Dragon Husband Chapter 91 – 100

Chapter 91 Becoming Bai Family Patriarch

Feliicity was also stunned.

This group of people, it seems that they really only came to Baizhen.

Feliicity had some sympathy for Bai Zhensheng before.

But now, she just feels lightened!

At this moment, outside the courtyard, there was another intensive sound of footsteps.

Everyone could not help stopping their fists and looking out.

I saw fifty or sixty people rushing over aggressively.

The Bai family were all startled!

But when Bai Zhensheng on the ground saw those people, he was suddenly overjoyed!

He worked hard and rushed directly to the opposite camp while those people were not paying attention.

He knew these people.

It is the pharmaceutical companies that are allied with the Bai family.

These people are the most reliable alliance for Bai Zhensheng!

Now, reinforcements arrive!

I want the man who beat me just now to be broken into pieces!

Bai Zhensheng stared at the tiger-wolf people just now, and said viciously to his allies: “You are here at the right time! Quick! Help me give them a lesson!”

“If you don’t beat them down today, I will swear by Bai Zhensheng not to be a human being!”

The Bai family’s eyes widened.

Are these newcomers their allies?

Is the Bai family saved today?

While Feliicity and Xena stood together, their eyes were full of worry.

Regardless of whether the opponent is an ally or not.

Things seem to get bigger and bigger.

The nine companies stared at the new group of people and asked, “Are you all Bai Zhensheng’s allies?”

The group nodded, their eyes became ferocious.

When Bai Zhensheng heard this, he laughed like crazy, “Kill them to me! Hurry up!”

Jiujia’s eyes shrank.

But the leader of the allies suddenly said to Bai Zhensheng: “There is no problem with them. Before we do it, let’s solve one problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Bai Zhensheng’s dissatisfaction was all written on his face.

Said to be an ally.

But in Bai Zhensheng’s heart, they were just following the people!

After all, the Bai family is the exclusive agent, and they are just the second-level agents under them!

The leader suddenly showed a joking smile, “I also ask Mr. Bai to honor our contract first.”

“Contract? What contract?” The Bai family was taken aback.

But when Bai Zhensheng heard this, he suddenly trembled.

His eyes gradually lost focus.

When he was said that, he suddenly thought of an extremely surprising question.

These people in front of them are allies of the Bai family.

But now, the situation has changed.

Bai Zhensheng signed a second-level agency agreement with them before.

Now the Bai family has no money to get the agent, that is to say!

The Bai family’s second-level agency agreement with these allies also breached all of them.

Suddenly, Chen Shuyun fainted directly!

The Bai family was completely numb.

There are more than a dozen breached contracts.

If there are too many lice, don’t bite and worry about debts!

It’s a death anyway!

And Xena’s heart beats wildly.

Wrong step, wrong step!

This chain reaction is actually not over yet!

Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, how many bombs did you plant!

You detonated at once, the Bai family, couldn’t bear it!

Bai Zhensheng was heartbroken when she heard this.

And the faces of those allies showed a trace of viciousness!

“Since there is no money, then use you to vent your anger! Dare to play with us! Dare to use us as guns? Get him for me!” The leader shouted.

Bai Zhensheng was flooded with fists again in an instant.

The whole person was beaten out of human form.

Feliicity felt torment in her heart.

I knew this would happen!

Before, she felt that the pharmaceutical companies in Q City ( Qena City ) would be so easy to believe in Bai’s family!

What is the Bai family!

Blindly arrogant and boastful.

Now, it’s self-sufficient!

The group of people finished playing Bai Zhensheng and looked at the Bai family viciously!

“Smash it for me!” said the leader.

A group of people filed in!

Feliicity was so frightened that her heart jumped wildly.

This group of people is so vicious!

But in the next second, Feliicity was stunned.

When the group of murderers passed by Feliicity, they actually avoided her far away.

It’s like retreating for three times…

“Ping pong pong!”

Chen Shuyun’s house has been smashed beyond recognition.

After smashing things, the leader said viciously to the Bai family: “I will give you two days, and I won’t give us an explanation within two days! It is not as simple as today!”

And those nine companies also left behind with the same words.

Everything is like a dream.

There was only a mess in front of him, and the wailing voice of white town to show everyone.

Even a dream is a bloody dream.

The Bai family stood by Chen Shuyun’s side, finally waking her up.

As soon as she woke up, she saw the broken house and burst into tears.

“What can I do! God will kill my Bai family! Think of a solution, everyone!”

Everyone dared not speak.

1.9 billion!

Plus those breached contracts in the back alliance.

It has reached an astronomical number.

If the Bai family had this heavenly power, how could it have fallen to this day.

And Xena on the side was thoughtful at this time.

She knew that all this was promoted by her brother-in-law.

Click a stroke and the situation is determined.

Up to this moment, the Bai family was finally at a desperate situation.

But she still believed that her brother-in-law would not really put the Bai family to death.

She had been thinking about where her brother-in-law was left.

Where is the seam opened for the Bai family?

Before, she was puzzled.

But just now, she saw it.

She saw this seam!

The only gap that allowed the Bai family to escape!


She sighed!

Since I can see it, it means that this is a hint left by my brother-in-law.

My sister might see it too.

However, she cannot say.

Then I have to say.

Brother-in-law, you really value me.

Xena stood up with a wry smile and said, “If the Bai family wants to keep it, there is only one way left.”

When everyone heard this sentence in despair, it was like a long drought and rain, and they immediately looked at Xena with joy.

Xena took a deep breath and said, “I say it, don’t blame me, don’t curse, let’s just talk about it.”

“Quickly say, how can we blame you!” Chen Shuyun grabbed Xena’s hand.

Xena looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity’s eyes dodged.

Ruoshuang’s heart is more determined, and her sister also knows this way.

“Feliicity! All the hope lies in my sister.” Xena said, pointing at Feliicity.

Everyone was stunned, “What do you mean by this?”

Xena explained: “As you have seen just now, the two groups of people are aggressive towards our Bai family, but they are respectful and respectful to our sister. This is our only hope. Let my sister come forward to solve this matter. “

The Bai family suddenly thought of the previous scene and took a breath.

The Feliicity actually became the life-saving straw for the Bai family.

“If my sister needs to be famous for her teacher, it can only be!” Xena looked at Feliicity, and then spit out a few words!

“As the Patriarch of the Bai Family!”

Chapter 92 The Turbulent World Is A Beauty

“What! Become the Patriarch of the Bai Family!” everyone exclaimed!

“No! This is definitely not possible!” Bai Zhensheng wailed first!

The sufferings I have suffered today are all for the sake of Patriarch!

How can you hand over the position of Patriarch!

No way!

Chen Shuyun immediately shouted: “No! Feliicity is still young!”

There was a burst of anger in her heart, but it was not easy to let it out.


Do you think this old woman like me is old and useless, can’t keep the scene?


Feliicity’s eyes darkened, she had already known that this would end.

She gently pulled Xena, but Xena was already determined.

This is a task given to her by her brother-in-law, so she must do it.

“First of all, I ask you, who of you dare to come forward now?”

“Secondly, you ask yourself, even if you come forward, will the other party buy it?”

“On these two issues, if any of you have confidence, then I will say, anyway, two days will be very fast.” Xena said, taking the initiative to pull Feliicity’s hand to leave.

But immediately, she was stopped by Chen Shuyun.

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity with an unwilling face!

But unwilling to be useless!

Chen Shuyun is a bastard!

But she is never confused!

The Bai family has reached the point of life and death!

She also saw the other’s attitude towards Feliicity.

She didn’t say it before because she didn’t want to say it!

Now that Ruoshuang has said it, she can only recognize this fact.

Feliicity is the only life-saving straw!

“Even if Feliicity comes forward, you don’t have to be Patriarch, right?” Bai Zhensheng was extremely unwilling.

But Xena sneered, “She is not the owner of the family. In what capacity does she use to talk to the other party’s dozen or twenty companies? First of all, the other party will feel that the Bai family is not sincere!”

“Secondly, she is not the head of the Patriarch, so she can only be a soldier sent by the Bai family? The Bai family also sends soldiers out for peace talks at the critical moment of life and death, what do you make the other party think?”

