Dragon Husband Chapter 291-300

Chapter 291: Sharon

After Wiliam heard this, he was deeply moved.

He rubbed Feliicity’s head, and said gently: “Well, depend on each other for life, never leave. I’ll cook for you.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam’s back, then looked at the appointment letter on the bed, and the real estate certificate, her eyes were crazy.

While eating, Wiliam’s phone rang.

Seeing the serial number, Wiliam frowned slightly, left the table, and answered the phone.

“Brother Tiger?” Wiliam said.

However, on the other end of the phone, it was not Brother Tiger’s hearty voice.

It was a somewhat cold female voice.

“Who are you?” the woman asked Wiliam.

There was a faint feeling in Wiliam’s heart, “Who are you again?”

“My Tigger ‘s daughter Sharon. My dad had an accident. He told me this number before he passed out and let me call you.” The woman said.

Tigger ‘s daughter?

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, and immediately asked, “What’s wrong with Brother Tiger? Where are you guys?”

Sharon’s tone seemed a little impatient, but he still said: “In my dad’s company Hushan Security Company.”

“I’ll be there right away.” Wiliam finished speaking and hung up the phone.

On the phone, Sharon seemed to want to say something, but Lu Yexun heard it.

Wiliam walked back to the dining table and said sorry to Feliicity: “Feliicity, I have something to go out. You can eat first.

Feliicity nodded obediently, “Well, I’ll go to sleep after eating. You must be safe when you go out.”

Wiliam nodded, and drove to Hushan Security Company.

At the moment, at the security company, two people are standing in front of the office window on the top floor.

A beautiful woman with a nice body and a cold face holds a mobile phone in her hand.

She looks very young at her age, but she has a world-weary temperament.

She is the woman who called Wiliam just now, Sharon.

After Sharon hung up the phone, she frowned.

Next to her stood a young man in a suit, leather shoes and gold glasses.

His name is Sun Meilin and he is a suitor of Sharon.

Sun Meilin asked Sharon, “Xiangye, who are you calling? Why did your dad ask you to call this person?”

Sharon shook his head and said coldly: “I don’t know who he is, but my dad has explained, I can only make this call.”

Sun Meilin said with a look of concern: “Why didn’t your dad let us take him to the hospital? Why do we have to call this person?”

Sharon shook his head and said, “My father’s identity, this injury, definitely can’t be sent to the hospital. Wait for that person to come first. This is my father’s order.”

Sun Meilin nodded helplessly and said, “Let’s prepare with both hands. My dad knows some famous doctors in Q City ( Qena City ). I will ask my dad to inquire and see if I can invite a doctor.”

Sharon said lukewarmly: “Thank you, then.”

Sun Meilin called on the side.

Not long after, Wiliam came to Tigger ‘s office.

As the door opened, Wiliam saw a man and a woman standing in front of him.

Sharon looked at Wiliam in front of him, frowning on the spot.

She thought that the person her father asked her to call must be a unique person.

Maybe they can solve their urgent needs.

But I didn’t expect that the person who came was so young?

Similar to yourself?

Such a person, I am afraid that they have just been out of society for a few years, right?

How can he help?

Sharon and Sun Meilin looked at each other, their eyes were disappointed.

Because Sharon was spoiled by her father since she was a child, she has developed an air of arrogance.

As long as she looks down on people, she will never treat each other with courtesy.

Because there are ** copies.

She looked at Wiliam with a cold tone, “Are you the person my father called?”

Wiliam nodded and said, “My name is…”

However, Sharon was interrupted by Sharon, “I don’t need to know who you are? I just made this call at the order of my father. Now you can go.”

Sharon’s tone made Wiliam feel a little bored.

But after all, Wiliam owed Tigger a favor. He held back the displeasure and said, “Where is your father? How was the injury? Isn’t it serious? I’ll check it out.”

After a few questions, Sharon became even more impatient. She pointed her finger at a lounge next to the office and said, “It’s inside, but I shouldn’t die.”

This indifferent tone, this indifferent attitude towards his father’s life and death, made Wiliam even more unhappy.

“Why don’t you go in and look at him?” Wiliam asked in a deep voice.

If Tigger is injured and the wound is bleeding, he will lose too much blood at any time.

His daughter actually stood outside, not looking at her father.

No wonder Tigger complained to himself that his daughter made him very big.

The father-daughter relationship seems very ordinary.

Sharon was completely irritated by the question, and her tone was not polite, “What right do you have to say about me here! Since you are my father’s friend, I will let you go in and take a look, and then leave me after you read it. It’s annoying before my eyes!”

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about her, so he went into the lounge.

In the lounge, he saw Tigger lying unconscious on the bed covered in blood.

He hurried over and carefully checked Tigger ‘s injuries.

I saw several criss-cross knife wounds on his body, and the blood in the wounds gradually solidified.

However, this is not a solution.

Wiliam thought about it, and suddenly noticed that Tigger ‘s eyebrows were black, and he felt like he was going to heal Tigger .

But at this time, the Sun Meilin who was behind Wiliam stepped forward and tightly grasped Wiliam’s hand.

He cursed, “What do you want to do! What do you want to do to my uncle!”

This curse caused Sharon’s alarm outside, and she immediately asked, “What happened?”

Sun Meilin immediately said that this kid wanted to move Tigger .

Sharon outside said coldly: “Pick him out.”

Sun Meilin couldn’t help but shoved Wiliam out.

Outside, Sharon’s eyebrows were worried and uneasy, but also a little helpless.

Seeing Wiliam, this emotion instantly turned into a cold stern, “After reading it, you can go.”

Wiliam’s tone also cooled, “Your father bleeds too much, and if he is not treated for him, he will not be able to last for an hour.”

Sharon’s face stiffened involuntarily when he heard Wiliam’s words about blood, but he immediately recovered his calm and said, “I know. Sun Meilin has already asked a famous doctor.”

Sun Meilin’s phone rang at the right time, and he immediately answered it.

Half a minute later, he said to Sharon with joy on his face: “Xiangye, I have inquired that my father is more familiar with the old genius He Jifeng at the Genuine Care Medical Center. Just now, He told my father that he was wounded He is not very sure about the knife poison, and then He Lao recommended a genius doctor named Wiliam!”

Chapter 292


With this name, Wiliam and Sharon raised their heads and looked at Sun Meilin at the same time.

Even Wiliam didn’t think that the old man He Jifeng would sell himself.

Sharon frowned, “Wiliam? How come I haven’t heard of such a genius doctor before, but I vaguely heard that there is a waste son-in-law named Lu in the Bai family.”

Sun Meilin could not say anything at once.

But at this time, Sharon continued: “But since it was recommended by an old expert like He Jifeng, it means that this genius doctor Wiliam should have more profound skills than He Jifeng.”

Sun Meilin hurriedly flattered, “Xiang Ye made sense.”

Sharon showed a wry smile, “It’s just that, can we get this kind of famous doctor who is more powerful than He Jifeng? Sun Meilin, otherwise we will try to find a better doctor. After all, time is not enough. Wait for someone.”

Sun Meilin suddenly showed a sly gleam at this time. He suddenly smiled and said to Sharon: “Xiangye, our uncle’s identity, and his injuries, how can I get an ordinary doctor to come? You might not know, I just happened to Know that genius doctor Wiliam, he is the grandfather of my good brother.”

Wiliam was taken aback, looking at this Sun Meilin amusedly?

He knows me? Am I still the grandfather of his good brother?

Then how old should I be.

But Sharon was overjoyed and looked at Sun Meilin in surprise, “Really! Do you know that genius doctor Wiliam?”

Sun Meilin said with a smile, “Of course, he is an invisible old genius doctor. Most people rarely hear his name. It’s a bit difficult to get him out of the mountain.”

