Dragon Husband Chapter 51 – 60

Chapter 51-Li Muhe in Q City ( Qena City )

Li Muhe?

Li Muhe, one of the two most respected and respected in Q City ( Qena City ) along with Harper?

Upon hearing this, the Bai family suddenly fought a cold war together!

To the Bai family, Li Muhe is simply the supreme existence!

The Bai family is in Q City ( Qena City ), but now they can’t even talk about a third-rate family.

Kneeling and licking Fernando and their second-rate family.

Not to mention the Li family.

Li Muhe actually came to the emperor to spend!

Everyone hurried to the door!

When the reporters outside saw that it was really Li Muhe, their eyes burst into flames!

Li Muhe has long since returned to Q City ( Qena City ) in recent years, and rarely appears in front of the public.

A while ago, it was rumored that he was seriously ill and could only lie in bed all day.

Now, he actually appeared here.

Suddenly, dazzling flashes shot towards Li Muhe.

Li Muhe was full of energy, and his mood was quite good.

As he walked towards the emperor flower, he took the initiative to nod and greet the reporters with a smile.

The reporters were even more stunned.

In everyone’s impression, Li Muhe has always been a serious look with a serious face. Now, is he so amiable?

Has the world changed?

A reporter couldn’t help but brace himself and asked Mr. Xiang Li: “Hello Mr. Li, I heard that you were still in bed a while ago, why today…”

Li Muhe heard this with a hint of excitement in his eyes. He sighed and said, “Yeah, I thought my life was dead, but fortunately, I met a genius doctor who helped me to stand in front of everyone. .”

“The genius doctor?” Everyone was stunned, “I don’t know which genius doctor Li is talking about?”

Li Muhe sold it at this time. After all, when Wiliam left before, he had explained that he did not want to reveal his identity.

He said casually: “Well, when the time is right, I will naturally tell everyone.”

“Excuse me, Lao Li, are you here for the emperor flower?” the reporters asked again.

“Well, that’s right. Okay, I’m going in first.” Li Muhe pushed aside the reporter and walked towards the emperor flower again.

When Bai Jiaxiaxia and Fernando heard that Li Muhe was really coming here, their faces showed great excitement!

Old Li came to the Emperor Flower!

This undoubtedly makes the entire Bai family rise in Q City ( Qena City )!

Lao Li must have taken the initiative to visit the house for the first time after being sick.

The Bai family ushered in a big Buddha!

At this time, Fernando smiled triumphantly, “Lao Li should be here to help me out.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Fernando’s eyes were full of incomparable confidence, “Some time ago, we and the Li family just established a joint venture. Did you forget? My dad also sent an invitation to the Li family before and came over for a wedding drink tonight. Old Li is really here.”

This sentence changed the expressions of Chen Shuyun and Rebeca.

When did the Lin family have such prestige, let Li Muhe come personally!

However, Li Muhe is here, so today’s Fernando and Feliicity’s affairs are completely supported by someone!

Being present, even looking at the entire Q City ( Qena City ), who would dare not buy Li Muhe’s face!

Feliicity obviously thought of this too, her brows darkened, and she looked at Wiliam in a panic.

But Wiliam only smiled at her, “Nothing, I am here.”

With a warm heart, Feliicity’s heart settled a little bit.

Up and down the Bai family, where can you wait? With Fernando and Chen Shuyun as the heads, Qi Qi greeted Li Muhe.

The reporters followed behind, recording the moment of the reunion of this flourishing age.

Fernando first bowed to Li Muhe and said hello, “Hello, Mr. Li, I am Fernando from the Lin family, thank you for today…”

He was so excited that his voice trembled a little.

The Bai family quickly followed behind Fernando and bowed together.

The only ones who stayed in place were Wiliam and Feliicity.

Chen Shuyun lowered his head and glanced at Wiliam and Feliicity. The anger in his eyes instantly ignited!

These two pissballs!

Lao Li came, and he was indifferent!

I want to put our Bai family into a situation of injustice!

“Feliicity, Wiliam, don’t you get out soon!” Chen Shuyun roared in a low voice.

Feliicity had been accustomed to it since he was a child. She stretched out and was about to go, but was immediately held back by Wiliam.

When Chen Shuyun saw this, he stomped her foot with anger.

Later, if Mr. Li gets angry, who can bear the anger of the Q City ( Qena City ) boss!

A group of people lowered their heads tremblingly, waiting for Li Muhe to speak.

However, time seemed to have stagnated, and there was no sound before them.

Until, the group of reporters suddenly broke out again!

They raised their heads and looked forward.

Ahead, where is Li Muhe’s figure.

They turned their heads blankly, but just by chance, they got goose bumps all over by the scene in front of them!

They saw that Lao Li, the most respected person in Q City ( Qena City ), took the initiative to walk towards Wiliam and Feliicity.

Standing in front of the two of them, the supreme Li Muhe actually bowed slightly to greet him!

This scene frightened everyone!

The anger in the eyes of Bai Jiaxiaxia and Fernando is about to sputter out!

Just now, everyone bowed respectfully to welcome Mr. Li ninety degrees.

However, it was completely ignored.

In the eyes of Old Li, Fernando and the Bai family were nothing but earthly ants.

Now, Mr. Li actually leaned slightly to the dog and man!

It seems that Feliicity and Wiliam are confidants!

Here, one is higher and the other is expensive and the other is cheap. It is obvious!

What’s the matter!

Why did Mr. Li rush towards Wiliam and Feliicity!

Everyone hurried to Lao Li.

But I only heard Mr. Li speak, and said the first sentence, “Feliicity, it is indeed the unparalleled flower of Q City ( Qena City ), today is your birthday, the old man is a little courteous, and I hope to accept it.”

The reward of words, the respect of the tone, broke through everyone’s glasses!

Lao Li, it wasn’t for Fernando.

Is here to celebrate Feliicity’s birthday!

This was shocking, and what was even more shocking was what everyone heard!

Lao Li did not use birthday, but birthday to describe it!

The meaning of respect here has set off a stormy wave among reporters!

Li Muhe looked at the entourage behind him, and one person immediately took out a beautiful box and opened it.

Everyone was in an uproar again!

Inside, is a gorgeous diamond necklace!

Immediately someone shouted out in horror, “This is the heart of azure blue! I remember that Mr. Li bought it for a million at the Subos auction ten years ago. He has always cherished it very much and said that he would treat it as The dowry of my children and grandchildren, I didn’t expect it to be given to Feliicity now!”

Feliicity looked at the necklace in front of him. The azure jewel was shining with magnificent light in the darkness, making him stupid.

How could Mr. Li celebrate his birthday and give such a valuable gift!

What’s the matter!

It wasn’t until Wiliam stabbed her that she woke up like a dream, and said tremblingly, “Old Li, this is not enough.”

Li Muhe smiled kindly, “That’s it, niece, you accept it boldly. The old man is brazen and wants to come over to ask for a drink. I wonder if my niece will reward him or not?”

Chapter 52

Everyone was stunned again.


This is called!

Li Muhe was more than enough to be Feliicity’s grandfather.

Now calling him a niece, Feliicity’s worth instantly rose from the Bai family!

Feliicity, what adventure is there that can make Li Muhe so praised and complimented!

Feliicity’s face flushed with excitement, and quickly said: “Old Li is joking, please come in!”

Li Muhe smiled slightly, patted Feliicity’s shoulder, and walked inside.

Feliicity breathed a sigh of relief. The scene of Li Muhe just now shocked everyone. She was in it, and it seemed like a world away!

Everything is too unreal.

Just like a sparrow, it flies on a branch and becomes a phoenix in a flash.

As Li Muhe entered, the Bai family woke up one after another, and rushed in.

Chen Shuyun strode forward, nodding and bowing to Lao Li and said, “Lao Li, please take your seat. You can come over to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday, and it will make our whole Bai family alive.”

Chen Shuyun guided Li Muhe toward the main table.

