Dragon Husband Chapter 71 – 80

hapter 71


It’s Wiliam!

That Q City ( Qena City ) waste son-in-law Wiliam!

He dare!

Kill my 30 men!

This is simply arrogant and provocative!

Lin Shanhai was on the ground, trembling with anger!

Shouldn’t this Wiliam come over tremblingly to die!

Why is it now that Wiliam will kill him from the bottom of the mountain!

One power and one life!


Where is his helper!

Damn it!

Thinking of this, Lin Shanhai immediately took out the phone, “Quick! Bring someone to my house immediately! Bring the guy!”

He began to move rescue soldiers.

While on the mountainside, Tigger watched Wiliam covered with blood, but killed one person and counted them, his expression seemed to show no waves.

Tigger was startled.

It is wrong for him to become a tiger or a dragon on the ground.

But in this life, I have never seen such a heavy killing!

Just killing!

Poker face!

Also actively report to the other party!

This is no longer killing!

This is punishing the heart!

People are not up the mountain!

The people on the mountain are already terrified!

This kid, really crazy! Really proud!

Tigger was originally a murderous person, and now seeing a young man who is more cruel than himself, I can’t help being a little convinced.

Li Muhe sent himself to this kid, it seemed that it was not the result of human favor.

It’s this kid, his destiny!

Xena started to spit out from Wiliam’s killing, not far away.

Warm and pure in this life, never kill a life and see blood.

Now, this blood is human blood!

This life is human life!

Blood flows into a river, bones are everywhere!

What a picture of purgatory on earth!

And in the center of the picture is an expressionless Asura!

Xena’s impression of Wiliam was completely overturned!

She became scared.

For ten years, Wenrun is like Yuqianqian gentleman.

Now, apart from the white clothes, pick up the long knife, make a new look, the scholar kills!

He was afraid that Wiliam would lose his humanity, and in the end, he would not let it go.

However, her fear stopped abruptly in the middle.

After Wiliam killed one person, he suddenly raised his head to look at Xena.

His eyes were full of tenderness and guilt.

It seems to be saying that I can’t bear to let you see this…

The Killer King with guilt and compassion!

This intense personality conflict made Xena completely lost in Wiliam’s courage.

She opened her eyes again and looked at Wiliam, but she only felt that it was not the Demon King in front of her.

It’s a hero who is so angry that he is a red face.

Xena has tears in his eyes.

She suddenly understood that everything Wiliam did had a reason.

He doesn’t want to, but he must!

There must be some mountain pressure on him.

Otherwise, ordinary people’s eyes will not contradict this…

At this moment, Lin Shanhai received the call again.

His hands are shaking.

On the phone, there are only three words.

“I’m coming.”

Lin Shanhai is so scared that his soul will fly!

“Close the door! Close the door to death! Lock the door of the compound to me too!” Lin Shanhai, sang to death with a loud voice, had already broken his heart and soul, and didn’t know how to resist.

He has only one thought!

Go ahead!

drag on!

The door was locked instantly.

Everyone on the scene trembled!

Everyone is afraid!

Bai Zhensheng was also among them, and his crotch was even more frightened.

Come here, is it really Wiliam!

Wiliam dared to kill so many people!

It’s terrible!

But looking at Lin Shanhai, who is usually alive and powerful, was also scared into a dog at the moment, he had to believe it!

Wiliam, crazy!

Become a demon!

At this time, they clearly heard that the iron gate of the compound made a “boom”!

Gold and iron hit!


Everyone, the heart beat fiercely following the sound of the iron door hitting!

With every sound, my heart beats!

It seems that this is not a crash.

It’s a reminder from netherworld!

They have a feeling that the gate of hell has opened a gap for them!

Through this seam, the blood is boundless, the bones become mountains!

Scalp tingling!

“Bang!” The sound of broken gold and iron!

The iron gate of the compound was knocked open!

Everyone was so scared that they huddled together, afraid to look outside!

After a while, they suddenly screamed in unison!

The last door in front of them, “Boom!”



Three beeps in a row!

After it was broken, it was resumed immediately!

The door is deforming at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Coming in!


The wooden door shattered!

An afterglow of the sunset came in.



Then, a corpse suddenly flew in!

“Boom boom!”

The corpse was smashed in front of Lin Shanhai!


Chilling out!

No one has arrived!

Kill first!


You’re welcome!

A figure appeared in the afterglow of the sunset.

The golden blood sun shone on his face, but it couldn’t hide it. His eyes were thicker than blood!


Hundreds of battles!

Wiliam appeared!

Everyone looked at Wiliam blankly, the atmosphere didn’t dare to gasp!

And behind Wiliam, there was a dense crowd of people.

Eyeing He Xiongzai!

The long sword swings to the sky to death!

When Lin Shanhai saw Wiliam, his whole body was agitated, and he shouted viscerally, “Wiliam, it’s really you! Do you know who I am! Do you know where this is!”

Wiliam’s eyes froze, killing intent again!

“You are a ghost, this is netherworld Road!”

“You! Dare you! There are people behind Wiliam, you can hear me clearly! I am Q City ( Qena City ) Lin Shanhai! I don’t know why you were bought and hired by this kid, killing people today! You don’t want to offend My fate!” Lin Shanhai roared fiercely.

At this time, one person stood up, with a tiger-wolf aura, half of his eyes covered!

But it was a little half behind Wiliam.

Tigger !

At this moment, Tigger had sharp eyes and laughed wildly, “I, Tigger , don’t care who you are!”

Tigger !

Several thugs on the scene, as well as Lin Shanhai, were all dull.

Q City ( Qena City ) didn’t know Tigger , and he dared not leave half an inch of land!

The famous Tigger actually appeared here!


Tigger is Li Muhe’s capable cadre, he appears here, then Li Muhe…

Thinking of this, Lin Shanhai shouted again: “Brother Hu, Lao Li and I are close friends. A while back, we also started a company together…”

Tigger interrupted coldly, “Today, I don’t see Mr. Li in Tigger ‘s eyes!”

Say it all!

Lin Shanhai’s heart sighed, not reconciled!

“Then why are you employed by this kid…”

“Employed? Hoho! Listen to me!” Tigger raised his body and looked at Wiliam in awe!

“I Tigger ‘s life, no one is employed! Only!”

“Only fate!”

Today, only Wiliam is following!

After Lin Shanhai heard this, the last fluke in his heart was completely shattered!

He looked at Wiliam fearfully, and wanted to discuss today’s affairs with Wiliam.

However, Wiliam was just a look.

Long sword scream!

Tiger wolf move!

Chapter 72

Wailing constantly!

Flesh and blood!

Tigger ‘s subordinates are really like wolves and tigers!

Pick up the knife, aggressively!

Kill people, so angry!

The hall turned into a Shura field!

The Lin Family has become a ghost gate!

Hell but no one!

Seeing human blood!

The white Zhensheng on the side made the crotch wet with fright.

Murder in public, unscrupulous!


Is this still the trash son-in-law who is always bullying in the Bai family!

Bai Zhensheng saw the murderer rushing towards him, his face turned pale, and he shouted: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me! I am his own, I am Wiliam’s cousin!”

The man’s hands stagnated and looked at Wiliam.

However, Wiliam looked calm and calm.

When Bai Zhen was about to ask Wiliam for help, he suddenly groaned.

The man’s blade pointed outwards, and he stunned Bai Zhensheng severely!

