Dragon Husband Chapter 81 – 90

Chapter 81

Wiliam’s heart shook, and immediately pretended to be stupid: “What does it smell like frost? What are you talking about?”

Feliicity didn’t believe in evil, grabbed Wiliam’s clothes, leaned forward and took a deep sniff, then his entire face changed.

“This is obviously Ruoshuang’s favorite perfume smell. I have been with her for so many years and I would not know it!” Feliicity’s face instantly became cold.

Wiliam secretly shouted badly.

This sister-in-law, is it so special?

It’s over now.

Feliicity saw that Wiliam’s expression had also changed, and she suddenly felt disappointed and sad.

She remembered the phone call Xena made in the evening.

Her voice was extremely ambiguous, and what she said made her blushing.

I don’t recognize people when I lift my pants…

The rooms are all opened…

Xena was not calling the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center at all, but calling Wiliam!

In front of your own face, ** with your husband!

Moreover, my husband, without telling himself, went on a date with his sister…

Thinking of this, Xena’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Wiliam suddenly panicked.

His relationship with Xena is entirely the kind of indulgence between his brother and sister, and it does not involve the love of men and women at all.

And the most important reason why he agreed to go out to the bar with Xena tonight…

Wiliam wanted to reach out to dry Feliicity’s tears, but Feliicity patted his hand off.

Wiliam took a deep breath, looked at Feliicity and said, “Feliicity, don’t you understand my feelings for you? Weak water is three thousand, I only take a scoop. I admit that I did go out with Ruoshuang for a drink tonight. , But there is a reason, I can’t tell you yet.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam coldly, she knew Wiliam’s feelings for herself.

But I still feel uncomfortable.

“Feliicity, trust me, in a few days, I will give you a clear explanation! I went out with Ruoshuang for your own good.” Wiliam said in a deep voice.

Feliicity stared at Wiliam, watching him look worried, and a gentleness suddenly grew in his heart.

After so much ups and downs, Feliicity believed that Wiliam and Xena were innocent.


“Go to the floor and sleep for a month!” Feliicity kicked Wiliam to the floor ruthlessly.

The bitterness in Wiliam’s heart was almost coming out.

The beautiful scenery on the good day tonight was completely ruined by the little sister-in-law who made trouble.

A month of flooring career!

The next day, Wiliam woke up, seeing Feliicity still looking cold, thinking about this, she definitely couldn’t let go of it for the time being.

He deliberately moved a little distance away to calm Feliicity.

During the day, he stayed at the Genuine Care Medical Center, and at night, he went out to eat with Melissa and Lydia for an unprecedented time.

But when he finished eating, he suddenly received a call from Feliicity.

He refreshed, “Feliicity.”

“Come to Feitian Hotel now, family dinner in the evening.” Feliicity’s voice is still cold.

But Wiliam was full of warmth.

Feliicity hasn’t forgotten himself.

After Feliicity hung up the phone, she felt depressed.

Obviously he didn’t want to care about this guy, so he just didn’t listen to his orders, thinking about him for everything.

Depressed to death.

Wiliam’s eating place happened to be next to the Feitian Hotel, and he walked over immediately.

When they arrived in the box, everyone in the Bai family’s eyes fixed on Wiliam.

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes jokingly said: “Oh, what brings us to the door ambassador of the Genuine Care Medical Center, the message is good enough. What’s the matter, come and eat? Really a professional soft food.”

Wiliam immediately understood that it turned out that the Bai family did not even call himself for dinner.

Feliicity called him privately.

Feliicity watched Wiliam’s cynicism by Bai Zhensheng but was indifferent. She felt depressed and pulled Wiliam over and said to everyone, “I called him here. After all, he is also one of us.”

Bai Zhensheng once again said with yin and yang strangely: “Ho ho, he is still a member of the Renxin Medical Clinic, a slave of the three surnames, cut!”

Feliicity ignored him, pulling Wiliam and sitting down next to him.

Chen Shuyun glanced at Wiliam coldly, and then began to say: “Today is considered our family gathering, but also a celebration banquet. I set this table to celebrate Ruoshuang’s work. Without her, we can’t get a benevolent doctor. The exclusive agency right of the museum!”

Xena glanced at Wiliam and Feliicity timidly at this time. She had long seen that the atmosphere of the loving couple was not right at the moment.

She also understood that she probably caused the matter.

She immediately said to Chen Shuyun: “Grandma, the people at the Genuine Care Medical Center said that if you can win the agency this time, half of the credit must be given to Sister Feliicity.”

Chen Shuyun thought for a while and nodded: “There is an honorable person behind Feliicity. It is estimated that Genuine Care Medical Center is also selling a face to such a mysterious noble person. This is not so strange.”

Xena wanted to explain again, but he abruptly endured it.

It’s not like this at all!

It’s brother-in-law who is giving alms to our Bai family!

“Today is not only a celebration, but also a simple strategy meeting. Regarding the next step of the agency operation and the docking of the Genuine Care Medical Center, I have an immature suggestion. This project is to be handled by Zhensheng. “Chen Shuyun said again.

With this said, Xena directly stood up.

His face changed in an instant!

“Grandma! This matter is obviously half the credit for me and Sister Feliicity. Even if I want to connect to the Genuine Care Medical Center, I will choose one from my sister and me! What do you mean by giving it to Bai Zhensheng!” Xena The voice rose up.

However, with Chen Shuyun’s indifferent eyes, Xena stopped abruptly and sat down angrily.

“Give it to Zhensheng, I naturally have my consideration. I will ask you one thing, your three brothers and sisters, whose connections can compare to Zhensheng?” Chen Shuyun said coldly.

At the scene, no one dared to answer.

Feliicity said under pressure, “If Shuang can get an agent, it will represent her ability. Isn’t the network of people cultivated?”

“Hoho! By training? Okay, now that you have spoken, then I will ask you! How to cultivate! Go out to drink and socialize with men, every night, can you do this thing! If you promise to say you now If you can go out to socialize with those men, I will give you this project right away!” Chen Shuyun said coldly to Feliicity.

Feliicity’s face became stiff, and Chen Shuyun’s words were arguing!

“Feliicity, Feliicity, think about it! If you don’t marry this trash! You can be regarded as an unparalleled flower in Q City ( Qena City )! Which man in Q City ( Qena City ) doesn’t buy your face! After all, the fault lies with you!” Chen Shuyun said again. Feliicity.

Feliicity flushed with anger, just about to speak.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly took her hand and said softly: “Nothing, let Bai Zhensheng.”

Chapter 82

The people at the scene were taken aback.

Wiliam was the first one to stand up and give Bai Zhensheng his support?

This kid, have you taken the wrong medicine?

Feliicity was so angry that he kicked Wiliam severely below.

Wiliam was in pain, but his heart was depressed.

“Just persuade you!” Feliicity said to Wiliam depressedly.

The people at the scene looked at Wiliam with joking eyes.

This kid finally learned to bow his head!

Finally recognized the facts, knowing that the rise of our Bai family is in sight, and peace of mind to be a dog that obeys his orders!

“Ho ho, that’s right, Ruoshuang, Feliicity, learn from Wiliam, sometimes, for the benefit of the family, if you get wronged, Mom won’t be invisible.” Rebeca immediately helped.

Feliicity had nothing to say for a while.

And Xena watched Wiliam set his tone, and he dared not say anything else.

She thought to herself, if Bai Zhensheng went to match the project and found that the owner of Genuine Care Medical Center was Wiliam, it would be fun then.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng had already raised his wine glass and began to respect Chen Shuyun.

He was extremely proud.

The third generation of the Bai family has only one male.

Grandma doesn’t trust herself, who else can she trust?

Trust those two ineffective granddaughters?

Finally, it’s not that I’m Bai Zhensheng alone picking the Bai family leader!

Everyone has different thoughts, and even a meal is unhappy.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly received a strange call.

“Brother Lu, it’s me, Xiao Chen.” Chen Dongbai said politely on the phone.

“Xiao Chen? Which Xiao Chen?” Wiliam couldn’t react for a while.

“Chen Dongbai, Xiao Chen from Beifeng Fund.” Chen Dongbai said immediately.

