Dragon Husband Chapter 41 – 50

Chapter 41

How could the unique silver needle appear here?

By the way, this silver needle was used by that brat just now.

In other words!


That kid’s surname is Lu!

He is from North Lu’s family!

What he used just now was the impermanence needle!

Thinking of this, He Jifeng got goose bumps all over!

The whole person whizzed and ran away, a heart trembling wildly!

North Lujia!

To the world’s doctors, it is like a mental totem!

Everyone who walks out there, regardless of age, dare to be called a genius doctor!

Especially the doctor Lu Sheng, whose medical skills are extremely celestial, I am afraid that no one can match the incident!

He Jifeng didn’t even know “Needles of Ruby Flower”.

It happened many years ago when he saw Doctor Lu Sheng go out for medical treatment, and was completely overwhelmed by his medical skills!

From then on, He Jifeng began to specialize in medical practice, and only now has it achieved a little!

It can be said that the doctor Lu Sheng could be regarded as his enlightenment teacher.

Now, Long live the red flower reappears, and the majesty of the teacher will survive forever!

Be sure to ask that kid clearly!

What is the relationship between him and his teacher!

And at the moment, in the hall.

When Wiliam saw that Li Chunfeng had been covering his face, his mood was extremely depressed, so he wanted to help her examine the scars on her face.

But at this time, Li Xiaotian rushed out directly, with a few security guards behind him!

Li Xiaotian led people to surround Wiliam directly.

Li Chunfeng was angry, “Li Xiaotian! What are you doing! Wiliam is the distinguished guest I invited!”

Li Xiaotian laughed loudly, “Guest! Hoho, Li Chunfeng, you are so vicious that you actually killed grandpa with an outsider! I will put you all in prison today!”

“Kill Grandpa? Could it be that what happened to Grandpa?” Li Chunfeng was taken aback.

“Fortunately, He found out in time and pulled out all the harmful silver needles. Otherwise, Grandpa really can’t survive today!” Li Xiaotian said angrily.

At this time, Wiliam raised his eyebrows, “You said, the silver needle was pulled out?”

“Nonsense! He said, those silver needles are all stimulating the human body’s acupuncture points and forcibly stimulating the potential. If you don’t pull it out, are they still left to hurt Grandpa?” Li Xiaotian said.

After Wiliam heard this, he suddenly sneered, “A group of ignorant people, who harmed Li Muhe, you!”

“Shao Te, talk nonsense to me, go to the prison! Do it!” Li Xiaotian waved, and the security guards immediately surrounded him.

But at this time, a panicked voice burst out, “Stop!”

He Lao rushed out from behind.

Li Xiaotian saw He Lao and said, “He Lao, I have blocked them here according to your instructions. Later, I won’t have to help us prove it.”

He Lao didn’t even look at Li Xiaotian at all, but hurriedly walked to Wiliam’s body, making a puff in all eyes!

Kneel down to Wiliam!

This scene directly scared everyone on the court.

He Lao, is this kneeling for Wiliam?

“He Lao, what are you doing!” Li Xiaotian reached out to pull He Monsoon.

But He Jifeng waved his hand and said angrily: “If you want to save your grandfather’s life! You can also kneel down for me!”

“Damn! Why! I dignified Master Li, want to kneel to a trash? What a joke? Besides, are you here? Didn’t you all save my grandfather?” Li Xiaotian said arrogantly.

He Jifeng sighed, ignored Li Xiaotian, and immediately began to kowtow to Wiliam.

“Mr. Lu Xiao, I was blind to Mount Tai before! Go and save the old man, he is really going to die.” He Jifeng said tremblingly.

Li Chunfeng was aside, his face pale instantly.

Grandpa, are you dying?

What’s the matter!

“Did you pull out my needle?” Wiliam asked coldly.

He Jifeng was shaking with fright, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I didn’t know you were North…”

As he spoke, he suddenly found that when Wiliam heard the word North, a strong killing intent flashed in his eyes!

He was so scared that he dared not go on.

“Did I say before that the needle should not be removed?” Wiliam said coldly.

“I’m sorry, I was really wrong, Dr. Lu Xiao, now is running out of time. If you want to blame me, can you wait a while, after saving the father, I will listen! After all, it is a life, if it is the old man If I die because of me, I will never be able to practice medicine for the rest of my life.” He Jifeng said, tears bursting into tears.

Wiliam looked at He Jifeng, and found that his words were earnest, not as if they were false, so he nodded and strode towards the room.

Li Chunfeng hurriedly followed.

Li Xiaotian was left behind like a fool, still immersed in the kneeling and kowtow of Old He just now.

Wiliam returned to the room, saw Li Muhe twitching all over, he sighed, and now at a very moment, he has no time to drive out the outsiders.

He picked up the silver needle and used it again.

He Jifeng on the side looked at the clouds and flowing water of Wiliam, as if with a trace of acupuncture, his eyes were suddenly full of excitement!

Impermanence needle!

This is indeed an impermanence needle!

Unexpectedly, after thirty years, I was fortunate enough to see the impermanence needle again!

When Li Chunfeng saw Wiliam’s needle technique, although he didn’t understand the famous method, he also felt extraordinary when he saw it elegant.

After half an hour, Wiliam closed his hands, sweating profusely, almost unable to stand up.

Just now, almost all of Wiliam’s physical strength was consumed before Li Muhe was forcibly pulled back from the ghost gate.

Li Chunfeng hurriedly held on to the trembling Wiliam.

He Jifeng knelt down immediately, “Mr. Lu Xiao, I said before that I am willing to accept any punishment, please show me!”

Wiliam reluctantly waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to punish you. In the future, when you practice medicine, the good will come first, and you will accept your bad temper.”

He Jifeng immediately kowtowed his head and said, “Listen to the order of the genius Lu Xiao!”

After he finished speaking, he stood up and bowed again, then, feeling shameless staying at Li’s house, he turned and left quietly.

Wiliam was supported by Li Chunfeng, went to her boudoir, and lay down until it was dark before he recovered a bit of strength.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Li Chunfeng and Li Muhe in a wheelchair.

When Li Muhe saw Wiliam wake up, he was excited to stand up and kneel towards him.

Wiliam waved his hand, “Old Li, no need.”

“Little genius doctor, you are my benefactor for the next generation! I have nothing to pay for!” Li Muhe was full of excitement.

“It’s just a matter of raising your hand, bring two pieces of paper.” Wiliam ordered.

He hand-written two prescriptions, one for Li Chunfeng and the other for Li Muhe, “You should take the medicine as I wrote. What time is it now?”

Li Chunfeng immediately said, “It’s nine o’clock in the evening.”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, grabbed the phone, and the missed calls of more than 20 wives were on the phone.

He got up and said, “If there is anything wrong, I will leave first. My wife should die in a hurry.”

But at this time, Li Muhe suddenly stopped Wiliam and passed two things.

One is a pure black card.

The other one is an agreement.

Share transfer agreement.

Chapter 42-Is there any rescue

Seeing Wiliam’s puzzlement, Li Muhe smiled bitterly: “Little genius doctor, my old Li is a squatter and has no longevity. Only these things can repay you.”

“That card is my Tao Li Tianxia Card. As long as you hold this card, everyone and everything under my name will be dispatched by you!”

“There is also this share transfer agreement, as a gift to you.”

Wiliam looked at the share agreement, “Li Lin Co., Ltd.?”

“Well, this is a joint venture. The Lin family came to the door yesterday. Their reputation was severely damaged a few days ago, so they wanted to hug our Li family’s thighs and help them tide over the difficulties with our reputation. They will fund all the money, and I The Li family established this company, and our Li family had a name, which accounted for 60% of the shares. I thought it was useless for me, so I gave it to you. A one-year dividend is also a lot of money.” Li Muhe Said.

“Fernando?” Wiliam asked.

“Yes, it’s their family. The company is still doing the operation, but we have 60% of the shares and have a veto right.” Li Muhe said.

Wiliam thought for a while and signed the agreement.

Li Muhe was overjoyed at once. He thought Wiliam was an extremely arrogant person, and wanted to say whether he would refuse his kindness.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam actually signed, that is to say, he accepted his love!

After Wiliam signed, he walked outside, “Then I’ll leave first.”

“Chunfeng, send the little genius doctor. Little genius doctor, if I can walk in a few days, I will definitely come to thank you personally.” Li Muhe said.

Li Chunfeng and Wiliam walked side by side, but their expressions were a bit low, “Wiliam, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Wiliam looked at Li Chunfeng, the scar on her face was really eye-catching.

