s fault!

“Dear netizens, you can help us to be a witness. Bai Zhensheng forced us to do it all. The real estate certificate is also called artificial fake, which has nothing to do with the rest of us.” Chen Shuyun suddenly jumped out, right Shouted the person in the live broadcast room.

In the live broadcast room, they were all happily waiting for the police to come.

“Feliicity, what do you say?” Bai Zhensheng suddenly looked at Feliicity.

Because Feliicity feels soft.

If Wiliam doesn’t eat hard, he can only say it from her.

“Are you your mother being displaced? Can you bear the heart that your grandma will be arrested and sent to jail at such an age?” Bai Zhensheng asked Feliicity.

But Feliicity swept away the weakness before, snuggling Wiliam, and said: “Married a husband, I listen to Wiliam.”

In a word, the Bai family’s pleading path was completely broken.

At this point, the Bai family showed a desperate look.

They couldn’t think of killing them, and they were just trying to drive away these two people.

Until now, they would fall into the terrible situation where a group of Bai family would go to prison together.

“Feliicity, the Bai family is over, and you are going to be over together!” Chen Shuyun couldn’t help cursing viciously, “You don’t have the big tree of the Bai family. I see what you can do in the future!”

“Today’s matter, we can write off it as if it did not happen, I promise, the Patriarch of the Bai family, will continue to let you be, how about it!”

Patriarch of the Bai family?

Feliicity couldn’t help laughing when she heard this, “Patriarch Bai, what a thing!”

Everyone’s breathing is stagnant!

What a big tone!

This Feliicity even left the Patriarch of the Bai family not doing it, just to put them to death!

This is the rhythm of breaking the net!

“The Patriarch of my Bai family, at least in Q City ( Qena City ), is also a well-known name. Are you really indifferent at all?” Chen Shuyun tried to convince Feliicity again.

But Feliicity stayed still.

In this way, Feliicity had enough of the days of suffering in the Bai family.

She can bear it.

However, she couldn’t bear to see Wiliam being tortured by these people again and again!

It’s better to take two shots than to get everything done!

Just as Chen Shuyun was going to continue to mobilize Feliicity, there was a commotion at the door.

A group of people came in.

The person in front said in surprise: “What’s the situation in the Bai family today, so hot?”

Everyone looked back, but they showed incredible eyes.

The person in charge was surprisingly just met yesterday, the president of the Cheongsong Medicine Association!


Frandick, as a famous master of the Q City ( Qena City ) generation, how could he come to the white house in person?

Only Wiliam and Feliicity smiled at each other.

They knew what Frandick came to do.

But the Bai family didn’t know that Chen Shuyun seemed to see a savior, and she rushed to Frandick with a humble smile, “President Hu, why did you come here in person? Our Bai family is brilliant. “

Seeing Frandick in the live broadcast room, he immediately set off another incident.

“Wow! This old man is so familiar, I seem to see it often on TV.”

“He is Frandick! The president of the Drug Association, my second uncle works in the Drug Association, and I have the honor to meet President Hu.”

“Yes, President Hu is said to be upright, upright, and his character is very reliable. Is he coming here to support the Bai family?”

“Hahaha, I don’t have enough popcorn again.”

Frandick looked at the dignified atmosphere of the scene, and his heart shook.

Could something big happened to the Bai family?

All of them looked like they were facing the enemy.

Thinking of this, Frandick suddenly thought about it.

His love for Wiliam is too much.

Although he had seen from the meeting place yesterday, he faintly knew that Wiliam had a conflict with the Bai family.

But it seems to be just for Bai Zhensheng.

Besides, every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite.

Now if something happens to the Bai family, Wiliam will not leave it alone.

He immediately said to Chen Shuyun: “Did something happen to the Bai family? Just tell me, if I can help, I will definitely help.”

When the Bai family heard this, they all looked overjoyed!

Frandick actually agreed to help!

This is simply a pie in the sky!

Who is Frandick!

His prestige in Q City ( Qena City ) is too high and too high.

If he can come forward and say a few words, then the Bai family will be able to come back to life!