“Oh, what’s the matter?” Wiliam asked.

“Brother Lu, I’m so sorry last night. I don’t know Taishan. I just bought a car the day before yesterday. I just finished the transfer procedure today. I want to give it to you. I heard that you are at the Feitian Hotel and my car is parked in the underground parking lot. Now, give you the key?” Chen Dongbai said.

Wiliam hooked the corner of his mouth, this kid, really will come.

He already had a decision in his heart. Next, he wanted Chen Dongbai to be a pawn, so he said casually: “Leave the key at the front desk.”

“Okay, Brother Lu, if you have something, please tell me what you are doing!” Chen Dongbai knew what Wiliam meant when he heard that Wiliam took his car.

After Wiliam hung up the phone, he continued to eat.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam suspiciously.

After a meal, everyone walked out of the box. Bai Zhensheng deliberately patted Wiliam on the shoulder in front of everyone, and said loudly, “Boy, I performed well tonight. From now on, I will be a good dog. I will never treat you badly. of.”

Wiliam turned a deaf ear and said to Feliicity, “Feliicity, I’ll drive you back.”

Feliicity was taken aback. Her car was smashed by Fernando, and it was still not repaired. Where did the car come from?

Wiliam walked to the front desk, got the car key, and said, “I have a car.”

In a word, the Bai family suddenly fell silent.

Bai Zhensheng suddenly burst into laughter, “Oh, oh! I have a car! It’s awesome! A dog of our Bai family actually bought a car! It’s amazing! I can’t wait to see your car! Now.”

As he said, he stepped forward and grabbed the car key in Wiliam’s hand. At this look, he suddenly leaned forward and backward with a smile.

“Wow haha, everyone, look, Lamborghini! This car key is awesome! Go back to the link and send it to me, I will also buy one to go to the club to dress up!”

The eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam changed.

Now in this society, it is indeed very popular to throw out a luxury car key in a nightclub, and then go to hook up sister paper.

“Unexpectedly, this kid looks very honest and has a dirty heart.”

“Knowing people, knowing the face, not knowing the heart, and wanting to show off our wealth in front of our Bai family, I really don’t know how to write dead words.”

Feliicity’s face was ugly to the extreme.

She pulled Wiliam and turned around and walked towards the gate. She couldn’t bear such humiliation!

But at this time, Bai Zhensheng grabbed Wiliam, and said in a weird manner: “Hey, where is your car parked?”

Wiliam replied: “Underground garage.”

Bai Zhensheng watched him speak more truthfully, and smiled happily, “It just so happens that our car is also in the underground garage, so let’s go down together, I’m really curious.”

Bai Zhensheng expected that this kid was just pretending to show off in front of everyone.

The more he bluffs, the more Bai Zhensheng wants to pierce his mask of hypocrisy.

Wiliam said to Bai Zhensheng, “Feliicity doesn’t want to sit, so I won’t drive anymore. Let’s go first.”

When everyone heard it, they felt that this kid was deliberately looking for excuses to avoid being slapped in the face.

Rebeca took a deep look at Wiliam, and suddenly pulled Feliicity away, “Go, go to the underground garage, we rubbed the new car that Zhensheng just bought.”

Feliicity struggled and was useless, and was directly dragged into the elevator.

Wiliam shook his head and followed suit.

When he arrived in the underground garage, Bai Zhensheng was obviously watching the show, and said to Wiliam: “Where is your car parked?”

Wiliam said casually, “I don’t know, I need to look for it.”

Everyone suddenly laughed.

Is there a worse reason than this!

Feliicity’s face flushed.

She didn’t understand how Wiliam, who had always been so arrogant, could do such a self-humiliating thing.

Is it because I was angry with him last night that he was eager to behave in front of him today?

Bai Zhensheng took Wiliam’s shoulder and said jokingly: “Okay, we have time. Let’s find it with you.”

With that said, Bai Zhensheng took everyone and walked around the parking lot.

There are several Lamborghini in the parking lot. Every time Bai Zhensheng passed by, he exaggeratedly asked: “Is it this one? Oh, no, tut tut, this one is one million small, it’s a pity, it can’t be touched.”

The exaggerated words made everyone blush.

Everyone had an expression that wanted to laugh but held back.

Feliicity couldn’t bear such humiliation anymore, so she pulled Wiliam to leave.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng suddenly stopped in one place and smiled at everyone: “It’s a pity that someone’s luxury car was not found, but the car I just bought was found.”

Everyone looked intently and saw a white BMW SUV shining under the white town sound key.

“Hey, this is the car I just bought, more than 700,000 yuan, today I will take you to drive the meat and feel the ultimate push back feeling. Does anyone want to try it?” Bai Zhensheng said triumphantly.

Then, he glanced at Wiliam provocatively.

Those present already knew that this kid was severely beaten by Bai Zhensheng.

Shame in public.

But at this time, Wiliam twitched the corner of his mouth and stared at one place.

Sometimes, it is a coincidence that I have to say.

A brand new Lamborghini was parked next to the BMW of White Town.

The whole body is red, like a red flame horse!

Chapter 83

This car should be the one Chen Dongbai gave him.

Wiliam thought to himself.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng looked at Feliicity again, “Feliicity, do you want to go together? I’ll pick you up on the way, and the others are riding in Rushuang’s car.”

Feliicity flushed red, and said coldly, “No need. Your car is not clean, I can’t afford to sit.”

Not clean? The people present were stunned for an instant.

This is a new car.

Bai Zhensheng instantly said with a grim face: “Feliicity, I kindly want to take you for a ride. If you don’t appreciate it, what’s the matter if you can’t eat grapes and say sour grapes! You don’t say anything today! Tell me clearly, I’m not finished with you today!”

Feliicity didn’t bother to talk to Bai Zhensheng at all, but tonight, her mood was really bad.

So I couldn’t help but said: “Where did you get the money to buy a car, do you still use me to say it! Recently, our three companies are in danger, the company itself is not much money, you actually use the company’s money to buy a car, yours It’s so ugly to eat, do you think everyone is a fool!”

Bai Zhensheng’s face was white after a brush!

Recently, the Bai family really didn’t have any money on hand, and Bai Zhensheng’s money was indeed embezzling the company’s money to show off.

This kind of thing was usually seen through but not broken, but now that Feliicity said it, it was instantly embarrassing.

“You! You!” Bai Zhen was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

“Huh, I bought an unclean car with unclean money. I don’t bother to sit in such a car!” Feliicity said coldly.

“Enough!” At this moment, Chen Shuyun suddenly shouted.

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity coldly, “Jing Sheng bought this car, I agree, why, do you have an opinion on my old lady?”

Feliicity froze all at once.

Chen Shuyun, it is clear that he is favoring Bai Zhensheng!

And blatant favoritism!

“Then Zhensheng will soon be going to run the big project of Genuine Care Medical Center. There is no car that matches its identity. You won’t be laughed at when you go out? You don’t understand this point! Don’t you understand! Men are like yours, licking their faces to eat, and being poor and white are still pretending to be lavish in front of our Bai family, so that you will like it! I tell you Feliicity, sometimes people cannot be too cheap!” Chen Shuyun glared Feliicity.

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly turned red.

This incident was originally because Bai Zhen’s voice was wrong, he was corrupt and perverted, and in the end, it was himself who was humiliated!

Feliicity suddenly felt her hand warm, and looked down, she was held by Wiliam.

She wanted to struggle, but Wiliam held on tightly.

Her eyes were even redder.

“Go! Don’t care about them! Something embarrassing!” Chen Shuyun saw a security guard approaching and got into the car angrily.

Rebeca glanced at them deeply and followed in.

Others have to follow the Xena car.

Bai Zhensheng raised his brows at Feliicity triumphantly, as if he was saying, “You want to fight with me, you are still tender!”

He started the car and stepped on the accelerator.

At this time, the car seemed to be out of control, so violently!

He was so frightened that he quickly hit the steering wheel.

For this fight, only a “bang” was heard!

The car hit the Lamborghini next to him directly.

Now, the whole audience was dumbfounded!