“Finally, if it is not the position of the Patriarch, who can seize the opportunity to make an instant decision when the situation is changing all the time! Is it possible that she should come back and ask for instructions?”

The reason Xena gave made everyone unable to refute.

They had to face the fact that Feliicity was best suited to come forward only as the head of the family.

At the scene, there was no sound.

Even if the Bai family had 10,000 unwillingnesses, they still had to accept this reality.

Because they want Feliicity!

Chen Shuyun’s eyes became looser from the firm resistance before.

Seeing this, Feliicity squeezed Xena’s little hand gratefully.

Patriarch of the Bai family…

This is the goal that Feliicity has always dreamed of since he was a child and has worked hard for it.

My dream will come true today.

And he was ordered in danger.

If Wiliam knew that he was the head of the Bai family today, I don’t know how happy he would be…

When Feliicity thought of Wiliam, her face suddenly froze.


Suddenly, her thoughts were pulled back into a picture by an inexplicable force!

In that scene, Wiliam held his hand tightly.

“Three months, I will let you ascend to the lord of the Bai family!”

“For six months, I let you take charge of the pharmaceutical industry!”

“Within one year, I will let you aspire to the top of Q City ( Qena City )!”

The words are like a moment, and the sound is loud!

Now, less than two months!

Own, ascend to the Lord of the White House!

Thinking of this, she fought a cold war out of thin air!

Could it be that everything that happened today, from the beginning to the end, was driven by Lin Ye secretly!

Just to make himself the head of the Bai family and fulfill his vigorous vow at that time!

Otherwise, it would be a coincidence!

Feliicity’s eyes suddenly turned red.

If it was really what Wiliam did, then how much effort and courage he had put in!

I would rather dump the world and be an enemy of all people, but also have the courage to take the stars for myself…

This shocking thought flashed through her mind, and she immediately shook her head.

Although I very much expected that all this was what Wiliam did for him.

However, it was impossible for Wiliam to do it.

Although Wiliam is a little capable, he is also smart.

But to achieve this step, let the Bai family step by step, not only to use the monstrous power, but also to have a strategy to win a thousand miles.

This is what Wiliam currently has no way to achieve.

She not only laughed bitterly.

Only then did she realize that what Wiliam said to herself was taking her to heart.

My expectations of him were so crazy.

Just as Feliicity smiled bitterly, at the top office of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Lydia knelt down in front of Wiliam.

She was completely stunned by what happened today.

Dominoes, chain reaction.

Wiliam, what a god!

Is this something mortal can count!

It’s a monster!

And Melissa shook his head with a wry smile.

She completely admitted that she lost to Wiliam.

Melissa re-organized the cause of the whole incident.

When the rumors from the Genuine Care Medical Center were looking for an agent, when the Bai family tried to swallow the dragon, Wiliam had already decided to change the dynasty of the Bai family.

At that time, he inexplicably suggested that he wanted to meet Chen Dongbai of Beifeng Fund, that was his first step.

Next, lead Ruoshuang, let Ruoshuang raise the North Wind Fund and Chen Dongbai unconsciously, at that time, the Bai family was already on the road to death.

Then, with the chain-type joint guarantee, Wiliam would calculate it and even magnify the drawbacks to the Bai family infinitely.

There are also buying other pharmaceutical companies to allow them to accept the alliance of the Bai family.

These make the Bai family infinitely expand.

After expanding, it exploded.

This is the fate of the balloon and the fate of the Bai family.

After overthrowing the Beifeng Fund and breaking the contract, the Bai family defaulted on the nine companies, the Shangrenxin Medical Center, and the Shanghai allies.

Startling every step! Get it right!

When the Bai family was most desperate, he left a way-let those who went to the Bai family to make troubles deliberately respect Feliicity.

Let Feliicity be in danger and take orders to turn the tide.

The whole affair made the whole city panic. It was actually an infatuated man paving the way for his own woman.

This ultimate answer gave Melissa the feeling of vomiting blood three liters.

This is probably the extreme romance of men to women.

When the beacon plays with the princes, Yiqi concubine laughs.

The world is turbulent, and the heart of the beauties.

Feliicity Feliicity, if you knew the whole thing, you would know what a crazy and affectionate man you have.

Suddenly, Melissa looked at Wiliam with an inexplicable fascination.

At the other end, Chen Shuyun finally sighed and said: “I agree that Feliicity will be the head of the Bai family.”

Xena and Feliicity are happy.

But Chen Shuyun’s next sentence immediately made them angry!

“But just acting as the Patriarch! Feliicity, can’t you? Then you must give me a military order! You must solve all problems 100% without any worries, and you can’t let the Bai family lose a penny. Otherwise, I will fight the Bai family. Your family is ruined, and you won’t be allowed to take the lead!”

“If you make a military order and fail to do it, then you must commit suicide to thank the Bai family! Don’t worry, my old lady will accompany you to death! Now, you have two lives in your hand, you choose!”

Chapter 93

Feliicity’s face turned red when she heard this!

This Bai family!

Simply hopeless!

It’s a matter of life and death, and I’m still kidnapping myself morally!

I have two lives in my hand, this is a knife hanging on my head, forcing me to become benevolent if I fail!

Feliicity looked at Chen Shuyun angrily, and said, “Grandma! Since you said that, you can find another Gaoming! Anyway, it’s all dead, I’ll die with the Bai family!”

Having said that, she strode outside.

At this time, Chen Shuyun was taken aback.

She didn’t expect that Feliicity had already reached this level!

She had always thought that Feliicity would be like this because of Wiliam’s instructions.

Now, without Wiliam, she dared to be so ruthless towards the Bai family!

“Wait! Feliicity! If you have something to say!” Feliicity stopped by one person.

Surprisingly, it was Rebeca.

Rebeca looked at Feliicity with mixed feelings.

She didn’t expect that Feliicity would have such a big chance when she was in danger.

She thought that when Feliicity suddenly became the Patriarch of the Bai Family, she would be the Patriarch’s mother!

The Bai family is worthy of the name, the Supreme Emperor!

Who would dare to be disrespectful to himself in the future!

Thinking of this, Rebeca was anxious.

If Feliicity gave up such an opportunity to reach the sky in one step, then the chance of being too emperor would be beaten.

No way!

Never let Feliicity leave!

She stopped Feliicity and said sincerely to Chen Shuyun: “Grandma, let’s talk about this matter. At this moment, I feel a little unrealistic to force Feliicity to make a promise. You should all believe in Feliicity. As a person, if she makes a move, she will definitely do her best.”

Chen Shuyun and others were silent.

Seeing Feliicity’s decisive appearance, they did not dare to push her too tightly.

But at this time, Rebeca quietly cast a look at Chen Shuyun, and then continued: “Otherwise, it won’t work, Feliicity, you should contact the Bai family as the head of the Bai family first. If this is done, then you Grandma will give you the position of Patriarch officially, which is a test for you, okay?”

Feliicity looked at the scorching eyes of Bai’s family, and then looked at the mess on the ground, feeling sad.

The Bai family really can only rely on their own words, even if they don’t say it, they will do everything they can to help.

She nodded silently and walked outside.

Xena also chased it out.

When Feliicity finished, Bai Zhensheng suddenly scolded, “This Feliicity is becoming more and more defiant. She really considers herself something! Dare to threaten us!”

Others also scolded one after another, saying that Feliicity was kidnapping everyone with the life and death of the family.

Rebeca said at this time: “Don’t scold you, I believe Feliicity can manage it.”

“Cut, who did she think she was! Really omnipotent!” The crowd responded with Rebeca.

But Rebeca said at this time: “Okay, then I will sign the military order that Feliicity said just now. This is the head office!”

Everyone was taken aback!

However, Rebeca took the paper and pen, wrote a few lines of words, and handed it to Chen Shuyun, “Mom, do you think this is okay?”

When Chen Shuyun looked at Rebeca, she didn’t know what to say for a while.

In the end, Chen Shuyun also signed.

When Chen Shuyun finished signing, Rebeca showed a slight smile.

Get it done!

How can Rebeca not know what Chen Shuyun is?

Even if Feliicity manages this matter, Chen Shuyun will be cheeky and turn his face in denial.

