Dragon Husband Chapter 31 – 40

Chapter 31 The World of the Tyrant

“What! Mom, you are going to sell my house! This is no good! Where will we live after this is sold!” Rebeca shouted directly.

But the Bai family was stunned.

This trick is so cruel!

And Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity coldly, and said, “Your house is also the property of the Bai family. Now the Bai family is in trouble. It is difficult to requisition your house. Why? Is there any problem?”

“This house is my dad…” Feliicity’s eyes suddenly turned red.

The house was bought by his father back then.

Although this is just a house, it contains so many good things and memories.

Memories of myself and my father.

Memories of myself and Wiliam.

Once sold, this home is really unsuccessful!

“Mom, why sell our house, why not…” Rebeca’s face flushed.

“Because your contribution is the smallest! Because your sins are the deepest! What I said is not clear enough? Isn’t my old lady already in charge of this little thing?” Chen Shuyun said with a cold face.

Rebeca suddenly felt ashamed.

The Bai family really didn’t dare not listen to what Chen Shuyun said.

Sell ​​a house…

I, Rebeca, can get to the point where it is today, and it’s all this bitch!

Thinking of this, Rebeca stared at Wiliam viciously, as if he was about to eat him raw.

But Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity’s red eyes and was so wronged, she couldn’t help but feel relieved.

I can’t drive you away, but I can deprive you of all the blessings you have received from the Bai family, bit by bit!

Born in the Bai family, I was the one who kept his promise!

Opposing me is tantamount to hitting a rock with a pebble!

Feliicity looked at Wiliam helplessly, but saw that Wiliam’s eyes were calm, she couldn’t help feeling depressed.

“Wiliam, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you followed me and suffered.” Feliicity said to Wiliam sadly.

And Wiliam shook his head and said, “Don’t say such silly things, isn’t it just a house? In the future, we will eventually have our own home.”

Chen Shuyun on the side saw that the two of them were still in the mood to flirt with each other, and his anger burned again, “Contact the real estate agency immediately and hang up this house!”

“I want to raise cash within today.”

“What! Within today! Mom! If this is to raise money within today, then the price of this house, I don’t know how low it will be…” Rebeca was unwilling.

And Chen Shuyun sneered.

How low is the pressure? Ho ho, so what?

What I want to see now is not a million!

What I want to see is this stinky boy and this little bitch’s family in ruins and displacement!

“Zhensheng, give you a chance to commit a crime and do meritorious service, you should do it right away.” Chen Shuyun said to Bai Zhensheng.

Seeing that his grandma still trusts herself, Bai Zhensheng’s eyebrows are instantly pleased.

He glanced at Wiliam provocatively, then turned around and went out to call.

A house that was originally worth two million was hung up by Bai Zhensheng at a price of 1.5 million.

Above and below Bai’s house, a group of people just sat there, staring at them.

Seeing that the Bai family was so unrelenting, Feliicity couldn’t help but said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, I really don’t know. Is it right or wrong for me to return to the Bai family just now…”

And Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head, and said indulgingly: “Nothing, you still have me. I won’t let the wandering streets.”

Rebeca on the side said bitterly, “Ho ho, you will brag here! We will be reduced to the point where we are today, and you are the one who killed you! You are a bastard!”

Feliicity immediately said, “Mom, it’s all about this time, and you still blame Wiliam for what you are doing! If you don’t want to think about it, the whole matter had nothing to do with our Bai family before, and we took the initiative to join in. What’s the matter with Guan Luye!”

“Ho ho, what you mean is to blame my old lady for not listening to you? Do you want me to be the head of the house?” Chen Shuyun sneered.

Feliicity’s face was depressed, and she whispered not to dare.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng’s phone rang suddenly, and everyone’s eyes were cast on him.

He answered the phone, his face was flooded when he heard the content on the phone!

The Bai family was overjoyed, is there a show?

Sure enough, Bai Zhensheng hung up and said excitedly: “Grandma! It’s done! It’s done! A buyer really said on the spot that he was willing to pay the full amount of 1.5 million yuan immediately!”

This message made Chen Shuyun feel a rare excitement!

Buying and selling a house is a major event in life.

They were all prepared to be unable to raise money today, but now, there is another village in the dark!

And there is actually no bargaining price, directly 1.5 million!

The world of local tyrants really doesn’t understand.

Chen Shuyun couldn’t help but said: “Jing Sheng, this thing is done beautifully! You have proved yourself, great! Forget it, how much money do we have now?”

Bai Zhensheng was affirmed and even more proud.

After Feliicity heard this message, her heart fell cold.

The house I lived in for more than 20 years was just sold…

Her hand was suddenly caught by Wiliam.

A strange warmth bred from the bottom of her heart.

Where did you feel this kind of warmth…

“It’s nothing, trust me.” Wiliam whispered.

On the side, Bai Zhensheng said excitedly: “Before there were nine million, now there are 1.5 million more, which is 10.5 million, which is enough.”

Chen Shuyun relieved her anger when she heard her, “Ho ho! It’s true that my Bai family can’t come up with this ten million yuan! The extra 500,000 I am in charge, as Zhensheng’s reward for selling the house today!”

After Bai Zhensheng heard it, he almost laughed outright. This is simply a windfall! That’s great! I don’t even think of being a blessing!

Thank you Wiliam!

I must be very depressed, right? Hahaha!

Rebeca on the side almost fainted, “Mom! The money belongs to us! Are you too biased like this! Where will we live in the future!”

However, Chen Shuyun looked at Rebeca coldly, glanced at Wiliam intentionally or unintentionally, and said: “Your matter, I will talk about it later, it depends on your performance. Your performance is good, and my Bai family will never treat every loyal minister badly. As for people who are born rebellious, huh!”

It is self-evident who the last sentence refers to.

Rebeca looked at Wiliam’s eyes, even more sinister.

While Chen Shuyun asked Bai Zhensheng to immediately take the real estate certificate to the real estate agency, on the other hand, he personally contacted Fernando, and a group of people smashed to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

They want to ask to see the new museum advocate Lingquan.

However, it was still Melissa.

Melissa looked at the group of clowns jokingly, and said, “I probably know your intentions. Our museum owner entrusts me with full responsibility.”

“Then, can you tell us about it…” Chen Shuyun whispered.

“It’s easy to say, businessmen are chasing profits. As long as the money is in place, there are no problems that can’t be solved, right?” Melissa smiled coquettishly.

Everyone was taken aback.

Sure enough, it’s money…

“You make a price, as long as this matter is over, we will recognize it!” Fernando just wants to quickly end this disgusting matter.

Melissa smiled and said, “Okay, Lin Family, ten million.”

The price was within Fernando’s expectations, and he didn’t even bother to make a counter-offer.

And Chen Shuyun immediately smiled and said: “Ten million, I understand, I understand! Rebeca, don’t go to the transfer!”

But at this time, Melissa’s mouth twitched evilly.

“The Bai family, 10.5 million.”

Chapter 32 The Emperor’s Flower

Chen Shuyun felt that she was experiencing auditory hallucinations and couldn’t help but ask suspiciously: “How many? How many are we in the Bai family?”

“One and a half million,” Melissa said playfully.

“Why! This whole thing is obvious!” Chen Shuyun was angry on the spot, but when he was halfway through the conversation, he just shrank back.

In the whole matter, Fernando was clearly the culprit.

But in the end, why did the Bai family bear more compensation than Fernando!

She didn’t dare to say this in front of Fernando, after all, after this battle, the Bai family’s vitality was greatly injured, and she would have to rely on the Lin family to rejuvenate in the future.

And Melissa smiled and said, “Why? I give you two reasons. First, the Lin family is better than you, and we don’t want to offend you. Second, I think your Bai family is unhappy.”

These two reasons made Chen Shuyun spit out aggrieved!

And Fernando felt a little more comfortable in his heart, as this little bitch could talk.

If you want to move our Lin family, you have to weigh your own qualifications.

“Call Zhensheng and ask him to turn over another half a million!” Chen Shuyun finally swallowed the dumb loss.

Bai Zhensheng on one side got half a million dollars, and immediately called out his friends to go out with his friends.

There was no answer to the phone, and Chen Shuyun’s head was about to explode with anger.