The security guard who had come here even rushed over!

Bai Zhensheng and others got off the car and saw that the Lamborghini on the side was knocked out of a big pit, and the headlight was broken!

Bai Zhensheng suddenly burst into cold sweat!

This is Lamborghini!

This big hole, let alone the maintenance cost of tens of thousands!

And that headlight…

Thinking of this, his scalp is numb!

He was not familiar with the conditions of the BMW he just bought, so he was in a hurry just now, it turned out to be a disaster!

Bai Zhensheng really didn’t have any money, and he had to spend another 100,000 at this moment, which was more uncomfortable than killing him.


What bad luck has gone today!

Bai Zhensheng wanted to run. At this time, the two security guards rushed over, grabbed Bai Zhensheng’s clothes, and said angrily: “You hit someone else’s car and you want to run!”

The Bai family were all anxious all at once.

Bai Zhensheng said without tears: “I don’t want to run, I just check if the damage is serious.”

“Can you see it with your eyes? This is a car worth more than two million yuan, or it is imported. Now it is damaged like this, and there are more than one hundred thousand dollars that can’t be repaired.” The security guard got used to the luxury car, and suddenly Said it.

Bai Zhensheng’s face went white with a single brush, “I really didn’t mean it.”

“Then I don’t care. I see if there is a phone on this car?” The security guard looked at it, and said without leaving the phone, “You must stay and wait for the owner to come over. I will contact the hotel immediately to see which guest it is. of.”

One security guard guarded them, and the other security guard ran towards the lobby.

The Bai family’s chaos suddenly turned into a pot of porridge, which is simply a disaster.

“Who the hell, the car stopped next to me! I’m so angry!” Bai Zhen scolded.

Feliicity glanced at Bai Zhensheng disappointedly. This person did not repent of what he did wrong.

Still have the face to blame others for parking the car next to him?

She pulled the landing leaf and was about to leave.

But at this time, Bai Zhensheng looked at them and roared: “Why, you still want to run away secretly!”

“We didn’t hit the car, why are we staying here?” Feliicity said coldly.

“Damn! Are you the Bai family! We went out to eat together, and then the car crashed. Of course, all of us are responsible! You can’t escape the responsibility!” Bai Zhen said vigorously.

“Too lazy to care about you.” Feliicity gave him a white look, this man is like a lunatic.

“I don’t care, you can leave and leave 50,000 yuan.” Bai Zhensheng seemed to be crazy, and she held Feliicity tightly.

Wiliam just wanted to laugh when he saw it.

A mere tens of thousands of dollars would make the Bai family so shameless?

He also claimed to be a wealthy family all day long.

Thinking of the glory of the family every day, the rise of the family?

This is the pattern of the Bai family.

A group of jumping clowns!

Wiliam pulled Feliicity and walked towards the crashed Lamborghini.

He reached out to check the degree of damage to the car.

However, he was immediately stopped by Bai Zhensheng.

“What do you want! Do you want to kick the car a few more feet and then blame me! I tell you, now you have also hit the car, you are also responsible for more than half of it, but there is monitoring here!” Bai Zhensheng The eyes are red.

Chen Shuyun also looked at Wiliam, “Don’t touch it if you can’t afford it, is this car you can afford!”

However, Wiliam sneered at this moment, but pushed Bai Zhensheng away and took out the car key.


The car rang.

The door opened.

“Feliicity, let’s go.”

Chapter 84

Seeing Wiliam actually open the car door, everyone on the scene was quiet for an instant!

The car, is Wiliam’s?

Everyone, including Feliicity, looked at the cold Wiliam in disbelief!

How could this car be Wiliam!

How could he have money to buy such an expensive car!

This is impossible!

However, the bloody facts slapped everyone’s face like a slap in the face!


The finches know their ambitions!

They stared at the car key in Wiliam’s hand, their eyes were red!

This kid, the car keys are real!

It is true that the car is parked in the underground garage just now!

He didn’t even lie to everyone!

Instead, everyone ridiculed him repeatedly!

The awkward atmosphere filled the scene instantly.

Wiliam pulled Feliicity and asked her to get in the car together.

At this time, Bai Zhensheng came to his senses and immediately rushed forward, screaming, “Damn! Where did you steal the car! Comrade security! Comrade security! Get him up, he is a car thief!”

But these words angered Feliicity instantly.

Feliicity was in a bad mood today.

Coupled with being ridiculed by Bai Zhensheng before, it is even more angry.

Now, Wiliam obviously doesn’t plan to care about them, and Bai Zhensheng still doesn’t let Wiliam go!

My family Wiliam is really so bully!

A strong dissatisfaction filled her heart.

Although she was still angry with Wiliam, she didn’t even know where Wiliam came from.

But at this time, she stood firmly beside Wiliam and said coldly, “This car belongs to me, let’s go!”

In a word, the scene was silent!

The car, is Feliicity?

There was a huge wave in the hearts of everyone.

Bai Zhensheng immediately said fiercely: “Where did you get the money to buy a car! You don’t have that much money at all! Well, you dare to embezzle the company’s money to buy a luxury car! You are just looking for death!”

Feliicity suddenly sneered: “Why, you can embezzle the company’s money and take it for granted, but I can’t? Are you the legendary double-standard dog!”

One sentence made Bai Zhensheng pale!

This bitch!

Chen Shuyun’s eyes suddenly became gloomy, “Feliicity! Tell me the truth, what is going on!”

Feliicity didn’t bother to explain, and took the initiative to pull the landing blade and get into the car.

Wiliam started the car, Bai Zhensheng obviously refused to let him go, and blocked him directly in front of the car.

Wiliam coldly took out his mobile phone and directly called the police, saying that the car had been scraped, and there was surveillance at the scene, and the suspect was also there.

This alarm was caught off guard.

Bai Zhensheng is like an ice cellar!

This kid is so bold!

Call the police!

Wiliam’s car moved.

Bai Zhensheng was agitated, and dodged with a vigorous step.

He suddenly felt an inexplicable fear. If he still stood still, he would dare to crush this waste from his body!

“Leave this matter to the authorities, and get the money for repairing the car.” Wiliam threw a word and walked away with Feliicity!

After the car left the underground garage, Feliicity suddenly felt depressed, opened the window, and the wind poured in instantly.

Her passionate impulse just now was blown out instantly.

She looked at Wiliam with complicated eyes.

She didn’t know how to ask Wiliam about this matter.

She understands Wiliam’s character, calm and restrained.

So the colors he likes are generally low-key, black or white.

And this car, but it has reached the extreme, obviously not in Wiliam’s style.

Wiliam didn’t know what she was thinking, and said with a smile: “My friend’s car is not driving, so I threw it away. The color of this car is too sloppy. I’m not used to driving it. You can drive it in the future.”

“It’s a female,” Feliicity said suddenly and quietly.

This car looks like a lady’s car.

Wiliam stretched out his hand to rub Feliicity’s head, but she avoided it.

Wiliam had no choice but to continue: “Didn’t I have a rich friend, it’s him, don’t think about it.”

Feliicity was taken aback, “Is that the friend who picked you up with Rolls Royce before?”

Wiliam neither nodded nor shook his head.

The two were speechless.

The Bai family is about to explode.

This ignorant waste, dare to humiliate the Bai family in public!

There is no forgiveness!

And Feliicity was completely damaged by Wiliam!

Before the Bai family said about her, how dare she say anything!

Now, for that kid, he is against the Bai family again and again!

“Huh, that car should have been given by the mysterious local tyrant who gave her the emperor flower before. This matter is over! Next, we will concentrate on dealing with the agency of Genuine Care Medical Center, and wait for our Bai family to rise in Q City ( Qena City ). The day is when the kid regretted not at the beginning!” Chen Shuyun said coldly and got into the car.

“Grandma, do I really have to pay that kid 100,000 yuan?” Bai Zhen sounded like weeping.

Chen Shuyun stared at Bai Zhensheng and said, “I still scold you! How dare you embezzle the company’s money! And let that little bitch stabbed it out! You have no brains when you do things! This is even for you. A lesson! Lose money! Quiet things! I don’t want to damage the reputation of the Bai family at this moment!”