In Sun Meilin’s expectant eyes, Sharon really pleaded, “Meilin, can you think of a way…”

This is what Sun Meilin waited for, “I’ll try, I can only spare my dignity, and I have to ask the genius doctor Wiliam to save our uncle.”

Sharon’s face was moved, and she was a little choked up in the cold, “Thank you Merlin, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

“I’ll go out and make a call.” Sun Meilin said again.

However, when he was about to go out, he found that Wiliam was still in the room.

He immediately became unhappy, and said for Sharon: “Why are you still not leaving!”

It was impossible for Wiliam to leave. Now that he heard Sun Meilin say that he knew him, he already knew he was going to do something, so he wouldn’t leave.

He casually found a reason and said: “I have a major message to tell Brother Tiger. I must wait for him to wake up.”

“Important information? Is it about Lantern Village? Or is it about Sirius?” Sharon asked Wiliam immediately.

Wiliam smiled without saying anything, pretending to be profound.

However, he was thinking of the two words Sharon said just now.

Incense Lantern Village.


It seems that Brother Hu was injured this time because of these two words.

“If you don’t tell me, don’t tell me, then you wait and don’t be an eyesore here. In addition, I seriously warn you that if you dare to move my dad, I will kill you on the spot!” Sharon said, actually He took out a small dagger from his wallet and danced to Wiliam in demonstration.

Wiliam nodded indifferently, then sat down on the chair beside him, closing his eyes and resting.

Brother Tiger wouldn’t be able to die for a while, Wiliam needed some time to digest the smell he had just smelled from Brother Tiger, and the blackening of his eyebrows that seemed to be poisoned.

Wiliam wanted to know, that Sun Meilin said he knew him, what the hell would he do later?

Sun Meilin watched Wiliam sit in the corner and couldn’t help but sneered: “Xiang Ye, it seems that this guy is a dogleg of your dad. He is still pretending to be in front of us. Later, your dad will wake up and let your dad wake up. Drive him away, it will be annoying to see him, a poker face is shown to someone.”

Sharon glanced at Wiliam indifferently and nodded, “I also think this kid is getting in the way, I will tell my dad.”

“Then I’ll go out and call for Doctor Lu.” Sun Meilin said and went out.

After going out, he couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Sun Meilin is a rich second-generation, and has been struggling to pursue Sharon recently.

However, Sharon has an arrogant personality, and behind him is Tigger , a tiger of Q City ( Qena City ), as his father.

So Sun Meilin dare not come hard at all.

The soft Sharon is too cold to eat this set at all.

Today I finally seized the opportunity to show my courtesy.

Ho ho, what Wiliam!

What a doctor of land!

Where does Sun Meilin know this shit?

But Sun Meilin saw Tigger ‘s whole body hurt, and thought that it would be enough to find a good surgical doctor to come and bandage it. Sharon was making a fuss.

However, this fussing just gave Sun Meilin a chance.

Sun Meilin thought. Later, he would just find an old doctor to come over and replace the unknown so-called Wiliam. After he cured Tigger , he would be Sharon’s father’s benefactor.

She must not surrender.

Starting from empiricism, Sun Meilin instinctively believed that the genius doctor He Jifeng could admire must be an old man.

So he immediately called and asked a friend to ask someone to come and help.

Three people waited in the room for less than twenty minutes, and someone knocked on the door.

Sun Meilin knew that the person he had invited was here, and hurriedly stepped up and said: “The old genius doctor is here, I will open the door.”

He opened the door and three people walked in.

The current one, black-clothed and white-bearded, with a prisoner’s dragon stick in his hand, he really smelled like a stranger in the world.

Behind him, stood two young men in white Tang suits, carrying medicine boxes or something in their hands.

“See me, Mr. Lu, why don’t you kneel!” one of the young men shouted majesticly.

But he was immediately stopped by the old man, “It’s all my own, no.”

“Doctor Lu, I didn’t expect you to come so soon. I am so grateful. This is Sharon, my good friend, you must help her.” Sun Meilin said exaggeratedly.

The old man squinted at Sharon, as if he didn’t put her in his eyes at all.

Sharon saw that this old man was so arrogant, he couldn’t help but mutter, he was really an expert, he had a temper.

She hurriedly lowered her eyebrows and said, “Hello, Doctor Lu, please help my dad.”

The old man snorted coldly, and said to Sharon: “It’s only because of Sun Xiaowa’s face that the old man came out. But only this time, next time, Sun Xiaowa, your father will die, the old man will not come out.”

These words made Sharon tears in his eyes.

She said sincerely to Sun Meilin: “Meilin, I don’t even know how to thank you if you have sacrificed so much.”

Sun Meilin was so happy and crazy. He asked the fake Wiliam to say these words in order to make Sharon more grateful.

Now it is true.

Sharon is about to take the elderly and them to see Tigger in the lounge.

At this time, passing by Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t move.

The old man looked down.

The young man behind him shouted again: “Who are you! Seeing me, Mr. Lu, dare not to kneel in rudeness!”

Chapter 293

Wiliam raised his head, glanced at the old man slightly, and sneered: “A man who deceives the world, wants me to kneel, and you deserve it?”

The sound is not loud, but like thunder!

The old man’s face changed instantly, and he couldn’t help looking at Sun Meilin.

He was timid.

Sun Meilin’s face stiffened slightly, and he immediately returned to its original state, and said aggressively, “Good thief, what a big tone! Dare to be so presumptuous in front of Old Lu!”

The situation was deadlocked all at once.

And Sharon glanced at Wiliam contemptuously, and said to the old man: “Mr. Lu, don’t care about him. This guy is just a little brother of my dad and doesn’t understand the rules. You see my dad is in danger, can you show him first Next, in a moment, I will take care of this guy myself and give you a satisfactory account.”

The old man snorted coldly and walked towards the lounge.

Several people were in the lounge. The old man told the people around him not to approach him, then took the medicine box and checked it with Tigger .

The old man was originally a retired surgeon, but he was comfortable with bandaging.

Sharon hesitated outside for a while before entering the room hesitantly.

As soon as she entered, she saw blood stains all over the bed, and her entire face turned pale.

Cold sweat kept flowing out of her forehead.

Wiliam couldn’t help but feel amused when she saw her weird look.

It turns out that this arrogant guy is seriously dizzy.

It’s no wonder that she didn’t have time to guard her father’s side just now.

Sharon seemed to have already prepared, put on a pair of sunglasses, and then asked the old man, “Doctor Lu, my father’s injury does not matter, right?”

The old man said casually: “It doesn’t matter, ordinary trauma, it’s very simple, the old man will just bandage him.”

Sun Meilin on the side was secretly proud, it really was a bit of skin trauma, so he still needs to find a genius doctor with great fanfare?

It seems that I have done the right thing and found the right person.

After listening to the old man’s words, Sharon’s heart relaxed slightly, “Then there will be the genius doctor Lao Lu.”

Wiliam stood at the back, and he didn’t stop the old man.

Although this old man is just furry kung fu, Wiliam can still let him do the trivial matter of dressing up the wound.

The old man took ten minutes to bandage Tigger ‘s whole body, and then put him back on the bed.

He signaled that everyone could leave here.

Several people returned to the office outside, and the old man couldn’t help but proudly said: “It’s embarrassing to have the old man go out in person for this little problem. Sun Xiaowa, don’t call the old man for anything else in the future.”

Sun Meilin hurriedly pretended to nodded yes.

Then, the old man looked at Wiliam again with an arrogant expression, “Little Wah, why are you laughing at your face? Could it be that you don’t agree with the old man’s medical skills?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s eyes were clear, but the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

A look of sneer.

Sharon’s brows frowned on the spot, and he said coldly: “What kind of attitude is this! You don’t want to come over and apologize to Master Lu! Believe it or not that my dad wakes up, I will let my dad punish you heavily!”