Fortunately, Melissa agreed that as long as the money is paid within today, the past will be wiped out.

A group of people from the Bai family were full of spirits when they came, but when they left, they looked like dogs in the mourning family.

On the way, Rebeca’s anger was about to explode.

Fernando on the side was faintly proud to see her like this.

Wrong, he deliberately wanted to push the Bai family into desperation.

In this way, it appears that their assistance is so easy to help.

Bai Jiacai was grateful to him and vowed to follow him to the death.

This time, he was so humiliated because of Feliicity.

The woman he couldn’t get, he couldn’t get out with this tone in his heart!

Feliicity, you wait!

In this battle, Fernando is still dead.

And your Bai family is dying.

Just wait and pay for the vanity and pride of the entire Bai family!

Fernando thought of this, and said to Rebeca: “Auntie, don’t be too angry. I didn’t promise you that I will help you rejuvenate in the future. Also, I will try my best to help you with your house search. I can’t bear you and the Feliicity on the street.”

Rebeca had lost his house, and his internal anxiety was at its extreme. Now, listening to Fernando’s words, he immediately asked as if grabbing a life-saving straw, “Fernando, will you really help us?”

“Of course, it seems that the largest real estate in the city is about to open in two days. I will help you inquire about it at that time,” Fernando said.

Rebeca was taken aback.

In two days?

Yes, the most luxurious real estate in the city’s history-Ya Song Ju is about to open.

According to their publicity, the real estate opened this time has villas, suites, well-decorated, and checked in with bags…

Rebeca’s heart couldn’t help but tremble.

If Fernando can buy a set for her…

by! After all, I still want my daughter to come forward!

That damn bastard is simply a stumbling block on the way for her daughter!

I said I must get rid of him!

A group of people went back and kept calling Bai Zhensheng.

The phone didn’t get through until the evening.

He was already very drunk, and when he received a call from Chen Shuyun, he was still very proud, “Grandma, what are you calling me for? Is there anything important to tell me? Don’t worry, I’ll be the voice of Bai Zhensheng… “

Chen Shuyun heard the vague voice on the phone, and his anger ignited on the spot, “You can get me back right away! Don’t enter the door of Bai’s house if you don’t get back!”

Bai Zhensheng suddenly became sober, “Grandma, did something happen?”

“Bring me your half a million! You can’t miss a point!” Chen Shuyun said.

Bai Zhensheng’s hand trembled, and the phone fell directly to the ground.

Half a million…

It seemed that I was in a bar just now. The entire consumption tonight was paid for by Mr. Bai, and it cost him 100,000…

“Grandma! What’s the matter!” Bai Zhensheng was almost crying.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Ten minutes! Get me the money back!” Chen Shuyun didn’t bother to explain to Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng was struck by lightning.

In ten minutes, I have to put up all my pocket money…


His heart was as uncomfortable as if he had been severely stabbed by a knife.

The wine I drank tonight, like poison, was disgusting.

The next day, this matter finally came to an end.

And Rebeca, at home, began to target Wiliam everywhere.

Although I was told by the buyer that I could move out in two weeks, the house is no longer hers.

This makes her extremely frustrated.

In the end, she suffered the most from co-authoring.

She started to pay attention to the news of the new real estate. From time to time, beside Feliicity and Wiliam, she said strangely, “Hoho, Yasongju is about to open tomorrow. Isn’t someone very capable? Now your wife is fast. Going to the street to be a beggar, can you show up like a man?”

“Tsk tsk, three years ago, there was not even a dowry gift, and now I still have the face to lie here, I really don’t know how people can be so shameless.”

“Eating soft rice for the first half of your life and eating a hundred food for the second half of your life is really in line with someone’s temperament.”

Feliicity was annoyed by the words, and couldn’t help but replied: “Mom! Can you not stop talking about him! The whole thing is your demon. Not only do you not know what is wrong, but you are also raking in your head. What are you? !”

Rebeca looked at her daughter’s eloquence and devoted herself to protecting Wiliam, the more angry she was.

Since you have no repentance, don’t blame me for being ruthless!

After a day, Yasong House finally opened.

At the opening, the whole city was a sensation!

Because this time the opening has the biggest gimmick!

The emperor flower!

A luxurious villa named Empress Flower, although small in size, is a symbol of identity and status.

It was bought on the spot by a mysterious buyer at a price of 20 million!

This transaction price rearranges the highest transaction record of a single villa in a wireless city!

You know, Q City ( Qena City ) is not a big place and housing prices are not high.

The price of previous villas has always been around 10 million.

Now, directly doubled.

The emperor flower is actually a gimmick made by a merchant, and the price is extremely low.

Now there are some local tyrants who buy it at a price, and it is even more of a story in the city.

In the evening, a sensational message came out.

The buyer of the emperor flower let out a loud voice.

“This imperial flower villa will become one of my dowry gifts.”

“Our new home has always been in sight.”

Chapter 33

This message directly inspires the whole city!

You know, those local tyrants get married and dowry and dowry gifts are everywhere.

But this mysterious local tyrant said that this emperor flower is just one of the betrothal gifts!

This is even more imaginative!

Which daughter is so lucky to be so proud of her.

The whole city is talking about this mysterious local tyrant and the mysterious bride.

Everyone wants to know where these two are sacred?

Even the media rushed to the sales department of Yasong House to get a feel for it.

However, the sales staff refused any interview on the grounds of signing a confidentiality agreement.

The more so, the more people’s curiosity expands.

Rebeca is going crazy with jealousy!

bride price!

The word in her heart is simply a heart disease!

After hearing this message, she still asked Fernando with a fluke.

Because Fernando said before to help them inquire about Ya Songju.

She even thought that the emperor flower was a betrothal gift Fernando bought to Feliicity.

However, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Fernando’s answer is that he doesn’t know who bought it.

Thinking of this, she looked at Wiliam and Feliicity who were eating fruits in the hall, and she stopped getting angry!

“Tsk tusk, is there still a heart to eat fruit? How big is this heart?”

“When people get married, a dowry is an emperor flower, which alarms the whole city.”

“My family is married, ho ho, there are no half-hair beauties, it is also a sensation in the city. It seems that my family itself is not small.”

The acrimony in the words is going to overflow.

Feliicity’s hand holding the apple hung in the air.

Her heart trembled slightly.

bride price.

Wiliam obviously sent it…

What he gave was a promise that he would never leave his life.

What he gave is a sincere heart that looks together and guards silently.

It’s a pity that you don’t understand, neither of you see.

For me, it is enough.

Feliicity thought of this and took a bite of the apple.

Wiliam smiled slightly, took a bite of the apple, and asked Feliicity in a low voice, “Feliicity, would you envy it?”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with a warm smile on his face.

She wrinkled her nose and her eyes were a little sad, “It’s all fake to say you don’t envy. Even I want to know who this mysterious local tyrant and this happy bride are…”

“But with you, I will be content, and contentment is always happy.”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Then I want to make up for you, what should I do?”

The speaker was unintentional, and the listener was interested. Feliicity actually turned his head and said after thinking about it: “If you want to make up for me, will you accompany me to the concert in a few days? Too many things have happened recently, I always feel good. Depressed, let’s vent.”

“Concert? What concert?” Wiliam was taken aback.

“Don’t you know? Tao Li Chunfeng’s concert! The popular star Li Chunfeng is going home for a concert, you terrapin.” Feliicity gave Wiliam a look.

“Li Chunfeng?” Wiliam nodded then.

He knew that Li Chunfeng was born in Q City ( Qena City ), and he has become popular in recent years.

This time I actually want to go home to have a concert, it is estimated that 10,000 people will be empty.

“I have asked my girlfriend to get a ticket. You can get one more when the time comes. You accompany me to chant.” Feliicity said seriously.

Wiliam nodded, there is no reason why his wife’s small request is not satisfied.

Seeing that Feliicity would be happy for a long time because of the small act of accompanying her to the concert, Wiliam couldn’t help smiling.

This little fool.

In ten days, your birthday…

I will make you happy forever.

And none of them had noticed. After hearing their conversation, Rebeca on the side flashed a gleam of light in his eyes.

Ho Ho, I thought that my daughter was hard-hearted on this wood.

Unexpectedly, she would actually envy the local tyrant who bought the villa and the happy bride.

