The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2736 (Charlie Wade) part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2736 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2736

2736 / 2

She can’t have time to wash her underwear out and dry them all. on.

    That means that when she is going to see her dad, she doesn’t have clean underwear to replace.

    Therefore, Charlie simply walked in.

    After entering, Charlie discovered that this turned out to be a high-end underwear shop that only sold women’s underwear.

    The salesperson inside is female, and the few customers who are hanging out in the store are also female.

    Seeing Charlie, a big man, came to visit the lingerie shop alone, 

everyone looked at him with a strange look.

    Charlie also knew that it was indeed a bit inappropriate to run here alone, so he planned to make a quick deal, 

pointed directly at a black lace underwear worn by a model, and said: “Come on, please give me this. . sets

    a saleswoman little embarrassed to say: “sir, you want to do what size?

    Size?” Charlie frowned, recall, opening: 

“probably about 1 meter 7 tall, slim.

    Ok. The salesperson nodded, and then asked, “Then what cup shape is your girlfriend’s upper body?

    Charlie heard what she meant, and thought to myself: 

“What cup shape Ziva Hank is, how do I know? 

I didn’t touch it. But, besides, she didn’t tell me

    Ziva Hank. ” “Moreover, when I saw Ziva Hank, she was wearing outdoor sportswear with anti-war slogans.

 The clothes were relatively loose and looked like they didn’t have much chest.

    So he

    bit his head and said: “Well, I don’t know what the specific cup is, but it should not be too big.” 

The salesperson also said with a bit of embarrassment: “That should be the A cup, wait a minute,

 I Help you match the size.

    Charlie said without hesitation: “Okay! Hurry up! The

    salesperson took out two pieces of underwear neatly stacked in the packaging bag from the small warehouse at the back, 

and asked Charlie:” Sir, do you want to open it and take a look? Check for flaws or thread ends.

    Charlie is ashamed to check women’s underwear in front of so many people, and hurriedly said: 

“No need, just put it on for me. Come on, pay, do you sweep me or I sweep you?” The

    sales clerk said hurriedly: “Wait a minute, I will sweep you! The

    sales clerk skillfully puts the underwear into the bag, and then scans the code for settlement.

    After checking out, Charlie ran out carrying the underwear bag without waiting for the receipt.

    The salesperson looked at Charlie’s back, then looked at the back of the dummy model, 

and muttered: “I didn’t expect this handsome guy to be so decent, 

and he would come alone to buy such explicit T-shaped underwear for his girlfriend.


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