Wiliam took out the red face developed by the company from his pocket and handed it to Li Chunfeng, “This is our company’s beauty product. I will give you a bottle of it, which is also effective for removing scars.”

Li Chunfeng saw Wiliam take the initiative to bring up this matter and said, “Well, I will go to you tomorrow to discuss endorsement matters.”

She was still a little lost in her heart.

The man in front of him was obviously indifferent to his bones.

Do you see that you are in a bad mood?

At this time, people tried drugs, but it was a bit uncomfortable…

However, Li Chunfeng didn’t blame Wiliam, he couldn’t repay him in his life for helping him today.

Wiliam left the door of Li’s house, and suddenly saw the white Feliicity beside the highway.

Feliicity is here?

Wiliam hurried up, “Feliicity, why are you here?”

Feliicity had obviously been waiting here for a long time. The cold wind made her tremble and her lips were white.

When she saw Wiliam appear, her eyes suddenly turned red, and she rushed towards Wiliam, plunged into his arms, and beat him severely, “You bastard! Why don’t you answer my call!”

“I heard grandma say that you were so courageous to see Master Li of the Li family, I was really scared to death!”

“I came to look for you, but the security guard wouldn’t let me in. I thought, I thought something happened to you, woo woo woo…”

Feliicity whispered bitterly, but it made Wiliam warm all over.

This silly woman.

“It’s nothing wrong with me. Okay, let’s go home.” Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head.

Feliicity slapped Wiliam’s hand off, and got into the car angrily, “You don’t understand anything, you are so courageous. Have you ever thought about it for me? Without you, what should I do!”

“Alright, alright, I promise you that I will listen to my wife obediently in the future. Today is an accident and will not appear again.” Wiliam quickly said kindly.

Feliicity wrinkled her nose, “I’m hungry.”

Wiliam couldn’t help laughing, how could this wife be so cute and cute sometimes.

Wiliam took Feliicity and ate outside before returning home.

When he got home, Rebeca looked surprised when he saw him, “Oh, you are so lucky, and you walked out of Li’s house alive.”

“Tsk tusk tusk, now there are some people who just don’t know how high the sky is, don’t you know how many catties you are? In the name of our Bai family, we dare to go to the Li family and swindle. This is the rhythm of swearing to kill the Bai family.”

“I guess, someone saw that we were exhausted, so I was thinking about clinging to Gao Zhi, Feliicity, you have to be careful.”

Wiliam had long been used to Rebeca’s harsh words.

He ignored it and went straight back to the room.

At noon the next day, Li Chunfeng really called. On the phone, her voice was extremely excited!

Last night, in a spirit of cooperation, she wanted to try the ointment Wiliam gave.

If this ointment is not good for the human body, even if Wiliam had a life-saving grace for her, Li Chunfeng would not dare to endorse it.

But after she tried it, she got up and looked in the mirror the next day, and she was confused!

In the mirror, there were scars that were so eye-catching yesterday, but today they have become invisible!

Even around the scar, thin tender flesh began to grow!


This is amazing!

Li Chunfeng spent the night worrying about the concert a few days later.

If the company knows about the injury on the face, bones, eyes, and face, it will definitely be annoyed.

Maybe the concert will be cancelled.

This was a fatal blow to her career!

Magic medicine!

Li Chunfeng thought that he thought he was indifferent and unkind last night, and immediately felt infinite guilt in his heart.

This is to save the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

How could Wiliam be such a person!

She wanted to ask Wiliam out, thank you in person, and talk about signing the contract by the way!

She even thought about it, not just as simple as endorsement!

I want to be free and speak for them for life!

This is also considered to repay Wiliam’s life-saving grace.

However, on the phone, Wiliam’s helpless voice came, “I don’t have to meet, right, my wife will pull me to go shopping later, you can go directly to Melissa of Genuine Care Medical Center, just tell me. “

When Li Chunfeng heard this, he felt disappointed.

Is there any rescue for this mad wife?

I am a free endorsement for life!

How much money can I save for you!

Why is your wife shopping important?

However, Li Chunfeng probably also knew Wiliam’s temper. Just about to hang up, Wiliam stopped her.

She thought that Wiliam had changed her mind, but Wiliam almost made her throw away her mobile phone after a few words.

This Lu Papi! This little wretched!


Vampire he!

After Wiliam finished speaking, he hung up the phone, as if he had expected Li Chunfeng to agree.

Li Chunfeng struggled for a long time, and finally sighed!

No wonder this kid looked confident yesterday and thought he was not in a hurry.

It turns out that the big move is here!

This conscientious cub!

After arguing with the company, Li Chunfeng asked his assistant to make an appointment with Melissa in the hotel.

When Melissa heard Li Chunfeng’s initiative to mention the signing, he was immediately happy.

I was impressed by Wiliam’s methods.

She hurriedly took the contract and went to the hotel.

As soon as I arrived at Li Chunfeng’s room, I saw Li Chunfeng’s face, which was freezing cold.

Melissa is not only shocked, but big stars have aura.

When Melissa was about to speak, Li Chunfeng spoke first.

“I have drawn up the contract. I will endorse the image for life, and I will endorse 20 million yuan at a time.” Li Chunfeng said as if to hold back his great anger.

Melissa was taken aback, and his face suddenly became displeased, “Miss Li, our rules are generally on a yearly basis, and it’s just over 10 million a year. You are more than 20 million, or On a regular basis, will there be a little lion’s mouth? What’s more, the lifelong image endorsement, are you going to eat our Genuine Care Medical Center for a lifetime?”

Li Chunfeng couldn’t restrain the depression in his heart immediately, and shouted directly!

“You show me the contract before you talk about it!”

“It’s not that you gave me money!”

“If I endorse once, I will give you 20 million!”

Chapter 43

Melissa’s face was in a trance. What did she hear just now?

She hurriedly went to look at the contract on the table. At this look, her whole face changed!

as big as World, nothing is nonexistent!

There are really celebrities who endorse products, but celebrities have to pay?

“Well, what’s going on?” Melissa asked dumbfoundedly.

At this time, Li Chunfeng looked annoyed, “Don’t ask, do you sign? If you don’t sign, I will go! I am afraid I will regret it later.”

Li Chunfeng’s heart was trembling.

She has also debuted for five or six years.

Businessmen have always come to lick her, begging her to endorse.

It depends on her mood to answer.

Now, this kind of overlord to suffocating contract actually happened to him.

This is simply!

However, her anger turned to anger, but her heart was still throbbing.

This beauty, for women, is simply a beauty medicine.

This magical scar removal function alone can make countless people go crazy.

Not to mention, from morning till now, although my face has been put on makeup, it still maintains an unprecedented sense of firmness and comfort.

Use it once, for a lifetime!

This ultimate user experience is the main reason Li Chunfeng made up his mind to sign this contract.

She dare to conclude that this confetti will definitely cause a sensation as soon as it hits the market!

She even has an inexplicable confidence, as long as it is a product made by that little skin, it will only be better than this beauty!

And if he speaks for him for life, he will surely rise again because of this!

This is the fundamental reason why she knew that Xiaopa Pi’s conditions were so harsh, but she had to follow it.

Melissa signed the word immediately, and then quickly sealed it.

I’m afraid Li Chunfeng will regret it.

After finishing the program, Melissa breathed a sigh of relief, and then felt like a world away.

This endorsement is simply incredible.

Before, he had to take out the entire Genuine Care Medical Center to pledge to pay the endorsement fee.

Now, not only can I not pay the money, but I also let the other party pay.

That little bastard is really amazing.

Melissa looked at Li Chunfeng’s aggrieved look, and suddenly felt distressed.

The dignified star was actually played by the little bastard.

She couldn’t help but said: “Thanks for working hard, I must be very wronged to work with that little bastard.”

Li Chunfeng was aggrieved at first, but his face became stiff when he heard this.

There is a feeling of life confidant in my heart.

She looked at Melissa, “You, too?”

Melissa recalled the days he had known Wiliam until now, and suddenly he didn’t know how to talk to him.

Finally, I can only curse, “That guy is not a human.”

Li Chunfeng nodded sadly, “It’s not a human being! It seems that all the women in the world owe him.”

Melissa also showed an expression that is the same as a degenerate person, “Ah, in the eyes of that little bastard, there are only two kinds of women in this world, one is called Feliicity, and the other is called scum!”

In a word, the feelings between the two suffering people were once again brought closer.

Li Chunfeng suddenly felt that Melissa in front of him was not annoying at all, “Sister, we know each other by fate, go out for a meal.”

Melissa agreed immediately.