That shows that in her heart, she still has expectations for the material level.

Since there are weaknesses, there is a way.

Thinking of this, Rebeca sneaked into Feliicity’s room silently while they were not paying attention.

When he came out, he had one more thing in his hand.

She clicked the corner of her mouth, went back to her room, and called Fernando.

“Hey, auntie, what’s the matter?” Fernando said.

He was a little depressed these past few days.

He tried to contact Feliicity, but Feliicity didn’t even answer his phone.

It seems that the previous incident gave Feliicity a very bad impression.

Fernando is a stubborn person, the more he can’t get, the more he wants to get it.

He was scratching his head, thinking of any way to touch Feliicity’s heart.

At this time, Rebeca whispered on the phone: “Fernando, do you still want to chase the Feliicity, or even make a final decision!”

Fernando suddenly became excited, and his tone became humble, “Auntie, you say! As long as you can help me, you will be my mother in the future!”

Fernando’s attitude made Rebeca very useful, she whispered: “I finally know the weakness of Feliicity, you can kill it with one blow!”

Rebeca whispered and described Feliicity’s envy of the mysterious local tyrant and bride just now.

He even said: “Feliicity just said that if anyone can give her such a beautiful bride price, she will marry without saying a word.”

Fernando’s heart trembled!

However, he immediately calmed down and said suspiciously: “As far as I know, Feliicity is not a person of this kind of material…”

Rebeca had already thought about it, “Ho ho, that was before. She used to have a white house covered in her house, so she didn’t worry about food or clothes. Now, not only has she lost her job, she even has this house. Woman. What is most fancy, a sense of security! She only feels the crisis now, knowing that the brat can’t give her a sense of security at all, so isn’t it normal to have this kind of thought?”

Fernando was taken aback, right!

I have laid out so much before, so I don’t want to pour the Feliicity into a dead end, and then I will lend a hand…

Isn’t this the way it is now!

I’m so stupid!

Fernando thought again, and hesitated, “But, I can afford that set of emperor flowers, but my dad will definitely not allow it…”

Rebeca immediately said: “Hey, the emperor flower is played by a big local tyrant, and Feliicity probably wouldn’t like it. You just need to buy a decent house and give it to her…”

“By the way, it will be her birthday in ten days. As long as you give her the house as a bride price at her birthday party, I promise she will be excited on the spot!”

Fernando was still a little worried, “I always feel a little wrong…”

“What’s wrong? Okay, since I promised you that I can make a final decision, I am sure of it.” Rebeca smiled sullenly when he looked at what he took out of the Baifengxue room.

“I use my life to assure you that in ten days, they will officially divorce legally!”

Chapter 34

“Formally divorced in law in ten days? Auntie, what are you!” Fernando was shocked when he heard this.

“Don’t worry about that, anyway, Auntie has said everything, Fernando, if you don’t dare to fight for it, just let Auntie look down on you, you can figure it out.” Rebeca said proudly on the phone.

Fernando’s eyes immediately became firmer, “Auntie! With your words, I know it in my heart! Don’t worry, I will go to buy a house! If this happens, I promise that you will be the future. The upstarts in Q City ( Qena City ) are endless to enjoy the glory and wealth!”

Rebeca said with satisfaction: “Well, don’t rush to say anything in advance. Ten days later, on her birthday, I hope you will give her a fatal blow.”

“I listen to you, Auntie.” Fernando said.

Rebeca hung up, and his heart jumped fiercely.

The things she said to Fernando just now, she actually didn’t know her heart.

Listening to Fernando’s pledge now and guaranteeing her future prosperity, she couldn’t help feeling proud.

I’m really smart!

A phone call not only made the bastard completely get out of our Bai family, but also allowed his daughter to find a golden turtle son-in-law.

More importantly, I will live the life of Mrs. Kuo from now on!

From now on, Chen Shuyun, dare to show my face again!

Three birds with one stone, perfect!

Rebeca thought, and made a few more calls to do something shameful.

Wiliam was eating fruit and suddenly received a call from Melissa.

Melissa asked him to visit the Genuine Care Medical Center and said that he had important matters to discuss.

Wiliam thought for a while, and said to Feliicity, “Feliicity, I’ll go out to do something. Let me borrow your car key.”

Feliicity didn’t care, and took out the car key from her bag.

Just inadvertently seeing the scarlet silver needle again, her heart trembled slightly.

Rebeca, who came out after the call, saw Wiliam borrowing the car and couldn’t help but laugh again, “Ho ho, this little white face deserves it, tut tut. Don’t pretend to be forced by the car, won’t you be able to walk by bus?”

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about her, so he drove Feliicity’s car when he went out.

Feliicity’s car was just a Volkswagen Lavida, and Wiliam drove to the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Melissa is sitting in the office with Lydia at the moment.

Seeing Wiliam appear, Melissa couldn’t help but began to complain.

“Little king bastard, I have convinced you. I finally cheated the other party for more than 20 million. It’s good for you. Without blinking your eyes, I bought the emperor flower…”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “That’s not the emperor’s flower, that’s my late betrothal gift. Let’s not talk about it, what can I do?”

Melissa said sternly: “Our beauty product technology patent has been applied for and the quality inspection has been passed. Then it can be mass-produced. And those who came to ask for medicine these days The threshold has been broken, and the previous wave of free publicity has been very effective. What are your thoughts on the next step?”

Wiliam frowned and looked at Melissa and said, “Melissa, I asked you to work for me, but I didn’t ask you to ask me about everything.”

In a word, Melissa didn’t know what to say.

This little bastard is so rude!

“You questioned my ability before, and I have already proved it to you. You are the well-known president of Q City ( Qena City ), do you want to prove your ability to me?” Wiliam asked back.

Melissa’s face was taken aback.

But my heart trembled.

Yes, I am a strong woman with both wealth and color.

It was always planned before.

Since when did I become hesitant to move forward…

It seems that it started from the moment this little king bastard appeared.

This kid, wit can crush himself…

Under his dazzling light, I unexpectedly subconsciously asked him about everything.

When Melissa thought of this, he suddenly felt a bit of a crush.

It’s all the fault of this little bastard.

“You are the housekeeper I fancy. In the future, I don’t want you to be a vase if you want to manage the 100 billion industry for me.” Wiliam said again.

Melissa was a little guilty at first, but he exploded instantly after hearing this!

Hundreds of billions, what kind of posture do you say this?

I am not afraid of flashing my tongue.

Also, I will become your personal butler?

I’m furious!

Melissa was about to get angry, but was held down by Lydia.

Lydia can now be regarded as Wiliam’s stubborn fan.

“My dear, you just let him fart as if he was a fart.” Lydia’s words are rough and not rough.

Melissa took a sip of water to suppress the anger in his heart, then took a deep breath and looked at Wiliam.

With this look, Melissa’s eyes changed.

She swept away the previous lack of opinion, and became decisive.

“One, it’s pricing. If you don’t mind, I suggest a bottle of 9999.” Melissa said coldly.

She sighed in her heart, just to let Wiliam see her own ability!

But Lydia’s face on the side turned green, “Ten thousand! My dear, you are so mad at this little bastard! This is a sky-high price! How many people can afford it! Besides, this bottle of beauty costs The price is only a hundred yuan…”

Melissa glanced at Wiliam and found that Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent. She suffocated her breath and continued, “I have three reasons for setting this price. The first reason is that this product is priceless, and technology monopoly is the price. Monopoly, our Genuine Care Medical Center has the final say. The second reason is not to underestimate the beauty of women. This product has excellent effects, beautiful and innocent, and it is addictive. As for the third reason, I will wait a moment. Son said.”

Wiliam nodded, “It’s wrong to say that we can live with strange goods, we have a clear conscience.”

“Well, since there are a few questions, let’s talk about the second question, how to put it on the market next.” Melissa gently hooked the hair around his ear with his hand, but there was a touch of gentleness in the cold. “I suggest that the next most important step is to smash advertising and expand the market.”

Lydia was surprised again, “That’s not right, Q City ( Qena City ) already knows our products, so do we need to waste money on advertising?”

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Melissa glared at Wiliam bitterly, and said, “My dear, why did you think this little king bastard just said the billions of dollars in the industry! How can his heart be imprisoned in a little Q City ( Qena City )? He is afraid It is about to spread across the country. So, according to his thinking, next, he will smash advertisements severely, at all costs!”

