The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2727 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2727 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2727


Hearing that Charlie said that he still has a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately, Hunter (Hamid) hurriedly asked: Brother, what problem are you talking about?

    Charlie said: “The last time I went to your place, I found out that your base now all depends on diesel units. Power generation.

    “Yes. Hunter (Hamid) said: “Diesel generator sets are fairly convenient to use, but the cost is a bit high.

    Charlie said: “This is not a bit high, but rather high, and the cost is at least several times that of coal power!

    Hunter (Hamid) said hurriedly: “I have been implementing the strategy of saving electricity here. Basically, 

I don’t use electricity or use less electricity during the day. Electricity, ordinary soldiers only use electricity for lighting at night,

 so the overall electricity consumption is not high, and the cost is acceptable.

    Charlie retorted: “You just didn’t think about it for a long time. If you have a dozen or even dozens of fortifications in the future,

 then each fortification needs to be provided with a corresponding power system to ensure the lighting, ventilation, and ventilation in the fortifications. Communication, 

even cooking, if this is the case, your diesel power generation will not be 

available at all, and the cost of fuel consumption will be very high when running at full power. When

    Hunter (Hamid) heard this, he exclaimed: “Oh! Me! I even forgot about this! But I don’t have any good solutions right now.

 The government forces can’t provide me with electricity, and I’m also unable to build a thermal power plant,

 so I can only use diesel generators to generate electricity. Question

    Charlie said: “Although you do not have the possibility of developing thermal

 power, you can develop a fixed photovoltaic power generation as much as possible. The

    Middle East region itself has sufficient sunlight, and although the construction cost of photovoltaic power generation is relatively high,

 the subsequent use cost is relatively high. Low maintenance cost. You only need to invest two or three million dollars at a time to build several independent power systems that 

are powered by solar power and stored by batteries. This way, you can completely get rid of fuel power generation and generate electricity every day. The electricity is

 enough for your two thousand soldiers to use normally.”

    ‘Photovoltaic power generation solar panels can be placed directly on the roof, or on the hillside near the internal reverse slope fortifications, 

which can also prevent enemy damage. Then put your diesel generator set in a safe cellar and only maintain it at ordinary times. ,

 Restart in an emergency to provide emergency power supply. In this case, you are equivalent to having two power supply systems.


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