Now that the words are in black and white, Chen Shuyun can’t help but deny the account.

Even if Feliicity didn’t manage it well, the dead person wouldn’t be himself.

There is no harm to yourself.

Feliicity, who didn’t know that he had been sold by his biological mother, took a breath of air after walking out of Bai’s house.

Too depressing.

Bai family.

She calmed down and called Wiliam.

“Wiliam, where are you?”

“Just got home, how about you?”

“wait for me.”

Feliicity went back after hanging up the phone.

She didn’t know why she called Wiliam, but she simply felt that she wanted to find someone to talk to her.

At home, seeing Wiliam reading a book, she couldn’t help telling Wiliam what happened last night and today.

He also stated his speculation that the man behind the scenes is the Genuine Care Medical Center.

Wiliam nodded in satisfaction.

He knew that Feliicity was a smart woman, and seeing so many things was already amazing.

“What are you going to do next?” Wiliam asked.

“I only have two paths. One is to find Genuine Care Medical Center, but I am not reconciled. The second is to find Beifeng Fund, because the problem is in this ring. So I will go to Beifeng Fund first. “Feliicity said.

“Do you need me to go with you?” Wiliam asked.

“No, this time, I want to try it myself.” Feliicity said.

Wiliam nodded, “Okay, there is a problem, call me.”

Feliicity organized her thoughts at home, and then called Chen Dongbai.

On Chen Dongbai’s side, Wiliam had already told him, but he was busy at the moment, so he asked his cousin Chen Daxi to contact Feliicity.

When he called Chen Daxi, he didn’t have a clear reason, but he said tactfully: “You help me entertain Feliicity, I will come to you later.”

When Chen Daxi heard the name Feliicity, he was suddenly overwhelmed by surprise!

Feliicity, the most beautiful woman in Q City ( Qena City )!

That figure, that face…


Chen Daxi also knew that what happened to the Bai family today was stuck in their Beifeng Fund.

Could it be that my cousin used this to threaten Feliicity, tonight…

Thinking of this, Chen Daxi’s chubby body became hot.

Good cousin. Seguizi, I don’t know yet!

My cousin wants me to entertain her. Isn’t this a clear way to give me a chance to kiss Kasawa!

My good cousin!

Thinking of this, Chen Daxi immediately contacted Feliicity.

When Feliicity saw that the vice president of Beifeng Fund contacted her, she immediately said humbly: “Hello, I am Feliicity from the Bai Group. Can I visit you?”

When Chen Daxi heard the soft and gentle voice, his body was ready to move. He resisted the discomfort and said: “Okay, but I have something in my hands now. Can you see it at night?”

“Yes, yes! It would be great for you to meet.” Feliicity didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

“Then at eight o’clock tonight, at the North Wind Bar, I will reserve a box and we will have a good chat.” Chen Daxi said.

North Wind Bar?

Feliicity didn’t know why she wanted to make an appointment there to talk about things, but she could only agree.

Before hanging up the phone, Chen Daxi suddenly said quietly, “When you come tonight, remember to dress well…”

“Be more sensible…”

Chapter 94

Feliicity was confused.

What does it mean to be sensible?

She thought that it was probably just a little more decent.

It was just after seven o’clock in the evening that she went out again.

When I was going out, I met Wiliam, and Wiliam asked, “Are you going to go out? To Beifeng Fund Company?”

Feliicity didn’t know why, she suddenly didn’t dare to look at Wiliam, and said with a bit of twitching, “Yeah.”

Then he walked out quickly.

Wiliam frowned when he saw this, but he didn’t think anything.

When Feliicity arrived at the bar, she immediately called Chen Daxi.

In a box on the top floor, Chen Daxi saw Feliicity.

Feliicity is wearing a black capable suit tonight, her figure is tightly wrapped, and she has an urge to express herself.

And a pair of black silk modifies the straight legs even more slender.

Chen Daxi couldn’t help swallowing.

He made Feliicity dress more sensible, unexpectedly, Feliicity actually dressed so beautifully.

Is this going to play uniforms?

Thinking of this, his whole body heats up.

I don’t know what I am wearing in the black exterior.

The expectation in his heart was about to explode.

Feliicity couldn’t help frowning when she saw this round man of more than two hundred catties, and then saw his hot eyes.

But she said politely: “Hello, I am Feliicity.”

Chen Daxi immediately greeted Feliicity to sit on the sofa, and then asked, “What to drink?”

Feliicity was taken aback, and said, “Wen Shui, thank you.”

But Chen Daxi immediately became displeased, “What kind of water come here to drink? How about the whiskey? That’s it.”

He greeted a waiter casually and ordered a bottle of wine.

And Feliicity immediately said, “I’m here to talk about things, and I can’t drink.”

Chen Daxi frowned even more, this little wave hoof, still playing with me reserved?

Who wears this style at the bar?

This is unclear.

“Okay, okay, everyone is sensible, let’s talk about business first,” Chen Daxi said.

Feliicity gathered her long hair, quickly explained the difficulties of the Bai family, and then asked whether the Beifeng Fund could fulfill the agreement.

There is no problem even if the interest rate is higher.

But Chen Daxi laughed.

Where is the question of whether interest is not interest.

It’s a question of whether you are sensible tonight.

He pretended to hesitate and thought, “Well, it’s a bit difficult…”

Seeing Chen Daxi hesitating, Feliicity suddenly became a little anxious, “What are your conditions?”

Chen Daxi had previously informed Chen Dongbai that he would be here tonight, and Chen Dongbai clearly told him to agree to any request of Feliicity.

But in Chen Daxi’s view, doesn’t this mean just waiting for the price?

Feliicity now asks for the North Wind Fund, isn’t that what it means?

“What are the conditions? Wait, let me think about it.” Chen Daxi saw that the wine had been delivered, and hurried to drink.

He poured a full glass for Feliicity.

Feliicity looked at this foreign wine with a big head.

She is in poor health and has rarely drank alcohol.

But this negotiation tonight is too important, and for a while, she was hesitant to drink.

“Come on, I’ll do it first, to show the sincerity of our Beifeng Fund.” After speaking, Chen Daxi drank a big glass by himself.

Then looked at Feliicity, “What about the sincerity of your Bai Group?”

Feliicity pursed her mouth, and finally gathered courage and drank it in one gulp.

Feeling uneasy in her heart, she quietly took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Wiliam.

After a glass of wine, Chen Daxi’s face suddenly became wretched.

His body squeezed towards Feliicity.

Feliicity let out an exclamation and quickly moved aside.

Chen Daxi was immediately upset, “What are you hiding from? Is this how you do business with people?”

Feliicity looked at his two hundred catties body, and quickly said, “Mr. Chen, I’m here to discuss business…”

Chen Daxi’s face suddenly became arrogant, “Then someone taught you how to talk about business in a bar?”

While speaking, he stretched one hand towards Feliicity’s face.

Feliicity’s face became stiff, she stood up in one step, and her words became cold. “Mr. Chen, I think you have misunderstood what I mean. I’m not that kind of person.”

Chen Daxi also stood up, with a wretched smile on his face, “Who knows? Don’t women all say that? Then on the bed, he said not to…”

Feliicity’s face turned red and her ears turned red, and she couldn’t hear what Chen Daxi meant!

She said coldly: “Chen, please respect yourself! I think I’d better go back first.”

But Chen Daxi’s arrogant voice came from behind, “Want to go? Ho Ho, okay, let your Bai family pay for your reservedness! Let them die for all your pretense. When the time comes. , You are a sinner through the ages!”

Just as Feliicity wanted to reply, she suddenly screamed directly.

Then Chen Daxi actually rushed towards her!

She quickly opened the door.

But at this time, someone suddenly appeared at the door!

Feliicity was taken aback!

When Chen Daxi saw the visitor clearly, he burst out laughing.

“Brother, you finally came here, too slow! Come and play with me, the atmosphere is almost there.”

When Feliicity heard this call, she already knew that the other party was Chen Dongbai.

Everyone knows Chen Dongbai’s name in Q City ( Qena City ).

Thinking of this, Feliicity’s head bounced!

That’s it!

Encountered these two people.

Could it be that my famous festival today will be ruined!