Wiliam finally smiled at this time, very satisfied, “You continue.”

“This is also the third reason for the price I just mentioned. The advertising fee will be a huge expense, and these will all be shared in the cost.” Melissa said.

Lydia rubbed his head, and with these people with high IQs, his brain hurts, so I feel comfortable doing research.

“So, I suggest that the fastest and most effective way is to ask a female celebrity to endorse!” Melissa said, suddenly pulled out a leaflet from the drawer and threw it into Wiliam’s hand.

“Li Chunfeng, the right time, the right place, the harmony of people.”

“She does her part!”

Chapter 35 Artificial Respiration, A Kiss to Xiangze

Lydia saw Li Chunfeng’s promotional photos and was immediately excited, “Wow, it’s her! Wow, we are the superstar from Q City ( Qena City )! Do we really want her to endorse!”

Melissa nodded, “Heaven, she just happened to be planning a concert in Q City ( Qena City ) this time. The location is right. She is a native of Q City ( Qena City ) and has feelings for her hometown. Is she a beautiful person… The fire has become very popular, and the brand effect is very obvious.”

“So, she is the best candidate.”

Wiliam nodded, “Really, what about the endorsement fee?”

Melissa’s eyes stared, “I’m going to ask you about this! What can I do if you spend 20 million yuan out of misfortune! Our Genuine Care Medical Center has a total of more than 10 million circulating funds.”

Wiliam suddenly looked at Melissa jokingly, and said quietly, “Isn’t there still fixed assets…”

Melissa was taken aback, and he was so angry that he took the pillow and smashed Wiliam, “I knew you would not let the Genuine Care Medical Center go! You are so black.”

Lydia looked dumbfounded, “What are you talking about?”

“He is going to take out our Genuine Care Medical Center to pledge loans!” Melissa said depressedly.

Wiliam smiled and said, “I’ll leave it to you to handle this matter. It seems that you are not a vase with a nameless name.”

Melissa knocked on Wiliam again, “I must have digged your family’s ancestor’s grave in my last life, so I will stand on you.”

“Oh right, there is one last question, the quantity of products.” Melissa said.

“Ten thousand bottles.” Wiliam thought for a while and said.

A gleam of light flashed in Melissa’s eyes, “Sure enough, you think the same as me.”

Lydia was anxious, “Can you talk faster! They all look like auntie. Shouldn’t this product be as many as possible?”

Melissa looked at Wiliam deeply and said, “His main idea is not to raise the threshold of beauty.”

“Beauty threshold? What high-level vocabulary is this?” Lydia burst into tears.

“To put it simply, I don’t want to raise every woman’s expectations of beauty. If it is mass-produced, it will have an impact on future product upgrades. He wants to keep the water flowing. Oh, yes, there is another reason, it should be him. The strange goods just mentioned are now available,” said Melissa.

Wiliam nodded, stood up, and said, “Since everything is clear, you can do it. I will go home with my wife.”

When Melissa heard this, he felt so angry, “Go! Your wife is really invincible in the world. If you can control you so docilely, I will take it too!”

Wiliam smiled and walked outside.

However, he suddenly turned around and said to Melissa: “You said something wrong just now. Beauty is guilty. The price is to bear such a price.”

Melissa was taken aback, and suddenly sighed, “This little bastard is an indomitable enemy of women in the world!”

Wiliam left the Genuine Care Medical Center and returned home. In the afternoon, he received another call from Melissa.

Melissa was still angrily on the phone, and said, “We can’t figure out that Li Chunfeng, you can do it yourself.”

Wiliam Yihan, “What’s the matter?”

“That woman seems to distrust this kind of beauty products, she also cherishes her reputation and refuses to endorse. We didn’t even see her face, so we were invited away by the assistant.” Melissa said.

“Send me the address.” Wiliam said.

Melissa hung up the phone neatly, and then sent Wiliam the address of the hotel.

Wiliam went to the hotel to find this so-called star that night.

He walked to the door according to the room number given by Melissa.

But I saw two burly bodyguards with sunglasses standing outside the door.

As soon as he was about to go up, he heard a scream from the room, “No! Chunfeng is sick again! Hurry up! Go get Dr. Chen!”

fall ill?

Wiliam’s pace quickened, and the two bodyguards happened to go out for a doctor while the other went in to take care of Li Chunfeng.

He saw three people in the room, one was the bodyguard just now, and the other was a coquettish woman. It should be Li Chunfeng’s assistant who Melissa said.

And a pure and beautiful woman, wearing a sports short shorts, was lying on the ground, the sweat dripping down her forehead.

Her whole body, as if burned by fire, was extremely red!

And she was obviously in a coma, and she couldn’t wake up no matter what the assistant called.

Wiliam frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

Is there really this disease in the world?

It was completely opposite to the illness of my family’s blizzard.

Just as Wiliam was about to step forward, he heard a violent shout outside the door, “Go away! Doctor Chen is here!”

The security guard who had left before, with a middle-aged doctor Yixie, hurried in.

The doctor named Chen is Li Chunfeng’s accompanying doctor.

In recent years, Li Chunfeng knew that he was ill, so he was accompanied by a doctor wherever he went.

Doctor Chen saw Li Chunfeng’s whole body like this, and his scalp was numb with fright.

“Doctor Chen, let me see what happened to Chunfeng! She has never done this before.” The assistant said nervously.

Dr. Chen’s cold sweat came down.

He was Li Chunfeng’s accompanying doctor, and it was wrong to have been there for two or three years.

But every time Li Chunfeng became ill, he felt palpitations and difficulty breathing.

Every time she prescribed some tranquilizers, it would be better.

Now, she is completely unconscious, how can she take medicine?

However, there should be no serious problems this time.

Anyway, she didn’t do anything every time.

Doctor Chen inadvertently glanced at Li Chunfeng he was wearing, and suddenly felt an evil fire coming out.

Li Chunfeng had a very graceful figure, so he was wearing cool clothes at the moment.

In addition, she was sweating all over, and the sweat made her clothes wet.

That exquisite curve can make every man crazy.

Dr. Chen followed Li Chunfeng every day, and this tangible and intangible feeling tempted him all the time.

Seeing that Li Chunfeng was in a coma now, he thought that there would be no serious problems.

Dr. Chen’s careful thinking suddenly became active…

This is a good opportunity to kiss Xiangze!

Tsk tsk, this is the dream lover of so many people on the bed, unexpectedly, there is such a great opportunity of a lifetime.

Dr. Chen said in a straightforward manner, and said: “She has a sudden myocardial infarction! I will give her a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, plus artificial respiration, it should ease a little bit.”

The assistant was taken aback, “You can be sure that it is myocardial infarction without a diagnosis?”

Facing the assistant’s questioning, Dr. Chen’s expression turned ugly, “I am still a doctor! If you dare to question my professionalism, well, then I will go and let Chunfeng die.”

The assistant stayed at once.

Artificial respiration!

A dignified star, will a little doctor do artificial respiration?

Besides, Dr. Chen clearly had no diagnosis just now, so he said that he would need artificial respiration!

Isn’t it clear that you want to take advantage of the spring breeze!

However, if you don’t do it for him, in case something really happens in the spring breeze…

The assistant was full of spirits, and she couldn’t bear the accident. Besides, it was not her own advantage to take advantage of the spring breeze anyway, and it was her turn to pursue it afterwards.

She immediately said, “Then there will be Dr. Lao Chen.”

Doctor Chen glanced at the assistant with satisfaction, then turned and walked towards Li Chunfeng.

The closer he got, the faster he watched the curvy beauty on the bed.

His hand slowly pressed over.

But at this time, a sneer came from the door.

“Healers in the world, nine out of ten.”

“By pressing you, she died of netherworld.”

Chapter 36

Dr. Chen’s hand was suspended all at once.

He looked ugly at the door, “Who are you! Dare to talk nonsense here!”

Wiliam pushed aside the crowd and walked up.

The assistant saw Wiliam and asked, “Who are you? Why are you here!”

Wiliam said, “I’m from Genuine Care Medical Center.”