But Lin Shanhai had already weakened his legs.

He has been in shopping malls for many years and has already seen this kind of gray method.

However, what happened before his eyes today, where is the gray means!

It’s Scarlet Kill!

What else is more disheartening than falling one by one in front of oneself!

At this moment, his head was blank.

He has forgotten even the struggle and escape.

In the field, only Lin Shanhai was left, and there were five other subordinates who surrounded Lin Shanhai in the middle.

Lin Shanhai bit his head and looked at Wiliam.

He knew that it was not that he was lucky enough to survive.

But the time of death has not come!

Wiliam spoke with a cold voice, “Where is the Feliicity?”

Hearing Wiliam talking about Feliicity, Lin Shanhai was amazed!

Could it be that the dozens of tragic deaths that occurred here today were caused by a woman!

Thinking of this, he felt a terrible regret in his heart!

If so!

He really shot himself in the foot!

At this time, a figure rushed in from outside.

This man rushed in front of Wiliam, his voice trembling but stubbornly shouted at Lin Shanhai: “Don’t hurt my husband! He is innocent! Come at me if you have anything!”

Everyone was taken aback.

The person here is surprisingly Feliicity.

Feliicity was locked in a room before.

Until just now, I heard the sound of a crash outside, and then several people guarding her left.

She just found the opportunity to run out.

She wanted to run directly down the mountain.

But I don’t know why, and I feel anxious.

She felt that Wiliam had gone up the mountain just now.

She absolutely believes in Wiliam’s feelings for her, and she also believes that Wiliam will come to save herself desperately.

Therefore, even if he knew that he came in for nine deaths, Feliicity ran in without hesitation at that moment.

As soon as she entered, she saw Wiliam standing in front of Lin Shanhai.

She naturally believed that those big swordsmen were all under Lin Shanhai.

After she yelled out those words sternly, the scene suddenly became quiet.

Faintly, there was a strange embarrassment.

Wiliam was overjoyed when Feliicity appeared.

However, he immediately discovered that Feliicity’s face was wrong.

He touched Feliicity’s face and said in surprise: “Feliicity, your face…”

Feliicity stared at Lin Shanhai fiercely at this time, and said: “They tied me over before, in order to threaten you, so they put on a disfigurement makeup on my face…”

Wiliam thought of this, his heart moved.


In the hearts of all the people in Q City ( Qena City ), behind Feliicity, stood a mysterious boss.

Naturally, Lin Shanhai didn’t dare to brutally attack the Feliicity casually.

When I saw the photos, I was in a hurry and didn’t want to think so much.

Now that Feliicity’s pretty face was unharmed, Wiliam’s expression finally eased, but his murderous intent was unabated.

Feliicity looked at Lin Shanhai again at this time, “Lin Shanhai! I forbid you to hurt Wiliam! Wiliam, go quickly.”

At the scene, the embarrassment continued to permeate.

At this time, a weak voice rang, “Sister, take a good look at the situation.”

Xena is talking.

Xena was extremely excited when she saw the Feliicity.

However, there is still a feeling that makes Xena sad.

These two are really a pair of fateful mandarin ducks.

Said it was hard life, and disasters continued.

Said it is a mandarin duck, never leave.

Feliicity was stunned, looking at Lin Shanhai, Lin Shanshan’s eyes were dodging, and her whole body trembled as if she was in the ice and snow.

How can there be the usual arrogance of arrogance.

The few people around him all had purple lips and their teeth were shaking.

“This…” Feliicity was immediately confused.

“It was Wiliam who brought someone to rescue you.” Xena whispered.

Feliicity took a closer look at the court again, and suddenly screamed in fright!

The scene is full of blood, flowing continuously!

There are corpses everywhere, lifeless!

She had never seen such a horrible scene in her life, and her entire face was pale.

Could it be that all of this…

She couldn’t help looking at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s eyes were cold and killing intent.

Suddenly a crazy warm current surged in her heart.

She inexplicably remembered what Wiliam had said to her before.

If you stinks for thousands of years, I will be full of evil!

This is not considered a real wickedness full!

He was covered in blood, just for me…

Thinking of this, her eyes blushed, and she put her arms around Wiliam, and desperately comforted the cold Wiliam, “Okay, okay, isn’t this something wrong with me? Don’t be angry, okay?”

The people at the scene looked straight.

What is it now.

Wiliam killed one Buddha, ascended to heaven and two Buddhas landed, as if he was the ultimate killer on the court.

In the end, it seemed as if she had been wronged by the heavens, so that a woman comforted her.

The grievances of those who were beaten and killed by him were exploded.

Lin Shanhai was going crazy.

The person who beat me killed me, in the end, what happened to the most wronged person in the audience!

He hates it!

Thousands should not, never should!

Knowing that Wiliam loved his wife this way, but didn’t know that he would love his wife to such an insane degree!

If he was given another chance, he wouldn’t dare to use Feliicity to blackmail Wiliam!

But, is there any chance…

Wiliam touched Feliicity’s head and said softly: “You go back with Ruoshuang first, and I will look for you after I have taken care of it for a while.”

Feliicity obviously didn’t want to leave.

But seeing that Wiliam’s eyes were firm, he nodded, “Then you must be well, is not allowed to get hurt? Of course they are not allowed to bully.”

The people at the scene were speechless again.

This couple is absolutely amazing.

One becomes mad for his wife, the other is a madman for his husband.

Perfect match!

Feliicity urged Yin Yin to leave the Lin family with Xena.

At this time, Tigger suddenly stared, “Want to escape! Get me caught!”

It turned out that Lin Shanhai took advantage of the attention of the people on the court, and under the protection of a few of his men, he rushed directly towards the back hall!

But at this time, Wiliam showed a hint of playfulness.

His lips opened slightly.




The voice falls!

Lin Shanhai’s face suddenly stiffened, and the whole person thumped!

Fall to the ground!

Chapter 74

Do not leave the green hills in the world!

Qing, it’s Fernando!

Mountains are forests, mountains and seas!

He Jifeng heard this, his eyes were filled with killing intent instantly!

And a few minutes ago.

Feliicity and Xena went down the mountain together, and Xena frowned as he watched the mountainside as if it had been washed by heavy rain.

Feliicity couldn’t help asking: “Ruoshuang, what happened just now, can you tell me?”

Xena looked at the pure and beautiful Feliicity and suddenly smiled bitterly.

Tell you.

tell you what?

Tell you, your husband is the reincarnation of a murderous god, killing endless?

Or tell you that your husband is so mad about your grace?

Xena decided to bury this matter in his heart completely.

At least, after not letting Feliicity listen, he was afraid of Wiliam.

Wiliam was also walking down the mountain, and found that the mountain road had been washed, and he knew that it was Li Muhe who was taking care of his aftermath.

“Go back, thank Lao Li for me, and I will come to thank you the other day.” Wiliam said.

With the killing intent gone, Tigger felt that the young man in front of him was clearly just an ordinary person.

Gentle and personable.

Tigger suddenly felt a sense of awe towards Wiliam.

According to what He Jifeng just said, he is still a genius doctor…

The genius doctor kills.

This kid seems to be talking to the whole world.

I am a Buddha, and I will save all sentient beings.

Forcing me to become a demon, the people will not live!

Wiliam patted Tigger on the shoulder and left first.

While he was on the road, he took out the seven Needles of Red Flower again.

When He Jifeng handed it to him before, he felt that it was faintly wrong.