As a result, the two women, because of a bastard man, instantly became very intimate and good girlfriends.

The next day, there was a headline in the major news media!

“Shocked! The popular female celebrity took the initiative to post back and endorsed beauty products!”

This news quickly occupied today’s hot search.

Li Chunfeng once again set off a wave of waves in the entertainment circle.

And the Genuine Care Medical Center, which also has a big face, appeared in major news reports.

When Li Chunfeng saw this news, tears were coming out!

She thought that she was already the lower limit of the kid’s personality.

Wan Wanren thought that the lower limit of that little king’s bastard is unfathomable!

She called Melissa and asked, “Sister Qingmian, what’s going on with this news! How shameless I am to say it!”

Melissa and Li Chunfeng are now in love with their sisters, and they smiled bitterly: “I have served him, think about it, from the time you announced your endorsement at the concert last night, to today, is your traffic stubborn? Going up a lot?” Melissa said.

Li Chunfeng smiled bitterly, “Is he really good at rubbing my traffic!”

“According to him, this is a win-win situation. You have gained traffic and attention, and we promoted the product, which helped kill two birds with one stone.” Melissa said.

“Tell him for me and let him die!” Li Chunfeng couldn’t think of a rebuttal, so he could only end the call with a national curse.

Wiliam, who was shopping with Feliicity at the moment, sneezed inexplicably.

He looked at his excited wife along the way and smiled bitterly.

How can my wife be broken?

In her hand, holding two tickets for the Tao Li Chunfeng concert, she was chatting to Wiliam all the way, “Wiliam, I’m so excited, you know that my favorite star is Li Chunfeng. When I saw her concert, it was still on my birthday, do you know? My lifelong wish is to sing a song with her on stage.”

Wiliam had a black line, feeling that he couldn’t take a word.

When the two returned home, they happened to meet Rebeca about to go out.

Rebeca saw Feliicity look excited, and couldn’t help asking: “What makes you so happy?”

Because Feliicity was in a good mood, she raised the two baby tickets and said, “I will go to see Li Chunfeng’s concert with Wiliam on my birthday. I asked my friend to finally get two tickets.”

But these words made Rebeca’s face instantly cold.

“You are going to a concert on your birthday? Didn’t you know that grandma prepared a grand birthday party for you?” Rebeca said coldly.

Feliicity was taken aback, she had never heard anyone mention this matter before.

“But, my birthday wish is to see…” Feliicity’s voice weakened.

Rebeca glared at Feliicity and cursed angrily: “Feliicity, you are not from the Bai family anymore? Because of you two, we are at Mom’s place and can’t even lift our heads anymore. Now she takes the initiative to do it for you. Birthday party, you don’t appreciate it?”

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, it’s just…” Feliicity was overwhelmed with depression.

“Just what? Mom has already spoken out today. This is the last chance to please Mom, you actually want to make Mom shame in the whole city for a concert!” Rebeca questioned.

Feliicity’s heart trembled.

There was a sad expression on his face.


Why can’t I make my own decision on my birthday!

I just want to realize a little dream I have had over the years with Wiliam…

Feliicity was about to summon the courage to speak, but suddenly saw that Rebeca took away the two tickets in her hand without saying a word.

She tore it casually, and the two tickets carrying a small wish were turned into flying fragments!

Chapter 44-Birthday Party

“Mom! What are you doing!” Feliicity’s eyes turned red when she saw the tickets she finally got turned into pieces!

“What are you doing? Cut off your idea of ​​going to the concert. On your birthday, behave well in front of your grandma, don’t think about something bad all day long! You have to remember that your shoulders carry Let me live a life of glory and wealth! This is what you owe me! I don’t understand at all! How I raised you.” Rebeca said coldly.

Feliicity’s head bounced and tears burst into her eyes!

She gave Rebeca a sad look, and ran towards her room in strides.

And Wiliam, looking at Rebeca at this time, his eyes were full of anger!

Rebeca sneered at Wiliam and said, “Ho ho, do you know why I tore up the ticket just now? It’s not just about letting her obediently…”

“More importantly! Let you remember it for me! If you want to take our Bai family’s money and go outside, there is no such thing!”

Rebeca’s eyes were full of provocation and joking.

And Wiliam’s mouth suddenly ticked, making Rebeca stunned.

Wiliam walked slowly towards the room, his voice faintly floating into Rebeca’s ears.

“My wife’s wish is unsatisfactory. It is useless to shred the tickets and steal the beams.”

Rebeca watched him speak loudly, but for a while, he actually forgot to refute.

When she recovered, she cursed fiercely: “This bastard, dare to pretend to be in front of me!”

Wiliam walked into the room and saw Feliicity lying on the bed, crying with rain.

The Feliicity are bitter.

What she was sad about was no longer a concert.

It’s this family, this mom!

They, have I thought about it?

He keeps saying that the family is righteous, but every time, he sacrifices others to reap bloody rewards!

“Okay, don’t cry.” Wiliam gently stroked Feliicity’s hair.

Feliicity’s heart warmed, hitting Wiliam’s arms, and burst into tears.

I don’t know how long she has been crying, she raised her head to look at Wiliam, “I’m sorry, our concert, it seems we can’t go to the concert…”

Wiliam said softly, “It doesn’t matter, I will give you a surprise when the time comes.”

Feliicity was not serious in her heart.

He has become a puppet of the Bai family, even birthdays and wishes are involuntary.

No amount of surprise can heal the trauma in my heart…

But outside, Rebeca met Fernando.

Rebeca casually told Fernando about the situation just now.

After Fernando listened, his eyes were full of disdain, “That kid has completely offended me. I have already decided to get rid of him after the birthday party!”

Rebeca was overjoyed, “Fernando, what are you going to do?”

Fernando threw out a real estate certificate and said triumphantly: “I have already prepared the offer. The biggest difference between this Yasongju house and other commercial houses is that for customers who buy a house with full payment, they can immediately Sign the contract and move in right away! My dad has approached the Li family these days. We will co-found a new company in the name of a joint venture. At that time, I will be the president of the new company, and I will give you the Bai family a fortune. Ten thousand orders.”

“Also, I am Feliicity’s lifesaver, plus that thing you did secretly. Hoho, I have taken advantage of the right time and place, if Feliicity still refuses to agree to my proposal, then she is the entire Q City ( Qena City ) In the eyes of people who are unfaithful, unfilial, and injustice, I don’t expect her to dare!”

Rebeca looked at the real estate certificate in his hand tremblingly, and said excitedly: “Then congratulations! We will be in-laws from now on!”

Fernando nodded arrogantly and said, “By the way, there is one more thing, you have to work hard, when the time comes, the layout of the birthday party…”

Rebeca made it through at one point and immediately clapped his hands and said, “You still have Fernando! According to you, there are four courtesies to leave for this birthday party! That kid will be completely infamous in Q City ( Qena City ), hahaha!”

Feliicity was depressed all day because of the daytime, and went to bed early at night.

Wiliam sighed, sat on the bed, and opened the “Impermanent Medical Classics” again.

Chapter 2 He has been studying for a while, and according to the diagram, he has given daily needles to his main points to stimulate his potential.

He clearly felt the changes in his body these days.

Strength and speed seem to have improved significantly.

However, Wiliam felt that it was not enough.

His eyes fixed on a diagram in the “Medical Classic of Wuchang”.

In this diagram, fifteen needles are applied.

Before Wiliam, he used to administer to 14 needles.

Because this last acupoint, Shenting, is above the head.

One stitch down is extremely dangerous.

Today, he wants to take a risk.

He took a deep breath and quickly inserted fourteen needles all over his body, then grabbed the fifteenth needle and pierced it into the Shenting point in one fell swoop!

With this sting, his eyes suddenly shrank, and his whole body trembled!

An astonishing force seemed to burst from the limbs!

How powerful is the power, but the pain he has endured is extremely painful!

Wiliam held on for less than a minute before pulling out the needle, and then panting heavily.

The sweat has wetted the whole body.

He not only smiled bitterly, but he rushed in.

Anxious to eat hot tofu, this last shot, obviously the time is not ripe, the body can’t bear it.

It can only be given as a temporary emergency.

Forget it, let’s do it step by step.

Two more days passed.

In the past two days, a public opinion in Q City ( Qena City ) has been fired again.

The mysterious local tyrant who bought the emperor flower as the betrothal gift said that he would send out this stunning betrothal gift soon!

As a result, Q City ( Qena City ) had a lot of enthusiasm.

Everyone was eagerly looking forward to see which girl it was that got this high price.

When Feliicity heard this message, she felt agitated.

Offer gift!