Hearing Genuine Care Medical Center, the assistant’s expression immediately cooled down, “It turns out that I came here in the afternoon to promote beauty products. Why are you two standing? Why don’t you blast him out.”

The two bodyguards obeyed their orders and immediately walked towards Wiliam.

But Wiliam just looked at Dr. Chen, “Dr. Chen, I’ll just ask you a question? When a heart attack occurs, is the heartbeat generally fast or slow?”

Dr. Chen said casually: “Since the heart pacing is required, of course the heartbeat is slow or there is no heartbeat…”

He was talking, but suddenly stopped!

His puffy sweat ran down his forehead.

Wiliam snorted and said to the assistant: “Then look, how is your Li Chunfeng’s heartbeat now?”

The assistant looked dazed, but after looking at Li Chunfeng, he exclaimed!

I saw that although Li Chunfeng was in a coma, his heart had been fluctuating violently. It was obviously not a slow or no heartbeat.

In other words, this Doctor Chen!

It really came to take advantage!

Damn it!

Almost let him succeed!

If something went wrong with Chunfeng, a hundred heads would not be enough to pay for it!

“Doctor Chen! Tell me clearly! What the hell is going on!” the assistant asked Doctor Chen with an ugly face.

Dr. Chen was immediately persuaded. Just now, because other people didn’t understand medicine, he casually talked about a common condition.

Unexpectedly, it was actually seen through by a stinky boy.

“This, this…” Doctor Chen hesitated.

“Get out! Get out of here!” The assistant scolded angrily.

But Dr. Chen looked at Wiliam with an ugly face and asked, “Okay! I admit that I really don’t understand Li Chunfeng’s illness, but do you understand? You’re just a product promotion, you drag in front of me. What drag!”

Wiliam ignored Dr. Chen at all, and said to the assistant: “If you want me to save her, you can, get this quack doctor out first, it’s a lot of noise.”

The assistant suddenly hesitated.

This kid is just a salesman.

And Dr. Chen is obviously helpless…

Damn it!

With a look from the assistant and two bodyguards, Dr. Chen was immediately taken out.

After doing this, the assistant said to Wiliam: “Little guy, you’d better cure our Chunfeng disease, and don’t tell me you need artificial respiration or something.”

Wiliam smiled softly, “She is not a myocardial infarction at all. I am afraid of getting my mouth dirty because of artificial respiration.”

The assistant was so angry that he wanted to hit Wiliam, but he didn’t dare, “Damn! You wait for me! If you can’t save Chunfeng, I will never spare you!”

Wiliam smiled, “You go out first, I don’t want people to see me give the needle.”

The assistant was taken aback for a moment, “If we go out, what do you do with Chunfeng’s intentions!”

Wiliam sneered, “If I treat her wrongly, what can I do with you?”

After that, he suddenly punched and slammed a solid wood table beside him.

The table suddenly banged and fell apart!

The two security guards looked silly directly.

If this punch hits someone…

The assistant’s face turned pale!

As this guy said, if he has the heart to covet Li Chunfeng, the people present will really use him…

This guy, where did the monster pop up!

Do you still practice martial arts as a salesman?

The assistant weighed it up, took a deep look at Wiliam, and said, “Let’s go out and wait, but we can only wait for five minutes!”

Wiliam nodded, “Five minutes is enough.”

The assistant turned around and walked out, closed the door, but guarded it firmly.

Wiliam immediately helped Li Chunfeng up.

As soon as his hand touched her body, he suddenly felt a rush of heat, even hot.

Without further ado.

Wiliam took out a few “Long live safflowers” he was carrying with him, and tied them up on her body.

Within five minutes, Wiliam pulled out the needle and put Li Chunfeng back on the bed.

“You can come in now,” Wiliam said.

Obviously, the doorway was always paying attention to the movement inside, and as soon as he heard the sound, it rushed in.

“Okay, I should wake up in an hour or two.” Wiliam put away the silver needle and said.

“This is all right?” The assistant a hundred unbelieving.

“Look at her face and breathing, how is it different from before?” Wiliam said.

The assistant glanced intently and saw that Li Chunfeng was breathing smoothly at the moment, and although his face was still red, it was obviously not as scary as it was just now.

“Well, do you want to wait here for an hour or two…” Seeing that Wiliam was about to leave, the assistant immediately stopped him.

If something happens, somebody can do it.

Wiliam smiled and said, “I don’t waste so much time on unrelated people.”

The assistant is so angry, this guy is absolutely lawless!

Are you here to promote the product?

A salesman from, is bigger than my spring breeze!

Come, come, be a star!

Wiliam thought for a while and wrote a phone call of his own, saying: “Wake up and ask her to find me, don’t call in the middle of the night, it will make my wife go to bed.”

The assistant’s head was dumbfounded.

No, let’s not talk about the problem of quarreling your wife. Is my Chunfeng the kind of person who casually calls a man in the middle of the night!

Don’t go too far, kid!

“You kid, are the salesmen all uncles now! Go! Let me go! We Chunfeng won’t find you! Even if you are her savior!” The assistant was so angry that he scratched the wall.

Wiliam walked out of the room, but left a word.

“If you want a safe life, it’s not me Wiliam can’t do it.”

The assistant’s head hurts.

Now I can only pray that the spring breeze will wake up for a while, or I will be pissed off by a salesman today.

Sure enough, a little bit later, there was a slight hum from the bed.

The assistant was still dozing off, and the sound made her feel completely drowsy, “Chunfeng, you finally wake up, I’m almost worried about you! I think you don’t wake up again, I’ll just send you to the hospital… …”

The assistant had been panicking just now.

Big stars like them are actually the most taboo to go to the hospital to be photographed.

There may be rumors, pregnancy, etc.

This is a fatal blow to the star’s reputation.

Now that Li Chunfeng wakes up, she is finally relieved.

Li Chunfeng slowly opened his eyes, but scanned around the room.

She looked at the assistant and suddenly asked weakly: “Where is the man who saved me just now?”

“Take me to find him.”

Chapter 37

When the assistant heard Li Chunfeng’s words, he was taken aback, “Chunfeng, you, how do you know…”

Li Chunfeng looked at the assistant with complicated eyes, mixed feelings in his heart!

How could Li Chunfeng not know that he was sick.

She has always been careful not to get too excited.

However, today, when she received a call from home, the bitter words of her brother and sister-in-law deeply hurt Li Chunfeng’s heart.

While she was running on the treadmill, she couldn’t get rid of the bad words in her head.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she got up, and she passed out on the spot.

However, after she was in a coma, she unexpectedly remained a little conscious.

It’s just that the body cannot move.

When she realized that Doctor Chen was actually trying to belittle herself in the name of artificial respiration, her mind was panic!

She has been guarding herself like a jade for more than 20 years, if she is so ruined by a doctor, what can she do in the future!

At this moment, a light but full of magnetic voice came.

That person not only exposed Dr. Chen’s lies, but indirectly saved his life.

Behind him, he used the Wushuang stitch technique to pull himself back from the edge of death.

At that time, Li Chunfeng was still worried, if this person was also a prodigal son, and there were no people in the room, would he…

However, Li Chunfeng only felt that the man was supporting himself, with a skillful technique, and did not muddle through or take the opportunity to wipe oil.

After saving himself, he even left that sentence.

“If you want a safe life, it’s not me Wiliam can’t do it.”

It was these words that made Li Chunfeng’s heartbeat again!

That person saved himself by coincidence!

Or he can really see through his illness!

You must know that countless doctors have been sought for the sickness of oneself, and no one can solve it!

Why can that upright and noble mysterious man save himself?

Also, who is he!

Finally, when Li Chunfeng was able to move, her first thought was to find this mysterious man.

On the one hand, thanks to him, she saved her two lives.

On the other hand, ask about the condition of your body.

The assistant gave a wry smile and said, “Chunfeng, don’t look at what time it is now. Since you are still conscious, you should have heard the person say not to call at night before leaving…”

Li Chunfeng thought, with a bit of bitterness on his face, “I see, you can call me, I want to sleep.”

The assistant gave the note written by Wiliam to Li Chunfeng, and repeatedly told Li Chunfeng to rest well before leaving the room.

At this moment, Wiliam was at home, but he unintentionally opened his drawer.

He was going to clean up the things on the table, but at this moment, when he saw the drawer, he suddenly frowned.