Thinking of this, Chen Shuyun immediately grabbed Frandick’s hand and said, “Chairman Hu, I am going up and down for the Bai family, thank you! Our Bai family has come to life and death, you must make a move!”

Life and death!

Frandick’s face turned straight, wondering if things would be so serious?

But couldn’t even Wiliam manage it?

He is supernatural.

Frandick was a little disturbed.

I’m afraid the matter is too big, even I can’t settle it.

He said in a deep voice, “You talk about it first, I can only guarantee that I will help as much as possible.”

Chen Shuyun seemed to grab a life-saving straw, “Chairman Hu, you are polite. This matter is a disaster for our Bai family, but as long as you are willing to come forward, it will definitely be resolved.”

Just as Frandick was about to listen to her to continue, he suddenly found the selfie stick and frowned, “What’s going on?”

The little cream shivered even more.

Frandick leaned in front of the screen and found that it was broadcasting live, his expression froze.

However, in the live broadcast room, it was infinitely friendly, and I wish it could be bigger.

With a word of yours and me, they reiterated what happened just now.

Especially the scene in which the Bai family wanted to drive away Wiliam and Feliicity, and was finally slapped in the face by Wiliam, was very detailed.

After hearing what everyone said, Frandick’s face became extremely solemn!


I thought something happened to the Bai family!

It turns out that these villains are trying to frame my benefactor!

Then I am welcome.

Frandick said in a cold voice to the live broadcast room: “The so-called honest officials are difficult to cut off housework. I will not interfere with the affairs of the Bai family. I came here today only for one thing. Originally, this thing will be released in the afternoon. Yes, but since everyone is so interested, I will announce it here first.”

“I came here to represent the entire Drug Association and appointed Ms. Feliicity as the vice chairman of the Drug Association, in charge of all pharmaceutical companies in the south of the city!”

Chapter 290

“What! Feliicity serves as the vice chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association!” These words, like thunder, blasted into everyone’s ears in the Bai family!

One by one they looked at Feliicity in disbelief, and their eyes were filled with an unknown fear!

At this time, Frandick said to the trembling little cream: “Turn off the live broadcast and go out.”

How dare you not listen to that little cream, no matter how frying pan in the live broadcast room, neatly shut down the live broadcast, and then left the Bai’s house.

After going out, she took a big breath.

I thought I was here to help Bai Zhensheng today, but I didn’t expect that this was a walk through the ghost gate of hell.

The situation inside just now was really exciting!

But every one of the Bai family was completely speechless, and their hearts were full of chills.

Feliicity, how could he become the vice president of the Drug Association!

What’s more, it is in charge of the southern area!

Isn’t the Seongnam area the Bai’s side?

In other words, Feliicity’s title of vice president will eat the Bai family to death!

Yesterday, the mysterious candidate for the vice-chairman who was circulated at the meeting turned out to be Feliicity.

Chen Shuyun’s face was tragic.

No wonder!

No wonder Feliicity sneered at this when she wanted to let Feliicity continue to be the head of the Bai family!

It turns out that there is another Gao Zhi!

I am so triumphant in front of her, saying that the Patriarch of the Bai family is also a well-known name in Q City ( Qena City ).

Thinking about it now, it’s a big joke.

Compared with the vice-chairman, the Patriarch of the Bai Family was as ridiculous as the desire of dust to compare to Haoyue.

Bai Zhensheng was even more reluctant to believe that he was killed, but everything changed overnight.

He rushed in front of Frandick and said eagerly: “Chairman Hu, are you wrong? How can she be a vice president!”

There was only one thought in his mind, that Feliicity could not be the vice chairman.

She can’t be fooled if she fights for death!

Otherwise, she will be trampled under her feet in this life!

Frandick looked cold and asked Bai Zhensheng, “Are you questioning me and the vision of our Drug Association?”

Bai Zhensheng was so frightened, he said quickly: “Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

Frandick paid no attention to Bai Zhensheng anymore, but handed the appointment letter to Feliicity.

Feliicity accepted the appointment letter, and his hands were shaking.