Isn’t it just a bride price?

Is it worth the whole city to promote this thing!

If you preach, then preach, why do you put me in!

Wrong, many media guessed all the celebrities in Q City ( Qena City ) while speculating.

Here, it will naturally talk about some sky-high price dowry for weddings since Q City ( Qena City ) history.

Feliicity was teased again by the whole city as a negative textbook that had not been received by the offer.

Because Feliicity was already depressed by the concert, he was even more upset and irritated by the betrothal matters.

She was just about to go out to relax, when Rebeca came back.

Rebeca held the phone and looked at Wiliam with a mocking expression, but said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, did you watch the news just now? The person next to the local tyrant who bought the Emperor Flower revealed a shocking news!”

“This offer will be sent out in two days!”

Feliicity was taken aback.

Two days later?

Isn’t that your birthday?

Chapter 45

“Two days later, but it’s your birthday hahaha, did you think Wiliam hid a big surprise for you?” Rebeca said defiantly.

Feliicity became more chest tight when she heard it, “What’s up with me! Don’t bother me anymore!”

As Feliicity said, she went out to relax.

But Rebeca deliberately dangled in front of Wiliam, “You said, how can the gap between people and people be so big? It’s also a betrothal gift, a villa with a sky-high price, and a bargain, but it happened on the same day. Gee, this face is slapped.”

Wiliam suddenly smiled at Rebeca, “Really? Didn’t you just say, what if the emperor flower is my betrothal gift?”

Rebeca suddenly laughed, “Yo yo yo, your shameless look is really cute.”

She was thinking happily in her heart, there are still two days!

Two days later, you will get out of our white house for me!

Even Qing Summit personally took action to get you out of Q City ( Qena City ) completely!

For the birthday party, Rebeca has volunteered for the past two days.

And Feliicity didn’t have any questions because of his depression.

Anyway, this is not her birthday party, it’s just a grand show-faced party organized by the Bai family in the name of her birthday.

She also had no hope of what birthday present Wiliam would give her.

Two days after blinking.

In the evening, Rebeca suddenly returned home and said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, your birthday party is ready, you go with me soon.”

Feliicity raised her head and glanced at Rebeca, and said, “I’ll go with Wiliam, so why bother to come back.”

Rebeca gave a meaningful sneer, “Ho ho, am I afraid you won’t recognize the way?”

Feliicity’s heart was blocked.

Rebeca is afraid that he does not recognize the way!

It’s simply that I am afraid that I will not go to the birthday party, which will make them laugh at the name of the party!

Feliicity said coldly: “Okay, I know.”

She turned her head to Wiliam and said, “Wiliam, can you drive a car?”

Feliicity’s eyes were full of guilt for Wiliam.

She knew that Wiliam was also looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her.

In the end, it could only be so indifferent.

Wiliam smiled slightly, then got up and went out to drive.

Feliicity got in the car and asked, “Which hotel are we at?”

Rebeca in the back row said casually: “We are not in the hotel, but in a large suite at Yasongju.”

Feliicity frowned when she heard it.

No one holds a birthday party in someone else’s house.

She was about to speak, but she heard Wiliam shake the steering wheel, “All right.”

Feliicity’s eyes darkened, why did Wiliam have any doubts about this matter?

Why doesn’t he ask why he is not in the hotel?

At this time, Wiliam seemed to see through Feliicity’s thoughts and smiled and said: “There is nothing wrong, just going there too.”

Feliicity was suddenly speechless.

Rebeca in the back row sneered.

Along the way, there are billboards for Tao Li Chunfeng’s concert.

This made Feliicity’s mood even more depressed.

When the car arrived at Yasongju, Feliicity suddenly felt a little afraid to get off the car.

This place has become her heart disease.

Who doesn’t know, the mysterious local tyrant in Q City ( Qena City ) bought the emperor flower in Yasongju.

Still have to send it out today.

So today there must be crowds of people, just waiting for the onlookers to show up and give gifts.

Rebeca must have had his own intention to hold the birthday party there!

She even wanted to take this to bully Wiliam’s betrothal gift.

Feliicity thought all the way, but found that not far in front, there was a big screen covering the sky and the sun.

It seems to be a flower bud in bud.

Feliicity thought to herself, this Yasong House was still under construction, and they were anxious to organize the banquet here…

Rebeca smiled even more gloomy when seeing that many reporters were already in front of the Empress Flower Villa not far away.

She took Feliicity and Wiliam to a commercial house.

Feliicity looked up at the door, frowning.

An entire building, with lights and festoons on the door, and a large arch.

It’s as if someone held the wedding.

However, Ya Song Ju is not just opening…

But Rebeca walked in and pressed the elevator on the top floor.

When he reached the top floor, Feliicity’s expression became more solemn.

This top floor has one ladder and one household, with only one family.

The door of this house is also accompanied by a happy couplet, which seems to be a wedding.

Feliicity once suspected that she had gone wrong.

However, Rebeca pulled Feliicity in with one hand.

As soon as Feliicity entered, he saw Bai’s family, all sitting on the main table.

There are still nine tables empty, and no guests are present.

Feliicity couldn’t help asking Rebeca, “Mom! What do you mean!”

Rebeca said casually: “Hey, don’t we have to plan our lives? It happened that a friend lent this house to us for a banquet, and we didn’t have to spend any money. By the way, do you look at the house big? Do you like it?”

How could Feliicity believe Rebeca’s nonsense.

She looked around and saw that this house was a large house more than 180 square meters, and it looked really impressive.

Rebeca pulled Feliicity to the window again, and said triumphantly: “Look, we can see the opposite emperor flower from here, it’s clear, haha, I can just see today, which local tyrant gave the betrothal gift. “

Feliicity looked out, and sure enough, a magnificent villa, like a group of chickens, stood among the villas.

Standing where she is, you can even see the luxurious decoration inside the villa.

However, the corners of Rebeca’s mouth made Feliicity very upset.

Sure enough, I chose this place just to humiliate Wiliam!

She turned and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam was standing in place, looking solitary.

Feliicity felt a pain, and went to the main table after pulling Wiliam.

But at this time, Chen Shuyun yelled coldly: “Feliicity, come and sit here, hey, find a place to sit anywhere.”

Feliicity flushed with anger when she heard it, “Grandma, this is my husband! Besides, isn’t there still an empty place?”

Chen Shuyun said coldly: “He must own the empty space?”

Feliicity still wanted to talk, but was stopped by Wiliam, “Forget it, I’ll go sit next to it, by the way, leave me a table, and some of my friends will come over too.”

Chen Shuyun smiled ho ho, “No problem, anyway, where you sit, no one will sit today.”

Feliicity was taken aback by this.

And Wiliam patted Feliicity’s head and walked to the corner table.

Seeing Wiliam wronged so much, the guilt in Feliicity’s heart exploded.

After a while, guests came one after another.

These people were all bosses in Q City ( Qena City ), and they were considered to be decent figures, but Feliicity was a little surprised.

The identity of these bosses is much higher than that of the Bai family.

I don’t communicate much with the Bai family. Why do they come?

But when Feliicity saw that the other tables were full, there was only one person at Wiliam’s table, and she couldn’t help feeling sour. She felt that Wiliam was a bit pitiful…

Just when she wanted to go to Wiliam’s side, a person wearing a pure white dress and holding a large bouquet of flowers walked in.


“Feliicity, happy birthday!”

Chapter 46 DR Diamond Ring

Fernando was holding flowers with a smile on his face.

For this day, he held back for too long!

Now, it’s time to harvest!

Suddenly he picked up a delicate box from the bunch of flowers, opened the box, revealing a dazzling diamond ring.

When everyone saw the diamond ring, they were immediately shocked.

“Wow! Isn’t this the hottest DR diamond ring this year? According to legend, you can only buy one in a lifetime. Such a big one is estimated to be hundreds of thousands!”

“This Fernando looks so infatuated, Feliicity is really lucky.”

“If someone gave me a diamond ring, let alone a birthday gift, it was an engagement ring, I would marry him on the spot.”

The people around looked at Feliicity with envy.

However, their eyes made Feliicity feel a fierce torment.

Diamond ring…

She looked around again, the room was red.

Her head bounced, it turned out that it was like this!

Rebeca stood beside Feliicity and stabbed her in the arm, “Hurry up! This is a great gift!”

However, Feliicity suddenly picked up the diamond ring and threw it out fiercely.

The shining diamond ring dinged on the ground and rolled to the corner.

Rebeca was so angry that he beat Feliicity directly, “What are you doing! This is a diamond ring of hundreds of thousands. What if you break it!”