Someone moved the drawer.

He looked at the contents of the drawer carefully.

Then she opened Feliicity’s drawer.

At this look, Wiliam sneered directly.

He took out the phone and called Melissa, “Qingmian, help me investigate one thing these days.”

Melissa was already sleeping for beauty. Hearing Wiliam’s voice, he felt instantly awake, “You really treat me as your personal housekeeper! I don’t! I won’t!”

Wiliam said casually: “Then I will find Lydia.”

Melissa is full of excitement!

Looking for Lydia is absolutely impossible!

That Xiao Nizi, like a nympho now, is too fascinated by Wiliam!

Wiliam went to her again, as long as he hooked up casually, his good girlfriend would have to fall.

No, definitely not!

“Damn! Tell me, what’s the matter!” Melissa was extremely depressed.

Wiliam spoke slowly, and Melissa became more and more angry when he listened, “I have to mix up with your family’s nasty things. I absolutely must have been digging your family’s ancestral grave in my previous life. Goodbye!”

Early the next morning, Wiliam was awakened by a phone call.

He picked up the phone casually, it was a strange number.

“Hello, hello, is it Mr. Wiliam?” There was an unusually sweet and crisp voice on the other side of the phone.

Wiliam answered yes.

“Mr. Lu, hello, this is Li Chunfeng, are you free now?” said the other end of the phone.

When Wiliam heard Li Chunfeng’s name, the corner of his mouth ticked, “I’m free.”

“Then I will pick you up now, and I will ask you to have breakfast. By the way, thank you for your life-saving grace.” Li Chunfeng said joyfully.

“Okay, my home is…”

“I know I know, my assistant has already helped me inquire.” Li Chunfeng hung up the phone in a hurry.

Wiliam got up to clean up, and found that Feliicity was not at home. She left a note and said that she was looking for a girlfriend.

Wiliam waited for a while, then received a call from Li Chunfeng again, saying that she had already waited at the door.

Wiliam hung up the phone and went out.

However, when I went out, I just met Rebeca.

Rebeca glanced at Wiliam, but followed him secretly.

And when she saw Wiliam get in a car with a beautiful woman wearing sunglasses and a mask, she was suddenly excited!

She hurriedly picked up the phone and took several photos in a row. Then she smiled triumphantly, “Hahaha! I didn’t expect this kid to be taken care of by a rich woman. I was worried about ten days later and couldn’t find anything. The reason is, ho ho, I took the initiative to send it to the door! Boy, just wait for death!”

Wiliam got into the car, but looked at each other with Li Chunfeng.

Li Chunfeng looked at the man with a black mask and black sunglasses in front of him, his joy turned into depression.

What’s the matter with this man?

I am a celebrity. I wear masks and sunglasses, and I operate routinely.

What’s the matter with him being wrapped tighter than himself?

Li Chunfeng took the initiative to take off his mask and sunglasses, revealing a pretty face that is all over the country.

She is showing her sincerity.

But she found that Wiliam didn’t move, and just said, “Let’s drive.”

“You, why are you covering…” Li Chunfeng asked carefully.

Wiliam replied casually: “Oh, I’m afraid of being seen, it will be bad if it is passed to my wife.”

Li Chunfeng suddenly got a black line!

I’m a big beauty or a big star, I don’t dislike you, and I’m not afraid of being photographed.

It’s good for you, an ordinary person trembling like this, how afraid of your wife are you?

Li Chunfeng was quite speechless all the way.

When the two came to a box in a hotel, Wiliam took off his mask and sunglasses.

Li Chunfeng was surprised when he saw Wiliam’s face.

It’s a very handsome face, and it’s so young…

At such a young age, he has such superb medical skills.

This man is not easy.

Just as Li Chunfeng was about to ask questions, Wiliam looked at her and asked her a red face.

“I know what you want to ask? I will ask you first.”

“Did you feel ashamed when you exercise vigorously over the years?”

Chapter 38

Li Chunfeng’s face turned red into a little apple on the spot.

She didn’t even dare to see Wiliam.

However, her heart was shocked.

This Wiliam could see through his condition at a glance.

Over the years, she has not dared to seek medical treatment blatantly, because she is a little bit ashamed of her illness.

If you let people outside know that you, who have always been made up of pure and pure ladies, have such a shameful disease, I am afraid that your reputation will plummet.

This disease has troubled her for more than ten years.

“You don’t need to answer, I probably know. In this world, some people are born with cold body, and some are born with hot body. Don’t be ashamed. In my eyes, you are just a normal patient.” Wiliam said.

After hearing this, Li Chunfeng’s expression eased a little, “Then Mr. Lu, look at my illness…”

Wiliam said, “I can cure it. I will prescribe a prescription later. You will take the medicine regularly every month. After five years, it is estimated that you will be cured.”

After listening to Li Chunfeng, he was overjoyed and his eyes were red!

This disease has tortured her for more than ten years, and now she finally has a glimmer of hope!

She is a singer, but because of this disease, she dare not even dance.

I’m afraid that when dancing, my heart rate will speed up and my illness will get worse.

For a singer, this is simply a big shackle.

“Mr. Lu, I really don’t know how to thank you!” Li Chunfeng said excitedly, “You saved me three lives.”

Wiliam smiled slightly.

Li Chunfeng nodded, and then hoped that Wiliam could offer some rewards.

She knows that Wiliam is a salesman at Genuine Care Medical Center. Although she cherishes her reputation, since Wiliam is her lifesaver, she also made up her mind. As long as Wiliam proposed, she would make an exception and endorse the product for them. .

However, when she saw Wiliam actually started eating.

It seemed that the beauty products had already been thrown away by him.

The more Li Chunfeng looked at this man, the more curious he became.

This man has unparalleled medical skills, and what is even more rare is that he is different from other men.

He seemed to be disdainful of his worldly appearance, even less disdain of his star status.

Even, his own beauty is in his eyes, it is no better than the drawer of Xiaolongbao in front of him…

A breakfast was almost finished, and Li Chunfeng finally couldn’t help it.

“Mr. Lu, I have an unrelenting request. I hope you can help me again. As long as you can help me, I can get free of charge for the endorsement of your Genuine Care Medical Center. How about?” Li Chunfeng said actively.

Wiliam raised his head, “Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter?”

Li Chunfeng plucked up the courage and said, “Since you are a genius doctor, can you help me and see my grandfather, as long as you come back with me and have a look at him, I can give it for free regardless of whether he can be treated or not. You speak for it.”

Wiliam nodded, looked at the time and said, “I have some time in the morning, so let’s go now.”

Li Chunfeng was overjoyed, “Thank you, Mr. Lu! I really don’t know how to thank you!”

“You are welcome, you and my peers, just call me Wiliam.” Wiliam said, wiping his mouth, but put on his mask and sunglasses again.

The joy that Li Chunfeng’s full face turned into depression again.

Whether you are a star or I am a star, this secrecy work is harder than me.

Li Chunfeng cast aside these thoughts and went out to drive.

On the way, Li Chunfeng introduced: “Wiliam, let me briefly talk about the situation of my family. I was born in the Li family in Q City ( Qena City ), and my grandfather’s name is Li Muhe.”

“Li Muhe?” Wiliam was taken aback.

Li Muhe is a famous figure in Q City ( Qena City ).

In Q City ( Qena City ), there are two most respected seniors, one is Harper, and the other is Li Muhe.

It is said that Li Muhe had served as a soldier in his early years, and he was in a bloody battlefield. Later, he returned to Q City ( Qena City ) to buy a house because of his injuries.

The people of Q City ( Qena City ) all admire him.

This Li Chunfeng’s confidential work is good enough, everyone only knows that she was born in Q City ( Qena City ), but few people know that she is the granddaughter of Li Muhe.

“My grandfather was injured in his early years, he has accumulated depression and became ill during these years, and his body is not as good as one day. A while ago, he could only be ill in bed. I looked sad, so I want to invite you…” Li Chunfeng said, eyes flushed.

This look made Wiliam’s heart trembled slightly.

For Wiliam, the two words “Grandpa” held a profound emotional bond.

Seeing Li Chunfeng’s kindness and filial piety, Wiliam nodded, “I will do my best.”

After listening to Li Chunfeng, he lifted his spirits and smiled, “Thank you then.”