The old man carried his hands on his back, just like a grandmaster.

And Wiliam smiled ho ho, “Your dad wakes up? Then you have to wake up your dad.”

Sharon’s face changed, “What do you mean! Do you dare to curse my dad!”

The old man even sneered, “Ho ho, if an old man takes action, do you dare to say that he can’t wake up? The old man bet he will wake up in an hour.”

“Oh? Really? Otherwise, go in and take a look at Brother Tiger?” Wiliam said with a smile.

Take a look?

What to look at

Sharon was taken aback.

And Sun Meilin rushed to Wiliam in a vigorous step, “What do you mean! Do you dare to doubt the medical skills of God Doctor Lu? Do you know who is God Doctor Lu? Kneel me down!”

“If you want me to kneel, yes, go in and take a look at Brother Tiger.” Wiliam said casually.

This time Sharon looked at Wiliam suspiciously.

This kid, from the beginning, looked like Taishan collapsed and his face didn’t change color. Now he is even more vowed, is there really something wrong with it.

She put on her sunglasses and went into the lounge to see her father.

Outside, Sun Meilin said with a sneer: “Boy, you are afraid that you don’t know how to write death words at all! This is the doctor Lu personally made it…”

However, when he hadn’t finished speaking, he heard Sharon scream from inside.

“Dad! What’s wrong with you, Dad!”

Then, when everyone saw Sharon rushing out, grabbing the old man’s hand, their expressions became too tense, “Mr. Lu, please go in and see my dad! He looks terrible!”

Everyone was stunned, what happened inside?

The old man also looked inside quickly.

From this look, he had an amazing experience, and was shocked by the scene before him.

I saw that Tigger was still unconscious, but the corner of his mouth was bleeding out!

The blood that came out turned out to be black!

The old man was just a surgeon. He panicked when he saw such a strange picture.

He looked at Sun Meilin helplessly.

Sun Meilin was also shocked by the scene in front of him, but at last he said in a deep voice, “Old Lu, you can see it again.”

Where would this old man look.

He was crying without tears.

His previous arrogant aura was wiped out. At the moment of his life, he has become conscientious, “Well, your father’s illness, what does the old man feel, this is a normal phenomenon, the old man still has something to do, so let’s leave first. .”

With that, the old man walked outside, and the prisoner’s dragon stick that had not left his body suddenly became unnecessary.

Stride like flying.

When Sharon saw this scene, he immediately seemed to understand something, and immediately shouted: “You stop me!”

Sun Meilin secretly shouted badly, and Sharon would find out.

Before Sharon was concerned and confused, so Sun Meilin was able to let the old man impost, and now the old man can’t solve this injury, even more timid on the spot.

Sharon is not a fool.

And Sharon had already rushed outside, and happened to see the old man about to grab the door.

But at this time, the old man seemed to be frozen, screamed, his body thumped, and he fell straight at the door.

In this scene, Sharon was stunned. What happened?

“Sun Meilin, who is this old man! What did you do!” Sharon saw Sun Meilin and grabbed Sun Meilin by the collar.

Sun Meilin was shocked and was about to quibble.

At this moment, I saw Wiliam sneer on the sidelines.

Suddenly he thought, and pointed to Wiliam and said, “I know! I know! This kid did all this! Didn’t he touch Brother Tiger just now? He must have moved his hands and feet at that time!”

Chapter 294 Siirius

Sharon can be regarded as half a person in the world.

When she heard Sun Meilin’s words, a cold light flashed in her eyes, and a dagger appeared silently in her hand.

The dagger hit Wiliam’s neck directly!

“Say! Who are you! Are you a spy from Sirius! Dare to do something to my dad! You are tired of life!” Sharon shouted with a cold face.

Wiliam’s dagger was in front, but his face remained unchanged.

He gently squeezed the dagger in one hand, and smiled: “Who am I? Then listen carefully. My name is Wiliam.”

My name is Wiliam.

These four words are like drinking!

Sharon’s entire face changed color!

“You, your name is Wiliam? Then he is…” Sharon couldn’t help looking at the old man who fell to the ground.

Sun Meilin’s face distorted instantly, how could this be!

How can there be such a coincidence in the world!

This kid is Wiliam!

He rushed over in one step, punching Wiliam in the face with one punch, “You dare to talk nonsense to me here, and see if I don’t teach you!”

However, Wiliam suddenly snatched Sharon’s dagger!

A flash of cold light!

Sun Meilin suddenly wailed like a pig!

I saw that dagger pierced Sun Meilin’s entire palm!

The blood, so immortal, shot Sharon in the face.

Sharon’s face turned pale, and when he rolled his eyes, he went into a coma!

“You! You!” Sun Meilin still wanted to verbally attack Wiliam.

But Wiliam looked at him with a hint of cruelty in his eyes.

Sun Meilin instantly felt stared at by the tiger beast, and wanted to retreat, but found that his legs had completely softened.

Wiliam snorted, and he turned around and headed into the lounge without reason.

Seeing that Tigger was still vomiting blood, he shook his head slightly, took out the silver needle, and helped him heal.

Tigger is poisoned.

It should have been poisoned on the blade that hurt Tigger before.

Fortunately, this was just ordinary poison, and Wiliam quickly detoxified it.

After half an hour, Sharon, who was outside, woke up quietly.

She opened her eyes in a daze, and found that the office was empty.

However, the blood stains all over the floor gave her the urge to coma again.

She resisted the discomfort, remembering her father in her heart, and staggered towards the lounge.

With this probe, her face suddenly changed.

I saw Wiliam sitting on Tigger ‘s bedside, closing his eyes and resting.

As if knowing that Sharon had woke up, Wiliam opened his eyes and said, “Your dad is already in a serious trouble. He should wake up soon.”

At this moment, Sharon was completely speechless to the person in front of him.

Before, I thought he was just a little brother of his father.

However, this person is ruthless!

All of a sudden, Sun Meilin’s hands were abolished!

Now, he also said that his father was in serious trouble.

Did he heal his father just now?

By the way, he also said that he is Wiliam.

While she was hesitating, Wiliam had already stood up and walked towards her.

At this moment, she no longer had the cold arrogance she had before, and when she saw Wiliam coming, she instinctively stepped back.

She came out with Wiliam, and finally couldn’t help it, and asked: “What happened just now? What happened to Sun Meilin?”

Wiliam said casually: “That old man is a fake, he should be just a general surgeon. It was Sun Meilin who called to impersonate me, so he should be courteous to you.”

Sharon stomped his feet with anger when he heard this, and gritted his teeth and said: “Good, you Sun Meilin! Even I dare to lie! If something really happened to my dad today, I must take his skin off!”

Wiliam didn’t even bother to discuss this kind of villain.

“By the way, what happened to my dad?” Sharon asked again.

“Your dad is poisoned, the old man can’t tell at all. I will write a prescription later, and you will follow the prescription to grab the medicine.” Wiliam said again.

Sharon nodded instinctively.

She looked at Wiliam quietly, a bitterness in her heart.

Where did this kid come from?

It always feels magical.

By the way, it should be the father who knew the magic of this kid, so he asked himself to call him for help before he became unconscious.

It’s a pity that I looked down on others and spoke coldly to him before.

Fortunately, his adult doesn’t remember the villain’s past, otherwise, if there is any accident to his father, it would be completely the evil result of his own hand.

Thinking of this, she resisted and said to Wiliam, “Thank you for saving my father.”

“I am good friends with your dad, so I will save him naturally. It has nothing to do with you,” Wiliam said.

This Sharon was arrogant, and Wiliam didn’t bother to talk to her.

These words made Sharon angry.

What kind of temper, this kid!

Isn’t it just a little capable!

There are too many genius doctors in the world, I’m really not rare!