Now take a closer look, and then take out other Needles of Red Flower for comparison.

He was stunned.

These seven long live safflowers are stained with blood, and the vermilion is even worse!

Glittering red light!

Seven needles, full of blood!

Not only doubts arose in Wiliam’s heart.

Could it be that the long live safflower left by my grandfather cannot be killed at all!

Is the indelible vermilion color on it all stained with blood?

Long live safflower, what is the secret!

He couldn’t think of a clue for the time being, so he had to give up and went back first.

And Tigger immediately rushed to Li Muhe’s house.

Li Muhe saw Tigger , and the first sentence he asked was, “What do you think of him?”

Tigger took a deep look at Li Muhe, pondered for a moment, and said: “Killing Gao Ge is really bloody, you should be a hero!”

Then, he took out those contract files to Li Muhe, and conveyed Wiliam’s meaning.

Li Muhe looked at the files, lost in thought.

Tigger couldn’t help saying: “Lao Li, to be honest, if I don’t submit to you in this life, I should submit to him! Do you have a way to put him under his banner?”

Li Muhe was taken aback, and suddenly smiled bitterly.

Under the banner.

“Let me tell you the truth, I am afraid that the best effort I will do for the rest of my life is to maintain a proud heart and not be subordinated by him! This person is definitely an emperor! Wen can plan for peace in the world, and martial arts dominate. Shengshi! If you are not careful, you will be easily impressed by him.”

Tigger was a rough man, and he was stunned on the spot, not thinking that Li Muhe had such a high evaluation of Wiliam.

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“You don’t understand, let’s retreat first. By the way, this matter, give a password! Violators die!” Li Muhe said.

Tigger nodded and stepped back.

That night, Feliicity could not sleep through the night, and his body was still trembling slightly.

She looked at the person beside her countless times, and stopped talking.

Finally, Wiliam sighed and took the initiative to hug her, “If you are afraid, I will hold you to sleep.”

In a word, Feliicity’s body calmed down.

Don’t ask, I don’t seem afraid…

And the next day, Q City ( Qena City ) was a sensation!

The Lin family moved out of Q City ( Qena City ) overnight and disappeared without a trace!

When the Bai family heard this message, they were furious!

Bai Zhensheng only woke up in the middle of the night last night, and when he saw the empty Lin Family, he was completely confused.

But when he wanted to recall things, he found that the memories of the day yesterday seemed to have disappeared.

He tremblingly said to Chen Shuyun: “Grandma, then the 20 million we called to the Lin family, is it just a waste of money?”

When Chen Shuyun heard this, she became even more sorrowful and indignant, “He didn’t think that the Lin family was actually a liar!”

In order to please Lin Shanhai, Chen Shuyun took the initiative to send a sum of 20 million to them when the other party was still unable to deliver.

Now, with chickens flying and eggs beating, people are empty, and 20 million people can’t splash even a splash of water.

“Call the police!” Chen Shuyun roared.

However, the Lin family has completely disappeared into the world, so what can happen to the police.

Wiliam received a call from Melissa early in the morning.

He rushed to the Genuine Care Medical Center without stopping. When Melissa saw him, he almost threw him on the table.

“Last night in the middle of the night, a sum of 50 million yuan was suddenly transferred into our company account. What’s wrong with this money?”

When Wiliam heard this, he pushed her up, “I still fought so hard about what happened. I went out and made a profit yesterday.”

Melissa and Lydia were dumbfounded on the spot.


The gap between people is so big!

Melissa worked hard to run the Genuine Care Medical Center, and worked hard for a year, only to earn 5 million.

This kid, go out for a walk and earn 50 million…

Melissa looked at Wiliam who had nothing to do with him, and almost wanted to eat him.

“By the way, early in the morning, a person named He Jifeng came over and said that he was going to work for you. That person seemed to be very famous.” Melissa said again.

Wiliam calmly said again, “Oh, I picked it up by the way while walking, let him help in the hospital.”

Melissa and Lydia have a black thread.

Where is the bend so good to walk, let’s go for a walk too!

“Okay, it’s all here, tell me how is the hospital?” Wiliam asked casually.

“You finally remember that you are still the owner of the museum! You have a conscience!” Melissa suddenly became resentful and reported to his work.

Recently, Genuine Care Medical Center and Li Chunfeng shot an advertisement. The Hongyan products were emptied as soon as they came out, and a lot of people were waiting for follow-up.

And another beauty product led by Linlin is coming out soon.

Wiliam asked about Lydia’s product at will, then thought about it, made a slight modification, and threw it to Lydia, “Next, the product that focuses on you, although the effect is not as good as that of confidantes, but it is inclusive and can be mass produced. “

Lydia saw that Wiliam modified the prescription. If he got the most precious treasure, he squatted in the corner to absorb Wiliam’s knowledge.

Melissa thought for a while and said: “If you want mass production, the follow-up will be an entire industrial chain, and we have to face a problem.”

Wiliam’s mouth clicked, “Professionals do professional things, so—”

“Look for an agent!” Melissa was extremely clever and immediately answered.

Wiliam nodded, “Let’s find it in Q City ( Qena City ) first.”

The next day, Q City ( Qena City ) exploded another shocking news!

Recently, the Genuine Care Medical Center, which flourished because of its beauty, has once again come out!

Recruit exclusive agents throughout the city!

“Hold a family meeting right away!” Chen Shuyun’s eyes were red!

Chapter 75: Q City ( Qena City ) Exclusive Agent

The White Family Meeting.

The Bai family looked at Chen Shuyun’s red eyes, one by one calmly.

The shocking news that broke out today has already agitated the entire Q City ( Qena City ).

Genuine Care Medical Center has recently become the hottest company in Q City ( Qena City ).

When the confidante comes out, who will fight for it!

Chunfeng endorsement, a sensation!

Everyone sees the potential of Genuine Care Medical Center.

At this time, being able to build a relationship with the Genuine Care Medical Center is enough to eat a lot of brains and stomachs in the big cake of the Q City ( Qena City ) pharmaceutical industry in the future.

Not to mention being the exclusive agent of Genuine Care Medical Center.

To put it bluntly, as long as you win the agency, you are a pig, and you can make a fortune.

Chen Shuyun sat on the chair and let out the first sentence, “The agent of Genuine Care Medical Center, we must take it at all costs!”

In a word, it made the scene more quiet.

Everyone knows that Chen Shuyun is beginning to be dazzled by benefits.

Seeing that everyone was afraid to speak, Feliicity had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “Grandma, we have to consider this matter from a long-term perspective. As a result, many people who are more powerful than us are staring at the big cake of Genuine Care Medical Center. We It’s totally uncompetitive.”

“Secondly, we have just lost 20 million working capital, and coupled with the previous desperately taking orders, one trades each other, and there is simply not much working capital available.”

“Also, we just had a conflict with Genuine Care Medical Center…”

Feliicity’s words are exactly what everyone wants to say but dare not say.

In a simple and straightforward sentence, the Bai family mang bird swallows the dragon, simply wishful thinking.

However, Chen Shuyun stared at Feliicity fiercely.

In her heart, she was completely anxious.

With 20 million chickens and eggs, the Bai family has been forced to a ruin in funding. Doesn’t she understand this truth?

“Let me just say a word. If we can take down this agent, our Bai family’s previous losses will be restored, and it will even be a top-notch in Q City ( Qena City ).”