Wiliam has already called the police. If this matter is not handled properly, it will be a stain on the Bai family.

At this juncture, any accident may cause the loss of the Bai family’s agency right, and Chen Shuyun absolutely does not allow trouble at this time!

The white Zhensheng on the side made his teeth crunch!

Those two dog men and women!

When I do a major event this time, the Bai family will completely fall into my hands!

When the time comes, I want you two to die!

“Okay, I should sign a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center in five days. I will go back immediately, settle all our belongings, and give me an estimated fund for this operation of the agency order. We have to do the fund assembly early.” Chen Shuyun said.

Bai Zhensheng nodded and said yes.

Two days later, Feliicity received a call again to attend the family meeting held by Chen Shuyun.

And this time, Chen Shuyun clearly told Feliicity that if she dared to bring Wiliam over, she wouldn’t have to come to the meeting.

Feliicity was depressed, but she could only compromise and go to grandma’s house.

After entering the hall, everyone was already seated.

One by one, their faces were extremely serious.

Chen Shuyun saw Feliicity approaching, snorted coldly, and then said: “Now that everyone is here, let’s officially start the meeting.”

“Jinsheng, you first report to everyone the financial situation of our Bai family.”

Bai Zhensheng stood up, holding a piece of paper in his hand, and said in a deep voice, “After two days of investigation, all the funds that can be used and mortgaged in our Bai family, add up to 50 million. .”

Feliicity knew everything well.

The Bai family has nothing to mortgage, and several companies have pledged their fixed assets long ago in order to maintain their operations.

Following Bai Zhensheng’s words, Chen Shuyun suddenly stood up with an extremely solemn expression.

“And if we take down the agency this time and start early operations, we need at least 200 million yuan!”

“So, we are currently facing an unprecedented problem, that is, we don’t have money!”

Chen Shuyun said, staring at Feliicity.

Chapter 85

Feliicity felt a little in her heart.

She had known for a long time that the Bai family would come to the end of the world.

Relying on her prestige in Q City ( Qena City ) overnight, Bai’s family can be said to be soft with orders.

But for those orders, a deposit must be paid in advance.

Moreover, the payment is relatively slow, and there is no time to renew the funding gap for this agency right.

“We still have a gap of one hundred and five hundred million, what do you think?” Chen Shuyun was still looking at Feliicity as he spoke.

Bai Zhensheng said first: “Grandma, since you trust me so much this time, then I will mortgage my house. At least I can borrow several million.”

Chen Shuyun was satisfied with Bai Zhensheng’s actions, nodded, and said, “Where are the others.”

Everyone can clearly see that Bai Zhensheng and Chen Shuyun have already colluded with such a trick.

Under Chen Shuyun’s coercion, several people also bite the bullet and said: “Then let our house be pledged…”

After speaking, the eyes of several people drifted towards Feliicity.

Bai Zhensheng said with a strange yin and yang: “Someone seems to be uncomfortable. Why, in the Bai family, you can only enjoy the glory and wealth, can’t you share the wind and rain?”

Feliicity resisted his anger and said, “The house we had before was sold out by you a long time ago. Although I don’t know why the buyer still didn’t come to take the house, isn’t the sacrifice we made for the Bai family enough? “

“Ho ho, do you think it’s enough? Do you think you have used your best? Don’t you still have a set of emperor flowers?” Bai Zhensheng said again.

Feliicity’s heart stunned!


This group of people, from the very beginning, had been hitting her emperor flower’s idea!

The emperor flower, but Wiliam exhausted the rest of his life to buy a birthday gift and dowry for himself!

Do these people have a little conscience!

Feliicity blushed and said: “The imperial flower is my fault, but you have never thought about it. If the person who sent me knows that this house is mortgaged by you, will he? What did you do in anger?”

At this moment, she is also willing!

Decided to take that unnecessarily character for the matter.

Everyone’s faces became stiff.

Chen Shuyun directly shot the case!

“You are threatening me!”

Feliicity confided, and said, “If grandma dares to sign the responsibility certificate, and you are solely responsible for any accidents that happen at that time, then I will take out the pledge, there is no problem! Even, I can still send me Li Muhe and Li Lao. My diamond necklace, and the South China Sea Pearl that Harper Mr. Wang gave me are pledged! By the way, there is that car!”

Feliicity said nothing to the people at the scene!

She unexpectedly moved several big bosses in Q City ( Qena City ) out as a shield!


Bai Zhen’s voice jumped with anger, “Feliicity! You clearly hold a grudge! You are not entrusted with a heavy responsibility by your grandma, so you are taking revenge on our entire Bai family! You are simply not worthy of being a member of the Bai family!”

Feliicity said righteously, “Why am I holding a grudge! I just said that you were so excited to sign the certificate of responsibility. Are you so excited at the beginning, what accidents will happen when I am alone? Are you worthy of being members of the Bai family?”

Feliicity made sense and made everyone speechless!

Xena on the side saw that her sister had fallen into the situation pointed out by Qianfu again, and couldn’t bear it, so she said: “Okay, don’t talk about it. We really can’t move those things from Sister Feliicity! And, even if it does, then The mortgage is not enough. We still have to think of other ways.”

“Then tell me, what do you think!” Bai Zhensheng immediately pointed the finger at Xena.

Xena was about to be pissed off by this worthless person.

I don’t have the slightest ability, and I have a temper!

Xena frowned and thought for a while, suddenly a light flashed in his head!

“By the way, can we borrow money from those funds? The investment threshold for those funds should be lower than that of banks?” Xena said without thinking just because there was a person in his head.


The people at the scene were taken aback.

Then a gleam of hope flashed in his eyes.

“Yes, you can find a fund for sponsorship, even if the interest is a little higher, it doesn’t matter, as long as we pay back the previous orders, or even the Genuine Care Medical Center, we can bargain again…” Rebeca said excitedly.

Chen Shuyun also didn’t expect that Xena would come up with such a feasible suggestion. She thought for a while and said: “Then our Q City ( Qena City ) fund, are you familiar with it?”

Xena said: “I had a relationship with Chen Dongbai from Beifeng Fund…”

“Chen Dongbai? Then I’m familiar! That’s a good buddy I grew up drinking with!” Bai Zhensheng heard the name, afraid that Xena would take credit for it, and immediately jumped out!

Xena frowned, wanted to say something, but stopped talking.

“Do you really know Chen Dongbai?” Chen Shuyun trembled.

“Yes! Not only do you know, but you are also very familiar! This matter is on my body! Moreover, I have already thought of a seamless way of thinking, grandma, you just wait for me to return in triumph!” Bai Zhensheng said, While pulling out his mobile phone, he walked out.

Everyone stayed in place, wondering if Bai Zhensheng said so confidently, would there be any drama.

But Xena was worried. She knew that Chen Dongbai had a conflict with her brother-in-law that night.

And now that the Bai family is getting involved with Chen Dongbai again, will this be a coincidence.

After more than an hour, Bai Zhensheng suddenly walked back in high spirits, and said triumphantly: “It’s done! Chen Dongbai, it’s done! He is willing to let the company lend us 20 million! This is a contract! “

While speaking, Bai Zhensheng took a loan contract on the table.

When everyone saw it, they took a breath!

It was really done by Bai Zhensheng, an unlearned fellow!


“This interest is a bit high,” Feliicity couldn’t help but said, “This is equivalent to loan sharks in the market.”

Chen Shuyun stared at Feliicity fiercely, “You shut up! What we lack now is emergency money! Instead of considering the high interest rate! Just your fearful look and short-sightedness, when, Only by doing great things like Zhensheng! Zhensheng, today, I will give you a great achievement!”

Xena rescued Feliicity again, “But even if we borrowed 20 million, I still missed by more than 100 million.”

Bai Zhensheng suddenly laughed again, laughing wildly!

“Didn’t I say that there is a seamless strategy! Since I got the loan contract of Chen Dongbai, I have already succeeded more than half!”

Chapter 86 Chained Joint Warranty

“I was on the road just now and I have contacted another credit company and pledged this contract again!”

“I got another 20 million!”