The two drove for half an hour and drove to a villa on the hillside.

Li Chunfeng’s house is very deserted, there is no one.

She took Wiliam directly to Grandpa Li Muhe’s room.

Wiliam stopped Li Chunfeng, and he pushed the door in.

As soon as I walked in, I smelled a strong smell of medicinal materials.

Wiliam frowned, clutching his nose, and came to the bed.

I saw an old man with a golden paper face and sunken eyes lying on the bed, as if he had lost consciousness.

Wiliam looked down.

This Li Muhe is seriously injured!

Wiliam immediately put his hand on Li Muhe’s wrist gently.

Li Muhe suddenly opened his eyes!

After opening his eyes, Wiliam felt a strong killing intent covering himself!

He smiled slightly. Although this old man was dying, after all he came out on the battlefield, this kind of vigilance still remains, which is commendable.

Wiliam struck Li Muhe’s hand and shocked Li Muhe’s body!

This shock seemed to wipe away the murderous aura that Li Muhe had condensed just now!

Li Muhekou could not speak, but there was a hint of surprise in his eyes!

Wiliam looked at Li Muhe and smiled and said, “Master, don’t worry, it’s your granddaughter who begged me to come and treat you. You don’t need to be alert and give it to me with peace of mind.”

When Li Muhe heard the words for his granddaughter, the alert in his eyes instantly disintegrated and became gentle.

Wiliam’s finger pulse, frowned slightly, “Master, are you a martial arts practitioners? You had an internal injury in your early years? Then you disdain to be treated? Now, the blood clot in the body has clotted and died soon.”

“A hero is like a beauty since ancient times. You are not allowed to see white heads in the world. You are very humiliating.”

When Li Muhe heard Wiliam’s words, his eyes were surprised again.

Although he couldn’t speak, there was a big wave in his heart!

This young guy who seemed to be young, actually broke his many years of crux!

Li Muhe is a very arrogant person.

In the early years of bloody battle on the battlefield, he was still brave after being injured. Later, he quit the battlefield and couldn’t hold back his face to seek medical treatment.

Will lead to more and more injuries.

Li Muhe’s family saw that his bones were not as good as a day, so they invited many doctors to see him, but they were helpless, they could only prescribe some Chinese medicine, and barely maintain his life.

For Li Muhe, such a life is better than death, it is simply suffering!

In the first half of his life, he fought the battlefield with unparalleled military horses, but in the second half of his life, he could only lie down for such humiliation.

In the past few days, he has even been thinking about death!

He has been resisting the power of the medicine, just begging to let go and end it!

Now that Wiliam explained it, Li Muhe’s face suddenly flushed red!

He who couldn’t speak, didn’t know where the power came from, actually let out a sad roar from his throat!

“Let me! Die!”

It’s better to let me die than to stay in bed for ten thousand years!

However, Wiliam’s expression was solemn, showing “Long live the red flower”!

The silver needle is like snow!

Castration, like electricity!

One pick, move the tendons!

Shocked, invigorating blood!

Knead, remove blood stasis!

“Want to die? Don’t you feel wronged!”

“Listen to me!”

“The battlefield is the final destination of a soldier!”

“Absolutely! Not a bed!”

“I’m here, you can!”

“Talk to teenagers!”

Chapter 39

Wiliam’s sound was shocking!

When Li Muhe heard the five words talking about being a teenager, he was full of tears!

Who doesn’t want to, the old man chats and goes crazy!

Left lead yellow!

You Qingcang!

Brocade hat Diaoqiu!

Chikimaki Hiraoka!

I don’t want to, I can’t!

Little guy, if you can make me fight for another year!

I am Li Muhe!

Dead without regrets!

Li Muhe thought of this, his body softened, his previous strength was swept away, and a few words of affection were squeezed out of his throat again.

“I! Don’t want to die like this!”


At this moment, Li Chunfeng stood outside the door, and suddenly saw a bunch of people, walking hurriedly over.

The three people in front were Li Chunfeng’s own brother, Li Xiaotian, her sister-in-law Huang Linna, and the other was a gray-haired old man in white clothes.

Li Xiaotian frowned when he saw Li Chunfeng appear at his grandfather’s door, “Why are you here?”

Li Xiaotian looked very upset at Li Chunfeng!

The Li family has a great career, and Li Xiaotian is the only male of the third generation.

Originally, Li Xiaotian was the inheritor of the family business.

But his grandfather, Li Muhe, actually loved Li Chunfeng and planned to pass on all his family business to Li Chunfeng.

From then on, Li Xiaotian regarded Li Chunfeng as a thorn in his eyes!

“Elder He, my grandfather will ask you.” Li Xiaotian said to the white-clothed old man beside him.

The old man named He is about to enter the door.

But Li Chunfeng stopped.

“A doctor is treating grandpa inside, and he can’t go in yet, just in case it disturbs him…” Li Chunfeng stopped.

She remembered what Wiliam told her before entering, don’t let anyone in.

When He heard this, his face went cold, “Xiaotian, what’s the matter? Since you have already hired another doctor, why have you invited me? Don’t you believe me He Monsoon.”

When Li Xiaotian saw He Lao be like this, his expression was also pulled down on the spot!

Li Xiaotian knew that his grandfather’s deadline was approaching. In order to show off at the end, it took a lot of money to invite He Monsoon.

Now, there are other doctors inside, which is clearly slap He Jifeng in the face!

“Li Chunfeng, what kind of doctor is inside! What kind of status is grandpa! You let the doctor stay there alone? In case something happens, can you afford it!” Li Xiaotian asked Li Chunfeng!

Li Chunfeng bit his scalp and said, “That man is very skilled in medicine.”

“Hoho, good medical skills? I want to know, who would dare to call myself good medical skills in front of me He Jifeng, and report his name.” He Jifeng said coldly.

Li Chunfeng said, “His name is Wiliam.”


He Jifeng was taken aback, never heard of the name.

However, Li Xiaotian and Huang Linna suddenly looked at each other, their eyes full of weirdness.

“Wiliam? Which Wiliam? You mean Wiliam, isn’t that Wiliam in Q City ( Qena City )?” Li Xiaotian asked.

Li Chunfeng nodded.

At this time, Li Xiaotian’s face suddenly became hideous!

“Li Chunfeng! You really want to kill Grandpa! That Wiliam is our famous waste son-in-law in Q City ( Qena City ), who has been eating soft food in the Bai family for ten years. No one has ever heard of him know how to heal! You let him come. , Do you want to send Grandpa away soon!”

Li Xiaotian’s words made Li Chunfeng dumbfounded on the spot.

She has been developing outside in the past few years, and she has little understanding of things in her hometown.

She saw that Wiliam was exquisite in medicine, and she thought about asking him to come and help, but she didn’t realize that Wiliam was in Q City ( Qena City ) and his reputation was so bad.


“Li Chunfeng, Li Chunfeng, the most poisonous woman’s heart! You want to kill Grandpa, why bother so much! Lost Grandpa loves you so much since you were a child! You are so mad!” Li Xiaotian’s entire face was trembling.

However, in my heart, happiness has blossomed!

In his heart, wishing grandpa died suddenly!

In this way, in the absence of a will, he is the heir most in line.

As for Li Chunfeng, because he mistakenly invited a quack doctor, he would be infamy and family property, so don’t even think about it.

Li Chunfeng, Li Chunfeng, thanks to you for helping me a lot!

“Lina, immediately call the Bai’s Chen Shuyun and ask her to come over and take their dog away from our house!” Li Xiaotian said again.

Huang Linna called immediately.

On the phone, Chen Shuyun suddenly heard Li’s call and got goose bumps all over his body.

When I heard that Wiliam was actually in Li’s house, he was still practising medicine, his face turned blue.

But, in the same way, she was very happy!

Isn’t this a step for that brat to take his own demise?

She said that she would go over and lead people immediately, but after hanging up the phone, she laughed happily.

That kid, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out of Li’s door today.

God helps me too!

“Elder He, you heard it just now. This is a misunderstanding. My sister is ignorant and hired a doctor who is not a doctor at all. That kid must be coveting my sister’s beauty or coveting us. Li’s remuneration, that’s why he bumped his head. Look…” Li Xiaotian said to He Lao humbly.

