The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2704 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2704 / 2

Including the room where his four subordinates lived, it was also closely guarded by men in black at this time.

Zayne knew very well in his heart that looking at this posture, his own people are probably too ill-fortuned.

But he didn’t die, at least it was controlled by Charlie’s men.

At this moment, Isaac Cameron walked up to him, took a look at Zayne, and respectfully said to Charlie: “Master, 

what do you do with Zayne? Do you want to take him to Don Albert’s dog farm by helicopter now?”

When Zayne heard this, his whole body shuddered, and his heart jumped wildly with fright.

Charlie smiled slightly: “Isaac, don’t send everyone to the kennel. After all, the main purpose of the kennel in Don Albert is to raise dogs.

 If we catch people, we will send them inside. There are more people than dogs, do you think it will be called a dog farm or a human farm?”

Isaac Cameron said with both hands and respectfully said: “The young master is right! Since it is not sent to the kennel, where should it be sent?

 I feel that sending it to Changbai Mountain and digging ginseng with the Weaver family father and son is also a good choice.”

After speaking, Isaac Cameron sighed again and again: “It’s just a pity that the weather has begun to warm up now.

 If Mr. Banks goes there, he won’t experience the extremely cold winter. It’s a great pity.”

Charlie smiled and said, “These people are even more filthy than the Weaver family and his sons together. 

Sending them to Changbai Mountain is tantamount to dumping unrecyclable hazardous waste to Changbai Mountain.”

After that, he wiped a sneer at the corner of his mouth, 

and said sharply: “Take him to the executive floor first. After meeting the person I should meet, I will come down!”

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    1. He is going to see his family. Charlie asked him what he would do if he could save them, and recorded him saying he would trade his life to save them, so now he is off to see his family, and likely die by his own promise.

  1. They are up to 2706 on another blog. I suggest to the writer to stop and catch up with at least 25 chapters before posting and then continue with 25 chapters as often as they can be released. The slow release is making the story boring and it no longer feels like a good book. Giving your audience 5 minutes of reading is insufficient, stop and give 25 chapters at a time.

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