However, Li Muhe’s eyes drenched and saw Wiliam and Feliicity walking towards the corner.

He has lived for decades, how could he not know this kind of humanity.

In his heart, there was suddenly a trace of anger.

Okay, Bai family!

I, Li Muhe, have to respect the three-pointed venerable, and you arranged them in the most corner.

There is a kind!

Li Muhe’s attitude towards Chen Shuyun instantly cooled down, “No, the old man may not be able to stand your main table, so I will sit with them.”

After speaking, he sat in the corner with Wiliam without looking back.

This sudden change made the Bai family completely dumbfounded.

Just now, Li Muhe suddenly had a cold aura, as if he was about to crush the entire Bai family.

Why did he say that he turned his face?

Chen Shuyun turned blue with depression.

In their hearts, they all have a question.

How did Feliicity recognize a big boss like Li Muhe?

I never heard her mention it before.

On the side, Li Muhe saw that Feliicity was still in a daze, and suddenly smiled kindly, “Niece, you are like this, the old man feels guilty and uneasy, this wine, I also have a face to drink.”

Feliicity immediately waved her hand and said weakly, “No, no, no, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Li, I just feel unreal, your worth…”

Li Muhe glanced at Wiliam and said with a smile: “Okay, the old man will not hide from you. The old man and Mr. Lu have a relationship, but they feel like they hate to meet each other late, so he came here today. Beg for wine.”

“Wiliam?” Feliicity was taken aback.

Li Muhe came here because of Wiliam?

Wiliam explained in a low voice: “I went to Li’s house before, but I helped them a little at that time.”

Feliicity nodded thoughtfully after listening.

It’s a little busy again.

I helped Melissa a little bit earlier, she lent you 20 million to buy the emperor flower.

Now I help Li Muhe a little bit more, he gave out millions of birthday gifts…

Wiliam, you are a little bit busy, it seems, a little bit big.

The Bai family and Fernando watched the three people talking and laughing, and the jealousy in their eyes was about to flow out!

Lao Li’s current situation is clearly because he stepped on Bai’s house and praised the Feliicity!

Why on earth!

Our Bai family, where did we offend this big Buddha!

Give us such an embarrassment today!

At this time, Rebeca whispered: “I should know the reason. It must be because of the mysterious local tyrant behind Feliicity. Maybe Lao Li knows this mysterious person, so he will appreciate his face.”

When everyone heard it, they nodded one after another. Right now, there was only this explanation.

At this moment, a piece of white snow suddenly lit up at the door!

The flashing flashes seemed unstoppable.

An old but heroic voice came.

“Hahaha, today is Feliicity’s niece’s birthday, am I late?”

The Bai family was taken aback, someone came to celebrate Feliicity’s birthday?

Who is this person?

Everyone was still suspicious, and a figure appeared inside the door!

When everyone saw this person, they all took a breath!

Everyone, there is a feeling of dreaming!



Harper who is as famous as Li Muhe!

Seeing Harper coming, Chen Shuyun greeted him again!

This time, Harper turned out to be even better than Li Muhe!

He watched Chen Shuyun’s crowd greet him, and suddenly stretched out his hand directly and pushed Chen Shuyun away!

As if Chen Shuyun is a wild dog!

Chen Shuyun was pushed, almost staggered to the ground!

But Harper didn’t care, and walked towards Wiliam’s table.

When he came over, he saw that Li Muhe was there, and he was taken aback, “You bad old man, are you here?”

When Li Muhe saw Harper, he was even more unbelievable, “You, how are you…”

“Hahaha! It’s really fate! It’s fate to think that you are dying, but you can still be here.” Harper is so shrewd. Seeing Li Muhe’s lively life, he already guessed that it was Lu. Ye shot.

He walked over and hugged Li Muhe tightly, “It seems that we are all cheeky to beg for drinks today.”

Li Muhe laughed, “The old man came to beg for a drink, but he prepared a small gift. You didn’t come here empty-handed, did you? That would be shameless, your grandson.”

Everyone looked stupid.

The two tallest people in Q City ( Qena City ), one called the other bad old man, and the other called the turtle grandson.

It seems like this is their home court, unscrupulous, unscrupulous!

But, is it not so!

This is Li Muhe and Harper!

In Q City ( Qena City ), as long as one of them appears, it will be their home court.

What’s more, the two of them are actually getting together now, both to celebrate Feliicity’s birthday.

Feliicity, tomorrow will surely be famous throughout Q City ( Qena City )!

Harper laughed and said, “I don’t have a cheeky, now, this is my little gift, Feliicity niece, do you like it?”

The moment Feliicity came over from Harper, she was again dazed.

She didn’t even know Harper before.

It’s only from TV that you can get a glimpse of its energetic style.

Now, the living person is standing in front of him, another niece.

And took out gifts.

Feliicity’s hand stretched out was shaking.

She opened it and immediately covered her mouth, her eyes straightened in surprise.

A huge night pearl appeared in the box.

There was a scream at the scene!

“Here! This is the Pearl of the South China Sea! Mr. Wang, who is always reluctant to even look at it, actually took it out and gave it to Feliicity. Is everything that happened today a dream! I can’t believe it!”

Chapter 53

When Feliicity heard this, her hand trembled and almost dropped.

Luckily, Wiliam caught it in time.

Feliicity felt like she was going to collapse one day today.

Life ups and downs, it’s too exciting.

The two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) are sitting in front of him alive now.

And it’s too angry.

“Elder Wang, I don’t seem to know you yet…” Feliicity said weakly, she felt ashamed of it.

But Harper smiled and said, “Don’t you know each other now? I will rely on your care in the future.”

In a word, it was very polite, and everyone felt their ears fall off.

What fortune did Feliicity get!

Can make these two people so respected!

The Bai family paled with jealousy.

The two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) both stepped on the Bai family and lifted the Feliicity.

Is there a mysterious rich man behind her?

Who is this person!


This feeling of indomitable purpose is too frustrating!

As for the other guests, looking at the happy appearance of this table, Qi Qi suddenly became full of envy.

Before, it was supposed to be a table that no one cares about, but now, because the two heroes are looking at each other, it has become a full throne!

Everyone wants to sit there, but no one dare to go up!

Identity, too much difference.

They suddenly began to regret that they shouldn’t have been!

I knew it, I sat there at the beginning.

But because I looked down at Feliicity, now, I missed a great opportunity to climb!


The whole banquet began in the envy, jealousy and hatred of everyone.

Everyone has no intention of eating, and their minds are at the corner of the table.

Fortunately, Harper and Li Muhe had insights into the world, and they just came to show their faces today.

They asked for a glass of wine, and after a few toasts, they both left.

The people at the scene waited for them to leave, unexplainably relieved.

The pressure and deterrence brought by the duo is too great.

Feliicity looked at the Azure Heart and the Pearl of South China Sea in front of her, and still couldn’t believe that everything would be true.

Since when did it become distorted…

It seems that it started when Wiliam gave her own emperor flower…

The emperor flower, the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ), my husband seems to…

It’s not that ordinary…

Feliicity was thinking blankly, and suddenly saw Chen Shuyun and others approaching.

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity with complicated eyes and asked, “Feliicity, how do you know Mr. Wang and Mr. Li?”

Feliicity said weakly: “I don’t know, I haven’t met them before…”

“You fart! If you meet, they will give such a valuable gift as soon as you meet! Do you want to have an exclusive appreciation, and you want our Bai family to never get out of their lives!” Bai Zhensheng said with a weird voice.

He was actually going crazy jealously.

Obviously he is the most sordid person in the Bai family, but tonight, he Ling Juding looks at all the mountains!

All this shouldn’t be what this little bitch can have!

Seeing that Feliicity didn’t seem to be lying, Chen Shuyun also held his breath.

It seems that, as Rebeca said, the two elders are all for the people behind Feliicity.

It’s really arrogant.

Chen Shuyun held his breath, but Rebeca did not.

Tonight, it was supposed to be the beginning of her enjoyment of glory and wealth, but it became the day of the white Feliicity.