Bai Zhensheng’s words made the scene suddenly quiet!

When everyone came over, Chen Shuyun immediately patted the table with excitement!

“Zhen Sheng! You are simply a genius! If you follow your ideas! Next…”

Bai Zhensheng looked arrogant and said: “That’s wrong. Next, I will contact other funds, credit companies, and some companies that are willing to invest, sign one, and mortgage one! It’s perfect!”

“Even at the end of the check-in, it is equivalent to a free advertisement for our Bai family in Q City ( Qena City )! Everyone knows that our Bai family is in full swing, and the following borrowings, interest, etc., will gradually decrease! Count the birds with one stone!”

The people on the scene were shocked by Bai Zhensheng’s boldness and creative thinking!

One link after another, like a chain!

Isn’t this the equivalent of borrowing a credit card!

rob Peter to pay Paul.

Raise enough funds in a short time!

The Bai family suddenly became excited.

This is an unprecedented problem.

At first, everyone was helpless.

Unexpectedly, Bai Zhensheng had managed this whole thing so beautifully in just one hour!

Not only borrowing money, but also making the Bai family famous!

This kid doesn’t seem to be useless!

Feliicity frowned and said, “This is equivalent to a chain-type joint guarantee of corporate funds. Is that Chen Dongbai reliable?”

Bai Zhensheng said triumphantly: “The contracts are all signed, are you reliable? Will he break the contract? At that time, he will be faced with huge compensation!”

When Bai Zhensheng said so, Feliicity also woke up. It was true that the contract was signed, which was already a certainty.

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity coldly, “Hoho, I think you are obviously jealous of Zhensheng’s business talents. You can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour. You guys, please listen to me. This is why I reuse the town. It’s the cause of the sound! Only he can lead our Bai family to blaze a trail in desperation!”

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he was even more proud.

He glanced at Feliicity contemptuously, “Ho ho, just hold your emperor flower, and watch the car carefully, Bai family, the light will soon be covered!”

“Jing Sheng, you go to do this right away. Three days after signing the contract, I will get enough money within two days!” Chen Shuyun suddenly smiled coldly.

She was full of confidence, and a crazier idea was brewing in her heart.

Take the opportunity to set sail!

Climb high!

The Bai family is going to make a sensation in the city this time!

Bai Zhensheng immediately agreed and turned around to contact other companies again.

And a bunch of people surrounded him, and their expressions became flattering.

The fool can see it, as long as this thing is done.

That Bai Zhensheng will definitely be announced by Chen Shuyun as the next Patriarch of the Bai family on the spot!

The Patriarch at that time was not in the same power as the Patriarch now.

Feliicity couldn’t help feeling lost when she saw this scene.

Originally, she was the person most qualified to inherit the Patriarch of the Bai family.


Thinking of this, she suddenly pinched herself severely!

What a pity!

As long as it’s Wiliam, what a pity!


That’s it!

Xena suddenly hugged Feliicity lightly, eyes full of guilt.

“Sister, can we talk?” Xena knew that Feliicity and Wiliam were fighting a cold battle these days.

She could also guess that she made a mistake.

Xena decided to take the responsibility for this matter on himself.

She told Feliicity that the owner of the Genuine Care Medical Center who was appointed that night released her pigeons, and then she was in a bad mood and drank more wine.

Finally, she couldn’t walk, so she called her brother-in-law to send her back.

Feliicity’s expression improved a little after hearing this, and she gently took Xena’s arm and said, “Hey, you said it’s too late. That guy, he dare not tell me about this. I really want to I was so angry with him.”

Xena knew why Wiliam refused to say it, and she didn’t continue to say it, but she just sighed, this pot, she can only remember this.

Two days passed again.

From the Bai family, a peerless message came again.

Under the strong promotion of Bai Zhensheng, ten companies have launched joint insurance, and a total of 200 million yuan has been provided for the Bai family’s initial capital!

Hearing this good news, the Bai family and everyone were excited.

A magnificent picture of the future has been slowly unfolded in front of them.

And the Bai family also instantly stirred up a wave of enthusiasm in Q City ( Qena City ).

With so much money in hand, Chen Shuyun’s confidence was instantly enough!

There is a better message, and Chen Shuyun has no worries for the future!

Didn’t Bai Zhensheng unite more than ten pharmaceutical companies in Q City ( Qena City ) to resist the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Since the message from the Bai family that they wanted to take over the agency rights, the dozen or so companies were outraged.

Originally, this matter was Chen Shuyun’s mental illness. If these dozens of companies unite to engage in the Bai family, then the Bai family will undoubtedly die!

Unexpectedly, this problem was actually solved by Bai Zhensheng!

Bai Zhensheng is talented!

He insisted again that the dozens of pharmaceutical companies formed an alliance with the Bai family.

The Bai family only needs to pay them the price of a second-level agency and sign a second-level agency contract.

The contract sets the price ratio of their second-level agents to get the goods, so that a dozen of them once again form a strong joint force!

This move completely resolved Chen Shuyun’s worries.

Chen Shuyun once again praised Bai Zhensheng in front of the whole family, this thing is very beautiful!

And Bai Zhensheng was also completely excited, he himself was dizzy, not expecting this thing would go so smoothly.

Those more than a dozen companies, almost at no cost, were moved by myself.

Now, advance can be attacked, retreat can be defended, and the Bai family has the right time and place to be harmonious.

In Q City ( Qena City ), only the Bai family had enough strength and confidence to sign a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center.

The other houses were completely hidden behind the Bai family.

The Bai family, who has enough right to speak, suddenly released a message on the eve of the contract, asking Renxin Medical Clinic to modify the agreement when signing the contract!

The agreed-upon price of the goods was reduced by 10%!

When Melissa heard this, he was furious on the spot!

“Family Bai! It’s shameless! Wiliam, what do you say about this! If you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation today! I will kill you!” Melissa almost put a knife on Wiliam’s neck.

It is impossible for an individual to agree to break the contract and make such an excessive request!

What’s more, it’s the Bai family’s benevolent medical clinic!

Now, using this method, Yin Genuine Care Medical Center!

Sinister, vicious, and extremely shameless!

Wiliam gently peeled an orange, threw the orange peel into Melissa’s water glass, and smiled.

“Promise them.”

Chapter 87

In a word, Melissa blushed on the spot and his neck was thick!

“Wiliam, tell me clearly, what do you mean!” Melissa slapped the table and said aggressively, “If we reduce it by 10%, what profit do we have?”

Wiliam’s eyes were cold, “You just do what I said.”

Melissa wanted to scold Wiliam again, but suddenly saw Wiliam’s eyes.

A kind of merciless coldness!

Her heart trembled.

Logically speaking, Wiliam has no feelings for the Bai family at all.

In the face of the Bai family making things so difficult, how could he have tolerated it again and again!

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!


This dark-hearted kid is not brewing any conspiracies!

Melissa’s head turned frantically in an instant.

She was a smart person, but Wiliam made her lose her sanity again and again.

Now she calmed down, thought about everything, and suddenly she shook her body!

She seems…


She glanced at Wiliam deeply, and said, “You are cruel!”

Wiliam ate the orange in his hand, as if lost in a blur.

Oranges are slightly sour.

That night, the Bai family was excited!

Genuine Care Medical Center actually agreed to the blatant eating of the Bai family!

Chen Shuyun was so happy that she almost jumped up!

She has never done such a shocking and relieved business in her life in business!

The deal is so big that it can shake the entire Q City ( Qena City )!

And the victory of this business is enough to go down in history!

That’s Genuine Care Medical Center!

The hottest company in Q City ( Qena City ) at the moment!

Now, this hugely popular company bowed its head in front of the Bai family!

This does not prove that the Bai family is stronger and prosperous than the Genuine Care Medical Center!

Chen Shuyun happily said to everyone: “Seeing that there is nothing! This is the real strength and confidence of our Bai family! After tomorrow, our Bai family will completely rise in Q City ( Qena City )! At that time, I see who else looks down on us Bai family!”

“Congratulations grandma! Let the Bai family rise again!” Bai Zhensheng complimented immediately.

Everyone is also a beautiful word.