“Take it! Take it yourself! Wear it, wear it yourself! If you want to get married, you will marry him!” Feliicity said coldly.

When Fernando saw this scene, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes.

“Feliicity, why can’t you accept my love, you know, I love you!” Fernando said irritably.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam who was not far away and said, “Wiliam will naturally give me what I want. I don’t need another man to give it.”

When Fernando heard this, he sneered, “It’s so nice, okay, then I would like to know what birthday present Wiliam will give you. As long as the things he gives are more valuable than me, I will kill myself on the spot!”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, suddenly feeling very worried.

Just now, she was just short of breath, so she said casually…

If Lu Yezhen prepares a gift, wouldn’t it make him more embarrassed?

Wiliam said calmly at this time: “The gift I gave to my wife is a flower and a gust of wind. Besides, it’s fine for her to know it alone, and you don’t deserve to know it.”

This sentence made everyone present burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, a flower, a gust of wind. What a unique gift. The other meaning is to send air?”

“It’s hilarious. It’s obviously that I didn’t dare to take it out, because I was afraid of being beaten on the spot. It’s a grandson, and I still pretend to be an uncle here.”

“I guess it’s not prepared at all, so I’m simply stunned to the end.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam’s eyes, and suddenly apologized again.

Sorry, Wiliam, I didn’t mean to…

She forcibly endured her dissatisfaction with everyone, and said firmly, “As long as Wiliam treats me well, that’s enough.”

Rebeca and Chen Shuyun looked at each other at this time, and said, “Okay! This matter has been coaxed for so long, so we will make it clear in person today while so many people are here! Feliicity, Wiliam, you give it to me Listen!”

Chen Shuyun stood up and pointed to Wiliam first.

“In the past few years, you ate for nothing in our Bai family, what have we said?”

“Ten years, even a dog knows how to be grateful.”

“It is because of you that our Bai family suffered a complete decline. Especially a while ago, you betrayed our Bai family and caused catastrophic losses to our Bai family. Did I say anything!”

“This is what you owe the Bai family. Now, there is a chance that you can compensate the Bai family. Why can’t you let the Feliicity go!”

“Do you not know Fernando’s affection for Feliicity? Okay, my old lady will simply pick up the matter.”

“Today, Fernando came to propose to Feliicity! This diamond ring of hundreds of thousands is a marriage proposal ring! And the house where everyone is now is his betrothal gift to Feliicity! Add up to nearly three million!”

When everyone heard this, they were in an uproar!

“It turns out that Fernando gave this house to Feliicity! It’s really generous!”

“Isn’t security the most important thing for a woman? Why don’t you marry a man who is so infatuated?”

Feliicity was also taken aback, and his face suddenly froze.

A kind of misery fills my heart.

The house, the house again!

Chen Shuyun continued: “Wiliam, you see now, what do you compare with Fernando!”

“You got married, did you give a dowry gift? Today is her birthday, what about your gift!”

“Not to mention, today the mysterious local tyrant who bought the emperor flower is about to announce who the flower will be. It is also a man. Also today, the man shocked the Quartet, but you are unrelenting. Don’t you feel ashamed! “

“You also know that Feliicity’s house has already been sold. In two days, the landlord will come to collect the house! Do you really have the heart to let Feliicity follow you to be displaced and sleep on the streets!”

“Okay! Even if you bear it! My old lady can’t bear it, I’m kneeling for you!”

“Please, divorce Feliicity, OK! Give her freedom, she should have deserved a better life!”

After all, Chen Shuyun really knelt down to Wiliam under the eyes of everyone.

This scene scared everyone stupid.

And Feliicity suddenly felt a terrible sadness in her heart.

Grandma, why are you doing this!

You look down on Wiliam, you don’t want us to be together!

What do you mean by kneeling now!

It was morality kidnapping Wiliam!

Everyone looked at Wiliam, and they seemed to be angry!

“This beast is inferior! Is it still a man! Actually let grandma kneel down!”

“The law of heaven is not allowed! This kind of person should have gotten out of Bai’s house long ago! Chen Shuyun is really well-intentioned, but she just wronged herself…”

With a sound of accusation, Feliicity’s eyes instantly turned red.

Wiliam, has been forced to go up to Liangshan, it is difficult to ride a tiger!

Will he be kidnapped and succumb…

At this time, Wiliam spoke.

He looked at Chen Shuyun coldly, the anger in his heart was already burning.

This old shy guy!

“Even if you knock your head torn apart, I won’t divorce Feliicity. You have to die.” Wiliam said coldly.

The colder he is, the more angry people around him will be!

Chen Shuyun’s retreat for advancement actually forced Wiliam into the abyss!

“This trash, I really can’t stand it! I really want to beat him!”

“Obviously I’m just a soft meal, and I’m still addicted now. Do you really want to wipe the bones and suck the bones of the Bai family before you are willing to eat it! It is almost annihilating humanity!”

“The Bai family is really pitiful, so there is such a white-eyed wolf and vampire!”

Feliicity watched Wiliam bear the criticism from the crowd, but still firmly refused to abandon herself, tears burst into her eyes!

You guys don’t understand anything!

Do you know what kind of person Wiliam is!

You just listen to the words of your family and drive Wiliam into the boundless hell. You are the worst evil person!

Feliicity wanted to come forward and hug Wiliam, who looked lonely but stubborn, but was stopped by Rebeca.

Rebeca looked at Wiliam coldly, but then threw a few photos to Feliicity.

“Feliicity, Feliicity, are you really moved by his silly infatuation? Take a look for yourself!”

“He was carrying you a long time ago and went hooking up with other women!”

Chapter 47-Welcome, my emperor

When Feliicity saw the photo, his head bounced!

In the photo, Wiliam got on a luxury car.

The driving woman, although she covered her face, can still tell that she has a graceful figure and a beautiful curve…

Everyone gathered around, seeing the photo, and was once again angry!

“A beast! He is not only a white-eyed wolf! A vampire! He is also a slave of the three surnames! Who eats the Bai family and drinks the Bai family, who occupies Feliicity, the most beautiful woman in the city, is still not satisfied! He dare to go out and hook up. !”

“This kid, because of the righteous words that I said just now, I have already gone to other places to eat soft rice.”

“Ho ho, a man of skill, of course, has to choose more soft rice to eat. If the Bai family doesn’t let him eat anymore, he will not starve to death.”

Wiliam took a look at the photo and said to Feliicity, amid all the criticism, “If I say, this is a birthday present I prepared for you, do you believe it?”

Feliicity was taken aback, birthday present?

The crowd became even more angry when they heard it, “Ho ho, birthday present? This kid, who is so stiff after being caught cheating, there is no cure!”

“What is a gift? This luxury car? Or this woman? It’s just full of nonsense! Such waste should be smashed into the pig cage!”

Wiliam looked around coldly, “Yes, this woman is my birthday present, do you have any comments?”

His words are cold, his eyes are like stars!

Feliicity watched Wiliam’s rhetoric, but she didn’t know why, and her heart moved.

“I believe you!”

In a word, everyone was dumb again!

“Crazy! Both of them are crazy!”

“You guys! Good! It’s just a couple of dog men and women! Feliicity, I’ll ask you again!” Chen Shuyun was shaking with anger!

“Just take a look at these few days! The whole city is talking about our Bai family!”

“Why can some people give their beloved woman an emperor flower as a bride price today!”

“And some people get married and don’t even have a betrothal gift! Don’t you feel wronged!”

“It’s been three years, our Bai family, we have tormented in this voice every year! Don’t you think about it for our Bai family!”

“In a moment, the real owner of that emperor flower will show up, don’t you feel pitiful!”

“In this comparison, do you dare to say that you have no complaints!”

“Whenever you have a slight move or dissatisfaction! You are unfaithful and unclean to Wiliam! Do you dare to say that you are not! With this unfaithfulness and uncleanness, your feelings are no longer pure, you know! This divorce is sooner or later? thing!”

Feliicity initially dismissed Chen Shuyun’s words, but when she heard the last sentence, her body trembled violently.

A little moved, I seem to have been moved by the Emperor Flower…

Is it really infidelity?

Seeing Feliicity’s face changed drastically, Chen Shuyun continued to scold, “I’ll talk about Fernando again.”

“A shot is a dowry gift of three million. He has love for you, and the world can learn from it!”

“Saving my Bai family several times, this time I took advantage of the opportunity of the Lin family and the Li family to start a joint venture to transfer us 10 million orders. He is righteous to the Bai family and everyone knows it!”

“A good man who is sentimental and righteous, you dismiss it, but refuses to let go of a white-eyed wolf. You are simply a lard!”