With this tone, she didn’t dare to spread it to Feliicity now.

However, she looked at another person.


She couldn’t help but sneered: “Oh, someone still eats with relish, is there any humiliation? You can still eat with this big green hat. Sure enough, this life is a professional soft meal.”

Feliicity’s face became cold on the spot.

Everyone doesn’t know, Feliicity doesn’t know yet!

Wiliam brought this dream time tonight!

“Mom! Let’s talk about Wiliam trying!” Feliicity stood up and said coldly.

Rebeca became even more angry when she saw Feliicity being such a guardian, “Huh! You just stay behind a woman for the rest of your life and eat soft food for women!”

At this moment, a few people suddenly cringed and walked over, looking like they were hesitant to speak.

Chen Shuyun saw that these people were all VIPs invited by Fernando before, and they were all savvy bosses.

Her expression eased immediately, and she smiled and said, “Everyone, eat well.”

Those people looked at Chen Shuyun strangely, as if they were afraid to avoid it.

The attitude of the previous two bigwigs towards the Bai family was in their eyes.

Now that you have a good relationship with the Bai family, isn’t it indirectly offending the elders?

Suddenly they all headed towards Feliicity, and surrounded her with a splash.

One by one, he took out his business cards from his arms and handed them to Feliicity respectfully, “Feliicity, I am Uncle He of the He family, and I will contact you frequently in the future.”

“Feliicity, I am Li Dafei, the chairman of Dafei Group. Didn’t you come over to discuss a business some time ago? I read your plan and thought it was very good. We have time to talk about cooperation?”

“Hello, Miss Bai, I am the chairman of Legend Seafood City. You must accept this VIP card as a birthday gift. Call me in the future.”

The respectful looks made Feliicity dumbfounded again.

The Bai family was completely angry!

This group of people is too much!

And there is no way to put our Bai family in his eyes!

But Rebeca on the side, watching her woman surrounded like stars Gongyue, suddenly felt another thought in her heart.

It seems that the rise of his own daughter is an indisputable fact.

Behind her, there stood a big man who even Harper and Li Muhe had to courteous three points!

Do you want to change your attitude towards your daughter, maybe she is also at your fingertips?

As for that annoying Wiliam, ho ho, now his daughter is covered by a big man.

That big man, since he gave the betrothal gift, he must have thought about how to deal with Wiliam, an eye-catching fellow.

It seemed that I didn’t need to care about Wiliam at all.

This big man, compared with Fernando…

Just as she thought about it, Fernando pulled aside.

Fernando’s face is already extremely ugly!

Tonight, he has endured incomparable humiliation!

After spending such a big price, not only can I not get Feliicity, but also become a scum by the forces behind Feliicity!

He couldn’t swallow this breath.

“Auntie, what do you think? You were confident before?” Fernando said grimly.

However, Rebeca glanced at Fernando strangely at this time, and said leisurely: “Lin Shao, I don’t feel anxious about this matter now.”

When Fernando heard this, his head bounced!

He could no longer restrain the anger in his heart, and suddenly raised his hand and slapped Rebeca’s face fiercely!

“You stinky girl! Are you playing with me? Are you looking for death!” The veins on Fernando’s face burst!

The scene was suddenly silent!

“Okay! You are unkind! Then don’t blame me for being difficult!” Fernando said, striding to the front of Feliicity.

Feliicity stared at Fernando who was furious.

What is this guy doing!

Fernando glared at Feliicity and said, “Feliicity, I will just ask you a word! My life-saving grace! How can you repay me!”

Chapter 54: If You Are Stinking For Ten Thousand Years, I Will Be Full of Evil

Feliicity’s eyes darkened, saving my life!

Damn it!

This guy, like the brown sugar, grabs this and won’t let go!

Fernando looked around and said loudly: “If you don’t want to reciprocate, I won’t say anything. I just assume I recognize you.”

Everyone looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity’s face flushed red!

In her heart, the grief and anger were extreme!

Being threatened again and again!

Kidnapped again and again!

Just for this damn life-saving grace!

This man is simply a scum!

If I knew there would be today, that night, it would be better to let me die!

Feliicity flashed this thought, but suddenly felt her hand being held.

She looked down.

It’s Wiliam.

Wiliam shook her hand indifferently, as if she had passed unlimited power from her hand.

Let her resist!

Let her go!

Feliicity suddenly looked fierce!

Big deal!

Have a heartbreaker!

Suddenly she raised her head and said fiercely: “I just don’t want to repay! I am condemned by this conscience every day! I don’t want to repay you for such a polite beast! You should save a dog! Okay!”

In a word, everyone was in an uproar!

Everyone has heard of Feliicity’s kindness.

But she didn’t think that she would ruin her reputation in front of so many people and be willing to be lowly!

And Fernando was also stunned.

He originally wanted to threaten Feliicity to make a little concession, even if he made one step!

Now, Feliicity is actually in front of everyone, preferring death to death!

I would rather be stinking for thousands of years than to follow myself!


You people!

Damn it!

Fernando suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed a wine glass, and wanted to smash Feliicity fiercely!

However, his body suddenly flew out directly!

Everyone was shocked!

They just saw that it was Wiliam who kicked Fernando out!

The eyes they looked at Wiliam were all straight!

Is this still the waste that specializes in eating soft rice?

He even dared to attack a second generation ancestor like Fernando!

It’s terrible!

Even Feliicity stayed.

Wiliam, what is this for?

However, Wiliam made tears in Feliicity’s eyes!

“If you stinks for thousands of years, I will be full of evil! I will be with you!”

Everyone’s hearts beat fiercely!

One is to get rid of the shackles, and would rather be stinking for thousands of years!

One is dependent on life and death, and would rather be full of evil!

Two people, flesh and blood, love and righteousness!

To have fun, to part with suffering, there will be more idiots.

As long as we are together, it doesn’t matter whether it is bitter or sweet, life or death…

Fernando got up from the ground, his whole popularity exploded!

He pointed to Wiliam and said angrily: “You dare to kick me! Just wait to die!”

Wiliam looked at Fernando coldly and suddenly smiled.

He stepped towards Fernando!

One step, one cold!

One step, one strong!

“Although I have the idea of ​​living and dying with the Feliicity, I am reluctant to bear my Feliicity and bear infamy…

“Didn’t I say it before, do you plan to clarify some things today…”

“Then start with this thing.”

While Wiliam spoke, he stood in front of Fernando.

No fear!

Everyone felt their breathing was depressed!

Q City ( Qena City ) waste is so arrogant!

Who can think of it!

Who dares to think about it!

Fernando looked at Wiliam in front of him, suddenly felt out of breath, was choked by himself and coughed.

“You, what do you want to say!” Fernando asked angrily.

“What? Good! I ask you, Fernando, you dare to swear to the sky, that night, you really saved my house from the Feliicity!” Wiliam suddenly asked, his eyes bursting with infinite light!

This question made the atmosphere of the scene drop to the freezing point!

What does this mean?

Before, Fernando had used her life-saving grace to threaten Feliicity countless times.

Now Wiliam asked, is there something hidden in it!

Fernando’s head burst!

Life-saving grace is his greatest support.

He thought that only he knew what happened that night.

This Wiliam, what exactly does he know!

“What do you want to say! I didn’t save it, so you can’t save it!” Fernando shouted sternly.

But this sentence, when Feliicity heard it, his heart beat fiercely!

In the end, who saved himself!

Is it really not Fernando!

At this time, Wiliam showed a weird smile.

When Fernando saw Lu Yezhen speaking, he was greatly relieved and started to counterattack, “Ho ho, who doesn’t know, my Lin family started as a doctor. What is the hard way to save a person? It’s you. The waste of soft rice! What qualifications do you have to question me!”

Wiliam raised his eyebrows and asked jokingly, “Oh? Then I have to ask you, what is the disease of my family’s Feliicity? What technique do you use?”