Chen Shuyun, who was immersed in the joy of success, said excitedly: “This time, all the credit goes to Zhensheng! At the signing ceremony tomorrow, I will announce on the spot that Zhensheng is the next head of our Bai family! Do you have any comments? “

How dare everyone have opinions.

Bai Zhensheng was in a good mood all of a sudden!

Finally, get to the top!

As long as he becomes the head of the Bai family, that Wiliam!

And Feliicity, you all die for me!

When the time comes, I will kill you all!

On the second day of the signing ceremony, the Bai family almost invited all the reporters from Q City ( Qena City ) to participate, leaving a strong mark for the rise of the Bai family.

The people at the Genuine Care Medical Center have a solemn expression, without the slightest joy.

This scene made Bai Zhensheng feel happy!

Now, then!

Genuine Care Medical Center, you have humiliated me in every possible way before. After that, I can see who else is in the city and dare to ride on my head!

Bai Zhensheng knew in his heart that although Genuine Care Medical Center was unwilling, he could do nothing.

Because Q City ( Qena City ) has been unable to find a second pharmaceutical company that can carry the agency of Genuine Care Medical Center.

It is equivalent to saying that for this signing, Genuine Care Medical Center will sign and sign, or sign if not!

Melissa looked at the cheerful faces of the Bai family with cold expression, and handed the agreement to Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng looked at it, there was no problem.

Melissa said: “We have an additional clause for this signing, you can see clearly.”

Bai Zhensheng said arrogantly: “Isn’t it that we will give you 200 million in three days, ho ho, rest assured, we can afford it!”

A relaxed look.

Bai Zhensheng naturally thought that this was the struggle of Genuine Care Medical Center.

This time, the Bai family won a complete victory, and the Genuine Care Medical Center was completely reduced to the background.

In order to save some face, Melissa deliberately set up this additional clause.

However, Bai Zhensheng was very proud of it, and Renxin Medical Clinic thought to himself that our Bai family had already raised money.

As long as the contract is signed, the ten chain joint guarantee agreements that he has on hand will come into effect.

After signing the agreement, Bai Jia’s intentions were still not exhausted. Chen Shuyun announced on the spot that Bai Zhensheng was the next Patriarch of the Bai Family and the next President of the Bai Group!

“Tonight, we will have a banquet on the second floor. Comrade reporters have worked hard. Be sure to stay here later and give our Bai family a face. Everyone has a red envelope!” Chen Shuyun said boldly.

The face of the Bai family.

Everyone present had an idea in their hearts.

This Bai family is afraid that it will rise.

Moreover, in the future Q City ( Qena City ), it is estimated that a family like a Tu emperor will rise!

The people at Genuine Care Medical Center left on the spot.

Seeing them fled, Bai Zhensheng was in full bloom, but it was a pity that the trash was not there today.

Otherwise, he must be humiliated.

But the waste in Bai Zhensheng’s heart is now in the Genuine Care Medical Center.

He and Lydia were playing dominoes there, and the entire office was full of dominoes.

When Melissa came back to see him, he said coldly: “The matter is done, and the Bai family is so proud that they don’t want to leave.”

Wiliam nodded, this was all in his expectation.

Lydia asked curiously, “Little bastard, are you really not angry at all? Or are you used to it? Are you numb?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, but said nothing.

But Melissa on the side showed a grimace than Wiliam, “The Bai family, after tonight, I’m afraid I don’t know how I died!”

Lydia was taken aback, “What do you mean? Can you two speak clearly?”

“I think the Bai family is very smart this time. They can even figure out the strange trick of chain joint insurance, and the contract has been signed. There is nothing wrong. Do you have any counter-killing methods?”

Melissa looked at Wiliam deeply, and said, “The little bastard in front of you is much more terrifying than you thought. I am afraid that he had already set the game seven days ago! Step by step, let Bai The family will perish!”

Lydia’s head was big when he heard it, “Could you say something!”

Wiliam looked at Lydia at this time, the corner of his mouth twitched, and his smile was very evil.

“Is it true that chain-type joint guarantees? Do you really think that chain-type joint guarantees are foolproof?”

Lydia nodded, “The contract is signed, what’s wrong? If you breach the contract, you will have to pay a huge sum of money!”

Wiliam stared at the dominoes in the whole house in front of him, and he smiled, “Do you know what a thousand-mile embankment is destroyed by an ant’s nest?”

Lydia shook his head blankly.

Wiliam stretched out a hand at this time, “Then you, look good.”

His hand gently pushed on a domino!

All dominoes, chain reaction!


Pour one!

Thousands down!

“It’s time, the showdown.” Wiliam stood up, watched a house of dominoes fall to the ground, a huge magnificent flower blooming in the house, and smiled again.

Chapter 88

At the moment in the hotel.

The host and the guest enjoyed themselves.

Bai Zhensheng’s face was flushed, and the more he drank, the happier he became.

Today is a new starting point for his strong ascent, and he must celebrate!

And there are many small businesses who have heard the news.

They already knew that the Bai family had signed the agency, knew the general trend, and the glory of the Bai family reappeared.

In the box, there were twenty tables full of people.

It was full of joy, and everyone’s face had a flattering smile.

Bai Zhensheng was drinking with someone, and suddenly the phone rang.

He picked up his cell phone and looked at it and laughed suddenly, “Oh, brother Dongbai, I’m still looking for you, why don’t you come over and celebrate together?”

On the phone, I don’t know what Chen Dongbai said.

However, Bai Zhensheng suddenly seemed to harden his whole body, and stood still in place.

The person who was drinking with him saw that Bai Zhensheng’s face was wrong, and patted him lightly, “Mr. Bai? Mr. Bai?”

Bai Zhensheng woke up like a dream, looking at his mobile phone in disbelief!

He couldn’t believe what he had just heard!

He pushed away the toast in front of him, and immediately called back.

However, the phone has been turned off.

Bai Zhensheng’s heart seemed to be stabbed with a needle!

Tonight, he is the well-deserved focus of the city!

Should have been high spirits!

However, a phone call completely disturbed his spirit!

The strength of the red wine came up, dizzy.

His whole person actually fell directly to the ground!

The people around were frightened and rushed over one by one!

Bai Zhensheng woke up from the ground, his face was as earthy!

Chen Shuyun asked with concern: “Jing Sheng, what’s the matter with you? Hey, I know you are happy in your heart, but you can’t be greedy. I wanted to celebrate tomorrow.”

Bai Zhensheng’s face is uglier than crying!

He looked at Chen Shuyun and forced out a word, “Grandma, the North Wind Fund, broke the contract.”

In a word, like a thunderstorm blew up on the scene!

Everyone is sluggish!

Chen Shuyun paled instantly, “You, what did you say! Say it again!”

“Chen Dongbai of Beifeng Fund called just now, saying that they have broken the contract and don’t want to sign with us.” Bai Zhensheng’s face instantly became savage.

Chen Shuyun’s head bounced!

Rebeca looked around with burning eyes, and immediately shouted: “This is the end of today’s banquet, please come back.”

This message, like wings, was flying among the people.

After everyone left, the Bai family faced the empty box, with solemn expressions!

Chen Shuyun slapped the table viciously, “Beifeng Fund is really deceiving! They have signed the contract! They dare to break the contract! Are we afraid that we will sue them!”

Bai Zhensheng said angrily: “That’s right, Chen Dongbai’s bastard made it clear on the phone just now, if you want to sue, let us sue, they can afford it! The implication is that it is compensation, and the contract should be broken!”

The Bai family was in an uproar!

“This North Wind Fund is crazy! I would rather pay compensation or break the contract! What are they doing!”

“It must be jealous that our Bai family is about to rise! So I want to use these three indiscriminate tricks to suppress us!”

“Huh! It is an indisputable fact that we have signed the agency right now. With our status, we are afraid that the North Wind Fund will not succeed!”

The voice of crusade!

And Feliicity and Xena who were in it suddenly looked at each other, their eyes full of shock.

It was estimated that there were only two of them at the scene, and there was a faint anxiety from the beginning.