After listening, everyone also started to aim at Feliicity.

Feliicity’s heart trembled, but she didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t know what to say! Okay, then I’ll say one more thing! As long as you feel that you have a clear conscience, you are free today!” Chen Shuyun took advantage of the situation.

“You got sick a while ago, and your life is hanging by a thread. If Fernando hadn’t saved you, would you still have a chance to stand here and talk! He is your lifesaver, so you really, don’t have any guilt! Your conscience? , Have you been eaten by a dog!”

This sentence pushed Feliicity to the cusp of the storm again.

Feliicity looked at Chen Shuyun griefly, “He saved my life, and I am grateful to him, but why must I promise to repay him!”

“Ho ho, then you say, you have no money, no job, no house, what do you take to report Fernando? This heavy life-saving grace has weighed our entire Bai family out of breath, you know! If you still have a conscience, please, let the Bai family breathe a sigh of relief! Must I kneel down for you again!” Chen Shuyun is aggressive.

Hearing this, Feliicity’s face became stiff, and she burst into tears!

Damn it!

Why is this…

Why do you want to force me like this again and again!

it is good!


I still!

She stood up suddenly and gave a sad laugh.

“Wiliam, I’m sorry, I owe someone my life, I now…”

“Give it back!”

When Feliicity said this, there was a trace of tragic and determination in his eyes. When everyone was stunned, he broke a goblet!

She pierced the broken cup into her throat fiercely!

However, her hand was immediately caught by Wiliam.

When Chen Shuyun saw this scene, she sneered, “Give me the act! Okay! You can kill yourself on the spot if you have it! Even if my old woman convinces you, you have the backbone!”

Feliicity was trembling with anger, looked at Wiliam, and shouted out: “Let me die! Let me die! I owe him my life! I will bear such a sin in my life! Wiliam, I don’t want to be like this! “

However, Wiliam hugged Feliicity in his arms, and said softly, “I will give you a satisfactory answer in a while.”

Rebeca couldn’t help seeing this anymore!

She stood up, suddenly slapped, and slapped Feliicity fiercely!


Loud slap, resounding through the audience!

Rebeca was angry and unbearable. Finally, he stared at them both with bitter eyes and said: “Since you two are so stubborn, then I don’t have to sympathize with you!”

She suddenly took out two small green notebooks and threw them in front of Feliicity, “I have used the relationship long ago to help you divorce.”

Feliicity looked at the two green books, opened it, and his head bounced!

The whole person is stupid!

Divorce certificate!

My own mother!

Carrying myself, secretly went to the divorce!

“So, today’s wine is not only your birthday party, the divorce party between you and that stinky boy, but also the wedding party between you and Xianfeng Fernando! It’s the housewarming party for our Bai family! Four happy birthdays, this wine, you You have to drink, and you have to drink if you don’t!” Rebeca said strongly.

Feliicity stared at Rebeca, and for the first time in more than 20 years, a trace of indifference appeared in her eyes.

She suddenly smiled.

Laughing sadly!

Is the divorce certificate?

She severely tore up the two divorce certificates!

“I tell you, if you can leave once, I can take Wiliam to knot once!”

“Even if the threshold of the marriage registry is broken, we will not hesitate!”

Feliicity burst into tears, but his tone was extremely firm!

“Ho ho, do you think you still get married? I can help you divorce, and naturally, let you marry others!” Rebeca said viciously.

These words made Feliicity tremble all over!

She looked at Fernando.

Fernando’s smile remained the same, but in his eyes, there was a bit of sullen bird of prey!

“Feliicity, I wanted to tell you later, hey, but I really like you so much. You see, we have received the certificate…” Fernando pretended to be infatuated.

But his words were interrupted mercilessly by the Feliicity!

“so what!”

Four words, extremely firm!

“My relationship with Wiliam can be proved by two certificates!”

“My relationship with him is proved in every eye contact for ten years!”

“Prove in every word for ten years!”

“Ten years ago, he gave up his life for me to prove it!”

“Who do you think you are!”

After speaking, Feliicity stood up, looked at Wiliam, and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Wiliam, I never thought I could do this for you…”

Wiliam smiled at this time.

Obviously they are the two most desolate people in the field, but at this moment, they bloomed the most beautiful smiles for each other.

“Feliicity, I am leaving now, will you follow?” Wiliam said suddenly.

Feliicity didn’t even look at the Bai family this time, and nodded, “Follow!”

“You go to the end of the world, let me follow!”

“When you go to the sea of ​​fire, I will follow!”

“I am dependent on you!”

Wiliam nodded in satisfaction, pulled Feliicity, and left the scene in strides!

But the Bai family was so angry at this scene that they jumped together!

“Okay! You are gone, don’t come back forever! From now on, there is no money, no house, no work, don’t come to our Bai family! Let’s continue drinking! The bride is not here, the groom is here! I’m Chen Shuyun and I only recognize Fernando. Grandson-in-law!”

After Feliicity and Wiliam walked out, they suddenly gasped.

Those words just now exhausted her courage and strength in this life.

She was held by Wiliam, feeling the warmth of her palm, she suddenly chuckled.

Wiliam turned around, “What are you laughing at?”

“Laughing that we are really a pair of fateful mandarin ducks. Now, I really don’t have money, work, and house, and I don’t want to look for a job for the time being because I’m in a bad mood. Then, we got divorced and couldn’t remarry. , I’ll just be your junior. So, you have to raise me for a long, long time.” Feliicity suddenly realized that with Wiliam is the most correct choice in this life.

Even if you betray the whole world, as long as he is there, you can still laugh unscrupulously.

Wiliam touched Feliicity’s head distressedly, “Just now, I wronged you. Well, I will support you for the rest of my life.”

Feliicity gave Wiliam a blank look, and suddenly stretched out her small hand, pouting her mouth, “My birthday present! If you dare to say that if you have me, I will fight with you on the spot!”

Wiliam also got serious at this time. He pointed to a building in front of him, and asked inexplicably, “Are you envious of the emperor flower before?”

Feliicity saw that they had come to this luxurious imperial villa without realizing it.

She looked at Wiliam, wrinkled her nose, and deliberately said with jealousy: “Envy, envy is dead! Today it is all caused by this broken emperor flower. But now she has no money and no home. Going back, I really want to be hidden by that mysterious big man Jin Wu for a lifetime! Okay!”

Wiliam smiled suddenly, smiling softly and domineeringly.

“Then, as you wish!”

He took Feliicity’s hand and walked towards the gate of the Empress Flower, then took out a key and handed it to Feliicity.

“This is your birthday present and my dowry gift.”

“a flower!

“Welcome, my emperor…”

Chapter 48

“The bride price?” Feliicity was dumbfounded on the spot.

Wiliam smiled with a hint of apology, “Well, the bride price, the bride price is three years late.”

Feliicity’s head burst!

This emperor flower is actually his own dowry!

The flower he just mentioned casually is not a real flower, but the one in front of him…

The emperor flower!

This is probably the most luxurious flower in the world!

It’s too shocking!

“Are you serious?” Feliicity’s hands trembled while holding the delicate key.

Wiliam nodded, “If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll know if you go up and open the door.”

In Feliicity’s heart, stormy waves were set off!

The emperor flower, this peerless mansion that caught the eyes of the entire Q City ( Qena City ) people, was actually a betrothal gift from Wiliam.

No matter how you look at it, it’s so unreal…

Feliicity was pulled by Wiliam and stood in front of the door, her hand stretched out towards the emperor flower.

At this time, several reporters wandering around the Emperor Flower saw it, and suddenly exclaimed!

These reporters have been here since the morning.

They didn’t care about seeing Wiliam and Feliicity coming just now.

Now, seeing Feliicity actually going to open the door of the Emperor’s Flower, they were shocked.

One of the reporters happened to participate in the new product release meeting of Genuine Care Medical Center. She walked forward in shock and stopped Feliicity with one hand.

She still remembered Wiliam’s voice for reporters at that time, so she had a good impression of Wiliam.

She quickly said: “Mr. Lu, what are you doing? Everyone is staring at this villa now. You and your wife are the negative core of this storm of public opinion. I know you might be out of curiosity. , But I advise you, don’t touch this emperor flower, otherwise you may not know how tomorrow’s headline will spray you.”

Feliicity’s hand trembled.

Yes, if people know that they actually want to open the door of the emperor flower, the consequences are simply disastrous!

However, Wiliam smiled at the female reporter and said, “Thank you, but I can tell you now that this emperor flower belongs to Feliicity.”