Fernando was taken aback.

What disease?

I do not know.

Fernando knew that Feliicity had been ill since he was a child, but even many famous doctors couldn’t understand this disease, so let’s not mention him.

That night, when he passed by, he saw Feliicity in a coma, but his breath had gradually faded from abruptness, which was obviously a sign of the crisis.

So he crossed the sea without telling the truth, and randomly tapped Feliicity’s back, hoping to save his life.

Now let him talk about the condition, where he can tell.

People at the scene watched Fernando hesitate, their eyes gradually changed.

And Feliicity’s heart jumped again in despair.

Wiliam got the idea.

The reason why Feliicity had not questioned Fernando before was because everyone said it was a fact that everyone had seen.

Even my own mother said the same.

It turns out that there is something hidden inside!

“Huh! Although I don’t know the condition, but I have the ability to cure all diseases at the same time, why should I explain so much to you.” Fernando said bitterly.

As long as the other party has no evidence and bites himself to death, what can he do!

At this time, Wiliam suddenly turned around and looked at Feliicity, “Feliicity, do you think, who saved you?”

Feliicity’s head was completely confused.

But at this time, a flash of light flashed in her mind!

I don’t have personal evidence, and they can even be forged by them.

However, I have physical evidence!

Feliicity hurriedly went through her bag, took out a small silver needle cherishedly, and said: “The person who rescued me that night accidentally left such a special silver needle…”

Fernando’s face looked ugly again.

Wasn’t that needle thrown away by yourself at the time?

Feliicity actually picked it up again!


Did she doubt herself since then!

Wiliam smiled slightly when he saw the silver needle and took it gently.

Then, in full view, he suddenly turned over!

The gap between the ten fingers is like magic, filled with dense silver needles!

“Ho ho, such a silver needle, I…”

“There are a hundred!”

Chapter 55

When everyone saw the dense silver needles in Wiliam’s hand, they were in an uproar!

This guy, holding the silver needle, standing there with cold eyes, actually made everyone’s hearts tremble fiercely!

It seems that at this moment, this person has a silver needle in his hand, and it is a cloud of clouds! It is Wanlitian!

A wave of heroic self-confidence, gushing out from him!

Feliicity saw the silver needles in Wiliam’s hand, and his head bounced!

The exact same silver needle!

Moreover, there are a hundred!

That means!

That night, it was not Fernando that saved my life!

It’s my husband!


Thinking of this, Feliicity’s tears came out directly!

This damn life-saving grace was pressed on Feliicity’s heart, and it almost made her sleepless and sleepy every day!

I was afraid that Fernando would use this to threaten himself.

The facts have proved that Fernando did so.

Just when I would rather give up a noble body, and would rather be a humble person in the world and be with Wiliam.

Wiliam, stand up!

The look in his eyes at the moment.

Colder than a needle!

Sharper than a needle!

But it brought Feliicity, extremely warm.

What else is in the world, so warm that Wiliam stepped forward at this moment, with a hundred needles in hand!

In fact, Feliicity became suspicious very early.

Fernando didn’t even know his illness.

If it is so easy to save, you don’t have to suffer for these years!

Now, Wiliam is currently, and it’s him! Love is him!

I’m Feliicity, it’s right to be saved by my husband again!

She burst into tears and plunged into Wiliam’s arms!

The stone that kept pressing her breathlessly was removed fiercely!

Fernando opened his mouth wide, staring at the silver needles blankly, and his face instantly turned ugly!

“You bastard! What are you talking about! It’s up to you! Can save Feliicity! If you say it, who will believe it!” Fernando shouted.

Feliicity raised her pretty face, and Ewha said with rain: “I believe it! The whole world does not believe it, it is enough for me to believe it alone!”

When Wiliam heard this, he smiled and gently touched Feliicity’s head.


Wiliam had always concealed his life-saving grace before, but he didn’t want to expose his medical skills.

If someone with a heart recognizes the medical skills of the North Lu Family, it would be a disaster for him, who is still weak.

However, Wiliam’s heart was already hurt as he saw the hardship of the Feliicity every day.

If it is to conceal medical skills, Feliicity will be sad and sad!

It would be better to make a name for itself, even if you are crushed to death, you will never change!

As long as she believes it alone, and she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore, that’s enough.

I, Wiliam, don’t care if you believe it or not, and what you think of the world!

Fernando was so angry that he jumped!

His strongest support was actually crushed by Wiliam at this moment!

Boy, tonight, I will smash you into pieces!

And Chen Shuyun on the side saw this scene, and his heart was even more anxious!

She looked at Fernando, feeling annoyed!

There were two of their greatest confidence before, Yu Qing, Fernando was Feliicity’s lifesaver.

Yu Li, Wiliam and Feliicity have already received the divorce certificate.

Now, this point of emotion has turned into this waste and once again becomes Feliicity’s savior!

Feliicity is a person who knows her gratitude, how could she be willing to leave Wiliam now like this!


However, this kid, where’s the ability, can save Feliicity’s life.

Will there be any secrets in it?

In fact, many people have doubts about what Chen Shuyun thinks.

However, now that Feliicity is even more obsessed with Wiliam, everyone dare not ask any more.

Asked, but also self-explanatory.

However, Feliicity asked Wiliam at this time: “Wiliam, did you really save me?”

Everyone’s ears were set up.

Wiliam smiled and said: “Well, we quarreled that day, I couldn’t worry about you, so I secretly went back to see you, just to see that you were ill. Someone came back later, I was afraid you were still angry with me, so I left first .”

Feliicity was sour.

This silly husband…

It turned out to have been silently caring for me and supporting me.

Even if I quarrel, I can’t bear myself…

Stupid, you can’t bear me, how can I be angry with you…

The warm hands I felt that night was really your fault.

“But, how do you know how to heal?” Feliicity asked weakly.

Wiliam said casually: “You have been in poor health over the years, so I usually read more medical books and want to say if I can help.”

Feliicity sneered, “Silly husband, thank you, this is the best gift I have ever received in my life.”

After listening, everyone was even more aggrieved.

It turns out that this stinky boy made a mistake, and the blind cat ran into the dead mouse.

At that time, why didn’t Feliicity be treated to death!

There was silence at the scene.

At this time, Feliicity left Wiliam’s arms, but she held Wiliam’s hand.

She looked at Fernando, who was sad and angry.

The more you look at it, the more angry Feliicity’s heart becomes!

This guy is threatening himself with life-saving grace again and again!

In the end, his life was not saved by him at all!

This kind of scumbag is an insult to the eyes at a glance!

“Fernando, now, do you have anything else to say! I don’t owe you anything at all! You leave me! I never want to see you again!” Feliicity said coldly.

But at this time, Fernando suddenly laughed grimly.

“Go away? Where do I go? If you want to go away, you are going to go with me. After all, we are a serious husband and wife relationship!”

Fernando has completely torn off the pretense of kindness.

He didn’t need to pretend anymore.

Women who don’t know good and bad, don’t eat soft ones, then I will follow you hard ones!

Feliicity’s eyes became colder when she heard this, “Huh! It doesn’t count at all! It is illegal for you to do this! Believe it or not, I will call the police immediately!”

Fernando arrogantly said: “Report! Go report! In Q City ( Qena City ), I see who dares to move me! Break the law, I am the law!”

“You have officially divorced Wiliam, and you have got the divorce certificate, ho ho, believe it or not, I can ask someone to send us our marriage certificate with one phone call? Ho ho, you want to divorce me Regardless of whether I agree or not, even if I agree, you have become a bitch who divorced twice. Just wait and become Q City ( Qena City )’s joke!”

Feliicity was trembling with anger!

She never thought that Fernando would be so despicable!

Looking at Feliicity’s aggrieved look, Fernando laughed even louder.

The room was full of his laughter.

But it seems that the world is full of his arrogance!

Feliicity, even if I can’t get you!

I also want to make you a bitch girl!

But at this time, a joking voice rang.


