The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2736 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2736 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2736

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    Charlie came here alone, not because he came to go shopping casually, but he planned to buy

 new clothes for Ziva Hank.

    When he saw Ziva Hank in a cellar in Syria yesterday, the clothes Ziva Hank was wearing were so

 dirty that the original color was not visible.

    After all, they were arrested as prisoners of war, so in this case, it is difficult to guarantee a decent dress.

    However, at noon, Charlie planned to take Ziva Hank directly to Aurous Hill College of Finance and Economics and 

give her father Hank a surprise.

    Since it is to give a surprise, his daughter must be delivered to him intact and clean.

    If Zivz wears something like a beggar and goes there, let alone how Hank feels after seeing him, the 

key is that the security guards of Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics may not let her in.

    Charlie came to the commercial area and bought Ziva Hank a high-end customized garment in the Chanel store.

    The style of a high-end fashion brand like Chanel is slightly luxurious, and the style of clothes is more glamorous and sexy. 

Charlie chose a beige dress casually.

 Chanel’s dress is in the style of the British royal princess. 

The lower body is a knee-length skirt, while the upper body is a long-sleeved small suit style,

 which is quite a luxurious celebrity style.

    The reason why I chose this kind of clothes is mainly because the weather is still a bit cold now.

 This kind of spring and autumn clothes is just right.

    Although the skirt of this dress is very long, if you wear it with bare legs, it will definitely be a bit cold, so Charlie bought another black base stockings.

    After he chose the size based on Ziva Hank’s height in his impression, he was about to pay the bill and leave.

 He suddenly remembered that the pair of sneakers worn by this woman yesterday was too dirty, 

so he bought her another pair of size 37 White fashion leather shoes.

    Charlie didn’t know if this size was right for her, but it didn’t matter. If it wasn’t appropriate, 

let Ziva Hank make do with it. It was better than wearing the clothes that had been on the battlefield.

    Carrying the newly bought clothes and shoes, Charlie accidentally discovered that there were several dummy

 models wearing only underwear in the window of the next store.

    He just remembered that he hadn’t bought underwear for Ziva Hank yet.

    You don’t have to think about it. Ziva Hank has been tossing for so long and finally arrived in the room in the morning. 

He must be exhausted. Therefore, it is most likely that she will go to bed immediately after taking a shower.


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