The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2702 (Charlie Wade) part 1

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2702 part 1

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 “I am the son of the Banks Family! I am the future heir of the Banks Family! If you do something to me, the Banks Family will definitely not let you go!

Charlie curled his lips: “Since I dare to do it, I am not afraid of the Banks Family’s revenge, and I tell you, this matter is far from over with you,

 and your father Lord Banks is also on my list. Besides, you If I find out who the Banks Family is connected with the death of my parents, 

or who else is unconvinced, I will solve them all one by one!”

Zayne questioned in a panic: “You don’t have any actual evidence now. 

You just attacked my Banks Family over and over again. Is there any morality at all?”

Charlie sneered, “Jianghu moral righteous words, I don’t express any opinion from any population, 

but you Banks Family are not worthy to mention these four words!”

Zayne frowned: “What do you mean?”

Charlie smiled and said, “What do I mean, you don’t know yourself? I ask you, Xion is your illegitimate daughter?!”

When Zayne heard these three words, his expression was a little embarrassed, and his voice was a little embarrassing and said: 

“Xion is indeed my illegitimate daughter, but it is not me who caused her!

Charlie nodded: “I know, your father is the one who hurt her, right?”

Zayne dodges Charlie’s aggressive eyes, hesitatingly excuses: “I haven’t got any definitive proof of this matter so far,

 so whether it is my father or not has yet to be confirmed.”

Charlie said with a shame: “It’s really a waste!”

Zayne blurted out: “What do you mean?!”

Charlie yelled, “I said you are really a trash! Complete trash!”

After that, Charlie pointed to Zayne’s face that had been swollen into a pig’s head, and said coldly:

 “Xion is your illegitimate daughter, and you not only did not give her the care of her as a father,

 but instead used her as a tool of murder and instructing her. She wanton and indiscriminately murdered innocents, and all her evil deeds of slaughtering Matsumoto Mitsubishi in Japan are all at your command!

 You are unkind, shameless, cruel and cruel, and in vain as a father!”

“Also! Xion’s biological mother was by your side for so many years, trying to protect your safety. 

She broke an arm for you, and then gave birth to Xion for you. 

But what did you do to her? Acknowledge her identity? Have you ever said a word of thanks for her contribution? Not only did you fail your own flesh and blood, 

you also failed the person who loved you most in the world!”

Zayne’s expression suddenly became very ugly, but anger was not in the majority, it was ashamed.

Charlie looked at him and continued: “That’s all, but when Xion was arrested, instead of saving your own bones and blood, your 

Banks Family colluded with the Self-Defense Forces inside and out, using Xion’s life to give The Self-Defense Forces in exchange for military exploits, although this is not what you did, it is the insidious handwriting of your father Lord Banks. 


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