The whole thing, from the signing of the Beifeng Fund, to the chain joint insurance, to the alliance of more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies, to the use of unreasonable means to bully the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Everything, it seems, went too smoothly.

It went so well, making people sleepy.

Only those who were dazzled by this victory would not notice, it seemed that the Bai family had been pushed to the edge of the cliff by a hand in the dark.

Now, the crisis has broken out!

But in Xena’s heart, there was a chuckle!

She knows more things than Feliicity!

She knew that Wiliam was the head of the Genuine Care Medical Center!

She even knew that Wiliam was humiliated and humiliated!

Things started to be abnormal.

This means that Wiliam has started to do it!

Thinking of this, she got goose bumps all over her body.

The problem lies with the North Wind Fund.

And Chen Dongbai of the North Wind Fund just happened to be Wiliam’s minister!

Everything is such a coincidence!

More coincidentally, it seems that in front of the Bai family, he first proposed the two concepts of Beifeng Fund and Chen Dongbai!

Thinking of this, Xena’s head bounced, and goose bumps all over his body!

What a coincidence!

By coincidence, it seems that there is a hand using this Q City ( Qena City ) as a chessboard and a thousand enterprises as the pawns. The next game of Shangqi is forever!

“Damn!” Xena scolded suddenly!

She thought of a terrible fact!

Why did Wiliam agree to go to the bar with himself before!

Why choose North Wind Bar!

He said before that there is a job to talk about!

All this was arranged by Wiliam!

Even when he had to leave in the end, Wiliam forced himself to wait until Chen Dongbai came back!

The fundamental purpose is not to wait for Chen Dongbai to apologize!

It is he who wants to meet with Chen Dongbai, and deeply implant the concepts of Beifeng Fund and Chen Dongbai in his head!

Then, when everyone is at a loss at the Bai Family Clan Meeting, the Beifeng Fund will think of money inexplicably!

Everything is controlled by Wiliam!

Xena was startled with goose bumps by Wiliam’s tactics!

What a terrible brother-in-law!

Not only good at power!

Even people’s hearts and thinking are so accurate!

In other words, from that time, the Bai family had fallen into Wiliam’s hands.

Then, I’m afraid, it’s not that simple!

“Zhen Sheng! Isn’t Chen Dongbai a good buddy with you! Why did you do this!” Chen Shuyun still refused to believe this disgusting fact.

Bai Zhensheng wanted to cry without tears, “How do I know! I said so well before, and he promised very happily! What is wrong in the end!”

Xena looked at these people as if looking at the dead.

You guys don’t know how you died.

Although she felt that she was taken advantage of by her brother-in-law, there was inexplicable joy and joy in her heart.

My brother-in-law can use me to show that he believes in me.

Since that night, he has been setting up a net, and the only accident is probably that he was molested by Chen Dongbai.

Xena believed that Wiliam was open-minded and would not be despicable enough to arrange for Chen Dongbai to tease himself.

“Huh! Beifeng Fund! You are unkind! We are not righteous! Without them, we have nine other companies! The money is still enough! What else! Since the Beifeng Fund does not know how to promote, then we have no need to demand others! I declare, From then on, Beifeng Fund has been listed as our Baijia! There is also a blacklist of all pharmaceutical companies! Never cooperate! I see when they will be stunned!” Chen Shuyun said angrily.

But when she accidentally mentioned nine UNPROFOR companies in her words, Feliicity was shocked on the spot with a cold sweat!

“I seem to know why the Beifeng Group broke the contract.”

“Our Bai family, it’s dead now!”

Chapter 89

Everyone looked at Feliicity!

Bai Zhen was so angry that he almost rushed to Fan Feliicity.

He cursed: “You or him can’t speak, can you shut up! Are you cursing our Bai family in public! Are you looking for death? Without the North Wind Fund, we can’t live anymore, right? Is that twenty million!”

“On the contrary, not only will we not miss the 20 million, but we will get 100 million yuan in compensation for their breach of contract! We don’t lose money but make money! Can’t you see this way!”

Bai Zhensheng’s words, like a heart booster, hit the hearts of all the Bai family members.

They slapped their heads and looked over in surprise, “Yes, why didn’t we think of it all of a sudden! They want to compensate us 100 million! Hahaha, Beifeng Fund, I regret this breach of contract, it is simply giving us money. Yes. It’s too easy to make money. Zhensheng, you are amazing!”

The atmosphere suddenly became hot.

Only Feliicity and Xena looked at each other, their eyes full of shock.

They, Qi Qi thought of the next horrible fact!

Ring after ring!

This is the most terrifying chain reaction!

Bai family, Bai family, you don’t know if you were eaten to death!

Feliicity did not speak, Xena let out a sneer at this time, and said to Bai Zhensheng: “You guys, don’t be too happy, do you look at the money in front of you?”

Chen Shuyun suddenly became unhappy, “Ruoshuang, what’s the matter with you! Why are you starting to talk nonsense! You were broken by Feliicity!”

Xena shook his head and stared at Bai Zhensheng, “I will ask you a few questions! After you ask, think about it for yourself.”

“The first question, is it the first loan contract you signed with Beifeng Fund?”

Bai Zhensheng nodded, “Of course, it is also through the Beifeng Fund that I can open the market.”

Xena asked again: “Okay, second question, how did you sign the next few contracts and what pledge?”

Bai Zhensheng said straightforwardly: “Of course I used the loan contract of Beifeng Fund as a pledge to find the next home…”

When he said this, his pupils suddenly enlarged infinitely!

And everyone on the scene, after hearing these words, a chill rushed from the soles of their feet!


It is to use the contract signed by the first as collateral to sign the second.

Then take the second contract to find the third.

So ring after ring.

Now, the scariest thing happened!

The first ring, there is a problem!

In other words, all the following rings will have a shocking reversal because of the first ring!

The Bai family, all their faces pale, they finally knew what a terrible thing had happened!

Xena’s cold voice sounded in due course.

“In other words, the first contract was a default by the Beifeng Fund. However, starting from the second, we were in default! Because we took the contract to find the loan! The third, the fourth!”

“Nine copies! We breached nine copies all at once! That is nine hundred million! You guys, were you too happy just now!”

Feliicity’s heart was bright.

She also thought of this amazing fact just now.

The hand in the dark, in a very light and handy manner, pushed the Bai family to the end of the dead!

Tall buildings rise from the ground.

Bai Zhensheng built a magnificent high-rise building for borrowing funds for the entire Bai family.

Now, the most basic-level funds have been directly cut off.

It is equivalent to the bottom stone being taken away.

Then this tall building is like a castle in the sky.

There is no reason to fail!

Who on earth is it to deal with the Bai family!

This man’s strategy is simply terrible!

If it were not for the sudden outbreak of the problem, the Bai family, and even himself, would have never expected such a problem to occur!

If you don’t kill it, you can kill it!

At this moment, the Bai family finally knew the seriousness of the matter.

Nine hundred million!

Even if you sell the Bai family, you can’t afford it!

From heaven to hell, it took only one step.

Chen Shuyun, no longer the arrogance he had before, sat down on the ground, howling and crying, without any image.

Bai Zhensheng poured a bottle of ice water directly on his head, the whole person was like a bereaved dog!

He thought that the chain joint guarantee was his famous work.

But now, it has become a reminder!

It was him who pushed the Bai family to the edge of the cliff with his own hands.

Xena, who was on the side, fell into a dullness after saying that.

Brother-in-law, what a terrible method.

At this moment, she admired her brother-in-law in all five ways.

Wisdom and bravery, all talented in civil and military!

However, she still had a faint thought in her heart.

Why did my brother-in-law do this?

He wants to play with the Bai family, so he doesn’t need to engage in these advanced things.

Just slap to death with one hand.

Moreover, she didn’t believe that her brother-in-law would really destroy the Bai family by herself.

At this time, she suddenly looked at Feliicity.

In my mind, there was a strange thought.

No, it’s for sister…

Since it is for the sister, he will definitely leave a gap to drill.

Where is this crevice?

So far, the smart Xena can’t see it at all.

“Bai Zhensheng! I killed you! It was you who killed our Bai family!” Chen Shuyun on the ground suddenly violent, and his hands tightly stuck Bai Zhensheng’s neck.

