The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2721 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2721

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2721 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2721


Xion has always been a little inferior when he grew up.

He had not been accompanied by his father since he was a child, and he grew up at the age of eighteen before he was 

finally sent to his father as a bodyguard.

After coming to Banks’s house, she could see Zayne’s express love for Zara every day, and she was very 

envious every time she saw it.

She knew that that man was not only Zara’s father,

 but also her own father.

But he couldn’t call him father in front of him, and he couldn’t even act like a baby in front of him.

He would show his love as a father only when 

no one else was present. Once there was a third person around him, he would immediately change back to

 the face of the Banks Family Master.

Therefore, Xion especially envied Zara.

She feels that Zara is a swan who has been loved by thousands of people and was born extremely noble.

And he is nothing more than the ugly 

duckling in the fairy tale.

And he is only the first half of The Ugly Duckling, there is no chance to become a swan.

The illegitimate daughter is synonymous with the inferior in the upper-class society.

Even if everyone now knows that they are the illegitimate daughter 

of Zayne, they will only look at themselves with contempt, so

 there is a world of difference between themselves and Zara.

Now, instead of despising herself, her sister Zara took the initiative to be commensurate with her sister, 

which made Xion  warm and moved.

So, she took Zara’s hand and cried and said, “Sister, in the future… 

if someone bullies you in the future, tell me and I will vent your anger for you!

 I have no other skills, nor have I ever been involved. What kind of study, is that you still have the ability to fight and kill, 

no matter who bullies you at that time, I will teach him severely for you!

Zara smiled knowingly, and said: “With your words, sister will feel relieved. In the future, sister will also have a super expert protection person.

 If anyone dares to bully sister again, sister will ask you for help!”

Xion nodded vigorously.

Deana on the side hesitated for a moment, and still said: “If you are with Charlie in the future,

 you must properly control your temperament, and don’t always fight and kill like before.”

Xion nodded in shame, and said with a face of being taught: “Aunt , don’t worry, I won’t do anything that hurts 

the world and reason!”

Deana nodded slightly with relief: “After the turmoil on the Japanese side has passed, you can completely change your identity and start again.”

Xion nodded slightly with a dazed expression.

In fact, she knew very well in her heart that referring to the crimes she had committed before, the Japanese would never give up searching 

for themselves in this life.

It is impossible to be absolutely safe even after a facelift and a new identity, because his DNA has already been collected when he was arrested, 

and this is something he can never change.


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