The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2731 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2731 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2731


Wilfred ( LORD Elms ), the head of the Elms family and Kairi’s father, was a little embarrassed and said: 

 your eldest brother talked to me these days when you went to the southeast coast.”

Kairi hurriedly asked, “Dad, what did the eldest brother talk to you?”

Wilfred ( LORD Elms ) sighed and said: “In order to find Xion, our Elms family has sent out most of the manpower 

during this period, and various expenses have been invested in one or two billion.

 There is still no news, which has delayed the practice of these children. We, the Elms family, 

have turned their faces with the Banks Family now and have lost their source of income.

 If we continue to look for it, the economic gap will grow.”

Speaking of this, Wilfred ( LORD Elms ) continued helplessly: “The cost of preparing medicines for children’s 

exercises at home is three to five million a month. With so many people and so many mouths to eat and drink,

 the cost is even more expensive. High, although I also want to find Xion, but continue to search like this,

 as the head of tElms family, I can’t explain to other people!”

Kairi lowered her head slightly.

She also knew in her heart that it was impossible for the Elms family to keep investing in finding Xion’s granddaughter.

After all, the Elms family as a whole is not a rich and noble family, and the daily expenses are huge. 

Some time ago, she invested a lot of money to find Xion, which made her feel very guilty. Although she felt sorry for her daughter and wanted to

 find her as soon as possible, she couldn’t bear it. Drag the Elms family into the quagmire.

So, she said to Wilfred ( LORD Elms ): “Dad, I understand what you said, otherwise, I will find it myself.”

Wilfred ( LORD Elms ) sighed: “If you find yourself, it is at best as a psychological comfort.

 You also know that finding people is like finding a needle in a haystack. We hired so many people and so

 many boats, and the cost per day was tens of millions. But I still can’t find any clues. What use is it for you to go alone?”

Kairi fell silent all at once.

Wilfred ( LORD Elms ) hesitated for a moment, and said helplessly: “It really can’t, you go to Zayne.

 If Xion was betrayed by their Banks Family, even if he didn’t directly participate, he would have to bear certain responsibilities.

 We don’t talk to them now. Right or wrong, let them put out a certain amount of funds and resources to find Xion.”

Kairi said with a complicated expression: “Dad, I don’t want to meet Zayne anymore…”

Wilfred ( LORD Elms ) asked in surprise: “If you leave this incident, just forget it with the Banks Family?”

Kairi smiled bitterly, and said: “Zayne is just a puppet of the old Banks Family, who can’t solve any problems with him.

 Moreover, the old Banks’s style is cold and harsh. Deana is the second lady of the Thorne Family,

 and the old man is Lian. She will not let it go. If I go to the Banks Family to discuss an explanation, 

I am afraid that the whole Elms family will be implicated.”

Wilfred ( LORD Elms ) said with helpless emotion: “The shamelessness of the Banks Family really surpasses my cognition.

 Now LORD banks’s reputation has been completely ruined. I am afraid that he will be more smashed in the future. It may be completely shameless.”


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