In a word, the reporters present were dumbfounded!

They stay here just to wait for the master of the emperor flower.

Now, I was told that the owner of the emperor flower is Feliicity?

In shock, they all forgot to record such an explosive message!

Wiliam gently held Feliicity’s hand and put the key in.


A slight sound, but like a thunder, resounded through everyone’s ears!



Feliicity’s eyes widened!

The door of the emperor flower seemed to be really open for oneself.

She held the key in her hand and flushed with excitement!

The reporters were just about to surround themselves, but they were rejected by Wiliam, “I’m sorry, I just want to spend a birthday with my wife, thank you.”

Having said that, he pulled the reluctant Feliicity and walked into the door.

As soon as I entered the gate, I saw the decoration of a pastoral petty bourgeoisie, and Feliicity’s heart beat wildly.

Looking at Wiliam, she felt like a world away. All of this was too unreal!

Obviously just now, there was nothing left to be displaced.

But in the blink of an eye, she stood inside the mansion in Q City ( Qena City ), enjoying the extravagant romance that belonged to her and Wiliam!

Her eyes suddenly reddened again, and she remembered many things before.

Before, when the emperor flower was first bought, the buyer left a sentence indicating that this villa was used as a bride price, and said that our home has always been in front of you!

A few days ago, when Rebeca mocked Wiliam with the emperor flower, Wiliam joked that in case he bought this emperor flower…

At that time, no one believed.

In the first two days, the buyer announced that he would give out the emperor flower today.

The same birthday, the same day dowry.

In this world, how can there be so many coincidences.

This emperor flower is really a birthday gift and dowry from Wiliam!

Thinking of this, she looked at Wiliam’s eyes, suddenly lost.

How much effort did he put in for himself…

“Wiliam, let me ask you, where did you get the money to buy the emperor flower?” Feliicity asked in a choked voice.

Wiliam said softly, “I was a big help at Genuine Care Medical Center a while ago.”

At this time, Feliicity was taken aback, and immediately guessed: “Could it be that Li Chunfeng signed the Genuine Care Medical Center? Then you helped a lot, and Melissa loaned you money?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “I think so.”

In a word, Feliicity was even more moved.

This silly husband.

Why are you still obsessed with the bride price?

“What if we can’t pay the money you borrowed?” Feliicity asked weakly.

Wiliam looked at her, gently touched her head, and joked: “Then I will withdraw this house?”

Feliicity immediately felt like stepping on a cat’s tail, “Don’t don’t! Today is my birthday, you dare to make me unhappy to try! I don’t care, I will be willful today, I want to retire you secretly carrying me tomorrow Retreat, not today.”

Feliicity had only one thought in her mind.

Today is my birthday, even if there is only one day, I can enjoy this warm feeling, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it…

Wiliam pulled Feliicity and started walking around, asking Feliicity if she liked it.

How can Feliicity not like it, the decoration style of this villa fits her taste too much.

After a round of appreciation, she suddenly said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, don’t tell your grandma about borrowing money to buy a villa, okay? Her person, if you know you’re borrowing money to show off, she might be embarrassed. you.”

Wiliam nodded, without speaking.

And at this moment, on Fernando’s side.

The atmosphere was embarrassing, everyone looked at Fernando and Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun’s eyes became extremely cold!

Those two ignorant things!

Chen Shuyun caught a glimpse of Fernando’s expression about to explode, and bit the bullet and explained: “Fernando, don’t worry about this matter, everything is still under our control.”

“The two dogs now have no money, no job, no family anymore. The world is so big, where can they go? Feliicity doesn’t look at her stubbornness, but she’s been spoiled since she was a child, and she definitely can’t stand the suffering. , So she will leave Wiliam and switch to your embrace sooner or later.”

Rebeca also helped to say: “Yes, that girl is just a momentary fascination. When she really suffers, she will know who can bring her lifelong happiness, Fernando, this matter, our entire Bai family is standing by you. By the way, what are you afraid of? Besides, they have been divorced legally. I promised you about this before. Now you should also see our Bai family’s attitude towards you.”

Fernando looked at the people of the Bai family with disdain in his heart.

These clowns are not trying to cling to my Lin family.

Feliicity, I must get you!

Thinking of this, he walked to the window, trying to get through this depressed air.

But as soon as he walked to the window, his eyes floated to the emperor flower opposite without realizing it.

At a glance, he seemed to be struck by lightning, completely dull!

He pointed at the emperor flower in amazement, and his voice became trembling!

“Why! Those two people will be in the emperor flower!”

Chapter 49

The Bai family was still immersed in the anger of Wiliam and Feliicity leaving, but for a while they couldn’t hear what Qing Feng said.

“Fernando, what did you say?” Rebeca asked.

Fernando seemed to be crazy, and roared: “Look! Why did the two of them appear in the emperor flower!”

Now everyone heard clearly!

One by one, his eyes flickered with confusion, all squeezed towards the window!

I saw Wiliam and Feliicity cuddling on the sofa in the Emperor Flower Villa, one smiling softly, the other sweet and sweet.

The heads of the Bai family blew up!

The Emperor Flower is definitely an unspeakable heart disease for the Bai family!

Thinking of the emperor flower, they thought of Wiliam’s unshakable betrothal gift to Feliicity.

Now, seeing the two of them actually appearing in the emperor flower, all eyes were straight.

Rebeca immediately yelled in shock: “Damn! They must have been humiliated by us just now, so they are unbalanced. I don’t know how to sneak into the emperor flower. Let’s go! Let’s go over! I don’t believe it. I can’t tear that hypocrite’s face today!”

A word makes everyone wake up like a dream.

Indeed, Wiliam and Feliicity now have nothing, and they are not even qualified to appear in the emperor flower.

They were even more unlikely to think that the emperor flower was sent by Wiliam.

It’s a fantasy at all.

So there is only one possibility left, that is, they sneaked in.

The feelings of the Bai family at this moment are beyond words of grief and anger!

If others were to know that they appeared in the emperor flower, then the precarious reputation of the Bai family would be completely annihilated in the verbal criticism of public opinion.

A group of people hurriedly rushed to the Empress Flower Villa.

Seeing a large wave of reporters looking inside at the door, the Bai family’s heads blasted!

It’s still too late!

I was caught by the reporter!

These two people are simply sinners of the Bai family!

The reporters didn’t dare to go in because they were not allowed, but when they saw the Bai family coming over, all their eyes suddenly glowed.

They shouted up and surrounded the Bai family, the microphones were about to be stuffed into Chen Shuyun’s mouth.

“Hello, Ms. Chen, I want to interview you. Just now we saw Feliicity and Wiliam enter this villa, and said that this villa is Feliicity, is this true?”

When Chen Shuyun heard this, the blue veins on her face burst out of anger, and she cursed directly: “Those two are crazy! Shameless! If this villa is Feliicity, I will eat it on the spot! You all get off! I’ll go in and get those two bastards out.”

After speaking, Chen Shuyun pushed aside the reporter and angrily stepped into the gate of the emperor flower.

When the reporters heard Chen Shuyun’s rude attitude, their expressions became ugly.

Wiliam frowned when the Bai family came over.

Feliicity wanted to get up, but was held down by Wiliam.

Chen Shuyun looked at the two people who were still sitting on the sofa leisurely, and directly cursed: “You are shameless! I know you hold a grudge against the Bai family! But you can’t use this method to shame the Bai family again! You are so utterly conscience!”

Wiliam said in a cold voice, “Why are we so utterly deprived?”

Rebeca immediately yelled: “You sneaked into this villa, leaving our Bai family completely exposed to the eyes of the reporters. They must think how much our Bai family is greedy for vanity…”

“Isn’t it?” Wiliam asked back.

In a word, Rebeca was so choked that he could not speak!

“You guys can’t get off!” Chen Shuyun asked coldly.

“If you want to get out, you get out.” Wiliam’s voice was even colder.

“Okay! You asked for this! Call the security guard over immediately! Get them out!” Chen Shuyun shouted.

Fernando glanced at Wiliam deeply, and then ran out.

In the field, it was in a stalemate.

After a while, two security guards hurried over.

Chen Shuyun immediately recounted the situation at the scene, and finally said: “Comrade Security, I’m really sorry, this matter is completely irrelevant to our Bai family. It is these two people who broke into the private house without shame.”

When the security guard heard this, his face suddenly became serious.

This emperor flower is their biggest selling point.

Today is the highlight of the city.

If you let the media know that someone is breaking into the emperor’s flower today, then they, security guards, don’t mix up.

The security guard immediately shouted: “You two, come with me right away.”