Suddenly, her heart fluttered fiercely.

Sorry, Wiliam, I was too impulsive…

Knowing that Beifeng Fund is not so easy to make appointments, I didn’t expect that they actually…

It would be great if you accompany me.

Tears flowed down her cheeks.

However, Chen Dongbai rushed in and closed the door.

Feliicity suddenly felt like she was breeding sheep into a wolf pack.

Chen Daxi smiled even more arrogantly when he saw this.

“Brother, I really admire you! This Feliicity is really strong! I have been thinking about her for several years! But after all, there is no way!”

“You still have a way, let this little wave hoof take the initiative to send it to the door with one move, look at her dress, tusk tusk…”

“I can’t stand it anymore! Brother, you help me catch her together!”

While Chen Daxi spoke, he was about to rush towards Feliicity again.

Feliicity was in a dilemma and closed his eyes in despair.

But this time, there was a “bang”!

A wailing sounded at the scene!

Feliicity was taken aback.

Could it be that someone came to save yourself?


She opened her eyes, but was shocked to see Chen Daxi was already lying on the ground!

One foot, stomped viciously on his face!

Chen Dongbai!

“Blind your dog’s eyes! Lao Tzu’s sister-in-law, you dare to move! I can’t kill you!”

Chapter 95

A fierce slap of the yin leg caused Chen Daxi to howl like a pig.

Feliicity looked directly at her stunned.

what’s the problem?

How could Chen Dongbai beat his cousin?

Chen Daxi was even more depressed, and shouted: “Brother! What are you doing! I haven’t touched her yet! I just thought of you firsthand, I was behind you, why are you hitting me!”

When Chen Dongbai heard this, his head hurt!

During the day, he really couldn’t leave because of an emergency.

That’s why I wanted to ask Chen Daxi to help him entertain.

Such a simple thing.

Don’t think of this fat man, it’s daunting!

Even Lu brother’s woman dare to move!

Just looking for death!

Luckily, Wiliam called himself again just now and asked him to come up and have a look.

If you were late just now, let this pig touch his sister-in-law.

Who can bear Brother Lu’s anger!

This pig, still hasn’t reacted yet!

Then go to hell!

Chen Dongbai kicked Chen Daxi a few more viciously, and then shouted: “Hurry up and apologize to Miss Bai!”

Chen Daxi was beaten inexplicably, but because of Chen Dongbai’s bad face, he had to kneel on the ground and respectfully said to Feliicity: “Miss Bai, I’m sorry, I offended you before…”

Feliicity is still confused now.

Chen Dongbai told Chen Daxi to get out, and then looked at Feliicity, all in a cold sweat, “Miss Bai, you were frightened just now, are there any injuries?”

Seeing Chen Dongbai’s expression on Chen Ken’s face, Feliicity couldn’t help leaning back.

She wondered if Chen Dongbai was playing a hero to save the United States.

But Chen Dongbai was extremely shrewd, and he could see through Feliicity’s fear at a glance.

He said sincerely: “Miss Bai, don’t worry, I don’t dare to touch you even if I have a hundred guts, I swear to God!”

While talking, Chen Dongbai quickly opened the door.

The door was closed just now, because Feliicity’s reputation was not damaged.

Opening the door now means that I am open-minded and unscrupulous.

Seeing Chen Dongbai doing this, Feliicity felt even more suspicious.

This Q City ( Qena City ) prodigal son, has he changed his evil and returned to righteousness?

Chen Dongbai quickly took out the prepared contract, handed it to Feliicity, and said respectfully: “Miss Bai, the contract has been prepared for you long ago. After signing this contract, everything is over.”

Feliicity still couldn’t believe Chen Dongbai. She took the contract and rolled a glance to confirm that there was no problem. She hurriedly signed it. Only when the signing was over, she hesitated and said, “But, I don’t have any. The group seal came out, only the seal of my company…”

She never thought about signing on the spot, so she didn’t have the seal of the group.

But Chen Dongbai immediately said: “Nothing is the same.”

With that said, he accepted the two contracts, but turned around, silently.

One hand replaced two sheets of paper.

Feliicity didn’t doubt that he had him, and after taking a copy, he stuffed it into his bag, “I’ll leave if there is nothing wrong.”

Chen Dongbai quickly sent it off.

Feliicity took a few steps, then turned his head, took a deep look at Chen Dongbai, and said, “Thank you.”

Chen Dongbai hurriedly waved his hand, “It should be.”

When she walked out of the gate, Feliicity gasped for breath.

The scene just now was really scary.

However, the ending was unexpectedly smooth.

She couldn’t help wondering why Chen Dongbai treated herself so respectfully.

Could it be that what I and Ruoshuang thought were right before.

Someone left a way behind for the Bai family.

And this back road, is it yourself?

Who is helping yourself?

She was thinking, suddenly her eyes drenched, and she shouted with excitement: “Wiliam, Wiliam.”

It turned out that she saw Wiliam.

Wiliam was standing in front of the Lamborghini car, as if waiting for something.

Wiliam turned his head, saw Feliicity safe and sound, smiled and waved, “I’ll take you home.”

Feliicity had sent a message to Wiliam before, and she didn’t expect Wiliam to come so quickly.

With lingering fears, she ran towards Wiliam quickly.

Wiliam squeezed her little hand, but she only felt cold all over her body.

The sorrow on his face flickered.

“Go home.” Wiliam sent Feliicity into the car.

In the car, Feliicity looked at the man beside her, feeling extremely warm.

Fortunately, no accident happened just now. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to face Wiliam…

“Wiliam, you are so kind to me.” Feliicity whispered.

The little gap between the two people before was wiped out between these soft words.

“It will be better.” Wiliam replied shamelessly.

Feliicity was about to say he was shameless when Wiliam’s cell phone rang.

He saw that it was Chen Dongbai.


Chen Dongbai was standing in front of Chen Daxi at the moment, and Chen Daxi was pressed tightly to the ground by two people.

“Brother Lu, look at this Chen Daxi…” Chen Dongbai had already sent a simple message to Wiliam before.

Wiliam looked at the warm and pure Feliicity beside him, and smiled warmly.

But the words are as cold as frost.

“Throw it in the river.”

The four words are full of murderous aura.

Feliicity’s heart shuddered and couldn’t help asking: “What thrown into the river?”

Wiliam whispered: “Nothing, it’s just rubbish.”

Feliicity suddenly raised her face, “Trash should be thrown into the trash can, how can it be thrown into the river.”

Wiliam clicked the corner of his mouth and said to the phone: “I heard that, my wife said, the garbage should be thrown in the trash can.”

What was still talking on the other side of the phone.

Wiliam suddenly stopped the car slowly, his eyes were as cold as an abyss.

He stretched out a hand, rubbed Feliicity’s hair, and said to the phone: “If a trash can can’t fit, then two, three…”

After speaking, hang up and drive.

Feliicity smiled now, “Hmm, that’s right.”

It’s just that she doesn’t know what a bloody tragedy behind this is right!

And after Chen Dongbai hung up the phone, he was like an ice cellar!

Through the phone, he could feel the voice on the other end of the phone, and he listened softly, but in his bones, it was a scraping steel knife!


Life is worthless!

He came to a cold war out of thin air!

Before, he was just a respect for Wiliam.

However, after experiencing the catastrophe of the Bai Family, he was shocked to discover how terrifying Wiliam’s methods were!

His strategy is no longer something people like himself can speculate.

Now, a life is cut off in tenderness!

Killing the fruit is determined, with unparalleled wisdom.

The emperor’s appearance!

Chen Dongbai knew countless people, and suddenly had a deep awe of Wiliam!

He looked at Chen Daxi who was still struggling in front of him, and suddenly shook his head helplessly.

This kid could have taken advantage of the opportunity to help Feliicity soar into the sky.

Who could have expected that one thought of life, one thought of death!

Life and death are impermanent, but so.

“Throw the trash can, and when you reborn in your next life, remember not to make that call…”

“Wiliam’s man.”

Chapter 96

After Feliicity got home, she took a hot bath, and she felt comfortable immediately.

She recalled what happened today, with ups and downs, and she felt like a dream.

The Bai family, in his own hands, really came back to life?