In front of me, I was still showing up, I pulled down my face and apologized, you still do!

How old are you!

Sharon stared at Wiliam ferociously, and didn’t speak any more.

The two were silent for ten minutes, when they heard a cough from inside.

Wiliam got up and walked inside.

Sharon also put on sunglasses and walked in.

Tigger had opened his eyes slightly.

When he saw Wiliam, Wushen’s eyes burst into light.

But the voice was extremely weak, “Wiliam, you really saved my life.”

Wiliam smiled and said, “I owed you a favor before.”

Tigger nodded slightly.

Wiliam walked over, helped Tigger up and leaned on the head of the bed.

Tigger saw Sharon wearing sunglasses, his eyes softened suddenly, “Xiang Ye, you should know each other too, this is my good brother, Wiliam.”

Sharon snorted coldly, without speaking.

Not only dissatisfied with Wiliam.

Even more dissatisfied with my father.

Sharon fainted blood since childhood.

But Tigger has never dealt with blood!

After Sharon was sensible, she did not know how many times she persuaded her father Jinpen to wash his hands.

But Tigger listened to her once.

Sharon also planted a seed of hatred in her heart since she was a child.

She felt that her father didn’t care about her feelings, or even her daughter.

She glanced at Tigger coldly, and after making sure that he had nothing to do, she walked outside coldly.

Tigger smiled bitterly, and said to Wiliam: “I’m sorry, every family has a hard-to-read sutra. My daughter has this temper…”

Wiliam nodded, showing that he didn’t care.

He felt that although Sharon was indifferent in appearance, even acrid.

But when Tigger was really in danger of life, she still cared about it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be confused just now and be fooled by Sun Meilin.

Leaving her aside, Wiliam looked at Tigger , “Brother Hu, since you told me to take action, then you should have something to tell me.”

Tigger looked at Wiliam, and finally sighed and asked an inexplicable question, “Do you know Siirius?”

Chapter 295

Wiliam nodded and said, “I heard a little bit. Under Q City ( Qena City ), one tiger and one wolf divide the world.”

Tigger smiled bitterly, “Where do I start? When I was young, I had a violent personality and a brutal force, almost suppressing Siirius.”

“When I was about to kill Siirius, the child gave birth to Xiangye, but she died on the spot because of a dystocia.”

“That’s why I have always owed Xiangye. It was after she was born that my temper gradually reduced, and I made an agreement with Siirius to divide the city in two ways, so that the water in the well will not be offended by the river.

“Over the years, Siirius has not died of ambition and has been growing his strength. In the past two years, he has been faintly eager to move. But he has not been able to find a suitable reason for war.”

“A while ago, there was a man named Liu Fanke who came to my subordinate Xiao Kuang. You should remember Xiao Kuang.”

Wiliam nodded, motioning for him to continue.

Tigger sighed, “Xiao Kuang has just arrived in Q City ( Qena City ) after all. I don’t know the doorway inside. The rules are broken. It just robbed Sirius’ business and gave Sirius a reason to start a war.”

“So, for a while, I have been fighting Sirius, and my injury was also conspired by the villain Sirius.”

After Wiliam heard this, there was no other expression.

He is not very interested in such disputes.

He suddenly changed the subject and said, “I’m finished talking about Sirius, but there is another thing that interests me.”

“What’s the matter?” Tigger asked.

“Fragrant Lantern Village.” Wiliam spit out these three words.

Tigger ‘s face changed on the spot, “How did you know Lantern Village!”

Wiliam couldn’t comment.

He heard the name of this village from Sharon just now.

This name reminded him of another thing naturally.

Before the General Assembly of the Drug Association, the room was full of red lanterns.

That red lantern is interesting.

Seeing that Lu Yezhen had an explanation, Tigger shook his head bitterly, “I don’t know where you heard it, but since you already know it, I won’t keep it from you anymore. Are you free tomorrow?”

Wiliam nodded, “Yeah.”

“Tomorrow, I will take you to Lantern Village for a tour, before the village is destroyed.” Tigger said this, with unspeakable sadness in his eyes.

Wiliam made an appointment with him and left Tigger .

And when he returned, he knew the final result of the Bai family’s coaxing drama from Feliicity’s mouth.

Before Chen Shuyun went to the bureau, she had been looking for relationships all over the world, but it really made her find a relationship.

So their Bai family was only fined and educated, and none of them went to jail.

Wiliam had already guessed that there would be such a result, and he didn’t care about it.

Early the next morning, Tigger ‘s car stopped in front of Wiliam’s house.

After Wiliam got in the car, he found that Sharon was driving.

Sharon was obviously dissatisfied with Wiliam, and he didn’t even say hello.

She didn’t shy away from the existence of Wiliam, and said to Tigger with an unhappy expression: “Are you really going to take this kid to Lantern Village?”

Tigger said gently: “Well, this is the first time I have taken a guest back in these years after leaving the village.”

Wiliam was taken aback.

It turned out that Tigger came out of this village.

No words all the way, the car drove on the mountain road for five hours.

It was not until noon that I reached a small fork in the road.

The car couldn’t get in, so Tigger asked Sharon to lean the car on the side of the road, and the three of them walked in.

After a while, Wiliam smelled a faint fragrance.

This scent is exactly what Wiliam smelled on that cinnabar century lamp.

The village should not be far away.

Tigger was obviously timid, with sadness written all over his face.

Three minutes later, a small village appeared in front of Wiliam.

Tigger led the way, and Wiliam followed.

Walking into the village, Wiliam immediately discovered the weirdness of this village.

This village is very small, there are only about a hundred families, and all the houses they live in are thatched huts, and they are shabby.

Bright red lanterns are hung at the entrances of their houses, which are exactly the cinnabar century lanterns.

However, according to common sense, red lanterns are hung at the door, and the surname should be written on the lantern.

But there is no family with a surname.

What’s more weird is that there is a coffin under the lantern at the door of every house!

This makes people have goose bumps.

However, Tigger and Sharon were obviously used to it and turned a blind eye to this.

Tigger seemed to see through Wiliam’s mind and explained faintly: “This village is Lantern Village. The people who live in it are all craftsmen slaves who escaped from a place hundreds of years ago. They have been slaves for generations. Inferiority is carved into the bones, so they think that they are not qualified to have a surname. Even my surname, Liu, was taken after I left the village.”

Wiliam frowned. The world is so big, there is no wonder, what other craftsmen are there?

But is it really good to live so humblely?

“This coffin is what they prepared for themselves. They are a group of people who have nothing to do with the world.” Tigger sighed.

At this time, a gray-haired old man with white hair and a skinny body appeared in front of him.

Tigger hurriedly stepped forward, helped out the old man, and exclaimed gently: “The village chief, why did you come out yourself?”

The village chief was shaking his hands and feet so badly. At this age, he should be ninety one hundred.

The village head smiled kindly, but he said something that made Wiliam sluggish, “Brother comes back, and when the brother comes back, it’s natural to meet him personally.”

younger brother? brother?

What is this generation?

Tigger asked Xiang Ye to help the village chief, and then walked side by side with Wiliam.

Seeing Wiliam’s doubts on his face, Tigger explained in a low voice, “This is my brother who grew up playing with him. Don’t look at him like a seven-year-old man. In fact, he is only fifty years old.”

Fifty years old!

Wiliam’s whole body is not good.

Fifty years old looks like a hundred years old?

What is going on in this village!

Tigger said bitterly: “Don’t look at him at the age of fifty, but in this village at the age of fifty, it is a miracle of longevity. The people here, logically speaking, will not live beyond forty…”

Wiliam was shocked!

“Go in first, you’ll know later.” Tigger said.

When I entered the village, it was very peaceful.

Many people weave lanterns while basking in the sun.

It’s just that these people made Wiliam’s hair terrified.

