The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2726 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2726 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2726

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    Hunter (Hamid) thought for a while, and said: “The current market price is about three hundred dollars per ton of wheat, and 1,200 tons. Including the transportation cost, that is 400,000 dollars. 

The money is not much, but the point is this. How to store too much grain? And the grain will not taste good if it is left for a long time. “

    Charlie said helplessly: “Now it is for you to engage in strategic reserves, not for you to eat fresh food every day!

    “Think about it, you first keep your three-year rations in your hands, and then purchase supplements according to the actual consumption of the year.

    In this way, you will always have an extra three-year ration in your hand!

    “And as long as the food is stored properly, it won’t go bad after three years. The climate in the Middle East is relatively dry and it’s 

easier to store, so you can use it every other year. A new batch of grain replaces the oldest batch. “

    Using this method, you can guarantee that the food stored in your hand will not last more than three years. “

    Once the opponent can’t beat you down, prepare to encircle you, or trap you to death, even if you can’t get any food in, you can still After three years

    , Charlie concluded: “The principle of weapons, ammunition and medicine is the same. You should make more arrangements and plan for cycle rotation. You must have strategic reserves in your hands to prevent others at all times. Fighting with you for a long time.

    Hunter (Hamid) suddenly realized, and exclaimed: “Brother, I understand! This trick is amazing!

    Charlie said helplessly: “What’s so wonderful, this truth, in our China, everyone who has studied in 

elementary school basically knows that you have come to China to study at a loss, why don’t you learn the history of China?,

    Hunter (Hamid) is embarrassed. Ashamed, he said, “Hey, I mainly wanted to go to China to get a gold plate. By the way, I could practice Chinese well, but other aspects were really overlooked.”

    After that, he immediately said: “My brother, I understand what you mean. Yes, the main thing is to do everything possible to use that 100 million US dollars to strengthen defenses. 

Not only must the fortifications be strengthened, but the defense materials must also be adequately prepared. Don’t worry, I will arrange for people to purchase food, ammunition and medicine, and also purchase. Some infrastructure equipment and building materials.

    Charlie snorted and said, “In this case, the problem of defense and materials can basically be solved, but there is another problem that needs you to start immediately!


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