“Oh? Really? Don’t bother you to call. Do you want a marriage certificate? I brought it for you.”

Wiliam reached into his pocket, took out two red notebooks, and threw them directly on Fernando’s face.

Chapter 56: Darkness Chen Cang, Li Daitao Stiff

Fernando’s laughter stopped abruptly!

At the scene, everyone was speechless!

No one expected that Wiliam would directly throw out two marriage certificates at this time.

What is this!

Even Feliicity was stunned.

However, she felt a strange tenderness.

Although, the moment Wiliam threw out the marriage certificate was as cold and ruthless as Rebeca threw out the divorce certificate.

However, how could Wiliam harm himself?

Fernando looked at the two marriage certificates in front of him, and was stunned.

“You, what are you doing?” Fernando shouted.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Don’t you like getting the certificate? I will help you get the certificate for the beauty of adulthood.”

“Hahaha!” Fernando suddenly laughed.

He had already joined hands with Rebeca and moved his hands and feet at the marriage registry.

Feliicity and him have already been registered.

Now, this kid said it was a marriage certificate.

That’s his marriage certificate with Feliicity!

This kid actually admits it!

“Hahaha, then I would like to thank you very much, and give up your beloved wife.” Fernando smiled cheerfully.

Feliicity’s face froze suddenly.

The marriage certificate, from her and Fernando.

What is Wiliam doing!

Feliicity grabbed Wiliam’s hand, and suddenly tightened.

However, Wiliam just scratched the palm of her hand, as if saying, “I’m here, don’t worry.”

Rebeca on the side saw this scene, and his heart shook.

Originally, Rebeca had changed his mind and decided to grant Feliicity to the mysterious local tyrant behind her.

Now, Wiliam took the initiative to send Feliicity and Fernando’s marriage certificate to Fernando.

This kid, after all, is really a licking dog!

Dogs can’t change eating shit!

What can I do now!

In case that mysterious local tyrant gets angry…

Fernando smiled and went to open the marriage certificate triumphantly, “Then please enjoy and appreciate it together, I and Feliicity…”

His smile suddenly broke off.

His face suddenly stiffened!

His hand trembled suddenly!

The blue veins on his face burst instantly!

Everyone was at a loss.

Why does Fernando’s expression change as soon as it changes?

At this time, Rebeca bit his scalp and went over, saying against his will: “Fernando, I really want to congratulate you, and finally this matter has a satisfactory explanation for you…”

But when she didn’t finish her words, Fernando kicked her!

Fernando was so angry that he directly threw the two marriage certificates to the ground, rushed to Rebeca on the ground, and kicked again.

The kick made Rebeca wailing!

Feliicity watched her mother’s humiliation and wanted to go over it, but was held back by Wiliam, “This is the price she paid for being unkind to you!”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with cold eyes, she didn’t know what to do.

“You stinky bitch! You actually collude with Wiliam to yin me! I can’t kill you!” Fernando cursed.

Rebeca was kicked inexplicably, and immediately cursed on the ground: “How do I collude with Wiliam? My heart is on you!”

This was a normal sentence, but after Fernando heard it, his anger instantly increased, and Rebeca kicked again.

At this time, Xena on the side carefully picked up the marriage certificate on the ground.

She only glanced at it, and suddenly let out an incredible scream!

“This this!”

The expression she looked at Wiliam changed!

Everyone was confused and rushed forward. At this sight, Qi Qi screamed!

Feliicity was even more confused.

what happened!

What did they see?

Rebeca got up, grabbed the marriage certificate, and when he saw it, he suddenly fell to the ground with a butt, and he felt as uncomfortable as if he had eaten shit!

There are indeed two names on the marriage certificate.

One is Fernando.

The other one is not Feliicity.

It was Rebeca!

These two marriage certificates are actually from Fernando and Rebeca!

Fernando looked at Wiliam’s eyes, and there was a burst of fire!

The moment he saw the marriage certificate, he instinctively thought it was fake.

However, when he saw the sonorous and powerful stamp on it, he suddenly felt that this was not fake!

This is a marriage certificate like a fake replacement!

Thinking that he was dignified and romantic, he actually argued with a half-old mistress.


Definitely Wiliam made a ghost from it!

But how did he know and how to operate it!

Is he a god! Everything can be unknown to the prophet!

Damn it!

The grief and anger in Fernando’s heart quickly suppressed his internal injury.

When Feliicity saw the name of the marriage certificate, her face was also stiff.

Fernando and his mother…

This is too much.

She couldn’t help looking at Wiliam, “Wiliam, what’s the matter?”

Wiliam’s eyes were cold.

Before, he accidentally found that the marriage certificate he had put in the drawer was missing.

He immediately went to find Feliicity’s marriage certificate and found that it was gone.

He immediately thought that it was estimated that Rebeca would forcibly divorce them.

So he immediately ordered Melissa to use his relationship and keep an eye on his marriage status at the marriage registry.

Sure enough, a few days ago, Melissa replied that someone had been involved.

Therefore, Wiliam will make a plan, are you secretly arrogant?

Then I will be stiff Li Daitao!

Let you eat the fruit!

Everyone looked at Wiliam at this time.

Even Chen Shuyun asked Wiliam angrily, “You kid, what did you do?”

Fernando and Rebeca actually got the testimony. For the Bai family, this was simply a distraction!

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded at the door, “I will explain what happened.”

Everyone looked at the door, but their eyes lit up.

Coming man is a beautiful woman.

Wearing skinny jeans, stretch two rounded thighs straight.

A long hair like a waterfall dangles casually, exuding endless feminine charm.


Seeing Melissa’s appearance, the people of the Bai family felt a little stunned!

Why is Genuine Care Medical Center also here!

This Lu Yeke is from the Genuine Care Medical Center. Could it be that he had colluded with Melissa a long time ago.

Melissa walked in, glanced at Wiliam with a smile, and then suddenly ordered.

Two people walked in with a cowering person.

The two people just threw the cowering person to the ground.

Who is this person?

Everyone was at a loss.

But when Rebeca saw this person, his face was pale, “Xiao Zhang…”

This person is surprisingly Rebeca, the staff member of the marriage registry office that Rebeca used to contact.

Seeing him appear here, Rebeca’s head bounced.

That’s it!

Completely finished!

Melissa looked around, suddenly chuckled, and said to the nervous Feliicity: “Feliicity, let me take a reassurance, you and Wiliam have no divorce at all.”

Chapter 57 The Adoration of Feliicity

Feliicity was taken aback.

Did you divorce Wiliam?

The divorce certificate before that…

Melissa showed a wicked smile, bringing the woman’s fox charm to the extreme.

She raised it to the ground, “You can tell everyone the truth.”

Xiao Zhang on the ground was trembling all over, bumping and telling the matter.

It turned out that Rebeca found Xiao Zhang and gave Xiao Zhang a sum of money to help Wiliam and Feliicity go through the divorce procedures.

Melissa had already put his eyeliner on the registration office, and immediately caught Xiao Zhang who was using power for personal gain.

Xiao Zhang was so scared that he almost broke his courage when he saw things fall. This is a mess.

Melissa took full advantage of this. Not only did he preserve the marital status of Wiliam and Feliicity, he even asked Xiao Zhang to register Rebeca and Fernando together under Wiliam’s instructions.

When Fernando heard this, his head buzzed!

Wiliam and Feliicity’s previous divorce certificate was false, but now it is his and Rebeca’s marriage certificate that is true!


A complete failure!

Even if it fails!

Now, actually married to Rebeca, this bitch!

What a special thing! Too cheap!

When everyone heard this, their eyes towards the Bai Family and Fernando all changed.

Rebeca was on the ground, his face flushed red, and he scolded Melissa, “You! You will not die if you do this! This is illegal! I want to call the police!”

Wiliam smiled jokingly at this time, “Okay, it’s too slow to report to the police. Why not let the reporters in.”

Bai’s Shangxia and Fernando’s faces were pale with fright!