She shook her head, but felt a burst of exhaustion, and she felt sore.

Wiliam walked up to her and said with a smile, “Are you tired?”

Feliicity nodded, “Well, kind of, thank you for coming to pick me up.”

“May I press it for you?” Wiliam said.

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment, “Are you still doing massage and massage?”

Wiliam was happy.

Isn’t this what I do best?

“Understand,” Wiliam said solemnly.

But Feliicity gave Wiliam a look, “You just want to take advantage of me, right.”

Wiliam Yihan, this is so straightforward.

Feliicity smiled slyly, “Huh, don’t even think about it, go to sleep.”

Wiliam wanted to get on the bed with a cheeky face, but Feliicity kicked it under the bed, “Say a month, a day, one hour, one minute, and one second.”

The cold floor looked so merciless.

Feliicity felt an unprecedented level of relief and comfort.

The next day, she was woken up by the phone.

It was Rebeca who called.

“Feliicity, you come to grandma’s side immediately, she wants to know the progress.” Rebeca hurriedly said on the phone and hung up.

Feliicity sighed, this group of people really didn’t have any patience.

She looked at Wiliam next to her and thought, “Wiliam, I’m going to grandma’s house, will you go with me, okay?”

She used this almost coquettish tone for the first time, and her face turned a little red after speaking.

After experiencing the horror of last night, she felt how solid and at ease there was a man next to her.

Wiliam naturally agreed.

When Feliicity went out to wash, Wiliam’s eyes gradually cooled.

It’s not over yet.

Just today, let’s end it completely.

At this moment, the Bai family was sitting in great danger and waiting.

Chen Shuyun held the signed military order in his hand, feeling uneasy.

She didn’t know how to face Feliicity.

If Feliicity succeeds, wouldn’t the Patriarch of the Bai family give it up?

But if she fails, the Bai family will be implicated to death by her.

Bandaged, Bai Zhensheng said with anger, “Huh, do you really believe that she can succeed? She is really naive! Is Chen Dongbai so easy to send?”

No one said anything.

Xena sneered on the side.

With a brother-in-law, how could it be unsuccessful.

After a while, Feliicity came over.

Seeing Wiliam next to her, Bai Zhensheng suddenly said with a yin and yang strange air: “Why, don’t you dare to come alone, pull someone to be bold.”

Both of them didn’t speak, but Xena greeted her brother-in-law excitedly and winked at him.

Wiliam was satisfied with her wit this time, and nodded to her.

A smile made Xena feel that it was worth rushing into Bai’s house yesterday.

“Feliicity, what’s the situation over there?” Chen Shuyun asked immediately.

But Rebeca made a round in the middle, “Mom, this is only one day, isn’t it another day?”

“Hmph! Didn’t you keep saying that Feliicity can work! If it can work, would you care about the time of the day?” Chen Shuyun said displeased.

Rebeca immediately said, “Mom, you can’t talk like that…”

The people around immediately yelled.

“Yeah, as long as you have the ability and access, one day is more than enough, the sound of the sound before has been able to quickly get so many companies.”

“I think she wants to delay time and make our Bai family even worse.”

“Mom, let’s quickly think of other countermeasures. It won’t work. Let’s pack our things quietly and leave Q City ( Qena City ).”

“Stop talking.” Chen Shuyun shouted.

Then, she threw the military order in her hand to Feliicity, “Look at it for yourself, your mother signed it for you, Feliicity, you have to be aware of the current affairs.”

Feliicity saw the military order and looked at Rebeca in disbelief.

“Mom! You!”

Rebeca said with a natural look: “Feliicity, don’t blame mom, I did it in desperation. Nothing, mom will be with you, when they want you to die, I will die with you, three lives. , Is that enough.”

Feliicity’s head burst!

What is the matter of three lives!

This is this group of people, playing with themselves in their hands!

I almost lost myself last night…

“Feliicity, it’s nothing, there’s still one day left, we can still work hard, it won’t work, isn’t there a big man behind you, go and ask him for help, mom believes you.” Rebeca said from the side.

“Enough!” Feliicity looked at these people, her mood was destroyed all at once, and she couldn’t help shouting.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

“I met with Chen Dongbai of Beifeng Fund last night and have signed a contract again, and they will officially perform the contract.” Feliicity said.

In a word, everyone’s eyes widened.


And, so fast?

Bai Zhensheng was the first to shout: “Don’t you fool us here, I don’t know who Chen Dongbai is?”

But at this time, Feliicity took out a contract from her bag, slapped it on the table!

Seeing Feliicity’s full confidence, the people on the scene suddenly became dumb.

It seems, really succeeded…

An anger broke out in Bai Zhensheng’s heart on the spot, “How is it possible! How is this possible! Say, what kind of crooked way did you use to get through Chen Dongbai!”

Everyone looked at Feliicity with blazing eyes.

Feliicity’s face was cold, without speaking.

But Bai Zhensheng suddenly slapped his head, and his eyes became gloomy.

“I see! What method do you use!”

“You slept with Chen Dongbai last night, did you?”

In a word, everyone’s eyes looking at Feliicity changed.

But Feliicity flushed with anger, rushed over and slapped Bai Zhensheng hard!

“You clean your mouth!”

A loud slap rang through the audience.

Bai Zhensheng was beaten up.

But when he reacted, he was out of anger, “How dare you hit me! Do you want to die? I can’t let people tell me when I’m outside!”

Chen Dongbai’s color name in Q City ( Qena City ) is well known, and he can quickly take him down, apart from having an evening with him, there is no more suitable explanation than this.

Rebeca said angrily at this time: “What’s wrong! What’s wrong with sleeping with him! Even if Feliicity does this, it is for our entire Bai family! Any of you who can sleep with others for one night will wipe out the 1.9 billion liquidated damages. Yes! Shut me up!”

Chen Shuyun looked at Feliicity deeply, and suddenly said: “Although the matter is done, Feliicity, if you do this, it will ultimately be a humiliation to the family. If we act as the head of the house, our reputation will be wiped out. In this way, the merits and demerits will offset. This matter, just forget it, no one is allowed to mention it again.”

Chapter 97

A sneer suddenly rang at the scene.


Wiliam looked at these people and couldn’t help sneering.

A group of ants who succeeded less than failed.

Hearing Wiliam smiling, everyone was angry.

“You are such a trash, what are you laughing at!”

“Don’t you know what Mom said? If this spreads out, saying that the Patriarch of the Bai family slept with someone, do you know how the Bai family will be accused?”

“Hoho, I’m wearing a hat, I just laugh silly here, I really eat soft food through and through.”

“Shut up all of you! The clear ones are clear! I don’t bother to explain to you! This is the case, I don’t want to worry about it, Wiliam, let’s go.” Feliicity held Wiliam with a cold face. hand.

She had long thought that the Bai family would not easily give up the position of the Patriarch to herself.

Even if you don’t find this reason today, there will be other more disgusting reasons tomorrow.

“Don’t be angry with Feliicity even if you are interested. This matter is a great achievement. Although it is slightly flawed, grandma will take it to heart and grandma will support your company well in the future.” Chen Shuyun said with a smile.

So far, everything is going too smoothly.

Not only successfully resolved the crisis, but also kept his position as the head of the family.

As long as he survives this catastrophe and has this agency power, after that, he will be completely prosperous.

And Rebeca saw that the position of the Patriarch he got was lost, and his face was full of displeasure.

“Zhensheng, if you are still okay, you should contact these companies quickly and say that the contradiction has been resolved, and the normal operation will be done. In the future, the Bai family will have to rely on you to work hard.” Chen Shuyun said to Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng fully agreed.

Feliicity sighed and turned to leave.

However, it was held by Wiliam.

Wiliam sneered and said, “You guys, don’t you plan to look at the contract before making a decision?”


Everyone was taken aback.

Chen Shuyun snatched the contract and muttered, “Is the contract fake? You little bitch, if you dare to lie to me, I will kill you today!”

Feliicity’s heart groaned!

She saw the contract last night, there should be no problem.

But why did Wiliam ask that?

And after Chen Shuyun read the contract, she suddenly seemed to be frozen!

Everyone leaned forward and took a few glances, and they were all dumbfounded.