Frandick kindly said to Feliicity, “Feliicity, you will be a member of our Drug Association from now on. I will contact you personally if you have any problems in the future. Of course, if you have something that can’t be solved, oh no, there’s any inconvenience. If you face the problem, just tell me. The old man is in Q City ( Qena City ), so he can talk about it.”

As he spoke, he deliberately looked at the group of white family members.

The implication cannot be more obvious.

Feliicity knew that Frandick was asking him whether he should help clean up this group of people today.

But now, the matter has been almost resolved by Wiliam, she quickly said: “My family’s affairs, I will worry about you personally. If there are things in the future, I will ask you again.”

Frandick nodded, and said to Wiliam, “I will leave first if there is anything.”

Wiliam smiled, “Thank you.”

Frandick led people and hurriedly left the Bai family.

After all, after the general meeting, there are still many details to be handled by Frandick himself.

After they left, the Bai family stared at the appointment letter in Feliicity’s hands one by one, with fire in their eyes.

Feliicity really changed his body and rode on top of the Bai family!

Although he was the Patriarch of the Bai family before, speaking at the Bai family was still useless.

Now, when she speaks, the Bai family dare not follow?

Chen Shuyun’s complexion was extremely complicated, and she never thought that such a big event would come out today.

Feliicity said to everyone present at this time: “You can go now, Wiliam and I have nothing to do with you.”

Everyone woke up in a spirited spirit.

Chen Shuyun stepped over and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, we were wrong before, can we take a long-term view on this matter? You are now the vice president of the Drug Association. This is the glory of our family.”

At this time, all she was thinking about was Feliicity now that she had soared into the sky.

The Bai family must firmly hold Feliicity in his hands, and can’t let this golden phoenix fly away from the Bai family’s den.

This time, the loss of the Bai family has been great.

But at the moment Feliicity glanced at Wiliam, and said coldly to them: “It’s you who are unkind first, ho ho, prestige and respectful, is this the style of your Bai family? You don’t leave, no wonder The first thing I did when I became the vice president was to sanction you!”

As soon as these words came out, Chen Shuyun’s face changed again!

Today’s Feliicity is surprisingly determined!

“Feliicity! Don’t you want to be a white-eyed wolf! The Bai family has raised you for more than 20 years, and finally cultivated you into a talent! But at this time, you want to kick our Bai family away! Your conscience Have you been eaten by a dog!” Chen Shuyun couldn’t help it anymore and scolded loudly.

Feliicity showed a fierce stern on her face, “Okay, then according to what you said, Bai-eyed wolf, today I am decided by Feliicity! Get out!”

In one word, everyone was embarrassed by the curse.

One by one, they were full of fire in their hearts, but they were afraid of the power of Feliicity at the moment, and they could only hold back.

At this time, there was noise from outside again, and a group of people in uniform walked in and said: “Someone called the police just now, saying that someone in your Bai family forged a real estate certificate to deceive people?”

Before everyone could react, Feliicity pointed at Bai Zhensheng, “It’s him.”

Bai Zhensheng was so frightened that he quickly threw the real estate certificate aside, his face completely pale.

But it was too late.

The group picked up the real estate certificate and said, “Is this the evidence? Come with us.”

The Bai family fryed the pot all of a sudden, all of them were crying, and wanted to beg Feliicity.

But Feliicity pulled Wiliam’s hand and returned to her room unfeelingly.

Behind him came scolding, pleading, and crying.

As the door closed, Feliicity’s tough aura swept away, and her whole body fell limp in Wiliam’s arms.

Wiliam looked at her with bitterness all over his face.

Feliicity couldn’t help it anymore, and in Wiliam’s arms, she cried loudly.

Wiliam knew that Feliicity had done everything today to prevent herself from being humiliated by the Bai family.

A home that has stayed for 20 years, if you say it is broken, it is really a big blow to Feliicity.

However, there is no way.

This is the only way for Feliicity to grow.

Wiliam didn’t say comforting words, just holding Feliicity and touching her hair.

I don’t know how long it took before Feliicity wiped away the tears and smiled softly at Wiliam.

“Wiliam, you are the only person in the world for the rest of my life…”


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