The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2718 (Charlie Wade) part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2718 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2718

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 I promised to go back to participate, then, I will also let people take Mr. Banks from Syria. ,

 Kowtow to my parents’ grave and admit their mistakes. I will have someone prepare the divorce papers in advance, 

let him sign them in person, and then send him back to Syria.”

When Deana heard this, he hurriedly thanked: “That’s really thankful!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “All should be.”

When Zayne heard that he would take himself from Syria to 

Eastcliff in April to kowtow in front of Bruce’s grave, 

he felt depressed.

However, he also knew that right now he was the fish on Charlie’s chopping board and could only be slaughtered by him.

Later, Charlie called Isaac Cameron over and ordered: “Arrange the plane, and then arrange the person you trust most

 to send Zyane to Syria. Remember to keep it confidential on the way. Do not let anyone know the true identity of Mr. Banks. 

We will give you Hunter (Hamid)’s contact information, and then let Hunter (Hamid) arrange a helicopter to pick up people at the border,

 so you don’t need to use Wade’s channels anymore.”

Isaac Cameron said without hesitation: “Good master, I will make arrangements!”

Charlie nodded, looked at Zayne, and said: “The situation in Syria is complicated. After Mr. Banks gets there,

 try not to try to escape. Otherwise, if you have any accident, you can only bear the consequences.”

Zayne nodded incomparably, and subconsciously asked, “Mr. wade, 

can I bring some personal belongings? There is a shortage of everything there. If I can bring some toiletries, daily necessities, 

clothes, shoes and hats. Don’t worry too much…”

Charlie said coldly: “Let you experience life, naturally everything must follow the local characteristics, 

you can use whatever you have, otherwise just build a villa 

for you there!”

Zayne saw that Charlie’s tone was a bit sullen, and he dared not ask any more. The whole person was only promise, 

like a frightened quail.

Charlie pointed at Zayne and waved his hand to Isaac Cameron: “Take him down.”

Isaac Cameron greeted the two men immediately and took Zayne away from the room.

At this time, only Charlie, the two girls from the Banks Family, and Deana were left in the room.

Although Zara’s mood is extremely complicated, seeing the benefactor who is thinking about it in front of him, his heart is always full of girlish shame and tension.

Xion is a little bit stunned. Although she has been enamored with Charlie for a long time,

 she still has a lot of contact with Charlie. Unlike Zara, she has been thinking about it for a long time, and then she is full of people.

 After searching for a long time, and now I finally see him, it is 

naturally excitable.

Deana’s mood is equally complicated.

She had previously wondered whether Zara’s benefactor, who was thinking about it and dreaming about it, 

was the boy she had seen in Bruce’s former residence, who was suspected of Bruce’s son.

Now, this suspicion can be said to have come true.

The reason why I feel complicated is that when I was young, I loved Bruce and I never exchanged a result.


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