The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2730 (Charlie Wade) part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2730 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2730

2730 / 2

when the Elms family and his family broke through the Guandong, by chance, they obtained a fragment of the inner family boxing method.

The reason why it is a fragmented scroll is mainly because nearly half of its content has long been lost.

 There are many defects in both the boxing method and the corresponding mental method.

But even so, after the Elms family moved to the northeast,

 they relied on this incomplete inner family boxing technique to rank among the martial arts family.

Moreover, the inner family boxing method that the Elms family got is very incomplete, so when the Elms family is training hard,

 the internal force is often disturbed and the meridians are reversed. Once this happens, it can be severely injured for several months.

 , The martial arts was completely abolished, and many younger generations even died as a result.

Therefore, the Elms family gradually came up with a response plan, which is to practice this internal martial

 arts in extremely cold places as much as possible. The extremely cold weather helps to better control the internal force, thereby reducing the probability of accidents.

Because of this, the Elms family moved to the coldest desert city in China a few decades ago, and then took root here.

Xion spent her childhood and entire teenage years here, and her mother, Kairi, had been living here since she broke her arm to save 

Zayen and rarely left Mocheng.

However, in the recent period, Kairi has been running outside for almost half of the time.

At first, when Xion was arrested in Japan, she heard Zayen say that she would save Xion, and went to

 Japan to see Xion in person, so that she could rest assured to wait for her to return home.

Unexpectedly, there was news of Xion’s disappearance and the Banks Family betraying Xion immediately.

Since then, Kairi spent most of his time in Japan looking for Xion’s whereabouts.

Although she knew she was looking for a needle in a haystack, she tried her best to search for a long time in 

Tokyo and surrounding areas, and then spent huge sums of money to hire search and rescue ships to search in the seas

 of Japan, and even search in coastal areas in China, but she never found any relevant clues.

The day before yesterday, she had just returned from the southeast coast. This time she ran

 through several key port cities and still hadn’t heard any news of anyone sneaking ashore.

She knew very well that the longer time was delayed, the less likely it was that Xion would survive.

So, she discussed with her father Wilfred and planned to raise some more funds, and then 

search the coastal areas of the Jiaodong Peninsula to see if she could find Xion’s whereabouts…


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