The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2703 (Charlie Wade)

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2703


In Charlie’s words, every word hit Zayne’s heart.

At this moment, when he imagined that he was walking on the bloody throne with the heads of Fitz, Zara and Xion in both hands, 

the dam in his heart burst instantly.

He burst into tears, and he blurted out, “No! It’s not like that! I never thought of trading their lives for glory and wealth.

 I was forced to be helpless! I was forced to be helpless!”

Speaking of this, Zayne was even more emotional, and continued: “My father did all this! And every time he made this kind of decision, or even issued 

this kind of order, he never told me, and I am very Pain, but I can’t help it!”

Charlie asked coldly: “Are you really unable to do it, or open one eye and close one eye?!”

Zayne thumped and knelt on the ground, crying bitterly: “If Xion was arrested, the Japanese wanted her life.

 I told my father that I would try my best to save Xion back. 

He agreed, and I even gave it back. Let Xion’s biological mother go to Japan and tell Xion the good news personally, 

but…but…but I don’t know, all this is my father’s strategy! When I know, Xion’s whereabouts are unknown. …”

Speaking of this, Zayne grabbed his hair and said in tears, “There are also Deana and Zara. I know Deana has always loved your father. 

She told me when she married me, but I didn’t Thinking that after so many years of marriage and having two children, she still can’t forget your father!”

“I admit, I really hate her, I hate her for not having me in her eyes, but I never thought of killing her.

 My father thought she was insulting to the Banks Family, so he planned everything…”

“But… but how did I know that Zara was in the same car as her…”

” Deana is dead, I really don’t care, I love her so much, she hurt me so much, I’m tired, but…

 Zara is my flesh and blood, my most beloved daughter, how can I not feel sorry for her? But I There is no ability to redeem all this…”

Seeing his emotions, Charlie asked in a cold voice, “If you are given a chance to save the lives of your two daughters, 

what price are you willing to pay?”

Zayne said without hesitation: “I am willing to pay any price! Even if it is for me to die immediately, 

as long as the two of them are safe, I am willing!”

Charlie nodded: “This is what you said. Remember what you said, don’t go back.”

Zayne thought that Charlie was mocking him, and roared angrily: “What do you mean?!


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