This scene is extremely ugly.

The Bai family stared at Chen Shuyun, who seemed to be mad, and did not dare to breathe.

Success is white, and failure is white.

Someone in the manager stopped Chen Shuyun.

Bai Zhensheng coughed several times, and he was completely in a trance.

“What can we do now! The Bai family, it’s really over!” Chen Shuyun sat on the ground again, crying.

“The source of the matter appeared in the Beifeng Fund. Can we start from the Beifeng Fund? As long as we negotiate the Beifeng Fund, the matter can be solved.” Feliicity said calmly.

Everyone was taken aback.

Yes, everything is happening now because of the North Wind Fund.

All defaults are also North Wind Fund!

As long as the Beifeng Fund is appeased, it will not be considered a breach of contract.

Chen Shuyun immediately said to Feliicity gratefully: “Feliicity, thank you. Only you are clear enough. We will go to Beifeng Group immediately. No matter what the price, we must let Beifeng Group fulfill the contract.”

A glimmer of hope rekindled in Bai Zhensheng’s heart, and he immediately got up.

But at this time, his cell phone rang.

He took out his cell phone and took a look, he was dumbfounded again!

A bank account reminder!

Beifeng Fund transferred 100 million yuan to their company!

Never do evil things! Leave no room!

Seeing this piece of information, Bai’s family went up and down again like five thunders!

This is no longer a sum of money!

This is a heart!

A firm determination to lose money rather than fulfill the contract!

Beifeng Group must completely destroy the Bai family!

The hope that had just ignited was instantly extinguished by this heavy blow!

“Why are they doing this! Where did we offend them! What good is it for their breach of contract! Just to kill our Bai family!” Chen Shuyun cried out on the ground.

Xena on the side suddenly said another sentence.

Push the entire Bai family into boundless hell!

“You won’t forget, right? We will pay 200 million yuan to Genuine Care Medical Center within three days.”

“Now that we have no money, we will face a new default! The penalty is as high as that!”

“One billion yuan!”

Chapter 90

Xena’s words are like drinking!

All the members of the Bai family, who were already fragile, collapsed one by one!

A cry rang out in the field.

One billion liquidated damages!

Add up to 1.9 billion!

1.9 billion!

Where can the Bai family get it!

Why do you want to talk to the Bai family!

Obviously, you can reach the sky in one step, how quickly, the Bai family has stepped into the ghost gate in one step!

When Xena said it, his heart was cold.

Brother-in-law’s hand is too cruel!

He is the one who applies the chain reaction to the extreme!

Just knock down a card!

Next, he doesn’t even have to shoot!

All the previous advantages of the Bai family have turned into a tiger that eats people at this moment!

“Why! Why! Why did the North Wind Fund do this! What good will it do for them! How can they do this kind of wedding clothes for others!” Chen Shuyun wailed on the ground.

At this time, Feliicity was reminded by these words, and suddenly her body trembled, and she said in amazement: “Think about it, there is a possibility that the ten companies that Zhensheng looked for before will all be under the control of one person! Only this way, It can explain why the Beifeng Foundation did such a reckless thing.”

Everyone was stunned.

is it really like this?

Feliicity’s idea is too bold!

Q City ( Qena City ), is there such a figure covering the sky with one hand!

If so, how could everyone not know?

However, her ideas, seemingly crazy, are the most reasonable!

Only when ten companies are under one management, the Beifeng Fund’s breach of contract at any cost in the face of opposition is valuable!

In this way, the person who covered the sky with one hand made 900 million yuan in an instant!

Xena looked at Feliicity in shock.

Feliicity didn’t know what was inside, but he could see so many things with a little bit of evidence!

Her wisdom is far above others!

“What kind of person is this! It is extremely vicious! Does he have to force our Bai family to death!”

“This kind of person should go to hell with a thousand swords!”

The Bai family yelled one by one.

Feliicity couldn’t help sighing, and shook his head.

The Bai family at this moment is too ugly.

They dealt with Genuine Care Medical Center in this way before, and they did everything they could, and everyone saw it.

Wouldn’t they think that they had done too much?

When encountering things, they will only anger others, a typical double standard.

However, Feliicity was stunned when he thought of Genuine Care Medical Center.

In her heart, there was a bolder idea.

Why did Genuine Care Medical Center agree to the vicious conditions of the Bai family?

This is not reasonable in the first place.

The most unreasonable part is!

Why does Genuine Care Medical Center inexplicably propose to deliver 200 million yuan in additional terms within three days!

At this point, it seemed nothing at the time.

Now it looks like a pair of shackles!

If Genuine Care Medical Center really has ulterior motives, then there is only one possibility!

The whole thing is secretly promoted by Genuine Care Medical Center!

That hand in the dark is Genuine Care Medical Center!

The person who unifies the ten companies is the person from Genuine Care Medical Center!

Thinking of this, she stings all over!

The Bai family has provoked a demon!

Now, to pay an extremely terrifying price for the arrogance before!

A group of people returned home in despair.


Sure enough, these problems broke out completely early the next morning!

Feliicity rushed to Chen Shuyun early in the morning.

However, it was too late.

The door of the Bai’s house has been blocked!

Even the courtyard of the villa was full of people!

Xena pulled the Feliicity into the house, and said with a serious face: “These people are from nine companies. They came to us with contracts early in the morning and asked us to compensate us for liquidated damages.”

Feliicity looked at those people.

Some people wear suits and ties.

There are also a large number of people who paint dragons and phoenixes on their bodies, and they run wild with sticks in their hands.

Chen Shuyun, who was already in the room as if lost his soul, said nothing.

Overnight, she seemed to be ten years old again.

As the absolute backbone of Bai Zhensheng, at this moment, like a grandson, he huddled in a corner, not dare to make a sound.

Feliicity sighed. Today’s Bai family is like a dog in the family.

She couldn’t bear it and stood up.

She shouted: “Stop arguing everyone, can you send a representative to speak!”

Strange to say, she gave an order, and all around quieted down.

Those people look at me, I look at you, and finally nine people stood in front of Feliicity.

These nine people should be the people of nine companies.

Feliicity looked at them and said sincerely: “I’m really sorry, we don’t know that such a thing will happen, but I promise, I will give you a reasonable explanation and a satisfactory explanation, do you believe me, OK?”

Feliicity felt weak when she said it.

But those people looked at each other, and one person walked up to her.

The Bai family was surprised!

They have all seen the arrogance and viciousness of these people just now.

Bai Zhensheng still had their fists on him.

Now Feliicity dares to stand up, isn’t this deliberately seeking death!

But the voice of Bai Zhensheng on the side revealed a trace of insidiousness!

Come out!

As long as someone stands up, it is equivalent to someone blocking his gun!

Feliicity was also taken aback by the man’s momentum, and couldn’t help taking a step back.

But the man suddenly put on a gentle smile, “Miss Bai, you are frightened, this matter today has nothing to do with you, please give me a favor.”

With that said, he gave an order!

The group of people rushed in, unearthed Bai Zhensheng, and said fiercely: “Losing money! If you don’t, you will be abolished today!”

After all, you punch me!

Bai Zhensheng was beaten in the middle!

This scene stunned the Bai family.

But they thought in their hearts that this group of people must be directed at Bai Zhensheng.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight, I know I was wrong, please let me go, okay?” Bai Zhensheng was beaten to tears.

“By the way, Feliicity was also involved in this matter, and she was also at fault. You should beat her too.” Bai Zhensheng suddenly stretched out his hand to Feliicity.

Feliicity’s face became stiff!

The group of tigers and wolves looked at Feliicity together!

She turned pale, and she was so angry!

This Bai Zhensheng is shameless!

I don’t say that I am a girl.

I have never participated in this matter from beginning to end.

How could he frame others so much!

Feliicity watched the group of people wave their hands quickly, “I don’t have any…”

But before the words fell, the group of people suddenly stared at Feliicity fiercely, “Hit me!”

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

However, his pupils suddenly enlarged!

Countless fists, fell towards him again!

More ruthless!


Even harder!


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