From the beginning of this matter, Rebeca and Fernando were at fault.

Wiliam was just scheming.

To call the police, Rebeca and Fernando were the first to catch!

“Um, from the long-term plan, from the long-term plan!” Chen Shuyun said bitterly.

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about her, looked at Melissa and said, “Thank you.”

Melissa glared at Wiliam, “You’re welcome!”

The impression of Wiliam in her heart was almost complete.

This guy is not only as simple as treating her as a personal butler.

I’m using it as a maid.

Come and go when you call it.

Obviously, a literary and martial arts can achieve supreme achievements.

It just happened to be entangled by a woman, I really don’t know whether to say that he is short-sighted or that he is deeply unhappy.

Now, revenge is also revenge.

It is estimated that the whole world also has this kind of magical brain power, and he actually got Fernando and Rebeca married.

The abdomen is black to the extreme.

Looking at Fernando with a look of sadness and Rebeca on the ground, Melissa shook his head.

It’s so pathetic.

If you offend Lao Tzu, don’t offend this little bastard.

Melissa was also more alert to Wiliam in his heart.

This is too much to do things.

I must be polite to him in the future, otherwise he might tie me a marriage certificate with whom he might decide one day.

After Melissa broke this incident, he retired and left the emperor flower.

At the scene, it exploded.

Every one of the Bai family looked like headless flies, “What to do? What can we do! The reputation of our Bai family.”

There was only one person, covering his mouth, snickering at the side.


Xena had already seen Wiliam and Feliicity being bullied from before.

However, she was so quiet that she could not speak at all.

Now Wiliam actually started to fight back.

And as soon as they fought back, they made the Bai family and Fernando eat a ton of shit.

If there is hardship, I cannot tell, if there is revenge, I cannot revenge.

This feeling is simply not too cool.

Brother-in-law is simply the best among people!

Thinking of this, Xena could no longer help her feelings for her brother-in-law anymore. She walked over and took Wiliam’s hand to act like a baby. “Brother-in-law, you are really amazing, I admire you.”

Wiliam looked at Ruoshuang at his little daughter’s house and smiled softly, “Don’t make trouble with me.”

Sure enough, the Feliicity on the side, the look in Wiliam’s eyes turned faint.

Xena smiled mischievously at Feliicity, but still held Wiliam’s hand, “Brother-in-law, did you want to give me the bracelet before?”

Wiliam was taken aback, scratching his head embarrassedly, “At home, forget it, you can ask me to get it when you have time.”

Feliicity’s eyes became even more resentful.

However, for Wiliam’s efforts to turn the tide several times, Feliicity didn’t say anything.

She felt a strange feeling towards Wiliam in her heart.

Before, she was just full of love for Wiliam.

This is a kind of love from childhood to adulthood, from friendship to love to family affection.

Now, I feel that there is a trace of worship and admiration inexplicably.

It’s like the beauty of the heroic fascination…

How long……

It seems that ten years ago, when he used a stick as a sword to save me on Snowy Night, he had this trace of worship.

Then, dormant for ten years.

This feeling of worship, the rebirth of Nirvana, completely exploded today, as if it was about to ignite my whole heart in an instant.

When Feliicity thought of this, her whole face was charming.

The court is still noisy.

Rebeca was on the ground, tears coming out of her anger.

There was a sense of blame in her heart.

It’s all of you who do a lot of evil, and now you have this kind of evil results that have been condemned by God.

Listening to Chen Shuyun pointing to her nose and cursing, Rebeca’s anger suddenly got up!

Isn’t it just being tricked once?

It’s worth all the fuss about you guys!

Fernando said nothing.

Thinking of this, Rebeca got up from the ground and shouted, “Don’t say anything!”

The person accusing her at the scene became quiet.

Rebeca looked at Fernando weakly at this time, “Fernando, this matter, otherwise first…”

Fernando had been suppressing his anger. Hearing these words, he instantly exploded, “This way, your sister! Do you want to marry me? You don’t pee and look in the mirror. You are not qualified to be my servant! You! Still wishful thinking? What a heart is on me! You want to die! If you don’t settle this matter for me, I can’t kill you!”

In Rebeca’s heart, bitterness turned into bitter gourd juice.

Rebeca looked at Wiliam and suddenly went out and begged for his thoughts.

As soon as this thought came out, she immediately shook her head.

I am his mother-in-law, go begging for a dog!


To do it is to order him!

Rebeca immediately yelled at Wiliam: “You kid, quickly settle this matter for me! Otherwise, I won’t be finished with you!”

Wiliam sneered, and Li didn’t bother to care about Rebeca.

At the moment these people are like clowns jumping on beams. Wiliam looked at his watch and suddenly said to Feliicity, “Didn’t you always want to hear Li Chunfeng sing? Let’s go.”

Feliicity was taken aback, Li Chunfeng? Singing?

At this point in time, if we rush past, it will be too late.


Rebeca on the side suddenly let out a happy sneer.

“Ho ho, are you still thinking about Feng Hua Xue Yue? That’s a coincidence! I have more than two hundred tickets here, do you want it?”

Chapter 58

With that said, Rebeca took it seriously and took out a stack of tickets from his bag!

After listening to this, Fernando on the side also let out a sly smile.

Before, the two of them had made full preparations to prevent Feliicity from going to the concert instead of attending the birthday party!

Tickets for Tao Li Chunfeng’s concert have long been sold out online. They were afraid that Wiliam and Feliicity would buy tickets from the scalper party, so Fernando paid for it and spent about 100,000 to replace the scalper tickets on the market. All swept away!

I thought this trick was to prevent the white Feliicity from coming.

Now, it turned out to be a powerful weapon for Wiliam!

Do you want to see the concert?

Come beg me!

Fernando grabbed the stack of tickets and said arrogantly: “Do you want it? I tell you, these are all the tickets on the market, and they are all with me.”

Wiliam didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and took Feliicity’s hand to leave.

“You stop me!” Fernando shouted again.

His face is extremely hideous!


Didn’t you take my words seriously?

it is good!

Would you like to see the concert?

Lao Tzu is as you wish!

Fernando thought, suddenly took out the lighter from his pocket, and amidst the exclaim of everyone, he lit all the more than two hundred tickets!

He looked at the fluttering flames and the burning tickets, and his heart was suddenly very happy!

He was smiling wildly, with only one thought left in his mind!

Let you guys go to hell to watch a concert!

He casually raised his hand, and the burning ticket suddenly fluttered in the air.

Everyone is heartbroken, this is all money.

One hundred thousand yuan, that’s it!

Fernando didn’t regret it at all.

Just now, the humiliation I received, if this ticket can suppress Wiliam a bit, no amount of money is worth it!

Feliicity darkened her eyes when she saw the tickets turned into powder, and said to Wiliam, “Forget it, I’m very happy tonight.”

But Wiliam glanced at the crazy Fernando with a crazy look, and said something.

“Who told you that I am going to the concert?”

In a word, Fernando’s laughter came to an abrupt end.

Everyone looked at Wiliam blankly, wondering what he meant.

“You, didn’t you mean…” Fernando’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Do you want to go to the concert to listen to Li Chunfeng’s song? Are you sick?” Wiliam said quietly.

Hearing this at the scene, everyone was at a loss.

What exactly is Wiliam talking about?

Fernando was puzzled, suddenly his head flashed, and he laughed again!

“Hahaha, I finally figured it out, you kid, it’s sad to take Feliicity to listen to the concert outside the concert, it’s the romance of the poor.” Fernando laughed.

When everyone heard it, they looked at Wiliam with weird eyes.

Listening to the song instead of going to the concert, there is only one answer. Listening outside the concert is free.


What a shame!

I really don’t know what Wiliam said.

Are you afraid of discrediting your home?

If a man really wants to be like this, he might as well die!

But Feliicity smiled slightly, “It doesn’t matter, I like them all.”

“Then go, just outside the door.” Wiliam took Feliicity’s hand and walked towards the door.

Just outside the door?