Seeing this scene, Feliicity felt more uneasy, but was helplessly held by Wiliam.

Chen Shuyun reacted and looked at Feliicity with a vicious expression, “Good, you white-eyed wolf! Dare you, sign such a contract!”

Feliicity finally couldn’t help it this time, and took a look at the contract.

Her head is blank!

How could it become like this!

The previous contract was not like this!

The contract was not signed with Beifeng Fund!

Instead, they signed a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center directly!

The agreement is simple, only six!

The first article, Feliicity is confirmed as the president of Baishi Group!

Article 2: Baifengxue’s company signed a change agreement with Genuine Care Medical Center, canceling all previous agreements between Baishi Group and Genuine Care Medical Center, and re-signing. And it is agreed that the price of the goods will rise by 10%!

Article 3, Genuine Care Medical Center agreed that Feliicity Company would not have to advance funds in the early stage.

Article 4 The Genuine Care Medical Center will solve the default of ten loan companies.

Article 5: Baifengxue’s company authorizes Genuine Care Medical Center to conduct secondary agency certification for more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies in the city.

Article 6: President Feliicity is personally responsible for all matters concerning the contact with Genuine Care Medical Center in the future.

It was stamped with the seal of Baifengxue Company and her personal signature!

This contract, like a bomb, blows up the faces of everyone present!

Feliicity quietly signed a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center and included the identity of the president in the contract!

This point made the Bai family angry.

“Feliicity, are you crazy? Okay! This matter, is it because you deliberately tried to seek the position of the head of my Bai family!” Chen Shuyun furiously said.

Feliicity was completely confused, where could he hear Chen Shuyun’s words.

However, Wiliam said coldly: “If I hadn’t read the military order wrong just now, as long as Feliicity manages this matter, then she should be the president of the Bai Group.”

Bai Zhensheng said with a grim face: “Huh! Who knows that this matter is over! Moreover, she is exercising her presidential status in advance! Also, it is illegal to sign a contract with her company on behalf of the Bai Group! “

Wiliam said unhurriedly: “Oh? Then you exercised the exclusive agency right in advance and signed a second-level agency with more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies. What’s the explanation? People can’t be too double. And, since If you think it’s illegal, then even if you deny it, it’s fine to break the contract again.”

In a word, Bai Zhensheng’s heart aches!

Bai Zhensheng did this before, and even this exercise of power in advance was even greater.

“That! It’s written in the military order, and the Bai family can’t suffer a little loss! We are all up 10%, where is the benefit! This is simply letting our Bai family work for the Genuine Care Medical Center for free!” Bai Zhensheng Not reconciled!

Wiliam curled up his lips, “If this is the case, let’s settle the account. A 10% increase will cause the Bai family to suffer temporary losses. However, as long as the agreement is signed, the Bai family can get the funds without advances. Good thing, those ten companies will be settled by Genuine Care Medical Center, so the high interest generated by the ten-link capital joint insurance you signed is no longer necessary? In such a comparison, does the Bai family still have the face to say that they have suffered a loss?”

Everyone was dumbfounded!

This contract is simply set specifically for all the disasters before the Bai family!

The Bai family had three breaches before, but in this contract, all were easily resolved!

The Bai family really had no loss at all.

However, the Bai family members were frustrated, mainly because Feliicity privately identified himself as the president of the Bai Group!

Moreover, all future contacts with Genuine Care Medical Center will be carried out by Feliicity himself!

These two points both took away the name of the Bai family!

Taking away the rights of the Bai family again!

Since then, Feliicity has the right name, and there is no one in the Bai family who can shake it!

“So remember, these are all things Feliicity deserves, without her, the Bai family, just wait for it to be destroyed! Of course, you can do it again, anyway, we are all numb. But well, I will help Feliicity Put the words here.”

“Next time there is a family crisis, don’t think of Feliicity’s contribution!”

Wiliam said, pulling Feliicity away!

At this point, the Feliicity alone dominate, it is a foregone conclusion!

The Bai family looked at the bloody agreement one by one, collectively speechless!

There is a knife on their neck!

Forcing the Bai family to bow their heads to Feliicity collectively!

Don’t bow your head, just die!

Moreover, even now, if you don’t bow your head, it won’t help. The Bai family doesn’t recognize Feliicity, and it will be difficult for them to do anything in the future!

After Feliicity was pulled out by Wiliam, she woke up suddenly.

How could that agreement become like that!

And how could Wiliam…

Ascend to the Lord of the White House!

Ascend to the Lord of the White House!

Suddenly she grabbed Wiliam and said to him in amazement, “I should have known that you did all this!”

Chapter 98

Wiliam was taken aback, but his face was calm, “Why do you say that?”

Feliicity looked at him deeply, even though she couldn’t believe it, she still said, “Why did you know that this contract has become like this?”

Wiliam smiled gently, it turned out to be for this.

He casually said: “Last night the floor was too cold to sleep, so I got up, bumped into my bag, and the agreement fell out. I saw it.”

Feliicity didn’t believe it.

Wiliam continued, “Actually, you’ve guessed that Genuine Care Medical Center and Beifeng Fund belong together, right?”

Feliicity was startled, as if he had caught something.

The agreement becomes like this, there is only one possibility.

That was when Chen Dongbai moved his hands and feet when signing the agreement last night. At that time, he was nervous and didn’t want to reconfirm it a second time.

Could it be that all of this was secretly manipulated by the Genuine Care Medical Center.

“Even so, you must have exerted a lot of effort inside, right?” Feliicity asked.

Wiliam smiled slightly, this silly wife would really wear a cap of merit to her husband.

He nodded, and said bitterly: “Yes, I paid a great price in order to move the Genuine Care Medical Center.”

It is indeed a great price.

Wiliam had known for a long time that even if Feliicity got the contract from the Beifeng Fund, the Bai family would turn their faces away.

Therefore, Wiliam expected the enemy to take the lead and directly cut off the premise that the Bai family wanted to turn their faces away.

There are six articles in the entire contract, and each one is famous.

There is only one.

Let Wiliam really lose money.

That is, in order to appease ten loan companies including Beifeng Fund, Wiliam paid a small sum of several million in private.

When Feliicity heard Wiliam say this, she touched Wiliam’s head sympathetically. She thought that Wiliam must have gone to the curator of Genuine Care Medical Center to intercede.

That’s why Genuine Care Medical Center had such a shocking reversal at the last moment.

“Thank you Wiliam, without you, I really don’t know what to do.” Feliicity said gratefully.

“If you really want to thank me, don’t let me sleep on the floor.” Wiliam’s face straightened.

Feliicity’s face blushed and she gave him a white look, “Not serious.”

Seeing Feliicity’s cute appearance on the run, Wiliam sighed inwardly.

The Bai family was convinced after all.

But after this blow, they should converge for a few days.

It was one step short of letting Feliicity completely control the Bai family.

At this moment, Melissa’s table was throwing the contract signed by Genuine Care Medical Center and Feliicity.

Lydia asked confusedly: “Sister, why did the little bastard do this? What benefits can he get after signing this contract?”

Melissa’s head is about to explode.

Why did you do this?

what is the benefit?

Literally, the biggest benefit to Genuine Care Medical Center is that the price of the goods has risen by 10%.

However, the little babe’s mind is dirty, he will be satisfied with it?

She glanced at the contract and suddenly set her eyes on the fifth clause.

There was a stormy sea in her heart.

Article 5: Baifengxue’s company authorizes Genuine Care Medical Center to conduct secondary agency certification for more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies in the city.

Before, it was originally identified by the Bai family.

Now it has become the Genuine Care Medical Center.

On the face of it, no one thinks it is the same. As long as those pharmaceutical companies get second-level agents, they will be excited.

However, what Melissa thought was–

I don’t know if it is planting flowers intentionally or unintentionally planting willows.

The pharmaceutical company in Q City ( Qena City ), at this moment, was like a small tail fish, driven by Wiliam to the same pool of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Then, what awaits them is most likely—

Catch it all!

Thinking of this, Melissa fought a cold war out of thin air!

What on earth does this little bastard want to do!

The game he set is not over yet!

Even said that now, it officially started!

It’s entirely possible that Feliicity helped Feliicity just incidentally.