“If you can’t take it, our Bai family is completely finished. Are you ready to wait for death, or just follow me, desperately, and fight for a future!”

The crowd looked at Chen Shuyun in a daze, and sighed silently in their hearts.

The Bai family has been frustrated in recent days, and it has indeed come to an end.

This big cake is so attractive.

“Okay! Don’t you dare! I’ll go!” At this moment, Bai Zhensheng suddenly stood up and spoke.

Everyone was taken aback.

This is obviously a thankless thing. How could he, a profit-only guy, come forward this time?

But Bai Zhensheng had already thought about it.

It is precisely because of the thanklessness that he is willing to stand up.

I couldn’t get an agent, as it should be, I also showed my willingness to contribute to the rise of the Bai family in front of my grandmother.

After winning the agent, the carp jumped over the dragon gate. From then on, the Bai family will be completely restrained by Bai Zhensheng.

No matter how you look at it, it is an undefeated move.

Besides, after the death of the genius doctor two days ago, he urgently needs to establish his image in grandma’s heart again.

Chen Shuyun saw Bai Zhen’s deafening voice, and nodded in satisfaction.

However, she was still worried, and suddenly looked at one person, “Ruoshuang, you go with Zhen Sheng.”

Xena’s heart trembled and wanted to refuse, but looking at Chen Shuyun’s red eyes, she opened her mouth, and finally had to agree.

And Chen Shuyun has never seen Feliicity at all.

“You act now! This matter is related to the reputation of the Bai family. I hope that you can bet on all your wisdom and dignity and do it more beautifully!” Chen Shuyun said.

But Xena felt bitter.

Going this time, even if you get bloodshed, you won’t get the slightest benefit.

She and Bai Zhensheng went all the way to Genuine Care Medical Center.

As soon as I arrived at the medical hall, I saw the hall of the medical hall full of people.

Many people in suits with briefcases in their hands are full of spirits.

Xena also knows some of these people, and they are all managers of the Q City ( Qena City ) pharmaceutical industry.

Only when she went to inquire, she realized that everyone was turned away by the Genuine Care Medical Center.

One can imagine how difficult this task is.

Bai Zhensheng looked at the managers who complained, and suddenly smiled.

He said loudly to a reception staff member: “I said, the shelf of your Genuine Care Medical Center is too big, right? Here, it is the most famous pharmaceutical company in Q City ( Qena City ). You all avoid seeing me, I Now I seriously suspect that you are hype.”

His voice immediately aroused the approval of those around him.

Everyone complained to the staff member, “Yeah, didn’t you mean to choose from Q City ( Qena City )? Now that we are all here, you are avoiding seeing you again, what do you mean!”

“If you can’t do it, I’ll give you a sentence! I have never seen such a fool, I have stood here for more than five hours.”

All of a sudden, everyone complained directly about the suffering, which caused a strong resonance on the scene.

The complaints are getting louder and louder.

Bai Zhensheng’s heart suddenly became proud.

Ho ho, Genuine Care Medical Center, what are you doing!

Avoid it?

Then I have to look at you, dare you to be an enemy of the entire Q City ( Qena City ) company!

There was a lot of money, and the staff member suddenly panicked and said to run and ask for instructions.

The people around immediately praised Bai Zhensheng, saying that he twisted everyone into a rope.

However, after the staff asked for instructions, the answer again angered everyone.

The person at the Genuine Care Medical Center replied that he would not see guests today.

Bai Zhensheng picked his head again, and said indignantly: “What do you mean! Is the shop bullying! Isn’t this just showing us to play with us!”

The staff member was trembling and dare not say a word.

At this moment, Xena suddenly got a shock and shouted, “Wiliam, why are you here?”

It turned out that Xena saw Wiliam coming from outside the door.

Seeing Wiliam, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t help but said in a weird manner: “He is a dog from Genuine Care Medical Center, of course he came to see him.”

When everyone asked, Bai Zhensheng immediately explained, “Ho ho, this guy is a bone-inverted dog from our Bai family, and now he is coming to lick the Genuine Care Medical Center.”

The people of Q City ( Qena City ) had heard of Wiliam’s death.

Seeing Bai Zhensheng’s rhetoric, everyone’s eyes showed a trace of contempt.

But Lu Yesi didn’t take it seriously, and said to Xena, “Ruoshuang, it’s you, go to my place and sit down.”

Xena just wanted to agree, but after another thought, he said depressedly: “I still won’t go, I’m working.”

She was worried that if she agreed at this time, perhaps Bai Zhensheng, a hypocrite, would say at home that he was also a traitor.

Bai Zhensheng saw that Wiliam had slumped, and laughed loudly, “Oh, I’m going to sit down with a trash, I really treat this as my own home.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

However, Wiliam twitched his mouth, patted Xena on the shoulder, and said meaningfully, “That’s OK, we’ll see you later.”

Chapter 76

After that, Lin Ye walked in.

Everyone waited in the hall until it was dark, they still ate the closed doors.

Bai Zhensheng was finally furious, “Damn! This Genuine Care Medical Center is too much! I suggest that everyone go back and report to their respective companies immediately! We came with sincerity, but they regarded playing as fools! I have never seen anyone playing like this before. , We won’t wait! Wait for tomorrow they are notorious!”

After that, Bai Zhensheng took the lead and left, and everyone around him took a look and followed out.

Everyone is a business man, and everyone knows this kind of tricks that are both hard and soft.

Genuine Care Medical Center has made it clear that it has swelled recently, and dare to be enemies of the whole city.

It’s time for them to suffer.

At the scene, only Xena stayed.

She has a characteristic.

If you don’t do it, you must do your best to do your best.

She just instinctively felt that she should work harder, isn’t the Genuine Care Medical Center still not working.

But Bai Zhensheng sneered, “You are not leaving, isn’t it shameful enough to stay here!”

Xena turned a deaf ear.

Bai Zhensheng sneered again, “People treat you like a dog, and you kneel and lick it? You have lost all of the Bai’s face! You want to keep you alone!”

After that, Bai Zhensheng strode away.

But Xena couldn’t help feeling bitter as he watched the crowd leave.

Her feet were sore, she couldn’t help but squeezed her heels secretly.

At this time, the previous staff member walked out and was taken aback when he saw Xena.

Xena quickly put on a sincere smile again, “Hello, I am Xena from the Q City ( Qena City ) Bai Group…”

She didn’t finish her words, the staff’s eyes lit up, “You are Xena? Our curator invites you to his office.”

Xena’s head burst!

She couldn’t believe what she heard!

The owner of Genuine Care Medical Center actually invited himself to his office!

Before, everyone had waited for a whole day.

How lucky I am to be known by the owner of the Genuine Care Medical Center.

And now he is still invited to his office!

She couldn’t turn her head for a while, and instinctively followed the staff member into the elevator.

It wasn’t until the staff led her to the door of an office on the highest level that she suddenly woke up.

All this is too dreamy.

It’s too unreal.

She suddenly felt scared.

I heard that the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center is a young man.

Could it be that he fell in love with himself?

Otherwise, with the strength of the Bai family in Q City ( Qena City ), Genuine Care Medical Center would not even bother.

He wants to really see himself, let me go to his office…

Then put forward some excessive demands…

Am I really going to sacrifice myself for the benefit of the family?

“Miss Bai, go in by yourself.” The staff interrupted Xena’s thoughts.

Xena looked at the door close at hand, suddenly mustering his courage.

There was no reason, but he flinched at this door.