The eyes of the people at the scene were startled.

What song is listening outside?

Put the tape?

Everyone did not believe in evil, and walked out with Wiliam.

Outside the door is a mighty reporter.

Since announcing that the emperor flower belongs to Feliicity, reporters from the whole city have swarmed.

Now seeing Feliicity go out, a blazing flash of light rubbed again.

Feliicity was totally uncomfortable with this much-anticipated light, and hurriedly covered his eyes with both hands.

Wiliam gently poured the white Feliicity into his arms to avoid being irradiated by the flashing lights. He said to the reporters: “Excuse me, can you not take pictures? Give me a minute.”

The reporters had a good impression of Wiliam, and stopped the cameras in their hands.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity in his arms at this time, and asked in a low voice, “Remember that I said that I want to give you two gifts?”

When Feliicity thought of this, her teeth were sore, “Of course, you said you wanted to send me a flower and a gust of wind. I received the flower. I guessed the wind. We will drink northwest wind for the rest of our lives. Go.”

Wiliam was amused by Feliicity, and he didn’t think that his wife had a big brain.

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head, suddenly pointed to something not far away, and said softly, “Silly wife, then look forward to it. The wind I gave you is…”

The place where his finger was, was the big screen they passed by before.

The curtain covering the sky and sun is like a flower bone flower in bud.

When Wiliam said this, he stretched out his hand and suddenly snapped his fingers in the air.

Like a spell, after the sound was pointed out, the big screen on the opposite side fell down!

The entire Yasongju, all lights are off!

The only place where the big curtain falls is the neon sign!

It seems that the eyes of the whole world are focused on the place where the curtain falls.

There, a beam of chasing lights shines.

There, there is a person standing.

Wiliam’s voice was picked up at this moment.

“The gust of wind I gave you is Li Chunfeng!”

The people at the scene clearly saw the woman under the spotlight on the stage, and suddenly uttered a deafening scream!

All the people, all the flashes, are heading towards the woman!

Li Chunfeng!

Li Chunfeng, who was supposed to be holding a concert, actually appeared at Yasongju!

What exactly is going on!

This brings people, how much shock and horror!

At this moment, Li Chunfeng, dressed in gorgeous clothes, with her hair draped over her shoulders, under the light, her virtues are like a fairy descending from the earth, making her breath stagnate!

She held a microphone in her hand and smiled lightly, as if this is her Tao Li Chunfeng concert!

Why is Li Chunfeng here!

Some reporters shouted this question out loud.

Even more people will just climb onto the stage!

At this time, a group of security guards filed in and stopped these excited people outside.

No one can think of it.

Everyone thought it was construction work.

But I never thought that this curtain shaped like a flower bone is under the attention of everyone at this moment!

It really bloomed into a flower!

A beautiful and enduring flower that can illuminate Q City ( Qena City )!

And the stamen is Li Chunfeng who shines!

Li Chunfeng smiled and thanked the reporters, and then cleared his throat.

The audience was quiet, but everyone looked excited, waiting for her to say why she was here.

Li Chunfeng had a long-term vision and looked at a place.

“The reason why I am here…”

“Miss Feliicity, may I ask, I have this honour, would you please come up and sing a chorus…”

Chapter 59: Two Beauties

Feliicity suddenly appeared under the curtain since Li Chunfeng, and at that time had already begun to cover his mouth, and it was hard to believe the scene before him.

Li Chunfeng!

This is Li Chunfeng!

Isn’t she holding a concert?

Why is it here!

The question in her heart was answered immediately.

Li Chunfeng actually said such a sentence to her in full view.

“I’m fortunate, would you please come up and sing a song with me…”

I was named by Li Chunfeng!

Feliicity’s head burst!

A strong sense of happiness, from the bottom of my heart to my mind!

She was dizzy with excitement!

Li Chunfeng has always been Feliicity’s idol.

To watch a Li Chunfeng concert is Feliicity’s long-cherished wish.

And singing with Li Chunfeng is the extravagant hope she dreams of!

All along, she felt that her extravagant hope was crazy.

She dared not tell anyone, only to Wiliam.

But today, at this moment!

Extravagant hopes become reality!

And all this, it seems, comes from this omnipotent husband!

Originally, they were going to see a concert today.

But the tickets were torn off by Rebeca. Just now, Fernando lit all the scalper tickets.

Feliicity has completely cut off his thoughts of going to the concert.

Although there was a little bit of regret for the birthday in her heart, Feliicity was content.

Which person’s life will be perfect.

Anyone’s birthday will be responsive.

The princess who only exists in fairy tales.

And he was just an ordinary woman.

Feliicity is already very grateful for this.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam didn’t want to leave it to himself with a little regret!

No, it cannot be said that it is a pity now!

It was Wiliam who was helping herself fulfill the extravagant hopes and wishes of her life!

Wiliam, how did you do it!

This is Li Chunfeng!

Moreover, she will start the concert in half an hour!

A godlike husband!

Wiliam watched Feliicity look at herself with sparkling eyes, couldn’t help squeezing her little hand, and smiled: “Li Chunfeng is calling you, won’t you go up?”

All the flashing lights also gathered on Feliicity’s body.

All reporters feel like they are going crazy!

Li Chunfeng actually came for Feliicity!


Today, within one day, the emperor flower fell in white Feliicity!

The two heroes of Q City ( Qena City ) take care of Feliicity!

Now, even a big star like Li Chunfeng, when the concert is about to begin, actually appeared here, and came for Feliicity!

Feliicity, all Feliicity!

The reporters thought of this and couldn’t calm down for a long time!

Almost at the same moment, all reporters called their newspaper and TV stations!

“Tomorrow’s headlines will be kept for me!”

“Leave a woman who has been silent in Q City ( Qena City ) for three years, but is awakening like a phoenix tonight! Feliicity!”

The three words Feliicity, tomorrow, and even the future, will surely sweep the entire Q City ( Qena City )!

Feliicity walked to the stage, flashing lights all the way.

Her heart was stirring endlessly.

One flower is an emperor flower.

A gust of wind is Li Chunfeng!

My husband is simply an unparalleled evildoer!

Who else in the world can pile up the romance of the whole world in the form of surprises?

I’m afraid there is no one.

Because there is only one Wiliam in the world!

Li Chunfeng is near.

She smiled beautifully…

After a while, the two people had already stood on the stage.

Everyone looked at Shuang Shu on the stage, and suddenly felt a stunning dazzling!

Two women are so beautiful!

One is Q City ( Qena City ) Wushuanghua.

One is the cool breeze in the circle.

No one knows Feliicity’s reputation in Q City ( Qena City ). At this moment, she smiles like a flower, and her face is flushed, adding a bit of shy beauty.

And Li Chunfeng is elegant and graceful, slender, standing on the stage like a blooming lotus, the most is the gentleness of the bowed head, which makes you intoxicated.

Like spring flowers and autumn moons, it is really beautiful.

The reporters took crazy photos one by one, wanting to freeze this short-lived beauty forever!

Amidst the excitement of cheers and roars, a group of people looked extremely ugly!

Fernando, the Bai family!

When Fernando saw that Feliicity was invited to the stage, his whole person was mad!

Why does this Li Chunfeng appear here at this time!

I burned all two hundred tickets, I thought it was the ultimate!

Unexpectedly, the host of the concert is here!

This feeling is really too awkward!

It’s like mocking myself.

Is it useful to tear up the ticket?

Is it useful to ignite tickets?

They called Li Chunfeng directly!

You go to light Li Chunfeng.


Endless suffocation!

A feeling of being squeezed to death by the opponent casually with a finger after he thought that he was holding the winning ticket after hitting Baijiaquan.

Everyone in the Bai family was dumbfounded.

Li Chunfeng came, the Feliicity combined.

It seems that the rise of Feliicity is inevitable…

The Bai family couldn’t help looking at another person.


It seems that all of this is led by Wiliam!

Tonight, all of it!

Wiliam is pushing it directly or indirectly!

