The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2730 (Charlie Wade) part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2730 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2730

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 but I won’t tell her about you. When she comes, I will take her to meet you directly. What do you think?”

Xion said with a red eye: “Benevolence, as long as you can see your mother,

 Xion will be satisfied! If it is really inconvenient, you can even just make a phone call…”

Charlie smiled and said, “You should let your mother come down to Aurous Hill to be more controllable without knowing that you are alive. 

If she has plenty of time, she can stay here with you for a period of time. You can claim to come and talk to me about cooperation. 

After all, I heard that when you had an accident, the Elms family completely turned their faces with the Banks Family.

 Coming to me to talk about cooperation at this time will not arouse other people’s suspicion.”

Xion nodded, and said excitedly: “Thank you, benefactor! Then everything is arranged by the benefactor!”

Charlie looked at Isaac Cameron and said, “Isaac, you will remember Xion’s mother’s contact information for a while, 

first communicate with her in the name of the Wade family to see if she is willing to come over, 

if she is not interested in cooperating with me Interested, just tell her that the young master of the Wade family wants to talk to her about 

dealing with the Banks Family together.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Good master, I will implement this matter later.”

Charlie turned to look at Xion and said, “Xion, give Isaac the contact information, and then go back to the room and rest.”


Northeast at this moment.

This small town is one of the coldest places in China.

Even though it is the end of the first month, the minimum temperature in Mocheng still reaches minus 17-8 degrees, almost the same as the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

During the coldest time of the whole winter, the temperature here can reach about minus fifty degrees.

The Elms family, one of the four major martial arts families in China, took root in this county-level city with a population of less than 100,000.

The ancestors of the Elms family were not native Mocheng people.

They originated from the Jiaodong Peninsula. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, they were well-known martial arts families on the 

Jiaodong Peninsula. Their ancestors have always lived by playing darts and martial arts schools.

However, at that time, the Elms family mainly practiced outside martial arts, so they were far from the level of the martial arts family.

Until the end of the Qing Dynasty, when the Jiaodong Peninsula was struck by war, 


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