If the owner of the museum is really wrong with his intentions, he has learned a little bit of fist.

Thinking, she took advantage of the staff to leave, quietly put a small iron plate not far away into her bag.

Then, she opened the door tremblingly, but put her hand in her bag to watch out.

In the door, there was a man in a white shirt sitting on the boss chair.

Turn your back to her.

Xena has an inexplicable affection for the man in the white shirt.

The fear in her heart finally reduced a little.

She walked in softly, and then asked respectfully: “Hello, I am Xena from the Bai Group…”

The man in the boss chair slowly turned around.

Seeing this man, Xena’s entire face changed in an instant!

Chair, white shirt.


This man sitting in the boss chair turned out to be Wiliam!

Suddenly, a burst of blood rushed in her head!

Her whole head is dumbfounded!

Wiliam, the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center?

No, I didn’t mean that the owner of the Genuine Care Medical Center was someone else, and Wiliam was just a puppet.

Is he still a puppet?

“Ruoshuang, what do you want?” Wiliam smiled and stood up and said.

Xena was full of spirits, looking at Wiliam in disbelief, her voice stumbled, “Wiliam, you, are you the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center?”

She was terrified in her heart.

Whether the answer is yes or not, she is walking on thin ice.

Wiliam looked at the trembling Xena, suddenly smiled, walked over, touched Xena’s head, and said dozingly, “I asked you to come in and sit with me before. You have to wait outside for a long time, now you come in. What do you mean when you look at home with death? Oh, you also brought your weapon, why, guard against my brother-in-law?”

Xena’s head blew and his face blushed!

Wiliam had told her to sit in and sit down before, but at that time, who could think that Wiliam was the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center!

As for weapons…

Xena took out the small iron piece and threw it aside, blushing and said, “Brother-in-law, you are really the curator!”

Wiliam nodded, “I’m sorry, I have no alternative.”

Xena looked at the sincere Wiliam, and his face suddenly turned red.

This time, it is the admiration of the beauty of the hero.


The impression of killing the Quartet as mad as a demon before is still lingering in Xena’s mind.

Now, he changed his body, took off the blood-killing clothes, and replaced it with a red robes…

From a god of war to a scholar of Shanghai.

Two identities, which one can’t make a woman’s heart sway and her eyes blurred…

Xena had a very good impression of Wiliam.

Now under this violent shock, I actually have an indescribable love for Wiliam…

Men should be like Wiliam, civil and military are heroes!

At this moment, Xena knew in his heart that there must be many secrets in Wiliam’s heart.

The contrast between his multiple identities is really too great.

However, after all, he is kind to himself…

Whether it’s the love of a sister or the tenderness to a woman…

Seeing Xena’s face reddened, Wiliam was speechless for a while.

This girl, her eyes are hot, what is she thinking.

I’m your brother-in-law!

Wiliam patted Xena’s head, “Ruoshuang, you came here today for the agency of Genuine Care Medical Center, right.”

Xena trembled all over, and suddenly felt ashamed to see Wiliam.

If the owner of the pavilion is not Wiliam, Xena is a big boast, like a business woman.

Now, it’s Wiliam.

Let’s not talk about Wiliam’s knowledge of the Bai family.

It was what the Bai family had done to Wiliam over the years that made Xena feel that it was shameless to act as an agent.

“Brother-in-law, I’m sorry…” Xena’s eyes suddenly turned red, and he dared not look up.

Wiliam rubbed Xena’s little head and said softly, “Okay, just give it to you. Go back and tell the Bai family that the contract will be officially signed in seven days. However, half of the credit is for you and half of the Feliicity. As for how to say, you See it.”

Chapter 77

Xena looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

Wiliam actually agreed!

He knew that the current situation of the Bai family couldn’t stand it…

“Brother-in-law, you…” Xena was anxious for a while, “Aren’t you silly? You know exactly what’s going on in the Bai family, no, no, you can’t agree!”

Wiliam suddenly snorted and laughed, “Ruoshuang, are you the Bai family, or are you from my Renxin Medical Clinic? Why did you turn your elbow outside when you spoke.”

Xena blushed again and couldn’t lift his head even more.

Just now, it seemed that I had directly taken the role of Genuine Care Medical Center.

No, it’s the role of Wiliam, and I don’t want my brother-in-law to suffer for this.

“Well, this matter, I naturally have my consideration, you can go back to business.” Wiliam said.

Seeing Wiliam’s gentle smile, Xena suddenly felt ashamed of embracing Wiliam.

She thought about it and found that her hands and feet were out of control.

He plunged directly into Wiliam’s arms, tears already falling, “Brother-in-law, thank you, although I don’t know what your purpose is, you will not harm my sister and me. Also, brother-in-law, you are a real man, a great hero. !”

Wiliam was stunned, but smiled softly, pulled her out of her arms, wiped her tears, “It’s alright, it’s dark, go back quickly.”

Xena nodded, “Well, I’ll return first to report, and then I will find you.”

“Why are you looking for me?” Wiliam was taken aback.

Xena showed a sly smile, “Huh, I won’t tell you.”

After Xena finished speaking, she walked outside, but Wiliam suddenly remembered something and stopped her.

He turned around and pulled it in the drawer, pulled out a small box, and handed it to Xena, “No, I promised you the Pandan Prosperity Spring Breeze bracelet.”

Xena took the box, her cheeks flushed, as if she had received a token of love from her lover.

At this moment, the Bai family’s faces were extremely ugly.

Bai Zhensheng has already added more to the bullying of Renxin Medical Hall Store.

Chen Shuyun was furious.

“It’s too much! I really think of ourselves as the number one in the world! Do we as a whole Q City ( Qena City ) have to be so accustomed to them! Zhensheng, you are doing this very well! You go to contact all pharmaceutical companies, Genuine Care Medical Center thinks Covering the sky with one hand, in Q City ( Qena City ), they are still too tender! Get them to death!”

Bai Zhensheng immediately agreed, and went to call one by one.

On the phone, the Bai family is willing to pick the big head and join hands with other companies to severely suppress the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Twenty companies expressed on the spot that they are willing to advance and retreat together!

After the phone call, Bai Zhensheng triumphantly said to Chen Shuyun: “Grandma, I have arranged everything. Now, all our companies are a community of shared destiny. We must take them together. Whoever dares to eat alone is the enemy of all companies! “

Chen Shuyun nodded, with a sinister face, “Well done! I want to see, we are setting up a world network, who dares to pick up this agent!”

Feliicity was aside, shook his head secretly.

The structure of the Bai family is too small.

Business emphasizes harmony, but the Bai family offends people everywhere.

There is quite a shame that the heart is taller than the sky, and of being a lowly person.

At this moment, Xena came back.

Chen Shuyun saw her and said immediately: “Ruoshuang, you just came back. Under my urging, the pharmaceutical companies in the city have formed an alliance and decided to advance and retreat together. Now the agent of Genuine Care Medical Center is no longer Jinwowo. , It has become a hot potato, don’t act rashly…”

Xena’s head crashed instantly when she heard it.

“But, I, I have obtained the agency right…”

The scene, deathly silence!

Quiet for a full minute!

Chen Shuyun rushed to Xena in one step, shouting anxiously: “What did you just say!”

“I said, I have already obtained the power of agency. Now why is it hot again, do I want to reply to the other party to give up?” Xena said depressed.

She thought to herself, the Bai family simply did not succeed in achieving failures!