All of them were skinny and sunken, as if they were born with malnutrition.

But when they saw the outsider Wiliam, they all smiled kindly.

“I know you still have a lot of questions in your heart, stay and join in tonight’s Eternal Life Festival, you will know everything.” Tigger suddenly said to Wiliam.

Chapter 296 Eternal Life Festival

“Eternal Life?” Wiliam was taken aback.

Tigger had too much explanation, but led Wiliam to the village head’s house.

The village chief’s house is still in the innermost part of the village.

However, Wiliam saw something weird.

It was a transparent jar with a red, almost viscous liquid in it.

The liquid wafted a strong fragrance of blood.

Tigger walked to the side of Wiliam and stared at the jar and said, “Every household has this jar. I know that you are skilled in medicine, and I don’t want to lie to you about what cinnabar water is. You guessed it wrong. This is human blood.”

“Every family uses this blood to make lanterns and then sell the lanterns to make a living. This is the fate of Lantern Village.” Tigger patted Wiliam on the shoulder and turned to chat with the village chief.

And Sharon had already ran out to play with the playmates he knew.

Until the dusk fell, Tigger called Wiliam outside.

Wiliam went out and saw a strange red light in front of him.

The lanterns at the entrances of every house are already lit, and the fragrance is overflowing, and being in it, it is like a fairyland, floating in the sky.

Wiliam followed Tigger to an empty square where a raging bonfire had already been lit.

About two to three hundred people were sitting around the campfire, chatting, dancing and dancing.

It was just these people that Wiliam looked terrified. They were all skinny and couldn’t find anyone who weighed more than a hundred catties.

At this time, a misty song suddenly rang in everyone’s ears from far and near.

“Ah mile… Ah mile…”

“Holding your hand in the breeze, kissing your face in the drizzle…”

“Here is the bridge and the flowing water filled with flowers and snow…”

“In the legend, you and I will never be separated, in the singing, you and I love to death…”

“The Jade Dragon, the Third Kingdom, flying in the wind and strolling in the sea of ​​clouds…”

“Oh… I love you until the jade dragon flies to the sky…”

“Oh… I love me, it stops flowing when I love Lishui…”

“Trust me, follow me, I will let the snow lotus on the mountain drive for you…”

“Let’s fly, let’s float, we are in the third country of Yulong…”

With the sound of this ethereal singing, the faces of the villagers in Lantern Village were suddenly filled with sadness and joy.

It’s like a pair of lovers knowing that they are about to live and die together.

They stood up one by one, gathered around the bonfire, and danced.

The singer slowly walked over.

It was actually Sharon.

A few young girls followed Sharon.

They sang songs and joined the dancing team.

At the scene, everyone spoke and sang this folk song that sounded very graceful but a little sad.

Wiliam thought about the lyrics of this folk song, but he was a little silly for a while.

Tigger ‘s eyes were red when he heard it, and he took a sip of wine and said to Wiliam: “This song is called “The Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon”. It is the hometown that these people can never go back to. Their only thought of their hometown. Think, it’s only in this song.”

“This is a martyrdom song. The third kingdom of the jade dragon sung in the song is the legendary holy land of martyrdom…”

When Tigger said this, he couldn’t say it anymore.

And Wiliam looked at these people who were singing and laughing but with sad faces, and somewhat understood the reason for their sorrow and joy.

The sad thing is the avenue of life and death.

I am happy to go to netherworld together and see eternity in a blink of an eye.

“I’ll take you to a place.” Tigger suddenly got up and said to Wiliam.

The two of them carried a cinnabar lamp, one foot deep and one shallow foot, to the bulging hill behind the village chief’s house.

When he arrived on the hill, Wiliam suddenly felt like stepping into the peach blossom field!

Is this hell?

I saw a big pond with a diameter of five meters on this mountain bag. Blood was gurgling in the pond!

The temperature of the blood water seemed to be very high, forming a wisp of blood gas, which kept lingering in the midair of this mountain bag.

The smell of blood here is even worse, making the blood churn in the body!

“You can see, this place is the holy land that the villagers have guarded for generations. We call it the Immortal Pond.” Tigger sat down on the edge of the pond and took out the wine he had prepared.

Wiliam stared at this blood pool blankly, and his heart was shocked.

“The villagers have been craftsmen for generations. Their ancestral training and the only craft is to make cinnabar lamps for centuries. Oh no, it should be called Xiangxue Centennial Lamps. And the layer of lacquer on the outside of the lantern is used in this pond. The scented blood is stained red, and will not change color for a hundred years.”

“This pond is natural, and there is geothermal heat underneath. People in this village, from one to eighteen years old, join the ranks of blood sacrifice, two a day, keeping the blood in the pond immortal, and then adding some secret spices and herbs. , Formed this immortal water.”

“People outside will only find it very fragrant and exciting when they smell it, but the people in the village have long been immune to this smell.”

“It’s this group of poor people. They are the people who accompany the blood all day long in the world, but they are also the bloodiest people in the world.” Tigger said this, his voice choked again.

Wiliam was deeply shocked by these last words.

Some of the doubts in his heart gradually resolved.

Why is there the smell of blood in the Fragrant Blood Centennial Lamp?

Why are the people here, all skinny and short-lived?

It’s all because of this pond and the thousand-year ancestral instruction.

In the long run, the blood sacrifice, the body has completely collapsed.

This damn immortal pond, damn immortal water!

Wiliam couldn’t help feeling pity and anger in his heart.

“Siirius already knows about this place, and he has written the battle book. Three days later, he will bring people to fight against Lantern Village. I promised.” Tigger said again.

Three days later? Wiliam’s heart shrank.

“Xiang Deng Village is my first pure land of bliss and my final destiny. I have no regrets.” In Tigger ‘s words, there was a sense of relief.

“Is it worth it?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Tigger ‘s eyes flashed, and suddenly he looked at Wiliam with ferocity.

But this was fierce, steamed by blood, and became sad again. He suddenly asked Wiliam, “Wiliam, you are a smart man. I have a question I always want to ask you. There are many ways to live in life, but after all, it is vulgar. People have many choices, but in the end they can only embrace the ordinary. There are great immortality and small immortality in the human world. The big immortality is praised by the world, while the small immortality is just to protect the lover, even if it is defeated. You are proud. Which one would you choose?”

Wiliam choked for a while, but he didn’t know how to answer Tigger ‘s question.

And Tigger smiled bitterly, and suddenly finished the last drink, stood up and turned his back to Wiliam, “This Eternal Life Festival is exactly three days. I will accompany these poor people to live forever.”

“I will let Xiangye send you down the mountain.”

Chapter 297

Wiliam was about to speak.

Tigger suddenly turned around, his eyes became unfamiliar, “Wiliam, this is my fate with this village, it’s none of your business. The people in the village are tired, and I am tired.”

From these words of Tigger , Wiliam heard a lot of fatigue and relief.

What a Tigger .

What a fragrant lantern village.

They wanted to use this catastrophe three days later, completely but the village’s sad fate.

To die, to live forever.

Wiliam sighed without speaking.

He carried Tigger ‘s lantern and walked slowly towards the hillside.

Behind it, Tigger murmured to himself, “What can I choose? Only small immortality.”

Sharon seemed to know that Wiliam would come, she had already guarded the hillside.

“Let’s go.” Sharon said to Wiliam coldly.

Wiliam didn’t answer, but just followed Sharon.

In front of him, there was a light of three feet illuminated by a small lantern.

Behind him is a sea of ​​bitter world illuminated by a bonfire and a century-old lamp.

The song of “The Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon” is still floating, sad and happy.

When the two came to the parking place, Sharon got into the car and started it soon.

Wiliam sat in, but Sharon didn’t drive.

She turned her back to Wiliam, not knowing what she was thinking.