Li Chunfeng, he seems to have invited…

By the way, Li Chunfeng seems to have signed a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center to become an image spokesperson.

This kid must have spent some price to get Li Chunfeng over…

Obviously it is a waste, why, every time luck is so good!

Someone helps him every time!

Simply disgusting!

Li Chunfeng on the stage sang “A Year of Innocence” with Feliicity.

The melodious melody and Li Chunfeng’s soft singing voice, coupled with the white Feliicity, but the voice of love, made the people at the scene intoxicated and unable to wake up for a long time.

Feliicity sang, watching Wiliam who was smiling softly below, tears suddenly burst out.

She knew how easy he laughed in the audience, and how hard he worked behind his back.

This silly husband, for me, it seems that even the whole world dares to ask for it as a gift for himself…

Before the story begins,

The first winters,

That was the age when I still didn’t know the taste of life.

I still can’t open my love,

Your shirt is like snow.

I hope that the poplar leaves will not blink.

There seems to be some words in my heart,

Let’s not talk about it yet,

Waiting for the future that will be dressed up…

Wiliam, I’m dressed up, and I have no regrets in this life.

After a song, Feliicity was intoxicated, and even Li Chunfeng had entered that kind of youthful time when he was riding a bamboo horse and making green plums around the bed.

As a singer, know its melody, but also understand its realm.

After she finished singing, she only felt sore in her nose.

It is a kind of sweet and sour youthfulness.

She suddenly stretched out her hand and hugged Feliicity in her arms.

In Feliicity’s ear, she whispered: “I really envy you for having such a good husband. Cherish him well.”

“Want to sing with me on that bigger stage?”

Chapter 60

The endless flashing lights, at the moment when Li Chunfeng and Feliicity embraced, seemed to illuminate the entire sky.

The two stunning beauties in Q City ( Qena City ) seemed to have entered the realm of Dzogchen and Great Harmony at this moment.

Such a beautiful picture, I believe tomorrow, will ignite the dawn of the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

When Feliicity heard Li Chunfeng’s words, she suddenly felt anticipation in her heart.

Such a big stage.

Thousands of people are with you, if you tune with Junge, this life is bound to be infinite.

However, looking at Li Chunfeng’s envious eyes, Feliicity suddenly smiled.

She backhanded, hugged Li Chunfeng lightly, and said gently: “Thank you, this way, I am content.”

Li Chunfeng was taken aback.

Because she was immersed in that song, she couldn’t help but invite Feliicity.

She has reason to believe that if her fans accept such an invitation, they will definitely go there with joy.

However, Feliicity was content with me and thanked her.


Yes, isn’t life like this?

Just be content.

Li Chunfeng let go of Feliicity and nodded to her.

In her heart, she also gave birth to a touch of liking for Feliicity.

Such a kind and innocent woman, it is no wonder that the little bastard is so confused, she would rather give up the world to complete her.

After Feliicity thanked Li Chunfeng, he went to the stage.

And Li Chunfeng said on the stage that she was going to her concert soon, hoping that those who liked her would go to the concert to join in.

Feliicity walked towards Wiliam on her own.

Looking at Wiliam who was smiling, she had no regrets in her heart.

Why not go to the concert, go to the big stage.

Because Wiliam gave himself enough warmth for the rest of his life.

The dream of doing this has reached its peak.

She planted directly into Wiliam’s arms and hugged Wiliam heavily.

At this moment, she wanted to rub Wiliam into her body, and she couldn’t forget it for a lifetime.

“What did Li Chunfeng tell you just now?” Wiliam asked with a smile.

Feliicity relayed Li Chunfeng’s words again.

Wiliam was taken aback, but suddenly said, “I envy you too.”

“What do you envy me?” Feliicity raised her head and asked.

Wiliam smiled, “Envy you for having a husband like me.”

Feliicity has a black line, and her husband seems to be shameless again.

On the stage, Li Chunfeng had already left slowly with the support of the security.

She got into a car and extended her hand from the car window, but shook it in Wiliam’s direction.

It’s like saying goodbye.

It’s just that Feliicity’s heart trembled when she saw this car.

This car is so familiar…

By the way, this car is not the photo that Rebeca threw when he said that Wiliam had cheated on the rich woman.

In the photo, this is the car.

It turns out that the woman wearing a mask and sunglasses is Li Chunfeng.

The last trace of doubt in Feliicity’s heart was completely solved at this moment.

She buried her head in Wiliam’s arms again and whispered, “Wiliam, it’s nice to have you.”

Because of Li Chunfeng’s short-lived, a lot of people have followed Li Chunfeng to sing there.

There were only a dozen reporters who were there at the beginning.

Fernando didn’t know when he left quietly.

Those reporters had already surrounded the Bai family.

Those reporters looked at the Bai family, who were bereaved at the moment, and felt very happy!

Before, Chen Shuyun treated them extremely badly. Now, it seems that it is time to reverse.

The reporter who was yelled at by Chen Shuyun before, Qi Qi pointed the microphone at Chen Shuyun, and said straightforwardly: “Old Mrs. Chen, I seem to remember before, you said it yourself, saying that if this emperor flower is Feliicity, you will put the emperor on the spot. The flowers are eaten, I want to ask you, what do you think now?”

In a word, Chen Shuyun’s face became stiff when asked.

She was embarrassed when she recalled what she had said before.

Before, don’t talk about yourself, even if the whole Q City ( Qena City ), who would want to get this emperor flower will be given to Feliicity!

Now, I know that these reporters are taking the opportunity to attack, but Chen Shuyun just can’t find any reason to refute these reporters.

She looked at Wiliam and Feliicity who had quietly left, and the anger in her heart was burning again!

These two bitches, I will clean them up sooner or later!

Wiliam took Feliicity and left quietly.

The matter here is over.

Feliicity also received the most beautiful gift she gave, and she became the most eye-catching goddess tonight.

They are going home at this moment.

But in the dark, there was a figure staring at the direction they were leaving, and took out the phone. His voice was full of resentment, “They are going back now, and they will keep to the address I sent you.”

Wiliam and Feliicity, unaware of the upcoming crisis, spoke softly along the way, dear Youjia.

However, when Wiliam and Feliicity got off the underground parking lot, Wiliam’s brows suddenly wrinkled!

His eyes looked towards a dark place!

There, it moved.

A stick suddenly flew out of the darkness!

Hit Wiliam’s car hard!

A dozen people, holding baseball bats, rushed out aggressively!

Feliicity screamed in surprise when she saw this scene.

Wiliam guarded Feliicity behind her.

Those people rushed to Wiliam in the blink of an eye!

And the leader was Fernando.

Fernando looked at Wiliam, his eyes flashed with anger that killed him.

Tonight, I should have embraced the beautiful woman, and it was my bridal night!

But Wiliam’s face was slapped again and again, and it became a joke that everyone in the city knew!

How could he swallow such a shame!

He had planned to do it in the first place, and after getting Feliicity, he asked someone to do Wiliam.

Now, this group of people just came in handy!

If it doesn’t work with you, then I will come secretly!

Seeing Fernando, Feliicity’s face turned pale, “Fernando, what are you doing!”

“Why! Hoho, are you pretending to be stupid on purpose! Of course, I am here to pick you up and go to the bridal chamber!” Fernando did not hide his lust at this moment!

“You! You are a beast!” Feliicity stamped her feet with anger.

It seemed that Fernando would never let him and Wiliam go.

What can I do now?

They have so many people.

Feliicity’s head flashed, yes, call the police!

However, when she was about to take out the phone, she saw Fernando’s smile.

She looked at the phone, suddenly shocked!

I don’t know when the signal has been blocked!

Fernando, this is a perfect preparation!

It is bound to be revenge tonight!

Fernando didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Wiliam. He waved his hand, “Fuck me! The man is killed! The woman takes away!”

A dozen people rushed up together!

Feliicity’s heart trembled, it was over!

But at this moment, she saw that Wiliam moved!


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