The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2716 (Charlie Wade) part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2716 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2716

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Charlie smiled and said, “You said that earlier, and I will introduce you to our luxurious package.”

As he said, he immediately introduced: “The cost of the luxury package is 100 million US dollars. 

There is wine and meat every day. A small yard with a separate dry toilet will be given to you. 

This will ensure that your privacy will not be disturbed. It is absolutely The local service is of the highest standard. 

How about Mr. Banks, do you want a set?”

Zayne thought of being able to eat a full meal, have meat, and live in a small yard by himself.

 It sounded a lot better than the cowshed and cellar mentioned earlier, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Yes! This one!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Then wait a moment, I’ll call that friend of mine.”

After speaking, a call was made to Hunter (Hamid).

Hunter (Hamid) received a call from Charlie and asked with some delight: “Brother Charlie, you should have returned to China, right?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I’ve come back.”

Hunter (Hamid) sighed with some regret: “Hey! It’s a shame that you didn’t improve your relationship with you this time! 

I have not had time to thank you, brother!”

Charlie said with a smile: “It’s just a matter of raising a hand, 

don’t be so polite.”

Hunter (Hamid) asked hurriedly: “When will my brother come here again when he has time?”

Charlie wondered who would go to the place where birds don’t shit.

But he still said politely: “Don’t worry, brother, if you have a chance, you will pass by.”

After speaking, Charlie said: “By the way, brother, I called, because there is something I want to ask you.”

Hunter (Hamid) said without hesitation: “Brother, if you have any requests, please tell me!”

Charlie smiled and said: “That’s it. I want to send a friend to you to experience life. 

After he goes, you have to trouble my brother, you arrange for someone to take care of him.

 In short, you can’t let him escape.”

Hunter (Hamid) is also a smart man, and he almost immediately understood what Charlie meant, and hurriedly said, “No problem! I am all soldiers

 with live ammunition. Even a fly will not let it fly away! Just send it here.

 That’s it!”

“That’s great.” Charlie said with a smile: “I am embarrassed to trouble you so much. 

You will give me an account later, and I will arrange for someone to send you some money!”


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