The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2737 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2737 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2737


Charlie didn’t know what was wrong with the underwear he bought, because he just glanced at it frontally,

 thinking of a quick fight, and then straightened his finger.

However, if he goes around to the back,

 he will find that the underwear of the lower body is actually a T-shape formed by two ropes.

After buying the clothes, Charlie returned to the hotel room department. It was almost 12 noon. 

Ziva Hank went directly to the door of her room and pressed the doorbell before he was still in the room.

The doorbell rang for several minutes before Ziva Hank woke up quietly.

After waking up, she stretched her waist beautifully, feeling uncomfortable all over her body.

Then, wrapped in a bathrobe and sleepy, she came to the door. 

Through the cat’s eyes, she found Charlie standing outside the door. She hurriedly 

opened the door and said respectfully: “MR. Wade…”

Charlie smiled slightly, and asked her, “How is your rest?”

Ziva Hank hurriedly said: “Very good! It feels like that just now was the most relaxing and comfortable sleep

 I have ever slept in my life…”

“That’s good!” Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “It’s almost 12 o’clock, do you want to clean up?

 Let’s go to Jinling University of Finance and 

Economics to meet your dad.”

As soon as Ziva Hank heard this, he hurriedly agreed and said, “Okay! Then I will change my clothes!”

After speaking, she suddenly remembered that she had no clothes to change at all. 

The clothes she was wearing were dirty and torn, and even contaminated with unknown blood. 

If she wears that clothes to see her father, I am afraid that she will let him. Distressed, but she was not too embarrassed to trouble

 Charlie to help herself prepare.

Just when she hesitated and didn’t know what to do, Charlie suddenly remembered something,

 raised his hand, handed her a few bags in his hand, and said: “I bought you a new dress just now.

 You know if it fits. If it doesn’t fit, you can make do with it first. Let’s see your dad first, and then I’ll take

 you out and buy something that fits back.”

Ziva Hank didn’t expect Charlie to be so caring.

 When he was worried about his clothes, he directly took out the new clothes he bought for himself.

In her opinion, this move is not only considerate, but also a help in the snow.

Charlie’s image suddenly became taller in her eyes.

So she hurriedly said gratefully: “Thank you so much, MR. Wade!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “You are welcome, then I will go back to the opposite room and wait for you. 

Call me when you are ready.”


Ziva Hank returned to the room and couldn’t wait to see what clothes Charlie bought for himself.

Since she was a child, she has been pampered and has superior material conditions, 

so she has long been accustomed to brand-name luxury goods, so what she really looks forward to

 in her heart is Charlie’s vision and aesthetics.

After all, she feels that the clothes a man buys for a woman must look good by the

 man himself and want to see what a woman 

looks like after wearing it.

Therefore, from these clothes, Charlie’s aesthetics and intentions should also be seen.

So, she first opened a few Chanel bags.

I took out the clothes piece by piece from the inside, 

only to find that it turned out to be a set of haute couture dress and a pair of black stockings.

Seeing the stockings, Ziva Hank couldn’t help blushing.

For women, silk stockings are absolutely indispensable underwear, not only can set off the figure and temperament,

 but also can be used as warmth.

A few years ago, women were rarely seen wearing skirts in winter, because the premise of wearing skirts is to

 ensure the temperature of the legs, but it is a little weird to wear skirts on the upper body and pants

 on the lower body, while the upper body wears a skirt. , Wearing long trousers is even more exotic.

 It was not until the popularization of leggings and bottoming stockings that this problem was solved.


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