Dominating the Q City ( Qena City ) pharmaceutical industry is his ultimate goal!


Melissa couldn’t help but cursed in his heart. This little bastard, with every move and every move, became a cage!


At night, Feliicity tossed and turned on the bed and couldn’t fall asleep. He suddenly turned on the light and asked, “Wiliam, you said that when I meet Genuine Care Medical Center in the future, will I meet Li Chunfeng?”

A stupid look.

Wiliam couldn’t help but chuckle on the floor, “Do you like Li Chunfeng so much?”

Feliicity’s face was stupid, her eyes sparkling, “Yeah, the last time I sang with her, it was like a dream. It always feels so unreal. I seem to see her again.”

Wiliam nodded, and said casually: “I see.”

Feliicity was taken aback, “What do you know, you know?”

Wiliam did not speak.

But Feliicity played with her phone boringly.

She was playing, and suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, “Ah! Li Chunfeng is coming back the day after tomorrow. She is going to participate in our high school centennial celebration!”

Wiliam was taken aback. He and Feliicity High School were in the same high school, but he didn’t think that Li Chunfeng was also a senior from their school.

“Wiliam, let’s go together, okay, okay?” Feliicity once again showed the appearance of a coquettish little cat.

Wiliam said casually: “Okay, I’ll follow you wherever you go.”

Because Feliicity has received much criticism in Q City ( Qena City ) over the past few years, she basically stopped attending class gatherings.

But this time, Li Chunfeng will also come, and her fiery heart chasing stars is burning again.

But as soon as Wiliam agreed, Feliicity suddenly had a bitter face, “No, I can’t go. The day after tomorrow Genuine Care Medical Center will sign a contract with us and a second-level agent. Oh, I suddenly don’t want to be the president… “

Chasing the stars to chase even the president, Wiliam wanted to get up and beat her ass.

Wiliam thought for a while, and said, “Then just put the signing location in the same hotel.”

Feliicity was taken aback, “But this school celebration party was held at Taoli Tianxia Holiday Villa, and it is said that they are all reserved.”

Taoli Tianxia Holiday Villa?

When Wiliam heard this, he said, “Let me ask for you.”

With that said, he went out and called.

And Feliicity stared blankly at the way Wiliam walked out. When did her husband’s right to speak in Genuine Care Medical Center so much?

Could it be that he has a better relationship with that little vixie named Melissa?

Thinking of this, Feliicity felt sour in her heart, and she inexplicably jumped out a thought, otherwise let him go to bed tonight…

Wiliam went out and called Li Xiaotian directly, “Xiaotian, I’m Wiliam, is Taoli Tianxia Resort your property?”

Li Xiaotian was dancing in Yinggeyan, when he saw Wiliam’s phone pop up, he hurriedly went out, “Yes, yes! Lu brother, don’t hesitate to tell me what you want!”

Chapter 99

Wiliam said his thoughts, and Li Xiaotian immediately agreed, “Don’t worry, Wiliam, it’s a trivial matter! It’s my greatest honor that you can come to our villa! Don’t worry, leave it to me! By the way, the one you used to be. I have completed the company name change procedures, and the car Chen Dongbai sent you has also been repaired. I will simply send you to the villa the day after tomorrow, and do my best as a landlord?”

Wiliam agreed casually.

“Also, Brother Lu, let me book the room directly for you. You are distinguished, and of course you want to live better.” Li Xiaotian said actively.

Wiliam laughed. He didn’t know Li Xiaotian’s thoughts. He said casually, “You do things for me, and your benefits are indispensable. Don’t worry, as long as you behave well, your family business will be yours alone, Chunfeng I have another reuse over there.”

When Li Xiaotian heard this, his whole body was excited!

This is what he was waiting for!

Wiliam had reached a new height with his grandfather Li Muhe. What he was most afraid of was Wiliam speaking badly about himself in front of his grandfather.

It’s alright now, with Wiliam’s words, and even if he even made a ticket, the family business will be his own, Li Xiaotian suddenly had the urge to wipe the ground!

The day after tomorrow, you must take care of Brother Lu and his sister-in-law!

Wiliam returned to the room and reported to Feliicity that the matter was settled.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with surprise and joy in her heart.

She wanted Wiliam to come up, but she was still wondering what to say. Wiliam suddenly turned off the light and lay on the ground, “Go to sleep, good night.”

Feliicity rolls his eyes, roll your baby!

The next day, Feliicity signed up in the alumni group, which immediately caused a sensation in the group.

The great beauty will participate in the school celebration this year, and everyone’s interest suddenly increased.

In the afternoon, she received a call from her old classmate Chen Liren, inviting her to go with her, saying that she had a car.

Because Wiliam’s car was still in the garage, Feliicity casually agreed.

But when the car came, Feliicity frowned slightly.

The driver was Zhao Yingnian, the squad leader of the Feliicity Class.

This Zhao Yingnian was the craziest person who chased Feliicity back then. She always felt a little embarrassed to meet now.

Zhao Yingnian drove a white Land Rover, rolled down the window, and recognized Feliicity at a glance.

When he saw Feliicity, his throat couldn’t help but move.

So beautiful.

The blizzard in high school has already bulged forward.

Now that several years have passed, the Feliicity have become more charming and moving, and there is a flavor that I would like you to pick up more.

He hurriedly greeted: “Feliicity, get in the car, let’s go together.”

Feliicity carefully glanced at Wiliam beside her, deliberately wanting to refuse.

However, Chen Liren in the passenger seat got out of the car, pulled the Feliicity with a hand, and enthusiastically sent it into the car.

In the end, Feliicity had no choice but to greet Wiliam and get on the bus.

Zhao Yingnian felt better when he saw the Feliicity getting on the bus.

In the past two years, he has taken over the family pharmaceutical company, and a few days ago, he obtained the second-level agency of Genuine Care Medical Center.

Today, it’s a coincidence to sign a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center at the place of the reunion.

He had been looking forward to this kind of glory of returning home in a beautiful way.

He secretly glanced at the charming white Feliicity, and was about to move.

He knew that Feliicity’s house had experienced a shocking setback this time.

And her husband, it is said that when the Bai family was under siege, he was so scared that he didn’t know where to hide.

How do you deserve to be Feliicity’s husband?

Feliicity must be very empty at this time.

Zhao Yingnian felt that he had found a door to enter.

He deliberately chatted in the car, “Feliicity, why don’t you drive?”

Feliicity said casually, “The car is broken and it is being repaired.”

Zhao Yingnian is happy, repairing the car?

The innocent and pleasant beauties in those days are now forced to learn to lie to save face.

You Bai family, I’m afraid you will sell all the valuables.

The more complacent and vain in his heart, his own opportunity came.

Chen Liren said with envy from the side: “In the British year, your car may be hundreds of thousands in size. It is so happy to be able to ride in your car today.”

Chen Liren’s biggest problem is that he likes luxury cars.

She even admired the saying “I would rather sit in a luxury car and cry than laugh on a bicycle”.

She fumbled left and right, envious in her heart, but she also knew that Zhao Yingnian liked Feliicity, and that she could get in the car this time because Zhao Yingnian wanted her to be a wingman.

Zhao Yingnian didn’t care about Chen Liren, and continued to say to Feliicity: “Feliicity, I know that there is a problem in your family this time, you must be strong. I happened to sign a second-level agent at the resort hotel and Genuine Care Medical Center today. I will take a look at that time. Can you speak, help you.”

Feliicity was taken aback.

The matter in her family was actually settled long ago.

It is estimated that it is still not spread, so Zhao Yingnian will think that the Bai family is still in dire straits.

Wiliam on the side couldn’t help but chuckle.

This idiot.

If he knew the two people sitting in the back row of him, one was the owner of the Genuine Care Medical Center, and the other was the exclusive agent this time, would he drive the car into the ditch?

I want to fuck my wife, ho ho…

Feliicity gently squeezed Wiliam, she wouldn’t know how jealous Wiliam was.

“Nothing, thank you.” Feliicity said casually.

But Zhao Yingnian thought that Feliicity was pretending to be strong.

He continued: “By the way, I also proposed to hold a party at the resort this time. My uncle is the vice president there, so it is convenient.”