The Bai family was completely shocked.

got it?

Is it so easy to get the hottest agency in the city?

Bai Zhensheng has a hundred unbelief!

“How did you get it!” he asked.

Xena had already thought about it, “Before Genuine Care Medical Center was only testing our sincerity. In the end, I was the only one who stayed. Naturally, I was the most sincere…”

The Bai family were dumbfounded again.

It’s that simple?

What’s this, is there a blessing for stupid people?

Xena watched Bai’s family slumped up and down, and suddenly felt a sense of joy!

This group of people embarrassed my brother-in-law every time!

Not only did my brother-in-law avenge grievances, but also retaliate with virtue!

It’s fine if you are not satisfied and not grateful, and treat him like this!

Then I’m welcome.

She thought, pretending to take out her mobile phone, “I will tell Genuine Care Medical Center to give up the agency right.”

“Hold on!” Chen Shuyun held down Xena, feeling very stumped!

What an exciting thing to get the agency right in the first place!

By the way, the front foot has just joined hands with Q City ( Qena City ) Pharmaceutical Enterprises and established an alliance!

Now that the Bai family got it, what would everyone think!

I must have thought that the Bai family was teasing everyone, and then ate alone!

He has offended all pharmaceutical companies in the city in an instant!

However, if you want to give up, you can’t!

This is the paving stone for the Bai family to return to the top!

It! Why is it such a coincidence!

God is playing our Bai family!

Chen Shuyun was depressed for a while, and finally gritted his teeth and said, “Even if we offend the whole city, we can’t give up this agency right! Fight!”

Everyone had a feeling one after another, the Bai family, under Chen Shuyun’s hand, came to the edge of the cliff.

The catastrophe is over, maybe someday in the future…

Feliicity asked Ruoshuang in a low voice, “Did you see the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center?”

Xena looked at Feliicity’s innocent and envious face, and a trace of sorrow suddenly surged in her heart.

My sister.

What do you mean by this face of envy!

That person, don’t you talk about it every day, but you sleep every day!

Envy a feather!

“I saw it.” Xena said with excitement.

“Then tell me, what does that person look like? It is said that no one has seen the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center.” Feliicity continued to look envious.

Xena suddenly thought, looked at Feliicity slyly, and smiled: “Well, very handsome! So handsome that I fall in love with his handsomeness!”

Feliicity pulled her face and said bitterly, “I learned how to talk to my sister. Isn’t the person you love the most your brother-in-law? Don’t fall in love so quickly? A scumbag!”

Xena was confused by the scolding. When did this woman become so shrewd? Even I know my feelings for my brother-in-law…

However, this kind of playing with fire feels really cool.

She couldn’t help but said to Feliicity: “Huh! I just like that owner. I will call him now and ask him to go to the bar tonight.”

With that said, she really took out her phone, turned her back and called Wiliam!

Chapter 78

In Wiliam’s office.

Wiliam and Melissa face each other.

A full minute.

“What’s the point?” Wiliam peeled off a small orange.

Melissa took the orange peel and threw it into his water glass, and said with a deep chill: “Give the agency power to the Bai family, are you doing favoritism?”

Wiliam nodded, “Yes, for favoritism.”

Melissa was taken aback for a moment, and he didn’t expect Wiliam to be so simple, without sophistry.

“You intentionally want to help the Bai family?” Melissa asked again.

But this time, Wiliam shook his head, revealing a cruel smile, “Wrong, I deliberately wanted to put the Bai family to death!”

Melissa’s head is big, this little bastard’s brain circuit is different from normal people!

“It’s time, the Bai family changed its dynasty.” Wiliam finished speaking, closing his eyes.

In a word, Melissa couldn’t speak for a long time.

She didn’t know what Wiliam meant!

After a while, he opened his eyes again, clear in his eyes.

“Recently, can a fund contact us?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Melissa immediately said: “Yes, and many. After all, we are now the best potential stock in Q City ( Qena City ). It is normal for many funds to find investment. What are you doing?”

Lu Yezheng answered positively, but asked again, “Which is the strongest and most despicable?”

Melissa exploded on the spot, and this little bastard asked every strange question!

However, when she saw Wiliam’s tactics, she was unhappy, and said, “It’s the Chen family, Beifeng Fund. This time, it was Chen Dongbai, the only son of the Chen family, who was known for being a treacherous and lustful kid, but to be honest. , This kid is very smart.”

“Make an appointment for me.” Wiliam said.

Melissa glanced at Wiliam deeply, and then went out to call.

After a while, she came back and said, “At ten o’clock tonight, at the north wind bar in their house, he is scheduled to be in the 888VIP box.”

Wiliam nodded. At this time, his phone rang.

At first glance, it was Xena.

Wiliam feels his head is a little big.

Melissa wanted to go out, but seeing Wiliam scratching his cheeks, he suddenly became interested. I don’t know which god can cure this little bastard.

At this moment, Xena turned her back and dialed Wiliam’s call. After the call was connected, she looked directly at Feliicity.

It’s a good play.

“Hey, the curator? I’m Ruoshuang.” Xena said deliberately, and gave Feliicity a provocative look.

Feliicity looked blank, wondering where this girl was jealous.

When Wiliam heard the little sister-in-law’s voice, he knew that the little fairy was going to do something, and he had a black line, “What’s wrong?”

“My lord, I admire you and appreciate you very much. Tonight, I ask you to go to the bar to have fun, okay?” Xena’s voice is as charming as it is charming.

“Don’t let it go, just do it.” Wiliam felt something wrong instinctively.

“Huh! I don’t recognize people when I mention my pants! Believe it or not, I’ll tell others…” Xena said with a pointed expression.

Wiliam was one of the first two older, his identity seemed to be firmly eaten by the sister-in-law.

“Don’t worry about it, forget it, you come to Beifeng Bar at nine o’clock tonight, and I’ve booked the box.” Wiliam thought, he was going to the bar too, so he could just come out and clarify the words with Xena.

Otherwise, this girl’s ability to do things is absolutely top-notch.

“Oh, you are so bad! The rooms are all opened! Good, good, I will go there on time, see you tonight, feel good!” Xena said to the phone and then hung up.

Feliicity saw a black line, “Ruoshuang, you were not deceived, are you? Are you sure you met the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center? How do I feel that you are asking about that…”

Xena smiled hippiely and took Feliicity’s arm, “Hey, sister, then I’ll go out tonight, don’t worry, I do things appropriately, but you don’t need to be jealous.”

“Which kind of jealous I am, the one in my house treats me nicely.” Feliicity gave her a white look.

Xena was extremely proud.

Okay, Okay, go out with me tonight.

Wiliam and Bai Rushuang met at the gate of Beifeng Bar.

Xena still looked like a dead skin, and went to take Wiliam’s hand when he came over.

Wiliam continued to grow his head, leaving her aside, “Let’s go, I will only play with you for an hour, and I still have business tonight.”

Xena pursed her mouth and looked dissatisfied, “Huh, it’s not fun to come out to play and work.”

However, Xena was really happy when Wiliam could come out.

This elm bump will finally come out.

She didn’t really want to seduce her brother-in-law, but simply felt that she was very happy to see Wiliam.

When the two were in the box, Xena was overjoyed and kept persuading Wiliam to drink.

After all, with this exclusive agency right, her status in the Bai family is even more unshakable.

And now that there is such an awesome brother-in-law behind her back, she is even more unscrupulous.