It was not until three minutes later that Sharon turned off the car suddenly, and threw the key directly into Wiliam’s arms, “Go down the mountain yourself.”

Looking at Sharon’s unpredictable eyes, Wiliam seemed to understand something.

However, Sharon meant that there was no silver three hundred taels here, and said with a sneer: “Don’t think that I stayed for my dad, he is in my heart, nothing. I stayed, there are some things that I haven’t done yet. .”

“This village has nothing to do with you, and it’s not a small person like you that can get in. Get out.”

After Sharon finished speaking, he handed the small lantern to Wiliam, but he took the phone to illuminate Xiao Xiaoguang and returned to the village.

Wiliam sat in the driver’s seat, took a deep breath, and shook his head.

My heart was depressed.

At this moment, in a club in Q City ( Qena City ).

A thin middle-aged man with a numb face was holding a cigar in his mouth, listening and reporting to work.

This person is Siirius from Q City ( Qena City )!

After Siirius listened to the report, his eyes flickered, “Hoho, you mean, Tigger has gone to that village?”

The man nodded.

“And there is no one under him?” He asked again.

The subordinate nodded again.

“It seems that the village is indeed Tigger ‘s weakness! Hahaha! This shameless pen, people in the rivers and lakes actually left a weakness for themselves. However, in order to prevent that guy from plotting, we will bring more people when that time comes. Go up, yes, that thing, you guys also go to prepare.” Siirius said.

The pupils shrank, “Brother Sirius, you mean, that thing…”

“Well, it’s all about to die anyway, it’s up to me to decide how to die.” Siirius said with a grinning smile.

Q City ( Qena City ) has been silent for too long, in my hands, it’s hot.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

At this evening, in the square of Lantern Village.

The bonfire that had been burning for three consecutive days was still burning.

But the fire was much smaller, and there was a feeling of exhaustion.

The villagers surrounded the bonfire one by one and continued to sing and dance, without any panic of going to death.

They all went through the most elaborate dressing and dressing tonight.

The men put on clothes that were just sewn, and the women put on crude hair accessories.

Tigger drank the wine, his whole body was slightly drunk.

At this time, suddenly the ground trembled.

Tigger opened his eyes, and twenty or thirty people walked towards Tigger .

Seeing the visitor clearly, Tigger ‘s face suddenly showed anger.

Here comes his subordinates, Brother Gou and Brother Mad!

Brother Gou is okay, but Brother Kuang is directly naked, back, and carrying thorns!

Tigger shouted: “Did I let you over!”

Brother Gou’s face froze.

However, Brother Kuang knelt in front of Tigger , his voice choked, “Brother Tiger! Today, all of this is caused by me! I read little, only remember one idiom, bear Jing, please, today, I didn’t come to fight Siirius, I just came here to redeem my conscience!”

The people behind him all knelt in front of Tigger .

“Brother Tiger, you treat us like a mountain, we cannot live with you, we will die with you today!”

“We have already explained the family affairs.”

“If it’s Tiger Brother, you doubt that you want to drive us away, I’m sorry. Today we–“

“Draw a line with you! In this way, you can’t control us!”

These people are Tigger ‘s most loyal subordinates!

Rao was begging for death in Tigger ‘s heart. Seeing them kneeling on the ground, his eyes were red.

His steps moved, and finally he helped them one by one.

He ordered the number, there were twenty-five people in total.

These twenty-five people, what use can they come here?

It just gave Siirius’s butcher knife a little blood.

However, Tigger could no longer say to drive them away.

He and those people sat back in front of the campfire again.

The bonfire is about to go out.

“Brother Hu, when we receive the call, Siirius’s people will come over immediately. And they destroyed the stone bridge that entered the village, and no one can come in again.” Brother Gou said to Tigger .

Tigger nodded, patted his shoulder, and said, “I was ready to die today, you guys, let me owe you guys, give me a drink!”

With that, he took up the wine in his hand!

Those people, all drink together, higher than their foreheads!

“May the next life be a brother!” Tigger shouted!

“May the next life be brothers!” the people shouted together.

After drinking the wine, the jar fell to the ground!

“Ping Pong Pong”, like a war song!

After Brother Gou and Brother Kuang finished drinking, they led the people and walked toward that path!

That is the only way into the village.

There is the first pass to be held tonight!

It is also their grave in this life!

But Tigger didn’t stop him, he looked at the villagers in front of him.

They are still singing and dancing, and they seem to be totally indifferent to the arrival of these people.

The peace of liberation hung on everyone’s face.

Only Sharon beside her was indifferent, but her eyes were red.

Tigger looked at her, feeling guilty.

She shouldn’t be here tonight.

Here is the blood she fears most in this life.

Thinking of this, Tigger gave a wry smile and took out a black cloth from his pocket.

Sharon was about to speak, but Tigger stopped him.

“Don’t move, listen carefully to Dad’s last words.” Tigger said gently, and then gently covered Sharon’s eyes with the black cloth in his hand.

“Sorry, my father has countless enemies. It’s not that I don’t want to put down the butcher knife. Dad doesn’t put the butcher knife. It is Dad who bleeds. But if he puts down the butcher knife, he bleeds…”

“It might be you.”

“I am sorry……”

Chapter 298 Jade Dragon Third Country

Sharon under the black cloth burst into tears.

Tears wet the black cloth.

But it made Sharon feel that at this moment in this life, by his father’s side, he was particularly at ease.

She doesn’t understand reason.

When she decided to stay with her father, the disparity between father and daughter had long been taken lightly by her.

What else is warmer than Dad’s last sentence.

She wanted to say something, but heard Tigger ‘s footsteps.

he left.

Not far away, there have been waves of soldiers meeting each other.

There was a lot of laughter, there was a roar.

The enemy has come.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Sharon suddenly unconsciously sang the song “The Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon”, which was passed down from generation to generation.

“Ah mile… Ah mile…”

“Holding your hand in the breeze, kissing your face in the drizzle…”

“Here is the bridge and the flowing water filled with flowers and snow…”

“In the legend, you and I will never be separated, in the singing, you and I love to death…”

“The Jade Dragon, the Third Kingdom, flying in the wind and strolling in the sea of ​​clouds…”

“Oh… I love you until the jade dragon flies to the sky…”

“Oh… I love me, it stops flowing when I love Lishui…”

“Trust me, follow me, I will let the snow lotus on the mountain drive for you…”

“Let’s fly, let’s float, we are in the third country of Yulong…”

The more you sing, the more tears flow.

It seems that she and her father are just a pair of butterflies going to death.

As long as I can hold my father’s hand in the troubled times, what is there to be afraid of…

The people around listened to Sharon’s song, and sang along one by one.

Outside, there was the sound of fighting, and it was bloody.

Here is the sound of singing and dancing.

It seems that two worlds do not interfere with each other.

This time, “The Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon” is like two butterflies experiencing the moment of death.

Endless sorrow, endless sadness.

There is a yearning for eternal life, and a nostalgia for this life.

After the singing was finished, there were still a few flames dying from the campfire.

Someone slowly left the campfire and walked towards the house.

They didn’t even enter the house.

But he pushed open the simple lid of the coffin at the door of the house, without saying a word, he glanced at the world for the last time, and lay quietly in the coffin.

Serenely waiting for death and relief.

Every time the folk song is sung, someone quietly leaves and lies quietly in the coffin.

Although Sharon was blindfolded, he seemed to know what had happened.

Tears flowed down again, and she suddenly discovered whether this would be too cruel to these people.

At this time, a calloused hand was placed on her head.

A pitiful voice rang, “Xiangye, don’t blame your father. All of us don’t blame him, but thank him very much.”

“We are all tired. Even the village head of me is fed up with such shackles.”

After the village chief said this sentence, he faltered and left.

“Let’s fly, let’s float, we are in the third country of Yulong…”

The singing has stayed on this sentence, repeated, repeated.