Old He nodded with satisfaction, “Huh, where I have monsoon, I don’t want to see the second doctor again!”

Rampant tone, arrogant words!

Li Xiaotian nodded immediately, let two of his men go in, and pulled out the Wiliam.

But at this time, Li Chunfeng’s courage, who didn’t know where it came from, blocked the door again.

When she was standing at the door, she realized that just now, there was a surge of blood…

Why, why should I continue to believe that kid…

Knowing that he is just a soft meal, his medical skills are unheard of…

I should obey Li Xiaotian’s meaning.

But that person…

Li Chunfeng suddenly remembered his previous contact with Wiliam.

Although his words are rude, but of high quality.

Obviously there is a chance to take advantage of him, but he is indifferent.

He saw through my condition at a glance and gave me an injection.

Is this a manifestation of no medical skills…

Wiliam, I should…

Believe you!

“Li Chunfeng, do you know what you are doing! Do you really want to kill Grandpa by using that rubbish, or are you all together and want to kill Grandpa!” Huang Linna on the side suddenly rushed up and faced Li Chunfeng , Slapped hard!

Her nails are very long!

A long scar was drawn on Li Chunfeng’s cheek that could be broken by a bomb!

The blood came out all at once!

Li Chunfeng’s head blew, and the whole person was completely confused!

She touched her face tremblingly with her hand, the red blood caused her tears to shed suddenly.

It’s broken…

In a few days, my concert…

The intense mental stimulation made Li Chunfeng suddenly feel dizzy.

Her body fell backwards!

But at this moment, the door opened!

A pair of warm hands embraced Li Chunfeng’s body.

A voice that was overbearing and overbearing, but filled with youth and frivolous meaning, came from the door!

“who is it!”

“Hurt my favorite granddaughter!”

“Who is it again!”

“Slander my most respected genius doctor!”

Chapter 40

That old voice, as if there is a kind of sacred majesty, actually changed the faces of all the people present!

this is!

The voice of Li Muhe!

Hasn’t he been speechless for a while!

Why can I talk now?

Li Chunfeng fell backward, but was caught by Wiliam.

Wiliam casually touched her forehead slightly.

Li Chunfeng’s spirits were shocked, and raised his head, just in time to see Wiliam’s handsome face.

Her face blushed inexplicably, and then tears fell uncontrollably.

He came out…

By the way, grandpa!

Thinking of this, Li Chunfeng hurriedly stood up and strode towards the house.

And Li Xiaotian and others rushed in!

They were inside the house and saw Li Muhe who was half leaning against the bed.

At this moment, Li Muhe’s face was no longer as sullen as before.

Instead, it showed a hint of rosy.

This scene shocked Li Xiaotian and others even more!

Grandpa, is this all right?

Li Muhe looked at Li Xiaotian indifferently, “Xiaotian, you made the spring breeze!”

A question made Li Xiaotian’s face immediately stiff, and he hurriedly waved his hand, “There is nothing, there is just a misunderstanding just now. We are too worried about you, afraid that you will be a quack…”

“Quack doctor? Hoho, who can make the old man speak again, is it a quack doctor!” Li Muhe said coldly.

The eyes of everyone looked at Wiliam together.

This is clearly the wrong son-in-law of the Bai family.

What kind of magic did he use to make the old man speak again!

Li Xiaotian faintly glanced at He Jifeng.

He Jifeng nodded, and said to Li Muhe: “Lao Li, what monsoon I am, can you let me check your body?”

He Jifeng’s medical name, Li Muhe also heard of, he nodded.

He Jifeng went to inspect Li Muhe’s body. After this inspection, he suddenly found that Li Muhe’s body was still covered with dense silver needles!

His face sank!

“Hu Hong! I finally understand! Why can the old man speak! Come here, quickly get me that waste!” He Jifeng shouted.

Everyone was taken aback.

Even Li Muhe’s eyes changed.

“Master, this is clearly a return to the glory! His fate is not long! This kid must have given the old man some stimulant, or used a silver needle to forcibly stimulate the old man’s body! This is drinking poison to quench his thirst! He is murdering the old man!” He Ji The wind is so trembling!

When Li Chunfeng heard this, his pupils shrank, and immediately said, “This is impossible! Wiliam would not do such a thing!”

“Huh! No! I’ve heard Xiaotian talk about the old man’s condition before. The old man is already dying. In the world, it is estimated that only the impermanence needle can save the old man. He is a nameless person. What can you say about him? Make the old man a ruddy complexion! This is not what it is!” He Jifeng is rhetorical.

Li Xiaotian immediately became angry, “I said this kid is not a good thing! Call me the police immediately! This is a murder case!”

But at this time, Li Muhe shouted coldly: “Huh! Who is a quack? My body, is there anyone who knows better than me? He Jifeng, don’t wrong the old man’s lifesaver!”

He Jifeng’s face became stiff, he did not dare to fight Li Muhe hard.

However, he looked at the face of the old man, the more he looked at it, the more worried he became.

No one can cure an old man so vigorously in just a few minutes.

It must have been an extraordinary method.

This is forcibly continuing his life!

The old man must be confused!

Li Xiaotian looked at He Jifeng, and He Jifeng shook his head faintly, indicating that he should not make the old man angry for now.

“You rubbish! If something happens to my grandpa! I can’t spare you!” Li Xiaotian was reluctant, and grabbed Wiliam’s clothes.

Wiliam flicked it casually and pushed Li Xiaotian out.

He looked at the few people in front of him coldly, especially He Jifeng, the mockery in his eyes couldn’t be more obvious.

“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you, old man, you take a rest for a while, I’ll go out first. By the way, don’t pull the needle on your body for now, I’ll pull it out later.” Wiliam said, and walked outside.

Li Chunfeng also quickly followed.

The few people who stayed in the house looked at each other, this kid didn’t even put any monsoon in his eyes!

He Jifeng felt a terrible shame!

In the past decades of practicing medicine, whoever saw him was not respectful and called him the reincarnation Hua Tuo!

What happened to this kid, he was so violent!

I have to expose your hypocritical mask today.

He Jifeng looked at Li Muhe and said, “Master, I will pull out the needle for you first.”

Needle removal?

Li Muhe’s face became cold.

“Master, you were still fooled by that kid. You may not understand. The needles on your body are inserted in the key points of the human body! These key points can be stimulated if they are only given a short time. The effect of potential, this is also the reason why you are now energetic. But if your body is completely hollowed out for a long time, even if you are a fairy, you will not be saved.” He Jifeng pointed to the silver needles and said.

This is also the main reason why He Jifeng vowed to say that Wiliam used ultra-conventional methods.

When Li Muhe heard this, he couldn’t help but hesitated!

Could it be that what He Jifeng said is true?

As Monsoon, he should not lie to himself…

That kid…

“Master, bear with me, I will save you!” He Jifeng suddenly stretched out his hand and directly pulled out a needle from his body.

When the needle came out, Li Muhe’s eyes narrowed, but he was still energetic.

He Jifeng looked at it and felt confident, “Sure enough, as I expected! Xiaotian, go out and grab the kid, he must be an excuse to go out, he is about to run!”

As soon as Li Xiaotian heard this, he hurriedly ran out, and the resentment in his heart was even worse!

He Jifeng didn’t have any worries anymore, so he pulled out all the silver needles from Li Muhe’s body.

He clapped his hands and was about to talk to Li Muhe, but suddenly I yelled out!

Li Muhe was fine before, and after He Jifeng pulled out the last needle, he suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood!

The whole person’s face is golden again at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The body also began to twitch constantly!

This scene directly frightened He Jifeng!

He Jifeng hurried to check on Li Muhe who was in a coma, but was shocked to find that he could not find out the cause of the father at all!

If the cause cannot be found, let alone rescue!

Seeing that the life of the old man is constantly passing by, He Jifeng is so scared that he will break his courage!

If the old man’s destiny is to be counted on him, then his life will be considered dead!

What can I do now!

In his anxiety, He Jifeng glanced at the silver needles he had just pulled out.

Suddenly, this look was like seeing the gods and demons, and the whole face was directly pale!

Silver needles on the table, a section of vermilion.

this is!

North Lujia!

Lu Shengyi’s exclusive silver needle-Long live safflower!


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