Chen Liren exclaimed at this time, “No way! So it was you! Then you made the contract with Genuine Care Medical Center to be placed in the villa?”

Zhao Yingnian was taken aback for a moment, and deliberately smiled without saying a word.

Chen Liren immediately said admiringly: “British year, you are doing really well now, so I envy you successful people…”

And Feliicity looked stunned, obviously Wiliam did it.

She was already a little bored with Zhao Yingnian in her heart.

When he arrived at the resort, Wiliam suddenly heard a burst of envy from all around him.

“Wow! Driving a luxury car! Is this Zhao Yingnian driving?”

“Tsk tusk, he is getting more and more handsome.”

Wiliam looked around, but saw a group of people at the gate of the resort, pointing at them.

When Feliicity got out of the car, the surrounding exclaimed even more.

“Wow, isn’t that Feliicity! It’s really her!”

“She’s been very popular a while ago. She sang with Li Chunfeng, so envious.”

“Ho ho, what’s the use of envy, now the company is about to go bankrupt, maybe it will be jailed.”

“How could she get out of Zhao Yingnian’s car? Could it be that she and Zhao Yingnian…”

At this time, a person got out of the car and held Feliicity’s hand in full view.

Chapter 100

Feliicity sighed inwardly.

She has long known that participating in the class reunion will attract a lot of unnecessary criticism.

I just didn’t think that the friendship between the classmates was not there, and the only thing left was comparison and jealousy.

Seeing Wiliam holding Feliicity’s hand, everyone was taken aback.

“Is this Feliicity’s husband, Q City ( Qena City )’s trash son-in-law?”

“It looks like it is, you don’t see Feliicity’s face wretched, tut tut, beautiful woman with dog.”

“Let me say that Zhao Yingnian is much better than this rubbish. I think Feliicity also has other thoughts. Otherwise, how could he use other men’s cars in front of her husband. If I commit suicide, forget it, this humiliation can be tolerated.”

When Zhao Yingnian heard this, he smiled.

What he wants is this effect.

He hurriedly said loudly: “Don’t talk nonsense. Feliicity’s car broke down and followed my car. Let’s go in first.”

But this explanation obviously made everyone’s misunderstanding deeper.

A man in a suit and leather shoes stood at the door of the villa.

Zhao Yingnian hurriedly greeted him, “Uncle, why are you embarrassed to come here in person.”

He quickly introduced to the students around him, “This is my uncle, the vice president here. Uncle, you have to work hard to make arrangements today.”

Mr. Zhao immediately smiled and said, “Everyone is alumni of the British year. I still want to give this little face. I eat and drink here today, but the hospitality is not good.”

Everyone waved their hands quickly and looked at Zhao Yingnian with envy.

“It’s okay for Zhao Yingnian to be mixed, it seems that he will be a big show today.”

“The big show is yet to come. Tomorrow he will sign a contract with Genuine Care Medical Center, and he will be here.”

“Hush, don’t talk about Genuine Care Medical Center, this is Feliicity’s heart disease, hahaha, she is going to be ruined and killed soon. Tsk tsk, it’s a pity that God is jealous of the beauty.”

Zhao Yingnian walked towards the lobby in the compliment of everyone.

Mr. Zhao clearly arranged everything, and a lot of house cards appeared in his hand.

Mr. Zhao said with a smile: “Everyone will have a rest tonight, and the alumni meeting will begin tomorrow. But before the room card is assigned, I have one thing I want to explain to you first. Mr. Li Shao specially asks, don’t to the small cave in the east. Shu has already been scheduled to go out, so no one is allowed to come close to disturb you, otherwise I won’t be able to save you, ho ho.”

Everyone was taken aback, Qi Qi was suspicious, “Could it be Li Chunfeng?”

“It must be her, otherwise, who is eligible to live in Xiaodongtian Villa? That villa is the most luxurious villa in this villa. Ordinary people don’t even have the qualifications to be close.”

Mr. Zhao handed the room card to Yingnian Zhao, and then went to work on other things.

Zhao Yingnian looked at everyone, and suddenly walked towards Feliicity under the eyes of everyone.

Feliicity felt a little in her heart.

Zhao Yingnian squeezed Wiliam away, and said affectionately: “Feliicity, you are beautiful and beautiful, you are wronged by living in an ordinary room. This is a small villa second only to that luxurious villa. Tonight you Just rest there.”

Feliicity’s expression froze on the spot.

Because there are voices of envy, jealousy and hatred all around.

“Wow, has Zhao Yingnian given up pursuing Feliicity all these years?”

“It looks like he is going to eat Feliicity tonight. Tsk tsk, chasing Feliicity in front of her husband, Zhao Yingnian is a bit ruthless.”

“What’s cruel, why don’t I think. Look at her husband who is afraid to say anything, how can she be worthy of Feliicity.”

“Yes, only Zhao Yingnian is worthy of Feliicity. Both of them are medical professionals. They are both right. The more they look, the more they look like golden girls. I was the first to agree with them.”

Listening to these voices, Feliicity couldn’t help frowning when she looked at Zhao Yingnian who was pretending to be affectionate.

And Zhao Yingnian said to Wiliam again at this time: “Hey, you take your room card first, the one at the far west, ask the waiter if you don’t understand.”

A burst of laughter suddenly sounded around.

Feliicity originally wanted to hold back her unhappiness, but Zhao Yingnian’s treatment of Wiliam completely angered her.

She suddenly said loudly: “Zhao Yingnian, please respect my husband! Whether everyone is there, I will tell you plainly, my Feliicity is a family member, and I treat my husband as one. In the end, you don’t want to think anymore!”

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly froze.

In front of so many people, Feliicity refused the young and golden Zhao Yingnian, and in such a ruthless manner!

Zhao Yingnian’s face instantly turned cold!

He is definitely the most anticipated man in the field.

Now he was so humiliated!

The look he looked at Feliicity changed instantly!


Isn’t it just a stinky watch?

Dare to pretend in front of me!

Oh, if it weren’t for your beautiful appearance, I would love you!

I’m just playing around!

Your Bai family is going to be ruined soon. I wanted to save you.

If you don’t know how to promote, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!

When the atmosphere froze, Chen Liren suddenly walked out angrily, “Feliicity! How did you talk to Zhao Yingnian! He is just being kind to you, you are so proud of you? What are you! We can stay in the villa today. Enjoying the blessing is entirely the credit of Zhao Yingnian. You don’t have to appreciate it, and you humiliate him in public. You immediately apologize to him!”

Everyone reacted and said in unison: “Yes, hurry up and apologize to Zhao Yingnian! You look so good, do you think the men of the world are going to be around you? You are not ashamed of it! You are kind to donkey liver and lungs!”

Feliicity’s face flushed suddenly with all the gold.

“It’s okay if I don’t participate! I’ll go back!” Feliicity said angrily.

But at this time, she was held by Wiliam.

Wiliam’s face was as sinking as water, but still gently said to her: “Feliicity, don’t be impulsive.”

Feliicity was taken aback.

But Zhao Yingnian laughed.

This waste is interesting.

Actually persuaded his wife to stay.

Hehe, he probably has lived in such a good hotel in his life, so he can’t bear it.

I really feel sad for this kind of person, even my wife can be so wronged.

Zhao Yingnian thought, it seemed that tonight, he could find a breakthrough in this waste.

Tonight, I want to mention something to him.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yingnian hurriedly issued the room card in his hand in order not to froze the atmosphere.

It’s just that when Wiliam and Feliicity finally reached their hands, only the hut on the west side was left.

When Zhao Yingnian handed it to him, he smiled sullenly, expressing the pleasure of coming to eat.

Wiliam accepted the card casually, and this scene made more people feel contempt for him.

This waste has been carved into the bones, no one can save it!

In the laughter of everyone, Feliicity’s face turned red.

After everyone went to the room, Feliicity looked at Wiliam, “Why?”

Although she didn’t like to stay, she still believed in Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Don’t you still sign a contract tomorrow? The overall situation is more important, so I will stay overnight.”

With that, Wiliam pulled Feliicity to the front desk, and said to the waiter: “Thank you for giving me the room card of Xiaodongtian Villa.”


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