Until gradually disappeared.

The surroundings are terribly quiet.

Only the roar and fighting sound not far away can be heard.

Dou Da’s tears slid down Sharon’s cheeks.

And on that trail.

Tigger watched his brothers fall in front of him one by one, his eyes cracked!

They died without saying a word.

They even smiled, thanking Tigger for his kindness.

Is such a death really worth it!

Tigger only felt the blood and energy in his heart, but he couldn’t use his power.

On his body, the wound broke and blood came out again.

Siirius stood not far away, laughing arrogantly.

I didn’t expect this trip to be so smooth.

This Tigger is a paper tiger who pulled his teeth at all!

Finally, in front of Tigger , only one subordinate was left.

Crazy brother.

This person who came with the heart of redemption, but at this moment, burst out with immense bravery.

He held a machete, as if completely mad, slashing left and right.

However, Siirius brought hundreds of people with him, and after just a while, there were still sixty or seventy people left.

Tigger watched the crazy brother humiliate him in a single blow!

In the end, Siirius took the sword and slashed it.

Blood shot!

Brother Kuang suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed.

He turned around and walked slowly towards Tigger .

He suddenly knelt heavily in front of Tigger .

“Brother Tiger, in this case, I am not guilty…” Brother Kuang grinned and said this sentence.

As if waiting for a pardon from Tigger .

Tigger , a seven-foot man, also shed blood and tears!

He nodded heavily.

Brother Kuang squeezed the last smile, and fell on this ground forever with a click of his body!

Around him, Siirius’s subordinates laughed wildly.

Tigger kept moving back.

A heart that originally wanted to die, at this moment, suddenly there was a slight looseness.


However, this thought of revenge disappeared in an instant.

How to get revenge?

There are fifty or sixty enemies.

And myself, alone.

The people in the village, humbled to their bones, even with a knife on their necks, they dare not resist.

Outside the village, the stone bridge has collapsed.

There are no people who will come to support me.

Is this my fate?

Tigger gave a wry smile.

At the beginning, shouldn’t you be ready to die?

That’s all right.

He kept backing, only to find that there was no way to go back.

Behind him is the bonfire.

There was only one person behind him.


Covered with black cloth, Sharon sang “The Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon” over and over again, as if to vent his anger.

It also seems to be doing the last time for the villagers who have already been lying in the coffin and waiting to die.

Tigger sighed and sat next to Sharon, holding Sharon tightly into his arms.

With this hug, the singing stopped.

Yes, only a soft sob sound.

“Hahaha! Are all the people in this village dead? How come there is no one alone!” Siirius stood in the forefront, laughing arrogantly.

Tigger did not speak, but slowly closed his eyes.

Lantern Village is cut off today.

Break away, a big dream in a century.

“The Tiger of Q City ( Qena City ) turned into a dog who didn’t know how to resist. It’s really not energetic. Forget it, I don’t want to play with you anymore. Let’s do it.” Siirius shook his head, but turned to Go back.

The overall situation is set.

A knife has already gone towards Tigger .

Sharon’s heart, at the moment of life and death, actually slowly calmed down.

She opened her mouth, wanting to sing the song of martyrdom again.

But I found that my throat was completely stuck, and I couldn’t make a sound.

And at this moment, it was like a hallucination.

Not far away, the small road full of corpses suddenly ignited a little jumping red light.

A misty and melancholy song came.

“Holding your hand in the breeze, kissing your face in the drizzle…”

Chapter 299: Immortal

Siirius and others turned their heads together in an instant, looking at the road to death!

On that road, a red dot was flickering faintly.

There was a corpse there, and the beating red dots looked very strange.

And I don’t know when it will start, it is starting to fog up here.

In a cloud of confusion, it seems that something is coming.

Everyone got goose bumps all over.

Is this a ghost?

“Here is the bridge and the flowing water filled with flowers and snow…”

“In the legend, you and I will never be separated, in the singing, you and I love to death…”

“The Jade Dragon, the Third Kingdom, flying in the wind and strolling in the sea of ​​clouds…”

The singing was still singing, and it seemed very desolate.

Siirius couldn’t help it anymore, and shouted loudly: “Who! Who is there to pretend to be a god! Come out for me!”

There is no answer over there.

However, the red light can see more clearly.

In the mist, a figure also faintly appeared.

The figure broke through the fog and walked out slowly.

I saw a man, holding a red lantern in his hand, slowly walking on this lifeless land.

The singing came from his mouth.

Before the villagers sang this song, there was always a bitterness and loneliness.

But the song in his mouth seemed particularly tragic and desolate.

Like a samurai at sunset, going to death alone.

But Tigger was stupid when he saw the person who came.

It’s Wiliam!

This lone lantern bearer turned out to be Wiliam who should have left here three days ago!

Hasn’t the stone bridge been destroyed?

How did he appear here!

Sharon couldn’t help pulling down the black cloth. After seeing that it was Wiliam, his head was in a trance.

Did he come here to die?

Obviously he is just a humble little person, but he still wants to show off some power here!

“Who are you!” Siirius shouted at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s footsteps stopped, he did not answer Siirius’s words.

But his eyes were on Tigger ‘s body.

“Brother Tiger, do you remember the question you asked me three days ago?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Tigger was startled.

I heard Wiliam continue to say: “You ask me, in life, should I choose the great immortality or the small immortality. At that time, I was asked by you.”

“I was outside, spent three days, finally figured out the answer, so I will come over and tell you.”

Tigger was going to be pissed off by Wiliam!

What answers are you thinking about at this time!

Moreover, thinking of it, I stupidly came over and told me why!

See you, are you all from Siirius at the scene!

However, Wiliam seemed to mumble to himself: “Since my grandfather passed away, I feel lost in the direction of life.”

“Your question, wake me up.”

“If I, Wiliam, have the world in mind.”

“Then you Tigger is my world’s son, this Lantern Village is my world’s next village, does it have nothing to do with me?”

“I want future generations, and bravery will have me!”

“I want future generations, saying that I must be a male!”

“I choose–“

“Great immortality!”

After Wiliam finished speaking, the scene was deadly silent.

Tigger ‘s eyes suddenly turned red.

He didn’t know why Wiliam made such a choice.

However, this choice does not mean that Wiliam wants to coexist and die with himself and Lantern Village today!

This fool!

Thanks to his unparalleled wisdom!

Thanks to his resourcefulness!

It’s a complete fool!

Siirius felt completely confused when he heard these words.

He stared at the man who dared to come by himself, and touched the beard of his chin.

There was a fierce look in his eyes.

“It turns out that I wanted to be a hero, okay, I will make you perfect! Give it to me and chop him into meat sauce!” Siirius has always been a cruel master.

Siirius’s men, Qi Qi rushed towards Wiliam.

And Wiliam put the lantern on the ground casually, his hands, he didn’t know when, he had already tied a thick bandage.

And on the bandage, a touch of cold light can be seen under the moonlight!

I saw that the bandage was filled with Needles of Red Flower.

This is Wiliam’s weapon!

Seeing Wiliam alone, rushing towards the other dozens of people, without fear, even Sharon, who had been watching him upset, his heart convulsed fiercely at this time.

“Dad, who is he?” Sharon couldn’t help asking.

Tigger ‘s eyes were fixed on Wiliam who was fighting alone, his voice choked.

“If he does not die tonight, he is my master!”

Sharon stared at Tigger in disbelief, “Dad, you mean, he is alone and can treat these people…”

Tigger said with a wry smile: “I don’t know, just let us see how many miracles he can create.”

Wiliam was already at war with those people.

There is no knife, the heart is more cruel than the knife!

There is no sword, and the eyes are as sharp as swords!

He slammed a punch, and his fist slashed across a person’s neck!

