The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2729 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2729 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2729


Charlie himself knows that a truly high-return investment is no different from gambling.

The risk is high, but once the bet is won, the return is greater.

Now that I make a moderate investment in Hunter (Hamid), it is almost equivalent

 to my mother’s investment in those just-starting Internet companies in Silicon Valley.

Investing in them at this time only needs to pay

 a small price, and once they succeed in the future, they will be able to reap huge returns.

Although Hunter (Hamid)’s armed forces are not a company, he is also a project with great development potential. 

If it succeeds, there will be inexhaustible benefits. Therefore, it is for him to invest more energy and give him more advice and support. 

Invest in the future.

Moreover, this investment is nothing more than a blood-saving pill and some strategic experience, 

and the 100 million US dollars of real money is all sponsored by the Banks Family.

Once Hunter (Hamid) is engaged, he will have a return period of at least several decades in the future.

Therefore, Charlie did not explain to the two of them anymore, but said to Xion: “Xion, your current

 identity is still too sensitive to allow you to leave freely for the time being, and you are still

 wronged to stay here during this period of time. “

Xion said without hesitation: “Xion obeys all the arrangements of her kindness!”

While speaking, Xion still had a sad look in his eyes.

Charlie saw the sadness in her eyes, and remembered that she had been here for a long time. If nothing else, 

she must have missed her mother very much.

Moreover, her mother gave birth to her in October when she was pregnant by herself, and then dragged her up. 

Now that she is unclear about her life or death, her mother must be

 very worried.

After thinking about it, Charlie opened his mouth and said: 

“If you are separated, your mother must be very worried about you if you have cut off contact with 

the outside world for so long?”

When Xion heard this, her expression was very gloomy, and she nodded lightly, “I think she must still be looking for me everywhere…

 If I don’t find my body, she can’t believe that I’m really dead…”

Charlie nodded and said: “Well, give me your mother’s contact information, 

and I will ask your isaac to bring your mother to Aurous Hill. Then you can meet your mother and daughter.”

Xion asked in surprise, ! You really let me meet my mother?!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Of course, but you must meet after you meet, but you still have to make sure that the news of your life is not leaked to other people

. At most, only your mother will know it, so you can’t let you take the initiative to contact your mother.”

“Otherwise, if your mother knows that you are still alive, emotional, suddenly uncontrollable, and then known to other people, 

once the news leaks out, it will be very troublesome 

to spread to the Japanese.”

“With their perseverance to catch you, they will definitely apply for your extradition to Japan for trial.”

Of course, Xion understood Charlie’s caution, so he hurriedly said, “Then, what do you think about Benefactor?”

Charlie said: “I asked Isaac to invite your mother over in the name of the Wade family,


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