Feliicity’s heart shuddered.

Wiliam said coldly: “You don’t want to verify, who owns the property rights of this emperor flower now?”

The security guard saw that Wiliam had no fear, and he was a little bit frightened.

They immediately took out their mobile phones and asked about the ownership of the emperor flower.

And Rebeca, who was on the side, smiled contemptuously, “Ho ho, will the heart not die until the Yellow River? This emperor flower is a cat or a dog, and it will not belong to both of you! The humiliation you impose on the Bai family today , We will definitely get it back!”

All the Bai family stared at Wiliam with angry eyes.

At this time, the security guard hung up the phone and looked at Wiliam.

His voice seemed a little shocked, “You, who is Feliicity?”

Everyone was taken aback.

Feliicity stood up and said weakly, “I am.”

The security guard looked at Feliicity, suddenly took a deep breath, and said loudly, “The property right of this house belongs to Feliicity.”

In a word, like thunder!

The explosion made the scene silent!

The emperor flower is really Feliicity!


how can that be!

She was obviously useless, she was already a dog driven out by the Bai family.

How could she have an emperor flower!

“Security, did you make a mistake! Check it out for me before you come and talk to me.” Chen Shuyun shouted immediately.

But the security guard said coldly at this time: “If you don’t believe it, you can check it yourself. Now we have confirmed the property rights. They don’t have private houses. On the contrary, it is you, one by one. Are you here to make trouble? “

The Bai family was dumbfounded on the spot.

Chen Shuyun’s tone suddenly softened, “Um, there may be some misunderstanding, we are a family with them…”

Wiliam said at this time: “You go out first, thank you.”

The security nodded respectfully, and then left.

At the scene, there was a shocked look.

Everyone can’t believe or believe that the property rights of the emperor flower belong to Feliicity!

It is like a wild dog, which should have been cast aside by the world, but transformed into a dragon and tiger!

The strong contrast made the scene silent!

But at this time, outside the door, the exclamation of those reporters suddenly sounded!

“Damn! The friend of the former emperor flower buyer once again released a statement that this emperor flower is really a betrothal gift to Feliicity of the Bai family!”

Chapter 50

When Rebeca heard this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and went to see the city news.

Sure enough, on the headline, an extremely hot news has been published!

“The property rights of the emperor flower are announced! The stunning betrothal gifts are coming! Q City ( Qena City )! Feliicity!”

This rhetorical piece of information is bombing the field again!

The eyes of everyone looking at Feliicity all changed.

She was originally a sweet girl from Q City ( Qena City ), but she was willing to marry a trash.

But today, the beautiful girl is reborn from Nirvana! Ascend to Q City ( Qena City ) again!

The emperor flower! Feliicity!

The mansion with beauties is a complete mess.

The Bai family looked at Feliicity with mixed feelings in their hearts!

Just now, I was still inferior, and now I have jumped and become a master!

Just relying on this emperor flower, her value has already surpassed everyone in the Bai family!

Not to mention, behind her, there seemed to be an extremely mysterious local tyrant and noble son.

She is no longer a woman that the Bai family can bully.

And Fernando’s face is even harder to see the extreme!

He had only spent nearly three million dollars to get Feliicity a house and a diamond ring.

I thought that such a handwriting was enough to shock Feliicity.

Unexpectedly, she had just been kicked out by the Bai family’s ridicule on her front foot, and the carp jumped directly on the back foot!

The 20 million emperor flower, and his own 3 million bride price.

In comparison, I was simply turned into a scum!

With this imperial flower, how could Feliicity marry herself!


Who the hell is it! Standing behind Feliicity!

Feliicity, the party concerned, was even more in a trance, clutching Wiliam’s hand tightly.

She originally thought that Wiliam borrowed money to buy the house, and his name should be on the real estate certificate.

Unexpectedly, there is only one person’s name!

A deep move filled my heart, and her eyes were extremely red.

Wiliam’s love for her was expressed clearly and vividly at this moment!

Lost the East, reap the mulberry.

The feeling of going from hell to heaven made Feliicity a little lost.

The most sad and angry person at the scene was Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun’s face was beyond embarrassment!

Just now he vowed to belittle Feliicity to nothing, and even ranted in front of reporters.

Now, the bloody fact, like a violent slap in the face, slapped her into a trance.

Feliicity seemed to hug her thighs.

This thigh is beyond the reach of the Bai family!

It may even be more noble than the Lin family!

Chen Shuyun’s only idea now is how to keep Feliicity.

This is no longer as simple as an emperor flower.

Offending Feliicity is tantamount to offending the rich man behind her.

“Have you seen enough? If you see enough, please go back.” Feliicity said suddenly.

She looked at the complicated eyes of the Bai family, and felt an incomparable disgust in her heart.

If you are cheap, you will step on it;

The Bai family has long been no longer the harmonious and friendly Bai family.

It becomes disgusting!

Chen Shuyun lifted his spirits, took a deep look at Feliicity, her tone suddenly became closer, “Feliicity, what are you talking about? Today is your birthday, and your birthday party hasn’t started yet. We are a family. Well.”

Chen Shuyun has only one thought in her heart, no matter what the cost, she must keep Feliicity at Bai’s house!

Maybe the Bai family will rise strongly in Q City ( Qena City ) because of this move today!

“Birthday? I just want to spend it with Wiliam alone.” Feliicity said decisively.

Chen Shuyun looked angry!

If it is normal, how dare Feliicity speak to herself in this tone.

It’s really a person who can ascend to heaven alone!

This little bitch!

“Well, Feliicity, don’t be angry. The previous thing was that we were wrong. We are also considering you. Since you have a better choice, we should bless you more, right?” Chen Shuyun said this and looked strangely. A glance at Wiliam.

She didn’t know why Wiliam was still standing here like an affair.

You know, this emperor flower is a betrothal gift from others to Feliicity.

This is equivalent to someone wearing a green hat for Wiliam in front of the entire city.

If it were ordinary people, they would have been out of anger a long time ago.

But it happened that he still looked as if nothing had happened.

However, Chen Shuyun immediately figured it out.

This guy is useless. It is estimated that the wish of this life is to eat food. He doesn’t care about the green hat at all, and he might even be complacent about having better soft food in the future.

Ho ho, lowly man!

Chen Shuyun glanced at Rebeca on the side.

Rebeca immediately came up and said flatly, “Daughter, today is your birthday. Everyone should be happy. Well, I suggest that you just hold the birthday party here. Anyway, stay close. A few tables, just move over.”

After all, Rebeca didn’t care about the three seven twenty-one, and directly took out the phone and asked people to bring the tables, chairs, and other ingredients.

When Feliicity heard this, his face flushed with anger!

These shameless people!

I humiliated myself coldly just now, and now I still have the face to host the birthday party here!

She was about to refute, but was held back by Wiliam.

She glanced at Wiliam in surprise.

Wiliam smiled and said, “There is nothing wrong, right here.”

Feliicity opened her mouth, but suddenly saw that Wiliam’s eyes became extremely cruel!

“I remember the humiliation they imposed on you just now! It just so happens that everyone is there, revenge!”

In a word, Feliicity completely shut up.

At this moment, Wiliam was filled with an inaccessible coldness!

It seems that all my grievances just now have been magnified countless times and imposed on him…

What is he going to do?

When the people on the side saw Wiliam actually persuade Feliicity to admit his counsel, the ridicule in his eyes was overflowing.

Really a soft rice king, this green hat, can you bear this tone?

It is a wonderful work that can be recorded in the annals of history!

At this time, there was already a group of people who moved in all tables and chairs.

They moved quickly and quickly re-arranged tables and chairs in the hall.

Chen Shuyun looked at the house, the more she looked at it, the more she liked it, and she couldn’t help but feel a strange thought.

She watched the table and chairs set up, and immediately walked to the main table, and greeted Feliicity, “Feliicity, come and sit together, you sit next to me.”

Feliicity glanced at her in disgust, then pulled the landing leaf and sat down at the corner table.

Chen Shuyun’s face stiffened, and his heart was burning with anger!

Little bitch who doesn’t know how to praise! I can think of you before letting you sit next to me, dare you not appreciate it!

I will clean up you sooner or later!

Feliicity sat in the corner with Wiliam, and asked in a low voice, “Wiliam, sit here, I am wronged.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “No, wherever you sit, where is the attention.”

“You don’t want to be so mean.” Feliicity didn’t believe it a hundred.

At this time, there was another uproar at the door.

A reporter shouted in horror: “Look! Isn’t that the old man Li Muhe, Q City ( Qena City )? Why did he come to the emperor!”


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