The long live safflower wrapped tightly in his fist cut that person’s throat directly.

The man didn’t even have time to yell and fell straight.

However, one person fell, and there were successors.

These people, in this blood-filled land, have long been exaggerated with excitement, life and death are no longer in their minds.

After Wiliam contacted and killed ten people, he couldn’t help but gasped.

He looked at these people bitterly.

It’s too much.

If there are more than twenty people, Wiliam still has the confidence to fight.

However, six to seventy people long ago exceeded the limit that Wiliam could bear.

Although he has been studying “Impermanence Medical Classics”, the second chapter is just to stimulate the body’s potential.

His body is just better than ordinary people. How to defeat Sirius with one enemy and one hundred.

Tigger clearly saw that Lu Yeli was incapable, and his brows were deeply locked.

“Dad…” Sharon grabbed Tigger ‘s hand anxiously.

Tigger looked at Wiliam and said softly, “What a Wiliam, he chose Great Immortality. Since it is his choice, let’s just look at it. Anyway, this life has already been sacrificed.”

Wiliam seemed to feel Tigger ‘s heart. He raised his head, his eyes sharpened suddenly.


But the heart is even more unwilling!

He slammed a punch and smashed the few people in front of him fiercely. The madness in his heart always had the kind of aggrievedness that would not come out!

Too frustrated!

Then, even more crazy!

More crazy!

Wiliam suddenly drew more than a dozen Needles of Red Flower from his body, and his eyes gradually became blood red!

“This disgusting village, don’t you know how precious life is!”

“My grandfather wanted to be born but couldn’t. You two or three hundred lives, and you all committed suicide! You are trampling on the dignity of life, trampling on my beliefs!”

“You just lie in the coffin and watch carefully! If I firmly believe that fate should not be broken!”

“Who is it!”

Wiliam yelled up to the sky, and the dozen silver needles in his hand plunged into his body like crazy!

Chapter 300

Siirius’s men looked stupid!

What the hell is this lunatic in front of!

Are you self-harming?


And Tigger ‘s heart trembled fiercely after listening to Wiliam’s words!

His eyes were red again!

Wiliam’s call was meant for the whole village!

And these words are exactly what Tigger wanted to say but didn’t dare to say!

People in Lantern Village, have you heard that!

The lunatic in front of him intends to use his own life to prove one thing to you cowardly people.

If people don’t give in, who would dare to let me go to netherworld!

Tigger also suddenly thought that this is Wiliam’s courage and Wiliam’s wisdom.

Siirius’s people were all present.

Relying on Wiliam, there is no way to win.

The only way is to awaken the blood of these villagers and fight the enemy together.

It’s just a pity, Wiliam, you still underestimated the humbleness and cowardice of these people.

After the coffins on the scene moved slightly, they fell silent.

Tigger couldn’t help sighing.

The shackles of the millennium are deeply rooted.

Wiliam, you miscalculated.

After being stimulated by the silver needle, Wiliam straightened up again and rushed out toward Siirius’s person.

This time, blood for blood, strength for strength!

The blood shot at Wiliam and the enemy at the same time.

The scene has long been unable to tell who has more blood and who has less blood.

This kind of desperate play made all those people back up a few steps.

They looked at the desperate guy in front of them in amazement, almost vomiting blood in their hearts.

Obviously, he suffered more than a dozen knives from them, although he had escaped the key at the last moment.

However, his body was already scarred and bloody.

In this way, he actually stood up straight, as if he didn’t know the pain at all!

He is like an iron-blooded warrior, more like an unparalleled God of War!

Although powerless.

But in terms of momentum, he alone severely suppressed dozens of people on the scene!

Such bravery caused Siirius not far away to be dumbfounded.

When will Q City ( Qena City ) have such a tiger and wolf man who is not afraid of life and death!

Where did he come out!

What does this village have to do with him!

What does Tigger have to do with him!

Can you use your own life to go shopping!

The battle continues.

I don’t know when, Wiliam was already standing in front of Tigger .

He even stood trembling, but he seemed to use his own body to block the thousands of troops in front of him.

There was no one who could break through Wiliam and come to Tigger and the others.

The whole village was actually kept by Wiliam alone!

The coldness in Siirius’s eyes was even worse.

What a shame!

Bringing so many people over, it was even suppressed by one person.

If this is spread out, in the future, the name of Sirius will be laughable and generous in the arena!

He roared fiercely: “Are you not eating! Beat me to death! Whoever beats him, I will reward a villa!”

The group of people who were originally afraid, heard such a reward, and their eyes turned red.

They roared together and slashed towards Wiliam again desperately.

Wiliam was accidentally chopped up, his blood shot out.

Tigger was about to protect Sharon, who was close at hand, but it was too late.

Wiliam’s hot blood spilled on Sharon’s face!

Sharon was completely stunned for an instant.

Wiliam’s desperate protection is right in front of her

She could even see clearly that Wiliam’s body was oozing blood.

His shirt was already in tatters, showing all the scars!

And the hot blood on her face, like a thunder, hit her head fiercely.

Her heart seemed to be broken.

Tigger was about to wipe off the blood for Sharon.

Because he knew that Sharon had been fainted with blood since she was young, and now that the blood was on her face, she was not scared into a coma.

However, his hand was suddenly caught.

Tigger was taken aback.

But it was Sharon who grabbed his hand.

Sharon’s whole body was trembling violently, as if there was a sea of ​​dead blood flowing on his face! It’s a monster!

The blood ran down her cheeks slowly.

Until it flows into her mouth.

A strong smell of blood made her suddenly hold her head and burst into tears.

looked at the man in front of her who was fighting for the village alone, and suddenly a burst of inexplicable gratitude burst into her heart.


Why is it that this village has to be protected by an outsider at all costs!


Why do we wait for death one by one, waiting for the sanction of death!

It shouldn’t be like this, it definitely shouldn’t be like this!

We can still live!

We obviously have hundreds of people!

Tigger was about to hug , but saw her get up from the ground and ran towards the village like crazy!

“Don’t kill! Don’t kill!”

“Everyone, okay! Get up and help that lunatic, okay!”

“I don’t want to die, and I don’t want you to die.”

“I want to sing with you again! I want to dance with you all the time!”

“Although I am afraid of blood, I like the Fragrant Blood Centennial Lamp!”

“Everyone get up!”

“Can we help the lunatic together? I beg you.”

Sharon shouted and ran towards the nearest coffin.

She put her hands on the heavy coffin lid and pushed it hard.

These coffins were made crudely by the villagers themselves. On the coffins, there were spikes left by the axe.

The spike cut directly through Sharon’s palm.

Sharon actually didn’t know, and with a hard push, he pushed the coffin lid to the ground.

The person inside looked at Sharon.

There were deep tears in each other’s eyes.

“Get up, get up, get up! This is our home!” Sharon shouted at the man, and continued to run to the next house.

Wiliam was still struggling to support, his legs were already shaking.

The long live safflower in his hand, because of excessive force, plunged into his palm instead.

His face was covered with blood, and his eyes were a little bit blind.

The sane, because of the excessive bleeding, gradually became unclear.

He is like a machine, fighting instinctively.

Sharon was pushing every coffin and awakening every villager who didn’t want to wake up.

Her hand had long been pierced to blood by the spikes.

In the end, with strong hands, use feet.

The feet trembled and pressed their heads.

Until the blood and tears dries, until the whole body is blood.

Until the lid of the coffin of the last village chief was pushed.

Her consciousness was blurred, and she fell on the village chief.

Before she fell into a coma, she murmured and cried, “I still want to sing “The Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon”…”

The village head’s heart, as if being hit by a stone, was so sad that it was hard to breathe.

At this moment, all the lids of the coffin were opened.

In the coffin, the first person slowly stood up.

One, two, three, three…

Until more than two hundred people stood together!


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