But Bai Rushuang’s operation was as fierce as a tiger, and the result was two hundred and five.

A bad drink.

After only half an hour, she went to the bathroom and vomited.

When he came out, the whole person was already floating.

Her phone rang, and the only trace of reason that allowed her to see the phone clearly was Feliicity.

She shook the phone in front of Wiliam’s eyes, then floated out to answer the phone.

Wiliam waited for five or six minutes. Before she could come in, he opened the door and went out to look for it.

As a result, a quarrel was heard not far away.

With a serious expression on his face, he ran over.

I saw Xena surrounded by a few men, and a long-haired young man in front said to Xena with a grimace: “Little girl, how funny is it to drink alone? Brother, can I have a good drink with you?”

“Fuck!” Xena staggered, and suddenly slapped directly on the man’s face.

The man’s face changed on the spot.

“Damn! Little bitch! I give you a face and you are still shameless! Do you know this is Lao Tzu’s site! There are still people in Q City ( Qena City ) who don’t sell Lao Tzu’s face! Find death! Get me arrested!” Ferocious road.

Several men were about to go up and grab Xena.

At this time, a figure suddenly rushed out!

“Bang bang bang!” Three feet down!

Those three men were kicked out directly!

The long-haired young man suddenly woke up halfway from the wine, and said angrily: “Damn! I still want to play heroes to save the beauty in Lao Tzu’s territory! Are you tired of living?”

Xena saw the person in front of him clearly, and suddenly a tiger rushed over, crying loudly, “Oh, brother-in-law, they bullied me!”

Wiliam pulled Xena behind him, his whole face looked like frost!

The long-haired young man once again pointed to Wiliam and scolded, “Damn! Do you know who I am! I dare Chen Dongbai Q City ( Qena City )…”

“Get out!” Wiliam spit out a word coldly, and then suddenly used force!

The kid pointed at Wiliam’s finger and slapped!


Chapter 79

Chen Dongbai’s cold sweat suddenly broke out, and he screamed in pain!

He wanted to insult Wiliam again.

But match Wiliam’s eyes!

He was suddenly stupid.

These eyes are full of coldness and cruelty!

There is even a trace of killing intent hidden deep in the eyes!

Although Chen Dongbai is a dude, he is shrewd, and his murderous intent is scared to him right now!

Who is this man!

“Damn! You have a kind, don’t run! I’m in the bar! I’m waiting!” Chen Dongbai staggered and ran away with the support of his men.

Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent, Chen Dongbai?

Ho ho, really daring, well-deserved reputation.

The Xena wine on the side had already woke up.

She grabbed Wiliam and dragged it outside, “Hurry up, that bastard is going to call someone, it will be too late if you don’t run.”

But Wiliam remained motionless, like a rock, “What are you going on? Come back with me.”

go back?

Xena was taken aback for a moment, was pulled by Wiliam, and returned directly to the box.

She suddenly got goose bumps, “Brother-in-law, you still have the heart to come back, if they are stuck here.”

Wiliam sat down on the sofa, his whole body still calm, “Bull my sister-in-law, want to leave?”

In a word, Xena felt warm in his heart.

Brother-in-law is a man, he is truly affectionate and righteous.

Before killing Sifang for my sister, now for me…

However, Xena was still worried.

Wiliam had a helper by his side before, so he was unscrupulous.

Now he is alone, and he has his own oil bottle.

The other party will definitely not give up.

“Be obedient, wait here, he will obediently apologize to you later.” Wiliam said, closing his eyes.

There was a strange feeling in his heart.

Since the last time the killing was committed, it seemed that there was an inborn violence in his heart, which was completely agitated.

This unending hostility seems to be suppressed.

At this moment, Chen Dongbai was in anger!

He was here to talk about business, he was happy and drank a few more glasses of wine.

When I saw a rare beauty, I spent a few words on my lips. I didn’t think that the other party really dared to do something to myself!

This is the site of my Chen family!

He rushed to a box, which was full of people.

The one headed saw Chen Dongbai’s miserable appearance and was taken aback for a moment, “Dongbai, what’s wrong with you!”

“Damn! I met a bastard, dare to beat me! Brother Li, come with me! Exhale for me!” Chen Dongbai obviously knew Brother Li, and said viciously.

Brother Li also stood up immediately, and said aggressively, “Brothers, the copy guys follow me!”

Chen Dongbai led the way and went directly to the place where the accident happened before.

But it was discovered that the person was gone.

The subordinates reported that people still haven’t walked out the door.

“It must be here to be able to show up here. There are ten private rooms on this floor. Let’s find them one by one!” Li Ge said viciously.

Several people immediately started from the first box and kicked the door violently!

But I kept finding the back, but no one was found.

Only the last one is left.

Brother Li was just about to kick the door. At this time, Chen Dongbai woke up like a dream, and he hurriedly held Brother Li, “Wait! This room can’t be kicked! This is the box I booked for a distinguished guest today. You can’t offend it. He is here.”

After speaking, Chen Dongbai opened the door carefully.

After just one glance, he was dumbfounded.

An instinctive rage rushed up, “Damn! So you are hiding here!”

When Brother Li heard it, he kicked the door, and a dozen or so people flew in!

Xena was so scared that he was leaning against Wiliam’s body when he saw so many menacing people.

And Li Ge and Wiliam looked at each other.

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched and his eyes were as cold as ice, “What a coincidence, it’s you, Li Xiaotian.”

This brother Li is surprisingly Li Muhe’s grandson, Li Xiaotian!

When Li Xiaotian saw Wiliam, his whole body was dumbfounded!


The person Chen Dongbai offended just now was actually Wiliam!

Since Wiliam’s show of power in the Li family that time, Li Muhe has acted like a god to Wiliam.

Three sentences a day without leaving the genius doctor Lu..

Li Xiaotian saw that Grandpa respected Wiliam so much, how dare he disobey Grandpa’s meaning.

His puffy sweat came out along his forehead.

Chen Dongbai, Chen Dongbai, don’t you want to kill me!

“Brother Li, it’s him, kill him for me!” Chen Dongbai pointed at Wiliam viciously.

However, Li Xiaotian suddenly rushed over in a vigorous step!

Xena’s body tightened.

But the next second, she was dumbfounded.

“Mr. Lu, it’s you. The flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple. How offended and offended!” Li Xiaotian bowed to Wiliam.

This scene stunned everyone present.

Chen Dongbai still doesn’t know what kind of person Li Xiaotian is.

In Q City ( Qena City ), it is the existence of a landlord.

Now, a soil tyrant bowed and apologized to a stinky boy, polite…

“What’s the matter with you today?” Wiliam raised his hand casually.

Li Xiaotian was pardoned and wiped his sweat. “Okay, Mr. Lu, you eat and drink and have fun, I will take people away, so I won’t disturb your yaxing.”

After all, he took the people and left.

But at this time, Chen Dongbai grabbed him and said depressed, “Brother Li, what are you doing? Who is he? Do you know? If you do, I can let him go and let him give it to me. Apologize and pay for medical expenses…”

When Li Xiaotian heard this, he stamped his feet with anger, “I will pay you the medical expenses for the paralysis! I will give you some medical expenses! If you don’t want to die, come with me in time!”

Chen Dongbai’s eyes were in the mist in the clouds, looking at Wiliam, but he was always jealous.

“Who is he!”

Li Xiaotian glanced at Li Dongbai with hopeless eyes, but whispered: “I dare not say his identity directly, but you will remember it for me. He is even in awe of my grandfather. People, think about it yourself! I’m leaving!”

With that said, Li Xiaotian bowed respectfully to Wiliam again, and left the box hurriedly.

At the scene, only Chen Dongbai was left blank.

Even the old man Li Muhe must respect the three-pointer.

This sentence caused Chen Dongbai to suddenly fight a cold war.

He looked at Wiliam again, and at this time, his eyes changed.

I seem to have provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended…

Thinking of this, he turned and ran.

But at this time, his eyes flashed!

A silver needle was nailed straight to the wooden door in front of him!

Shining cold!

Behind him, there was a cold voice.

“Why? Don’t you want to talk about business? Going so soon?”

Chen Dongbai turned his head in amazement!

“You! You are Genuine Care Medical Center…”

Chapter 80-The Taste of Hormones

Wiliam’s face was full of frost, but he nodded slightly.

Chen Dongbai’s head bounced!

Beating birds all day, was pecked by geese!

The young man in front of him turned out to be his distinguished guest today!

You know, Genuine Care Medical Center has been booming in Q City ( Qena City ) this time.

And this kind of fund business has always been icing on the cake, and Genuine Care Medical Center is obviously already a beautiful country!

All the funds are staring at the Genuine Care Medical Center, trying to get a share of the pie.

This is even more true for his North Wind Fund.

If you can reach an agreement with Genuine Care Medical Center this time, you will definitely be able to make a big mark in your credit book!

Chen Dongbai was very excited when he heard the Genuine Care Medical Center contact him on the initiative.

That’s why I drank more wine tonight.

Now that I think about it, I just committed a crime!

The woman who actually molested the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center!

Moreover, the owner of the Genuine Care Medical Center is also a guest of Li Muhe and Lao Li!

His identity is simply unattainable!

Thinking of this, Chen Dongbai was cold all over.

His legs trembled, and he kneeled directly to Wiliam.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Mr. Lu, I had blind eyes before and offended you! I was wrong! But life belongs to business, and business belongs to business. Please don’t beat our Beifeng Group to death.” Chen Dongbai said cautiously.

At this time, Xena finally reacted.

She looked at Wiliam in horror.

She was far from expecting that Wiliam’s identity was so noble!

Can actually make Chen Dongbai kneel!

And she also knew the identities of Chen Dongbai and Li Xiaotian from just now.

One is the only son of Beifeng Fund, domineering Q City ( Qena City ) for ten years!

The other one is Li Muhe’s love-grandson, who never acts rationally!

If these two people were put in front of the Bai family, the Bai family would probably be inferior to each other!

And they looked like grandsons in front of Wiliam!

Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, how good can you be!

While Xena worshiped, Wiliam became interested in this Chen Dongbai.

This kid, seeing his lust, bullying others, his character is really bad.

But at this moment, he was still thinking about his family’s property, and he was a bit responsible.

Wiliam glanced at Chen Dongbai, and said, “If you apologize, tell my sister-in-law.”

Chen Dongbai immediately turned his head and said respectfully to Xena: “I’m sorry, my sister-in-law! I was a bastard before, and I was wrong! Please forgive me.”

As he said, he gave himself three big mouths.

Xena was shocked.

So simply! Three slaps made his face blush instantly.

This kid is really cruel to himself.

“I, I…” Xena was speechless for a while.

At this time, Wiliam pulled Xena to get up, “Wait for you to learn etiquette, justice and shame, then come to me.”

The two left the North Wind Bar.

Along the way, Xena was still in trepidation, unable to believe that such a disaster was approaching, but Wiliam was able to solve it.

“Brother-in-law, what are you…” Xena couldn’t help asking.

At this time, Wiliam turned around and looked at Xena.

Xena suddenly felt cold all over.

The brother-in-law was angry.

Wiliam watched her shrink her neck and sighed like an ignorant little girl, and said: “Ruoshuang, the reason why I confess so many things to you is not to let you go curious and delve into it, or even threaten me. . I told you this because I believed you. If you can’t keep the secret for me and share the worries for me, in the future, you don’t call me brother-in-law.”

Xena’s head bounced and he cried out wow.

“Brother-in-law, I know I was wrong, I’m too self-willed, I won’t dare anymore.”

“Go back.” Wiliam looked at her with annoyance, believing that she really regretted it, and then he took her and went back again.

Chen Dongbai on the other side collapsed to the ground after Wiliam left.

Wiliam’s momentum just now was really too strong.

This kind of aura, he has only seen two people in Q City ( Qena City ), one of them is Tigger !

This Wiliam, like a mad dragon, covering the mountains and forests, is really terrifying from the bottom of my heart!

He is a bastard, but he is also a shrewd person.

He immediately thought of what Wiliam said when he left.

There is still room!

Mr. Lu beat himself to death with a stick!

Thinking of this, he got excited all over.

Must find a way to please Mr. Lu.

He thought for a while, took out his cell phone and made a call to Li Xiaotian, “Brother Li, I finally know that I have offended someone who shouldn’t be offended. Do you have his identity information on hand?”

“What are you doing! Don’t hurt me!” Li Xiaotian was very wary.

“Don’t worry, Brother Li, you don’t dare to offend anyone, how can I offend again. I want to give him a gift. Didn’t I just mention a car yesterday? I want to change it directly to his and send it to him , As an apology.” Chen Dongbai said sincerely.

Li Xiaotian probably also knows Chen Dongbai’s shrewdness, “If you are acquainted, remember, please him, you will make a profit without losing money, I will do it all. I happened to be helping him with the transfer procedures of a company recently. I will post the information later. you.”

Chen Dongbai happily thanked.

However, thinking of the two million Lamborghini I just bought, I didn’t even drive it twice before giving it away, and I felt like a knife.

Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu, I bet you are unparalleled!

Chen Dongbai has always done things boldly, so after making up his mind, he immediately went to do it.

After Wiliam sent Xena back home, he hurried back to his home.

The light in the room has gone out. Feliicity should have just slept at this time.

Wiliam tiptoed into the room. In the darkness, the body on the bed turned over, “I’m back?”

Then the light turns on.

Feliicity sat up from the bed.

She was wearing a thin silk nightdress. She sat up at the moment, with one shoulder slipping off. The graceful scenery made Wiliam’s mouth dry.

After ten years, I can’t get tired of it.

Feliicity saw Wiliam staring at him with scorching eyes suddenly, and when he looked down, his face blushed, and the quilt turned over and covered himself, “Where are you looking? Badass.”

The word badass, resembling anger and tenderness, made Wiliam more passionate.

He had a drink tonight, and he seemed a little excited.

Feliicity saw that his eyes were red, and suddenly the whole face was red.

She seemed to know what Wiliam was thinking…

She seems to be looking forward to something…

Wiliam was even more moved when she saw her turning so gracefully.

He cheeked and leaned towards Feliicity, Feliicity wailed, and put his hands against Wiliam’s heart, “You, you’re so stinky, don’t take a bath if you drink.”

Wiliam looked generous, “What kind of bath, this is the smell of men’s hormones.”

Feliicity’s face reddened again, and the hands she held against her became weak.

Her eyes closed gently.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly.

Wiliam was already intoxicated and couldn’t help but leaned forward again.

But at this time, Feliicity suddenly opened her eyes, and forced her hands against Wiliam, with a hint of shock in her eyes.

“You, how come you smell like frost?”


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